Oz Weather Plus App Reviews

Oz Weather Plus [Weather] App Description & Overview

What is oz weather plus app? Designed for maximum clarity and ease of use and optimised for iOS15 - All the essential Australian weather information from the Bureau of Meteorology - presented quickly, clearly and elegantly - plus powerful and unique new features!

► Forecasts - so you know what to expect for the week ahead, in beautifully colourful, clear and readable presentation
► Current Weather - so you know what is happening now (for ALL your nearby locations)
► Animated Radar - so you know where it is raining, and whether it is heading your way (with animated radar image loops), also now fully zoomable, with crosshairs centred on your own location
► Tide data and graphs
- For hundreds of primary and secondary tide sites around Australia
► Widget on the Notifications screen - with 4 in-app options for forecast format
► Watch app with complications
► Further details...
- 7 day forecasts for more than 500 official forecast locations
- Detailed local observations for more than 800 locations, typically updated every 10 mins
- Each forecast location includes up to 10 nearest official observation locations, accessible by side-scrolling action.
- 50+ rain radar locations around Australia

These more advanced features are available via additional in-app purchases. The app offers monthly and yearly fixed term (non auto-renewing) subscriptions, as well as an annual auto-repeating option which includes a free one month trial.

► Hourly Forecasts - hour by hour forecast of temperature, wind and probability of rain
► Recent Weather - graphs and tabulations of most recent 72hrs (3 days) of weather history
► Push Notifications
- Local warnings alerts
- NEW and UNIQUE to this app - Weather Alarms!!!
- For example when the temperature crosses any threshold, like 35C
- Or the windspeed, or amount of rain, or humidity level, etc...
► Lots More Features (just some of many..!)
- Graphs and tabulations of weather observations history over past 3 days
- Weather maps showing national capitals forecasts, local observations, detailed colour-coded regional observed temperatures, and capital city observations
- Option to preload radar images for faster access

- Monthly and Yearly fixed term (non-repeating) subscriptions are available, as well as an option for an auto-renewing Yearly subscription which includes a free introductory one month trial.
- Fixed term subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
- Auto-renewing subscriptions will commence at the end of the free trial period unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the free trial.
- Auto-renewing subscriptions will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period unless auto-renew is turned off beforehand.
- Automatic renewals will cost the same price you were originally charged for the subscription.
- You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings on the App Store after purchase.
- Read our terms of service and privacy policy for more information.

Terms of Use: https://www.ozpda.com/terms/ozweather.pdf
Privacy Policy: https://www.ozpda.com/privacy/ozweather.html

- This application contains weather data *only* for Australian locations. It is offered to overseas users only for those who want to keep an eye on Australian weather.
- Your feedback is welcomed, and the application includes an email link on its About screen for that purpose (ozweather@ozpda.com)

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How to contact Oz Weather Plus (ozPDA)?
Find this site the customer service details of Oz Weather Plus. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/731781859/oz-weather-plus/contact

Oz Weather Plus Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Oz Weather Plus Version 4.4.412 July 2022

v4.4.4 * Attempt to fix non-updating tide data for some users - after this update it should be possible to clear any remaining data problem by deleting and then re-adding a city location * Added latest new BoM radar locations.

Oz Weather Plus Comments & Reviews 2022

- Widgets are amazing on iOS.

Well done on the new widgets!

- Comprehensive weather app

This is a great weather app with data directly sourced from the BOM. Lots of data available including graphs of a variety of data sets. I mainly got this app as I wanted a good weather complication for my Apple Watch that provided accurate temperatures as well as all the other data provided within the app. There are only two things that I can think of to add that would make this a 5 Star app. 1. GPS tracking so that my iPhone and Apple Watch always display the weather from the station closest to me. 2. Forecast graphs for both predicted actual temperatures and apparent temperatures. This is a fantastic app and the addition of these two features would make it even better. Keep up the great work!

- Excellent!

Superb app! The most used every day. Info is taken straight from Bureau of Meteorology so temp, wind, radar are accurate and refresh each time you open the app. I especially like the new layout which shows in a glance what the week looks like...for all capital and some major Oz cities. And for an avid cyclist the quick access to wind speed and direction makes it easy to determine which route will have less headwind. Thank you for putting so much thought into this app. Great work! :-)

- Using it for years

Have always found this app great for capturing bom information in an easy to track manner.

- A good weather app

I've been using OzWeather for years and find it quite good. It would be good if it would include New Zealand cities as well as we are always visiting NZ. The most annoying thing is that radar images seem to go down when most needed (but this is a BOM/public servant issue). I would recommend this app

- Reliable

This app typically has accurate info, and I like the interface. My default weather app.

- Best ever

This app is very easy and comprehensive. It's even helped this American learn and understand the metric weather measurements. Easy to configure and good at a glance for the entire country.

- Excellent App

Best Australian weather app. I have used it for years. Highly recommended.

- Riders dream

As a daily motorcycle rider I rely on this app to tell me accurately of possible rain and it does , total life saver thanks Tom

- Excellent App

Use this App every day and love it!! Enough detail and easy at a glance.

- Great

I love this app! If it only had water temperature and swell it would be perfect!!

- Beta Quality

Sadly the developers have released an iOS 7 updated version which is not up to the high standard of their prior version. I have both. e.g. switching temperatures from C to F today shows on a list of national cities view forecast temps of 180F-228F....I don't think so....and irritatingly on that national cities view, unlike the prior iOS 6 version, the prior "single city screen" hangs on the right hand edge still partly on view. Fix these bugs and earn 3 more stars.

- Only for Australia

Only for Australia 👎👎

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- Possibly the best designed weather app in the world!

I’m a weather nut! I have loads of weather apps on my iPhone. Two things become apparent. Australian weather app programmers seem to be the best in the world (I have lots of European and American weather apps too). Among the Oz weather apps, this is my favourite. Now with the Oz Weather widget for iOS 8, it’s even better. I wonder whether OzPDA will come out with a weather app that uses the INTERNAL barometer in iPhone 6 to make weather predictions when there’s no internet? Update Jan 2017. This is still my favorite Australian weather app. In fact the interface is better than almost any other weather app I have used. Developer keeps updating the app. It also works well with Apple Watch II! Great app! Update Feb 2019. Still the best weather app in the world. This is no exaggeration. Updates keep improving the app. Now has more local sites nearby to the standard sites. Thanks Oz Weather!

- 100% THE BEST weather app. Period. 💯👌🏻

Hands down this is the best weather app for Australia. I’ve had it for years (paid premium version) and although I’ve TRIED to find another that’s better, tried almost every available weather app. And NOTHING compares to this one. Not even BOM. Highly recommend, don’t bother with any others people! 💯👌🏻😂 My only prob is for maybe the last year after an update, on the radar, it won’t show my location with the blue pulsing circle when I tap on the little arrow like it used to. It, and the AR rain thingy no longer shows rain around me, even when it’s pouring! I miss these things so much!!!! Never bothered to mention it as I just love the app so much and didn’t want to deter any new users! Thankyou so much for such a wonderful, comprehensive, customisable, accurate app!!!! 😍😍😍🙏🏻🙏🏻😍😍😍

- Super accurate : Best information layout of any Weather App.

I have used this app for many years now and it is easily the best AU weather app out there for quickly seeing the forecast at a glance. The use of graphical layouts and colour to show the max/min temps really makes it easy to quickly glance and see the week ahead. Other apps just seem to display the data in numbers only. Graphs and colours really make this app shine. Apple Watch integration is awesome and seamless. I’m yet to find another weather app which displays exactly what you need to see for the next few days in such an easy to process, aesthetic way. The Dev continues to release features great features without cluttering up the Interface like so many other apps do. Easily the best out there for AU weather needs.

- Accurate Oz Weather with useful features.

I've owned this app for years and also the previous "non Plus" version. It's the best app I've found for local and national Australian weather. The feature set is well thought and delightfully displayed. Love the new inbuilt sharing of radar images, as it saves the extra step of photographing the screen and then sending from the photos app. If you want accurate Australian weather from a developer who cares about, and updates this app regularly, then I can whole heartedly recommend Oz Weather Plus. I use it every day and often many times a day. And now we have the hoped for iOS 14 widgets. Brilliantly constructed, information rich, choice of looks. Thanks again Oz Weather!

- No better weather app in Australia.

Oz Weather has been on my phone for a long time now. I have many other weather apps but this is the app I rely on and come back to, always. It outdoes the other apps both in at-a-glance and detailed weather, and the latter is unmatched. The charts are simply mesmerising, and I often cross-reference what I feel outside with what the app is saying, e.g., a sudden increase in temp, the wind direction chart will tell the story. It’s a beautifully laid out app with rich features and now with the new widget (the small one with the circles is just beautiful, please can we select a true-black background for it?) it sits with pride of place on my Home Screen. There is no better weather app out there for Australia.

- A Must-Have

This App is simply a must-have. It is comprehensive, reliable, accurate, and dependable ... all wrapped up in a clean user interface. If you have any reason to want to know reliable current or forecast weather data or conditions, this is the only App I turn to. The 7 day forecast, the weather radar with easy range options and selectable sources are my ever-day go-to’s. I love the depth of BoM data when I need it, and the access to so many cities around Australia all with the same depth of data. The coloured satellite continent cloud maps are great as are synoptics. Can’t recommend highly enough!

- Oz Weather best weather app

I was so disappointed when I couldn’t load Oz Weather onto my new phone last October 2019. Have tried the other weather apps, they’re all very pretty but Oz Weather is the best and easiest to use by far. Fortunately I still had it on my iPad and tonight just discovered the new version was available, well that sure has made my day. The 2 other apps I had to use on my phone to get the same information I could get on Oz Weather have now been deleted. Thank you for releasing this latest version. If you don’t have Oz Weather you should.


🌟🌟🌟🌟Ajnaware🌟🌟🌟🌟 THANK YOU!!! For staying!!! Absolutely the BEST APP!!! I was devastated when you announced your closure. I searched & searched... & searched there was nothing out there that compares to your app. I’ve been a user for several years & not a day has gone by that I look at your app numerous times a day (yes I’m a freak about weather) outstanding accuracy & detailed information is the reason why & don’t ask me how or why but this app OUTSHINES the BOM. I have 2 kids with ASTHMA & 100% rely & can count on the current day & forecast to prevent their attacks. THANK YOU again

- As good as they get!

I've been pestering the Developer for a long time over some minor issues with the old version of this App and happily to say this new version has addressed everything very nicely. With most everything you need now all on one page, it is simple and easy to use. Adding the tidal information was a great idea. There are squillions of weather apps in the Store but this one is now hard to beat. Has a couple of bugs but very minor nature only. Go get it!

- Always restoring purchase

This app is worth 5 stars but not with the hassles. Lots of problems with premium features in that I’m always having to restore my purchase. Had subscription set to renew in 12 months and removed and then put back to no avail. Deleted app and reinstalled many times but no good. App developer suggested some things that didn’t work and in the end told me it’s an Apple problem. Apple suggested a few things that didn’t work and in the end told me to contact developer. Just be wary if you pay upfront for subscription.🤕 Edit: Now very happy. Last update fixed the purchase problem as described. All now fully functional and working. Always my go to app for all things weather on iPad, iPhone and iOS watch series 5. Thank you to the app developer for listening to the customer.👍😎

- Best Australian weather app by far

I have had this app for years and for some reason deleted it approx 12 months ago and have been unable to find an easy to read and user friendly app since. Today I have found this app again and wow- I am so happy to have found it and reinstalled it. It has gone straight to my main screen on my iPhone and has been used about 10 times already today. Thank you for designing such a great app for us aussies.

- Wouldn’t want anything else.

Been using Oz Weather for years, since the first version. So this is a much overdue review! I do a fair amount of outdoor activities, but also just like to know what weather the day and week are going to bring. Also of course, the accurate current observations are great to have instantly. Direct feed from the BOM in an easy to read display. A great application where you can choose simple or detailed, readily available information. It’s easy to see that the developer has a passion for this app, and also a lot of knowledge on how to develop a really clean, smart and functional interface. Thats wizardry to me! Updates are regular, not that I ever notice anything requiring updating but I guess that’s the passion for the app’s continual improvement. Five stars. Thanks to the developer also!

- Most suitable weather app for my needs

Checked out quite a few weather apps before deciding on this one, as it had everything I was after. Most other ones had two or three things missing from it that I was interested in. Have been happy with this app since purchasing some years ago, and improves with each update. Well done to the developer(s).

- Still missing one important feature

I do like this app, the information is detailed and accurate but I have no idea why, after all these years, the developers have still not included the 3 hourly forecasts available from the BOM. Pretty much every other weather app does this which also means they support Time Travel on the Apple Watch. Because the temperature pattern across the day matters to me to plan what I need to wear or bring to work at multiple sites (offices, warehouses and open areas) during a long working day I can’t use this as my everyday weather reference.

- Must have app.

I’ve used Oz Weather for years, and like other reviewers was seriously disappointed at the thought that it would not continue. I checked other apps which only confirmed how good oz weather is. None of them come close. So I was really happy to see it available again. This is one app which is really worth a subscription. Then I read that my previous purchase was recognized, and grandfathered. Thank-you, thank-you. 🌟🌟🌟

- Brilliant.

I've loved every version. I really appreciated the message the developer wrote about the upgrade too. ...months later and I still think the app is fabulous. Two suggestions for the next version or update. Firstly the background on the original version was a bit easier to read so back to that please. Secondly could you include a running tally of rainfall amount for the year alongside the average? But it is beautiful as it is. Thanks, Karen.

- Oz Weather is back! 😃

I seriously think I bought this app back in 2008. It’s been one of the most used apps on my phone for at least a decade. Nothing else comes close to the combination of simplicity *and* information density. It’s spectacularly good. When it almost went away I was devastated ... but it’s back. Happy days. Only complaint is that I’m grandfathered in to my decade-old payment. Let me subscribe! TAKE MY MONEY YOU FOOL. 😉

- Still works great

Still use this all the most out of the ones on my phone, the new hourly weather forecast is awesome, gives lots of information without needing to scroll heaps to get what you need. If the radar could be updated to show images like the current BOM app (not tied to a single radar and the ability to move around / in and out easily) that would be icing on the cake

- Oz weather converted from old to new

I'm a bit of a weather buff and it took me several weeks to decide on whether to convert to the new Oz weather app. Having done so, the enhancements made to an already great app have been great. The small investment is well worth it. Update : 6-Aug-2017 : Glad app is being updated regularly. Update: 03-Nov-2017 : The App just keeps on getting better. Sometimes you wonder how the app could get any better than it is already.

- Indispensable, essential info for Ozzie travellers

Look it up before you leave and travel with appropriate clothing and safety. Weather events can be extreme depending on your location and country resources are not so easily and quickly available as in the cities where your travel may have started. Essential info when living or camping beachside as a planning tool for daily activity.

- Updated review: It used to be very good

Used to be very good app. - Now the national view of radar, synoptic and satellite links to the bureau’s web site instead of being handled internally through the app. - Screens result in having to fiddle about on the bureau’s site every time you view to get the screens to time scroll. Essentially dumbing down options that were useful and nicely integrated previously. - What a down step. The main normal screens are still well laid out, but now overall a lesser app than it was. .

- Does remarkably good job without fuss

Without doubt the best AU weather app available. Have been using since it first came out and was alarmed when it disappeared from App Store. Have been searching for a replacement since I expected it to stop functioning at next iOS update, but I needed to download 3 other weather apps to get the functionality of this one. Very relieved, and delighted with the grandfathering provisions.

- Definitely one of the better apps

About my only complaint with this app, is that I think the menus for functionality ( UI ) design could be a little improved, in the respect of the number of selections required to get through to any particular functionality ... but even so the design is better than average, and there’s certainly no want for functions. Definitely worth the price for the paid version, and it’s not full of adverts which I like.

- Excellent for no-nonsense Australian weather data

One of my all-time favourite and most useful apps. I've been using it daily for years, recommend it to everyone and get so much out of it. I like tweaking things and it's great being able to set the colour scheme and background picture. Most importantly it's data from the Bureau of Meteorology itself.

- Clear, quick, comprehensive

I am a weather app collector. There are another 10 weather apps on my phone, but I always find this one is my go-to. It loads super quickly, and provides me with the info I need to plan the week and the day at a glance. When I need more info, a quick scroll shows me what I need to know. Well done developers.

- Arie van

A very comprehensive weather App that is easy to use and it’s features cover all weather related data that you could possibly need. The reports are updated every few minutes to keep you up with the latest information. Have been using Oz Weather daily for a number of years and found it to very accurate and informative.

- Step backwards

Not liking the redirect to the BOM links. It’s annoying that it takes you out of the actual app now, I use a weather app to stay in a weather app not to have it redirect me to a external location. I may as well put the BOM shortcut on my screen and use that. Your supposed to interpret their information and display it in a user friendly and comprehensive way with your app. COME ON DO BETTER ITS 2021 you no!!!

- iPhone app Great, Watch app kinda

So I love the iPhone app and all its features and have been using it for years. Got myself a watch a week ago and have been using it. Been super happy about it except two things. First complaint - No page to show a rainfall map of my area. That would be nice as it shows every other awesome information at a glance Second much more serious complaint - Cant change location. It wasn’t too serious at first, would give me weather for city center 50km away rather then local suburb. Now though it will only give me weather on the other side of the country making it useless Can’t recommend the watch app tell it will get your city right

- Byza 1966

Yarrawonga live weather locked AGAIN. HOPELESS!!! My last review was not posted. Post this one if you've got any credibility. The App has improved since last review. Maybe it was something to do with satellites etc. I use it everyday and find it to be very reliable. It is a great tool. Well done. Highly recommended. YARRAWONGA is frozen again for the last 24 hours and last week we had nothing for 6 days. Who do I call to discuss my complaint.

- Great app I depend on every day

Great, well designed app, shows me all I need to know in a smart, concise way (visual for week summary, text with further detail), plus radar, temp timings, wind, tides, various maps, and more. All straight from BOM, which very few others provide. And of those, in my opinion, this is clearly the most usable, with the cleanest, best interface. Plus support from the developer is exceptional.

- My go-to weather program

Without doubt this weather program is absolutely the best for Australia. Not only does it give up to date forecasts for all major towns it also gives direct links to radar and synoptic charts in the BOM plus a whole range of other information, if you want it. Highly recommended.

- Best weather app around

Had thus for years. Purchased way back and would do so anytime. Up to date weather, radar, totals, Synoptics, Australia wide locations etc. I use this to basically plan our lives with travelling and the kids to school. Seriously is the best app and gives anything you need in terms of tides, forecasts and etc. love it and worth purchasing

- Issue

Sad really. It used to be the best weather app out there. Now it’s bland. The latest update has ruined it for me. I have used this app for years. Links to BOM website now for rainfall maps Etc. What were you guys thinking! If I want links to BOM in Safari I will set that up myself for free in safari. This info used to be all in built into the app and now you make me link to a safari website and have to go through their pull down Menus. I just don’t get it guys. People want this info in your app. Not links to a site. Lazy development in your own. Such a shame.

- Will not update on Apple Watch

Have used this app for years and it’s great on my phone, but I cannot get it to show the correct weather on my watch. Location services are on, home city is Hobart, watch is set to display my home city. I have deleted, reinstalled, turned on, turned off, followed every bit of advice I can, but watch only shows the weather for Sydney. What am I doing wrong or what is wrong with the app?

- Great weather app overall, but bugs need to be fixed.

Despite an annoying bug or two, this is still my favourite weather app. Clean and simple layout, yet with a wealth of information and the ability to tailor the information you want to see in a single view. Please fix the bug that has “frozen” the current temperature panel for the last 190 days - it tells me that the current temperature is 3.5 degrees regardless of the actual current temperature.

- A must have app for Australian weather!

Still my go-to weather app. Well designed, comprehensive and easy to use. I’ve been using oz weather on my iPhone for around 5 years and am extremely happy with it. The app uses bom weather data in a useful, attractive and well thought out way. It’s my constant companion!

- Love this app

Every Aussie should have this app. It shows so much data. As a weather enthusiast I have used many apps in the past and this one is by far the best. So much information right at my fingertips, literally. Great work to the team and I hope that you continue to update this app and add more features in the future.

- Premium features need constant refreshing

Yes, this app provides some useful extended information when you purchase a subscription, but it loses all its gloss when you try to access it. Every time I go to get the history, a pop up tells me it is a premium only feature. I then have to refresh my purchases to remind the app that I have a subscription, at which point it shows me the history info. That’s a total pain!

- Location services?

Great app, works well on phone and Apple Watch. But I don’t know if I’m missing something or it doesn’t give you the weather based on your location. You have to manually change that on your phone. Not like other apps where you just click “use my location” and they automatically change as you travel around.

- Where/How do you set the Correct Date

Love this app it’s one that’s constant with weather information. Had it for years. Great for Australia weather. Radar is good, I like to look at this to see how far away rain is. Thank you Wednesday 23rd December I have lowered my rating for the following reasons. Hope you’ve finished Your nap and have time to help by replying. This was one of my favourite weather apps I have deleted the app and re downloaded it hoping it would fix the date. There are no date settings so I can change to the correct date. Can’t email you as that button doesn’t work either. It is giving today’s date as Wednesday 25th December When it is Wednesday 23rd December Could you please look at this and add so the date and year can be altered.

- No reply - so no support

Bought this app based on the mostly positive reviews, however I find myself agreeing the the other 1 star. I just wouldn’t have paid if I had know the app was limited in the ways it is. No reply from the developer either. My biggest issue is with the rain radar and inability to adjust the viewing distance. You can’t see where I am on the default distance so this app is less than useless to me. Shorter interval forecasts are also missing. Struggling to find any positives really. If you are thinking about buying it, don’t!

- Was a good app but locations not supported now :(

This was a good app over the years, but unfortunately they have stopped supplying the info for locations, that i purchased it for and were working fine - But now they are not supported, like Forster, Bulladellah etc no history, no daily temps - please rectify this and you have me happy again. I dont know why anyone would drop off -opular locations like Forster that have 28,000 permanent residents and 80,000 at Christmas/Easter time 🤷‍♂️

- Almost five stars...

This is a good app, except for one glitch - it won’t update the current details for one town I regularly visit. For 3 years now, Yass has had a daily temperature of just 3.5 degrees... Otherwise, it tells me everything I could want to know about the weather.

- Great but not without problems

I really like this app but after three days trying to get it to work properly I have requested a refund. You need to purchase the basic edition and then another charge for the premium option. The app wouldn’t recognize my premium purchase. Spoke to developer and eventually asked me to contact Apple as he couldn’t help further. Apple said its the developer who should fix issue. Finally I did get it to work but it now keeps losing premium feature option. Couldn’t get it to install on my Apple 5 watch.

- Awesome Weather App

A few yeRs ago swapped over from another weather app which trashed itself with a so called upgrade. This app is 10 times better and so responsive. no lag on any touch or gestures and there is data and graphics for all you could want!! Ongoing regular updates from the developer keeps it on edge.

- Fabulous app

I am so happy that I have finally been able to access Oz Weather after losing my phone in July. I have tried numerous other weather apps and none have been anywhere near as good and easy to use Oz Weather. Thank you so much, this has made my day!

- Apple Watch Winner

If you have an Apple Watch it is worth getting this app just alone for the great watch app they do, which even includes the new type complications only found on series 4 watches. Only thing missing would be if you followed your location and gave weather for there instead of last location set on phone, otherwise it’s a winner.

- Best weather app - clear and concise

I have been using OzWeather for many years and it is still the best weather app for Australia. I love the clear and simple at a glance ability to open the app and quickly see what the weather is forecast for the week without having to read and scroll and flip.

- Simply the best weather app.

I've used this app or the iPod version for years now. It is elegantly simple and works very well. Worth every penny for something you use every day. Well-supported by the developer. I would like to see a return to the 'target" style position locator on the radar screen, rather than the insipid blue dot.

- BOM data on Watch Series 4!

Love having accurate BOM data in the new complications on the Series 4 Apple Watch. It would be even better if I could have several different Oz Weather complications of the same type (corner, for example) on the one watch face. Not sure if third-party apps can do this. One request: please make apparent temperature available in one of the new-style complications.

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Oz Weather Plus 4.4.4 Screenshots & Images

Oz Weather Plus iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Oz Weather Plus iphone images
Oz Weather Plus iphone images
Oz Weather Plus iphone images
Oz Weather Plus iphone images
Oz Weather Plus iphone images
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Oz Weather Plus (Version 4.4.4) Install & Download

The applications Oz Weather Plus was published in the category Weather on 2013-11-21 and was developed by ozPDA [Developer ID: 295147488]. This application file size is 22.12 MB. Oz Weather Plus - Weather app posted on 2022-07-12 current version is 4.4.4 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ajnaware.OzWeatherPlus