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The world’s favourite winter sports application.

Designed specifically for winter sports, the award winning Ski Tracks is your worldwide, ultimate ski companion. Record your entire day on the slopes without the need for mobile data*.

Compare your mountain experiences with your friends, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals, join the millions of people who have already downloaded Ski Tracks.

As featured in: CBS - Independent - T3 - Telegraph - New York Times - Engadget - Snowboard Mountaineer - Slope Edge - Snow Vole Awards

Battery efficient technology allows all day recording, no data or phone signal required for recording making Ski Tracks ideal for backcountry or where data roaming charges apply.

• Apple Watch
• Pebble Watch
• Ski statistics in one place
• Specifically designed ski analysis
• Include photographs to keep memorable moments
• Share in multiple formats
• Free Ski Tracks online storage
• Advanced mapping tools
• Health Connection (iOS 8+)
• 3D map support. (iOS 9)

*Where data charges apply, set Data Roaming / Mobile Data Off. For more information see iPhone/iOS user guide.

GPS will not work accurately indoors.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

Ski Tracks App Description & Overview

The applications Ski Tracks was published in the category Navigation on 2010-04-05 and was developed by Core Coders Ltd. The file size is 30.98 MB. The current version is 2.2.3 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

1. Unexpected GPS Pausing.
2. Improved activity backup/restore.
3. Skiing and Snowboarding calories accuracy.
4. Compatibility and general bug fixes.

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Ski Tracks Reviews


Inconsistent data  skierindistress  1 star

I’ve enjoyed using Ski Tracks for going on 3 years but this year the app is not recording data correctly. It doesn’t give me the correct mileage or altitudes. I’m disappointed it’s not working and may have to go to using another app.


Background Refresh  newspherouser  2 star

it keeps asking me to enable background refresh in settings but it’s already on


Satellite maps need work  gdtrfbme  3 star

The app works great alpine skiing but falls short with other activities. It give a good log of distance and speed but the satilite maps it generates are awful. Way too many symbols indicating elevation change etc. not necessary as you have the log. Just chart the track taken please


Rad data  thesoupchef  4 star

It’s so neat! I love being able to track my speeds and show friends my routes. One problem I have is forgetting to turn off the app before I hop in the car, so I’d love to see a way to edit tracks lightly to improve accuracy.


One of my favorite apps  DD2ski2b  5 star

Great app. Get tons of stats on your ski day. Works with apple watch. Just be sit sure you turn it off when you return to your car (unless you really think you went 80 mph and 70+ miles on that last run. 😳

Uh Quaint Tents

Stopped tracking  Uh Quaint Tents  1 star

Lost the last 3 hours of my skiing session because it stopped working. The time kept running but it wouldn't track my runs/speed/altitude/etc. I stopped the session and saved it, then started a new session... but it too also didn't track. I will be going back to the free app TraceSnow.


Slopes app is better and free  mattsains  3 star

See title


Awesome app  MichaelinPB  5 star

Not using Apple Watch so no comments about it. This app rocks for all my ski needs. The map and edit functions are great for those occasions when I forget to turn it off after skiing. Just edit the end of the runs. Easy. My want list: Merge runs over multiple days on the same mountain to create a composite of all runs on a given mountain. This would be very helpful in finding runs that haven’t been explored. Annotate where falls or rests appear. This would be great to show where and how often we rest or fall. Auto merge photos with ski route. Use the gps to link photos to places on the ski map to show where photos were taken during the course of a ski day. It would require accessing the photo album and pinpointing the location on the ski map or time of day.


All over the place.  Sailahjake  2 star

A group of 7 all have the same phones. We ski together, so you would think when we compare results would be similar. Nope. Total vertical, total altitude, total runs are all different.


Overall good but  Shhlssj  5 star

Overall I really like the app. My only suggestion would adding an option to delete individual runs. There are a few days that I forgot to turn it off so the data is skewed by the drive home.


Easy to use and fun stats to have  isabelleburton  5 star

Does what it says , I used free version for a few days then upgraded. Using on iphone 8. Thanks to developers

anon burr sir

No way to delete the car drive  anon burr sir  1 star

Spent all day skiing and forgot to turn off the app. Now I can't delete the 90km car drive after a solid days skiing. This app lacks very basic features.


Perfect for Skiers  jono2012  5 star

Took a bit to appreciate the interface. App has almost everything I need. Would like to be able to export to Excel to do more complex analysis. Summary: Simple to use and recommended!


Could seriously use an update....  Jakey_g  3 star

When charging for an app, expectation is that is doesn't look like it was built for iPhone 3, with instructions that reference this device. Works for the most part, but is well below par when it comes to something people are forking out money for. Should have gone with the free version first to check I guess.


Over all a good app  Laser2dex  5 star

Really solid app, needs more features, eg: Would love to see an option to name the individual runs / lifts, perhaps build up a database of resorts and runs, ability to display weather would be absolutely fantastic!


Ok, but...  Beresford01  3 star

It would be great if this app was available on all platforms of devices like the free version. But otherwise it is a good app but in future please make it compatible with more devices.


iPhone plus model screen optimisation needed  lachykennedy  4 star

Great app! Can't ski without it now! Great too now that it is compatible with Apple Watch to quickly see speed and altitude! It would be great to see optimisation for iPhone plus models in time for the 2016/17 season... scaling is needed and potential to display additional info on screen!


Amazing App  Mcknightpl  5 star

I could not want more in an app that tracks my boarding or skiing! Highly recommend!


The best app ever  KSG1080  5 star

I'v been using this app since 2010 and it's the first app I put on my phone when I get a new one. It totally revitalised my skiing I went from a bit of a lul in a season to still wanting to get out every day even when it was April and practically no snow anywhere, trying to beat my top score or biggest air. We have had so many fun games in resort trying to see who can get the highest speed and who can track most of the mountain in one day. Actually my favourite app in the world. Recommend to anyone- even my brother who spent one whole day completing only one run with one lift top speed 4mph...

Dane the snowboarder

Best ski app!  Dane the snowboarder  5 star

Must have for any skier or snowboarder. Great for comparing days and measuring progression. Export your tracks into google earth an make all your friends jealous. My only wish that one day I get more export options such as export runs only. This app is so good I'd be happy to pay more to the developers!


New Version Removes Apple Watch App for old WatchOS  Mjshaw  4 star

The app is great. I’ve used it for many years now and since the Apple Watch app came out I loved it even more. The new updates that integrated Workouts with Skitracks completely removed the WatchOS app. I don’t have the newest WatchOS updated so there is no integration into my Workouts our natively. The WatchOS store shows Watch App but still not available.


Great app  jbnz71  5 star

Love the app. Friends and I compare stats. It would be cool if we could track our friends using the same app.


Inaccurate  Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  1 star

Neat idea - really like the satellite review feature. Distance, time, elevation, and even number of runs were completely off between two iPhones that were together every run and lift.


What a disappointment - save your $  Packfan3  1 star

The app was difficult to install - had to go to online manual because of so many settings first of all. Today I tried to use it while at Breckinridge and it still just says “saving previous workout” which ended over an hour ago. Disappointing as I was anxious to use the watch in a new way.


Great app  m1westwood  5 star

I’ve been using this for 4-5 years and really like it. It is set and forget. You just turn it on, throw your phone in your pocket or backpack and off you go. Not sure how the iPhone gets such a good GOS signal when not out in the open, but it seems to work all the time. I haven’t done much with it other than check my stats at the end of the day and see what we did. It’s really cool to know how much vertical and how many miles you've traveled. There’s more to it than that; you can store photos. It seems to be pretty accurate as far as mph, distances, showing your exact route, etc. but hard to say because there’s now way for me to verify the data with another tool. Request for developer: It would be really great to have a picture page in the app that shows all of the pictures from the runs and you simply my scroll down the page through the pics and click on a pic to review that track. This way, if you remember a great feature on a mountain you can snap a pic of it in the app and easily use ski tracks later on to help find the exact run that got you there. People would love this if done with a slick interface.


The best ski tracking app out there  mcsaxman  5 star

I have spent a lot of time looking for good ski tracking apps. This one is by far the best is simple to use just information. I am on my fifth Season using itAnd could not be happier with it.


Great App Meets and Beats my Expectations  kjsweden  5 star

Used for our Italy trip the first time today. As others noted shows max speed.. tracks and more. Really glad to have this nifty app :-)


Great idea butMisses runs.  Titanocene132  2 star

This is a follow up review. I Like the platform, it has a good look. Easy interfaces. But on any given day it misses anywhere from 20-50% of my runs. Also the speed track is complete bs. Today it said my top speed was 35 - verp. Maybe in deep trees but black groomers close to 60. Just not accurate

malta commuter

Worth the full version  malta commuter  5 star

Just upgraded to full version after enjoying the free version. Love this app!


Great App!  jradma  5 star

This app really works well. I recommend it to anyone who likes to keep track of their activities!


Excellent App  Shrine  5 star

Simply excellent .. !


Best app for ski/snowboarding  Bren1972  5 star

I have used this app for the past 2 years and it is perfect for keeping track of your runs or leave it on all day to track speed, distance, map and export to google earth when your home to relive the experience again and again


L Dusoswa  Ldusoswa  5 star

A must have app for stat junkies and performance driven skiers and boarders of this world. Great fun, of somewhat addictive. The top speed is over exaggerated though, which is a pity. I would wonder how this influences other measurements which are taken. All in all, an amazingly good app. Trust me, this is so worth a few euro...


Great app. Very easy on battery.  Tractor69  5 star

I used this app while away last week skiing. You simply start the recorder, pop it in your pocket and let it do the rest! After a 7 hour day the battery was still at 60% on my iPhone 4. The only thing is I think the max speed is a bit out but understandable as battery life is important.

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