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The world’s favourite winter sports application.

Designed specifically for winter sports, the award winning Ski Tracks is your worldwide, ultimate ski companion. Record your entire day on the slopes without the need for mobile data*.

Compare your mountain experiences with your friends, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals, join the millions of people who have already downloaded Ski Tracks.

As featured in: CBS - Independent - T3 - Telegraph - New York Times - Engadget - Snowboard Mountaineer - Slope Edge - Snow Vole Awards

Battery efficient technology allows all day recording, no data or phone signal required for recording making Ski Tracks ideal for backcountry or where data roaming charges apply.

• Apple Watch
• Ski statistics in one place
• Specifically designed ski analysis
• Include photographs to keep memorable moments
• Share in multiple formats
• Free Ski Tracks online storage
• Advanced mapping tools
• Health Connection
• 3D map support.

*Where data charges apply, set Data Roaming / Mobile Data Off. For more information see iPhone/iOS user guide.

GPS will not work accurately indoors.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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Ski Tracks Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- New Health export - Minor bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

Ski Tracks Comments & Reviews

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- Love this app! But One minor Suggestion

I love this app and that I can operate it from my Apple Watch! It so nice not to have to dig my phone out to start a track. I use it primarily for skijoring which I track as Dog Mushing in the app. I have one complaint/suggestion. I wish I could start a dog mushing track from my phone. I know I can edit this later in SkiTracks, but it imports the run to my Health App where I can’t edit what type of track it is. I would suggest a scroll through list of activities on the watch, or allow the user to choose what type of tracks can be started via the watch. I know this is a relatively minor thing, but it’s something I’ve been wishing for since I started using the app several years ago.

- Great app

I’ve been using this for 4-5 years and really like it. It is set and forget. You just turn it on, throw your phone in your pocket or backpack and off you go. Not sure how the iPhone gets such a good GOS signal when not out in the open, but it seems to work all the time. I haven’t done much with it other than check my stats at the end of the day and see what we did. It’s really cool to know how much vertical and how many miles you've traveled. There’s more to it than that; you can store photos. It seems to be pretty accurate as far as mph, distances, showing your exact route, etc. but hard to say because there’s now way for me to verify the data with another tool. Request for developer: It would be really great to have a picture page in the app that shows all of the pictures from the runs and you simply my scroll down the page through the pics and click on a pic to review that track. This way, if you remember a great feature on a mountain you can snap a pic of it in the app and easily use ski tracks later on to help find the exact run that got you there. People would love this if done with a slick interface.

- The Analyze function is buggy and destroys data

Update: I’m afraid I’ve lowered my rating of this app again, this time down to 2 stars. Apparently, using the Apple Watch to control the app is buggy as hell. 14,000 vertical feet translating to 68 miles of travel and other weirdness. But the worst is their ‘Analyze’ function: 12 runs/14,000 ft changes to 1 run/28 ft — and it appears that the function actually DESTROYS THE ORIGINAL DATA. To top it off the developer’s solution thus far is “well, don’t use the watch for this”. I’m now exploring alternatives. This’ll be my third year using this app, this year adding an Apple Watch to my ecosystem. I stay with this app over the alternatives because it continues to focus on actual skiing while most of the others are turning into social apps that happen to track skiing as an afterthought. My rating would be 5 stars if the developer would add turn tracking like they suggested they would a year ago. If another developer starts providing that, it may convince me to try a new app.

- Great until this season...

I've used this app since 2012 and it has always worked well. It's been good to see it improved along the way. Last year I was able to use it on my watch and I thought that was really awesome until today. At the end of a fantastic day of boarding it failed to transmit the data to my iPhone X. This was with the Apple Watch 2. All I have left of my data is the picture I took of the summary screen when I saw the "End" button was not responsive. I have a few more days to be on the mountain this week and I can say I won't be using the watch app any more. Funny thing, this morning we were trying to install the app on my wife's AppleWatch 3 for her to use and it was no where in the lost of apps to install on the watch even though it was installed on her phone. I should've taken that as an omen. Not a happy user of this watch app. It's gotta go from my watch and I'm going to see what my options are if any for data recovery and/or export.

- Meets My Expectations

I have always wondered how fast I was going down the mountain. Now I know! It was also fun to “replay” my day. This app met my expectations of a GPS tracker. Thank you for not having any in app purchases like your competitors. There is absolutely no justification to do that for an app like this. If there was one thing I would like to see added, it would be the ability to edit a Track after saving it. While using it the first time, I forgot to pause the app when I got on a shuttle to go from one Ski area to another (Loveland Ski Area in Colorado has two areas that are accessible by shuttle) so the app recorded my ride in the shuttle. I could also see myself forgetting to stop recording only to remember on the drive home.

- Liability on your part

I believe this app may be contributing to a breed of skier trying to post a new high speed by the end of the day. I’ll confess that when I first used it, I puffed up my chest at cracking the speed of sound. I showed the app to a friend, he downloaded it, went out and came in boasting he had topped my speed! 56 mph on a blue trail! Then I noticed friends of mine posting speeds in excess of 60 MPH on trails populated by unpredictable snowboarders and beginner to intermediate skiers. Speed is thrilling! I love it! The new skis allow you to carve very high speed turns. We become dangerous controlled missles. High speed skiers defend themselves by saying they are in control. This past winter I turned the app off during a winter ski vacation. I tried to focus on going slower and enjoying the view. I got hit by a kamikaze not far from the base of Sterling at Deer Valley. 10 breaks in 7 ribs, pneumothorax, punctured lung, and a bit of internal bleeding. I’m old on a blood thinner. Surgery and 6 days in the Intermountain Trauma Center. Was it the apps fault? No but the topic of Max Speed bragging came up in discussions afterwards. My neighbors wife got taken out and their child almost killed by a straight line boarder. The app is great for seeing where you went and how much vertical or steepness. Food for thought! I’m lucky to be alive. There are some that are not.

- Great app, one recommendation

Love this app, very simple interface to use and check in on your skiing/snowboarding for the day. Speeds can be a little iffy but with gps and terrain, they do a great job with what they’ve got. Only gripe is that when you forget to turn it off and drive away from the resort, there is no way to fix the mistake. I would recommend the ability to delete runs on an individual basis or a slider bar on runs to adjust the start/end times. OR figure out what Trace Snow did where it detects you are in the car and won’t record that data. Just the one thing missing to go from 4->5

- Watch to phone app communication = bleh

Sure wish the watch app correctly communicated with the app on my phone to accurately show the status. Paused tracking on my watch, then resumed it on my watch. Showed it was recording. 45 min I checked my phone because the watch vertical seemed off and noticed it never actually started recording. Watch shows the correct time elapsed... I do full stack web development and I use promises to confirm whether the action on the server was successful... if not then reflect that on the browser/client side. I don’t see how this app shouldn’t work the same way. Other than that, great app overall. Been using for 5 seasons and love the updates over that time... just wish the watch communication with phone worked better.

- Great app but needs auto pause

I have used this app a few times for classic Nordic skiing on my Apple Watch series 5. The app works great and has no issues using my Wahoo heart sensor chest strap in place of the Apple Watch heart rate sensor. My only requests are as follows: First, add an auto pause feature. So if I stop for any reason, the timer stops. Second, add the ability to add min and max heart rates and heart zones. Third, allow user customized screens. As it stands, without these features, I will likely switch to a Garmin fitness watch. The app has a lot of potential though, and for the price the premium version is unbeatable.

- Great app

Use this app every time I ski. Very accurate compare to an older garmin edge 305. I haven’t noticed any problems with battery life. The integration with watch has improved. I just noticed you can now start and pause your day from the watch without pulling out the phone. I keep the phone in my jacket pocket. iPhone 6 works with no issues. Plan on digging out my old iPhone 5 and see if I can plant it on my son since he at time skis off with his race mates will I ski with his younger brother. I upload data to garmin connect to view on any browser.

- Something went haywire

I’ve used this app for over 8 seasons. Something went haywire this year. About a third of my runs are no longer tracked, and I’m on mountains that are well covered by 5g/lte. There seems to be some bug where if you stop for a while, say for lunch, it won’t pick back up no matter what you do. Today after a 30 minute lunch, I knew to check it and if it was still around tracking. It had stopped. I saved what I had, started over, and it didn’t take until the 4th attempt, after I had skied another 5-10,000 feet of vertical. As an end user, I wouldn’t be able to guess what’s going on. Looking at my Google location history, that was tracking where I

- Very nice app

I love being able to look at my max. speed, distance, vertical, and path on the google earth map. It's worth purchasing the full app to get the extra features. There could be a few improvements yet. I often have to re-name the ski resort. It does not work well on small hills (under 350 ft.). And it would be nice if the trim tool could be used to set start and end points for individual runs and lifts within your track. Overall a very nice app, well worth the price!

- Great app - accurate?

I think it’s the best app. Ran 3 apps today and started and stopped all within seconds of one another. Other than the time they all were surprisingly different. Vertical feet seemed to be the biggest culprit. I wonder which is most accurate? An online search yielded reviewers preferences but not an accuracy comparison. Anyway maybe SkiTrac could investigate. The app is always a top choice. Developers - please integrate with Strava. That’s why I purchased an a secondary source in the first place.

- Very Well Done

Used this on a recent 6-day ski trip to track our runs, speed, map - it does everything you want in ski tracking and nothing you don't. You can tell the developers really know what they are doing. The watch app is basic but useful and works well. No crashing or glitches on the phone or the watch, though it didn't work until upgrading to WatchOS 4.2. After running the GPS and tracking all day, I was surprised to see only a fraction of the battery on my iPhone 8 was used. Very impressive. Suggested improvements: - Better maps that show ski runs (uses the Apple Maps built-in, which doesn't - Google maps does) - Controls in the watch app to start/stop, etc. I don't want to drop my phone from a lift! - Enable the snow sports workout type on other  Watch models than Series 3.

- One ov the Best App’s ever if you Ski/Board

Best app Ever for keeping track ov ur day. Keeps track ov Everything & DEAD on for location tracking which makes it Awesome for sking the trees. B cool if they added topo lines as an option 👍 maybe they do🤔 never looked I guess. So Happy just as is. Had the app for 3 years now & I can go back & see my 1st season w/Ski Tracks🎉🎉. Its fun to break out the phone on the chair and look at ur current day. People sitting next 2u are like - Whatttt😳😳 And go download the App👍🎉 GREAT APP👍🎉🎉. Thanks Ski Tracks🙏🙏

- So many features!

I’ve been using this app for about three seasons now, and it has always impressed me with its accuracy and features. Even now, in the off season, I can look back through each trip and remember all the great (or not so great) times I’ve had over the last couple of years. It struck me that it was probably time to review this app as I sat in the middle of the off season thinking about a skiing app. 11/10 would recommend.

- Awesome app

Not using Apple Watch so no comments about it. This app rocks for all my ski needs. The map and edit functions are great for those occasions when I forget to turn it off after skiing. Just edit the end of the runs. Easy. My want list: Merge runs over multiple days on the same mountain to create a composite of all runs on a given mountain. This would be very helpful in finding runs that haven’t been explored. Annotate where falls or rests appear. This would be great to show where and how often we rest or fall. Auto merge photos with ski route. Use the gps to link photos to places on the ski map to show where photos were taken during the course of a ski day. It would require accessing the photo album and pinpointing the location on the ski map or time of day.

- Speed average

This app does do a few cool things, but the average speed includes time that you a stopped and not moving as well as time that you are on the chair lift. You can get you phone out and pause the app before and fire a run, but my fingers get cold, and I don’t like to do that. It would also be nice if it would tell you how long each run takes, so you can compare to see if you’re getting faster. It’s a bit of a search for the run times and I think it includes the lifts again Nice graphs of the elevation, and satellite view of the resort

- Great App, Really fun and can be very highly recommended.

Helpful to know where you haven’t skied as well as where you tend to ski. Has definitely saved us several times in whiteout conditions. One wish is that you could add days when you don’t remember to start it or add some vertical when you start it late. Very helpful when helping someone who hasn’t been to a resort before. Has everything and more than what I would think of.

- Could be perfect

It’s a great App and I love it but could be so much better without too much work. The lift could very easily say “which lift” (ie Payday Express rather than Lift 1) and the run could easily say which run which would be brilliant for looking back on a previous visit. As it is it’s very awkward to try and see where you’ve been although granted it’s possible. Even the Epic App which is rubbish tracks the lift data. So come on Ski Tracks get that little mod done to make this app great.

- Watch

Ski tracks for Apple Watch is great. Doesn’t seem to take a lot of battery. Records your calories into your exercise app on your phone. Exports your runs into your phone Ski tracks app at the end of the day. Better than running it on your phone all day. Wish it would start recording automatically when it sees you skiing. Lost a half day of data when I forgot to resume recording after lunch.

- Love it - one thing though...

Gives good telemetry, easy to use, doesn't kill my battery - great! My one big request is - being able to edit/delete runs after saving the track. I have this bad habit of forgetting to turn the track off until I'm driving down the road - messes with my data! Being able to edit/delete chunks, and recalculate averages, would be awesome.

- Conflict with IOS (Jan 19)

I upgraded from the free version to the paid version. I really like the features, especially the data and mapping, however there appears to be conflicts with the current version of IOS. The app shuts down my 6s as in completely turns it off and I have to restart the phone. Second it does some odd things with battery. Starting with a fully charged phone it quickly goes down to single digit percents. Upon restart the phone shows 91% so something screwy is going on. While I like the idea I can’t recommend the app till this is corrected.

- Good iPhone app. Apple Watch not as much

First thing’s first: this app works great and by all my tests, seems to be pretty darn accurate at least for the casual snowboarder that just wants a fun way to look at their day. I really enjoy being able to quantify how hard I worked after a day of riding and this lets you break down the information quite well. Just prepare to keep your phone buried and warm to ensure your battery doesn’t die. The bad, the Apple Watch app seems to be flawed. I like it when it works, but it seems to display the wrong information almost always. For me it seems to never think I stopped snowboarding and displays ridiculous multi day duration times. Highly recommend just would like them to fix the Apple Watch integration as that was a big selling point for me.

- Make it able to upload to Strava

This is a good app, but if it could sync with Strava which has all my other workouts it would be great. Many other apps can already do this. Is it a licensing or cost issue? I have free apps that can do this, but I even have the paid Ski Tracks app. Also, if it could break out the time for a run down a slope it would be great, vs combining it with the time to go up a lift too. FYI if you’re interested in feedback.

- Only one criticism

Love this app, but I wish there was a way to delete certain runs. I sometimes forget to turn off my tracker on the drive home after skiing, and it means my data for the day is illegitimate (as it impacts my average speed/distance/etc). If I could delete the last “run,” the data from the rest of my runs would be more accurate. Just a suggestion!

- Must have for skiing! - one recommendation

This is a great app and does everything it says it does, and well. It has my full recommendation and is well worth the price. One thing I wish it included was Siri compatibility. If while I was skii I could press my head phone button and say "what's my top speed", "how far have I gone", "pause track" "start track" etc. that would be great!

- Most effective tracking app I’ve used

I’ve been using this for 5+ years and love it. I’ve tried others here and there more recently and none capture as much data and work as reliably as this. The UI and features are a little bare bones but when the core functions work this well, that doesn’t matter much. The iOS health integration is really nice too.

- Needs updates to keep up with the times

This app was definitely the best when I first downloaded it several years ago, it still gets the job done however, I really really wish you could edit tracks in the app in the moment. I just want to be able to clip off that pesky drive home that I forgot to stop tracking before I got in the car lol

- Works great!

I really enjoy seeing how far I have skied in a day and tracking my runs. I love going into the trees and off groomers and it’s hard to find the same areas again but this app shows where you skied on a map so I can find them again. 10/10 would buy again and now all my friends have it too.

- New Version Removes Apple Watch App for old WatchOS

The app is great. I’ve used it for many years now and since the Apple Watch app came out I loved it even more. The new updates that integrated Workouts with Skitracks completely removed the WatchOS app. I don’t have the newest WatchOS updated so there is no integration into my Workouts our natively. The WatchOS store shows Watch App but still not available.

- Love this app!

I've been skiing with this app all season, different resorts. It does a fantastic job of tracking you all day long. It's smart enough to know when you're on a lift, and tracks that separately. I love being able to compare progress across different resorts, speed, vertical. It does it all! Thanks!! Keep up the great work!!!

- Fantastic app, great developers

I can’t say enough about this app. The time spent in coding and testing this (I’m a database developer, 24 yrs) is impressive. They put time and ownership into this app and created a great product without bugs. The amount if information and analysis this app does is amazing, I LOVE IT! I suggest it to anyone who will listen, on the ski lift (captive audience)!

- Great app. One suggestion

Used this app for years with my phone. Love it. Now have an Apple Watch for the first season this year. Would love to see Siri compatibility for Apple Watch. Being able to pause and resume tracks for accurate calorie counts and time actually spent shredding vs standing in line/riding lifts without taking off gloves would be amazing.

- Simply does not work for cross county.

This app is fine for downhill skiing. But if you plan to try to track any kind of xc or backcountry activity that involves climbing and using your Apple Watch, prepare for this app to stop recording at random intervals, and when I mean stop, not just a pause but an erase of every little step you’ve taken as if you hadn’t even left your house. It doesn’t record a thing The developers suggested fixes (as clunky and cumbersome as they are) do not work and updates to this app were NINE MONTHS ago? You’ve been warned.

- Love it!

Not many options when it comes to ski tracking— especially with this many analytics. Overall, great app! My recommendation is to add the capability to ‘trim’ or ‘cut’ a specific ski track down for those times we forget to hit stop until we’re driving down the highway in our car.

- The Best of the Best

I have used a few ski tracking Apps. ski tracks is by far the industry leader for tracking skiing. The app is reliable updates are pushed frequently and I have never had an issue in over five years. thank you very much for tracking my memories!

- Amazing App!!

This app is significantly better than other tracking apps I have used. I tracked for over 5 hours and only lost 15% of my battery. All of the statistics that this app uses are great to look at especially if you like to compare days or even seasons.

- Awesome App

This is an awesome App so cool how you can view your day on the slopes and the stats, interesting seeing which run was your best by speed and altitude and more. I highly refer this to both skiers and snowboarders my son uses with his snowboard and as an old lady that can’t change over is still on skis!

- Love the app

Nice data for an intermediate skier trying to improve. Lose a star because ski tracks recorded in the trial version of the app do not automatically import into the paid version. That’s a tech solution the app should handle itself (not require manual steps after upgrade to cloud synch, back up, etc)

- Overall good but

Overall I really like the app. My only suggestion would adding an option to delete individual runs. There are a few days that I forgot to turn it off so the data is skewed by the drive home.

- Good app but should provided more days

I have had this app for 3 years now, it's a good solid app and very reliable. That being said this app could do a whole lot more. Like total up your yearly data, show the number of lifts/runs you have done, Etc. Since using the Ikon app it's opened my eyes to more. Also add a feature you can add comments to above the day (specific).

- Love it...

I’ve been using this App for years now. It’s great, exactly as advertised. I agree with the reviewer who suggests editing (‘cause I also forget to turn it on and off as that person does) but what I’d mostly like is some way to watch it on a full size, HD screen.

- One of my favorite apps

Great app. Get tons of stats on your ski day. Works with apple watch. Just be sit sure you turn it off when you return to your car (unless you really think you went 80 mph and 70+ miles on that last run. 😳

- Perfect in every way

This app is accurate and uses very little battery. I have several years of using this App and the Bike Tracks Apps. I have tried and deleted many other tracking apps. I am sold in this one.

- Quite possibly the best dollar I've ever spent.

This app is great. Set it and forget it. At the end of the day, or whenever, you can easily see where you've been and what you've been up to. This let's you analyze your day so many ways. I love it.

- Fantastic Apple Watch App

Used to track downhill, ski touring, and XC skiing and it’s fantastic. It has a ton of features and captures great information. The interface is a bit crude for my eye so I wish I could pay the developer more money so (s)he can polish it up a bit.

- Great tracker

I like and use this app every ski day ! It does everything you could want it to do. I use it on both my iPhone and Apple Watch. My only complaint, and it’s a minor one, is that I can’t make it a complication on my watch face.

- Love this app!

I've been using this all season and really enjoy it. It tracks great stats and is easy to use. The battery burn is minimal. Typically 20% over a full day for me. My only issue has been forgetting to turn it on on first run. Nice work!

- Cool at first but frustrating later

It's a really great app when you first use it and are all excited about it but eventually you reach a point where every time you use it you forget to turn it off and the data becomes totally useless. This isn't even difficult to implement, just recalculate the key metrics like speed and ski distance after I set the bad runs to ski lift activity.

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- Nifty little App

Used the App at Falls Creek for a week. It missed a few runs, but all in all picked up most and produced some interesting stats. The App has a built in iPhone camera function which records the position of the image on the map/run. With the default 20% battery shut off, I only managed to get 5.5 hours at best, but I personally wouldn't fault the App on that basis. It has a player which shows a dot on the map representing you skiing around the place .... an interesting novelty. The accuracy seemed pretty good with all multiple running very close together on the map Would be more versatile App for me if it cold be used for other activities such as off road mountain biking and motorbiking. The max speed display just begging you to go faster can be a little dangerous for those that might like to push the envelope a little too much.

- Love this app for the snow

I’ve used other apps for tracking my days on the snow but Ski Tracks wins every time. It doesn’t use the phone battery as much as others do. There’s plenty of information at your finger tips, 3D mapping, access to your music library and just a well thought out app. It’s fit for purpose. Get this app, you won’t regret it.

- Could seriously use an update....

When charging for an app, expectation is that is doesn't look like it was built for iPhone 3, with instructions that reference this device. Works for the most part, but is well below par when it comes to something people are forking out money for. Should have gone with the free version first to check I guess.

- Over all a good app

Really solid app, needs more features, eg: Would love to see an option to name the individual runs / lifts, perhaps build up a database of resorts and runs, ability to display weather would be absolutely fantastic!

- Perfect for Skiers

Took a bit to appreciate the interface. App has almost everything I need. Would like to be able to export to Excel to do more complex analysis. Summary: Simple to use and recommended!

- Easy to use and fun stats to have

Does what it says , I used free version for a few days then upgraded. Using on iphone 8. Thanks to developers

- Ok, but...

It would be great if this app was available on all platforms of devices like the free version. But otherwise it is a good app but in future please make it compatible with more devices.

- No way to delete the car drive

Spent all day skiing and forgot to turn off the app. Now I can't delete the 90km car drive after a solid days skiing. This app lacks very basic features.

- Great App

The best skiing app for anyone who likes performance stats.

- The best app ever

I'v been using this app since 2010 and it's the first app I put on my phone when I get a new one. It totally revitalised my skiing I went from a bit of a lul in a season to still wanting to get out every day even when it was April and practically no snow anywhere, trying to beat my top score or biggest air. We have had so many fun games in resort trying to see who can get the highest speed and who can track most of the mountain in one day. Actually my favourite app in the world. Recommend to anyone- even my brother who spent one whole day completing only one run with one lift top speed 4mph...

- Awesome App!

This is a great app for those who love tracking their statistics. Not quite 100% perfect but just about there. Didn't pick up two short Summit runs and a lift but otherwise all good. Easy to use, doesn't drain your battery, great features. Used at Mt Buller yesterday afternoon. Would be good to be able to email a snapshot of all stats with your tracked map on a brochure-style page at the end of the day.

- Brilliant

Only discovered towards the end of our trip after using a much more expensive and inferior app. So disappointed that I had not found this earlier. This is just the best Ski app out there. I have no hesitation in recommending. Detail, graphics and layout have been well thought out with clearly some good thinking applied by the developers. This makes this a real pleasure to use. Well done and THANKS!

- Awesome app

Three of us each using it here in niseko, japan on our iphones. Works great, lots of detailed info. So easy to use, just press start and throw it in your pocket. No need to have mobile data or 3g switched on. Easy to upload data/graphs to facbook etc. Same creators make a Bike app too, will def be using that one when we get back home to Brisbane, Australia.

- Only thing missing is google maps option

Fantastic app! Only thing that could improve it is having the option to use google maps or apple maps (like many other apps now have).

- Best ski app!

Must have for any skier or snowboarder. Great for comparing days and measuring progression. Export your tracks into google earth an make all your friends jealous. My only wish that one day I get more export options such as export runs only. This app is so good I'd be happy to pay more to the developers!

- Love this app

What a great app. Just finished 1week of skiing and was able to review each of the days skiing in great detail. Have some suggestions for later that would make this great app even better but none of which detract on giving this app 5 stars.

- Great App!

Spent 10 days in Niseko Japan and loved this app. Turned off 3G and data roaming, and still worked really well with long battery life (I was listening to music on my iPhone most of the time we were on the mountain).

- It's lasted all day

I was lucky enough to try this App on a recent trip to Lake Tahoe It worked as advertised and it's great see how far & fast you've gone (Skied 30km, no wonder I was rooted) Battery lasted for over 5 hours before my battery dropped to 20% when it pauses to save battery (20 month old 3GS & my battery not what it used to be) Haven't checked performance at Australian ski fields, hence why it's only 4 stars, plus 1 run had me overshooting into the car park,

- Awesome

Great app, I'm surprised nobody thought of this sooner. It can distinguish lifts from runs and gives great stats of all your runs. Tried it in Thredbo Australia with an iPhone4, works very well, no problems and not too savage on the battery. $1.19, can't go wrong.

- Very handy app

I love this app, my 5yr old son goes Ski training with instructors & I leave my phone in his pocket with Ski Tracks on. When he finishes his class, I can monitor his progress & daily activities with ease & confidence. Excellent app!

- Hiking essential

Used it to find my way out of very low visibility. Show it to a few, all bought it straight away.

- This is fabulous

This is the best app I have bought. Works so well. Everyone I have shown this to has been amazed. Skiers (and ok, boarders too) download this now...

- Great app! But update!

Great app guys. By far the best ski app out there. But seriously. Update your app guys! Bit annoying with the smaller screen on the iPhone 5!

- Amazing App

I could not want more in an app that tracks my boarding or skiing! Highly recommend!

- Fabulous

Great value for money. Works perfectly. All the info and features you would ever want. Thanks!

- Great App

Just back from Canada, worked great and now have fantastic data for memories and bragging rights with mates. Great app.

- Brilliant

So simple and yet so informative. Doesn't destroy battery life either. Great app!

- Great app

Cheap with heaps of good info, great to compare different days and different runs!

- Ski tracks

Love the App Use it all the time - keep up the good work!

- Excellent app!!

Fantastic app!! Records so much info and provides map and graphs. Love the max speed!!

- Best ski app

Great stuff. Love all the data collected for that apré ski discourse. Need to add tobogganing as an activity.

- Brilliant App

Very good app, provides very in depth statistics and is really useful!

- Cool, cheap App wish I found it sooner!


- Mad ap

Just loved it. I got 72 km on the snowboard

- iPhone plus model screen optimisation needed

Great app! Can't ski without it now! Great too now that it is compatible with Apple Watch to quickly see speed and altitude! It would be great to see optimisation for iPhone plus models in time for the 2016/17 season... scaling is needed and potential to display additional info on screen!

- Great app

Been using it for years. Just found a bug however: when you pause a track and resume it only shows the top speed from the second stint for the day rather than the top for the whole day

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- What happened??

I signed back in this year and it only synced to 2016. What happened to the last few years? I know I recorded. Frustrating as I paid for the full version.

- Watch issues.

I have only used this watch for two days but so far it seems to use on Apple Watch you need cell near. I have a cell capable Apple Watch so would hope the app could transfer data through watch cell connection or store for when connected, Not so. When I lost cell connection on watch and cell phone did not record stats, only calories and time. My vert and runs did not record when out of cell range. I suppose I could run app on phone but whole idea was to have it work on Watch independently

- Poor

Can't get this app to work. It tracks all day long but only shows stats for one run, which I would guess to be the first of the day. For example, I skied for 5 hours yesterday. The app showed 5 hours of skiing but said I skied 3 kms. Something isn't right. User manual says nothing about it. Back to the drawing board.

- Data from Apple Watch does not transfer to iPhone app

Even though it shows up in Activities. Disappointing for a paid app.

- Great app! Apple Watch 6 update please :)

This app is really cool. I’ve been using in the Canadian Rockies for years. Pay for it. It’s pretty accurate and a lot of fun to check out while you’re shredding the gnar chasing the pow. Always on Altimeter will be a fun update to see your elevation from the side of the Z in 3D. Woot woot!

- Ski is like a ritual

For me and my family this app is amazing

- Great, but need the ability to delete runs that don’t record correctly

Incorrect run data skews the data and it can’t be deleted, only the entire track.

- Busshoff’s

Excellent app, maybe you can and I just don’t know but would be nice to preload maps

- Please add editing activity

I often forget to stop tracking after activities and the application gets wrong data while I commute home. It would be nice to have an ability to delete some period of statistics and sync the results with the Health app again. Thanks!

- Unable to reset password

Unable to reset password from app (nothing is emailed despite confirmations) Nor able to do this from web either.

- Decent but no storage

Works well but can’t accumulate a season’s worth. Only five allowed. Needs improvement in this area.

- Pretty good

My only comment is that it would be nice if we could edit the ski run. More specifically, I sometimes forget to turn app off after getting in the car so it records my driving speed as the high speed. Would be nice if we could trim or delete the end of the ski run.

- 5 years and running

I love this app. Great interface especially on the iwatch.

- Have used since 2012

Changed to a new I phone and now doesn’t recognize my email for an account... how do I fix? I have the premium version.

- Since 2013

I’m not too sure I’ve been happier with an app for so long. SkiTracks had a couple bumps in the road but when approached the completely listened and addressed the issue. That was a long time ago, they have continually improved this app to almost perfection. 10/10

- Great basic app for tracking location.

Very accurate GPS system but comes with its troubles too. Often times when you load the map then head out of service you’ll lose the map off screen. It will continue to track you and will have everything you’ve done up till that point(good if you need to follow your same track out) but it’s not so good to use as a way of exploring new areas. With the map disappearing for seemingly different reasons, it’s no longer usable. However incredibly accurate when laying the track on the map. It would also be awesome if you could drop pins to label certain features/landmarks but unfortunately it doesn’t have this feature.

- Much better than resort apps

I’ve been using this app for 4 years and really appreciate its accuracy and reliability. I’m always impressed at its reliability especially to recognize all the resorts that I’ve skiied at, including most of the resorts in the British Columbia interior mountains. I appreciate it even more this season (2019/2020), while skiing over 125,000 vertical feet at Whistler Blackcomb (on less than ideal conditions unfortunately), whereas the WB/Vail Resorts propriety “EpicMix” ski tracker isn’t working this season (it fails to record some lifts and even missed an entire day’s skiing even though it was “on”). Thank goodness I run SkiTracks as well to record my days. Highly recommend!

- Apple Watch App Does not work

I skied for 3 hours and it was tracking fine on my watch until the end of the day. Now looking at the app it says I only skied 8km and max speed of 7km/h. I have been using this app for years with no problem, until this ski season. It does not work anymore.

- Distance broke

The app was working fine and I recommended to friends. But latest revision broke the distance measure. I skied 11.9km based on the profile and per km stats, but distance shied 17.3km! Originally it was showing 20+km. I did a cut and undo, then it is stuck at 17.3km. Please fix ASAP. I'll update the review once fixed.

- Stops tracking

Stops tracking progress.

- Bravo

J’utilise Ski Tracks et Bike Tracks partout dans le monde. Il ne manque qu’un lien vers la météo pour que ce soit parfait

- Great app.

Use this app twice backcountry splitboarding in British Columbia. Worked perfectly. Turn it on and go. It uploads into google earth and you check out the trip in detail. Altimeter was very accurate. Highly recommend.

- J’adore

J’adore cette application . Les données sont forts intéressantes .

- Not reliable

When it works it’s great, but it doesn’t always work and you only get part of your day recorded. I’ve stopped using it.

- Turn off ascent and descent!!!!

Awesome app except I wish you could turn off all those stupid markers when uou ascend or descend! Ruins it totally!!!

- Best app ever

Great app. Great for tracking only thing it needs is to auto pause and start.

- Works great

Use it for snowmobiling and works awesome. Kids love to see the info. Took a wrong turn in the mountains and used it to get where we needed to be. Nice insurance policy!!

- Core features are great. Apple health integration broken.

The core features of tracking and separating ascent and descent work very well but not perfectly. I compared with my garmin watch and the speed and track seemed quite similar. The summary information gave me 2 extra ‘runs’ for some reason though. This would be a 4 star review if it weren’t for the Apple health integration which seems broken. On my iPhone 7 it immediately turns off as soon as I turn it on. No data is transferred even though it is connected on the Apple health side.

- New update crashes

Did recent update and when you look at your tracks on the map it crashes! Want the old version back!!! Make this fix and app is great.

- Brutal

Didn't work on my phone. I updated it, had all the correct settings on, and it just doesn't work. All my friends used it this week just fine. A bunch of them have the same phone. Waste of money.

- Great features!

Great feature set, tons of data to review. Top speed seems dead accurate. Even works well for the smaller 150m vertical hills around Southern Ontario. I experience dropouts in instantaneous speed readings all the time, though, so it throws the average speed per run off. It doesn't seem to affect the tracking or the altitude graph, but just about every speed graph I get produces sections in the middle that drop to zero.

- Could use BT Heart Rate Monitor Read/Record

Not sure why this feature isn’t already there.

- Works really well

Location, elevation and speed accurate, verified by handheld gps unit

- Track title

Why can’t this app name the parks correctly? I daily ski in the Mont-Royal park, in Montreal, but my track is always named something else that has nothing to do and is far away.

- Completely eclipses Trace

By far the most polished tracker app out there!

- Excellente application!

Merci surtout pour l’avoir traduite en français!

- Would buy again

Works great. Integrates with health and workouts!

- Awesome app!

Works great. Its fun having all those stats about the runs you do!

- Fun App

I’ve been using this app for a few years. Always fun to look back at the day and compare to my teenage kids.

- Facile et fonctionnel


- Nice app

Was wondering the height and the speed while skiing, this app helps. 1 small problem, why there is no "while using" selection in privacy menu, don't want to share my location all the time

- Very cool

Awesome app. Battery drain not bad at all.. It would be cool if you could see the 3d trails within the app, but it is not too difficult getting them onto the google earth app through my google account. Keep up the good work!

- FUN!

This is a great little app! Get it going as you start your ski day and forget about it. At the end of the day, pull it out and be amazed at the stats, the maps and the graphs! I don't know how accurate it actually is, but really, who cares? It's accurate enough to give you a good idea of your speed, slope angle, vertical drop... Haven't used the photo feature or the iPod, but they just make a great app better.... A must have for ski buffs! Superbe petite application qui fonctionne tel qu'annoncé! Il suffit de démarrer l'application au début de sa journée de ski et de ne plus s'en préoccuper. À la fin de la journée, sortez votre iPhone et soyez ahuri par les stats, les cartes et les graphiques. Aucune idée quant à sa précision réelle, mais on s'en fout, ça donne une idée et c'est amusant. Pour 1$, aucun amateur de ski ne devrait s'en passer!

- Fun app

I love tracking the ski seasons with this app. Where you went, how many runs, speed, time. It's the best.

- Excellente

Une application excellente pour suivre votre progression en ski, snowboard, moto-neige et tout sport d'hiver, vitesse, distance, inclinaison, temps, carte , tracé avec édition du parcours.

- Would love to be able to add notes

I really like this app and have been using it for a few years now. It would be even better, however, if there was an ability to add notes to each day under the properties section. Sometimes it's nice to add comments about the day (such as great runs, people you're with or more detail on the conditions).

- Love this app!!!

I use it all the time while I snowboard fully recommended for anyone for ski/snowboards a lot track time distance top speeds and it's all with a tap of a button amazing

- A great app

I've been using this for years. Battery efficient; run it all day and only use ~25% of your battery. Nice and interesting displays. Has some Health integration. Altitudes are still GPS based; doesn't seem to tie in to the altimeters in the 6 and higher phones, so in comparison to altmeter based date, I find the app underreads vertical by ~20%. Run counts can be off if your have one tiny lift next to a biggie (my ski area has a 150' connector lift that is only counted as a run if I ski it twice; it's not counted at all if I use it to get to the next lift over,m a 1,650' lift).

- Love it!! / J'adore

Un must à avoir pour obtenir des statistiques de ski! Fonctionne très bien avec la Apple Watch aussi! __ A must to have to get your skiing stats! Works real good with the Apple Watch app too!

- Nor-am racer and this app is not accurate.

Still like it.

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- Great App, 1 Flaw

This app is great! However, it’s missing a feature to be able to trim you ski track for the day. Many times I forget to turn it off before leaving the mountain and it tracks my drive. The app would be perfect if we could trim/edit the tracks.

- Great, app would be 5 stars if editable

Love the app, just need to be able to edit so that you can cut off when you forget to stop or pause the app and drive home. Every once in a while I forget to shut it off and wish I could edit it.

- Fun Accurate and Interesting

You just launch the app and at the end of the day it’s all there. You can see your routes through the trees or on the trails. Add to that: lifts ridden, vertical descended, top speed, miles skied and how many runs you took. Awesome!

- Day report

Is it possible to combine data on a day where I had to shut it off and turn it back on and therefore had two sets of data from the same day?

- Even better with Apple Watch

This is my 4th season using Ski Tracks. Love it. This year I upgraded my Apple Watch and Ski Tracks is even better with it. Now I don’t forget to hit pause for lunch and resume afterwards. Highly recommended.

- Can you add option to edit the run?

I often forget to switch off the app before leaving ski resort. So I end up with stats of driving in the car. I wish I could edit the runs to delete some part of the ski day, to get the clean data, without stats of me driving from the mountains

- Great...but the new update has some glitches!

The new update has a glitch in the distances. It said I skied 38 miles today which is impossible. Based on my other averages I think it was multiplied by 3. There is no way to get hold of the developer. Great app otherwise!

- Worth it

The data is so cool to see! How fast you went, number of runs, distance travelled, etc. not to mention it pairs with the health app and wearables to track activity if youre into that sorta thing. Worth every single penny

- Satellite maps need work

The app works great alpine skiing but falls short with other activities. It give a good log of distance and speed but the satilite maps it generates are awful. Way too many symbols indicating elevation change etc. not necessary as you have the log. Just chart the track taken please

- Great App....but include Sharing to Strava

This app just works. However, interface looks like it is almost DOS level compared to current tech. Also, please allow it to sync up or upload to Strava. Many of us use Strava to track all workouts and this would allow that to work more smoothly.

- Love this app

Stats are great, wish I found it sooner. It'd be super helpful if the app used location to know you're at ski resort and reminds you to press start. I always miss my first several runs. Next update?

- Great ski tracker

Works reliably, doesn't chew through my battery. And the fact that they just changed the GPS option to include "only while using app" makes me very happy!

- Beat Ski Tracking App

No better ski app out there. Easily tracks all your important data. Easy to use, track and review. Haven’t ski’d a day in the last 5 years without Ski Tracks turned on!

- One little suggestion

I think this is a great app to track my ski runs. But in terms of Health app sync.. it syncs works-outs, but it doesn’t add the calorie information. Please add the ability to write the calorie info onto the Health app, and you have a solid product. Thanks!

- The best ski tracking app out there

I have spent a lot of time looking for good ski tracking apps. This one is by far the best is simple to use just information. I am on my fifth Season using itAnd could not be happier with it.

- Perfect but for one thing

Like others have said this is a fab app but I would love to be able to edit or trim a record. I have a habit of forgetting to turn the app off after an activity. Then all my data is thrown off. 🙃

- Great app...

But I do have a suggestion for improvement. Could you add the ability for users to create their “ski quiver” and allow us to add a ski from it to our day? Kind of like Nike Run Club app allows you to select which shoe you wore on any particular run.

- Great app

Works very well, encourages me to do more and explore. Has so many cool features that I’m only discovering now, a year after downloading. Could look a little nicer, but other than that I love it

- Incredible

This app is amazing. If you're a data nerd and a skier this is the app for you. Or, if you just want to brag to your friends about all the gnarly stuff you did on the works for that as well. A steal at $.99

- Rad data

It’s so neat! I love being able to track my speeds and show friends my routes. One problem I have is forgetting to turn off the app before I hop in the car, so I’d love to see a way to edit tracks lightly to improve accuracy.

- Add Run Count to Apple Watch screen

I've been a long time user and really love the stats collected by your app. Looking forward to using it with the Apple Watch. Would like to see the Run Count displayed on the Apple Watch screen. Thanks!

- Best App for Skiing

Used this for a full season. Without question, this app is rock-solid and provides a plethora of useful information. It’s a conversation piece every time skiing comes up. Highly recommended!

- Love the simplicity of use

The update works great on both my iPhone X and Apple Watch series 2. I love that I can now import gpx files into the app so that all my tracks are in one location.

- Fantastic App

I have really enjoyed this app for two seasons now. My entire family has it and we like to compare. It is worth more that what I paid for it.

- Editing

I forget to stop tracking sometimes and drive home. Would be nice to be able to delete tracks.

- Runs not saved

I really enjoyed using the app and its simplicity but unfortunately it didn’t save my runs from last year in the cloud. I got a new phone and none of my runs from last year are available.

- Great app

Great to track your daily activities. The new interface to the Health app and others seems flawless. Highly recommended.

- 84.6 mph.....

How do I know I was that fast on my skis? Thanks to this app. I love looking at my stats after a long day of skiing. It counts speed, vertical, runs, and so much more. With the .99 to get it!

- What a disappointment - save your $

The app was difficult to install - had to go to online manual because of so many settings first of all. Today I tried to use it while at Breckinridge and it still just says “saving previous workout” which ended over an hour ago. Disappointing as I was anxious to use the watch in a new way.

- Needs integration with Strava

I love this app but one huge improvement would be direct integration with Strava. Right now I have to manually upload the .gpx files which is time consuming!

- Downhill mountain biking

You should add downhill mountain biking as an activity b/c many ski areas are now open in the summer for mountain biking. Need to be able to account for the lift ascent and most apps don’t. Thank you.

- Great App Meets and Beats my Expectations

Used for our Italy trip the first time today. As others noted shows max speed.. tracks and more. Really glad to have this nifty app :-)

- Way too buggy

Possibly the buggiest app I’ve seen. I’ve lost count of the number of times I had it running only to find out at the end of the day that it stopped working after only a few runs (even though it still appears as “on”). Anybody know any ski tracking apps that actually work?

- Great idea butMisses runs.

This is a follow up review. I Like the platform, it has a good look. Easy interfaces. But on any given day it misses anywhere from 20-50% of my runs. Also the speed track is complete bs. Today it said my top speed was 35 - verp. Maybe in deep trees but black groomers close to 60. Just not accurate

- Watch App

Love this app on my phone. Just got an Apple Watch and was excited to us it there instead. Problem is readings are wrong. After 1 run today it said I went 204 miles with an average speed of 786mph.

- Great app

Love the app. Friends and I compare stats. It would be cool if we could track our friends using the same app.

- Worth the full version

Just upgraded to full version after enjoying the free version. Love this app!

- Great

Been using it forever, consistent updates and improvements

- Stopped tracking

Lost the last 3 hours of my skiing session because it stopped working. The time kept running but it wouldn't track my runs/speed/altitude/etc. I stopped the session and saved it, then started a new session... but it too also didn't track. I will be going back to the free app TraceSnow.

- Great App!

This app really works well. I recommend it to anyone who likes to keep track of their activities!

- Ski Run count on Apple Watch

Like your App, use it on both phone and watch. Wish you could add ski run count on the watch

- Input of missed days

You should have the ability to in stats on day you forgot to turn the app on The Apple Watch should be able to turn the app on and off.

- Epic

I have been using this app for many years, it is incredible. Great for planning routes and stats. Thank you!

- Give me auto pause restart

Please give me auto pause and start like Strava and map my ride. I am constantly pausing at lunch and forgetting to restart! Or forgetting to turn off and tracking the 2 hr car ride home. Maddening!!

- It keeps pausing during skiing

(Apple Watch app) I have a feeling when I check the watch to see how I’ve done during the day it pauses it but it’s completely accidental. Maybe need a prompt ‘are you sure you want to pause?’ Because I’ve had two days now where it doesn’t tally up the whole day.

- Best ski tracker

Great to track how far, fast you go and compare with friends to show how hard you go.

- Great skiing app!

Low battery usage, all stats, including replay button to see skied tracks.

- Day count

I wish I could manually set the day counter so I don't need to keep renaming my track days when I ski without my phone

- Just not working for me

Very disappointed in this app. Get nothing, zilch. After skiing all day I have O’s all across the board with exception of time stamp had been running. Have tried all the suggestions in your Help Desk and cannot even get it to register location at my house! Total waste of my money.

- Freezes the past month

This app used to be great. Every time I’ve used it in the past month, it would freeze for the top speed and distance traveled after a few runs. This requires exiting app completely and loosing all data and restarting again.

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Ski Tracks 2.5.1 Screenshots & Images

Ski Tracks iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ski Tracks iphone images
Ski Tracks iphone images
Ski Tracks iphone images
Ski Tracks iphone images
Ski Tracks iphone images

Ski Tracks (Version 2.5.1) Install & Download

The applications Ski Tracks was published in the category Navigation on 2010-04-05 and was developed by Core Coders Ltd [Developer ID: 294178619]. This application file size is 34.04 MB. Ski Tracks - Navigation app posted on 2020-10-20 current version is 2.5.1 and works well on IOS 9.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.corecoders.SkiTracks

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