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What is speedometer speed box app? “Awesome!!! The best speed app on iphone” 5 Stars by kurtonic

Speed Box is a Speedometer and GPS app for both your iPhone and iPad. It displays your current speed, distance, direction and altitude along with your top speed and average speed. The app also keeps a record of the speed and altitude for the last few hours.


* Show decimal speed (e.g. "45.7 mph")
* One app for both the iPhone and iPad
* "Speak speed" - Tap screen to have the speed spoken to you
* 11 Analog and digital speedometers
* Map view
* Maximum and average speed
* Altitude
* Digital compass
* HUD display to see speed in windshield
* Odometer to measure distance traveled
* Chart of the traveled speed and altitude
* Warning signal when driving too fast
* Export last 3 hours of data
* Change maximum displayed speed on speedometer
* Swipe finger over chart to display historic data
* Display GPS accuracy by tapping the indicator in the top left corner


5 Stars by Darekakuta
"Just what I needed. My '58 chev's speedo doesn't work. This did the trick."

5 Stars by Rawd
"Great My 79 Firebird speedo only goes to 140 kmh. ;). This worked perfectly."

5 Stars
"Within 1 mile per hour +/- Great Job!"

SpeedBox was one of the very early Speedometer Apps for the iPhone. Take advantage of my experience and the refined algorithms that can get a much greater accuracy from the iPhone then a lot of other apps. I regularly update my application to make it even more accurate and usable.

Users have already used our application to verify the accuracy of their car's speedometer or they tried measuring the speed they achieved while skiing. Can you come up with more ideas? How about measuring the speed of the airplane you travel with?

The "GPS strength" indicator in the top left corner should display a green dot. You can tap this indicator to display the current GPS accuracy.

Please allow the application up to a minute to find enough satellites to work correctly.

If you get a message to enable GSP, please go to ”Settings > General > Location Services“ on your iPhone and check if the little switch is set to "On" for Speed Box as well as for "Location Services" in general.

ATTENTION iPod touch users! Unfortunately this app doesn't work very well on the iPod touch and the iPad WiFI (without 3G) since these devices are missing a GPS!

If you've got any wishes or suggestions for new features, please let me know with the contact form on this application's website (see link below).

I am already working on the next update!

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How to contact Speedometer Speed Box (Hans Schneider)?
Find this site the customer service details of Speedometer Speed Box. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/286677125/speedometer-speed-box/contact

Speedometer Speed Box Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Speedometer Speed Box Version 2022.105 January 2022


Speedometer Speed Box Version 2021.104 March 2021

Fixed some bugs that gave incorrect speed readings. As always, reading a good review on the AppStore makes me immensely happy! :).

Speedometer Speed Box Version 2020.0212 March 2020

Made the decimal speed display more responsive (enable in settings to see speed down to 1/10th, accuracy may vary).

Speedometer Speed Box Comments & Reviews 2022

- Speed Box

Speed Box is a great app for walking,riding my bike and checking the accuracy of my motorcycle speedo. Very useful tool.

- I downloaded this app for fun

I cannot review this more than just fun. When I first downloaded it I did it because I was told how Greyhound drivers always speed. I was taking the bus to visit family and wanted to know how true this fact was. Turns out the two drivers I had did not speed maybe with gps tracking companies can see your speed, or maybe it was just fear of speeding tickets. The other thing I used the app for was when riding home one night a friends dashboard’s light burned out, so my friend being in his 80’s did not have a smartphone. I pulled up the app and it worked great for getting us home. Would I recommend this app. Depends on what you need it for. It does track miles about as well as any other gps app would. It also does speed pretty close, so it is not a fantastic replacement for a dashboard it can be used as a short term fix. The best thing I can say about the app is the max speed warning. If you have a speeding problem and go with the flow of traffic you can set the max speed you want to go and it will yell if you go over. Only problem is the setting does not change if you go from American miles to metric so it yells at you.

- Must-have

This is an awesome app for what I use it for ... Running, cycling, and driving a vehicle with oversized tires! Running ... Gives me my distance, top speed, and average speed! An awesome thing to have on my phone when someone says they run faster than me, or they doubt what I can actually put out. Same thing for running goes for biking too, except this time I use the altitude portion a lot more! I ride my bicycle in the mountains a lot. I drive a truck, and recently I put oversized off-road tires onto it. My speedometer ended up more than 5 mph different at interstate highway speeds, which could have easily ended me up with some ticket problems. Also, my gas mileage seemed to decrease slightly, but when I tested the truck odometer against the distance on this GPS app, I discovered that instead of my gas mileage dropping a lot, I saw a very slight improvement! That was a big relief! Thank you for the work you've put into this app. - Would I change anything? - The only thing I wish I could add to it is an option for users to enter and edit "speed limits" on the stretches of road they're traveling! That way, you could store the speed limits by location either on the app itself, or on a server that the app can connect to when the user is in those areas.

- Best app I've had to use on a daily basis that truly helps me out

I had just bout this old car that had been sitting in one place for more then enough days then should be and had quite some time getting it up to drivable order and the only 1 of few minor problems ended up being my speedometer was 15 mph over and also will bounce back and fourth 5 mph bouts was. So what I'm getting at is knowing I had access to this ability on my iou device I was left having to use it in order to travel. This ended up leading to the realization that this up was definitely 100 percent worth paying the pocket Chang to be able to have the ability to use my phone as a tool in witch helps me have a better look and more information then the old basic speedometers wile I drive. [[[I STRONGLY SUGGEST TRYING THIS APP TO ANYBODY WITH TRANSPORTATION]]]

- Amazing details and accuracy

I recently had bought a used atv which was on a really high discount but the problem was that the speedometer was a piece of garbage. It didn’t work most of the time, it was very inaccurate when it did work, and it was very small so it wasn’t visible. So I was looking through the internet and saw this as the top rated on safari. I knew I couldn’t have it on my hands while driving so I bought the hook that grabs the phone, after that I was in awe, never had I been so happy that a speedometer on my phone actually worked.

- Exactly what I was looking for

This app is a great tool to have when your speedometer stops working especially when the speeds you must travel range from 25 to 70 and the trip takes over an hour - gave me REAL peace of mind and no concerns of getting s speeding ticket. I agree that "speeding" alert could be better and adapt to where you are but I set mine to 65 and it beeped and flashed and worked as expected and given speed traps in 25mph towns I try not to go much beyond the posted value - I was satisfied and felt 3.99 was well worth avoiding a ticket. Thanks!!!

- Kinda of useless

I got this and paid $3.99 for the promise that it could alert me when going over the speed limit, advertised as “warning signal when driving too fast.” I have plenty of other apps, like Waze or Google Maps, that can show me how fast I’m driving. But the feature I bought it for is essentially useless: you have to set a speed “limit” manually, and it will beep if you exceed that speed. But that doesn’t help at all when you’re traveling through towns where the speed limits change frequently. Based on the app description, I thought it would adjust the alert to the speed limit of my current location, but it does nothing of the sort. Bottom line, this is $4 for features I can get for free elsewhere. Buyer beware.

- Proof of speed

I’m sure that everyone that has ever been issued a ticket is thinking that was not me. Well with everything that this program can do, you can prove it. You gets second by second printout. You get times, gps position, your speed in the second by second graph. And you can E-mail to yourself and most importantly you can use it as a tool in court to dispute the ticket. If the ticket was truly made out to the wrong person, you can hands down prove it .

- Map is useless

They are plenty of speedometer type apps in the App Store- the one and only reason I forked over 4 of my hard earned dollars for this one is the map view mode- the problem with it? It doesn’t follow you- you just drive right off the map! So either you can constantly move the map to wherever you are which is dumb (also, there’s also no map center button so good luck with that) or you can just zoom out to the point where you won’t drive off the map but you’re so far out you can’t see any of the streets which is kind of the point. Don’t bother using the contact developer button bc they are out drinking a mocha latte they bought with your $4 and won’t bother answering

- Love this app!

I use this app almost daily on my motorcycle. It’s way more accurate than the speedometer of the bike which is approximately 10% off. At freeway speeds that can be a little dangerous in big metro areas. The only thing I’d really like to see added would be a widget for the home screen, so I could keep an eye on speed while having access to Bluetooth battery info and my maps. Even then, that’s more of a bonus wishlist idea for me.

- Love Speedbox

I'm an "old car" enthusiast. The old cable driven analog speedometers are rarely accurate, so I rely on Speedbox to calibrate my speed. I've tested it against my 2016 Lincoln and it's pin-point accurate. It's also great to use as a back seat driver trying to figure out what speed your 16 year old grandson is driving when I can't see the speedometer. Great app.

- Used to be good

I used the free version for years because it was so accurate, then all of a sudden several mo tha back something went wrong and the speed fluctuates all over the place. I just mistakenly paid $4 thinking I had by mistake erased it from my phone and it wouldn't charge me to redownload but no...I just paid $4 for the non free version of the same app that STILL doesn't work. I'll be driving set on cruise control and it will vary by more than 10 mph over a few minutes. USELESS! Oh, and by the way, there is NO support. It's a dead link.

- Speedometer Speed Box

I downloaded this a few years back, and it really has come in handy. I don’t use it all the time, but it is great to have when you need it. I believe it to be very accurate with speed, distance and elevation. Heads up display is pretty cool too.

- Mr. Josh

Great app. Confirmed that the GPS speedometer is accurate, and with the improvement of cellphone GPSs there is practically no delay. I love using the HUD feature at nite on the way home from work. This app is a necessity for me at work as half the vehicles in the fleet don't have working speedometers. I have used it for years now and will continue to use it. Love it.

- Spot on

I drive an old truck with a temperamental speedometer. This app works great for monitoring my speed and keeping up with mileage for oil changes. I’ve recommended it to others, and would would be lost without it.

- Fun App for Driving

Awesome and versatile app to have handy, esp where police speed traps may be set. If stopped, you have data to prove your suspected speed if you disagree with the radar gun. Love the altimeter and the analog speedometer as well. Great app!! Highly recommended!!

- Love this App

Have had this app for a long time, several iPhones later it’s still with me. Great for boats with old or no speedometers and fast cars who’s speedometers just can’t keep up with the real top speed.

- Thank you!

Updating an old review - thank you for removing the review nag! Signal acquisition seems instant now on an iPhone 6. Wow. Compass and speed work wonderfully. A larger odometer with easier reset, and trip/lap function would be ideal additional features.

- Great App

I downloaded this app to use when I was ridding my Ruckus. The speed is very accurate, has an easy to use interface, and was everything I needed it to be. Would recommend to everyone.

- Use it a lot

Great app. Use it all the time. I have an older cop-magnet Porsche and set the speed alert which has saved me a couple of tickets. Also use on our boat since speedos rarely work on outboards.

- Posted Speed Limit

Hello Hans, I upgraded to the paid versionI support the cause. Does the app show the posted speed limit while driving? I ride a motorcycle and I use your app because it shows a very large screen displaying the speed that I am traveling. Having a large box showing the posted speed limit would be incredibly helpful. Thank you for all that you do. -Graham

- ‘91 Cummins Fan

Perfect for what I need! Speed, audible warning when preset speed is exceeded, and mileage between fill ups. The cost is minimal for what you get.

- Not quite A++

A few quibbles, but basically VERY GOOD to SUPERB. More granularity in the max speed setting, better display of the speed in digital mode on my iPad (digits should be larger or closer together), and really minor stuff. The HUD mode is a godsend.

- Great app!

I don't use it often, but when I do, it works flawlessly. I love the option of using your phone as a HUD by reflecting the screen onto the windshield.


Great tool for maintaining an accurate speed. Nice to be able to email the data to support my professional driving career. Worth every penny!

- The best‼‼‼

Been using this app since the beginning. Simple, great settings that work.. visible and accurate. Thank you for designing and making a perfect app😎

- Excellent

Easy decision to pop for the extra buck over the free version. Removes ads, adds features and logging. Take my money.

- Very convenient

I use this on my boat, I Nice to record speed, distance, and averages. Highly recommend!

- Handy functional app.

Accurate and easy to use.

- Ticket saver

Putting big tires on a massive 4x4 make the speedometer highly inaccurate. This keeps me out of trouble in small one cop towns or anywhere else

- Top notch!

I have had this application for a long time. It's simple, it works, and it's never failed. I recommend it.

- Excellent app

I use it frequently for checking calibration of instruments in classic cars after restoration. Love it.

- Would rate 0 if I could

The pictures in this app are misleading. Be warned; you cannot have an active speedometer on your maps app with this app. All this app does is show where you are on a map and the speed you travel at without letting you navigate. Do not download this app. Waste of $4. Again, don’t use this app!

- Joey

I love it. I recently changed the gears in the rear end of my pickup truck needles to say it my speedo was off but speed box was right on ... Best 3.00$ I have spent on an app. Thanks

- Owner

This app works great. The speedometer in my truck is way off the mark, so I use this app. This app is kept me out of trouble for a long time. I love it.

- Speed scale needs improved

In the UK the limit is 70mph, and in Ohio its 65mph, so setting the top speed to either 60 or 120 isn't much use. It would be much better if it went up in 10mph increments rather than a whopping 60mph increments.

- Very accurate and fun

I use it all the time to record my bike trips

- :)

This app is been very helpful, especially while racing.

- Excellent

This is a clean, straight-forward speedometer, and it functions, superbly. I have gotten 4 different speedometer app’s, and this is the only one I use, as it is simply superior. Buy this one, and be done. (The added compass, altitude, etc., are easy-to-use bonus features. Very good.)

- Awesome.

It track total, maximum, average, current speed and elevation. Worth it!

- Love it!

Has worked great for me since day one!

- Full version

Great app! Love the export option. Nice job on this!!!

- Use it for Skiing

Great way to know your downhill speed

- Favorite Dash Toy

I have garmin oem popup built-in. So I use my iPhone as a giant speedometer and its way easier on my tired old eyes than my tiny onboard speedometer. Several Colors to pick from I like the big orange numerals. The cheddar right under my Escort 9500i

- Just alright

I was looking for an app that alarmed when you are speeding over posted limit. It does not do this feature.

- Superb...

As long as you aren’t under a canopy of trees or in a tunnel, so it CAN work. 😈

- Great app

A must have for anyone with a broken gauge cluster or the average street racer!

- A bargain

Informative and dependable. One of my favorite apps.

- Great App

Very useful app, especially while riding Amtrak and Metrolink.

- Rip off

I paid for it but had to uninstall it and reinstall it because it quit working. It made me pay for it again.

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- Great product, works well!

Accurate and easy to use. Driving a truck I rely on this app 12 hours a day. Only improvement I can think of is for it to show missed calls. Good value.

- Reliable and accurate

Great to have an app that I can use on my vintage Holden with MPH speedo. Use it all the time and really like the functionality and design interface.

- good but..

deficiencies: 1) reseting takes too many steps, should be poss while driving with a BIG BUTTON 2) over-speed alert keeps going forever. It should be intelligent when obviously going faster. IMPOSSIBLE to turn off while driving!! 3) Has no quick select speed alerts. Please implement these and your app will be THE BEST!!

- Love it

Great app, but layout now not working properly after iOS 15 upgrade. Please fix.

- Works perfectly

Great little app - great accuracy and easy to use.

- Terrific

Fantastic for logging journeys. Combine altitude and speed data with engine temp and fuel consumption gives great view of how your engine is performing

- Fantastic app.

I use this app in my car and on my motorcycle. Works amazingly well.

- Love it

Works perfectly

- Review

Love the app. Use it all the time

- Hmmmm65

Get it it saved me points and my drivers licence set your cruise control on speed limit and you notice that it slower than what is speed box bump up the cruise control using speed box and you can set the cc on car at that speed. 120km on speedo is 114km on speed box. This however varies with model of car and tyre type/profile. Worth every cent.

- Not for me.

Novelty value at best. Beware anything that shows you doing 7kph while sitting at the computer. Speed variations too much at times.

- Good ap

Does everything it says, works very well My only gripe is the lock orientation still allows the screen to roll upside down, this is annoying as when I use the HUD function it tends to roll upside down making it somewhat useless. Orientation lock in all directions would be nice

- Speed box speedometer

This really is an EXCELLENT app one of the best i have. I use it every time i go on the motorway and no chance i will get booked as it has a speed alert when u reach a pre set speed. I also use it in the train or bus just for interest. Thank you for a great app Howard in Brisbane Australia

- Great app... But.

We use this app everytime we take the car out. It's a great app, but it would be brilliant if there were iTunes controls so you can change songs without leaving Speedbox.

- Awesome

My car's speedo is kaput, so this app comes in very handy. I only use digital speedo face as dial ones are marked oddly making them hard to read. I can't fathom why the designers set them up this way. Otherwise great app, I like the top and average speed info. Very useful.

- Speed Box Rocks

Great little app - easy to use. Does what it says. No need to shell out big bucks for a GPS cycle computer when you just need a handle bar mount for your iPhone!

- Great App

I have used this app for work and personal use, very handy and has been very reliable. Only weak point is the speed reading can fluctuate some times. Very happy with the app and would recommend it to my friends.

- Great app - a little slow to refresh

Nice app guys. Would be even better if the refresh display rate of the digital display was a little faster.

- The best of the speedo apps I tried

and still being updated, two years after purchase. Excellent.

- Great app

I wish there was 10 stars :)the HUD version is so cool, I only used it at night I don't know if it would work during the day? But it was awesome seeing your kmh on the windshield

- .

Great value for money, easy to use, I use this regularly on journeys as I change vehicles often.

- Works a treat

My only problem on the iPad is the free one is in the middle of the screen and this paid one is half off the page no matter what the orientation is. Otherwise great on the highway.


This has saved my license more then once the truck I drive for work has no speedo at all I love this app in the Truck or evan in the boat

- Needs work.

When GPS accuracy is 'high' it is reasonably accurate but anything less than that and the speed just jumps all over the place. Download 'Speed' instead. It is MUCH more stable and accurate. And prettier.

- Speedo Excellent

Excellent application and accurate operates with GPS so does not chew into Internet usage Being into 4WD the altitude indicator is handy

- Sehr Gut - highly recommended

Awesome app, could you please add a decimal point it really helps in yachting ie 5.4 knots instead of 5 knots other than that great.

- I love it

It's the best app the only problem I find is the iPhone slips off the dash board. It will be solved with an iPhone holder stuck to the windscreen.

- Great

Worth it. Avoid the fine from speed cameras.

- Works well

The app agrees with my car speedometer . Haven't tried it on a plane yet !

- Speed Display

Works well for speed display & is quite stable. The lower velocity full scale is more practical for everyday legal speeds.

- Most best!!!!!

I've had this app for years and it's still the best app I use!!! Way worth the money!! Thanks!! :-)

- Zrxmick

Great! With speedo error in cars and trucks by as much as 10% just what I need to stay on time minus the tickets

- A++

Brilliant app with a wonderful strong and simple interface

- 👍

This app comes in handy all the time, 5 stars 😃

- Speed

Great program a little hard to setup but worth the effort

- Pretty good

Needs a bit of design improvement but great tool

- Speed Box

Great . Use it often. Has stopped a few speeding fines for sure

- Underwhelming

Average app. A good idea but some bad implementation. The speedometer designs are awful: the analogue ones have mismatched tick marks and the digital ones are very difficult to read.

- Great App, used Daily

Super Fast. Accurate

- Slick & well made.

Can't wait to take it out & play with it...!

- Simple & Effective

Great little app to protect your license. Easy to read via my iPone on my motor bike.


Awesome app loved it from the start well worth the money best speedo app on the market I love it.

- Great App

Was working well and was really helpful. Having issues with new version of iPhone

- Speedbox great app

Use it everyday. No issues with it. Happy with app.

- John m Stonham

I believe this to be a very accurate App. Driving along with it you can See if you speedo is telling lies. It Has other tricks which I have not Explored yet. Recommended. Rating five.

- Macca

Great for checking speedo, fast, accurate.

- Needs lat/long coordinates

If lat/long coordinates were logged this would be a killer app for fighting speeding fines!

- Great Ap

Love this ap. I ride an old motorcycle with no speedometer fitted. This is great to keep the speeding fines at bay.

- Crash...

Crashes when location services are enabled which is unfortunate seeing as the app is dependent on them.

- Good app

Nice update thank you

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- Speed demons unite!

Awesome but not perfect

- Useful

Lots of options to display in desired format and/or colour. Like captured maximum speed as use in speedboat!

- I don't think the developer cares!

It works, but needs to be updated.

- units

This would be so cool for measuring speed when walking/running/jogging. If the units of measure could be changed, (ie. to meters per second, etc.), that would rock!

- Wish it could measure decimal of a knot

Nice little app. A bit expensive for what it is. Bought to use on a sailboat, but found out you don't have the option to measure to a decimal of a knot. Would be nice.

- Why no iPhone 6plus screen support??

You claim this latest upstate is a huge one. But u failed to update the most important feature. What's the deal with no update for iPhone 6plus screen size support. It's been almost a year and this app still doesn't support the iPhone 6plus. Come on get with it. All new design eh? What about the 6plus screen size. Hello??? It's been a year!! Most apps did it the first month out of the box. What happened with your app. I'll be using a speed app that supports my phone until u get your stuff sorted out. So sad.

- Crashes on iOS 9

I'm sure an update is coming but right now the app fails to open on the Beta iOS 9. Good app otherwise.

- Just what I needed.

My '58 chev's speedo doesn't work. This did the trick.

- Needs network access.

Won't work if u have data blocked or disabled on your phone.

- Works well

I first tested out the speedometer function while my wife was driving. The reading matched the cars speedometer. The altimeter function looks accurate. Then used it to see how fast my little 3.5hp outboard pushed the Jon boat. The only bad thing is that you need to have data service for it to function so its not like a GPS. So it can't be used in remote locations.

- Awesome as a heads up display

I use this great app as a heads up display on the dash. Better than trying to see my main speedometer. Only one thing I would like to ask for. Please make the compass customizable. It is unsuable in it's current form as it's too small to see. Perhaps allow the graph to be resizable. Other than that. Well done!!!

- Crashes are fixed!

The app is so much better now that the crashes are fixed, and I can now enjoy all the new features as well, I like the new icon too! Next maybe new speedometer faces?

- Awesome app!

Pretty cool app

- Crash

Crash when trying to go in setup menu. Still crashing in 5.2.1.

- Crash !

Still crash in setting !!

- Very helpful!!

Awsome app!!

- Useless app waste of money

I bought it to find out how fast i can go with my long board but it has to be connected to a gps signal! Its pretty much useless dont buy it

- Speed box

App is very accurate and seems to work well even the HUD works!

- Yup it's a good app

Now stop bugging me to review.

- Very handy

Wish I would have used the earphone feature with the alarm when riding my motorcycle. Would have saved me a ticket. I will use it from now on. Anyone that rides a motorcycle should use this.

- Works pretty well!

The only issue I have is that sometimes the GPS accuracy cuts out, but that could be a cause of being inside a building, other than that I'm quite satisfied!

- Great App

I haven't bothered fixing my speedometer as this has filled in very well. It's better than the speedo I wore in the 70's.

- Very accurate

Upgraded from the free version which was very good. But the full version is the way to go. I ride dirt bikes and four wheelers so it's nice to know how far I've gone and how fast I have been going. I really like that it has the highest speed obtained. That way I don't have to keep looking at my phone. Mike

- Great app

Its 100% actuate love you app maker.

- Great app!

Always worked awesome for me. Very accurate.

- Speed box app

It's a really good app. It's nice to have a second reading on my speed in digital so I always no exactly how fast im going..

- Speed device

Very good when i want to Check the speedometer on my 64 chevy and when i switch to winter tire on my other vehicules

- Excellent

It pays for itself if it saves me one stinking speeding ticket! My aged Beemer tends to have intermittent instrument failure. This app is saving me big $. 1) no instrument cluster repair. 2) no speeding tickets when alone at night on the highway. 3) constant odometer, no running out of gas when the fuel gauge malfunctions. 4) maps are useless without a compass. No long drives the wrong direction when in unfamiliar territory. For a couple of lousy bucks get the "full version". The extra goodies are worth it just for the convenience.

- Excellent reliable accuracy! So impressed!

This app is so very good at showing how fast you're going. I've used some other apps and thought that using the iPhone as a speedometer was impractical. This app really works though. There are a lot of radar speed signs where I live and this app reports the same speeds as those. I'm very impressed.

- Scott

Excellent! Ticket saver! I had changed my tires to my winter tires and there not the same size. My son was playing with the app when I realized I was going faster then my speedometer was reading. Instead of reprogramming for the different size tire I use this app!

- Frank D.

Good app would love to see the maximum speed adjustable down from 300 klm. so that the needle can be read easier between each mark on speedo. Plus alarm speed to be adjustable on face possible a second ring to turn.

- Awesome APP

My speedometer broke on a trip in my Avalanche (typical GM problem) and this app saved me. I used it to set my cruise. It's accurate. I haven't fixed my speedo because I have this app. Lol

- Awesome

Haven't put it to the full test, but so far very happy with it... Awesome!

- Perfect Functionality

This app is incredible at what it's designed to do. I use it all the time on the highway. Some times I use it when it's hard to read the mph meter in my Canadian speedometer. I love the altitude function for when I'm in the mountains. It's very interesting seeing the beginning to end height difference. This is a good buy.

- Works fine

I also had a car with a terrible speedometer, so I got this app and it really helps. Just for fun, I wish that it could show you a number for your current altitude, not just a graph.

- Buy it

Works flawlessly on my 4s. I had no idea exactly how inaccurate my speedometer was on my jetta until I bought this app. No more guessing about how far I push the speed limit now!

- Not worth the $

Don't buy the upgraded version. Many upgraded features do not work. The max speed does not register every time. I've tested the accuracy with my own gps device that I use for monster mile shoot outs and top speed showdowns and this can be very inaccurate, at times it was 20+ km/h off!!!

- Surprised

Didn't know what to expect buying this app, but totally worth it. Let it sit for a minute or two to calibrate and it is accurate within 5 km/h

- Review

App ok, but need more features.

- Ses freaking sick !

Les lumiere dans mon dash yon bruler so pendant la nuit jvoi fkall mais grace a l'app la jpeu voire comment jroule :D

- Great app, has everything I need

When the speedo on my car broke I was out of luck. Soonest time was 2 weeks before I could get a new cable shipped from out of country. Was able to sticky my phone to the dash and use this as a temp speedo. Kept me out of a lot of trouble haha Nothing but praise for this

- Awesome app

Truck driver approved

- Speedo

This app does what I expect of it. The accuracy is what I hoped for.

- Disappointing

I was looking so forward to this app but now that i bought i regret wasting the money. The main reason I bought was for the HUD display, but it didn't seem to work. Even after re downloading still nothing. Althougg

- Very good

I like it

- Saugy


- Mm

Not great

- Sport rider

Doesn't work on my i phone!!!!

- cool

works well

- Collectible


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Lenin Koech

@maurinetheuri Speed = Distance covered/Time. My friend hizo physics na maths zenyu, you should ask for a Fee refund. Do you know where the vehicle speedometer gets its reading? From the gear box not the fucking whee you moron.

Speedometer Speed Box 2022.1 Screenshots & Images

Speedometer Speed Box iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Speedometer Speed Box iphone images
Speedometer Speed Box iphone images
Speedometer Speed Box iphone images
Speedometer Speed Box iphone images
Speedometer Speed Box iphone images
Speedometer Speed Box Navigation application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Speedometer Speed Box (Version 2022.1) Install & Download

The applications Speedometer Speed Box was published in the category Navigation on 2019-02-11 and was developed by Hans Schneider [Developer ID: 286677130]. This application file size is 3.4 MB. Speedometer Speed Box - Navigation app posted on 2022-01-05 current version is 2022.1 and works well on IOS 12.3 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.yourcompany.SpeedBox