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What is speedometer speed box app app? Speed Box Free is a free speedometer, odometer and compass for the iPhone. Track your speed and distance from your iPhone!

* MPH, KM/H and KNOTS display
* 3 Beautiful Speedometers
* Digital Speedometer
* Distance
* Set distance to arbitrary value by tapping it
* Portrait and Landscape Mode
* For iPhone AND iPad

In addition you can get more features with the "Pro Pack":
* 10 designs
* Map View
* Compass display
* Maximum speed, average speed and current altitude
* Track top speed
* Track altitude
* Change maximum speed of the analog speedometers
* Speed warning! Don't get caught speeding again!
* Automatic distance reset (day trip meter)

You can now have the accuracy of our commercial products in this free application.
The application uses our long experience to calculate the speed as accurate as possible.

Switch between mph and km/h and select one of 3 beautiful analog or digital displays. Our application even supports rotating your device.

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How to contact Speedometer Speed Box App (Hans Schneider)?
Find this site the customer service details of Speedometer Speed Box App. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/307529605/speedometer-speed-box-app/contact

Speedometer Speed Box App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Speedometer Speed Box App Version 2021.218 November 2021

Fixed the digital Speedo Bug Other Bugfixes.

Speedometer Speed Box App Version 2021.218 November 2021

Fixed the digital Speedo Bug Other Bugfixes.

Speedometer Speed Box App Version 2021.112 March 2021

Fixed some bugs! Under-the-hood work for exciting new features coming soon! Increased privacy for all users..

Speedometer Speed Box App Comments & Reviews 2022

- Back up speedometer

This app is so much better than others I’ve tried it actually works unlike most see I’m a small business owner so when the speedometer on one of my semi trucks quit working this was the go to app to actually track the speed very neat app great inexpensive business tool will help save you hundreds in the repair shop and in tickets if you ever lose your speedometer just use this app until you you have time or money to fix it

- Helped me calibrate my speedometer

Some of you may know that auto manufacturers will set a "corrected" speed to show on your dash. This is often between 5-10% over your "true" speed which is displayed on those speed readers on the side of the road next to speed limit signs (AND this app). The likely reason for this is so you do not drive too fast by offering a buffer for your speed-demon. This app allowed me to estimate the differential of my "true" speed and my "corrected" speed. I then took these estimations to adjust my speedometers on my Triumph Daytona 675R(+6%), Suzuki SV650(+7%), and BMW 335i(+7%) via the obd connections and speedohealer. The only con I can think of is that apps like this will terminate any excuses of your speedometer not working for those of you riding with broken dashes (although RPMs and temps are a different story)

- Perfect

So, I was fidgeting in my car trying to figure out why my lighter wouldn't work when I discovered the lighter port wasn't connect. "Oh", I thought, "I'll just plug that wire back in and it'll work!" So I did, I turned the car on, tried to charge my phone, and I heard an electrical discharge inside the dash. Apparently I fried out the entire instrument cluster leaving me with no speedometer. Thankfully we live in the future and we can just download one on our phones now. This app works great, and is very accurate. I know because when I drive past those signs that show you your speed, it says the same thing the app does. Pretty cool stuff. Not sure how it happens, obviously some sort of witchcraft that the developer summoned in a seance. Now if only they made an app for my gas gauge.

- Unsure how to assess its accuracy

I have a Prius. Checking it against those road-side police boxes, I figured it was reporting about 1 mph high. Speed Box also suggests that the Prius speedometer is reporting high. But the app isn't consistently different. With the Prius at 70, Speed Box varies between 66 and 69. As the car changes speed, so does the app but at a different rate. So I don't quite know how to assess what is going on. The precision is only to the nearest mph anyhow so if the car rounds up and the app rounds down, differences are to be expected. Plus who knows what the Prius technology is anyhow- calculated or measured - sometimes it feels like the car speed is fluctuating while the display remains constant. Some damping or hysteresis in either or both of these possibly? It would definitely beat a broken speedometer but I would say don't depend on it for an exact instantaneous speed.

- Great app

I’ve used this app for several years because my speedometer is broken in my car. It’s pretty accurate, and the large numbers make it easy to read. This app has also been very friendly towards older devices. I had an older phone with many apps no longer working, and the fact that this one was still supported was a huge help. The ads for the free version have always been unobtrusive and take little screen space. No pop-ups, loud noises, or other annoying distractions, which seems to be a rarity in a lot of apps today. I highly recommend this app. It has served me well for many years, and will hopefully continue to do so.

- Has saved me money

When I was looking to purchase a fishing a boat, I had a lot of trouble finding out the speed of the boat from the sellers. Everyone gave estimates that didn't seem right to me. I found this little gem in the App Store and tested it out in my truck first and it was dead on. So I rode in a few boats that the sellers over estimated the speed. I was able to show them this app and actually got a boat for a little cheaper due to the speed being off. I use this app any time I carry a certain amount of weight in my boat to see how much it slows me down. It helps estimate time when meeting people at a camp. You'll find a use for it down the road.

- Decimal point speeds please.

I hope the next release puts priority on showing speeds down to decimal point. An absolute necessity for setting trolling speed’s on the water. The developer is hesitant to report speeds to a decimal point because of GPS inaccuracies. Decimal point speed reporting of an average speed would be very useful for trolling fishing where we frequently see big differences between 1.4 and 1.8 mph variances. We maintain these speeds for 10 or 20 minutes at a time, so a GPS average is very attainable. I hope the developer will strongly consider incorporating the suggestion. It would expand out this app to a much larger user base; the fishing sportsman.

- Main speed display problem:

ATTN development team: I recently downloaded your speed display app for my 🍏 device hoping to have a little extra technology to help monitor speed with digital and I also I like the H.U.D. Option 😁. As a O.T.R truck driver the more technology i have to use for performance data I have the better. I paid the few $ to have the full package without having to deal with marketing adds. So the problem is the display screen. The viewing area looks magnified to the point you only get a corner view of the tachometer/odometer, the speed data chart only comes to view with the iPad ↕️. Please look into this and fix problems so I can give a stronger 🌟 review.

- Reliable.

I've used his app for a few years now, and from my personal experience I can say that I've never had an issue with it, especially with me moving from device to device through iPhone upgrades (since the 5). Would recommend to somebody looking to record their averages and tops. The pro version upgrade is actually worth it, too. Not just a "Remove ads now!" upgrade. It has worthwhile features like logging and different types of graph displays.

- Great app

I buy and sell cars so when I get in a new car I always use this app sometimes speedometer’s are off as much as 10 miles an hour I have also use this app flying in commercial airplanes I’ve seen it register 580 miles an hour so it works from 0 to 600 miles an hour I can testify to that I love the app. I’ve always been curious about what speed a commercial airliner lands at and what speed it takes for them to become airborne now I know

- Excellent For Sprinters😊

I am constantly training to be faster in the 100 meter, but I train solo. I didn't have a way to track my speed until I got this incredible app. It is spot on. One day to test the app's accuracy, I brought a friend along to time me. With the time my friend gave me, I calculated my speed to be about 24 miles per hour and when running with this app, it said 24 mph. I was extremely impressed with the accuracy of the app.

- So Useful for People Who Ride Sport ATV's

I use this on my Yamaha raptor and it's awesome for when I go through neighborhoods to respect speed limits. I also love it for just knowing the speed I go. It's also awesome for straight aways I can see my top speed. Besides my daily use it's very accurate and the UI is beautiful. The only thing I would like is an Apple Watch app so i can see the speed in going through my watch and not have to get my phone dirty.

- Great app!

I used this pretty regularly when the speedometer cable broke on my scooter. Loved it. I used it before the cable broke and found it to be more accurate than the mechanical speedo. I’ve tried other speedometer apps, and this is the one I settled on. 👍🏽 Enhancement suggestion would be a running distance, but also a secondary “trip” meter, with the option to have it log the last 4-5 trips and reset automatically each time the app is restarted.

- Accurate yes. Fast no.

I downloaded this (and assuming it would work how I wanted paid for the $4 pack with no ads) and tried it out today. I just put a new cam, clutch, transmission, & flywheel in this weekend. Broke it in 100 Miles, then wanted to put it to the test. I don’t have a camera to put on my car’s speedometer, so I thought I’d download the app and screen capture the 0-60 and whatnot. Not good for this application as it does lag a bit. I should know better but oh well. It matched up fairly well when I maintained one speed.

- Almost Perfect

Works as advertised - only flaw I’ve noticed is with the altitude tracker. Unlike the speed graph, the altitude graph does not reset itself over time, and when the app is turned on initially, the altitude readout is sea level... meaning a rapid rise in elevation if you live in a high altitude area. If the graph reset I mentioned earlier is added, this becomes a non-issue, but until then, I have to wait a minute or two for altitude to catch up, then reset data if I want a useable graph.

- problem with new update

first of all, I want to say that I do like the app and I do give it four stars, but there is a problem with the new updated, version eight says that it requires iOS 10.3.3 or later, but when I look up my phones current iOS it is the 10.3.3 so I am confused to why it is not updating. But other than the problem of the update I am very happy with the app.

- Really informative

I got this app a few years ago when I had a car where speedometer didn’t work so I used this and the updates made this thing better and better and about 4 years later and the old car gone I still have this app and I’m so happy I do because when your not driving you can know what’s going on while on a journey it’s awesome

- Fav Speedometer App:)

Great for knowing mph when your speedometer is having issues! I've used the free Speed Box countless times on my vintage Honda bike, but the ads won over my $3.99.. A little higher when compared to other speedo apps, but no other app has the awesome features Speed Box offered! The GPS mapping speedometer is the sht & all the HUD varieties are all very clean and precise. Probably the most useful $4 I've spent in the App Store! Great work!

- VERY helpful. Great app

This app is great! I bought a moped with a speedometer that didn't work and didn't want to spend the money on getting one put in. This app is very accurate and I tested it in a car to see if it was accurate or not an it was! I now use this app everytime I go somewhere on my moped and just bought a Nite Ize phone holder for my handle bars. Great app and saves me ALOT of money. I would recommend it to anyone!

- Really good

This is a really good speedometer app. That’s just what I use it for anyway others use it for other stuff. It tells me an accurate speed of which I’m going since my truck doesn’t like to read the right speed 100% of the time, and at times like the end of the month when cops need to give out those last minute tickets this really saves my arse!

- Excellent app

Great app for measuring current speed, and distance traveled. I like to use it mostly when walking to clock how far I've walked. The real time GPS function requires the phone to be in direct visual contact with satellites, e.g.not in your pocket or in a bag, but as soon as you bring the phone out into direct exposure to sky, the GPS immediately updates based on your new location


I've use another app for a speedometer but I saw how many were on the App Store nd wanted to try a different one so I Downloaded several nd tested them all in the car for accuracy this one was on point with accuracy and I noticed that it also tracks the miles u go I use this app when I ride my bike now I know how far and how fast I'll be going thank u speed box!

- Useful for atv riding esp in speed limit trails

I had the old version on my old phone I'm just getting the new now I can't wait to use it more often I ride atvs and have a 3 wheeler to mess around on and my dads quad has a speed omider but Mine and my 3 wheeler dosen't so this app works out great for me can also use it when bike rideing while camping and in other vehicles trucks ect.

- Great simple app

Fantastic app, simple and exactly right at what it does. UI is as straightforward as it could be. Just enough features and no more. I use it frequently. Btw many vehicles' speedometers are designed to read high to reduce liability potential in an accident where speed is a factor, and European laws are particularly strict, so expect this app to show lower speed than the vehicle's speedo.

- Quit working.

Downloaded the app and it worked like a dream. After a while it worked so well I decided to pay the 3.99 to open all it’s features. After I payed it locked up and quit working completely. Can’t get to the settings, stays at .46 mph and will not function. I liked it as a free version very much but now that I paid for it it does not do anything. I have taken it off and reloaded it. Nothing has worked since I bought it and there is no way to contact them with it Locked up except through this review. I think I should get my money back!!!

- App with Speed

I first got this app when I took a train ride from Chattanooga to Oneida, TN. I wanted to know how fast we were going. It was perfect and the altitude was there too. It is also great when riding with someone else and you want to know if they are speeding, like your child. You can verify the accuracy of your speedometer too. I highly recommend this app.

- I look for ways to tear app developers down

This app is great. It only lacks one thing that I can see. Displaying the posted speed limit per street or highway that you were traveling on. Useful in case you miss a speed limit sign in a specific area. But that seems a lot to ask, therefore I'm giving a five-star rating.

- Speedo ap

Great! Started riding my Haarlem again after many years. Technologically has improved by leaps and bounds since then Last winter waged War on the City streets leaving spring and summer a challenge for Motorcycle enthusiasts, to say the least. A Quick check of your speedometer could cost you dearly, especially if you hit one of many potholes larger and deeper than a car could survive leaving a rider in the ORGAN DONAR category!!! My phone rides securely at the center of my handlebars at eye level. No more taking my eyes of the road to check my speed possibly ending my riding days indefinitely. It’s always on a clear display directly in front of me ,,,,, FREEE!!! Thanks for your help,

- One problem with speed box

Speedbox has a glitch that does not let you click on the settings if you have an iPhone 10 or better and that gets pretty annoying having to close out of the ap so it lets you click it. Otherwise that is the only problem and it does what you would expect.

- Happy User

So simple to use. Accurate. I love the mileage odometer. Constant readout and easy to reset back to zero. I put larger diameter tires on my sport vehicle which throws off the accuracy of its speedometer. This app's speed is 100 % accurate because it is not getting its speed input from the rotation speed of my tires. It getting the input from my GPS position movement.

- Works amazingly for me but I wish there was CarPlay for this

I have a vehicle with an instrument cluster that sometimes doesn’t work and it would be awesome if there was a feature so you could display the speed limit on the radio screen so I don’t have to keep my phone screen turned on constantly

- Family sharing policy stinks

I love this app, however the only way family sharing works for the paid version is if you purchase it first. I installed the free version to see what it was like. I paid the $3.99 by clicking on the remove ads banner. Most apps if you purchase their paid version from within the free version make it the same. So it seems with this company you have to uninstall the free version then purchase the paid version if you want to share.

- Very helpful

My speedometer tends to not work correctly at higher speeds. Some kind of wiring or sensor problem. This app is very useful to ensure I don't speed. My car's speedometer says I am going four to five miles faster than I actually am so it's nice to see my actual speed. The app loads immediately on my 6s and I experienced no problems.

- Pretty good but missing some simple features

It's simple to use, seems fairly accurate when tested against multiple vehicles old and new. Wish it had a sixty foot time and a 1320 foot time. With phone having an accelerometer should also be able to have a breaking time/distance. Add those three and I'd pay triple for it. Much more useful.

- Great App

Stable, no problems. Love the "mirror" setting. You place the phone on the dash so that it reads low in the windshield - a true heads up display. See ur speed without taking ur eyes off the road! Got the app when my speedo stopped working. Speedo fixed now, but I still use the app on long road trips at night. Quite accurate.

- Awesome!

I recently restored an 48 volt golf cart and wanted to know how fast it would go, so driving around the neighborhood I was at 24 mph. I was skeptical but happened upon a police radar trailer that indicates vehicle speed and sure enough it registered 24 mph! I’m very happy with the App as it also shows your mileage with the odometer built right into the App.

- Does what it says on the tin

This app does exactly what it says it will do. I downloaded it because my speedometer broke mid drive and I needed a way to not be speeding. This app did the trick and I enjoy using it. It is very basic and I would enjoy some other features just for the Nerd inside me but honestly there is nothing wrong with this app.

- Great app works well

Works very well against my digital system in my auto. A friend has about the same system on his new iPhone 6 Plus S. This app works about the same. I will be using it on my bike weekly trips, when we bike between 35 and 50 miles a day. So this app states the speed and distance. The best in my app selection.

- Could get better

When I first started using this app around New Years it worked perfectly, but now whenever I turn my phone sideways the speed isn’t in the circle and the advertisements are covering up my speed to where I can barely tell how fast I’m going which isn’t good because the speedometer for my car doesn’t work and I can’t get it fixed until I have enough money.

- Works well, simple but effective

This is handy speedo app. It launches quickly and displays digital speed in large font. I use this for verifying my speed on motorcycle or other vehicles to calibrate the speedometer when they are off. Also handy for using when driving an ATV or gold cart which sometimes aren’t equipped with speedometer

- Great App!

I got this app for using on our VW vanagon, because the 30-year-old speedometer mechanism is wildly in accurate, sometimes 20 mph. Program is accurate and helps me stay within the limit wherever I’m driving, especially on the freeway. I would highly recommend this program!

- Update

I was worried about updating this app. It worked well enough with the previous version, sure it reads a few mph off, but with my car's speedometer broken, this is what I go off of. Today on my way to work, the ad at the top ended up taking up half the screen. When the app rotated with the phone, the formatting completely screwed up, and made it difficult to read what speed I was going. The update has issues to be addressed

- Simple And Effective

This app does exactly what says it will do. Very simple interface, but effective. I needed a way to measure the top speed of a golf cart and a jet ski. I was worried about the accuracy of the app, so I checked it against my car speedometer and the GPS on my boat. Both confirmed the app was accurate. Couldn't be happier!

- App works just how it should and has never given me any problems.

I have been using this app for some time now and it works great. Everything about it has never failed me and you don’t even need the pro version for it to work. 10/10 rating.

- Great app

Been using this app for a few years now. I have a 1972 Chevelle and my speedometer doesn’t work properly and it’s to expensive to fix right now. So that being said this app works awesome in leu of a replacement part. Down fall: if your in a spot where you loose signal you loose your speedo.

- Excellent App

Needed a simple speedometer and odometer for my bike rides this app served my needs flawlessly. The easy to read speedometer helps me maintain my speed and keep track of mileage. No commercial advertisements is a super plus. Thanks for a great free easy to use app. May upgrade to the paid version just to say thanks.

- Great app!

Speedometer went out when battery was replaced, common problem in the make/model of my car. This free app is a great replacement to spending $100s to fix speedometer. Would be nice if it had input for cost/mileage per gallon when filling up. Maybe the paid version has that ?!

- Accurate

Just measured with my speedometer on my truck and my dash cam and it’s much more accurate than the dash cam at any speed. You can pay four bucks for more features and ad removal, if I boated or flew I would certainly pay it and I’m still considering it for land travel.

- Excellent

I use the free version of this all the time in my older car with a broken speedometer. This app has a easy-to-see display with large numbers. On a trip to Canada, the rental car only had mph on the speedometer, so we used this app to determine the correct km/h. Very useful. Highly recommend.

- Tops

I love this app while on the bicycle or in the boat !!!! I can always tell how many miles I have been and also how fast I am going !!!! The miles per hour are exactly the same as my GPS in the car so I feel like it is very accurate on the miles that I travel !!!!

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- Great little app

I have been using this app for years and only just recently upgraded to the pro version. The extra features are great, however for some reason I cannot get the extra information shown in portrait mode to show up at the bottom of the screen in landscape mode. Not sure if it’s me or a bug but it would be nice to have all the same information available on screen in either mode.

- Great App

This is a great app for me - easy to use, very clear at a glance in traffic and best of all it seems to be very accurate, despite what some other reviewers here seem to believe. I drive professionally (buses and coaches) and the speedos in most of them read well above the real speed, as evidenced by this app and by the vehicles' speed limiter. Heavy vehicles such as I drive are required by law to be limited to 100km/h. On a level (or up hill) stretch of road, the vehicle cannot be driven at more than the limited speed. It simply won't go any faster. At that speed, with the speed limiter doing its thing, this app shows exactly 100km/h. The vehicle's speedo usually shows around 108 or 109km/h but the cops with their radar are not interested.

- App not operating all the time

At first glance this app seemed to be working well on my iPhone SE running iOS 13.4, but then I realised it would stop operating quite often. It seems that when the Setting icon is pressed accidentally (for instance when your iPhone is in your coat pocket) then the app freezes. Unfortunately this would happen often during my daily walks and even though I had purchased the paid version of the app, I had no choice but to delete it from my phone. Also, the app doesn’t run when the screen is turned off which is another weakness. I sent a bug report to Hans Schneider but never heard back from him. Conclusion: this app is a disappointment and there are many better ones in the App Store.

- Great app

I drive around Sydney for a living and I always have Speed Box running. It is more accurate than the regular speedometer. Almost daily I drive past Highway Patrol cars looking for their next victim with the regular speedo showing up to 6km/h over limit, but in three years they have never given me a second look. When my passengers notice it, the app becomes a great talking point. I find the digital readouts the easiest to read at a glance.

- Well worth it

We travel in a motor home and use the app to track speed. It sits on dash above normal speedo and makes it REALLY easy to keep an eye on speed. Saves on fuel too!

- Great app

Have used it for years now, I find it to be very accurate and fairly responsive . Helped recalibrate speedo after tyre change in size. Is a great tool if you have any doubts about your vehicle's (and apparently boat's after reading others reviews) speed. Cheers mate

- Accuracy

I love this app. My older cars run in mph and are way off with accuracy. I always run this app in kph when driving them, and have found this highly accurate. Saved me a lot of fines

- Frustrating

I have driven 5 different makes of vehicle....all show on this app that i am exceeding the speed limit by 5-6 kilometres at 100 per hour.....!!! All cars cannot be wrong.... i am going slightly faster than the flow and can go through police radars at my cars speed without conviction...!!?? This app is inaccurate in my opinion.....a waste of time and effort.

- Speedbox

Pretty cool to have a hand held speedo and great tool to use to check the accuracy of car speedo. Changing tyre sizes alters speed accuracy and this is a great way to see without the police telling you via a fine.

- Excellent app

Double check my speed everyday as I transport different vehicles from place to place. I want to keep my license as I don't trust the auto manufacturers!!

- Simple way to double check

Works well. I recommend this app to anyone who has doubts about the accuracy of their speedo.

- Helpful

A very helpful app when driving, especially the heads up at night as I drive an older vehicle that doesn't have all the mod cons

- Easy to use

This speed app is easy to use and very accurate. I have compared this tony hand held navigator and it reads the same. Very happy.

- Does a fantastic job

Great app, basic edition is nice and doesn't nag for the pro version. Makes me want to buy it because it's so polite ✌️

- Jorgo

Love this app as my car only has digital speedo which is hard to keep steady

- Seems a bit jumpy in IOS 11.0.3

A very smooth app until IOS 11.0.2 and 3... now the digital readout jumps a bit. Hope they fix it up!

- Ideal recorder for checks of gps.

Thank you for the app that allows speed checks on machines, elevation checks , directions of views etc. ideal to carry secure.

- Good app

Good but i couldnt justify paying $5.99 for a pro version.

- Motorhome

Fiat Ducatto display is hard to read this app is a godsend so clear and easy to read.

- Very handy app

Have used for a few years now and it's very useful

- Speed accuracy???

Good app though I doubt about speed accuracy Was driving about 100kmph on freeway but the analog meter showed around 85. If follow this speedometer, will loose my license for sure ;)

- Very handy app

Love this app especially for older cars where speedos can be out

- Superb App - Very Accurate

My friends and I all use Speedbox for confirming car speedometer accuracy. It especially handy for use in rental cars, when your GPS is in the bottom of your bag. Also great to confirm TGV speeds while cruising across the fields of a France. Thanks for continuing to improve this app. Jim

- Good but no longer being updated for iPhone 5

Good but no longer being updated for iPhone 5

- Inaccurate

Been following it for years until today where I put it next to three other gps devices and this one was six kms too slow.

- Fantastic app for train travel in Europe

Love this app to track speeds of the trains I travel on throughout Europe!

- Too many error messages

App is always saying “ GPS signal too weak” or something to that effect. I therefore have little faith in the readings it is displaying.

- Useless

Absolutely junk, says my GPS accuracy is too low because I’m using an ipad when I’m using my new iPhone and location services are in fact turned on.

- Speedo moving while not

Laying still the speedo numbers go up why

- Speedometer

Digital speedometer works much better than what it has been updated to..

- Congrats

A great app - does what it says - well done -

- Great App

Simple and easy to use.

- Great

Use it on my boat. Very handy

- Easy operation

Handy app

- Fantastic

I read the reviews and thought no thanks BUT after trying others that didn't work fast enough I tried this one thinking what do I have to loose,all I can say is it worked very well for me and the plus is it has knots as well,so I say give it a go,what do you have to loose.

- Speed app

The speed app is not showing my speed. It is not providing any hints as to why it isn’t working.

- Single function

The only function is to offer pro pack. No thank you.

- Mediocre

Worked once, never worked since

- Speed box

Magic Gadget NB

- Not working

Great app but currently not working

- Used to be good

Maybe a setting in my phone but speed fluctuates up to 10km/hr

- Awesome App

Awesome app, really easy to use. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Doesn’t work on my new iPad

Used to work on my old ipad

- ❤️

Best easy app

- Annette

Very handy app

- 100%

This is a great app

- Is good

Great app 👍

- Cool app


- Great App

I like this app for many applications, mainly finding my speed when boating or in a commercial jet where I can often get a GPS signal. Fun to know the speed, direction and altitude. Just make sure to turn off the speed warning sound when in the passenger aircraft. Definitely recommend Speed Box

- 12vlt

Use it all the time in my tinny checking speed in knots. It's fantastic. And also check every speedo in cars I drive as they are always out about 3-7kph. I've had this now for over 3 years on my I phone Love it

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- Ok

Nice app

- Looking for iOS developers

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- Perfect. Accurate

Obviously if you don’t have service or you are not able to be tracked it doesn’t work but always works amazing and is very helpful for telling if your Speedo is out

- Pas de localisation

Sur iPhone 7 et j’ai toujours le message (GPS accuracy too low) pas de localisation. Et il n’y a pas eu de mises à jour depuis 6 mois!!!

- Speed

Wonderful app.

- Unreliable

Did not work after several tries. Kept getting error messages about inadequate GPS accuracy. I live in a major Canadian city, I don’t see why there wouldn’t be enough satellites in view. This was the free version.

- Vérification avec Odomètre

Ai vérifié les valeurs numériques affichées par le Speed Box et l’Odomètre de mon véhicule = correspondance.

- Does not work

I’ve tried it maybe 15 times and it’s given my speed exactly twice. All other times it just read 0. This is outdoors in an urban area with good cell coverage. Of course, however, the ads never fail to show. Deleted.

- Nice

I use it when i go quading. Very accurate and easy to use. Would reccomend it.

- Very responsive, very handy

Perfect app for tracking your speed, whether you were on a train or riding a bike, this app allows you to instantly track your speed and distance traveled, without data!

- Poor gps

Takes forever to find your god location

- Great App

Handy little app. Accurate and easy to use. 5 stars

- No iPhone Plus screen support??

The iPhone 6 Plus came out like 3 years ago and this app isn’t optimized for it yet??

- Like the app

Saw that it never asks for me to leave a review, so I thought I’d take the time partially because of that. Like using it on trains, it’s interesting to watch for awhile, and has always been very accurate and haven’t had a glitch with the app yet. Keep it up! :)

- Not good

Only works half the time.

- Awesome!

Works great! I have my kids learning to drive and I can watch their speed without leaning over their shoulder. It also works well on dirt bike trails too! We also got up to 1000km/hr on a plane!! No complaints whatsoever for the price paid😃

- Horrible. Not accurate at all.

Tried this several times and there is absolutely no accurate at all. Junk.

- Great app

Great app, very accurate(I've checked it against 3 other GPS's) should have upgraded to it sooner. Only other upgrade I wish it had would be a straight black number on white screen option for in bright sunlight.

- K


- Perfect

Super simple to use. I have it as the speedo on my motorcycle, due to the stock one being very inaccurate. Easy to read and very accurate (confirmed against my gps). Great app

- It worked, and then it didn't

It worked well for a bit, but then it stopped... or at least it said I did. It's stuck on 0 no matter what speed I'm going.

- Great except one thing

Like it a lot BUT it would be super useful if you had a least one display with both miles per hour and kilometres per hour. Duh, that's a no brainer.

- Great Speedometer

Awesome app. Should be first hit when searching for "speedometer" in my opinion. Tried it for a few hours, and spent the 4$ to upgrade to ad-free with a few more features. Super useful, but not too many features that it becomes cluttered. I have no idea if it's possible, but adding navigation from google maps or Apple maps with a speed overlay would be awesome!

- Fantastic

Because of a useless cluster in my truck I was forced to find an alternative. Voila, not only speed but also distance.

- Super easy! Does what it says

Tried it while on a passenger train. Felt like I was moving about 100 km/hour. App read 150 km/hr! Checked with train steward....we were doing150!

- Wonderful app!

My truck doesn't have any working dash board lights at the moment, so this app is a life saver! Although it keeps asking me to "calibrate". When it's asking for this is doesn't display the speed. Slightly frustrating, but I feel as if it's an iPhone issue, and not a speedbox issue. Thanks for the app! Been using it for years.

- Nice little app

This works quite well in my boat. Gives me sog and then I can read sow which gives me current. Quite useful, small and quick.

- Good App!

I really like this app. It's very easy to use and quite accurate. The new Map update is a nice feature as well.

- Great app! have use it since 2013*

I mostly use it to know how fast I'm traveling while being driven by friends for fun. Works great.

- Works!

Other speedometers haven't been updated in ages, mine no longer works. Luckily this one does -- 6 Plus, iOS 9.0.2.

- Last update not good

Latest version not good. Biggest issue is that the km/h has markers at 80 and 120. The most common highway speed limit in Canada is 100. Won't be using the app anymore due to this.

- Love it

I use this app everyday, love it

- Best app

No bug/good app/easy to use

- Perfect app

Our speedo in the old Porsche is broken and this app has always gave us an accurate reading so that we don't get caught speeding! We love this app and would recommend it to anyone

- :)


- Simply

The best

- Must Have!

Great App, I've tried a few. This one is the best!!!

- Nice clean speedometer app

Works great, saved us when speedometer failed in car.

- Useful app

I use this app often. Simple and accurate.

- The best app EVER

I love this application, mostly because I have a very good case on my phone and I can strap it to my handle bars and see how fast I am going when biking.

- Accurate

It's a very accurate speed from what I can tell, but the other apps it is trying to offer you are horrible distractions and a very large pain in the but.

- Great App

Very accurate and easy to use as well nice large numbers to read while moving.

- Speed box

So good I bought the upgraded version . 5 stars from me.

- Great

This app is very accurate! It's great

- Great app

Works great. I use it to check the speed of my insane bus driver. Pretty accurate.

- Boss

Great app

- Crash !

Still crash on setting !

- Well done!

Works good!

- Speed Box

Great app for checking the accuracy of any speedo, especially in the old Mph ones.

- Good app

The app works well as expected

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Speedometer Speed Box App 2021.2 Screenshots & Images

Speedometer Speed Box App iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Speedometer Speed Box App iphone images
Speedometer Speed Box App iphone images
Speedometer Speed Box App iphone images
Speedometer Speed Box App iphone images
Speedometer Speed Box App iphone images
Speedometer Speed Box App Navigation application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Speedometer Speed Box App (Version 2021.2) Install & Download

The applications Speedometer Speed Box App was published in the category Navigation on 2009-03-27 and was developed by Hans Schneider [Developer ID: 286677130]. This application file size is 9.08 MB. Speedometer Speed Box App - Navigation app posted on 2021-11-18 current version is 2021.2 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.yourcompany.SpeedBoxLite