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What is surveys on the go app? If you were looking for an app to make money on the go, you've hit the jackpot. When you’re bored at home or out shopping, you have the chance to earn some free easy money. Download this survey app to earn your first $1 instantly!

Make cash by taking surveys. We pay you real cash, not points. It’s fast, it’s easy, and most surveys will pay $1-$5 with some surveys paying $10+ if you qualify!

To get high-paying surveys, FULLY enable notifications, digital surveys, and location services in your settings. This will ensure you get premium surveys to maximize your cash opportunities.

You can start redeeming rewards once you’ve earned at least $10.

Welcome to the all-new and improved Payday program. When you're enrolled, Surveys on the Go will pay you around the clock as long as you have both your digital surveys and location services on! Not only will your get paid passively, being in the program will give you the highest chance of getting high paid surveys. Compound your survey earnings and get to cash out faster.


“Have cashed out about 6 times since downloading. Sometimes it takes a month to get $10. Sometimes longer. all spends on how often you get surveys and if you even qualified.” - Marissa R.

“Worth it! I kid you not, I got paid $30 to eat a salad and take a survey. This survey app pays much more than others I have tried. Even if you aren't qualified, you almost always earn at least get 10 cents for just answering a couple of questions.” - Amy C.

“I enjoy doing surveys for Surveys On The Go. They offer more money for completing their surveys than most other survey apps. They are fair and reasonable and admit and compensate when they make a mistake. Excellent customer service and fun surveys.” - Melanie T.

“I like the shorter surveys in this app and they're easy to do. I like that you get paid for screen out. I also like the guarantee of getting at least one survey each week that I qualify for. :-)” - Sheila P.

“Out of all the survey apps out there I love this one. I cashed out twice so far. Earning money here is a lot faster than other survey apps I have used.” - Ciara S.


At Surveys On The Go®, we value your privacy just as much as your opinions. We’ll never forward, sell or transfer your personal information without express permission. It’s safe and protected – guaranteed!


This app uses Accessibility services. Surveys On The Go® is using the respective permissions with active consent by the end-user. The Accessibility permissions are used for analyzing the application and web usage on this device as part of an opt-in market research panel.

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App Name Surveys On The Go
Category Lifestyle
Updated 18 May 2023, Thursday
File Size 93.51 MB

Surveys On The Go Comments & Reviews 2023

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ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE WHAT A SCAM. I will first say, the app does legitimately give you money. I have received payment before. The problem with the app is they make you spend 10-25 minutes on a survey, and when you get to 90% complete, they drop it and say you aren’t qualified. They do give you 10 cents. But a measly 10 cents for 20 minutes of hard work is a huge scam. I’d say it’s likely they record your answers as well even if you are suddenly not qualified. Next, the surveys you get disappear INSTANTLY. I’ve gotten a notification that a survey was available and then it was gone seconds later. The frustrating part about that is they rarely give you surveys, like 50 cents every few DAYS only for it to disappear or tell you you’re not qualified. to the people who run the app, PLEASE have a limit of x questions you get asked and then have it tell you if you’re qualified or not. I’ve probably lost hundreds at this point from being not qualified after spending at least 10 minutes answering questions. FIX YOUR APP. It would be an incredible source of income and a wonderful app if it didn’t do stuff like that. I know others have commented on the same problem. You’re lying, terrible people for not fixing this scam!!!

It’s Getting There! (Honest Review). Honestly this app is very good it’s the only survey app I’ve used where I actually qualify for surveys and what makes this better is if you actually try to do some surveys you can make $10 each week I’ve actually had a few problems with this survey app in the past BUT it actually seems to be improving on a lot of the things I was concerned about! So it’s also good to note that they do listen to what the users of this app! If I do have one problem it’s probably customer service it’s definitely improved a bit BUT it could still be better from my experience, customer service can be a hit or miss thing but recently I’ve been noticing it’s been getting better! I see they are also adding things to help the users of this app this is a very great app to use because most surveys are quick, and pay pretty well! The longest ones are 30 minutes most range from 10-15 minutes! They also test to see if you qualify early so you don’t go like 10 minutes into a survey and get disqualified! They always tell you if you’re qualified and the process only takes a few minutes! I can tell that this app is NOT trying to trick people into taking surveys but actually wants allow people to pay out. I promise try this app if you’ve been looking for a good survey app!

Survey opportunities have disappeared. In the beginning I was getting so many surveys. After a few months and several cash outs, I’ve stopped receiving survey opportunities. The last survey I received was a $20, 7 day food log survey. After inputting every little detail on how I prepared every meal and how much I ate for 7 full days I received the full $20, which was the largest opportunity I had received to date. After this, poof, gone, I’ve maybe been sent 2-3 surveys over a month and haven’t qualified for one. I feel like they secretly cap you after you’ve made a certain amount from them. Prior to posting this receive, I took a look at what others had to say and was floored when I came across a review from someone else that posted the same experience over two years ago. The same run down, they had been receiving tons of surveys and had also gotten decent cash outs. Did the $20 7 day food log survey and then like me, the surveys disappeared. This confirms it for me that they control or have a cap on what your sent and also what you will qualify for after you reach a certain cash out threshold.

First Payout, Instantly to PP. It took me awhile to get to the minimum $10 payout, mostly accumulated from disqualified survey incentives, but when I did cash out just now it posted immediately to my PayPal account. December 2019 update: I received another $20 7-day diary survey opportunity this month. It takes about 2 weeks for completed survey to credit to my account. It just credited today, which I cashed out a few minutes ago for PayPal. Immediately I received message on my PayPal app that the money had been deposited. November 2019 update: I think this is about my 3rd payout since my review over a year ago. Yes, when mainly accumulating from disqualified survey incentives (usually 10¢ at a time) it does take time before the $10 minimum cash out. But this last time I got a $20 survey. After finishing it, and with $6 balance I'd already accumulated, it was much quicker to reach the minimum cash out than other times. And, again, the moment I cash out, the money is automatically sent to my PayPal account. No waiting time at all.

Surprisingly Reliable. I read many reviews before downloading this app, and I am pleased to report that it's been as reliable as many other reviews have stated. It really is so much easier to earn actual rewards through this app compared to so many other survey services that claim to reward you. I didn't even qualify for super high-paying surveys, but within a matter of a few weeks I've been able to cash out my first $10, and it was so effortless to get here and get my reward. I keep notifications on all the time and try to do surveys as soon as they're available, but sometimes I can't get to them until a couple hours later, and usually I'm still able to do them! As a small thing to do on the side for a couple minutes here and there throughout the week, this has definitely been a great thing to have and I highly recommend any skeptics to give it a chance.

Doesn’t always pay. In the beginning of taking the surveys that this app offers, I was making a decent amount of money quickly. After my first cash out which was about $13 I stopped getting as many surveys. After my second cash out at about $12 it seemed that the surveys just ended completely. I would get a $1 one here or there but they seemed to just stop altogether. As the days went on I got very lucky and joined in on a survey worth $20 that I had to put in everything I ate and drank for that day and it lasted 7 days. After the 7th day I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t receive the money I deserved after taking time out of my day to mark down everything I have consumed. Although it may seem like this was an easy survey, I had to go very into detail on what I had including what I put of my food and where it was purchased from exactly. So if you are considering taking the surveys on this app, don’t take surveys worth high amounts over $10 because you won’t receive it. Otherwise this app is pretty good if you’re looking for money just for fun!

Surveys on the Go. I’ve tried all kinds of survey sites. Most just keep you floundering around with a few dollars trying to get to the magic to union dollars or $30 or whatever they have but it never seem to materialize others relentlessly bomb your email telling you there’s a ro most just kinky floundering around with a few dollars trying to get to the magic tune dollars or $30 or whatever they have but it never seem to materialize the bomb your email telling you there’s a survey waiting on you. Not SOTG. They’re all business you get your little alert when you have a survey come up if you’re out driving around or in a store you may get a alert in next thing you know you’re doing a shopping mission for eight dollars happened to me once and then it happened to me twice for $30 and a cellular phone store is very fun because you never know what you’re going to get in when you’re going to get it with airfare you’re honest I don’t ask too much for what they give notice that the same out of you

Perfect time killer. Love this app. The payouts can be incredible at times and if you are truly willing to invest time and energy into their surveys it really pays off!!! They pay attention to the answers you provide and personalize the surveys they send to you to give you the best chances to make money. I have even been thrown a bone by the employees supervising the app when I was turned down by just a couple of surveys to keep me encouraged. If you are willing to put forth a bit of extra effort during your regular shopping trips and give feedback you can earn a fair amount on just one survey and possibly be considered for additional funds if they choose you to go into further details about an experience. The compensation potential is incredible!!! I have earned or had potential to earn almost $100 for just one survey and having done this for only a couple of months, I am sure the potential grows even larger. If you are looking for a good side hustle, you have found your match. Be patient, put forth the effort and you will be compensated handsomely!

Good app but be patient!. I like using this app because you can actually reach a payout. I’ve made a little more than $30 and I have received all of it either through PayPal or Starbucks gift cards. You receive the most surveys when you keep your location on “Always Allow,” which is a little creepy, but then again many other apps are the same way. There are some surveys that’ll ask for personal information, like phone bill receipts or ask you to submit a recording, which I never do but you can always ignore them. My only complaint about this app is that most of the surveys are very time consuming for a measly $0.75. I usually take surveys when I am bored, but it is hard to take a 20 minute survey just for $1. It is difficult to qualify for the surveys worth more money, but I have qualified for some and understand that there are specific requirements needed for participants. Overall, I think this is a great app for someone who wants to make a little extra cash slowly and I would definitely recommend it to a friend!

horrible customer service RIP OFF STAY AWAY!!!. There are better survey apps out there, that actually uphold their end like they are supposed to. This is just my experience hopefully others don’t have this problem as well. I re-download the app at the end of July after not using it for five years. At first everything was going good I was completing the surveys and getting the credit for it but then I noticed my available balance wasn’t matching the amount of the surveys that I was doing. So when I went to look at my account history I started off with a -$30 balance I believe. So all the surveys that I was doing and getting credited for we’re bringing me closer to a zero dollar balance. I reached out to customer service because my account wasn’t correctly reflecting all the money that I’ve earned. I even sent screenshots and I was told that they were looking into it and it was a system glitch and somebody would be with me shortly. That was three weeks ago I’ve sent in for more help tickets and still no resolution, no updates, nothing. so basically the clients in the app have gotten the information that they needed for their job while not crediting me what I’ve earned. i’m telling everyone to stay away and if I still dealing with this issue in two weeks I am deleting my account and the app for good.

Not worth the time. **editing my review after developers response- I have contacted support every time this issue has happened, they are not communicating with me which is a big part of my dissatisfaction with this app. I just want them to make it right and they are choosing not to do so. ** I was excited to start this but I’m no longer happy with it. I didn’t “qualify” for most surveys so I received 0.10 for each one. You can’t cash out until you’ve earned $10. And to top it off I did a 20 minute survey 3 different times and each time it quit working at the end of it. The first time they credited me the $2.00 for it but the 2nd time it happened they said they would credit me and they said it went through but it never came through on my end. The third survey they said came through also but again it did not. I didn’t mind doing the surveys and even earning the 0.10 when I didn’t qualify but to spend 20 minutes on surveys that time out and then not be compensated for them, now I’ve lost patience. Don’t waste your time here, you give a lot of personal info in the process - not worth it.

Best Survey App By Far. This app is hands down the best survey app and it’s not close. I’m just about a month and a half I have made over $60, and this is not because I sit on it all day long. With location always on you get high paying on location surveys that usually take 5-10 minutes. The week long diary surveys are also great for making money. $20 to record what my kid ate eat day for 7 days, about 15-20 minutes of my time each day. You can go wrong with that. I also feel it is much easier to qualify for surveys compared to apps like survey junkie. Even if you don’t, this app gives you $.10 for apps you don’t qualify for where survey junkie gives only .03. It took a couple weeks for an increase in surveys to come to me but have notifications on and before long you’ll have a bunch. My only complaint is one of my diary surveys said I would receive 2 questionnaires each day at 9:00 morning and night but they came at random times. I ended up missing one and therefore cancelling my opportunity and the chance to earn $12. Besides this, can’t recommend this app enough.

It actually pays if you have the spare time. Although there are some benefits to the amount you can cash out for the long term (being $10 or higher), you may need to consider the fact that it takes some serious patients to get through some of the surveys in this application. Not all are guaranteed qualification, however this application seems to be one of, if not some of the most realistic side hustles for that extra cash on the side. So “Do Not” heavily rely on this as major way of making big bank as a source of income! Despite the possible $500 give away survey opportunity it implies, it’s Only A Chance to win! Even I myself haven’t gotten lucky with it yet, but rest assured as it gives a small compensation for participation. Also the free payday membership helps a lot in the long run, so please take advantage, and enjoy your spare time on this application!☺️

Awesome & 1st time product test. Surveys are often and vary entirely by time & pay but the significant difference separating Survey’s On The Go (SOTG) and the other million apps is I’ve definitely always wanted to dabble in product testing (the legit they send you the product free for your real world product test opinion) but even with that added interest I was never even offered one of those extra initial criteria surveys until JUNE 2022 and I obviously jumped on the opportunity and I was just stoked to just being asked if maybe I qualified and to my SUPER AMAZEMENT -since I thought there would be so many chicks who cared about shampoo & conditioner that I would not be selected - I opened my mailbox and holy crap I did get selected whoo hooo yay me! FINALLY! And then when it was completed & I was paid for it immediately was sweet! So it’s no question I for sure now know SOTG is the BEE’S KNEE’S when it comes to surveys & bonus product test opportunities! I Love it :) Keep up all of the amazing work that’s put into keeping it awesome!

Excellent Survey App. I have been using this app for a few months, along with several others (I’ve pretty much tried them all), and this is one of the very best. Surveys pay actual money, not points, and I really appreciate that you get a tiny payment for disqualifications and that they never have you do half the survey before disqualifying you - if you get through the demographics you’re usually good to go. One time a survey I had worked on for awhile had a technical error and when I exited the survey, I indicated that there was an error just for their info - and was very surprised and pleased that they reached out to me to apologize for the error. I didn’t even initiate the report, they just include one when you exit a survey before finishing. That has never happened before in any other app. Today I finally redeemed my money for a gift card, and it was sent instantly - no 3-day waiting period, no catch. I cannot recommend this app highly enough.

Legit app but not a lot of available surveys. I’ve been working on my money for a good while, at least probably 6 months and I finally got to $35, so I decided to try cashing out. It went into my PayPal account instantly which made me really happy. There’s not a lot of surveys available very often but when there are, they pay decent for this type of app. If you don’t log into your account for a year it takes your money away but as long as you log in and check for surveys now and then you’ll be fine. My phone had some problems and I wasn’t able to go on since February 2021, it’s now July 2022 and I was finally able to go back on. I saw all my money was gone and complained in the chat, they got back to me a few days later and apologized, informing me that this (not going on for over a year) was the reason they took it away, and refunded it back to my account right away; so the customer service was very good as well.

Wow. So I’ve had this app for a couple of months. This app is better than any other survey app out there and I will tell you why. Okay, so in the maybe 2 months I’ve had it I have cashed out 3 times. All being around 12-13 dollars each. But it is actually insanely easy to make money. the cash out minimum is 10$. But unlike other survey apps, they don’t give you a measly 50 cents per survey. They give around 1$ to 2$ per survey. If you don’t qualify, they give you 10 cents. It is actually insanely easy to get money. The only difference is that you have to wait in most cases for them to give you a notification telling you when a survey is available for you, unlike others where they just have a ton of surveys. But despite that, it’s kind of worth it because they’re worth so much money. I personally have loved this app, and enjoy the fact I have basically been given free money. Most surveys are either 10-15 minutes but some are 20-30. I have never gotten a survey that takes longer than that. But honestly 20 minutes or 30 isn’t a big deal when you’re laying around bored with nothing to do

Fairly satisfied. I went in fully knowing they will make more off my information than I get in return, so no issue there. I usually get kicked out of a survey I don't qualify for early in the preliminary section so it doesn't bother me as much. I've made a little over 14 dollars just doing little surveys here and there in the past three and half months. As for the cons to this app, there are often long stretches of no surveys which can be a little annoying but most annoyingly is constantly getting a push notification that I have a survey, usually a good money amount, waiting for me, but then loading the app to find no surveys waiting at all. I would really like it if this problem could be fixed. When I do get a good survey, the effort is usually fairly minimal for the payout, and it is better than other survey apps I've seen. Only one entertainment survey I did took a very long time and effort for only 2 dollars but I wasn't doing anything at time so I guess I can't argue.

USELESS CUSTOMER SERVICE AND UNTRUSTWORTHY COMPANY. I downloaded this app, and it states “download this survey app to earn your first $1 instantly”. I did not receive my first $1 instantly. So I contacted them, and someone called Anastasia, who clearly didn’t even know about the offer the company she works for was making, asked me to send a screenshot of the offer. I did, but after waiting 13 days for a reply, she finally responded saying she “didn’t notice any text” regarding the offer. So either she is incapable of seeing what’s right in front of her nose, or she was too lazy to read one tiny paragraph. So this time I highlighted the offer in yellow and sent the screenshot back to her, but I’m not going to bother waiting another two weeks for her response. Yes, it was only a dollar, but for me it was more of a test to see if this company can be trusted to pay out what they owe, and clearly this is not the case. I’m not going to waste my time answering surveys for them, only to get nothing at the end, or to have to waste weeks arguing back and forth with and incompetent customer service to try and get the reward I was promised.

Best survey app. I recommend this app 100%! I have tried several survey apps, and this one is the best by far. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but even if you don’t qualify for the survey you get $0.10; which adds up quicker than you’d think. I also appreciate the options for payout. You can redeem at any point once you reach $10, but you can build on that and redeem when you are ready. I have used this app for a little more than a year, and have yet to have an issue with glitches. The only drawback is my own fault: you can get surveys based on where you go. Since I rarely go anywhere other than work those options aren’t generally available to me. Also, for those surveys there is generally a time limit to begin and complete the survey. However, on the rare occasions I do take my children shopping, we enjoy completing the surveys together; which in my opinion is awesome because it is constructive family interaction and gives me a bit of insight to my children’s opinions.

Great app. Some survey sites are so complicated, but this one is not. I do not qualify for many surveys, as I live alone, am a “senior” and have a limited income. I don’t have a lot of purchasing ability, so I suppose companies are not interested in my expertise! LOL That being said, there are certain areas where my feedback is valued, such as Healthcare, Insurance...General areas like that. Higher paying surveys, take longer to process and will show up as “pending” for a few days. I just cashed in for a bit over $20 and you can cash in, after you hit $10 I believe. Some sites you have to reach a certain number of points to cash in and it seems to take forever to reach the amount. One last area of praise...I cashed in less than a half hour ago and already got the e-mail from PayPal, saying the money was already in my account! Now that IS FAST! One site I belong to takes almost a week to get credited!

Works !! just be patient !!. New: I stopped using it for a while but recently wanted to earn extra money and I think under two weeks I cashed out $20 from doing a couple surveys. Y’all this app actually works, probably my favorite. Overall I have cashed out about $84. (First Review)i’ve had this app since february, it’s now mid june. i’ve earned a total of $20, sometimes you don’t qualify but at least get 10 cents. you might think there’s no point but those cents add up. there are some surveys i’ve qualified for and have gotten $3. no one else is gonna give me $3 so for me it’s fine. i’ve also figured out that when going out and hanging out at busier areas, with a lot of popular stores, i tend to get more surveys so turn in your location if you want more surveys! i go to sams club every week and after almost every visit there’s a survey on how my trip went. again the app works but you just gotta be patient!!!

Keeping it. It doesn’t give many surveys. Sometimes it gives like 2-3 a day and other times it takes a day or two before you see a survey. However, each survey pays like $0.50-$2 dollars so reaching the cash out of $10 doesn’t take months. While some surveys are on pending after completing for review, once you reach $10 it pays right away. You can cash to PayPal instantly. I like that when a survey doesn’t respond or is is stuck You can report it through a button on top. You don’t need to remember the survey number or anything. It already sends that to support. If you leave the survey for technical issues it could still appear in your queque as long as hasn’t closed. You are able to open it up again and pick up where you left off. If there is still a problem with the survey it has a chat style format in the app to contact support. Customer Service responds fairly quickly.

Great App! Pleasantly Surprised!!!. I was referred to this app by a friend and decided to try it. In the past i have used similar apps or websites, but the surveys were often very long, irrelevant and didnt offer much in compensation which led to alot of time spent for very little reward…However! THIS app is awesome and i was actually very surprised because honestly i wasn’t expecting much. The surveys are not long and tedious and seem relevant to my profile. I get offered about 2-4 per day and after only about a week and a half, i was surprised to see that i had already reached the $10 cashout minimum in earnings! I chose paypal and my payout method and within seconds, the payout was already in my paypal account! This app also offers in home product testing for decent pay and im waiting for my first one to arrive soon. Any spare time you have you can just check your phone for new surveys and take about 10-15 minutes or less to complete one and before you know it you got extra cash in your pocket! Highly recommend!

Great Passive Income - Not Incredible User Friendly. This app is nice and better than comparable apps the pay your for surveys because the surveys are typically quick and relevant. You aren’t required to purchase anything or give personal information. That being said, sometimes the surveys can be few and far between, but that is mostly due to retailers and is not the fault of the app itself. I’ve made around $45 on the app by taking a quick and easy survey here and there. The only feature I would appreciate in this app would be the ability to permanently decline surveys. It is annoying to exit a survey and still have it notify me as if I didn’t view it. I also have gotten a couple repeat surveys for phone bills that I am unable to do because I am on a family plan and do not get the bill. So if they were to make it so you can decline surveys and prevent them from showing up again, that would make this app stellar!

An excellent app!. I’ve written a review about how i got my first payment and how it was legit. Its been about 2-3 months later and i cashed out two more times. Its not bad. Even if you dont qualify, $0.10 is better than nothing for the surveys. Every now and then you will get some big surveys and trust me, just do them all even if you dont think you’d qualify. Maybe you will, maybe you won’t. But this app pays and its as legit as it can get. The amount of survey payout is reasonable given that the minimum to cash out is $10 which isnt too shabby. Bottom line: Worth the patience and if you go out often, cha ching ! Also note: Bigger payouts, when you qualify, do tend to take longer than usual to get added to your balance. Its most likely due to the fact that they’re giving you quite a lot and want to see if you’re legit or so. I waited longer than a week and a half for a $5 survey to payout and here i am writing another review because third cash out. Just be patient.

Every little bit adds up. I enjoy using this app because I can log in most days and spend 15-20 minutes making $1-$3 at a time. Sometimes if I catch a survey at just the right time and place, I’ve been able to make $20 or up to even $40! There have been times that having the pay outs adding up over time and the quick payout got me through some financial binds. I’ll always keep logging in here to check what’s new because it really does help. One of my complaints is some of the surveys will make you spend over 10 minutes qualifying you when the entire survey is only supposed to take 10 minutes. Then for you to find out at nearly the end of the survey you’ve wasted all that time for nothing because you’re “not qualified”. The other complaint is that some of these surveys are only “supposed to” take 10-15 minutes then you spend more like 25-35 minutes for $1.50-$$2.00. That’s not worth anyone’s time.

Its a good app.. I have been kn meant survey apps and I have found two that work. On this app I am about to make my fist cash out as I only need 25 more cents. It has been about to weeks and I have $9.75 which is very good. There is another app called Panel App but it takes forever to cash out and I have only cashed out when I get a dollar. From that app I have gotten $2 in about 3 months. This app seems to give you high value surveys. For some of the very personal information I don't answer true fully as I don't want then to have that information. It is a bit wired that they would ask for your cell phone bills but I would never qualify for those as I have a prepaid plan. I would never give them my cell phone bills anyhow as that is for me only. So they give me 10 cents for doing 10-15 questions. There are some surveys that they say will give you about $4-$5 but I have never qualified for those. When there is a survey that has a $2-$5 reward you have to air for them to review your answers which takes 1-2 days. Other than that this is an amazing survey app and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to make so money. Update- just cashes out for the first time. I got the gift card instantly and loaded it to my account. I bought squishyies and the paint went through. This app is no scam it really works.

Takes a bit longer than I expected but good. I was expecting higher paying surveys but at least my account wasn’t suspended just when I was about to redeem my rewards. This happened to me with another survey app and I wrote a pretty aggressive message indicating that I was very disappointed and quite upset in that I had just spent a great deal of time answering their surveys only to have my account suspended when I tried to redeem my rewards. Thankfully, they reactivated my account and stated that there was an error in my account suspension and I ultimately received my cash reward via PAYPAL as I originally should have. So, all this to say that I am grateful that this did not happen with Surveys On the Go. However, I do have one concern about survey companies and that is when they ask for me to take photos of my bills and driver’s license, etc. Now, isn’t that quite a bit too private to be requesting? I always decline but why do companies ask for this information? I don’t think that is right.

Great Side Hustle!. Surveys On The Go is a great way to make extra cash literally right at your fingertips. I got to redeem $25 cash within two weeks of having the app that is because I check for surveys every day or when the application sends me notifications about a new survey being available to me. The more surveys you complete the higher the pay! At first I started off with only $0.10 survey offers and wasn’t that pleased because I thought it would take forever to be able to reached $10 so that I could redeem my cash but I still did them! and I was actually surprised within two weeks I had $25 able to redeem through my PayPal and I went to the ATM and pulled it off I was so broke that day and really appreciated this app it honestly paid off! I earned five dollars through 15-30 min Surveys being the ones that I qualified for and the $20 was earned from being a secret store reviewer at a local store in my areas from a survey offer when surveys on the go sent me a notification. My best advice for anyone reading this interested in downloading the app is to stay patient and whenever you get a notification about a survey being available click on it because the more you do the more you earn and the more frequent you will get notifications about surveys available to you. You won’t earn enough to redeem immediately after downloading the app. Trust me I thought so at first too! but stay patient and eventually in about a week or so you will be able to cash out.

Easy money while sitting around.. I travel a lot with my husband on business so we are driving on the road a lot. I love it when I get a survey notification. I don’t always qualify and some of them are just 50 cents but that adds up over time. I have been invited to do a few $40 AND $50 surveys but I didn’t qualify, it was a bummer! But I can’t complain there is a science to their madness. Only once did I get frustrated with all the questions to only make like a dime or quarter, I can’t remember. But don’t give up, I just cashed out over $28 for answering questions when I didn’t have much of nothing else to do. Oh, you can leave the survey to answer the phone, but only about 10-15 minuets. The only downside I have found is when reviewing a soon-to-be advertised movie coming out they show you a clip and ask detailed questions about the clip. A LOT of questions, pay really close attention or watch it twice!! Because you can’t go back and watch it again during the survey and I think I got some characters confused! They should fix that..... overall?? Thumbs up!

They get more than they pay for. I’ve been using this app and answering all the questions they ask which the exception of the surveys that want photos of my bills with personal and account info. Too sketchy to provide that in my opinion. Additionally, the survey payouts are misleading for most. If I have to qualify for a survey, then they need to show that they are paying me for the qualification survey...because that’s what it is. You’re made to take a survey of 10-20 questions to be told that you do not qualify for the follow on survey and get paid 10 cents when the initial advertisement was for a much greater amount. Over all I’ve taken many surveys and I still can’t cash out because I haven’t made it to $10 yet. The information given was probably enough to totally steal my identity if each survey were combined. I’ve given up info about religion, political views, income, number of children, ages of family members, employment, entertainment, and much more in addition to being asked for photos of my bills. Definitely getting ripped of by data would be great to actually qualify for a real paying survey instead of being tricked into a survey with hope of something better.

You’ll Never Qualify. Don’t waste your time. I’ve had this app and tried every single survey they offered me for the past two months now and have never qualified. It’s usually because I’ll go on errands like grocery shopping, get gas, get food, and then get home and watch some TV and they’re usually looking for answers about ONE of those things but if you’ve done 2+ of those things at one time then you’re disqualified. Over and over and over and over again. It’ll entice you with $6 surveys, $2 for 5 minutes, a couple questions here, just a bit of your time but all it does is take your attention and stop your life rhythm for ten fudgin’ cents. Don’t waste your time. You’re better than that. You’re more than ~$6 of rejection over two months. Note to programmers: give incentives. Maybe $.50 for every 10th survey you get rejected. Maybe a percentage of the survey total instead of $.10 regardless of the survey offer? 10% to be disqualified. I would at least feel somewhat worth my opinion at least once if you do something to show worthiness instead of flipping a dime at me for my troubles. It becomes routine, daunting, expected, and then sad after a while...after being told your opinion doesn’t qualify 15 times.

Was good, now possibly a scam. My initial review was very positive. For the past year, this app has become a waste of time. You are going to receive surveys that advertise $1-3 upon completion. You are going to be told that you will receive $0.10 if you don’t qualify. You are then going to spend anywhere from 5-20 minutes answering a very large number of detailed questions and an overwhelming amount of the time you will be told that you do not qualify. In fact, I’ve been keeping notes on this for months and out of the last 30 surveys that I’ve taken, each of which asked me no less than 8 questions (except for 1 that rejected me on the second question after answering that I’m white) and only 4 of those 30 have I qualified for. I no longer trust this app or the surveys. I have seen this app gather massive amounts of data from me and every time, I’m told I don’t qualify. I wouldn’t mind the lack of qualifications if it weren’t for the large numbers of questions asked in each survey before being rejected. We are talking far more than basic demographic questions. This app gathers far too much data and not paying out. It is dishonest, in my opinion.

great experience!!. I downloaded this app in last year and even though it takes time to get money they give you 10 cents even if you don’t qualify for the survey! which is more than other survey apps. Last summer I qualified for a week survey that gave me $20. This app gives you real money and isn’t a scam. I give it a 4 star only because of how long it takes to earn money and most of the time I haven’t qualified for the $2-$5 surveys. It was also a little tricky for me to cash out my money but I think the problem was mostly on my end but emailing them they contacted me back so that was helpful! But even though your chances are low you still get that 10 cents and usually if you keep your locations on I get a notification almost right after about the place I went to. It does this so you can get a survey that might match with what you were doing. ex- if i went to target or walmart, then i get a survey asking if i have visited any of these stores in the past few hours. I am young to be knowing about all the stuff in these surveys but go with what you know and you might get a good few dollar pay! I recommend this app if you are patient and are looking to make a few extra dollars because it’s truly a good app if you give it sometime. You also won’t be flooded with multiple surveys a day but i’d recommend having to locations on which will get you more. You don’t have to give out your information and it worked for me!!

Best survey app :). I’ve tried many survey apps in the past and many of them take a longgggggg time before you can cash out. I’ve been using this app for a few months now and probably cashed out at least $120 as well as getting the opportunity to test some cool products. It ranges from basic get to know you surveys, opinions, experiences, what you’re currently watching, etc, with a few really neat opportunities that pop up from time to time. Some of the surveys do take some time to complete and sometimes you find yourself progressing far only to find that you’re no longer qualified - but you still get compensated 10¢ at least. I’d like to see someday that compensation is adjusted according to how far you progressed into a survey if you no longer qualify. The customer service team are very fast and responsive to any questions I have sent them. I think they’re great! The app is great! :) Give it a shot!

Most often a waste of time for .10. This app is definitely a great way to kill time and make some money. Having said that, it’s starting to get on my nerves. A good majority of the time you’re getting disqualified from surveys within 60 seconds or less and this is great! As of late though, this is NOT the case! I’ve been wasting 10 minutes OR MORE just to have it tell me I don’t qualify. It’s also doing this on surveys that make literally NO sense to do so? How does it make sense to disqualify me on a survey based on making people happy with an app. When I say I’m VERY happy with the app, it disqualifies me? This was after it asked 100 questions about what I want to see on said app. Basically it wasted all my time and stole my information for no money? This is starting to become more common as of late and it’s making me not want to use this app. They need to continue disqualifying within 60 seconds or less. What’s even worse are the surveys that ask you a bunch of questions and then make a note that you’ve qualified for the survey and then disqualify you 5 to 10 minutes later. Makes me want to throw the phone. I complain about this to support and they usually give you a dollar or most recently they’ve just been saying sorry and they can’t control what surveys put out….. we need better then this. We should be able to rate the survey so these companies and what not don’t abuse us for our time and steal our information. Scam

Been a Supporter For Awhile and Highly Recommend. I don’t ever write reviews, but had this app for like 2-3 years now, and I can say I have probably made a total of around $100. I am extremely thankful for this app and have been lowkey fearful that they’d change or decrease the values on their surveys or eliminate the 10¢ when you aren’t qualified, so I did want to thank yall and return the favor. It obviously can’t replace your job, but extra cash is extra cash. You’ll be able to partake in a survey everyday, but if you don’t qualify you still get 10¢ which adds up quicker than you think. You can redeem at $10 and will take around 1 month if you are like me who only decides to do surveys when they feel like it. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but remember try and look for any other survey apps that provide you that much that quickly. Support is Great and easy on this app. I did have a few glitches or when the surveys itself had bugs/glitches. They review them quickly and get back to you, and still reward you the full amount once they review rather than just losing the amount and time that you took on the survey(s). I do like that they send you the money through Paypal in a matter of seconds instead of like a gift card that would limit your options. Overall, it’s the best survey app that I’ve used and trust, I’ve used a lot, and have plans on using this throughout my future and maybe even paying them back if I get extremely rich one day.

Pleasantly surprised!. When I initially saw that you can only cash out after reaching $10, I was already skeptical. I thought it was only going to be the measly 5 cent surveys that you can’t even qualify for, therefore making it that much harder to reach 10 dollars. But so far all the surveys I’ve gotten has been a minimum of 50 cents and I was actually qualified to take! I was even able to take a $3.00 survey for about 10 minutes of my time and got it approved! Even if I wasn’t qualified they always gave me 10 cents for the minute I spent trying to qualify, which I really appreciated. With that being said, I’ve only spent like 5 times on the app sparingly and I was actually able to reach the 10 dollar mark! That never happened for me on a lot of the other survey sites! But what really sealed the deal for me was when I tried to finally cash out. I thought this was too good to be true and something was going to stop me from being able to cash out, but nope! I requested it to be sent to my paypal account and in less than a minute, it was actually sent! I am beyond shock because I never had much luck with these survey apps but finally I found a good legit one!

OnGo Surveys. I’ve worked several other surveys. OnGo is the best one I’ve worked. The surveys are short, compared to other surveys. They usually tell you within the first few minuets if you qualify, instead of working 10 minuets or more into the survey. That is very frustrating to spend so much time for nothing. If I don’t qualify, I usually receive around $.10, which is about 5 times more than other surveys. Thank you OnGo for making it worth my while to answer questions that will be of value. Of all the survey apps I use, OnGo far exceeds the others. A few things a really like about OnGo are as follows: You can cash out (real money) after you bank $10. They pay the best of all apps that I use. And Here is the biggy-the other day, I did an “in store” survey. It took a good 20 min. After I finished, the prompt said “survey will be completed after you check out.” So, I checked out and went to the survey, then the prompt asked did you buy the product? I said “no.” Afterwards the prompt said “you didn’t qualify.” MAN!! I was irritated!! This was going to be about a $6 payday. The next day I received a message stating - OnGo will pay you for the survey. Now that’s ethical!! And that is one reason I profess OnGo is the highest quality survey app I use.

This app pays!. I’ve tried several survey apps and Surveys on the Go is one of the best out there! Some survey apps lie to you about how long a survey will take. You start on a 5 min survey and by the time you’re done it’s been 15 minutes — not the case with Surveys on the Go! If it says it will take 5 minutes, it will only take 5 minutes max, now that’s some good old-fashioned honesty! Some apps rob you of your time by not fairly rewarding you after you’ve spent 5 minutes answering questions only to find out you’re not qualified for the survey — not the case with Surveys on the Go! You find out within a minute if you qualify for a survey and if not you get an instant $0.10 for your trouble. Most surveys take 5 minutes, and pay fair amounts for your time ($1 - $2 or so) so you’re not in there wasting hours and getting nowhere fast. Lastly some survey apps try to burn you out by not allowing you to cash out until you’ve earned an absurd amount ($30, seriously? No thanks Inbox Dollars!! It took me a year to finally rack up $30+) — not the case with Surveys on the Go! If you get to $10 (honestly usually within a month or two, this is only passive income folks) and you’re good, you can cash out, get your money and move on with your life. But if you want to keep going and earn $10 more, then you can! Woo-hoo!

Total scam. You have to hit $10 before you can cash out. I took over 20 surveys and with the exception of 2 surveys at 50 cents each, I got told I don’t qualify to take it after answering multiple questions, and only get 10 cents. I waisted a lot of time to earn $2 which I couldn’t even readers. I planned to get to the $10 cash out, and delete the app, but after so many non- qualifications, I forfeited my $2 and deleted the app. Plus, when I tried to “ deleted my data,” it would have you enter your first name. I did, and is repeatedly said, uh-oh, that name is not correct. I agent to my profile to verify that, it was correct. I would up deleting the app, forfeiting $2, and waiting a lot of time. No wonder they can make this, they never pay you. Plus the pay is horrible, my time is more valuable. The “ reviews,” that say $25 in two weeks is a great side hustle, are insane, or work for this consonant. $25 in two weeks is nothing, and how Much time did it take you to make that $25. They usually offer $1.50 for a 20 to 25 min survey, but first you have to answer 5 min worth of questions to see if you even qualify for that survey, and if you don’t, you get 10 cents that you can redeem because you have to accumulate $10 and 10 Cents a shot. Rediculous waist of time. Sell something on eBay, have a garage sale, and you’ll make much more.

Wonderful Lil app for good pocket money. I enjoy this app and have been for several years! It’s easy to complete most surveys and I always try even if I don’t qualify because your account is rewarded for attempting surveys, which is deeply appreciated. It is important to be open all the location/info/data options for the most surveys to invite you to try! I personally use a few apps for this purpose but enjoy and recommend this one most because of the ease of rewards: it is super simple and straightforward to redeem!! I do wish every survey had a progress bar in addition to the “estimated taking the survey time” and wasn’t as redundant, as sometimes that is frustrating not knowing how long the surveys go, but I still enjoy overall the straightforward nature of surveys here. I’ve been able to cash out easily several times, one time I built up savings over $200! The new PayPal and Venmo rewards options are wonderful and appreciated. Thanks SOTG!

Quick cash. I was suggested this app by a friend on Facebook when I wanted something to do in my free time. When you sign up they give you a couple surveys for .50 or 1.00. All the money goes directly to the survey bank and at $10 you can cash out. It does take a while for you to hit $10 due to either not qualifying for all surveys or low paying surveys. But on the bright side even if you don’t qualify for a survey you still get a .10 bonus for attempting. As you do more surveys and travel you get more surveys and higher paying ones. I did two $20 surveys and completed them. It does take a couple days for them to verify the money but you get it eventually. Some surveys even ask you to go to a local fast food chain and try and menu item and it pays you for trying it. I love that it’s a fast way to earn some extra cash and have referred dozens of people to try the app!

Starting to think it’s a scam. I heard about this through TikTok and was surprised because it “sounds too good to be true” and I’m here to tell you folks…it is! 90% of the “partner surveys” taken are faulty. The trick is, getting you to waste your time answering as many questions as possible and if you are not auto disqualified due to an answer you provide, once you finish the survey you are prompted to “click here if not automatically redirected” you are then “DISQUALIFIED” to prevent payout. Ultimately, the “partners” collect as much data from you as possible and right at the end (where they would have to send your payout) they send the faulty question where you’re unable to proceed further and required to submit a “support request” which AUTOMATICALLY marks you as “disqualified” Edit to add (2/7/23), I just did my third partner survey that had me upload a pdf of my internet bill & let me get up to 98% - even THANKED me for completing all the questions, had me rate their survey, ONLY FOR THE SUBMISSION BUTTON NOT TO WORK AGAIN!!!! Scam scam scam I will be updating my review with every faulty or even functional “partner survey” Edit (2/8/23) fourth partner survey that I’ve fully completed & this time, at the end I was prompted to “click here if not automatically redirected” …I click the link to go back to the menu and it says “DISQUALIFIED”

Subpar. This may get pushed down by the company, but I’ll say it anyway. Most of the surveys you can’t even qualify for, you’ll complete almost 90% of it before they tell you that you don’t meet qualifications and they never tell you why. (I guess the plus side is that they at least give you $0.10 for your troubles) It also takes a while before you rack up the minimum $10 to cash out and it seems like the closer you are to the $10 mark, the more surveys you get denied/disqualified for. So you just end up wasting your time to get a few cents until you can come up with the bare minimum (feels like having almost any minimum wage job in America). The app is also buggy and can make it difficult for you to select options in the surveys that you do qualify for or even to submit the survey once you have completed it (I’m talking about the higher incentive surveys). In most cases you can’t go back to your previous selection or try to refresh the survey without being kicked out of it entirely, and in those instances you don’t even get the $0.10

It is real. Making extra money has always sounded good for everyone. There are tons of apps saying that if you do this and that, we will pay you. Guess what? Some of them do not pay (they say “it is processing” but no positive result); some of them put a limit to withdraw money. It is logical that there is a limit. But you can not reach this limit. Because when you sign up, they are generous. However, in the meantime, no survey or money-making activity becomes available. This “surveys” app was among the apps I downloaded to make extra money. Yes, they did. When I reached to 10 dollars. I clicked to claim money. To my surprise, the money arrived in my account on the same day, which is what I did not expect. So I assure you that this app is real. The “in-app customer support” is also active. I had two different issues with my account. They responded and resolved my case in a few hours, which is also another best practice. A big thank to the developers!

Do enough surveys, get $10. I could do the math and average it out for for you, but I’m lazy. That being said, this app is perfect for me! I get a notification for a survey, it will tell me its worth $1-$3 (I’ve had one was worth $10, to see a movie, and because I wanted to see it anyway, I went!), maybe $5-$6, there is really no set in stone price you will receive. I click in and I always accept, because even if you end up not qualifying, you can get $.10-$.25 just for opening the survey. One of them gave me $.50. That’s no set in stone, either.. Yes, on the majority, you will get nothing if you answer a question and they deem you not qualified. As of right now, I’ve redeemed 8 times! So most times it’s just $10+ except for that one time I redeemed more because of the movie. So why not? Yeah you’re giving away information about your opinions, and yes there are surveys that want photos of your phone bill, but those are the ones that pay better money. If you’re worried about your credit card info being stolen, that info is not on the pictures they want of. Do the surveys at your own discretion. But hey, I’ve made almost $100, did you?

I love it!!. I don’t write reviews but this app needs one. This app is really legit. With me just wanting a few extra bucks for emergencies or so this app helps. Their surveys goes $16(if you do digital) down to $0.50. Even if you don’t qualify you get 10 cents which sounds like a little bit but it adds up fast. I get surveys everyday. Now you need a minimum of $10 for cash out but it works and once you reach that cash out it takes seconds to go to your PayPal! Now if you do finish a survey it will say pending for a few days, maybe 2-4. That’s the one part I wish was different but it’s great. Also with the support of which your surveys stops or kick you out is very fast and they solve the problem in no time. If you’re looking for a few bucks and have some extra time download this app because it’s amazing. I wish I could post to the pictures on here so you guys can see the payouts but I love this app!!

Member for 4 years. First of all, this is the only review I have ever written on the App Store. I’ve had an iPhone for nearly 6 years. Never wrote a review for Samsung when I had their phones. Anyway, I say this to drive home the point that this review is important for me because I’ve never written a review. Secondly, I’ve been a member of this app for 4 years (maybe a little longer). They have always given me plenty of surveys and at a good rate. Since first getting the app about 4 years ago, I cash out my $10 at least twice a year. So I’ve made about $80 give or take. I use other survey apps but this one is by far the best and most generous. Even when I don’t qualify for a survey, they compensate my time by giving me 10 cents. These add up quickly. They are also the best app for receiving surveys based on location so be sure to turn on location services. Overall, I’m a fan of this app as they have given me many opportunities to make some extra money.

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Frustrating. I downloaded this app a couple months ago, and first of all, it is legit. I have cashed out and do get surveys regularly it seems. My complaint is this - I receive notification that a survey is available. Sometimes I go through several minutes of answering questions and only then get kicked out saying “not qualified”. The most ridiculous times this happens is when answering the ‘captcha’ I’m not a robot verifications... many times I have answered these only to immediately get disqualified. For what? Another frustrating scenario - walking into a store and get a notification asking “where are you about to walk into” with a list of stores. The store I’m going to is on the list. Click it and boom - disqualified. I’ve been disqualified more times that successfully completing a survey. At least you get a good ol’ dime every DQ.

Frustrating. I am so annoyed with this app where I have earned nearly $10 but I can never redeem the balance out of it. At the beginning everything was fine until I have earned $9, every single survey started to show that “we exceeded our expected goals sooner than anticipated” etc etc. every single one of them. It’s been months and my balance is still $9ish. Don’t waste your time on this app, better try something else. Edit: it’s been almost a year since I downloaded this app and my balance is still stuck at $9. I decided to give this mess a last chance since the new version has an offer says install a vpn and let them peek into your phone they grantee you some surveys for at least $5 a week. Sounds stupid right, but I was like I just need to get the last $1 and Im done. And, unsurprisingly, there’s still no new survey showing up or what so ever. And with that vpn thing, you can’t get access to a lot of things like App Store nor open several websites. I’ve successfully cashed out $200+ with other survey apps so, I’ll say it again, don’t waste your time on this one.

Realest $$ making app out there. All the positive reviews are spot on. I make $10-$15 a month from this survey app. Even more for special opportunities! Sometimes they select you to test products that get mailed to your address and you earn extra for doing so. You’re always guaranteed 10 cents per survey if you don’t qualify. They resolve any problems I ever have quickly. I’ve had it for about 3 years now & have made OVER $400 so far! I love that they offer PayPal as a choice to redeem my balance. This app is very reliable too. Try to check the app as soon as they notify you about a new survey. If you’re consistent, then it doesn’t take too long to get to the minimum cash out amount being $10. Just put in the work and you can earn a lot with this survey app. Seriously the best I’ve ever used and the only one I continue to use!

Some surveys take info without pay. A lot of your surveys take loads of my information. Afterwards I am expecting a certain payment. Then, as I finish. I receive a much less payment. Also some of your surveys are stealing information from me by accumulating a significant amount of my information which is all personal, then telling me I’m not eligible for the survey. This seems to be fraudulent and misleading. When seeing the advertisement for the app, was told I’d be paid for my responses, not scammed out of my information. I have talked to my lawyer about this. He is checking into all the details of how your app “supposedly functions”. I have lads of screenshots and proof and will take legal action if I do not see changes in this scamming app. You can’t take 20 minutes to an hour of someone’s time and gather they’re information with the promise of paying them a said amount and then not get paid or getting just a tiny portion. Me and my legal team will find out seek out this problem. Rather your falsely advertising and stealing information with the promise of payment.

The best for Surveys. This is the best survey app out there. I wish there were more surveys to take. I have gone days without getting any surveys to take. The “paydays” are good to make a little extra change but it requires VPN. The problem is one day out of the blue the VPN for Surveys started spazzing out. It wouldn’t allow my phone to connect to Wi-Fi and the VPN button was rapidly turning itself off and on. I had to completely remove Surveys VPN. A few days later, I tried again and the same thing happened. I don’t understand how it can work just fine and then all of sudden it goes bonkers. Other than that, 5 stars. Oh, I wish you would allow people cash out at any amount or at least 5 dollars. It can take a while to earn enough to cash out when you’re not getting surveys or you don’t get chosen and only make the .10 cents.

Cool App but…. This app doesn’t seem like a scam so far, I haven’t made enough to cash out but I’ve made a decent amount and hope to cash out soon. One thing is that you almost never qualify for their surveys, which is find bc they reimburse you by giving ten cents. But finally I was picked for a survey and left their app to go to a third party website. The payout was for $2 so I was like “Cool. What could go wrong?” Well I spent 20 AT LEAST on that single survey, answering an ungodly amount of questions for measly $2 but I prevailed. When the survey finally came to a close and they told me I completed the survey, the website sent me back to the app. I checked my balance and was exactly the same as before I started the survey. So I submitted a complaint and of course I was written back with a: “Unfortunately we cannot reimburse you for your time because it seems that this survey had enough submitted responses. Blah blah.” So I’m just very annoyed and plan to delete this as soon as I make $10. Just be careful and be aware you could waste a lot of time doing these surveys just to get nothing.

It works, it’s simple, it’s fun. The app is able to pay you when you’ve accumulated $10 which is really nice, it depends how much you receive for any given survey but I would say the average is $1.00. Sometimes you get $2.00 sometimes ¢15 which can be based on your salary, your race, your gender, your political beliefs or just choices you make. It’s probably determined by what companies want and the surveys are usually interesting. The only thing I don’t like is that we don’t know where the information goes, I know they occasionally tell you that they only hold on to the information for a few months or so but I guess they don’t want to bias the survey by telling you who the survey is for. I would like it better if at the end of every survey we know exactly where our opinions/info is going and can delete the whole interview if we don’t like the company

Worth It. I have used this for years and have collected a good sum of money. The more you engage with the app, the more they’ll send you surveys. I live in LA so there are a lot of opportunities here but I’m not sure if that’s the same in small, rural places. Check the app daily and see if there are any surveys you pre-qualify for. They’ll ask you basic questions to see if you qualify; if you don’t, you receive 10¢, if you do, you’ll be prompted to continue. There are simple surveys around $1 and more complex ones (some that require you to go to a location or take multiple surveys) that pay out more. Once you’ve collected at least $10 you can cash out. There are a few cash out options but I personally like the money to go to PayPal and then I transfer it to my bank. Super cool and easy way to make a little bit of extra cash here and there. Very worth it.

Minimal survey payout & payment adversity. Many of the surveys are not qualified for but I believe it’s because of the lack of direct answers available. Such as household income vs self income. (I have roommates and don’t know their incomes nor do I need to know them) but it throws off the algorithm to say how many people are in a household and then your personal annual income. So that gets many disqualifications as is. Furthermore the payment method can’t go to an already established account. So either it’s a digital wallet or you pay to have a throw away card and neither are great options. Also a few times I have tried to submit a full survey that is finished just for a bug or whatnot that won’t allow submission and then have to speak with online support for the $2 earned for the 20 minute survey taken. Idk. It should and could be a lot better but right now it’s just a 3 star. Meh.

Great app. I’ve had the app for over a year now and have only had two problems with it, both times customer support got back to me within 24 hours and fixed said issues. Their customer support team is absolutely amazing, and for that alone I’d give it 5 stars. With that being said, I’ve made over $100 in the time I’ve had the app. Even if sometimes you don’t get a lot, it adds up fairly quickly. Even when you don’t qualify for a survey, they still give $.10 and that’s always nice, as that adds up too. You cash out at $10, which I like because some places make you wait until $20 or even $30, knowing it takes a long time to get there and you lose interest before even cashing out, making them not have to actually pay and them just gaining the money.

DO NOT IGNORE. If I could give this 0 Stars, I would. The app cheated me out of 11 dollars, which I worked hard to earn. So, I downloaded this app and for a while I loved it. It barely gave me any surveys, but when it did, the surveys usually gave me money. However, it only gives a couple surveys per week, and those I don’t qualify for. However, I thought it was okay because if I didn’t qualify, at least I got ten cents. The other day, I finally got to 11 dollars, so I could cash out. It took me months because the surveys are very rare. So, I eagerly decided to cash out with PayPal. But the email I registered for this with is different from my PayPal email. So I decided to change the email of my account. When I tried, it said “Invalid Email” a bunch. So then, I decided to try it with a different service there, but then it didn’t let me because they had apparently already sent me my money, which they definitely hadn’t. So basically they cheated me out of my money, sort of. It took me months to earn and what am I left with? A broken heart, that’s all. I do not recommend.

Scam, waste of time.. At first, I thought this app was great but after a while of having this app, you grow frustrated and wonder if this app is a scam. Guess what? It is. I have earned $7 using this app by wasting my valuable time filling out their dumb surveys. You can only withdraw in $10 increments. The reason why I say is a scam is because the closer you are to your $10, the less survey they will give you. Most of the time, the app will “pretend” it crashed AFTER you completed your survey so it won’t have to give you any money that you just earned. Which is absolute BS!!! I just wasted 20 minutes of my time to fill out a $3 survey only for it to crash on me after I hit the “submit” button. I close the app and re-opened it only to see that the survey is no longer there while they have already took my submitted survey, my time and energy without having to compensate the $3 they promised. LOAD OF CRAP!!! That would have made it $10 and thought I could withdraw but turns out, nope!!!!! I am deleting this app ASAP!

The Best Survey App. I have been doing this a few years now. I live in a big city so when I’m out and about, I get more surveys popping up based on the gps. I did a product review for $15 and another $20 which was cool recently. I typically cash out when I reach between $20 to $40. My daughter has cashed out higher and faster because she works in a busy metro area and drives more than me. I’ve always been paid. My only con is there were just a few surveys that took way WAY too long to disqualify me. I’m talking like 15 minutes! That of course is a huge con. I feel like those few surveys were bogus and the bad apples of the bunch. Why 5 stars then? Because it happened only a few times and largely over 90% of my experience compared to other survey companies has been fantasy and honest and fair so far!

Waste of time, prepare to get stiffed a LOT!. When the app works, it’s a mildly fun way to make a little money. I’ve been using since early 2019 in NYC visiting many stores frequently and can honestly an average $50/6 months is feasible—but at what cost? The app will say a survey takes 5-10 min but very often will take you 30-45 for maybe $0.50. Endless selections and poorly worded options make most surveys immensely repetitive and boring. More than half the time, you will complete most if not all of the survey before being suddenly ‘disqualified’ and left with nothing. WORST of all, for any survey over $5, you will almost ALWAYS be asked for photos or video and almost always still REJECTED well after completing due to ‘bad images’ or ‘undesirable answers.’ This app tracks your activity 100% of the time, demands hours upon hours of your life for its paying clients, and in returns, MAYBE throws you a $1 every few attempts. Save your time. Respect yourself and skip this souls sucking app. Delete.

By far the best available app. When it comes to paying survey apps this is the only one worth it. Sure there’s not ALWAYS surveys available but at least when there is you will be able to participate most of the time and for better payout. Other apps that provide almost constant surveys will deny your availability to participate 75%-90% of the time. After already wasting upwards of 10-20mins on the survey they will then kick you out of it and give 2 cents for your time and effort. Not to mention if you ever see a 1-2$ survey on other apps and actually miraculously manage to NOT get denied the option to take it, it’ll take you hours to complete. However on this app they’re coming out with those high paying surveys daily and on average only take 15-20mins

Multiple cashouts / no issues. I usually read reviews to determine if I would download an app like this or not. I just don't understand the 1 star reviews. This app is not a scam and fully discloses the information that is required ahead of time (i.e. there is a separate survey that asks if you would be ok submitting your phone bill before the real survey becomes available to you). I have cashed out multiple times and receive the payout quickly. Also, I think the 10 cents for not qualifying for a survey is extremely fair. Some survey sites don't give you anything for not qualifying or they give you entries into "sweepstakes" etc. I will take the cash every day even if it is just 10 pennies. No complaints here. Thank you for offering the opportunity to make a little extra cash.

Solid. This app is pretty solid. Where I live, surveys don’t pop up too much. The ones that do, even if I do not qualify, reward $.10 for attempting. That 10 cents may seem small, but they add up pretty quickly. They also serve as encouragement to keep checking and attempting surveys; furthermore, the $.10, while seemingly trifling, is still better than nothing and that in itself has kept me honest in my responses to surveys. I only have one other app that compensates me and that is a fitness app. Even though I exercise almost daily, I make more on this app than I do the fitness app. The other benefit is this asks for information voluntarily on a per-survey basis vs. the other one which tracks everything. Having control in what I respond to and how I respond to it feels like a more respectable approach to data gathering. Disclaimer? This is my first review ever, so I hope it’s worth it.

Completely Legit and I love it !. Like many of you, I thought this was a scam. To me, there was noo way a survey app would deposit cash into my payapl - alas here I am writing this review. IT’S NOT A SCAM !! IT’S COMPLETELY LEGIT !! Sure, you won’t get $12 surveys at first (you *need* to put in the work and prove you’re a quality customer in order to get better cash survey opportunities), but you’re still getting paid at LEAST 10 cents a survey. They’re not long, just be as detailed as you can. Customer support has solved all of my problems when asked and reached out to, and genuinely I have no complaints. I’m looking to finally get to the point where I get paid to try snacks !! Would love that This is a great way to make some passive cash when you’re available and got some time on your hands. Good for your morning starbucks !

Suggestion to app designers:. The app itself is okay. There's one thing I really hate about it though: often there is a disclaimer at the beginning of a survey that indicate "you may not qualify" for the survey. Then it asks you pretty much the whole survey and at the end it says you're not qualified and only gives you 10¢. To improve this, there should be a limit to how many questions a survey can ask in order to disqualify someone. The surveying party should be able to tell with only a few questions whether or not someone meets the criteria for qualification. (I would suggest an absolute limit of 10 questions.) A participant shouldn't have to answer 20+ complicated, time consuming questions only to be denied the payment, which is usually pretty minuscule to begin with. Spending large amounts of time answering long surveys accurately only to be denied the payment is not an incentive to be truthful. Make it worth participants' while and give them what they've earned.

Great when it works!. I got this app mostly for the novelty of doing surveys, which I find interesting; the money is mostly just a nice bonus. A frequent problem is that the surveys will fail or time out mid-survey, and there’s no way to recover your answers or get credit (even a partial/10 cent credit would be nice if the app or third-party site fails). Yesterday I typed out a bunch of long answers about a TV ad, then the app failed to load the next page at 93%. There’s no back button or refresh option. It was stuck, and I had to kill the app, forfeit the whole survey, my answers, the credit, everything. Since I had already launched it, the app didn’t give me the option to retake it. Since I mostly got the app for fun and to learn more about market research, it wasn’t a huge deal to me, but if the money is a big motivator for you, use with caution. For reference I’ve had this issue both on and off my reliable home wifi.

Identity theft & not accessible to disabled people!. This application is not accessible to people with visual impairments using screen readers! It’s sad that I have to get my nine-year-old daughter to answer the questions for me because your app is not accessible to disable people! And before you say it’s my iPhone, I have no issues at all with anything else on my phone or any other survey apps that I do besides yours! You guys promised big payouts, yet any survey I do you claim I’m not qualified after wasting several of my minutes and only give me a dime! At that rate it will take me five years to cash out! Plus you claim that these surveys are totally anonymous, but yet you get really personal wanting photos of my bills!? That is extremely personal information and almost borderline identity theft to which I will not participate in! This application is definitely not worth it guys! With all the identity theft issues out there, you definitely don’t need to be giving out your exact birthdate, your address from your bills, your personal information like how old your kids are living with you, etc.…

Skeptical at first, second year I’ve used for Christmas.. When I first downloaded this, I was looking for ways I could save up money for Christmas because I didn’t have a job at the time. I was skeptical because I hadn’t heard of it but I was willing to try. The first time I redeemed I got $16 out of it and was very happy to see that I actually got the gift card! And it took maybe 5 minutes to get the email. This year I earned $30. I don’t mind that sometimes I don’t qualify because it still gives $0.10, but for some reason the notifications haven’t been working recently and when I click on the app there’s at least 3. One point I had 2 surveys worth $2 each and I finished one but it glitched, no money at all. Did the second survey and received the money but when I contacted support they said I had already received the money for the survey that glitched. Other than that I haven’t had any problems.

One month in and my first cash out is complete!. I’ve been casually using this app for about a month and I just cashed out for the first time with $10 sent to my PayPal. I’ve earned double that amount, easily, but I’m still waiting for a few of my submissions to be approved. I received the money right away and accepted it, then I was able to successfully transfer it to my bank. So far, so good. I get the usual rejections from surveys I don’t qualify for, as with any of these apps, but I always come away with something even if it’s just 10 cents. I’ve gotten stuck on surveys before where I’ve had to back out and fill in the information again, but I’ve never been penalized for it. In my limited experience of using survey apps, I’d say this one is above average with plenty of potential to improve.

Earned and received money with no problems. I feel like the amount of time that I've put into the app has been fairly well compensated. I've earned $14 so far and just had the PayPal transaction go through successfully when I cashed it in. There aren't surveys every day but when there are you're guaranteed to get at least 10 cents, which is better than most survey systems like this that have you go through half the survey before denying you any payment. Usually it doesn't take that long for these surveys to tell me I'm not eligible - a couple pages at most, so I don't waste too much time. I do wish there was a way to mark "not interested" for a survey. One kept reappearing asking for photos of my cell phone bills and that's too sketchy for me, so it was annoying to have it showing up so often.

Great way to make coffee money!. I’ve really enjoyed using this survey app. It’s really easy and actually fun to do. I didn’t think I would ever get a survey I qualified for and was racking up 10 cents at a time the first few days, which was disappointing, but then I got some good ones as well as an in-store experience and all the sudden I was at $27 after just a week or so! Cashed it out for a coffee card and had the gift certificate in my in box in less than a few minutes. I also contacted support regarding my email address and was very quickly responding to with detailed information about my question as well as the fix I needed (which was my error BTW) to get my certificate. A great experience overall all. I’m not thinking I will make loads of money doing this, but I like being able to cash in for actual money or a gift certificate for free stuff!

AMAZING!. hello everyone! i found out about this app from a tik tok and thought it would be a neat thing to try out. i barely started using it a couple of weeks ago but i love it so much! i love how easy it is to earn money and how it collects very easily. one thing ive been nothing lately is it’s not letting me turn on my vpn. i thought that it was just my phone so i went to update it but it’s updated. since it wasn’t my phone i thought it was the app that needed updating but the app was also updated. i don’t know what is happening. maybe it’s just a small bug but it’s weird because i used to be able to turn my vpn on and off. i tried deleting the vpn then reconnecting it but that didn’t work either. regardless, i hope it gets fixed soon. would hate to have to stop using this amazing app! thank you so much!

Honestly the best!!. I’ve been using this app because a tik tok showed me this was a good way to earn a little cash. It has indeed been so helpful I just earned $30 in a couple days because I also do doordash and it relies on your location and when I’m doing doordash it gives me surveys every couple minutes based on where I’m at so I absolutely love it! We just went thru a hurricane (Ian) in Florida and are expecting another (Depression 11) so all stores are closed for a while but I hope doing online shopping saves me I’m so grateful for surveys because this was extra cash I didn’t have and it’s even more better for me since the hurricane knocked us out of power and all the stores that are barely open are using cash only. Thank you Survey App Creators!

Easy pocket change. I have many extra money apps and of course some are better than others. There is nothing worse than answering questions for 10-20 minutes only to get told disqualified or survey is full and then you get nothing. This app will not do that. It may take several questions to weed you out but it’s an acceptable amount and you always get a dime. I get surveys most every day but more so when I go places away from home. I have been able to cash out every few weeks and that’s meeting the $10 threshold. I would get more but do not always attempt the surveys when I’m busy. It provides extra pocket change in exchange for your time. Some surveys pay too small amount for the time so I do not participate in those, but it’s nice to know the approximate time so I can make that decision. They are a reputable bunch and I appreciate it.

Works so far. Update: cashed out several times. Have had no issues getting my gift cards and using them!!!! While you shouldn’t expect to cash out every day I’ve had this app for a few weeks and have done every survey I could. The good part is they still give you $0.10 if you don’t qualify so it’s not a big let down if you don’t qualify for the survey. I don’t get out much since I’m a stay at home mom and the weather isn’t great right now and have still managed to cash out. I immediately received my payment with no issue. You only need $10 to cash out and with them sending you $1 surveys to answer questions about yourself it’s not hard to get to the $10. Not a way to replace reliable income but definitely worth keeping on your phone to pull surveys up and have extra money.

Pretty low. I don’t qualify for 90% of the surveys sometimes for pretty startling reasons. Actual reasons why I have been not qualified to participate, is being a female, being white, and being cis gendered. I actually had to look that last one up and being young I understand not qualifying for a survey if it’s about technology and you have a bout a phone in three years that makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is when the survey asks what gender you are and you put female and it says not qualified. The other thing which is just as annoying if not even more is, I was taking a survey that said it will take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete worth two dollars. I was no lie doing that survey for two hours and I wasn’t taking my time I was going very quickly. I understand the importance of research but research is supposed to be unbiased and accurate when describing the amount of time it will take to participate.

Great idea. Surveys On The Go is a fantastic way to pass or fill in down time. It’s brilliant to offer small amounts of money for honest input on all kinds of topics and processes we use daily to live. The only down side I have seen is one survey keeps coming that wants to see my Mobil Phone bill. I refuse to do it by entering the survey and cancelling it. We live in an area where only one provider has decent coverage, so why deal with the others that will hound me? It’s no big deal though. The rest have been on different habits, shopping, traveling, eating, medical related topics. I just cashed my first $100 pay out and will be applying it to buy a robotic vacuum for our new home. If you don’t mind or like doing surveys, why not get paid for the information you provide? Like I said, it’s a great way to fill in down time and get paid to do it! Ned Hill

No problems here :-). So I’ve been using this app now for about 2 years and I absolutely love it! The most amazing part about the app to me is that if you have a problem or question you can email them and a real person will respond to you within 24-48 hours. They are nice, polite, and helpful. I took a survey that was 15 minutes long and once I got done the survey just froze and didn’t pay me. I sent an email to customer service and they apologized and gave me the money immediately with an extra dollar for my being inconvenienced. I LOVE this app!! Keep up the good work! Finally, I noticed someone said they want pictures of your bills and other personal information. Yes, they do have surveys like that but they are ALWAYS optional!! You can click a box that says “yes, this is for me” or “no, not for me” simple as that. Your not forced to take it.

Data Usage Beware - 437GB!!. Holy cr_p you guys, I love this app, but it has to go now. I’ve been running over my allotted cellular data and getting my connection massively slowed as a result. When I opened my settings to investigate this app popped up as the most cellular data used by TEN TIMES more than my next highest use app (which was my photos app) I haven’t even opened this app to do a survey this month and it has used 437GB of data!!!! That blows my mind, my 2nd and 3rd highest use apps after that are 33GB and then 7.6GB - not even comparable. I love this app, it’s legit, it pays well for its surveys and has lots of opportunities, but it’s costing me way more than the $10/month I can earn in data usage and lost productivity due to my phone being slowed down. I hate to do it but I have to turn this puppy off, I don’t understand why they need to use TEN TIMES more than my highest using app and more data than ALL my other apps combined, that’s nuts. If your phone has been slow, check your cellular data usage. Eek!

Not bad!. Okay so first of all a majority of the surveys I do I end up not qualifying for but still get paid, 0.10 which is OKAY better than nothing, secondly, it has a $10 minimum to redeem for PayPal or Starbucks or etc etc, that’s cool, keeps u coming back, HOWEVER, it takes me about 3-4 months to make $10, I work from home so I had my gf sign up see how much she could make sense she travels more than me and with the little travel I do I actually made more than her still. I made about $20-$30 in about a years time (woopty dooh but I take money where I can get it), and the reason I had more surveys I’m guessing is because it’s based on how I answered the “about me” surveys. So is this app worth it? Yeah totally! This app allowed me to make $20-$30 doing nothing, sitting on my phone, and it’s taken about an hour of my time total. That’s awesome.

Survey site sometimes flakes out. I have cashed out money on this site, so it is legitimate; however, it is frustrating when you spend 25 minutes on a survey, receive a submittal notification (so the company has all my answers and demographic information), and then do not receive any compensation. After contacting support, apparently the company had all the responses they needed. So, why did it confirm it received my answers? That is just shady. I would be wary of any of the surveys that take you to sites like “Harris associates”, as this has occurred a few times when I it re-routes me to their partners. There are other survey companies out there that pay you .25 cents to a $1 for 1-3 minute surveys; it is a lot easier/faster to hit your dollar targets with those than it is to spend 25 minutes on a $1.50 survey that you compete, but will never be paid out. Am seriously reconsidering if I will continue using this app unless support steps up and gets me my payment. I will definitely no longer complete any rerouted Harris Associates surveys through this company.

I’m annoyed with this app. I was really excited about this app because it had so many great reviews I thought I hit the jackpot. I downloaded this app two months ago( might have been longer)and I haven't gotten a survey yet. I turned on my notifications and gave them I the information I thought they needed to get in contact with me in case a survey popped up. about a month into having the app I finally got a notification saying there was a survey available. I was super excited because for some reason I thought that when they gave me my first survey they would start giving me more and more surveys the longer I have the app. Anyway I was on my phone when I got the notification so I opened it right away and when I opened it, it told me the survey was no longer available. This has happened to me multiple times now including 5 minutes ago which made me want to right this survey. I just don’t understand what’s going on with this app.

Like having this. I do like having this app. I’ve been able to earn some extra money by completing their surveys. The only things I would change are (1) I wish I would get more surveys. (2) I don’t like it when I’ve completed a lot of information for a survey, and then they tell me I either don’t qualify, or they have all the surveys they need. It’s a waste of my time then. Otherwise, I’m glad to have this App. 9/6/22: I’ve added a star, because I will say that I’ve sent in two comments/questions, through support, and have gotten reasonable responses. I do appreciate that, though I would still like to get more surveys…and not have to answer so many questions on a survey for them to decide if I’m qualified or not. Would like the qualifications part to take less time.

It pays, but could use some changes. I've been using this app for years now. It does really pay you, the funds are always in my PayPal the same day. But there are a couple things that would really improve it. First, the $10 minimum requirement should be lowered or just removed entirely. 70% or so of the surveys you don't actually qualify, in which case the app gives you $0.10. That gets frustrating especially after you spent 5 - 10 minutes answering questions just to find out you're not eligible. Even with the weekly $0.25 you get in their Payday program, it takes weeks & sometimes even months to get to $10. Also, it'd be better if the surveys offered were at least somewhat filtered to make us more likely to qualify for them. And the process of answering questions for several minutes on some surveys just to see if you qualify should be shorter. 2.5 out of 5 ⭐️.

DATA DEVOURED. WIFI RUINED.. I just looked at other ratings and noticed a lot of other users dealt with wifi issues and phone issues since using this app. This app VPN is constantly working and explains my phones frequency of overheating and slowing down too. My wifi was unstable and constantly going in and out. It was so bad to the point that I had to contact my internet provider to help me repair my connection. I couldn’t even manage my internet through the app because this app interfered so much through VPN. My internet wasn’t connecting anymore. I thought as a result my apps ate up my data since I wasn’t connecting to internet at home. Until this month, I again received this notice and this time only had a few internet problems. I looked at my data usage by app and this app used 43.1 of my 50 GB of data. Having slowed data and rarely receiving payout on the surveys unless you like to give false answers to get payout. It’s not worth it. I did receive a payout of $11 before but I don’t find it worth it especially with the typical subjuct matter of its surveys.

Slow at first but amazing. About 3 years ago I really got into surveys and finding apps that pay so far I’ve actually found quite a few apps and websites. Some have not paid others pay out quickly and some pay out more slowly this app has taken awhile to reach the 10 min for a pay out sometimes I miss surveys but it’s not all that big of a deal for the most part I like this app when a survey does come up right now I save all the earnings but most the other time it fills out gas or milk or food in addition to my job which is nice eventually I plan on just saving all of it I do most of it in my spare time so for that it’s not bad I don’t try to make it my job and only source of income but it’s nice when you don’t have 10 and you can then have 10 when your broke a littles a lot sometimes!

Misleading Survey Payment. While I have amassed a total over $30 in survey payments through 2018, I have only received the advertised survey payment on a handful of occasions. This is an improvement over 2017. You still often get asked up to 20 questions to see if you “qualify” for the paid survey. From the amount of information they have gathered from me, they should know quite well by now if I qualify for a survey or not. If you don’t “qualify” you are sometimes paid a dime for your trouble even though you just gave up a bunch of info on your shopping habits. They do not run as many as they used to of surveys that require a follow-up portion where they want you to send them a photo of your cell phone bill or store receipt. This type still shows up now an then, but less than before. This request is WAY TOO INVASIVE and should be avoided by everyone. I’m surprised they have the gall to even request it.

This App Truly Annoys Me. I’m not sure how it would be done. But there needs to be a way that you can set up your account with certain demographics to already weed out certain surveys. I’ve had this app for a month, and I get one survey to pop up every few days. That’s ridiculous in the first place. But then, I click on it, and the first question will be “what is your gender?” to which I answer, and am immediately disqualified. Or “what is your race?” To which I am also immediately disqualified. It’s getting really old that the only surveys that even pop up on my account are immediate disqualifications. And I do understand that certain surveys are only looking for certain people to answer. And that’s not what I’m annoyed with. I’m annoyed that I’m never qualified for ANY surveys that pop up, on the rare occasion that it ever does happen. I’m about ready to delete this app because quite frankly there’s better survey apps out there, that give you more than one survey every 4 days.

Best by far!. I was pretty upset about the survey on the show Scandal( Im taping the whole season) then just because I didn't watch the show until Sat, taped Thursday. The survey was no longer available to take. . :(. A heads up should be given, as to how much time we had to take the survey.. I think a little more then a day and a half at least. TY It couldn't be any easier and very convenient, it's taking awhile, but I'm earning dollars in the convenience of my own home. ( on my iPhone and iPad, both portable) They are not drawn out like a lot of surveys on line are, for the same compensation! Keep it up and keep the surveys coming... Awesome a year later and the only survey app still sending me surveys! You guys are on top of it Surveys on the Go! I think out of all the survey apps for iPhones, you have def beat them all!

The app works fine but. This is a good way to earn a little extra money but takes a while to be able to cash out. The idea of the app is fine and I get surveys often. My main disappointment is that there are often great paying surveys that will take you through 20 minutes of questions just to tell you that you are not qualified. I am rarely qualified for any of the top paying surveys and I have recently decided to cash out and delete the app. It has taken me over 2 years to make $39. There were times I would be in a store for over 30 minutes and I would get a $10 survey notification after I have checked out and am driving off and I will not make any money. I just got tired of giving so much of my time just to find out I don’t qualify. There are other apps that pay you for just answering a simple question without qualification. I will stick to those apps.

Some surveys are scams and no help from CS. I’ve taken multiple surveys on this app and completed almost all the survey before it suddenly says “sorry you’re no longer qualified for this survey” or “we already have enough responses from your group”. It’s frustrating to get 5-10 minutes into a survey that is supposed to pay $2-3 only to have it kick you out and give you .10 after you’ve answered 85% or more of the survey. I contacted customer service because I was 90% done with a survey when it suddenly said they had enough responses from my group and gave me .10 instead of $2. I am sure that the survey developer still received my response, and was able to gather the data that they were supposed to pay me for, but instead of paying me they scammed me by saying they had enough responses in the 5 minutes it took for me to complete the survey. Just beware, you’ll make .10 over and over again, but it’s very hard to get higher paying surveys and some of them scam you even though you complete them and customer service won’t help rectify the situation.

Money for survey apps that actually work?. My time using this app was a little long, took two months for a $10 payout, but it actually works well. If you travel a whole lot and visit stores there can be a survey that pops up outta now where. You can’t hold them sometimes to do later when you have time either so you gotta do some right then and there. Other than that the next thing is actually getting higher paying surveys. You aren’t gonna get approved for every one of them, but at least you get a little compensation for your time, around $.10 per failed survey. But when you get through it actually will add up the money in your bank on the app. I would only recommend this app for people who don’t need payouts as frequently and want some pocket cash for app purchases or micro transactions. Otherwise decent app with decent payout cap

A Great Way to make extra cash…if you’re a man. I’ve been using this for a few months now! it seemed like the perfect way to make a few extra bucks. The surveys were coming in and I did them they second they did. Obviously I knew I had to build up to the higher paid surveys, Getting .10 to .50 cent surveys No problem! but recently i’ve been getting surveys anywhere from 1-3 dollars and I am excited ! I go to do them and it says i’m unqualified for the surveys when the only question I clicked the answer to is that I am a women? I’ve done multiple surveys where i’m unqualified for being solely a women. I’m frankly disappointed that I was unable to get those dollars for surveys I wanted to do and was interested in Based off of one question which doesn’t even matter. I’m will going to continue with this app because the extra cash it provides me but some of the surveys have me raising an eyebrow.

Reputable Company :-). I don’t write a lot of reviews, but when I do it’s because I feel there is something worth sharing with others. In this case, OnTheGo app surveys sends surveys when your profile matches certain criteria. I’ve taken surveys that paid as little as $0.50 to as much as $4.00, and I can honestly say that they’re a company that pays you promptly when you cash out. You have to earn $10 before each cash out, but I have done it twice already (and it didn’t take me a year before I finally got to the cash out amount). All in all, I give this app a five star rating because they’re free from any misrepresentation, they pay you without hassle, and they even pay you something if you disqualified for a survey (unlike some that take up your time with no compensation).

Money On The Go. This is one of the only survey apps I trust and use regularly. Surveys typically bring me anywhere from 75 cents to $3, but I’ve also been invited to do some in-home testing which is upwards of $10/$20. With a $10 minimum payout, I’ve been able to cash out several times and have amassed at least $50 dollars from this app in about a year, and that’s just using it casually in my free time. Also, I need to make sure that I include how helpful the customer service team is. I have only had two surveys lag out- one due to my own faulty wifi, the other an error, and they made sure I got the money I would’ve received from both surveys. They have been friendly and helpful in all of my interactions. I recommend this app to all of my friends looking for a little extra cash, and I’m recommending it to the person reading this now!

Easy just be patient. This is the problem most people encounter surveys on the go gives you tons of surveys when you first get it but then after it only gives you 1 every 1 to 2 weeks. It took me about 2 months to reach the payout goal but hey it’s still easy money. So if your willing to be patient and fill out some 2 minute surveys then it’s great! I love this app! Also you’ll see a lot of people complain about filling out most of a survey which is a 2 minute survey and saying that then it said they don’t qualify and only gives them 10 cents. Well it’s rare to find surveys that give you 10 cents at all usually it’s only 1 or 2 cents and it takes a while to build up that’s still the case here but I enjoy it! Highly recommend. I do however wish there was a way to earn money through referrals but that’s ok.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 2.58.11
Play Store net.surveysonthego.surveysonthego
Compatibility iOS 14.0 or later

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The applications Surveys On The Go was published in the category Lifestyle on 2011-06-15 and was developed by MFour Mobile Research, Inc [Developer ID: 443052661]. This program file size is 93.51 MB. This app has been rated by 68,323 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Surveys On The Go - Lifestyle app posted on 2023-05-18 current version is 2.58.11 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: net.surveysonthego.surveysonthego. Languages supported by the app:

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