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The Secret to Money is an app that is designed to change the way you think about money, and to radically change the circumstances of money in your life.

Inspired by Rhonda Byrne's worldwide best selling phenomenon, The Secret, in this app you will develop a whole new perspective on your own personal finances and potential to live a life of abundance.

The Secret to Money is a personal development program of games and daily activities created by Rhonda Byrne herself, featuring 6 powerful Secret-inspired practices that will help you develop a wealth mindset:


DESIRES: In this practice, you create a list of 7 things you would buy if money were no object. This "Secret" list reminds you of why you want more money in your life, and what it would actually feel like to have the things you desire most.

PURCHASES: In this practice, you will change your mindset about money by spending large amounts of money in your imagination. Every day, you will receive virtual checks in escalating amounts from the Bank of the Universe, as first introduced in The Secret book. Using your imagination, you “spend” each check on whatever you want or need, and record these purchases within the app. Currencies are localised for each country and set according to the language and location setting on the phone or tablet.

MANIFESTED MONEY: In this practice, you record all the ways that you have manifested money today - money you have received, saved, were gifted or refunded. You will be surprised by how much "Secret" money you begin to manifest every day that you are practicing The Secret to Money.

DAILY INSPIRATIONS: When it comes to money, a little bit of inspiration goes a long way towards increasing the money in your life. In this daily practice, you will receive inspiring, financially themed messages drawn from The Secret books in order to help you change the way you think about money. Each inspiration is available to share.

AFFIRMATIONS: Affirmations are positive statements that you make to create a positive mindset and change your life on a particular subject. In this daily practice, you will read 25 unique affirmations of wealth and abundance inspired by The Secret to help change your money mindset.

GIVING: In this practice, you record all the ways that you have given to others - charitable donations, tips, gifts and giveaways, covering the check at dinner, or buying coffee for a friend. You will be surprised by how much you give to others every day that you are practicing The Secret to Money.

The Secret to Money was designed specifically for you as your invitation to use The Secret in order to live the life of your dreams. As Rhonda says herself:

"Like many people, I was brought up with the belief that money is hard to come by, and that you have to work really hard for money. I even had the belief that I would never have much money because my family didn’t have money.

"All these beliefs came from just one belief – a belief in a lack of money.

"So, in 2004, while researching for The Secret film, I created many different money practices and invented lots of imaginary money games in order to change my belief in a lack of money to a belief in an abundance of money. I committed to these practices, and did them every day. And today, there is no lack in my life whatsoever.

"The Secret team has taken my life-changing money practices that took me from lack to abundance and put them into The Secret to Money App. The App is simple, practical, and designed to radically change the circumstances of money in your life, as it did for me."

Available in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Hindi and Mandarin.

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- Use it every morning

I love this app! I have a little ritual in the morning of laying out all the checks I have received, (I deposit remotely so I keep the checks) putting myself in a high vibration of money. I read the affirmations slowly and truly feel the truth of it. I love spending the money the app gives you everyday. The only tip I have, is every month I delete the app and then restart it because the spending checks get too high for me to spend. I try to keep it as real as possible. I love keeping track of all my gifts. I swear, people are coming over bringing me boxes of Godiva chocolates, plants, skincare, and unexpected money. I say yes, yes yes! Write everything down. Even if you find a lost Starbucks gift card. I also love the Thinkup app. 25 bucks but worth it. I record my own affirmations, in my voice and the app plays it back. I listen while getting ready in the morning and in my car. Also, dont forget to give give give. You can't fool the Universe. Giving puts you in an even higher vibration.

- Needs work

I had this app for about a week and then suddenly my app reset itself and I lost all the saved purchases, my list of manifested money, the daily inspirations now only show a blank screen, and I had to add the desires part twice now --- I feel like any day now everything will wipe itself out and I have to start all over from the beginning. I really wish that the account wouldn't show that you have $0 balance and that if you type in more money than you have it says insufficient funds. It is a bit annoying that you don't have the option to save the money so you can buy something really big instead of just buying random things that don't really matter to you just to clear it so you would get a check the next day. That doesn't put me in the right mindset. In real life I could afford to buy anything I want that it's the range of checks I'm receiving. I just want to get and save big checks so I buy what really will make a difference. That app has good, easy to understand design. Everything is laid out nicely. It's just too bad that it's not working properly and also the functions are very limited.

- Love it

Started it over to receive the daily checks again because that really helps change your mindset & my finances have changed dramatically since the install about a month and a half ago. Definitely helps you to appreciate the things you receive & by making a list and purchases with the money you receive daily it drastically changes your attitude on money. Within 3-4 weeks of using it I was told about a new job, didn't look for it didn't interview for it, I'm able to take my daughters with me, set my own hours & am making double what I used to make hourly, without paying for childcare. I noticed the things I listed in my purchases suddenly started showing up & I wasn't the one buying them, they started appearing as gifts or in the form of discounts. I wish I could give this app more stars & have been adamantly recommending to my sister. Best 4.99 I've ever spent 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

- Helps me FEEL it

I love this app. It's a great tool to help you feel the idea of growing abundance, which for me is half the battle in manifesting! You get "magic" money from the Universe every day or so, in increasing amounts, which you then get to day dream about how to spend. And whether you spend the money on practical things, like paying off debt, or tithing, or buying things you've been dreaming about, it feels good to do it, and to get in the flow of the Universe wanting to give you all that you need and desire. I also love the daily affirmations, and the section of the app where you log actual unexpected financial gifts (someone paying for your lunch, a discount on something, an unexpected check, etc). I love using the app, and have gifted to to my wife and other friends, and they seem to have fun with it to. If you believe in the Law Of Attraction, this is a terrific tool!

- Dear Developer

I love the app and receiving my daily checks and reading the affirmations. My con is that the app limits your daily amount. I’ve been stuck at $200,000 a day for a while now which is counter productive because it’s basically saying that you can’t have more than that from the universe in a given day. While I know that’s not true I focus on being grateful for the $200k a day to not put negative energy on not receiving more. I also wish the app would allow you to save the money to add up to a bigger purchase one that’s more meaningful especially since the amount doesn’t increase. I would prefer the increase over saving since savings says you don’t have it right now but I’ll take whatever you can develop to increase our purchasing and release power. I truly appreciate what has been developed thus far. It is really helping my mindset and I want to thank you for that.

- Love it!

***updated*** Thank you so much for fixing the manifested money section! Love the new donations tab and additional affirmations. This app has really helped me with manifesting money and changing my money mindset. I have loved this app since I got it two years ago but this update is unusable. It crashes every time I open the manifested money section and try to record something or scroll through it since it now has my January numbers on top instead of most recent. I don’t love the new cents feature since I’ve been rounding all year to accommodate not having it. It would be better to add at the beginning of a new year. I delete the app at the end of the year and start the new year with new numbers so I can track it by the calendar year not how long I’ve had the app.

- New update is terrible

I love this app! It’s incredible and it helps me to change my mindset about money. The only thing I dislike is a new update. My phone downloads all updates automatically so I didn’t know that in order to keep my track I should have avoided the update because it erased everything. Now the app constantly shows I have a notification, but it’s nowhere to be found. Besides it doesn’t show the daily inspirations, there is just a blank page. Please fix this bug. The latest update 1.1.6. to fix bugs in the previous update didn’t do anything. As a matter of fact it’s not an update just an update in writing. I still see the notification which I can’t find and the daily inspiration is blank. I’ve already deleted the app and reinstalled several times :( All issues have been fixed. Thank you developers for quick response!

- Great app, needs some improvements

I like this app a lot. It feels really good to cash my check everyday. It does glitch sometimes, and I don't get my notifications, or my check never comes in, other times it gives me two checks in the same day, which I love! But I've been stuck at $200,000 for months now. I thought the checks were supposed to keep growing daily/weekly. It'd be great if they fixed that. I love the daily inspirations and I'd like to see a more fun way to engage with my affirmations and desires. For whatever reason this part of the app just don't pull me in. Also, my purchases screen always shows my very first purchase on the app, not the most recent which I would prefer and the ability to edit purchases. Overall a solid app that is really helpful in fostering a wealth and prosperity mindset that could do with a few tweaks here and there.

- Believe and you will receive

The Secret app retrains your mind to think positively about nearly every circumstance in your life. It has helped bring a refreshing change to not just my mindset but my husband’s as well. The daily ritual of depositing and manifesting money creates new habits of mind and a paradigm shift in your current and future relationship with money. It opens your mind to attract wealth, to recognize and manifest a richer life in every way. The inspirational quotes and affirmations remind you to be grateful for the abundance you attract. While the focus is money with this app, the richness you attract manifests in non-monetary ways should you allow your mind to recognize and receive the gifts of the universe. Believe and you will receive. Retrain your brain.

- Good discipline - seeing results

Like many I have issues around whether I deserve to be financially comfortable. I don’t want lots of ‘stuff’ but getting to the point where, as a divorced single woman I can buy my own home will be a huge and necessary achievement. The Secret allows me to get comfortable thinking big, receiving gifts and of course, sharing the wealth. By noting the unexpected and spontaneous money or gifts of monetary value that come into my life, I find that I am welcoming them instead of blocking them. More abundance for me is more for all as we have limitless resources. I do not consider myself very disciplined but don’t need to be to enjoy opening the app, engaging in the processes and noticing that my bank account has been increasing again.

- It Really Works!!

Using this app and it’s principles of Law of Attraction have helped me change my entire life and my financial situation. I went from always having overdrafts, not having enough money, poverty thinking, and making “life decisions” every time I paid a bill or wanted to spend money (groceries, kids stuff, back to school, eat out, treat myself, provide for holidays and let’s not even discuss emergencies). Now, I have several bank accounts—all with hefty balances. I can afford whatever want within reason (and I have a bonafide plan for how to acquire the things that cost more than I have). Bottom line, I have lifted the chains of limitation from my life. Why don’t you do the same!!

- Thoughts Become Things

“What We Think About, We Bring About.” I think we all get into negative thinking to a degree and they say it takes 21 days to form a habit. This App is incredible as it makes small, incremental changes in your thinking and focus everyday, which is incredibly important for change to happen. It fully engages you to take action in your thinking and focus during the day. This leads to success and creates internal happiness which it’s all about. Feeling good and thinking great thoughts about today translate into the future. Although this is a Money Manifestation App, you’ll soon realize it’s a lot more than that and it will permeate into all areas of your life.

- Still Buggy ** update: bugs fixed

(Update: Thanks, all of the issues described below were resolved with your latest update!) I am a new user and did not experience the agony of the lost data, however It's still difficult to fully appreciate this app considering the rave reviews it has received. With the recent update, my app no longer shows the Daily Inspiration. The page is blank. If I tap to "Share" the inspiration (with blank page) the inspiration shows up in the message, but the app page remains blank. Also, I only get the notification for the daily check and nothing else, even though all notifications are timed and on.

- Having fun with this

My friend, Betsy, introduced me to this app. I have been having a lot of fun with it. I am noticing that I want to spend my money productively and responsibly, so it’s been fun to think about fun things to buy. Also, it’s reminding me to use a lot of it for charity projects that I am interested in!! The manifested money price is a little difficult for me, in that I am seeing how small my box really is in my beliefs around making money. So this will be helpful in expanding my awareness and ideas about revenue streams. One little tweak I’ve started doing with this section is every time I put in manifested money I add a zero to it! Just have fun with it, and let it expand your box.

- Bright Moment of my day

I like the app to be my daily reminder and it helps to center my thoughts around money beliefs and learning. It’s fun at the same time. I love the spending feature and receiving checks ;) also the inspirations are very uplifting. I noticed that what I think about as next step comes in the inspiration, like I manifest them. One day I had a thought about making me vision board and later I opened the app and I got the inspiration about making vision board! I made one and look at it every day few times a day. I’m grateful for the app as this allows me to improve my money story on daily basis and frequently. I’m making progress! Thank you!

- Totally worth the $$$!!

This app ,which I have been using for about a week straight now, is really about changing your thought process. I warn you though DO NOT get this app if your looking for a quick fix to your life! This PROCESS is more about changing your LONG TERM life, ideas and behaviors towards money. This APP is about the long term commitment to your attitude about wealth and your belief in your version of financial success and freedom. This app is NOT about budgeting, entering numbers on a form, signing up for some account, nor is it advice on financial planning or investing. I have and will continue to recommend this app to those looking to change their mindset on wealth.

- I am so thankful for this app!

This app teaches you to become money conscious and is a fun reminder to continue to bring your thoughts toward the attainment of wealth! I highly recommend the notifications be left on so that it is easier to remember to read the daily inspiration or affirmations. The more I use this app, the more apparent I see the law working in my benefit! I enjoy seeing how much I have manifested, and I am excited to watch that number continue to grow. Above all, I have recommended this app to all of my close friends but I really recommend this app for anyone that knows about the law of attraction and is looking to hone their use of the law!

- Excellent App Like!

When I do my devotional in the morning I do Jesus Calling 1st. Then as I go through the affirmations in the Secret of Money, I say Thank You Lord for ...... where it would say “the universe”. Anyone who has ever been uncomfortable with The Secret can overcome that easily in this way. This app is well thought out and I works in making your brain and your feelings sync up. I really like the manifested money part where I can make note of unexpected $ that appear! I use the affirmations every day. In fact, this whole app is part of my morning every day. Very valuable! Thanks for inventing this. I appreciate you!

- AMAZING Money App

I am SO deeply grateful and happy with this amazing money phone app!!! It has all the necessary tools that help me joyfully focus and consciously create more prosperity and wealth in my life. I LOVE receiving big checks every morning and it's been a great "push" to have me spend it all. It's been a good change for me to spend from an abundance vibration vs save & hold from a scarcity one. I also love recording money that I am manifesting in various ways. It helps me to more fully recognize and receive those blessings and feel them vibrationally. The affirmations and inspirational ideas are also very helpful. Thanks for an AMAZING Money App!!!!!!

- Latest Update Needs Updating, Still Not Working

I received an e-mail from the developer after posting the review below. It said that the issue with the Daily Inspirations was fixed. It IS NOT! Also, I have $0. to spend! It has been several days since I received the e-mail, and nothing is fixed. Pretty frustrating... I enjoyed the app very much until that update that messed up a lot of it. Sorry to say, your corrective update is worse. When I click on Daily Inspirations, the app just crashes, so the fix needs further fixing! Also, the update before that did not restore the dates to my Manifested Money list. I hope you can take care of these problems...everything was fine before.

- My dream car was the first thing in my desires' list

Manifested my dream car and I truly believe it happened thanks to this app. It m made me more grateful about money, every time I save even $0.10 I count it as manifested money and feel grateful about it. Can't wait to receive everything else in my desires' list. Thanks Universe!! Btw, the only thing I would change about the money app is having to scroll all the way up in order to start a new entry in the manifested money part. It would be easier if that tab was at the top of the list. Still feel grateful for this app ❤️ thanks ❤️

- Latest update brought some weird issues

I love this app and have been using it almost daily for over a year. I noticed that after the last update there are some annoying issues. The check doesn’t come up when you first tap on Purchases, you have to wait for it to “pop up.” And until the check pops up, nothing else in the app works. Also, the list of purchases and manifested money is now listed backwards, from first to last; I much preferred to how it was before, listing the most recents at the top. Just a few observations to hopefully make the team aware to get these fixed. I love this app otherwise, great companion to my morning meditation and crystal grid ritual.

- Helpful at first

I wish I could give a better rating because I do like it. I liked the variety and mystery of “what check will come today?”. But, after a month of using it, the daily manifested check caps at $200k which makes it let’s interesting. It takes away that unknown from it and makes it so predictable and mechanical. Also, the “purchases” that you make in the app, the imaginary ones that is, don’t have any way to tally them. I’d love to be able to have an imaginary set of accounts to track how much imaginary money I’ve put in my account or how much I’ve spent on vacations. This app is great for the first few weeks, but I’ve lost some interest. The developers could do better

- Lati

I write this review to said thank you, thank you, thank you for that you refreshed the affirmations in the app, it’s totally elevated my spirit.. I am extremely grateful and hope that you do it a lot and even refresh all the app for it’s will be fun to do it daily. I got the app 2 years ago, I do it almost daily and I love it, I can said I have more Abundance then before for sure.. I do feel comfortable in life and I am grateful for it.. I have a big dream about money, but I am also believe in destiny and timing so I am not feel bad because I didn’t got Rich yet. Thank you for I am rich any moment now.

- Don’t ask me how, but it works!

Within days of me buying this app, I literally started manifesting things that I’ve wanted into my life. After being turned down by dealership after dealership, I went to this last dealership (after I bought this app) and when I waked in, the salesman gave me $10 just for stopping by. I not only got a car that day, but I got one that I previously never thought I’d get. I immediately started working a second job and the income from that has been great! I’ve done this job before full time and I make more now working part time! It’s all in your mind!!! Creating wealth starts within! I’m creating new habits for myself and when I start to do things that were not serving me (wasting time on negativity) I acknowledge it, and move on. I don’t dwell on it-I keep it moving. Over time it stared to become second nature and abundance in many forms has been coming my way! Really give this app a try!!! It’ll be worth it

- Fun App

I’ve only used the app for a little over a week now, I really enjoy the spending the checks you get everyday and the saying aloud the affirmations. However, one frustrating thing I encountered that I would love to have changed would be to allow for loose change to be tracked in the manifested money part, you can only input amounts of one dollar and up and then only on a whole dollar. Finding change on the ground and actually picking it up so that it can be tracked would make the app that much more fun. As of now I don’t use that portion as much because if I come across a quarter, I’m not gonna say I manifested a dollar.

- Be open

This is a fantastic tool to help get your mind ready to receive life’s abundance. Ive used it for years, seeing I’ve manifest over 20,000$ in a couple years is mind blowing. The times people bought my coffee, or a fee got waived or I came into a surprise amount of money has added to this total making me realize how loved, and fortunate I am. Money comes in many different ways, just like being rich.. I feel like the riches person in the world, even with only 233$ in my bank account. More is on its way. God is good. Life is giving. Thank you for this app!

- Abundance

When I started using the secret to money app I was curious and willing to see what it was about. As I began reading the affirmations and the daily inspirational paragraph I instantly believed what I was reading was true!! Once I started spending those virtual checks and experienced the feelings of buying things for other people money started to flow to me. I have already been able to actually do 3 things I had listed on my desires page!! It has been amazing. My life has been forever changed, I will never feel lack of anything in my life again!!!

- Review

I watch The Secret almost daily for inspiration. This App adds to that by helping me “RECEIVE.” Giving me the money daily, makes me feel differently about money. I ALWAYS have it coming in daily so I can keep spending and appreciating the fact that I HAVE it always coming in. It’s like a circle...continuously going around. Thanks brings about more and so on and so on. Thank you to all the people who put The Secret and this App into the world so we can transform ourselves. These two things have truly changed my life and the way I see the world. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

- A great tool to help change your mindset

In life we often know what we want but need assistance in logistical next steps, or finding a way to make something abstract more concrete. This app did both for me - I knew that I wanted to change my mindset about money to one of more abundance - and was taking steps to do so, but I feel like this app helped me do it much faster, and a much more habitual and concrete way because of the daily activities it has, and because they are activities I feel more engaged with my goal of changing my mindset about money. And bonus - it's fun!

- I am delighted for investing in this app

I hesitated in purchasing this app, but I took a leap of faith and purchased it. I am so delighted to have this app to keep me and my thoughts on track. Although there may be some glitches, the simple solution is to shut down the phone and restart it again and the app will run smoothly. By having this app and be actively using it everyday, I can honestly say that I feel a positive shift in my thoughts and behavior. Thank you so much and I thank myself for taking the leap of faith. Invest in this app as it wi be the greatest asset for yourself and your well being.

- It really works

I’ve been doing the practices in this app for a little under a week. I’ve already received over $4000 unexpected income ( found a check which was mixed into some unopened mail in a bag while cleaning out a closet). Putting your mind in a mode of gratitude is so powerful. Practicing receiving every day is a key. Your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined. The mediation available through this app is magical if you choose to do it every day. Release resistance and all is yours! Get this app if you struggle attracting money and abundance.

- I love it!

It's a gentle reminder, every single day. That the Universe has more than enough for ALL of us. It's not just me, it's for you too! It's for everybody. I wish everyone read her book. Maybe it would change the hearts and minds of some of the mean people on this planet. I love the app, it's easy to use and the instructions are clear. I know that I've spent way more money at the corner store on junk that gave me nothing in return. I'm "Seeing" actually seeing my investment returned through the app. It's wonderful and I recommend it to one and all. Bountiful Blessings to all !!!

- Wish I’d Started Sooner

I read “The Secret” many years ago and was deeply inspired by both the book and the movie. I found this app around May in the midst of the pandemic when I was struggling financially. I wish I had started it sooner; it has helped to keep me focused on wealth, lifted my spirits, and was instrumental in manifesting much needed money. I enjoy spending my checks every week. I discovered what truly mattered to me. Giving thanks daily for my top 7 desires keeps me focused. Keeping a log of manifested money gave me such a surprise at just how often I get freebies. The Giving section is a great reminder to spread the wealth and spread word. Thank you so very much for sharing this app! Instructions on how to use the app are clear and straightforward. The only questions I have about this app are: do I keep going? Will the program change when I hit the $5M or higher mark? Are there only 25 affirmations that recycle daily?

- Best money I’ve ever spent

My husband and I downloaded the app on Christmas Day and manifested $120 in cash two days later. He had a thought that he had $20 in a drawer and when he went to look there were 6 bills of $20🎉 Ever since we got the app we’ve noticed that we feel more calm and confident about receiving money. It’s like our frequency is up most of the time and we even feel happier. I enjoy reading the I affirmations and even got the Daily Teachings App to better understand how the law works. It’s amazing, definitely recommend the app🙌🏻

- Found this very helpful

I have been using this app for years, and while it’s taken time for me to change my thought process - all of a sudden I’m not so worried about money anymore. Like a light went off and it was due to the daily affirmations, the spending of money etc. I find if I get out of my own way, the universe takes care of it for you. This doesn’t mean you just sit back and wait. You have to be proactive and do something. To attract it but the app gave me focus and I find I’m not as anxious about it anymore.

- Like very much but needs work

I have been using the app for about 2 weeks with good results. I have even manifested real money and got a raise at work! An issue to fix is it keeps skipping daily checks even though I have completed everything for the previous day. It’s really a downer when I am looking forward to receiving my daily check and one never arrives. It’s constantly setting me back with my manifesting skills. Something I would love to see in a future update is a way to create multiple imaginary accounts to deposit my money into to watch them grow larger and larger. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so grateful for this app!!!

- Had To Restart Twice...

I could really love the app and would give it 5 stars IF I didn’t have to begin each time there’s an iOS update. Ive begun the process again, but now it is stuck on purchases when I I started again. If I didn’t have a bit of self awareness, I’d almost feel like I’m not worthy of having prosperity. I went from day 33, back down to day one. Nonetheless, I’m giving it 3 stars for two reasons: primarily starting over again, and it being stuck. Other than that I love it. I enjoy figuring out the what if. I’m more philanthropic than I had once thought. Id love for this to be a real life occurrence. Fix these and I will change it to a 5+.

- Reinventing

I’m a recently divorced 60 yr old woman struggling w money issues which is new territory for me. I lost a huge advertising account and had to pay my ex large sums of money. I fell into a pit but then a good friend of mine exposed me to the book The Secret. What an eye opener! So many transformations have occurred since I started practicing its principals. The app definitely keeps my daily focus where it needs to be— I can’t wait to tell everyone my story which but I will once my journey is complete. I know it is right around the corner! Thank you Secret! Forever grateful!

- Money Money! ✨

I am just getting started with this app, but I have been enjoying The Secret Law of Attraction for 12 beautiful years now. The Secret has changed my life so incredibly and continues to on a daily basis. This App is incredible, well laid out , and has been helpful for me in only a few days, I feel more positive about money already! The Universe does conspire to bring us every thing we want! It's exactly what I needed to become a stronger and even more grateful money magnet! Thank you thank you thank you 😊❤️💰

- A great app!!!

I LOVE this app and use it in my daily practice. It’s very much helped shift my money mindset! If anyone’s seen the movie when the Gentlemen talks about getting checks in the mail.. it happened to me too! After a few weeks of using the app I got a $515 check from a bank lawsuit from something 10 years ago! I’ve also received so many discounts. Unexpected ones from doctors. I am definitely a fan. And I love being even more conscious of all the ways the universe gives me money!

- Great concept could use some fine tuning

Update: it's been just about a year and now I'm getting daily checks to a point I don't know where to spend raising your level of philanthropy and feeling of abundance. Definitely a great feature!! Original comments: The app is supposed to give you a reminder each day for various actions but for Desires it doesn't for some reason send me a notification. Also the affirmations are very limited and keep repeating (maybe that's on purpose) but would like to have seen better ones. Otherwise this is a great app definitely a try more so as it's not that expensive. I've not had it quite for 60 days yet so not sure if it will stop working after that or not like another reviewer was mentioning. Definitely give it a try as it will change your attitude towards money for the better.

- Effective!

I really loved this app and was using it every day. I felt like I was manifesting money and the affirmations were really helping me focus on my goals and attracting more money. The only con are the checks. As the amounts got bigger, it felt impossible to spend them. I was thinking of ANYTHING to use the total on just to get rid of the balance. I understand the intention but there’s only so many material things I want to buy and so many loans I would pay off before the checks lost their effect. I’m trying to find another app now that will help me track manifested money as this is what was the best feature for me.

- No words for how LIFE TRANSFORMING this app is!!

I came across this app by accident. I went to the Secret website and I clicked on one of the blogs (it was my first time on their website), and at the top it asked me "what do I want the most" or something like that and so I chose "Money" and then it brought me to this app. At first I looked at the reviews to see how good the app is, and I saw some REALLY GOOD reviews so I decided to buy it for myself and test it out. And thw second I opened the app, my whole ATTITUDE about MONEY changed and I DON'T KNOW HOW!!! I LOVE THIS APP!!!

- Love this app- It’s helped me change my income significantly

This app helps re-wire the way your brain feels about money. Because everything is energy, and we have feelings associated with money, it’s important to feel positive about it. I want from $50k/year to $500k/year after using this app. I love the section where I can add incoming money and found that there were so many times money unexpectedly showed up, and it’s continuing to randomly show up. I’m also creating / manifesting more income.

- It’s a secret 😀

I’m enjoying the secret app, it would be nice if the blank check could be in the app as well so that you could either print it from your phone or save it to your phone and then print it later. It’s more of a hassle to go into the website to print it out. In the app you could have to where the customers could type on there so all they have to do is print it and post it somewhere. Other than that it’s going good for me.

- The secret is in the notifications

I have a spiritual practice that happens in the morning as a morning routine. But having the secret app on my phone with notifications turned on really changed the game. It reminds me to believe in abundance in random times through the day that allows me to feel good when times that I forget. Follow every guide on the app, believe that you can, and when you hear the cha-ching on your notifications,drop everything and follow it

- LOVE this app!!

This app has been such an incredible support in changing my mindset and making purchases feel real! There's excitement and anticipation each day to see what the check amount will be. There's such fun and Gratitude in "buying" the things you need, helping others, saving, paying bills, planning trips, etc. Feedback: Please allow daily checks to increase over $100,000. Most of us struggle in believing the large amounts are possible, so let the checks go up to $10,000,000 and beyond. That will foster more and more wealth mindset rather than leveling off at one smaller limit. Have the manifested money list reset each day like the Purchases. It's tedious to have to scroll through a month of items to get to the "add" button every day. Other than that this app is a BIG win! Worth every penny and more!

- Help

The Secret app has helped me manifest more financial freedom in my life in the past 50 days. Since reading the affirmations and cashing my checking in the Secret Bank these things have come to life. 21 days after having the app I hit the pick 3 lottery for $20,000. I manifested that money because it was what I needed for medical bills at the time. I get up each morning and manifest and send my affirmations to friends. When they do not receive them they start calling me Lol. This is a great app!

- Good App!

This is a good app for people to learn they have it in them to be financially wealthy. This app helps you to change your mindset about money. This app will help those with low self esteem, concerning money, see there worth and recognize short falls. I encourage those that have a low self esteem about money to truly download this app and use it! The only reason I rated this app at 4 Stars is the app has a tremendous amount of alerts. In my opinion the alerts could be less. Other than that, it’s a great app! Thank you for “The Secret to Money”

AirBNB 🎁

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- Let's your imagination run wild

I have been using this amazing app for a few weeks now. I actually enjoy searching for things I really like and finding how much they cost, so I can spend my virtual dollars. It just lets my imagination run wild and I love it. I am learning new things everyday. Strangely, I find myself finding it difficult to giveaway money even though it is virtual and I find it challenging to manifest too. This teaches and is teaching me to release all fears and doubts and to let me imagination create. I am also learning on the things I am spending my money on. I did notice that I have been limited by my lack of imagination for a long time. It’s time to let my imagination run wild with giving, manifesting and spending. Most of all to be grateful for everything tiny little thing. Love this!!!

- The Power of your imagination

I love the secret and I am loving the app. The affirmations on the app is my favourite as it trains my thinking of the unlimited abundance of money. The secret has been the light of my life for many years and will continue to be forever more. I will continue to live my life as though I am the richest person on the face of the earth because I am. I have so much to be grateful for and I thank God and the universe for all that I have and for all the abundance that will continue to come into my life.

- Changed mindset.

I knew I would love it because I love the secret. I am a lazily controlled thinker, I think constantly but my mind is all over the place thinking ten things at once. This app helps very much to keep my thoughts more positive an proactive to my goals an desires for me an my family. It's fun an such good value for money for such a wonderful addition to my everyday life. Thank you Rhonda an the many many who form the many parts of your team. Gratitude beyond words, god bless.

- Awesome!

This app makes you think of money in a better way, makes you feel comfortable and it’s awesome that you get to have an evidence journal of the manifested money (in all forms) you’ve had! Super great app, although I feel that my brain started getting bored of saying the same affirmations. but amazing how they’ve recently added some new ones but yeah consistently adding new ones would be AMAZING but already a great app!!

- Clarity and renewed focus

Upon purchasing this app I was unsure what to expect. It has helped me gain clarity in my financial goals. Troubled by all these thoughts of things I could not afford to attain this app has helped me cut to the heart of what I really want. It helped me to see that although my income may not increase my ability to manifest desires through other means have. Highly recommend if you have financial difficulties or anxiety around money.

- Kayla Gallop

I’ve known about the law of attraction for many years now and watching The Secret transformed my life when I was in a dark place. My life flows smoothly now I create my own reality but sometimes I get stuck with attracting money and the feelings around it. The app has done wonders already and I love the composition of having money to “ spend “ recording money attracted and the quotes that I use as my money mantras. Thank you!

- The Great Comcept

It’s remind us any moment of time of your life that why we play small. So everyday you can remind yourself play big and feel happy about it. I would like to suggest that please keep adding more affirmations, Please. We know You have POWER. Any moment of time we can change our frequency. Smile all the time and see Magic unfolds to you. What we give out what we Receive.

- The app paid for itself within a week

I already practice the Law of Attraction but when I discovered this app, I was initially dismissive. So, I went ahead and bought it as it looked like fun. It paid for itself within less than a week, many times over. In the long run, using the app daily will help provide me with a structured approach to wealth and prosperity.

- Pretty powerful stuff

I’ve been using this app for a little over a month now and have manifested more money through vouchers for services I normally use along with lots of cash, than I have in the month previously! It may just be a coincidence but who cares? I’m having fun and it’s certainly not harming anyone. Highly recommended to help shift your money mindset.

- Life changing

This has truly turned my life around. I read the affirmations at least twice usually 3 times a day and not only have my circumstances started to change but I feel larger and see that the possibilities in life are becoming endless. So glad I decided to spend the $7.99 to see that it works.

- Love Secret Money App

This is a sure way to improve your money and look at life, use correctly and you will see results. Never for you manifested money is savings on purchases, help you are given as I put down what that would cost if I paid for that help. Go manifest money gratitude and love for yourself and the world ❤❤💖💖💖

- Amazing App

This truely is an amazing app! It brought me so much money! The price of the app is absolutely worth it! Great for changing your mindset and opening up and clearing abundance blocks. I became a money magnet. I have been doing the affirmations daily for 8 months but noticed big changes within the first month :) Thank you to the creators xx

- The secret money app

I like this app because it reminds me everyday to be positive, when your busy days go by before you remember to have a look or to even think about positive affirmations. This app helps me stay on track to a better life and make new better habits.😃

- Playful Energy increases Abundance

I love the way this app makes me connect with the playful energetic aspect of money! I am having so much fun with it and look forward to my daily cheque from the Universe! My abundance is increasing as my connection with money - bills, gifts, giving and receiving becomes lighter and more playful.

- Dream big with daily abundance

This is such a great app to rewrite our subconscious money beliefs. I love receiving daily abundance (in the form of checks to spend, inspirational affirmations and daily wisdom) to support me in recognising the limitless abundance in my life. And if this wasn’t enough, it even encouraged me to dream greater when it came to my desires!!

- Easy to use - aids mindset

I do use this app regularly I found the spending each day liberating, but now I almost don’t know what to spend it on. Might be good to be a variable amount so that you’re excited and not complacent to see what comes each day. 😊

- The Secret

The power behind the Secret is life changing one thought can give you so much. From losing my 47 yr old partner to a brain tumour, business my life was spiriling out of control until I again picked up the Secret and my life has drastically changed for good so thank you

- The Secret app

I love this cleverly put together prosperity consciousness program, with its reminders throughout the day to feed the good thoughts. It supports the building of a whole new, healthy relationship with money and abundance in general. The whole world needs this upgrade. Brilliant! Thank you 🙏🏻❤

- Amazing App

Thanks for creating this app and it’s wonderful I love using it everyday. I have had the hard copy of the book of the power and now this app is more easy to use and you can have access everywhere you go cool! Yes I am Money Magnet!

- The Secret to Money

Enjoying the focus this app gives me Bought it for a friend who has negative "lack" vibes when it comes to money - he tends to think everyone is cheating him while he is gullible at the same time - he loves poker machines so I hope he enjoys this "gaming app" 😁

- Thank you!

It’s really exciting receiving the cheque every morning and the affirmations are great! The only annoying thing is if you change the time to receive the cheque before you’ve received it that day, it won’t come. It’s great to keep you on track though

- Love the affirmations

I have been using this app close to two years now and whoaaaa is it powerful and equally inspirational! Love the daily affirmations and quotes and more so happy they’ve changed some of the wording/quotes around to keep things fresh!

- Challenging my thinking patterns

I’ve used the Secret in the past with success but recently I’ve fallen back into a mindset of lack. This app is helping me remember my power and focus on the abundance in my life. Also it feels good to hear that cheque come in daily 😊

- Spend and receive

Helped me understand how giving and being open to receiving works so well and how to be happy spending with full confidence it all comes back in amazing ways.


This app gives me something to look forward to everyday haha a new cheque, affirmations and inspiration. When I repeat the affirmations I ensure I feel and visualise the phrase as I’m saying it practicing this way I believe works with the law of attraction. Thank you team !!

- Love this app 🙌🏻🙌🏻✨❤️🌈😁💰💸💰

I'm really enjoying everything about this app!! The affirmations are realistic and believable, every time I hear 👂 my "cha ching" reminder I literally get excited because I have more and more money to spend each day 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💰✨❤️😁

- Best App Ever!

I hardly ever purchase apps but I am so glad and grateful I purchased this money app! It’s amazing! I have used it less than a week and the shift in my mindset had been amazing! Thanks so much for such a simplistic yet practical app! Love it!

- Daily reminder

The secret to money app is a helpful tool to remind you of the abundance in your world and your power to attract more. It also can shift your awareness and get you clearer on what you truly value in this life

- This works!

I was skeptical but gave this a go and am so glad I did. Not only have I changed the way I think about money I have improved my finances. This is incredible. It totally works!!

- Great app

Been using this app for a few days and so far it’s really kept me thinking positive n developing a mind of Gratitude. Excited to see how much progress I make in the next few months.

- Cha Ching!

I love this app 😄 I am actually surprised how excited & happy I feel when I hear the cha ching sound come through each morning. It’s a great reminder to keep on track with thoughts & feelings of abundance 🙌🏽

- Love love love

I use this myself and recommend it to my clients as a way of focusing on good and what they want. Love the positive aspect of it, Some affirmations I have changed as it wasn’t quite right I.e. “money is coming “ no , “Money is here, now” Love it

- Vision board

This App, while a whole lot of fun, keeps your mindset in the frame of abundance each day and gets you to set up a virtual vision board, setting a goal with each purchase. It's awesome, fun and effective.

- Fun and working well so far 😆

Tracking what I'm manifesting is the best way to manifest more. Spending the fake money is also fun, and more difficult than I would have thought

- This app works!

That is all you need to know! It works! Spend your cheque every day and read and feel your affirmations every day and you WILL attract money into your life.

- Spending money

For some reason I am given the same amount to spend every single day? It’s making it a little bit boring.. other than that the app has been good

- Easy to use

So easy to use. Reminds me of all the good I already have in my life, which puts me in the right frame of mind to attract even more good things. Love using it!

- What Fun!

I would have never thought this app would be so much fun and powerful at the same time! I’d highly recommend anyone to give it a try

- Thank you 😊

since downloading this app I have manifested money in more ways than one, so thank you for helping me become rich with an abundance of treasures 💕

- Recommend it

Really helps you realise your thoughts need to change and helps you open your eyes in a lot of ways.

- It’s all about the journey

This app is changing my whole perception on money... it’s refreshing to be growing a healthy relationship with money... I’m looking forwards to seeing where this journey leads me🙌🏽

- Loved it

If you want to change your money story and look at it in a positive way then this app is for you.

- Love it 🙌🏻🙏🏻

Absolutely love this app, my manifested money 💰 is 80% lotto wins 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 And I know I will win the big one for my family 🙌🏻❤️ Thank you Rhonda still watch the Secret movie daily on my phone 📱🙏🏻

- The Secret To Money App has changed my mindset

I love this app! I especially love the reminders that I’ve set throughout the day so my positive mindset does not waiver. Thank you!

- Used daily

A great reminder of the things we are grateful for/of and executing the power of the law of attracting great things in our lives.

- Soul Treasures

Worth every cent! Great way to keep in check about your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions regarding Abundance! You've got nothing to lose by purchasing this app.

- I already Love this App

I have only been the Secret to Money App for a few days and already enjoying it very much. Thank you

- The Secret to money is special

What a great app! Always puts me in the positive money mindset. The money always comes & I feel the big win in my sights.

- Addicted

I love getting into bed and opening my money app. I am starting to feel excited about money now!

- Awesome

I’m always introduced to new things from Rhonda at very timely times in my life. The Universe at work! Of course it’s not “work” for the Universe, it’s a piece of cake!

Payoneer 💰

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- The secret

Loving it!

- Money

Not worth it!

- Above Excellent

Believing is the utmost importance towards financial wealth and freedom. Accepting all that has occurred in your life is what brought you to reach that goal of monitary exuberance 😁

- The Secret Money


- Gratitude

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Wonderful

Great app

- Mindset

Makes money fun and not so scary

- Helped me manifest my dreams

Great app changed my mindset

- Rezacanada

Great app

- Great Tool to Manifest

I bought and used the tool last Tuesday. A day after, a friend of mine just out of the blue reached out to me and offered an investment that I'm manifesting for. Thank you thank you!

- Truly Believe and it does happen

Daily blessings makes you aware anything is possible. It assures you that the universe is listening and anything is achievable.

- Thank you thank you thank you!!



“I REALLY FEEL IT”... Getting a big cheque to deposit and then to spend is wonderful! The daily Inspirations set one out for the day! Thank you!

- Excellent!

Daily reminders to stay positive and focused.

- Perspective

While I have not yet attracted anything significant, my mindset has changed and the future is bright. Prosperity is coming my way.

- The power of the mind

I’ve attained so many of my goals since I started using the app years ago. Being “Thankful” really is the key to attaining anything you truly want!

- Secret To Money App

Using this app has helped me achieve my savings goals for my newest apartment!!! I love it !!!

- Love it

This app gets me motivated every day to have a wealth mindset and I look forward to reading all of my notifications.

- ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for creating such a wonderful app. It is a daily reminder to be grateful 🙏🏼

- The Secret to Money

I am experiencing all sorts of abundance! Very cool!

- Secret App

Awesome amazing totally an app to have

- Magic


- Changed my life

Best app I ever downloaded

- Easy & fun!

Bring on the money!!

- Start your day the right way

Lift yourself up & start your day in a positive way. Then feel great all day long. Thank you.

- Changing money attitudes

I grew up with a poverty mentality - always convinced there would never be enough for even the necessities, let alone the luxuries. And there wasn’t, because I attracted what I believed to be true. Having now read The Secret, The Magic and The Power, I’m learning to change my belief system to one of gratitude and abundance, and having this app keeps those thoughts ever present in my mind. Grateful this is available and it’s very helpful.

- Inspiring!

Love this app. It is my Daily Reminder to think positive thoughts about Money

- Secret Money App

Excellent App to revisit your money wish , positive affirmations and Teaching from secret with Expense and Deposit features to stay positive and confident in Tough time too👍👍

- Love love love this app!

Love this app! Use it daily and it helps me stay so focused & positive! ☺️

- The best

This is simply the best to attract the great!

- Nice App

This app is really well done. It’s easy to use. I like the daily affirmations and inspirations, and it’s fun to get a new cheque everyday and think about how I’d spend it. I can see how over time it’s changing the way I think about money.

- Amazing.

This App is absolutely amazing. It keeps me positive every day. I love the part where you get free money and you get to spend it however you want it. Love the app.

- Secret App

Love it!!! It’s a daily routine to start my day off in a positive way. I’ve manifested and definitely received the gifts from Universal law. Thank you 🙏🏻

- The Secret to money

I love ❤️ this app I’m learning everyday to stay positive and manifest things

- Love this app

Daily spending and affirmations are changing my mindset and life. Money is flowing to us everyday

- Helpful

Changing my money mindset

- This app changed my life!

Highly recommended

- Awesome

Love it

- Fun

Fun to spend the money and great inspiration

- Love it!

I’ve struggled with keeping my money vibes high, this app is really helping! I feel better every day!

- Fabulous app

Definitely recommend using it for keeping myself dreaming , planning and experience wealth in all aspects of my life

- Great

App works great and fun to use.

- Upgrade

Love this App!

- I love this App

I’ve been using this app for about a week, there was issue but all I had to do was delete it and download the app again. No issues since. I enjoy all the daily exercises and love love love how I feel about money now.

- The Secret

Love the app💕💕💕

- The Secret Money

Excellent app my daily connection to The Secret money. Look forward to read messages from The Secret. Thank you.

- Love this app

Ask Believe Receive

- Reminder

A good way to remember to receive

- Love it

Thank you for coming out wt such a wonderful app..

- Change your perspective

Your life is based on your perspective and while you may not think you are the cause of your lack of abundance, there is nobody else creating it. This program, if embraced, can help you change your perspective. Don’t tell others how it helps you, as they will only feed the insecurities that currently limit you.

Libertex 📈

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- DrNda

A must have for your family. This app helps you remain conscious of money and wealth and how to bring it and keep it flowing using simple techniques that really being results. I have always used these techniques for years from biblical context. This app in my opinion is all the biblical teachings of gaining favors expressed in a scientific and logical way that even if you are not a religious person you can make sense of it's teachings. Great app and watch the videos if available too. Fadil

- App listening to see when I wake up?

I swear this app cha-chings within moments of me waking up. I rarely wake up at the same time, so it’s very confusing to hear it each morning, after I start moving or talking. Other than that, I manifested a job that pays more than I’ve ever made. So many good things have been happening and I’m extremely grateful for this app :) Just uh.. wish it would pick a steady time to alert me rather than be all weird about it. Ya know?

- Just fantastic !

The first day I became aware of my limited thinking about money and expectations. This little app has helped me open my mind to possibilities and really answer the question “ what do I want? “. I highly recommend it as a fun tool to help anyone who is interested in self awareness, opening their mind to possibilities, really discovering what they want, and allow it to bloom / evolve. I was surprised to see how limited my thinking was. I find this app VERY helpful and fun.

- Update disaster

I can not EVEN believe that the developers wrote an update that completely wipes out all the entries stored. What were you thinking!! This app is about history & accumulation of entries. Because I had 'updates' checked in my general settings, apps automatically update...and in this case without your knowing and being forewarned what that update will do. I'm left to start all over again. Totally disgusted with this. Thanks ever so much.

- The secret app

It is a wonderful tool to help you change your way of thinking.... by doing so you do manifest more than what you had before...The best is that you see it... but it's also been there all along.... and now that you know it you can also see when more of it comes from just by following simple steps and affirmations every day I'm really enjoying it was a very wonderful choice on my part to get this app.

- It has changed my thoughts

I love how positive I have been since this app- if no other reason, being positive will always be better. Everyone around me has said how much better it has been to be around me, and i have received great feedback on my attitude and in my presence- that to me is proof that this app is working, I am attracting abundance. I am excited to receive all that I am thinking and feeling. Stay tuned, for more of my testimony. ❤️🙏🏼💰😊🤗🤮

- It works!

I love this app! The first day I had it, I manifested $60 and got an upgrade on my airline seat. Two days later I manifested $500! I literally got a notification in my email that $500 was being deposited into my account from something I completely forgot about, and never thought was going to happen for many months ago. And later that evening, while out at a restaurant, I found cash on the floor under my feet!

- Keeps me focused

My 30 yr old godson unexpectedly stayed at my moms house for a few days and he started sharing what was going on in his life. He shared his dreams and goals in addition to famous people he's met on his job. As I listened I noticed the universe was giving him opportunities and he just didn't see it! I signed up for this app a few days prior and got chills at the coincidence I believe that it was meant for me to be a tool for my godson to share the law of attraction!

- Settings not working

I love this app but according to the FAQ, you can change when you get notifications. I seem to remember this feature used to work but now there is no way to do it. The notification is there but when you get into it, there is just what sound you want and even that doesn’t work. Hope you fix this soon. I prefer to get my notifications in the morning when I wake up, not at 5:00 PM which it’s doing now.

- Stuck

I’ve been using this for approximately 1 month and now the check amount is stuck at 200,000 for the last week. I thought the amounts were suppose to increase daily after spending. I’ve sent an inquiry to see if it’s a bug and how I should correct it but I’ve gotten nowhere. Other than that the app is fun, I enjoy it and feel a lot of gratitude while spending the money. Also would love to see an option to categorize purchases!

- This app was good at first....

I was using this app faithfully every day for about a month until the most recent update that occurred automatically. Like a previous review, I lost ALL of my entries and had to start over again...which I wasn't happy about. I get a notification for the daily inspiration, but when I go to read it, the screen is blank! I even deleted the app, reinstalled it, started everything again, & the inspiration screen is still blank. Please fix this because I do feel this app is very helpful

- It works!!!

For those that have practiced the secret you know that sometimes we doubt the truth that it really works. I doubted the app after practicing it religiously for two months. A month later I received a job offer with a sign on bonus, an amazing yearly bonus and guaranteed yearly increases. I also received a check for more than $70k from another situation. Remember imagine, believe, receive. Thank you to the universe and my God!!!

- It works!

It’s been 3-4 months since I purchased this app and in that time I’ve manifested nearly $20,000 whereas before, my income was less than half that. Also, in the month of April, I committed to listening to the audiobook’Thr Secret’ every single day. Some days it would be just one chapter but I listened every day to make it part of my subconscious. What a wondrous transformation my life has undergone and continues to undergo!

- Please fix bugs

I don't usually write reviews but I would love this app if the bugs were worked out. 1. The new check is inaccessible most days. The app says I have money left to spend when I don't, so the new check doesn't show up. Even when I get a notification that my check is ready, it's not there. Pretty much defeats the purpose of the whole app. 2. I wish the Manifested Money would reset daily or weekly instead of just snowballing into infinity... At least if #1 were fixed, I could enjoy the app!

- After using for 1 year.....

If you’re serious about changing your current mindset about money, or even the direction of your life, then this is one app you definitely need. I was able to DOUBLE last years income just by making this app part of my daily practice. I also reached 4 of my 7 major goals that you write down inside the app. Upon using it, I achieved my first goal (which I was worried i might not attain) within the 1st month! -no joke! It’s an easy, daily visualization tool to start your day. I couple this with my morning meditation and exercise and feel I have a great system in place now to achieve anything! This year, my goals are bigger, bolder, and more exciting. That’s the purpose of life, right?!

- The most recent updates literally ruined the app. I lost all of my manifested money entries 😢

I used to really love this app but ever since it’s been updated it’s been subpar. On the manifestation screen the most recent entries are no longer listed at the top, adding the cents feature hasn’t been easy to navigate, and the app freezes and shuts down often. Please restore the app we all once loved! Update: I deleted the app thinking that would help the bug fixes and I lost ALL of my information. I’ve been tracking manifested money solely on this app for 2 years and just like that, it’s gone 😿 How can I restore my information?

- Crushed :(

I love it but after a week it crushed and I had to start all over again, old notification number one from before crush is still on the app itself. Now I'm not getting daily inspiration, the page is empty. Hopefully it will not crush again. It's like you can't move forward:( Did the update, reloaded old entries but the daily inspiration is a blank page (after the update) and the notification number on the app is still there from before the update also.

- Major bug

I have been using this app for months... I had a lot of data that I created over that long period of time. I went to use it today and all my data was gone! I went to the app store and saw a message not to install the latest update of this app or all data would be lost. I have my app settings set up to update apps automatically. So it sounds like there is a major bug with the latest update. This is so disheartening. I would think that the app should have at least been proactive and sent an email to alert us so maybe we could change our app settings. This is unacceptable!

- The Secret

I do like the secret program. I like how they give you positive affirmations to say everyday. This has changed my thinking away from the negative. I also appreciate how it encourages you to think and act like you already are wealthy and do have the finances you need. I also like being reminded to write out my desires. This gives me more to encourage myself. I am trying to imagine the law of attraction and I'm waiting for the law of attraction to manifest. This program is great. Thank-you.

- Attention to Abundance

When I give my attention to abundance, my belief around money changes. It’s not about material things for me, or even money itself... it’s about the inner energy and happiness I can experience by freeing myself from fears I might have about money. The Secret to Money App helps so much with this. It also helps me to get really clear about what I do want in my life; and also what I don’t want or need.

- I’ve literally been manifesting daily

I truly love this app& Rhonda Byrnes I’ve read& live by all her books, I came across “The Secret” in 2008 and my life has completely changed & has been magical (literally) this app is basically carrying the secret with you on your phone & getting a reminder of how to manifest & live in gratitude Thank you thank you thank you Michelerenee

- Manifestation of best life and best self

This app along with the book are mind blowing. My life started to change immediately! Listing to sermons and really paying attention to what the scriptures are sending as a message from god , reading the book along with several positive affirmations that the app has and habits it teaches you! It’s truly amazing how changing your perspectives really does change our lives!

- It has become annoying

I tried to make the notifications weekly, but it continues to send me checks and everything every single day. I sometimes receive 2 to 3 checks a day. What the hell. It’s not working properly. It’s useless to buy random stuff just to use up the check. I got sick of it so I started typing in “bank deposit” and putting in the whole amount. It has become a chore, and it shouldn’t be that way. What’s the point when the amount stops at $200k? Does that mean I can only dream up to that amount? What a waste.

- Dislike the changes to manifested money

Only problem I have with this app is now you can no longer review current manifested money listings. For example, this is July, and you can no longer review anything recorded in July. It switched all the way back to January 1st, and it starts there. It will only allow you to view up to February and then it goes blank. What a bomber! Wish you could fix this bug. Thank you for allowing me to comment.

- Love this App!!!

Here is what I love: 1. 20 daily affirmations 2. Daily inspiration 3. Each day you deposit a check and spend increased daily so you get into abundance consciousness 4. A place to record the manifestations you receive in real life - acknowledgement = gratitude = more abundance. I truly recommend this app to everyone I know!! Best one time fee I have ever spent. Never had a single technical issue either.

- Positive Thinking Inducing Lifestyle Change

I started using this app after reading The Secret and found it to be quite profound. Why shouldn’t we believe that we can and will accomplish greater things. I have often heard that we are limited by our own beliefs and that is what this app try’s to overcome. Like spending money as if I had it at this time, knowing that I will have it eventually.

- Was happy now very disappointed

Still very buggy! Not accessible for Voice Over users. When I bought this last Summer, I loved it. Then so called improvements completely ruined the experience for me. I hope the problems can be fixed so I can enjoy this app again. I would have given 5 stars if the app had remained accessible and usable. I’ve sent a complaint to the Secret team, but have had no response as yet.I would be happy to test future versions for accessibility and ease of use, so that we can all get the most out of the app.

- Absolutely life changing

When you use this app daily and work on the feelings inside daily and your beliefs I promise you this app will help change your financial life and make your dreams come true! I wrote my desires and about 3 have come true one of them being becoming over a Million Dollar Team Mentor leader Etc and making 5 figures a month! Don’t sleep on this app. GET IT! USE IT!

- Fun App

It is fun and boosts confidence. When you really use it every day it really shifts things. I had a moment after about a month when I got bored with it and almost stopped it, but instead I kept going and now I am earning the rewards. It reminded me of starting a business. There comes a moment when you wanna give up, but you better push through 😍

- Great App

It really helps you focus and feel your way to becoming a wealthier person! Your thoughts are your reality in every sense of the words! You start to think of other ways how you can save more of what you have and be grateful for everything you do have, past, present and future!!! Well worth it! It is fun even though it is a a game but in reality it is life!

- Gratitude

I am truly grateful that when listening to The Secret on Audible that I pursued and found The Secret Money App that I am grateful for finding. The Law of Attraction is what I live by and even teaching my children now. I'm ultimately grateful that I can pass down this purposeful understanding to my offspring at there early age in life. I'm grateful for all that's here now and more manifesting now in my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

- App doesn’t go past $200K

I absolutely love this app! It really does work. However once your checks get to $200K it stays at $200K every single day thereafter even once you’ve spent the entire check. The whole purpose of this app is to get the user into the mindset of receiving and spending large amounts of money. I would like to see the checks continue to grow with each day. Other than that this app is wonderful!

- I am recommending this app to friends and family

I am enjoying using the app while I am shifting my previous mindset to one of thankfulness. My whole life is changing with gratitude not only for the blessing of financial freedom but for appreciation of my past journey and the souls that are part of the journey with me. The daily prompts help me raise my positive energy level to where I want it to be. Thank you...

- Love it

I read all of the books and when I found out they had an app so excited it really helps you imagine like wow if I get this much what would you really do me I kind of already put my desires in the first few so now it’s like what else can you imagine to do with that shake you get an a like the daily inspirations that they have and the affirmations

- Perfect app thank you

When I first started using this app I was in a bad financial place. And I’m not in the best financial situation yet but I definitely feel rich. It definitely helps to reinforce my believes of abundant engaging in the app every day. I found that app for the checks that I received investing them into myself is unlimited. While trying to buy things only last so long.

- Amazing app.

Ever since I began using this app, I’ve haven’t had really any financial struggles. I was always living paycheck to paycheck as had crippling debt. The affirmations and manifestations have really changed the energy around me. I recently received a lump sum of money & am now able to get out most of my debt. I feel a huge relief, and I am looking forward to continuing my journey toward a brighter, financial future.

- Do you want to feel like a multi-millionaire

This app is beyond brilliant! It will change your perspective and open your eyes to what it is like to have countless millions. How would you spend all of $200,000 today? How would you like to cash a $200,000 check tomorrow? How would you spend all of $7 million in 4 and a half months? This app WILL change your life if you let it! BRILLIANT!!!

- Fun and relaxing app

I enjoyed my other Secret app and it didn't surprise me that I'm enjoying this one. I am trying to do the exercises and I do enjoy them. It's fun and relaxing and it brings positive thoughts to me. I try to be a good person and do the right thing but this app takes it to a different level and experience. I let myself get into the imagination and just go with it, it is a lot of fun.

- Thank you 3x

I actually read RB‘s book when I was 15 years old. LOA has made my life great. I almost can manifest every big thing I want. Now I am in my late 20s. Recently I lost my life track and reread RB’s books and many great things happened so fast! I am astonished! I want to be richer and live a phenomenal life so I bought this App feel so great since I have been using it. lets see!

- Glorious App

Thank you to the creator of this app and those who summoned ideas to make it happen. This is fun and uplifting way towards money. Using it allowed us to see how much money we manifest and that brings you a sense of trust that all is possible. The Universe is making a way and this really uplifts you to be more playful as well as visualize increase in money. Get it! You will love it ❤️

- I’m in the Money!

I am so grateful for this app because it sets me up for positive financial thinking every day! I use pretend money to spend, spend, spend and it feels so good! The daily affirmations and inspirations keep me on the positive side of Monday as well, and the app reminds me of my greater goals. It also gives me the ability to figure in money I save by doing something myself, etc. I love it!

- It’s all about discipline

No matter how turned off or annoyed or disbelieving you may feel in the beginning, if you use the app regularly, with an open mind, it can see you out of a bad financial situation. The secret is to then continue using it...until you are in a good situation, and so on. This is not an easy tool for literate, intellectual atheists. But it can be.

- Secret to Money Habit

The Secret To Money app helps build a habit of thinking about what you want, responding to inspiration, and focusing on money while believing in the miracle of having what you desire - happiness, freedom, true love accompanied by the ability to fund these. Learn what it feels like to focus on each range of wealth and discern the good you prefer it bring to you to really experience the benefit of wealth at all levels progressing towards your goal of unlimited funding.

- Loving this app

I use this daily and love how it has me thinking about money already. Only thing I find difficult is spending the daily checks now that they are upwards of $20,000 a day. I mean how much shopping can one do? How many vacations can I purchase? That's the only throng, but I do it and am happy overall. I love seeing how much money I manifest. That blows my mind every time I input a dollar amount. Get the app, you will NoT regret it.

- I love it and use it daily

It truly helps you to think about money already coming to you. The Secret app has helped me to go from $0 to $66K in my bank within the last 3 months. Thank you so much . I love using this app. Thank you for creating it. My favorite part of it is the yellow-tabbed affirmations that you read aloud daily. Thank you so much ❤️

- Absolutely Amazing

This app is so amazing and it works. Words can not express how grateful I am for the abundance I’m receiving. Being able to see what you’re manifesting while also “spending” money on the things you desire increases your vibration and mindset improving your life and manifestation game with gratitude. I highly recommend this app. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

- Recent update has issues

The most recent update has caused my app to be glitchy. I love the app but there needs to be some bug fixes. My daily inspiration is blank everyday. I updated to the newest version and it still keeps notifying me that I have money to spend but there isn’t. There’s still more bug fixes you’ll need to do.

- Money has been rolling in!!

Ever since I started using this app, I have attracted lots of money. I’ve even attracted additional money making opportunities. I am so grateful I downloaded this app. It changed my outlook on money. It encourages me to stay in a state of gratitude each day to attract more abundance. I enjoy reading the daily teachings and cashing the secret checks within the apps.

- Concept is awesome, app usability has opportunities

The app really get you thinking about money correctly. The problem is with usability. The thing that most bothers me is not being able to delete or change the order of items in all lists, specially in desires. Also, it should store all data in the cloud, so you can install it in other device and have the same information synced.

- Incredible money mindset training

If you struggle with seeing abundance and believing money can magically come to you then this is the app for you. Practice receiving and spending money with their daily check deposits and think more extravagantly. Train your mind with prosperity affirmations and daily inspiration and of course use this alongside the book The Magic for full impact!

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@DeptofDefense @AF_Academy @NavalAcademy @WestPoint_USMA Harder, deeper, longer, stronger. Let's get some money in the game ladies. I'll deal with Hollywood lovingly after. Go get em' USA. uSA... USA I'd like to be able to chant that next summer at the Olympics. (secret negotiator with cool intentions, interdisciplinary calm and a clue


The secret records reveal detailed techniques used to hide money, dodge tax and evade government regulators. It also reveals thousands of secret money transfers, allowing the EIC team of journalists to follow the money (4/8)

Br Isaac OSB

Some Tabernacle congregation board members are saying that books and movies that are similar to the " secret" is like the manifestation of witchcraft for power and money, if you can see it and Perceive it you shall achieve it and all that talk? What's the consensus on Twitter

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The Secret To Money iphone images
The Secret To Money iphone images
The Secret To Money iphone images
The Secret To Money iphone images
The Secret To Money iphone images

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The applications The Secret To Money was published in the category Lifestyle on 2016-09-08 and was developed by Creste LLC [Developer ID: 825745885]. This application file size is 98.02 MB. The Secret To Money - Lifestyle app posted on 2020-07-07 current version is 2.4.1 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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