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All around the world, The Secret has helped millions of people to live the life of their dreams. In their personal health, careers, money, relationships - in every aspect of their lives - millions of people have transformed their lives by using the timeless principles unlocked by Rhonda Byrne in the wildly successful film and book, “The Secret”.

More recently from The Secret have come The Secret Daily Calendar and The Secret Daily Teachings, incorporating more insights for every day and building magnificently on The Secret’s powerful truths. Now, these compelling messages – personally created by Rhonda Byrne to give you new clarity, understanding and wisdom every day – are available for the first time direct on your iPhone.

You can now carry The Secret’s wisest, most compelling teachings with you wherever you go, and access them whenever you like! The Secret Daily Teachings for iPhone application takes the printed edition into another stratosphere, enabling you to read the Secret Daily Teachings on the go, and live The Secret 24/7, 365 days a year.

And as well as having your own personal mobile access to this treasury of wisdom and inspiration, you can even schedule the time you’d like to be reminded to access your Secret Daily Teaching. Or, for even more synchronicity, schedule a random alert within your own nominated time frames, and watch as The Secret delivers the perfect message you need in your day, at exactly the time you need it! The Secret Daily Teachings App puts The Secret right in the palm of your hand, to inspire and guide you wherever you are. You’ll never miss a day of the life-changing knowledge “The Secret” has unlocked for humankind!

You’ll have 365 days of inspirational teachings right there on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can even bookmark and share your favorite passages.

The Secret Daily Teachings for iPhone – your understanding of the The Secret is about to expand exponentially! You will truly become the creator of your life.

**Please note: Your Daily Teachings never expire. When you reach the end of the 365 day calendar, they return to day one for you to enjoy your teachings again. You can also add more Daily Teachings Messages if you choose. Your journey never ends! **

*** Please note: If you have just started experiencing problems launching The Secret Daily Teachings app, we recommend you update your device to iOS 9.3 or later to overcome this issue. ***

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- The LoA's Secret Teachings are Life-Changing...

...but you already knew that part! To have daily inspirational reading at my fingertips, help me stay on track with, what to me is, the hardest lesson - how to align my subconscious spirit and my conscious guide to catapult me and my family to the next level! You see, my wife has stage 4 esophageal cancer, and we have been struggling to make sense of the how's and whys, but as we stay in the moment and make it the best moment possible, we don't have to worry about the subconscious spirit leading from fear of the past, nor the worry of the future! If we align the conscious guide with our thoughts and actions habitually, we shift from the paradigm of living in the realm of fear (past & future) to the realm of manifestation, the thoughts and actions which manifest the miracles and positive change we want in the now! The one thing that the Secret Teachings has taught me, I will sum up in 5 words, "BE THE LOVE I SEEK!" With that as our focus, nothing will stop us! Thank you so very much! *****

- Successful Habits Equals Successful Life

Love the app helps Me practice different elements On Law Of Attraction On different days which definitely helps Me to meditate on different subjects makes it easier not to get bored since applying the app and its principles daily have been able to manifest increase revenue better clients ability to travel More Often increased self respect healthier habits feeling A overall more positive connection to mind body and soul and I’m Definitely More mindful & Love the fact that some very important relationships have reentered my life this App incorporates the teachings of Jesus Christ among many others Love the core principles Of Gratitude & love and to be happy now 🙏🏻

- The Law of Attraction is Real!

I love this app because every day at 4:00 I get the alert to view the daily message and it always makes me say "So true, so true! Thanks for the reminder!" If you knew how powerful our thoughts are you'd be much more mindful about what you say and think about! What you think about you get! So dream BIG! Love yourself, others and everyone around you! Feel abundance in your life and wish everyone well! I love these daily reminders!! Thank you for this awesome app! I enjoy sharing the messages with my 8 year old daughter too!!! This is becoming her inner voice which is a gift of a lifetime!

- I Feel The Difference

I have had such feelings of failure around my career and finances for so long that I wasn't confident I could even change the game anymore. I felt defeated and depressed. I downloaded the app as a last ditch effort to salvage some semblance of positivity in my life. I can say with certainty that this app has changed the game. I've accepted and embraced my role in accepting how my thoughts draw my reality to me. I have seen how immersing myself in attraction has shifted not only my mindset but my sense of responsibility, making me make wiser choices and stay true to my words and wishes. Love this app. I think I can already say it's changed my life.

- Was lost but now FOUND!

Lost my way and "my secret" for a while having had a couple of horrid years with no direction and everything I did not want in my life was at my doorstep was exhausting. But the love of my wife and her relentless belief in the universes willingness to give all that's believed as received has reopened my eyes and heart to believe and see that there is good in life and seeing yourself as the wonderful person that you are. I'm engaged with reading and absorbing the word and first thing every morning I open and read my daily teaching and thank the universe for given me back - thank you!!

- New update 👍🏻

Update 5/1: The developer contacted me and explained that I could still edit the bookmarks. I was going about it the wrong way and they helped me with my simple error. So, I’m back to enjoying the app with ease. I just have to start all over again on my new phone. Which is fine. Thank you for all of your help and communication. Update: I figured out the flip thru..but I would still like to be able to edit my bookmarks. I’d like to be able to look back by the subject I type instead of it just being the day. It was much more helpful with reflecting back.

- Little things

With something as simple and mind blowing as making a choice about what you think about, it astounding how life can change. This app has been wonderful in showing me that a positive life comes from within and effects the external things. Not the other way around. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who is serious about harnessing their thoughts, taking responsibility for their own lives and changing their futures. Best of luck to all and may good things flow your way!!

- The secret is great but the app could be better

I am a The Secret follower since 2006 and I simply love it. It changed and keeps changing my life. Having said that, I think the app could be better. It simply gives you daily passages of the book. I choose the option of receiving it randomly but it comes at the same time every day. For a paid app it should be more iterative and offer much more in my view. If you randomly open the book every you will get the same result (or even better as you can really have the “random” element delivered). I hope designers could enhance the app to make it match the high standard of The Secret. Right now it is fare from that.

- Awesome App-love it

A friend told me about The Secret and at first I didn't believe what she was trying to tell me. She recommended me to watch The Secret on Netflix. I found the show was awesome and start to understand more and more. I found out about The Secret on Facebook and saw that there was app, and I downloaded the app. Wow, reading The Secret got me to change my thoughts and tried to stay positive I also bought e-book The Secret and been reading it everyday. I share this with several of my friends. The app inspire me and love it. 💚

- Consultant

It was getting more difficult for me to bounce back from life's occasional down trends. Then a friend asked if I would download something called The Secret. Finally, I had a way to not only understand negativity but to create an amazing positive answer. It has taken me a year or so to get my life back but I credit The Secret with being the push I needed, a light along a darkened path.

- A little lacking

For the price, I expected more. The money app, for example, has more options and more interactive features that I was expecting for this app as well. Unless there are features I am missing, it just shows me a passage of the Secret everyday. I can get the same thing off the internet for free. I will continue to use because I completely believe in the power of the secret and have been for years now. However, this app was a little expensive for the features provided. I would push for more interaction capability for users. That way the app can be one with the user and updated as things manifest in our lives.

- Love the daily reminders

So great to have them all in the palm of your hand to go back to easily. Just wish they would truly randomize. I selected the random time for reminders. Anytime between 9:00 and 5:00. For some reason it "randomly" chooses to send a reminder at 9:01 every single day. I'm a month in now and it comes at 9:01 every day. I really like the idea of it coming when I most need it. Somehow I don't think I especially need it every day at 9:01 am. Please fix this. Otherwise app is totally a 5!

- No Expectations; Just Happy Realizations

I have yet to read the book since my attention-span has been so minimal these days. But, on that note, that's why I've enjoyed the daily teachings from the app so much. Less is more. Quality over quantity. I have found that embracing one concept/reminder at a time can be appreciated & reflected on more thoroughly. Hence I'm totally liking the app :)

- Amazing App!

This is an amazing app that puts everything from The Secret right on your phone, so that you can read them daily. It's all about changing your mindset and this app has helped me do that! It's so convenient to have it right on my phone. Thank you for this! I hope they continue to update this app and keep it fresh & new for a long time!

- Great way to start your day off positive

With so much negativity around us it is ever more important to focus on the positive and all the blessings and miracles, both large and small, that surround us everyday that we can tap into even more. This is an important part of my daily routine that keeps me positive and moving forward in my goals. I am truly gray file for it.

- I am always sharing the secret.

I am welding instructor, and i always tell my students about the Secret. Especially, when it comes to taking their welding test. "What do u want? Ask for it. Visualize the perfect weld. Believe that u can do it, that it is done. And then see what happens." I pass the word onto anyone and everyone, every chance i get.

- My hope has been restored

The concept for me was hard to believe at first but even if you think this is all too good to be true incorporating this belief system brings so much positivity into your life as well as a healthy perception to all that life may throw at you. It's changed my life for the better already. ❤️

- Great stepping stone for getting into the LOA

I've downloaded this app on and off since 2012 and it always inspires me. I own way more in depth literature on this subject by other authors but I love having a simple app on my phone to remind/inspire me wherever I am. I just wish they I would add more quotes. As I said, I've had this app for 5 years this winter. Same quotes. 😑

- Start my day!

This is my favorite app. I start my day with this reading and I share it with family and friends all over the country. Some can't wait to read it. I have gone back to my home town and run into people and they thank me for sharing. It gets my day going on the right track. I love it !!!!!!

- Couldn't focus without it!!

Things in my mind were turning negative after a lot that I have been through I had read this book previously some years ago and lost focus I downloaded this app and things have been truly turning around for me I'm so grateful for this app✨💕🤗

- Renewing my mind

Since I first saw the Secret I have decided to listen to it every night to help me get the truth of it deep in my core. The app is there to help me through my day. I meditate on it in the morning and go to it anytime I need to right my way of thinking! I'm so grateful to have found the Secret and the life it had already given me!

- The Secret app

I have read the book. I’ve seen the movie and I Love this app. It’s keeping me focused and on track with manifesting what I desire most in my life. It works it truly works and I cannot wait to get the other app and read the book to, The Secret to Money. I will be getting the app for The Secret to Money app.

- Does the secret work?

My life was overcome with anxiety until I started applying the Secret to my life. I was skeptical at first but I realized a dramatic change in my relationships and grades. I'm more motivated and finally got my life together. The only thing I changed was that I stopped dwelling on the bad things in my life and I created a vision board.

- Mood changer!

When I find myself in one of those "off"-days, this app is expedient in rerouting me back on track to feeling great. If one reading isn't enough, I just keep scrolling back a day, another day, and another day, until I feel like I am smiling from the inside out :)

- LOA Teachings Reminder

I'm grateful to have this app. In times of stress, I need to purposely place my attention on the good. Having a constant reminder to do that in my phone is great. I highly recommended it, and if you are reading this review it is because you are looking and this is your answer. Have a great day!

- Simply powerful

There is one thing to know something and there is another thing to apply what you know. This app and its application to my life has been phenomenal. I am thankful to a friend that showed it to me while we were having a discussion of mindset and how the universe works.

- Love the secret

It's wonderful to have even a short little inspiration each day! Takes just a moment to look at but if you sit there and really think about it, it can change the whole direction of your day towards the positive!

- Great app but not much here

I use both The Secret and this app. The Secret is full of great goodies and jewels. Teachings offers a lessons/ teachings varying in length. Some are very short. Some very long. There is nothing else in addition. No affirmations. No other value added and because of that I’ve only rated it at a 3

- This keeps $ always on your mind

Since getting this app I have a whole new view of money. It's healthier and it has produced money for me in ways that I never thought possible. The daily reminders are exactly what I needed to keep my mind on money. I love this app!

- Time to update

Great app but it is due for an update, need to be more interactive like the secret of money and also needs an update for the newer iPhones with bigger screens a pay for app should be updated atleast every 6 months. But great app for daily inspiring messages but please update it for screen size and a little more interaction

- Positivity is a good thing

I love this little makes me feel good and it helps keep the Secret fresh in my day to day life. It is motivating and I look forward to reading it every always seems to be in sync with what is going on in my world. I love it and I am grateful to have it..thank you ✨😊💕

- This is valuable to my wellbeing

I need a constant reminder of how great life is and how I should and are grateful for all that I have and all that has been given to me. I need to stay grounded and in the moment but my mind drifts constantly, this helps me to stay focused and positive, thank you❤️

- The Secret give me hope

Sometimes I'm feeling down and out either about a relationship or my job or anything and I read the secret and it makes feel better and gives me inspiration to keep trucking along. Thanks!

- Life Goals

I was hesitant to hold myself accountable for things I have done. I'm a big procrastinator as well. The Secret has helped me start prioritizing my thoughts, how I manifest what I want in relationships with people and attracting what I want. The less I think about not having, the more I get.

- Thankful

I am so thankful for this wisdom that is shared to me. For a person who had no guidance in life from my parents this piece of wisdom that has showed up in my life has changed my life tremendously for the better and has made all the difference. Thank you.

- A wonderful way to stay focused!!

This is a very useful app for me. It allows me to stay fresh with the teachings, and to further the betterment of myself and the way I process life. What a great tool this has become for me. I use this and the secret to money many times everyday! Positive vibes

- Just what I Need

I don't really listen to people if they tell me to think positive as instinctively I find it corny. This app is a great way for me to re-wire my brain into being positive. I'd be lost with out it now. It's truly helping me change my mind set for the better!

- Feel Good Now Be Happy Now

My introduction to spirituality was ten years ago with The Secret. And after studying the works of its teachers and many others from HayHouse and Gaia; I have to say that The Secret had it all in there right from the start. Thank You

- Inspirational and Motivating

These valuable life lessons can definitely set the tone for ones day. Very powerful, positive in uplifting. A breath of fresh air without all the bells and whistles - just simple and to the point. The mind is a powerful thing. The app is simple and easy to use.

- It gets me through the day

Sometimes, I need a lift to get where I need to be mentally-in the Secret I receive a positive message without the silly, the saccharin or the morbidly ridiculous. Just a boost to remind me I can manage my situation and move ahead.

- Ask, Believe and you shall receive!!!

I love this app - it's been really great at helping me move bad energy and thoughts away from my life - I was skeptical at first but now that I've fully embraced the thinking and mentality, I've never been happier!!!! Thank you!!!

- So very grateful for this app!

Having this app helps me so much each day for encouragement, assistance to stay on track, and just wonderful affirmation that the LoA is very beautifully real. I'm so grateful this app exists as it really is helping me in creating the reality and life I *want*.


I love this app and the new version looks amazing but unfortunately I can’t open the app. Please help!!! Couldn’t leave anything less than 5 stars because I don’t want to hurt the overall rating!!! Please fix!!! Thank you!!! 😊

- I love this app but it does not connect to iPhone

I love this app and would gladly give it 10 stars but I gave it two because it does not allow you to connect to your iPhone as well. You have to purchase it twice if you want it on both your iPhone and iPad. The same with the secret money app. Set it up so that you can connect the two and I will gladly give it 5 stars.

- Great app!

Love this app! Been using this app for over 2 years now and all the positivity has changed my life for the better. I even share this with friends and it has changed their life as well.

- Already changing my life!

I was introduced to The Secret by one of my employees who has now become a true friend. It has changed my outlook from negative to positive and already has had a true impact on me. Love the daily teachings!!


Grateful everyday for this app as I use it in my morning routine. It gives me lessons & reminders in the palm of my hand! Just discovered the reminder setting that prompts me to read again later in the day. It's subtle yet effective. Thank You Secret!!!✌️️❤️

- Sheryll the Jamaican

I enjoy this app cause it help me to start my day in a positive light. It thought me to turn around negative thoughts into positive ones. I would always recommend it to all my friends and family.

- Life Changing App

I just want to thank those responsible for connecting me to this app. I use it every day it’s my highlight my affirmation my constant push towards the greatest that’s deep inside all of us Thank you

- Daily Inspirations to Build the Life You Want

First thing I do every morning now is read the daily inspiration. It puts my mind in the right frame to achieve my goals and live a life of abundance and prosperity.

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- Daily Morning Ritual

Every day as soon as I awake I stop my beautiful soft harp alarm, pick up my iPhone and open my "Secret To Money App" and read the next "Daily Inspiration" then I go through the "Affirmations", then I open my "Secret Teachings App" to read that days teaching. When you fully understand the true power of the Secret and how it can be used to create for yourself a wonderful life by being aware of and controlling what you Focus on and feeling deep Gratitude for all that's great in your life, there is no better way to start your day from the moment you open your eyes and realize a new day has begun. I am Eternally grateful for the knowledge I have received from the gift of the Secret, thank you Rhonda Byrne

- Best Reading Everyday

This is the best app, the teachings are so wonderful to read everyday. They are quick, simple and to the point. After you read them you can re-focus on your positive energy, and tap into it - to bring out the best in you. Thank you - The Secret, been reading you since 2007, you changed my life

- Awesome App

Absolutely love the daily inspiration and message that we can all apply in our lives. Much gratitude for creating it. Also The Secret movie is life changing so if you haven't watched it or it's been years since you watched then defo watch it:-)

- Positive start

I look forward to the inspirational message that I get every morning, it sets a new and positive thought pattern for the day and builds day by day. I have set the reminder so that our is one of the first things I do every day. Great app

- My positive morning start.

I love this App, I have it set to remind me every morning to read the daily quote. And with each day and a new quote, it gives me the inspiration I need. Thank you for this great app and sharing to the world. Have a great day everyone.

- Helps to keep what's important top of mind

I find it's easy to get lost in the day to day hassles of work and errands. This app helps to keep the important things top of mind so I can keep my frequency on what I want, not getting distracted by what I don't want

- Secret

Love my daily routine, get up in the morning read my affirmations and my quotes, my life is changing everyday new opportunities are coming into my life everyday thank you. Get the app you will be amazed at the law of attraction effect it has on your life💞

- Inspirational!

Everyday I am truly grateful for the insight these daily readings provide. Not only inspiring but also it aligns me to the path I am enjoying being on in this life. If only the entire planet would follow this daily also....

- Thank you

Thank you for helping me smile on the inside nearly everyday for years now it has been a guiding light at times and I sincerely thank you for this creation xo

- Handy app

A simple and user-friendly app. A great little tool to have in your kit of positivity. I don't know why but I don't get notifications, even though I opted to receive them. This could be improved to boost engagement with the app.

- Itsthelittlethings

Such a great app! Life can get hectic and we can have such chaotic thoughts.. I feel relaxed and re-focused after reading the daily message as I am reminded to focus on what truly matters to me.

- Great app!!

A great tap on the shoulder to remind us all to be grateful not only for the big things but also the little things in life. Excellent app! Thank you, have a great day!

- The Secret is out!

Start your day with some of the best ideas and advice you can get your mind on. It just sets you up for an awesome day everyday.

- Love the daily inspiration

Fabulous reminders to stay positive and look forward to every moment

- Fantastic way to start everyday!

The best way to kick start that positive thinking, highly recommend this app!!

- Thank you

This app is so good in reminding you how to be thankful and change the way you think to attract good things.

- Magic

Practical, this has opened me up to a sence of freedom, thanks 🙏🏼 to the team very greatful to have come across you💪🏾🤗✨

- Thank you! תודה

It is now part of my morning routine, and helps/reminds/supports me in my journey. Thank you so much 💜

- Inspiring

This app encourages me to put into practice daily all the teachings from the secret. A positive motivator for each and every day.

- Thank you

Inspirational, motivational and keeps me thinking positively. Best way to start my day x

- Everyone needs this app!

Love this app!! Daily reminder to Feel Good

- Secret

This was app so good until I updated the app and now I’m all the way back to day one

- Positivity

The app helps to keep my mind focused and positive. Simple to use.

- Love it!

Great app, love the reminders. Love the teachings. Highly recommended

- Inspirational

Inspiring quotes to start off everyday.

- Wonderful

Love this app it keeps me in the law of attraction mindset.

- Love it ❤️

Excellent , like reading everyday

- Positive vibes

Love everything that this app is!

- Great app

Love my daily readings ❤️

- Love this App!

Such wonderful life teachings 😊

- Great App just got better!

Update: v1.4 adds post to Facebook, fixes a current day thing with daylight savings and looks stunning in retina display. Dont believe some of the post reviews here... IT DOES NOT EXPIRE! It merely clicks back to day 1. Anyway i live it. Keeps me reminded to be grateful for my life. ----------- This Daily Teachings never expires, you can reset the starting day whenever you like, and there are 365 messages of joy to live by. You can even choose to update with more messages for another year! Once you have gone through an entire year of messages you can reset the starting day and start all over, or choose to load more messages. Thank you for this beautiful application.

- great for iPhone

Love the app but would be great if ya could add your own teachings instead of paying another $5 to have more added. I have a desktop widget that I can add teachings from. Would be great if it also was made to fit iPad to. If possible adding a sync function so that when a teaching is added you can sync it between devices as I have it one three devices. Great work guys

- True Believer

Have been reading these books for the past 12 years & have found them all inspirational. They always help me through the tough times. They have made me a more confident & happier person. I am a true believer .

- AS

I love this app too! But since updating mine some time ago it just crashes every time I open it 😢 I can't wait till they fix the bug as it's a wonderful way to start your day ... Reading something positive and uplifting

- Inspirational & precise

I have had this app for many, many years & I look at it daily. I have set daily messages that arrive on my phone to remind me to think positive & stay in tune with the universe. Cannot recommend it enough.

- Wrong Date Shows

I recently moved the app from an itouch to a new iPhone 4, and set my start date to that previously set on my itouch. The issue I now have it the app shows the wrong date. It always shows yesterday. All regional settings on my iPhone are correct. I then went to the internal feedback form and it doesn't accept any entered email addresses. Guess the developers don't get too much feedback???

- Love waking up to the daily message

Reading the daily message sets the tone for my day. It inspires me to ask, believe and achieve what I choose for myself. Thank you Rhonda Byrne. Love your books too!

- Best way to wake up

This is sobering to wake up to daily & know that what we think and send out to the world comes back in the most amazing ways... I love this app when u only need a few minutes to be reminded of how amazing and individual we all are ❤️

- Keeping it fresh

After reading the book and watching the movie this is great way to keep the secret teachings fresh in your daily lives. However for some reason both types of push notifications simply don't work for me but I'm sure the universe will fix this up ;)

- thrilled

$6, is what a Starbucks coffee. How much fun and inspiration will I get from these lovely teachings? A daily reminder from my little phone to remind me of the abundance in my life and to be full of gratitude. Thankyou I love it!!!

- Needs daily reminder

I think It would be better if you got a daily notification to remind you to read the daily reminder. I forget about it and I can miss weeks.

- App crashes

I love the daily teachings, but ever since updating the app, whenever I try opening it, it crashes. Please fix

- Expires after one year

I like the secret, so I was glad to see it available as an app even though I think $6 is expensive for an app of this nature. After I bought it I discovered that it expires after one year and that I would have to resubscribe !! This wasn't mentioned on the app store page! $6 is dear $6 a year is silly!! Zero stars for being sneeky and not practicing what you teach!

- Best way to start your day 🙌

Thank you, Thank you,Thank you , The first thing I do when I wake , then I send to my daughter who loves waking up to these lovely affirmations. Life is wonderful 🙌 The BEST APP ❤️

- Outstanding

I highly recommend this app. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Look forward to the daily uplift.

- Great app

The share button to Facebook and Twitter needs to be fixed. Other than that, this is a fantastic apps.

- So amazing

I love this app! Everyday I look forward to see what the daily teachings bring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 🙏🏼

- This is awesome

This is the best app ever.... I love reading it each day and sometimes more than once if I'm having a bad day.... Great app

- Awesome app

Only wish would be that the random notifications for daily readings be random not at 715 each morning.

- 'The light'

Thank you.. Uplifting daily wisdom lighting the path for anyone in search of their 'inner one God self' We are indeed creators. Discover your inner magic. It awaits :)

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- Had an issue developer helped

All is good. Great app

- Add a daily journal option

Please add a daily journaling option! By adding a daily journal option would help keep track of the positive thinking patterns and something to reflect on the way you connect your current day with the saying.

- Way too many notifications

Used to be a great app. Now it’s becoming an annoyance.

- Gratitude

Wake and be thankful

- BE and FEEL happy now!

I take something from each message and makes me feel so good!

- More features needed but very great and inspiring love the secret

Very motivating and helpful however, the app should maybe more features such as an interactive diary.


I bought the book a while back and just recently decided to purchase the App as well. Both have proven to be a wise investment of my time and money. Wisdom flows from these pages always nourishing and and keeping our minds enlightened and motivated. There is one undeniable truth about WISDOM and it Is that it is ETERNAL and this book is proof of that. It’s a great blessing .

- My Guiding Light

I use the daily reminders to help keep myself on what I consider the “right path”. Many times the motivation or encouragement comes at times when I need the boost the most.

- The staple of apps

Helps keep our thoughts in check👌🏽Thoughts are things yo...

- The Secret 💕

I love the daily teachings. Thank you!!

- Daily Teachings

I use this App all the time to motivate me, to encourage me, lift me up when I'm having a hard time. It is so positive and helps change your perspective with a simple glance at a message. I highly recommend this App. Positive, uplifting and instant.

- Love it

Great daily reminders

- Great!

Really helps keep my mood on track.

- Wow this works

Daily use

- The secret teachings

Best daily inspiration!

- The Secret is the Secret

Excellent inspiration

- Good

If you have read or watched the secret these are kind of repeats, but good reminders to practice positive thoughts and manifestation daily.

- Very good readings!

I enjoy the readings everyday.

- The Power! Within!

I do look forward to reading this everyday!

- Wise words

Love it

- Still so good.

I've had this app for years. :-) And I still love it, and appreciate everything it offers.

- Awsome app

One of the best apps I have found helps me stay positive.

- Extra boost

If one wants an extra boost of positive energy this is it... It shows you how to view your life from a different perspective...and it works! It works for the better and it makes you a better and lucky person over time. I love it and recommended to everyone.

- A great habit.

Reinforcing what is important everyday!

- ❤

Love this app & the daily reminder feature....thank you!

- Carole

Très satisfaite! Format très pratique

- Love it!!!

Starts my day right!!

- The Secret Daily Teachings

I have used this app for a few years and it is a positive awesome app!

- Inspiration on your phone!

I love that this app can be customized to when you need that little push to keep motivated and hold your head up high! Especially for people like me who don't even have time to pick up and read a book, this is app is very motivational! I love it!

- Inspirational

Love this app it keeps me on track 😘


So enjoy the daily teachings! 😊

- Great! Love it for many years

Fantanstic inspiration, have it for many years, can't stop reading!!!

- The Secret App

Love The App

- A blessing

With this app I am creating paintings of happiness and prosperity in my life and I am receiving all.Just got my dream job 🏁

- Great Daily ritual!

Simple way to reinforce the importance of practicing the law of attraction daily.

- A beautiful way to allow

I love this app. It is a great way to remind me on busy days to stop and connect. We get so caught up in the physical, we forget to include the most important part of ourselves. Thank you for this incredible gift from the universe! With Love & Light💜

- Très apprécié

J'apprécie les commentaires à tous les jours c'est réconfortant et de bon conseil.

- Love it

Love the app.

- It does what it says,

It's like the day calendar

- HEY, restore my purchases!!!!!!!!!!!

Upon updating, I lost all my expansion packs!!! Furthermore, in this new version, the « RESTORE MY PURCHASES » has been removed. Very deceiving and unacceptable. How does the developer intend on resolving this issue, and when?

- Help!

Just purchased app and it keeps crashing! How can I get app support? Super disappointed!

- Problem

Why won't this app work anymore?

- Secret

Whenever I try to run this ap, it crashes.

- Disappointed

For the level at which this app is priced I was expecting some sort of value above and beyond a daily verse. Save your self the money and open up a page of the book and read one each day. That's really all it provides. Big rip off!

- Life-changing

This app is another blessing in my life. Since discovering The Secret many years ago, my life has changed for the better in so many ways. My gratitude for this is larger than I can express. I'm thankful for this app also as the daily teachings keep me mindful of the importance of gratitude, positive thinking as well as to reaffirm that if you want something, live as though you already have it and the Universe will make it so!

- Great app!

Very convenient and helpful.

- Needs more

Free messages

- Great start for the day

best thing came across

- Cool app

Basic premise- a daily reminder to re-train your brain away from the negative traits that society normalizes and brings focus to positive ways to change all aspects of your life.

- Good

Really keeps me motivated. Could use some updates tho.

Libertex 📈

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- Best app and greatest of all time

This is the greatest app i have ever owned in my life. Changed my life the downside of things to the most positive state of mind and state of life. I recommend this to anybody out there. Always stay grateful

- Helps me stay on track

This definitely helps me stay focused on the positive stuff and some days just completely fits what I am going through.

- Great way to start your day!

Reading this every morning and applying it to your life is the first step in a bigger healing process. I look forward to it each day.

- Absolute Must

I just love this app. I have it set up to randomly send me messages daily & they always seem to come at a time when the message is most needed.

- Love these daily doses of positive thinking

I look forward to these every day and reread them often throughout the day. They help me internalize the message of loving myself and broadcasting love to all around me.

- Best inspirational app ever

I have been using this app for a year and I have to say it has changed the way I speak and think. I have seen a shift in my attitude & seen more success in my career as well. Best app ever

- I look forward to it everyday!

I love opening this app every morning and refer back to it throughout the day. It's a great reminder to keep positive and keep working towards your dreams.

- Must have to start the day right! 🙌🏼

Love the app. Great way to start the day and also to remind yourself through out the day what an abundant life is. Thankful to the creators for putting out such a great app! 💓

- Awesome!

Big fan of the Secret. This app is a really great companion to the book. It gives you little chunks of the Secret to think about everyday to set you on the right path to receive.

- Great days guaranteed

I look forward to opening my app every morning to see what beauty will lie within the day. And the greatest part is I am in control of my own happiness.

- I didn't pay for all these adds

I downloaded the app for 5 dollars and I thought that would be sufficient to get rid of the adds every 10 seconds. I can't handle all those interruptions! At any rate, I thought that if I get the pro version that it might eliminate the adds for things I am not interrested in. Then I find that the pro version is not available in my area yet. App deleted!

- Great daily reminder

❤️ this app, it has new insights every day. We could all use these daily reminders in our lives regularly!

- Great App

I read the daily message right before going to sleep. It is a wonderful way to transition in what I am grateful for that day. Thank you to the developers.

- Love this app

The daily teachings have helped to change my thoughts thus changing my world. I would definitely recommend this app

- Life changing

Everyone can have everything they want with a balance of unwavering belief and unending gratitude. There is enough of everything for everyone.

- Great!!

I look forward to reading the daily message everyday! I highly recommend this if you want to remain positive.

- Try to read it everyday

I love this app. I've made sticky notes and put them in places where I can be reminded daily of past quotes.

- Keeps Me Focused

These wonderful and positive daily inspirations keep me focused on being positive and enjoying everything positive in my life now and in the future. Thank you Universe (and Rhonda) for this App!!

- Always helps me feel better

I always come back to this app for inspiration and guidance. Thank you!

- Awesome app

Love that I can get my little pieces and tidbits of The Secret whenever I need a pick me up! App is simple but great to use and always works well and quickly!

- Inspiration

This app reinforces the things we all already know and is such a lovely, daily reminder of the positivity we all need to channel. 💫

- The Power of Positivity

I start my day reading the Daily Inspiration. And when I feel the negative thoughts trying to creep in.....I just open this app to reconnect. I love The Secret❤️

- Very Calming

The idea of the secret is very special to me. With the daily posting I am always able to review and refresh my thinking

- Great inspiring and motivational app

Love the app... gives hope and pushing me hard to fulfill my goal 👍🏽👍🏽 I can really recommend this to all my friends 🤘🏼 More blessing to the maker and staff 💖

- Learn and Do. It will change your life!

Great tool to help all keep their mind in the proper state. This will keep people thinking positive and receiving positive throughout ones life.

- Great app

After reading the book the app went perfectly. It's helped on some tough days

- Love this app!

This app motivates me everyday to better myself and my thoughts and actions. I recommend and share this with friends and family everyday!

- The Power of Positive Thinking

I love reading these every morning. Positive thinking can go a long way if you use it properly.

- Great app to stay plugged in!

I'm grateful for this app. I read it first thing in the morning. I also have the Secret to Money which is amazing as well.

- The Secret

I read it daily for motivation and inspiration. Bring back the game that you once had, please.

- Life Changing!!!

This app is amazing! I love the way I can program it everyday to remind me to do my daily readings, therefore I never lose sight of what's really important!

- The Secret App

It's absolutely beautiful! I love reading a new confirmation everyday because I feel it's really connected and speaking to me personally. I really love this app!

- Great App!!

I look at the readings every morning when I wake up just to be sure I start off every day with a thankful mindset. Such a positive app!!

- Keeps my head straight

I love this! This app helps me stay focused, my spirits up and keeps me in the knowing rather than old patterns of insecurity. Thank you!

- Inspirational

Each day this app reminds me and inspires me to live to my potential and be thankful for every step along the way.

- Daily Teachings

There are so many aha moments when reading the daily teachings. I really do enjoy them and I love sharing the teachings as well.

- The Secret

I have had this app for years and it helps me stay focused on positivity and manifesting. Along with the money app I am confident of all good things in my life.

- Awesome daily habit

I'm so grateful for this app. It has changed my life. It keeps my thinking in perspective and positive. "All good will come from this" and it's true!!

- Daily start of my day

All of us need help to get going some days. This helps me to start and stay positive throughout the day. Love it!!

- Best way to start your day

I love this app! I start my morning by reading it daily. Puts me in the right frame of mind to go thru my day

- Simply Amazing!

If you aren't familiar with the Secret, give it a try with an open mind. You will not be disappointed!

- Bright beginnings to every day!

The Secret to starting each day with the proper mindset for success and prosperity are found within this app! What a joy!

- Enjoy the daily guidance and inspiration

Just getting started with the app but I am enjoying it very much so far and haven't had any issues yet.

- Life Changer

I wake up and read this first thing every morning. I absolutely love this App! Helps to keep my mind in a positive state.


This is a great app for anyone trying to make the right changes in their life. It helps me stay focused and reminds me I know "the secret"! Great companion to the documentary & books !

- My Most Frequented App

Excellent way to get through my day and feel like I am evolving at the same time. Much Gratitude to Rhonda for All~

- If it’s to be, it’s up to me....

Every day, Every night, every time things get hard. Just say it and believe it.

- Landscape Mode Needed

If this app was able to rotate to landscape, I could increase the review. This is extremely annoying. I prefer to use my table, which I always use in Landscape mode.

- Latest update

I am having issues with the App since the last update. When I open the App it is stuck on a future date. I have to scroll backwards to see the current date inspiration. Also, I cannot scroll forward. When will this get fixed. Thank you R. O.

- Best app to start the day!

I’m so grateful for this positive app and the good vibrations it gives me every morning! Thank you - thank you - thank you!!!!

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The Secret: Daily Teachings There is a huge difference between inspired action and busying yourself with activity in trying to make things happen.

The Secret Daily Teachings 2.0.9 Screenshots & Images

The Secret Daily Teachings iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

The Secret Daily Teachings iphone images
The Secret Daily Teachings iphone images
The Secret Daily Teachings iphone images
The Secret Daily Teachings iphone images
The Secret Daily Teachings iphone images
The Secret Daily Teachings iphone images

The Secret Daily Teachings (Version 2.0.9) Install & Download

The applications The Secret Daily Teachings was published in the category Lifestyle on 2009-10-28 and was developed by Creste LLC [Developer ID: 825745885]. This application file size is 35.67 MB. The Secret Daily Teachings - Lifestyle app posted on 2020-02-06 current version is 2.0.9 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: tv.thesecret.dailyteachings

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