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Weather your way. Face any severe weather this fall and winter with our new widget, live radar maps, and accurate storm and snow trackers from The Weather Channel, the world's leading weather provider.*

Stay up to date and prepared no matter the weather with our live radar, weather maps and accurate forecasts. You can also manage personal weather alerts, so you receive notifications that are important to you. Plus, we’ve got a whole range of useful weather features for you to plan ahead with confidence.

The Weather Channel - Our Top 3 Features

1. Our smart widget offers more weather detail at a glance, and one-tap access to the world's most accurate forecast. Check your local radar, get severe weather alerts in your area, and discover the forecast for the next 3 hours straight from your homescreen.
2. Plan your outings up to two weeks in advance: Plan ahead thanks to our Feels Like feature, local hourly & daily forecasts, and our Real-Time Rain alerts.
3. Current conditions at a glance: get weather data that’s relevant where you are.
 You can find local maps and forecasts on your homescreen, and breaking news videos with closed captioning!

Our app is Dark Mode compatible - turn on Dark Mode on your Apple device for a great viewing experience.

Plan outdoor activities with confidence.
• Our Real-Time Rain notifications will help you plan for the day with confidence. Find the live radar directly on your home screen, so you know in a second whether to pack a light or waterproof jacket!
• Want to enjoy a summer walk or run? Get detailed information on sunset times, allergies, pollen forecasts and much more.

Keep informed on the latest weather news.
• Stay prepared during extreme weather events and earthquakes. We’ll send you live alerts, so you’ll always be aware.
• Check out Warming Signs with Kait Parker every Tuesday in Apple Podcasts

Upgrade to Premium Pro for exclusive access to premium features:
• Premium Pro radar: The clearest way to visualize rain’s potential impact on your precise location, now with 24-hr future radar
• Ad Free: Remove all ads from your weather experience
• Extended Hourly: See 192 hours into the future, with 14 days of detailed forecast
• And more!

You can cancel The Weather Channel subscription anytime through your iTunes account settings, or it will automatically renew. This must be done 24 hours before the end of any subscription period to avoid being charged another fee. Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of your purchase and upon commencement of each renewal term. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.


Privacy & Feedback

• Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: 

• Our Terms of Use can be viewed here:

• If you have any questions or suggestions about our weather service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at

The Weather Company is the world’s most accurate forecaster, according to the most recent, comprehensive study available (2010-2017) from Forecast Watch

*The World's Leading Weather Provider: Apps from The Weather Company, parent of The Weather Channel, are the most used weather apps worldwide based on average monthly active users via smartphone in 2019. Comscore Mobile Metrix®, Worldwide Rollup Media Trend, News/Information –Weather category incl. [P] Weather Company, The and [M] Weather Channel, The, Jan-Dec. 2019 avg.

App Annie: The Weather Channel app combined had over 50 million monthly active users worldwide each month from January through December 2019, over 2M total 5 star ratings and was downloaded 155 million times.

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Weather - The Weather Channel Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using The Weather Channel app! We are constantly working to add new features and improve your app experience. Please email us at with any suggestions or questions.

Weather - The Weather Channel Comments & Reviews

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- My favorite app

I used to rely on the standard Apple weather app that is pre-installed on the iPhone to receive all my forecast knowledge. I had been using it for years to check the weather and daily temp until one day my mother told me to check the radar... what radar? “The radar on the weather channel app,” she replied. As soon as I downloaded this app my life changed. View the radar when storms are coming, videos about current weather and environment news, warning and watch notifications for changes in weather... it’s amazing! Somehow your friends always think you’re smarter when you know the weather. Thanks, weather channel app, for always telling me when it’s going to rain, you’ve saved a few ruined bonfires! Plus it tells you what time down to the minute it will start raining... and it’s always pretty accurate! All in all, this app is pretty great. It’s like the weather app of my dreams I didn’t know was the weather app of my dreams until I had it. Through everything the app has always been there for me, telling me an accurate forecast and alerting me with weather notifications. Sometimes getting notifications from the weather channel app is even better than getting a text from my boyfriend. The weather channel app is easily my favorite app. Trusty, reliable, and always tells you the weather. No strings attached!

- Weather Channel App Great Tool for Travel

My wife and I having to travel throughout the state of Texas, occasionally with our children,results in many changes and fluctuations in the weather. We can be in central Texas in San Antonio with high temperatures and strong wind (allergens: dust & pollen) will change dramatically as we venture into East Texas surrounding Houston with lower temperatures, but with a major increase in relative humidity and the dew point (allergens: mold and grasses). Having a family with a variety of allergies, compounded with the need to stay vigilant about the novel Coronavirus(CoVid-19), can leave some of us concerned for our health if we do not prepare for the changing weather. Another major advantage in having The Weather Channel are the weather alerts warning us of severe weather. We have on several occasions received alerts/bulletins on severe weather outside of our region but within areas where we have family that are elderly. We were able to call them and advise them to take the necessary precautions. This has been a Godsend. The ability to see up-to-date forecasts of any city or region on The Weather Channel allows us to plan specific activities and outings, while taking the necessary precautions. All this and so much more conveniently located at the touch of a button on a single site - The Weather Channel! The Medina Family 😇

- Let’s go back in Time

I own a manufacturing business in the South. Since we work in a mostly open warehouse the weather is very important there was a time when y’all had sections of importance. Videos: At one time the primary videos offered were segments of weather throughout the country. i . e. Northeast, southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest. Now it’s a melange of Weather top story, then somewhat insignificant stories with background music and subtitles of stories not necessarily pertinent to U.S weather on a daily basis. It seems you have to forage through the pooo to get what your looking for. There was also monthly data that showed averages for one’s area and where we are compared to the average on a rolling average. That’s completely gone. Nowadays it’s the basic local facts and sensationalism. I’m afraid that you don’t know how to get it back. Lastly, I find it interesting that your posting a 4.6 average when the Lions share of comments are negative. Himmmm Math channel? Update; I had to correct my score. I originally gave it 2 Stars. Once it showed up it was 4 stars. Very interesting, maybe it answers my score question. So now I gave it a 1. If you see any more than 1 star? It wasn’t me.

- Good Info BUT Ads TOO Intrusive

First, the information for the current and near future weather from this app is as good as any other weather app and probably a little more timely. It is my preferred weather app and has been for quite a while. To be fair, sometimes it can be very wrong, but 9+ of 10 times it is reliable which is better than other apps. However, the latest few app designs have me so frustrated with the over intrusive positions of the ads. I understand the purpose for having ads...I’m cheap and don’t want to pay, so I accept that I must look at ads to compensate. No problem. Put the big ad first so I’m force to look at it every time. But then let me scroll off of it to see the weather info. In this current app version, I find myself constantly scrolling and having to search for the info I want to see. I know it is there somewhere, but I tend to miss it or just don’t see it through all of the ads. It is too much that I’m not using the app as frequently as I used to...which means I’m not looking at the ads...which I think defeats the purpose. Again I don’t mind having to look at ads, and sometimes i get something that interests me and I even click on them, but this app is supposed to be a weather app, for weather information, and not an ad app with some weather info sprinkled in between. For me 4.5 stars for the info, but 1 star for the app design as it makes me not want to use the app.

- What happened

I liked the fact that being older than dirt I could put this on my iPad and make things bigger so that I could see and read everything. I liked the setup except that as with all things meteorologists have a harder time knowing what is going to happen and make guesses as to times of stuff. GOd still has control on most things and weather seems to be changing in our world also. So old age is not the only things that change in life. Why everyone uses light gray writing on a white background and expect someone to be able to see it is idiotic at best. I know all of the younger generation may like new update but I personally liked the old one best. There may have been a few things to change but wish you would make so people had a choice. Older people seem to never get a choice any more. At least there are many more apps I can go to and pray to find one I like. Thanks for nothing but causing me more problems with computers which I am getting ever more aggravated with. Not all old people want so many changes in their later years. Every time I finally get used to something, you geniuses decide to change all around. Just getting used to phones and iPads and all their changes every other day is enough to drive someone crazy and I don’t need any help since as you get older people don’t give me credit for having a lot of common since anyway! Thanks at least for trying to please all the people in the world.


I have had the Weather App for many years, including the add free version. Then suddenly I saw features pulled back from the $3.99 Version and got an offer for premium going from $3.99 to $9.99 to basically get the same features I had before. I decided to pay for the Premium version and that is when the problems began. At first my ipad kept showing the adds without premium features, then when I tried to manage my subscriptions, It got rid of the adds on some of the screen, but when I click on some of the extended features (such as the extended hours tab) the app crashes every time. I tried to delete the Weather App on the ipad without luck and then from all devices and reload them, and now my iphone is also not showing extended premium features and also showing adds. If, I try to get refund I am told that I can only cancel the subscription starting at the end of initial subscription year which is at the end of 2020 (this year fee not refundable) but I can use the application until the end of the year (with advertisements). I have submitted multiple support requests online, since December 22, to the Weather App/IBM and the only response I get is "the we will get to you as quickly as possible" from each of the initial contacts. Furthermore, their FAQ and support pages do not have anything to say about what to do with premium features installation failure.

- Thank you

Thank you for keeping us up to date on the weather. I found it a problem when we had a hurricane and lost all power and internet. I don’t love the ads but when you don’t have internet and power you are slowly watching it skip and skip and you can’t actually get to the weather until it’s completely over you. In those situations it is very frustrating. I don’t however want to pay for premium to get more accurate and up to date weather. I would rather get it anyways. Most professions give their 100%. I wish you had a solution for when people’s lives matter in such a horrible situation to have it more assessable. When I have internet I completely understand the need to pay for your broadcast with ads but maybe in the area that has devastation we can skip them. 5 sec of ads takes 5 minutes. When your roof is off and you need to know when it’s going to rain the last thing you want to hear is an ad. Now that I have said all that, I appreciate so much the people who go out to tell us what is happening. I watch all night during Laura. I couldn’t watch during delta. I was just too exhausted from the damage. But keeping us up to date is such a wonderful provision and we thank you.

- Disappointed

Updated Comments: The app has gone from bad to totally unusable. The “current location” feature gives me the weather and alerts for an area that is 20 miles away. This is particularly annoying and dangerous on severe weather days. Further I repeatedly get notifications about about what the weather will be like tomorrow in different area area that 20 miles away from where I live, in a completely different direction. To make matters worse, when I try and report the errors, the email address provided within the app come back with a delivery failure because it is invalid. After years of loving the Weather Channel on so many levels, and trusting them to keep me informed and safe, I am done. Wish I could give this app a negative star rating. This used to be a great app. Clean, concise, simple and accurate. However, all the “updates” and redesigns during the last year or so have turned it into one hot mess. It takes forever to load, crashes repeatedly, removes saved locations and settings with each update, and keeps sending me forecasts and alerts for cities where I do not live, have never been to and could care less about. I have sent these concerns to support several times and nothing is ever fixed or even addressed. It’s all about advertising and video features. I have used this app for years, yet am getting ready to delete it. I am so disappointed.

- New Update Nonsense

I don’t know why the weather channel felt the need to completely overhaul the layout and design of their app. The previous version, which I had used daily for the last handful of years, was by all accounts a perfect weather app. Generally speaking, the main reason to change the layout of an app is to make it more efficient for the user. Unfortunately, the final product of this new design has done the exact opposite. The “upgraded” version of this app is an absolute pain to navigate and offers almost no benefits for the user. The most striking change made to the app is undoubtedly the bright white background. It’s baffling that people still think the bright white screen is an upgrade. Several of my other most used apps over the years have gone with the white background and I have had to delete several of them as a result. Unfortunately, I will likely do the same for the weather channel app if they don’t change or at least offer an alternative to the white background. It is blinding to my precious eyes!

- Zero stars

I never write reviews. I had to for this one. I’ve had this app as long as I remember. 2010 maybe??? And I’ve always loved it. Accurate and easy to use. Fantastic really. Gave me what I needed and nothing more. Now there’s all this junk. Pure, useless, clickbait junk. Pop up ads everywhere! I like knowing where to touch the screen with a little muscle memory so I can get through my task of getting the weather and getting on with my life. But now this app has sold out SO hard I feel like I’m using a 1998 pc with no virus protection! And it’s not even poorly done! It’s strategic and timed perfectly so the screen moves at the perfect time so my finger correctly hits the ad and not the option I wanted. Effectively navigating me away from the app to a completely irrelevant ad that’s been tailored to me by the cookies I’ve agreed to use this app, that I’m not even going to look at because I’m now frustrated and trying to get back to my weather app. What over-paid executive approved this ridiculously bad interface? And why? So I can do a sinkhole video I won’t believe? The same sinkhole video that came out 8 months ago on 30 other apps that EVERYONE uses? Way to waste A TON OF MONEY ON NOTHING weather channel! All you did was make me use the weather app that came with my phone I that never really liked. Perfect case of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Just bring back Joe Cantore. That’s all you had to do.

- Money grab developers strike again

Back a few years ago in the early days of the App Store, probably 8-10 years ago in fact, I purchased the ad free version of this app called Weather Channel Max. Good app, no ads and it worked well. Then about 2-3 years ago the app updated and said that this app will no longer be supported and that would be the final update. It stated the other version(the one with ads) would be the only version supported. I continued to use the app I paid for until it kept crashing after iOS updates and was pretty much forced to use the app with ads. Now I see you can go premium on this app and remove ads. That really ticks me off considering I had previously paid for the ad free version, only to have them snub it. I, at first, just thought they were only getting rid of max so they would force those who paid a one time fee for the ad free version back on the app that has ads. Not only was that true, but now, in hopes that people would forget(which I didn’t) they now offer a monthly subscription service to get rid of ads. This is a sad attempt at getting even more money from me. I will now be deleting the app and using another app instead. I’ve already given enough money to you all only to be asked for more. I’m really disappointed how greedy developers are becoming and all over an app that gives you mediocre weather reports.

- Very disappointed

Some features of this new improved app are helpful but basic information being available at a glance was abandoned in favor of flashy modern graphics. I miss a quick daily view with not only temperatures, but also wind speeds and wind direction along with precipitation percentages without having to scroll though a long day to day listing. Also the quality of the radar product is much to be desired with very fuzzy low resolution images that does not clearly display the storm features as well as the old pro version. Also the combination of a past and future radar product is unnecessary and in fact it is confusing, especially since the future images are very low resolution and blotchy. I would love to disable the future function entirely. Whats more (since the weather channel manages accuweather) the old accuweather format was replaced with the new weather channel format. Additionally I was hoping that by purchasing the subscription product of the weather channel that there may be new useful information. Sadly all the subscription buys is the elimination of in product ads. I am certainly looking for a replacement weather product for both the weather channel and accuweather that provides the information that I rely on quickly and at a glance.

- Used to be 5 stars

As life continues in this Land of the Free Market, we see more and more “monthly subscriptions” as alternatives to pesky ads and better performance. BUT THIS APP HAS GOT TO BE THE BEST EXAMPLE OF THE WORST APP TO DO IT TO. I mean seriously?!? I’ve had this app for YEARS. It was the best performing, most accurate, and user friendly weather app out there. It exceeded all these built in apps and that annoyingly wrong weather-bug thingy (that was a joke for the ones that’ll miss it) when it came to reliability. THEN ONE DAY, corporate decided they wanted a piece of the “subscription” pie and turned this app into the biggest pain in the neck I have ever experienced. It is now so consumed by ads, spammy, and laggy. It spams it’s own app with its own advertising also (had to say that one separate since they control that). It now only shows certain things with “premium” (might as well write it off as ‘only useable as premium’) and has literally made the free version of the app just bad enough to make you buy the “good” version. Is that what it’s come to? Are we now ruining our once good-quality product, so that we can turn around and offer the original good-quality version again for a hefty price? I mean, seriously. Just give me an option to one-time buy it and I’ll think about it, but I’m the mean time I’m over this.

- Could be great app if it worked

When it works I like the app. I like the changes and if it loads it is a useful tool. For me the videos and weather updates are very good. Not sure what the problem is, but for some reason and this seems to happen frequently — the app doesn’t load (spinning disk) or it just crashes and restarts and then back to spinning disk. So if it loads (might work for days and then not work for days) it is a good app. I have noticed the app works best in places with high speed internet. In a place outside or in a place that lacks high speed internet or great cell service, the app just won’t open quickly (maybe 5-10 mins to open). I have an iPhone X with the newest software and the newest version of the app, so I don’t think it is the phone. Anyway, if the stability can be improved and it can open quickly than it would be a great app. Update: I downloaded the new version and it worked ok for a week (I.e. seemed like an improvement) and then crash city and or the spinning wheel of Watson after that. Now it is useless again. Weather is such an important thing to know and I have no idea why the concept of an app that works is so hard. I stick by what I wrote above - when the app works, it is great, but for some reason it doesn’t work most of the time. Like others, I now use other apps that work all of the time.

- New Update RUINED this app!

UPDATED REVIEW: Another update to this app...and now it’s even worse!! The last update made a once great app bad; this update just completely decimated it. I’ll be deleting it because it’s now unusable. The layout is SO distracting that I can’t even focus on what I’m looking for - you know, the actual weather. Why so many lines everywhere?? It’s awful. Don’t know what they’re thinking with these updates, but whoever thinks these are improvements is an idiot and should be fired. Total trash app. So disappointing, as this has been my go to weather app for many years. ———————————————————— ORIGINAL REVIEW: I've never written a review before, but this latest app update compelled me to do so. The update has taken what was once my favorite weather app and turned it into a cluttered, ad-riddled, blurry mess. It now has 3 LARGE icons at the bottom of the screen for pollen, video & radar (with a moving ad below those 3 things) that offer no option to "hide." This effectively takes up a 1/4 of your viewing screen. Also, I've always liked their feature of being able to choose my background photo for the app screen. You can still do so, but your photo is now extremely blurry. I used to love this app, but the update has ruined it, so I will be deleting and searching for another unless they fix it ASAP!

- Less useful since update 2018

I used this app multiple times per day in the past but since the 2018 update, I have hardly used it at all. The data is accurate. It is hard to find the info you need. They now have boxes on the screen with different info. The screen is so chopped up you can’t see enough of any one thing to figure out what it is. The previous version was better when current details were on the first screen and you could scroll down to whatever section you need. There was enough info on the screen to understand and you had the option to tap an arrow to get more detailed info if you wish. Now I see 2 or 3 words, then a box with an ad, then 4 or 5 words and then another ad. Nothing is obvious that you can tap to get more details. I hate tapping all over the screen to figure out what gives more details since the first screen is useless and there is nothing to indicate how to get details. Please revise back similar to the previous functionality which was efficient and obvious how to operate the app! I haven’t ever written a review before when an app changed, but this one is so bad it deserves a comment. The only reason that it gets 2 stars is because the data is accurate if you are ever able to get to it.

- Does not deserve one star for this update

GIVE US BACK THE OLD APP!!! This is no concise weather report. And: Bad background; bad graphics; bad set up. Too many ads, too many screen options. The best weather information is plain and simple (as this app used to be): current conditions, forecast, radar, and then the other options like future forecasts, air quality, etc. The Weather Channel has been my go-to for weather forecasts since it was on TV—with no commercials. (Who can remember back that far?!) My version of Direct TV does not offer The Weather Channel so I have been relying on my iPhone app; not any more. Either give me the option of having the old app back or do a major fix to the current mess. If not I will be deleting this app. There are plenty of weather apps out there so why go with something so inferior. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT TO ME (and others) IS BAROMETER INFO. IT CAN HAVE A MAJOR AFFECT ON HEALTH. Please add the barometer and don’t forget direction as well as numbers. I still have the old app on my tablet; using it when I am home. I just don’t get why Weather apps want to go too fancy. It is not what people want when they want weather. Save the fancy and extras for those wiling to pay for it, then you will not have to mess up a good, basic weather app. Hope you get the message from me and many others.

- Used to be a great app

The Weather Channel App used to be a great App. Now I find it difficult to even open. I touch to open and it immediately closes, so I have to tap a second time. It then takes 20-30 seconds to open. Once the app is open an Upgrade to Premium screen appears first (for a fee). It freezes as I’m using it and I have to close and reopen to get it to work. See steps above that have to be repeated when it freezes. It is slow to respond to screen swiping or moving from one to another. When viewing the radar section in the app and animating the forecast there was a digital clock showing time as it advances. This is no longer available. I’m constantly barraged with adds and upgrade requests to the premium version. If I move out of the app and come back, it is frozen and Will close by itself forcing me to re-open. See steps above for re-opening the app. All in all what once was my go to for temp, precip, forecast, and other weather information this has become a lesson in frustration and not an enjoyable experience. This has been happening not only on my phone but with others I’ve discussed this with. Although I’ve updated the app and my phone as well, it seems to be getting worse and worse.

- Constant reminders to go premium when I already have and no accessibility support for Apple Watch.

I think this app would be great if it worked for everybody on every device, but they seem to have left out those of us who use voiceover, who need to know what the weather is too. It’s not all about the sighted people! I’m trying to figure out why those of us who use voiceover should have to pay full price for premium when everything doesn’t work for us? Also, I’m getting really tired of the constant reminders to go premium, when I already have. I have to go and tell it that I want to go premium first, for it to tell me that I already am, before the stupid thing will go away until the next senseless time it pops up. Until these things are fixed, we shouldn’t be charged to use the app. There’s not a whole lot of premium quality to go in premium when you have a visual impairment and most of the stuff doesn’t work with voiceover, something that’s built into the iOS, and there’s no excuse for it to not work with it. Also, I’m trying to figure out why, if this app is included, even if it’s a dumbed down version of it, with iOS, does it have completely different forecasts? The temperatures don’t always match either.

- Way too much

The new app is a very, very negative change. The old navigation was fine and did not need an overhaul because this is just a weather app. There’s WAY TOO MUCH extra stuff involved with this app, and I really don’t understand why these guys try so hard to make it entertaining. It’s literally just the weather, I’m not looking to be entertained and I doubt anyone else opens up the weather channel app like “oh boy it’s time to have a good time”. We just want to see a forecast and a radar and that’s it. The air pollution number also seems completely inaccurate because it’s different every time I open my app. Not to mention the recent discovery of a weather channel weatherman pretending to be pushed around by winds that just weren’t there. To the point where he’s babbling about the storm being in the middle of an intense surge or something like that, meanwhile a couple of pedestrians walk behind him wearing shorts and hoodies, not affected by the wind at all. Plus, he’s visibly fighting the wind in the opposite direction that it’s blowing. You can see plants blowing in the opposite direction of where he’s pushing. That being said, I feel like all the weather on here anymore is exaggerated because they think it’s entertaining to people. It’s really just a nuisance and the reason I’m getting a new weather app.

- Bad Update

This used to be my favorite 5 star weather app. I love to track weather and preparing for my day each day by using the TWC app but that all changed with this new update. First of all I do not wear sunscreen and base my outfits on the uv index and that has now been removed. Next the app used to be easy to navigate and get all the relevant weather information for the day as well as some great videos that I would watch in the morning as I wake up, but now the app is confusing with too much going on. I understand in today’s world to stay relevant you need to make change but this change was not for the better, to confusing now and hard to find information. I feel bad for all the sponsors that would pay for spots in the videos because based on the way the videos are set up I bet less people will watch them, I know I no longer will. I hope that TWC can fix this app and make it more user friendly again with an easy to find uv index. I am not deleting the app yet but until it is changed I will no longer use the app and will start downloading new weather apps in hopes of finding a suitable daily replacement. I hope this does not fall on deaf ears, the TWC app was the best but not anymore. Thank you and have a great day.

- Why change it?

I’m sorry but I dislike the new update. It has made the app a lot less user friendly. It’s difficult to navigate and to find specific information. I don’t understand why you think people would like this? We want simple and convenient. If you fixed the small font and color schemes that alone would help drastically. The important information is almost hidden now. For instance the current temperature is so small I need glasses to see it. Also there used to be an option to toggle the tropical storm and hurricane paths on/off now I can’t find that option anywhere. The issue is it covers the whole state days before the storm will arrive and I cannot see the radar. Then there’s the adds. Out of the 50 apps on my phone I do believe this app is the worst for adds. They’ve been creeping in and growing for years. Basically since the app I paid for didn’t work anymore and you went to a subscription app (which I should have received a refund for since I only had it for a year but I digress on that issue.) There is one add now even bigger then the radar! I’m not even getting started on the videos because everyone knows how bad they are, a 30 second add for a 20 second video speaks for itself.

- New Interface Never Loads

I have relied on the weather channel apps for weather since I got my first iPhone 3g. I pay the subscription fee to not deal with commercials. Which by the way was initially a lifetime buy and changed to yearly. Since this new interface update 90% of the time the app won’t load past the blue flash screen and spinning circle. I have an iPhone X and my iOS is up to date. I have sent several notifications into their help center and after months the issue is still not fixed. Thank god I never deleted the old weather maxx app off my phone. It still loads EVERY time I open it. But it ticks me off that I am paying for a basically useless subscription. Also the Watch app was buggy to start with and now hasn’t worked or loaded the weather in months. I resorted to Carrot weather for my watch. Frustrated as a long time customer they can’t squash this bug and that they released this change without really having it ready or thinking of their audience.

- Weather variety multiple locations

I have had this app for awhile and use it to not only get local weather but weather for various locations for my son's work travel as surprisingly conditions vary greatly within a 50 mile area which one needs to know if commuting. I get road conditions and various alerts ( rain, snow, lighting, etc) per area. All helpful. Last year because of the reports I got, I saved my son an unnecessary trip because of the weather report. I enjoy the various videos also. I am editing review because of the problems I have been having with the app which appears to be all over where this app is used. I contacted support and only got a service standard reply which is basically sent by a computer. I am highly disappointed that I can’t get the app to work anymore because it was very helpful when it worked. I am not sure if the malfunction is due to the updates on IOS which also requires apps to also update. Whatever the reason, there should be a way to correct problem with app especially when it effects all means of use on phones, tablets and computers.

- Good overall but needs improvement

I use to enjoy the app and most importantly the interactive map. I really like it because not only can you read the weather, but you can also visualize it and I think that brings a new way of informing someone when looking at the weather. I think this is important because it could possibly help someone better understand what they are looking at and it also serves for educational purposes and that goes a long way when helping someone understand the intended message that trying to be sent. You never want any miscommunications. Anyway, I like the app overall but with the recent update, the layers of the interactive map now cover the whole screen and I find that kind of confusing and bothersome. For example, the temperature layer now covers the entire map instead of just the land masses. I’m my opinion, I think it was better before when it only covered the land masses and that applies for all the other layers like UV index etc. So if you can change it back to that, that would be great. Thank you for your time and keep up with the great work. Go weather channel.

- If you’re a fan of conspiracy videos and anything BUT the weather

This app, the meteorologists involved, and the channel have all gone steadily downhill in both the accuracy and presentation of their work. Want to know if it’s going to rain? Well, that’s fine, open the app, click on hourly, click the list, select the particular hour, and you’ve finally gotten yourself to a page that has a 2% chance of being correct about the weather at any given time. Rain predictions are always wildly off, temperatures are inaccurate, the future radar’s accuracy is nothing short of a joke, the app is overwhelmed by clickbait videos and hidden ads, and the “weather alerts” are both excessive and incorrect. Weather channel, you are NOT a nonprofit, you have one job (as Loki said “just the one!”) that you are PAID to do, and to be honest you don’t do it well at all. It is currently drizzling in my area, one minute ago the app claimed no rain, now the app says I have severe hail and thunderstorms in my area....nope, not at all correct. All these shortcomings, and still, now, you have the nerve to create a subscription service out of your features? Lost faith, going elsewhere, please find time in your lives to do your one job with at least the minimum standards of care or accuracy.

- Catastrophe

Hate the update and redesign. What a mess . . . The vast majority of the most recent reviews give this update one star, because you have to give at least one to write a review. I love weather and used to use this app many times a day. I updated this app over a week ago and still hate it. I have also installed several other new weather apps, to test and compare which I like best. Every other app I have installed, I like so much better. I’ve also read the Developer comments/responses, none of which are helpful. Most are condescending and assume that we are really trying to use this app in its new version. It makes me question who their testing group was. Actual users of the app? The Developers want a specific list of what is wrong. It would be best to start with the original format and list the major changes that were made to “improve” functionality and design and start there. Then they could add in the other detail information that was previously provided that is now missing. I believe they need to find a new group of users to test their product to give them honest feedback, as opposed to what they want to hear based on the roadmap for their design. By the way, even with thousands of reviews the rating of this app is dropping quickly . . .

- very glitchy app

while it’s informative and sometimes accurate, the app itself is a pain to use. it constantly crashes on open and needs restarted. it’s super slow. they constantly ask me to PAY FOR PREMIUM which is ludicrous. why would i pay for a weather forecast? it’s like you’ve designed the app to operate poorly to get people to pay for the premium. no thanks. they also share data and are one of the worst as far as surveillance of what you do online. the ads and videos that are interweaved throughout the forecast are also very problematic and cause freezes/slowdowns in the app. would be nice to just have my forecast in a cleaner interface that’s smoother to use and isn’t so glitchy. i’ve resorted to downloading other apps that are smoother in design and operation. UPDATE: developer asked that i update the app and then update my review. while the crashes have been reduced, the ads are still causing the app performance to be low. also, the update removed a feature that was useful, the “best time to be outside” feature under hourly forecast. I used this a lot to make sure i wasn’t walking my dog at the hottest time of day. it’s also still asking me to PAY for premium every time i open the app.

- Notifications no longer work!

The Notifications NO LONGER WORK on this app!!! No matter how many times I try to enable them it doesn’t work, I just keep getting the “ERROR - Unable to change your alerts at this time. Please try again later.” I’m talking every single day for the last few MONTHS. And why did my notifications shut off in the first place? It’s important to me to get severe weather updates because I live in a tornado prone area, TWC used to be a source for this but isn’t anymore. And BTW, shouldn’t that be a PRIORITY for TWC? (I have contacted App support multiple times to no avail.) I used to love this app but not anymore. I hate the glaring white background to start with! How about something a little easier on the eyes? (Remember that a lot of folks open this app in the middle of the night because storms woke them up and they need to see if it’s severe.) The ads are ridiculous and beyond excessive. The videos will randomly start playing as you scroll to try to get to useful info. What’s with all the graphs? And format the 7-day forecast like you used to please! I like the way it shows up when it’s emailed to me and that’s how TWC used to do it on the app, why change that? Please fix this app. Please fix the notifications problem ASAP.

- Subscription too expensive to remove ads

I’ve had this app for years. It’s always had a considerable number of ads and miscellaneous things to scroll past to get to the information I need. Now there are so many ads playing at once it frequently crashes on my 1 year old iPhone as I’m scrolling to get down to allergies, air conditions, etc. And there are new pop-ups when changing screens. I realize that this is the free version and a subscription is available. I know that companies need to pay employees and make a profit. There are other apps I pay for. Your subscription is too expensive, especially for what I need. Maybe you could have a lower level sub for people who just need to remove ads and don’t care about 15 minute forecasts (even your “current conditions” are not terribly accurate in my area - it will say 20% chance of rain and currently “partly cloudy” when it’s pouring - and the forecast is even less accurate on an hourly basis but I do use it for the general trends, air quality, etc). I don’t know how long I will continue using this app. If I can find another that works and either has less onerous advertising or a more reasonable subscription I will switch.

- It’s a good app but theirs one thing...

The app is amazing and I check it about five times a day to always know if the weather is gonna be good or bad for the day. Also during the coronavirus time it tells you how many cases are in your county. The radar is also very good. But the one bad thing is when you are looking at the hourly forecast and it’s says it going to rain in the afternoon you want to know when it’s going to rain exactly right? Well they did make that a feature where you can look at the weather for the next 15 minutes and I thought that would be pretty cool to have. But they made it where you can only get it in a thing called premium. It 30 bucks a year. And in my mind that is a lot of money and all I want to see is the weather. Also if there gonna charge that much money minds well just make it so once you spend the money you get it for life. If they would make it one payment for life or cheaper than 30 bucks a year (a lot cheaper) then they would get a 5 star review from me. But besides that I think it’s a great app. Please make cheaper

- 4 emails sent to Support and no response

Purchased one month premium of TWC And my subscription was removed by them. I have tried to restore my subscription a dozen times, trying everything to get it re-stored. Emailed TWC four times now no response. Possible issue with when we delete our personal data. Seemed occurred after I tried it. I am able to restore the subscription on 2 iPad mini II’s (even after deleting personal data - ios 12 on old ipads) but not on my iPhone. It’s obvious that TWC is mainly interested in throwing a lot of advertisement and making people pay monthly subscriptions for premium weather service. They believe this is the future for all of us on how we will get their so called premium Weather service on an app. Too many ads and too many pop-ups wanting you to purchase the premium service which of course I already have. TWC really blew it. How do you make it up to all these angry customers having so many issues. It should not be rated at 4.6?? I begin to question Apple’s rating system which is probably no better than Amazons. Good luck to everyone trying to find your premium weather apps. Maybe this review will get TWC to respond to my request for help. Anyone else having the same issues?

- We want Weather and not Water; been reliable till the IBM

When the Weather Company owned The Weather Channel the weather was much more reliable. This channel focused on weather and not water. It had people who cared not for money, but for the safety of people. They had people down on the scene of a wildfire or a hurricane or a tornado! Now the IBM is saying they care for people but do they really? The IBM splits its business for agriculture, water, and other things; it does not only focus on weather like the former weather channel does. Yes, it is important that people around the world get water, hence The Water Channel, but this is not a charity app it is a weather app. The name chance shows everyone that this is no longer a reliable app. The premium option backs me up. The most reliable sorce you can get it only 48 hours out. Anything behind that is something unreliable; something you are fake selling people to get there money. The wind could shift and change everything. 48 hours is the furthest most reliable source there is. Also why is it not giving me accurate alerts for rain, lightning, pollen, or anything? Oh look it started raining... where is my alert. And hmmmm the radar says that it’s not..... like I said we want Weather and not Water.

- I liked the old App better!

Ever since the update my weather channel app is super glitchy. When I go to watch videos I have to watch an ad before every single one(the same ad over and over), this was not true for the old app. Also, if I click on the video and the ad plays but I scroll down to make it picture in picture and still browse the other videos... if I’m not at the video I initially wanted to watch when the ad ends and the screen goes black, when I try to click on it to bring up full screen it doesn’t work. Then, I have to click on a different video and then go back and am forced to watch the ad again. Also, if I am watching a video and the video ends and I’m in full screen, it immediately starts playing an ad(the same one I watched before the video) and the icon to minimize full screen is completely missing. I have to exit my app and go all the way back in just to watch a new video. I used to be an avid Weather Channel user but not anymore... I hardly even used it for the weather I just liked the nature/science related videos, and I can’t even do that anymore.


Please bring back the previous version! I’m not great with technology, but I was able to quickly move about the old version and find everything I wanted. After months of trying to use this new version I still cannot find the almanac and historical data, the Marine forecast, and many other things I wanted to check on. I have tried through your FAQs but I cannot find the “more” or “almanac” buttons on my screen ANYWHERE to access the additional info. In the previous version this info was all on one screen! It was so easy to flip among the different locations to see what the current weather was where family members live. Now I have to do 2 or 3 movements to achieve the same thing. I have found NOTHING to be better in this new version. You are too worried about adding things like tracking instances of colds and flu that will be so inaccurate as to be worthless. REALLY, how many people will notify you, how many are self-diagnosed! 90% of people I know claimed to have the flu last winter, but only two (out of about 50) were diagnosed by a doctor. I am using an iPad and the current iOS.

- Used to love this app.

For years I’ve loved this app and used it constantly. However the past few updates have made me use it less and less until I finally decided to delete it and go back to the default apple weather app. Several issues- the ads have become overwhelming. I’ve noticed there are far more ads than there used to be, even when you first open the app. There are long ads between every single video, (sometimes as long as or longer than the videos themselves and you can’t skip it after a few seconds like on most app. Even worse, is usually the exact same ad over and over so if you want to watch more than 1 video, you keep having to watch the same ad as long as 30 seconds for just a 30 video. Not worth it. Probbaly the worst change is that is been draining my battery rapidly since a recent update, and even does so with low power mode turned on which should disable background app activity. I looked into the battery problem and in the last week the weather channel had used 35% of all battery use, despite only briefly checking the weather a few times a day and occasionally watching a video. I will miss it, but sadly it’s not worth it anymore!

- Change Is Not Always Good...

I have used The Weather Channel app since I got my first iPhone 4, over any other weather app, and I’m now deleting it from my phone. I have given the new interface a long trial and the “fixes” have not improved this awful design. The adds overtake the screen, the graph is useless and I can no longer find real weather information that I can use. Three out of ten slides on the “Weather Snapshot” are related to my area with little information. The other seven are ads, international stories or ads disguised as stories. AND... this is not a unique look. It looks just like a FB Story, which was not an improvement on FB either. In order to get a TRUE weather Snapshot, I have to scroll through 6 other slides, the first which is usually a sensationalized video, and the second which is a tiny radar map. The aspects which most affect me are not seen until the 3rd, 4th and 5th slide, which often stick when scrolling through and lead to an unintentional advertisement opening. All of the information used to be right at my fingertips with a simple scroll for allergies, air quality and other details pertinent to me. Goodbye, Weather Channel!

- Widget glitching

Since I have searched and searched and can't find a way to contact the weather channel, here's a review with my issues. Since the latest update my widget in the Notification Center hasn't been updating properly. It will continue to have a "current temperature" from sometime earlier in the day. Even if I click on it and open the app, the current temp will not change. Also, on the note of the widget, why in the world when you click on the current temperature does it take you to the "daily" view? Why doesn't it just take you to the home page of the current location's weather conditions? There is a button in the widget for radar, daily, and hourly - tapping on the current temp should take you to the main screen for your location. Love this app but it's frustrating to have something not working properly and have no way to contact the company about it. The feedback section is just questions and answers, but nowhere to actually submit feedback or submit your own question or issue.

- Well it would be ok if it worked

I hated that my favorite weather application with all sorts of features, smartly updated often, and simply works very well had to stop using the data from the weather channel as an option since the weather channel decided to no longer sell it to other application makers. So I thought I would see what the official weather channel application is up to these days. The main application is a bit boring in how it presents data but it seems to work. The watch application which I care the most about has three very basic screens that make it a struggle to quickly see any weather data and the complications appear to not work at all. I created a new face to test and placed both a large and a small on there. The large shows the “The Weather” and two dashed lines. The small shows an umbrella and bother else. Ok, so I guess it just doesn’t work at all. At least before you got some of my money via the Carrot weather application’s developers but now you get nothing as you have not convinced me to instead pay for you application that doesn’t even seem to work. After all these years I thought maybe you would eventually get you act together but I see otherwise.

- Essential

I’m a pilot so my life revolves around the weather. I don’t just look at the weather, I live IN the Weather. The professional meteorologists at the Weather Chanel give you the best you can get from the same raw sources available to me as a pilot. I check the Weather Chanel app more than any other app on my phone. They do an outstanding job explaining important concepts which give you the How And Why things work with the weather. I am a flight instructor and one of the first things I ask my new students is if they have the Weather Chanel app so they can track radar and see current weather unfold. I also assign for them to watch Weather Underground as much as possible. I learn something new from them every night. I admire every one of your on air meteorologists and kudos to the crew behind the scenes. There is someone behind the camera in the hurricane to thank. You give your all and have given your lives too. Thank you for all you do from a huge fan.

- Not accurate, missing features

First and foremost, all the bells and whistles in the world don’t make up for the fact that the weather forecasts aren’t usually close. Except, perhaps, for the temp, weather isn’t in ballpark until one hour before, which isn’t really much of a forecast. Not sure you can blame global warming for all of this. Second, if you going to add features, please focus less on videos and cryptic layers on the maps. (The older version of the app was match easier to figure out. Please go back to that version.). Instead, please add humidity percentage and barometric pressure to the hourly page. With regards to barometric readings, it would be useful to add and up/down arrow to indicate rising or falling pressure, which is far more useful than pressure values alone. Finally, the app provides a feedback “link”, but this link only takes you to an FAQ page, with no way to actually provide app feedback. Prior design of app was more useful and accurate. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t update an app simp,y because you can...

- New update and coverage of Florence

New update is weirdly busy and hard to read and this is coming from a weather junkie. I had a hard time figuring out what those squiggly lines were for and yep supposed to be for day night-why? And you have to scroll through so much crap just to get to radar. Don’t know why it’s so counterintuitive. Also the videos and news stories are awful in that they update and recycle old stories and claim them as new. On a side note Florence’s coverage has left something to be desired thought it was just me being cynical esp after the silliness of someone getting caught faking wind and botched job of explaining it. But it’s been really weirdly non informative at times. I always watch hurricane coverage and this one esp with fam in area and well yep had to go to internet and other channels to find out what was going on in other places in nc. Really it was interesting the first little while but really hype focused on one area and not even to give info more like watch this reporter be really not smart and walk on beach during high tide with it at his feet. And other silly thing like that and that’s the take away instead of weather. Maybe too much showmanship and not enough weather news.

- Former FAN of The Weather Channel APP

This APP has been my go to ever since apps were a thing. You can name every mother weather app out there and I would tell you without a doubt that TWC app nailed our weather without a doubt, even when our local forecast could not get it correct. I have been noticing for the last 6 months now that there have been ads for “Premium”. With hopes this would go away, as if today, my wonderful app has now gone to a glorious ad king pin and it’s ridiculous. This is a national TV station that has its own app. When I want weather reports. I still tune in to TWC on TV, but this app requirement to either pay .99 or $3.99 to be ad free is utterly ridiculous. It has been going strong for years for me without this payment. I will now find something else, because this is ridiculous. It’s just the weather, I’m not paying for that. Especially from a large corporation owned by the Blackstone Group and NBC Universal. Very disappointing 😒

- Great app

I like this app because it is easy to use and highly accurate, I would highly suggest it to any of my friends who believe their weather app give inaccurate information and or they don’t like the functionality of the app they are presently using. I don’t have any REAL complaints other than sometimes I have to completely close and reopen the app for it to update on the temperature at the moment, it’s not necessarily giving incorrect information, I mean it kind of is but all I have to do is close it and reopen it. So if you could possibly fix it so it updates like maybe every few minutes so that I hopefully won’t have to constantly have to close and reopen the app every time I use it I would highly appreciate it. <3 but other than that the app is amazing and I would NO DOUBTS request it to my friends, in fact I found out about this app through my mom. But anyhow that’s all for now, please do consider my suggestion ❤️❤️❤️

- Removed features

I used to be a huge fan of this app and it was always my go to weather app. I have used this app for years across many platforms and always enjoyed it. I recently purchased the premium version of the app and have been enjoying it for about 7 months. I just recently noticed that there was a new “Premium Pro” version of the app and was very excited to see the new features that were added. Instead, I was very disappointed. I quickly realized that the radar layout that I PAID for in my premium membership had been removed and added to this new “Premium Pro” membership. This is something that is not acceptable to me. I was ok with possibly upgrading my membership and spending more money with them to get more features until I realized what they had done. I’m ok with adding a higher/more expensive tier membership if you are going to ADD more features. Instead, they just REMOVED a feature that I have already paid a year in advance for and are now expecting more money for me to upgrade my membership and get that same feature back. This is a dirty and underhanded tactic to squeeze more money out of their customers and I’m done with The Weather Channel.

- Really?

Upon opening this app you’ll wait a good 20 seconds to get past the blue startup screen. From there it’ll load your last location before pulling your gps location, so you wait for it to load and it shows you an irrelevant earlier location. Then it pulls your gps location, it reloads, and shows you your current location weather. About 45 seconds after loading the app on a brand new device you will be able to access the weather. From there you better hope you don't pull downwards too far or you’ll refresh and start over! So after you’ve wasted a minute now you're provided with a pretty comprehensive review of the weather, with an interactive radar that is pretty nice and accurate compared to other apps (why I give 2 stars instead of 1). But wait, theres more! NOW THEY WANT YOU TO PAY FOR AN ADD FREE/FASTER/MORE ACCURATE VERSION?!?!?! Thats the solution to a buggy app huh? No wonder the app never works because it’s constantly generating the best location specific ad!!! Don’t waste your time with this garbage weather app that has become a cash grab for TWC. Currently looking for better weather apps.

- It was great, then terrible, then good, then terrible...

The original WC app back in the day was pretty solid. I paid the $4 for the ad free version. That version of the app was, hands down, the best weather app that has ever existed in the App Store. Then WC decided to go to a subscription model (because, money). Heck no. The new app has improved since the overhaul as far as look goes, but here’s the kicker; there’s no consistency with what displays. It’s scroll, scroll, scroll to find what I want. I want 4 things. Daily weather, 10-day forecast, maps, and occasionally hour by hour weather. THAT. IS. IT. And I would pay $ for an app that did just that. (I have, and they’re all nowhere near as good as the aforementioned WC paid app.) Please, WC, give me the option to set up the order of the major sections of the app. Let me buy your ad-free app without forcing me to pay for a subscription. With the look of your current app, do that, and you will have made the best weather app that exists. Come on, developers; convince your corporate bosses that this is what people want and that it will benefit the WC brand in the long run, even if they don’t make a few extra bucks a year from a ridiculous subscription service.

- Not as good as it used to be

I've had this app forever. And years ago it used to be great and up to date. But the past year or so, it's been horrible. It freezes a lot. It crashes constantly and doesn't give you accurate weather reports. I'm constantly double checking other weather sources because I can't rely on this app alone. It's unfortunate because it used to be my go-to weather app. But it's just not what it used to be. Update: March 2020: I can’t believe this app turned into a money grabbing scheme. First, they change the app, make you download it again and for those of us who originally bought it the first time have to buy it again. Second, it’s $30 for a year or you can pay the minimum amount per month!!!! Are you kidding me?!?! So I have to spend money yearly on this app?! It’s not a one time purchase?!?! Ok, I could maybe get on board with a one time purchase of $5 and MAYBE understand a one time purchase of $30 but $30 a year for a freaking app on my phone?!?! Then to top it off these guys think it’s ok to block you from seeing important weather information from hour to hour and that’s only for premium users!!!! Greedy. These developers are greedy.

- Horrible “Improvements”= Form over substance

Or “Don’t risk a facelift when you’re already pretty good looking!” I am a frequent traveler for work and pleasure and take two or more out of state trips a month. I also come from a family of Weather Channel junkies who love flying, nature, and various other pursuits that take us outside and out yonder. As such, I regularly use your app several times a week. You had a successful product and I enjoyed using it even when the forecast was way off. While I can understand trying to make the app faster, I can not understand why you would completely change a format that was previously easy to read, with it’s bold colors and strong lettering, to a color palate that is light, with barely visible lettering. Please remember most of us are looking at your app on our phones and we are often on the go... The fine grey print, light purple, and glaring white screen is almost unreadable. It borders on the ridiculous. Sadly, I will be looking for another weather app to replace yours. I will miss watching your videos (even though you play the same commercial over and over and over...), but the main purpose of your app is now lost. RIP

- Forced to Upgrade to Awful New App

Was forced to upgrade to this app as I was told the Original App would NO longer be available after a certain date. This new app is terrible to use & I wish they never changed it! I left the old version on my iPad & still use it as the new one is Horrible, especially the radar screen. The other radar screen was easy to use. The only plus about the new radar screen is it runs much longer to see the storms moving in over a greater length of time. Why change the app when there was nothing wrong with the old version except the incoming storms didn’t show for more than a few hours & ran really fast through incoming weather, and that new feature works correctly when it feels like it! You should have just added that new feature to the radar screen & left the rest of it alone! After the last update I have lost the radar time stamp that would let me know when it would start raining & for how long. Landscapers rely on this info. I no longer have info on the moon phases. What the heck have you done to this app. It USED to be great! I have to use another weather app now & will be deleting this one!

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- So far, so good 😊

I’ve tried so many different weather apps over the years, but am finding this one to be the most reliable so far. When I was living in Australia, the BOM app was by far the most accurate, but living in rural Cambodia now, nothing else comes remotely close to the actual weather conditions experienced on the ground. The live satellite feed was accurate to within a few minutes before it rained, and the wind direction, ambient temperature and hourly forecast updates more reliable than any of the other apps I have used. Having been a surfer and photographer for most of my life I am fascinated with the weather and have a pretty good knowledge of how it all works, so it’s nice to find an accurate weather app that’s reliable in real time, giving you confidence in its future modeling so I can plan activities based around those forecasts. I’ve uninstalled all the other apps and running solo with this one for now, and am very happy with it so far. 😎. Good job! 👍

- The best weather app available, but...

This is by far the best weather app available on IOS. I have recently tested them all. My most significant annoyance is the fact that you can’t rearrange the home screen and the videos section is right there. I wish if anything, it was right down the bottom. I’m really just here for the weather. It would be great if we could arrange the sections as the user in order of our preference for significance. None the less, this is hands down the best weather app available. Thank you!

- Temp icon on app

Love the app bout the main thing I dislike & would love to see you develop would be a temperature icon on the front of the app so we could have a quick glance & not have to open the app constantly to save time?? I still open the app multiple times a day but it would be so much easier if you put that icon on the front of app icon??? PLEASE Thanks

- Old program easier to see

Love your app always but although the info available is good it is so hard to see with small thin letters on a white background. Still a great and accurate app though. Love it.

- No good for Aus

Weather forecast for Brisbane is always miles out, compared with other, local apps. Still seeing °F in places despite being set to metric. Tried this app on and off over the years, initially in Europe and now Aus, and I won’t waste any more time on it. New Storm app is also utter garbage compared to the original Weather Underground app. Typical of a large company acquiring a company or service that worked well. Totally ruined.

- Forecasting and Radar are not correct

The app reported the weather today as being windy with a 10% chance of rain. I checked the radar and it didn’t show any rain over my area, so I decided to do some washing. An hour after putting it on the line, it started raining. It is still raining now. I’ve deleted the app and will never use it again as I have no faith now in the reliability of the forecasting.

- More than just the weather

After reading the privacy policy of the app, and based on other lab tests results, the weather channel collects so info about users (location, contacts and personal contact info and a lot more) then sell it to third party organizations. On top of that they try to sell you stuff in the process. Where does the greed and the violation of peoples lives and privacy stop?!

- Can’t swipe to go back to previous page

Only bad thing is you have to literally press the back button instead of swiping like every other app

- Great update

Just downloaded. I love the new format. Also the information for the seasons. Please can you add information in for bike riders and not just cyclists? I live in Brisbane Queensland and always found this on a par with the locally made apps for reliability and accuracy.

- Essential Information...

The Weather Channel is always reliable & most useful for planning daily activities.

- The weather channel

A reliable source of weather predictions. However, it still doesn’t know where my current location is

- Great app!

Have used this app for years. Always reliable and informative. Keep up the good work!

- Not worth the money!

I paid what I thought was this app for as long, as I have my apple ID turns out to be 12 months Subscription and the app crashes all the time not happy.....These companies designing and taking money off people for these’s apps need to have more detail when asking for’s almost a crime!! If I could give zero for this app I would! O!

- What happened?

No longer works after last 2 ‘upgrades’ just sitting there on a lovely blue screen trying to work out where it is. Prior to upgrades it worked fine, now deleting the app sadly

- Amazing!!!

This is the best app!!! Everyone should get it!!! Thanks!!! This is luxurious!!! I recommend this app. This is the best weather app!!! I have not seen any weather app as good as this!!! 👍👍👍😁😁😁 Thanks for creating this app!!!

- This is great because.........

it gives so much information and it is really easy to use Keep up the great work!

- Amazing weather app!

My default weather app and I love the widgets for iOS 14. 👍👏 Thank you for the latest update to show current temperature on iOS 14 widgets! Looks good and works great. Cheers.

- Can't download

What's the point after all this time of using this app, bringing out a new app I can't download on my device. Have always used this app but it appears to come to an end on May 24 th. Bye bye weather channel. This won't get information for my areas had to delete, nothing wrong with the old app.

- Old version

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! I loved the old version, the new version is confusing and with that comes the time to move on and find a weather app that is like the old setup! Just because you can make things fancy, doesn’t mean you should!

- Wind direction is now a fail

I’ve used the app for years. The removal of wind direction and replacement with just an arrow is a fail. Why? I understood what nne and wsw meant, I could use that information, but an arrow? You’ve dumbed it down to unusable

- My Daily Oracle

I have found this app to be accurate and very useful wherever I am in the world.

- New version hides maps view

The new version hides the map and radar view very well. Can’t find it easily. The new tab Video is actually useless to me. Can we get the map back to where it was?

- Crashes constantly and uses location data info without your consent

Terrible app. Will not launch without having to hard reboot my iPad. Do not like that they sell your location data info without disclosing that as reported by gizmodo.

- Ruined

This used to be great to see long range forecasts and really clear data. I hate the new update, so difficult to see clearly now. I’m trying to find a new app to use now. Just awful

- V10 is horrible

Don’t update! The v10 of this app is horrible. The daily and weekly forecasts are hard to read. The blue background has changed to white with a thin blue line to distinguish highs and lows. Why they ruin a previously great app with an update like this is beyond me. If I could give it no stars, I would.

- System failure

I use the metric system since I have been taught it as a child. On the widget it doesn’t change from Fahrenheit to Celsius. Can’t find how to change or fix in the settings.

- weather to be or knot to be

i especially love the blue writing on a blue sky background, for the " rain expected" field. Perhaps just set all ASCII text fields to identical blue ASCII backgrounds. App is usable but would work better in plain old white text on black bacground

- Great app

Love this app always my first weather check

- Humidity

It is really important to show humidity on all reports and forecasts. 35deg in usually dry Perth feels completely different from 35deg in usually humid Syd!

- Clean and very minimalistic

Hi. It’s a tad clunky, whilst dragging the weather results down is frustrating sticky. Love your app. iPad Pro.

- Not user friendly

I hate the latest update! It used to be so easy to see a snapshot of the day/week and now the layout is so different. I've deleted the app and trying to find a new weather app.

- Great Weather App

Very good app that is visually easy to read. Gives a great hourly forecast.

- Battery hog with very average forecasts

Using this app in the UK was brilliant - I would get an alert 5 mins prior to rain! Very handy. Sadly that kind of functionality doesn’t exist on this app in Australia. Plus I found this app was a major drain on my battery after the upgrade to iOS 13, taking up to 40% of the background load. Once deleted my battery lasted well into the night, whereas with this app I needed to recharge around 4pm. I don’t miss it at all.

- Wind

Would like to read the wind in knots like other apps why does this not do it ? Otherwise it’s ok.

- Too many ads

Had to scroll down to see the rest of info

- App will not open

My iPhone app will not open I have to delete it and download the app every time I wish to open the app to view the weather It’s becoming very annoying Can you please fix ASAP

- Paying for nothing

This App gives you no more than the free BOM App and customer service is completely lacking. Queries I had were never answered. I subscribed for a year and I’m definitely not renewing.

- Why do you change things!

I had this app on my old iPad and loved it. Now that I have a new iPad and downloaded this app again it has totally changed and I hate it! Grrrr

- Remove those freakin ads

Guys, I’ve now paid twice to have the ads removed and they’re still there. What’s the freaking go?????

- iPhone

Why is this app not compatible with iPhones? Aren't there enough of them out there? Does anyone else have this problem?

- Advert central

I loaded this app it looks great but i got sick of the ads cluttering the screen within about 30 seconds of using it. Deleted now.

- Won’t load

App won’t load after latest update. Tried support link but no answers.

- Rubbish - Absolute, unequivocally

The old app is far better, loads quicker, smoother operation. The new app freezes gives incorrect locations etc etc etc all things I did not experience on the old app. Why would you deploy something that is worse than the original. Changing to another app.

- Will not open , crashes

The app will not open. It starts and then crashes and closes..

- Weather

Why are you showing yesterday’s weather

- Doesn’t work

Just installed the new version and it just comes up with a blue screen, iPad mini 4

- Edmonton cairns

This app weather is so incorrect not worth Even looking at total rubbish and waste Of space betterbto use BOM that hasn’t Been messed about but direct app for BOMb

- App won’t open

Downloaded twice and app will not open on my iPhone 8

- Latest update

Absolutely hate the new update

- Not happy

Since the new download now it won’t open

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- Trustworthy

I use this App around the world and have found it to be the most reliable of all. It is by far the most accurate and trustworthy. It updates frequently and I enjoy the extra features like the allergy report etc. The only challenge I ever have with it is with the radar. It works well but the coverage doesn’t extend to many places outside of Europe and North America. Still the hourly forecast is often very precise.

- Good app but . . .

There is a glitch! On the daily app window the current day always show temperature as 0 degrees Celsius



- Excellent, *BUT*.....

Used to be my go to weather app as it was very accurate. If it said it would rain at 8:02, it would start raining at 8:02! However, if you follow the news, TWC Product and Technologies LLC (owned by IBM) are being sued for duping people into allowing location data for weather forecasting, but are also using that data to sell to others. I know you’ll say that’s nothing new today, but my iPhone 7 Plus’ battery has been lasting longer since deleting the app.

- Great

I've always used the new STORM app and ever since that big update, it's been less than mediocre. That thing looked pretty but not well designed and the bugs and lag. Didn't even have a daily forecast write-up. So I found this one today and so far, what a difference! So much better. This app, so far, doesn't lag, it doesn't crash, it loads quick, easy to setup. I do wish I could select a location in the map and get that weather like STORM, that would be nice.

- Detailed and accurate

I have 3 weather apps on my phone. This is the only one I use now as I find it is most detailed and most accurate. Easy to navigate and add or delete cities.

- Review

It keeps getting better!

- GOODBYE weather app.

So this is the 3rd update & it keeps getting worse. I wish the App developer would READ the reviews. People are not happy with your updates. Revert to the older version - the one before you started hitting people with your graphs upon opening the app. People don’t have time for graphs. They want a quick numeric reference to plan their day from. I am now deleting this from my phone. Thanks for not listening. You just freed up space in my phone. My previous review : If I could rate this a ZERO, I would. But the review has it defaulted on 1 star. There is an old saying that rings true- “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Please read the recent reviews - your users are NOT happy with the past 2 upgrades. Please revert back to the old app that doesn’t hit the user with a graph !!! Please bring back the old version. No one has the time to examine your graphs - if you must have them then put it at the end of all the other screens. People want a quick and reliable weather app. Quick means I can get what I need at first glance. What does the average person need ? Hourly, daily, 36 hrs & 14 days at a glance in numeric format. NOT a graph ! A barometer for migraine sufferers would be awesome but I’m not holding my breath. This used to be my favourite of all weather apps Now sadly it is one of the most frustrating ones out there. If I don’t see another update in the next week then I bid this app a final farewell.

- Weather

Fantastic weather app. The most accurate 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

- Accurate data, but...

I like it’s accuracy, but the app is very poorly designed. For example, the daily weather data appears 3-times in the app, and most other data appears twice. Cut down on the app size and eliminating the duplicated data. Who needs 15-minute weather data, hourly is enough, and you don’t need to extend the hourly forecast beyond 48 hours. “Four times the hourly” for $39.99 is crazy because it’s not accurate beyond 24 hours.

- Premium is not worth it

In the app: -cannot trend pressure -no moon info at all The app has a nice interface and sometimes the forecast is accurate. Just don’t pay for the premium app

- Not Going To Use Anymore

New updates continually ask to go premium every time I open the app for what features I get for free from other apps or sources? Ridiculous. Deleting.

- Invasive on privacy - deleting

Requesting to use my phone’s location and pressure sensors data is a bit too demanding for my taste. In particular considering they state they will share your private information at their own discretion - apparently without consulting us. If you reject the request, they shut off the app. Now the app is useless and just taking up space on my phone - so logically I will delete it.

- Greedy app

Enough with the prompts to pay for info free on every other Weather app! Too many adverts - should be making enough money from all the repeated ads and videos and spam showing up when I check my weather - now you want payment to show wind speed and direction! Give me a break.

- Update

I hate the update so I won’t be using it anymore!! Bring back the old version!

- Long Long Spring and cold

I play slow pitch in the Ottawa area because of this your app is valuable due to rain coming and our season depends on you guess it weather to get through the season

- Rip off - don't download

I downloaded this app because they claim to have an in app purchase to remove ads for $5.49/year. But the only in app purchase offered in the app is premium for $13.49/year that removes ads and gives you some extended forecast info. I purchased the premium membership but the ads are still showing. I tried restore purchase - the app claims there is nothing to restore. I tried deleting the app, then restore purchase - app still claims there's nothing to restore. I confirmed through iTunes that I do indeed have the in app purchase in my list of subscriptions, good until Aug 11, 2020. And then, there in the subscription list is also shown the option to simply remove ads for $5.49. The Weather Channel is doing the old bait and switch - they tell you in the app description that you can remove ads for $5.49 as an in app purchase, but don't allow you to actually purchase that option from their app.

- Pretty good

I love how there’s sooo much, very useful, information. But the app takes really long to load.

- Good app but!

Would really love to see the humidity be available to see in the app then this app would be perfect

- Love This APP

I have found this APP to be the most accurate weather info. Works in Canada also.

- Representation of info as cf to other apps

Not sure why, but this app’s information does NOT AGREE with comparable apps. Why is this? Do we not have one National weather observation and reporting system? Dec 7/18 Whatever motivated the recent changes - I want to register my dissatisfaction with their presentations and functions. Visually it’s not intuitive. It seems to be designed by young bored minds who need to change something for the sake of changing it. It appears to have been changed to favour technical minds - with little thought to informative visuals, etc. Functionally, there is a frustrating malfunction: When I search for information outside of my default settings, then suspend that information in order to verify something else, on another app, then return to this app, it simply SHUTS DOWN the information ALREADY FOUND, and REVERTS to the DEFAULT LOCAL SETTING!! What a useless piece of work!! A WASTE OF TIME AND EFFORT!! I’m about to DELETE THIS APP, it’s so FRUSTRATING!! Who thought this was a good idea? That person ought to be retrained, or failing that, fired!!

- $&@)

Too much publicity I hate it

- Used to be good

I’ve used this App for a long time, however it has become buggy - won’t load and crashes often. Not recommended.

- No feel like info in widget

The application is good but widget info is very limited.

- Great app

Love the new widgets and love the fact that when it rains half of the widget automatically turns to radar, and based on the weather the widget colour changes, definitely recommend this app to everyone

- Location became mandatory if using widget.

After update location became mandatory, so if I turn it off I can’t use widget on iPhone XS.

- Pressure

How about indicating whether the air pressure is rising or falling?

- Wrong forecast

Raining. App showing not a rain. I paying 40$ an year. I would like say to you: F... your app and your service

- Update

Haven’t been able to open the app since the update yesterday

- Accurate

Great app, but the new iOS 14 widget is terrible. Doesn’t even show the current temperature! Please fix this.

- Victoria

Why have I been transported from Victoria BC to Labuan?.

- Suggest adding % precipitation to widget display

Knowing the percent precipitation is very important in a region that rains often, so it would be nice to have that info at a glance. Otherwise, this app is well designed and has all the features I need while being very accurate.

- It’s amazing!

But there’s a glitch it just doesn’t let my Siri talk

- Notifications

Cannot enable notifications. It says I have no saved locations, no way to save or choose location. Please fix. Thanks.

- Where is “News” for and videos for iPad version of TWC app.

There seem to be to two versions of the weather channel app. On my iPhone...the app contains “breaking news” with videos. This is my favourite feature of the app. HOWEVER, the iPad version of this app does not contain the “breaking news” section. I have emailed the support for TWC app. No explanation....what is going on? My one star rating is for the iPad version!!!

- App is down completely

App doesn’t show anything

- Really good! IBM have really improved this app

This app is now awesome!!! It even tells me when it’s a good day to run! lLove it!

- Love the radar

This is an excellent app. I really enjoy watching storms coming towards us on the radar. I have only one complaint. The mosquito index is completely wrong, at least in my area. It seems to be based on the amount of rain in the last 24 hours. In my experience, mosquitos don’t operate that way.

- Updates

I love TWC, it is accurate and it’s has all the news to keep me informed. The additional features such as wind stream, air quality and all the perks that comes with it is definitely awesome. I will say though the charges for the premium is much higher now. What I really hope is that TWC will step up for Canada! If Canadians as to pay the same premium fee a year as the USA. TWC should give us all the additional features from this app such as flu reports, the updated daily allergies forecast, pollen warnings and boat & beach reports that Canada does not currently have at the moment on IOS.

- Arshan❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


- Daily

Go back to the old daily view that you scroll through. Makes more sense.

- Weather reports

The old system was easier for me because I’m an illiterate with computers. Thank you for your wonderful weather reports. Lucky

- Humidity? Wind speed?

This app more interested in pushing ads and it’s own version of the news than delivering the weather. A real weather app would include hourly humidity and wind speed.

- App always crashes

It takes 3 or 4 times to open it and sometimes doesn’t load.

- Greedy Developer

I use to go the premium subscriptions when the price is 5.99 a year. And this year, it is 7$a month. What a greedy developer. Already deleted.

- Still Ruined and super slow!!!!

A nice clean app that gave you the info you wanted has been ruined. Now it's a crowded,slow,so slow, uninformative, inaccurate app that is too visually busy and requires way more scrolling and clicks to find the required weather data. Good by. Update: just a mess....far less actual usable info, cluttered screen with far less actual weather information. And the weather-map facility has been downgraded and stripped of the most useful data. Really, really big step-down from the previous app, which was much cleaner and less busy, much easier to use with far less screen changes to find out actual info. The whole app is now just a complete dogs-breakfast!!!!! M

- Not bad

Could we not make the widget view work without the location services turned on? Only following one city so I see no need for location services to be required for that. Thanks.

- Doesn’t deserve high marks

This app should be good,but it is NOT.Too many times it is a day late,or at times doesn’t move from a date! I deleted it twice,reloaded,but no more.Use the others.They work as they should!

- Needs a make-over

The information is good and daily accurate but in the interface needs a make-over. I don’t want to read a paragraph to see how much rain is forecasted - it should be clearly presented. A 36h forecast would be nice. The weather network app does this well.

- Another premium

This is becoming a sad issue: now we have to pay 40 dollars to get a forecast without targeted publicity....the app is now deleted (IBM is buying all the weather software company and charging premium)

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- Not a fan of the change

I understand that without change, things become stale. But unfortunately, not a fan of your new layout. I’m interested in seeing my current weather stats without swiping around and if I wanted to see graphs and charts I would get weather from a stock market app. I enjoyed a quick glance at weather for future days. If I wanted more detail on each day. I enjoyed option to go to that section myself. Finally, your background gave a more personal feel to the old app. Especially when traveling to different areas of county and checking weather. Now it’s almost plain, a generic version of the previous. The connection is somehow lost. How do you stand out from other weather apps now. Please don’t say it’s because you have graphs and charts. Because any elementary student knows it’s warmer in daytime and cooler at night. Your line graph dropping isn’t revolutionary or ground breaking. Sorry.

- Big Issue

I am currently have problems with the new app that I can’t turn on notifications to receive significant weather advisories, daily rain/snow events, and pollen notifications. In the old app all those notifications where on. But when the new app downloaded they turned off and now I can’t turn them one. I once I’ve selected the notifications I want and press done, a screen comes up saying select a location. I look under locations, it’s blank, nothing shows up. I go back to the home screen. My current location is showing. I try again turning back on the notifications, I still am not being allowed to to select a location or is that part of the app syncing to my location like the home screen did. In my settings I have my current location turned to always on, still nothing. I used to rely on these notifications because I live in tornado alley so I guess it’s a good thing I also have a weather radio too. The Weather Channel app is now useless to me. I guess I rely on my weather radio now to keep my family safe!

- App update is disappointing to say the least!

The new weather app update is disappointing. The font/graphics are hard to see because they are so light and fine. The graph is not necessary and makes looking at the weather confusing and too much stimuli all at once. Who need that graph any way? The background is now white instead of blue again making the graphics hard to see. I like looking at the hour by hour top to bottom like before and now it’s L-R. The 2 weathers for each day is too confusing at a glance. If I want details I like clicking and reading about that but at a glance it’s way too much information. I have so much more to say about it but I don’t have hours to write a review. I have been using it now for 3 weeks or so and have tried to get used to it but I just can’t. I don’t like it at all. It has been brought up by almost everyone I talk to who used the old one and no one likes the new update. Please please go back or improve this new design. I loved this app before now and used it all the time! Now I dread looking at the weather and get annoyed trying to navigate the new app. 😢😤😠😡☀️❄️☔️🌪🌥🌦🌨

- Prepare for ads and obnoxious Premium pushes for mediocre weather forecasting.

This used to be my go-to for weather. Over the last 6 months however, it’s become more and more annoying to use. The ads that integrate themselves into just your home screen are bad enough, but the Premium push is too much. There is no way - NO. WAY. - To predict weather accurately to 10 days. The sensor and satellite technology currently available, as well as predictive algorithms currently in-use, only allow for 5 days maximum, and even then you’re pushing it. Heaven forbid you live in an area that actually experiences rapidly changing inclement weather. The fact that this false claim has turned into a $10/yr service is absurd and disgusting, and suckers people that don’t know anything about what is associated with meteorologists doing their jobs into paying for “upgraded features” that are simply a lie and a guess at absolute best. And now you have to upgrade to premium to see 48 hour future snowfall? Please. Pick another app for your weather if you actually need valid information. I’m deleting this snake oil-esque refuse from my phone.

- Good enough

The UI is good enough, but I find myself going to the default iPhone app or WeatherBug more often. There’s just too much on the main screen of this app. It’s very busy and difficult to find the essentials at a glance. Additionally, this app is useless for travel. You can definitely look up different locations from your home location. But, if you leave the app, not close, just leave and come back two seconds later, it resets you and you’re taken back to your home location. So, when planning/packing for a trip, you’re constantly taken away from the last location you were viewing and you have to go search it again, over and over. So, I just stopped using this app all together for travel. It’s literally useless without completely resetting your default location to the place to which you’re traveling. It should, at least, hold your last viewed location for an hour or two, maybe 24 hours. The forecast is usually accurate. So, that’s good. But I’m not reviewing the meteorologists. I’m reviewing the app.


I tried to contact customer support before leaving this review. There is no way to do that so here it is. I have had this app on mi iPad and iPhone for years. It used to work beautifully. I even paid to have ads removed. Later on I discovered location issues within the widgets on both devices. Then my precise location was deleted in the search. Aside from those things all was well. Now we have been given a fancy new update. It looks beautiful if you can get the app to open?! Unfortunately, I don’t have all day. Most of the time I end up staring at a spinning circle on both devices until the end of time. If it weren’t for the widgets I wouldn’t know what the current weather is. I haven’t received one notification on either device?! Thank goodness for my local news app that sends me notifications as well as gives me my weather! As it stands I have no desire to pay again for ad removal in October. I’m finding this app time consuming and loathsome. If all the bugs aren’t worked out soon I’ll see no reason to keep it. It’s virtually unusable and if they don’t care I don’t care. PRESS & HOLD, TAP THE X, DELETE AND FIND SOMETHING THAT WORKS!

- Soooo many inconsistencies....

For example: Currently, there’s a warning rolling across the top of opening page. It states that there’s a winter storm warning from midnight through tomorrow at 1pm for 3-5” of snow with up to 6” in some areas. When scrolling down and looking at the detailed daily report for tonight and then tomorrow, it states a less than 1” tonight, and tomorrow 1-3” snow possible. Hence, huge discrepancies and inconsistencies, often. Very annoying. I don’t care how pretty the app is, just make it as reliable as possible. This is carelessness. Also, on a side note.... The videos (of which I have chosen not to even read the titles of anymore and get sucked in to watching) are so hyper-sensationalized and almost always over-dramatic, are a waste of time watching. Unfortunately, this is the app I’ve been most familiar with, so have stuck with for years. I guess it’s better than not knowing what to possibly, maybe, sort of expect without it. Finally, why, when there are almost all 1-3-star ratings, is the app showing its a 4.6-star app??????

- Great overall, but a bit broken

I’ve been using this app for many years and I’ve always loved it. The new UI is actually quite nice to use as well. However, I’ve encountered a number of issues lately and I haven’t gotten any assistance with fixing them. Firstly, for at least two years I’ve been unable to add or change any severe weather/rain/lightning/etc alerts for favorite locations, which is a major inconvenience for me. I’ve reached out to the support team but I’ve never gotten a response. Secondly, my current location has been stuck on a certain city for a few weeks and won’t change, even when I was 300+ miles from that location making checking a local forecast rather difficult. There’s an option to report location inaccuracies in the app, but all it does is attempt to send an email to an invalid email address which accomplishes nothing. It’s a shame since I really wish I was able to fully utilize all of the features the app offers, especially since I pay for the premium version.

- Was the best until upgraded

The latest update is even worse than the last. Takes forever to open and half the time freezes. Wish they’d go back to the original. It was easy to use. I had really loved it. It always was the most accurate, but this latest update finally did me in. I’m moving on to another app. Previous review: I loved this app. Eventually all my friends and family started using it too as it’s accurate and the options are great. BUT... recent upgrade ruined the ease of use. On my iPad it’s still great (which is why I’m giving it 4 stars), but on iPhone it’s extremely slow to load and can no longer swipe to go to next city. Annoying and just not worth the hassle. I try to use my iPad or Alexa when I’m home. Ive been using it for many years so I hope next upgrade they go back to what worked best or I’ll need to find an alternative for my phone. AND... the amount of ads and “news” videos you have to scroll through are flat out ridiculous now. I don’t mind ads, but the majority of the page is no longer weather. Just because you have a huge following does not mean you have to get greedy.

- Great weather app!

Does a nice accurate job. It had everything until about 2 weeks ago when suddenly, the temperature badge stopped being displayed on my iPhone’s home screen. The temperature badge allowed me to glance at my iPhone and see what the current temperature was without even opening The Weather app. Additionally, I’ve noticed that my name disappears everyday under the settings menu within the app. I add my name and save it and the next day, it’s gone. I checked ALL my settings within the app, I’m running the latest iOS version, and I’ve checked my notifications setting on my iPhone. I have emailed the app support, but still nothing. I received an automated reply telling me that their support people have received my email about these issues and that “they’ll get right on it”. That was about 5 days ago. Problems still exist and NO one has contacted me. This app is losing stars everyday.

- Story

My Daughter was driving me home after having a heart cath among other test at Vanderbilt Medical Center. We were driving 300 miles through strong thunderstorms at a very slow speed. We were both having so much trouble seeing that we could not find a exit to get off then interstate. Finally we got lucky and i spotted one in time to get off. We filled the suv with gas plus ourselves with some hot cocoa and coffee. I checked my phone to try and track the storm. I noticed that you stated there was a 22 minute delay between the bands coming in. I told my daughter let’s wait 10 minutes then leave. Thanks to your app we were able to drive the other half at a normal speed. It would have been an extra 5 hrs at the speed we were traveling not counting the danger we were in with all the 18 wheelers flying by us. Plus I needed my heart meds that were at my home Thank You for saving us

- Easier navigation needed

I wish it was a little easier to navigate and find the information I need quicker. The main thing I go to weather apps is to find out how the weather will be for the day and the week. For first time users easy navigation is the key to get them hooked. As time passes they will begin to explore all the neat tools you offer. It’s seems to me I see the day’s forecast and when I try to look for the week I’m bombarded by these crazy breakdown by the hour and pollen in the air , barometer pressures, and I have to scroll for what seems like a eternity to get out of all these crazy breakdowns for just ONE day! and frankly by that time I’m exausted!! And I leave the app. Accuweather on the other hand has tabs which I LOVE and easy to find at the top of the page. Makes it easy to access the information 90% of the population generally needs. Simple tabs and all the extra info is within those tabs as opposed to spread all over the page and having to scroll on and on to move on to the next thing.

- Why change what work?

I had to come back and re-address this!! I noticed some body gave The weather Channel a four star!! If anyone does it’s from the family of the Weather Channel! It’s a fake review from the Weather Channel! Just be honest Weather Channel just fix the problems and quit selling our data!!! Please we all loved you at one time and we need you back in full form and performing as a shining beacon on a lighthouse as our lives and our family lives depends on your performance! Wow did the Weather Channel app ever change from an outstanding app to an awful app! Collecting way too much personal information and sharing it with third parties!!!! Sure hate losing you weather channel!!! I sure hope I can get by without even giving you one star! You’re really turned out to be a disappointment with your new App design being a complete failure and so difficult to navigate… Just so difficult and sharing too much personal information raping us!!! So long my favorite at one time… Happy trails… Yep I could not get by without having to rate you with one star!!!! You do not even deserve the one single star Weather Channel!

- Unreadable Now

I used to love the Weather Channel app. I could do without the ads, but I put up with them. At least the app offered easy to read information at a glance. The newest version has inverted the color scheme, made the font small, and made it a lot more difficult to access the weather on an hourly and daily basis. I miss being able to see my 7 day forecast at a glance. At the very least, I should be able to see the hourly forecast for the day without clicking around multiple times within the app. I actually prefer to use the native Apple weather app because it’s more straightforward. The Weather Channel should give users the option of viewing the app’s content the old way as opposed to claiming that user’s can “just scroll down” for more information. I also prefer the easily recognizable symbols for fog and wind that used to appear. I don’t see the new app as an improvement AT ALL. To the developers: offer other options within the app if you’re unwilling to change it back. I’ve spoken to other users, and I’m not the only one who no longer wants to use your app after the recent updates.

- Disappointed

I used to love this app, because it was easy for my elderly family members to understand and showed what the air pressure was at any given time. Now that they have changed it I am constantly getting calls from family asking what is going on and that they cannot follow it. You should have followed the age old statement. “If it is not broken, do not fix it.” Now you have created an app that is anything but user friendly for anyone and you removed important information like air pressure. I know that as I am writing this it will fall on deaf ears, but if you have older friends or family or know people who are not weather savvy, stay away from this app!!!! I really wish that companies would stop changing things to “keep up with the times”. Leave it alone if you have something good. Now I have to hunt for a different resource and on top of that worry about making sure that it does not have a virus attached. I am really disappointed with the Weather Channel team. I have been watching them since they first aired on television when I was a kid and never thought I would see the day that I would turn away from them.

- Just because you can change something, doesn’t mean you should

This is definitely not as good as the 2018 Weather Chanel App. I understand software changes are sometimes needed and maybe these changes were needed to support advertising etc. But I don’t understand, why they would move from a platform that had great features, to new one that’s a piece of junk. We were able to see a five day forecast a glance. And if you wanted a longer forecast, a left/right screen swipe showed five more days of forecast. And viewing forecast of multiple city was just as easy. Swipe the screen above the five day forecast and another other city’s forecast popped in. The old app made good use of a single screen view and a tap or swipe made it easy to navigate to forecasts. The latest app tends to jump to a detailed daily screen that must be scrolled vertically to read. It was much easier to scan weather trends horizontally. I’m moving on to another App, until they recognize and reinstitute the quick great features they abandoned. Just because you can change something, doesn’t always mean you should change.

- My second favorite weather app

The Weather Channel is a trusted resource for the latest weather news and conditions, which is why I have been using this app since the beginning. A lot of feature, such as forecasting the week ahead, interactive radar features, and predicting the conditions in the days and weeks to come. My only drawback for you users: you may see ads here and there, but do not mind! Just focus on what matters in terms of the weather in your area. And please, do not actually try to go outside and check on what’s happening in the sky; just open this app and it will tell you what you really need to know. Also, you might have to pay extra money to unlock or gain some special features. If you really need to do that, then go right ahead. Otherwise, that is all you need to get the most out of this highly advanced weather app.

- Change of Info Needed

I go to this app, because I don’t watch local news and need real time data. I used to watch The Weather Channel, but unless they changed “Your local on the 8’s”, it’s not as helpful as an app might be. As another user mentioned, this app gives too much forecast. It’s rare to have an accurate forecast for today, tomorrow, or the weekend, so why give the outlook for 15 days? What I would like to see is more current and hourly data. Here where I am, humidity is a big issue; a huge issue really. Hourly forecast showing temp AND humidity would be much more useful. The radar would be helpful, if it were easier to load and gave 15 minute intervals for the future cast. The radar for what passed already is really only helpful as far as the path of the weather, so that timeframe probably could be shortened. I like that this app now features “Watson”, because that should be giving better info. Please keep revising this app! I think we all would like it and use it more, if it were improved.

- Crap app in times when you need weather info ASAP

Stop paying money during hurricane season for an app that drains your battery with ads schlepping services offered by greedy ambulance chasing law firms. I can’t believe this crap app is the number 2 weather app. I can’t believe people pay to watch these same short severe storm forecasts without ads — when far better and far more accurate real-time forecasts and incredible amounts of critical and potentially life-saving information are freely available on NOAA’s National Hurricane Center website (the place from which The Weather Channel “borrows” it’s forecasts). I became a NOAA Certified Storm spotter, after a series of classes, tests, CPR instruction, and much more. My NOAA pass allowed me to witness snd film storms that those from companies like The Weather Channel would offer me money to use. It’s time to become informed by legitimate 21st century resources with airplanes that actually fly through hurricanes; forget the 1980’s Weather Channel shtick. It only takes up valuable space, battery resources and wastes both with creepy ads. Why is it the #2 weather app? Like Barnum said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

- Extremely inaccurate forecasts

I am a farmer. Weather has a huge impact on my life and work and I look at weather forecasts every day - including the Weather Channel’s. The Weather Channel is very, very inaccurate. I believe that this year, it has been even more inaccurate than in the past. Every day’s forecast for temperatures and rain has been quite a ways off from what actually occurs. There have been 7 days this Summer in which I checked the Weather Channel at 6:30am and the forecast for the temperature high for that same day was 10 plus degrees Fahrenheit off from what the high for the day actually turned out to be. One day, it was 14 degrees off. The rain forecasts have also been just as inaccurate. Just this morning, the forecast showed 100% rain for 2 hours and the radar showed a large system above my area for this time period. 2 hours later, when the rain was supposedly supposed to start, the chance of rain is now 10%. It is not going to rain. This type of inaccuracy occurs every day, all year round and I am looking for another app to use because using the Weather Channel is nearly useless.

- not that great

the weather is accurate so i still use it but the app has flaws: first of all, the stupid videos about things that don’t really have to do with the weather or if they do are not something we need to know about. and they are SO clickbaity. if i wanted to watch the news i would watch the news. second of all, the functionality of the app isn’t that great. i can’t actually change the order of my starred places, i will edit it and then when i click on a location it takes me to the wrong one and nothing ever changed. i would also like to be able to swipe to go to the next location instead of clicking on the sidebar. i would also like the today’s details slide to go more in depth. like say whether a humidity of 80% is high or low, or with the UV index put safety statements if it’s really high. also just tell us if it’s high, right now it just says a number. what’s that number out of? what SPF should i wear? how at risk am i? things like that. also it might do you well to take notes from the weather underground app, i would still be using it if the forecasts were as accurate as this.

- Some good, some bad

Update: now my travel route of forecasts is no longer visible, just a list of recent locations. Looking for a new weather app. Original: I have enjoyed this app for quite a while, the local weather is usable and fairly accurate. I can look through cities on my travel routes ahead of time which I really like. I also like most of the unusual videos you find to keep us coming back. The ads can be rough, either the same ad dozens of times in a row or a mix of ads that don’t always load or play smoothly, sometimes making you go back to reload a video to wake the app back up. Please drop the Trump wrong again kinds of titles, no one cares about your political views from a weather app and it just leaves an instant bad taste. What would be handy is your insight for regional weather for us travelers, perhaps timely video clips for regions of the country in their own menu area so the latest forecasts are easy to find regionally not just locally. Thanks for an app I use and depend on, even if lately it seems headed to the clunky app pile.

- Local on the 8’s

I have loved the weather channel since local on the 8’s. My sister and I would watch as kids to see if we could wear capris in the spring. (Temperature has to be above 65 degrees.)You are still my go to for weather everyday. Your information, radar tracking, and rain alerts are all very helpful. The only reason I give a 4 out of 5 is I’m not a fan of the stark white background. The pictures of the outdoor scenes in the background before this update were quite lovely to open up to in the morning. It made me look forward to getting to know my weather. While the white is clean it just feels cold. The line graph when you open up the app is cool but I find it more informative if the temp numbers were bigger and you could scroll down to see your hourly Temp change rather than clicking through the different sections. Moral of the story coming from a BFA who loves art: bring back the pictures. It makes the people feel good.


When the TWC came on the seen years ago I supported and encouraged people to watch TWC on tv. Being somewhat dependent on weather I valued local on the 8’s. Unfortunately, local on the 8’s has declined to the point where unless you’re in major metro, you only get regional nonspecific or irrelevant info. Then TWC came out with probably the best weather app. Unfortunately, they simply couldn’t leave well enough alone, and began continually updating/changing the face and functionality of the app for the worse! That’s right, TWC’s IT folks actually and continually began degrading the app a short time after its release. Now they are further degrading themselves and are stripping away features only to turn around and offer to SELL these features back to you! Of course with all these upgrades/changes the app is more unstable and often locks up eventually closing itself out. SO ASK YOURSELF BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD THIS APP FULL OF ANNOYING ADS AND SALES GIMMICKS . . . WHY WOULD YOU SPEND HARD EARNED MONEY ON INFO WHERE INACCURACY IS THE NORM??? Download your local tv app for your weather for FREE as these folks will be far more specific to your locale! G$$d riddens TWC!

- Not even close

I have had this app for years and it has gradually gotten more and more unreliable. I pour concrete for a living and it is vital that I know when to expect rain. Today I had scheduled to pour concrete with the weather forecast yesterday on this app saying that there was a 20% chance of rain. Luckily I also have a different radar app on my phone. At noon I looked at the radar app that I have and seen a strong front moving across the state rather rapidly with extremely heavy rain. I then switched to my weather channel app to look at the hourly and it said 20% all the way through midnight. I canceled my concrete thankfully from using my own judgement looking at the radar. Within 2 hours it was storming!!!! I opened my weather channel app to see that it now said 100% chance of rain for the next 2 hours!!!! I’m no meteorologist... but if it’s raining then it’s a no brainer that it’s 100%. I could understand if it was a week earlier or if it’s summer time in Florida where afternoon thundershowers are usually pretty unpredictable...but this was a approaching front that obviously wasn’t weakening as it headed our way.

- No Change was Needed!

I was 110% happy with the previous The Weather Channel app. The new one takes forever to open, and then the scrolling begins to try to find what I want to know. Who has the time? Where are the priorities? Open to give me today’s temp and rain forecast nearly immediately, as before. Then, if someone wants to become a part-time meteorologist, let them take the time to explore more. I am so very disappointed that this is a mandatory upgrade. We respect The Weather Channel on tv when things get volatile, especially. But, I am going to have to find a quicker app now. I hope you didn’t mind spending all the time reading this, just so you could get the full benefit of what was stated in one star and the first sentence. Perhaps like me, you like quick and concise. Me, too! Please bring back the old app. Then maybe you can simply provide a link for those, who can wait to have more details and photos loaded. Occasionally, I might enjoy that, too. But, when I am racing out the door, I just need to know if I need a jacket or an umbrella. Thanks for understanding the rest of us!

- Horrible, Useless, Downgrade

UPDATE Aug 31, 2020: A post turtle app. Since my previous review about 2 years ago, it has only become LESS useful. Now on the free version, the ads are huge and ubiquitous; can’t get away from them to see the weather; NO future radar at all, not even an hour; videos have even more and longer ads; constant reminders to get “Premium” if you want any useful information. I agree with all the 1 or 0 star reviews. 2018: Just a continuous ad for “climate change.” Since ownership of this app went to IBM, it has become nothing more than a continuous hammer to pound into humans’ brains that so-called “climate change” is going to doom us all. How wrong is that? Since the whole climate-change-is-the-fault-of-humans has been proven over and over again to be a load of garbage by responsible and truthful scientists, someone in charge of this app needs to get a brain overhaul. I’m tired of hearing the old and tired refrain. I give it 2 stars because the weather info, when I can stand to look at it, is useful. I’ll be looking at other weather apps to escape the attempted brainwashing over and over.

- Always informed

The Weather Channel is the best weather app I’ve used. And I’ve used some top rated weather apps for periods of time. I always find myself coming coming back to view the weather on The Weather Channel. It seems to be the most easiest weather app to navigate through. Other weather app have really nice designs and sleek looks. But I highly recommend The Weather Channel app because its very well designed, have informal weather videos explaining why we’re getting the bad/good weather, it shows you 15 day predictions which is ok but I don’t really count on weather staying the same for that long, but it’s good to know what the week may look like. I love real rain alert, it has never failed me yet. The weather radar is amazing, shows you how the weather patterns are going to be. You will always be informed with this app.

- Not convinced the new format is a blow for progress

I have come to rely on the Weather Channel as THE source for detailed weather information. However the latest updates are making the process slower and less intuitive to find the information I want. It may be simply the result of needing to get used to an unfamiliar format, but I fail to see that anything has been improved - rather than just changed. More objectionable is the extent to which I am being continually pushed to upgrade to a premium account. What little I can see about the “premium” version suggests it has little to offer to me other that a fee. Regardless, I find that the functionality of the app has been slowed down/compromised in the interest of selling me something I don’t need. I am increasingly finding that the old Apple weather app gives me 60% of what I need to know in 10% of the time that it takes to get the same information out of the “improved” Weather Channel app. That’s a win for me.

- Slow and inaccurate radar maps

I’ve used this app for years, was hoping with new iPhone things would improve, but this app is ridiculously inept. Biggest flaw: You press on radar map, then the forward button expecting to see a prediction of weather path, but instead all radar images disappear tho the timeline continues forward so it looks like it’s a clear sunny day. Same for reverse. Even the still map, the preview shows radar images of heavy storms but when you open radar— there’s nothing. So frustrating. Doesn’t matter if on WiFi or LTE. Several I phone versions, 5- 6- 7- X- XS— same thing. Also, I don’t use this app to see weather footage or commentary on weather or to learn about weather— If I’m using a weather app it’s because I just need fast accurate current weather conditions for where I’m currently located and this app is more concerned about shoving superfluous entertainment in our faces than providing a reliable weather resource. My local CBS station network app is more reliable than this weather radar.

- Update has smaller size type

Weather Channel was my go to app for weather for several years. Just about the same time that I updated it on my phone, I suffered a bleed into my only good eye. Wouldn’t you know that at a time when I needed a bigger typeface, the update made it smaller. Also not only was the type larger in the older version, it was white against a royal blue background which made it much easier to see. Although my vision is improving, the updated version is still too small for me to read. I have now switched to another weather app that is much easier for me to see. Glad that I didn’t update the older Weather Channel version on my iPad! Do not understand why I can enlarge a word or a page at one website but not at another. The ability to enlarge the type and icons would be a big help!! With the population trending older, I would imagine that any app which made their typeface larger and easier to read might attract more users just because of that.

- Newest App Version Stinks

I used to be a Weather App junkie, checking the app multiple times a day. It was easy to use and find all of the information such as 15-day forecasts, wind forecasts, etc. But the newest update stinks. Yes, you can still find the same information, but it is harder to access. I’m not a fan of the wavy lines (data graphs); they are annoying and not very useful. To me, these data graphs stretch out my ability to quickly see the forecast, whereas the previous version seemed more concise. I used to be able to switch to saved locations just by swiping left or right. But the Weather Channel app got rid of the swipe-to-a-saved-location feature. The description of the update says it has been completely reimagined. I say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” To be honest, I’ve switched back to using the Apple weather app that came loaded on my iPhone as I find it easier to view the forecast at a glance.

- It’s ok

I got this app maybe 5 years ago and it started giving me problems maybe a year ago. It keeps giving me the wrong location and every time I go into the app I have to change it and it doesn’t save. Also the weather is completely wrong it was supposed to be in the 50s this week and it was in the 30s most of the week you guys wait last minute and change it. Today me and sister friends were going kayaking on the lake when I was about to check the weather and it said 90 percent chance of storms so we are like yeah let’s just go in in case there’s lightning or it starts to rain out. So we get inside and the percentage goes down to 70% so we are like ok whatever we will just see what the weather does. So we wait for about 20 minutes and it isn’t even raining at all and the percentage went down. And now it says 30 percent chance of storms when It didn’t even storm. Im fed up with all of this it changes at the last minute everyday I think I’m going to download a different app Please fix all of this. Thanks have a good day

- Why don’t you just tell me “no money, no weather”?

This was so good, and it still kinda is. But if I tell you I do not want to pay you $10 a month, why can’t you accept that and just get off the stupid screen. Believe me, I will let you know if I change my mind. Instead, to look at the weather forecast, I have to tell you that I do want to upgrade. To look at the radar, I have to tell you that I do not want to upgrade. If I accidentally catch a glimpse of a video that looks interesting, I have to tell you that I don’t want to upgrade. It’s not you, it’s me. I just really do not EVER want to upgrade. I just really do not want to pay every app on the planet $10 a month for the rest of my life, even though it means I have to guess whether lightning is going to strike me, can’t watch the newest Star Trek, don’t get to see what all the fuss is over Baby Yoda, you name it. I do not have an unlimited number of $10 bills every month and I get so sick of the world reminding me of it!

- Constant Glitches - Not easy to use

This is my second review since the “big” update last summer. In my first review I noted that the app is no longer easy to use, nor is it aesthetically pleasing. Not that being “aesthetically pleasing” is the most important feature but if it was great before, why change it? I find the app slow to load now. It is not my phone, or my internet connection. Other apps as well as streaming services load just fine. This app however has major lag. I often wait so long for it to load or to go to the tab I’ve clicked on that I close out of the app before seeing what I went there for. I’ve noticed that the developer is responding to the critical reviews claiming that it can often take time to get used to change. Well, I’ve given it time and I am still not impressed. The ONLY thing I like are the weather updates I receive throughout the day. Everything else in the app just seems kind of ‘lost’, even after ample time to “get used to it”. I am keeping my fingers crossed for another major app overhaul, one that will actually be “new and improved”!

- Update- Loved this app until recently

After writing the review below, I finally just deleted the app and then redownloaded/installed. Now, it us working as perfectly as it ever did. The only reason I am not rating 5 stars is because while I was having problems, I searched for a way to contact someone for help and found none. The website has a “Feedback” section but there is no forum to leave or submit questions. It is basically just an FAQ section, which did not help resolve my issue in any way. Previous post - I have not been able to get the app to fully boot up on my iPhone 8 for a week now. I have been an avid user of the weather Channel app since the first iPhone came out. I use it daily temperature really like the hourly forecast and they go run forecast. But since it does not seem to be functioning with the Current iOS I am forced to download and begin using AccuWeather or some other app. Too bad

- It'd be so amazing if it didn't exist to glitch

I love the video portion of the app where it streams video updates in a number of categories. My favorites would be the lift, science, latest news and viral hits. However, I am on the brink of deleting the app all together because my primary interest in the app is the mentioned videos which legitimately glitch and freeze at least once(maybe even 2-3 times) 100% of the time I am on the app. I usually give up midway through streaming a video or I'll try restarting the app hoping it takes a bit before it inevitably glitches again. The stream is not strong enough for the data they've displayed through the app and it's absolutely faulty. I don't leave reviews, but it's been months and months, a year even, so I figure before I delete it I'd mention the issue(though I cant imagine they aren't aware of this). I've seen silicone valley...I know it's always a not simple fix, but it'd be informative still without the filler features so that it can finally perform closer to its potential. 😤😅That is all.

- Is it going to rain.... or not?

Every day I wake up, I check this app to plan the rest of my day around the forecast whether it’d be raining, sunny, cloudy and so on. Every single time (no exaggeration) it says it’s supposed to rain on this app I go to hourly and see when it starts and when it ends. I plan my day accordingly. Say i was up at 8am and the app says it will rain all day starting at 11am. Nope. 11am comes around and the skies are clear. Check the app now it’s not supposed to rain until 3pm. Then 6pm. Then 9pm. And in the end NEVER. SOME SUPER COMPUTER WATSON IS LOL. just another day of plans wasted over forecasts that are insanely off. Now I get predicting the weather is just that. A prediction, although a lot of science is behind these forecasts and to be right still 1-25 times is just pathetic. Fix the app or people will notice the same issues and your app will be obsolete. I really liked the amount of things the app offers but the forecast in A WEATHER CHANNEL APP is always wrong and different then a half other weather apps and the news so step the game up boys this apps ability to relay accurate forecast is trash

- Very reliable

I would have given 5 stars but they removed one of the features that I used most, which was the ( sun up - sun down time ) feature. Because I drive a truck, I use this feature most when working. It’s most helpful when I’m pulling oversized loads across time zones and need to know, most accurately, when the sun is going to rise and set. I will not be deleting the app but seeing as how this information is just as important to me as getting severe weather alerts I’ve been disappointed that it’s been removed. Well, after writing this rather lengthy review, I was finally able to find the sun rise and set times in the app. So I was wrong, it’s still available in the app it’s just not one of the features you see when you open the app anymore. Now you have to scroll to find it but at least it’s still there.

- Terrible update

The latest design changes are awful. It used to be so easy to scroll down to see the current weather, the hourly weather and the 15 day forecast. They were in nice boxes where you could see each day at a glance. You could see the hourly temp, wind direction/speed and humidity all at once for each hour. Now you have to scroll a horizontal grid with a wave in the middle to see the wave rise and fall with the temperatures, etc. and look for what temp that high or low wave represents. You have to touch either temp, humidity or wind to see EACH different “wave” readout 🤦🏼‍♀️ Same for the 14 day readout. Insane!!!!!!! It shows wind speed projected throughout the day but no longer which direction it will come from. It matters to those of us who boat in the Bahamas and off the FL coast. Heck it matters to predict whether or not my house will be blocking the wind at 2PM when I want to sit by my pool. I plan my day early. You killed a perfect design. Did the designer do it on purpose in hopes of keeping his job to do another redesign?! I can’t imagine less savvy tech people even figuring this new design out. Shameful.

- Problematic in a crisis.

I live in a region of tornado alley, and while I appreciate being alerted to high risk storms like thunderstorms and tornados, I do not appreciate that this app is willing to waste your time in a crisis situation. A few months ago, the location I lived at was directly in the path of a tornado, and while I was trying to open the radar or find any sort of information to help me in this situation on the app, it was forcing me to watch several minute long videos to open the feature. That was just the start of my issues with this app. When I try to open pages about urgent alerts regarding weather, sometimes the warning won’t be present to read until several minutes or even several hours later. Trying to check the timeline sometimes will be finicky and boot me off to different pages, and sometimes the app will change my default location to places I’ve never been. If I have anything to say regarding this app, it’s that I shouldn’t feel frustrated at the thought of even opening it in the first place, and yet it’s all I feel every time.

- Getting closer, needs a few more tweaks

In general, I like the updated app. It feels less cluttered and has information more relevant for me. That said, the app could use a little more tweaking to get it just right. Here’s what I’d like to see: 1) I’m glad you made the weekly forecast icons a little brighter, but they are still hard to see at a glance. Generally, when I open the app, what I’m looking for is a very quick at-a-glance weeklong forecast. That should be the most important info presented on the home page. The thin sans-serif font is pretty, but it’s too thin and makes it hard to see the info I want quickly. 2) The trending chart is a distraction for me. I thought I’d like it, but in reality, I don’t use it and find it a distraction. 3) How do I find a 15-day forecast? I can’t seem to find that anymore, and I miss it. In general, I’m really liking the new app, and hope to see continued tweaks to get it all dialed in.

- Horrible app update

Since the new app layout and app updates came into effect around the beginning of September 2018 i have began using other weather apps because of the format and layout in the new Weather Channel App update is hard to navigate. Instead of one click and getting to see the hourly or weekly detail I have to make 2-3 clicks, the radar has changed and is less reliable it looks more like a painting instead of the good radar your app use to have. Your new update also always shows me highlights about weather or weather related events which are not happening or even relevant to my location/area. I am very unhappy with your new app update and will definitely be looking for a better weather app to use until this app gets another makeover where it is easier and more efficient to use! The old app version was amazing, the radar was impeccable and the layout was extremely easy to navigate, please and I beg you to please find a format more like the old version! No one that I know likes the new layout and format you are using now.

- Worst app for weather

Terrible videos dropped all over the app with even more terrible ads that play for a short terrible video. Then another terrible ad and short video. Then another terrible ad. Get the picture? Use My Radar or weatherbug or anything else! Nobody cares about your stupid viral videos weather channel. We too have the internet and can watch the videos without your ads. Grow up already. Weather channel makes it an afternoon chore to find a forecast on their app. Boo weather channel! I found it so annoying that I even realized I could get up and walk outside for a better, more convenient forecast. Weather channel is self destructing considering nobody watches TV anymore. What we want in a weather app is to open it and see a forecast and radar view front and center. The whole process of checking an app for wether should take about 10-15 second. And that’s less time than a single weather channel app ad!!!! Get out and stay out of my iPhone weather channel!!!!! I’m joking but in the most serious way possible. Really dislike the app.

- Do you like Ads? Because you’re going to see a lot of them.

For the longest time this has been my go to weather app. But lately the amount of ads that are being shoved down my throat has kind of soured my experience. You want to watch a 15 second video about a tornado warning? Cool, just sit through this 30 second ad first. You want to know if it’s going to rain in three hours when you’re supposed to hang out with your friends? Cool, but first I noticed you googling cars yesterday, so check out this BMW ad. Enough is enough. I know you guys need to make money but beating me over the head with obnoxious ads just to force me to subscribe in order to remove them seems a poor choice when I can just choose to use a less obtrusive app. Honestly the quality of the app itself is phenomenal. It can literally tell me when it will start and stop raining in my area with pinpoint accuracy down to the very minute, but the ads man. Just not worth it anymore.

- Love it! But a few things could be updated

I absolutely love this weather app. I love how in the new update it tells you when it’s going to rain which makes it easier so I don’t have to guess anymore. I live in Florida so it’s a big help, especially in the summer since it rains almost every day. I really also enjoy watching the videos because it’s kind of like a learning experience for me. One flaw about this app is that when I’m viewing the future radar it doesn’t show what the actual storms look like and it also shows them moving in one direction when they’re actually moving in a different one. The other flaw is that again with the radar when in viewing in current time it doesn’t show me what direction the storms are moving in,( like north, northeast, west etc.) Overall I do love this app but I do feel that some of its features could be updated.

- Disappointed

This used to be a great app until they wanted to start profiting more money from it, so they started putting adds. So no big deal still, just slowed down the app itself quite a bit, until they added this “premium” which you have to pay $9.99 a month to used these “special” features that I used to use all the time. So now that all this has been recently added to the app, including the 2-3 times as more adds to the videos, news, and just around the app itself, it is terribly slow, crashes all the time, and can’t use half of the app without the premium which adds up to be $120 a year just to look at what the weather in your area is going to be. Again, this app didn’t use to be like this and was a great and handy tool, but these recent add-on’s has rendered it useless to an average user who doesn’t have the money to pay for premium just to look at the weather in the coming days, which can also be dangerous, but nothing they would care about as long as they’re making more money. Smh, thoroughly disappointed.

- Feedback? What feedback?

This app provides great weather info, free to me, and I can’t blame them for making a buck by showing ads and videos. If you aren’t interested, just scroll past. I do have a complaint. I live in the outside edge of a sprawling city, a couple of miles from an adjacent town, however I cannot set the app to show the weather for the town, instead of the city. City weather reflects either airport or downtown conditions which are many, many miles from me and not in the same path for storms that may move through. I can set the town as a favorite, but I have to navigate there and choose it every time I open the app, which is very annoying. I want to see relevant weather data when I open the app. I followed the links for Feedback, there is only FAQs and nowhere to submit feedback. I tried the Support links, same thing, just shows the FAQs. So for these two reasons I’m giving 5 star weather reporting a meh rating of 3.

- Poor redesign. Harder to read

I have been an avid user of the weather channel app for many years and I have to say this latest design is the first one that makes me want to drop it and find another one. The screen is much harder to read now. I can’t look down anymore to get a quick read (which just so you know - is probably a key use of weather apps on your phone!! For most people). The highlighting of trends- which you advertise is also poor- I do t need to see the obvious wave of temperatures from highs to lows across the days. That is I help to me. And, as a UX designer of 20 yes I also see that you seem to have thrown out all accessibility compliance as well. I am only 48 and I can hardly read the precipitation percentages. I doubt anyone w any less eyesight will have a chance. I understand that you are add supported so need to keep them highlighted but designs that are not useful and make people like me use it less are NOT going to bring in any more advertising dollars if your usage drops in general. Please PLEASE bring back some of your old more easy to read design!!!

- Used to like this app

I was the type of person who was on the weather channel app constantly, and loved it! Even if there were small issues (bugs and such), it didn’t bother me enough to change my liking of the app. Since they did this major change, however, I am lucky to check the app a few times a week. I get that I had a free version, and companies all over rely on ads to support themselves, but the amount of ads in the app now is insane! In order to open the app, I have to select the app twice. The first time it closes itself right away. Then once the app comes up, there’s anywhere from 2-3 ads to close before I even start looking at the info. Then there’s literally an ad every time there’s a piece of info to show. You can’t even look at the extended forecast without looking at an ad after every day!!! I’m also noticing much more bug issues. Radar works when it wants. It’s just not worth the time anymore. VERY disappointed with TWC.

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Exmouth Lifeboat

Our Exmouth @RNLI All Weather Lifeboat is classed as a Shannon vessel. You can meet the Shannon Class and the rest of the stars of our all-weather lifeboat fleet over on our YouTube channel

lil chris

i love the weather channel keep the work up

John R. Wilson

And the weather channel never showed up!!

smAshomAsh, REAL Solar Forecaster,

@dbirch214 @dbirch214 I don't know if you care, but our channel has unexpectedly become the apparent world leading solar forecaster. We do in depth space weather daily thereby leveraging ourselves as renewed interest in real science, space and the Sun grow!

dina garrett

@KrisHudson_WX Hi there! I work for The Weather Channel and we would like to feature your video/photo with an on air courtesy to you. Where and when was it taken? To give us permission please reply and use the hashtag #yestv.

Laline Camacho

Mysterious Flash of Light Appears Over China From The Weather Channel iPhone App

Marie _Dr_Elect🎄🎅🤶⛪️✝️🎄

@ElusiveVoice1 Yes it disappeared. I check my weather channel app (for shits and giggles) daily and 90% of the time, reports “Flu is very low in my area”. Every now and then “moderate” 😂


Just switched to NFL Network to watch some of the pregame shit and for some reason, my channel is out due to weather reasons. Only channel. Bro this is the most fucking 2020 thing to happen. I need to figure this out ASAP lmao.

DFDS UK Updates

NEWHAVEN-DIEPPE | Please note that the 23:00 from Newhaven this evening has been cancelled due to adverse weather in the Channel. The next arrival in Newhaven will be at 21:00 tomorrow evening and departing again at 23:00.


@DerekTheWeather I follow St Anne's weather page religiously (takes the data from Mid Channel Rock) One we always look at for the lifeboat........

Lilly Myers

Gonna wear my weather channel sweatshirt around the house today and pretend I’m Jim Cantore

dina garrett

@DaveJTheTrib Hi there! I work for The Weather Channel and we would like to feature your video/photo with an on air courtesy to you. Where and when was it taken? To give us permission please reply and use the hashtag #yestv.

Scott Canady

@JenCarfagno Wonderful Christmas family photo!! Love the entire Weather Channel crew from on camera to off!! Keep up the great work!! Stay safe!!

DFDS UK Updates

DIEPPE-NEWHAVEN UPDATE |Due to adverse weather condition in the channel services are cancelled for the this evening and all day tomorrow , customers may wish to travel to dover or re book for alterative day . DFDS are sorry for any inconvenience caused Jc ^

dina garrett

@fishinniagara @Livestormchaser @WeatherNation @LakeErieNorth @weatherchannel Hi there! I work for The Weather Channel and we would like to feature your video/photo with an on air courtesy to you. Where and when was it taken? To give us permission please reply and use the hashtag #yestv.

Weather - The Weather Channel 12.4.1 Screenshots & Images

Weather - The Weather Channel iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Weather - The Weather Channel iphone images
Weather - The Weather Channel iphone images
Weather - The Weather Channel iphone images
Weather - The Weather Channel iphone images
Weather - The Weather Channel iphone images
Weather - The Weather Channel iphone images
Weather - The Weather Channel iphone images
Weather - The Weather Channel iphone images
Weather - The Weather Channel iphone images
Weather - The Weather Channel iphone images

Weather - The Weather Channel (Version 12.4.1) Install & Download

The applications Weather - The Weather Channel was published in the category Weather on 2008-11-09 and was developed by The Weather Channel Interactive [Developer ID: 295646464]. This application file size is 210.58 MB. Weather - The Weather Channel - Weather app posted on 2020-12-07 current version is 12.4.1 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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