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Forks Plant-Based Recipes [Food & Drink] App Description & Overview

#1 Food & Drink App and Featured as 'Best New App' by Apple - this is the essential recipe app from the makers of the critically-acclaimed film Forks Over Knives. Discover over 600 hearty and decadent meals from over 50 leading chefs, with new recipes added weekly!

Every recipe fits the whole-food, plant-based lifestyle that a growing number of health professionals recognize can help stave off and even reverse chronic ailments like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


- Over 600 (and growing) great-tasting, whole-food, plant-based recipes - with new recipes added weekly!
- Find and prepare your favorite recipes with ease
- Preparation made simple with step-by-step instructions
- Synchronize your shoppings lists across multiple devices with iCloud
- For each step, see the ingredients you need with just a tap
- Convenient shopping list for the grocery items you need to pick up
- Landscape mode for viewing recipes full-screen, with step-by-step instructions
- Contributions from over 50 leading chefs.
- Tips on the plant-based lifestyle and more!

We hope you love using the Forks Over Knives App. If you have any suggestions about how a recipe or the app could be improved even further, please email us at We'd love to hear from you.

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Forks Plant-Based Recipes Comments & Reviews

- I'm glad I tried it

I purchased this App to explore the plant based diet. I love the clean design as is. It's great that it broken down with the summary, ingredients and step by step method, There are NO Ads and It's easy to use. Don't mess with that. Like others, it has expanded my palett. I'm excited about it. I started off with one of the soups(Mediterranean soup). It was delicious. The recipes are simple. What I love the most about this is the shopping list. I love that it transfers and creates a list. I can take my phone to the grocery store and pull out the shopping list with ease. I'm being introduced to different seasonings and combinations that I've never used. Yes, it will assist you in leveling up in the culinary department if you are a novice. It's as easy as it gets. The only thing I've noticed is the frequency of new recipes. It's not that big of deal if you haven't tried all of what's already there. I'm not sure if I really want it to be cluttered with a billion recipes. Then it would become frustrating to having to choose something. Bottom line it's a good App

- One of the best designed apps I’ve ever used

This app is a delight to use - kudos to the developer! The format is super easy to use and intuitive, the pictures are gorgeous, the shopping list is genius in the way it organizes items by category and I like the easy way you can add all ingredients or just the ones you don’t have with a simple tap of the finger. Another nice touch is being able to quickly see the ingredients in the section you’re working on so you don’t have to keep flipping back and forth. Just a wonderful design all around. Oh - and the recipes are delicious too 😋 The only issue I’m having is with syncing my phone and iPad. I like to have everything on my phone for when I’m shopping but prefer to use my IPad when cooking because it’s larger. But I can’t get my favorites and my shopping list to sync on both devices even though I have iCloud enabled on both. Not sure how to go about fixing that; it’s a little annoying but I’m gonna give you 5 ⭐️ anyways.

- Best $5 I’ve ever spent!

First off, I’m not vegan or vegetarian but I am pre diabetic. I wanted to find interesting and tasty plant based sides to accompany my proteins. The recipes are delicious and easy to prepare. Some of the ingredients are off the beaten path but will add much zest to your palette. Another reviewer said it’s taught them how to cook. I feel my palette has evolved. There are some flavor combinations I would never have thought of putting together. The app does cost but there are no other hidden in app purchases or memberships they push on you. The interface is clean and easy to use. Never crashed on me, seems like the developers are very involved. Recipes are added regularly bc there’s a great team of contributing professional chefs, even some from the medical community. Get this app to add to your kitchen arsenal, you won’t regret it!

- Good fresh look, still missing key features

The new look is great. A fresh coat of paint. And the recipes are the great WFPB recipes that we have come to expect from FOK. But the app needs a lot more work too bring it up to the standards of iOS/iPadOS in 2020. For starters, there should be a dedicated iPadOS app that could take advantage of the much larger screens of the iPad and thus show more data from the recipes all at once. One could envision seeing ingredients and recipe steps on the same screen rather than having to expand smaller sections or go back and forth between tabs on the smaller iPhone screens. Also, the shopping list could be improved. And how about a recipe doubling/ tripling calculator feature that would automatically multiply the ingredient amounts when the number of servings was increased. And some of the recipes could use editing to better organize the steps and list of ingredients in the proper order. Overall still a great app, but there are many features in modern iOS/iPadOS devices /API that could be utilized to improve the app. Thanks.

- Absolutely worth the money!

My husband and I are exploring a whole food plant based lifestyle and this app makes it so easy to try new stuff! Neither one of us knows how to cook like this so these recipes are great to learn with. We have tried a few and they have all turned out delicious. I like the layout and the fact that recipes within recipes (like the sloppy joe recipe that calls for Basic BBQ Sauce) have links to them as well. The shopping list feature is nice too, I like that I can print it out or use it on my phone or ipad. I find myself browsing the recipes and reading the methods just to see how they do make stuff plant based (like gravy and sauces). This app is well thought out, very easy to use and well worth $4.99!

- Too careless with the recipes

The selection of dishes is interesting but the recipes were not carefully checked. Here’s a specific example that’s typical: the Indian Spiced Cauliflower and Potato Casserole does not indicate whether the cooking is done covered or uncovered. What’s worse is that if you are working from the printed copy it is missing key parts of the recipe as viewed in the app. Try it - look at the ingredients list in the app and compare that with the printout. Cook’s Illustrated used to have a section in its magazine where they reviewed cookbooks and vetted the recipes to make sure they worked, had all the necessary instructions and were precise but not too complex for a newcomer to cooking techniques. They’d probably give this app a fail. On the other hand, the recipes in the Forks Over Knives magazine are better done as are the ones in Darshana Thacker’s book. Buy those and ignore this app.

- Fork over Knives

I am very happy with this app. It is well thought out and as I make the dinner under method, I can just tap the section and it will tell me what my ingredients I need and the amount. The recipes are delicious and for a Type 2 Diabetic they have helped to maintain my blood sugars. Most of the meals are easy to make and makes it pleasurable to fix. My Beautiful Wife eats vegan as well and it’s joy to try different recipes as they are at my fingertips. If you need ingredients and you are at the store the app allows you to put on your grocery list right through the app. Truly the BEST money spent to improve my life and my health.

- Not worth paying for

This app is fine. It’s nice to have all of the whole Food recipes in one place. Often when searching online a lot of the recipes that come up are not actually whole food so this is nice for that reason, however I have seen quite a few of these recipes for free online so paying for the app feels like a foolish purchase. What I really need from this app is for it to tell me how long sauces and dressings and such can keep in the fridge. There are quite a few things, examples being cheese sauce or pasta sauce, that I would love to make a large jar of but I do not have freezer space so I’d like to know how long they would keep in the fridge. You also cannot view the ingredients and recipes at the same time so you have to keep switching back and fourth to see what quantities you need to be adding. This also isn’t a meal planning app as it claims to be, it is just a WFPB recipe database. To recap: the recipes look good but can be found elsewhere online, you cannot plan meals by day or week, I don’t know how long the food I make will keep, poor navigation/organization. If it was free this app would be great but all in all: Not worth the money.

- Easy to use & follow!

I’ve never been interested in learning much about cooking — so I eat mainly easy to prep raw foods and salads. I recently decided to learn some plant-based oil-free recipes and this app is my new best friend! I’m making delicious oil-free/gluten-free breads and soups so far. Can’t wait to try out more. The images are beautiful and help so much to illustrate, and the directions are awesome because they have 3 tabs for overview, ingredients, step-by-step method. You can favorite to bookmark recipes and you can click “add to shopping list” which I use all the time when trying out a new recipe. Thank you for such a helpful and great app!

- Not as Tasteful As I thought It would Be

I am a believer in the information I learned from the documentary and thought this app would provide tasty recipes using wholesome foods. I was attracted to the apps recipes with plant based ingredients and shopping list being in one central location. With my busy schedule, this feature makes it really convenient. I rely very heavily on recipes to minimize the thinking I have to put into providing a variety of meals for my family (i.e., I would cook the same thing all the time). I also enjoyed reading the success stories of how people turned their health around by following the FOK eating regimen. I’ve dried about 5 or so recipes and have yet to taste one that I plan to cook again. I’m wondering if these recipes were tested before they were published.

- Exactly what I am looking for!!

I have been trying whole food plant based diet for 2 years and explored variety for food preparation and recipe. After some time you hit plateau in your creation for recipe. You tend to lean towards your favorite recipe more often than ever. Especially your family member gets bored of your favorite recipe(Especially if you have teen at home) There is time when you need a friend who suggest you a good recipe which follows WFPB regime that you are following and want to try. The best compliment you wish for is amazing food and your family member loves it as well. You get to see happy faces at dinner table. Above all you know that the food you fed to you family is most nutritious and healthy. This is the app you need to have. The friend that comes in rescue. Thank you to all the contributors. Keep working and keep sharing it with us. We love you all. Last but not the least: Thank you to Dr. Campbell, Dr. Bernard, Dr. Fuhrman etc for their amazing work on nutrition and healthy eating habits.

- It ok

Not really worth the purchase. Broken into categories (soups/stews, deserts, salads etc). Not very many recipes in each categorie around 50 in each. Pretty boring and not very enticing. Under categories should be sub categories then “recipes” , not just one recipe. For example, under breakfast there should be a categorie for omelette, not just one omelette recipe, there should be a bunch to choose from. Also there are probably a ton of burrito recipes out there, but there is only one. There are around 65 “contributors” who donated a recipe or two, I would think there would be more. Around 50-60 odd recipes in each category. Breakfasts, salads and sides, soups stews, deserts, baked stuffed, pastas and a couple others. Also time consuming to sift through each dish to determine spice and ingredients, I get bored sifting through and end up closing app. I purchased to get ideas and get inspired that was pushed on a Facebook page. Seems like this app still in early stages and needs improving. My still go to is Food and Wine. Honestly, better off just searching for stuff and not spending money. At this stage it should be still free.

- Chef approved

After a serious cardiac event I was told my eating habits had to change. As a chef I feel that while I was food-knowledgeable, I could be doing better with some choices. I have always been curious about that often-knocked crazy person lifestyle: vegan cuisine. FoH has really shown me that vegan cuisine can be beautiful, creative, and most importantly delicious. It has really re-energized me creatively from a cooking standpoint. I am proof that it works: A1c down to near normal levels and 30 lbs lighter. It has been easier than I would ever have previously thought. Thank you for such an informative app. Chef Tim

- 3 stars for easiness of recipes & 5 for ease of use

I can’t really comment on the tastiness of the recipes as I have only made chocolate frosting (super delicious btw). I tried plant based for 4 years & had amazing results so I’m happy for this app even though I’m no longer plant based because I still prefer it most of the time. BUT I feel as if most of these recipes are too fancy. I like quick & simple things (which I find for free online). These recipes seem like they’re for professional chefs. It’s intimidating. If you REALLY love cooking then this might be for you. But I am a lazy chef. I love that I can “favorite” recipes & that I can add ingredients to a shopping list within the app (select individual items or select the option to add all ingredients for a given recipe). My favorite feature is the step by step instructions given when you flip your phone on its side while in the “method” section of a recipe. It’s super convenient for people, like myself, who get confused easily from cooking instructions. I just wish it gave more information on storage.

- My go-to

After my husband watched a few plant based documentaries he decided to make this change for our family. Which is great, but completely put me at a loss for what to cook every night. I work, I am in grad school and have 3 children so I am very busy and have picky eaters. I neededplant based recipes that were straight forward without a million ingredients. This app wins! I have made many of the dishes and leave notes for myself and I love the grocery shopping list, which can be sorted by recipe. I am VERY pleased with the app function and content. $5 well spent, I look forward to more recipes.

- Wonderful Starting Point

I love this app and the recipes, I use it all the time. The recipes are unique and help me so much with meal planning during the week. My biggest issue is that several of the recipes are very bland. This is easy to overcome if you know how to cook already, I just add spices to get the flavors I want. If you're a novice though, try using the app to find recipe ideas, then google to compare to other similar recipes and see what the differences are. Experiment, make notes about what you like, what you'll do differently next time. The app isn't perfect, but it's an amazing jump off point and a great tool for anyone looking for more plant based meal ideas.

- More Than Worth It!

When I went to look up this app, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn’t a subscription with a monthly payment! And with the one-time payment being so low, the quality and features really blew me away. With undeniably delicious pairings and inspiration from a diversity of cuisines, the recipes cater to everyone’s tastebuds and can be easily personalized by your own home-cooking style. Features like the grocery list and easy to follow instructions make things easy, and it’s always exciting when new recipes are added! Get it! You won’t regret it!

- Love it

Love this app. I had been wfpb for several months before downloading this app and only had a rotation of about 5-6 recipes that were easy enough for me to make (I’m an awful cook) and that I enjoyed eating. I was starting to get bored and unmotivated. Found this app and now have a ton of options!! Haven’t loved all of them but they’re easy and all have been edible. A few have been delicious (really loved the Sheppard’s pie even though I made a huge mess & almost burnt my house down making it!!). Every week have been trying a new recipe and not even close to exhausting them! Thanks FOK!

- Powerfully Easy & My Go-to-App 4 Recipes!

I have used this app for several years, I think since it was first made available. I have been vegan for 16 yrs & this is by far the most user friendly app & w/the most quantity of delicious recipes ever! I mean ever! This app keeps my shopping list handy & I can add my own items the list to fill my pantry. The MOST USEFUL FUNCTIONS ON ANY APP EVER!!! When you are in the “Method” section it lists the specific ingredients needed for that food prep segment. Sheer genius! I don’t have to flip back & forth between Method & Ingredients list. This is soooo helpful when I get interrupted, especially nerve racking when I’m in the midst of learning a new recipes & I can easily lose my place in the process. FOK App makes cooking Easy-Peasy for neophyte vegans & experiences cooks. The update notices for added recipes inspire & refresh my commitment to healthy eating. My thanks to the FOK team for making my life easier - & continues good health! Namaste, Linda

- Grateful for this app!

I’m so very grateful for the cookbooks and now the app! I have wanted to go plant based for years but being in the south and being surrounded by meat eaters always quashed my goal. My husband had a heart attack and that was apparently the push we needed. Our adult son has joined us and there is no looking back. My husband went from 197 to 171. I lost all the menopause weight, 135 to 115, stopped having hot flashes and my asthma is completely in control for the 1st time in my life. My husband’s numbers are stellar. The recipes are extremely helpful and delicious! Thank you so very much for guiding me!

- Not Great for Single Guy

I am a single guy in search for vegan recipes but am not experienced in cooking. I had great success with a home delivery meal service, but I wanted to try FOK for the sake of more healthful vegan meals. I'm really disappointed with the three FOK recipes I cooked. They took much more time to prep than what the recipe cards suggested, greatly misjudged certain portions of ingredients (for example, way too much eggplant for one recipe and way too little quinoa for another), and they simply didn't taste good. As well, they were geared toward large groups of people and not suitable for bachelors or couples. That amounts to a huge waste of food when the meals turn out to be gross. I've since subscribed to a vegan home delivery food service, and the results have been great.

- Best decision I've made in a long time

I bought the FOK book a while ago but after several moves across the country and out of the country, I lost the book. I bought this app and it's one of my favorite purchases. The UX for this app is on point. The shopping list functionality is exactly what I was looking for. The range of recipes is wonderful. I can find something for when I'm in a rush and recipes for when I want to make a six course meal. The layout of the app is beautiful and engaging. The developer that made this app deserves recognition. Well done!

- Great options but beware of some directions!

Great and easy to use application which makes meal planning and ease! My only issue is that some of the directions provided in some recipes seem odd. I recently made the Budget friendly Bolognese, which called for you to simply put all of the ingredients into a pot and cook on high for 30 minutes. I discovered about 20 minutes that a portion of my dish has badly burned to the pan. There were no instructions about stirring, lowering the heat, or covering so much of the moisture has evaporated. Worst of all the lentils weren’t even properly cooked. Doesn’t seem that they test all of these recipes.

- Helpful Tool for new Vegans

As I transition to a vegan diet and philosophy this app has been very helpful. I now have an abundance of plant-based recipes quickly available. Also, being able to generate a shopping list of the needed ingredients is very useful, making it very convenient to shop and prepare recipes. I like being able to make a list of my favorite recipes. This was very useful when we were planning our recent week and a half long camping trip. The recipes were all accessed quickly and conveniently.

- Used to love it

I used to love this app so much and have used many of the recipes, which are fantastic. The reason I’m writing this review is lately the app is pretty much unusable. A few times it has frozen my whole phone to the point of having to reset it to do anything. And most recently it seems to get stuck on the opening screen and won’t go any further. Today it happened while I was in the middle of preparing one of the recipes and now I can’t see the next steps I need to follow. My biggest complaint is that I can’t seem to find support. When I click on the app support in the App Store it just brings me to the website and there is no help or support listed anywhere. Please please fix this app so I can love it again! Thank you.

- I love this app!

I’m still fairly new to WFPB eating. Although I downloaded the app a while back, I just had a great experience using it today. I explored the Thanksgiving 2018 menu and recipes. I generally find my way around a new app by playing with it until I figure it out. The most fun thing for me was being able to build a shopping list for each dish. With the click of a button; I added all the items I needed to buy. Once built, it’s possible to sort your list either by aisle or by recipe. How cool is that?

- This app makes things so easy!

I love the Forks Over Knives approach to eating, and this app makes it so easy. It’s well organized, the interface is intuitive, and it’s got some great features. Two examples: you can directly import the ingredients for a recipe into a shopping list (which you can than look at by section of the store or by recipient), and when you’re going through the steps of the recipient the app reminds you of the ingredients you need for that step. The more I use this the more I like it.

- Great resource for WFPB recipes.

I usually don’t pay for apps, but I’m sure glad that I did in this case. Not every recipe is a winner, but most of them have come out great. Mostly, kid-approved, too. My family isn’t vegan, and they’ve still liked most of what I’ve made. In fact, my daughter loved pumpkin muffins that were sweetened with nothing but dates and the natural sweetness of the pumpkin. No added fats, either. My only criticism is that they don’t have a function for users to review individual recipes. I really wish they had that feature. It’s why I’m giving 4 stars rather than 5.

- Wonderful and so much help!!

I finally decided to get serious about plant based eating and downloaded this App. It is absolutely wonderful!!! So easy to use and recipes are just delicious! And very easy to prepare. Even my husband “The Carnivore” is starting to think about going plant based. (!!!) I just got my labs and my A1C went from 6.4 to 5.1. I just can’t believe it. I also lost 12 lbs. Trust me- this food is just wonderful! I am very very happy I finally downloaded this app because for me it made ALL the difference!

- App Itself: 5, Recipes: 3

One of the best-designed cooking apps I’ve yet used. Wonderful, intuitive design, on multiple levels. Example: love how the steps for cooking methods reveal, on touch and as needed, the ingredients for each step. Love the sortable shopping list. The recipes: well...some are good (4), most are, sad to say, kind of meh (2-3). Have tried many from all categories. While they usually have the advantage of simplicity (huge plus) they often lack true deliciousness. It would be helpful to see ratings for the recipes, and other users’ “hacks” or flavor improvements.

- Love the pictures

I love how this app looks, recipe photos are stunning . Food looks simple until you get to the recipe list and its ingredients that you don’t have on hand , like ever. Aquafaba , buckwheat flour, unsweetened apple sauce , coconut flakes, this is just a sample of what I am talking about . Almost every breakfast recipe requires aquafaba I’m sorry I don’t have cans of garbanzo beans laying around the house to use on a frequent basis nor do I have the water that I soak beans in just stored some where in my refrigerator. I want to make more recipes but I am frequently frustrated with the ingredient list. Please update this app with some more basic and practical recipes.

- Incredible

The recipes are fairly quick and easy to make, and surprisingly taste incredible!! Although I don’t typically eat beef or pork, I do enjoy chicken and especially fish, so I was skeptical about removing those things from my diet, and adding more starch, in the way of potatoes and beans, for example. But I have to admit that eating this way has made me feel more satisfied with less food and more energy without a crash effect. I haven’t been at it long, but I am hoping for some weight loss in this.😃

- Fabulous app and...

I love almost everything about this app. I love the recipes we’ve tried so far, the interface with shopping list options, how the app keeps my phone awake during preparation making it easy to keep my phone clean and how in the the instructions for each recipe you can easily view the ingredients for that step make the app an amazing tool. I REALLY wish there was basic nutrition and portion size guidelines for the recipes. Thanks so much for the delicious recipes. The app is worth EVERY penny!

- Happy Newbie

I just recently made a self saving life decision and decided to go plant-based . After making that decision I did not know where to start, so this amazing app forks over knives has taught me and has given me so much hope, the recipes are great and are very easy to make. I have included my family into a plant-based living as well. i’m always receiving new recipes and I encourage anyone that is starting out to take advantage of this wonderful app. Thank you forks over knives🥰🥰

- Recipe testing before prime time

I find it hard to believe that these recipes go through proper testing before they are published to this app. I've had several issues where the ingredient amounts and/or methods were way off. Tonight I made the cauliflower bites and only after I put all my ingredients away, washed my blender, and was tossing the cauliflower in the batter did it become obvious that the ingredients for the batter had to be tripled to properly coat the head of cauliflower this recipe called for. So out came all of the ingredients and blender all over again...annoying. One positive is the shopping list feature. It is easy to use and I like how easy it is to link to the recipes.

- Love the app!

I’m having so much fun trying these recipes! I just started eating only plant based foods two months ago and I really needed to liven up my food and expand my menu. The recipes on this app did just that! I can hardly wait to try the next recipe. I love the design of the app with the grocery list and all. I recommend this app. The only reason I gave it 4/5 stars is that the recipes don’t include the macros (calories, protein, carbs, and fats). It takes me a significant amount of time to figure the macros myself looking up each ingredient.

- Great recipes

I just started eating FOK style, having been a GF vegetarian, then vegan in the past, and giving up the processed foods has been challenging. This handy app not only gives me recipes but a shopping list, which is extremely helpful. It’s a vital tool, for me, to create different foods, especially for events and things I’m invited to, to share with others, so I know there’s something I can eat! I love that there are different categories and meals, so I can plan variety in my limited diet!

- Great Plant-Based Recipes!

I have tried vegan cookbooks, websites, and other apps. While Meal prep pro has a very good Plant-based section, The Forks Over Knives app has many tasty and healthy recipes. For a one time payment, I got 400+ recipes that are updated frequently. Of course, everything wasn’t to my liking, but I can say that 9 out of 10 recipes are freaking delicious! And all plant-based! Definitely try this app out. I just feel wonderful eating this way. Check it out!

- Could be improved

The recipes don’t have user ratings, so every time you try a new one it’s a complete gamble. For someone who is completely new to this plant based diet thing and has a limited time to cook, ratings would be helpful. The recipes should pre-screened as well. Spent 2 hours preparing the Indian-Spiced Cauliflower and Potato Casserole and the result was a concoction I wouldn’t feed to my dog let alone friends or family. The flavor profile was terrible, even after adding plenty of salt. I want to give this whole plant based eating thing a fair shake, but after eating a few spoonfuls of the Indian Casserole, a few less years on earth aren’t looking so bad.

- Worth every penny!

This app is beautifully designed and has so many delicious, healthy recipes. Everything is laid out really nicely and there are so many features that make it a pleasure to use, such as creating a shopping list in the app and being able to see the ingredients needed for each step by clicking on the particular step. I would recommend this app to anyone looking to easily incorporate a plant-based diet in their life. It's fantastic!

- Not a meal plan app

The forks over knives site said this was a meal plan app, but it's not. This app doesn't let you plan out your meals for a day or week. There's also no nutritional information on any of the recipes. There isn't even a search function. I can find the same kind of recipes on the internet for free. The only real benefit is the grocery list. It's basically a digital cookbook. I would really love to see nutrition info on the recipes, the ability to plan at least one day of meals and see an overview of the daily nutritional information and an option to search the recipes. Perhaps search by ingredient or a combo of ingredients.

- A Go To Plant Based Recipe Resource!

This app makes preparing healthy plant based meals easy, from providing a built in shopping list to take with me to the store, to step by step directions for preparing the recipe and including a spot for me to add my own twist for repeat performance. They are constantly adding new recipes, so it is the app that keeps on giving after the initial investment,unlike other apps that offer you more when you make in app purchases. I'm a fan!

- Worst app

This app is horrible. After paying $5 the app would launch but freeze at the home page. I deleted and redownload. Same issue. I opened it and walked away. After a few mins it launched. I got to view a few recipes and needed to open another app but it froze my phone. I can scroll in the app but can’t shut it down the app. I tried to shut down my phone and it beeped 2 times really load. Then my husband gets an alert that I’m placing an emergency call for help. I have a new iPhone 12 max pro. I’m writing this review from my iPad since my phone is still locked in this pathetic app. It’s been over 15 mins and my phone is frozen in the forks over knives app!

- Best App I have - keeps getting better. Easy to use.

I have long said (I have had app since beginning I think) that this is the best app I have purchased... but I was wrong... sort of... because the app gets better and better as time goes by. Now the features of the news, about the diet, and the successful life change stories have made it even better. Great job team! I will continue to recommend to any who will listen 🌿🌱🥒🥑🥗

- Quick solutions to eating healthy!

I’m so happy to have this app! It’s the perfect ‘Go To’ . I have many cookbooks about oil free plant-based healthy eating and cooking/baking. And I love to read them all an experiment. But when I’m coming home from work during any busy day… It’s great just a touch this app and pull up a recipe that I know my family will enjoy. All the ingredients are reasonable and usually very easily found in any grocery store. I really appreciate this app!

- Loving it so far!!

I am really enjoying this app! Recipes are delicious and easy to follow!! My favorite part is being able to make my shopping list from the ingredients menu. The only thing I find difficulties with is that the ingredients list, shopping list, and the little icons on the bottom, are super light. They are very hard to see and read! If they could be as dark as the method screen, it would be perfect!

- Success

I am celebrating my 3 year “veganversary” this weekend and I don’t think I could have done it without Forks over Knives!! I have depended on these recipes to know what to eat to be healthy. I have lost weight and gotten my A1c under control in the past 3 years. The recipes are straight forward and the ingredients are easy to find. Having forks over Knives on my journey to health and well-being has been the source of much gratitude!!!!

- Could use some additional options.

As one reviewer said, this is essentially a digital cookbook, with the added benefit of a convenient shopping list. The two features it should contain are a meal planner, and an "unlike" recipe. There are a few recipes I have found I either don't like or would never be interested in making, yet I have to scroll through them each time I am searching for new recipes to try. So the "liked" and "I liked" recipes should be removed to make searching easier and less time consuming.

- Wow! Excellent

Now that the search functionality has been fixed this app is the best. It has a collection of recipes from a wide variety of wfpb sources. Sure you can spend a bunch of time searching around the internet and find similar recipes after a lot of work but why not just have a huge variety here in one app? Well worth the price of a fancy cup of coffee. The navigation is easy and the layout is great. Love it!

- This is living!

I am not one to purchase an app. Since I love the FOK magazine so much, I took a chance. I’ve been cooking something new everyday and it’s amazing food. Oh, did I mention I’m a good snob. I like warm, creative, visually appealing and most of all above yummy food. The recipes are easy, fun and most of all delicious. The app is super easy to use, is organized well and even allows you to make a grocery list. I’m super happy, eating healthy and feeling great with the help of FOK.

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- Love it!!

I love the variety of recipes!! There’s so many to choose from. I do like the fact that you have all the people listed who have contributed to the collection of the recipes. Another little detail that I absolutely love is, in the instructions, when you tap on the number, it gives you the ingredient list for that particular step. It saves me from touching my phone too many times with dirty hands. I highly recommend this app. It’s only a once off payment, and well worth it too.

- Eye for detail

I wasn't expecting this, what I figure to be somewhat niche, recipe app to out design and function most other recipe apps I've used. Hate the way recipe apps turn off, forcing you to smear sticky fingers over your device? This one doesn't. Annoyed because you're constantly flipping between ingredient list and method? Don't worry, this one has fixed that too. Really excellent, thoughtful design and great recipes to boot. Not to mention they update with new ones regularly.

- Two weeks in...

I absolutely love the forks over knives meal planner. I do wish it linked up better with the app but his is definitely not off putting for me. The meals are amazing, the plan is easy to follow and the shopping list is just what I need on a busy weekend. I love that I end up with foods that are balanced and healthy and after 2 years of struggle my weight is starting to drop. Can’t wait to have my thyroid levels tested.

- This is helping me on my whole plant based journey and I love it!

I love that it's continually updates by adding a few new recipes quite regularly. I love the note section where you can write down your own adjustments to a recipe. Seems to have a wide range of recipes to try. Enjoyed everyone I have tried so far. Easy to use and very happy with my purchase. Keep up the good work!!

- Yumlicious

Very happy with this app. I have tried several of the recipes and they have all been really delicious (erm...especially the chocolate chip cookies...I keep making them over and over for some reason...). The layout of the app is great too. I like how they include a selection of recipes from many different plant-based cooks/chefs. The app has a directory with a blurb on each of the recipe authors and lists their cookbooks, so if you find yourself drawn to a particular authors recipes, you know where to look for more from them. New recipes keep getting added with updates, which means the app has a wider selection of recipes than the book. Highly recommended.

- NO metric system

I just bought the app and love everything about it - beautiful interface, easy to use, great resource... BUT! A BIG downside for me is no option of converting measurements to metric system, it’s all in oz and lbs which is too inconvenient for me. So please include that option in soon!!! I can’t use the app without it. I bought the app to make my life easier but it’s not doing that if I have to covert everything myself every time I want to make smt.

- Great design

This app is very well designed. I love how the ingredients required for each step drop down when you select that step. Only minor issue I have is a lot of the ingredients are not available in Australia or I have to seek alternatives. Other than that it’s an awesome app and there have been recipes added since I’ve downloaded it so it’s constantly changing and being updated.

- Oh Wow!

I love this App! We have been ‘junk food Vegans’ for a really long time and I struggle to come up with meal ideas which everyone will actually eat. This App has solved that. The design is so well thought up and super easy to use, great photos, automatic shopping list and basic step by step instructions. Anyone can cook with this App!

- I love this Forks Over Knives app!

Fantastic recipes, great affordable price, I love the fact that additional recipes are regularly added to this app, many of the recipes are simple to prepare, I highly recommend this app to everyone who wants to prepare nutritious, quality plant-based food for themselves, their family, friends and anyone else!

- Great app for plant based recipes

All round excellent app for a home cooking Plant based person ( or someone transitioning to plant based). The recipes are easy to follow, simple and taste great. Also like the ‘shopping list ‘ fearute. Using it over 2 years now. Highly recommend it against other similar apps!!

- Great App

I love this App because it's really easy to read and follow the recipes. I like having photos of every recipe and how they have designed it so that there are different tabs for the ingredients and method. It was well worth the money the recipes are delicious. It's a small price to pay for good health.

- A great gift.

Best way to encourage newbies to WFPB is to give them this App as a gift! I always enjoy seeing the new recipes. So handy when out shopping to remember the items you need and like the fav button when needing to whip up something quickly. My fav recipe is the pasta with roast veggies. Thank you!

- Amazing app

Highly recommend this app to anyone, I've been using this everyday, delicious recipes, so inspiring, not boring at all, Love how more recipes get added and the grocery list is awesome, If your considering getting this just do it as you won't be disappointed.

- My new favourite app

Having recently made the switch to 100% whole food plant based, this app has been amazing. Every recipe is terrific. My husband and I love picking our next favourite meal to try. Nothing has disappointed. Highly recommended

- Foodies beware this app is deliciously made

I love this app! Never had a desire to write a review before. It’s organised into sections, then you can tick off your shopping list on your phone on the recipe. I have not had a bad feed yet! Yum thank you, wonderful serving sizes. 100% perfection

- Very Easy to Use

This is the best well thought out and very easy to use. I love the way it creates a shopping list as well. Great App, would highly recommend. Thanks to the developers and of course the fabulous cooks who created the awesome recipes !

- Fantastic

This is a great app, well laid out and easy to use. The plant based recipes are yummy with lots of variety which keeps getting added to. I love the grocery list function and all the photos.

- Love shopping list feature

The recipes are great and mostly very easy to make. But the best thing is the ability to move ingredients to your shopping list and text them to your phone before going grocery shopping

- My daily helper

I use this app every day for inspiration. The recipes are very good, the format of the app is great. Well designed. I highly recommend this app for anyone who is starting out on a whole foods plant based diet. Well done

- Really good app

Great to get started on a whole food plant based diet. I’m finding it so helpful. It’s very user friendly and easy to access the recipes and find ones you want to try.

- Best whole food plant based recipe app Eva!!!!

This app provides fantastic recipes of whole foods that are nutritious and healthy for you. If you are new to the whole foods plant-based lifestyle or need more variety in your recipe repertoire, this is the app for you!

- Fantastic!!

Makes making healthy meals fun, love the recipe swipe through on my iPad & especially love the shopping list, you can even add your own items 😄

- Great food

Great recipes with new ones being added regularly. Would be nice if the app on my phone and iPad were able to sync.

- Best food ever!

Every time I bring left overs from these recipes to work I am the envy of the tea room! App is easy to use and has many great recipes i use over and over! Pad Thai is the best 😋

- Easy to use

This is a great resource for quick, easy family meals that everyone loves! Definitely recommend!

- Can save recipe notes

Great design and easy to navigate however it doesn’t save the recipe notes you write. If this is fixed than the app would be perfect!

- $$value

I’d rarely pay for an app but with regular updates, search function and the planner option, it’s a winner. I love my new food lifestyle and I love FOK!

- Fun finding what to cook

Too much of a vegetable search it up and find ways to use it up!

- Excellent!

Great app, easy to use. Really nice recipes, each with a photo. Can email or print out recipes, and create a favourites list. Intelligent design.

- Simple. Easy. Delicious

Love this app so much. Such a fun and exciting way to eat well. App is so user friendly also. Thank you.

- Highly recommended

A must have app for anyone going whole food plant based. Well structured and easy to follow.

- Great App

Updates with new recipes all the time. Gives me ideas and inspirations for what to cook even if I don't follow recipes exactly.

- Essential!

This app is essential for my weekly meal planning. Makes it easy, keeps it simple and delicious and I’m always very inspired here. Thanks guys!

- A whole lot of tasty recipes

Great selection of well explained recipes that are all working well and taste great

- Love this app, wish it was iPad friendly

Love the app, recipes, regular additions, but wish it was a universal app to make the most of the iPad's screen.

- Love this App! 🌱💚

I'm new to this lifestyle, and loving! And this app just shows you preparing plant based food isn't boring but simply delicious and fun! THANK YOU FOK!!!

- Totally inspirational for new vegans!

Love this app so much. Easy to use as you cook. Delicious recipes. My go to for recipes as I learn my best ever cuisine.

- Inspiring

Love the way this ap presents itself , easy to use, great recipes and updates . I'm impressed

- Fork over knives app

She was impressed the layout is so user friendly and the recepies are supeb

- Vegan App

I've pretty much tried every vegan app out there. And this is the best one period. 👌 ❤️

- Wonderful app

User friendly, wonderful app! Very happy😄

- Great but add metric measures

This would be such an amazing app - the recipes are great and really broad, the app is well designed and easy to use. BUT not having metric units is incredibly frustrating! This seemed like such an obvious one to include...

- Awesome

This is an fantastic app. Great recipes. I use it all the time

- A & S Juricic

Love this app so much. Amazing recipes and so easy to use!

- Happy Customer

Best app I have ever purchased!!!

- Oz? Fahrenheit?

No ability to change measurement units. Not really convenient. Why make the app internationally available if it’s not localised?? Clever that all of your screenshots carefully leave this out.


Love this app!! Any chance it can include metric measurements?

- No Metrics weights measurement

I bought this app from Australia, pity the app has no metrics measurement, and flours measurements use cups instead of weights (weights are more precise than cups for flour).

- Happy little vegan

Love the app. Worth the $8.

- Too many carbs

Not very inventive recipes and most are full of carbs

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- Amazing

Please keep adding more pictures like the magazine for the meals

- Great recipes for beginner

This app is great, it provides recipes, ingredients and how to. You can also make a shopping list so it is easier. Started introducing a plant based life skill, this is a great way to do so, and make it delicious.

- Magazine Recipes

Love your app but I would like it if you put the recipes found in your magazine on the app as well

- What’s for dinner? Stress reliever!

This app has helped my family get out of our boring routine of the same old meals and inspire excitement back into meals. I love knowing they are all plant-based, improving our health. Most of the ingredients are simple, natural and easy to find at my local grocery store. I LOVE that I don’t have to scroll up and down between the ingredients and method during cooking, I can click the step to see exactly what I need with that step! I love the easy to use navigation on the app with colourful, inspiring pictures of new foods I want to try. Recipes are simple enough it is easy to swap veggies with what I have on hand. Best of all, most of the recipes my little kids love too!

- Perfect thank you

I have just had a t I a ( small stroke). And have just found out I have an enlarged heart. So need to change my diet. A friend told me about FOK so I signed up and I can’t believe how amazing it is. The best thing is how easy you make it for us. Pictures, shopping list, and easy instructions. Also info as to why it’s good, the history of things. You really care about us and it shows. Thanks so very much.

- I love it

I love this app. I find it very easy to use. The recipes aren’t crazy and the ones I have tried are pretty easy. Also, most of the items I already have on hand.

- Great recipes

I have many vegan cookbooks so I wasn’t sure how many new recipes I would find, but I was pleasantly surprised. Since the focus is plant based rather than animal free, these recipes are filled with nutritious ingredients. I’ve tried a few recipes so far and have enjoyed them.

- The best

Great, easy to use. So many good recipes. I love how it lets you sort your shopping list by aisle.

- So in Love

This app makes eating PB easier and so much more fun! I’d give this a rating higher if I could!

- Include serving size options!

I love all these recipes, but the app would be so much better of there was an option to change the serving size. It’s just my husband and I so I continually have to half the recipe. Thanks!

- My new favourite App

Amazing recipes that you can add to your “Favourites” with an easy to use “grocery list”. The best part is the instructions, no clicking back and forth to check how much of the ingredient is required, each instruction includes the amount along with the method. Definitely my new favourite app!

- ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Every recipe we tried was beyond delicious 😋

- New to WFPB

The recipes make it easy to make food that is different then how most people have learned to cook. And I would say all the recipes are editable and most are amazing and I have and or will make again (that could be personal taste) I highly recommend this app. I have it 4 stars because some recipes don’t tell you exactly things like add water but it don’t tell you how much so I used my best judgment and it worked out well. And that was one recipe that was like that. So that may have been a small error / type o. Over an excellent app I use it daily !!

- Printed Recipes DO NOT ALWAYS MATCH

Great recipes but be careful! We got hosed on a printed version of a recipe as the printed version did not include all of the ingredient details - such as using COOKED RICE. Some recipes automatically cook the rice, so we didn’t think anything of it when the printed recipe just said “6 cups rice”. Ended up very crunchy. Not everyone uses their devices while cooking! Please fix the app to print the recipe content ACCURATELY.

- Great app!

I really loved the China Study book, and this recipe app is an amazing addition to the concept 🤗

- Love it, very useful

So many great recipes! I love this app and I’ve used it for a long time. Some of its recipes have become family staples and we are healthier thanks to it! Definitely recomend.

- Definitely recommend

Great app, very functional full of amazing recipes!!

- Excellent

App works great! The food is delicious The only thing I’d say is to allow the meal planner on the app or make it on the app Because it is so convenient I’m glad I purchased it

- Intuitively Designed Recipe App That Keeps Improving

This is a great app with beautiful appetizing pictures and equally appetizing recipes. Instructions and ingredients are broken down into easy-to-follow sections. Very intuitive and well designed without clutter. All app designers could take notes!!! I love that there are explanations for different foods (items that I may not ordinarily be familiar with). Also great app if you are trying to find/make Vegan meals. Pretty much everything here is healthy and whole foods based. I bought this app several years ago and they continue to add wonderful recipes... best recipe book you’ll ever buy.

- Great recipes

I am only like day nine on plant-based diet and I am finding the recipes very yummy.

- No fail recipes

Delish and healthy. Common ingredients. Love how the app is structured. So easy to navigate. The method includes ingredient quantities so don’t have to keep flipping from ingredients to method. Great pics

- By Far The Best Recipe App! Life Changing!

The recipes are so well pictured and the ingredients and method are simple and clear. I love the motivation it brings to lean in to Whole Foods Plant Based eating. It helps more than the many others I have tried. Thank you for keeping it informative and affordable. I use it daily as my go to for inspiration and ease of use. 5 Stars and Beyond*****

- Font is very difficult to see

Even though this app has many recipes, I took a star off because the font type is too faint and I cannot read the measurements. Light grey font on a white background is impossible to see. I gave up and use other recipe apps. I did send feedback via email and hope the developer makes a change in a future update.

- A+++

The recipes are simple to make. Ingredients are usually staples, and beautiful photos accompany each recipe. I love the app!

- 15 day self isolation

Thanks to neighbours we got groceries delivered during our travel isolation. We used this app for almost all our dinners while at home. They were all great dinners. Now we can shop ourselves we have plans to prepare some more. Thanks for great recipes.

- Can’t say enough...

This is the best recipe app!!! Not only are the recipes delicious; they are easy to prepare. Additionally, the format of the recipes is the best I’ve ever used. Every recipe app should follow your lead. The “method” using each section to tap and see ingredients is so incredibly helpful. I highly recommend this app, diet and book to everyone!

- Love this App!

This App is my go to every day, in fact multiple times a day. It has so much variety, keeps meals interesting and is user friendly. Thanks and keep the new recipes coming!

- Love this app

I always use this app for ideas and planning my meals for the week 😊❤️

- Great App!!

I really like this app. It is well worth the money, as it is easy to use and lots of great recipes and content. I also like the fact that it's always being updated.

- We love this APP

If you want to eat plant based you should consider this APP. It is full of great recipes with great prep instructions and an ingredient list. The APP can also make a shopping list for one or more recipes. It makes shopping really easy especially when transitioning to plant based cooking. And it’s handy. We have used the APP in the grocery store for meal ideas and to find recipes for vegetables that are on sale.

- Not the recipes from the meal planner

Those arent the recipes from the meal planner :(

- Great Resource

For those changing their diet to eat healthier, this app is a must. It will help you prepare all your meals daily and keep you on track during your transition. Gary Nova Scotia, Canada

- Awesome

Love this app So user friendly, and lots of good content

- Love it

I have tried so many amazing recipes from this app. It’s a great way to get started on the WFPB diet. (The carrot cake is a MUST)

- Attention all beginner vegans!

This app is a must have if you’re just starting out with plant based whole food! The value for money spent in incredible! Over 500 recipes with new ones being added all the time! Easy to use, easy to follow! Delicious recipes right on your phone!

- Easy to use and tasty to eat!

I recently switched to a plant-based lifestyle and would be lost without this app. Really like the layout and the ease of finding what you want along with clear instructions for recipes. I’ve tried many of the recipes and haven’t had one yet I didn’t like. Thanks Forks Over Knives for helping me out!

- Great!

Lots of amazing recipes!

- Forks over Knives app

Love this allows easy access to some great recipes and helps keep me organized as far as what will be on the menu for the night.🍉🍇🥦🍓🍓🌶🥑🥔💖

- Takes the stress out of meal prepping

It helps me plan and prepare ingredients and meals for the week over the weekend and the recipes taste awesome as well! Highly recommend this app.

- Love love

Love this app. Use it almost every day.

- Pleased

Use the app lots and really enjoy it. Our health and blood work is improving and we are pleased with all the recipes we have tried.

- Awesome

Love the Receipes. Tried a few and we like what we tried so far. Also that you are always updating with new Receipes. Worth the price!!'

- Locked Out

What’s up with this? I paid for this app and loved it. Now I can’t get into the app. All I have is one recipe on the screen, a few more screens as to how to make it and then I have three choices. Add to favorites, share on Facebook or share on Twitter. So I saved to favorites and I can’t get out of this screen. I don’t want to share on Facebook or Twitter.

- Very helpful

I use the app quite a lot. Simple and delicious recipes with ingredients which can be easily switched if I don’t have something particular in the fridge. Great inspiration for trying something new and healthy. I use the app with iPhone and don’t have any problems.

- Love this app - usability is great on iPad and iPhone

Lots of recipes and new ones being added all the time I can save my favs and also add notes to a recipe:

- Love love love this app!

I’ve just started a WFPB Diet. This app has helped so much to discover wonderful recipes. The grocery list is SO HELPFUL!

- Great app

Really good app


Great app. I love that I can print recipes and send my husband the grocery list. I wish I could create sub folders.

- No iPad support?

Why would I want to cook while looking at a tiny phone screen when I can get any recipe on my tablet

- Looks awful on my 11” iPad Pro

The app looks awful on the iPad 11”. The text is all pixely and so on. Looks like it’s designed for a phone and expanding it for the iPad just stretches it. I’ll be seeking a refund ASAP.

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I recently discovered Forks Over Knives' meal planning service "Forks Meal Planner". They provide weekly plant-based meal plans, a smart grocery list and tons of delicious recipes. I recommend checking it out:

Eyelove808 Ⓥ

29 Easy Plant-Based Recipes for Everyday Cooking | Forks Over Knives

Forks Plant-Based Recipes 2.2.1 Screenshots & Images

Forks Plant-Based Recipes iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Forks Plant-Based Recipes iphone images
Forks Plant-Based Recipes iphone images
Forks Plant-Based Recipes iphone images
Forks Plant-Based Recipes iphone images
Forks Plant-Based Recipes iphone images

Forks Plant-Based Recipes (Version 2.2.1) Install & Download

The applications Forks Plant-Based Recipes was published in the category Food & Drink on 2014-08-13 and was developed by Forks Over Knives, LLC [Developer ID: 903911743]. This application file size is 116.68 MB. Forks Plant-Based Recipes - Food & Drink app posted on 2021-04-05 current version is 2.2.1 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.forksoverknives.forks