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What is resy app? Resy powers the world’s best restaurants, using technology to imagine the future of hospitality. If you’re a person who loves dining out but hates hassling for reservations, download Resy now! Book sought-after seats at the best restaurants in 80 cities worldwide.

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App Name Resy
Category Food & Drink
Updated 16 April 2024, Tuesday
File Size 100.34 MB

Resy Comments & Reviews 2024

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Diet OpenTable. Resy isn’t the most stellar reservation app to begin with, most restaurants choose it over open table because it’s roughly the same system for less. Slow, buggy, & unintuitive with no reviews for you to see. But it used to get the job done, search for a restaurant, make your reservation, & go on with your day. However, with this recent update it has been horrendous when to even search for a restaurant. The search button freezes. Calendar is unresponsive when selecting your number of guests, dates, or times, leaving you to waste precious moments especially when trying to snag a reservation at a coveted restaurant who’s availability only exists within a few minutes before they’re fully booked for the entire month(yes, that sits deep with me). It forces you to close and restart the app after it becomes unresponsive after a couple touches. 9/10 that won’t even help. If it weren’t for the restaurants that are on this, I wouldn’t even have a second thought of utilizing the app.

Still behind the times.. Look, people have the Resy app because the restaurant they want to go to is on Resy. Fine. It’s easy enough to make a reservation. For discovery purposes, though, this is a dud. It’s 2021 and apparently no one at Resy Inc. has heard of filters. For example: we are in the midst of a pandemic and many people prefer to only dine outside. Heck, even before the pandemic I enjoyed dining outdoors. Now, imagine this: you want to have dinner on a Thursday night, so you open up an app, pull up Thursday, pinch in the time you’d like to eat, and then..... you check a box that says “outdoor seating” and it ONLY shows you results with outdoor seating. Wouldn’t that be amazing! Well, it’s not a fantasy. You can actually do this... in every other reservation app. OpenTable figured this or years ago, guys. It doesn’t have to just be outdoor dining. Think of all the other filters you could add. Bar seating... gender-neutral restrooms... price point... cuisine... tasting menus... you could select more than one, even, and narrow down your choices... find something new! FILTERS ARE MAGIC!

Horrible UX. I am an avid yelper and make restaurant reservations several times a week using a plethora of apps, and Resy has BY FAR the worst user experience of all. Honestly I still don’t really know how to use this app AND I DESIGN APPS AND SOFTWARE FOR A LIVING (facepalm). Pros: - Resy has some of the hottest restaurants in its roster - The app is visually pretty - I like the “alert” me if there’s a seat feature Cons: SUPER hard to navigate this app - for example, from the landing page I might type in the restaurant I’m interested in making a reservation for in the search bar, but after clicking into that restaurant it tells me there are no seats available. Great - maybe I want to change the number of people and date for the reservation. BUT HOW?? The restaurant’s page doesn’t show me options to change the date + number of seats desired. If I want to change the date / seats, I need to hit BACK, change it on the main page, and then fingers crossed the restaurant has slots. This might be a bug, but it’s a super annoying one. Plz fix

Clunky, buggy, and subpar app. When I’m invited to a reservation, It never shows up in my app. I accept the reservation. It still doesn’t show up. I log out to log back in, I’m asked to sign up for Resy all over again. As a new customer. Still no reservations. Are you kidding me? It’s 2021 and restaurants need you to be able to do business and survive in this challenging environment. Please you can do better. If not, please pass the baton to other competitors that can actually deliver. Restaurants need the business. Make it easier for them not harder. Take a cue from your competitors. Make the app more responsive, less confusing to use and with actual usable features. It’s beyond me why restaurants are exclusively using this app and not better competitors like OpenTable and Yelp.

Best restaurants, worst app. The glitchiest app I use regularly. There is always something wrong with the app— pages move slowly, filters don’t always work, when you click into a restaurant and go back to the search results, it bumps you back to the top of the list. It’s like dying from a thousand cuts, on their own each is not that bad, but combined it makes for a very frustrating experience. But they have the best restaurants, so I keep coming back. However, I had to write this review because there is a truly idiotic feature where you cannot book two events in one evening. Book pre-dinner drinks at a bar even 3 hours before your dinner reservation? Nope, not allowed. Book a happy hour at 5 before your dinner at 10pm? Sorry, you’ll have to cancel your dinner reservation to do so. What? This is dumb. Very dumb. One other thing, you should have better functionality on the “notify” feature. Lots of places now have different types of experiences you can book (e.g. tasting menu vs a la carte, indoor vs. outdoor) and being able to set a notification for a specific type would be so helpful.

Worst app on my phone. Two local restaurants use RESY, so I keep it to make reservations, otherwise it’d delete it. The search function is useless. I live in Napa, CA. I type in Napa or hit Near Me and it takes me to Napa Valley which is the region, not the city. Restaurants pop up that say 12 miles from me, when they are a short walk. Restaurants that are a 20 minute drive, pop up as 2 miles. It also includes restaurants from Sonoma County. It’s stupid. It can’t search Hawaii, so I type in Los Angeles, then scroll the map across as the Pacific Ocean to Maui, click search this area while it still say Los Angeles. It’s crazy that AMEX bought this app, but that explains the endless loop telling me about using my card, but never taking to the place to enter my card… Everything about this app is an example of not what it should be

Always opens to NYC when I rarely go there. It is annoying to always have to switch location. And lately, when I do, it doesn’t recognize the new search location. It stays with NYC. I love Resy for so many reasons but app is getting more buggy and is starting to annoy me. Today it refused to switch and I had to actually point to Houston on the map and then zoom out. Then for one of the restaurants it said it would not accommodate my time but didn't ask if I wanted to search for another date. That field was missing from the page. App center did not list Resy as needing to be updated but when I search specifically for Resy it said there was an update. Maybe it is an Apple issue but wanted to report all this so you are aware.

Shame on you, American Express. This app is borderline appalling: (1) It thinks I live in Quebec, despite repeated attempts to change my home location (Upstate NY, if you couldn’t guess); (2) it allowed me to verify my login email, but persists in showing an old Gmail account that I never use and an alternative work address from 11 years ago(!!!!!), both apparently because it only knows to look at Apple Mail, despite having my iPhone set to default to FastMail; and (3) it has my correct phone number, but jumps back to the home screen when I press Verify. There is sooo much more, but I’m not willing to waste more time on an app that Resy seems not to care about given the unanimity of recent reviews on the App Store. Mine would be -5 stars if only that were possible. Oh, and as a longtime AmEx Card holder, SHAME ON YOU, American Express. Shame. This severely tarnishes your otherwise excellent standing. Did I say, “Shame on you”? Why yes I did. There is good news though — if you dither long enough, there will probably be a lot of out-of-work devs from Southwest Airlines that you could hire to fix the app. They would surely be at least as well-qualified as those you have now from Clowns ‘r Us. 🤡

Difficult to use, unintuitive and annoying. I’ve never rated an app before but this one drives me so nuts, I’m writing my first review. This app is not intuitive or user-friendly. Every time I have to use it I am frustrated. It is so difficult to figure out how to navigate or find things. It doesn’t explain anything or make things obvious within the interface. It moves around as you’re trying to search but doesn’t let you search a certain location on the map. For reference, I’m 31 and work at a tech company, so I am decently tech savvy. That may be why this poorly constructed app frustrates me the most because they should be able to do so much more with such a high profile app. Open Table works much better to the point where I’d rather pick a restaurant based on if I can find it on Open Table rather than going to the Resy App. I only use Resy when I already know the restaurant I want to go to and have to book via Resy because that’s what the restaurant uses.

Was Good Now Full of Issues. It used to be a good app. Not as good as another booking app but the restaurants were usually better. Recently, it has been super buggy and losing functionality. Like another reviewer said, it recently has had trouble changing the location. I would type in a location that it recognized, eg New York but then when it went to search, it would just search around me. I had to physically change the map to change the area. Then I would change the date it would keep the current date when I booked, eg I would search for 2 people on April 17th but then when I booked it would be for today March 27th. It’s basically unusable. I would have to either go directly to the restaurants website or go to a desktop to make a reservation, neither of which is ideal.

App is awful. As a foodie, I use Resy all the time. As most would agree, within the last year, many restaurants switched their platforms from OpenTable to Resy. I have no problem with Resy (and actually think the Notify feature was/is brilliant) aside from the MAJOR PROBLEM that the app just simply doesn’t work. It glitches every time I use it. I end up scrolling through the same 10 restaurants in a loop that that makes me wonder if I’m in a Jonathan Nolan movie. Or maybe Groundhog’s Day. I’ll close the app and reopen it to scroll again and I’ll get another set of the same 10 restaurants that just keep coming up. It’s infuriating and I’m ready to stop using the app. It’s not just my phone—my friends all agree. Please fix this glitch. Resy is too big a brand to have such awful software technology. You’re going to drive your customers away.

The worst app you can’t not use. I live in NYC and unfortunately most restaurants are on Resy. This is by far the most frustrating app that I use regularly. It constantly glitches. I search for restaurants in one neighborhood and it shows me restaurants from another neighborhood or occasionally a different city. I select a restaurant to see availability and the search resets to my current location. I am sometimes randomly not able to set notifies for a dinner reservation past 7:30. You cannot customize searches or notifies for only indoor/outdoor seating. I do not understand how Resy got the adoption that it has. 2 stars because although app experience is impossible, it has all the best restaurants.

App is so buggy. I use resy constantly because it has the best restaurants and the notify feature is great but it is so difficult to use. I really wish the company would fix the app. It is so hard to browse by location or by neighborhood, it is always resetting to your current location. Also If you try to browse by an area in a map it will only return restaurants for like a tiny 5% square inside of the map area you’ve selected. It will also do this thing where you think you’re going through a list of restaurant but then you realize it’s repeating the same 20 restaurants every time you refresh. Also if you make a reservation while browsing and then return to the browse it will reset the list. If another app came out that had the same restaurants and the notify feature but had good UX without bugs I’d immediately start using it instead.

Force restaurant reviews. The new app forces you to review all the restaurants you have been to through the app before you can move on. If you "skip" the review, it comes up next time. The team at resy told me, "At this time, restaurant rating is not optional"--so my time isn't worth much to them and they would rather have me angrily ding their customers for their product decisions? No thanks. I choose not to review every restaurant I go to every time for a variety of reasons. If I go to the same restaurant ten times, do I need to review it ten times? What if I don't feel strongly? What if I just don't remember how it was when I open the app a week later? The product already suffered from a lack of granularity in terms of searching and filtering, but now it is just broken and I will just not use it in the meantime.

Not many restaurants, not as simple to use as Open Table. The title: “Not as many restaurants, not as simple as Open Table” is just the beginning of why this app is annoying. There’s also no browser interface (you have to download the app) and there is no tablet app, just a phone app with a tiny map and controls. Resy MUST be activated using a cell phone number, so they have your mobile number + email. Finally, the map is tiny, the restaurant search only useful for restaurants nearby, and the actual “select time” feature is bizarre in two ways. You get a selection of four buttons: “Lunch Early Prime Late”. Because we wanted dinner reservations ... it took a moment to figure out that “Early Prime Late” was for dinner, not lunch. Picking one of these gets a predefined time window. We wanted reservations for 630pm, right after my wife gets home for work. Reservations before 7pm are “early.” Who knew??? I don’t even want to ask what “late” means to the app developers. I have no idea why restaurants would use this. Maybe it’s cheaper than OpenTable. I will ask tonight.

Clumsy, non-intuitive. Resy will get you your reservation, but it begins with assumptions that have to be undone before you can make the reservation you really want. It assumes that you’re looking for a nearby location, that you’re looking for the next mealtime (or at least for today), that you are a party of two. And navigating to the screens where you can correct these assumptions is not obvious. The words “captions,” even "devious,” come to mind. In my experience with Resy’s major competitor, there is an option to search for the restaurant I want and fill in the details of my reservation. A location-based app can be nice, especially in an unfamiliar city looking for a meal on the go, but it should not be the only option.

I’ve always liked using Resy for recommendations,. But the map on the app is useless, it doesn’t show restaurant locations (it’s blank). Might as well get rid of it and just show a list of restaurants. I’ve re-downloaded the app, force quit, and restarted to no avail. The search function by location is broken, only way is to search is by moving the map around. But once you click on a restaurant it reverts back to your location. UI is pretty useless now. This app used to be great, more now just infuriating. Only good to use if you know which restaurant you want to go too. Browsing is not recommended.

Super non-intuitive. I rarely leave app reviews but Resy drives me bananas. It’s constantly defaulting me to Pearl River, NY. I live in Bergen county and have never once eaten in Rockland county. Why not my town? Or even Paramus? The GPS functionality is not good. The UI is super non-intuitive and was designed desktop-first as backwards as that sounds. For instance on mobile, it’s very hard to find how/where to set a time (early, prime, late, etc). Just party size and date. But I can’t book a table at Quality Bistro because they’ve reserved prime time slots for some dining club. And I can’t change my time slot because can’t find the option! I’m a UX/CX professional and I find this app sleek, pretty, and horribly designed.

Super slowwwww and Laggyyyyy. I have never written a review on app before. The experience using this app is so frustrating. For one, the app is slow and does not react well to modifications. But perhaps the most difficult part is, when you choose a specific neighborhood to look(while physically being in a different neighborhood) the app will NEVER register it. It will always default to the physical location your in. The obvious answer is to turn your location off (which you shouldn’t have to do) . But in any case, when you do that, other things don’t register such as the time, the amount of people. In conclusion I wouldn’t use it if good restaurants weren’t on it. It is a shame. Lots of work to do on the UI / UX.

Impossible to search in a different city. Cons: 1. Searching for restaurants in a different location is not intuitive and requires several taps in different parts of the screen. This should be a logical flow. 2. Worse, the app usually forces the location back to your home location, so that it’s actually impossible to search in a different location. The full web version is typically required 3. You are forced to scroll through tons of restaurants that do not have availability to find ones that do. 4. The app ignores the time period you search for and instead shows you whatever slots are available, say for lunch when you need a prime dinner reservation 5. Reviews are worthless since every restaurant is 4.5-5 star Pros: 1. Simpler interface compared to Open Table, which has annoying groups and requires vertical and horizontal scrolling. 2. Added bonuses for Amex members. 3. Restaurants are better curated than Open Table. Resy has more local favorites while Open Table tends to have more tourist traps and chains

Totally Stupid App for Lazy Restaurants and Data Grabbers. I made a reservation over the phone with a restaurant that I have been frequenting for years. Having recently added the RESY system to their business, they finished the call and put me into the RESY system. A few days later I needed to cancel the reservation. The restaurant said I had to cancel with RESY. I didn’t have an account (and don’t want one), but I had to open an account to cancel the reservation, then CLOSE the account. The app also does not offer landscape presentation (childish with the amount of Ipad Pros in use) AND only offers to text (rather than offering the choice of emailing) security codes, a sleazy way to make sure that they snag your phone number. I will try to avoid the RESY App and establishments that employ it.

Limited functionality; unreliable accuracy. The app filter functionality doesn’t work at all. You either have to view all types of cuisine across the map you’re viewing, or view only a handful of restaurants that fit your filter (e.g., Italian) in a small subsection of the map. In addition, it’s impossible sometimes to toggle back and forth between the map and list views. On top of that, sometimes a restaurant is shown as having essentially times available, but the app won’t let you book. I assume this is because the restaurant is actually full, but if that’s the case, those time slots shouldn’t show up as available. Pretty basic stuff…

Very user unfriendly. If there aren’t that many restaurants which could only be reserved through Resy, I would delete the apple for good. It is the most frustrating and inefficient reservation app I have been using, ever! I agree with some other people that I’d give the app zero star if apple offered this option for me. The app doesn’t show the restaurant if you happen to enter the unavailable date. So you have to try dates one by one until the app finally shows the restaurant! And the app is working so slow. It is too slow that I always wonder whether there is something wrong with my internet. The even more painful thing is that the calendar for every individual restaurant is useless. You need to go into each date to check the actual availability. There is no way that you could see whether a specific date has availability, or is fully booked, or the restaurant is just closed for that day. This is my very first review for App Store. Because the most painful thing is I cannot get rid of this app. I have to stay with it as far as I could see... Please improve the user experience! Please!

Sooooooo slooowwwwww. At launch of the app and EVERY TIME you start a new search, there is at least a 30 second “reload” time. If there weren’t amazing restaurants using your service, I would give up. But at some point, the user experience is going to win.... I have reloaded the app, tried turning off location services, etc. Nothing works. Also, seems to have gotten much slower over the past ~ 60 days. Also, other people have mentioned this too, the app doesn’t always tell you if you’ve reached the max # of days a restaurant books. The calendar feature showing availability when booking direct from a restaurant, while on your computer, is much more user friendly in that way. Similar to how a restaurant just doesn’t show up if you selected a date beyond when that restaurant accepts reservations. does you UI or QA team login and test the app like a user would use it? I’ve read a lot of your responses to negative reviews / the feedback above and it doesn’t seem like it. P.S. LOVE the notify feature and it used to work for me. But now with the slowness, I just watch the dial spinning and know that someone is getting that reso (by sheer luck that their slow app might be slightly faster than mine...)

Doesn’t work so great. Whenever I tap on the search bar, to search for a restaurant I know I’d like to make a reservation to, the entire app freezes. I can click the map and move it around to the general location of the place I’m looking for, but this is a lot of extra work. 99% of the time I go straight to the restaurant website, in cases like Lilia this works best because the reservations can be made on the website instead of bringing me to the app- this version of the interface is much easier to use. It allows me to see dates that are totally booked and dates that have availability in the calendar view rather than having to blindly select each date like on the app version- which is great if you want to try a restaurant but don’t have a specific date in mind.

My reservations tab misleading/useless. This app makes you think you have multiple reservations upcoming because it has always has a badge with a number floating over the My Reservations tab. So, of course you click into it only to see that even if you have no upcoming reservations, the badge still remains. The only way to clear the badge is by being forced to waste MORE of your time clicking through the idiotic rating workflow (these ratings are as good as Yelp’s - created by uninformed people based on wildly inconsistent criteria, therefore being even worse than useless) Update: This app is even worse than the 1 Star I originally awarded it. Trying to update your email is a never ending circle of failure as it requires you to verify via email, and NEVER SENDS THE VERIFICATION EMAIL NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU TRY!!!! Resy is the worst app on the App Store

No menus, and other stuff. Resy has been gaining popularity in the Annapolis area but I don’t understand why. It is not as easy to navigate as Open Table and doesn’t have menus available which is a disadvantage when looking for new restaurants. The price ranges are not apparent, I.e. what does $, $$ really mean. It seems to me that the $$ is really more like $$$ on others such as Yelp and Open Table and is true when looking at comparing the three. Definitely NOT my favorite but I’m forced to use it for some of our “regulars” and they have made comments about it. I do NOT use it to look for restaurants because I like to see the menu. Just a note, about the App Store comment about the pics, I really don’t care about the pics if I can’t see a menu... a real non-starter and it will cause me not to seek new restaurants on Resy. Oh, BTW, we eat out 3-5 x weekly and I travel about 8-10 weeks yearly.

It’s no OpenTable that’s for sure.. I followed all the rules and wanted to make a reservation 30days in advance at 9am (8 my time). I have my credit card info on file and I was trying to get a 10:30am reservation and the app kept having “technical difficulties” and I lost the reservation. I tried other times and the same issue kept happening and I was left with no reservation for my birthday. Then I check my bank statement and I see that several test charges were made for the restaurant. If I can’t even secure the reservation, why are they swiping the card? I reach out to the help email to notify of the functionality issue and they didn’t even read my email at all and just kept responding with generic responses as if it’s a robot. If you’re a restaurant, you should use OpenTable, which I’ve been s happy user of for several years.

The best restaurants w/ the worst search functionaity. A lot of my favorite restaurants are only on Resy. I appreciate that I don’t have to support Yelp. But my god. I dare the engineering team to try to search for a restaurant in a different city. I’ve tried on both my desktop and in the mobile app. Whenever i try to edit the location, it defaults to my current location. I generally like to make reservations before I go on a trip especially if I want to try a particular restaurant. The only way I’ve been able to manage to do this is by going to the restaurants website, selecting make a reservation and then ending up on their Resy page. This is 3 clicks too many. While this is not just a bad user experience, it is likely costing Resy partners a lot of missed reservations (& revenue). Please fix this. I want to love this app but it simply doesn’t function as intended.

An awful, unresponsive experience. I had such high hopes for the app, considering the quality listings of restaurants! Unfortunately, the experience is not responsive AT ALL. The search bars to enter location or types of cuisine don’t load properly, the map refreshes every time you click out of a restaurant, and the on-site experience is sadly similar. I live in Dallas and every time I search or go back to look at the list of picks, the lists default to Fort Worth. For anyone who has been to or lives in the DFW, they are an HOUR apart, so it’s frustrating to have to scroll back over to Dallas every single time I click out of a restaurant. Please fix this as you expand your reach to other cities!!!

I don’t get it. I can’t really recall a time where a company makes an app and it’s completely unusable unless you’re in NYC. I try to add a Home or Work location, doesn’t let me. I try to search near me, nothing happens. I manually type in and search for the restaurant, it takes me to an About Me screen for the restaurant with no ability to check for reservations. I’m simply looking for an experience that’s like the web or mWeb experience. Search a city or for a specific restaurant, what are the next open reservations, give me a calendar in case I want to look further out than the next 7 days. Please focus on doing one thing well first(finding + booking reservations) then move on new features. I don’t find restaurants by searching resy I find them by social and Google first then move to resy for a reservation.

Charged $75 For a Reservation I Didn’t Know I Made. I’ve used the app for years and never had a problem. This past week I made reservations at a restaurant in Asbury Park, NJ for Saturday night while a friend was in town. When we got there, there was a private party. I showed the restaurant my reservation but they didn’t know how it happened. A few minutes later I saw a missed call from a restaurant with the same name in Cambridge, MA. It was at this point I realized the reservation was made at the wrong restaurant. All the texts I received just had the name, no location so I never new. At this point it was too late to cancel my reservation at the wrong restaurant several hundred miles away and I was charged $75!!! So not only did we not get the dining experience I was expected, I was charged a huge fee for not showing up to a restaurant I didn’t know I had a reservation for. I’ve noticed the location functionality has been acting buggy the last few weeks, I recommend you call any restaurant you want to make a reservation with and NOT use this app. $75 is a lot of money to be charged for a meal I didn’t eat.

Avoid!!. This is NOT the high quality app their pictures and advertisements suggest. Avoid unless you want to risk your credibility being questioned and enjoy working with companies that do not hold themselves to any standard. I used Resy for the 5th time for a big celebration for my best friend because of their access to a specific restaurant. I made the reservation a month in advance to ensure the celebration would be without a hitch. However, when we showed up to the restaurant it was closed and the restaurant was not accepting voicemails. I then emailed Resy in distress thinking they would be able to help, but not only were they unable to help but they were extremely dismissive of the issue (even after numerous emails were sent trying to determine what happened). Finding a high quality restaurant for a celebration on a Thursday night in NYC in the summer is hard enough, let alone a last minute backup option?! I will be using OpenTable or calling restaurants directly going forward given this company’s negligible standards of doing business. I would advise you to do the same.

It was a complete waste of time to use this app!. We made a reservation through Resy. When we arrived at the restaurant, we showed a proof of reservation via Resy app to the host at the door BUT they told us our reservation was not booked that day. Everyone was in shock and we all had to stand by at the bar and waited for more than an hour to get our orders. It’s clearly showed that we already booked on Resy app but it was not actually. I am wondering that this app is even legitimate? How could this thing happened?!? So it’s literally faking it and wasting our time to sign up to make a reservation. I deleted this app and won’t recommend to any of my friends and people to use this app, just a complete waste of time and disappointment.

Looks better than it is, always disappointing. Resy looks cool but in reality there’s nothing much behind the curtain. Open Table is so much more user oriented. Resy, it seems, is more restaurant oriented. For example, Resy asks you for reviews but doesn’t allow customers to actually read the reviews, so what’s the point? Only the restaurant can read them. As a customer, we only get to see the aggregate rating which we all know can be manipulated. Plus, I like to be able to read reviews and decide for myself. Another pet peeve is that you can’t read a menu. Instead you have to go to the restaurant’s website, read it there, then go back to the app to make the reservation. Time consuming and annoying. Open Table’s app is far superior in many ways but unfortunately Resy is cheaper for the restaurants (so I’ve been told by restaurants when asked why they choose to use it). Yelp too, leaves a lot to be desired, and you expect that from Yelp, but even it works better than Resy. Would love to have this app actually put some functionality into it, otherwise it really is kind of lame.

Worst Reservations App. I despise this app. If I could give zero stars, I would. I’m an assistant & am forced to use it all the time. I hate the ratings request every time I open it (I’ve never been to any of these places - I’m an assistant, remember?). The search function drives me nuts. When you start typing, the map moves around like crazy - just STOP! And if the date you’re looking for isn’t available, the restaurant you searched for disappears half the time, so you have to keep typing it in. Making hard-to-get reservations is stressful under the best of circumstances, Resy makes everything that much worse. Open Table is so much easier, but of course calling directly is ideal. I never write reviews for anything - I’m just hoping that either the developers read this & make some major changes or restaurants do & stop working with them.

faster to use mobile website!. The resy app is not great. Look, I still use it because these restaurants only use resy unless you can get in over the phone. But when I try to open the app it takes — not kidding — at least 2+ minutes to load. And recently I’ve received new table notifications and when I click through to the app, it has taken over 5 minutes of [the turning circle] loading before I gave up. By that time I had already received the additional email notice and clicked through to reserve on the resy website instead. The app was *still* trying to load and I almost missed my table. It generally takes forever to load when you just want to open and peruse. I think the search function could also be improved.

Horrible UX. I’m not sure why restaurants decided that Resy would be the main reservation tool as their app makes it incredibly frustrating to reserve anything. Searching for a specific restaurant? Make sure you don’t actually press the “search” button or you’ll be sent on cross-country tour of un-related restaurants. Trying to find get something as soon as it opens up? No dice. Even the main interface of looking around a map and seeing available places is impossible. I usually give up and switch back and forth with Google maps to see what’s available. The website is manageable, but the app makes me want to tear my hair out and throw my phone against a wall and I try to avoid it at all costs.

A monopoly that doesn’t fulfill its job properly. I have been using this app for years now…but only because most restaurants that I go to now need to be booked through this app. However, I will say this app is not very well developed. It doesn’t give provide accurate search results and a lot of times, you have to look through the map to readjust your search function, and if for some reason I have to reset the search, it makes me start all over again. For example, if I’m trying to search for a restaurant in Williamsburg Brooklyn, it’ll spit out restaurants in TriBeCa which is not at all near the area I am searching for. The only functions that I like setting up notifications when a restaurant I want to reserve opens up during the time I request. Other than that, this app is pretty frustrating…

Deceptive tool. We all know that “star” ratings are easy to manipulate. For this reason I like to read the reviews, good or bad, to understand the perspective of the review. OpenTable makes this super easy. Not an option with Resy. You see an aggregated star rating but NO reviews. I say worthless. To make matters worse, the restaurant can “cancel” your reservation, even after you went to the place, and then there’s no way to submit a review or even the silly star(s). Writing to their support desk confirmed this is the way it works. Apparently Resy is just a marketing tool for American Express (which owns Resy) - so just be aware. You may need it to book the few restaurants that aren’t on OpenTable but for recommendations even Yelp (!) is more honest than this tool.

Hope there is more features coming. I downloaded this app today since the restaurant that we have frequented over the years has switched from OpenTable to Resy. I am slightly confused as to why this app gets such high ratings since it lacks many of the features available in OpenTable. For instance, there are no menus to peruse from restaurants. Many of the restaurants that I have used in OpenTable are not listed in Resy. I did a side by side map compare. There are 11 available restaurants nearby in OpenTable. There is 1 in Resy. I hope Resy plans on expanding their out reach as well as including an option for restaurants to upload menus. When that happens, they might be able to compete with OpenTable. Competition is good and drives innovation.

Cool Concept, Terrible Execution. This application has so much potential but it is ultimately behind the times. I don’t know how it has such high ratings. If you don’t live in NYC then this app is a hassle to navigate because it defaults there and rarely registers that you’re trying to search a different location. Activating access to current location doesn’t fix this issue. The search function has been like this for at least the past 2+ years. The app constantly crashes. I used to think that it was just the instant version that I was using but now several versions later, I’m beginning to realize that it’s just the app. If the app isn’t crashing because of a non-NYC search, then it’s crashing because you want to share your reservation, or it’s crashing when you try and change the date of your preferred reservation. I didn’t realize how bad Resy was until I started using Yelp, Tock, and OpenTable.

Blue box cafe, impossible. Drop down menu terrible on website.. The drop down menu to reserve a date for Blue Box Cafe in NYC, is horror! They need to change that on the website because getting a table at Blue Box, is all filled up within seconds people. Seconds! And the drop down, just wastes precious seconds. The app is very difficult to use to reserve this restaurant as well. I am sure that other NORMAL restaurants, are very easy to reserve on Resy, but not Blue Box Cafe in nyc. This is the most difficult table to reserve in New York City. I could see if people had just one day to make a reservation before all the reservations are booked up, but not literally 8 seconds. That’s just blasphemy! They should bring back the lines for that restaurant so that others will have a chance to experience eating there. Not just for the fast fingers on Resy. Totally not fair.

Work In Progress?. The app is okay but lacking in the following areas: - integrate restaurant menus to increase efficiency. Browsing via the app is useless b/c you have to go outside the app to understand what type of food and pricing you’re looking at. - change search time. You can only search by meal time (ie - breakfast, lunch, prime, late, etc). What’s the definition of these time frames? Late isn’t universal and therefore you might be searching for the wrong time and have restaurants excluded. Stop trying to be clever (or different than opentable) and just add the ability to search by exact time. - add a points/reward system. This app will always be a last option for me b/c there’s no incentive to using it. - reviews. There are stars associated with each restaurant but no access to actual reviews or number of reviews listed. This is futile b/c the review helps you understand why someone rated the restaurant a certain way. Number of reviews helps b/c if 5 stars is based on one reviews it’s meaningless. Pros: - the map feature is nicely laid out shows the results below - notify feature is helpful if you really want to go somewhere that’s booked - display of search results is simple and nice

Search Function Needs Work. The branding of this app is so cute and all of the features are nice- but the search feature is so annoying to use. Multiple times in the last few months I’ve tried to search restaurants in other locations (because I’m going to be in those cities soon and trying to book things ahead of time) and every time I do this the search defaults to my current location, or the map zooms out super far from the location where I’m searching. Please improve the search functionality and give it better “memory” so I don’t lose my place when I’m searching for restaurants in my own and other cities, and when I’m using the map feature.

Buggy & painful to use. 1. Search bar is unintuitive. When I try to search for a restaurant, it shows me the ones with reservations open for some time range (the time slot is either Now or another time preselected for me, not sure how that happens), instead of showing me the actual matching restaurant first. This is pretty annoying bc a lot of the time I want to first search for a specific restaurant, and *then* filter through times to see available reservations (or even just view reviews without reserving). AND to add to that, even if I did want to search for restaurants using a given time slot, there’s no way to filter the time range in the search bar anyways….. 2. Priority Notify feature is great in theory but when I click on the actual notification, oftentimes the app just brings me to the home page. Then I have to search for the restaurant (painful process for reason #1) or click on my Hit List to find the restaurant and then filter for the time of the notification’s reservation — also painful. By the time I find the restaurant and the time slot the reservation is already taken. I figure the app just takes me to the home page if the reservation is gone by the time I click on the notification, but if so the app should just tell me that explicitly so I don’t have to hunt to double check, since it’s not clear to me whether the app just glitched or if the reservation is still open.

Great Waitlist Notification Feature in Otherwise Crappy App. The “Notify” feature is awesome and I was happy to find that I was automatically booked - didn’t have to worry about missing the notification. But then I needed to reduce the number of people (no option for that in the “Change” option, only allows you to change date or time.) Then I went to call the restaurant to tell them, there’s no “call” button or prominent phone number. Then I clicked on the picture/name of the restaurant in my reservation and it only showed me options to invite guests or navigate to it. Then I went to my favorites to click on the restaurant there but there are no hyperlinks, just a list of the names of the restaurants and the option to “Un-favorite” (what good is that?) I then went to the app home to search for the restaurant name and click on that. Buried in the restaurant description is the phone number, but the text is rendered such that my iPhone doesn’t recognize it either as a phone number to call, OR EVEN TEXT THAT I CAN COPY. I had to find a piece of paper to write it down. What a crappy app! Writing this all out I’m going back and taking off another star.

I don’t live in NY. All searches show results for mid-town Manhattan. Clearing New York from the location and trying to search in another city reverts back to New York. The only way I have found to make a reservation outside of New York is to search for the restaurant by name or manually scroll to somewhere else on the map and click on search here, which in maddening when in California and you have to constantly scroll all the way across the country. No, I don’t want to put in my home or work address and don’t want to let you use my location. So I end up using OpenTable to search unless I specifically want to go to a Resy restaurant I already know — which is terrible for the restaurants using the Resy platform who I will never discover there. A horrible user experience.

My first ever app review for this horrible app. You would think that Resy, with all its competitors and users, would invest more into making sure that their app is highly functioning and operational at all times. Resy is the absolute worst booking app I've used because it crashes. All. The. Time. No matter how many times I check to make sure my phone software and the app are both up to date, it inevitably crashes when I 1) try to add a reservation to my phone calendar and 2) when I try to invite other guests to my reservation. The app is so unreliable and frustrating that I ditched it completely and started to literally just call into the restaurant to make reservations by phone just to avoid Resy completely.

Big security issue. TLDR: there’s no email verification process. If you mistype your email then someone else gets access to your data… I’ve never used this app. But another user signed up and accidentally used my email address. I found out because I started getting calendar notifications for reservations that we’re getting to my gmail account. I wanted to try to fix this. I was able to reset the password on the account. I went to the profile page to cancel the account but was unable to. Apparently you have to delete your account from the app itself which I didn’t have. I emailed support and they told me I needed the phone number in the account in order to delete it. Luckily I have the original user’s name and phone number since I was able to reset their password. If I was malicious I could create or delete reservations for this user and the cancellation fees would apply to their credit cards. I know this is a bit of an edge case but I’m not a hacker and I shouldn’t have been able to get this user’s personal information just because they mistyped an email address. There should have been a verification process for the email. That failure gave me access to this users information.

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Search function needs work. Restaurant search is not user friendly at all, map search listings don’t update when looking for a place to eat. Also there is no Lunch option for timing, just now, brunch, early, prime - missing out on what options to eat for lunch. Pain to find a restaurant, and that’s the purpose of the app. 1 star!

Terrible app. Terrible app, no obvious way to choose a date, no obvious way to change the number of people in the party. Won’t use it again. of people in the party. Won’t use it again.

Impossible to make reservations. App keeps on claiming credit card is invalid...

Tiffany & Co deserve better. I, like many other patrons, have had the misfortune of attempting to book The Blue Box Cafe in Tiffany New York through the RESY site. After pressing the “confirm” button and going to filling in the payment details, you then get kicked off the site and are unable to get the confirmed reservation. Tiffany being a high end retailer deserve better. I hope Tiffany find out how pathetic your booking system is and find a new agent.

Arc. I really think this is the best new restaurant in BRISBANE for many years. Fresh interesting dishes that may sound unapproachable but are really delicious and simple in reality, I can praise the staff highly enough they are efficient friendly and knowledgeable. A standout can’t wait to go back

Never works. This app always has bugs. I’ve never succeeded in changing a booking. Often can’t login. Couldn’t easily unsubscribe to emails. I avoid restaurants that use it.

Limited. This app could be good but it is very limited for Sydney, only a few restaurants scattered around. It would be good to see you grow otherwise it’s a bit pointless. Also- there is a restaurant which closed back in July still taking bookings... Might need to check that one Resi!

Payment details NEVER validated. Unsure if this is specific to Australian customers but the payment details which are required have never validated for me. This makes the app virtually useless because I can’t make a booking. Please consider fixing this issue

Frustrating to say the least. I booked A restaurant through this useless reservation system and the only way I could change it was by getting the app. After I reluctantly did that i couldn’t actually cancel my reservation and had to call the restaurant.I just hope I don’t get hit with a $50 a head fee by not canceling via the app. So frustrated.

Bizarre. Is it really the case that this restaurant booking app provides no pathway to adding a couple of people to your booking? Note advises that it doesn’t allow this? Very frustrating.

Clunky and hard to use app. This app is not user friendly. I was forced to download it to edit a reservation and will have to call the restaurant anyway because there is no way to save the changes to my reservation.

Not very useful in Australia. Resy seems to offer many restaurants in the USA, but that’s not very useful if you are in Australia. There is a map view, but it doesn’t offer a search this area (or that doesn’t work, or they just have a very small number of restaurants signed up).

Resy in my neighbourhood!. I like the location based search! Resy has really taken off in my neighbourhood and it shows me all of the hot new openings in my area. Great I don’t need to add my details to new bookings and they all live in one convenient place.

Pathetic. Please don’t waste your time with this booking system. If I could rate this a ZERO I would. We tried to book ‘the blue box cafe ‘numerous times along with other restaurants. Yes we were able to reserve a time but by the time we put in our credit card details (15 seconds) our booking had been taken. Extremely frustrating and misleading Don’t waste your time.

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Hard to navigate. I usually use open table and find it more user friendly.

Ridiculous. I made a dinner reservation a few weeks in advance for when I visit NYC and Resy has randomly cancelled the reservation twice now. I get an email saying it’s been cancelled without any explanation and I have to go back into the app and make the same reservation over again. This app is nonsense and a lot of restaurants aren’t even on it. Sticking with OpenTable.

Falls short everywhere. Its just a poor app. Hangs a lot of the time. Even if you have a booking and in the midst of checking out (for places it forces you to pay) it doesn’t hold your place…just gives up the spot. It doesn’t have enough intelligence to let you reserve a bar before dinner…support gave the lame reason that its to prevent multiple bookings…you can code it to be smart enough to figure out the necessary algorithms. Amex please demand they improve this app! It’s amazing that these pages and apps have not improved since OpenTable first came on the scene…I’ve can’t believe that 24 years on and we still can’t improve on OT??

Bien bon. Application farouchement excellente. Si on pouvait avoir accès au menu ce serai mieux

Long Distance Charges. Resy's system sent me a text message, asking me to confirm my reservation by replying. I did, and a month later a long-distance charge appeared on my phone bill. Since this was for a restaurant in Toronto, I never assumed I would be communicating long-distance with the app's number. To the developer: if you're active in countries outside of the US, get yourself a local phone number, rather than forcing people to pay to communicate about their reservation. You weren't transparent about this with me and honestly it comes off as either really clueless or really lazy and indifferent.

Useless site. It will not accept our email address. Now, it will not accept user name..... What a shame to spend time and dollars on such a poorly designed site.

Not A User Friendly Service. The app can be very technically frustrating to the point that if I can’t phone in a reservation or use Open Table, I won’t go to the restaurant in question.

Yes. I got Joe Beef! The sky is the limit

So cool!!. Resy is a pleasant surprise. Works similar to Uber, using people’s ratings, gives fast useful reviews, shows restaurants on local area based on ratings.

Terrible, glitchy app. Non-functional, glitchy app that crashes and freezes randomly. Unable to fulfil its basic function of being able to reserve a table.

This app is useless. It is giving me a reservation in Amman Jordan and I am in Miami . Useless

Where are the Reviews?. I write restaurant reviews after Resy reservations and then can’t find them. What’s the point?

Awful. No ability to delete account Edit password function doesn’t work Resend email function doesn’t work DO NOT GIVE RESY YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION

Resy App. Great app easy to use

Problems connecting from emails. Trying to change a reservation and the email link doesn’t work. Please fix.

Charged for no reason. Showed up at reservation on time and early, told restaurant my booking info. Got email today stating I was a no-show and my credit card is charged $80 as penalty. E-mailed Resy to tell them the situation but was told they won't do anything and I'll have to call the restaurant. The restaurant reservation person directs me to another extension that never picks up. This is the worst costumer experience I've ever had with a dining reservation. Never using again.

Nombre de personnes pour réservation. J’ai essayé de réserver pour plus de 2 personnes dans un restaurant et votre système ne le permet pas.....bizarre.....

Won’t even load after install. Listen, I’m all for an app to make my life easier by helping me make difficult reservations at hot restaurants a reality. However, if I have to install/uninstall your app twice, only to find that your app still doesn’t load, I can’t imagine what it will be like if I ever actually load this piece. I’m not going to stick around to find out. Resy is messy. Fix this thing!

Location issues... why do I keep getting Hamilton restaurants?. I keep getting a red

Faulty reservations. Their system doesn't properly change reservations so you might get charge cancellations fees by the restaurant.

Easy to book, impossible to cancel. Very frustrating app, trying to figure out how to cancel a reservation, it made a new reservation for me, now I have to cancel 2 reservations. James, Montréal

Could Do More. I’m going to be in NYC next month and would like try the new restaurant at Tiffany’s. I’m on the west coast so don’t always see the availability notifications right away. Instead of notifications it would be better if my reservation request could be locked in and I’m given a fixed time to confirm, say 6 to 12 hours. Such a feature would make the App much more useful.

Thank you. Every time I use Resy, I am surprised with how user friendly it is. Thank you!

Ridiculous. It’s stuck on New York. I can’t eat anywhere else!!

Useless. The very first time I used this app I had to change the reservation. Didn’t work. Tried cancelling, didn’t work. So I had to phone the restaurant to me ale the changes. Pretty useless app.

Ho Hum. The app only allows to make reservations on the half hour as opposed to every 15 minutes. For example, if you want a 12:15 reservation for lunch you have to call the restaurant.

Interface/navigation is confusing. I like the idea of this app but the website is way easier to use in terms of navigation and interface.

Not user friendly?. Do I have a res? Not sure...

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Maps. Most things about this app are well designed and easy to use, but if I’m someone who is trying to find a last minute reservation, this app makes me want to claw my eyes out. All I want is to select a time and an area and for Resy to show me everything that is available. Unfortunately, there is no way to filter a search by reservation time. Just date. This makes it so difficult to find a table that is available in the time and place I need it. OpenTable does this so much better but I’d rather support you guys. Please improve your map search!

Everything is great except for the app. Please tell me which PM thought it was a good product decision to only allow people to make one reservation for lunch and one for dinner???? Like I can make a reservation for 11AM and want to eat again at 4PM???? You do realize some restaurants put all of their reservations into “dinner” even when they’re open from 11AM - 10PM?? So then I can’t make a “dinner” reservation for 7PM because I’ve already made a “dinner” reservation at noon. You do also realize that there are bars? And people make reservations for bars for after dinner??? But the bars are all categorized as dinner reservations. Like 3 - 4 hours after my dinner reservation starts I could maybe want to have a reservation at a bar? Seriously amateur hour for the number of high caliber restaurants and bars! on this app. People who work here obviously don’t use the product or go out in any meaningful way. Literally don’t have this issue with any other reservation system.

Very user unfriendly. If there aren’t that many restaurants which could only be reserved through Resy, I would delete the apple for good. It is the most frustrating and inefficient reservation app I have been using, ever! I agree with some other people that I’d give the app zero star if apple offered this option for me. The app doesn’t show the restaurant if you happen to enter the unavailable date. So you have to try dates one by one until the app finally shows the restaurant! And the app is working so slow. It is too slow that I always wonder whether there is something wrong with my internet. The even more painful thing is that the calendar for every individual restaurant is useless. You need to go into each date to check the actual availability. There is no way that you could see whether a specific date has availability, or is fully booked, or the restaurant is just closed for that day. This is my very first review for App Store. Because the most painful thing is I cannot get rid of this app. I have to stay with it as far as I could see... Please improve the user experience! Please!

Consistently Freezes & Crashes. I’ve loved using Resy for years now, but in recent months the app has gotten increasing slow and freezes multiple times each use. Sometimes it crashes all together. Perhaps it’s because more restaurants and people are on the platform (which is great!), but the stop & go user experience is super frustrating. I’ve definitely used OpenTable’s app a lot more recently than I’d like to as a result of the difficulty here. For what it’s worth, I’ve had better luck w/o interruptions from freezing etc. while using Resy in my browser on restaurants’ individual websites. Please fix the app to make it as fast as it used to be!

best app for booking best food. i love food and i love going out and the developers of this app are TRULY making my life easier. i love that i can book a date night without even going into the app, just by holding on the app icon. genius. and i love finding new restaurants on resy. the app is intuitive and filters easily. mobile team youre killin it and making it even easier to support local restaurants in my favorite cities 😎🖤

Gets the job done but areas for improvement. I book the same restaurant for the same time each week. Would be nice if Resy took advantage of technologies in iOS to anticipate what I want to do and offer to make the reservation using Siri Shortcuts. The default duration of a reservation once it downloads to Calendar is two hours. I always have to change it to one hour. Every time. I’d like to set a default of an hour. Appreciate the ability to Sign In with Apple and not have to make yet another account.

An app that fails, hard, outside of its comfort zone. I lived in New York 3 years ago. Yet, in the Resy app, there is no way to tell it “home has changed”: it’s stuck in T.G.I. McScratchys, where it’s always new year’s eve — and in my case, always gobsmackingly infuriating to try to search anywhere else. Resy should be the world traveler’s favorite booking app. But the experience in the app is worse than a municipal bus time finder. It resists in weird ways. The MapView wants you to never leave — just getting a list of open rez’s is an exercise in “may I pass?” riddle-filled friction. The AMEX building on Vesey is filled with comfortable, well-paid engineers. The Resy app shows it.

terrible UI. The service Resy provides is great. But this app's UI is so bad. It's like it only caters to one fairly uncommon usecase: I have a predetermined date and party size and want to find a table at any restaurant. Just give us a way to easily see availability over multiple dates for a single restaurant, for one or multiple party sizes please. Resy what is your UI team even doing and who approved this design? it's so embarrasing. You have hundreds of employees, an incredibly simple business, and the core way people interact with your product is mediocre at best... makes me think I should launch a competitor.

Get it together, Resy. Resy is built from the ground up for restaurants, not consumers. So the dining options in NY are great, but the user experience needs major work. It’s absolutely unconscionable that after 18 months of Covid, the app doesn’t have a feature to filter/be notified for outdoor dining options. It’s even crazier that after being around for 7 years the app still makes you wait to load options “for 2 for Now” before you can seek out the unintuitive menus to change your party size/date/location. I mean, come on. You’ve got that AmEx money now. Get it together, Resy.

Good restaurant to, but the app is disappointing. As others have noted, the Resy app is kind of lame in that it lacks sorting features and other options that make searching for a reservation more enjoyable on OpenTable. Simple things like allowing a user to specify the specific times that they are looking for, would make the interface much more palatable to use. It seems like American Express, which owns Resy, is opting not to put money into the app, which is disappointing, given that many restaurants are choosing it over open table (likely because, it offers lower fees and evidently masks user reviews.)

Use ANY other method to reserve. Terrible app and website. To just login takes entirely too long. I give my phone number like it asks and it brings me back to create an account. If you forget your password, forget trying to login with email, that process takes another 20-30 minutes especially if you use the wrong password too many times. Didn’t really an account to make reservations would be as secure as Fort Knox. Overly frustrating every single time I try to use it to make/change/cancel a reservation and if the bar/restaurant has ANY other way to make a reservation, I suggest going with that method because this system needs a new OS.

Not a fan. When you finally get notified that the table you were waiting for becomes available, the notification is silent. So you have to be actually looking at your phone to make this dream a reality. But then it happened.....I WAS looking at my phone and the notification came through!!! And I clicked it.....and then.....FROZEN. It asked me to accept the table and put in my credit card info but I never got to the next page. It wouldn’t let me accept the table or put in me CC info. So I lost the table. It’s not a big deal I guess, but when you take your mom to nyc and want to eat at the latest cafe in a historic jewelry store, you want to depend on that app to make that happen.

Terrible UX. The concept of resy is fine. I appreciate being able to make a reservation on an app. The user ability of the app itself is always a negative experience however. It is not user friendly in the way that it is not obvious to find where your reservations are and you cannot easily modify an existing reservation, I have to cancel the existing one. I literally spent 5 minutes doing that on the app when it only takes 1 or less on another competing app. I hate this app’s usability and find it unfortunate that I don’t have a choice in using it to book certain restaurants.

Interface doesn’t make sense. Why can’t you search a location/city at the same time you search for a reservation time? The developers could take a cue from Tock: input your location, time, date, party size, and reservation type all in one screen, then click search. Boom, results. This app is also not intuitive to find your recent/upcoming bookings - must first navigate to your own profile. This should be its own tab, not part of your profile. After booking a restaurant, I wanted to view the restaurant’s page to see photos and reviews. Clicking on a booking takes you to a reservation info screen, but no way to click into the restaurant profile. To see it, I had to type the restaurant’s name into the search bar and start over. Lastly - is there no way to view a restaurant’s ratings and reviews like on OpenTable? I see the star ratings on a restaurant’s profile, but no way to click to read reviews?

Resy tracks your location. Resy tracks your location, even after you’ve deleted the app from your phone. After dining out one night, I received an email from Resy asking me to rate the restaurant I just ate at. I did not use Resy to make the reservation, I had deleted the app from my phone, and I didn’t even pay for the meal. The only way I can figure that they knew I was there was that they either tracked my location or were able to see that I opened the QR menu on my phone. Going to their website it’s also impossible to figure out how to delete your account or remove your profile information from their website. Shady and invasive business practices.

Terrible app!!!. This app is hard to navigate and you can’t change your reservation even though there is a link/ button for it! When you click the change reservation button It just tells you to make a new reservation instead. Then I couldn’t make a new reservation because it kept bring up my existing reservation and not allowing me to make a new one. I hope restaurants ditch this app! Also it took me a while just to figure out how to find my reservations. It’s too simple of an app and it could use a better landing page with easy to find buttons/ links to find things easier.

Unbearably slow lod times. Great selection of restaurants and other info. Giving two stars bc the startup time for the app is terrible. Any changes to the date or number of people selector triggers a results refresh that takes far too long to complete. But even before that, the app is unusable for several seconds after first opening before you can change the default search options. The number one purpose of this app is to search for reservations but Resy makes you wait, and wait and wait to do so. OpenTable's iOS app is far slicker and faster at handling this.

Bad app. Like most recent reviewers, I found this app incredibly non-intuitive and difficult to use. There is zero information on how to use it or what anything means. I thought I’d made a reservation and turned up at the restaurant only to find we were on the Notify list and there wasn’t room for us. Oh, so *that’s* what Notify means. I guess at least I know for next time, not that I plan to use this app again if I can possibly avoid it. btw, I work in the tech industry so consider myself to be pretty tech-savvy. Also, since just about ALL the ratings for at least the last couple of months are 1 or 2 stars, how come the overall rating is 4.8? Definitely something is off with that…

Frustrating!. Am so frustrated with this app and the Resy website. On the website it won’t allow me to search a time of day, so when I’m searching for dinner hours, it floods me with breakfast and dinner options. On the app, even when I select “Prime” dining, I still get all those options. And every time I try to change one aspect of my search, by moving the map or changing the time, it wipes out my entire search. It seems like simple changes would fix my complaints because I think the design is lovely and the concept is good, but I find the app very confusing to use.

No longer able to add to Hit List. We use the app on both iPhones and iPads. I noticed today that I am no longer able to add restaurants to my Hit List. I click on the “heart” icon and it fills in but the Hit List remains unchanged. I do not know when this behavior started because we have not been going out much. I will say it is kind of annoying. The app seems to function okay otherwise so gave a 4-star rating

Not better than Open Table!. I have to say that this app needs some work and a fresh eye when it comes to design. In general, it is extremely slow when you use the search function. You also can’t change the date when you’re looking at a particular restaurant without the whole search being refreshed (and slowly!). Open table makes it much easier to have flexible dates when trying to make a reservation. But Resy does have better restaurants. Also, am I the only one who finds the movement of the map when scrolling a bit nauseating? It’s a cool idea but I’m not sure it’s necessary!

Reservation. I made reservations last night for seven people on Saturday, November 13 at Galatoire’s in New Orleans. Today I got a message from this app that said “book a table now before it’s gone”, and the restaurant, Galatoire‘s, came up. So I guess I’m confused as to whether or not I actually made the reservation for Saturday, November 13 or if I failed to click on “finish“ or whatever I needed to do to confirm. Very confusing. I don’t want to be getting an email from Resy every day telling me to reserve a table. Companies that do this are abusing my time. Now I’ll have to call Galatoire’s to see if they know anything about my reservation for that evening. Just tried and they’re not open. Add another thing to do on my list of 42 things. :(

I’m having a terrible user experience. 1. I used the search bar to look up a restaurant and when I clicked the button “Search”, it just brings me back to the map. To get my results to show up, I shouldn’t click the “Search” button, but wait until my results come up. There are 0 loading indicators to let me know that the search is going through. 2. I can’t modify my party size nor reservation date while in the restaurant details. To modify this, I need to come back to the main page to update the search. The first one really bugged that crap out of me. I thought the app was straight up busted.

The worst. This is the worst restaurant app out there but unfortunately we need it to make some reservations. Search function is terrible and doesn't show you the neighborhood you are looking for and suggests restaurants way outside that window, hard to manage in the app (and website) to toggle to what you need. I put in 4 diners and then it was only showing me tables of 2. I'd change it and the app would change it back to 2. Everytime. A really pitiful excuse for an app and not helpful. I actually get better service and information by calling the restaurant myself (exactly what this app is supposed to be helping with).

app doesn’t work for “notify me”.. The app doesn’t work for “notify me”. I was waiting for Resy to notify me if a cancellation at a restaurant i wanted to go to happened and i could make the reservation, so added myself on the Resy app for notification if the day and time i wanted became available. Turns out there was a time slot available for what i was looking for and Resy never notified me, i found the available reservation by checking daily online with the restaurant and finally got what i was waiting for and was able to book the reservation. Im very disappointed since i was depending on Resy for this. I wont be keeping the Resy app as there’s no need for it as far as im concerned.

Not good.. This is so much worse than the “Reserve” app it replaced. It’s not intuitive, you have to hunt for search settings, and it prioritizes results with zero regard for geography. I searched for things near me home, 50 miles from Boston, and it only showed Boston restaurants on the map and in the list of results, but when I searched for places in my city by the names of the restaurants, I found the places I wanted. Fine if you have a destination in mind, but the trouble is, sometimes I want to browse. Seriously annoying. I really wish all my fav restaurants had just stuck with Open Table, which is easy to use and very good, except that how half my fav restaurants have switched to this garbage.

Terrible interface. As someone who always has at least 15 reservations booked on open table, this is a terrible app which no sensibility considered for the user. When viewing a restaurant, why on earth is the calendar/date/time not available directly on that page? You have to go back, and select a date/time on the bottom of the screen, and then enter a new screen which *only* displays availability for that day, which sometimes has none. Which then results in needing to complete an extra 5+ steps to gamble with your preferred date and time. This app is a whole mess and I hope restaurants stop using it unless they give it a major overhaul.

The BEST!. I love this app and this company!!! Every hot restaurant is on it and I get wayyyy better hospitality at Resy restaurants than OpenTable restaurants - I get text reminders and everyones always is so kind about my (many) allergies because i put it in my Resy account. Notify is also so amazing! I got a seat at lilia and and union square cafe from it! Can't wait to use it when I go to charleston and Nashville later this year! If you like great food and cool atmospheres, you so need this app.

Missing basic search features. For a reservation app it’s a little odd that you can’t pick a specific time for when you want to eat. Instead you have to pick “early, prime or late”. You cannot differentiate between prime lunch or prime dinner, so you’ll see all options. Plus someone’s “early” can be very different from someone else’s definition of early. On top of that they show you restaurants with no availability, which makes the search function a bit pointless.

Impossibly Frustrating. This App gave me a brand new appreciation for Opentable. I have tried many times to find a reservation through this App since there are some good restaurants represented on it but I always go away hungry. One of the most frustrating things is the inability to add multiple filters to narrow my search. That particularly annoys me when there are multiple neighborhoods I want to search at once. I also don’t see the point in adding in the timeframe I want when it does not filter out restaurants that don’t have that time available. I would suggest restaurants stop using this App because they are losing out on a lot of customers who are frustrated like me.

This app is a joke. I downloaded this app and made a reservation for 4 at a local restaurant, only to arrive and find that the restaurant had no record of my booking (despite receiving an email confirmation from Resy and a text 10 minutes before my reservation). I contacted Resy to complain and they still haven’t gotten back to my last email (it’s been 5 days). If you make an app that is solely responsible for reservation booking, and your customer goes out of their way to go to a restaurant that has no record of this booking, you have some explaining to do. Instead of that they seem to be ignoring me, which shows they have horrible customer service. Spare yourself the hassle and use open table instead.

This app doesn’t make it easy. Will only use when I absolutely have to. I have used this app/website for years with frustration and it just occurred to me, why have they made it this difficult to search a specific region for available reservations??? The app does better than the website but still, I have to track down where to change my location EVERY TIME and it’s not easy. The filters seem hidden and put in different places. I would happily not use this app if restaurants moved to another. Open table is far better at user experience.

Blarg. I’m sure they’re working hard on it, but the app is super exasperating. Super buggy and slow which is fine for some apps but not if your main purpose is to facilitate hard to get reservations. I’m sure the notify concept is great for restaurants but it’s such a horrible experience for potential bookers. Constantly getting dinged and then opening up the buggy and slow app just to be notified that you missed out. Ends up making my booking experience at favorite restaurants full of unnecessary friction. Also the home page of the app just doesn’t make sense from a user experience, why is it so hard to simply get to the restaurant I want to book? Online experience is much better. Keep working at it, please.

Great in theory, terrible in practice. Love: The interface is sleek and minimal. Hate: The search feature is awful. If I search a specific type of cuisine and select “Manhattan, New York, NY” as the location, the results reflect all cuisines and show just uptown restaurants. When I move the map and select “Search Here,” the results are isolated to whatever neighborhood is in the center of the map and not the map’s bounds which encapsulate more than one neighborhood. Search is what makes the app useful to find alternatives when a specific restaurant is fully booked and Resy really falls short on it. I hope the feature is refined sooner than later.

AVOID THIS APP. I honestly wish I read the reviews before using this app. They make most of their money off of these absurd cancellation fees. You really should never use a service that engages in these kinds of predatory practices. My story: I had a reservation for two at Clay in Harlem. The night before I felt flu like symptoms, got tested and the next morning found out I had Covid and began the 10 day quarantine. This was the night before my reservation so it was less than 24 hours before the reservation. I get that this is a pandemic and we are all pressed for cash but charging me $100 for a dinner rsvp for 2? Seriously? Now I have sworn off of Resy, and this restaurant after attempts to reach out to both have been met with nonchalant. This is the last $100 Resy will be making off of me. My advice: use open table or make your reservations directly or better yet just do walk-ins. You’ll have to wait, but you are so much better off.

Reservations. I like Resy to a certain extent. I like the features and easy design to reserve a booking. The main downfall is I’m unable to book to reservations on the same day at different times. For ex, I have a reservation for 7pm that lasts 2 hours and that same day I want to book a reservation for 1130pm, but the app won’t allow me to place the booking without canceling. I think this needs to be updated since most places require a reservation now and the inability to technically double book is an inconvenience.

How do existing customers signin. Terrible app to use. Signin interface is restricted and blocks me from signing in. I downloaded this app to make a reservation. After opened the app, there are only options to signin via FB, Twitter, and Gmail. I tried signin via FB and granted app access. Then it lead me to the screen to enter phone number and password. I entered those info. But got prompted account already exist. On the same view, there are only buttons to signup and back. I went back to the main view but could not find anywhere to signin except going back to the same route. If using Facebook app to signin is not desirable for existing customers, can you add a signin view where we can signin by entering our credentials?

Name on reservation. 90% of the reservations i make are for my boss. Resy gives you no options on making a res in another person’s name. OpenTable gives you a drop down menu of the names you frequently use for making reservations, so it’s a quick process to make a res. When I contacted Resy to ask about it (I figured I just couldn’t find the spot in the app to add additional names), I was told by customer service that the account is for my use, and to change the name I should call the restaurant. Why would I use the app if I have to call the restaurant anyway? If you’re a restaurant, do us a favor and pick OpenTable. Way easier to use. And I guess I’ll be calling restaurants that aren’t on OT instead of using this pointless app.

Just tell me why this had to happen to us. This app.... I hate it. I miss when restaurants used OpenTable, but it seems Resy has come in and paid off everyone in our city to use their app. Why can’t I just scroll through restaurants reservation times while also seeing the name of the restaurant? Also, why do I have to guess what “early” vs “prime” dinner time reservations mean? (I mean, I’m not an idiot. I know what it means, but you should still have the actual times in parentheses). Where are the filters for narrowing down restaurants? No menu previews. Why is everything in black? It looks like it’s still in beta mode, and everyone who has ever done any research on font/colors knows that black text on a white background is the evergreen eye-pleasing look that nearly every human appreciates, consciously or not. Whoever designed this app did not test it very well (or at all?). I despise this app. No rewards. No points. Not user friendly. So many flaws and yet we are forced to use it. It makes me want to just go to a restaurant and wait instead of making a reservation.

Horrible UX. I am an avid yelper and make restaurant reservations several times a week using a plethora of apps, and Resy has BY FAR the worst user experience of all. Honestly I still don’t really know how to use this app AND I DESIGN APPS AND SOFTWARE FOR A LIVING (facepalm). Pros: - Resy has some of the hottest restaurants in its roster - The app is visually pretty - I like the “alert” me if there’s a seat feature Cons: SUPER hard to navigate this app - for example, from the landing page I might type in the restaurant I’m interested in making a reservation for in the search bar, but after clicking into that restaurant it tells me there are no seats available. Great - maybe I want to change the number of people and date for the reservation. BUT HOW?? The restaurant’s page doesn’t show me options to change the date + number of seats desired. If I want to change the date / seats, I need to hit BACK, change it on the main page, and then fingers crossed the restaurant has slots. This might be a bug, but it’s a super annoying one. Plz fix

Useless. As others have stated, this app is next to useless. When I select a date to book, it crashes. With previous versions, I’ve experienced the issue where it only shows the current time. Other times, it shows “notify” only, I call the restaurant and they have only a few bookings and the rest of the evening is wide open. I’ve had this app for a few years and have only successfully made a reservation a few times. I use Open Table or just call the restaurant directly. And yes, I have the updated version and have tried to uninstall and reinstall many times.

The app is just not useful. Resy as a platform: great The resy app: difficult to use for reservation discovery. The Resy app has so much potential for discovering reservations at certain times. Unfortunately it’s actually very difficult to use. The filters/ searching is janky at best. The “search here” functionality on the map seems to ignore any search filters you have. Speaking of search: good luck doing anything than searching for a restaurant name or using a predefined search filter. Last complaint: you need to make it easier to change the date/number of people when browsing the map. It’s unintuitive to click “X” and go back to the hybrid list+map view (which is useless for both using and a map or a list view) in order to reset the parameters. Tldr: it’s 2023, making a usable mobile experience isn’t rocket science. You’re better off using google maps for finding places unfortunately

Good restaurants, HORRIBLE app experience. This app asks me to update my phone number every :30 seconds. Even after I do enter my phone number, it goes back to the regular Resy screen, and then :30s later the same thing. It makes it impossible to search through and use the app without your blood pressure raising. You also can’t search on times anymore, so you just have to scroll through all restaurants and then with luck there is a reservation opening around the time you need. Hoping Open Table swings back up on their restaurant quality and selection so I can get away from this horrible Resy app experience.

Not that easy to use. This app could be a lot more intuitive and it is quite slow. It’s slow to process each request : the day, time, number of people, etc..instead of letting you just select all the details at once and then beginning the search - in the end this makes it very cumbersome compared to Open Table. A redeeming quality is the wait list/notify option which allows you to get a table if there are cancellations.

Buggy but necessary. For an app that is widely used by both restaurants and diners I’m pretty shocked at how buggy it is. The “Near me” location setting is useless and doesn’t update properly and I’ve had to redownload twice. Adding a work or home address doesn’t populate anything leaving me confused as to how this even shipped. I’ve had to create multiple accounts using the same phone number but with different email addresses because there is no syncing across web and native iOS. But yes, it’s where all the reservations are — I just expect more from this product team.

The 4.8 average star has to be fake!. Horrible user experience and interface. Search function is a nightmare. Once you have completed a reservation and been to the restaurant, if you go to your profile and click “rate” it will lead you to a change or cancelation (?!?) not to a rating system. Also, when you have “notify me” on and you receive an email warning of a possible opening, the link doesn’t even lead you to the app nor the reservation you are trying to make. You have to manually look for the restaurant and introduce again date, time and party size. IT IS A DISASTER!

The world was better off without Resy. Whenever I find out a restaurant I like is on resy, my heart sinks. They try to drive artificial scarcity by making it look as if a restaurant is always full. Finding a place to eat is always stressful now in NYC - gone are the days you could book a dinner for two a day or two in advance. You must instead fight with other diners 30 days in advance, which has ruined the fun of making plans with friends and introduced stress and frustration. And don’t get me started on the cancellation fees. I was hoping they would run out of VC money and disappear, but sadly they have been purchase by AmEx and it looks as through they plan to ruin dining in new cities around the globe...

Horrible UX. I’m not sure why restaurants decided that Resy would be the main reservation tool as their app makes it incredibly frustrating to reserve anything. Searching for a specific restaurant? Make sure you don’t actually press the “search” button or you’ll be sent on cross-country tour of un-related restaurants. Trying to find get something as soon as it opens up? No dice. Even the main interface of looking around a map and seeing available places is impossible. I usually give up and switch back and forth with Google maps to see what’s available. The website is manageable, but the app makes me want to tear my hair out and throw my phone against a wall and I try to avoid it at all costs.

Good app but not on par with competitors. Many of our favorite restaurants have switched from OpenTable to Resy. OpenTable offers dining points, which we have never used. Frankly, I don’t care about dining points. What I care about is convenience, and OpenTable has the following features that I’d like to see in Resy: Clickable restaurant menu, ability to cancel or modify reservations, a record in the app of reservations made, and automated iPhone calendar additions. Hope to see these features on Resy in near future. BTW, we live in New Orleans.

Shocking lack of features for the user. I’m frustrated literally every time I use this app - I can’t filter by anything meaningful (cuisines, times, seating type, geography, cost) to look for restaurant options. As an alternative, I try to move the map to an area I’d like to eat and “search this area” but the Resy only populates restaurants in a very small portion of the neighborhoods. I’m kind of forced to use Resy because many of the better restaurants in my city are on the platform. I wonder whether it’s a business strategy of the company to keep the UI/UX for the reservation maker so poor. Otherwise, why not invest a little time in simple, no brainer features to use it?

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