The Great Coffee App

Popular espresso-based drinks and alternative brewing methods by an expert barista with many years of experience.

- “App Store Best of 2013” in Chinese App Store;
- #1 top paid app in "Food & Drinks" category in 30 countries;
- #1 top paid app in 8 countries;
- "Editor's choice" in South Korea;
- Featured on;
- Featured by Apple in a TV ad.

Demonstration of drinks in cross-section, videos of every step of the process, interesting facts about coffee, specially created music and impressive graphic design – all this will help expand your horizons and teach you about the world of Coffee.

By covering the stages from beginner to expert, you will open up a whole new world of drinks, and may be one of them will become your favorite!

Espresso-based drinks:
- Espresso
- Espresso Ristretto
- Espresso Lungo
- Espresso Macchiato
- Espresso Con Panna
- Espresso Romano
- Espresso Doppio
- Latte
- Americano
- Cappuccino
- Flat white
- Marocchino
- Latte Macchiato
- Caffe Mocha
- Irish coffee
- Flamingo
- Cafecino
- Vienna coffee
- Crappa

Brewing methods:
- AeroPress
- Turkish coffee
- Pour-over
- Cup brew
- French press
- Cold brew
- Siphon
- Vietnamese hot
- Chemex
- Moka pot

Welcome for the world of Coffee!

"This app is the sleek and sophisticated digital cookbook for coffee"

"This is a superbly, yet simply designed app which gives short instructions and descriptions on how to make the various types of espresso and espresso based drinks"

"Overall, great app for coffee drinkers who want to extend their knowledge of coffee casually, rather than going all Wikipedia on it. Images are gorgeous, music is beautiful – a great experience!"

Please send your ideas, critique, and other feedback at [email protected]

The Great Coffee App App Description & Overview

The applications The Great Coffee App was published in the category Food & Drink on 2012-09-23 and was developed by Baglan Dosmagambetov. The file size is 59.79 MB. The current version is 3.0.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

– Added initial "onboarding" to help with navigation;
– Preferred language is now correctly recognized.

Please send your ideas, critique, and other feedback at [email protected]

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The Great Coffee App Reviews


Pretty Good  123)(:;des  4 star

No variations or instructions on different drinks but an excellent list of ideas that might peak your interest.


coffee table book for coffee lovers with a score  Humatuna  5 star

I liked this app a lot on my iPhone, on the iPad its like an interactive coffee table book. You can have this version with your coffee, at any table.


Useless for making coffee  Meh4256  2 star

Nice user interface, but completely lacking any specific details needed for brewing coffee.


Not descriptive  Symbolicost  2 star

The lack of specificity and direction do not make this app ideal. It does have a nice variety of pictures and very ambiguous directions for prepping the coffee drinks. Things like water temp, amount of grounds, coarseness, etc are non existent for the most part.


Needs ratios  Joineric  3 star

It pains me to put 3 stars because the functionality and presentation is superb, but the lack of brew ratios makes it a 3 star app. For instance if you look at Turkish coffee brew method it says to put "some" finely ground coffee into the brew vessel. They do include ratios for the basic espresso drinks which is awesome but they need it for everything else. I understand there is some debate and personal preference involved with brew ratios but I was hoping to use this app as a consolidated reference for coffee drinks. A baseline or start point is too easy and would make this a beautiful one stop shop for coffee brewing info.


Informative and beautifully designed  Perspicacious  5 star

Great videos too.


World class coffee at my finger tips  oldslojoe  5 star

I enjoy coffee and this app enables me to try many different types in the comfort of my home. Good job.


Hands down the BEST coffee app!  ClarkStedman  5 star

This has to be one of the best apps I have ever interacted with! I knew "jack" about coffee until I walked through their outstanding tutorial. I'm just shocked at the amazing quality of the app and I can only recommend it to others who want to learn about the coffee brewing experience


Very interesting good information!!  Good9999889  5 star



I love this app almost as much as coffee!  Matt2237  5 star

Elegant and concise. Well worth the price of a cup of good coffee :)


Yvonne Pilon YvonnePilon 3 star

@WEtechAlliance: It's free #coffee week @7ElevenCanada! Download the free #app, show it at checkout, BOOM - free small coffee! Isn't #te…


Kehl Windows & Doors KehlWindows 3 star

@WEtechAlliance: It's free #coffee week @7ElevenCanada! Download the free #app, show it at checkout, BOOM - free small coffee! Isn't #te…


WindsorsVoice WindsorsVoice 3 star

@WEtechAlliance: It's free #coffee week @7ElevenCanada! Download the free #app, show it at checkout, BOOM - free small coffee! Isn't #te…


Great App  Miyens  5 star

Learnt a lot from this, especially the crappa brew...


Bad  RFD83  2 star


69GTO judge33

Lovely app  69GTO judge33  5 star

This is a delightful and beautifully created app. Simply a joy to browse through.


Its coffee  schalas1985  5 star

Its love


Bonne app  Geopsai  3 star

Long a charger


Like it  Zlatikb312  5 star


Da sc

Great App!!!!!!  Da sc  5 star

Very useful app. I like it and recomend it.


Wonderful!  DarknessEssence  5 star

Absolutely wonderful app; helps me make all kinds of different coffee


Awesome app!  mercutio  5 star

For some reason I like the beautiful simplicity of this app. But maybe that's because I'm drinking more coffee lately :) One feature request: it would be nice to see the average amount of calories for each drink.


Woah!  YaSistasAss  5 star

Gorgeous user interface, videos, and pics. After I bought it, I was like: ugh why did I pay for this though... THEN I made two of the espresso recipes and WOW. I had no idea coffees could taste so different with changing small brewing factors. You will love this app!!!

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