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What is wawa app? With the Wawa App, choose more of what you love!

Your points, your choice: Earn 10 points for every $1 spent with Wawa Rewards!* Then, redeem your points in our Rewards Store on your Wawa faves. Plus, all year long, you’ll enjoy exclusive bonus rewards and promotions.

Your orders: Do your Wawa Runs on the go! Browse our full menu, reorder your favorites, or try something new. Then, order ahead in the App & choose your pickup method: in-store pickup, curbside pickup, or delivery.

Your way to scan & pay: You can earn points with every scan! Scan your Rewards Card on the App or Apple Wallet then select your preferred payment: Wawa Gift Card, credit/debit, or Apple Pay.

*Note: Select items are eligible to earn points. See full details at WawaRewards.com.

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App Name Wawa
Category Food & Drink
Updated 29 March 2024, Friday
File Size 57.41 MB

Wawa Comments & Reviews 2024

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Scanning barcode. Let me start by saying I LOVE WAWA! It is my favorite convenient store. There is one at the top of my block I am there regularly and one is also one minute from my work so I visit both frequently. However I almost Alway forget to have them scan my app. I recently started to really try to earn points and bring my phone inside with me however sometimes the scanner won’t work I can click on the barcode and it gives me my user numbers which they can enter at the register it takes a moment but I appreciate it and it helps me earn my points. Except half the employees running the register claim they don’t know how to enter the barcode numbers they just wanna scan it and go and when it won’t scan they’re just like sorry nothing I can do… please teach them how to manually enter the codes please!!! I don’t wanna look like a Karen there was no one else in line just now and I went in spent 39$ and was just told nothing they can do as I was walking away another employee came up and told them yes you can enter it I said thank you! But I had already paid super frustrating that’s 11 points away from a reward :(

Stopped working again. This is so frustrating... Last time it stopped working before I tried to pay with it. No big deal, took me about 15min to uninstall, reinstall, reset the password, etc. After that it’s getting better and working smoothly till just now. Thank you for that smooth part :D Back to just now. I had a reward expiring tomorrow that I was trying to use. I opened the app before entering the store, everything seems fine, until I get my drink and tap the “redeem.” Nothing happened. Wait, tap again, close at background, reopen, uninstall, reinstall... Well I had to ask my friend to pay the drink eventually because I didn’t have my wallet. I couldn’t even sign in now without any error message :( I’ll try it later again and hopefully it’ll work again and I’ll change this rating. (Not that it will affect the overall rating that much, but this seems like a way for feedbacks.)

Wawa is pretty fantastic!. I visit Wawa semi-regularly, and because my daily life takes me back and forth between Philly and the Malvern area, I have five stores that I frequent. If I’m reading the store locator map correctly, I visit stores 97, 125 and 21 near where I live and the stores 205 and 8091 (this new one is super nice!!) near where I work. During other travels, I’ve also visited the stores 270 and 191 on a less frequent basis. I have always had great experiences at all of these stores. The stores are clean, the food is always just how I wanted it, the coffee is perfect and the staff is always friendly, polite and helpful. The only time I was ever sad that my favorite coffee was all out, a staff member noticed and made a new pot just for me and then made sure I got my coffee for free for having to wait. I didn’t mind having to wait at all, especially since it was late afternoon and I was on the way home from work anyway, but getting free coffee for it definitely made my night. I wish now that I could remember which store that was, but all of the ones I visit are pretty awesome. Keep up the good work, Wawa!

Don’t like the new update. Wawa - boo! And that’s not for Halloween. You just messed up the app for your most loyal customers who were early adopters of the app!!!! I had the app since it’s inception, loaded a gift card and continually reloaded it automatically. Now the new app makes me get the cashier to scan the app twice instead of once. Before the update, I showed my phone to the cashier, they scanned, and I’m done (I got rewards points and paid for my items all in one shot). Now with the “update”, I have to show them my rewards barcode, they scan, I select my gift card on the phone , they scan again. Seems like you just made the process twice as long! That’s not an improvement for your long term customers. I understand that you wanted new customers to be able to get rewards without getting a gift card, but you just did that at the expense of your most loyal customers/advocates. That’s a big Mis-step for a customer focused organization.

Bugs. I love the app for the most part but a few things need fixing for me to give it anything but a one star. The latest version seems to have started this, when you are in the Wawa app and the phone auto-locks or you hit lock, then it SIGNS YOU OUT of your account. And since you don’t try to pull up the app till it’s your turn in line, then you have to hold everyone behind you up because you have to log back in. I could not remember my initial password the 1st time this happened and spent 30 mins trying to get back in via forgot password. Then when resetting the password it was not clear what it wanted from me. I ended up with a REALLY long password that I’ll never remember, and saved in notes(to remember) for when it throws me out. Now these 2 problems could be solved if you just incorporate touch/face id. Anyways, 1 star till this is fixed.

Great app but please let one pay online!. I don’t know how else to say this, but the inability to pay for a mobile order online is a showstopper for me. It’s bad enough that you can’t place your order ahead of time without arriving within 500 feet of a store, it is even worse when you have to wait 10 minutes in line to pay for it. Yes sometimes it is that long! Also, the restriction needs to be changed for regular customers that show trending successful purchases instead of penalizing them by having to wait. Or how about rewarding your customers by lifting restrictions after a certain amount of successful purchases? I mean I totally understand the thought process of the restriction, but good values customers need to be rewarded. After four days in a row of having to wait to pay and wait for my order, I am now back to Dunkin’ Donuts where I can order and pay in advance! I will be back once these two items are fixed.

Worse app ever!!. I've had many apps and this, by far is the worse!! Let me count the ways: 1. The least dollar amount that can be added is $15 (Dunkin' Donuts; Starbucks - $10!); 2. They give you free "stuff" when you join. However, they are not specific of EXACTLY what is free (free coffee - it doesn't say hot ONLY-not iced from the machine-not at the "custom" counter!! Check out person didn't know, tried to scan it, then told me I had to pay but bc she scanned, I lost the free coffee!); 3. The app does not automatically update your balance on the spot. (A friend thought she had enough money but apparently behind the scenes Wawa knew the balance and caused slight embarrassment at the register as she had no cash with her); 4. The app does not auto recognize offers from the payment screen. (You have "jump" between screens at check out for the offers and then go to pay!! Wawa's wifi is NOT that good - and nothing more needs to be said about that)!!! As a matter of fact nothing more needs to be said-period!!!!!

Two issues with this app. This app is great and I use it ALL the time, however, I hate how it doesn’t auto locate the closest location at the top of the list. I have on multiple occasions ordered from the wrong location. I’m a person on the move and will order while doing something and just quickly pick the last place I ordered from because it’s at the top of the list. Other apps are this way, where the closest is first, but not this one. If you’re not paying attention you will order from the wrong location. This needs to be changed. Another issue is with Apple Pay. I’m constantly getting declined. Apple blames Chase Bank and Chase blames Apple. But it will often take 2-3 declines before the order goes through. It’s absolutely annoying.

Total failure for an app. I love the store but hate the app. It doesn’t really do any of the things others food apps like chick fil a or Panera bread does. First, you can’t pay for purchases with a credit card you have to bury a gift card. It took me two days to get that part of the app to work. Not sure why you have to use gift cards with the app but I suspect it was easier for developers. Second, with other mobile orders you pay with the card and simply pick up your order. Not with this system. You still have to get on line. So there is no value or convenience to using the app. Who developed this app? To top it off the people at the register couldn’t get the reader to scan my app so I had to type in the 10 digit gift card number. I’m thinking I could have used my card at the register and saved the time and hassle of using this app and standing in line. As far as I’m concerned, this app is a total failure tray adds no value except rewards that frankly aren’t worth the hassle. I was totally surprised that a company like wawa would put out such a poor app. I think it must be a high school project gone bad.

UI/UX Person Needed!!. So I just had a store open near me, the line was long so I figured I’d try mobile order. I went to create my account using Facebook. Filled out all verified with Facebook and was brought back to the main screen. Thought huh, that was weird so I tried it twice more with the same result. Then I decided to just try to login with the credentials I set just to see and got a message that said account not verified. As a person with 10+ years in the web development and app development world I read that message loud and clear, check my email...surprise (4) emails waiting for me. (1) to verify my account and three others about a reward account. Success I logged in. Now on to adding a gift card to my account. Clicked add new gift card, yay, added payment type, cool tried to add funds....FAIL. Couldn’t add funds. I know the card was good as I went into the store and paid with the same card for cold cooler pre-made items, didn’t get to enjoy a fresh made sandwich, but guys really? Come on? You are an great rapidly growing company with lots of successful endeavors in your future time to grow your tech side and get some good UI/UX people on your staff.

Love the App!. I’ve got to admit, I genuinely love this app, so thanks to the Devs! I recently moved to an area where the closest Wawa is a 2 minute drive, so needless to say, I’m there pretty often. It’s super user friendly and there are a few features on this app that just really do it for me 😌. What I love most about the app is the ability to see all of the SAME options in-app as the ones offered in the store, really making it easy to find what I want to order. As any good consumer app should have, it has a wallet that you can manage your credit cards, gift cards, and store card(s) so I can prepay as I please. That in itself is always a plus. And my final fave is, that it keeps track of all your transactions (provided you had your Wawa rewards card scanned at checkout) so that you can see what items you do and don’t earn points on. The rewards are decent (free stuff, combo deals and $2 off promos) and I like seeing the progress bar as I earn towards my next set of rewards. Only suggestion would be that in the future the app incorporates their new Delivery option so that I don’t have to go to another App like DD.

Absolute Garbage of an App. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME! HERE COMES ROYAL FARMS!!! ROYAL FARMS IS GOING TO BLOW WAWA OUR OF THE WATER!!! If they keep this up! Not only has the app been slacking, but their employee hiring in stores has been getting worse and worse!!!! The only thing that you will accomplish by trying to use this app, is your blood pressure reaching record breaking heights. All the money Wawa wastes on advertising for this pathetic app and it doesn’t even work... maybe Wawa should focus on building an app that actually works before blasting advertisements all over in regards to their new app. Or maybe they should take a closer look at whoever is in charge of the department that oversees, manages, builds the app, because clearly they are terrible at hiring employees. Seems like the idiot in charge, hired a bunch of 2 year olds that don’t even know what technology is. If I were Wawa, I’d clean the house of that entire department, and focus on hiring quality employees who can build, run and maintain a productive app. All the money Wawa has, and they can’t put together a decent tech team to build an app that actually works. As popular as Wawa is, and their app is slower than the Slowski’s Family on the Xfinity Commercials. Dial up internet from the early 2000’s is faster than the Wawa app.

Can’t get it to work. After several attempts I managed to create my account and finally got the verification email after several resend requests. I thought I was good to go. I went to use it at the store today and I had been signed out. I put my login info in (definitely using the correct password) and press sign in. The app appears to start logging in then returns to the login screen. I tried password recovery just in case there is a slim chance that I am not putting the password in correctly (not likely since I already signed into the app once with this password), but when I enter my email and click next absolutely nothing happens. It will not move to the next screen. I KNOW my email is correct because I received the verification email on this account. I have no idea what is going on, but whatever it is it’s not worth the headache from all the issues I’ve already had with this app. I will be uninstalling.

A few notes about latest update. A couple things I’ve noticed through testing that WaWa hasn’t made too clear in the latest app update notes. 1. If you pay directly with your WaWa gift card either via mobile order or via a scan at the cash register, you do NOT need to scan your rewards card. The gift card scan alone automatically counts the reward dollars. You only need to scan your rewards card separately first, if you are NOT paying with a WaWa gift card. 2. For me at least, the rewards balance total is not updating instantly, but it does eventually update after a little while. If you immediately check your rewards balance after a store visit and find that it hasn’t updated, check again in like an hour. Other than that, I like the app for the most part. Please allow for funding a gift card via Apple Pay and paying for a mobile order directly via Apple Pay (while still counting the rewards dollars).

This app needs help!. I LOVE Wawa but I do not love the app. In order to sign in using FaceID I have to open the app, go to the regular sign in (which won’t work even though I have the correct password), then close the app and the FaceID option is available. I lost 2 rewards when I downloaded latest update, the food ordering options on the app do not match what is actually in stock at the store so I don’t ever use that option, after being burned a few times, even though I would love to, plus it’s also buggy at times with choosing a location to order from, it goes into an endless loop of selecting the location and trying to load the menu. This app needs to be just as enjoyable as the Wawa stores are, please fix these things!! I’ll change my review to 5 stars as soon as the app is usable. I do love the rewards but notifications for those special limited time rewards should pop up, because I’ve probably missed a few, just based on the amount I’ve seen and used.

completely uncalled for. the ONLY reason i downloaded the app was to take a quick glance at the menu. you’d think that’d be the easiest thing to do, right? WRONG. immediately upon opening the app i’m locked out of everything possible until i make an account, with pop ups and “tours” being the only thing available. i thought, “okay, might as well” and made an account hoping i could complete my SIMPLE task of looking at the menu, but that’s when i get bombarded saying i need to verify my email, turn on 2FA, give wawa my gps location AND pretend to make a food order at an actual wawa location JUST TO LOOK AT THE MENU. i’m deleting this stupid shill of an app, no amount of gas station “rewards” is worth the atrocity of whoever designed the front end of this pathetic excuse of an app. wawa in person usually gets 5 stars, but this app gets ONE.

It’s like creating a password for the White House. I can’t get in with my password. I then was told I’d be locked out AN HOUR before I could try again. Then I just tried to reset my password. It said it didn’t meet the requirements even though I had a lowercase an upper case a number and a special character. I figured I didn’t use a correct special character so I checked to see what we should use and there was no list. So I just opted to let Chrome create a password for me, definitely not something easy to remember, but I was promised by Chrome it would save it for future use. So I created the new password and then was told to sign in on the app. I went to the app and, of course, my Chrome created password is NOT saved to my phone and I have absolutely no idea what the password is so I just gave up and deleted the app. Oh well. It’s easier to log into my bank account.

Used To Be A Good App. I used to use this app all the time and it worked well. Since the last several updates it has fallen apart. Problems started with my card balance not updating when I would use or reload it so I never knew what the balance was. This was accompanied by the transactions not updating as well. I contacted them and their best advice was to delete the app and reinstall it. I hadn’t done that yet because I was afraid I’d lose my balance and couldn’t find the old card to be able to re-enter the whole number. Well I found the card today and now it wants me to sign in with my password but it won’t take the password, doesn’t say it’s wrong, but won’t sign me in either. Also the new initial screen (cup of Wawa coffee in the snow- wish I could get one) hangs so long you almost give up waiting. Stop being too fancy for your programmers capabilities and go back to what worked. Royal Farms is starting to look good.

Unwanted changes. The app was fine but now it doesn't order your stuff when you reach the store, you have to tell it how long you will be before arriving at the store. This is good as long as you know the area but when you're traveling you have no idea how long it will take to get to the store without going to your GPS maps app. If you're going to do it this way at least display in the app how far away the store is in the ordering page. Just not thought out enough. Get out from behind your desk devs. Also the available balance on the card never updates on the Apple Pay screen reached by double tapping the power button, plus it no longer automatically increases the brightness temporarily so your laser scanner can read it. Remember when we are in line we have an armful of stuff and can't keep jabbing away at the phone.

Great store but horrible app. I love Wawa and I eat there all the time. The app is trash though and I have contacted sustainer support about it many times and they never help. When you try to order online a lot of the time it will day they are out of stock of an item and then you go to that store and they are not out of stock of that item. Also the nutrition calculator is extremely confusing and hard to use. It used to be easy and now they changed it to make it hard. And lastly, I loaded $30 into my account and then the app messed up and I reopened it and my $30 I loaded was gone. I checked my bank account and the money was charged from my debit card and it never went back into my wawa account. I have reached out to customer service multiple times about this and they just do not respond and they is no customer service phone number. You can only y them through the web. Wawa, please get your act together with your app. Your stores are awesome. Just make your app as good as the actual stores with customer service and everything.

Expected more from Wawa. Wawa is famous for upgrading the user experience of convenience stores. This app does not live up to that tradition. It’s not 7-11 bad, but it’s not Wawa good, either. The worst parts about the app are not technical, however. The app requires you to allow it access to your location at all times in order to place an online order. Why? One thing has nothing to do with the other. For that reason, I am not ever going to use it to make online orders. Since that is the main use I had in mind for it, I’m unlikely to use the app very much. Wawa has squandered a chance to enhance customer experience. Secondly, this app does not support direct payment of online orders. Instead you MUST set up a Wawa “gift card”. This was both confusing terminology and, again, anti-customer. Want to make it easy to use any Wawa payment instruments I may have? Of course! But, require it? Rather than produce an app focused on enhancing customer experience, Wawa management has apparently directed the app developers to focus on gathering as much data about the customer as possible. I’ve heard about Wawa being a case study for using big data in innovative ways to improve store layout. Apparently, they’ve let those considerations override their original ethic of prioritizing customer experience.

App needs work. Now, I admit I am NOT the most technologically advanced but that is, perhaps, WHY this app needs work! I seem to always run into a glitch when ordering-from not being able to log in with a password I know is correct, to it constantly signing me off and then having to log back in. This does not help me when I am rushing to work in the morning and it only frustrates the customers in back of me. There are too many steps to finally place your order, too. Why do I have to press “Ok” as the last step? It says my order has already been placed but if I don’t press OK my order does not go through! Also, why does the non-essential “decorative” home screen picture last 5-7 seconds? Apps are all about speeding up the process and this one just slows me down. Please fix this or I’ll go back to no Wawa app...

I like it.. Not a bad app. I never had any problems with it. The only issue really is that the touch ID feature sometimes is a pain to turn back on when you change your password. Rewards are pretty much the same but who's complaining? It's usually $2 off a shorti or classic or a free fountain drink or any sized coffee. You get a free drink for your birthday I think and the others are things like a free salad from the grab and go case or a free sandwich or wrap from the grab and go. All in all I like it and find myself reloading the app before info in so I can get points and get a reward lol. Sometimes they'll even send you a bonus reward just because. Can't beat free food!

Good app but frequent issues. It’s a good app. If you love Wawa or you just find yourself there often, you should definitely have this app. My only caution is to prepare yourself for some issues from time to time. Usually it’s that the app signs you out periodically and gives trouble to get back in. Most recently, it signed me out and then would not accept my password. So I changed my password about 3 times, and even though successful online, the app still wouldn’t recognize it. Pretty frustrating when you are trying to order ahead or even take advantage of some of the promos running but can’t get into your app! Anyway, I ended up having to delete and reinstall the app, and it finally accepted my password. Hopefully this helps.

Not great not awful, worth using. Update: after giving the app a few tries I am updating from 1 star to 3 stars. The first time I used it my card was charged and no one could find my order. Lesson learned - DO NOT use the "load money to a gift card" option. Only use "pay at store option". Next, do not customize an order too much . App gets confused by that. Works best when you order something exactly as offered. Finally, as soon as you get to the store open the app and make sure it recognizes your presence at the store and shows your order number. I usually have to force quit the app and reopen it... IF YOU FOLLOW THESE RULES you will be pretty happy overall I think..but yes it needs some tweeks. 1st review: Doesn't work to buy your food online. It charges your card but shows no orders and store has no idea why.

Gift card balance is buggy. First off I always ask for Wawa gift cards as gifts, so I always have at least two or three at a time in my app. My biggest prob with this rewards app is the gift card balance doesn't update in the app unless I go in and click manage on a card then click the refresh button! I have to do this for each card separately then it finally updates each cards balance. Terribly inefficient. This means every time I walk into the store to buy something at the register the line of people behind me have to wait for me to find a card that actually has a balance on it. Frustrating for me and for them! I understand the balance might not immediately reflect a purchase I just made, but still hasn't updated when I check it a week later??? For the love of God you've had several updates to your app, fix the Gift Card balance bug!

This app is hot garbage. In a valiant effort to get my kid to school on time, we ordered prepaid pickup ahead of time (at home, in WiFi) and drove the 2.2 miles to get to our local Wawa. Upon getting there, despite being on LTE and with unlimited data the app would not allow us to check into our space number stating only that we were offline. Okay fine. Drive back home real quick to put on actual shoes, a bra and maybe some decent shorts. Drive BACK to WaWa, check the time, the kid isn’t late, so we’ll just run in and pick up our pre-made order. Nope. No pre-made order for us, despite having prepaid for it. So now I’m out for lunch (sandwich) and a drink. We reorder and pay, and by some miracle get the kid to school (barely) on time. Why would a mobile app only work in WiFi? Furthermore, if your mobile app only works in WiFi, why would you not provide free WiFi at all your locations? Not convenient. Not helpful. Not worth the time it takes to download. Oh, and WaWa? You owe me money.

Need Apple Wallet integration for the rewards card. Make the rewards card available to load into Apple Wallet! At least 95% of my use with the app is solely to get to my rewards card. I should not be subject to a slow loading app, that is dependent on an internet connection/cell signal, and requires multiple clicks to get to my rewards card. It should be instantly available for me to view in my Apple Wallet. That way I have easy, reliable access to my rewards card when I need it. Then I can still use the app to redeem my rewards or do any ordering like I normally would. There's no reason though to have to open the app to get a barcode to scan. Integrating the rewards card with Apple Wallet would make me a much happier customer and greatly improve my view of the app. Everything else about the app works as I would expect and I'm generally satisfied with.

Horrible app and delivery experience! :/. Several complaints about this app and delivery service. When trying to ordering for delivery, basic snacks are not available, like Cheetos, Doritos, etc, that’s what I mean by basic. So it’s not like they don’t have it available…Sometimes I have decided to go and there’s 20 bags sitting in the shelf, they don’t make the product available to order which is ridiculous. When I have decided to order for delivery which is through Doordash, they never check they have your complete order, there’s been at least 3 times that I’ve gotten missed items. I’ve called Wawa these 3 times and they reimburse your money but not the delivery fee. It keeps happening because they don’t do anything about it!! Either employees at Wawa don’t put all your items in the bad or the DD driver steals food from your bag…it doesn’t matter, they don’t do anything but say “sorry for the inconvenience and no, we don’t reimburse your delivery fee” I don’t care if it’s a doordash issue, Wawa takes the money from me and through this process they never mention DD as the delivery service until you receive a text from DD. Such a frustrating experience that even if it’s late I’ll go to the store, ever using this service again until they first about it. Hire better developers and care about the service your offering.

Too many inconveniences. I recently attempted to order for delivery, but items were out of stock at the chosen store. Unfortunately the app won’t allow you to pick which store the delivery is from, so we had to switch to pickup. After making the order, several of our items were flagged as “item unavailable” so we called the store and they had no idea why it flagged that, because they had already made the food without issue. Then, while waiting for the pickup order to be ready, the app forgot we made an order, so when we actually arrived at curbside the option to put in the parking spot number disappeared and the app reverted to the “make a new order” page. Fortunately I took screenshots of the order number. Way too much hassle just to dodge Doordash or Uber Eats. This has happened multiple times now. Please debug the app and add options to change which store the delivery is coming from to avoid these issues.

Limited Items for Order. I am a frequent shopper at WaWa but I find it highly frustrating that I have to go to the store to order my breakfast sandwiches, instead of ordering through the app, because it’s never listed in the app. WaWa should list ALL of the options available! I buy A LOT of turkey sausage, egg, & cheese Sizzli sandwiches at a time because we are a family of 6 & each person wants 2. However, when I want to order this in the app, it’s never there. Also, the WaWa drink options are very limited too. The app only give maybe 4-5 options whereas in the store there are closer to a dozen or more and counting. Why not just list all the products in the app?! And yeah, I’m angry because right now is when I want to order breakfast sandwiches & drinks via the app & get curbside but can’t! 😡

Does NOT work on iPhone!!. This is one of those nasty apps that requires you to sign in or create an account with an email that doesn’t work on an iPhone. But they do get your telephone number all your other email addresses all your information and then all about you and then you can’t get the confirmation email to actually complete the sign-up. This is as much Apple‘s fault on my iPhone as it is Wawa. Apple makes it impossible to get any kind of email on my phone except their email and iCloud. However that’s not an option to sign in with this app. It does say you can make an ID with your Apple ID but your Apple ID can’t use the telephone number on your iPhone Apple is one of the most obnoxious companies I’ve ever dealt with and apparently Wawa goes along with that sell I will not be using Wawa or going to their stores in the future. Too bad because they have good stuff that would’ve been nice to order but when they make it this infuriating and impossible to use it’s just not worth it.

Better and worse. The app is a lot better in some ways than the old version but still a nightmare to use. I have the app set to allow it to use my location only when open so now every time I open the app and even when I go back to the home tab it throws up a notice asking me to enable always on access to my location. Why do you need my location all the time? It’s also really annoying that I can’t use Apple Pay to reload my card because they want a copy of my credit card info on file. Again, if I don’t use auto reload why do you have to have this information instead of letting us use the built in payment mechanism on the phone which also helps protect from data breaches. It would also be nice if you could use the app when you don’t have a strong connection which seems to be the case inside a lot of stores. Let me scan my card and use the money that’s on it even if the balance displayed may not be up to date despite the fact I only ever use the card within the app. Why does this not update right away so it’s correct for next time and only needs to update if I swiped my card? The only saving grace is adding the card to Apple wallet so you don’t have to actually to use the app unless you are reloading or using a reward.

This app is crap. I have tried maybe 30 or more times to login and reload this crap for it to come back saying an error has occurred. I have tried using more than one of my emails and I am now tired of the crap. It has been deleted off of my phone again today and personally I think Wawa is over rated anyway cause the crappy service and now this thing you call an app has never worked properly as for me and several of my friends and family and personally I dare anyone ask me about wawa and what I think for they surely willl see I am totally disappointed in the WaWa brand and particularly the useless app service if using this thing you call an app. I plan to never attempt to go thru this mess again with your lack of using a value added application on my iphone - so I bid you happy deceiving people as your claim to having an workable useful application

Too many issues. Since adding the order on the go feature, this app has gone down hill. Multiple times, I’ve tried to order on the go, added an item and it doesn’t show up in my list of items at checkout. So I go through the process and add it again. The item will show up in my list of things at checkout and I hit submit not realizing that the first one has now shown up and I ordered 2 of the same thing. I also wish you could merge card values as it’s annoying having a bunch of cards with less than a dollar on here. These were all little issues that I dealt with but now for the last week I haven’t even been able to log into it. Touch ID, my password, even trying the Forgot password thing (despite me knowing I’ve entered it right 1000 times) doesn’t work.

Heaven on Earth. From its glorious handcrafted Hoagies, to its crisp and refreshing iced teas, Wawa has something to please even the most refined palates. Be sure to get there early in the day to enjoy one of their delicious fresh baked pretzels as they are sure to sell out. They have freshly brewed hot coffee, in a variety of roasts, with a station to customize it just the way you like it. You're going to love their coffee so much you're going to want to make it at home, so grab a bag of coffee to take home while you're there. In a rush? Grab one of their many hot sizzli sandwiches or a bite to eat from their to go case. Be sure to download the app to maximize your Wawa experience and get rewarded for everything you're going to enjoy at Wawa!

Terrible update. As of November 1, the app is terrible. On the previous version as soon as I started the app my payment card/gift card was right on the main screen and easily shown to the cashier. That is no longer the case. Instead they are showing the rewards card first for the cash customers. It is the cash customers who should have to click through three times to get to their reward card, instead of the gift card people having to click through three times deep into the app. Also I am constantly being warned by the app now that I don't have background services turned on for the app which I don't ever intend on doing unless placing a mobile order. The warning should've stayed like it was, just before placing a mobile order, if needed.

Rewards don’t apply properly. Whenever I try to pay in app the reward does not apply properly and leaves a balance on the order. Often I need to remove the reward from the mobile order and then pay in the store and use the reward for payment. Would be great if when you applied the reward to the order in the app it worked. Also, should add a button on the main screen to “order again” Some of your competitors have this, it shows your recent order and you you just click it and your done. Quick easy, one or two steps and the order is complete. Starting every order anew is too time consuming, allow me to “order again” and then edit the order if I need to or take it as is.

What happened?. This app was wonderful until the recent redesign. Now more times than not when I’m in the store and I’m ready to pay I can’t pull the app up on the screen because it asks me to sign in with my login and my password. When I try to log in the app does not recognize my password even though it is correct. The screen freezes and I’ll have to use a card or cash - if I happen to be carrying either. Many times I have to leave the store without my purchase. Extremely frustrating! My other issue is that the convenience of the app is no longer worth it. I spend at least $20-30/wk, earn rewards for every $50 I spend and my reward is either money off a sandwich or a free coffee or soda. With all of the frustration of using the app the convenience is no longer worth my time and effort. Sorry Wawa - there are lots of Royal Farms in this area!!

FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD. Let me first say i I like Wawa coffee but i cannot stand by while they commit fraud on their customers. I have reported issues to them when they occur and they always respond usually with a coupon. The time i reported the fraud they are committing i didnt receive any response. The single use coffee cups. Take one home with you and using a true measuring cup fill the wawa coffee cup and see what happens. For years i have been paying for 24oz coffee when im only receiving 20oz. The 20oz wawa cup is something like 16oz i believe. Furthermore, when i have spent $50 i receive a coupon but those coupns expire within 15 minutes once activated. Issue arose several times when i activate the coupon and the wawa at that time doesnt have that particular item. Im talking about food built to order. So im being told that if i am a loyal customer i will be rewarded at every $50 spent but that is not the case. First correct the cup sizes and charged correctly without lying to your customers. Second the coupons need still valid if not utilized within the 15 minuted window. I understand if the coupn has like a month expiration if not used but thats now what i am talking about.

Buggy with log in’s. Every time there is an update, the app forgets my user id and password and has me sign on again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve have to reset my password because who remembers passwords. And of course the app isn’t sophisticated enough to remember who I am on my phone that has the app, but they know if you’ve used a password before and I’ve got to come up with a new one. With the introduction of Face ID, Touch ID, password key chains, etc. there shouldn’t be a need to remember passwords. This app doesn’t utilize any of these things. On top of all that the app contains your WAWA rewards ID card, and it can’t be put in your digital wallet. So if the app doesn’t let you sign in, you can’t get your rewards points AND any of their advertised rewards members discounts. Once the app does work, it does what it’s advertised to do. You can order sandwiches, drinks, etc. But only if the app works. So yeah, 1 star. It’s useless unless you can sign in, which I can’t. Again. Because it’s 5th sunday in a row that I can’t sign in when I’m in the WAWA line. But the blended coffee drinks taste nice.

Non-starter: BLOCKS VPN.... Update Wawa phone support stated VPNS are not allowed. I can say, from my background, that Wawa actually went out-of-their way and applied funding and resources to block VPN usage. Wawa support responded to this review asking me to schedule a call to discuss. Another phone call isn't going to make VPNs work I think Wawa support can publicly respond with a yes or no as to if VPNs are, or are not, allowed. Yes or No Wawa? Pl ————- VPN is blocked, so non-starter. Support suggested asking my company IT department to remove their vpn from their hardware, or use a desktop in order to use the app…in line in the store or to pump gas. Can not even view app. —- VPN No way to use the app if you are connected to a VPN EVERYONE should be using VPNS so if you are not be sure to read up on the matter. Any app blocking VPN usage is up to shenanigans with your data and app. 2) NO FINAL PRICING You can add items (and see item prices somewhat) but no way to see the final bill. What?! Same for the kiosk where you have no final total until you get to the register. Look at the receipt and no numbers. Get a receipt from the cashier, no numbers?! Shady shenanigans when any store would hide the totals from you are face-to-face at the register, and risk of slowing a line or dare ask a question which then causes drama.

Love Wawa. Hate the App.. I grew up with Wawa. Love it. I’m thrilled they’re opening up now in South Florida where I currently live. I stop there every morning. I thought I’d try out the app to make my stops easier. This app fails to do any such thing. Horrible UX. Form after form after form after form just to get the freaking thing setup. Then, failure to add funds to a digital giftcard (why do I need this anyway? Just deduct funds directly from my payment method.) I’ve worked in interface development for years and I would expect a higher standard from a company like Wawa. The app is mediocrely built, at best. Jump on the tech train Wawa and staff up your development team! We need you!! P.S. don’t neglect Apple Pay integration. Allow users to skip forms and just verify via fingerprint. 2 minutes of forms, or 1 sec of print scan? I’ll let you guess which has a higher success rate of transaction completion.

Great concept of an app in reality. I was really enjoying this for the past week of using this app. I don’t know what has changed in a 1 week time. But I can tell you that has been nothing but a headache I’ve called customer service and tried to report to them to try to have them look in to this. I would love to talk to someone who is in charge to get me in touch with whoever is in charge of receiving feedback with the app team or even be able to speak to a developer who’s willing to actually talk to somebody from the public who knows a little bit about coding the main thing I can definitely tell you that’s happening as Wawa is having issues not just with the App alone but also the payment system for using an API within the activate pump feature, so what’s happening is let’s say I have a bout $150 in my bank account I put $40 in gas in my vehicle what they’re doing is they’re authorizing the $40 plus the $150 this is definitely not normal behavior for an authorization at the Anytime I’ve done pump authorizations they don’t sit on my bank account when clearly the pump tells my bank that this is the balance hence that’s why I’m getting the $40. It should not add an extra 150 of the actual balance available on my account old so now that’s putting me $40 negative for a 24 hour period 🙄😤😡

Password reset ALL THE TIME!!. I don’t usually do reviews but I’m just fed up because this app can really have potential! First of all, i don’t know why it just doesn’t stay logged on? Every time it logs off or I decide to order from wawa I have to put my email and password again. And guess what ? It says my credentials are wrong when I know for a fact is right. So I have to reset my email all over and all over again it’s getting really frustrating because when I’m in the mood for some lunch I want it right then and there and it’s just makes me go else where. I don’t know if it’s just me that it keeps happening too but the app should just stay logged on until you YOUR self log out of it. And I don’t understand how it keeps saying my password is wrong no matter how many tries I put it. The whole process of “forgetting and reset password” is not really much work but cmon now to do it every time the app logs off ?? I hope you guys can fix this or at least have the facial recognition log in the future. Like another reviewer said you guy are a big and growing company! Should definitely be up on date with app development.

App deleted my rewards card including all rewards and money left. I’ve never left a review before. I’ve had problems with the Wawa app and my rewards card for a few years. Various times I’ve contacted the customer service department via email and received the usual form response. But since it’s always logging me out or not recognizing I decided to check my settings. It DELETED my rewards card! It recognize my email but said there was no card associated with me. The money on the card and the rewards disappeared. My son had the exact same thing happen! Two weeks ago I asked him if he wanted to use his rewards card and he told me that his rewards card disappeared and he doesn’t use the app anymore. I don’t know if their developers even read these reviews or how to reach out to them but my son is not using Wawa anymore and now I’m not either. There’s only one person left in the house who still has a working app. I find it odd that I only began to have problems when I got a new iPhone 11. My son as well. The person in the house who has no trouble has an iPhone 8. We are surrounded by Wawa‘s and it’s a shame because they won’t be getting our business.

Has potential. Very frustrating that you cannot order all items from the app or redeem rewards. There have been several that I have missed out on such as free kids meal. I placed order online and then selected the reward option. It did not say it had to be used in store until after you already selected- and then there is no option to cancel. I could not make it to Wawa within the 15 minute window so it disappeared without me getting to use it. Also disappointed that not all food items are part of the menu option. Another disappointment is that you cannot use gift cards for fuel. This version is better than their previous one but has a long way to go to get to where it should be for 2020 or later…

GPS feature is broken or gone. One of my favorite features of this app is the ability to input my order and then the GPS detects proximity to my chosen WAWA and sends my order it when I’m close. This no longer works and hasn’t worked for about 6 months. Please fix it or bring it back!!! It will just send no matter how far away I am. 3 miles, 10 miles, etc...I’ve tested it. And no it’s not my phone. Additionally, if I DO order from my phone prior to going into the store, I can no longer pay IN my store. I MUST pay from the gift card IN my app instead of in the store. This is frustrating because I don’t always keep a balance on my gift card and I always prefer to order from the app. Sometimes I pay in cash. Please fix this and bring back the GPS feature in the app. Or make it an option. Like “Order my food when I get there.” I’m sure that might be tricky but man.

Doesn’t work at all.. I was given a Wawa gift card for Christmas and decided to install the app so I could order and pay from my phone. It all sounded good except that it doesn’t work. When I first installed the app I tried the mobile ordering and I was able to choose my items and customize them as desired. I used it for a couple days and I showed my phone at the register and all was good. I added the gift card to the app and then put additional money on it through the app. Now when I try to order it gives me an error and wants me to change my settings to always give Wawa access to my location. Since I do not want Wawa to have my location 24 hours a day I declined to allow it access to my location and now the app does not work at all. I can’t even order on my phone and pay at the register anymore. As soon as I spend my gift card I am removing this from my phone.

Annoying. I love the idea of having this on my phone and just being able to pull it up whenever. I don’t have the problems many users have reported about orders not showing up or not being able to use the app in the store. What I DO have problems with is every couple of months or so it will suddenly not allow me to load funds. I load every two weeks on payday the same amount from the same account so nothing has changed. It gives me an error message that it can’t be processed and try again later. I have deleted and rentered my information, tried new accounts. The first two times it happened I didn’t do anything to make it work I just stopped using the app for about two months the tried again and it worked. Now it’s been doing it for so long that I’ve just given up.

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App only works on my wifi at home. Every time I try to access the app on LTE it fails with IP address banned. I can connect on my wifi at home but when I arrive at the app disables and I can no longer see my order. It seems to use the store location to logout and look for store wifi ( which is no longer available). A very frustrating experience for online ordering.. There are many similar reviews and complaints online. Wawa was hacked last year and seems to have enacted additional security measures that make the app useless.

Does not work. Refuses to let me sign up/sign in - states there is an IP address issue, so I turn off wifi and it still rejects me. Set a static IP address - still rejects me. Contact Wawa support and they tell me to do everything I’ve already done. Still rejects me.

:-(. Can't connect.

App doesn’t work. This app won’t let me sign up/register. I delete the app and try reinstalling ... and guess what...still no luck. ☹️

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Rewards?. What’s the point in getting rewards if you can’t apply them to mobile orders? The whole point is to save time buy ordering AND paying online. It’s been like this for several years now and yet your developers refuse to address. Time to upgrade your crew and get with the times. There are other issues/lack of functionality such as not having the ability to select items on the side (I.e. pickles/peppers). In a nutshell, the app is severely lacking and should have most (if not all) the same capabilities as the germ infested screens available in the Wawa stores. You’re a multibillion dollar corporation. Invest a piece of that in your technology!

App Could be Better. I'd rate them -5 if I could. I used the app and ordered and paid for need chilli. Go to the location and the person says we don't have that today. Well, why is there an option to order and pay something via your app that you don't have. If you can properly handle your app of what you do and do not have to order, them remove the app from the App Store and Play Store. The one star review is due to orders only being revived by the location once you arrive. This is ridiculous. The reason for ordering ahead is so it’ll be ready when I arrive. If I send someone else to pick up the order or pick up an online order for someone else, the order isn’t received until I arrive or that person arrives. I’ve spent almost my entire lunch break waiting for an order that I placed online.

Garbage. Worst app of all time. Sign up/sign in is a nightmare, my 4 year old sister could’ve done a better job setting it up. Horrible reflection of the wawa corporation. Not to mention the P.O.S. app won’t even open whenever you’re at the store because the absolute apes who made it don’t have a brain. GARBAGE. You have a better chance to see Kendall Jenner in your bed unclothed than to successfully sign up on this app. And, if by some unearthly miracle you already have an account, logging in will be even harder. At that point you’re better off going to college for 4 years to study computer engineering and coming back and hacking your way in. I literally cannot tell you how much time that will save you, as logging in to this app the normal way is a death sentence.

Less than 1 star!!. Absolutely HATE the latest update of his app! Was a regular Wawa app user, and customer. Everything was pretty good till one morning I went to stop in and do my mobile order before stopping in. Mobile order would not ‘submit’ due to needing to change location service service in phone settings to ALWAYS, instead of just when using app...like I always choose for apps. Why does Wawa always need to know where I’m at, when I’m not using their app? Then I finally get things changed, just to do my usual and find the whole freaking app looks different, and is ridiculously confusing. Now you have to scan to earn rewards, then scan again to pay. Wish I had NO MORE of my money on this app, because Wawa will no longer be my go to spot during my commute to work.

UI, user friendliness. I signed up with Facebook. I verified my account. I signed out, but it still says ‘sign out’ so I’m not sure if I’m signed in anymore. When I go to sign in, it is not clear if I need to sign in with Facebook. It just has field for email and password. So I tried signing in with email and a password I created in another account creation process. Omg. Soooo annoying. I too have years in dev and this has got to be one of the most frustrating experiences I’ve had with syncing with FB and signing in. As of now, still have no clue if I’m signed in or out. It just says ‘Signed in as’ with no name. Shame on you as a multi billion dollar corporation. Seems others have had same experience in reading the reviews. Fix it! No Paypal integration?! Start accepting bitcoin too.

Great app, but could use some more thought. :(. This app is super helpful and convenient but requires a purchase of $50 before the next reward. It doesn’t even include gas! If I’m patronizing your store to purchase anything, why police what is counted as a purchase? Just up the $ amount threshold and include gas, Duh... I was also really disappointed to try to order ahead with the app, but got to the store 15 mins later to find out my food wasn’t even prepared. I was heading to work and ended up late trying to get lunch for myself, thinking I had planned ahead. Not cool.

Love my WAWA app. County EMT, so I use the app a lot! Enjoy the rewards and occasional FREE stuff! Always trying to eat healthier choices, makes WAWA my convince store of choice. All in all, the app is hassle free, loads to my specifications automatically, not glitch free, but no glitches I couldn’t overcome. I like that I can order online and the order doesn’t go in until I’m within proximity to the store. I’ve set up an order before going to bed at night, wake up the next morning, stop at my WAWA on the way to work and my egg omelette is fresh and ready when I walk in the door.

Bugs. I love the app for the most part but a few things need fixing for me to give it anything but a one star. The latest version seems to have started this, when you are in the Wawa app and the phone auto-locks or you hit lock, then it SIGNS YOU OUT of your account. And since you don’t try to pull up the app till it’s your turn in line, then you have to hold everyone behind you up because you have to log back in. I could not remember my initial password the 1st time this happened and spent 30 mins trying to get back in via forgot password. Then when resetting the password it was not clear what it wanted from me. I ended up with a REALLY long password that I’ll never remember, and saved in notes(to remember) for when it throws me out. Now these 2 problems could be solved if you just incorporate touch/face id. Anyways, 1 star till this is fixed.

App. The app is really good to use as I use it often. The 2 issues are: if you have more than 1 Wawa gift card, you cannot transfer balance form one card to other. It’s easier to close one Wawa gift card & just use one instead of multiples. The other issue: I have the Wawa tag & set up with the app but if you have Rewards, you cannot use it on the tag, only on the app. Same goes with both the app & tag if you select to have curbside pickups. I like checking the locations where there are curbside spots. Hopefully Wawa will fix the “missing” accessibility on both app & tag.

What happened?. This app was wonderful until the recent redesign. Now more times than not when I’m in the store and I’m ready to pay I can’t pull the app up on the screen because it asks me to sign in with my login and my password. When I try to log in the app does not recognize my password even though it is correct. The screen freezes and I’ll have to use a card or cash - if I happen to be carrying either. Many times I have to leave the store without my purchase. Extremely frustrating! My other issue is that the convenience of the app is no longer worth it. I spend at least $20-30/wk, earn rewards for every $50 I spend and my reward is either money off a sandwich or a free coffee or soda. With all of the frustration of using the app the convenience is no longer worth my time and effort. Sorry Wawa - there are lots of Royal Farms in this area!!

Glitches with access to payment in-store, NO LIVE SUPPORT. The app is great when it is working. However, about once a month there is always some kind of issue where you can’t access the app or something with the pay-in-store gift card and rewards. This issue usually impacts your ability to pay in the store, but the store employees cannot help with the app and there is no real-time support for the app. To make matter worse, when you message support, it takes them two-ish days to get back to you and they give you some canned response that is usually not helpful at all. WE ALL KNOW TO CLOSE THE APP AND RESTART OUR PHONES AT THIS POINT. IF YOU’RE GOING TO PFFER AN APP THAT GIVES PEOPLE ACCESS TO REAL TIME PAYMENT, OFFER REAL TIME SUPPORT!!!

Keeps logging me out. I finally have a Wawa close to me now that I could download this app and use it frequently. Since downloading it works fine when I need to use it, but if I go a few days without using it and then go back into when I am in the store I find that I am logged out and have to sign back in. Is there a way for the developer to fix this bug in the app. It is the most frustrating thing when I need to use this to get rewards for purchasing. The Dunkin' and Starbucks app I don’t have this issue when I need to pay in line. When I sign back in it wants me to allow notifications from the app..why!? When every time I go to use the app I’m always signed out of it? It’s kinda ridiculous. Please fix this! Please!!

Cannot sign in. This app is no good……too bad even to rate…..would give it minus 5. After downloading keep getting an error message on my iPhone XR. I contacted WAWA several times (even sent photo of the error message). Followed their instructions in their email instructions to no avail even after deleting and reinstalling the latest update. It works good on my iPad but I am not going to carry my iPad around with me. Had no trouble until they updated version 6.1.6. Keep deleting app and reinstalling and still can’t sign in and keep getting error message. Very poor help from Techs. Just downloaded latest version 7.2.1 and still cannot sign in w/o getting the same error message. If I can’t sign in to app for rewards I will stop going and get gas and coffee elsewhere.

Broke Equipment. I enjoy going to WAWA’s all the time. There is one store on North Dale& N Dale Mabry that I have been in there & for 3 weeks straight the Hot Chocolate machine was broken. Then, twice the only cream the had was plain low fat Milk to use for only one kind of coffee. So, now I never go to that store. I use extra gas to drive to a different store that has machines that work & different creams & coffees. That store (Tampa, FL) needs seriously looking into especially who does the ordering. Love the store on US 54 & US 19 in New Port Richey Florida. They always have everything you need or will get it if they have run out.

This App Used to be Great. I don’t understand what happened to this app. I’ve used it since they first introduced it, and never had one problem. Since December, shortly after the redesign, I’ve had a lot of problems with gift cards. One card on my account updates only after you use it, and the other card has refused to update its balance since December. The ‘check balance’ on the Wawa Rewards website hasn’t been working either. It’s pretty annoying, but I figured I’d just keep using the card until it was empty and then reload it. However, just today, I got signed out of the app and have not been able to sign back in. I’m seeing many other people having the same problem. I go to Wawa all the time and rely on this app. Get your s*!t together, Wawa.

Needs more work. This is a very useful app and i love it considering how often i go to wawa but it needs a bit more work, twice already it doubled my order and ended up going through as if i ordered two of the same thing and charged me for it when i didn’t want that so i had to go ahead and see what random person i could give my extra sandwich too. Plus it used up alot of my time when they were making two sandwiches i didn’t mean to order. Just because the app started to act up and do it’s own thing. Over all i love the app and it’s very convenient for my schedule since im usually always on the run. Order with the app and go ahead and pick up. Easy and out!

Works well but no real reason for it. The fingerprint option to log in has been disabled so you have to remember a password for it every time you want to open it. Once open it works great, for ordering on the app. Using your gift cards without having to remember to take a physical card with you. It used to give you discounts on subs randomly. Now it only gives you drink discounts like discount on coffee...I hate coffee. If you spend $50 it will give you $2 off a classic hoagie that will exspire in a week or two. So for me there is no reason for this app at all. The only bonus to the app is at checkout you can scan your phone instead of swiping a card. Saves you 8 seconds.

A mostly great app with a few bugs. The ordering process works great. It’s easy, you can do easy reorders, and the menu is complete. The only change I would make would be to make the pickup process consistent across stores. I used to be able to pay in advance on the app and my order would be bagged and waiting for me when I came in. Now, they make me pick it up at the crowded order window and get my own bag from the cashier. Seriously, if I wanted to wait in a crowded line and have to reach around rude customers who crowd the pickup window I would just order when I get there like everyone else. Get it together.

Love. WaWa. Love. WaWa most of the employees are just wonderful go beyond your duties oh and one things bad from here to Florida from New Jersey to Florida we are at Wawa all the way down and there’s a mess around the coffee and soda machines ! that are so on Un tidy around there coffee and soda I realize it’s the customers that do this but perhaps we need more help and you should also give them a couple extra of those plastic little things for the cappuccino it gets clogged 💓👍 they do not dry it when they wash a just put it back where so therefore it Does clogged I Clean up every time I’m there they laugh at me and asked me do I want to be employed

Works when it wants to!. I love WaWa and my morning coffee and oatmeal is a must but what is the use of having the app with gift cards loaded and the cashier can’t scan it. I’ve had this happen to me on several occasions. First the young woman said my screen wasn’t bright enough (easy fix as I just turned the brightness up) the second time was pretty much the same and the cashier was annoyed so I left out of the store and ended up at Starbucks where I had no problems having my card scanned within the app. As of right now I don’t know what can be done about this and it’s still hit or miss when I do go into your stores. Thank goodness I always have my wallet just in case your system doesn’t scan my gift card.

Waste of Time and Unusable. I tried to make my account and find a nearby restaurant, however the app will not proceed past the 2 out of 3 page for completing my account information. I made my account, received an email in which I verified it, and tried completing the account information prompts. However, I put my phone number and my desired form of communication from the app and all it does is show the loading sign of the Wawa logo that immediately disappears and nothing happens. Tried troubleshooting in a multitude of ways and it is still not working. It also will not map any nearby Wawa locations even when I have my location turned on for it. Just trying to get an order ahead of time for my lunch break and this was a complete waste of time.

Worthless. I thought the only thing I hated about this app was the fact of you don’t allow it to know your location 24/7 and run in the background it won’t let you order. Now when you order on your way home you get to the store and it will not let you pay for at store, nor will the app allow you to use the rewards on an order that you make on the app. So why have rewards. Oh just order at the store and pay when you get to the store and redeem. My luck has been to behind people with one cashier and the rewards run out or the best one the order didn’t go through when I went to deal with it the cashier cleared my coupon for free item. If you want convenient and easy this is not the app for you.

Im in love. I order through this app almost every morning with no problems whether I pick it up in store or they bring it to my car. Yall!! I be starting the gas pump through my phone. I never knew this was a thing until my sister told me. It’s too cold out here to spend more time outside than I have to. Starting the pump from my phone and get my matcha brought out to me while I’m getting gas is amazing. They also let you use your accumulated points for a discount on gas per gallon.

Pre-Order Not user friendly or Value Added. First of all it is not straightforward enough to tell you that even though you pre-order, they won't start the order until you arrived on site. Then, you are put at the bottom of the sandwich queue. When you are in an hurry to be some whee, you expect the sandwich is done and waiting for you. Instead I annoy the sandwich makers on where is my sandwich and wait 10 minutes until it is made. How much time do I really save? 1 minute? It is really with it? Second, the bar scan does not always come come up and the order number is not BIG and outstanding on the app. Result is it takes you forever just to just to find the order number. Since the bar scan does not come up, the cashier has a hard time in ringing it up. Bottom line, the pre-order function in NOT value added What I suggest that when you are within a 1 or two, the order should come up and be at or near the top of the queue. That there should be a special bin for pre-orders so you don't annoy the sandwich guys on where is my sandwich PS: the Wawa staff was friendly to me despite my frustrations with the app

Mobile Ordering Fail!. I downloaded this app thinking it might save me some time when I am on my way to work, I would order ahead of time and my order would be ready when I get there like every other pre-order, online ordering etc. work. This is not the case at all! You have to arrive in order for them to start preparing your order, you still have to wait in line to pay which is more ridiculous than the sandwich preparation issue, just take the online payment. You have to buy a gift card to pay so they guarantee that you will end up spending more than you intended to. It is such a shame because I usually get my breakfast and lunch from Wawa and I love their sandwiches but I am getting frustrated, I just want to order my food and go pick them up, I doubt that it is that difficult to set it up!

Needs an upgrade. This app has great potential but needs glitches fixed. I have on multiple trips placed an online order, get the bank charge pop up on my phone and then the app later shows failed order. Wasted 30 minutes today, same thing happened, waiting on an order that did not reach the store. I had to go in and speak to the very nice employee behind the food counter. Showed her the charge on my bank app, she asked for me to re enter the order in the computer in the store. She was wonderful! But I shouldn’t have had to waste so much time. Plus the app doesn’t even have all the item selections available on the website nor in store computer. Please fix! Love Wawa!

Good but room to improve. I think this app does what it is designed to do, but I do have one complaint. The rewards barcode could be made accessible in the apple wallet, like other companies rewards cards. Then, paying with my phone or watch would be much easier that switching apps, etc. Right now you have to switch between the Wawa app and apple wallet to get rewards and then pay, or if you usually use your watch (like me) you miss out on points because your phone isn’t with you. A simple fix I hope they make soon.

Used to work, just doesn't anymore. In the past, I've been able to place family orders just fine, but somewhat recently, the app just refuses to load after I make selections on things I want to order. Typically, you're supposed to select an option for something, and then it'll wait a second or two before moving on automatically. However, now when I do it, I'll select something, and then the app won't progress onto the next menu for selection. I have to sit there and wait a couple full minutes just for it to then tell me after I'm done "Oops! That's unavailable. Try again later." It's infuriating, and frankly I'm better off going to the store itself to place my order.

Needs work. With iOS 13 Apple will no longer permit apps that mandate Always Allow Location tracking. Wawa will have to update their app to remove this invasive practice. Still 1 star. The recent update (April ‘19) made a poor app useless. Clearly, the folks a Wawa don’t understand the basics of mobile app development let alone fix what is broken. The Wawa app is good but needs to be better. Rewards need to be tied to the account balance rather than a separate screen. Users should not have to select a reward and get that scanned then navigate to the card to pay for non reward items. As others have stated Wawa should allow balances to be reloaded via Apple Pay™ Now 2 stars. One year later and still no improvement. Why can’t the card balance be updated except by tapping Pay? Sure would be nice if the app showed the actual current card balance. Now 1 star. Latest upgrade is a huge FAIL. - Splash screen is too long - Now have to scan 2 times? Most stores are understaffed as it is. Why add to to time needed to process a transaction adding to the time customers stand in line? - The app balance still does not sync to the card in Apple Wallet. - Hire a professional developer and build a new app from the ground up! - Add Apple Pay

Barely functional, load times are horrendous, crashes are frequent. Latest iOS 13.2 and good lord it feels like you need a wired gigabit connection to use this app. Don’t want pickles? That’ll be 5 seconds of load time. Not sure if you selected the right amount of mayo? Add another 10 seconds. Not sure if you want to try a new item? Don’t worry, clicking on it and going back will only set you back a half a minute at minimum. You know that Comcast commercial with the turtles who like everything slow? This app is for them. And in the event that your load times don’t drive you insane, I’m sure the app will crash halfway through the ordering process so you’ll get to start that whole 5 minute ordeal over again!

Not as intuitive. I definitely expected a different experience here. Not as nicely done as other apple apps. The deal breaker here are: 1) you cant just look at the menu, there’s a workaround, you can go to the nutrition sections and select things that are available, which is ridiculous. 2) you have to add a gift card in order to order online, every single place that you can order online have the option to pay when you pick up. There’s a risk but is normal business, anyways you have the person information. Why not enable apple pay? Either way you don't know how much you’re going to spend so you have to be conservative and add an extra dollar amount to make sure you have enough money there for your order. It just doesn’t make sense it’s easier to just go there a wait 5-10 minutes for your food.

Mobile order used to work better before. Since you guys tried to separate mobile orders from store orders inside your stores I only get frustrated. Before, when all sales were treated the same way I always get my lunch fast and now a lot of times I order on my phone I have to ask for help inside the store. Sometimes someone forget to prepare it (because now is a different person that does the mobile orders), other times my lunch is with the cashier and it’s never on the mobile order shelf. I only try curbside pickup on lunch time because that’s the only time it works. I know that it’s not a software issue but complain inside the software doesn’t work either. I’ll do another review as soon As you figure out a way to fix your stores. Thank you.

Too many issues. Since adding the order on the go feature, this app has gone down hill. Multiple times, I’ve tried to order on the go, added an item and it doesn’t show up in my list of items at checkout. So I go through the process and add it again. The item will show up in my list of things at checkout and I hit submit not realizing that the first one has now shown up and I ordered 2 of the same thing. I also wish you could merge card values as it’s annoying having a bunch of cards with less than a dollar on here. These were all little issues that I dealt with but now for the last week I haven’t even been able to log into it. Touch ID, my password, even trying the Forgot password thing (despite me knowing I’ve entered it right 1000 times) doesn’t work.

Missing Ordered Items. WaWa’s menu is totally awesome. I submit late night orders via the app for store pickup on average at least 3 times a week. Unfortunately, we never had any problems until only recently. When we get home we’re finding items ordered and payed for are missing. I call the store to let them know and they apologize for not checking the order prior to pick up. I’m told to come back to get the missing items, but it’s usually 1-2am and a 15 minute drive one way. I tell the store associate that’s not an option for another 30 minute late night drive. She takes my name and tells me the next time I come in, let the store manager know so I can get the missing items. The problem is when I let the store manager know I’m told there’s no record of my name, and therefore I don’t get the missing items.

Ordering food on app saves NO time. I go to wawa every Friday to buy a breakfast item and coffee. It’s my weekly treat. I use the app to order my food before I go, because a nice young lady that works there told me it’s easier on them to get an order that way. Cool. All for that. Today I decided to get a jump on the day, and ordered my item 20 minutes before I got to the store. I pull up, And there’s is a line. I think, “oh? I beat the line by ordering early! Yay!” I get inside, get my coffee, go pay for everything, and then proceed to wait in line behind everybody else. The app doesn’t send the order that you made until you get on the property!! I submitted my order at 5:22am (according to app), order was not placed till 5:48am (according to app). Then what’s the point of using the app to order!? It saves NO time. Disappointed.

Worst App. When this app decides to work, it works ok. However that is far and few between!! I just tried to order lunch today, went to the app and now it’s asking me to log in! So I try to log in and it freezes and starts the never ending loop of asking me to log in!! I have so many problems with this app. Not to mention it’s difficult to bring up my local store. It saves history on its own from when I am in different areas and won’t bring up a “local to my area” store. So I have ordered sandwiches at other stores and never went to pick them up. Hopefully you fix the latest log in issue, and you can fix this app going forward!! It’s so bizarre how in 2022 you can’t get an app to work properly!

Don’t fix/redo what ain’t broke. The app was great but as of the new update it’s very difficult to pay fast along with loosing the familiarity of original navigation. I would be surprised if more then 1% of Wawa's total sales are with the order ahead feature. * advice to the developers * Real people use this app to get in and out fast along with getting a minor freebie after $50 spent...that’s it. Trendy hipsters who want new seasonal looks and icons go to starbucks. This app is a tool, you don’t get a new tool if the original still works great and tens of thousands of people have that tool and don’t need a new one to do the same job . . . but in a different way?!? I luv WAWA and the 3-5% return via the app, but don’t make things more confusing and navigationally slower with extra layers and fluff.

Unnecessarily Intrusive!!! Location services need to always be on. Knocking down my prior 5-star review to 1 because the app doesn’t allow you to have location service on only while using the app and instead needs to be set to always on to place an order. I can think of exactly ZERO justifiable reasons for that to be the case and find that extremely intrusive as well as inefficient for my phone. It’s annoying to have to change settings to use the app simply because I really don’t want Wawa tracking my location the other 99% of my life. Otherwise, I love Wawa food and like the convenience of pre-ordering and prepaying. I just don’t think Wawa needs to track my location when I’m not in the app. Fix this to actually working when set to only while using the app and this review will go back to 5 stars.

App needs work. This app still needs some work. There are several problems with it. I am using it on iOS 12.3.1. 1) the recent orders function only shows recent orders that were started but never actually ordered. It does not show actual complete orders. 2) recent orders also has no way to delete the “non ordered” items 3) it is very difficult to find a previously ordered menu item to save it as a favorite 4) if you toggle out of the app and back in, often it logs you out and does not allow you to login using fingerprint. The workaround is you have to kill the app, then reopen it which then prompts you to use fingerprint.

I really want to like this app.. few issues though. I love that I can share an account with my kiddo and he can use it when he’s out with friends! However major issue, I need to be notified when a purchase is made!! Walmart app does this and so I know when there is activity. Right now, there is not even an option to allow notifications. Also I need to be notified when my balance is low. I have that option selected, but where does it notify me? I’ve yet to see a ‘low balance notification’. Once I went to the store and all my balance was gone (thanks to my son) but I never got notified so I looked dumb standing there telling the guy I just recently reloaded it. And glitch, when I click on purchase history, I see a quick flash on my screen then it goes white. I tried quitting the app and the issue persists, I can’t check my purchase history. Really don’t like that. Overall I love Wawa and the idea of paying with your phone, sharing an account with family, and the rewards. But the app still needs some bugs worked out, and notifications added in.

Same reward choices every time. So the app and reward program has been great for the last year or two I’ve been using it. I love that they give you a choice on which reward to redeem. But lately the rewards have been the same each time! Before they would switch it up one time, my choices would be free icee, soda or coffee, then I would get a choice of $2 off a shorti and some others. Then, there’s free yogurt, pinwheel wrap or salad. The last 3 rewards I earned I got the same 3 choices: yogurt, wrap, salad. What happened to switching it up? Also, I used to get random surprise rewards. I don’t even remember the last time I got one of those. It was bad enough that we have to spend $50 to get a reward but now it’s not even worth it.

Redesign fail. I loved this app until today’s redesign release. Don’t like the new launch screen. Used to open into the gift cards, now it opens to a “home” screen and you have to navigate to a “pay” screen and select the gift card you want to use. Not liking the extra steps since there is nothing on the “home” screen that I’d ever use. There needs to be an option to disable the screen brightness changing when going to the “pay” screen. It’s gotten stuck on full brightness a few times and I had to go back into phone settings to change it back. Plus I never had a problem with the card scanning so the brightness change really isn’t necessary. App keeps harassing me to enable background location service now too.

Waste of time. I downloaded this app to order food for my husband to pick up from our local Wawa (which we really like). I placed the order on the app and said pay in store as he planned got picked up other stuff. My husband on the way home stopped and the order was not ready. The people at the store said that the order is not even sent until I, with the app on my phone, am within a block of the store. Ridiculous!! The app NEVER said that or even alluded to it!! So there was no food ready and no order even showed for them to make. What a waste of time!! He was not about to wait for 5 subs plus sides and other stuff to be made!!! Not time saving nor convenient at all! So you lost a $50+ order. It is awful! First thing I have ever had to complain about Wawa ever!

My favorite app. I love Wawa so being rewarded for buying what I love makes me super happy. I also love how from time to time even if you haven’t hit the $50 for new reward there maybe a reward in your messages anyway as a bonus. That really is a big help and so smart…I also love that at the end of the month if I didn’t hit $50 you don’t make me start over. My grocery store does and in these times every little extra counts. Thank you for always trying new and better things! Much appreciation and gratitude, Diana Lay

Terrible App, Terrible Update. This app makes me crazy. It’s gotten more confusing and harder to use. And I can’t stand ordering with it. They make the food when you get there. I end up waiting as long or longer than when I order at the store. I contacted support to explain how long I end up waiting and they told me it’s the only way to make sure the food is fresh. I order from a ton of other places that let you choose a pickup time. The food is always fine. If I schedule it for 7:30 I’m there to pick it up on time. And I’m pretty sure a Wawa hoagie will be just fine 10 or 15 minutes after it’s made. They need to rework this app and allow you to choose your pickup time. The only good thing about the app is the ability to load your card and pay with it at checkout.

App Doesn’t Work. I’ve been trouble with this app for months and have reported it to anyone that I could find that would listen. We frequent Wawa several times per week and various locations. I share with them that my app on my phone doesn’t work and they tell me that many others have the same problem. Why can’t they fix this? I have to print out my rewards and bring them in because the app doesn’t work. I have an iPhone 12 and when I’ve downloaded the app and try to sign it it goes directly to a screen that says Oops something went wrong. I wasn’t even able to try to log in. I’ve restarted my phone, deleted and reinstalled the app, cleared the settings and cookies but it still doesn’t work.

Not for me or my family. Don’t get me wrong I absolute LOVE wawa and it’s MTO food, but the app is not geared toward me or my family. I am a non-coffee drinker and only get specific items from wawa. This is app is asking for a little too much from me (spend $50) for a reward that I don’t even want. We used to have a bunch of gift cards that renewed funds on this app but it just wasn’t worth it as money from gas purchases does not contribute to getting a reward. The app also offers “bonus offers” that frankly don’t seem appealing to me and most people that I know. I wish the app worked more on a point system so that I could be rewarded with the things I want rather than 3 options that I don’t.

I love Wawa!!!. I am sooooo addicted to Wawa coffee, omg it’s the best thing ever invented!! I only have 2 suggestions: 1) you should sell the Irish Cream Creamer like you sell the hazelnut and French vanilla, I’m totally addicted to the Irish Cream creamer, it’s the best thing ever I think it’s what makes the coffee sooooo addictive!! And 2) you should totally open Wawa in Scotland!! I’m moving there in the fall, and I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M GOING TO DO WITHOUT WAWA!!! I love your guys new app, it’s so easy and the rewards are great, I spend so much time and money at Wawa that I’m able to get rewards like crazy! My mom has said for Years that I should OWN a Wawa by now, hahahaha!! Keep up the great work guys, and open Wawa in Scotland PLEASE! 😆😆😆

Disappointing-useless. This app is among the worst I’ve ever used. Main issue is the inability to keep me logged in and then recognize my password when I’m repeatedly signing back in-every time! Last few times I’ve tried to use it, it just won’t recognize my password and it won’t let me change or update the password. This has been our experience since we started trying to use the app months ago. Also, it’s a shame there’s not a solid, reliable way for an entire family to use the one account. Lots of other stores and restaurants like Starbucks are set up so that each of my kids can use the app on their phones and I can replenish the funds from my phone, no matter where they all are. Too bad-Wawa is losing a lot of business with this subpar, non-functional app.

Logging me out. I have an issue with the app logging me out at the most inopportune times. The other day I was in the store and planned on redeeming a reward. I selected my reward and got the message telling me I had 15 minutes to redeem it. I was then automatically logged out and lost my reward. I have been logged out when I was in line, making me log back in with other customers waiting behind me. You should make the app keep a person logged in and only log out by their choice. Also if a reward was not actually used I should not lose it as I did above. Fix that issue and I’ll change to 4 or maybe even 5 stars.

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The application Wawa was published in the category Food & Drink on 18 November 2014, Tuesday and was developed by Wawa, Inc. [Developer ID: 938319773]. This program file size is 57.41 MB. This app has been rated by 60,312 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Wawa - Food & Drink app posted on 29 March 2024, Friday current version is 9.0.0 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.wawa.wawaapp. Languages supported by the app:

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In this release, we’ve got some minor enhancements to make your experience even better. Remember, you can earn and redeem on eligible in-store purchases, mobile orders, and in-app fuel purchases. Watch those points grow & redeem them on your Wawa faves, including fuel discounts, in our Rewards Store! Thank you for using the Wawa App! *Rewards points cannot be earned or redeemed on fuel transactions in New Jersey or where prohibited by state law.

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