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What is starbucks app? The Starbucks® app is a convenient way to order ahead for pickup, scan and pay in-store and customize your favorites. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll earn Stars towards free drinks and food on your purchases.

Mobile Order & Pay
Customize and place your order, then pick up from a nearby participating store without waiting in line. Reorder quickly with Siri.

Pay in Store
Save time and earn Rewards when you pay with the Starbucks® app at many stores in the U.S.

Earn Stars & Redeem Rewards
Join Starbucks® Rewards and unlock exclusive benefits while earning Stars with almost every purchase. Redeem Stars for free drinks, food and more. Starbucks® Rewards members can look forward to a birthday treat plus complimentary coffee and tea refills.*

Earn Stars even quicker with Double Star Days, Bonus Star challenges and Member exclusive games. No matter how you pay, you can earn Stars on your order. Up to 3 Stars/$1 with Starbucks Rewards Visa Card, 2 Stars/$1 with a Starbucks Card, and 1 Star/$1 with cash, credit/debit and PayPal. Some restrictions apply.

Send a Gift
Say thanks with a digital Starbucks Card in the app or iMessage. It’s easy to redeem a digital card from email or in the Starbucks® app.

Manage Starbucks Cards
Check your Starbucks Card balance, add money, view past purchases and transfer balances between cards.

Find a Store
See stores near you, get directions, hours and view store amenities before you make the trip.

Tip Your Barista
Leave a tip on purchases made with the app at many stores in the U.S.

*At participating stores. Restrictions apply. See for details.

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App Name Starbucks
Category Food & Drink
Updated 11 September 2023, Monday
File Size 102.85 MB

Starbucks Comments & Reviews 2023

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Love ordering ahead. I adore being able to order ahead, I time my order so it’s always ready when I get there. The I choose when I see the length of the drive the line to go inside and pick up or grab it thru the drive thru. It makes me happy when things flow nice like that. My only sort of complaint is only a partial complaint because I do still appreciate it. The stars to dollars spent ratio....earning 1 star per one dollar spent and 150 stars to get a free drink. I do however always preload money to the app to scan and pay so i get 2stars per 1 dollar spent. This is my qualm- I spend $8.43 for my preferred drink at least once per day m-f and I earn a free drink every weekish. I enjoy the free drink but the realization that I had to spend $75/ at 2 stars per or $150 at the normal rate to get a free coffee is insane! Maybe it’s just me but I don’t realize how much I spend on coffee until I redeem my stars and it hits me. Maybe a different type or additional loyalty bonus would be nice. Love love love my coffee everyday though... venti cafe vanilla Frappuccino, no whip, triple shot affagatto style

Personal service. I believe in personal service. Saying hello when someone walks through your door. I used to go to the Starbucks on Jefferson and osuna near where I used to work about 5 years ago. They knew my name everyone who walks in they stop what they were doing to look up and say hello. I have not worked near that location in 3 years. But when I go to it. They still know my name. It always amazes me and gives me a sense that they truly care for their customers. I know in retail workers don’t stay long at one place but I use the mobile app and my name is on the cup. Really easy to know because my name is not very common. Unfortunately I am no longer close to that store and have to use another one. I now go to the Starbucks on Golf Course and Paseo Del Norte on my way to work. I come to this store at least once a week or more a week. But to this day I have not yet got a hello and no one know my name. They don’t look up or stop talking to each other. I have been going to this Starbucks for 3 years and feel very unseen and I don’t think they care much. A hello would be great. Hope every store can be as amazing as the store on Jefferson and osuna. I try to visit that store when I can. Love you and really appreciate the staff there.

Great App - Missing one HUGE element. The Starbucks app overall is great. It’s easy to add funds, combine gift cards, order mobile, look up drinks, collect stars/pay etc. I use it constantly! The ONE thing I think is absolutely ridiculous it doesn’t have is variable nutrition information. Yes, it has what each drink contains, but if you change anything (different milk, extra pump of syrup, sugar free etc) the nutrition information doesn’t update. I think that’s CRAZY a company this huge doesn’t have that ability in their app. Millions of people drink coffee and desperately want to do so while dieting or eating healthier but you can’t tell what all you’re taking in because you can’t customize on the app. One of the #1 questions I see on health forums is “What coffee can I drink that still tastes good - I normally drink ____?” If people (including myself) could play with different things to try that maybe have less sugar/carbs/fat etc. that can mimic their usually drink they’d try a lot of different things! Look at McDonalds - they can customize down to pickles! Great app Starbucks (genuinely) but pleeeaase add this simple customize function!

Needs to provide status of your current mobile order.. First time user of the app, so take this for what its worth but no where in the app could I find the status of my current order. Under “Orders”, my current order showed up as the top most order but no status. It looked no different than orders placed last week or weeks before. No status. Why is this important? When I got inside the store, the pickup area was somewhat chaotic. There’s no line, just a bunch of ppl hovering around the pickup area, and some people waiting patiently on one the “wait here” floor stickers. So what should I do? Well, had I known the status of my order, I at least could make an educated decision to either wait on one of the floor dots, or hustle my way up to the counter to ask for my order. I am not a confrontational person so having to do anything to even appear to be “cutting the wait line” is never something I want to do. But in this experience at the store, I was faced with having to make that decision because I was completely in the dark about whether my order was ready to pick up or not. If the status of an order is indeed available in the app, then please make it more user friendly, and obvious, to get to.

App update lost some helpful features. The mobile app is so useful, however, the last update seemed to have gotten rid of some features I found helpful. For one, I don’t like that now when you go Into the history, it no longer shows the date and time of your purchase, so if you need to take a screenshot of your “receipt” it does not include the complete purchase info, which renders it less useful. It shows a receipt number, which is not useful to me, and it is inconvenient to have to screenshot both the history list AND the purchase itself. Why did you get rid of this? Why fix what wasn’t broken? Also, you have removed the date info for the Starbucks cards. It was helpful to have the info on the start dates of my cards to differentiate the cards, especially the similar ones. It used to have that info before. It also is frustrating when the app does not let you choose the store you want and sometimes suggests some faraway store. It would be helpful if it also told you reasons why you are unable to use the app - ie, store shut off mobile orders, store is closing, etc. Otherwise, you think it’s your phone or app and you waste a lot of time. I also would like that the app kept the history details for the “free” items, because just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you don’t want to record WHAT you had. But, for the most part, I like using the app.

APP LACKS CUSTOMIZATION. The app lacks a lot in Customization of drinks. Because my husband is doing Keto and is Diabetic, he needs to avoid Sugar and Milk. He would like to order a Hot Chocolate made primarily with Water & an extra splash of Heavy Cream, and Skinny Mocha Syrup. He can customize with several kinds of Milks, but there is no place to have it mostly made with Water with a extra splash of Heavy Cream. Even though Water is not Milk, couldn’t you add water into that section, so he can make this drink fit Keto? Also, it would be nice to be able to order a Cold Chocolate with ice, Water, extra splash of Heavy Cream, and Mocha, but there is no way to do that either. You recently discontinued the Skinny Mocha Syrup, which worked much better with Keto and Diabetes than your regular sugared Mocha Syrup. Please, consider putting this back on the menu. Also, since Pumpkin Spice is so popular, it would be nice to have a sugar free Pumpkin Spice syrup option. Please don’t forget about your Diabetic customers who need to avoid sugar, and your Keto customers who want to avoid milk.

Frequent customer. I come to Starbucks multiple times a week, and it seems their service is going downhill. Every time I come there they are out of straw. This happened for 2 weeks straight even though they get truck deliveries weekly when I visit. They always seem to be understaffed and the wait times is ridiculous. Even when using the order ahead I’ve had to wait 40 mins even though my pick up time was 8:21 am and I order right at 8:00 A.M. That was the day they gave out free holiday cups with a purchase, and I was told I could not have one because it only applied to their select holiday drinks which was not mentioned in the message I received in the app or email as I am a Star Rewards customer as well. I was also given my breakfast sandwich cold even when I checked in early I was told my order was not ready by the manger. My sandwich sat out the whole time on the counter while I waited 40 mins for my order and instead of giving me a hot one I was told to take the cold one. Their prices have also increased tremendously. My favorite breakfast sandwich is now nearly $6. I am not sure what is going on with their management and staffing, but they need some major improvements in both or I will start going elsewhere.

Does what it says. There’s not too much to say about the Starbucks app. It does what it is designed to do, and it does it fairly well. Other than the fact it says I joined their rewards program in 2019 (my gold card says “member since 2012” on it, and I opened my account a few years prior to that) there aren’t any significant issues that I’ve noticed. The app helps locate stores (so does any Maps app), you can order easily enough in the app, you can customize and save favorite drinks, manage your Starbucks card(s), view and use rewards, etcetera. It’s difficult to say much about the experience except “does what it says it does, doesn’t ‘wow’ but it doesn’t need to, gets the job done.” That may not be the most stellar review, but not every app can be amazing — perhaps it’s slightly refreshing that the Starbucks app doesn’t try to be, it simply exists and fulfills a purpose. If you go to Starbucks enough to make the space on your device worth it, get this app. Open a free rewards account. Use a Starbucks card to order. If not? Unless you’re hoping to start a new hobby that takes time out of your day and money out of your pocket, move along.

For a “fast convenient option” it’s neither fast nor convenient. As overs have mentioned in comments, while the idea of the app and ordering ahead seems logical, the execution is beyond sub par. Time estimates are always incorrect, that’s if you’re allowed to place an order. Unfortunately on multiple occasions I will place an order at a store, only to find out after I’ve put my order together, that said store is no longer accepting app orders “but you’re welcome to come place your order in person with a barista” - great, thanks. Would have been great to know prior to putting in 10 drink orders. It also does this when they’re out of an item, it allows you to complete the item and add it to the order, yet when you finally go to checkout they inform you they are out of that item - again would have been great to know prior to selecting customization options. I’ve also had it tell me they out of items, only to go to the location and find out they’re in fact NOT sold out. I could go on and on with I mother issues I’ve experienced with options or slow response times, but I’m pretty fed up as it is and am trying to get familiar with local shops instead since Starbucks cant offer consistency any longer.

Preorder. This is the second time in 2 weeks time was wasted doing a app preorder. 2 weeks ago I ordered only to get there and the door was locked. After getting back in my car I watched other people stabd at the door and and employee brought them their app order. At this point i was sandwiched between cars and had to wait in he long drove through line. I get last minute changes as I was informed they had just turned off their pre order. But either wait until mobile orders are picked up before locking the door or designate and employee to bring them out as to not just serve certain customers. Waiting in the long line just defeats the purpose of the mobile order. May as well just order at the window since I have to go through it. Today I place another order. Get there and again cant get it. Another very lengthy line. I had to just call and have my order cancelled as I did not have the extra time to sit and wait and get my “cold” order. The same applies here. Just trun off the mobile order as having to wait in th line again defeats its purpose. If people knew they had to wait in the line such as the length of starbucks they would probably accommodate their time to do so. Very frustrated as I just reloaded my card to realize now that I would rather not spend the money here.

It’s just a great app. As someone who doesn’t drink coffee and only goes every now and again, I find the Starbucks app extremely useful. I think the thing I use it for the most is to check whether a location has what I want to get, which is great because then I don’t go to one that’s out of everything. Design and UI wise, obviously fitting the brand to a T, the UI has gotten increasingly better as it’s been updated. The use of imagery, cards, and a whole bunch of other trendy design tricks is executed honestly perfectly. The interaction is almost seem-less from when you start an order to when you pick it up. Sure there’s small things I would move here and there, or making the games that come around every season integrated into the app rather than being a buggy flash game. Overall it’s an app that gets the job done in style. If you’ve never been to Starbucks it’s a great introduction to the menu and all their items. And if you go constantly, you probably already have it because of the points system. There’s no such thing to me as a perfect product but this does come very close to what could be exactly that.

You really need to fix these issues, Starbucks. There have been countless times where I’ve placed an order and when I get to the store, they couldn’t make it for one reason or another. You need to provide us with an option to refund the order from the app. Sometimes I don’t want to order something different - I’d rather get nothing but because I already paid for it, I have to choose something else. This evening we tried to order a decaf drink and for whatever reason they couldn’t make it so we ordered a refresher. I asked the barista if there was a price difference and her response was “don’t worry about it-it’s ok”. When we got home I looked at the prices of each drink and it’s over a dollar difference in favor of Starbucks. At this point, I’m sure I’ve lost out on at least $30… I’ve tried to get refunded a few times and each time the barista isn’t able to refund and tells me to contact corporate. Are you kidding me?? I don’t have time for that! Another thing that has happened countless times, is when I’m a day or two away from earning a reward and then my local Starbucks can’t process ordering ahead and my schedule normally doesn’t allow time to go in to the store or wait in a 20-30 minute line. The convenience is great WHEN everything works like it’s supposed to. I’m a bit disenchanted until at least refunds can be done through the app.

it’s good but it could be better…. This app is good, it’s user friendly and comes in handy when i want to check if my store has the flavors/syrups or food i want. And i really like that the app tells me the calories… BUT There are a couple of things that could make the app 5 stars… The first thing I wish they would add is if when you customize a drink, the calorie content should update as you add or take away something to the drink (i.e. calorie content updating when you add an extra shot or extra pump of vanilla.) The second and last thing that I wish they could add is to allow you to view the menu in the app even if order ahead isn’t available. Unfortunately when a location turns off it’s order ahead option you can’t even view the menu which is frustrating because you don’t know if the location has what you want, so, you have to waste a trip to drive there to find out and if they don’t have it then you have to go to another starbucks. This whole frustration could be avoided if you could still view the available menu items at said location even though their order ahead is unavailable just adding the option to view only the menu. If they could add these things to the app it would be 5 stars!

Needs Update after Removing Clover®️ Machines. Update ✭ ✭ ✭ : Originally gave 5-stars but there needs to be an option to order pour-overs specifically. Since all remaining stores removed Clover machines, whenever I order my Featured Dark roast with shots after 11 am, 70% of the time, baristas don’t know that they need to do a pour-over. So I get there and they say they used pre-brewed Pikes or bitter medium roast from the container and I just spent a whopping $8 - $12 (dep on # of xtra shots) on a coffee I DIDN’T ORDER and they have to dump it and remake it as a pour-over, wasting their time, my time, coffee, etc. So please, there used to be an option to order, let’s say, Verona using the Clover®️ and I could add everything I wanted. But Clover’s are all gone now. So just replace that feature with us being able to select the roast we want as a pour-over so the baristas don’t get confused. It’s such a waste of time. Original Review ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ Very close to perfect app for my coffee habit. Love ordering ahead or even in the store ordering from app. I feel like there were one or two things I would have suggested changing or adding but I can’t think of it right now :)

Love the app, but tired of all my fave drinks being taken away!!. Love the app and the service for the most part is outstanding!! Just wonder how much longer I’m going to use the app, or go to Starbucks at all?! We used to visit Starbucks on a daily basis, now it’s maybe once a week, and sometimes not at all, and that’s just because my favorite drinks keep getting taken away!!!! It started a couple of summers ago with the cool lime refresher, which was my family’s year round all time favorite drink!! We tried to find another refresher, but none compared!!! There wasn’t another drink even close!! We switched to the hot citrus defender tea, and it’s gone!! We finally settled on white tea lemonade, and now that’s gone too??!! What gives?! What’s more basic than white tea?! We’re running out of things to drink!!! PLEASE bring back just ONE of our favorites!!! There are plenty of over sweet fruity drinks, cold drinks laden with coconut milk, but nothing anymore that’s just light and refreshing-cool lime, white tea lemonade. . . I can’t believe we are the only ones that crave something a little simpler and lighter. . .just tired of going and paying high prices for drinks I don’t really like. . .

Needs more options like unsweetened and sugar free. I wish I could like the app more. It’s great that everyone at the office can place their order and then one person pick it up. The issue is that in this day and age with so many people being diabetic and others doing Keto you sugar free or unsweetened options are severely lacking. For example chai tea has no sugars or carbs naturally. The chai “syrup” that is used in the chai drinks and fraps does. There needs to be an unsweetened option or an option in the app to have tea bags used instead. The same goes for the coconut milk and almond milk. There needs to be unsweetened options in the app. My office use to do Starbucks runs multiple times a week but we don’t anymore because too many people can’t place an order online through the app as sugar free, unsweetened, and Keto options are not readily available. If they want a chai latte they have to go in to order it and asked for it to be made with tea bags. Also need a way to report that the drink you ordered online, and picked up is wrong. This is another reason we stopped our Starbucks runs is that one person would pick up the orders for everyone and not know if something was wrong. I ordered a pink drink but what I got didn’t have any coconut milk in it. I took a picture of the drink, label, and order to prove it but couldn’t do anything about it while I was at work.

Super convenient app, just have some suggestions. Love this app but I have suggestions to change for the better. 1) When loading multiple gift cards, the amount doesn’t go into a “pool” of what you have on your account already. Pretty annoying honestly cuz there was a point where I had a dollar on one, 12 cents on another, and then money loaded already on my account. Had to scan 3 times because of this. Not a major inconvenience but I just feel like this could be betters. 2) Along the lines of that same issue, now I can’t edit those gift cards that I’ve used up to delete them so I have about 8 cards with no money on them. Once again just an annoyance I have since I use this app all the time. 3) Ya’ll took away the week to use the reward for your birthday down to 24 hrs. Also you have limited to being able to use any rewards to Starbucks specified locations. I use the Starbucks that happens to be at the Marriott in SLC since it’s right next to my school. Would be way nice if I could claim my rewards at that location since I spend majority of my money there and happens to be my most convenient location.

Okay but not perfect. I love mobile ordering. I love that I can place an order from home, have it ready by the time I reach the store, and leave with minimal exposure. I'm mildly annoyed by how the app intentionally hinders itself when you don't share your location. I'm an adult, I know how to choose where I want to pick up from, and I don't need you to patronizingly tell me, "are you sure you want to order? Looks like you're too far away from the store!" Shoo, Big Brother. I really love and really appreciate that Starbucks is going the extra mile by closing stores to sanitize everything to the nines after reported COVID cases. Can you guys take a suggestion, though? Is it possible to mark stores that are closed on the app? To me, closing off mobile ordering and giving a message that "a barista here will be willing to take your order in person" means to me that the store is still open. I've TWICE now driven all the way to Starbucks only to find the location closed at 7 or 8 in the morning. Meanwhile the hours on the app, the website, and the oft-neglected location Facebook show that it's currently "open". Please please please, I'm begging, please make it so that the app can be a real-time reflection of stores that are *actually* open.

Muir Station Martinez Ca.. Hello: I have been doing she’s a Martinez Muir station Starbucks for a majority of my adult life this is by far my favorite Starbucks. I can’t say this about every merchant I’ve been to but for some reason this Starbucks has the best stuff from morning to evening. I go in there first thing in the morning; all of the morning people are so pleasant friendly, caring, giving, and wonderful. Not once has anyone ever been rude to me my husband or my son. The evening people they are all just as wonderful as we all know in retail or any other type of business all the strong people usually work in the morning but for this place the evening people are just as wonderful I have never had a bad encounter with anyone from the Starbucks. That says a lot because the type of work they do they’re in countering all types of people through this pandemic and it can take a toll on you. If I had money to give each and everyone of them a gift I would but letting them know that I appreciate them all very much. I just want to thank them for taking care of me, my husband, and my son. Kaye, Calvin & Calvin Jr.

Pretty good, however.... Pretty good app overall however these past few days I am not able to see my gold account star count at all and rewards accrued anymore for some reason and I’ve been all over the app to try to find it. Already tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but no luck. Once this if fixed I will gladly change my star rating. Also another quick suggestion would be, as of late in my case (and I’m sure I’m not the only one), I’ve noticed that stores sell out of certain items faster so when you mobile order something sometimes you get to the store to pick up and they’re out and most of the time they don’t even ask you what else more you may want until you ask them about it. Yes, I get most stores are insanely packed and baristas are overwhelmed but to avoid this issue and also help the barista then perhaps the app should give you an alternate food option in case what you ordered food wise sells out during the mobile order process so then that way the barista doesn’t have to wait until you arrive for your order to ask you what else you may want and try to keep track of something like that while customers keep rolling in, again just a friendly suggestion.

Inconsiderate controls. Starbucks really was not thinking when they designed this particular application on the scan function. You need to redo it-Individuals should absolutely retain control of how bright a screen can be made and yet the Starbucks application automatically takes it all the way up to 100% anytime you touch the Scan button. This is particularly uncomfortable if you are looking at your application and you hit that button and you happen to have a light sensitive disorder- this is agony. I realize why Starbucks did this -so that it’s easier to scan it in store- but there was no actual *reason* to do it. Every person who owns a smart phone should know at this point how to raise the brightness on their own. In addition, earning stars is not consistent. I ordered a latte every day of the week and have managed to never get 80 stars when they run that particular promotion because there is some sort of a glitch there. I doubt I’ll continue using the application after this simply because stars are too hard to gain. As I’ve had a scan on the application every time because it’s taking the money out of the Starbucks account to pay for it, there ought to be the expected Stars for it too.

Recent woes with the app. Starting with the positive, I love the rewards program and the free item notification visible when I open the app. I love mobile ordering and the ability to identify the closest location when I'm ready to submit an order. The woes begin here. Recently I attempt to put in a mobile order and get a message that the store I have selected is out of stock on the items I have chosen so I walk in and order the exact items it said were not available at that store. Today I got a message that this store could not accept mobile orders and walked in to ask why and they said they had been getting them even in the prior few minutes but many people complain about the mobile ordering not working right. Then it looks fine but when I get to the register and click on the pay button it just sits there. I have money on the app but cannot access it and have to return to my car for cash. So frustrated with the app right now. Further, if you want any customization to the order it is definitely not easy or intuitive. Keep working at it developers. We love the concept but the experience leaves something to be desired.

App is useful but not perfect. There’s tons of great things about the app but I’ll just say why I gave it a 4. Most of us are using the app because we want to grab and go. With that being said, it would be nice if the store information was updated more frequently. I ordered from the app because the store had drive thru pickup and in store pick up. I never do drive thru pick up because it is always so crowded, hence why I use the app. At this particular store, both options were available but when arriving there was a sign at the door saying in store was closed and to pick up mobile orders at drive thru. This pretty much makes the app useless. Please update info for store because I can always go to a different Starbucks to pickup my order. There also needs to be another method for mobile pickup. When arriving to pickup order, you have to wait for a barista to go to that area to be noticed, sometimes waiting for awhile. It’s not there fault at all, but I think there needs to be an efficient way to do this. I notice that when I mobile order ahead of time, the customers that order inside the store get their drinks first. Not sure how that adds up. The app is great though but it’s useless if some of these inefficiencies continue.

Love the app though please update options. I love and live through this app though now that my daughter is into trying different drinks I find the app challenging to customize an order or when Starbucks is out of one ingredient (every week) they make the entire drink not available to order. For example the strawberry açaí refresher we order without strawberries. The store we order in the morning is always showing this drink out of stock due to the dried strawberries though we don’t order it with the strawberry so then can’t use the app. Frustrating as then we skip the morning Starbucks run or have to wait in the long drive thru line staring at the sign that says download the Starbucks app for faster service. 😂 Our store also says they update to help with app users though sometimes the changes don’t occur on app so they don’t always match the store availability. Otherwise love Starbucks and grateful for all the baristas who have met the challenge to work through this pandemic with a smile!

I like the app but I’d change a few things. I think the app is great. I love that you can order ahead and view what is available at each Starbucks. However, sometimes the order ahead feature isn’t available at times for certain Starbucks. Which is fine, that’s not what the issue is. The issue lies in that when order ahead isn’t available, I’m not able to view what is available at that Starbucks before going there to order, and I’d like to know before going there if they’re out of something I plan on ordering. Another thing is you’re not able to see how much an item costs before adding it to your order. And you can’t add an item to your order if order ahead is not available or if the store is closed. This is a bit annoying because sometimes I want to see how much a drink costs but order ahead isn’t available or the store is closed. Maybe add the prices of the items in their description or let us add things to an order but stop us before checking out if the store is closed. Another thing I don’t like is that I can only reload $10 to the card at a time. I would prefer to add less if possible.

Technical difficulties in the app. It’s frustrating when the app isn’t working properly. I ordered a drink and used 200 stars, then I realized I forgot to order an item so I went back into the app to order it. I had 203 stars leftover after my 1st order, which was just enough for another drink. However, just as I tried submitting the order I got an error message and my order never went through. Now I’m out 200 stars but, I didn’t get to use them! Between the time and money it takes to earn and build up enough stars, (for something I can actually use), is frustrating enough as it is. It’s a Huge disappointment when your stars disappear but you didn’t even get to use them. I even showed the barista my app, (I kept it on the “error” message so she could see that I definitely had the stars and so she could clearly see the error message) but she either wasn’t listening or she just didn’t care- like whatsoever. Or, maybe she thought I was trying to get one over on her?? It definitely felt as though she was questioning my integrity, which I didn’t appreciate in the least bit. I don’t know if she realizes this or not but to question a customer in such a way is very demeaning to my character and was certainly degrading, uncalled for and quite unnecessary- to say the very least.

App Failure. For an app that’s supposed to facilitate your business and encourage purchases of your product this is an abject failure. I only drink coffee occasionally but over the years I’ve always liked Starbucks. A pick up and go location opened up right near me and I finally got the app to make use of their order ahead feature. It would save me time and I expected I would give you a lot of business. But the app literally does not let me order. It will log an order if I order in the store but not let me order ahead even though the location and app are specifically designed to do so. It just says “Order ahead not available” in a little black letters inside a pale yellow bubble just above the name of the location. It says that at all the locations I look up. Even though I’ve then physically gone to those locations and they don’t know why it says that because they are taking those orders. So I ordered in the store. I did that twice. The second time even the in app Starbucks card loaded with money didn’t work properly and I had to pay with cash. I have the most recent version. I deleted and redownloaded. I contacted Starbucks through your help contact link and you never got back. Real breakdown of customer service. Going to take my money elsewhere.

Starbucks app and rewards program .. I love the app for most part but it gets frozen or does not always update the purchase at times. Bonus reward is great for most part, only I feel I don't get offers based on my purchase but they want to sell. I have never received any offers to purchase teavana teas which is what I buy most often . I also buy other beverages such as latte, cappuccinos and frappes. I have not gotten any offers for that also . I don't like the fact some offer are time constraint related especially if it before 11am or between 11am to 2 pm. Due to work not possible to get starsbucks between that time or even stop over at one in morning if running late. Also they keep sending me the same offers over and over again of which I don't care of which combo of warm sandwich , protein box and a breakfast sandwich. If I don't use a offer , I don't receive a offer next week so I don't get bonus stars for two weeks. I love to receive the offers based on what I buy , bakery items only offers, teavana teas only offers and breakfast sandwichs only offer and also any purchase offers are good too. I can also deal with any bevearage purchase offers also.

Reloading the Card Needs to be Optional. I would actually choose Starbucks so much more frequently if I was able to pay the total amount of my order instead of having to reload a minimum of $10 every time I order. Which I didn’t even know it was $10, I thought it was $15 because the lowest minimum of $10 isn’t the prompted amount. I want to be able to pay my order total- not give you my money like an ATM at a bank so you can use it at your free will until or if I ever order again. There’s no reason we should not be able to do pay as you go! Every Starbucks near my house and my job are high volume. I have to order on the app to ensure I won’t be late- regardless of how early or how much time I have. Wait time estimations are unreliable, using the app is so much faster and easier, however, I very rarely do because of the lack of pay as you go feature. I almost always choose competitors such as local shops, convenience stores, or Dunkin Donuts because I know I can be in and out of these places, unlike Starbucks. Ive ordered in Starbucks and waited on average 10 mins every time and that doesn’t even include the very busy days. You are taking away an added convenience and because of it losing potential sales!

Works great on iPhone but not on Apple Watch. The app is exceptional at what it advertises to do. I’ve been using it for years and it doesn’t give issues often, at least not often enough to remember. The watch counterpart needs a lot of work though and it saddens me because I like what the Watch app is setting out to do. The problem is the Watch doesn’t accurately update its information regarding your balance in your card or you star total on your rewards. It appears to rely on your phone to do that, so you need to open your phone app to have the Watch refresh and update its info—which defeats the purpose of the Watch! If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s bloody slow at updating as well which makes the experience more cumbersome. Overall, I love the idea of the Watch being able to do everything, from paying with it, to updating its information, reloading from right there, to even having the complication in your watch face to see how your rewards are doing and your balance. I’m still giving it four stars because the iPhone version works great and for most that’s enough but it’s still sad that the other version seems to be ignored from the devs.

Amazing And Easy. I order on here very often and have for most of the Summer and it is so easy. You just order from the app and then pick up at the Starbucks near you. You don’t have to wait in line to order and instead get a separate line which moves quickly because everyone is picking up. I absolutely love Starbucks and I am obsessed with their refreshers and frappucinos. Overall, the app was well thought out and if something isn’t available I’ve learned all you do is call the store and ask if they have it and they’ll make it available on the app quick. I love the experience and the stars you earn. I end up having enough stars for a breakfast from the bakery the next time I get Starbucks. Thank you for doing such an amazing job and I plan on continuing to go to Starbucks in the future. Please don’t hate on the app. I haven’t had a bad experience and I’m convinced most of you are trolls. I hope this gets to Starbucks customer service because I truly do love the app and Starbucks as a whole. I can’t thank you enough for the quick and easy drinks almost every morning this past Summer!!! Five stars and absolutely amazing!!!

Update fixed nothing. I had high hopes that Starbucks would fix their mistakes when this update came out, but I was disappointed. The layout is still horrible. I dislike that the photos of items are huge, but the area you have to touch to choose an item is tiny. Then, when you touch it, there is a significant lag, where you can’t tell if the item is added, and the only indication is a tiny number on the bottom right. To add a second item you have to notice the tiny x at the top right and touch it. Then there are too many redundant acknowledgements when ordering. One out of ever four times I mobile order, I end up waiting a long time and finally asking about my order, only to find out the long pause before the final acknowledgement combined with the fact the final ack button is a black bar at the bottom, causes me to fail to order. Really, agreeing to pay should be the last thing I have to do. The app even has my GPS location so it knows I went to the store and waited 12 mins while it refused to send in my order because it is afraid I might go to the wrong store.

Mobile order took extremely long. I purposely sent in a mobile order so I didn’t have to wait long for my drink once I got to the store. I put the order through at 10:56 as my sticker said. It said my order would be ready approximately at 11:04, and I got there at 11:08 and it still wasn’t ready. People on line were getting their drinks, other mobile orders were being put out, drinks that came through AFTER my order was put through because I looked at the stickers to see the times. I didn’t end up getting my drink handed to me until 11:18 which is almost 25 minutes after I put my order through, which is completely unacceptable. The purpose of putting the mobile order through was so I didn’t have to wait long for my drink. I might as well have just gone in and put the order through. I feel like I never win-I end up waiting a long time for my order in store because all these mobile orders are taking precedence and then when I finally do a mobile order, I have to wait even longer. I understand there’s a system in place that needs to be followed, and normally I don’t put reviews through, but what took place isn’t right. If mobile orders take precedence, why did I have to wait as long as I did for mine? Extremely disappointed at what happened.

Palisades Mall. Me and my family travel just to Palisades Mall to shop and watch a movie. Starbucks used to have a store in the mall which was Amazing. Coming from working so much to having a family day. All I want is a coffee from Starbucks. Now since they closed this one down the only one they have available is the one in the Target. You are not allowed to pre order and when you get there to order they only have 2 to 3 people on staff. The only 2 times I have went to that Starbucks I had to wait at least 40 minutes just to place my coffee order. Just standing there in line I witnessed at least 10 customers walk away due to the long wait and getting frustrated. If you were planning to close the main Starbucks then what you should have done was make sure you have extra staff at the Target Starbucks. It makes no sense to close one location and push everyone to order from the other one and you don’t give them enough staff to get the job done. You can look at my account and see how much coffee I drink from Starbucks and I tell you this due to the wait time and aggravation I will NOT be ordering from this location any longer. I guess I will have to go to Dunkin Donuts to get my coffee like everyone else that got disgusted by the situation.

NEEDS UPDATES. I’ve been using the Starbucks app going on 4 years now. The app is showing some major glitches as of late. Twice in the past two weeks have I not received my mobile order because the app randomly “auto selects” a different option and then even after I reselect the correct option it will then for a second time reselect the WRONG option. Unaware of this I don’t notice and as a result don’t receive my order. Per example it continually selects an old store I haven’t ordered from in months, I will change it to my current store and again without me noticing it will auto select the previous store. I then find out when I get to the correct store and my order wasn’t placed. Today the app “auto selected” an old seasonal gift card rather than my gold card that I use daily to order with. It showed the picture of my gold card when I placed my order but the last four numbers were different, the picture just hadn’t changed. So when I arrived to pick up my order I open the app to see it yet again had not placed my order. The Starbucks store teams and customer service are always gracious and fix the issue which I greatly appreciate! However this is unacceptable that the Mobile App can not deliver the same results and continually cause failed orders.

Worst App Ever. I would give it zero stars if I could. I tried to add a giftcard for a friend to order online since she didn’t have the app. It took us 20 minutes to figure out how to get the card on because it forces you to create an account just to use a giftcard. After finally loading the card it would not let me load it without putting my debit card in. So I did, then it decided to pull $25 from my account and gave no option to undo it, or notification of what it was doing. It was completely unclear on the fact that it was going to do so. The app is difficult to navigate and is basically a money trap. I tried to take her giftcard off so it didn’t accidentally get used and it ended up just transferring it to a different card on the app and taking the money off of her card. Don’t waste your time. It will steal your money. Edit: now I’m trying to change my email and password and there’s no option to. When I looked it up there’s only something saying to click on “my account” then “settings”. Neither of those are available options. So now I’m stuck with my friends account on my phone because she mistyped her email address and she can’t change it or log in. You would think for being from such a big company they would have an app that actually works.

Lifelong customer, sbux shareholder, just deleted this app. Another update: reinstalled. Better. Another forced update while in line isn't cool. Grrr. Update: gave it another try. Forcing me to update a bloated 140mb app while in line at a store is super lame and doesn't make anything run smoothly. Old app review: This bloated app has been lying unused for the past several months because it does nothing useful...eventually I turned off all notifications and location services because it kept bugging me to please pay attention to it, like a snotty kid at a grown up dinner party. Even so, it consumed 140mb of cell data in my last billing cycle...what the heck is it doing, anyway? Checked battery use and it was using about 5% of my battery over the last week. For what? I didn't use it, so maybe that means don't run in the background. I just saw it has 12 new notifications for me. About what? Nothing I care about. Just more corporate hype and self congratulatory onanistic marketing copy. I don't need that or the bloatware to order my six shots on ice. Also, the quid pro quo involved in this relationship is seriously unfair. I get 5% off my coffee, you get to know everything about me even when I am not drinking coffee? People are catching on to this and it doesn't flatter the sbux bottom line. Edit: after deleting it, the cursed thing somehow reinstalled itself, uninvited, step will be to engage the services of an app exorcist. Good times.

One suggestion. This app is mostly useful - I just have one suggestion that I think would help your employees out: only allow orders to be placed in the parts of the store that are currently open (inside vs drive thru) & indicate those hours in the app. My local Starbucks keeps the drive thru open later than the inside of the store (which is fine). However, this is not indicated on the app, which still allows you to place orders for in-store pickup after the store has closed. Because of this, I mistakenly placed an order for the inside of the store and walked over to the Starbucks after the inside had closed to get my drink. The workers were kind enough to see me awkwardly standing outside and unlock the door, and they told me only the drive through was open, but I don’t have a car because I walked (this is a very walkable area). They kindly brought my drink out to me. As I was leaving, I saw another customer show up in the same situation. He had walked to the store which seems open per the mobile app; they explained to him the hours, and let him wait inside while they made his drink. I felt bad for the workers because they kept having to delay closing the inside because of this misunderstanding. Other than that the app is really great :)

iOS 16 Live Activities functionality. This apps just works perfectly fine for me, and I have encountered almost no problems at all so far; works as intended. I’m currently use the mobile app for pick up ordering very often, but that’s where I feel the app have been missing something very useful in my opinion. iOS 16 just came out a few months ago, and when I found out about it, the only thing that got my attention was the Live Activities feature. In my opinion I think this feature would perhaps work very good with mobile ordering. Especially since there has been other food delivery apps that had been now slowly integrating this feature, I would like to also see it very soon on the Starbucks app, because to me it seems like a very useful tool in some ways. But other than that, I’m am giving this a 5 star review because like I said, I have no problem whatsoever, but with that in mind, the only thing I think could make this app a little better is that experience with the new Live activities feature.

Removed drive-through symbol on map for stores.. When they forced the update on this app, all the stores that had a drive-through now no longer have the car symbol to indicate it has a drive-through. You must now while driving, tap filter, tap drive-through, tap show stores before it will show you only the stores that have drive-through‘s. They took a fully functioning app and made it into a “I’m going to get into a car accident “app. They also made it so that it shows you all your previous stores while looking at the map. No matter how far away those stores are. How about showing me the closest stores since that’s where I’m located. If you want to see the closest stores, you have to scroll at which point the map is no longer visible. They took a fully functioning app and managed to completely screw up the user interface to make it where I would rather just pull into any other coffee shop I see with a drive-through rather than find a Starbucks. This has to be one of the dumbest updates to an app I have ever seen. They basically make it so you cannot find stores.

No complaints!. Let’s not dwell on all the perks I missed out on before I downloaded the app…BECAUSE ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT WE’RE HERE NOW!! Currently, I can’t think of any suggestions that could enhance our current experience within the StarBucks App (which is a great lol). I personally like how easy to use it is! One of my favorites is how you can view your past orders - you know. When your friend puts you on to some new crazy special drink and you can’t remember what it is? Yeah…me too! Being able to go back and look is super helpful especially because my sister is VERY specific about how she likes her drink lol. You can favorite your drinks with ur customizations which makes ordering again a lot easier! Browsing the menu is always clean, interactive and user friendly imo! Plusssss I love seeing messages on deals (bogo drinks for example) that I might’ve missed because let be honest… ya girl does not check her emails like she should BUT the app reminds me I haven’t missed a beat! And lastly I appreciate seeing the diversity of the lovely staff at my local Starbucks! It really makes me happy! Thank you Starbucks!

Favorite mobile ordering app!!. Mobile ordering is such a frustrating & confusing experience with most establishments, but the Starbucks app is my all time favorite!! Not only is the app easy to navigate, the options are almost as endless as if you were ordering in person. You can easily rack up rewards from ordering or scanning your purchase from the app. They also have special offers and games for stars/free rewards without any purchase whatsoever. If you have a regular order like I do, they sometimes save it for easy access on the first page you open the app to. I also load money onto gift cards through the app for double stars, and it automatically selects the gift card I use for me at checkout. The staff is so quick to make my order as well. They could have cars wrapped around the building, and I would go inside to pick mine up a minute after ordering through the app & get it immediately. Whether you like coffee or tea or even just cake pops, it’s definitely worth a download!!

Emerson,GA STARBUCKS location. I was visiting my local Starbucks as I do every day this morning. The Lake pointe/Emerson, Georgia Starbucks. Location has to be one of my favorites. Whoever put this team together hit a home run. It was a very busy morning as it is most mornings and I marveled at how all of the employees were scurrying about doing their jobs and stopping to help others just with simple little task in between their own task. I counted eight employees at one time just moving about taking care of business. It was refreshing to see an attitude that is “let’s get done whatever needs to get done” instead of “it’s not my job.” This fine group of people have a great thing going and I really do appreciate them. They are always very purposeful in greeting everyone as they come through the door and in addition, bidding them a good day as they leave. Most Starbucks that I visit are very efficient, but this store is far and above the others, when it comes to the personal touches and great service. I have yet to meet an employee at this location that is not personable and very kind and genuine. Please give a big thank you to my local Starbucks family. They are all doing a great job and I hope they do realize they make a difference in people’s day. John Read

Love the app but most stores are slow to make your mobile order!. The app is almost perfect. I wish you can customize the mobile orders a little more like put someone else’s name on it when you order for someone else. But that’s not my big gripe and why it only gets 3 stars. There are two reasons. First of all, one less start is due to store locater being slow half the time unless it happens to be your store that you note as a favorite. The 2nd reason, and it’s a big reason, is that most stores are now very slow to process your mobile order. I can expect 5-10 more minutes on top of what they estimate for you. A lot of them just say they have many drinks. Well the system should have factored that in. If you give estimated times then factor in how many drinks just got into the system. I do think many stores just don’t pay attention to the mobile orders as much. I literally see them pull the labels out for those who are at the stores ordering and let the other machine that has the mobile order sit there longer. Starbucks: If you want more people to use mobile order then have your baristas pay attention to the mobile order labels being printed. Those are your most loyal customers and don’t want to wait 10-15 minutes for their drink to be made. It defeats the whole purpose of having mobile orders!

Don’t use it for your business Expenses...It Does not keep the receipts. If you moved to the app to keep track of your receipts for business expense then it should be made clear that they do not store more than 90days in history. I lost out in hundreds of dollars of my personal money that I no longer have access to receipts cycled out of this app. I recharged my card with my personal money. Purchased my breakfasts, lunches, snacks from my frequent business trips thinking that the receipts would still be here. NOPE. Customer Service can’t retrieve them. They can see that I’ve regularly recharged my card so know how much of my money that has gone to their company. So Starbucks is fine with taking my money, just not enabling me to access my complete receipt history so I can get it back from my company. Companies don’t reimburse you on the money you add to your Starbucks app. All Customer Service is empowered to do is offer me $40 for the inconvenience. I spent HUNDREDS of dollars over the past year that I am unable to be reimbursed on and you offer me this as a solution? Data Analytics in this day and age should have a clear accounting for where my money goes once I’ve put it in this app & that accounting should be accessible. That is an acceptable solution. Not $40 credit for the inconvenience of not being Account completely to where your money went.

Glitchy login - don’t bother with this app. For the past several months, this app keeps asking me to login to top up my balance. Sometimes it accepts my fingerprint but then it forgets and requires me to login from scratch. Fine. I have fingers. I can type in a password. Nope. Not that easy. The App then won’t recognize my password. I reset the password. It won’t recognize the new password. I go back to try to reset again using the new password. I get told I can’t reset with that because it is a prior password (no kidding, it is my current password but your app won’t recognize it). I have tried copy and pasting. I have tried using a keychain app to entire the password automatically. I have tried having other people type it in for me. I have tried typing it in myself for the tenth time and then clicking reveal to make sure it is correct before hitting submit. Nada. I then give up and avoid Starbucks because I don’t need this drama in my life. Then, in a few weeks, like always, the app will magically decide I had the correct password all along and operate smoothly with my fingerprint for a week or so. Hooray. But not so fast. After those few weeks are up, we fall back down the bloody rabbit hole. It will ask me for my password again, say it is wrong, and this entire saga will repeat. No coffee shop is worth this level of aggravation.

Anissa Loves Starbucks ⭐️☀️🌞😇. Throughout the years, I have been a customer since 2005.. I have met such beautiful people, that had a smile that shined. I have had cups drawn on with special saying. “ like Caterpillar‘s, and butterfly’s. With specials sayings. Even wrote my name, by special sayings to me.”. I’ve grown to be apart of your family.. I have even had tears, by the window. To where I felt they were family. I have gave a lot of special things. “Rocks, cards, and a smile 😊, I even was a customer of the month.” I am a domestic abuse survivor, and survived cancer..We all have been through different walks of life. Little things brought happiness. I felt always special at times.. My grandsons and I go through a lot too. They are even getting to know drinks, and always have smiles.. Just wanted to share little things in Life. At times it’s expensive, but know it’s always a memory with grandsons and family and friends. Thank u 😊 ⭐️Starbucks....♥️😇 I wanted to say, I have always went through Wausau Starbucks , off of 17th street. But moved to Neenah Wisconsin now.. but always go back to Wausau, where my family is.. thank u again Anissa Cleveland

Very lame app and poor costumer service over the phone. About two weeks ago ,I tried to create an account to enjoy the rewards ,well, its imposible. Why? I created ,then signing in ,nothing happen . Just ‘we’re sorry but we’re unable to log you in ,please try again’ . I got help over the line ,the agent was nice ,but even when he finally could create a password with my e-mail ,he never want to give it to me . Then , ill wait 24 hrs because they’re a system ‘has a problem’ okay ,let’s wait . 24 hrs goes by ,but no success trying the app or the website . A gentleman send me a gift card with 7 dollars (THANKS STARBUCKS) . Waiting the week to get the card ,registered online and enjoy the rewards ,everything that I mention before ,happens again. Is such a lame software at the website or app ,trying with iPhone 8 or galaxy s edge ,is the same . Creating another account with new e-mail ,the same . Is amazing how a company like Starbucks ,has a very poor app and nobody can tell you what’s going on . If people or companies create a platform who let costumers enjoy programs ,they should to give it maintenance. Worst is the people over the phone who doesn’t know about the website or the app. They won’t reset your account and you need to wait 24 hrs . Starbucks should have a kiosk like McDonald’s and make his service faster and easy. The app is a failure system along with the website ,PERIOD.

Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frap with 3 Affogatto shots. I love a venti caramel frap or caramel crunch frap with 3 affogatto shots, but every time I go to the drive thru in El Sobrante, CA they either blend them in or forget to put them in at all. I know what they look like since I buy them everyday from other locations & the same young lady tries to tell me they make them different & the shots drain down the center of the drink, that’s why it looks different, I looked at the bottom & tried to stir white the straw to get the dark espresso liquid to mix & it was real thick no dark liquid anywhere in the drink, it also looked like they put whip cream in the bottom poured the frap in & then added more whip, caramel & no crunch anywhere! I said they blended the shots by accident right? She said no your shots are in there & then closed the window & turned away! How rude & I will never go thru the drive thru there again! If I ever go back there at all! I’m thinking of not going to Starbucks anymore & switching to Peets instead. When you pay an extra $3 for your drink you should get it the way it is supposed to be. Every other locations this drink is done right so I know what it looks like! I spend $9 for my frap & over $200 a month to Starbucks just in drinks(not including the $50-$75 a month on food. You might not care how you treat your customers but I don’t have to spend $250-$275 a month with Starbucks to be dismissed by a rude employee.

Works 4 Me. Yeah there’s problems that happen, but nothing that can’t be fixed. Example (My fault): I accidentally ordered from an incorrect location. I was embarrassed but told the barista. All she did was ask to see my order and she fixed it. Example (Starbucks error): hey it happens, it’s a big company. I ordered my drink and picked it up & drove away. Not until I was a good ways I tasted my drink. Blah! It tasted of Mint. Sorry mint lovers, I just don’t like to eat or drink toothpaste flavored stuff. I called Starbucks number listed on the app and I was refunded via the app. Stuff happens but this app is helpful. I’d love to see more Starbucks games- I want to Win! The one thing I want- is to be able to order and buy a cup of water and/or just a cup of ice on the app. I also want to be able to order a drink from RESERVE Stores- it’s very frustrating trying to order multiple drinks and some are Reserve and the others “normal”. I have a shop near my business and I regularly order for my employees but we don’t have the time to wait for a Reserve drink. I was extremely disappointed with Starbucks when I went to the Chicago Roastery and told the entire store does not redeem Stars. My company goes once a year for a week to Chicago and we go to the location a lot while there. We should earn PLANETS there. That was very disappointing we see that location like our Disneyland.

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Starbucks, WHY are forcing update and NOT now supporting 12.5.5 IOS devices!!!?. To STARBUCKS:, As a very long time app user I am SO frustrated that you Starbucks, force me, a very long time customer to do an update that says is not available at all for my functional up to date 12.5.5 iOS device, only for 14.7 and later. Now I cannot access my app properly since you rendered it ineffective as the Starbucks update sign comes up over the app & hangs on starting nor can I add my gift cards as it hangs & won’t complete! Please don’t do this to users of older IOS products! It is only a few years old & works fine. Could you PLEASE tell us WHY you do this & FIX this issue for your long time previous LOYAL customers with 12.5.5 IOS’

Love tracking rewards. I just love being able to track all of my rewards and the games are fun when they have them.

No more mobile ordering. Ever since the last update I haven’t been able to mobile order at either of my regular stores. It’s very inconvenient. Please fix this quickly as I don’t always have time to wait 10-15 to get my coffee and breakfast sandwich before work.

Stopped working. It stopped working months ago. Keep getting system error message and can’t place orders. Looks like I’m not the only one. Fix it!!

Latest update. Since this update I am never able to order ahead. Just get the message that something happened and try again later!

Doesn’t work as well as it used to. Over the past two months I’ve noticed how frequently the app is unable to process a mobile order, with the following message: “Something went wrong on our end. Try later or choose another store” There are instances where I’ll select a different location and still have the same message pop-up too.

Stop the upcharge for non dairy milk. App barely works and the price gouging of this company is out of control.

not sure what happened all of suddenly they charge U.S money. when my account is Canada. Today I went to Starbucks to buy drink because double point system. When I bought drink and food. they Scan my Starbucks app and pay. they charged me U.S Money instead of Canadian money . When I live in Toronto. I was shocked. I am not sure. how many time they have been charged me U.S money. this time they show in the apps. I was little disappointed . I am not sure is apps fault or Starbucks system problems. first of all the apps won’t let me choose country or show . it is kind weird the ordered location is toronto. but they charged me U.S money. I have no clue why. i just found out after scanned my card from the apps. payment . i hope you guy able to fix it. please n thank you. the receipt doesn’t show U.S charged. but apps. show today. P.S now i pretty worried. how many times they have charged me U.S money from Starbucks apps or card. they just show me today what about other time I used before. what about time they didn’t show before. did they charge me U.S money . i still feel horrify after this Incidents.

Can’t use app in iPhone 6!. Can’t use app in iPhone 6. Why don’t you make the app compatible with older phones. Deleting my account shortly!

Maybe one day it will work.. The app works maybe 1 in 3 times I use it. Constantly crashing, unable to find locations to order from for mobile orders, and can’t add additional funds so I miss out on extra points. Today I’m unable to log into it and it tells me my password is wrong, but it works to log into the browser. These issues have been constant for months. Ridiculous.

Not able to download app. Hi. I can’t access the Starbucks app I don’t have IOS 14.7 I only have IOS 12.5.7 please help me

Support unions. Deleting the app because Starbucks has gone extremely anti-union and closed down multiple unionized Starbucks stores. I won’t be buying anything from here anymore.

Very poor update. I would give the app 5 stars but with the new update, it sucks. I can’t order ahead & it take a forever instead of just a walk in. Fix it please.

Problems ordering ahead. Always has a technical issue. Currently I can’t buy my drinks ahead but food I can!!!!

Please fix login problem. Can't login via app but website login is ok

Mobil order stopped working. Ever since the update last week I can’t Mobil order anymore to any store. I keep getting the same message. “Something went wrong on our end. Try another store or try later”. This has been happening for over a week. So frustrating. I’ve signed out and back in. I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it still doesn’t work. Please fix it.

Cards Are Buggy. Im experiencing an issue where the picture on my cards are not being displayed properly. The pictures are being cut short vertically and it’s been like this for a few months now.

New update... After the new update… my app stopped working, no ordering ahead on my hour+ commute meant not being able to pick up my treat/addiction of caffeine in the am or pm. So disappointed.

Why is my history in USD??. I live in Canada. I’ve never used my app in the US. Yesterday I happened to look at history… and everything is I. USD. WHY???

Seems to be broken. It was working great for a few years now. Recently the order ahead option has not been working for myself or my spouse.

Hot sauce. Please add hot sauce for egg bites. Not just ketchup as an option. Also make it easier to navigate tipping Otherwise all is good thanks

Wish I could give 0 stars. Unable to login to app Always errors

Was way better before September 2018 cross platform update. Please make it like an iOS app again. If I wanted to use a bad cross platform app, there are plenty out there. Why did you go for the terrible performance of a bloated cross platform app for a luxury coffee brand? Puzzled that Starbucks went this route to save bucks on development.

Stars on app. They changed the star system so you get half for the stars you earn. Not worth using anymore

Don’t do it. Starbucks an already expensive coffee shop has just recently increased their rates on rewards earnings. It now takes double the investment on your dollar to earn their rewards, it went from 50 stars earned to get a coffee to now 100, they doubled it, not worth it, try a small local coffee shop instead.

Pointless. Unless you’re constantly going to Starbucks? There is no point in having this app on your phone. Points expire pretty quickly and it’s not as user friendly as it used to be.

Not working. I can’t sign in into app in Turkey. I buying Starbucks coffee twice a day. Want to earn stars for bonus coffee but can’t. Upset.

Placing orders. I accidentally placed an order and you cannot cancel it !!! Starbucks just stole 20$ out of my pocket do not recommend

Union busting and lack of commitment to the environment. Seriously, union busting? Y’all haven’t had good vegan options for years (way behind other coffee shops) and now this. Bye!

Can’t order to any location in Ontario, Canada. For four days, the app has not allowed orders to any location around me. I have reported the issue and am surprised it’s still not working as other customers in lines have stated the same problem.

Nutrition Information Gone???. I would just like to know why the app no longer provides the user with the access to the nutritional information for Starbucks products, something that has been a feature in the past. We have the right to know what we are putting into our bodies.

Horrible business. Rewards now cost almost double the points they used to. For a billion dollar corporation whose margins constantly increase, this screams as nothing more than just another money-grab from a brand already known for exorbitantly priced products.

Yummy. I enjoy partaking in the human activity of consuming roasted bean water

Can’t login to app but can on website. Don’t download this app... I’ve tried multiple times. I can download the app no problem and sign in no problem on the website but cannot sign in on the app at all.. please fix this problem.

app not working for me. I’ve been trying to order coffee for the past few days in the morning before work but it keeps saying to ‘somethings up on our end’ and asks me to choose another store or ‘got it’ i choose another store and same thing. Please fix this issue asap cause i do not have time to be waiting inside for the coffee!!

Can’t login with Canadian Starbucks account. App does not allow me to use my Canadian Starbucks account. The login credentials are correct since they work with the web app at My iTunes account is set to the correct country. I suspect the app submitted to the app store is trying to login to the wrong region.

No Apple Pay for ordering. I still don’t understand why I can’t use Apple Pay to order stuff, but the app generally works well and if you’re part of the reward program, stars are awarded very quickly. The reward program has a perk for users with a certain bank, so if you are with that bank you can still get double stars without having to buy gift credit, which I suppose is a bit of an improvement

Do not download it if you are from Canada. I download the app and sign up starbucks for the first time in my life, i charged $20 in it and later realized i charged $20 USD instead and it can only be use at US, no option to refund or change it back to the right country, and why tf is US starbucks app doing at the Canadian App store?

A bug?. I’m all updated to the most recent update on IOS, but the app is not working. It says that there are no stores available and “We’re sorry, a system error has occurred. Please try again later.” I’m not sure what to do about that; I also can’t use my points or pay through the app. Other than that, prior to the issues, I loved it!

Stars. I love Starbucks but because it is quite expensive I can only allow myself 1-2 drinks per pay. By the time I would get any amount of stars built up to redeem they would be expired. Why do they have to expire??? If they could build up like every other store/reward program you would be getting 5 star ratings all around!

Grabage. Order ahead not available.. Order ahead not available at every store, even though there are a dozen orders ahead of me from order ahead. Fix it.

Not even able to log in in Canada. Says unable to log me in and try again EVERY SINGLE TIME. Just was never able to log in. I made several accounts using different emails all on and none of them worked on the app, but would work just fine on the website. Saw the same reviews about not being to use the app in Canada from like 3years ago and yet the problem persists till today which is just ridiculous. Worst app ever.

app not working. App used to work but doesn’t work now when you try to do pickup order. It keeps giving an error message. Please fix asap.

Cup 3/4 full. Bought two venti Lattes today, when I went in to pick them up l noticed the cups were 3/4 full. I opened the lids and the were not full. I mentioned to the young lady behind the counter and she said that’s the way they come. This is not the first time this has happened at this shop. For $6.00 a coffee l expect my cup full.

App not working. The Starbucks app is not searching nearby location and I usually order through the app

Signs me out and won’t recognize login. I’ve updated my password on the website but it won’t recognize it in the app. Whenever this happens it takes weeks to sort it. Then I stay logged in until it decides to randomly log me out, lock me out, and stop recognizing my very valid and current password. Aggravating. My money is in there.

Things aren’t working properly. I keep getting an error message saying “things aren’t working properly but we’re working to make things run smoothly soon” since the last update on Sept 7/2022 I can’t add funds to my card or pre-order. Will rate higher when it’s fixed and working as it should

App won’t let me sign in. There have been countless troubles with the app beginning today, up to and including not being able to sign in or use my stars, let alone the function of being able to order thru the app. It won’t allow you to even select a store to order from. Terrible — and I just won prizes from the Summer Game — now I can’t use any of my money loaded to the card, my stars or redeem/claim my prizes!

Nutrition Values Not Showing. The new version of the app is no longer showing the nutrition values. Now I have to search the nutrition values separately on another website which makes it less appealing to use the app.

New version won’t load to older iPhones. iPhone 6S is all I need but now the Starbucks app will not work leaving money and rewards sitting in no man’s land where I can’t access them when I walk into a store with my phone.

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50 More⭐️ to earn a Free Beverage ??!!👎🏻. Wow! didn't really see anything new in the recent update that wasn't already there ! except that you made us have to spend MORE to earn stars or rewards and a whole 50 additional stars to get a few beverage?NOT cool! i DO see however u listen to our feedback & started giving us our notifications back on our app vs making us have to check our emails to activate an offer ...I think...if you're going to raise the price on ur items plus the stars or rewards that much then at least offer more stars or rewards more often without making us have to go buy a specific drink & beverage within only 3 days...let it be ANY beverage of choice - give us a week as some of us travel & there's not a ⭐️$ on every corner & the ones in the resort charge wayyy too much! and .50 for a few chocolate sprinkles?!! I'll buy a bottle & keep in the car lol ....and please get the organic stevia as the one you currently have has unhealthy additives. same for coffee pesticides sprayed on it please ..more organic the coconut and almond milk so thanks for that !

Flawless App. Literally, there could not possibly be a more perfect app. It tells me when I'm near a Starbucks.. which is very necessary moving from the west coast to the east coast where they're not on every single corner anymore like I was used to. I get free drink rewards just by buying drinks that I love and was going to buy anyways. I can order online so when I'm running late for work I literally just run in & it's sitting ready for me on the counter (personally my favorite perk). I know when all my favorite drinks are back in season & on special. There are "games" I call them, that give you 3 menu items (which normally are things I regularly get anyways). if you buy these 3 things within a certain span of time you'll get 100 stars for. Every 125 stars I get a free drink or food item which accumulates very quick, especially if I'm on top of the games and offers for the week. ONLY thing I could say to "complain" if this is even a complaint... is I wish Starbucks offered bingo more often lol

My review on the Starbucks. My review on a Starbucks is attend because they’re always nice courteous they all seem to work together as a team to make their customers happy I really love the ideal that when you buy so many coffees then you can get one free I think that’s a great in Santa and I hope you keep that program going from now on I feel that all your employees do an excellent and professional job and I hope that they all get a respectable raise even when one Starbucks messed up my water I took it to a different Starbucks and they corrected it for me without charging me for it I think that’s great they can see I only drink a small amount and it wasn’t right so I didn’t drink all of it because I’m not looking for a free drink on somebody else’s expense but I do look forward to a free one out to you by so many because I feel I’ve earned it and sometimes when I don’t have the extra money get a free Starbucks thank you very much for taking the time to read my letter miss Hansen Brenda

Less Care, Rushed Drinks. I’ve noticed lately that drinks being made with a rushed demeanor instead of how baristas used to be trained...which was putting care and effort into making drinks. I live in an area (San Jose) where I am able to visit several different Starbucks throughout the week when I’m out and about. So, this review is not regarding one Starbucks in particular; I’ve seen a change in the quality of training baristas. For example, I have recently taken a like to the iced matcha green tea latte. No matter which Starbucks I’ve ordered that drink from in San Jose, the drink is made with too much ice, which fills up 3/4 of the cup when I’m done drinking the drink. I’ve requested light ice many a times. When I’ve done this, the drink isn’t filled up to the top. When I’ve questioned this concern to baristas, I’ve had different responses...from, “It’s due to the foam from being shaken” to “We aren’t allowed to fill the drink to the top.” This frustration has caused me to become bitter about ordering the drink I love and to stop ordering it. Hopefully better training on making drinks improves and customer service at the Starbucks sites improve.

Can’t use app for months now. I dont recall exactly which update it was, but since at least 2 months ago after one was done I just end up with a frozen screen. I will sometimes wait and it will eventually “load” but there are times ( such as right now) when I am able to select my mobile order store and add an item from one of my favorites on the Home Screen - then nothing. I close out the screen , turn phone off and on, but nothing helps. It’s maddening! If I’m lucky I’ll be able to at least open the scan to pay option which gets frozen along with everything else. I’ve also not been able to play the Anniversary Game a single time despite having many “ tickets”- I just get an error message. Ugh. This is an ongoing issue , as I said, for a couple months - in fact it may be longer , more like 3 months . If I remove / delete the app it says I will lose all my data and I assume that means all my stars of which I have quite a few. I’d like to know what to do and if anyone else is having this problem?

Starbucks is #1. The app is wonderful. Sometimes after completing a challenge the extra stars don't appear in the history and I have to call customer service to have them do it. I keep track of everything in the notes section of my phone so I never have a problem with getting them to add the stars. I use the app for ordering and jumping the line and my order is always ready when I arrive. I love that you can find out the calories in the drinks and all the food items. My favorite coffee shop in south Florida! My favorite Starbucks is on Coral Ridge Drive in Coral Springs, Florida where I would rate the customer service as being 5 stars. I try to go every day. I find all of the baristas to be friendly, knowledgeable and happy people who seem to love their job. A smile on their face puts a smile on mine! I do find that they go above and beyond what is expected of them. Thanks to all of you for the great drinks and even more so, for the great smiles that greet me as I enter my favorite Starbucks! Joy

Love this app AND Starbucks BUT. This app is so convenient and I LOVE my morning Starbucks but numerous times the app auto-populates with the Starbucks I'm closest too so that's where I place my order. Then to find out it was NOT the closest store when they go to pick up my order. This is especially annoying in airports! Last week I had a super short wait time for my flight so ordered my Starbucks and continued to wait for my order later finding out my LARGE order was at a different terminal! I didn't have time to place another order and the line was too long. I tried contacting the Starbucks I ordered from using the number in the app to let them know to give my order to someone else, but the number was disconnected. Please change the app to turn your location a brighter color and the closest Starbucks the same bright color. Also need a way to send a note or option to cancel an order in the event this happens. Or at least a correct number to call. Other than that I LOVE this app!

Moving in a nice direction.. We love the Starbucks store and enjoy the coffee. It is a shame that decaf is unavailable in the afternoon and evening. Pour overs take a long time and are often cold. Our solution has been to order Americanos at added expense to the consumer, us! We always enjoy our time in the store and have met baristas and other customer whose company we greatly enjoy. The clientele is a mix of young and old with most being very pleasant people. We favor the Madison, CT Starbucks and are always made to feel comfortable and welcome. The baristas inquire if our drinks are properly prepared and consistent with our mobile order. The new leadership, Collin, has been a refreshing change! He is efficient, open to new ideas, changes and is respected by customers as well as employees. This creates an inviting atmosphere for our visits. Thank you for the upgrade of outdoor furniture and umbrellas; we are hopeful that you will also add outdoor heaters and be upgrading the indoor furnishings as well as add paper towels to the restrooms to assist with the capture of germs and viruses.

Forced Purchasing. To begin with this app is not very user friendly if you’re new to it you need a freaking manual to successfully navigate it and complete a purchase. Secondly and most annoying is the fact that there are a million ways to find millions of items to spend money on but if you want to remove an item from your shopping cart you have to cancel the entire order. I still haven’t figured out if you have to fully complete the order then start over or if there’s a way to cancel the order without actually having to place the order. I mean SERIOUSLY who the hell makes an app to purchase items from their store without a drop down list where you can go back and remove an item or revisit an item and adjust size or add another flavor if so desired. This is unacceptable as this app has been out long enough that this should have been addressed long ago. This flaw in the app is such an annoying obstacle it makes me not even want to use it anymore or visit Starbucks. I feel like I’ve been set up to be forced to make purchases I don’t want to make. This is completely unacceptable. I’m done with Starbucks, the only reason I go is for my kids. I can get good gourmet coffee from my local grocery store.

Almost great!. What I loooove about the Starbucks app is that you can put in an order and the store will start preparing it so that it’s ready when you arrive! No checking in from 100 feet away etc and then waiting around almost as long as if you had just ordered in person (looking at you McDonald’s). But what the app needs is a map that is clickable versus a list of stores close-by. (Yes there is a map but it doesn’t do anything). About 20% of the time it can’t find my store, sometimes the store I want won’t even show up on that un-clickable map. Plus there are so many Starbucks in some areas that it’s easy to pick the wrong one from the list. It’s a little infuriating scrolling to find the right store while sitting at a stop light, then the next stop light, then the next stop light, and oh -I’m already at the store (and no you should not app and drive, but most of us need to get to work on time let’s be real here). Maybe at least create a favorites list that includes up to 5 stores at a glance? That would be extremely helpful.

Rewards system. I love the app, it is convenient however, the rewards are cost effective from a business stance but unfortunate for the consumers. With the old rewards star system we as the consumer would be rewarded after the 12th drink which was gratifying, but now we have to purchase much more to receive a free drink! I understand from a business prospective it is overall cost effective and money saving to have the new reward stars system in place therefore it has made me not want to purchase my daily coffees from Starbucks as frequently. There are so many smaller retail coffee shops now that one can choose from that truly appreciate their clients and maintain a greater rewards system in place which makes one feel valued and appreciated. Understanding that we have choices with coffees that are extremely comparable to Starbucks have truly made me steer away from visiting and purchasing my daily coffees at Starbucks and supporting my local and small business coffee shops. Again, I love this app, love Starbucks but I wish you could bring back the old rewards system!!

False Advertising. Years ago when I first downloaded the app it worked without issues. In current times they don’t let me collect stars which they advertise all over in the app and in the terms and conditions that you are to earn 2 stars for every dollar spent when buying through the app using your virtual Starbucks card. I go to Starbucks 3-4 times per week and I never earn these stars. I called customer service two days ago and they told me that I have to have an actual Starbucks Gift Card to earn stars. She then told me that even though I’ve been using the app that I’d have to send her all of my receipts from the past 3 months in order for her to give me my stars. This is insane when she can clearly see on her screen my transaction history. She spoke to her supervisor and they said I should start earning stars. We’ll here we are still in the same situation as when I called two days ago. I would like to know why I cannot participate in Starbucks star program. I’ve had the app for years, I load my card virtually as required, and I buy from their stores almost daily, but for some unknown reason I’m not good enough for their star program in which they advertise. It’s discriminatory at best.

Suggestion. Hello! I love your stores, your products, and your app. I am dieting and trying to count calories. I have searched the web , your website, the app, and MyFitnessPal for different drink orders that I have tried from Starbucks. Although there is a lot of variety I sometimes cannot find the correct drink to calculate the nutrition info, I feel like the most convenient and practical location for this information would be the starbucks app. When I change the syrups and milks in the app it only has the standardized nutrition info. The app does not change the nutrition info with the syrup/milk preferences. If you could get the app to change the nutrition info based on the selections made it would be very helpful in determining the best choice options in my diet. I currently go to Starbucks at least one time a week- sometimes as often as four times a week so this is a frequent issue for me. It probably seems very small, but I would think others wanting to make healthy choices would also want this info.

Everything Starbucks 🌟. What can I say? I love me some Starbucks to the max! I was never much on standard American brewed coffee hot coffee no matter how much cream, (never sugared yuck). My mom taught me the difference between good brewed coffee starting with the bean & it’s possible flavors so now I “get it” & occasionally enjoy a great cup of good coffee still cream only & black if it’s really good. (It’s better paired with a pastry that way). Anyway since Starbucks came to Cali finally... boy has my love for coffee improved❣️WOW 🥰 Their recipes are en pointe! I love espresso to the max now & try to mimic them at home but not always with the same results. I love Starbucks as a company for their history, high standards, baristas, quality products, fair trade ethics, ideas, foods, cozy stores, music, atmosphere... everything❣️occasionally there’s that 1 careless inattentive order taker or barista that doesn’t follow the recipe or protocol which I call them on cause they can cause the company reputation to falter & it’s not me to pay high dollar for a beverage especially unless it’s that good!!!

revision - not improvement. I used to use your app all the time. It was simple and easy to use and your star rewards were easy as well to get rewarded. These past several months the app is no longer easy to use and I work in the IT field! The app is confusing to order on and use rewards. I keep getting errors that I cannot use something in my order but won’t suggest how to help to get the order processed. I have to go into the store and try to talk to a cashier about my order and they don’t seem to know much more than I do about it! Yesterday, through trying to place an online order using the Happy Hour 8/8 reward, I finally ordered to cold coffees and one was hot when I picked it up. I stood there waiting for someone to help me replace the hot cup and finally had to speak up and ask for assistance. They are real good at smiling and quickly dodging you and won’t ask if you need assistance. I am sorely tempted to create my own coffees at home and forget Starbucks. I have been a customer for several years, as are my family members, but I am a professional and do not have time for this nonsense for a cup of coffee in my busy day! So disappointed!!!

Needs improvement. They need a better system for this app. When it works, it’s great, but if the Starbucks you’re ordering from doesn’t have an item you ordered via mobile, it’s like pulling teeth. Placed a mobile order, prep time 2-5 minutes. Waited and waited; checked again, prep time: soon. After close to 15 minutes of waiting, I finally left work and went in to Starbucks. My order was nowhere on the counter and everyone else was getting their orders. Finally after a few minutes of standing there, a guy approached me to let me know they didn’t have my sandwich and asked if I wanted anything else. I said no, I just wanted to be refunded. He said ok and walked away. Still was waiting for my drink. After another few minutes of waiting, I finally asked the girl making drinks if mine was going to be ready anytime soon as I had been waiting a while. She said oh, it’s right here but I was waiting for your sandwich. I said they were out of it and the guy was refunding me. She gave me my drink (which was now lukewarm, if that) and said I’d have to go to the register for the refund. I then had to stand in line and wait for the refund. Very, very inconvenient for someone stepping out from work to pick up an order.

Disgusting company. With the news that Starbucks is now choosing not to offer the same medical resources to unionized employees as it does the rest of it’s work force, Starbucks becomes one of the worst companies for their workforce in the history of America. I will never set foot in one again. Only a group of truly despicable human beings could make that kind of decision. The people who run Starbucks are not just greedy, they are morally bankrupt animals. The board of directors of Starbucks are sub-human scum. I hope more people visit delicious local coffee chains. Starbucks is overpriced and union busters. Update: Used to go to Starbucks every day. Have not been in months because of Starbucks continued illegal union busting. Just today 7 Starbucks employees who were fired for unionizing were found to be illegally fired and a judge ordered them reinstated. Starbucks used to be a good company for their employees. Now they are the poster child for employee abuse in America!!! There are probably many local delicious coffee shops in your area, Starbucks needs to go. Update 2: just spoke with Starbucks cust support about this and they just blatantly started slandering the union organizers in their response. Make no mistake: Starbucks is all in on oppressing their workers and keeping them radically underpaid.

Make chosen options clearer before purchase. So, this isn’t the first time this has happened, but I hope it will be the last. I pass two Starbucks on my way to work and the app always choses the first one I pass as my default. That one (Keystone and 116th in Carmel, IN) is a nightmare to get in and out of, so I choose the one closer to my office. I chose the one next to my office this morning and placed my order, but maybe I didn’t tap the location hard enough because my order went to the other store. I stand around for about five minutes (this is 20 min after I placed my order) and finally open my phone to discover that the order is at the other store. So there sits my breakfast at this moment, because I’m not going to all the way back there when I’m already right next to work. That sucked and I’m pretty hungry now. Please change the app to make store confirmation clearer and double-check it. The location that your order is going to is probably the most important part of mobile order.

Slow Data. Don’t know if you can fix this, but I live in a spot with patches of slow data, and often I have to wait a while for the app to register the menu items, my favorites, previous orders, and associates what’s available with what’s at the local stores. Often times the app defaults to Not available for food items until all the data for that store finally loads up. But that’s another issue. The main issue is that I have had many instances where the text will say, Iced Tea, but the picture associated with that text is a chocolate croissant, or some other item. It takes a while for this problem to correct itself, and if I get impatient and reload the app, I have to wait all over again. I often order by picture as opposed to the text. It’s just easier for my brain to register the image than read the words. My bad I know, but can you fix it so that the image just won’t load until it’s certain the text and image match? I’ve often miss ordered items because I was in a hurry and the App did not finish loading.

Being Back Tipping Feature!. I absolutely love the ease of using an app on my phone to pay for my daily coffee(s) - as well as earn points for future “free” coffees! Awesome. Would give this app 5 stars, but was frustrated when your recent update (within the last few months) took away the feature to be able to leave my tip...I asked every barista each time I went through, I researched it online - like for way too long - and NO one knew how to get the tipping option to come up. I just inadvertently discovered HOW TO TIP!! You have to exit out of the card you have them scan (going back to the home page), then click on your “History” (??? Why???) and once you’re there you will see allll of your past transactions. The transaction at the top is the CURRENT transaction and it says “Would you like to leave a tip?” and gives you the dollar amount options to select and then your transaction price goes up by however much you tipped! Yayyy. Tip your servers/baristas : ) and Starbucks, make it easier for app users that rarely have singles in their wallet!

Your rewards program has gone down hill. I agree your seasonal games are completely frustrating! I have come to avoid them. It’s amazing to learn that people have actually won. As for the rewards program - it has become consistently INCONSISTENT. Regularly items that I have purchased were never recorded. The worst aspect of your star rewards program has to do with Starbucks coffee receipts from my local supermarket. I upload them, receive Starbucks acknowledgment of them and then NOTHING. In the past I’d receive an email that they were received & then either an acknowledgement of my rewards (often not in keeping with $$ spent) or that receipt needed to be resubmitted due to a printing problem. Now NOTHING!? And more times than not, when I view my account history, they + other purchases are not even listed. Finally, other than your coffee which is consistently delicious, your food/snack products need an overhaul. The sandwiches breakfast & otherwise appear & taste like they’ve been hurriedly thrown together on some Starbucks assembly line. Lastly if it wasn’t for the great coffee & overall genuinely friendly service, I’d have looked elsewhere for my coffee, food items & snacks. Love ya, but you need to shake things up, you’re gettin “old!”

Hate the app. It has created a group (not all) of people coming to Starbucks that feel they are “special” and do not have to play by the rules. They are too lazy or unorganized to wake early enough to leave time to get their coffee. They inconsiderately park their vehicles in the isle of the parking lot or the handicapped spots while they go inside to retrieve their order. Insultingly Starbucks employee’s then tend to neglect customers within the store. Talking to employees it seems Starbucks is not too concerned about their customers as so many times they miss the mark on customer satisfaction. 1. How do you run out of stir sticks? 2. How do you run out of sugar? ( a store can’t borrow from another store?) 3. How do you not have coffee brewed? 4. Opening a Starbucks with a unsuitably small parking lot ( trapped in your car by drive thru line,Kenosha,Wi 39th ave /75th st). Don’t get me wrong, I love “Starbucks” coffee. From my house in Tonopah Az. I drive 39 miles on way to a real free standing Starbucks to get my morning coffee everyday. (Starbucks inside a grocery tend to disappoint) I just wish they would make getting my first cup of morning coffee less frustrating ! (Many other customers feel the same).

Used to be awesome now, 2 stars is being nice. Not sure what Starbucks did the last couple of months but the app went from being amazing and quick to being the most slow, frustrating and annoying app ever! Now I cannot stand it. It does not load at even a slow pace it loads literally after i already clicked on “choose store” and cussed at it because nothing is coming up, still loading after I get dressed and in my car, still loading when i get in the ridiculously long line in the drive thru and is still loading after i ordered through the drive thru and received my drink which in turn I become almost late to work, So what is even slower than slow? because that is what this app is. I even reached out to Starbucks and did what they recommended (re-download, restart, all of it) So sadly I am looking for a different place to get my morning fix of coffee that i can actually order online like in the good ole days before Starbucks decided to make their app frustrating and slow, but i no longer have a choice. Fix it Starbucks… like yesterday. I know i am not the only one.

Room for improvement. This app works very well and I appreciate it very much. Thank you for creating it. However, the folks at the Starbucks I go to have lost not only their personalities, but sadly their customer service skills too. They are way too task oriented and although it’s great for getting my coffee up in that counter promptly, it does nothing for making Starbucks feel like your neighborhood coffee shop. Some employees act like you’re putting them out when they get interrupted to get you something and most other employees completely avoid any eye contact with the customer. I know this because, I purposely say thank you out loud when I pick up my order and I don’t get so much as a look back let alone a polite response of you’re welcome. Or thank you for coming in. I get it. People have a lot on their minds. You (Starbucks)overwork them. You are part of the problem. However, I believe this can be solved. Please be kind to them when you get the chance to coach them and remember we appreciate them for all their hard work. It would just be nice if they made folks feel at home. Thank you.

A Possible life saving app suggestion. There truly needs to be either a comment section or allergy section when ordering something through the app. I have a severely anaphylactic milk and almond (so almond milk) allergy. I request coconut milk every time but it is not always acknowledge because it gets busy and things get rushed but I have saved myself countless times by stopping the barista after they pour milk in my drink. I always get there early to try to watch them make it if possible and cannot use drive through anymore because I was given milk in a drink and obviously didn’t get to see them pour it. I had an anaphylactic reaction in parking lot luckily I had a friend (and nurse) with me. This was not the first time and I stopped going to Starbucks for a while because I was super nervous. But I am back to being a daily customer. Allergies are, most of the time, very serious and dangerous. And if there is a place when order that says *ALLERGIES* where underneith you can write what yours is and have Starbucks employees know to look for that it could be the difference between a Emergency room trip or enjoying your coffee. Thank you

When it works it's really great. I really like the Starbucks app, but there are times when it doesn't work, there is some glitches. I don't know if that is because of changes or what. I have been a gold card member for five years, and I do enjoy the much variety of coffee. Cold Brew is one of my favorites. That order ahead feature is excellent, unless you get there and they're out of it. Then you are just forced to wait in line with everyone else. I like the fact that you can see how many calories are in each drink. It is great to get a free birthday drink but it expires too soon, if you do not live near a Starbucks, you may not get there for a few weeks, and the drink has expired, shame on you Starbucks. I am extremely unhappy that the stars we accumulate from purchases, expire so quickly. This is our rewards that we earn!!! but you choose to take them away every month and I cannot understand, that is why I may be canceling my card very soon....Sandy Todd

Yay!!. No clue on how I survived or made it to work on time before the Starbucks Mobile App. became available. I love that I am able to order my coffee when leaving the house, I get to Starbucks and my drink is always ready to it!!!! I really love the “Stars” and being able to get a free drink or food here and there! I order coffee every single work morning, I get a Venti Carmel Frappe with 3 extra shots of espresso and extra Carmel drizzle...YUM!!!! I pay $8.11 every morning,(my drink is so worth it!) But I am actually way too scared to find out the amount I spend monthly, it would probably make me ill!!! I would just love if I could get some coupons and/or some special promotions to help a little. I would absolutely go insane if I won any of the “Free Drinks” in the Summertime Starbucks Game!! I spend lots of money at Starbucks, so come on and help a girl out😉 Seriously though, I just love the Starbucks app and very much love being able to order ahead! Good move on whoever thought this super idea up!!!

App is going downhill. I started off as a real fan of the SBUX app for the convenience of ordering ahead and participating in promotions, but the accuracy and quality of the app are starting to degrade. I used to have orders fulfilled and reflected in the app within 30 minutes, but now it takes hours (or until the next day) for a completed order to be reflected in the history. Furthermore, multiple orders in a day are no longer counted as separate orders for promotions for stars, so even if you buy products 30 minutes to an hour apart, it’ll still treat it as 1, which is bogus…..and it’ll wait till midnight to count another day of qualified purchases. The rest of the app involves crummy gamification that is guaranteed to not result in meaningful outcomes, but rather drive casino-level addiction to sell more grossly overpriced coffee. I recommend sticking with its original purpose, avoiding games and promotions, and making more quality espressos that are lower in sugar back home.

VERY CONVENIENT. It’s easy to navigate, very informative for offers and new menu items. The convenience of having the app function across devices (I love the app on my watch!) and with your card is awesome, and the instant balance makes it great!! I don’t like how it changes the screen brightness. I understand that having a bright screen is useful for the scanner, but too often the screen snaps back to being too dark after I close the app and it’s extremely difficult for me to see it in direct sunlight to readjust the brightness back up to where I need it. My sister has the opposite problem, she’s light sensitive and gets blinded by the app switching to the scanner screen. This is something that needs to have a setting rather than being automatic. I am happy to brighten or dim my phone for the sake of the reader, but having my phone sabotaged by the oscillating brightness is very difficult for people like me who struggle with seeing devices. That’s why I try to only scan my watch at the register, I avoid using the app in harsh light, or bright sunshine because of the effect it has on my phone settings.

Starbucks experience. This morning i ordered thru the app a drink and a sandwich. Waited to walk in at the time that it had said. My sandwich was ready. Drink was not. It was super busy so i waited. One girl said in a few minutes it would be ready. I waited about 5 mins and walked in. The girl again said its not ready and went searching for a cup to label it with my name. I waited another 5 mins totaling 45 since i ordered it. I walked in and asked if my drink was ready. The manager who i couldnt catch her name was rude. Her body language and her tone showed me that she lacked empathy, and disregarded my feelings of frustration by mocking me with her monotone phrase “I understand” repetitively. Instead of offering to make my drink at that moment or given some type of remorseful comment or even offered a small coffee on the house she just says “I can refund you if u want”.. i am a loyal starbucks customer and have NEVER encountered such rude employees. I hope you can fix this.

At least it supports Apple Wallet. The app is okay. I only really use it to see how many stars I have and to reload my card. My primary interface with the entire ecosystem and purchase experience is via the Apple Wallet card (so the support for that is good). If I could also use another means to complete a mobile order, I would. I still has several issues. It doesn’t refresh my balance. I have to go into Apple Wallet to see that. Very odd. I also think that any challenges and games to incentivize more visits should happen in the app, versus today, which requires a separate login in a web browser. Other issues are really around how busy the interface is and how many steps it takes to actually order something. Seeing people in line realizing they need to add money and then just paying by card directly shows you how the design is more of an interference to the process. Another thing is the mobile ordering process. I would love to have a shortcut order for mobile so I don’t have to confirm via multiple steps every time - yes, I know the distance of my store relative to my position so I don’t need a reminder or a warning.

Not happy. I ordered ahead for the Starbucks weekly challenge on a double star day expecting 100 bonus stars. I had to order three items to get the stars and I did, it showed all three items on the receipt but I didn’t get an item that I ordered. I went back in and they said they were out of that item but they still charged me for it. I payed them for nothing and they said they can’t give money back. So I asked why they charged me for it and they said they thought it was an orange juice but there was no orange mango juice either. So they stole money and 100 stars from me. I bought the item didn’t get it or the credit. I walked in as the biggest Starbucks fan excited fo 100 stars and walked out an angry costumer who just got robbed 100 stars and money. I was not happy with the experience I had but I am still a Starbucks fan just not a happy one. I don’t blame every Starbucks I just blame the teen agers at my local Starbucks who lied and stole. If you were to do an online order I suggest you go into the store to order so you know what’s out and they don’t lie.

Mobil orders. I love the app. It is super convenient. I must admit that I have a slight addiction to it. However, when it comes to ordering food, I’m very hesitant. On numerous occasions my food order was not prepared or correctly, like when I ordered things without meat. I’m not sure if the process of how it prints out, do they not see it or realize I have a drink order to. My last experience was the it... I ordered bagel bites and they happened to be out I was not informed of that until I asked where my food was. The employee said Oh we don’t carry them anymore. Really...that’s not what the app said. She didn’t offer to refund me or offer me something else. I had to finally ask how I get my money back. She asked how I paid for it, did you pay through the app? Yes I did. I’ll need to see app to scan it and refund you. I had to go back out to my car to get my phone. I was in a hurry that day so what would have been an in and out thing ended up taking 10 minutes. No more food orders. If they were out, the app should have been updated. That’s my issue.

Los Lunas Store. Your store in Los Lunas. NM is is lacking in so many ways. I used to come here and be greeted by name by friendly staff. Anymore, the customer service at this location is horrible. No one greets me, I am made to feel like I am bothering and interrupting them. I have to repeatedly ask for a stopper or sleeve or straw, if I get acknowledged at all. Most times I have to find my own. This particular store has made ordering ahead unavailable since Christmas Eve. Today the lobby is also closed and I have been waiting to order for 15 minutes so far and am not even close to being able to order as there are 5 cars still ahead of me ( I am blocked in or I would leave). Not to mention how many times my order is wrong. This location is no longer an enjoyable place to come and I will make sure others know this. Ever since this new manager took over service has gone down hill. I hope someone really takes the time to read this and attempts to correct the problems here. It would be nice to have a welcoming place again. I keep having faith that things will change for the better. Signed, A really unsatisfied customer. PS. I have been in line 25 minutes now and have yet to order

Why Can’t I Add Less Than $25 When Processing An Order. So I just completed my order and went to pay. I did not have enough on my card, so I went to add $10 as usual and your lowest in-order amount I can now add is $25. You used to have $10 and $15 options. Why did you do this annoying UX change. I still added ONLY $10. My remedy was marking all my items as favorites, deleting the order, reloading through the Pay page, going back to the Order page, hitting the favorites tab, quickly adding my previous requests and processing my request. So you did not keep me from doing what I wanted to do. Your changes made for a bad experience. I’ll still continue this annoying work-around, but if you take away my ability to add $10 and $15 through Pay from the home page, I’ll use your app a whole lot less. If you’re ultimately trying to encourage users like me to use the app less, keep up the good work. And another thing, you took away the option to have Chocolate Chip cookies warmed in the app. Why on earth would you do that, especially when you’ve changed cookies again to a denser cookie that requires warming to be tasty? The way I solve the problem is to stop your baristas from serving other customers to warm my cookie. Again, if that’s the result you’re hoping to get from people who want order warm cookies through the app, keep up the good work. Your app used to makes good UX sense, but these changes are annoying and seem very petty.

Star Rewards. I’ve been a longtime gold card member, and have watched your many changes made to the rewards program, all with the common theme of giving less and less to your loyal customers. First, you reduced the stars given per purchase, then you did away with bonus stars given for making multiple purchases in a given time period, and now you’ve made it virtually impossible to get rewards for purchasing coffee to brew at home by doing away with the star codes, and now requiring we upload our sales receipt, which, like I said, is more difficult, and time consuming than the 5-stars given per item (formerly 10-stars per). With your prices continuing to go up, while market prices for coffee beans have stayed relatively stable, it really seems like your straying from your original business model, and are now all about the money ... or rather how much you can get out of us, while giving less and less in return. I find myself asking, more and more, is your coffee really worth buying when I continue to feel you care less and less about the customer

Make the App More User Friendly. I like a Starbuck’s coffee or tea from time to time, I like the convenience of ordering in advance and especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic, a reliable mobile order makes it safer to run in quickly (less time exposed to others) or use a drive through window. My only complaint is that using the App is cumbersome because it’s not always easy to actually order! There are great reward offers which I love that pop up on top, but then it’s not immediately clear how to order! It would be great if there was an order button below the rewards that then contained the categories of coffees, lattes, teas, whole bean, etc. And then make it easier to use my gift cards! I know businesses depend on the fact that many consumers won’t use their gift cards and that’s money in the bank, but come on! Do each of my gift cards has to be separate from the others or the balance that I add to my “ account?” It’s not user friendly, it’s also just plain uncool! Let me add my gift cards to my balance. If you fixed these issues, I would rate the app much higher.

New Hampshire. I love Starbucks coffee and I have been a gold star member for a long time! However, recently I have been very disappointed by the service of Starbucks. We have one Starbucks store in Manchester New Hampshire where I live. There is another store in Bedford which is about a 15 minute drive for me. And another new store that recently opened up in Hooksett New Hampshire which is also a 15 minute drive for me. There have been multiple times over the last two weeks that I have attempted to either go to a store or place an order on the app to pick up at the store and I have not been successful. Several of the stores have been closed completely and others have not had the order ahead available. The wait time has been 20 to 30 minutes when either going through the drive-through or being able to place an order. I prefer Starbucks over Dunkin’ Donuts any day, but the service at Dunkin’ Donuts has been extremely better recently.I know this is not typical for Starbucks and I hope someone can look into these few stores and see what’s going on.

Poor Security, no accountability. I loved my Starbucks app for 10 years. I made the mistake of loading the app with funds from a credit card on file within the app while in a Starbucks. My account was compromised (likely from a customer in the store) and my account was drained that day. Fortunately I only loaded $50...but noted the next day there was no money on my app and apparently I had made a purchase in Milwaukee the previous night (3 k miles away from me!). I just assumed Starbucks would help me, but their customer call center was closed the night I discovered the fraud. So, I called my credit card company that night, froze my card, waited a week or so fit a new cars/number and after being on the phone twice, on hold, at Starbucks (once for 45 minutes) I gave up rectifying the matter with Starbucks. There is no way to get a hold of them! I even filled out an online complaint and I was referred to the call center that “due to Covid is not fully staffed and weird may be...forever.”I discovered online there has been for years a known major issue with the app’s data security when loading the card with money and this has not been rectified by Starbucks. It was a huge hassle and made my habit of using the app stop cold turkey. Goodbye, Starbucks.

Good app but a couple major issues. 1. (This feeds into number 2.) you don’t get an estimated wait time until you have already placed your order. I get if this is because the individual stores and baristas already have enough going on without updating it themselves, but I feel like there should be some sort of program that recognizes how many orders have been placed and base a rough estimate on that. After all, you get an estimate afterward! And someone ordering a bunch has got to know it’ll take longer 2. You can’t cancel an order. Whether it’s because you didn’t realize how long it would take (and therefore can’t wait at the store that long) or because you sent it to the wrong store, or any other reason, in order to cancel an order I’m pretty sure you have to go straight to corporate. You can call and tell the baristas not to make the drink, but they can’t do anything about the money transaction. So basically, Starbucks makes it really hard just so that they can skim so more money off you for nothing. There really needs to be a cancel order/refund option in the app

Restrooms. I’m totally happy with the wonderful people who work at every Starbucks store I visit, which is almost every single day, often more than once. I love all the drinks and much of the food, although one at a time you have removed all my favorites, and the healthiest, foods from your menus. What I’m really disappointed with right now is the store on John St. in Salinas, and any other store that does not allow customers to use their restrooms. This is so inhuman, for any public place to deny this basic need. But if I’m spending sometimes $100 in a week at your place of business, and you are selling food and drinks, the least you can do is provide a place where your customers can wash their hands and freshen up. And your employees should not have to be turning away people like me who are desperately pleading with them to allow this basic human need. Go find a gas station?! But first stand here and wait five or 10 minutes for us to make your $6 cup of coffee. I will not be back to that store, and I feel sorry for the people who work there. And the people relieving themselves out by the trash cans because they can’t make it to a gas station. Please fix this. I’m the one out here always sticking up for Starbucks.

Don’t link bank account. I had an issue of linking my bank account to the starbucks app and right after I was charged for multiple $10 reloads that I hadn’t authorized. I called customer service and was told it would be resolved and the money would be refunded, but I checked my bank account and email later that day and found I had not been refunded but charged another $20 instead. I called customer service again and a woman told me it wasn’t even possible for them to have done that because my card wasn’t on file. I had screen shots of all of it showing starbucks having drafted from my bank account though. Eventually she said I was being charged auto reloads but when I looked in the app the auto reload function was turned off. The lady hung up on me when I asked to speak to someone else and I had to call back again. After all of this I only got half of my money returned. I don’t normally write reviews, but I feel like people should know that it’s definitely safer to use Apple Pay or pay pal when using this app, so that this doesn’t happen to you. I’m sure its nobody’s fault, but it’s still frustrating to have to call so many times and still not have an issue resolved.

Starbucks member for 6 years. I have had a Starbucks rewards card since 2012. I am an avid coffee drinker and personally love all the different selections and options and how every store can have its own theme. During the summer of 2016 i visited a Starbucks in Newnan, Ga and they had a chalk drawing of the flat globe and the coffee that starbucks imported south the equator from all over the world and it was so beautiful to see the description of all the countries that this business GIVES business and opportunities to. The app is easy and the constant up to date features makes getting your caffeine fix pain free and enjoyable. You can reload manually or have it auto reloaded. You can pay with your app ahead of time. You can get notifications of new drinks new ways to earn stars. Not to mention the perks of the be a gold card member and app holder is first dibs in line when you order with the app and free birthday drinks. Constant opportunities to get millions of stars and the app have fun games sometimes. so don’t hesitate !

An old friend. I have been a Starbucks person for many many years. We moved several times in the state and each time I made sure Starbucks was near by. Before I retired and I was a busy and hard working employee Starbucks was my go to for breakfast snacks and coffee, for coffee beans and other items I would give as holiday gifts. Finally I bought an espresso machine and was making much more consistent shots than I got at Starbucks. I still found myself going back to Starbucks for their seasonal brews and during the week on my way home or to work. I even found myself stopping at Starbucks after grocery shopping and that was an out of the way trip but I needed to go and get my latte. I am retired now and moved to an affordable place were the closest Starbucks is half an hour away going on a 70 miles per hour interstate highway. I don’t get there very often but I miss my old friend Starbucks. My card still good, does not get refreshed as often. Planning on going this weekend.

Much Needed Update. I gave the app 2 stars because there are some things that needs fixed. The ease of ordering at your fingertips and skipping the line is great. However, there are other things that makes it not so great. I've noticed that on drink orders if you add to the ingredients all of it doesn't print out on the label. They prefer you to call the store and make those updates.(that's what I was told by the store manager). If I could do that why use the app I could just call in the order. Next issue I noticed is when you pay with the app it doesn't update the balance until 15-20 minutes later. Another, from the menu selection it will display some items aren't available at your location of choice. When you pick up your order and inquire the item is available. Advanced as technology is today there should be a way for systems to talk to each other especially dealing with inventory. People spend too much money to enjoy these luxuries & simple pleasures to continue he experiencing these fixable issues. These items of concerns have been on going since last year plenty of time for the developers & tech teams to come up with a doable plan.

Needs work - switching to DD. As others have mentioned, not indicating to your customers when the lobby is closed for online order pickups is an EPIC FAIL. The entire purpose of ordering ahead online is that, as customers, we are able to plan ahead and avoid delays caused by untimely lines. When we do that, and we arrive at the store to find locked doors, we are left with two options. We can either drive away and leave without the food we have paid for, or we can get in the drive-through line and wait - making everyone late for school, work, and or practice. It's not like there's an option to cancel an order either. Not being able to pay-as-you go with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a credit card is horrid. Other major food service providers don’t make customers "reload" payment cards. The occasional benefit of paying for food items with stars is nice, but not at the consumers' cost of the other two. Eliminating the only benefit of online ordering because of store an inconvenient situation for the service provider, without a warning to the buyer, is not a good "bait-and-switch" business model.

System Glitches Unacceptable IMO. Except when I’m in the drive-through line, waiting to order and I try to reload my card and for some reason the app interacts with the internal Wi-Fi of the store and doesn’t allow me to reload my card. I have had to pay cash and miss out on points or use a credit card that is not part of my Starbucks profile or debit card that is not part of my Starbucks profile and there but I also miss out on points not to mention the one or two times that I have gone through the line without my wallet at all because I expect the app and my phone and Apple Pay to work and yet because of the interference with the system or overload of the app because there are too many users at once using it?? I don’t know what the reasons are but they are extremely frustratingHonestly unacceptable for a corporation as large and lucrative as Starbucks. Especially for customers that are as loyal as those of us that use the app on a daily basis are we’re spending large amounts of our income at these locations and the app should work every time.

Great app, but no dark mode. Overall, using the Starbucks app is seamless and coherent. Two complaints, that are actually substantially more important to me than they might seem, are the lack of a dark mode, and no clear way to check an item’s price without adding it to an order. When opening the app in the dark and/or at night, it’s surprisingly blinding to be hit with the white interface, and it feels like that should have changed long ago. iOS 13 released two years ago, and the lack of a dark mode in any app, let alone one from a brand as big as Starbucks, is off putting. Cheapens the experience and makes it uncomfortable to use at night. Additionally, it is impossible (or at least very difficult) to check the prices on items without creating an order with them in it. This is fine during the day, but at night when there is no way to create an order because all the stores are closed, it becomes impossible to check the price through the app, defeating the purpose, as I had to Google the prices instead.

The most glitchy app ever. I would honestly give this app 0 stars if I could. I have tried to use it on multiple occasions and it never works for me. It will not let me upload money to my card no matter how many times I delete/redownload. I can only upload money in the store which can make the mobile ordering option difficult. The worst part is, it rarely lets me log in. It always tells me my password is incorrect. So I go to change it, but half the “reset password” links are expired even if I open then immediately after receiving it. I type in the same password I thought it was originally and I get a message saying the password was used. So I make a new password, go to log in, and it STILL says that my password is incorrect. When I go through the process again, and retype my new password into the reset option it tells me it was already used. So the app knows the random password I just created is linked to my account but it won’t let me use it to log in. I don’t know why I seem to be the only person with this issue but it’s driving me crazy. I go in all the time and my baristas are always telling me to use the app to get rewards and I just can’t. I’ve missed out on so many rewards at this point.

My Bucky’s. I’d been very, very ill with a brain disorder for about four years. Needless to say Starbucks wasn’t in my mind. Nothing was. I had been a loyal Starbucks customer, living in California for my whole life with Starbucks on my way to work. Stressful day? Starbucks on the way home too! Ha! Ha! Terrible, isn’t it!!! Good thing I’m a skinny lady!!! Anyway, years later, now living in MO, things were wrong , and they diagnosed me with a rare brain disease with 6-12 months to live.I finally went into a coma like existence. That was almost 5 years ago and I’m still here. Doctors from all over call me a medical brain mystery and warn me that I could go at any time. How nice, huh? Anyway, the first thing I wanted to do is get a Starbucks!!!!!!! All of my stuff was kind of lost. BUT! They still had me in their little computer! It was a piece of cake. New password and BOOM! It was just was so easy and I had my favorite frap in my hand!!!!!! So I think Starbucks is one of the best companies ever!!! Thank you Starbucks! This lady is amass in miracles!!!

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The application Starbucks was published in the category Food & Drink on 23 September 2009, Wednesday and was developed by Starbucks Coffee Company [Developer ID: 331177718]. This program file size is 102.85 MB. This app has been rated by 4,698,111 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Starbucks - Food & Drink app posted on 11 September 2023, Monday current version is 6.56 and works well on iOS 15.6 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.starbucks.mystarbucks. Languages supported by the app:

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