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Nutrients is nutrition at your fingertips! How much sugar is in an apple? How much potassium is in a banana? Discover nutrition facts on tens of thousands of foods complete with all vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats, fatty acids, sugars, sterols, and more compounds like caffeine.

Nutrients works completely offline with no internet required! Search our entire database of nearly 200,000 foods without using any data.

"After a heart attack, I really needed a good tool to determine the fat content of my diet. Nutrients has a comprehensive, well-tended, and ever-expanding database of nutrition info. It's easy to search and attractively presented. Its built-in unit conversion ability makes it simple to compare servings of like amounts of diverse foods. Best app for this purpose I could find, and I looked at a bunch."
▸ Literally a lifesaver by DanCasali

Create your own recipes! Add ingredients and select the serving size to get the most comprehensive list of nutrition facts for your recipes.

"Being a type 1 diabetic, I have to count carbs in everything I eat. This app has made it easier to look up the nutrition information on many foods. Truly an amazing app!! Every diabetic should have this app."
▸ Great for diabetics by Diabeticfittie

Keep a record of the foods you eat every day! Nutrients features a new and improved food journal with a complete breakdown of your daily nutrition and options to change the specific daily values of each nutrient. Nutrients even syncs your journal to the Health app making it easy to see what nutrients you're consuming with other apps.

"Finally an app that gives a complete nutritional breakdown of food. This holistic approach takes the focus off calories and back onto food as a whole. As a nutritionist, I highly recommend it to all my clients."
▸ iPhone's best food reference guide by The Shazmeister

Find foods highest in specific nutrients like vitamins and minerals. The nutrient browser sorts foods by the selected nutrient and food category. Find fruits with the highest amount of potassium or vegetables with the most iron. The combinations are endless!

"I am getting my bachelor's in Nutrition and Dietetics so I am always looking up nutrition information. This is a beautiful, easy to use app that is full of nutritional information! I love it!"
▸ I love this app! by Evbaker92

Create your own list of favorite foods! Use this feature with the nutrient browser to find out which of your favorite foods are highest in specific nutrients such as vitamin A or iron.

"Great app! Especially to nutritionists, when a patient asks for some random ingredient we don't know all its values! Works like a lucky charm!"
▸ Great! by Awesome short stories

Show and hide foods by categories such as hiding meats for vegetarians or dairy & eggs for vegans to customize Nutrients to your diet.

"This app is the best food app ever. It has never frozen on me and it is so informational. It helps my fiance and I keep healthy and buy the right foods."
▸ Amazing!!! by Kana557

Search for Baked Foods, Beef, Beverages, Breakfast Cereals, Cereal Grains & Pasta, Dairy & Eggs, Fish & Shellfish, Fruits, Nuts & Seeds, Oils, Pork, Poultry, Seafood, Spices & Herbs, Vegetables and more in Nutrients!

"An embarrassment of riches! The most thorough and complete nutrition atlas I have ever seen! If you want to know what you eat I strongly suggest this great app!"
▸ Unreal! by Whatrix

Search for foods like "cooked salmon" or "egg whites" and perform unit conversions using natural language such as "tablespoons to 1/4 cup" or "cups in a gallon".

"Love it! The update is amazing. Very informative app. Especially if you are trying to eat healthier or get more of one type of nutrient. You can eat more of that type of food."
▸ Best app ever by Deen1stApps

Nutrition data is provided by the USDA.

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- Great app, only tiny improvements needed

Great app. Everything you wish your home spreadsheet did with pretty colors and 10,000x less effort. Makes it easy to track food quantities. Some people have complained that it doesn’t show summary totals in grams, just percentages—but you can just go to the apple health app to see that over time, which is really great. I wouldn’t change the interface on this app. Wish the health app could also display the DV you set in this app for comparison on those charts. A couple of extra nutrients like omega 3s, maybe biotin, would be great. Splitting hairs but I’d love to see folate breakdown for fortified folic acid foods and natural food folate. Also, I don’t see a way to retroactively add a journal entry. You can move entries from the current day to a previous day that you did at least one entry for, but if you didn’t do any entries yesterday there’s no way to do it retroactively. That would be a helpful feature for those days that get away from the meantime, I guess I just have to stay on top of things!

- A few problems

I didn’t see a tutorial, which I could really use. I find it frustrating that when I want to create a recipe, there are often only brand name versions of ingredients that should just be raw. Since I am not sure what the brands represent nutritionally, this seems odd. I made a sweet potato soup for instance. When I tried to indicate that the recipe calls for 1.25lbs of sweet potatoes, I could not. Instead, there were many brands of sweet potatoes listed and none were available to input in quantities greater than 200 grams (pounds were not an option). I had to calculate grams to pounds and then input several different brands of sweet potatoes at 200-grams each. I had no idea if these were all plain, raw sweet potatoes. This seems really weird. Also, as a vegetarian, I am concerned about niacin intake. I purchased nutritional yeast powder (unfortified). No such thing exists in the database. In general, I want plain foods, not brands, and in standardized measurements. Some foods are available in tbs. some in grams. Some only in ounces. It’s all over the map.

- Simple and Accurate

Some time after using this app, I've realized it frequently miscalculated percentages of nutrients. The app is basically useless if it tells me I'm getting 0% of a vitamin when I'm actually getting 50%. Earlier review: This app is very impressive and has a great, intuitive, user friendly platform. The food items are quite generic and there are some missing (like bok choy), which is a bummer, but the data seems accurate which is important for me (I see that it comes from the USDA). It competes with MyFitnessPal. However, it would be GREAT if it broke down protein, fat, and carb percentages per day. And it would be nice if it included omega-3 which is critical. Lastly, I'd like to be able to go back and change food items for a previous date. I want to reiterate that the food items are very generic so MyFitnessPal has a leg up because of that--however, I prefer quality of accuracy over quantity of items. Anyway, thanks a lot for a great and useful app! I'm updating this review to say that I've noticed that sometimes the nutrients don't add up properly, which is very frustrating. Sometimes I add a food and the values become lower. Especially with vitamin B5. It's important for me because I'm fighting allergies. Could you please fix that? Thanks again!

- Very Detailed!

I really like this app for the most part. I wanted to track my nutrition, but most apps are based solely around calories and weight loss... not good for someone recovering from an eating disorder. This app is so great for me because it focuses on nutrition, and it makes you want to fill the bars up. It doesn’t tell you how many calories you’ve eaten, just gives you a percentage and bar to fill (exactly what I needed). The nutritional values are so detailed, too. My only problem with the app is that it doesn’t recognise a lot of bar codes, which can be annoying. However, I assume they’re always working towards adding more, so it doesn’t bother me tremendously. Overall, I do recommend this app! The nutritional details are impressive.

- Missing “added sugars”

I am a registered dietitian and I have my MS in Nutrition. I teach an online nutrition class for a community college and have been searching for an app that is inexpensive, user friendly and not bias towards weight loss, that I could recommend to students. Initially this app seemed perfect, I like that you can calculate your own nutrient needs and manipulate the profile. I like that it syncs with iOS health, which I use. However, after several days of use I’m really frustrated by the way it tracks sugars. It tracks all sugars (including naturally occurring sugars from fruit or milk) not just added sugars, which is what I want to know. I had eggs, two pieces of fruit, a kale salad, and a small piece of lasagna yesterday. While I was on target with calories, fat, protein and carbs.... my sugar category was really high, despite the fact that I had nothing with any added sweetener. This really needs to be fixed!

- Eh..

This app came soooo recommended that I pondered for a long time about buying it since it’s 4.99!!! I don’t normally just randomly pay for expensive apps. Yes the library is very extensive. However after journaling all my foods, all the nutrient information is smashed and you can’t see it. I am not sure if I’m missing a feature in the settings that I need to turn off or on. I have no idea but for that reason I am not impressed. I seriously think I just wasted 4.99. I would like a refund. I send a feedback to the company hoping they might fix it or tell me what I’m doing wrong but I haven’t heard back yet. I am not pleased!

- Good Idea, Poor execution

There are a lot of requests to see the grams rather than % on journal. Keep color bar to determine percentage, and replace # with mg. I filled out the RDA for the AA in my profile, but it doesn’t show on the journal. Allow a user to enter their weight + daily calorie intake and calculate RDA, allowing for adjustments by the user. When entering my protein/carb/fat daily requirements, it should show the calorie calculation at the top. It’s simple math, but I had to go to another app to do this. The layout is awkward, but works well enough. Hire a UI team. Add instructions. I didn’t know how to enter MY needs, calories. Also had to look up RDA on another app for my weight and age. AA have zero for default. Why? I don’t care about any of the other features so I haven’t used them nor plan to. Copy meals from another date is useful, since people tend to eat the same things over a week. Keep it up. It seems almost meeting the need MFP is lacking. But their UI and functionality is better. If they added minerals Vitamins and AA today, Id switch back due to the ease of use. Beat them to it, please. And I’ll stay loyal and pay for updates.

- Best App to manage your health

If you need to manage a health condition, no matter which one, then this is the app to go. Smart aging to stay fit ? Again this app. Most diseases are traced back to poor diet and its mind boggling after using the app you will skip 75% of all isle in the super market and the fresh produce section will be your favorite The graphic showing the daily vitamin intake vs ideal target could be better. Data should synchronize across devices and it would be good to get weekly and monthly statistics that one can identify vitamin or mineral deficits faster. This said the app still is miles better than 8 other apps I tested

- Wish it were more accurate

Either the nutrient listing on the back of the bag of Brad’s Crunchy Kale is way off, or your nutrient listing is way off. Whereas the Brad’s package says that there is 30% daily value of Vitamin A in 2 ounces of their product, the App says that there is over 2000% daily value of Vitamin A in 2 ounces of their product. I’ve noticed some other discrepancies as well, which tend to lower my level of trust in the App. I don’t regret buying the App, as it has helped me see where I am lacking in my diet, and it’s fun to see the bars on the chart increase when I add a certain food to address that issue. I just wish I could trust it more and don’t have to keep second guessing it.

- Works, but pretty buggy

I love the concept of this app, however I’ve seen numerous instances where a recipe I’ve added has a total calorie count, then the calories from fat are massively larger number than the total cals. E.G. pasta dish that’s 459 total kcals but from fat it’s over 1,000 kcals. Curious if it’s calculating the fat kcals from the whole dish and not dividing by servings as is the other nutrition metrics. Also, editing a recipe and attempting to select an icon and the app hangs for a few seconds and doesn’t select the icon. Is it worth the $5 I spent? Not in its current state—I think there needs to be some more QA and ingredient database improvements (no pure maple syrup, let alone organic?). Hoping for an update soon!

- Not for home cooks

As a home cook, I'm disappointed in this app. Its food journal feature will let you choose between any number of commercially available, processed foods (i.e. Digiorno's pizza), but won't let you select basic ingredients that go into a home cooked recipe (i.e. pizza dough). I'm confused about this because presumably people who want to keep track of their nutrition are not the top consumers of processed foods like Digiorno's pizza? Also, the app seems really unscientific to me because it tells me how much of my recommended protein intake I've achieved per day without having ever asked me about my weight. My understanding is that your recommended daily value of protein is directly tied to how much you weigh so this feels sketchy to me. Would not recommend.

- Big disappointment

I was so hopeful when I found this app! I wanted to input my own recipes and see a breakdown of nutrition per serving, which it does have the capacity to do. However... 1) the ingredient library is VERY limited, forcing me to input brands I didn’t use and just “hope” the nutritional value was similar to the brand I did use; 2) the only measurements option is metric (no option to measure in imperial measurements and, unfortunately, I don’t know the conversions off the top of my head, so I need an additional conversion app to use this app!); and 3) its not very intuitive in its setup and menu options. I wish there were a way to return an app... I just wasted $5 on this and I’ll never use it!

- Best App For Tracking Nutrition IMO

I have tried multiple other apps for tracking calories and this one is my favorite, hands down. The very simple search interface allows you to find the ENTIRE nutritional profile of an exact portion of food including total calories, total protein, fat, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. On top of that, you can add individual food items or even ENTIRE CUSTOM RECIPES to "your journal" which then keeps track of how much you have eaten for the day. Very happy I purchased this.

- Bug Needs Fixing

So far this is a very good app, but I’ve come across a few bugs that need fixing. First bug: I tried to add a new item to my pantry, and it overwrote another item I had in the pantry. I ended up with 2 versions of the new item and the other item disappeared. Second bug: I was adding a new item to my pantry, and the nutrition values were being stored in the wrong places. The item had 300 mg of sodium. I entered the Sodium, but the app displayed it as 300 g of sugar. I entered the amount of sugar, and it wasn’t displayed at all. Since I’m diabetic, this bug really concerns me. Can you please fix it?

- Best App Available!

I am so appreciative and grateful for you to give this app away for free. I am diabetic and need it so much and it has helped me to figure out the nutritional breakdown in my recipes. I have been having problems with kidney function and need to limit potassium and your app allows me to see exactly what I have in my recipes so I can add or eliminate certain ingredients. Words cannot say enough as how grateful I am to you and the fact that you do not even charge anything!

- Great idea! Horrible execution!

If this app had more food options this would be my favorite app. I love that it breaks down all of the nutrition within food and not just macros and carbs, fat and protein. I wanted a more intense look at the food I was eating and the nutritional value. I like that this shows you the nutritional value between an apple and a piece of chocolate. All of the Keto like apps will categorize fruit and sugary crap as just a carb with no nutritional difference. This app is great in that aspect. HOWEVER and this is a YUGE HOWEVER...this app does not have any food that I eat. No protein powder, no bumble bee tuna, no Halo Top... NOTHING. I purchased this and it is completely useless to me. Waste of $5. *Ugh*

- Would rate it a 5 but...

Offers the very best tracking of all nutrients in food. Other so are mostly concerned with calorie breakdown. If you are like me, you are trying to see a bit more than that and you need to know about iron, calcium, minerals, etc...this is the app for you. I’d give it a 5 for sure but it badly needs an update to allow the barcode scanner to work better. All the times I have tried to scan, it’s only worked a couple times. This ability to enter food and supplements is really important. Please fix!! :)

- Works sometimes.

The app glitches a lot. You can’t add your own custom foods, you can’t make recipes with the foods that are already listed on the app. When journaling sometimes it’ll get stuck and put the wrong nutrient info no matter what portion you’re journaling it may say something like 4000 calories for .5 cup of beans. I normally don’t write reviews but paying for this app, and not having it work the way it was designed to is frustrating. It’s not completely bad, but there are a lot of limitations I’d like to see fixed.

- Not worth the time

When I saw the barcode scanner, I was pumped because I thought it would be something I could scan in my supplements, pre-packaged foods, etc. You can’t. Their database support for this app must be extremely limited, because I have yet to find something I can scan in! Then, to try and stay on track, you spend hours (if you’re me) looking for ingredient equivalents on their app, which only gives you a roundabout estimation of your consumption at best! Finally, since I paid for the app, I waited to see if they would upload more stuff to their database. It doesn’t appear that they have. Overall: 1/5, do NOT recommend.

- If you fix this, it would be great!

I’m a dietitian and I enjoy a lot of things about this app EXCEPT that it gets some nutrient values totally wrong. For example, if you enter a sizable portion of raw sunflower seeds, the vitamin E level doesn’t budge a single percentage point. This is clearly inaccurate, as sunflower seeds are quite high in vitamin E. I’ve seen this happen with some other values around folate and zinc as well. There are some definite gaps in syncing up foods from the list and their corresponding nutrient content. If you fixed this misleading element, it would be nearly perfect!

- Limited foods... no option to add your own food brands

Nice app if you're not concerned with accuracy. The food journal nutrition information doesn't tell you the total quantity (mg, mcg, IU, etc.) of the vitamin or mineral, it only shows a percentage you have consumed. The total vitamins and minerals needed for males and females is different and the app doesn't ask for sex to calculate the correct RDIs. The app advertises thousands of foods. This is true, but still the selection doesn't include any of my healthy organic and/or gluten free staples. Additionally there isn't an option to add your own food brand's nutrition information into the app so that the displayed nutrition facts are accurate.

- Limited

So the app is limited on sizes for items when creating a recipe for example you cannot enter 413g. You either get 350g or 465g(which you have to use a cups because the most grams you can enter is 200g using their options. It says it has a very large DB of foods. But it does not have Metamucil, certain types of sardines and other items. Mainly because they are limited on the brands that are in their DB. Also, there is no way to add these items Support is nonexistent. There are no FAQs or forums to use. You cannot contact them on Twitter ( they do have an account). The “discuss” option takes you to a reddit subreddit that is for another one of their apps. And you can send emails, but nothing really happens. Finally, I have tried the Scan barcode feature and nothing can be found. I even manually search for an item and found it and then rescanned the barcode and it told still not found.

- Helpful Overall But Still Need to Supplement (pardon the pun)

Overall, I like the detailed nutritional data the app provides. It does fall short in some areas. Specifically, the app: - you can’t add food to the database so you have to find “the next best fit” which means your results are even less accurate - doesn’t include nutritional data for anything you juice (so all of that info can’t be tracked in this app). In short, really good app but not THE solution for comprehensively tracking nutrition.

- Very useful, would like to see more foods in the journal

Great app to track vitamins, minerals, calories, etc especially if you have to avoid certain foods and want to keep a balanced diet. Only recommendation is I would like to see more unusual fresh fruits/vegetables listed like broccolini, bok choy, various sweet potatoes (white varieties like Japanese yam or Hannah yam-they have less vitamin A than the orange varieties). Although for raw arugula they have several “brands” which throws me off?

- Overall exactly what I was looking for

Just what I was looking for- an easy to read macro tracker. I just wish it were easier to use the other features of it. It would be nice to be able to scan bar codes or to have suggested ingredients to make up for any deficiencies. It would also be nice if it connected to some kind of recipe site and helped with nutrient analysis of the recipients too.

- Great App but need help with Pantry

This is a great dietary app with all the details you allow for. I just used the new pantry feature to add a food, I went add a second food, I could not figure out how to do so. I was expecting to see a plus sign that are elsewhere in the app. Also, in a future release would you incorporate “added sugar”. Thanks for your help and for creating this app!

- Needs Work

I’m not confident that this a very accurate tracker. It has a wide range of values for example for peeled potatoes. Seems that should be pretty straightforward per gram... It is also quite glitchy. When adding ingredients to a recipe sometimes you have to put in the same ingredient twice to get the right total amount. But often it will just keep changing the original value. For example, I needed 250 gram potatoes but the max I could select was 200. When I tried to add it again with 50, it deleted the 200 Gram entry. I did figure out that to change the calories on the profile, you have to adjust total grams of protein, fat and carbs. That makes sense. It has potential but at this stage is more of a rough guide than an accurate count to depend on.

- app I use every meal

This is the best app for nutrients. However, How do I set the number of calories per day? I do not want 2000 which is what it is currently set at. Also I created a ‘recipe’ called ‘breakfast’ which has the breakfast items I eat everyday. I do not know how to add ‘breakfast’ to my journal. When I go to journal and press the plus sign all I get is search for individual food items. I use nutrients on an iPad which is at the current iOS level. I tried to go to help and to the web site but I never could get there or find anywhere to get help. All help does or the website does it put me back to the download page for the app. Any help on these would be appreciated. I will continue to use nutrients, but it could be made easier.

- Not a useful app at all

I wanted to track my nutritional intake to make sure I was getting enough vitamins, and was put-off by how “weight loss” focused other apps were, so I gave this a try. I cook at home, and input my recipes, but was confused to learn I could only use their library of ingredients, which doesn’t have a lot of my products. There’s no way to manually enter a product yourself. Once you manage to piece together a recipe that’s similar to what you make, there’s no way to add it to your daily journal of what you ate that day. A total waste of $5.

- App meets realistic expectations

I love this app. I need a general over view of the nutrients I intake. I eat mostly whole foods. This app takes time to get used to and a discerning eye for what you’re actually inputing. I’ve found everything to be functional and fairly accurate. Recipes work really well and cut down on inputing data. Especially the daily intake calculator. Often times I use the app as a database to plan meals. I use a scale at home to measure my food and it makes using this app much easier. Thats actually true of any tracker though. Wish list *Linolenic acids like Omega-3 (ALA) and Omega-6 (GLA) under amino acids. *A tutorial or help file that explains how to navigate and use the app

- Lacking

Pros - nice overview - relatively simple to use Cons - only gives percentages for your journal summary and no breakdown of actual grams, etc - the percentage summaries are based on some random daily amount. Doesn’t allow you to input your intake needs. Ie, If you workout and have higher calorie needs, it still assumes a 2,000 calorie diet. - to the same point as above, would like to adjust the targets I have to be individualized. Protein, fat, etc - no ability to breakdown meals. Only daily intake Just a basic app with a little more nutrient info than some of the others so may suit some people but anyone that actually takes nutrition halfway serious will find this app lacking. Back to trying to use a spreadsheet and out $5. Better than the apps that charge a big monthly fee I guess

- Love this app! Want these features...

I love using this app! It is great for helping me to understand nutritional values of foods I eat. I would love these features: -Ability to integrate with Paprika to add / exchange recipes with that app. I can meal plan in Paprika, send meals (i.e. recipes) to grocery list, but missing nutritional analysis like this. -Ability to create a meal plan in advance -Ability to get reports on journal history to look for nutritional issues so I can adjust my diet. In general I’m looking for a workflow that allows selecting recipes to add to meal plan, evaluate nutritional value, and make adjustments for current or future days.

- Can I give it half a star?

This app does not do what it describes it does. I cannot create my own recipe and calculate the nutritional facts, which is the sole reason why I bought this app. The button is there but it is not functional. When creating a recipe, ingredients are not added. Also, not all ingredients are listed. Shouldn’t it have a search bar so we can add ingredients not listed? But this last point is irrelevant if when adding an ingredient to the recipe, the ingredient never is added to the recipe.

- Almost Perfect

Needs to be able to rearrange food items, change quantities, change past day items, and prove broader selection of foods. Still not a complete list. Most promising nutrition app though.

- Good, but...

So I wasn’t a big fan of FitnessPal and I like the look and feel of this app. The biggest drawback is when you enter in something into the Pantry, it goes out and grabs information that may already be in the database. If I am adding something to my Pantry, I want it to reflect the nutrients that I put into it and not something in the database, that is incorrect.

- Disappointed

I paid $5 for an app that I was only able to use for two days. I have tried to use the app on my iPhone AND my iPad. Both devices software are up to date. I have had it downloaded for over a week and since the second day I’ve had it, it will not even open. I emailed the support email provided last week and no one has responded. Great concept but a complete waste of money and poor customer service.

- Not user friendly

It does not have many brand name items. So I have to use generic items most of the time. The data is not that accurate when used in this manner. The database needs to include brand name items I get from the grocery store. I shop at target for example. No target brand items exist in this database. Also, a barcode scanner option would be nice.

- Wasted $4.99

Just downloaded this app today to find it’s very buggy on my iPad. Newly created ingredients don’t add well to recipes. Existing ingredients don’t scale nutrients properly when adding partial or multiple servings. And as of ten minutes ago, the app is now crashing on launch. All other apps are behaving fine, so it’s definitely a problem with this one. Have tried restarting iPad, with no help. Wasted $4.99 and wish I could get a refund.

- Very useful app, crashes often

Nutrients is a handy app for seeing my overall nutrition, and especially useful in detecting gaps. I just started a vegetarian/pescatarian diet and Nutrients is helping me maintain a healthy balance of vitamins, protein, etc. But the app crashes at least twice per session. This is tedious, and particularly irritating since Nutrients is a paid app.

- No copy and paste feature!!

Just downloaded this app today, to help me track sodium, iron, and potassium. I am surprised that nobody complains that all recipes have to be entered the long way!! I would much rather have a quick copy and paste option, after finding a recipe I like from a website.

- Lack of Foods

I love what they tried to do here with the building your own meal part, but they went straight for that and somehow managed to miss what every small and less refined app already had. There’s such a tiny catalog of food options almost none of the food I have in my cabinet or drinks from fast food places in my car have a profile on here.

- This is a great app

The only change I would like would be the ability to add foods to the database. I use a number of Trader Joe’s as well as specialty products that aren’t in the DB that I would like to incorporate into recipes.

- Excellent

The app tracks all the basic nutrients and is nice for saving recipes. Best I’ve found. I only wish the journal view had an option to click on a day to see amino acid values!!

- Great app!

This app tracks every important nutrient in your diet. It has a huge list of fresh, prepared, and restaurant foods to choose from. I love it. It would be great if they could add vitamin pills to the list too.

- Crashing

The app crashes repeatedly and will not open after adding custom pantry items. The only way to get it to open again is to uninstall and reinstall the app, which causes you to lose any recipes you've previously entered.

- Perfect for everyday Nutrition Monitoring

This is an amazing app. Short and to the point. Summarizes all vital info. I have tried others and was never satisfied. This app did it for me. Thumbs up.

- Don’t purchase

I made the mistake of purchasing reading great reviews. There was no free trial because you would not purchase this app when the free ones available are far superior with a live selection of foods that can be scanned in. This app only offers the most common brands such as Quacker. Save your money and get a free version or at least one with a free Trial. These reviews c as my be legit.

- Needs improvement

Knowing your vitamin intake is really great, but not if the app doesn’t have half of the things in your diet listed. Raw ingredients are usually there, but something as simple as an item from Chipotle is not. Super disappointing, wouldn’t recommend the app unless they make more frequent additions to their database

- So useful!!

I love this app. It’s simple and straight for award. I’ve had it for years and still use it often. Highly recommend!

- Good app but 1 false claim

Cons; advertises support of family sharing but This app Does not support family sharing. Some of the nutrients listed per food Is not it a complete list. Pros: It works and is useful to manage diet and provides all nutritional content and sync with apple Health.

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- Very Informative

I think this app is great, and could be even better with a few tweaks and updates. For example, I cannot see the mineral chromium in the nutrient list. Chromium is a very important mineral in regulating blood sugar levels. Regarding vitamins, I suggest both Vitamin K1 and K2 be shown. Including ORAC scores would also be great. ORAC is becoming mainstream and allows a comparison between foods of their antioxidant potency. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. My final comment would be to add the alphabet vertically beside foods when looking at food groups so you can for example get to "onion" quickly without having to scroll through hundreds of foods. Just press "O" and get taken there quickly. Great app, thanks!

- Refund requested

Review doesn’t let me rate it as 1 star. I am unable to start a new day so only got 1 days tracking for my money. Tech help doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money. All Nicknames needed to register a review are taken for 1, 2 start ratings.

- Waste of money! - Do not buy

I recently purchased this app. Every time I try to add an item of food to the journal the app crashes. It's hopeless. I emailed the app developers and received no response. $8.99 spent for nothing! Not happy at all! I do not recommend this app whatsoever.

- Confusing information

according to Wikipedia a 100g corn kernel provides 86 calories however app Nutrients shows 88k calories... which sounds too much.

- Lots of info, not sure about some aspects

This seems like a very detailed app: it's almost overwhelming looking at the number of foods it lists. It's really frustrating that in order to hide certain categories or nutrients (mainly the former is my concern), you have to pay (which also removes the ads); why not just charge 99c for the app and get on with it? There's also some... unconventional design choices (like making the serving size a button, only putting the search function under one tab, for example). It's also a shame that they couldn't've put some info about foods available in Australia in the app, considering it's available in Australia (and many products that are "American" that we can buy in Australia have different ingredients here). Still, it seems like a solid app, and I hope it can take on some of these queries / suggestions and continue to improve.

- Small business owner

I love this app! Easy to see the benefits of each food. Perhaps for the next version 1. Have The option of saving your favourite foods so you don't have to scroll through the complete list each time. 2. Have standard amounts for organic food vs. Non-organic food. 3. Perhaps some recipes? 4. Perhaps some health foods like spelt, Himalayan salt, nut spreads etc. I really do love this app though. Thank you for taking the time to put it together and help me revolutionise my diet!

- Please update.

Great app. Just have one really frustrating problem: there needs to be more choices for measurements of the food. For example, no one eats a whole up of walnuts in one go. I'd like to check the nutrients in say.. 20g or 2 tbsp. This would really help and I would probably use the app more and recommend to more of my clients and fellow colleagues.

- New version is useless

I previously would have given the Foodie app 4-5 stars. It was the only calorie counter I had found that could be easily used and that worked for people outside America. The reason was that it gave the calories for 100g portions. This enabled me to easily calculate the calories for however many grams my portion weighed. Now I can't do that because everything is in cups. I don't go to the shop and buy my food in cups. It comes in packages with the grams marked on the front. How many calories are in a 125g punnet of blueberries? You will never be able to know by using this once great and now redundant app.

- Needs more meat

While I found this app very useful over all I was disappointed with the meat content. I am Australian so things like bison are not much use to me. And the only beef or lamb included is ground. Add more of these and it would have been 5 stars.

- Mr

The content is all here but I was a little disappointed by the interface. For example, Searching a food by its vitamin content displays the food but you manually have to type in the name again to bookmark it or display its contents .. Over and over again. Adding integration for recipe apps would make this awesome as well

- Very informative

This app is great for discovering what your favorite fruits vegetables etc have in them in terms of antioxidants and minerals. It is also visually appealing. Love this app and will definitely keep it! Ps I didn't pay for the extra add-ins, and I still like it.

- Awesome app

Love this app. As a budding nutritionist it's great to have all this information in such a simple and easy to use way right at my finger tips. I don't have to go through loads of notes to find what I need. It's right here at a glance.

- OK but with misleading representations

The app includes a lot of items but it is missing too many - not much about meat and no way to set your own daily requirements based on your diet objectives and weight etc. I don't like paying for it on the iPd and then finding out that the iPhone version is still locked. Also, I think that if you pay to have it unlocked it is a con to only unlock one section (which is nothing but a sort anyway) leaving other sections still locked. I think the app is worth a few bucks even if it is only a simple list of readily available info with 2 or 3 sort options, but be up front and charge for it and then unlock the lot. Leaves me irritated

- Love My Food app

A great resource for anyone interested in health fitness and nutrition. Would like to see a few more 'exotic' foods included such as kangaroo. Also maybe serving size calculator to help plan meals but all in all worth the money!

- Ok

Would of got five stars. But due to the cost of all the in ap purchases it lost stars its a shame coz u really need those other sections unlocked. For $1.99 and 99c I don't think so. When there are about 30 locked sections. Sort of a waste of what could of been an awesome ap. Think someone got greedy designing this one. mmm hmm

- A great start

It would be even better with more fruits and veg, particularly the more exotic ones (like dragonfruit, custard apple, starfruit etc) also would be good to include kjs as well as calories. Also I'd like to see different varieties of mushrooms added.

- Daily use

Use this nearly every day great for working out what's going into the body and why friends and family might be ill from deficiencies...

- Good but has its faults

Nutrient Browser doesn't seem to work... it doesn't list items in priority of content,,, not sure what it uses to list the foods. But the rest is really good!

- Sensational information

This is a perfect application to assist in understanding nutrition and the value of each food type and product.

- Excellent!

Great, useful app! Some of the more hightec options like sorting via genre or nutrients cost extra but the content remains the same! Just a good way of supporting a great app!

- Good

Good app, but it would be nice if there was a section where you could add your own food or create a meal on it.

- Mr

this is an excellent app for teachers of healthnin the upper high school years. All the information at your finger tips. It would also be excellent for dietitians and their clients.

- Huge potential

Funtional and visually pleasing. The database needs more accessibility, be nice to search on nutritional factors, for example which foods have the highest iron content or lowest sodium etc. Might happen one day, be worth paying for, I think.

- Awesome!!!

It makes finding the most nutrient dense foods so easy. A real must for anyone wanting to get maximum nutrients and minimum calories from their food.

- One of my favourite apps

Contains almost anything a layperson or food/health enthusiast would want to know about nutritional components of food.

- 👍

Very American-based with no consideration of other nations; however, perfect for raw items such as fruit and vegetables.

- Very Useful

I really like this app it gives you a detailed description of basic foods and vitamin intake.

- Time killer

Awesome way to pass time and gain your knowledge about things that keep you healthy 😄

- It's good but it keeps crashing on me.

Not bad little apps..there is still lots of missing food..sweet potato is one and few others..would be great if it's not so costly to unlock the others..

- Spend the dough. It's worth it...

Anyone involved or working in nutrition will find this app a simple and comprehensive aid in referencing or educating in nutritional concepts.

- Wow

I love this app so much it tells you the real taste and if it is healthy everyone in my family loves this app!!!

- My food

Very good for the nutritional values, minerals, vitamins etc....... Also, helpful to anyone overcoming, or fighting an "Eating Problem as it is factual.

- Fantastic!

Great app! Information is presented clearly. Design and style are consistent. Great work. Thank you.

- Good

Good app especially since it's free, but misses out on 5 Star rating because it lacks a breakdown of the fats into saturated/monounsaturated/polyunsaturated etc

- Health Bliss

Very useful app.... I would recommend this to anyone that takes care in their diet intake 

- It now has adds!

Great app - very informative BUT you get adds even if you have paid for it! Adds are not ok with me.

- Great

So helpful, definitely recommended

- Needs iodine

I really like this app however you need to add iodine as it's an important mineral and people are very deficient in Australia.

- This is brilliant

As a quick nutritional reference this is brilliant, I love that it connects to Wikipedia too

- Great app

This is a great app well done. Very useful information.

- Good app

Useful for designing and planning baby food recipes for my infant who has decided not to drink all her milk.

- Excellent app!

Easy to navigate and very informative!

- Great App.

I really like this app. and I found so helpful to my health condition. Great work and thank you.

- Great app

Great app but would be better with more foods like chocolate and chicken

- !!

So simple and such good info. Great set out also.

- Good, but could be better

Good app, but needs more foods added, also list cooked meats instead of raw, and break down the fats.

- Good but not amazing

Good for what it had on there, many food items to be added though ...

- Luv this app

This is a very useful app for models. I really like how it connects to wikipedia.

- Very handy app

Use it often. Have Menieres disease so look for sodium levels under 120gm per 100gm.

- Food

Omg I love this app it's so good Hope you get nice reveiws

Payoneer 💰

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- Great app, one clear improvement to make

I like the app, but I’d like to be able to create ingredients when some are missing or the nutrients are totally different than what I’m eating

- Am I missing something?

I paid $7 for this app and I can’t add a food with the nutritional info from the package. I can only pick from app list and the products I have are not on the list. I’m in Canada and it’s only big American food companies. I would like to chart food I buy from local markets.

- Disappointing.

The app was one of my favourites when I first downloaded it. It has a lot of very in depth information, but as I used it more and more I realized it wasn't necessary accurate. The more of a certain food I added to my journal, the lower my daily percentage of a nutrient went, rather than up. Since the newest update, the beef category isn't showing any foods under vitamin B12. Too many inconsistencies and inaccuracies have left me to just use and delete this app. I hope they fix it, because it has promise, and isn't cheap.

- Disappointing

I echo the views of a number of reviewers, especially those of us in Canada. I just tried to find out how nutritious my breakfast was. None of the packaged ingredients could be found - looks like I might have had more luck had I been eating Cheerios or Fruitloops or some other frosted delight, but I wasn’t - and these are mainstream items like milk, margarine, yoghurt, almond butter, peanut butter and bread! There is definitely detail there, but after reading more reviews (I know, I should have paid more attention before 🤦🏼‍♂️) I am not sure I trust it.

- A must have

A must have for anyone who tries to have a healthier diet. It would also be grate if there be a comparison feature in the app.

- Very good database but calculations for meals not accurate

See above

- Apple Watch app keeps crashing

Please fox

- App not on I Watch

Is not available on iwatch as was stated.

- Actually tracks sugars independently!

To manage IBS, I have to follow a strict diet that severely restricts my sucrose and starch intake. I’ve tried dozens of apps and programs, some of them very expensive, all in an effort to track my sugars independently. This is the ONLY app I’ve tried that actually does it. Some claim to, but many that claim to actually don’t. This one DOES! And it’s easy to use. It syncs nicely with the iPhone Health app too. However, you do have to be cautious with some foods because it makes assumptions about how you’re preparing it that might lead it to include incorrect nutritional data. For example, it includes a high amount of lactose in the scrambled egg entry. There’s no way to tell for sure, but I think this is because it assumes you’re preparing your scrambled eggs with milk. If that’s how you prepare them, then that’s fine, but it’s not something everyone does. So it works better if you build your own recipes from the basic ingredients, which it lets you do. All in all, if you want an app that actually lets you track all the nutrients in your food, like separate sugars, this is the best and possibly only app out there that really lets you do it. For that reason, I’ve given it 5 stars.

- So far so good

Just downloaded the app. It has comprehensive information about items that are found. Some items are difficult to find. Perhaps the ability to scan the item with the iPad and have the nutritional info uploaded would help. The journal is easy to use and add items, even creating a recipe is easy. I'll keep using the app - its working out well for making sure I get everything I need to stay well.

- Super app

J'adore cette application

- Suggestion...

Hey, just started red with the app and have been happy, but I do have one suggestion. In the journal overview section is it possible to show the units of measure (eg. mg) for the vitamins/minerals in addition to the daily recommended allowance/requirements? Specifically interested in this information for Iron. Thank you!

- Fantastic

This app has ALL the nutritional information you'll ever need about every single food item or meal, store bought, cooked or from a restaurant. Simply awesome!

- Bad Purchase

If you had one charge instead of multiple charges you would sell more and not upset people!! If I had known that I had to purchase parts of this program I would not have purchased the first part. REALLY PEOPLE GET IT TOGETHER!!

- Great idea, not cool additional charges

I was really excited to try this app but was very disappointed that I had to pay multiple times in order to view any information. I went back to using my previous free app instead with more information and no additional changes. Not cool.

- Great

This is a great App very helpful and easy to use!!

- Good app

Love it!

- I really like nutrient app

This is a very comprehensive tool for finding out if you are getting the right nutrition. I have a gut issue and need to keep an eye on getting a healthy diet. Kudos to the creators.

- Good

This is a nice app. It would be nice if the database would be more extensive specially with packaged foods. This is the only app that actually gives me more nutritional info on foods. All the others want to charge a yearly membership.

- Awesome

Fantastic nutrition app! Would be cool if there was some description of the benefits of each nutrient.

- Awesome

I love this app. You can make recipes and save them to figure out how many calories you are consuming. I lost 10kg so far counting my daily intake with this app and a $20 scale.

- Awesome ideal app

The best design nutrition app and very helpful And fantastic app ever Thank you F. Shahsavar

- Best Nutrition App Ever

I've tried other nutrition apps and there are none as broad as this.

- Great app

I love this app to help track nutrients, especially during pregnancy. I would love for the app to have more foods included.

- Good

Very useful and easy to use app but would love an option to create custom ingredients for your recipes aside from the ones offered in the database. Also, it would be nice if you could add an entire recipe into your journal to save time.

- Best nutrient app by far

An easy and concise way to track and tally almost any food metric you like. (I say almost because I'm sure someone somewhere could find something. However, I couldn't think of a single improvement) Great job! Keep up the awesome work!!

- Great info site

Very detailed information, clearly laid out.

- The best app

Hi dear this is the best app For your nutrition. Thanks to Foodle management

- So far it's best nutritional data app I could find

Update: would like to see the Amino Acid Score and Completeness Score. The amino acid score is very important. Two days after I requested they update the app so that one could combine nutritional values from more than one food they updated the app so you could do just that. I'm not sure if they listened to my request or it was something they already had planned, either way now that I can combine nutritional values from several foods I will use this app all the time for designing smoothies that have a high and well balanced nutritional value. I feel now this app is definitely deserves a five star rating. Below is my review from before the update. You be nice to see an update so we can combine foods within the app four instance a half a cup of Brazil nuts and a half a cup of sesame seeds and then be able to see the total nutritional value of the two foods together.

- Very Informative

Love to use this app for figuring out nutritional values in recipes. Thanks!

- Totally worth it but....

I love that app. It's sync with Apple Health app. and Wiki! I recommend Foodle all the way!!

- Excellent Health Tool

It gives you precise nutritional info so you can make an informed decision about what you eat and avoid green washing.

- Easy to use

I like it a lot!

- Comprehensive

Just started, looks good. Seems that the "talk balloon" or info appears where the "back" button should be to go back to the alphabetical list of foods.

- Needs a little work

Great app with lots of useful information. It would be nice to be able to sort by category and see the information on the item without having to go back to the main list though. I just don't think it was designed very well.

- Poor food selection and overall workflow

I paid for this app and was very quickly disappointed. Many products you can buy in grocery stores are not present in the app, and even when you do find the item's you're looking for, there is no built-in way to add their nutrition information together. You essentially have to do everything by hand anyway. Save your money, just look at the nutrition labels on the things you buy.

- iOS 6 Working yea!

Thank you very much for the fix! Much, much better now. Thanks again! Upgraded to 3.0.2 and when I start the app, the title screen comes up, and after a few seconds it "minimises" itself. This makes it very difficult to use the app.

- Missing nutrient discriptions!!!

I love this app and for the longest time I hesitated buying an upgrade for it. I finally paid the $2 and I was disappointed to know that if you click on a nutrient, it doesn't teach you anything about it! I thought that's what I was paying for. Now I feel ripped off.

- Content is good but...

The purchase description is unclear. I made 2 purchases and I was disappointed with what I got. I would not have made these purchases.

- Will not open on iPad

PLEASE FIX BUG!! Will not open on iPad!! Works on iPhone but not the iPad. I even rebooted my iPad and still didn't open!!

- Too many options within categories like meat and meals

I preferred the older version as there are now too many options, especially within meat and meal categories that have been added. Now when I search the nutrient protein, the first 100 are all meat options. I can no longer discover the proteins in vegetables, nuts and seeds. It has become more difficult to navigate

- Wow

I love it! All his information and in one place too! What I really like though, is how they've included many obscure foods as well.

- No!

Bonjour cette application est super moche!

- Love it!

Great info in this app! I reference it all the time!

- Teacher

Amazing! So simple and so helpfull!

- Really great quick database of nutrient, mineral content

Deadly, sick, killer app Lol

- Nurse

Helpful quick tool!

- Great app!

Easy to use, with complete list of everything.

- the best

keep up the good work ( thank you making it easy )

- Just I say thank you

Exactly one I was looking for Easy and useful Hope in upgrade version could get the result for mix values

Libertex 📈

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- Good start - I have a number of bugs I want foxes and features added

As much as there are aspects that are lacking (I’ll get to them) this is a great app in comparison to a lot of the others out there. I haven’t found one with this much detail and flexibility. Short comings: There is a bug (v8.3 currently) that will mess up “pantry” items (things you enter as standard foods not in their exhaustive catalogue) and I get duplicates instead of adding a new item, or an old item replaces the new one. It is bizarre. Same with “recipe” items. When entering a pantry item, it doesn’t allow you to put in decimals of micronutrients, and it doesn’t allow you to put in text to the service description (e.g. just “1” not “1 cup”) In the review of the day’s nutrients, it would be nice to be able to tap on a nutrient and have the contributing items drop down (e.g. what did I eat that had those trans fats in them? Have to look through each food and see what it was). In the profile, you can update all the nutrients, but it doesn’t reliably adjust the number of calories you target for the day. Even if your target is 3,500 (I’m an endurance cyclist, I can burn 8k in a day), it just says I’m at 100% my daily calories, but 60% of the main macros. Lastly, it would be nice to be able to copy foods from one day to another. Dinner one night is lunch the next day, so being able to copy items over would be nice. Overall I have found it helpful to dial in my micronutrients with this app and appreciate the variety of macros in common foods. I’ll be sticking with it, but with the wish list above.

- Enjoy Using!

I like this app for better understanding of the foods I choose to eat. It gelps me with those choices and with portions. I recommend this app.

- my favorite - Very comprehensive

no one app could cover every food on the planet but this one sure seems to come close!

- Crashed

I loved what the app does in allowing me to customize and track my nutrient goals on a very detailed level. However, the App crashed twice in the first two days after I downloaded so I had to reload and renter everything I’d stored. It’s not worth anything if I have to redo my profile, recipes and lose my journal everyday.

- iWatch — does not work on

It looks like the app works in iWatch, but every time I try to open it, it crashes— doesn’t open — watch is brand new — there are pix of the app on a watch, but looking in the spex the watch is not listed— wanted this for my college-age son who has Type 1 — bummer — would love it to work if it can’t— refund please? Thanks.

- Must have Nutrients right to call it “Nutrients”

Finding a number of errors on nutrients listed for various foods. Example: Almond flour is a great source of Vitamin E, but most of the flours listed show none, which does not match label on the bag. Need to be able to click on Journal summary of daily nutrients and flip between %, grams, etc. Agree with other comments that profile needs to be much more detailed. App does not appear to sync entered content across Apple devices. I would add a comment or blog section in the app to get feedback and respond.

- Great — if it worked.

Have used Fitness Pal for years. It only does Macros. Was very excited to find this Ap. Hope they work out the kinks. Pros 1. Thorough and reliable nutrients. 2. Readable display. Cons 1. Camera turns Ap off when I hit icon. Fixed by deleting then reloading Ap. No thanks to Ap support. 2. Support did not answer email. 3. Not intuitive. Can’t figure out how to add items. Won’t change dates. Can’t change daily calorie requirement. 4. Limited food data base.

- Really helpful

Great app, love being able to track what I'm eating and get a sense of what vitamins/minerals I'm not getting enough of

- New to this app

I’m having trouble getting the bar scanner to work. It opens the camera and appears to take the picture but nothing comes up? Can you advise?

- Good app maybe. F’ed up calorie information

What the heck is wrong with them getting the calorie count wrong? My morning smoothie does not have 10,000 kcal. It doesn't even have 1kcal... Otherwise I think the app could be good but I’m not sure it’s data can be trusted.

- Nutrient calculations are inaccurate

If I update a recipe the nutrient calculations do not update as expected. In one case, the fat calorie calculations were off completely. More fat calories than the entire caloric content off the recipe.

- Way too limited

This was a waste of $5. You can’t add ingredients that aren’t in their library, so the nutrition cannot possibly tabulate correctly when you’re entering the data for a recipe that they don’t have in their library. Super disappointed and would really like a refund.

- I wish I could get my money back

This was an expensive app. And it’s rudimentary. The info is hard to use, and requires too much input to track your dietary intake compared to several free apps out there. Save your money and use MyPlate.

- Crashes

I would love to use this app but every time I try to use the scanner it crashes. Trying to find common foods and they aren’t in the database. Don’t waste your money until major improvements.

- Easy to use

Great app for nutritional information.

- Needs updates. Please add fast food restaurants

Add fast food restaurants. Add snacks and random goodies.

- Junk

Just wasted $4.99 on an app that constantly crashes. I now see that other recent reviewers have made similar complaints, all without any response from the developers. Not impressed at all. AVOID THIS APP!

- Barcode scanning not helpful

I just bought this and scanned 6 labels of supplements I am taking. Didn’t recognize a single one of them. Not even the major brand Casein supplement. I guess I’ll have to enter it all manually.

- Very unhappy

I know Coca Cola isn’t the healthiest thing in the world but I’m surprised it’s not in the app. Neither were my Cheerios. Layout is cumbersome and no intro for personal input or instructions. I’m deleting the app today...

- Just bought it. Where are the instructions

I do not see a way to see past journal entries. Also are there reports

- Not very efficient

The app has a lot of info but it doesn’t show you how much nutrients you are eating each day, just the percentage.

- No benefit

The barcode scanner does not work and u can not input your own ingredients, but have to search. No practical use for the home cook who would like nutritional value to accommodate your recipe.

- Ugh

Can’t get the recipe builder to work and won’t scan many normal ingredients to add. Very disappointed and I would like my $4.99 back for this terrible app.

- Overrated

I dont know why this is well rated. Entered my own brand of dried cranberries but when entering into a recipe only allowed brands built in. Cannot delete ingredients if u make mistake. Pointless icons.

- Product did not allow for edits and there was no manual entry

They have a lot to improve on this product

- Waste of Money

What a waste of money! It calculates incorrectly. I ate 1,365kcal on the first day and it totaled that I ate 10,363kcal. Not sure how it miscalculates that badly? I deleted it soon after shelling out the $5 to buy it.

- Issues adding custom foods

Everytime I attempt to scan a barcode to add a custom food, my app crashes and I must restart.

- Totally off!!

Doesn't have half the food I eat and the food it does have does not match the nutritional values on the labels. Total rip off.

- No help from developer

I wrote to the developer for help, but received no response. This app is not working for me.

- Doesn’t have a good bank of food

And you can’t add custom food

- Helpful

I enjoy being able to look which foods have certain nutrients. I think it would be nice if they could list foods that have the most to the least of that nutrient based on typical serving size of each food item. Right now it compares 100 grams of each food and you can adjust individually for serving size; ex cup or fillets) It's nice, but comparing typical serving sizes of each item as well would make things clearer quicker. While an herb may have a lot per 100 oz when we eat less than a tsp is not the same as a item that we eat a whole cup of; Just an idea for updates, but I like the app and am grateful for the information on nutrition it puts at my fingertips.

- Useless

Sure not what I was expecting.

- Awesome!

Awesome app

- Overwhelming

On the old version I complained they didn't list enough foods....but now there are too many! The original had only real, whole foods listed, now it's got those plus a boatload of processed foods, which I almost never eat. It's nice I can finally look up yogurt (a food missing from previous version), but I have to scroll through like 50 versions of yogurt before I get to plain, whole milk yogurt. It would be worth it if additional nutrients were added (like choline, omega fats, etc) but they weren't. And some foods I eat still aren't listed. Sigh. Hopefully it will be worth it for the foods I eat that weren't in the previous version but made it in this one. My old review for the previous version: I love this app but there are a lot of foods I eat that aren't listed (no plantains for example or organ meats other than chicken liver and turkey giblets). I would also love to have more nutrients added such as choline and iodine and maybe omega-3 and omega-6. I try really hard to get all the nutrients I need through diet and it helps me to know what foods have what nutrients. This app is very user friendly, although I would prefer if fruits and veggies were in their own categories so I didn't have to scroll through them every time I wanted to get to grains or dairy or beans, etc. I do love this app though. Love the ability to search by nutrient especially. I hope the developers read my suggestions. Thanks!

- Great start, but missing just a few things

For what is available, this is the best app I found for what I needed. However there are a few things that would make this a great app! First, my purpose is to track my nutrients every day. But the journal does not allow you to go back and edit a day's items. This was a real bummer. I woke up this morning and was forced to enter my food items from last night, on today's date. Also, I am using this for the purpose of tracking my vitamin needs during my pregnancy. So it would be extremely helpful if there was some way to calculate everything daily. There is no other app out there that does this. If these two functions were added, I am sure you could definitely increase your revenue. Especially if you would promote it to the pregnancy community. Finally, it would be great if you simply added a notes page. Where users could take personal notes. Ideally, integrated into the journal page some how. I am calculating my nutrients and storing key details in a notepad. I am sure this one is probably an easy add. Thank you for your efforts. I look forward to seeing what's to come.

- Good idea but needs reprogramming

I made an in-app purchase which promised to give me the ability to sort the available food items from highest to lowest concentration for selected nutrients (i.e. highest protein to lowest protein or highest calories to lowest calories, etc.). I was very excited about having this feature available. Unfortunately, however, whenever I do select a nutrient to be sorted, the list which populates is not in the correct order from highest to lowest. The results are all over the place. For example, (And I'm just making up data here to illustrate my point) if you decide to sort by highest fat to lowest fat, the number of grams of fat for the sequenced items will go from something like 40 to 39 then up erroneously to 62 then back down to thirty something then back up to some random number...If this problem could be fixed, I would happily give this app 4 or 5 stars. It would also be great to see more types of food added...Again, nice idea but the app needs some work put into it to make sure the information is displaying and sorting correctly.

- Some obvious fixable shortcomings

1. The food list is too limited. This really needs a custom food function so users can add their own foods manually with the nutritional information. For example, as part of my diet I got no natural source of B12 so regularly eat nutritional yeast flakes fortified with B12 - I can't record this and my micronutrient journal will always show a major vitamin B12 deficiency. This obviates the point of nutrition tracking. There is no reason to keep users from adding personal custom foods to their pantries. 2. It also needs an export function: I'm using this app specifically to record micronutrients which is where myfitnesspal fails miserably and this app could theoretically succeed. I would like to extract the data later to see if there are correlations with health outcomes. 3. It should be compatible with Fitbit! 4. The recipe feature needs work. First a user should enter all the ingredients then enter the number of servings. Imagine a recipe has four servings. The way things stand, all the data entered count as one serving and a user can select 1/4 serving when saving it in the journal to reflect the true intended serving size. But it only goes down to 1/4 so if you wanted to write that you had half a true serving, there is no 1/8. Too fiddly to work around. This could be really good, so fix these easy issues!

- Great, but withwork it would be awesome.

This app has a brilliant interface, and it looks wonderful. There are some problems, though. For instance, some of the serving sizes are misleading, because the app doesn't clarify whether the portions are for raw or cooked foods. For instance, a cup of kidney beans registers as 613 calories! This is because the app means, "1 cup UNCOOKED". When cooked, a cup of kidney beans has about 225 calories, because the beans have absorbed water and have become larger, so fewer beans fit into a cup. Whether a food is raw or cooked is important for beans, pasta, meats, and fish. Another issue is that when you use the nutrient database for a particular nutrient, the foods aren't sorted in any particular manner. It would make sense to have them sorted from highest content to lowest content of that particular nutrient. The user should be able to set the serving size he or she is interested in for each food, and the list should reflect the nutrient amount based on the serving sizes the person has entered. For instance, with Vitamin E, the first result is 100 grams of wheat germ oil. NO ONE will eat that much oil in one sitting. A normal serving would be more like a teaspoon or perhaps a tablespoon. Even with all of this, however, this is the best app of its genre, hands down.

- Fantastic App, use it all the time

I was considering taking a weekend and researching all of this information to make a food matrix because I needed to up my intake of certain nutrients and wanted to know what foods in my cabinet were the highest in density of said nutrients, and then I found this! What's awesome is it's customizability for those who can't or choose not to eat certain food groups, and it is specific enough to where you can really make educated decisions about certain things. I would like to see further expanding on types of foods, as well as grass-fed vs. grain fed and more beef choices, but other than that, this is the best app anyone looking to improve their nutrition could ask for! Thanks!

- Looking for more...

Would be nice to be able to scan basic ingredients barcodes to quickly get favorite nutritional data logged and easily create recipes to allow tracking of total macro nutrients like carbs, proteins, and fats for each recipe. Also, each recipe or single ingredient could be added as needed onto a daily log to monitor individuals' diets against each macro nutrient carbs, proteins, fats as well as calories for progress against goal to lose or gain weight. Finally, adding a way to share and publish recipes to personal blogs or Facebook would be cool. Now that would be the ultimate app! :)

- Serving sizes are very random

The hard-boiled egg serving is one cup chopped and the fried egg serving is one egg. Huh? Can't you have a drop down menu so we can change the portion size, like they have on the Self Nutrition facts website? It is awkward. You can't do comparisons. Still useful, just much less so than it could be. Search function is clumsy too. It took me 5 minutes to find an egg because it was listed as "whole egg" alphabetically. I would expect when I type in "egg" to have an egg pop up first, rather than eggnog and egg mix (a USDA commodity, in case you didn't know). The interface is slick, just think it's still not up to snuff.

- Foodle

This is great! Having been in nursing and want to feed myself and family nutritious foods...this helps me a lot. Select what category I need before I leave to shop and it gives me a fine selection with the nutritional values. Now I'm retiring. The purpose it serves is to keep me in a healthy state. So if your Dr says you need a certain diet with certain vitamins minerals etc. this is the app for you. It even has how much is contained in these foods so you are aware. GREAT!!

- Great app, BUT....

This is a really thorough, useful app that is nicely organized. BUT. I am willing to pay more for "pro" features and even in-app features when one knows in advance what is offered and what isn't. But there is something sneaky, unpleasant, and really, really expensive about the features in this app and the way one learns what one does and doesn't get in the free version. All the apps these folks develop are on the high side, but combine that fact with a rather high-handed marketing strategy and I (and others, I see) in the end will not purchase features on principle (and on price) that we well might have bought otherwise.

- Needs work

While it has a good set up it has a very skewed selection of food options. It has every option off the McDonald menu and yet not an option for mixed greens (in terms of a salad). This could be okay, but it also has no function that allows you to add new food items that aren't provided. I'd be happy to input the nutritional information of some of my commonly eaten foods that aren't listed, but as of right now I have no way to accurately record them. Which could be fine for a free app but a big problem for a ten dollar one. Probably will stop using soon due to this issue.

- MissPiii

This app certainly is a thorough source of information. Unfortunately, the extra feature that they claim will sort the food list by the levels of a particular vitamin or nutrient doesn't really do that. I tried to sort the list based on calories, and by sodium and by Potassium, and the levels are never really in low-to-high order. They're a bit scrambled up. And it seems to exclude the foods that have none (zero) of the nutrient in question, which would be extremely helpful when trying to follow a restricted diet. It will be useful on occasion, but I'm bummed that my $1.99 purchase didn't get me what they claimed.

- Awesome!!!!!

I recently started the Paleo diet since I am trying to become strict about CrossFit and this app is perfect. If you need to measure out your foods to determine Carbs, Protein, and Fat levels, this is the app for you. It allows you to easily find the food you are looking for and displays all the nutritional value you could need. You can even manipulate the amount of the food and it will automatically recalculate the nutritional values based on the amount you selected. Try it!

- Excellent source of info

I find this app to be very helpful for me while trying to find out how much nutrition of what vitamins and minerals i am getting everyday. I have not checked to see how accurate it is but most of the values seembelievable and a few of thr items i knew the values of were accurate. Excellent idea, but could def use some improvement. Look at the other responses for some good ideas on improvements.

- Very Bad Upgrade

Foodle is much worse than the previous application (MyFood) in three important aspects: 1) There are too many types of food. This makes very difficult to find the type of food you are interested in; 2) When searching by nutrient, the list of types of food is no longer organized from highest to lowest % of daily recommended value. This makes the new app almost useless. 3) Many if the additional options you added on MyFood are no longer available so you need to pay again for them. On addition, the worst limitation of MyFood (impossibility to search types of food or nutrients by name) has not been fixed.

- Very Functional and User-Friendly

I've been using this app for months and I find it very useful - having said that, I also paid $.99 to get the vitamin info and its well worth it. Also, you CAN change the serving size -if grams does not work for you- with a tab at the top of the nutrition page. Dietary health is part of my job and this app helps me give average nutritional info to my clients quickly.

- My go to nutrient app

This is my go to app for nutrient information. It features macro- and micro-nutrient information such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This alone makes the app indispensable. The app has an easy to use interface and a tremendously useful presentation of the nutrient data. You can also specify food quantities in a variety of measures (e.g. grams, ounces, cups, etc.). If you want a comprehensive reference for a huge number of foods - you will love this app.

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Alyssa Haberman

For all you athletes out there thinking you need to reduce your intake of "inflammatory foods". Take some advice from a nutrition expert & learn the facts before reducing your intake of key nutrients, which can actually BOOST your performance & NOT cause inflammation 👇#fuelright


@fefquest @MarcusL_Crassus some person saying that food shouldnt be classified as 'trash food' because said trash food has macro & micro nutrients (using the nutrition facts of a bag of doritos as an example) and that favouring healthy food instead of trash food is ''fatphobic and racist''

Angie Ⓥ🌱🌷🧘‍♀️🕉✌♥️🐾🐕🐈🐖🐄🌞🎶🐋🐬

@AmandaZZ100 @nutrition_facts Hi Amanda they are saying whole plant food is mostly calorically dilute (the 'calorie restiction' as u r saying) &also provides max beneficial nutrients. Cinical trial cited found "Low fat vegan diet improves glycemic control &cardiovascular risk factors in Type2 diabetes" ❤

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Nutrients - Nutrition Facts iphone images
Nutrients - Nutrition Facts iphone images
Nutrients - Nutrition Facts iphone images
Nutrients - Nutrition Facts iphone images
Nutrients - Nutrition Facts iphone images

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