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What is u.s. bank mobile banking app? Security at your fingertips
• Log in with your credentials for digital services at usbank.com. Don’t have online access? Enroll with the app.
• Be alerted to duplicate charges, suspicious activity, and low balances.
Manage accounts and cards
• View accounts & balances in one spot: checking, savings, credit cards, loans, and more. • Securely access credit scores.
• Set travel notifications, lock & unlock cards, and more.
• Add cards to mobile wallet.
• Select your language preference – English or Spanish.
Personalized Insights
• Review monthly spending in key categories, like Food & Dining.
• Get recommendations on how to save and grow your money based on your spending history.
U.S. Bank Smart Assistant®
• Manage accounts by asking "What’s the routing number for my checking account?" • Move money by saying “Transfer $50 from checking to savings.”
Easy money movement
• Send & request money with friends and family using Zelle®2. • Quickly deposit checks, now with increased limits.
• Pay & manage bills in one spot.
• Make transfers between U.S. Bank accounts.
Explore products
• Find new accounts, credit cards, loans, small business accounts, & more. • Apply from the app and often get a decision within minutes.
Help when you need it
• Explore the Help Center for answers to commonly asked questions.
• View banking demos on Digital Explorer.
• Schedule an appointment with a banker or get real-time support with Cobrowse. • Locate branches & ATMs near you.
U.S. Bancorp Investments, an affiliate of U.S. Bank
• View U.S. Bancorp Investments accounts & balances.
• Make transfers between U.S. Bank accounts & U.S. Bancorp Investment accounts.
1. Industry benchmarking firm Keynova Group ranked U.S. Bank #1 for mobile app in its Q3 2021 Mobile Banker Scorecard.
2. Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license. U.S. checking or savings account required to use Zelle®. Requests for money with Zelle® sent to a U.S. mobile number require that the mobile number first be enrolled with Zelle®.
U.S. Bank and U.S. Bancorp Investments is committed to protecting your privacy and security. Learn more by visiting U.S. Bank Consumer Privacy Pledge, the U.S. Bancorp Investments Privacy Pledge, and the Online Privacy and Security Policy. The Digital Security Guarantee | Mobile and online security | U.S. Bank (usbank.com) protects customers from fraud loss. For more information about U.S. Bank Mobile Banking, please visit usbank.com/mobile or call us toll-free at 800-685-5035.
Investment and insurance products and services including annuities are:
Not a Deposit ● Not FDIC Insured ● May Lose Value ● Not Bank Guaranteed ● Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency
For U.S. Bank:
Equal Housing Lender. Credit products offered by U.S. Bank National Association and subject to normal credit approval. Deposit products are offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC.
U.S. Bank is not responsible for and does not guarantee the products, services, or performance of U.S. Bancorp Investments.
For U.S. Bancorp Investments:
Investment and insurance products and services including annuities are available through U.S. Bancorp Investments, the marketing name for U.S. Bancorp Investments, Inc., member FINRA and SIPC, an investment adviser and a brokerage subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp and affiliate of U.S. Bank.

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App Name U.S. Bank Mobile Banking
Category Finance
Updated 24 April 2024, Wednesday
File Size 196.77 MB

U.S. Bank Mobile Banking Comments & Reviews 2024

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Failure to work. Are used US banks phone app for at least two years and I am extremely frustrated enough so that I’m considering changing banks. I need to be able to make deposits from my home. This used to work but this spring things changed. When taking a photo of either the front or the back of my checks I will get a message to move closer etc. but eventually nothing would happen even when I press the try again feature. I use the dark background for example my office chair is dark blue but that wouldn’t work so I took it upstairs where we have a couch with a blue denim cover but that wouldn’t work so then I use the try it yourself feature and guess what that worked. But that’s not the end of the story after being able to make these remote deposits for over a year s uddenly this summer nothing would take. The little connecting wheel wheel just keeps spinning around and then eventually there be a failure notice. Yet at my home nothing had changed. I use the same phone my router is maybe 30 feet away that hadn’t changed. Due to Covid I’m a very high risk I’m 71 I’ve had a stroke major cancer operations and diabetes and I am 15 miles from the bank so what good is this app that now just doesn’t work for me? What do I have to do to get an app that actually works? I would rate this app with a zero if that was possible. So far no one at the bank has offered any viable solutions.

Bill pay app. - Why does your bill pay app require an account number field that only accepts numbers in order to set up a new vendor or recipient?? There are many vendors which don’t use account numbers for their customers, rather they use a name or a combination of letters and numbers. This requirement also precludes us from setting up an individual check recipient. - Add a “Pay” button right next to where you enter each vendor payment so you don’t have to enter an amount, then scroll to the very top or bottom of the vendor list to push “Pay” - Add a search feature to the Vendor list. Main Mobile banking app: - Too many clicks are required to get to a specific account. Have the accounts available right from the initial home page so you don’t have to click “Dashboard” and then click the account you want. - Make viewing the face of a check easier (without having to scroll to see the face of the check) when you click “View Check” in the account transaction list. - The app duplicates certain transfers between accounts in error. This has happened on 3 different transfers I’ve made in the last month. - Navigating from page to page in the mobile app is commonly very slow (waiting for pages to load); also, the app commonly hangs up and I have to log in again.

Sometimes Functional. I don’t usually give less than 3-4 star reviews but lately this app has given me a few headaches and wasted my time. A few times in the past six months, while depositing checks, it has locked out my ability to deposit the check, saying that the picture of the back was actually the front (definitely was the back) and wouldn’t let me deposit the check for that amount after signing back in later, so I had to go in to the local branch to deposit it which negates the whole purpose of electronically depositing a check. I have noticed in the last two weeks (late September’21) that it hasn’t been updating my debits in a timely manner so it seemed like I hadn’t paid certain bills but it finally caught up a few days later AFTER I spent time on the phone with the billers to ascertain that it had indeed been paid. Less important, but still annoying, the search function is great at coming up with irrelevant things and the insights are mostly not insightful. When it works, it does what I need it to, but when it doesn’t, it wastes my time instead of making things easier. Thankfully my local branch manager is very helpful and has told me to call so she can help me and see firsthand what’s wrong with the app in the future in order to get things fixed.

It took a long time before I could deposit more than $250. I couldn’t believe it took over eight months before I could deposit more than $250 a day. On the mobile banking. It wasn’t until I had over $125,000 in the bank. And I could not get anybody to raise my limit on my daily deposit. US Bank been paying auto paid to this company for over eight months too this bank. And still on your putting A hold on the deposit ! Once I was working out of state and my bank account was with Union bank and they just started this mobile deposit payment and I had similar problems of the amount of deposit I could put in. But after four months, I was able to deposit a couple thousand dollars.. I paid off my mortgage out of that hundred and $20,000 leaving my account with close to $50,000. And the bank right now. But at least I can do the mobile deposit! Because I am handicap at the time and can’t always get to the bank to deposit it directly it’s very convenient now. I’m able to deposit over five or $600 a day. But that’s because I have $50,000 in the account. I still think that they should work on. enlarging new accounts deposits instead of saying you can’t deposit more than $250 for over eight months

OK, not great, getting worse.. I’d like US Bank to be integrated with commonly used money transfer apps like Venmo and PayPal. Zelle is inconvenient for a variety of reasons. I’d like the app to be better at offering loans with excellent rates, but not stop there. Connect me with vendors and businesses in my area that offer services I need like home renovations, HVAC, car sales and other large item purchases that I might choose to finance. A better section about rewards for my USB CC would be nice as well. I’d also like the app to teach me something I don’t know about finances and the economy, both good and bad current facts. The balance on my accounts is a given. The menus are getting cluttered and seem to have more of what USB would like me to see, then what I need to manage my accounts. The search functionality is very bad, making it useless for managing the many transactions and over my various accounts. I recently complained that the best, most expensive, credit card offered through USB is extremely subpar in its perks and rewards. The rep transferred me to another card and wiped out over 400K miles I accumulated. I filed a petition over two months ago and never heard back. We were saving them for a family trip. I’m not happy about that and losing faith in USB. I might start shopping around for better baking services soon.

Best bank, was the best banking app, still worth it.. Update: they fixed it!!! Love this app. Intuitive, smooth, fast, capable, visually coherent. Get this app, get this bank. Love it. Original: I used to love this app. It used to be smooth, intuitive, simple, efficient, and capable. I hesitated doing mobile banking but I loved using this app. The latest changes have made it much more difficult to navigate - opaque and difficult to click through - and have removed some of the important features of the previous versions, like seeing what your balance is on a credit card when you’re deciding what sized payment you want to make. It’s a lot clunkier than it was, sadly, BUT, it’s still way ahead of others, as is the bank itself. We use a few different financial institutions and despite the frustrating changes they’ve made to the app and the bank itself, USBank is still my favorite. For now. We’ll see if their next steps make it better or worse. For now, still super worth getting this app! And it really is our favorite bank. Just worried they’ll make more changes and thoroughly muck it up. Here’s hoping they preserve what makes them so special. Anyway: get the app, it’s way better than the others. Just not as good as it used to be.

US Bank mobile app. I have been with US Bank for over 20-25 years, and even though I have a service charge every month it’s well worth the service I receive from US Bank. I have had at least three instances where my debit card was used fraudulently and the fraud department is so excellent that they noticed immediately that these were not charges I normally make. They immediately froze my debit card. The only suggestion I might have is that when they do something like freezing my debit card, that I be notified via text or email. It’s rather shocking when you go to pay for your groceries and can’t because your card has been frozen. I rarely carry cash, and had to run home to get my husband’s debit card and some cash in case his had been frozen to. I know that this review was for a guess using the check deposit through the app which I love. I rarely have to go to a branch because I can do everything on the app which I love. I am extremely satisfied with US Bank, except for the small matter I wrote about above. However, your fraud department is excellent! As are all of the other things about US Bank. I’m a member for life. Thank you, Donna Haddock

Banking & credit card Customer. I have several different banks I do business with and I use mobile apps for most of my banking needs. I can honestly say that Usbank’s mobile app is easier to navigate compared w/ others. I don’t have any criticisms or constructive feedback with regards to ease of use of mobile app. I do, however, have a concern with usbank marketing & promotions. Usbank notified me thru the app that I was eligible for a new 0% introductory APR credit card. A quick link redirected me to an easy apply page where my info was automatically inputted into the application. All my accounts w/ Usbank are in good standing, my credit is good, and according to Usbank, I was eligible, so I was willing to take a hit to my credit report to take advantage of the zero interest period. I had no reason to believe that I might get denied and therefore agreed to the terms & conditions thus allowing Usbank to do a hard credit Inquiry. A few days later, I received a letter from Usbank stating that I was denied credit and the reasoning is I had “too many inquiries” on my credit report. Bottom line is that I feel misled & inconvenienced. Although I have enough credit right now at a decent rate, it will be more difficult to qualify for a similar offer if and when another opportunity or need arises.

Politics increased but functionality decreased!!. The holds on small amounts of money from checks from large institutions is inappropriate and insulting given the profiles of the account holders. Not a good sign of management common-sense. And, why the buggy camera capture screen all of a sudden?? And, why the hold on small amounts for long- term accounts/customers? It makes no sense, just like so much other wackiness at USB. It’s hard to find a word as appropriate. It’s nice to see that the political statements are less frequent! But, why make political statements in the first place? And, why the bad business decisions re long- term customers? Why do experienced managers leave without transferring institutional knowledge? I’ve been a customer here for 20 years+. Mgmt is more distant from customers than ever, and could care less. Why the worsening phone queues and increasingly ill- trained reps? Why the terrible new Web user interfaces replacing the perfectly/ good older pages? PLEASE don’t change the UI so dramatically again! It’s clear that US Bank management is not exactly improving….Please consider paying more attention to IT management and long-term relationships if, you actually care about those. PLEASE consider doing a better job of capturing and transferring institutional and industry knowledge when senior managers leave !

Love the USBank Mobile App. I love using the US Bank Mobile App... It’s so easy & convenient; all my accounts readily accessible, easy to perform various transactions like Bill Pay, money transfers, deposits, etc. from anywhere. The app allows me to check my balances, review pending transactions, or verify any issues with payments, deposits, withdrawals. I can instantly view available funds, EFTs & Direct Deposits all from my phone! If you haven’t tried the mobile app, get on board now! I do have a problem though, with bill pay frequently being unavailable. It’s frustrating when I need to schedule payments, only to find this function giving an error; “ We’re sorry, it looks like something went wrong; this transaction is not available right now. Try again later. (not exact wording, sorry) Here’s the real life situation- I am very busy, so I set aside a specific time to manage bill paying, often on the go. I don’t have time to come back later, only to encounter another failed attempt to complete my transaction. When this occurs, I have to stop what I’m doing, go to the merchants online bill pay site, or make a phone call to complete my payment. Not an efficient use of my time, very frustrating. Could you please work on a resolution to this issue so that bill pay is not offline during normal business hours? That would be fantastic, much appreciated! Thank you!

UPDATE: GOOD NOW! If an app could mimic stubbing your toe. First review: This would be that app. It never saves any information and it constantly refreshes the tutorial, despite the fact that I've had the app downloaded for over 2 years. The fingerprint scan never saves. There's a useless "remember my info" option that has yet to work. I hate this bank and I hate this app. If I didn't have a line of credit with them I would have switched to a credit union ages ago. It's like being in a relationship with a manipulative troll who always lies. New review 2+ years later: the improvements this app have made are far and away some of the most promising changes I’ve seen in any app I use. Face ID always works, the widget on my screen linked to my USB account is always updated, I don’t have to constantly reverify my credentials when I link this to other financial apps, and there are new features like AI recommendations about how much you could put away in savings based on automatic transfers. My financial health has improved too due to the credit simulator option on the USB website, and I wouldn’t have known about it without the app. So so happy with these changes! I don’t plan on getting rid of USB any time soon now 🥰

From the Bank on how to fix the deposit function. IT WORKED for ME!. Please ensure your cookies, cache are cleared and your browsing history has been deleted. You may do so as follows: -Open Settings on your iPhone. -Choose Safari. -Tap Clear History. -Tap Clear Cookies and Data. - Ensure that JavaScript is enabled. - Ensure Block Pop Ups is temporarily turned off. - Make sure that Cookies are accepted. Please also ensure you have the latest version of our application. You may do so as follows: -Launch the App Store by selecting the icon. -Select Updates from the menu bar at the bottom. -If the application needs to be updated it will appear on the list. If the application doesn't appear on the list, it is already up-to-date. -Select the U.S. Bank Mobile Banking application and select Update. If you continue to experience difficulty, our Online Operations group has informed us that customers have corrected the issue by doing the following in this exact order. 1. Delete the application completely from your iPhone. To do so, hold down the application icon until it begins to wobble. Then tap the X that appears and confirm deletion of the application. 2. Turn off your iPhone. 3. Wait 5 seconds and power on your iPhone. 4. Reinstall the application from the App Store.

If you don't have to use this bank, DON'T. As a server I receive my credit card tips the following morning on a prepaid debit card through US Bank. I have to get my tips this way because my workplace chose them. I used to have to find an atm or physically go into my bank and do a cash advance to get my money to deposit into my personal checking account. You can pay bills with the prepaid card, but you'll pay a fee, like $3 to $5. About a month ago, work announced that we could now transfer our money from our USBank card to our own bank. AMAZING, just what we had been wanting! In reality, you can't do it through the app, only on their site which is always down. FOUR times last week, I either had to wait several hours to transfer because the site wasn't responding, or even the next night. Even today I've checked the site several times to transfer my money, but the option isn't even coming up. The app crashes constantly and the site is no better. If you aren't stuck with this bank like I am, find another bank, there are far better banks with far better services. PS, they keep offering me a savings account with "competitive interest rates" but it's actually .01%. That's right. Point zero one percent, not even a full percent. Ally, Capital One, and Paypal all offer 3.5% at least. This bank is a joke.

#1 Bank in the United States. Why US Bank is an exemplary bank which stands above the others. I am a former US Treasury employee. During the last decade of my work, I led my team to investigate with all the banks in the United States. We contacted their Automated Clearing Houses to ask where SSA deposits credited. Some funds went to the wrong accounts. Bank of America and Comerica were the worst. They refused to provide necessary information to retrieve funds which had gone to incorrect accounts either through fraud or human mistake. US Bank honored their relationship with the federal government. They provided us information to keep check and balance for us. They returned the funds and so recipients received their money into the corrected accounts. There have been numerous times when the fraud department alerted me to scams or when my card was stolen and being used by the thief. I am pleased with their customer service at each location I visit. Every employee who has provided assistance related to me and our used assistance that I needed. Dana Finn in Springfield MO answered all my questions and offered solutions that worked. She also made suggestions to add to my wealth. I feel I fortunate to have a bank that is for US. Thank you for the excellent customer service throughout the years. I know my future only gets better with US Bank!!

Hate your bank. Not only do you take charges out every time you blink which is crazy I never had any charges with UnionBank and they were always nice to me and they always told the truth Your bank promise to keep the same accounts that we are used to the same services that we are used to with the accounts that we have and they would remain there for about a year. Well it hasn’t been close to a year it’s been a couple of months and you’ve never kept your word you charge me ATM fees with my account was never supposed to have you charge me every time I am supposed to be able to go to any ATM machine but you charge me and then you added charges every time somebody blinks then on the app you it is so hard to view my transactions. It’s like you’re hiding everything from me tonight I can’t even figure out how to view more than the original three that you put up there. I put in a few more transactions and I can’t get any. I’m tired of this form of banking it is diss, honest and I don’t like your fees and if they aren’t rescinded, I will have to change banks. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior with somebody taking control of my bank. I want my money to be safe. It is not safe with you guys so you either refund all those ATM charges which it’s over $20 now and be an honest bank or I will move all my money anywhere else do it I hope I don’t have to come in and point out each and everyone because there’s so many of them and it’s only been two months fix it stop charging me

Thank God for this App!. With Covid things are hard enough. I am self employed and get checks randomly and sometimes more than one at a time and I live in a rural city. Our bank has been by appointment only since the beginning of COVID and the drive thru lines can be very long......so needless to say this app is a godsend! It’s very user friendly and has helped us to not worry about getting checks deposited. I only wish I had started using it sooner! I do miss my US Bank friends but I’m glad everyone is being safe! Thank you! As of late this app has not been working well. Many times it has required me to change my password for the reason that I have logged in wrong too many times when I have not logged in at all. That is frustrating!!! Also lately I am not able to deposit checks when I sit down to do so before the end of the day. It says system error on your end try later. This is very frustrating as I did not go to the bank before they close because I rely on the app. I’m not sure what has happened with this app as it used to run great………frustrated with it lately!

autopay only allows 4 days prior to due dat not sufficient time to reach the vendor timely. When using bill pay, disbursements by manual check just disappear from the system from the time issued by the bank until they clear. Obviously there is mail and processing time before the check clears and in the week or more that takes, that disbursement is not reflected in the account balance. It is difficult to keep track of. I think the transaction should be reflected as pending until it clears to give the user a more accurate balance in their account. It would be helpful to be able to search (by amount and/or vendor or check number) the online list of transactions for any account. My spouse and I have a joint account, but separate log in. The bill pay detail only shows up with the sign in of whoever set up the bill.. the other person can not tell what is in the queue to be paid. This is very inconvenient. Although I understand the privacy concerns, it seems there should be a joint category where all the joint owners have access to the same information, can set up bills to be paid, etc.

Accessibility needs to be improved still. So one update later and all of the sudden the app is still having problems with voice over on iOS iPhone devices to a point. I don’t know what happened a few days ago but I will say this. The US Bank app was working perfectly with voice over until I discovered yesterday that after logging in voiceover stopped working with the main interface. I had to call US banks online mobile banking phone number twice just to get a ticket submitted. Why the first customer service representative in online banking didn’t do this really surprised me. Especially when I brought up concerns about accessibility and what I was using. She then had me uninstall the app, reinstall the app after clearing safari history, logging in, and then it worked. She then help me close the app, and then re-launch it. After I re-launched it, voiceover stopped working. Does anyone understand that voiceover needs to be worked on when it comes to this application? Or am I the only smart one here who knows what’s going on with accessibility!?! She also asked me if I could use a web browser on my computer. I explained to her that the US Bank website has not been set up for accessibility for a number of years and I have complained about this for over 10 years. So is the app going to behave the same way?

US Bank App. Very good App and very good Bank. I’ve been with the Gypsum, CO Branch since 2008 and I have no plans of ever leaving! The Gypsum,CO Branch treated us like family from the very beginning. We bought a house in Grand Junction but kept Gypsum as our home bank even though we use US Banks in Junction the most for depositing a few checks. US Bank is by far the best!! Great App and bank. US Bank has been very good to me and my family! Love you guys! Great app!! I appreciate everything!!!👍 I love you guys!! ❤️💕Love it!! The Gypsum, CO is the best branch and US Bank is the Best in the WORLD!! It’s awesome!! I love my Branch and every US Bank I’ve dealt with! I feel like I’m in good hands and they have advised me on all different kinds of things that was all good advice. US Bank is always Family to me! I just used a Bank Check to consolidate debt. What a great Bank!! Keep up the awesome work you guys do for us please. Best Bank I’ve ever had in my life. Love you guys!! The best bank out there! Awesome Bank! The best there is. No comparison to any other Bank!!👍❤️ Awesome for sure!!👍👍👍 Love you guys!!❤️❤️ Best Bank in America!! Awesome remote check pictures deposits!! Best bank in this country!! Aidan at the branch on White Street in Grand Junction, CO is Awesome. He’s nice, helpful, honest and very knowledgeable! Great bank!!

This app is getting better!. Update. They have been making improvements and it’s getting better. When using the app I always get a pop-up to rate the app. Super annoying. Well today at 8am on the third when I need to pay bills the whole online and mobile banking sites including the app are down for maintenance! What other bank would do that to you at the first of the month when you need to see your check deposited and pay your bills? I have used BofA for years and their online banking and app keep getting better and better. This one is a dud. Please make the bill pay remember special notes that you have to write in every single month for the check memo. I need to put a routing number and account number on each time instead of storing this with the biller information. Also the available amount doesn’t deduct the upcoming bills you have scheduled so you are always having to remember how much you’ve scheduled and subtract it from the amount. I can’t think of all the little things that annoy me right now with the app but there are a few more. Wish I could pay my bills.

Banking is easy and worry free; I can do everything from home. This is the first bank I’ve ever worked with and with how they treat the people who use their business, this will most likely be the only bank I use for the rest of my life. I always hear complaints about other banks, like availability, problem with cards, accounts, no one caring, or rude service. When I hear this I always say to use US bank because they actually care about helping you. I have really bad anxiety, I’ve been working through it, but going into public places has been hard and making phone calls with the worry the worker is going to be rude, also works up my anxiety. Using this bank I have never had a rude worker talk down to me and with the app I can deposit my checks at home. It’s so wonderful. I never have any problems, they listen and take care of your needs and questions, and I don’t know why you’d choose anywhere else when US bank has buildings all over the US. The app itself is god send and makes life easier. With just a couple taps I can lock or unlock my account, order a new card or new checks, deposit checks, check my monthly spending, switch money from shared accounts with just a click, etc etc it’s awesome and I don’t have to drive to the bank.

Such An Amazing Interface!. I’ve been a US Bank member for years, and my favorite feature of the whole company, is its seamless Online Banking System. I’m not someone who typically leaves reviews, but this is an app I will happily make an exception for! US Bank has streamlined the process of managing and moderating your account through this app. The interface is extremely easy to navigate and put all the most important information right in front of you as soon as you log in. There is no digging around or wasting time sorting through countless tabs, just to ultimately not end up finding what you’re looking for. The homepage provides clear insights into your transaction history, allowing for quick and easy comprehension of where and how your money is being moved around. On top of that, the app’s homepage takes advantage of the smartphone platform by providing convenient shortcuts for using the most popular online banking tools. This is excellently performed through implementing small, easy to understand, button shortcuts located at the bottom of your screen, ingeniously positioned so they are out of the way, yet still readily available, and oriented so they will never block any of the important information displayed on the homepage. Overall, this app is beyond what I would ever expect from any large bank. And having superseded my expectations, I would certainly recommend it to anyone using US Bank without a doubt.

App was getting better, then Zelle happened. This app was improving on itself the last year or two, but recently they switched to Zelle for sending money, and its utter crap! First, I can’t directly send any money to my external secondary credit union accounts because they are not part of Zelle’s stupid member bank list. So if I want money in those accounts electronically, I have to write myself a check and then deposit it on my credit union app. Second, you have to create a separate account with Zelle if you want to manage any money sent beyond pressing send - and the Zelle app crashed twice in 10 min, once when I was initiating a send. Third, you’re just sending money to a phone number, not to an account, so it’s totally insecure ( FYI - you can’t cancel or freeze sending money if you mess up, so don’t mess up the phone number or your SOL). Not to mention, if I wanted to send money to another person, I just use Apple Pay or Venmo, which are both better operating wise, and more secure because it’s not just a phone number. Zelle is total crap and because of its uselessness and US Bank making it the only way to send money (before you could just transfer to external accounts in a few days), I’m going to be shifting away from US Bank as my primary account, and maybe even as my primary bank.

Works well … until it doesn’t. I have used Zelle for several years and assumed it was fool proof since it transfers funds between banks. Well, twice now I have had issues that took almost a month to resolve. If Zelle or your bank, for any reason has a question about your transfer, they don’t do it. I was never notified. There is no way to contact them. The matter must be dealt with by your bank. I have US Bank and BofA. Both of their initial Customer Service Reps did all they could but it became clear early on that they have no power. The Zelle departments within both banks do not communicate with the customer (even though it is my money!) nor with their own Customer Service. Zelle department’s have their own protocols, timelines, and process. I was told that I would automatically get a response within 45 DAYS! Yes. They keep your money and there is no recourse. My recipients were each accused of running a scam and getting the money because on the banks end it said “Funds Had Been Deposited” which wasn’t true. I asked if the Zelle department speak to the recipient’s bank officers to verify the funds were not deposited. Answer was NO because they communicate with no one. Both times my funds were eventually redeposited into my account weeks later. Meanwhile I had to either try Zelle-ing again and risk more loss, or find a time consuming alternative. I no longer utilize Zelle for anything over 1k. Use knowledgeably. I like Zelle. When it works.

Best Mobile Bank App. I’ve only had two bank accounts my entire 28 years. First with Bank Midwest and it was the worst few years of banking ever. The mobile app did was like using windows 98 in the year 2010. I have had US Bank for several years now and besides being one of the best banking institutions around, even though I’ve only had one other account, I can say this because I come from a large family and every single member uses US Bank. All my siblings, parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. The mobile app is so easy to use and it’s not confusing at all. The moment you log in your accounts are listed; if you have multiple they are all right there as soon as you sign in. There are not many buttons to click so it’s easy to navigate to what you need. I will forever use my mobile app for all my banking needs; you can even upload a check. I still like to go into my banks building to do some of my banking because I love to keep up with the staff. But as far as mobile banking apps go this is the one to have. So, if you don’t have US Bank as your banking institution I suggest you take all your money out of the bank you use now, head to the nearest US Bank and open an account ASAP. Then you can have access to the best bank and the best mobile banking app!

Decently Good with a Couple Bugs. I really like the ease in using the US Bank mobile app for all my banking needs. I ah e the ability to make transfers between my accounts, deposit checks using mobile deposit, check my credit score and associated reports and even apply for a loan without having to step foot into a physical bank location. The one downfall I have noticed is that at times, specifically during the overnight hours, some transactions that are pending will disappear from your pending column and the funds spent at that store will appear back in your actual account. However, this is typically corrected by the next morning after the transaction has been fully processed and the funds have been withdrawn from your account. First time I noticed this I thought I had figured my account balance wrong so I double checked and figured I’d call a bank in the morning to discuss. Next morning it was corrected before I called. However, if I didn’t keep my own ongoing transaction register, I could see how this would cause people to go into sheer panic mode and even end up getting an overdraft fee. I’m not sure what causes this glitch to happen, but would like to see it fixed at some point. Outside of that one issue, this is a great mobile banking app and an even better bank to do business with!

App needs much improvement. I’ve been a long time customer of US Bank. The original app was very simple to use and never gave me an issue. I actually bragged about it to people. Ever since they kept updating it I’ve had so many issues with it. It freezes, it says my password is incorrect (which is wrong because I’ll go on desktop and use online site and log in with the same password and be able to get in), or most recently it only allows a read only version. I do 99% of my banking as mobile banking. Not only to check my account balance daily but to do transfers, pay bills, etc. Without a functioning mobile app this has become very frustrating for me and I’ve considered switching banks entirely. It doesn’t seem like anyone else is having an issue whom I’ve contacted at us bank so maybe it’s just my phone. I have an iPhone 8+. Yes I can use the desktop version online, but then why create a mobile app at all? The developers need to change this. I couldn’t even do your $10k giveaway contest this past Christmas (if you use your mobile app you’re automatically entered each time you use it) because everything was read-only!! I’ve tried everything possible and still to no avail. I will try re-installing this app again for the fourth time but my patience is wearing very thin. Get your act together US Bank.

It’s fine, I imagine other banks may be better. It works just fine more often than not but as soon as there is an issue with the app making an internal transfer or switching between this app and the usbank investments app you have to call usbank. There’s always a 20 minute wait to get someone on the phone and more often than not they have to connect you to someone else to either make a transfer or trade. And without fail the employee tries to tell you that it would be faster to use the app. It is infuriating to be told that their product that doesn’t work is the better option. There have been times where the app or website with both not be functional, and an employee on the phone will say that the site has been down all day. I shouldn’t have to call to find that out I should be notified via email that the site is down and be provided with an estimate of when it will be functional again. I’d say I encounter these issues around once every other month. The interface is usable and the search functionality is honestly good. The customer service is the issue and it seems like it will be for a while to come I just don’t know which bank to transfer my money to because I’d rather just stick with the devil you know.

Zelle 👎. I tried to give US bank a chance because they had no fees. However, I soon realized their issues. After about 4 months of being a customer I have had to call customer service at least 10 times to have my online access re-enabled. What is even worse is you can’t reenable your access instantly, even after they verified you as the account holder. They make you wait 48hrs even when they know it is you! 🤯 Plus, they make you call them back to enable the account after the 48hr period. So here is the trigger, if you send a Zelle payment to someone, US Banks algorithm will check to see if it is a legit send. Good right, that means they are protecting us. Wrong! It will randomly allows payment to process. I was sending payment every week to the same entity with Chase bank no problem. I do the same thing at US bank and the algorithm still doesn’t recognize the regular occurrence. Even though the bank system had history of this regular cadence it would still sometimes fail the transaction. The system would give “The bots are not communicating” message with buttons to “Try again” or “Cancel”, but don’t worry it won’t matter what you choose, the system will lock you out of online access. Just a WARNING if you make a lot of Zelle payments with your phone this probably isn’t the bank for you. The algorithm seems to be written by grade school developers.

awful new forced paybill update. Update: 6 mo later- I still hate the “you must use bill pay” to make internal transfers to various places like my line of credit! NO I don’t want to use your silly bill pay, every time it overdrafts and automatically transfers hundred to my line of credit. No No No!! Put the option back to let me make my OWN internal transfers !!!!! I want to make multiple transfers to that line many times a month. I don’t want to make one monthly bill payment, that is already autodrafted. Let me transfer to and from my own accounts. - I hate the new version of U.S. Bank app because it won’t let me ignore pay bill sections, I don’t want to pay a bill, I don’t want to set up a payor, I want to simply transfer my money from one account to another account, (like Ive always been able to) like the mortgage account or the escrow account or the line of credit account but it won’t let me it won’t even let me get to my mortgage payment details page it keeps forcing me to go to try to set up a payor as a pay bill, this is wrong! I want the old version back so I can transfer money between my own accounts and stay out of the pay bill section, I dont use paybill at usb, and I shouldnt be forced into that menu. I do not want your bank to “help” me by forcing “integrated help” inside my account. Not everyone needs pay bill or to setup payors. Bring back the simplified more adaptable transferring between my own accounts!

Love your mobile app!. You make it so very easy to make deposits right at my own desk without having to drive to the bank. Thank you. One suggestion however, it would be nice on the bank statements to know who the check came from. If I am not at home or out of the country and I see a deposit for $1000, I don’t know if it’s one person or three. It would be helpful if you could do that. Thank you very much! but great job with the app. Thank you very much! ——————- Well, there doesn’t seem to be way to add a new review. This is a super easy way to make a deposit. The only downside is three months later if I happen to be in Spain and looking at my bank account, I can’t tell who the deposit came from. Worse, if four or five checks made up the total deposit, let’s say $2500 was the total, and that came from five different checks. I have no way of knowing who was part of that deposit. There needs to be an easy way to do that. Otherwise, it’s really a great way to make deposits. Can you fix that? thanks for the great job you do! ———— Well, there’s not much to add. I love the app.!!!!

Awful customer service. I established an account in November 2017, I was promised a $100 bonus offer if I did one of two things. Which were either direct deposit of $500 or more OR utilize bill pay 2x a month. I utilized bill pay more than 2x and never received the $100 offer. I contacted the bank that I established the account at and John the manager told me I did not meet requirements and was not helpful to me whatsoever. I asked for the district managers information and contacted her and that was not successful either. She returned one phone call and I missed it and called her back a few more times and my calls or issues were never resolved. I later called customer service and got transferred around and finally was able to speak with someone who confirmed that I did meet requirements and I would receive my $100 within 45 days, I asked her to please put notes in that i did in fact meet requirements so that I didn’t get the run around again. After 45 days I still didn’t receive the offer, I went into the bank and spoke with the Manager Bryan. He told me he would do some research and get back to me. He was very helpful and efficient. He got back to me in a timely manner and let me know he was able to only give me $50 because the only way to get the $100 was to get direct deposit. I was not happy with that because that’s not what I was promised. I was very disappointed in the customer service I received from U S Bank. I felt like I was lied to from the start.

December 2020 App Update. I am very disappointed in the 2020 update. On the home screen I only have 1/3 of my screen available to view my accounts. The top 1/3 is a Covid notice and a button to open more accounts. The bottom third is a banner and an insights section. I wold like to be able to acknowledge the COVID notice and have I go away from the Home Screen. A simple button on the menu would work for new accounts. I would also like to be able to hide the insights section since I don’t use it. When viewing my accounts I used to be able to scroll down to see my transactions. With The update I have to push a see more transactions button for no apparent reason. They have also made the fonts larger so the information takes up more space and since they made less space available I have to do a lot more navigating just to see my account information. The new color scheme has made the information on the screen stand out less. Overall I have always liked US Bank and I thought their app is one of the best. This latest version has made it a lot more difficult to navigate so I’m using it less. For some reason they took a great app that worked well and changed it. The result is a less user friendly experience with a lot more scrolling and clicking to see the same information. In this case a step or two back would be an improvement.

Doesn’t work half the time. Just opened an account, my deposit of cash was pending...for a day! Then tried to deposit a check, pending for four hours, closed the app. They’re having problems with their Internet. This app shuts down my speech to text after 3 words. Just changed my rating down a star for that! They bragged at the bank how they keep up with all the technology... yeah... Not up here in Quincy, Ca. They use Verizon who has HORRIBLE SERVICE here, and doesn’t seem to care! The police and hospital use their service, so don’t get hurt or need a cop! US bank needs to give their banks and apps a DECENT internet connection and complain BITTERLY AND LOUDLY when they don’t get it! 3 days to deposit a check by phone is a bit anti-customer! F-d entire login now! Just deposited a check by phone worked a lot better than I expected! We’ll see if it actually gets deposited… It’s sizable. No instructions for the back of the check, the app just automatically send you to the back side to take a picture. Deposited the check, quick and easy! app now takes the picture for you! All accounts visible now! Up 1 star!

Why change is not always better.. I consider myself very functional in modern device technology. I typically have a very change positive attitude. However, I am tired of change for change sake and not happy with the new update. I don’t know why developers think a new update means change everything and force end-users to re-learn how to do the exact same functions as the previous app. Make it look better, add more functionality, add greater security....fine, awesome but why reconfigure every thing on the surface. Now I have to muddle through figuring out a NEW way to complete the exact same tasks, only now with new bugs and reduced speed. It now takes twice as long to pay bills as the previous version. If you’re going to make me watch the infinity circle spin whilst the “new and improved” app navigates it’s program; at least you could program some upbeat elevator music to pacify my impatience. The new steps are different and not intuitive at all. The problem is I have no other choice of apps for US Bank so I’m stuck suffering through inept app design created by developers that apparently don’t use banking apps. Of course don’t get me started on now being forced to wait through the many updates inevitably coming in the hopes of correcting bugs that had already been solved in the previous version. By the way; “faster app” may need to be addressed in your advertising before some ambulance chasers decide they can make a few $ for false advertising.

Bill pay online. I suggest to have this weekly on Friday’s to automatically total balance on billpay online to make sure we have enough time money or need transfer from other account. We are tired to figure out total balance weekly. We found other bank that they do that. We are considering to plan transfer and close this bank Account. Bec we kept asking this for 3 years. No improvement. No success. This is kind of people don’t listen.. this is 5th times you have not changed anything in bill pay online.. i put 1 star because you never change to put weekly total amount add.. not whole month You never listen my request.. I’m not happy with this.. i prefer weekly total amount to make sure i have enough fund or need more fund to add.. you seriously ignore this message.. which mean you are not doing your job correctly. All you care about yourself not customers needs. Same message. Repeat repeat This keep repeating. You never listen my voice. I said total amount every week. No you choose total whole month. Your own way. One day I will be leaving and close this account. You never listen

The USBANK APP. I like using the USBANK app. It is convenient and easy to use. It is very consumer friendly I am not a very good technology user. The USBANK app made it very easy for me to deposit my first check electronically. Sending money through Zelle using USBank is easy and convenient. I like the services that USBank provides to its customers making banking through them very easy non technological people like myself. Thank you USBank. I have been a USBank client for many years and I am impressed with the new services they offer. Everyone is friendly and efficient. About four years ago I broke my right arm and I was unable to write checks to pay my bills but USBank made it so easy to pay my credit card bills electronically. I will be eternally grateful for this convenience. Thank you USBank. I really do not have anything more to say. I am very happy and comfortable using the USBank app. Thank you. It is so easy and convenient to send money with Zelle through USBANK. It is also very fast and worry free. I feel very comfortable doing this transaction through USBANK. I just transferred money from one account to another and it was very easy. The convenience of not having in person to the bank is really worth it. Thank you. Every time I send money through Zelle I am amazed how easy and efficient it is. Thank you for great service.

Sometimes new isn’t better. I find this new app much more difficult to navigate than older one. Promotional options delay input. The flashing or fading and then bright screen, is uncomfortable on eyes. Added comments : In addition to those noted, the ability to transfer from my checking to pay credit card requirement to make multiple steps and process through bill payment vs transfer is unnecessary. Obviously I am in the minority as the ranking for this app is #1, but if I had not been a customer for over 35 years, I would change banks. I do not have access to a brick& mortar bank so depend on online banking. As a member of a military family with frequent moves, the access to my several accounts has made this vital, but the “ new “ changes are Distracting and excessive. Too many “ options” on side. I have no desire/ interest in any additional info or offers. Thank you for asking! Now finding problem logging off after transaction..I have to remove app and reinstall. Same as above. Continue same input..prefer simpler app..have no interest in options listed on side,thank you…customer over 35 years. Continuing..really dislike all options for information or services on side!

Could use some work.. The app is ok in general. Don’t like that it’s really difficult to figure out what your actual theoretical balance is. Pending transactions and deposited checks are not totaled up anywhere, so you have to do some leg work. Sometimes checks and deposits are shuffled so that it hits the account on the same day in just the right order to generate an overdraft fee (at least it seems that way). The message on the check deposit screen asking if I have a stimulus check is out of place for a corporate business checking account. Hate to say it, but I have a bunch of business accounts at Chase and they don’t seem to have these issues. Also, why is it that every time I deposit a check for a larger amount it goes into manual review and there is no hint of a pending deposit anywhere. The only way for me to tell if a deposit was made is to make sure email alerts are on and check email for verification that the check was in fact deposited and it is being reviewed. Sometimes deposits don’t go through, or I forget to click “deposit” the second time ( after I just clicked the button in the app anothe pop up comes up and asks again). It’s difficult to verify that all checks have been deposited if I’m doing 5-10 at a time.

Not customer friendly. US Bank has "upgraded" this app by increasing the frustration level for its customers. Yes, people should keep a record of their transactions and balance, but in today's era of instant transactions, there is no reason why a bank cannot provide very accurate, up-to-date information. By not showing available balance information, one begins to question the motives behind US Bank's change. You can only hope that it was not born of a desire to increase overdraft fee collections, but in today's times, such an assumption might be overly naive. As others have mentioned, the requirement to use a full log-in is also a step-backward. Security is important, but an unnecessarily rigorous log-in procedure is very frustrating. Surely, the previous PIN requirement was much better in terms of user friendliness. In close, I feel that US Bank needs to respond, and respond quickly, to ensure it maintains customer confidence. A poorly implemented app creates the impression that US Bank is not able to adequately address online banking needs, and in this day and age, that can be a devastating thing.

Deposited my check through my online USBank banking app!. I just deposited a check for the FIRST time while I was logged into my USBank account. I can’t believe how smooth the process was. I’ve been told by others that you can deposit a check just by taking pictures of the front/back of check but, if I’m being honest, I didn’t entirely believe them. I thought it’d either be too complicated or it just simply would not work. I have MS and have been ill for quite some time due to a bad MS relapse. So it’s challenging sometimes to leave my home and get to the bank, especially since I live several miles away from the nearest location. I finally decided to navigate through my USBank account to see if I could possibly find an option to deposit a check via my USBank account online and I found it. I was a little hesitant to try it because I’m not the most tech savvy person but decided to at least try. It literally took me less than 30 seconds for pictures to be taken of the front/back of the check and to confirm the deposit. I was shocked because I certainly did not expect it to be such a simple and quick process. I’ll definitely use this feature in the future! Thank you for providing such a convenient option for depositing checks into my USBank accounts..very appreciative!!! 🙂

Untrustworthy - Bank account hacked. My bank account was logging me out constantly today and then suddenly hacked and my password was changed. I had to call the online banking department and was bounced from representative to representatives for over an hour between the fraud department and online banking department. I was able to change my password and regain access through the website and mobile verification, but the online banking department decided to lock me out because all of my accounts are now considered compromised. I need to visit the branch tomorrow to get all of my accounts deleted and reopened, receive all new cards, change some direct deposit info, close the checking account associated with the direct deposit, and then I might get access to online banking again. My password was not easy to guess and they will not investigate how it was compromised. This app is ridiculously untrustworthy and I could have lost thousands from my checking and my credit cards are now considered compromised. I feel like I can never trust that my money is safe in any bank ever again after this. I had a security deposit for a new apartment due today and I no longer have access to my bank accounts or credit cards. Do not use this app, you could easily be robbed and they will not investigate. I didn’t receive any reassurance that this will not happen again.

Why change what was working?. How can an app be released when there is so much bugs to be fixed? I haven’t been able to login for a while now “ our system is not cooperating”. Yeah, for a few years now. Wondering when this após I’ll be revised and the bugs fixed. ——- The latest upgrade made a working app terrible. “Oops there was a problem ...” message pops every time. Login with correct user is and password turns back with “doesn’t match” error, when i was able to log in with the same credentials on my computer. Delete app, reinstall app, turnoff phone, power on phone... and after this step I can finally login to then when in rare cases it does login, I chose my account to deposit a check and after hitting done, choosing another option, like viewing another account, error messages shows again “oops we are having trouble ..” and then nothing works, not even closing the app and reopening again. Then back to uninstalling the app, reinstalling, turn phone off, power on, etc Why was an upgrade necessary when the previous version was working JUST FINE? Very disappointed with the new app.

Unacceptable app. I am very disappointed with mobile deposit app. First, I used your system to photograph my check. Of course your app stated “Success”for both front and back. I trusted my check was accepted and credited to my account. Several days later it was declined because photos were too poor. I had already written across the front of the check” deposited by mobile phone....”. After I deposited the check, I saw instructions somewhere that the check is not officially accepted until some later date. That info should have been on the main page before one deposits a check. I am incensed. I am hoping I can still deposit the check even though I wrote the above words on the front. I will be absolutely disgusted if I have to return the check to the issuer and wait weeks while they stop payment and reissue the check. It is always remarkable to me how designers of these apps miss important steps and details to make sure the users are not confronted these problems. Put the explanation about not destroying or writing on the check on the main page!!! I am incensed over this. I am continually confronted with problems at US Bank. You people are totally unresponsive and unavailable to your depositors. I will be changing backs shortly.

Annoying App. Mobile Deposit in the US Bank app frustrates me every time I try to use it. [edit] BUT huge thanks to US Bank for finally removing the requirement to write “for deposit only” under the endorsement!!! [/edit] The over-automated check scanning UI is poorly conceived and prone to failure. It shows an approximate size field into which to fit the check, but demands that you “Get Closer” when you’ve already properly positioned your phone. Then it snaps the image *while* you’re moving closer, which results in a less sharp image than would have been obtained by anyone who’s used a smartphone camera before, if they’d been allowed to capture it manually. Then, the app transmits the images to the bank, and they are rejected. The app has now reset some of the data you put in for the deposit, so you’ve gotta re-type that stuff before proceeding. Other banks have had the mobile deposit system down for years, without any of these hiccups. Please, US Bank, offer an easily accessible manual camera mode, and scrap the For Deposit Only sensor, because you obviously don’t have the programming chops to fix it. And OY with the banners for Zelle and ApplePay! Who needs to be reminded about those things every time they log in to view their accounts? No one! Don’t get me started on slow response time between pages, incomplete or unavailable data, failure to show pending transactions which are days old, etc.

Glad I stayed. When my current back changed to US bank I was not sure I would stay. I had many questions how will this effect my money? Is my account safe? What if they lose my money in the process? What’s all this “on line banking” and is it safe. US bank kept me informed every step of the way. I could easily call anytime with all my questions and the were answered by a human. Well it’s been about a month and I’m well settled in and feeling secure about my account . The new branches in my local grocer is right there if I need them. The in line banking is a breeze and I’m am so not an “on line” person . The menu is easy to navigate and I do all my banking right here at home most of the time . I can even pay my bills from the banking app. And of course if the kids need s little help I can transfer money in a matter of minutes. My husband has even moved over to US bank seeing how easy it is for me. I recommend US bank to everyone who wants an easier, safe and friendly way of banking . Edit on 9-9-23 I’m stuck in the parking lot at my dicoyrs office with a dead battery. AAA IS HERE to out in a new one but I barely have enough to cover the cost . With a few taps on my mobile phone I could transfer $ from my savings to my checking and I’ll be on the road in just a few minutes.

Glad to be here. Greetings, my name is Dr. Thomas Miller PhD. I’ve been very fortunate to come this far for a guy who is somewhat technologically impaired :-) I’ve gotten a lot of help from some rather enthusiastic individuals, who have helped me through the process of interacting with AI, offered technical support learning how to transfer money and internally an externally, understanding the process of sending wires versus using Zelle, which I wonder about security wise using telephone numbers and emails I haven’t seen that successfully run yet I did experiment with I think $50 will see how that works out. Aside from that that’s an unfinished business right now I’m very happy with U.S. Bank and the customer service and to follow up. Has you guys not to point of phrase but yeah it seems like you’re looking out for me and I like as I get used to looking at the dashboard and, how busy things are trying to focus on what it is and how it works. All in all, I’m getting to learn some new things and that’s cool and I’m grateful for the sport in the effort that people put in. You have good people and that’s important. I’ve been around for a while and there’s an old saying for a business; you’re only as good as the people that work for you. as you got some good people take care of them. Sincerely, Dr. Thomas Miller PhD

Very poor app!!. This app has been failing me for years. It either crashes or can’t log in at least once a week, and despite constant feedback and surveys, this still hasn’t been fixed. The coding problems extends beyond crashes and cutesy “Oops! Something went wrong wrong!” error messages, though (Yes, US Bank, I can see something went wrong, thanks). I just recently discovered when setting up a money transfer to an outside account that the app won’t recognize an underscore as a valid character for someone’s email address. Guess the millions who still use underscores for emails won’t get any notifications that money’s coming their way! Hope it’s not important! And, as a cherry on top of the I.T. Fail Cake, I had to write this review on Apple’s App Store because the in-app feedback was programmed to write white text on a white background, rendering anything I typed invisible. Who seriously isn’t double-checking these things before they release them to consumers??!! I’ve stayed a US Bank customer for decades now, but these constant app problems are seriously making me contemplate switching all my accounts to a competitor. Convenient? No. Customer oriented? No. Focused on service? No. Get it together, US Bank, these things still matter in the 21st century, and your app only shows how unwilling-or incapable -you are to see what people want and need.

The US Bank app has sucked for months now. My husband and I have banked with US Bank for over ten years, and that’s the only thing keeping us there. We hate to start over with a new bank at this point, but half the time we can’t even manage our own money because the app is always giving errors or crashing. It’s frustrating when you have 3 checking accounts, 2 savings, 2 credit cards, and a recently paid off auto loan, but you can’t make simple transfers/transactions in the app whenever you want to because something is always “wrong on our [us bank] side.” Another frustrating thing - my husband hasn’t been able to use his app for quite a while because it won’t recognize his cell # (when verifying at login) as a valid #. He has called customer service multiple times and no one has been able to help. So, he has to do the super inconvenient and login on a desktop if he wants to view balances or anything. Basically, whatever major change (there has had to be one, because we Never had trouble before), was made in the last six months or so needs to be fixed ASAP before US Bank starts losing long-time account holders.

App is Good but needs a few tweeks. This is the second review. On the whole it is good but they made a change that has got me spitting mad!! If you deposit a check on the app you are no longer to see ALL the photos of the checks you deposit so take your own photo. Some are viewable but it isn’t as simple as tapping on the transaction in the list of transactions. You have to go through the assistant to get to the search window. And don’t bother speaking your request. It isn’t that smart yet. I even called the ever present 1-800-like-I-care. The Rep wasn’t able to tell me how to see the check on my end. She was able to tell me the information I needed. I was nevertheless an very frustration hour of time I won’t get back. It functions well for what i need. I would like to set it to stop asking me for my thumb print. My other apps don't. I like the size of the numbers in the “Send money” section. However they are “find a microscope” small in the transfers section. I am angry that I can not deposit money to my friend’s account any longer. She is also my landlord. She refuses to sign up for Zelle which makes it hard on me as it means trip to the branch and standing in line. I finally had to order checks. I have to use checks in decades! The mini pack of 50 will last me for decades to come. All in all this app mets my needs with the exception of transfers. Depositions is extremely difficult with a phone camera. It told me to use a darker back ground. It was on black!!

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Autumn 2021 update disappointing. I love US Bank! I want to love their mobile app. I just got used to the last update and *was* loving it, and now everything has changed again. Not sure why two factor authentication was eliminated. Just a month ago there was an extra login step that’s now gone, and two factor authentication for Zelle is also gone. Sigh. I’m so curious about the user testing for these changes. Were the test subjects happy and excited to play the new game of “try to figure out how to do the thing you used to be able to do easily while you wonder if this is all some kind of phishing scam!”? This is a rare case where I would have appreciated those helpful little pop-up explainers/hints like “we’ve eliminated two-factor authentication for whatever complex reason”, just so it’s at least acknowledged and I’m not just left wondering what the heck is going on. Always feels like these changes are designed by narcissistic 20-somethings with zero empathy. Sorry. I hate complaining but it was extremely annoying to find out by surprise that this interface had been rearranged.

Barely Works. Everything in this app takes a long time to load, and the money transfers menu is the worst offender. A lot of people have savings accounts and checking accounts so this should be a commonly used feature to regularly transfer money to savings. If I would like to view my recurring transfers it shouldn’t default to load all the history of all transfers, which takes several minutes, when I already would have seen that in my account transactions. Really 99% of the time I go to that page is to find out when my next transfer is scheduled, not to see the history, but it forces you to wait every time. There is no way to see when your next transfer will be, other than clicking into at the details to see how often, then going back to look at the last transfer date, and calculating it yourself. There is also no way to skip the next transfer, you can only cancel the whole schedule or changing the start date which is annoying. Skipping the next transfer was a feature I really miss from other banking apps I have used, the transfers page was a quick at-a-glance way to view upcoming transfers and skip one if money was tight that month.

Saves time and gives me EVERYTHING I need. I have three separate accounts at US Bank. Trying to reconcile them can be a challenge, but using the app I am able to see what has cleared and what is pending for each of them. It is fantastic that I can see the individual personal checks, when they cleared, and what was stamped on the back – that was perfect when I sent a check to a company for a payment and they said they didn’t receive it when they actually had stamped it on the back and applied it to a different account. Sure I would’ve ultimately found that out after having to go through the bank itself, and that would’ve taken a lot of time and in the meantime would have had to make another payment and late fees to boot….. all avoided with this app! I also love that I can transfer between two accounts easily, and I can also see any interest gains to reconcile (even if it is 1 cent). More than once, that has helped me figure out why my math was off!

Worst app EVER. You all need to fire your entire tech team. Clearly they dont know a thing about what theyre doing. The app seriously just gets worse and worse every single day. This is honestly the last straw!! I am switch banks ONLY because of this app. iTS GARBAGE!!!! Functionality is ZERO, the experience is the most frustrating thing i have ever dealt with and to top it all off you all dont seem to care one bit. Maybe when people start switching you may finally take the hint. You could very easily just make it a BASIC banking app. Why all the complication? We dont need half the features you all decided to throw in it. We log in, check balances, move some money around then close the crapy app. Thats it! My god are you hiring people straight out of high school that have zero experience with coding and app development? Youre not a social media platform, you dont have to completely change the app weekly, theres no sense in this app not working as much as it does. You have made what should be a fast and easy experience into a ABSOLUTE HASSLE!! How can this be??? Can you please please please please please please please please please PLEASE have the app you had 2 years ago??? Seriously PLEASE?!?!? Not that it matters anymore on my end. Good bye and good riddance.

I can’t believe how bad this is.. I’ve had so many issues with this app. Recently I was locked out of my account twice and told there was nothing they could do, then I ended up spending 2 hours on the phone and finding out they could do something about it, I just had to go through 5 different departments, get hung up on multiple times while I was on hold, and pull teeth constantly just to figure this out. All I wanted to do was submit a check because my life depends on paying my bills. I almost lost my house and car because of this awful service, I’m not even kidding. I can’t believe how negligent and awful this company is. Get your app working. Some people need it. Also, please add the option to sit in silence instead of listening to your god awful hold music, especially for the 100% of people who have to spend hours on hold just to be told it wasn’t their department’s issue. It’s insane how few people you employ for phone assistance and how poorly they’re trained. I won’t be using this bank in the future. I can’t believe they still exist with such garbage customer service. The people are great but it’s very clear that the training is incredibly lackluster.

Customer service at the branch. Customer service at the branch in rosemead city, California was terrible, poor service and not professional at all.. U.S. bank need some professional bankers to improve U.S. bank and get more customers in time The banker need to see customer’s problems are matters and like their problems. That way they will work perfect and help people out and make customers feel happy when they come to us bank.. I’m the U.S. bank customer for long time since you guys just grand opening I think But I wasn’t happy at all and they didn’t even help me out when I get problems with scammed last time tho. I drove all the way to the branch because I thought gonna help me faster when I get scammed from buying some stuff online and I got treated like nothing happened and it doesn’t matter to the banker at the branch. I’m thinking going to change to another bank which I feel safe and be treated well tho Thank you

Needs sizable improvements. The layout of the app could be better but about average with design, it is the technical configuration and signing into this app that is the problem. I have used this US bank mobile iOS app on iPhone 8plus with Touch ID and also on both the same iOS app on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 Pro Max which have Face ID. The Touch ID was inconsistent in functionality however managed to login roughly 50 percent of the time. The Face ID with this US bank app failed completely and there is also a feature now with a recent update to not allow pasting copied items, such as passwords, making almost impossible if you have a password manager and a long password to login and view balance information. When attempting to manually type the password it erases the entry if having to go back to the app or place you have the password saved, which is irritating. This can also be a huge problem when out and about using the bank account if barred accessibility. Ironing out these errors with US Bank customer support always seems to go in circles, especially with problems involving technology and updates on using their systems.

MK. Easy to use and navigate. Rarely crashes. Actually prefer it to their website which does occasionally crash. My one complaint used to be that I had multiple checking accounts and I wish they would let you name them because it is easy to get them (at least mine) confused because they contain many of the same numbers with just a few minor differences. Where as if I could just name it and that would come up on my dashboard screen it would be helpful. I have seen there is a place to nickname accounts, however those nicknames don’t appear on the dashboard, only after you have clicked on the account. I know which account is which after I click on it. It is in the dashboard. It isn’t a big deal because if I click on the wrong one I can always go back and re-do to the other one but it is a slight annoyance. But after my last review they fixed it within just a few days. Amazing!!! Other than that their app is super slick. Make things really nice and easy.

Fairly Intuitive, Developing Over Time. I’ve been using this app for almost 10 years and it’s improved greatly over time. Signing in is quick, finding my accounts and transactions is easy, transfers and internal credit card payments are instantaneous, and mobile check deposits are quick and painless as well. I’ve called US Bank’s customer service several times over the years and I’ve always had a pleasant experience. Sometimes there are long hold waits but I budget time for that when I know I want to call them. US Bank used to have an external transfer service that was free and pretty easy to manage, but now all external transfers (except wires) go through Zelle. It was easier for me to write myself checks from one bank account to another than to figure out Zelle and whether it would work with my other bank or not. Overall, this app continues to be one of the best banking apps I’ve used. I’ll give it five stars because my primary beef is with Zelle 😂

Could be better. The move from Union Bank over has not been without its issue. Years of partnership with Union Bank was simple. First issue has been the printing capabilities of the monthly statements. Multiple steps do print within the parameters of my Epson printer (in other words, the in app inability to choose the size as it looks to be set up for people using laser printers. Even went to the local US BANK, acknowledged but nothing they can do. Obviously, not a seem less changeover) The descriptions of debit card uses is all over the place, cannot in a lot of cases see who they are in “your current descriptions” causes me to go back and look for receipts to match). Wasn’t that way with UNION BANK also, making mobile deposits & photocopied front & back to do so, why can’t I pull the photo up from my computer or phone when logged in? UNION BANK, no problem. Even Home Depot provides login capabilities to see the itemized & printed receipt in the field if necessary. Seems US BANK could do better.

Great App - easy and highly functional. Important note up front: I work for US Bank and so my review could present a conflict of interest. I am trying to provide a critical review so as to help others make the decision on whether to use this application or not. The US Bank mobile app helps me do almost everything I would need to manage my finances. It’s easy to pay bills, transfer money, review mortgage and other banking accounts, find statements, and even simply deposit checks. With the functionality available, there really is no reason I need to enter a branch ever again. This app is at least on par or better than most other financial institutions’ digital platform. Facial recognition works for me as expected and saves time. I do not have any major accounts outside of mortgage, checking, savings, and credit and so I can’t review anything related to other things like stocks or other various account types. Hope this is helpful for others.

Unfair fees. I have a few issues, first off I made a mobile deposit of 3 checks for the same amount on the same day,1 right after the other. When one check of the 3 wasn’t showing up as deposited/pending, I retried the deposit. Well apparently the check I thought hadn’t deposited correctly just had some lag time on showing up in transaction log with the other 2. But the mobile deposit double deposited and I was charged a return check fee! I think it was $50!!! Boo to you guys for your shady charges. Why did I pay for your apps display issue? Kind of makes me wonder how reliable your mobile banking is if I can deposit the same check twice within 1 minute of each other? Fix the bug and refund MY money!? I’ll be closing my account as soon as i have time to open a new one elsewhere if not resolved. Oh and how about being open the hours you drew all your clientele in with? What other reason is there to bank somewhere I have limited access to free atms ,1 in my whole town but it’s closed after 11pm…really!? And working people have to get off work early to visit a bank that closes at 4 pm. Get your sh*# together us bank.

US BANK is like my family.. US bank helps me get on my feet, Ms. Heidi at US Bank Lancaster CA. While I get through the tough time, Ms. Heidi from the US Bank is only the one helping me. I lived in the USA for nine years. My husband is not around me to have my bank account at all. All my working money goes to join the bank account. To join a bank is not mean I can spend my own money. My husband keeps an eye on cash every day. He was mad at me; he took all my ATMs back. I have no money, nothing at all. I came to the US Bank to open my bank account. Ms. Heidi helped me get to throw everything also allowed me to have some money while I was waiting for income. Also, on weekends, she stops by Macy’s, where I work, with her daughter to see how I am doing to ensure I'm okay. And also, while I go to the bank, if Ms. Heidi is busy, Ms. Lily will come and take good care of the service. And every employee at the US BANK is very lovely to all customers. US BANK is not just a BANK. But US BANK IS PASS OF FAMILY.

Jeanne & Charles Batey. We have had the pleasure over the course of several weeks to work with, via telephone, US Bank representative “Dan” ( Employee ID DJFINK1). Dan has helped my husband set up Zelle to do a monthly interbank transfer. As senior citizens we have been quarantined in our home since the start of the pandemic, but wanted to insure that our monthly banking transactions occurred. We were told about the Zelle application by our millennial daughter and have been learning how to use it with Dan’s help. We now have a monthly transfer between two banks (US Bank and Chase) set up and are confident it will meet our needs. We could not have done this without Dan’s patience as and expertise. We had several initial “glitches” that Dan was not able to initially resolve. Therefore, he has to set up repeated times to call us until the problem was resolved. He advised us when he would be calling back and always promptly did so over the course of several weeks. He was generous with his time and courteous when answering our questions. He is a wonderful customer service representative of US Bank.

Sometimes not a customer-friendly bank. I’ve never had a problem that wasn’t resolved quickly and fairly. US has treated me well for nearly fifty years. But during the last month things have changed. I have had issues with the mobile app lately, which has caused continual problems transferring money. And in the middle of a very sensitive payment to a government entity the bank closed the account, erroneously, because the “business” arm failed to investigate correctly the basis of our business. They just made the account vanish, with no warning. Not a bank that cares about customers. Their bottom line is what determines their actions, regardless of any inconvenience to customers. However, thanks in large part to Jeff, a manager at my “home” branch, who actually managed to straighten out the problems that USBank had caused by not communicating with me, my account is a useable account again. Who knows what the bank people might do in the future, but for now, it works for me.

Deposit procedure. At this time, your on line deposit procedure is one I feel is one of the best available. The process of creating an image is easily the best I have used. However, I would be even more approving of the USB system if confirmation numbers were included as part of the deposit info. The confirmation numbers given on each money transfer is very helpful to me. Would it be possible to have a similar system available for on line deposits? Thank you. Also there needs to be a clear process to cancel when a depositor makes an error and needs to “back up” to correct what was inaccurate. I had that happen to me today and sat in front of the machine asking me if I wanted to do it my self or try again. I did not know what you meant - how do I let you know that my finger hit an un wanted direction that the bank was trying to complete when I needed a different activity. Thank you. Eventually I was able to correct the error but I have no idea how or why I did it.

So far so good. Previously a Union Bank customer, when it was acquired by US Bank. The transition was fairly painless, and I’d can honestly say they did a good job consider all the information that had to be changed. One of the most obvious benefits of the acquisition is increased variety of bank actions available . The Union Bank Mobile App provided a base level of banking options. Whereas, the US Bank Mobile App runs circles around its predecessor. I’ve found it possible to complete 95% of my banking needs from the palm of my hand . Part of me can’t help but think about the bankers and clerks who will may become obsolete as the banking system progresses toward digital currency by the Federal Regulators and cabinet positions. That being said, US Banks Mobile App is so easy to use that despite my reservations concerning the likely change to digital currency, I still find it the most convenient using the app to complete the majority, almost all, of my banking needs.

Check Deposit. Today I went into my US Bank branch located at the north end of Bismarck, ND. I wanted to deposit a check from another bank into my US Bank checking account. I commented to the teller that I saw where I could deposit the check from my smart phone but was very leery of doing this as I would probably mess it up. The tellers name is Miranda and she was fabulous!!!! She took the time to walk me through the entire process start to finish and answered all of my questions! Her customer service should serve as an example for others!!! While I am on this review. Cassidy, the bank manager, is to be commended on her caring and customer service. I went through a personal tough time in the last year and needed to speak with Cassidy several times. Every single time I needed to speak with her she treated me like I was the only thing she had to do all day! Simply outstanding customer service!!!! Cassidy and Miranda should be publicly commended for showing this old guy that they care and want my business!!!! Truly two outstanding employees!!!!!

Pretty Good. Having this US Bank app has been such a life saver! It’s easy to use, and the finger print log in is amazing. Sometimes there are glitches, but usually if I quit the app and reopen, it’ll be just fine again. One thing that is kind of annoying is the pop up that comes up to explain that if you’ve been off the app for more than 5 minutes, you have to re-log in. There’s no need for that notification, most people understand that the app won’t keep you logged in 24/7, and they know if they’ve been off the app for 5 minutes or more. Another addition that would be amazing would be a push notification if your account goes negative so you can transfer money and not get the $36 overdraft fee. I have a suspicion that the US Bank app doesn’t have that notification because they make so much money off the overdraft fees and a notification would really cut down on that. But, if they could add a notification if one of your accounts is overdrafted before the fee is charged so you have a chance to fix it, that would be amazing!

Deposit limit. When I moved from California to Wisconsin, I was shocked that I could not make a reasonable mobile deposit with US Bank. As a result, I kept my Bank of America account active in California. That way, if I have a large deposit to make, at least Bank Of America will accept it. U.S. Bank makes me come in for every transaction that Bank Of America would allow as a mobile deposit. Also, I might add that originally, I tried to close the Bank of America account by writing myself a check from that account to U.S. Bank, but U.S. Bank denied my mobile deposit from one account to another because it was too large. That is when I discovered the mobile deposit limit. That is why I I kept my Bank of America account active and now have two accounts instead of one. My sister uses this bank (U.S.) in good standing and has for many many years. She’s the one who convinced me to open the account. In fact, I put her name on my account. However, I am told by management at U.S. Bank that I have to prove my worthiness for several years before they will allow me the same privileges as Bank Of America has always given me. I told him that maybe they should use their heads and go by someone’s credit report before they just assume everybody’s a derelict!

Potential. It took me a while to be able to deposit a check on my phone. I even put it behind a dark background and signed the back. However took me 4 times because it kept saying error. Maybe there is a bug there cause i should have been easy to do. I even had tellers use my phone and the app to take a pic of the check to show me how to do it. It took them a couple tries as well. So maybe there is something to take a look at that in the app. Also maybe more insight with the credit cards where it tells someone how much in and out money is circulating through the accounts. Maybe more fixing bugs on where the money is going to like groceries, shopping, utilities, and etc. when i scroll through the app i can see the pie chart but when i scroll down to the transaction i cant scroll up again to see the pie chart and chose a different category. If i have to choose a different one i have to go out and than click on the bar chart to see it again.

Feedback. I didn’t want to write a review, but I don’t see a place to give feedback anymore. The app is great and I use it all the time. The problem is that occasionally the updates break things that were working just fine. It’s like no one in dev or QA actually uses the tool in real life. A recent example is the auto-pay feature. I used to be able to be precise about how often a bill was paid. I have a couple utility bills that are due quarterly. This is no longer an option, so when a quarterly bill increased, I went to update my auto-pay, and now I’m left with the option of paying monthly or every six months. Quarterly is every three months, and this is a typical utility payment schedule. And of course, I can only have one auto-pay schedule per bill, so I can’t just set up two and have them rotate through every three months. The UI is the same on mobile and desktop. Can we please get the flexibility on auto-payments back?!? Thank you!

App is great, Bank? Not so much.... I love love love the fingerprint password my iPhone allows me with this app cause when places ASSIGN you a login name it’s kinda hard to recall all 5k usernames I have across my virtual board. Is generally pretty intuitive, even though they change stuff up on you(which I don’t mind so much on, say, social networking platforms, but where my finances are concerned I really do appreciate some reliability and not having update curveballs that leave me apologizing to third parties and tearing out my tresses wondering WHY they changed such a simple system.., it’s proven to be an equally intuitive solution, but the fact that I’m left ignorant at their whims is not enjoyable- update only if it’s something that actually IMPROVES the app, don’t “change it up” to make users feel it’s fresh and tech savvy, that’s NOT what we want from a banking app. We want boring, user friendly, intuitive interface that we can rely on NOT changing anything unless it’s actually an improvement. That’s IT.

Love this bank - Fixed the app update :). UPDATE: They heard us, guys! They fixed the app and now life is SO. MUCH. EASIER! Thank you, U.S. BANK for appeasing your customers!! :) :) This has nothing to do with the bank. My gripe is the new, updated app. They took an easy, user friendly banking app and completely screwed the pooch. What was once face recognized to open app, now has you log in with your user name, hit password, then face recognition pops up. After that you’re still required to hit log in, are taken to another page to hit the banks app, and then you can finally sign in. I’ve been playing with this since the “upgrade” and there is no simple way to log in. It used to be one step and done. Now it’s a process. For the love of God, change this back to the way it was. Even transferring money between accounts is ridiculous. I would give the new app ZERO stars if it were an option. It’s so bad I’m ready to go back to the old fashioned way of calling an operator for my banking needs. I want the old app back!

Believe me. If I could switch, I WOULD!. I used to be with Wells Fargo, but switched to US Bank for a few reasons. (Just got my 87¢ class action lawsuit check. Yay.) The thing I miss the most was their app. The IS Bank app is so disappointing. If it lets me log in, I’m met with a putsy interface and temperamental buttons that may or may not do what they are meant to do. Yes, this isn’t 100% of the time, I’ll give them that much. But I’ll say 30-40% of the time (being generous) I go to use it something goes wrong. Again, that’s IF I can log in! And every update is a bittersweet, heart-jerking letdown. You think they’ll make everything better, but it just seems like they made all the things that were terrible look better and/or create more ways for things to go wrong. I’m pretty sure I don’t know anyone who works at US Bank in any sort of capacity but I’m going to start pretending that I do and they’re holding a personal vendetta against me and they find great joy in my frustration with their app. So they find fun new ways to keep it from being improved just so I’ll remain frustrated and their revenge will continue to reek havoc. It’s the only thing that makes sense. It’s quite brilliant, actually. The perfect payback. You win, person I’ve never met. Well played.

Irritating computer stuff!!. It’s one of the things that me an old person and REALLY computer illiterate can do with ease. compared with all the rest of the stuff you have to do on the phone/tablet etc!! —compared with all the rest of the stuff it’s relatively easy to do!! I can understand and complete it but way to many things you’re just supposed to know ie don’t open stuff even from a place you use all the time because it’s a scam to get in your account to take money from you—this is completely nuts and so frustrating and irritating and the worse part it frustrates me and makes me feel stupid (which fortunately is untrue—but not having a handle on this newer technology makes me nuts and frustrated!!) I do understand that I should take a class or something but I don’t use it enough to make the time, money spent etc just doesn’t stir my interest!! So Lol it’s my problem and sorry to spend your time with complaints!! Have a wonderful holiday season!!🙏🙏😊😳🙃🤔😵‍💫

Terrible. Very poor ability to cancel a payment, I cancelled a payment 5 days before it should be paid. I had a bill set to be paid seven days prior to due date which allows plenty of processing time the bank add another additional three days to that to process and therefore I cannot cancel the payment because they added the three additional days that supposedly is someplace in the agreement which we all know is someplace mini pages down buried if I wanted those additional three days added, I would’ve chose 10 days not seven days prior to the bill date. I find this highly unacceptable. I was then told payment could not be stopped because it was processing. Yet on the mobile app it says pending and on the actual website it says it’s already been paid. I again find this very unacceptable that looking at my account in two places shows me two different things I am so so very disappointed. with USBank, this looks very deceptive

Sadly frustrated ****. Please fix this app!!! I have bills that need to be paid. I’m unable to send payments because (shield question) step is on freeze. Can’t get past this section no matter how many times I press the arrow. It doesn’t say if my answer is right or wrong, rejected or not rejected. It’s just on freeze. Please fix it! I’ve been using this app for years to send money and make payments and I have had nothing but great experiences with this app until now. I hope the developers hone in on the problems quickly. Update-Thank you!! Now this is what I’m talking about. Smooth, easy, functional, and some great new features. Thank you for fixing the glitches. Update- I’m still loving this app. Managing my money has become more efficient. I’m able to make the payments I need to at my choosing. Very user friendly. New update- I really like the new billing options added. I find it mush easier to manage paying my bills. New update- I’m still very happy with the app improvements. New update- I came across a problem today with Zelle. I’m unable to delete a person…I feel this is an accident waiting to happen especially since contacts automatically come up as a potential list. I have contacts with the same name or similar name. If not double checking or selecting carefully I might have selected the wrong person to send a good amount of money too. There should be a way to delete from Zelle list without deleting from contacts.

It NEVER works!. Please fix this app, it’s garbage. I get an error 9/10 times I try to use it. Which is most often to transfer funds or make deposits. I literally cannot access my accounts at all most days. It’s just a white screen or an “unknown error”. You give no options for sending issues within the app and calling customer service really confuses your staff who have no options for helping with the app. It worked perfectly until you updated to this cluttered, busy version a few months ago. Perhaps it has so much useless flair that it cannot perform the basic tasks of a banking app. I’ve updated it, deleted and reloaded it several times. It never gets better. It’s been like this for months and I am literally going to switch banks just so I can operate my finances like it’s 2019. Ahhhh. Again- still doesn’t work!!! Please fix this crappy app! Some of us actually need to BANK! My third review update: still the worst app around. Constantly crashes, glitchy functions, I’ve had to uninstall & reinstall several times- doesn’t help. PLEASE FIX THIS APP!!!

Please Show the Nicknames on paid accounts. This app keeps freezing on a stage once a week !!!!! The following was written many months ago and no one reads it anyway. 1- I have checking account in 3 national banks and 6 credit card accounts. US Bank Mobile App is the only one that freezes 2-3 times a month and I have to delete and re install it to get my work done. Go learn from other banks how it’s done. 2- I have many accounts under same utility company like power or cable. I also have nicknames related to the address of each account. Your statements and online paid accounts only show the name of the company Not the nicknames that we have on them. This makes it very difficult to find which account the payment is related to. We have to go back to the statements and one by one find which payment relates to which building or project. 3- For online auto transfer, I could not cancel the auto payments. Had to call the bank manager and she couldn’t cancel the payments so she called online support help and even they couldn’t cancel the auto pay. NICE !

Horrible. I had a company send a direct deposit to my focus card account. USbank said I needed to verify my identity. I work out of state most of the time and had to order a new social security card and get back in town before I could get my identity verified. 2 weeks later I am back in town and my social security card has arrived. I go to a USbank location and let them know I am trying to fax my social and drivers license in order to verify my identification. Finally after going back and forth a bit there she was able to fax everything to the proper department and all should have been good. She says it will take 1-2 business days. 4 days later I call to see where the progress is. They have no record of any fax. Mind you, I had a USbank employee fax it from a USbank location. The lady in the phone can only suggest that I waste more of my time and fax it again. Finally 2 days later it went through and I am now verified. I waited 2 more days and no deposit has went thru. When I call, they now say they don’t have any record of a deposit. When the week prior they had record before I was verified. Now no one knows where my money is. WHERE IS MY MONEY???

Us bank. Love the mobile check deposit and all the other functions you can do remotely. My biggest complaint with your establishment isn’t the mobile banking, it is the delay in text notifications of monies being drawn out of the bank. I receive immediate notification from Apple Pay when my us bank account is utilized, however, I do NOT receive notification from US Bank vis text that my account was “hit” until 2, sometimes 3 days AFTER, it was deducted. If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to hide something or maybe confuse me. But WHY, if there’s nothing going on would you choose to delay notifications. THAT is what I’d like to know. I’ve asked several times at my usual branch and they haven’t been able to give me an answer. Today’s date 11/14. I will re-rate after seeing how this transaction goes. Date 11/14. This transaction went quickly and smoothly. Am very pleased with this transaction. This is how it is supposed to work. Notification of deposit acceptance was almost instantaneous. For this I will raise my rating to a 3*. Now, once we repair the delayed notifications of debit purchases via text, I will once again raise my review.

Overall good. Can’t redeem cash + rewards. App is well designed and easy to use. My experience with US Bank is that the customer service is okay.. sometimes very helpful, other times it seems as if the person is just kind of lazy. One time ATM stole my money completely, no receipt, no nothing. I called customer support and the first time the guy gave me so much attitude and then I got an email 2 weeks later saying I won’t be receiving my money. I called again, got ahold of an amazing person willing to help, and filed a great claim for me, lo and behold I received my $980. Now on to the actual app, it’s well laid out. Easy to use, except if you have the cash plus rewards credit card, you can’t redeem the rewards with the app, or even on the web browser on your mobile device. You have to pull out a computer and go online which isn’t too bad of a problem if you have a computer, or you have to call the number on the back of your card and be put on hold for 15 minutes or more before proceeding to your 30 second call to ask them to apply your rewards to your credit statement. Please fix this so we can redeem rewards via the app. Thank you

Years of service!. I’ve been a member of USBank since I was a teenager & I’m well into my 40’s! I’ve had accounts with other financial institutions along the way, but none of them felt quite like home, except USBank. I’ve trusted them with my checking & savings accounts & even my first home mortgage! I’ve always been able to get ahold of them, they provide me with complete transparency & always got my back. A couple months ago, they called me about a large amount purchase (that was not authorized) and stayed on the phone with me, while I drove to the closest location to pull out cash (after hours) so I had money over the holiday weekend, before they canceled & reissued a new debit card for me. They rush delivered my new card & it was delivered the next business day! There are many times I had to call them when I knew my account was going to be negative and they covered my overdraft fees. I love USBank and will stay with them for as long as they will have me!

Genuinely the worst. Prepaid Card Account (Is how Servers are paid their tips). Who on Earth decided to run an app this terrible? Better yet, how does this app have so many stars? Are you paying for reviews US Bank?? I can’t see how anyone would be happy with such subpar performance and underwhelming use. This makes Chase, Capital One, and three tiny banks I’ve used over the years look like they’re the established professionals. I can’t extract my money from my account because none of the features in the app work. You can only transfer funds to accounts within the US Bank ecosystem. All of which require a fee that is purposely set up so Servers (who can’t get nightly direct deposit into a checking account) always have to pay it despite meeting three times the income requirements. I can’t pay bills out of the account because apparently my account doesn’t exist despite have a solid 4 figures in it. US Bank is an absolute joke. If you respect yourself and your finances, go use literally anyone else. They want to rob you blind and leave you feeling like they abandoned you naked on the side of the road somewhere outside of Zzyzx, CA. I would trust Lehman Brothers circa 2008 more than I trust US Bank in their current state. This is simply pathetic.

Good App Needs Improvement. I’m referencing the credit card section on the app. Deposit accounts are straight forward. When using the app for my credit card I would like the USB developers to take a look at the Capital One app. It is by far the easiest to use. I would almost think USB only wants customers to make minimum payments as it will not let me pay off my credit card until the due date. I had to schedule a payment from another banks app to payoff my USB credit card mid cycle. Each time I tried to transfer funds from my USB checking account to payoff the card I would get a reject notification that stated my minimum payment had already been made ?? I didn’t want coverage for a minimum payment - I WANT TO PAY THE CARD OFF! Frustrating! I have never had this with any other bank or credit card app at least not with a National Bank. The national banks have the backing behind them to have the most user friendly apps available! This should not be a “thing”!!

Overall a great banking experience on my triquarter. I could go on and on about how amazing my experience with U.S. Bank. The app does have some small issues, however the customer service usually trumps those issues anyway. My business account debit card still is not recognized on the app, however I am able to make purchases with it and withdraw cash, so I assume it is just a glitch in the system. The good thing is I don’t often view my debit info on the app unless I am traveling out of the country, and the pandemic… well, you know the rest of that story. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between my pending and approved purchases. This is not much of an issue for me yet, though when I officially open a business, it will be hard for me to rely on the app to tell me what purchases have and have not gone through. Overall, I am super happy with the app. Thank you for making it easier for me to track my spending!!

Crooked merchants and dispute departments. I reviewed details of overcharges and non-service several times with my local bankers and with bank dispute departments but when decisions were made it was obvious that the case notes were either not comprehended or not read at all. Just because the merchant submitted false documents they should not have been accepted by the decision makers of the disputes. Furthermore they sent the decision letter to me at the wrong address which also indicated that they didn't even read the case notes. I previously was happy with US Bank, but I am very unhappy with this bank now. Also phone support person told me I didn't need to send in additional documentation became she was going to enter my verbal notes into the system. Then she didn't and that also adversity affected the decision on one of the cases. Additionally, I can never speak with the same person twice on each of three cases. Every time, it's a new person who knows nothing. I paid my credit card bill and have NEVER had a negative balance until now, and it's because charges were wrongly entered. One of the issues goes back 6 months. I wonder if we will ever get this straightened out.

Terrible update. After the latest update version 3.0, the app crashes constantly whenever I try to log in on an iPhone 6s with the latest update. The new UI is also terrible because it removed all the easy to use quick tabs for deposits and transfers, and also the quick view of one’s latest transactions and replaced it with a useless UI of summary of accounts. It is very user unfriendly with all the commonly used items hidden behind obscure icons. Just trying to find the logout button is a task in itself! The older version of the app worked flawlessly. This “new simplified” app is atrocious and should never have been released to the public. If you have the older version before version 3 and you are not forced to update(they do that sometimes) I would recommend to keep old version for now until they get this one fixed. Unfortunately, I can’t go back. Update 5/22 The app has improved in considerably since my last review. It works very well now!

App is extremely flawed. First of all Touch ID is useless . It rarely works and often it will fail continually which causes you to be kicked out due to too many failed attempts . Then you have to reset your password . It seems the app resets every other day as if I’m a first time user promoting me to create a log in and giving me a tutorial when I do . Beware with mobile deposit ! I deposited my payroll check which is also a US Bank check in a Friday . Come Monday the deposit was reversed causing me numerous over draft charges and a ton of stress . I called customer service and was told that “it is too soon to tell” . They couldn’t even tell me why it was reversed until the next day where they blamed my company’s account . My employer double and triple checked and even had a US Bank officer verify that there is no issue with the check but yet it was reversed and no explanation. 2 stars since US Bank did reverse the overdraft charges but they can’t fix all of the stress it caused and arrange to repay the bills that bounced . I could go on and on but the App basically is very basic looking and feeling yet very clunky and has a ton of bugs. I used to be a customer with Chase and I miss their app . It was flawless . This Ap seems like 3rd world country quality . Real talk .

Not That Great. I’ve had US Bank for about ten years, there branches are always great. Fast, reliable and friendly service. Unfortunately I do most of my banking Online and am forced to use this app. I would say about 30% of the time, they are doing some sort of maintenance or updates to the system and you are not able to use the app. For a while the only way I could use the online banking app was to actually log in to there website directly as the app was not working at all. Today was pretty much my last straw and decided a review of the app was necessary. Of course I wake up today and go to pay my bills as I do on every payday (every other Friday) and the app and online banking is down for maintenance again. In this day in age, everyone wants fast, quick and reliable service for there online banking. I wish US bank could deliver an app that functions much more smoothly, with less updates and maintenance scheduled. I understand they need to do updates to keep the app running effectively. But why pick a day (Friday) to do these when most people get paid and need access to there accounts more than most other days. Makes no sense.

Review. You still need a few more improvements. you to have revise this after a bit so the confirmation number and the deposit date are easier to read, on most phones when you have the print a little bit larger what happens is is the date gets hidden behind another screen that is an overlay. Another issue is the problem is they should still be in larger print I can barely read that not everybody has vision like a 20 or 30 year old person. So make it larger and easier to read and also VERY important make it so the confirmation number can be found again if need be. NOW you have disappear if you leave the screen that cones up saying you payed. another issue I have is sometimes a deposit for some reason doesn’t take and I don’t really know about it unless I actually look for it, that needs to be a better system so my accounting doesn’t get off!! February 2024I’ve talk to your rep in detail about about deposits disappearing, you need to have one of those confirmation numbers like you do on bill pay.

Flawed Bill Pay Redesign. US Bank has still not fixed the flaws in their app therefore I will be switching banks this next month. I need a bank that has apps and services that are customer friendly. Below is feedback I sent over a month ago to US bank direct and in this review. No one has acknowledged it. From October: Recently the bill pay portion of the app was redesigned and no longer has the option to view all payments I have scheduled. I now have to go into each separate biller to see if a payment has been scheduled, then individually add up what I have projected as outgoing payments. There used to be a view option where I could see a consolidated list of payments I have scheduled. I called this into a US Bank customer service representative a couple weeks ago to voice this concern. Yet nothing has improved in the app and no one has contacted me. If the app is not fixed soon I will be choosing to do business with another bank who has user friendly products.

Problematic at times. Overall the app is responsive and does what it’s supposed to across the board. That said, there are two major problems with its functionality as concerns mobile check deposits. The 1st is in the app’s recognition of a check. As a business owner, check composition can vary from client to client, but there are not innumerable differences, if we submit 40 checks in a month the app because of the placement of the date, in relation to check amount, or signature will invalidate 10-20% of those checks because it doesn’t like the placement of those data points, which is super frustrating and should be updated! 2nd, we utilize a deposit stamp in order to endorse our checks and that regularly takes 3-4 attempts to be accepted via the image capture function which is ridiculous again another seemingly simple fix! Overall the app is responsive and does what it’s supposed to as it relates to viewing balances, balance transfers, etc., but there is massive room for improvement in the way of the mobile check deposit function.

Great app BUT NEEDS ONE CHANGE. I love US Bank’s online banking. There is only one feature in their updated app that my husband and I HATE. If you are trying to pay off a credit card balance, the only option that is shown at first is the minimum payment amount. My husband told me that it wouldn’t let him pay the full balance. I figured out that you must hit the right arrow to bring up other payment amount options. This is not good. All payment amounts should be visible at first, under the minimum payment amount option. I TOTALLY with what this person wrote!! I would like to add one more “glitch”. When our credit card has built up cash rewards and you choose to redeem those rewards, you get the option “cash back”, which is confusing. That is what you must at first choose if you want some or all of the rewards amount to be used to help pay off the amount of the account balance. Very confusing to have to choose “cash back” up front. That seems like you want that amount of cash sent to you (by mail or whatever).

Best banking app I’ve used to date. The US Bank app makes banking super easy and I really like the feature that helps while you’re out of town. My other banks, a credit union and another mainstream bank would always shut my card off when traveling. I would barely be 100 miles away from my residence and stop to get gas and the cards are always declined with the “please see attendant” message displaying. Very frustrating. The US Bank App helps prevent this by tying your card to your phone (if you choose to) as a form of verification. When a transaction is started, and with your phone within proximity to your card the system can better determine that the account holder is the one making the transaction thereby preventing those major inconveniences of having to go into the stations or inside any store a purchase is being made because the other banks cards were declined or a security check was requested. I have not had a single problem since using US Bank as my primary banking institution. 10/10

Newest update removed valuable BillPay functions. I used to love this app! Now they’ve made managing my family finances and bills much harder and take three to five times longer to get a pulse on what is coming out of my accounts. Previously there was a section within BillPay that would show all scheduled transactions together. It was super easy to sum up the ones scheduled to come out of my account before my next paycheck and subtract that from my available balance. Now, I have to click through every one of my billers to see if anything is scheduled. So rather than seeing a simple list (which provided EVERYTHING I needed at a glance), it takes a solid five minutes to click through every biller and sum them up in the calculator app. (Way to drive people AWAY from your app US Bank...) It’s almost as if they did ZERO actual UX design or AB Testing and just Willy Nilly opted for pretty pictures of my billers logo. I know who my billers are, you do not need to do their marketing for them.

Not Good For Poor People. I got this bank account because it was one of the few to approve me. I will be the first to admit that I am not best with money. But this app takes forever to update your balance so you end up spending money you don’t have. I wanted to dispute a transaction, so I followed the steps listed under the help section but there is no place to dispute a transaction at the bottom of the page, either in the app or the web version. If you turn on overdraft protection, you get charged for overdraft but funnily enough, you still get charged if it’s not on. $36 a piece!!! You also have a limit on how many overdraft fees you can have waived, which is up to discretion of the representative on the phone. But they don’t tell you there’s a limit and that representative can use all of them at once, so it’s not available to use again and as the customer it’s your fault. I also once requested a manager, was told they would call me back and never got a call back. Overall, my suggestion is that you live paycheck to paycheck, this bank is not for you. Maybe it’s good for others but I have had a terrible experience from the beginning and will be closing this account shortly.

Managing my money has never been easier. I can still remember the old US Bank app of yore. A simple, list of transactions and a few slightly advanced features that mostly redirected you to their website for outside usage. At the time, this was ok, as I didn’t even know what else a banking app could do. The new app, introduced relatively recently, has introduced a lot of big changes and really taken my money management to the next level. Their transaction search is extremely detailed which has been helpful for budgeting and figuring out what I’m spending. I created a savings using the app and transferred money immediately to get a fresh start on my financial future. And on top of that the in-app bill pay has been wonderful for managing my mortgage and other various accounts. I’m super happy with this app and can’t thank US Bank for taking it to the next-level. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t even know what a banking app could do until I saw all the incredible changes they’ve made.

This will take some getting used to. Second time using the app. I believe it I’m not certain that I did this correctly. Please confirm that the deposit went through. Thanks I am much more confident using the deposit app now after having used it four times. I have gotten used to the program and find it quick and easy to use. Still works great This app works very well once you are used to it June 6, 2022: the Check deposit feature works very well I’ve used it several times. App continues to work very well I’ve gotten used to this app and it works very well. The app continues to be easy to use. Still works pretty well. Today the app had difficulty capturing the signature on the back of my check, so I lowered the lighting in the room and was able to deposit the check after that. This app continues to be easy to use Had trouble just now depositing the check because the pan I used was not dark enough. Otherwise app works great. The mobile check deposit continues to work very well. Great app.

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The application U.S. Bank Mobile Banking was published in the category Finance on 30 September 2011, Friday and was developed by U.S. Bancorp [Developer ID: 458734630]. This program file size is 196.77 MB. This app has been rated by 1,591,994 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. U.S. Bank Mobile Banking - Finance app posted on 24 April 2024, Wednesday current version is 3.0.6665 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.usbank.icmobilebanking. Languages supported by the app:

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We’ve updated Smart Assistant to make it quick and easy to manage your money. • Smart Assistant now gives you visibility into when both deposits and credit card payment funds are made available in your account. • Smart Assistant can help you pay bills by prioritizing bills that are due and upcoming. • Smart Assistant will track your card for you to ensure you know exactly when to expect it.

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