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Use the application to help you see how fast your internet connection is, whether on mobile or broadband, anywhere in the world. It is ad free with a streamlined design that is quick and easy to understand.

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The applications FAST Speed Test was published in the category Utilities on 2016-09-02 and was developed by Netflix, Inc.. The file size is 1.76 MB. The current version is 1.0.8 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

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UPDATE  Heycodyson  1 star

Lazy devs

Akib Sayeed Nitol

Screen resolution update  Akib Sayeed Nitol  3 star

Plz bring update for iPhone xr amd xs max for full screen notch updated.


Defaults work ok, but tweaks confuse it  boyfromthedwarf9  3 star

I set it to 32 minimum connections and 32 max. It then showed a 2.1gigabit connection and crashed. I'm paying for gigabit, doubt I'd get 2.1...


Abandoned by publisher ( Netflix )  Reubens  1 star

The app has not been updated in more than 2 years. The app doesn’t tell you much, not adapted for the iPhone X, iPhones Xs, iPhone Xs Max screens but it works on those.


Cordova app  impactracer  1 star

This is just a Cordova app wrapping the website. They didn’t even bother changing the app switcher App icon from Cordova’s default robot icon.


Uncle Sam is trying to get in touch with her uncle Carlos Marcelo’s  maffiagod  5 star

Please resend me ASAP the message because as soon as I get it it popped back off.


Needs a little work  Meadjna  3 star

I hope this gets read by someone in charge. The app is good but needs work. On older iOS devices, iPad 4th gen, it seems to crash after it gets done. It makes the screen go black for several seconds. Other than that it is good. But the crash at the end of a testing is annoying. Please fix. Thank you.


Fantastic app but please update for iPhone X display  Taysh  5 star

Love the app and it works as it should. I know this isn’t a priority but would love to see the app updated to support the iPhone X display.


Add iPhone X Suppprt  Reviewer019  2 star

Great app, but I would like to see iPhone X support. I also noticed the webpage page has more details. Make the app as good or better than the webpage; otherwise, it isn’t worth downloading.


Accurate  Maulable  5 star

Super quick and accurate, with no annoying ads. What more could you want?


Gives wrong speed  lachie.g  1 star

read the title


Fast?  Grainam  1 star

First test 29mb/s. 2nd test 3mb/s within 30seconds of each other. Awesome lol


Minimal  Brady130  5 star

Fast and beautiful. Great for a quick speed test.


Clean and simple  bot!  5 star

Nice, clean and simple, only shows download speed, but it’s enough for most users


Hopelessly inaccurate  Pops_58  1 star

I’m in Australia and have a (nominally) 100Mbit link. Being Australia that means that, occasionally, I get up to 70Mbits. This app shows that I’m getting 130Mbits/sec. Seriously, Netflix, either fix this or remove it. It’s worse than useless.


Misleading  Trentos  1 star

On home wifi (NBN FTTH) FAST gave 9.9Mbps download . Tapped the “compare on” button that appeared with the result. gave 31.14Mbps download. Dozens of tries all with the same difference. I wonder if Fast uses Netflix own servers for its tests.


Lacking  TJJSMA  1 star

Doesn’t show anything but download speed, let alone have the option for anything else, and it can’t even get the download speed accurate. Disappointing and not worth your time.


Fast, minimal...and wrong  Jokc85  1 star

I’m on a 25Mb NBN plan. So why is this app telling me my speed is around 34Mb? I mean it would be great if it was...but it ain’t, and Speedtest by OOkla gives me the correct speed every time


misleading  MarioLa75  5 star

great app

Yoska c

Works good  Yoska c  5 star

Works good. Hopefully they won't raise the price like they do to Netflix every year.


Awesome!  ejperryiv  5 star

Thanks for giving us an unbiased option that shows true download speed


Does not work  Kingnn  1 star

I think Netflix needs to keep to their primary role of providing movies to the public and not making applications that don't work.


First one to down load the app!  JOEGARZA908  5 star


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