Venmo [Finance] App Description & Overview

Venmo is the fun and easy way to pay and get paid.

Why use Venmo?

Because it’s the money app for splitting the cost of almost anything—right then, right there.
Because it makes settling up feel like catching up.
Because you can add a note to each payment to remember the moments, not the money.

What do people use Venmo for? Plenty of things, like:

Split the group dinner tab without the napkin math.

Transfer money to roomies for your share of rent and utilities.

Settle up for fun stuff like concert tix and road trips.

Send a penny to say hi, or 5 bucks for good luck.

Still reading? We’ll let you in on a little secret: we’re more than just a way to pay friends.
- We offer Venmo card, so you can shop with your Venmo balance everywhere Mastercard® is accepted in the U.S., plus earn cash back rewards at select retailers. Terms apply:
- Get your Venmo money in the bank, fast. Use Instant Transfer to get your cash in minutes using an eligible debit card or bank account.
- Check out with Venmo on some of your favorite apps, like Uber, StockX, Grubhub, and Zola.
- We’ve got your back—security is very important to us, and we prioritize making you feel safe and secure by taking security measures to protect your account. Plus, we’ve got a stellar customer support team, ready to solve any issues.

Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

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Venmo Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We worked on various improvements and bug fixes

Venmo Comments & Reviews

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- Why social? It’s annoying I don’t need everyone know my business

Does this thing really need to try and be FB for paying people? It’s annoying as hell

- Venmo is revolutionary

The opportunity for people to pay people directly for the content they put on social media is revolutionary. No more going through advertisers and sponsorships. You like what someone puts up, you can Venmo them something—any small amount to show support and appreciation. During this world crisis COVID19, people supporting people is what we need.

- Carla Stellweg Verifying Payment Method is a Chase Business Account

Can you please verify payment made yesterday of $95. to Eunice Guevara went through AND MOST IMPORTANTLY my preferred payment method is my Chase Business Account ending in XXXX1781? Thanks for your feedback!

- Could not be easier

Simple, easy, convenient way to reimburse another party and to receive reimbursement from another party. Very user-friendly interface! Why use anything else?

- How did the app start working

I am beyond freaked out here!!! I downloaded your app then I was asked to put in phone number. Verification code doesn’t come through. I asked for it to resend on NUMEROUS occasions. Then I am sent several codes one after another. I NEVER entered any verification code yet when I went back to the app it was miraculously working. AGAIN I NEVER ENTERED A VERIFICATION CODE how in the world did the app start working? Have you guys been hacked?????

- Easy enough to use for service vendors.

Feature: give me a feature to filter, by default, to my providers. I don’t care to see everyone’s payments and chatter. Thanks.

- Donald RItchie

Very convenient!

- Great

Works Well Similar to Zelle

- No protection

Do not use this app. They provide no protection for transferring funds if it is a scam.

- Stolen money

I will never use this app again. I have heard great things so I thought it would easy to use. I sent my mom money and her bank does not accept Venmo I am not sure why, but customer service said there is no way to resolve the issue. They said to transfer it to a different bank card (which I do not have another) or put it on the Venmo card which cannot work this money is for my rent that is only payable by check. And it will not put it back into my account for days or a week I am told. It says it is declined. So now I am out three hundred dollars and no rent payment. And there is no way to get my money back according to them. If you have a service you better figure out ways to help your customers. Thank you Venmo ! 🙂

- Password reset

I’m trying to reset my password and I’ve been waiting since yesterday for it but nothing yet......

- Transfer

Money won’t transfer to bank card but will transfer to my checking account

- PayPal+Facebook=immediate privacy probs

On sign up, they want me to log into Facebook, access my contacts so they can pester my friends/ tell the world my financial business, and they also set the default privacy settings to “public”. Shady as shinola. Only using this app for the one business I frequent that uses it. Will delete if I can convince them to use any other reasonable payment method.

- Venmo stinks

They want all my contact info to use this app. Clearly just a data mining program.

- Sketchy

There’s no way to close the account.

- Secure

Its legit.

- Why do people use this app over cash app?

The card is trash, the transfers take forever, and they don’t have the option for a free money transfer. Mind boggling that this app has a 4.9. Absolutely ridiculous


Love it

- Great app

Had met and exceeded my expectations! Great app for paying and receiving payments discretely or publicly with friends. Had AT&T double charge me and was able to get my payment returned to my Venmo balance with no problems! Definitely recommend this app!!

- Love it

It great

- Quick and easy

So quick and easy to pay a bill or send money to someone. Easier than going directly through my bank account.

- Transfer money to my daughters

Venmo offer an easy way to send money to family and friends and don’t cost anything, great app

- Trash

I do not recommend!

- Venmo is ...

The best someone and easy

- Charges 18% During Pandemic

Dad that you charge as much as you do to give money to a loved one but you charge these rates when everyone is having financial challenges.

- Great app!

Convenient and reliant.

- Easy Peasy

So easy and convenient!

- Convenience in transferring money

Venmo allows for transferring money with ease, security, and immediacy!

- Easy pay

Love this app it allows me to play it recurved payments love love love this app

- Awful

What an awful user interface riddled with junk I couldn’t care less about

- Jess

Jessica is the sexiest mf ever

- It’s a excellent option to make electronic transaccions I like it I recommend this app


- Frustrated

Cannot sign into my bank to transfer $

- Allow people to steal others money!

Watch out who you do business with because this site does not protect your money and doesn’t care about you period! They let anyone make accounts and I bet half are fake accounts and this was my first time using this and I got $300 stolen from me and these people did nothing when I contacted them right away when I realized it but it’s ok because I’m getting the cops involved, along with my lawyer. $300 is a lot to most people who work hard for their money! You need to have better guidelines And regulations.

- Bad

Cant get my money so the money just stays there need help but no chance of that!! Not happy at all

- Communication

I wish there was a way to comunícate with others on the platform

- 100%

Super easy transactions between friends. Been using for 2 years and I love it.

- Problem

Every thing was working fine now the app won’t work I can’t even get in the with app please help!

- Simple!

Makes getting paid and paying others do easy 😇

- Can never sign in. Money lost. Stolen?

Every year I try to sign in. Every year they’re customer service is so poor that problem is never resolved. People accidentally send me money on Venmo and uggggh! it’s lost to their stupid system.


I have an unauthorized charge to my card from Venmo! I heard from customer support once saying they are taking it to a different department and I have not heard back. They have NO contact option in app. Maybe someone hacked my account or my login was to easy but my issue has not been resolved. Poor customer service.

- Identity verification

I noticed that I miss spelled a city name but there’s no way to correct

- Venmo

Love it- so easy and helpful!

- Fantastic App

So easy to send a receive money and doesn’t charge an outrageous fee to receive your money instantly like cash app. Thank you Venmo!!

- Good stuff

Gets the money where it needs to go

- The best!

Makes it so incredibly easy to get money to friends for anything. Especially in this crazy time. I texted my neighbors and went to the grocery store for three of them. I left their stuff on their porches and then Venmo’d the money to me. Kept social distance the whole way. It’s also great when my daughter and niece go to dinner. I pay the check and then Venmo me the money. Makes life easy!

- Crap!

Somebody sent me money with this crap app and they want all my banking information just to apply the cash to my secure credit card. Pass!

- Easy way to manage money!

It’s really easy to send/request money, and with it being separate from a bank account, it’s an easy way to budget too!

- Love Venmo! So easy to use!

I love Venmo. It is so easy to use. Just a few clicks and you can send or receive money.

- App does not work as stated

I thought this app would be cool but it doesn’t work like it is supposed to and took money from an account I didn’t authorize causing me to bounce bills on that card. I will be deleting this app and never installing it again.

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- Card connection doesn’t work

This app only works if they charge 5 percent

- Hard to use and put money in my account

I don’t like having to wait 3-5 business days for my money to go into my Venmo account.

- Terrible service

Hope you don’t have to deal with their customer service because it’s a disservice to us. Horrible and you can even get to talk to someone it might be easier to pull my teeth out than to get someone to talk to.

- Please add recurring payment option

Do you have any plans adding recurring payment feature?

- Not for profit

Venmo is so awesome and easy and helpful. I wish you had a not for profit option. It would make it so much easier for fundraising

- Why is the default seeing payments of others?

I love the easy way to pay people. I hate seeing lots of other user’s activity. I wish I had a choice for the default so I could see my own transactions and if my students have paid me. I wish searching for a transaction were easier

- Easy and fun

It’s so easy to sign up and to pay people, or receive payment. I wish, however, that the payee’s email address were visible or that people would be required to upload their photo so you can be sure you have the right person.

- Smart way to get paid

Amid the pendency, with Venmo you can safely transfer payments and get paid

- Very Handy!

Very simple to use unless some online sends you a photo with their square, no instructions on how to use it that way.

- Faulty Plaid Bank connection

Each time I try to send a payment, it says lost bank connection. Still doesn’t recognize my own login information. Frustrating

- Disappointed

A 3% additional charge for using a CC is ridiculous

- Gets hacked easily

I used this app once and as soon as I did my PayPal info got hacked, as soon as you sync them you are vulnerable apparently. User beware

- A quick and easy way to pay friends and family

Venmo is so easy to use. Simply attach it to your bank account, Debit or Credit card and you can send or receive money immediately. A great application.

- Love it!!!!

Venmo really makes life easier 😌. You get to send money, no problem and get to look back to have a reminder of your sent payments. 👍🏼

- Love Venmo!

Makes my life so much easier, from school and parent events to everyday family transaction. Thank you, Venmo!

- Great

This is soo easy and quick

- Secure

I love that my payments and or money that is sent to me is secure and that I have a record of it.

- Doesn’t work

I tried to use this and it wants my login information for my bank account. NO ! So I entered information manually and nothing ever happened

- Trust monkeys

They make you upload image of identification documents. Which could easily be stolen from them. As usual, big companies don’t care.

- Venmo

Venmo has been the best money app I’ve used so far! Thank you.

- I use Vemo all the time because its faster than Paypal


- Love itttt

Love that Venmo is so convenient!

- Easy and Secure

Love using Venmo!

- Terrible customer service

Have been trying to pay someone for couple of days. Card keeps getting declined. Called my bank they said the account is fine and the payment should go through. They suggested I call Venmo customer service. Sent them and email and just got a generic response that didn’t help at all. Sent them another email and got the same response. Still can’t make the payment.

- trash

i tried to put my credit card in multiple different times with multiple different cards and it constantly said i couldn’t use the cards on venmo

- I love you

Venmo is a beautiful platform that helps people help each other. Thank you for showing the love!

- I love Venmo!

Great service!

- They steal

They stole my 50 dollars my girlfriend sent to me after I sent it to her and havent received it back yet even though all the transfers have said they sent ... the money never showed up on my balance at all

- Easy

and works well

- Always easy and reliable

Never have had any problems. Works first time every time. Pretty rare!!!

- Venmo is amazingly simple

Wish I had started using this long ago!

- Awful

Tried to use to get an instant transfer from a relative. App will only allow slow 3 business day transfer, even though my debit card is from Chase. By then my account will be overdrawn due to a large unexpected charge, and I’ll owe the bank $70 worth of fees. Terrible option, stick to Western Union if you need money fast!!!

- Use it for everything. All the time. Only a few minor complaints.

Chip cards seem shabby. Chip goes bad right away. Should be able to load cash. Free, or very low cost. Can’t load cash at all, currently. Customer service is usually good. Had one agent out of a couple times only calling, who was just nasty though. Thought she had me on mute, but in fact I could hear everything, and she was saying racist things about “stupid white B words”. So that was nice lol. She didn’t even deny it when I brought it up to her when she came back on. I don’t hold her against the company or as a whole, when considering the service altogether. Should be able to transfer to and from, with NO BANK AS A MIDDLEMAN, from and to CashApp and PayPal, Apple-pay, even maybe GreenDot. At least DIRECT to and from CashApp and PayPal. Regardless, I LOVE Venmo, and use it constantly. Best for sending and receiving money. Best ever. Love it.

- I’ve had an issue with my account

I’ve emailed and emailed and no answer... so annoying

- wow money

money money moneythankyout oay may moneyt throeuhf the app

- I’m not pleased with Venmo either

I had money transferred to me and now I can’t do anything with it


Can’t transfer my funds!



- Will not connect with my bank

Waste of time

- Disappointed

Would not let me send money saying my account was not linked but showed my account actually linked.

- Janky

Rejected all three of my credit cards. (They’re all good.) Privacy policy is crap.

- Trash

This app is garbage it won’t verify my account trash pure trash

- Simple

Simple and esdy

- Easiest app

This is a genius app! Makes paying friends and anyone really simple and quick.

- We shall see

So far so good we will see how long it lasts

- Bank account issues

I can’t use

- Forced reviews get 1 star

Boo, hate forced reviews

- Problems with banks that use one time sign in codes

Please fix this

- The best app

Just pay others

- How to wreck simplicity

Really? Firing me to add icons and goofy reasons? Can I just sent send money?

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Venmo 7.47.1 Screenshots & Images

Venmo iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Venmo iphone images
Venmo iphone images
Venmo iphone images
Venmo iphone images
Venmo iphone images
Venmo iphone images
Venmo ipad images
Venmo ipad images
Venmo ipad images
Venmo ipad images
Venmo ipad images
Venmo ipad images
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Venmo (Version 7.47.1) Install & Download

The applications Venmo was published in the category Finance on 2010-04-03 and was developed by Venmo [Developer ID: 351727431]. This application file size is 112.57 MB. Venmo - Finance posted on 2020-03-17 current version is 7.47.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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