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What is venmo app? Venmo is the fast, safe, social way to pay and get paid. Join over 83 million people who use the Venmo app today.

Pay and get paid for anything from your share of rent to a gift. Add a note to each payment to share and connect with friends.

You can now send a payment request to multiple Venmo friends at once and customize the amount each person owes.

Earn up to 3% cash back on your eligible top spend category¹ —we’ll do the math. Split card purchases with Venmo friends, and shop everywhere Visa® credit cards are accepted—online, in-store, worldwide.²

Buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrency right on the Venmo app. New to crypto? Learn more with in-app resources. Crypto is volatile, so it can rise and fall in value quickly. Be sure to take it at a pace you're comfortable with.³

Spend your money in Venmo everywhere Mastercard® is accepted in the U.S. — and earn cashback from some of your favorite spots. Terms apply:⁴

Create a business profile for your side gig, small business, or anything in between—all under your same Venmo account.

Use your Venmo QR code to pay touch-free at stores like CVS. Just scan, pay, and go.

Check out with Venmo on some of your favorite apps, like Uber Eats, StockX, Grubhub, and Zola.

Get your Venmo money in the bank within minutes using Instant Transfer⁵. Want your paycheck up to two days earlier⁶ than your normal payday? Try Direct Deposit.

¹Use of cash back is subject to the terms of the Venmo account. See Rewards Program Terms:
²Application subject to credit approval. You must be at least 18 years old and reside in the US or its territories to apply. You must have a Venmo account in good standing, that has been open for at least 30 days prior to application.
The Venmo Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc. VISA is a registered trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.
³Terms apply. Only available in the US and limited in certain states. Buying and selling cryptocurrency is subject to a number of risk and may result in significant losses. Venmo does not make any recommendation regarding buying or selling cryptocurrency. Consider seeking advice from your financial or tax adviser.
⁴Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank N.A., pursuant to license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard and the circles design are registered trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated.
⁵Transfer speed depends on your bank and could take up to 30 minutes. Transfers are reviewed which may result in delays or funds being frozen or removed from your Venmo account.
⁶Early access compared to standard banking practice of posting funds at settlement and subject to your employer providing pay information to the bank prior to payday. It may take up to two pay cycles for Direct Deposit to take effect. Transactions are reviewed, which may result in delays or funds being frozen or removed from your account

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App Name Venmo
Category Finance
Updated 02 April 2024, Tuesday
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Venmo Comments & Reviews 2024

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Horrible. I opened a Venmo account a few days ago and sent some money the same day. The website is clunky, counterintuitive, and had multiple options and offers that I absolutely do not need. The evening I opened the account I sent some money to a local service vendor. I saw him tonight and he indicated that he never got it. Looking at my account it shows that it was still pending even though it was sent three days ago. Tonight I just tried to transfer money from my bank into Venmo and three times it says there has been some problem and I should try again. Absolutely no explanation as to what the concern or issue might be. I am absolutely astounded to find out that PayPal apparently also runs Venmo. In my experience PayPal is smooth and easy and intuitive, very straightforward and easy to work with and understand. Venmo has just been nothing but a headache for me.I am likely going to cancel my account but then reluctantly will try to re-open another account with Venmo. Unfortunately it has penetrated the market to the extent that it’s hard to get by without Venmo right now. One additional small aside. The idea that you have to choose a privacy setting to keep your transfers hidden from the general public seems insane. It appears the default setting is for exposure of all transactions to the general public. Seriously?

Venmo gave me a card but my money is frozen. Venmo is not a very good source for ur online banking! They make it near to impossible to get your funds. 2 transfer anything or even linking ur bank account! They don’t have a problem taking your money! They have now had my money which is only $10 for almost a month! I still have not heard from them and when I spoke with them they said that the problem will be resolved or an explanation as to why this has happened! Thank goodness that all I deposited was just that $10 and actually that was a friend that paid for my gas well actually I paid doubleI for that gas! If u are considering getting Venmo, search other resources because this is not the right decision for u or anyone! Well Venmo, y’all are forcing me to do this because y’all flat out refuse to give me my money or reach out and touch someone! Y’all like hands across America! What ever happened to the customer is always right? You had no right doing what u did and you even got my bank account here at home locked up and I’m in the middle of a Mortgage transfer! So I WANT TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE TO YALL! I want my money, I am getting an Attorney and I am contacting the Better business bureau come Monday morning yall have had ample enough time! Now if u don’tKnow how to run a business you might as well go ahead and shut shop and clearly that is exactly what is going on in this case God bless you and have a great day SHAWN HARRIS

Worst customer support ever. Apparently my account was suspended I was neither notified or contacted about the suspension. I use my Venmo account a couple months ago. I went to go use my Venmo account the other day and that’s when the suspension showed up. It said I should receive an email in regards to the suspension and what to do next. I never received that email. I finally called customer support. It took me a long time to get through the help center only gave you articles in regards towards your account being frozen there was no information about your account being suspended. I contacted them on Tuesday. The guy told me that he was going to escalate my case and that I would receive an email in 24 hours. It is now Saturday I had to call them back and then was told by another customer support lady that it was escalated however they have 7 to 10 business days to respond. She also told me that it looks like my suspension is from January 2020. funny because I use my Venmo account just a few months ago and there was no suspension issues. She said that’s probably why you can’t see the email with that being said this is the third time I believe I had an issue with Venmo one time they had even asked me to email them a copy of my ID and my Social Security card to verify who I was even after I had already verified everything, their customer support is horrible and it should not take this much to use an app.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Honestly I will only use in alone now prior to the other day I was on the E using cash app but now I see Venmo actually works to resolve problems for their customers Cash App was basically like there’s nothing we can do we’re ending the conversation bye. They didn’t say here is what we found out do you have any more questions I can help you Liz nothing like that very nasty basically like since we have no answers we’re gonna and the conversation here and that’s it and I just didn’t like the way they push me off and pushed me to the side as if I’mNothing but I do not recommend Cash App to anyone their customer service is the worst Venmo is the best Pay Pal’s second and Cash App is not even on the same category of them to Cash App will take your money and then they will not tell you who they charge the money to so you can call that person and dispute the charge no they’re gonna just push the charge on my account and not tell me anything more other than we’re gonna end this conversation byeThey they didn’t ask one time do you have any more questions is there anything no and unfortunately I have to stay with Cash App for a little bit longer but I will be converting over to no catch up soon once I get everything straightened out becauseHad no interest in helping to customers solve a problem

I feel sorry for people who work for Venmo. If your having issues never chat with them in there text info they will have you on hold forever reviewing your issue an not have any authority over the matter, if you call there super friendly but also have no real authority other then help you look at your account an explain things because your obviously to dumb to understand the app. I opened an account to pay someone payment couldn’t pay them so I added money on my personal account then it said it need 3-5 days to show. The person couldn’t wait that long so I paid using another service then called Venmo because the texting system is useless told them what happened an they told me if I closed my account it will go right back into my bank account so I did an well needless to say it never made it been 2 months no money in my account I called back they helped me make a claim an now it’s another month an no help. If you use this app when you open it you need to verify who you are with a driver’s license an then you can have full access to there app. Found that out from the person on the phone all of this would have been avoided if I would have called an given them that in the first place. I can’t imagine the customer complaints here when the poor workers have no ability other then to talk to you about your transaction. I don’t believe they have this many stars.

Zero stars. IF I COULD RATE A ZERO STAR I WOULD!!!! I had fraud on my account in the amount of $1999, Venmo has done nothing. It disrupted my entire life. I had to close my checking account if 20 and lost all the benefits that goes along with it. I have been trying to get my Venmo account unfrozen and it has been a nightmare. I have called multiple times, emails, chats and 3 weeks later nothing. I finally got a representative on the line that told me that they needed to verify my identity. I sent selfie and drivers license as requested. I had to enter new payment method and I entered my debit card this time. She tells me that she needs a statement for my debit card to show I am the authorized user and owner. If anyone knows there is not stammer for a debit card. So I tell her the card is linked to my new checking account . She tells me that I need to send proof of ownership a statement. I said that is a privacy violation to show my transactions and it would not show card number . We go back and forth for and hour… insisted that I need to send bank statement which I did not have because it was not 30 days for new account. We leave it as when I get statement I would send . Here I am sent statement and account is still frozen. Why do I have to go thru so much verification but when Venmo took $1999 out of my checking account they did not need verification. Almost a month later sent everything they have requested and still my account is frozen.

Awful thieves and SCAMMERS. Do not EVER use Venmo, they take WEEKS to process purchases then they charge you 5 days later when you bought something yesterday, so while they can wait to take your money out of your account, wait not even your account they’ll take it out of any bank/ card you have as a backup yet the charge is technically coming from them, they froze my account for 2 weeks over a $2 charge, the dummies tried to charge me again so I closed my bank account so now they are scrambling to collect the money they want to steal, I hate this company so much, do not use them they are slow as processing any purchase, careful anytime you do transactions it will take from not only your Venmo account but your backup account if you have one linked, customer support is useless saying we are just trying to collect our funds, yeah I bet you are you scammers, well my bank account is closed and you don’t have the info to take money from it now cuz I’ve outsmarted them, they freeze your account even though you clearly have money in your account but they freeze it to get you to pay extra to them when they take so long to charge you for a purchase by the time they charge you you probably already spent the money, be aware of seeing ACH on your bank account cuz they will keep charging you over and over claiming you owe money to them, screw you Venmo go to h*ll, cashapp is going to put you out of business, so I’ll happy await your fall to ruin :)

The worse. I’ve been using Venmo for close to three years now, and I’ve had two major incidents with them. My account was compromised and someone else was able to access my funds and added their phone number about two years ago, after we got that worked out. Currently today I basically am being told that I cannot access the money that I have in my account because of something on their end not being able to transfer my funds to my other accounts when I use the same account to transfer money from the same Venmo account multiple times over the course of three years. I was on the phone with a representative more than two times this morning had to be put on hold and consul to be put through automated system he can’t really speak to anyone directly until you Google their number. Then when I get on the phone with the representative she left at my issue like it’s funny, I have money that I cannot access in my Venmo account. During this Covid pandemic thing should not be taken for granted and customer service should not be that difficult to get to especially when you’re trying to access your phone so to be left out over the phone was not cool! Whenever I get over this issue I will never use Venmo again and I would never recommend any of my friends or family to use the service seriously do not use Venmo they don’t care about your issues.

Little to basically no support with customer service. I used to be a long time user because it really made transferring money easy. As a freelance designer it made things easy with my clients when it came to payment or changes. I even eventually convinced all of my friends to get it for like food and drink transactions whenever we go out. After years and years of support I suddenly lost all functions to my account and when I looked through my emails and my contacted support the only answer was I broken some form of user agreement which I read through but was unable to figure out what since I only use it for work related and with my friends. When I contacted support I got some of the rudest people and some who would tell me to write or go to their main headquarters to get an appeal so I can figure out just what terms I broken. It happened all so suddenly it was basically “we no longer what you on your platform but please continue to support us” and that just left such a bitter taste. I used to heavily support venmo but now I can’t even use the app that I got all my friends on. I had to slowly convince them to switch to cash app or zelle because I had no way to pay them back anymore. If anything goes wrong with your account don’t expect them to give a dime to help you. You could be supporting them all you want for years and suddenly they no longer care.

Untrustworthy Vendor!. On 5/25, I finished paying for a Vacation Package to Cancun, Mexico. When I got there, none of my services were actually booked. No driver from airport, no VIP passes to the event, no hotel, and no excursions. I was going on a group and someone else was coordinating so I didn’t think to ask for receipts for each item. During that time I was getting feedback from the fake vendor asking for additional money for different things that went along with what we all were supposed to be doing. Thee other people were aquatint’s I knew from previous job, I did know the vendor personally so there was a level of trust. But, once I got to Mexico and had to pay 5x the amount due to last minute hotel, and door prices for all my events I reached out to Venmo to at least dispute what I paid the other vendor through their mobile app. They quickly put in disputes for each payment, and I ended up getting every dime back. It was a constellation prize, but I’m happy I didn’t just lose $1100 to a person who was pretending to be a travel agent. Definitely, kept me updated throughout the process and the refund was automatically put into my account! Definitely feel a lot safer using Venmo for other services since they require proof that products and services were actually provided.

wish I could give zero stars. I have money that was sent to me for bills on my Venmo and when I tried sending it to my bank it immediately locked me out and said my account is frozen... I’m not sure why but it won’t even let me do anything from this point in my account. I went online to your “help” page and followed the instructions for a frozen account... it ended up being a dead end. I then called customer support and they wouldn’t even tell me the issue with my account, just said it’s going to take 5-7 business days for an “account specialist” to look into my account. I don’t mind that, all I asked was if I could send that money back to the original sender or just cancel that payment. They said once a payment is sent through there’s no way to get it back to the sender, not even through customer support. So basically I have money sitting in my account and I can’t even touch it because my account is frozen? And they won’t allow me to speak with anyone before the seven business days. Absolutely shocked and mortified with this apps customer service skills. Very obvious that they don’t care about their customers experience and they have zero safeguards for protecting the financial aspect of this app. There should be some way to send that money back to the sender so I’m not sitting here waiting for nearly two weeks just to access those funds, or allow me to speak to an account specialist over the phone. Once this situation is handled I’m never using this app ever again.

Good app, with flaws. I have a few notes: a) could you guys make this more secure? We are handling money after all. b) the social component is cool, and thank God you can make it private now, because to have your financial life aired out like that is quite strange. I can see my ex’s current spending and some days it just pisses me off. Get it? c) what’s up with all the advertising? I get it you guys have credit cards, but I don’t need another card, leave me alone! d) my biggest pet peeve with this, and also with PayPal is that anyone can turn around and dispute something they’ve paid even though it’s a legitimate transaction, then you’re the one left scrambling to figure out how to prove that the transaction was legitimate while your account is frozen and WITHOUT the money owed to you, all because some bitter person went ahead and filed a case for refund with their credit card company: SCAM ALERT! They got what they paid for, but still they went ahead and asked for their money back! e) somehow Venmo doesn’t know that I have their debit card, it baffles me. But I have it, it works, and they continue to sell me their debit card. Weirdos. Everything else is cool, it’s a very helpful tool and everyone and their mother (literally) is in there, so there isn’t really much of a choice: you gotta have it! Some people only use Venmo, and you can’t not pay back your half of dinner, let’s be honest, that would make you look really bad to your group of friends! LoL

Terrible Experience. if you think this app is best it’s not! they wouldn’t let me touch my money and when i contacted them they all stated the same thing literally THE SAME THING. if you work for a company and you can’t fully see why a customer account is being declined, then it’s not a company! all of my Christmas money was on my account to finish up Christmas shopping! and i wasn’t able to buy anything for Christmas! and i won’t be receiving any money till 28th! so very disappointed this was my first time using and i went through the whole verification process got myself verified and not to mention my name on my account on venmo and my regions bank card were the same, even contacted my bank to see why it was declining and my bank stated there was nothing wrong with my account at all! SO WHY ARE THEY HOLDING MY MONEY! contacted them on christmas eve, and i was told i could deposit after 2-3 hours of waiting guess what it still didn’t work! now guess who’s left without a paycheck or any money! well you guessed right me! and again they still told me to do a standard cash out and again i’m waiting till the 28th, i only used this account for my job bc it had snowed and nobody could get anywhere! never AGAIN WILL I EVEN TELL ANYONE TO USE THIS APP!!!! very difficult and they have no control over anything not even their system as my grandmother would say that’s a corrupt business. Have a nice day you careless ppl!

So thankful!. Venmo is the first place to actually approve me for an unsecured credit card! Now I’ve been able to get a couple of others! It’s super simple to figure out how to use it! From sending money, receiving money to paying for a purchase! I love how easy it is to pay on your credit card also! And it reports to the credit bureaus pretty much daily! So if you end up racking it up, make sure to pay a little on it here and there or to at least pay the minimum due by the due date and then your score will go up! I wouldn’t really max it out though unless you plan on paying on it real soon!!!! If it’s too high then it might affect your score! So try and take it a little easy! :) Oh and it did take around 14 points ISH when I applied. But it’s gone up since so I’m not really worried about it at all! I am very grateful for them!! If you think you can be responsible and ready to up your credit score…. Then this is definitely the one!! Self and Chime also helped my score. But this one is unsecured! :)) I’m not sure if it helped having just the regular card for a year that they first give you to transfer money between friends. But if it did then you might have to wait it out. It’s well worth it if that’s the case!

Insufficient Funds/Unable to Contact Support. Imagine, a close family member is about to go negative in their bank account, you bought something online, or a friend needs to borrow some money, to which you reply “I have plenty, I can spare some” and you open up Venmo the supposed God-send for transferring money into other people’s accounts and are greeted with this message when you try to send them the money, “Payment declined because of insufficient funds.” You freak out because you want to send the money and try to reach out to tech support for Venmo and you’re unable to submit a form because the form thinks you didn’t fill out a spot when you very clearly filled it in, so now you’re at a loss, your family member goes into the negative, you’re no longer able to pay for an item you wanted to purchase, you can’t help a buddy out, all because Venmo, the app you so desperately trust with your bank info decides to stop working on you in your time of need. This is exactly how I feel in this moment, and I’m sorry if this is upsetting to you, people who do so much work on Venmo, but it’s extremely frustrating when I am unable to send money to someone and on top of that, am unable to get tech support available because the form thinks I missed a spot when I so clearly filled it in. Normally in cases like these, I’d brush it off and be like “sometimes it doesn’t work” but this is a desperate time, and I’m out of options.

Cash app rating of app. I hate to do this but the fact is Venmo has been a great cash app for going on 4 years I’ve had my acct for. I’ve never had any problems, no fraudulent activity and still none. But, just recently I played the “middleman” for payment of rendered service done on a vehicle from my father. Everything monetary was fine upon payment day. Transferred money when Service was complete by my father. About 30 days after, my acct is Frozen, with a now negative total of 500$ which I owe to Venmo because they chargeback money that has been paid to me. While the customer can say 30 days after paying me, I don’t recognize this charge and she needs her money back is a big loop hole if I ever heard one. I gave proof in all honesty of the situation. And now I have to wait up to 75 days for an investigation that is self explanatory. She paid me, proof thru the transfer between our Venmo accts, and a whole 30 days later, she gets to say I don’t recognize this charge from her acct to me, and Venmo goes ok, here’s your money back and we’ll charge him/me????? please make it make sense. Well, I’ll just have to wait for their response now about 3weeks in just waiting. I’m so upset on how this could happen. And this is why I have to rate 1 star. This inconvenience is going to make me delete my accts with Venmo, and I just loved the app, but when this thing happens and the process is very lengthy to get any results.

Overall Good Experiences for Years. My identity was recently stolen and I am waiting for a new debit card in the mail. That incident rendered my current debit card useless until the new one arrives. Because my bank account is attached to my Venmo account, I am able to transfer funds from my bank account directly to my Venmo balance, then use my Venmo card until my new debit card arrives. It made transactions very convenient, and with Venmo rewards I was able to earn almost $5 back after using my Venmo card at Walgreens. That was pretty cool. I love the convenience of Venmo and the fact that many of my friends have it makes it easy to pay people for miscellaneous purchases or goods/services. I recommend Venmo and have been pleased with the app so far. I have had an account for at least a few years now and have never had any huge issues. One time, I did pay someone and they scammed me, but because of Venmo’s policies I wasn’t able to get the money back. I own my mistake and realize that it’s not Venmo’s fault that I was scammed. I do wish they had some better options (like refunds, or at least partial refunds) for people like me who get scammed and don’t realize it until the transaction has been processed. Other than that, I will still continue to use this app and recommend it to others because of its convenience.

so frustrating. I’ve used Venmo on and off for the past two years and there have been multiple issues: constant technical issues with certain banks that block you from adding an account, transfer delays, etc. The worst was when I got a $70 payment in June, and was not able to transfer it to my bank, so I contacted support and they said I was a “security concern” but could not elaborate. I waited for a follow up but never heard back so I emailed them. Maybe a week later they told me the same thing but provided no solution once again. Then I tried to send a ticket but they immediately closed it. It took another two weeks to get an email requesting a bunch of verification, I submitted them, next day they told me they didn’t accept my image format and added a request for not only my ID, but a SELFIE of me and my ID. Which is just weird?? I submitted it anyways because I just wanted my money. Took another month to respond. They then told me to change my password and reply and that I would then be able to transfer the funds out but not do anything else per their “security concern policies” or whatever. I quickly changed my password and let them know. Now mid-September and still haven’t received a response. I still can’t transfer my money out. This is literally the worst service I’ve ever seen. And I’m still trying to figure out how a 19 year old college student getting babysitting money could possibly be a security threat. Pls just give me my money venmo😭

They let hackers and thieves get away. I’ve used Venmo for years and have loved the ease of it. I’ve had no issues with them until recently. Both my credit card (not associated with Venmo) as well as my Venmo debit card number’s were stolen and hacked from someone online all within two days and were taken on a shopping spree. Luckily I have my notifications turned on whenever my Venmo card is used and as soon as two transactions came through that I did not do or recognize I went into my Venmo app and disabled my card and then proceeded to contact customer service. I let them know my debit card had been handed and I knew because my credit card was two days prior and I obviously did not mature the purchase. They canceled my card and sent me a new one. I submitted in a requests for a dispute to get the money back they had used and was told I would hear back from them from 1-10 days. In the same day I scouted the dispute they denied my disputes. I called into customer service the next day asking for a reason why my disputes were denied. They said my card was somehow there when the person made the transaction. They resubmitted a new claim for me to relook at the disputes and 2 days later they continued to deny me my money back I DID NOT SPEND. Even though they can see I disabled my card and contacted customer support immediately after the transactions were made to cancel my card and request a new one they are letting some thief get away with my money and I don’t get it back.

Unexpected Delays - No Course of Action. More than once my account has been “frozen” by Venmo. It’s a period of time when your account and your funds in that account are not accessible. You’ll be asked for an image of your ID to be uploaded and then told to wait. Ironically, the purpose of this type of service is to be able to instantly transmit funds digitally, from anywhere you have a connection to the network/internet. So when you may need the service the most, and have done everything you as a user needs to do, Venmo may choose to freeze your account for review. Which means, you no longer have those funds in your bank account and you can’t use them through your Venmo account. So in my instance, when I’m trying to get funds to a family member in an emergency, and we’re talking a couple hundred bucks, it gets flagged and held at the most inopportune time. And of course, those funds are now out of my bank account so I’m not able to reroute them a different way to successfully get them to my family member in distress. And BTW, I entered those funds on Venmo buying some Cryptocurrency. Only to find out you’re not able to send or trade Crypto on Venmo. Completely useless! That won’t earn you many 5 star ratings.

Privacy issues. Transaction wise I have really had no problems with so far. I haven’t experienced a frozen account or deletion. My main question is what is the purpose of listing transactions for everyone to see. I may be able to hide mine but I can still see everyone else’s. That’s a privacy issue. Why even do that? What useful purpose is there to list people’s transaction. I think it’s a horrible feature and has no practical purpose. No one needs to know who paid who for what. It doesn’t make it better because amounts aren’t shown. None of the transaction should be shown. I would really like to hear the answer to this question. What is the purpose? I know I’m not alone with this line of thinking because I’ve had conversations with people about it. If it weren’t for a few people asking me to add the app I would never use it even though transactionally I’ve never had problems. I think this feature is a privacy issue and it’s not your place to put out there who I’m paying money to and for what. It doesn’t even sound like it should be legal. I’m sure it is since you do it but it doesn’t sound like it nor should it be. I think that entire part of the app should be removed. But I would like an answer. I’m so curious to know why this is a good idea.

Venmo card has been nothing but grief. As far as transferring money to another person the service works pretty well , just like CashApp or PayPal. The Venmo card has been a horrible experience. For the first few days I had and used it I experienced no issues. Today it was a entirely different story. My card with adequate funds on it was declined everywhere causing much embarrassment. I finally reached out to Venmo and after several attempts got someone on the chat option. They basically told me they were being declined for security and could do nothing to assist me. Under normal circumstances I could understand and actually be thankful for a financial institution protecting my best interests but my card was declined at Kohl’s department store, two gas stations and even the ATM. The representative hand no remedy to give me beside cashing out to my bank and using my debit card. That would have been fine but the instant transfer wasn’t an option so 1 to 3 business days is now what I’ll have to wait to access the funds. Long story short if you want to send someone money who doesn’t mind waiting to get the actual money in the bank for a few days then Venmo is a fine option. If you want access to your funds quickly or the ability to use a debit card issue free use PayPal or your bank. Today’s issues put Venmo on the bottom of my list for fund transfer services for sure and the person I chatted with just solidified that I am making the correct choice.

Poor Service and Potential Scam. Originally I downloaded the app to receive the $10 fee , the app was downloaded 6/5. The incentive was valid through 6/23. Of course many people would sign up, after signing up I waited two weeks to see anything. Yet to no avail I received nothing, I went on Twitter to see if my tweets to customer service and to Venmo went through; which they did. Going through I saw many people tagging them and I didn’t see anything of mine . Though people were receiving the $10 dollars. Upon attempt to reach out I got nothing only able to see that I have made an account but received nothing. Customer service is terrible no matter the method there’s no answer only them helping other people. I work in customer service so I understand high volume demands and service when there’s an incentive, but this is ridiculous. They falsely advertise their $10 dollars only to have people download it, it’s one thing if it was a late registration but this was in the beginning of June and it’s currently over and I haven’t received anything..nothing. At first I thought it was high volume but now it’s pure laziness as they deliberately ignore me. Then to my surprise they are selective with who they are helping. I would say one star but in reality it’s a zero. It’s been a month and then can’t deliver their stuff on time. It’s one thing if you are trying but actively waiting a month for something I deleted the app and account in pure disappointment.

Used to be Great. I’ve had the WORST time dealing with Venmo for the past FIVE Months!! I deleted my previous account to completely start over new when I started having issues with that account (this is what the chat representative recommended). Created the new account, did all the verifications steps. My bank account was flagged and then it required to send photos of my drivers license and a photo of my banking account to match my account number and showing my name on the account (personal/private info was blacked out) they said everything checked out and was ready to go. Tried to do a test payment to a friend, wouldn’t work. They tried sending me a request as well. Wouldn’t work. Tried adding my bank card, wouldn’t work. That’s my only account I have, so I don’t have another to try to connect. Spent weeks going back and forth on that one. They told me to delete that new account and connect again. Same issue, three more times. Even tried with my husbands info and no luck. We do ALOT of sports and other activities where we NEED this Venmo account and I haven’t been able to use it or do anything and it’s an INCREDIBLY STRESSFUL issue that they apparently have “no resolution” to. Which makes no sense because we have no issues with PayPal who is through the same company.

Treated me like a criminal. I rarely use Venmo only for small things usually, however one day after a larger transaction my Venmo account was frozen. I received an email from Venmo letting me know it was frozen but not why. I emailed them to ask because apparently that’s the only way you can communicate with them. I received an email that said someone would get back with me in 6-8 days. So 6-8 days later someone messaged me and said that due to suspicious activity and their inquiry into that activity I had been permanently deleted, but due to security reasons they cannot tell me what it was that I did wrong… I’m sorry, you can’t tell me what u did wrong?!?! I was unaware that my little life was such a security threat to Venmo and if I knew what it was I did wrong I guess the whole company would fall. Venmo made me feel like I was some sort of criminal. Luckily I was able to transfer my balance before I was deleted. Don’t know what would have happened to my money if I hadn’t. So beware of your transactions because apparently you can be a criminal too and I hope you can get your money back! Now they won’t even let me send a 1 star review it keeps making me pick a nickname and says they are all taken no mattter what I put in… so I will try to give it two stars if your reading this I guess it worked. But really I would give it negative stars if possible.

Keep all your receipts they will not refund you for errors. Been using Venmo for several years. I’ve had the debit card which is very convenient since transferring money to a checking account takes days. However I had a local homegoods store double charged me on 1 single transaction they had me put in my card and then said it didn’t go through… so I put in a second time and left.. 3 days later I saw I got charged 2x and since I had chose email receipt that I guess I deleted the store couldn’t fix it. Venmo had contact info for the store who agreed to pull the surveillance for them if necessary and after 2 wks they denied me the refund. I again gave them all the info and they credited my account asked for proof I paid with another method which i didn’t have because it was a computer error not a payment error … they took back the refund 5 days later. Which they said I would get 5 days notice for and I got no email. Also when every transaction goes through you get an email this transaction that was doubled I only received 1 email for the purchase. After much back and forth with homegoods tech dept they discovered it was Venmo’s error. We submitted that info to Venmo and now we’re 8 wks later they still have not responded. Ridiculous.

Convenient but buggy (& Venmo won’t fix it). An app that deals with finances needs to be accurate. I have used Venmo for years, and it is a convenient way to share costs/money among friends. However, over a year ago I started getting notifications about updating my address. I did it but the notifications aren’t going away. Contact Venmo to find out this is a “known issue” and that their engineers are “working on a fix.” A year (and two new phones) later, there is no fix and no timeline on when there will be a fix. Now I have a charge that is constantly listed as pending for over a month. Contact Venmo only to be told that this is a “known issue” and that their engineers are “working on a fix.” There is no timeline on when this will be fixed. If you go to Reddit you will read about a lot of other bugs (some of which are really bad). Yet there are never any fixes to these bugs in the app. Instead of fixing the current problems they upgrade the app to offer gift cards. Maybe they should fix the current problems with the app before they potentially add more in the form of “new features.” If I had a problem at work with something and didn’t fix it for over a year I would get fired. Venmo needs to fix their app bug because, as I said above, an app that deals with finances needs to be accurate.

Horrible Customer Service. I would rate this an absolute 0 if possible. The app is fine until an issue arises. The first issue is that it takes days/weeks to get a response from support. The largest issue however is that on an app that is nothing but transactions from one person to the other they can’t access more than your information. I had a friend make a payment to me. Venmo in error took 2 identical payments of the same amount from my friends bank account. When she flagged the second transaction as fraudulent to stop it from going through Venmo froze both of our accounts. That is completely reasonable. Her bank worked out the issue and was refunded the extra payment that was taken, however the initial payment that was made went through and was moved to my bank account, Venmo saw this as a “we lost $500 and you will need to pay that back before your account will be unfrozen. No, she has $500 less in her account and I moved it to my bank. This is a normal transaction. After over 2 months of limited response and ABSOLUTELY NO HELP FROM CUSTOMER SUPPORT my account will remain unusable. Support eventually told me that what I am saying has no merit and my account will remain frozen. They said they do not have the ability to look and see if she actually made the payment because they can’t look at someone else’s account. How does that work to help any transaction if you can’t look at both people involved. This being said I will take my business to any other platform but this one.

Worst customer service. If I could give 0 stars I would. A client paid me thru my biz account which I’ve been paid thru before from other clients without issue. For some reason, I was sent an email asking me to click a button saying to “accept money” super fishy so I contacted my client who said she indeed sent me money there but it was not showing up in my acct. I then contacted Venmo to tell them what had happened and if I should click the “accept money” button which they confirmed was ok to do. No money appeared in my account. When I relayed this to Venmo support they said it was because my email address was not verified. I told them this hadn’t been an issue before as I’ve been paid thru this account before without issue. Still, I followed their multi step instructions to verify my email and nothing. I was passed to 4 different agents with the same instructions and no resolution. I have an email chain of at least 20 messages going back and forth. I finally took matters into my own hands and contacted my client to cancel her payment and pay me thru my personal acct which she did and I was finally able to receive my funds. I was spoken to condescendingly at one point with the agent telling me to read their instructions “carefully” after I had repeated all the steps back to them and then confirmed it was correct. It wasn’t. Due to inept customer support, I am closing my biz and personal acct.

Best Money App outside of actual Banking. 2022 was difficult for me financially but when I signed up for Venmo it was a sign of hope. If there is ANY company that has a huge heart for their people it is this one. I tell whoever reads this in all surreal honesty. It has been a life saver almost having Venmo. Using the program is very simple and easy. There is absolutely nothing complicated about Venmo which is great. It is nice to see a program where they help you grow and develop your financial potential. I had been going through the past year with a lot of financial loss and troubles. I opened up a Venmo account not knowing what was going to happen. I signed up for the debit card option and it has been a worthwhile part of my financial development. As a young adult, it is important to me to find financial programs that are not complicated, have dedication, and will help you along your financial journey. Venmo did just that for me. I had some problems a couple of times that caused me great concern with my Venmo account and customer service was absolutely amazing at helping me. If it weren’t for Venmo, I would not have a financial program to come back to. It is important to find banking programs that help you and will work with you. My ONLY pet peeve is that Venmo does not support Apple Pay. It would be REALLY nice and amazing to see them enable Apple Pay as an option in the future.

Not recommended. I will never use this app again I was refunded money back on a puppy. It took them a whole week to give me my money had to send in a photo ID with me holding my ID and then sent in my ID which I already did the first time, you cannot talk to nobody in the service of department when you do talk to someone you can only talk to a Venmo agent which cannot help you with anything when your account is froze they waited until they had all my banking information and froze my account really scary experience especially when someone has your banking information and your ID even though my account said it verified they still froze my account I just received my money today. I had to call every day. I feel like it’s a scam to make you pick the right away money thing so they can get $25, I even picked one three business days the first time and they froze my account I can no longer trust Venmo with my money. I would highly advise no one use this app for any big transactions. I was treated like a criminal, but I remain calm and I called every day and the customer service rep was keep repeating the same thing and that’s what they are trying to do, it’s not fair to hold onto anyone’s funds especially when you already have their identity. Please do better and let Venmo customer service be able to unfreeze your account instead of having to wait for seven days for an account specialist or more.

They lie to you. I have never had any problems with this company/app but today really changed all of that. I wanted to add money to my account to cover some charges so I transferred almost $90 from my bank account to my Venmo account. If you have used this app before you know when you make a payment to someone the money comes out of your bank the next day. I checked my bank account and it came out so I check Venmo and it doesn’t show up. I talk to customer service on the chat, over email, and on the phone. Over chat and email they tell me it is run as an ACH transfer and takes 3-5 business days to show in my account. I work in a bank with these types of transfers and they never and I mean NEVER take 3-5 days. They take one at the most two days. Furthermore it was not run as an ACH transfer it was run as an auto debit (as if I swiped my debit card). I asked multiple times why I was being lied to and no answers just a run around. The girl at customer service on the phone was really trying to help me but she just didn’t have any information. I don’t know if she was new or if they just don’t care enough about their customers and employees to give them info and training to be able to help people. Don’t EVER put money in your Venmo account. Wait for them to take it out of your account after you transfer it/make payments. They will take your money then lie to you and hold it for as long as they can get away with it.

Amazing update and paid. I've been a Venmo user for a few years now and this is a finance app that does it right. I've loved seeing this company grow and expand their reach. It's the easiest way to send money between friends, and with the new update, everything is so easily laid out within interface! You can tell they care about their users by how dedicated they are to both educating and making finances easily accessible for all. I use their credit card and it is easily one of my favorite credit cards I have. Your purchases are plainly laid out for you and automatically analyzed so you can see what categories you're spending the most in. They have 3% cash back on the category I use the most, 2% on the second most used and 1% on everything else? It's a no-brainer! I can use the funds that are sent to my by friends to pay off my balance or I can transfer those funds to the bank of my choosing for free. I just ordered their debit card (no monthly fees, no credit check, and has overdraft protection) and I can't wait for it to arrive in the mail. They even have investing built right into the app which is something even the biggest bank apps are still lacking in providing to their users. Venmo is a one stop shop when it comes to finances, it would be the last finance app I get rid of. I never make reviews but they've honestly earned my praise and I can't wait to see where this company goes in the future.

Don’t make a mistake in this app!. I sent my brother money through Venmo 18 days ago. He had not used the Venmo for a while. After I sent the money my brother informed me that he was not able to get into his Venmo account because the phone and banking information he used to set up his account had changed. I thought “no big deal, I’ll just cancel the transaction and use a different app.” Well, according to Venmo’s policy, only the recipient can send money back to the sender. The sender cannot cancel a transaction. So we have been going back and forth for 18 days by email trying to upload documents to prove that he is the owner of the account so that he can reset his account access the funds I sent him. I don’t understand why the process of updating one’s account is so complicated. The customer service by email is terrible in that they are not solution oriented. I am extremely put off by the fact that as a sender I cannot cancel a transaction. I am equally put off by the fact that there is no straight forward process for someone to reset their account. Luckily I sent it to my brother whom I know. I can only imagine what would have happened if I sent it to a stranger. I am not doing business with Venmo anymore. And I am recommending my friends not to either.

Venmo is a horrible company. There are so many issues with Venmo it’s completely ridiculous. Their app is a complete joke. Every transaction I’ve ever done has had issues. Basically you get a generic error that says it’s your bank that’s the problem and that they are rejecting the payment. Which is completely untrue. That happens like 20 times and then randomly on that 21st time it goes through an hour or two later. The customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen. They deactivate accounts without giving a reason or even attempting to contact the account holder first. They just deactivate the account and say we are not going to give you a reason (claiming that this is to protect their other users because knowing why is somehow a security risk). They don’t even let you respond. “If you have any questions on this decision, this matter is closed and we can’t help you”. All the funds in the account they put under hold and you will likely never see them again. They are basically a bunch of thieves taking money from good people who made valid transactions that they deem invalid for their own made up reasons that they don’t want to share. When they see an opportunity, they cash in. I could keep going on with their bad business practices but my advice to anyone is just stay away. I personally wish I had never used their service, if you can use something else. Unless of course you like throwing your money in the trash or burning it.

Worst Customer Assistance Ever. First off, you can’t even call a representative, you have to chat through a online text service which is extremely frustrating. Second I was paid two separate payments over month spans of 20$ and 30$ equaling 50$ total. A month or so after the kid requested a refund and venmo authorized it with no proof, evidence, or anything showing he was “scammed”. I had screen shots showing him saying he never requested a refund and I have messages with the Venmo service team guaranteeing the money went back to his account. I have no clue why Venmo authorized that refunded transaction in the first place, but because I had already used that fifty dollars way before he requested the refund, my account was then frozen and I had to pay fifty dollars out of pocket to unlock my account. From this day forward I will only be using Zelle, Cash-app and Coin base, three far superior money transfer sites. I was an active user of Venmo for over 4 years and it was extremely frustrating when I had one problem, and they claim a specialist will help and it’s just an automated text telling you that they can’t do anything and that I have to pay them 50$ for a refund that never should’ve been authorized as it was months later and I have screen shots proving the kid is lying about not requesting a refund even though Venmo “team specialist” is the one who guaranteed he received it. Very unhappy and spent over 6 hours trying to communicate and resolve the problem.

Payment Racism? I think so.. I sent a payment to my boyfriend to pay back for a dinner we split and our water bill. Because I referenced the name of the restaurant “Shiraz” in my payment so he would know why I paid extra, the payment has now been flagged. As someone who has been using Venmo for years, I am appalled. How is the payment for a restaurant flagged? Is this because it has a Persian name? This sounds a lot like racism to me. You need to do better. Many people rely on this service to pay for goods, send money to friends or family in need, split bills, etc. and do you think or expect that all will have White or American captions for their payments? I would guess most send payment reasoning in other languages. So if you are unable to dictate that Shiraz may be for something beyond the small amount of knowledge one system has, how are you able to “monitor” in other languages. My guess is that you’re flagging those more often than I will ever know simply based on language barriers alone. Beyond that, why is a payment being flagged to someone on my friend list that I have paid back and forth for over a year? You would think a money servicing company would have better technology to track it. I expect my payment to go through quickly with the Google search of the restaurant name that I provided since your “support” apparently was unable to do that themselves.

Not a fan - not a great app for business owners. Reported to Apple. What a scam! I’m leaving a 1 star review… and it auto-populates and posts as a 5 star. And then doesn’t post! Not a great app for business owners, at least not for me. Loaded the app at the request of a client; fees were typical. I had to wait two days until a weekday to authenticate my business account. Authentication (email) kept opening the app and with no further instructions. My account was frozen without explanation. The bot-based chat only refers you to links that in my case solved nothing. Spent several days trying to in-freeze my account. No explanation was given. Customer service is done by email by the developers’ design. No exceptions. Terrible! In my case thousands of dollars were tied up in business account, so if you need immediate attention this not a good system. First email from “Jorge” was a copy paste and the only usable info was that another team needed to work on my account and that it would it be 24-48 hours. Imagine telling your employees on the day they expect to get paid that it would be 24-48, and then another 3 days for the money to transfer before you write them a check. Got another canned letter from “Greg” saying that they had lifted restrictions, but without explanation or how to prevent in the future. If it works for you that’s great! The 4.9 stars, after reading some, left me scratching my head. Hope that helps both users and Venmo.

Awful. If I could give Venmo zero stars I would. Very wrong for one person to say they didn’t receive something or a service and Venmo doesn’t even question the person! Their policy is just to automatically refund whoever requests their money back! But it gets better…. Because one person requested their money back on a service they already received, Venmo took it upon themselves to automatically refund the last several transactions to people that had paid me. This was to the tune of $275! It emptied my account out except $20! They never even asked me about this, they just refunded people’s money with no request! One of the amounts was a loan I gave that someone had paid me back!!!!!! I would never ever have used Venmo had I known this! Buyer beware, anyone at anytime can SAY they didn’t receive a product or a service and it’s Venmo’s policy to just automatically refund the persons money! They don’t care about the circumstances or what is ethically the correct thing to do, they are robots who can just refund money whether it should have been refunded or not!!!! Then when I try to shut the account down, they tell me that’s not possible for 6 months?!?! Why? Because you want more money to be deposited for anything so you can just automatically refund that money?!?!? I will say it again, I have never dealt with a company that has no ethics and the absolute worst communication of any company I have ever encountered before!! Stay away from Venmo at all costs!

Amazing App and Great Update. I’ve been a Venmo user for a few years now and this is a finance app that does it right. I’ve loved seeing this company grow and expand their reach. It’s the easiest way to send money between friends, and with the new update, everything is so easily laid out within interface! You can tell they care about their users by how dedicated they are to both educating and making finances easily accessible for all. I use their credit card and it is easily one of my favorite credit cards I have. Your purchases are plainly laid out for you and automatically analyzed so you can see what categories you’re spending the most in. They have 3% cash back on the category I use the most, 2% on the second most used and 1% on everything else? It’s a no-brainer! I can use the funds that are sent to my by friends to pay off my balance or I can transfer those funds to the bank of my choosing for free. I just ordered their debit card (no monthly fees, no credit check, and has overdraft protection) and I can’t wait for it to arrive in the mail. They even have investing built right into the app which is something even the biggest bank apps are still lacking in providing to their users. Venmo is a one stop shop when it comes to finances, it would be the last finance app I get rid of. I never make reviews but they’ve honestly earned my praise and I can’t wait to see where this company goes in the future.

Five stars ⭐️. I’ve used Venmo since 2016. It’s always been a great service. It can be rather annoying if you change addresses and opening an account because they want extensive documentation - however, in the long run that just helps keep your identity in tact. They are part of PayPal, so you can be sure that you will get refunded if you receive an incorrect item (make sure to check out saying you’re using a vendor), and while I’ve never had this issue, I know plenty of people who have. They do not charge any fees to use their card at an atm. The only issue is they don’t seem to partner with atm’s/bank(s), so you’re subject to that machines fees. If you have a place (in my area there are free use atms provided by PNC Bank at the gas stations, “Sheetz”, I recommend checking your area to find something similar) that offers zero fee Atm machines, I recommend going there when possible. Still, only getting charged on one end rather than both, is helpful. I also use a well known app (it’s green $) that charges for on both sides, and I had some fraudulent purchases and it took quite awhile to get my money back. I also like that they offer the feature to hide your payments received and paid, if you don’t want people knowing who you’re sending money to. Give Venmo a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Venmo is amazing!. Despite some of the bad reviews that I’ve read, I actually have had nothing but great experiences with Venmo! I started my account to only use it to send rent money to my landlord but then I said to myself let me try the debit card out, which is also awesome! I literally had no money to eat on at work for lunch and payday was one day away so I swiped my Venmo debit card just to see if it would work & it did! I looked in the app, so basically Venmo will take from your bank account in inclements of $10 even if your bank doesn’t have any money in it, which I love! But do not take a risk on it if you do not plan on getting paid within a day because then the money will be charged from you bank (WITH NO FEE best of all!) but if you don’t put the money to cover what Venmo took from your bank with in the next day then your bank will charge you fees of course, but I got paid that Thursday so my direct deposit hit before Venmo took it! So it was Perfect thank god I had “a borrow” in a since to get my lunch! Then paid back the before the money charged my bank account (paid for the items Tuesday night, then Venmo took the money out of my bank Thursday) 😊and (Knock on wood) I haven’t had any problems such as other reviewers on here! Thank God! Venmo is really great Believe it or not & I genuinely haven’t seen any fees what so ever like most prepaid cards/apps

Doesn’t keep up with today’s technological expectations. If someone sends you money and you send that same money to others, or use that money at a point of sale…you should have no problem. BUT if you want to transfer money from your bank account to your Venmo account or vice-versa…it will take you a WEEK to get your money. They’ll take it out of your bank account and you won’t see it show up in your Venmo account for 3-5 business days. That means if you initiate a transfer after the cut off on Friday you won’t see your money for 6 days. No one takes 3-5 days anymore…Any other app does this almost instantly so why does it take Venmo so long? The customer service won’t give you any answers. They just read the information off of the website. I can read…and I DID read the information on the website before calling. I called because I want better information. Customer service cannot help you. They will just read from their script over and over again. You telling me it takes 3-5 days (over and over again) does me no good when I want to know WHY your process takes so much longer than every other one out there. The “it’s being verified” story doesn’t make sense with the technology we have today. Maybe it’s time to streamline your verification process??? Then I realized it’s a product made by PayPal. I had issues with PayPal and stopped using that a long time ago. Can’t call a pig a flower and expect it to behave like a flower. It’s still a pig.

Refused to Get Me My Money Back. Venmo has no good system in place for fixing scenarios where you accidentally send a payment to the wrong user. When I did this I immediately commented on the payment to the wrong user explaining the situation and asking for my money back. I also sent a money request to the user I incorrectly paid explaining the situation again and asking for my money back. The user took a while to respond and when they finally declined my request for my money back I immediately contacted Venmo support about the situation. Instead of starting with saying there was nothing they could do since too much time had passed since the incorrect payment was sent, support wasted my time over numerous days requesting extra information, requesting information again that I had already provided, and finally acknowledging that I had proven the payment went to the wrong person but there was absolutely nothing they could do about it. Instead of telling me that obvious response immediately they sent me down a rabbit hole and wasted my time first. They acknowledged that the user wrongly kept money that was not theirs and yet they refused to do anything about it. Even if I didn’t get my money back they should have at least suspended or removed the account of the user who abused the situation, but instead Venmo did nothing. Don’t waste your time and money on this app, they will do nothing to protect their customers from bad users.

Beware using this app!. I used this app for a little while with very little issues until just recently. I need to transfer $800 worth from a friend you owed me money to my bank account. They paid via Venmo and now when I do the instant transfer to my bank account, Venmo will not allow the funds to transfer. When I spoke to a customer service rep they said to use the regular transfer option and stated that it would take 1-3 business days. All that is fine but the real kicker is they mentioned that the 1-3 business days are not guaranteed. There would be a chance that they would have to delay it further if necessary. They said they are not allowed to give a reason why the instant transfer won’t work nor why they wouldn’t be able to transfer the money past the 3 business days. When I asked if it was possible my money would be stuck in Venmo they were quiet and wouldn’t give me a direct response. Do NOT trust this app. Especially with large amounts of money. It was foolish of me to be inspired by small transactions to gain confidence in them with bigger transactions. My two cents is stick with Apple Pay or a regular bank account. If I did I wouldn’t be out over $800 in a few hours. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

Reliable, User-friendly, & Convenient. I have yet to have any issues using this money transfer service. The app itself is simple to use & provides a convenient way to send & receive money between it’s users. Venmo not only provides independent contractors with an electronic avenue to be paid/reimbursed, it also provides users the ability to track their activity electronically & keep a paperless record of all of their transaction history. I use Venmo on a regular basis for both personal & professional reasons, it makes it easy for people, like myself, who don’t tend to carry cash. Whether it’s to pay a sitter last minute or make an impromptu purchase at a yard sale, I’ve been able to use Venmo in place of cash on multiple occasions, saving many trips to to the ATM. With the ability to instantly send & receive money, Venmo simplifies group spending by allowing a single person to make a purchase or cover a bill for the group as a whole rather than attempting to split the cost amongst multiple people. These are just a few of the benefits I’ve experienced as a Venmo user & I’d recommend this app to anyone looking to simplify their financial activities.

Customer Support Has No Clue What’s Going On. I’ve been using Venmo for quite a while now, and for the longest time I would have given it a 4 star rating, it’s a bit buggy sometimes and they hold onto your money for much longer than a typical bank transfer takes, but generally I didn’t have much of an issue with the app. However, that changed as soon as I DID have an issue and needed to reach out to customer service. Just be warned if you have to reach out to customer support for anything other than a replacement card, they don’t give their support reps more info than they have already given you. From what I’ve gathered, reaching out to support means they’ll just be giving you guess-work information based off the information you already have. This isn’t the support reps fault, but it does show Venmo has a complete lack of care for not only their users, but for their employees trying to provide customer service, no one has been set up for success here. If I could stop using Venmo I would, it seems to me that they care more about holding onto your money for 3-5 (almost always 5) days, not giving you any real information as to why, and letting their staff receive all the consequences and it shows. When I have a problem with my account I want to speak with someone who can give me real answers and Venmo just doesn’t have that. I’m not looking for someone to rephrase the information I already have, I’m looking for help. Do better Venmo.

Usability is terrible. I never write app reviews but I feel so strongly that the venmo app is the worst app ever, and due to one of the recent changes, I had to come write a review. Using the venmo app is one of the most frustrating experiences ever and the fact that completing very very basic actions (ie. requesting money, viewing outstanding requests, cancelling requests, sending money) is extremely difficult is so whack. Coming from someone who works in developing software, I cannot believe whoever runs this app won’t prioritize basic usability and functionality. The app wont send money without crashing. The venmo team keeps adding all these pointless features while failing to even make the #1 task users take a seamless experience. The redesigns are so random and weird and do not make the app any better. They come with zero instructions on how to use the new interface. The button to view and cancel requests is randomly gone, and there are no instructions on how to now find them. If you’re going to change or remove a very important button, please tell me where I can find it. On top of that, I went to the venmo help center to try to find where I can view my requests and there are no articles. I would choose literally any other money transfer app over venmo in a heartbeat if it weren’t for the fact that most of my friends and family use it. If you work for venmo, I hope you read this review and feel dumb.

Disappointed. I raves about Venmo and slowly everyone I know has said their accounts are all screwed up and they can’t use them anymore! My card issuer says every time this happens and payment is declined or limits of $200 per day we’re NOT on their end and Venmo says it’s your card call them and they say it’s not us. Now it’s every single card, every single amount and every single transaction has been declined so how can this NOT BE ON VENMOS END? I’m so disappointed, I pay my bills this way, my rent which i’ve gotta do over several days cuz the limits placed on my cards that neither Venmo or my card issuer will cop to placing on me and the cards and the account! It’s ridiculous and I guess I’m just done with it and gonna delete it cuz the “PASS THE BUCK” is like WOW here! So saddened and disappointed in a great app not even willing to investigate OR take responsibility? I mean how can it possibly be ever single payment method, every single amount even $20 and every single person I try to pay isn’t Venmo but all my cards are messed up at once? But I can use them in store, online, and anywhere else BUT VENMO? How can Venmo NOT admit it is them? Or say ANYTHING BUT HOW SORRY THEY ARE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE AND TO CALL THE NUMBER ON MY CARD NOW 5 CARDS? OVER IT 😢😔☹️

Frustrated and Disappointed 👎. I have had three venmo accounts and all of them had been shut down without any explanation. I use this app as a method of payment for my car cleaning services and without a doubt, each one gets shut down without hesitation in a matter of a couple of weeks, very frustrating. Venmo makes no effort to provide me with a reasonable explanation as to why ALL of my accounts have been shut down other than claiming it was their decision and I can no longer use their services. The third time this happened, I decided to call their customer service number to see if they could give me a reason as to why my account had been first locked. I called the direct extension that claims to handle exactly that. Despite waiting on the phone for 15 minutes, I was given literally no answer besides that I have to wait for an email to come (the one where they don’t tell me anything) which would take 3-5 days. Why have a direct line that handles frozen accounts when they really don’t handle anything? What I ASSUME to be the reason for all of my accounts being shut down is that the name on my profile does not match the one on the card. Which for privacy reasons, I choose to only use the first letter of my last name, and when I made my other accounts and had to use my parent’s cards, of course the names would not be matching. Very frustrated and disappointed in both the customer service and the functionality of Venmo.

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Irresponsibly unreliable iOS app. TLDR: if you have only a cell phone and especially only cell data plan, watch this app like a hawk because it’s unreliable. Consider cash app. This app handles people’s money; absolutely unacceptable that I just had to go through this: the app just completely stopped working, loading only the first screen and then not responding to any taps, restarting and EVEN RE-INSTALLING the app doesn’t fix it, so I try to log into the website but resetting my password requires cell phone access which I no longer have because the Venmo credit card denied payment to my cell phone plan (Which I can’t pay because the app is broken), one of the many reasons I did NOT want to associate an important account with a phone number. If I was a less privileged person who relies on the cell data plan, this could’ve been hairier. After getting phone back on, the website says you HAVE TO USE THE APP to manage credit card payments — excuse me what? The app that breaks randomly, which runs on mobile devices which are prone to being lost or stolen? So I install the app on a tablet to solve this issue, cherry on top was that my Venmo card still had plenty of credit left, and I now have a late payment on my record.

Don’t get this app unless you want endless frustrations. I start this review out by saying, this app can work great. Only for the lucky ones. I used this app for about a year before I became one of the unlucky participants. I followed all the rules, did nothing wrong, and one day my account was frozen for absolutely no reason. I couldn’t send or receive money. I wasn’t even able to transfer the money i had in my account, to my bank account. I emailed the support team which likes to pretend like they’re helping you but they really don’t. Nobody helped me. They told me there was nothing they could do. After frustrations grew smaller, i decided to give the app one more chance. I downloaded it again, created a new account. And a few weeks in...BAM! My account is frozen again. This time it’s because i have “duplicate accounts”. I just want to know HOW i’m supposed to only have one account if they screwed me over on the first one, forcing me to make another. As of right now, I have $115 in my second account and there is no chance of getting it out, due to my account being “frozen”. I have tried emailing, calling, and everything in between. This app and its support team are unprofessional. They stole my money and I’m never getting it back. Do not download this app unless you want to risk being one of the unlucky ones like I was.

App does not say account is locked. A friend said let me VENMO the money to you so I made an account and gave her my VENMO handle. So after a couple months I decided to do something with the VENMOed money that was shown in my account. First I tried to pay a vendor and it prompted me to fill out more personal information, which I did. I tried again to make the payment and it failed and returned me to the vendor’s payment page. I tried this a time or two more thinking that maybe the additional information I had added had not yet been processed. No dice. Next I tried to transfer it to my bank account. This time the message was ‘transaction cannot be completed’. I deleted my bank information and checked the bank password to make sure it was not a bank authentication error. I re-entered the bank information. No dice; same cryptic error message. I finally called VENMO and talked to tech support. They said that they sent me an email months prior that requested that I upload identity information. I find no such email. Their solution is that “someone from account management will call [me] in the next 2-3 days”. Seems fishy to me. The app doesn’t tell me I’m locked, I see no email request for identifying information and tech support can’t handle the problem. 1 star.

Avoid at all cost. This has been the worst experience in my 45 years in the terms of banking! I mistakenly allowed my employer to pay me through Venmo over two and a half weeks ago , since then I have had the money I worked for out on hold twice was only able to withdraw 200 in two weeks. I live paycheck to paycheck like a lot of the world and my family went without food and other necessities due to this situation which was not at all out fault! So, here we are three weeks later and school is about to start and even though I am verified by them now they still have my money on hold and I have two boys ages 13 and 7 that start school Monday and need clothes, shoes, and supplies! I have expressed my need for my money to Venmo in every venue and they have no remorse for the pain and misery they have forced upon my family , I know this if there is any grounds , reason, or legal action I can take against them someone please advise me because I wouldn’t wish this on any other family that needs there money to live on , VENMO ONLY PROTECTS THEMSELVES FROM THEMSELVES THEIR EXCUSES FOR THEIR ACTIONS ARE ONLY HIDING SOME TYPE OF SCHEME TO KEEP YOUR MONEY TILL THEY CAN CHARGE AS MANY FEES AS POSSIBLE! I pray that the good lord can help this company see the pain they are causing people and help them change there actions for the better of the customer not the company!

Difficulty in removing credit card. I have been trying to remove a back up credit card and adding a new credit card to my account. They are from the EXACT same vendor, just a different number. The old cc had to be destroyed due to fraud so I was issued a new card. I can successfully add the new card but it will NOT allow me to remove the obsolete card. I tried calling the customer service number and there menu does not allow me to connect to a live person and the options given as to why I’m calling does not contain anything regarding my issue. I tried just selecting something to see if I can get sent to a representative but NOTHING worked. I sent a message through the app explaining my issue and received a robo-response, suggesting I select from a myriad of other options but again, nothing even remotely related to my issue. I’m considering deleting the app and just using Zelle, with which I’ve had ZERO issues. The fine art of attending to a customer’s needs personally is a thing of the past. Even their “chat” is robo, so no personal interaction. UPDATE: I finally received a response to my many messages about my issue with adding/ deleting a credit card. The rep intervened and fixed the issue then reached out to me via email as to the resolution. Additionally, he apologized for what transpired. The take-away? Be consistent with your complaint.

Was good-they Dont support joint accounts. They were great. Until I was had to change my bank to my husbands because we’re married. I tried to add my bank account but it wouldn’t let me. I contacted Venmo they that since my husband already was connected to our checking I couldn’t. They only allow one Venmo per checking account. They said I would have to add my debit or credit card which they will take 1% for debit charges and 3% for credit. I use Venmo more than my husband so we decided I would link my Venmo to the checking account and he would link his account to our debit card. He deleted the checking account but it still wouldn’t let me link to checking. Contacted Venmo again and they said that even though he deleted the bank, he still is linked to the account until he calls them himself to “release” his account.. suspect. My husband is a marine so he isn’t home often. He was out in the field at the time so I had to wait til he was home. But when he gets off work, they’re customer service is closed. This has been so ridiculous. Does everyone else know that their bank account stays linked even after they delete it.. doesn’t seem very cool.

Much easier to use than writing a paper check.. Very easy to use money transferred instantly. Much easier than writing a traditional check. I believe Venmo is also PayPal. I took away one star due to privacy. When you sign up it automatically uploads all of your contacts in your phone without warning. It also connects to social media like Facebook. Once you've registered you can change these privacy settings, so be aware to go to settings immediately if you don't want all of your contacts who use Venmo to see your transactions. Also for each transaction you can select if you'd like your friends, the public to see Who you've paid, minus the amount. You can also set each transaction to private. Personally, I don't understand why it's anyone else's business who you pay for what kind of service. It's a Bizzarre concept to me, but then I don't live my life through social media. I am only using Venmo as a form of payment, like cleaning services. Still, it's easy to use and convenient. Just make sure to check Settings before you start transactions unless you want all of your friends, Family and coworkers to know what you're up to.

Venmo Original. I was a Venmo original user, telling all my friends this is the future of payments. I started saying “hey guys Venmo me, oh you don’t have Venmo? What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know about Venmo? We don’t need cash to split bills anymore.” We’ll, this was also in a period when Venmo said they would pay users if they invited their friends and they signed up. Until this day, I still get users that sign up, because of me, but Venmo does not pay me like they said they would. While I love their application, I don’t appreciate that they didn’t pay me for getting many of my friends, contacts, and business colleagues on Venmo. Maybe thousands of users but Venmo only paid me for the first few users. Venmo is great, but they owe me. I was inline with the thinking that there must be a better way to pay people, and I found Venmo, which was a simpler way to pay people than PayPal, which many people did not trust at the time. I convinced people that it would be safe and efficient. Venmo owes me for all the people I invited, as they said I would be reimbursed. Great app overall, just pay me. :)

Good concept, Horrible implementation. I like what Venmo does—I don’t care for the social feed aspect and I keep all my transactions private, but sending money to friends to split a bill, paying rent, sometimes even getting paychecks for freelance gigs is smooth and easy! That said, Venmo is the worst piece of software I interact with on a regular basis. The app completely freezes for anywhere between 10-30 seconds immediately on opening, and at any point after, whether typing in a payment or navigating menus. This has persisted for a few years now, while keeping the app up to date, and across 3 or 4 iOS versions. Venmo actually runs more smoothly on iOS 10 on my ancient 4th gen iPad than it ever has on my iPhone 6s, suggesting that it’s only gotten worse over time. to make matters worse, they killed off the web interface, so the only way to use it is through the terrible mobile app. I usually don’t write long reviews, but my user experience with Venmo is simply so awful that I’m spending less time to write this than I spend waiting for Venmo to stop freezing over the course of a couple transactions, so if anything comes of this I guess it’ll be worth it. If the app actually functioned, this would be an easy 5 stars; as it is, I’m stuck using the worst app on my phone simply because it’s popular.

Payment problems. I have money in my venmo account and it’s not allowing me to pay someone with the money in my account it only allows me to pay with my debit card but I can’t pay with my debit card if my money is in my Venmo this app has serious problems that need to be addressed. Your instant transfer system needs to be fixed I talked to a support person and they told me that somedays you can instant transfer and some days you can’t this is upsetting and brings me to the conclusion that I will not be using this app. I can’t give the app no starts but if I could I would considering that your app isn’t compatible with my bank so I have to manually verify my bank which takes 3 days and then the standard transfer takes up to 3 more days so I cant get my money for a whole week like that is an issue. If I can instant transfer yesterday I should be able to today especially if there wasn’t no suspicious activity or anything of that matter on the card or account. Once I get my money I will not be using this app and I will advise all the people I know that have it to use a different app that actually gets you the money when you need it, I’m also never going to advise people to use the app or download it because of these problems you are hold peoples money and causing problems for them. I would fix your problems before your app falls under.

Hacker Paradise. App works fine but your information is not protected... you need to set your account to private. If you don’t do this and then you make a large transaction, bots/ hackers will target your and spam you with friend request and money request. How is this information shared with other accounts? I don’t know for sure but I do know that your transaction are not as private as you think. Hackers will target your account if it’s not set to private... of course Venmo will feed you to the wolves and leave the privacy setting open and free. This will leave every new user vulnerable to spam and attacks by users who scam and cheat the system. They will basically take your profile picture and Tweak your user name a bit to make it look like you.. then they will ask all your closes friends/ family for money. And guess what? They will get away with it because Venmo doesn’t protect your information or care about it. They only care about your money flowing through their pockets. So what if your account is under siege? As long as the money flows they don’t care. Customer support says to make everything private and hidden. But my argument is that it should be hidden any ways... I feel so stupid for trusting this app! I’m just going to delete my account and go old school (Banks/ cash only) You should all do the same !

Frozen account??!!. Normally I am very happy with Venmo, I have an account with Bank of America but still do the majority of my banking through Venmo. However, a recent issue has tainted my opinion of some of their processes and lack of a sense of urgency. I was attempting to transfer money to someone and it declined saying my account was frozen?? WTH!? I contacted support and was told that they had sent an email asking for a copy of my ID and because I hadn’t responded they froze the account. If I had responded with the requested information, I would have received instructions on how to unfreeze it. First of all, I never received an email. While chatting with the agent, I provided the information but still no access. They told me that the Acct specialist would be notified and they would contact me with further instructions and that this could take close to 2 weeks. WTH?! I use this account regularly and having no access to my money!! This is unacceptable customer service, actually I wouldn’t consider it service at all. There was no sense of urgency what-so-ever! At this point, I’m still waiting to hear back and won’t be holding my breath. If they can randomly freeze your account without any warning at all, that isn’t the way I prefer to bank. Seriously considering closing the account and moving to another banking service.

Terrible customer service. God forbid you have any emergencies with your money because you’d be better off sitting on your couch doing absolutely NOTHING, it would have the same end result as if you try to get help from this company. My account was compromised and they have yet to do anything at all about it. If you want to speak to a customer service representative and live people when you have an issue that will be too much to ask because that’s not available. They don’t have an emergency hotline so if you do have an issue you have to send an email and they will MAYBE get back to you in 24 hours if they feel like it at all. I’ve sent 3 emails in the past THREE DAYS so yes more than 24hrs and not one has been responded to. A lot can happen in 24 hours AS IT IS, especially if your problem is as urgent as your account getting hacked into and someone else having access to confidential information. And they don’t have a number for a live agent to call, so you would think that they would be prompt on their emails. Wrong. Even though I got the major stuff sorted directly with my bank I still have someone making changes to my profile on Venmo. Read all the reviews about their terrible customer service it’s all the same, especially if you go online. Do yourself a favor and use zelle or literally any other app.

Too Much Wrong And No Help. Venmo is holding $1,380 of my money. My account has been frozen for 2 weeks going on 3. I have called everyday since the first week and they keep telling me it will take 2-3 business days EACH DAY I CALLED. Eventually I was told to verify my ID. Something I attempted to do the very first day I created my Venmo account. I then proceeded to send my information to them again 5mins after. Venmo responded by saying my Id didn’t match. Before this I was able to transfer and send money no problem. So what’s the problem? Why can’t I access MY money. It shouldn’t take 3 weeks for this. All I want to do is transfer my money and there’s no way of getting help. Customer service keeps saying the same thing and has not provided any useful information. It feels like they simply don’t care. I would like to keep using Venmo. But again, all I would like to do is have access to MY money. That’s a HUGE problem. This also has happened to an older account I had with Venmo. I’ve also done my research on this type of incident and see that some people accounts are being permanently deleted and not returned their funds without a explanation or valid reason. I am well aware of the user agreement and I WILL sue if this happens to my account. I will also not recommend to anyone if this isn’t situated soon.

Was best cash app until. I had a problem with my ATM withdrawal. Not having any transactions for over 24 hours, when I went to the ATM it declined me even though there was more than enough money in there. Thinking it will be a simple fix ended up being a 24 hour headache with still no resolution, And my money on able to be withdrawn or even used for purchases. Went from the best app to the worst app in one day! The funny part of all this headache, every time I called they said there is no holds or locks on your account everything looks fine. Something you must’ve done at the ATM cause the computer to decline it. They couldn’t clear anything in the system and the best suggestion was wait a few hours and try again. After trying again and again, and calling them again and again. I was still on able to withdraw from the ATM. They don’t know why I was being blocked and said there is no hold on my account. I said to them if I can’t withdraw from an ATM I guess there’s no point of me having the Venmo account and I should just cancel it. Their response was yes I agree that would probably make sense if you’re an able to use it. Never in my life have I heard a company tell you to cancel them. And that was from not only 1, but 2 people. 1 of them being a manager. And the crazy part of it all is still no one can override the computer that’s blocking me from using my ATM card. So needless to say I’m done with Venmo

Worst customer service. So I paid my landlord from this app and my first time using it didn’t do it the right way my fault so I called and got it taken care of they told me it was all fine and that it will work it self out in a week so I listened and didn’t do anything about it because I was told it was FINE! Month goes by and I run out of money my very nice mother in law help me and my husband out with food sends money over so we can go grocery shopping so while she does it we go to the store we get there and the money said it got taken out for funds that are due or whatever and so I call and they said I never did anything about it so I ask can I please get that money into my account and I can work the rest out later I need food and this money isn’t ours someone gave it to us and she got an attitude with me and said she can’t do anything that I should of paid it off when this all happened and so my husband got on the phone and tried to get her to pull up the phone calls that I had because they recorded it and she said she can’t do that that it isn’t how it works so why does it say in the beginning that phone calls are being recorded if that isn’t how it works??! So now I don’t have food or money and this horrible ladie didn’t do anything that she really could of done I’m upset and broke!!..

Trash. Venmo is literally one of the worst apps you could possibly get. I tried to send money to my account instantly and it wouldn’t go through. The excuse I was given was because of “suspicious activity”. Basically whatever they deem “suspicious” is grounds for your account to be frozen, delayed, and or locked completely. Pretty much any large sum of money is apparently “suspicious” so I wasn’t able to get my money out even after I said oh well I’ll just do the standard transfer and wait the 1-3 business days. I had to send the money to a friend and have him do it instantly and send me the money on cash app. I’d honestly advise using cash app over Venmo easily. It’s simple, easy, and doesn’t have so much baggage with it. You just type the amount you want and you can send the money to someone instantly and take that money out whenever you want to. Customer service was awful and they didn’t believe the account actually belonged to me and had me go through at least 4 different security processes on the phone to make sure it was actually my account even though I explained in detail only things an account holder would know about their own specific account. They tried to make it way too complicated to use and it’s honestly a hassle anytime you actually want to use the app. I deleted it so fast after getting my money out and I’m never using it again

Very Poor Customer Service. So I’m fairly new to Venmo. Opened an account about 10 days ago. Ordered a debit card, all was good, actually said I’m Verified etc, all set !!! Then suddenly my new account was LOCKED, says I violated some of their Terms etc ??? HUH, I never used the account yet for anything what could I have violated ?? Says that I need to Verify my Account ??? What? site previously said I was Verified !!! Sooo I upload my license anyways to get Verified …. Days go by nothing …. I do the Support Chat …. Yup your account is locked, they can’t see why …. That’s another Group and they’ll respond to me within 10 BUSINESS DAYS !!! Are you serious? 10 BUSINESS DAYS?? …. I wait a few days and try the chat again !!!! Exact same reply …. Account is still locked, I received the debit card …. BUT Can’t activate it because the account is Locked !!! Geez this Company is owned by PayPal !!! I EXPECT BETTER !!! Disturbing and disgusted that it takes 10 BUSINESS DAYS to even look at a problem that is probably not a real problem to begin with !! Totally Unacceptable!!!! Update…. So like a day after I posted this, I get a reply from Venmo thanking me for verifying and says I’m all set. Yup account is now unlocked …. It’s much better, but the screwed up process doesn’t give me a ton of confidence!!! Guess we’ll see ….

Hackers. Recently just had someone hack my account and had someone calling me claiming to be from Venmo trying to get me to send the money back.... $1,300!!!!! They got into my Venmo account somehow and changed my email and number on the account so i can no longer gain access to the account they then processed to send $1,300 to another random girl. Luckily i called my bank in time to have them cancel that card connected to my Venmo account so they couldn’t touch my bank card, but that’s not the point the fact that’s someone got into my account so easily and got access to that information is crazy to me. All while this was happening i was trying to contact the real Venmo customer service and they were closed! I couldnt react nobody !! I created a new account just to look up my old account to see the activity on that account and i was able to trace at least 20 girls that the money was being sent to through the scammers and the fact that Venmo is so blind to see what’s going on and probably still doesn’t even know so ridiculous!!! You think for a app that has so much important information about their customers they would have 24/7 customer service. I sent a email to customer service and have yet to hear back. Delete your card from this app since they obviously show they don’t care who gets access to your bank card.

Mostly good, but this makes no sense. Venmo is mostly good, but there are two “features” that make no sense. You have to set up a bank account / debit card and verify you bank info using a third party service called Plaid before you can send money to anyone. It’s pretty straight forward, and once you have done it, you can instantly send money to other Venmo users (and the money is immediately debited from the bank account / debit card you set up and verified). However, if you want to ever get your money out of your Venmo account, you have to once again manually add your bank account and verify it with Plaid, even if it’s the same account you already set up and verified in order to send money using Venmo. Nope, Venmo is not “smart” enough to give you the option to send your money in your Venmo account to your bank that is already set up with Venmo. Huh? And, when you transfer money from your Venmo account to your verified bank account, it takes up to 3 business days. Never mind the fact that when you send money to any other Venmo user it’s transferred immediately out of your Venmo account (and immediately taken out of your bank account).

Great New Gossip Feeder. It’s super nice that they make transactions public by default unless you change your settings!!! I got off all social media but can still tell which of my friends are in a relationship based on the Venmo transactions I see going between them. Though honestly, it’s a bit much to have to know that two dudes I went to school with years ago are paying each other back for toilet paper and pizza every week. Why do I even have all these Venmo friends? I never chose them consciously. Being serious though, it’s a very handy, easy-to-use app and becomes more and more convenient as more individuals and businesses start using it. I buy groceries at the farmer’s market, receive payments for dog sitting, etc. all through Venmo... for free! I still don’t know how it’s a sustainable business model for Venmo, but it’s awfully nice for me. And splitting checks at a restaurant or whatever is amazingly simple now... gone are the days of your distant acquaintance saying, “I’ll pay you back when I get a chance to grab cash from an ATM,” and then conveniently forgetting for the rest of her life. Just look her in the eye and state your Venmo handle right from the restaurant table so she has no excuse!

Terrible Security. Had absolutely no problems with venmo for the longest time and absolutely loved it. However I recently had my account hacked and the representative I spoke to basically told me that anyone with access to your email has free access to your venmo and can change the settings simply by email. They don’t check to see what device, phone number, or IP address the person is logging in from they just assume it’s you. Thankfully Venmo’s payment disputes was quick and resolved the case in my favor. Unfortunately instead of actually giving me my money back they simply gave me a venmo credit which can’t be transferred into my bank account like the payment that was stolen from me and despite settling the dispute in my favor they continue to keep my account frozen. Better security needs to be put in place, maybe 2 factor authentication, instead of just an email. They also need to own up to their mistakes and actually refund you when you get screwed by their weak security as opposed to giving you a credit. I don’t even want to use this app anymore for fear of my account getting hacked again, but I’m forced to because I have to spend the venmo credit in my account otherwise it’s like I never got the money back anyways. Although it doesn’t really matter though since I can’t make any payments anyways because my account is still frozen.

Cash app is overwhelmingly superior.. I’ve only had one transaction over Venmo and it’s already proved unusable. I was sent money by a friend on Venmo, against my raised objections. I already use Cash app, Zelle, PayPal frequently, but they sent it via Venmo anyway. I go to transfer the money to my bank account, and I get a vague error message. I successfully connected my bank account, but when I went to send the money, I got a vague error message. So I contact support through chat. I’m 34th in line to speak to a representative. After waiting 15 minutes, the chat window closes on its own. I reopen it, but have to get in the back of the line. I try again the next day. Same thing. A week later, I try again and get connected with a representative. I explained the situation, and the response was literally “the system is showing an arbitrary error for reasons that we representatives are not allowed to see on our end.” That’s right, the system had an error for reasons not shared with customer service reps. After some back and forth, the representative figures out that the error is because my bank info is on another Venmo account- my wife’s. Apparently Venmo does not allow a bank account number to be on more than one account. So, my wife and I can’t use the app at the same time. It’s just ridiculous. TL;DR just use cash app!!!!!

Venmo is terrible terrible terrible. I had tried signing up for Zelle and their app had major glitches that I wasn’t able to even begin signing up so I decided to try Venmo. At first, I was super happy with the sign up process and was glad I had found something that was so simple to use to begin with but I shouldn’t have gotten so excited. As soon as I got money transferred to me, that’s when all the bad stuff started to happen. My money was stuck in the account (and it was a lot) they kept freezing my account no matter how many times I sent them my drivers license and bank account information. It was terrible! They had me send them the same documents over 6 times! I kept getting emails from Venmo saying my account was frozen, then I’d send in my personal information and it would unfreeze, just to get frozen a few minutes later. I never got answers into why this kept happening and there is nothing but automated emails! When someone REAL finally got to me, they weren’t even on the same page as me. They didn’t even know my reason for contacting and had my issue all mixed up. All I wanted was my account to not be frozen and I absolutely verified my identity with this company several times. Venmo is terrible, I don’t recommend them. I’m sticking to Apple play! Or something else entirely. I DONT RECOMMEND VENMO.

Absolutely ridiculous!. My friend transferred $400 to my account I go to do an instant transfer to my personal checking account and it will not go through. And oh how convenient no customer service support to call because apparently they work bankers hours. How in the world are you going to be a 24/7 cash application and not have any sort of online tech support or offer any live tech-support?? This is literally an emergency situation where I needed to borrow the funds which I did.....I now have my funds sitting in this stupid account which I am unable to touch or have access to and will have no way to contact their customer service until Monday morning it is currently Friday 7:30 PM. I am beyond furious. I knew I should’ve gone with my gut and used the other three different cash apps I have on my phone which worked beautifully and have never had an issue with. I only last minute decided to use this one for the first time tonight never thinking for a second that I would not be able to access my funds. USER BEWARE PLEASE don’t use this stupid tech-support after 4 PM M-F.

Transferred Money That I Couldn’t Even Use And Now My Money Is Being Held!. I got my school refund on my chime account. I had a new card ordered and had not gotten it yet. And I needed the money, so I sent it to my brothers chime account. He then sent it to my Venmo account because I had that card. ALL of my transactions were getting declined, except a couple that went through. So I sent the money back to my brother, and ask him to try the transactions and to try to withdrawal from his Venmo. Same problem. So we contacted their chat team about it and we had recently moved so we figured it was happening because we moved to a different state. We called about it a couple times. And they ended up freezing our accounts! They asked us to send pictures of our State IDs or Drivers licenses to prove our identity. We did that. I also sent the a picture of our lease to update our new address. They told me that I went against their user agreement and that my account was being permanently closed and that they were investigating my money for up to 180 days to see if they can give me MY money back! I sent them pictures of my accounts showing what I did. And I also kept the chat transcripts and email communications with the company. No luck at all. And they won’t tell me how I violated the user agreement! I need my money! I have kids and bills to pay and I can’t now.

Garbage service. For some mystery reason my account has been flagged for a violation (this is coming from PayPal) with zero explanation or even any transaction specifica of how I supposedly violated any of your policies…but I have to take your word for it that you didn’t make some mistake etc and now I can NEVER USE this or PayPal again. No big deal I can use others but the point is that the way you have handled this is absolutely absurd. Makes no sense why you would not indicate to me at the very least what transactions were flagged as violations to be able to validate the decision to permanently ban me. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICE. And to think Thai is likely all because of some unauthorized activity which you are supposed to provide support for and actually have done but despite acknowledging the dispute and refunding my money, you STILL have kept the permanent ban in place? The worst customer service ever, but no surprise really considering I was a victim of fraud in another PayPal transaction earlier in the year and it took me screaming about it on Facebook to actually get sometime to even bother to look into it and eventually get the issue resolved. Terrible business practice and I hope the new world order that is coming out a you out of business. You don’t deserve business if this is how you treat customers that have been with you for well over a decade. Garbage!

SCAMMERS -Watch out for scammers. I have to rate it 1 star as it doesn’t protect smaller business trying to get started. I don’t usually leave ratings but I used to love and use Venmo a lot until recently. Long story short I started selling stuff and used Venmo as a means of receiving money, but recently got scammed by someone after payment and them receiving goods. Few weeks later Venmo takes away stored finds with notification and few days after that, emails me stating that they are trying to dispute a chargeback as the costumer reported to their bank that they did not make transaction. After trying several times to get a hold of someone which I was never able to do. I filled out all information to dispute the dispute providing information regarding conversation about transaction, proof that they made transaction and everything. Someone emailed back stating that I would have to wait months to receive an update. Couldn’t use Venmo that’s entire time while I was attempting to receive additional funds from a past payout. After 2 months of waiting with no answer, I am still expected to pay out the person in order to unlock my account. Another few weeks go by and I get an email stating that Venmo is siding with the customer despite all evidence I provided. Watch out for scammers and keep receipts of everything and conversations of transactions, not that it’ll help.

LOST MY FUNDS FOR A WEEK NOW !!. I have never done a review on an app before but this completely unbelievable !!! I made a standard transfer to my bank account which I haven’t previously had an issue with. I was unaware that I couldn’t use a nickname in the app separate from my real name and that my bank was going to return the transfer being as they will only accept it in my name. They sent it back as soon as they received it. I should gotten my money back into venmo the 27th. This is my rent money my kids Christmas money food clothes diapers we are homeless and lost everything this isn’t fair. Customer service is shotty they all give me the same run around information without actually looking into it repetitively until I unfortunately have to start to get a bit rude. Saying “You basically just have to wait for the money to show back up” Then I am told to wait on a “Specialist Team” to respond to my email. I requested a number to call them on which I was given but immediately informed that they are only available by email which they aren’t responding to. That’s really upsetting for me as this was my first time giving the app a real try before switching my direct deposit. Now I’m not too sure I’m comfortable allowing them to be my complete bank. Will change my review once I have received my money !!

No acceptable Help for your system error!!!. Your system went down last night as I was marking a large sum payment. I received a “Deined and Retry” message. The “Retry” attempt was successful and I received a confirmation. This morning I wake up to TWO withdrawals on my bank account and YOU cannot stop this second withdrawal!!! I have spent all day trying to fix this, speaking to 3 different CUSTOMER service agents and a supervisor. This has caused additional costs and headaches with my bank. I have had to involve the recipient of the funds YOU sent in error. I still yet to receive an apology and any involvement on your behalf to fix this problem!!! I am told to wait 5 to 7 days while all funds are processed or you’ll FREEZE my account!!! Why would you NOT have the tools to do anything to fix this and on top of having wasted my entire day you then tell me you will Freeze my account if I don’t take care of it on my end!!! Horrible!!! All YOU need to do is STOP PAYMENT on the mistake of pulling my money twice, apologize and take care of this!!!! 😡

Really handy - a few issues. I use this app a ton and im a huge fan. One thing that enraged me though is that they’ll sometimes keep your money hostage when you try to pay someone , adding in layers of verification requirements while possibly collecting interest on the sums held up- they don't notify the sender that the money they sent was unclaimed allowing the sender to choose an alternative payment channel - I learned from a young homeless woman who had a Venmo account who i sent money to for train fare, that they would not allow her to accept what I sent. I consider this to be abusive of their fiduciary role. I want them to fix this and make it easier for people in her situation to access funds to be able to improve their situation or make it clear to the person who sends money that the money never reaches the intended recipient. I would give them fewer stars for this issue, but i find for regular use with established contacts it works well. I wish i had the option to preschedule payments or set regular payments. I also wish that my venmo balance would apply to my payment when the amount exceeds the balance- instead of sitting there!

The absolute worst customer support when you need it most. If you have an issue and need help you will regret using Venmo. Working with them has been the worst customer service experience in my life and I work in client service and really try to see the good in everyone. When my case with Venmo involving over $1,000 was finally resolved - after grueling, endless communication with Venmo’s team, mostly one-way, resulting in auto- responses from them and beyond frustrating redirection to email their team when calling, I vowed never to use Venmo again. Once my case was finally resolved by Venmo I was so happy to be able to be done with them! Yet the problem continues because Venmo will not allow me to close my account due to a technical glitch in their software still showing an open case. It’s been 2 months since my case has been closed and they keep telling me that engineers are working on this- for 2 months?? Last I was told they were elevating this case and I would be reached out to, but nobody has reached out. Its now been 2 months and all I want to do is close my account. If any scams or issues come up, I feel way more comfortable going directly through my bank or using Zelle. Venmo will not have your back or even provide adequate customer service if you ever need them. I do not recommend using Venmo if you have the option.

Customer service? What Customer service!!!. Wow!! I cannot believe that a company can own and operate an app while generating so much money from consumers and not be legally bound to have to have an option where the consumer can actually speak to a live person in order to get help with their product (the app)! Instead you can submit a review and rhe. It automatically sends you a response ( meaning no one is actually reading your emails) that sends you to about 15 different articles to read and figure out your own problem with the app! Then when it doesn’t solve your problem you re submit a request and it automatically sends you a response and the circle continues!!! Smh!! What a joke!! I call the number and it sends me back to the website for the circle to continue!!! Please get it together Venmo!!! Iwould say that I would not use this app until you correct this!! But, I actually cannot use this app because there is a problem that I cannot figure out and it won’t recognize my credentials and I cannot get Venmo to assist!!! SMH!! Zero stars if I could!!

Potential—but terrible customer service if needed. When the app works, it is nice and convenient. However, if you run into a problem the customer service is very poor. I had a payment that wouldn’t go through. I contacted them and was first told it was on the bank’s side. I contacted the bank and they explained in detail why this was not accurate. I was then told to just keep trying and eventually it would likely work again. After four days with it not working yet, I called. I was told that it was something with the algorithms they use and they could not resolve it. I was then told that it would likely just start working again at some point. I asked if I would be notified when I could use it again and was told no. So they expect for me to just keep trying this with no guarantee that it is going to work. If I am to use this with friends at dinner, or to pay someone, without knowing if it will work, it makes me look really bad. If I am paying someone doing work for us, they may wonder if I really have the money. It may cause them to question if they want to take my business. I will look into other options because of the really excessively customer service. I should note that I spoke with four people at Venmo over time, so it is a pattern of poor customer service and not just an isolated person.

Useful!. I love Venmo and love even more that it provides an actual debit card for cash atm withdrawals and in store purchases. It’s so easy to send money between friends etc.. The two downsides? 1) I don’t like that everyone can see who you send money to and who your “friends” are. You can change your feed to private buy you cannot hide your friends list. Not sure everyone knows that they can hide their feed though. It took me a few years of using Venmo to even discover that feature. 2) I don’t like that once you send money, you can’t take it back in the event that you accidentally send too much money OR even worse, send money to someone you don’t even know on accident!! If Venmo could change the allowing of anyone that uses Venmo to see your friends list and my #2 complaint, Venmo would be a game changer for real! I use Cash App a bit more frequently just because no one can see your connections and no one can see your feed at all since it’s not even a feature or setting that needs changing. Thank you Venmo! You’re still a valuable presence.

Unethical. I’ve used Venmo for years now. Yesterday I tried making a payment and i could not use the balance on my account. Instead it charged my credit card along with the 3% fee which amounted to $15. When I contacted customer service I was told they sent an email about in September saying we can’t use our cash balance without verifying an already verified account which I have used for years. No notification on the actual app. No warnings or information on what to do to use the balance on the account . Seems really unethical. If these accounts need to be verified then wouldn’t you assume the emails also have to be verified? Why is there not information on this on the actual app users will be guaranteed to see? It’s less about the money and more about ethics. Very conveniently block users from using funds in their account so you get to hold on to the cash and also charged fees. I was told they would credit the 3% fee as courtesy but since an email was sent out in September then they can’t extend the courtesy? Isn’t that the purpose of courtesy?

Corrupted Company. My room mate sent me his portion of the rent fair and square. Two weeks after he moved out he called and threatened me for money. When I refused, he threatened to dispute the rent payment. He filed it as an unauthorized transaction even though he 100% of his own volition sent the payment and the money was owed. Without any inquiry or investigation, Venmo immediately credited him the full amount. They placed my account in the negative (I owed them suddenly $600) and froze my account. I went to extensive lengths to contact with them and bring the fraud and abuse of system into the light. I had verifiable evidence. I was a loyal user. Venmo sided with the toxic roomie solely on the grounds that in the User Agreement it’s our responsibility to not have any disputes or complaints against us during our times using Venmo. It was blatantly obvious what he did. And the only reason they refused to be honorable here and correct this was because it was their mistake for just blindly crediting and it would cost more to fix it than to leave a user locked out and delinquent. There’s no protection. No matter what anyone can just hit a dispute button and suddenly get credited the amount and you will be billed the amount. Completely corrupted organization with dishonest business practices. Go elsewhere. They are not worth the risk.

Thiefts crooked company. I put $900 in this account after opening it and they have seized my account left me and my wife and my unborn child and an infant and a six-year-old stranded on the side of the road canceling my debit cards freezing my accounts telling me that it’s gonna take 48 hours while I’m on a road trip for the weekend on a weekend vacation with my little family that I will not hear anything for 48 hours and that’s imperative to check my email when my phone will be getting shut off because I’m only 30 days contracted but yet I can’tPay my bills because they’re holding my money hostage they are stealing from the poor and getting rich from it I guarantee you every single person has a story like this but they’re just not as broke as me and they let things go but this company needs to be shut down He will do absolutely anything and everything to keep your money as long as they came from you won’t even let you get it out of your ATM or absolutely nothing declines for no apparent reason I’ll because they’re a bunch of crooks

They hold your money w/o exp. & access acct details illegally. Someone recently opened a dispute against me however she opened the dispute before the agreed date to ship. It makes no sense. So Venmo froze my account and would not tell me any information. They kept telling me an account specialist would contact me...well the lady demanded I ship her stuff before the account specialist ever reached out. I had already verified my identity yet they wanted me to submit more proof to even inform me of the dispute. Long story short Venmo has closed my account permanently without asking for my side of the story and without any explanation at all. When I respond to the emails they just reply and say they cannot assist me any further and The money in my account will now be held for 180 days-again with no explanation as to why. If I weren’t I contact with the disputing party I wouldn’t have even known a dispute was opened. To top it all off the disputing party has informed me that they have a family member who works for Venmo and has been providing her with my account details. I emailed Venmo’s privacy department and the following day my account is permanently closed. Do NOT use Venmo unless you want to risk your money being held for 180 days without explanation. BBB and FTC will be hearing from me next. Employees cannot access and provide my information to another user for any reason- especially for personal, family matters.

SCAM COMPANY!. I know inflation is bad and everyone is hurting. But that is no excuse for charging people twice for the same payment that was only put in once! I set up a credit card payment once & the system glitched and charged me twice for the same payment. Not my fault at all. When I went to get help for the issue I got the worst customer service ever! The person on chat tells me to contact venmo to get a credit increase. How is that supposed to help when my bank account is overdrawn because venmo took 2 payments instead of 1! Then they say call synchronicity. So I call and get no help from a rude agent. Who tells me, they can only send me back the extra money they charged me in the mail with a paper check. You have to be kidding me! I never had such bad service in my life. Any other of my real credit cards, like MasterCard or Discover. Would send the payment back to my bank digitally. The same way the money was taken out. Especially if it was their fault! Now I am stuck trying to figure out how to get the extra money in my bank so I don’t get charged overdraft fees. Once I pay this card off I am closing the account. The same goes for my PayPal credit. Since PayPal is the company that owns Venmo. They must also have the same, non-customer friendly policies.

Horrible turn-around time. Venmo has been holding $500 in my account, frozen, for 14 days now. They blocked my transfer for ID verification. I have uploaded requested documents twice, called customer service four times, written two messages, and NO ONE has responded to ANYTHING. The customer service reps, if you can get to one through their highly real-person-avoidant automated system, are not allowed to transfer me to an “Account Specialist,” who will only communicate with you, not matter how complicated your issue, by email. Then COMMUNICATE. One rep said wait 6-7 business days. Then another one said 7-8 business days; then 7 to 10 business days! Not a single returned email in 14 days, and now it’s the weekend. Not even an automated message telling me about any progress on my case. Nothing. Just holding my money for fourteen days and counting. For ID verification. In an age when checks of your entire credit history, with addresses going back your entire adult life, can be done in 1 to 2 minutes. Their customer service procedure and policy are designed to not allow anyone to talk to you. It is dehumanizing. This is the worst “customer service” experience I have ever had with a business that handles my money. I do not recommend Venmo. I would give -10 stars if I could. I will happily dissuade anyone from using it.

Venmo for business steals your money. Venmo has a purchase protection option that is tucked at the bottom of the screen when you go to pay a business account. This takes a percent from the seller to ensure purchase protection. The thing is, it’s positioned in a way where people use it ALL THE TIME without realizing it or what it does. There is no way for the business to turn it off, and so Venmo is just inconspicuously dipping into our profits. It takes a small percent that really builds up. I use my business Venmo for selling concert tickets to my shows, merch, etc. so the purchase protection is completely unnecessary considering I’m handing the merchandise out as they pay me. I even had a VENUE get confused and pay us out with purchases protection which took a percent of our PAYMENT. We weren’t even selling something. It should be up to businesses to ensure their own refund policy, or at least agree to purchase protection if requested by a customer. So many times the customer and seller are confused and annoyed by this. I don’t think it is a coincidence that Venmo positioned this button it such a way that people click it all the time thinking it’s just agreeing to the transaction or something. It’s a way for Venmo to capitalize on user error. I’ll be deleting my business Venmo promptly so I can actually keep my profits.

Horrifying customer service/fraud/escalation team. Most of their customer service is completely automated. Takes ten minutes to get someone on the phone. The girl I got kept repeating things back to me which were not what I said. I had to clarify multiple times. I asked for a supervisor when she didn’t have the authority to comp me the transfer fee for transferring my money back to me due to fraud thru a compromised password in a data leak that Venmo should be responsible for. She left me on hold while she ‘finished her report’ , after five minutes I gave up and hung up as it seemed she would not be transferring me to her supervisor after all. So due to a data leak- someone transferred all my money out of my bank account to Venmo where it takes 4 days to transfer, so my bank account is empty. She was unable to do ANYTHING so the bare minimum I wanted was to have the instant transfer fee comped. Update: After their ten day waiting period where I went in and ‘froze’ my account and was told I could unfreeze at any time. NOT TRUE. I was the one who froze the account and now that the ten days of locking be out of ny account is done they decided that my account deserves further scrutiny and they will not be unlocking it after all fOR AN ADDITIONAL TEN DAYS! They have had $2,000 of my money for ten days! Now they will have it for 20 days!

Account owners should have more control over moving their own money from account to account. It’s unfortunate and unclear really why it is not a permanent service to provide to your verified customers… I have had to utilize my Venmo account a couple different ways and for different reasons mainly whenever one of my traditional bank accounts have needed new cards issued for various different reasons like lost cards or fraudulent activity or theft… I need access to my money and I don’t have time to go withdraw it and this day and age some banks won’t even talk to you unless you have your physical card active and on your person so how can I possibly provide that if they are automatically deactivating my card until I can find the time to wait on hold all day in order to verify my transactions? Venmo was offering me a great service and favor by having the instant transfer from my checking account for a limited time for whatever reason perhaps I was a guinea pig but either way I was thankful and quite upset that I don’t have it available to me anymore and I have zero idea why but I do know that every verified legitimate customer should have that service available to them after all it’s a back up card in my eyes and it worked beautifully when I had all the necessary features enabled to use it as such…

They really froze my account and trying to hold my money. Okay hello my name is johniqua so it says that Venmo is holding my money okay after my money is returned I’m not using Venmo again. I understand I violated some kind of rule or whatever. I clearly explained what happened plenty of times 4 times in a row sent my ny stat Id picture twice. I don’t get it I couldn’t put the money on my card I clearly explained that then it says I can’t use my account how in the world is it that sending money is so difficult. when you try to get your hard earned money back to you. which your the rightful owner of someone tells you they’re gonna hold it oh heck no. I will like my money returned to me no one has to ever worry about me using this app again. I’m sure I will never use this app. I will be darned if someone freezes my account then I give my Id and tells me they’re holding on to my money as if I’m a little kid who just got there allowance and is spending to much money I understand not you fault I chose this app and have to deal with whatever but if I knew I was causing trouble sending the money back to my boyfriend and requesting it back because we both couldn’t find a card to place the money on I would’ve been asked my sister to use her bank card to put my money on man why the heck why do I have to go through this so I really can’t get my money back

I encourage all one star reviews. To start marking helpful all other one star reviews. I’ve had 525 stolen from me by them and I’ve uploaded my information 5x minimum. I encourage each of you to take your issues and your problems to a reputable law firm such as Phelps (who I do not work for but have done work for me in the past). They are not a typical plaintiff attorney. They are a defense attorney out of New Orleans and are excellent. If enough of us contact them they will likely see the class action law suit that has to be done to make these people not only give us our money back but also interest lost services pain and suffering, etc. I’m confident you can’t make a user agreement that is illegal and theirs clearly is. It doesn’t matter if you say in your user agreement you can’t sue or take to court when that document is full of illegal provisions not written by an attorney who knows anything about banking law or e-law and Phelps has a department for the new services being offered as an app. Look them up. You may have a branch in your area because they have a world wide presence. Venmo is stealing money from every 1/10 people and you’re talking about millions of people that money adds up quickly. They do not have a right to keep money you have rightfully proven is yours. Stick to brick and mortar people.

HORRIBLE APP!!!. The most unsecured app I’ve ever used! I have had money stolen from me TWICE now! The first time was over $600 and it took over two weeks to get back. The second time, someone signed into my account (after Venmo assured me my account was not hacked the first time) and sent themselves over $7,000!!! This was another two week fiasco! And because my bank account was attached to my Venmo account, the money came out of my family’s checking account. I had to wait two weeks to get everything refunded to me, close my checking account, open a new account, and I’m STILL in the process of getting my automated bills transferred to the next bank account after they all were unable to go through. I have gotten collection calls, calls from my utility providers, and calls from people I’ve written personal checks to because they have not been able to get the money I’ve owed them. It has been the biggest nightmare!! I can’t even explain the emotions I was feeling when I saw that much money stolen from me and I had to call their customer service in tears. Venmo has a lot of work to do to help protect their users! I will not be using Venmo anymore from now on, which is extremely disappointing because I loved using this app for various reasons. But this is extremely unacceptable!!!

Worst customer service ever. ZERO STARS. UPDATE: January 2021 - They froze my account again. They emailed me to verify my identity at 5 pm because I was busy and didn’t respond by midnight the same day they locked my account. Absolutely ridiculous!!! Not even 12 hours to allow a response!!! Now I have to go through the hassle of waiting for a certain representative to email me. A chat agent couldn’t assist. Last time this happened it took 5 days to get the issue resolved. July 2020 - They froze my account when I applied for the debit card. I only get mail via a PO Box due to living in a small town. No luck with their customer service. They just keep saying they will escalate the issue and it will take 2-3 business days. I’m already past that. I’ve never had this much trouble. They’re owned by PayPal. I’ve had a PayPal account for over 8 years with my PO Box and the same information and they didn’t throw such a fit. They needed my address to mail the debit card. My only mailing address is a PO Box because that’s the only way we get mail in the small town where I live. I even sent them copies of my ID, bank statements and bills with my physical address that get mailed to my PO Box. Proving my identity. Venmo will not for any reason send a debit card to a PO Box. But all my other banks and credit card companies have no issue with it. It’s ridiculous.

Convenient but still frustrating. Venmo is a convenient money sharing app since it’s the one most people use but man oh man does it have some serious hang ups. It automatically shares your transaction history with all of your friends. It pulls these friends from Facebook and your phone and makes that list public as well. So anyone of those people can see everyone you know and who you’re paying for what. Also as far as I have found there’s no way to turn off the friends feed or make your personal history your home feed. It defaults to the friends one meaning every time you open the app you see an endless list of your mild acquaintances’s financial transactions. Rachel from high school must be getting married cuz she just Venmoed a wedding photographer and a dj. Your old coworker Tom just paid someone you’ve never heard of for burritos. Carol just paid Jennifer for some wine. Good for them. Glad they’re still having that wine Wednesday. But like who is this for? I hate it. I just wanna slip my friends some money when they grab me food or pay my portion of the rent without going to the bank. Who wants to see how their friends are spending their money? Why even mix the social aspect into it? Get it I guess cuz cash is so last decade or whatever but be prepared to find it as annoying as any other social networking site.

Constant issues with Venmo freezing my money. They’re holding money paid to me by friends of about 183$. I tried transferring to my bank account and it shows my account is frozen. I can’t transfer it my account and can’t pay someone off the limbo balance. I’ve contacted customer service, email, live chat, read all the preprinted information which doesn’t help since all those are about money owed. This is money for me that’s just sitting there. I’ve sent them a copy of my drivers license to show it’s me. Signed up in Facebook where I only have one account. It’s still saying to contact customer support! What else am I supposed to do. It’s signed up to a new bank account at a credit union. So I correctly entered the routing number and proper account. It’s still frozen. No answer. My account is verified through email. We are at a stand sat I’ll since January. I just want my account open and give me my money. So I ask my friends if it came back to them? Pay me again but in cash? I don’t know what to do at this point but I’m losing money because nobody can pay me in Venmo. So many dinners where nobody has cash so we all Venmo. I’ve lost money friends are trying to reimburse me. I never see it account is still frozen. Since January. 😑 my bank can’t speak to third party and it’s not my bank with the issues.

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Current Version 10.38.0
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The application Venmo was published in the category Finance on 03 April 2010, Saturday and was developed by Venmo [Developer ID: 351727431]. This program file size is 396.15 MB. This app has been rated by 15,429,312 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. Venmo - Finance app posted on 02 April 2024, Tuesday current version is 10.38.0 and works well on iOS 14.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: net.kortina.labs.Venmo. Languages supported by the app:

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