Vicinno Financial Calculator

Vicinno Financial Calculator [Finance] App Description & Overview

The most reliable emulator for HP 12C Financial Calculator on iPhone and iPad, which behaves exactly like, and supports all the functions of HP 12C Financial Calculator.

5 Stars: "Works like the original but more handy" -Jen, CFA, MBA, Financial Analyst

5 Stars: "Best 12c out there. Nice to always have it with me." -Tim H. Nelson, Finance student

5 Stars: "Turns your iPhone into a 12c with helpful features, not in the original" -Hannah

5 Stars: "Retired my very experience HP several years ago and haven't looked back. Only use this app now." -Yan07

5 Stars: "I use it on a daily basis and no longer have to carry my financial calculator with me." -Debbie, Financial Advisor

5 Stars: "couldn't be a better app. Stable user-friendly and the exact replacement for my physical Hewlett Packard calculator." -Gatortag

This app uses the same RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) entry system and adds in big improvements for mobile to guarantee the best user experience and performance.

******** Highlight Features ********
• Time value of money TVM
• Cash flow analysis NPV, IRR
• Amortization
• Bonds
• Depreciation
• Loan payments calculation
• Statistical analysis
• Date arithmetic
• RPN entry
• Programmable
• Support auto-rotate and can be used in both orientations: landscape and portrait.
• In-app quick start help with one click access.
• Options to turn on/off audible key click feedback, and
• Switch between the US and Europe number format​/use comma as decimal point.
• Automatically save/restore all settings.
• In-app online support.
• Click menu key to see more settings.
• Long press to copy the calculation result to the clipboard and paste it anywhere.
• More ...

**** Support ****
Feel free to email us at

**** Stay tuned ****
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Vicinno Financial Calculator Comments & Reviews

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- Good but some functional problems

Been using this iPhone version for 3 years after using an HP12C calculator for decades. The 0 “zero” key requires a lot of taps before it works and the PMT functions to figure at the BEG (beginning) or END (end) of period are buggy, also requiring a lot of taps to switch between these. Very frustrating after using the old version and liking it. I look forward to it being reissued. This is a very good calculator w a lot of functions but this latest bug fixes created some problems that didn’t exist before.

- Excellent 12C financial calculator

If you’re looking for or useful functional financial calculator with all the features of the traditional HP 12 C this is the calculator to invest in. I’ve been using a 12 C for decades from Hewlett-Packard. The original handheld calculator’s were high-quality superior products with innovative functions and quality workmanship. The latest versions are not likely to last very long physically and the workmanship and quality have become profoundly sad. I now want one device that works on my iPhone and iPad that I use throughout the day. The HP products are not supported with updates with the changing operating systems from Apple. They have annoying key clicks that you can’t silence without turning off all the sound on the iproducts, how pathetic is that. This is the calculator to buy! It’s supported with the latest operating system, there are no annoying key clicks you can’t turn-off, and the full functionality of the calculator is available no matter which way you turn your device to use it. The only complaint I have is the delay when you open the product because the developer runs an ad... but I am more than satisfied with the functionality of the product. Recommend you give it a try before wasting money on HP products that are no longer professionally supported.

- Great financial tool

I started in the 70’s with the 38E, a high quality machine and then the 12C when it came along. My business requires that I have a financial calculator with me at all times. When traveling I always brought my 12C along but when the 12C app came out I downloaded it to my phone. As with most people I’m never without my phone so never without my calculator. Though the original HP 38 series was a better machine, for reasons I won’t comment on here, the 12C is very capable and an indispensable tool for anyone in finance. Everything I’ve written about the 12C is also true if the 12C app and I love the convenience of always having it with me. Thanks for doing a great job in designing your app to so perfectly replicate the original HP product.

- My all time favorite calculator!

This is a near perfect implementation of the HP 12C calculator, which I have been using since its inception. I have this app on my iPhone and on my iPad, and I have an actual 12C in two places in my home, so clearly this is my go to tool for anything financial. I really appreciate that the entire user's manual is included as it makes it very easy to refresh my memory on how some of the functions I don't use frequently work. And, I had to smile when the app was re-named to "RPN", because in brought back a memory of my then friend Donnie B., who was of Polish ancestry, explaining in great detail that the key sequence on the 12C was known as "Reverse Polish Notation". Congrats to the developers, this is a very well done app!

- 12C

For those of us raised and dependent on the HP12C, this has been a great addition until the update. In fact, my actual 12C hasn’t come out of my briefcase since I got the app years ago. This is just too easy. Unfortunately they just “upgraded” it to a new look. Keys are the same, but the background is completely different. I contacted them to see how to bring it back and was told they are working on having the classic view as an option. Ordered new batteries for the old 12C in the meantime... Update: The old familiar look is back as they promised. Thanks. I have been using this app for years, and it works just as well as the real thing.

- Why change what works???

Please go back to the previous version or let us know why you had to change to this??? I don’t like it. I hate software updates just for the sake of change as an engineer. If it works it works and a calculator should only be a calculator that works as intended. Changes often result in other problems and then another update and then more problems etc etc etc. Was this done in a effort to make more money somehow? Thanks for the retro update of the hp calculator. Not exactly like before but it works much better than previous version. Don’t change what works please and thank you.

- Great app, shout out to a responsive developer

This is a perfect reproduction of the HP-12C, as so many others have said. It does exactly what it is designed to do. I use it many times a day. I want to also take this opportunity to give a special shout out to the developer. When he created the dark mode a few years ago, I wrote to say that for me the new layout was hard to see. He updated the app to make the old “HP” design a settings option. This change was made just a couple of days after I wore to him. Great app. Responsive developer. Thanks Vicinno Soft!

- Educational Investment

We need to be smart with our money. Learning to use this calculator, you will brush up (or, learn for the first time): the time value of money, opportunity cost, amortization and more. The Rule of 72 can get you close, but compound interest is too important to guess at. This nails it. Deciding of buy or rent a home, how much to save, when to retire, this is THE tool most popular (since the 1980’s) with people who get paid to give money advice. Nobody cares more than YOU about your money, so check their answers! Don’t worry about money, be confident.

- You can “Count” on this one

I Purchased the HP 12 C many many many years ago. In fact, it was the first year that it was introduced. It was phenomenal then. and went way beyond anything that you could do with a handheld device at that time. This application has all of the same capabilities as the original 12 C. I use it every day not only for my commercial real estate investments but for every day mathematical and financial needs. It’s easy to use and makes complex financial situations easy to calculate.I don’t know what I would do without it.

- Changed to ugly design. No longer 12C design

2nd Message: the developer still promising that the new update is going to be launch in a few days... another week as passes and nothing. Are you really are going to do it or shall I take this issue to iTunes and ask for a refund ? You may don’t understand but the only reason that I bought this calculator was the HP 12C design. More over when you have a Finance background where the 12C was part of our lives. One of the thing that upset me is these developers writing me for more than a month telling me that an update is coming where the 12C would be an option to change. Two updates have come, and that option is not there. If that option would not be included, be honest and say it.

- Wouldn’t be without it.

I have your calculator on both my iPhone as well as my iPad. I used to buy(for $89) the hp12c handheld calculator. No need to anymore. Your program is soooo much less expensive & I always have my phone with me. Keep updating. The 1st 4 days of the latest update the calculator wouldn’t work on my Iphone, just my ipad. Thanks for correcting that so quickly. I use it for finance, mortgages, and lease payments. Yes I was able to write the program to do leases. if anyone needs the leasing program let me know.

- Absolutely excellent! Perfect replacement for HP 12 C

If you are familiar with, or simply have used and miss being able to have an HP 12C calculator at your fingertips, this app is perfect! I could not recommend it more highly. Also, if you have an older version of the "HP12C RLS" calculator, it appears to no longer be supported. However, this app, the "RPN Financial Calc 12E", is a perfect replacement, and substantially less costly as well. The cost/value of this app far exceeds the older RLS app, and is far better choice even if the older was still available.

- A faithful copy

I’ve been using a “real” HP12C for close to 35 years and am very comfortable with it. This application is faithful to the original right down to the “running” status while the “calculator” searches for solutions. There are other calculators out there that calculate the time value of money but for those of us of certain age that began our careers with HP products, this is a comforting app to find. It’s a great value when compared to the HP version of the same thing. It’s my go to financial calculator for the iOS.

- Awful redesign! With pending correction.

***Updated after developer response: I appreciate you guys reaching out. I have adjusted back to 5 stars, on the promise of the upcoming option to revert to the original look. Thanks.*** My only guess is that you guys received a cease and desist order from HP. That is the only way I can picture you making the decision to take what was the perfect emulator for a tool that I use daily, and turning it to this mess you have here. It's truly terrible.

- Great HP 12C Emulator

This app does everything just like the HP 12C in my office. But for a very small price I can use it on my phone. Yes, I preferred the original interface, but can understand why they had to change it. It doesn’t make much difference because all the keys are in the same place if you use the landscape view. I’ve started using the portrait view instead and actually like it better. If you’re an HP 12C fan, you will be very happy with this app.

- Very good, but white haze on keys is annoying.

I have been using HP calculators since the mid 1980’s in engineering, before TI took over the market. I still have and use my real HP calculators on a daily basis. Vicinno’s HP calculator emulators are very good and convenient on my iPhone, for occasional use. The only gripe I have is the white haze around the characters on the keys is annoying, and makes the characters more difficult to see. Please get rid of the white haze in future updates.

- Original layout

I like the way the calculator operates as it maintains the original RPN operation. The app has always looked exactly like the original HP12-c. However, the latest update to this app changed the overall appearance and I would much prefer to have the original HP12-c appearance as before. This is why I gave it a four star rating instead of five star. Please change it back.

- The best!

I absolutely love it and use it daily. RPN is simple once you get it, and saves so much time! For 1+2, type: 1 ENTER 2+ This is better because your mind naturally focuses on the number. So you enter the number to get it out of your head, then you click on what to do with it (subtract it, add, etc) - no more 'equals' sign. To change decimal points shown, press f then the number of decimal points you want. To clear history, press f and Sigma. Awesome.

- 🍀Just like the original🍀

I've had this app for a while now, and it seems to be just like the original. Works flawlessly all the time, do not have to carry around the old original. Reasonable price, and look's sharp. I wouldn't be without this app now, I use it every day. If you like the old original you'll love this. I have two HP 12 C's but this is the one I use all the time!

- Great App

Finally, a 12C emulator that works perfectly. I've tried others, most recently one that had an annoying delay between key press and display, as well as a penchant for crashing and freezing. This one works every bit as well as my HP handhelds, and I always have it with me on my phone. I also have it on my large iPad Pro, a blessing for my old-man vision.

- Love the app...miss the old interface

I love this app. My 12c has not been out of its case in years. However, one of the things I like about the original app, aside from it’s perfect 12c functionality, is that it looked exactly like the real 12c. I may get used to the new look, but would love having the option to revert to the old. Nonetheless, I’m still a fan.

- Why Change What Worked?

The pictures show an HP-12C look on the left, and that’s what I bought. A few months ago, I noticed that the look had been changed. Now it looks like the second picture shown in the App Store. I didn’t like it, but I figured so long as it worked I’d still be happy. But it doesn’t work. The keys have become “sticky,” and as a result you can’t just tap keys and keep moving as had been the case. I would like the old HP-12C look, but particularly I would like to see the calculator work correctly. I would have rated it a 5-star App prior to your change.

- Latest update- don’t bother (with update)

I loved the original 12c and have used it for a number of years. With the latest update, removed the look and feel of what I originally purchased, and even worse, they keypad numbers don’t even work. You have to press very hard (on some) numbers, and the decimal point doesn’t work. Update: Oct 16 the developer said they will update “in a few days”. It’s now 2 weeks later, nada. Deleting the app. No time for crappy products or service. You lost a long term customer. It does not work, and I use a calculator every day.


I replaced my HP12C years ago with this app. It is true to the soul of my old HP12C. I started using it in grad school for my MBA and never looked back. This app is the only way to go for the business needs I had. I retired now and still use it for all my calculations. I’m so glad they fixed the old look. I prefer that over the new look hands down.

- Great calculator. Like the Classic, but New Look has gtown on me

When the Classic look disappeared I was upset. The new look at first was too dim. They fixed it quickly and told me the Classic would be back soon. Now that the Classic look is back, I am having a hard time choosing between the two. I have a real HP-12C, so the Classic look, for me, is visually consistent.

- Update = app support fixed! Thank you!!

I bought this app years ago because of the product and how it worked, and I loved the calculator. This updated version won’t even open up for me. I tap the icon and it takes me back to my phone home page. Can’t even utilize it now. This needs to get fixed!!!

- Dependable Calculator

There's only one thing I don't freezes intermittently. Not sure if it's cause by my IPhone 5s 32gigs-halfway full with updated IOS 8. I recover functionality by doing soft reboot (turning off its screen). I emailed support but no reply. It comes with complete HP documentation manual. With its advance functionality features, the price is a bargain.

- Great emulation of the HP 12C

I purchased the 12C when it was first available and I consider it the standard for financial calculations. The 12C app is a near perfect emulation and having the convenience of having it with me almost constantly is extremely helpful. I have used the app for over two years and it has performed flawlessly!

- Not happy with the changes

Prior to the changes of the hp app, my calculator was working just fine. Ever since the change, I have a difficult time with the bottom buttons. I have to press them very hard in order for them to register. I use this for work and it is annoying when I have a customer on the phone that I am trying to get them figures. I wish I could get the old format back. I had no issues with the calculator before.

- Replaced my 12c

Love it works great. What else needs to be said other then if you don't know how the old HP12c calculators worked you will find this one strange at first and it will take some learning to make full use of it but once you do you will never want to go back to traditional calculators!

- Vicinno 12c emulation - just about perfect

The title says it all! I am quite pleased to have this functionality on my iPhone and iPad. I have the original hp device, but normally the Vicinno emulation is more convenient. My only complaint is as follows: the “key click” appears to be disabled on my iPad. Works fine on the mobile phone.

- Do not like the redesign.

Please update to give the calculator the classic hp12c design back. Do not like the redesign as I’ve used this for years as my phone alternative to the hp12c I use daily. Also, do not like that the manual feature seems to open a web search now instead of having the manual built in like it used to. I would use that manual specifically because it wasn’t a web search, so it was more convenient. Please fix or I’ll need to purchase someone else’s hp12c app to use instead.

- Financial Calculator Bundle

I am happy with their calculator - it is a perfect replica of the HP Financial Calculator. However my disappointment is in the fact that I had to purchase this twice since my previously purchased version from 2014 would not update. From my conversation with Apple, Vicinno didn’t apply the update to the previous version meaning that the old version became worthless in IOS 11. I reached out to Vicinno but never received any reply. This is a nasty way to treat customers that buy your products that pays your salaries.

- Great replacement for the real thing

I grew upon the HP12c but now I only have to carry around my iPhone. I use for real estate and cash flow calcs. I have had it for 6-7 years and really never had an issue with it (unless you count the time I forgot to put one of the cash flows as negative).

- Broken. Stopped working with latest update.

12C emulator app will no longer open on my 6s+ running iOS 12. All I get is the ‘startup screen’ then it closes itself into the background and every time I try to select it from my ‘open’ apps it just ‘snaps’ back into the background. I guess I’ll have to look for something else. After installing iOS 12.0.1 it still doesn’t work. After all these years of only occasional use, I would like a refund if this will not be fixed.

- Help

I loved the app, until this latest update. It will not open even though my iPhone is running newest iOS. It is very helpful to have the calculator available on the phone. The functionality has been excellent. I have used the HP 12C since the early 1980s.

- It’s Baaack - Thankfully

The original 12-C look as an option is now back, buried with the settings menu. It’s not quite the same as the old Vicinno app, so 4 stars not 5, but it’s close. The black-on-black design is gone and good riddance to a flawed aesthetic. Unfortunately it took weeks to get get back to where it was.

- Better than the original

Works just like the HP 12 C. However, unlike the newer, lower quality workmanship of the HP 12 C, the buttons on this app never skip a beat. (my first HP 12 C I purchased in 1990. It listed for 17 years. The new were HP 12 C calculators have crappy keys that don’t always respond to the touch.)

- Wow!

I have used an HP12C most of my professional career even worn the numbers off the keys. This emulator is faster and more convenient on my iPhone. I purchased an older version that apparently updated and the new interface looks and works great. Thank you!

- Thanks for the update.

Love the app. Had some recent issues but update fixed it. I bought it a few years ago and when I got the glitch I was disappointed but the update fixed it. Thanks

- Excellent calculator

This is an excellent calculator app, with the look of the old 12C restored. The 12C look is not only pleasingly retro, it is also simply much clearer for seeing the buttons etc. It uses reverse polish number entry, which is easier for chains of calculations when you’re used to it.

- Great Calculator

I’ve been using the 12C since my college days in the 80’s, and it has been a great tool. This app is reliable and has been one of my top ‘go to’ apps for several years. I like the vintage look - thanks for bringing it back.... old habits die hard.

- The classic is back!

Just caught the upgrade as I was (optimistically) checking the site. Thanks for listening to your loyal users. Be sure to follow instructions after upgrading - you will need to reboot your device after selecting the classic theme in settings and, voila!

- Highly recommend.

I’ve used this since it originally came out. Exactly as expected (if you used the original). Asked for the old look back, but now am getting to like the new look.

- Superior app

I’ve had an HP12-C since they came out and it still works, but I don’t always have it with me so I need an app to emulate it on my iPad and iPhone as well. I’m so used to reverse Polish notation that other calculators are cumbersome. This app does the trick and it works very well.

- Great and useful!

I’ve use an HP 15C since my first year of college. RPN is a hard habit to break. I had bought a 12C for B-school and that stoped working properly a year after it. This app always works as a good calculator should. Still have the original 15C still works like a charm, use it every week at least.

- App stop working

Stop working after about a week. Sent email to developer last week. Still no response. They fixed the app. Never contacted me directly. I am pleased with the app now. Don’t have to take my HP 12c out of the office now

- Couldn't live without it.

As a Certified Financial Planner I use this tool every day. I have the HP tool and the app and they both function extremely well for my purposes. I use it primarily for time value of money and future value calculations.

- Best App.

As a Realtor I have used the physical HP-12c for 30+ years. It has been like an extension of my arm. Don't know how to function without it. To have it as this App that works flawlessly on my iPhone and iPad is wonderful. One less tool to carry. Thank you!!

- Worth the Money

I had the hp 12c app on my old phone for years. When I upgraded to the 7 it disappeared ???. I didn't want to pay the price to rebuy so I got this app instead. Just as good if not better for about a third the price!

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- Love it

Another level of awesomeness!

- Works just like the real thing

Works perfectly .. Still prefer the real thing but when on the go it's one less thing to carry .. Great app!

- HP 12c Emulator

The user interface with this update is so awful that I simply won’t be using it. Why on earth would anyone think this was a good idea?

- New interface

I prefer the old school interface

- Don’t spend the money

Really poor, waste of money.

- Just like the real thing

Actually, even better on iPad

- 12c

Just like having the real one in a pocket

- Great

Works perfectly great!

- Great

Great emulator. Works perfectly. Great value

- Does what it says on the box.

Good value, perfect emulator.

- George

The keyboard is too small and therefor difficult to use. The help contents are very minimal and a waste of time and UNHELPFUL I'd rather carry the real deal in my pocket

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- Vicinno 12e calculator

This is an excellent app for people who like to use an HP 12 C calculator. All the features and functions are exactly like the HP Claculator. The only downside that I've experienced so far is the app seems to get "frozen" every now and then.

- Great product.

I have been using this calculator for 3 years now. Clearly replaces my HP12C business calculator. Very pleased. Thank you.

- 12c HP functionality

I find this nicely emulates my much-loved HP 12c.

- Bad update

Please, fix urgent this app! I hated the color! It doesn't like a HP12C anymore. I can't type some numbers immediately, it doesn't respond right away to the dialing.

- Hp 12c

I really miss the 12c look why did you change ? Change back please.

- App crashes. It’s useless after update.

I was quite happy with the App before the update to new look. Now it crashes all the time and can’t be used. Very disappointing.

- Really Good

Update: v2.2 works great with iOS 7. Wow, v2.0 finally has autorotate! This makes it easier to use on my iPhone 4S. Thanks.

- the icon is much better

The icon is much better, please keep improve it, as you can see, the icon and UI is connected with sales.

- HP-12C

Have had since 1983, great! An excellent calculator.

- Rchbnyn

Best calculator app for financial applications. Even does the days between function.

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- Works like the original.

Maybe I’m a purist. But I don’t like the new look. Calculator works perfectly but like the original look of my actual calculator. 5 stars if it had kept the original look.

- Horrible update

Why did you do this? Doesn’t even look like a calculator anymore - just a bunch of white letters on a black screen. No definition to the keys or anything. If you want this to be a 12c emulator why are you trying to make it look like something else? This looks like a rookie effort at designing a calculator from scratch. Horrible. Bring back the old interface, or at least make it an option in the settings.

- Thanks you fixed as promised

Update: Gave option to restore classic look. Thank you - a responsible developer. Original: It used to look and act just like an HP 12c. Now it doesnt. Please bring back what I paid for. This is absurd.


I tried several times to store data in one of the memory locations on the calculator, a function I need in order to use the calculator for a class I’m taking and it doesn’t work. I contacted support and I’ve yet to hear back from anyone! I’m in the midst of a class and I need the calculator. I can buy the HP version (now I wish I would’ve) but these people need to either fix the problem or refund my money. AND BY ALL MEANS, RESPOND TO YOUR CLIENT’S EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- The best financial calculator app on the market

Just like the real thing, just faster and more beautiful, and always with you (without the second device!). Buy it already.

- Love This Calculator!

I have the actual physical HP Calculator which I’ve used for years. I was very excited to find this app. It has worked exactly like my original and it’s easier to carry around!

- Fixed it

I changed my mind. I complained, they reached out to me—within 1 week. I sent them the crashing info they sought, and they fixed it within 24 hours. Impressive. Good app. Get it.

- What Happened?

This was an outstanding emulation of the HP 12C and I loved pulling it up on my phone and seeing a very reasonable version of my first financial calculator. But the redesign and change in the look and feel is disheartening. While it still functions the same, the loss of the look makes me very sad.

- HP12C People - this is for you

Yeah, you're probably an older financial person, or trained by one, if your desk has had a 15C on it and isn't the same without it. This is almost as good. It really works.

- What did you do?

This calculator is great. It's like taking my 12c with me all the time. Suddenly I see this new icon on my phone and see this lunatic, modern version were you can barely figure out where the buttons are and everything seems moved around. You had a the perfect app and you killed it. Bring back the original look! UPDATE... Thrilled to hear that your bringing back the original design! Put back the five stars on my review!

- 12c

It might work like the HP12c but the interface is awful 🤬. Whoever decided the interface needed replacing with that black mush has no idea of what the work ‘ergonomic’ means. Please look the word up in the dictionary and while you are doing that revert back to the old interface. If you want to change the skin please give the users the option to remain with the original - not everyone likes ‘Gothic’‼️

- The Way to Go

This Vicinno calculator does an excellent job emulating the timeless HP-12C that financial professionals know and love. Its functionality is comprehensive, and the app seems to be better supported than HP’s emulator apps. If you want the HP-12C on your iPhone, this app is a good choice.

- HP 12C on your phone

I bought an HP12C calculator when they first came out. (Yes I am that old.) It got me through graduate school. I still have it but I love having the same capability on my iPhone using this app.

- Tried and a True Financial Calculator

Have been using an HP12c for 30 years. This calculator offers the exact same functionality....for FREE. This is an $80 calculator in stores! Great app for all-things financial!

- No recent updates

Just upgraded my phone and with that upgrade, it does not rotate to vertical view/calculator, and does not use full screen on iPhone X in horizontal mode. Also, I note that others have had issues of screen freeze. I had that issue before the upgrade, but lived with having to occasionally force quit. With these new issues I need to look elsewhere.

- Latest update stinks

Loved this app - particularly because of the visual interface which matched the calculator on my desk. It was an app I could show to others and gain their understanding and respect. Now, the app looks like its own thing, and while its functionally the same, I lose credibility for using something that doesn’t look and feel like the HP 12e. I wish I could revert back to the previous version.

- Great Little 12C Clone

Same features as 12C. Don’t need to carry another device, or learn another one (just your smartphone will do). Reliable. Haven’t had a crash yet. Highly recommended.

- My absolute favorite calculator

I used the physical HP-12C for years and it is still around somewhere in my house. It was my goto machine. This emulator is a perfect soft version and has a bonus portrait version. I love the portrait mode.

- Learning Surce

I am in business and Ican usually get along with simple math. But sometimes things get complicated. What I know beyond the basics I learned from the HP12C owners manual and the back of the unit. I highly recommend the 12C.

- I would have rated this a 5 until recently...

This used to be perfect. But something has changed where I have to hit the zero key multiple times to make it enter. Same is usually true with the STO and RCL keys. If this changes back to the way it was, it is perfect. If not it’s really too frustrating to use.

- Fixed but ugly

Ok. After a week, the app works. But I agree with the other comments. It’s a poor UI design. Did they do any market research to ask if anyone want to change? Was this in response to HP making claims on design? Bring back the old version, it just worked.

- 12C Calculator is the real deal!

After reading so many bad reviews on the other HP 12 Apps including HP's crash happy one, I was a bit nervous. But, so glad I found this stable functional version!

- Works just like the handheld 12C

The HP 12 C in a fantastic calculator that I have used for decades. This app duplicates the function and I always have it with me. When at my desk I prefer the calculator. Otherwise I use the app.

- Useful as a Real Estate Appraiser/Broker

I’ve always enjoyed using this calculator in my business as an appraiser and broker. However, after the most recent iOS update (12.0), this app will not launch. I’ve reinstalled to no avail. Please looking into this...I’d love to continue using your calculator. Thanks!!

- My 2-cents

Excellent. Very handy to have on your phone when your HP is not close by. Same function, same accuracy, speed at a fraction of the cost.

- Works Perfectly.

Does everything I ask of it within my capability. Great application and great to have it always with me on my cell phone.

- HP Calculator Review

I have 3 physical HP calculators and really like them. I have been using this program for about 5 years. It is great, functional, and is able to do what I need done out of the office.

- Exact replica

Functions exactly like the hand-held HP 12C I’ve been using professionally for over 35 years. Very helpful to have access to the calculator anywhere I have my iPhone.

- iPhone X bug fixes??

I love this app and use it many times a day. Since upgrading to the X, while in the app the screen locks and doesn’t allow access back to the home screen. Please fix! It’s an awesome app.

- Better than your HP-12c

Works exactly like the calculator. Except that it is backlit!! Now you can work in dim light, sunlight, or in darkness. For the life of me, I cannot understand why HP does not release a backlit calculator.

- Why change the look from HP12c? Change it back.

I liked pulling out an HP emulator that looks like the original! Nothing says you know finance like being able to use something that looks like the original. It was comforting. Guys in the office with the real HP were envious. Now it looks like every other calculator. I also have your HP15C, don’t change the look there! Please!

- As good as my first 12C

It has been 34 years since my first HP 12C. The best calculator I ever owned. Still keep one on my desk. But it is great to have a virtual duplicate with me on my phone no matter where I go. A terrific value!

- Don’t need to carry a 12C

I always have my phone, now I always have my calculator. Also it processes faster than my calculator. That’s a bonus.

- Good 12C Replacement

Now that HP isn't updating its calculator to future versions of iOS, I looked for a replacement that would have RPN. This program fits the bill and I'm pleased with it.

- The iconic calculator

The new layout took a brief learning period but I've found I like it. I use this app or my 1983 HP12c multiple times nearly every day.

- New Design?

5 stars before the update. 1 star after. When will the HP12c design be available. If I could undo the update, I would.

- New version is not an improvement!

New version seems to be slow and have to make sure it registers the numbers. Sometimes I have to hit a number multiple times...very frustrating and wish it still looked like the actual calculator

- Ruined the app with the current version

They made significant changes making the buttons harder to press and looking completely different. I would not have purchased this app if it looked like this current version. I find myself using the Apple Calculator instead of this for simple calcs. The RPN throws me off making me hate this app even more.

- Five stars!!

Full functionality of the original RPN calculator, but better because it calculates faster than the real thing by using a modern processor!

- Does everything

It s the HP 12 E. What more needs to be said! If you take the time to really learn to use it, it will solve any financial calculation you may need.

- Just like 12c calculator

Really great app- one less device to carry around during the day. Fast and no bugs on this end.

- Does everything you want an HP-12C to do.

I almost never take out my physical 12C because I'm always using this version. It's terrific and efficient.

- Doesn’t look anything like HP Calc

I was about to update my “Financial Calc” program, but fortunately decided to stop and see what changes had been made. I’m glad I did - from the pics, it looks *nothing* like the original calculator! Is there a way to permanently decline updaes for just one app (this one)? I don’t want to accidentally switch to this weird-looking version...

- Best hp12 app

Screen size and look great ;now I never feel like I have to take my calculator all the time-well only when I feel lonely.

- Great replacement for HP12c

I work in finance and depended on my trusty Hewlett-Packard 12c. When it stopped working I found this terrific app. It duplicates everything the calculator could do. Highly recommended.

- Great app, need the watch version out

I use this exclusively on my iPhone. As a senior banker I don’t even carry my 12c anymore. But need this on the Apple Watch now

- Wonderful Financial Tool

Have used the HP 12C for years. This modernizes access, and puts the most logical calculator in the place where I can use it most—my iPad.

- Great app

I bought this because it looked like an hp12c they did change the look but works just as good.

- Excellent version of 12c calculator

Have not yet found a flaw. I prefer the layout of the original 12-C. The functions work well.

- Disappointed Now

Was wonderful app because it looked and operated like the actual HP 12-c calculator I have used for mortgage lending for 30 years. Then this radical update change yesterday and now it no longer functions the same as an actual HP 12-c. Very disappointed and I don’t understand the reason behind these horrible changes.

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Vicinno Financial Calculator 2.546 Screenshots & Images

Vicinno Financial Calculator iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Vicinno Financial Calculator iphone images
Vicinno Financial Calculator iphone images
Vicinno Financial Calculator iphone images
Vicinno Financial Calculator iphone images
Vicinno Financial Calculator iphone images
Vicinno Financial Calculator iphone images
Vicinno Financial Calculator iphone images
Vicinno Financial Calculator iphone images
Vicinno Financial Calculator iphone images

Vicinno Financial Calculator (Version 2.546) Install & Download

The applications Vicinno Financial Calculator was published in the category Finance on 2010-11-02 and was developed by Vicinno Soft LLC [Developer ID: 338971050]. This application file size is 167.48 MB. Vicinno Financial Calculator - Finance app posted on 2020-04-02 current version is 2.546 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.vicinno.V12cFinCalc

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