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What is grubhub for drivers app? Become a Grubhub Driver and deliver customers the food they love from their favorite restaurants. With the largest restaurant and diner network, Grubhub offers more opportunities to make money on your own schedule.

Why drive with Grubhub?

Earn competitive money and keep 100% of your tips as a Grubhub delivery person.

Work part time, full time or in your spare time. You can schedule your hours in advance or have the flexibility to deliver on short notice. Create a schedule that works for you!

Grubhub for Drivers is built to help you earn — make deliveries, track your hours, see how much you’ve made and manage your schedule.

Whether you’re a driver, biker or delivering on your moped, the Grubhub for Drivers app was built to help you succeed.

Download the Grubhub for Drivers app and sign up to work at We’ll walk you through each step along the way.

Grubhub has the largest restaurant and diner network of any other food delivery platform.

Grubhub drivers are earning money in cities across the US, including: Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Bridgeport, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Hartford, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, Sacramento, Tampa, Washington DC … and many more.

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App Name Grubhub for Drivers
Category Business
Updated 08 February 2024, Thursday
File Size 111.8 MB

Grubhub for Drivers Comments & Reviews 2024

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Grub hub driver. The app does work, does the job, period. Opportunity for improvement; 1. When picking up multiple orders and one order is going to be very late for pick up, it would be nice to be able to jump to next task and deliver the order that is ready now and come back for the second order when it’s ready. 2. Seeing that on some occasions the navigate button is transferring the incorrect address to the gps nav app, need to find and fix this. 3. Would like stronger notification, sometimes an order notification does not pop up, have not figured out why. 4. Would like an order ready indicator on the order info screen, sometimes I don’t see the pop up and those pop ups go away as in no way to view them after the fact. 5. Indicate when a customer is or has modified their tip. If customer is posting a high tip to get the order picked quick and then reducing it during the delivery that is not cool. This should not be allowed, only increased tips should be allowed, complaints can be handled thru different process. FYI, using IOS version. Otherwise, the app is working.

APP, PAY, AND SUPPORT ISSUES. I am so grateful for the job, but there are some app, pay, and support issues. The map will often take me to a wrong location, and yesterday would not show me an alternative route for road work areas; it just gave a message saying “no directions available.” Luckily, I knew where to go and was able to find the delivery address on my own, but I did have to take a detour which added miles to my delivery that I did not get paid for. This happens quite often. There’s no use in reporting it, because the time it takes wouldn’t be worth the compensation, which is usually only $1 if you file a delivery pay complaint. The restaurant pick-up time stopped showing up a long time ago (months). As of yesterday, I’m unable to text diners. Also, when an order is removed at no fault to the driver (i.e., restaurant closed) there is no compensation for time or gas spent on that delivery. GrubHub is able to monitor everything we do, so they should be able to compensate us for time and gas for deliveries that are removed at no fault of our own. Even when reported, GH refuses to pay unless a delivery is “completed.” As a driver, I would describe that as a completed delivery since we completed as much of the delivery as we were able to. Thanks so much for the opportunity! Just a few bug issues that calling or emailing the support team about seems to do no good.

Most Unfair Delivery App to date. A few restaurants could not fulfill customers orders and some customers canceled their orders after getting tired of waiting so long for restaurants to prepare their food. One restaurant I was picking up from downtown in my city said and quote, “We are too busy to make Grubhub orders on weekends so we have to cancel it”. Also, a few customers had canceled their orders for personal reasons I do not know. Obviously I never got a chance to pick up any orders that were canceled. Ultimately Grubhub deactivated me because of a few people and restaurants canceling their orders before I picked them up. Completely out of my control, and unfair. Grubhub has not responded to me til this very day. This happened almost a month ago and I had only recently been hired. I literally only got to deliver for 2 weeks and they’ve ignored me ever since deactivating me without actual reason and without any word on reactivating my account. This company should be sued and shut down for this negligence. They’ve put me in a terrible situation. Grubhub WILL SCREW YOU OVER DO NOT SIGN UP. Petition to get rid of them please.

Grubhub. It usually takes an hour or so to get a good enough order to take. When you go to the restaurant it’s almost never ready because Grubhub sends the order to the driver too soon. If I want to keep the order I 95% of the time have to make a trip back to the restaurant to avoid a 20 minute or more wait. This long wait at the restaurant leads to a high cancellation rate and driver dissatisfaction. When you drop off the order you cannot review whether you liked or disliked this restaurant or customer. When going to an unsafe area it would be nice if they would ask you if you liked this order. So they can mark it in their system if there was a problem. When you drop off the order you almost always get the exact same amount of money. You would think if you went above and beyond being quick and customer friendly they would give you a little more but it’s the way the Grubhub App is set up that makes this the case. Hopefully someday soon we will see a complete turn around in the Grubhub app and things will improve.

Suspended my account over their error. I worked in the Waynesville NC region for about a year, when the day after Christmas I had to report several restaurants as closed, as they had closed for the holiday weekend. I went through the correct protocol in reporting the restaurants as closed (Grubhub requires you take a photo of the “closed” sign on the door). The following Monday I received a computer generated email from Grubhub stating my account was suspended due to a “large volume” of refunded orders. They gave not a single detail, yet accused me of “negligence and unprofessional behavior,” which is a laugh since I was the only Premier driver in the region. I was locked out of my account and all my blocks were taken away. Four hours later I received another email stating they had made an error (they realized the restaurants I reported as closed were indeed closed) and that my account was reactivated. However, they released all my blocks to other drivers in the region, and I was only able to recover a few. I decided to quit Grubhub and reactivated my account with another delivery company who actually has their act together. So basically I was punished for their mistake and their negligence, while being initially accused of the same. What a joke.

DRIVERS BEWARE!!. DRIVERS BEWARE!!! I delivered for them for over 1.5 years. With staffing shortages, many restaurants weren’t open or taking orders. One weekend I had the same restaurant in 2 days tell me their system was down and they weren’t receiving orders. Another restaurant was only accepting cash. This caused me to have to cancel several orders in one weekend. I called customer service or uploaded the issue through the app as was required. The following Tuesday they sent me an email about too many recent cancellations. I emailed my explanation and then called after a couple days with no response. They did not let me speak to a person and said it is all automated. My account has since been removed yet I still keep getting emails about needing updated documents, updates, etc. very disappointed that I had my account disabled due to issues beyond my control even though I communicated this to the company. I can’t believe they don’t have actual people to talk to about these issues and just allow these things to be handled by a computer system only.

Needs improvements for a better driver experience. We should be able to pick and choose places that we don’t deliver to and or people. There should be extra payment for trips over 10 miles. We should be able to write customers so we know whether or not they are safe and if they are known for not tipping or canceling an order after it’s delivered things like that. And if a person has a rating under X amount we should be able to reject that without penalty. A lot of the problem with people not tipping would be fixed very quickly if our acceptance rate didn’t matter. Meaning if you didn’t leave a decent tip no one’s going to deliver that order. you get what you pay for. Delivering to hotels that are known for unsavory types to live there generally these have weekly rates should be something you can reject without penalty. But all in all I love working for GrubHub and being able to get money every day.

Only cause Zero stars wasn’t an option. Time with this app started out decent enough even with the chaos that is their operational procedures, there’s no structure at all, it has degraded into something that is a complete joke, no idea how they are retaining anyone to work. The pay has declined per order, the orders are NEVER ready when they send the call out, and I’m positive it’s not on the restaurant it’s on the apps end. If you want to see the true failure of this company, look no further than the disorganization of their driver care. You show up for an order and they tell you they just received it, it will be 30-45 mins, that’s now YOUR fault and you eat it on your acceptance rate. They offer no real solutions and when these situations keep occurring, which they will, no matter how you bring it up and tell the care providers that they need to present this to their superiors nothing is done. Starting to believe there isn’t actually a chain of command at all. This app is a joke, this company is a joke, how has it not failed yet? Would give zero stars

A terrible app for drivers. This is the worst app for any driver, and no driver deserves to go through what they are going through with this app, the complain here are similar if you go through the reviews for many period of time, yet nothing has been done to make changes, it only means one thing. The people behind this app do not care one bit about drivers, and they are wicked hearted. The app don’t give drivers any form of ETA it unassigns without reasonable timing, it will give u a double order and flag u late or unassigns the other one and mark it against you for possible suspension, even tho u can’t not be a Superman or split yourself into two. it doesn’t care if you on ice and about to risk your life, it flags you late and gives you unfair rating to never climb up the ladder for promotion, the closing of store on the app doesn’t work, it will count has been unassigned with penalties, this app is a disgrace and whoever are behind the upgrade of it should be ashamed of themselves for not listening and doing the needful.

Borderline illegal business practices. Myself and a family member have been working for grubhub for a few years, and their driver support has always been atrocious. However, at this point we have both had our schedules restricted due to “unspecified fraud”, these instances did not happen at the same time and both seemed triggered automatically and without warning. Grubhub recently implement policies in order to prevent fraud with a 3 strikes policy thatwas specifically created, in their words. “to provide clarity” if there were any issues. However my account currently has 0 violations, and currently have limited information as grubhub has provided none, and in response to a direct request for information referencing both the policy, my job performance and, my lack of violations had my support case closed with NO response. As a grubhub driver you are considered an independent contractor with limited rights as far as continuing to work with them, however this definitively toes the line for them violating their contractual obligations to ensure they are applying their policies consistently.

Good app-Inconsistent pay. The app itself is ok. The pay is very inconsistent. Sometimes you drive for longer distances and get the same pay as of it were a shorter distance. There is also times where you have to put in the order, pay for it and then deliver the order. All this for the same pay as any other order. It entails more work so time is being taken up for the same pay. That should change. We should earn more for these orders as we are doing it all. Maybe even stop these kinds of orders. Also, you are obligated to take orders because if you don’t, your ratings drop and if your rating drops, you don’t get into the higher tiers for orders. If you are not on schedule, you get crappy orders. Customer service is from another country and is very disconnected to what is going on. There is also a language barrier with them.

Driving for GrubHub is ehh. A few things they could fix but never will as their driver support is unsatisfactory and almost impossible to get ahold of in a timely manner. 1. Every time I’ve needed support while driving and called the number I’ve heard the “we are experiencing more than usual phone calls” and then waited to talk to someone for at least 15 minutes. 2. There is no way to see earnings from the previous week or any week besides the current one without emailing support. Even when you do email them they aren’t able to show you more than a month back for whatever reason. 3. There is no way to see ratings, not sure what the point of a rating is if nobody, including you, can even see what yours is. 4. The app randomly disconnects and says you are unable to accept new offers because you’ve gone offline. When I go on other apps they work just fine because my phone isn’t actually offline. 5. Lastly, I don’t believe they really truly care about their drivers. If they did, they would be reading our input on places like the app, these reviews, and emails and actually doing something about it. I know I’m not the only one with these sort of complaints and nothing has changed. I will be switching to a different food delivery service ASAP. Not the worst job in the world but I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time working for them when there are plenty of other food delivery service apps out there.

Unreliable and unprofessional. As a driver you put wear and tear on your vehicle along with gas prices gone up to an all time high and these gig apps give you a few dollars for lots of miles to drive, so you may drive 10 miles for 4.56$ or 7$ for 13 miles. So with gas and car maintenance it’s not worth it at all. You are making less than minimum wage and for someone like me who had a major brain surgery and still recovering and needing an income I feel the full force of these companies taking advantage of drivers. Bad enough you can never talk to anyone who actually cares about whatever in app issues you may face while on delivery or while trying to cash out as well. Expect to talk to people over in India as this is another gig app that’s outsourcing in order to cut cost and gain profits for big time CEO’s. They use us like slaves then pay us enough to keep driving for them. I am done and going to go back to real jobs even in my condition I would rather work 8 hour shifts and at least know that I’m going to get paid and not drive my car until it falls apart. BEWARE AND DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT CONTINUE TO GIVE THESE COMPANIES POWER AND CONTROL TO MAKE US SLAVES FOR UNSURVIVABLE WAGES AND MAKE CEOS WEALTHIER.

All around. Been doing GH for over a year, used to pay well, but now with gas creeping to $5/gal, I’m working to just fill my tank. Customer service, ha, that’s a joke. The ding you for farting the wrong way. They have no sense of time it takes some places to prepare food, especially at busier times. They tell me I have significantly late orders, as if it’s my wrong doing, when in fact they don’t take in consideration restaurants are busy. I had to wait 70 mins for an order and I put it in the app the wait time, and that’s what I got. So lame cuz you drop the order due to wait time and you get penalized. They penalize you for everything that has nothing to do with you, but you have to either take the hit and be demoted per se or wait and get paid squat. If you don’t have to really make an earning, and have an electric car, app is great for you. Otherwise, it’s better to just go elsewhere. Don’t get me started on customers tips for driving 20+ miles. Just note, it’s how many miles GH says, not actuality. I’ve gone 15 miles to get to restaurants (you don’t get paid for that and GH acts like you’re the only driver out) and then you get only $0.19/mile only to go from restaurant to customer. If someone lives in the outskirts of the country, you don’t get paid the other 20+ miles. So agin, got an electric car, this is for you.

Work for other apps and earn more per hour. I thought grub hub was the company to work for in making $20+ an hour, but it’s not the case. Uber eats and post mates are way better in the way they operate and handle their drivers. Postmates doesn’t even have the rating system cause they know how customers can be. My account was put on suspension for fraud and I wasn’t given an explanation or evidence after a week of emailing and trying to get an answer. They put my life and earning on pause without a care or communication. I’ve been doing the independent gig thing for over 4 years now, so I’m no newbie to this. I’m pulling in what I was making on grub hub for 7+ hours of work in 4. Do yourself a favor and steer clear from this company, it’ll save you the stress. Plus the scheduling hours thing is just something to keep you stuck in an employee mindstate. Be a boss and go with the others.

Most corrupt company to work for!!. I worked for them for almost a year and quickly became a premier driver for them at first it wasn’t too bad except for there horrible app it’s very unreliable and tends to have quite of few bugs that can really mess with your deliveries I even thought it was my phone so I bought the newest iPhone but even after there was a few times the app crashed mid delivery and I had to call support to try an finish the delivery which support also is terrible to deal with an often times will just tell you to take the loss an just take the food back to the restaurant. I eventually quit do to realizing how corrupt the company i had 1 slow day during my schedule with only 1 delivery because it was a holiday and they had the nerve to accuse me of somehow manipulating GRUBHUBS app to get less deliveries for that day and restricted me from making any more schedules permanently. When I contacted support they handled it very poorly took them over a month to respond and they couldn't provide me any evidence or even explain how it is they came about this ridiculous idea that they accused me of. I truly believe this company is corrupt after finding out this happens quite often to people that work for there company i realized if grubhub is ever forced to pay you hourly because of slow deliveries expect the same thing to happen to you!

Unfair. I had a delivery that paid $14 + so I accepted it, after driving 6.9 miles to pick up order I had to drive an additional 16 miles to deliver and after I checked my earnings it showed 0.53 miles instead of 22.9 miles, so of course I called driver care which they said they don’t have access to change or update the miles and that I would have to send an email.. so after I sent the email GH said I accepted the offer and that they cannot compensate me!! You know it did not sit well with me so i emailed them again and gave them A piece of my mind error being disrespectful but I sure let them know that their treatment to us driver is very disrespectful from and if we decline any orders they punish us by giving us 1 order per hour which has happened to me multiple times, DoorDash would never do they give us orders and we can decline without being penalized and treated like beggar., they are very unfair and it’s not all orders we can accept I have driven way more miles then the money so I might as well go back to DoorDash.. I’m just saying!!..

GH plays games with their drivers. Absolutely wretched “update.” And the comments below are still accurate. GH will dispatch an order to a driver at or near the same time that the restaurant receives the order. This causes extended wait times for the drivers who are near to the restaurant when the order is dispatched and GH makes veeery clear when called out on this issue that they don’t pay drivers for an extended wait. So many times their orders are stale because drivers drop orders with long waits and it can take some time to find a replacement driver. Also, GH’s supposed market in my area is huge with GH asking drivers to not only wait a long time at a restaurant but also asking them to drive 25 minutes into the middle of nowhere to deliver an order. Granted a driver has the right to refuse and even drop any order they want, but GH is consistent with over promising and under delivering. They also allow a diner to order from a franchise restaurant much farther than the closest franchise location is to the diner. I see so many orders with 15-20 minute drive times even though the closest location to the diner is almost next door.

Its time to UP the game in app devolopment. Grubhub! Its almost 2022. The app needs to be updated to Automatically accept delivery requests & also auto que the orders. A driver might get a delivery to request while traveling at high speed on the highway or while having their hands full during a large delivery. It is not always feasible to click on the phone. Missed delivery requests are not the drivers fault but solely that of grubhub as driver safety protocols have not been addressed by the company. I’m inclined to put the phone on a phone mount and use Bluetooth for safety but the app in the current state violates driver safety. A driver might avoid missing a request and try to click on the phone while being distracted on the road so there needs to be a toggle switch which we can turn on and off for automatic delivery requests. Also, sometimes when connected to Bluetooth, there is a possibility of a missing delivery requests, so grubhub should also send text messages for each and every delivery request.

Worst Support. I would give the app 5 stars if it wasn’t for the support team, it’s a very good job, pays well and the app works fine. But i had so many frustrations with the support team, i got 2 unfair absents witch impacts heavily your priority of picking up schedules, it affects your earnings badly when it happens. The first one i was making a delivery outside my area (for a grubhub delivery) and in my way back my block started while i was still returning to my area, it’s a understandable issue that was supposed to be easily fixed, but no one in the support helped me, and it was obvious they weren’t even trying. The second one i was in apple bee’s parking waiting for orders but I didn’t get one for like an hour, when my block started they told me I wasn’t available and they gave me an absent, when i contacted the support the agent gave me another schedule and i got another absent instantly, he told me to reinstall the app, i did it and he gave me the schedule again and it worked, but i had 2 absents now and he told me only the driver care could fix it and he was going to contact them to make sure they fix it. After 2 weeks i tried to contact the driver care my self, talked to a bunch of agents and all they did was tell me it was my connection and they couldn’t do nothing about it. So the job is really nice until the day you will depend on people that doesn’t even care about you...

Used to be great. Grubhub used to be a great platform for gig work, they’ve never been as busy in my area as Ubereats or Doordash but GH almost seemed like they cared about its drivers more than the other platforms. Orders used to pay really well, but earlier in the year/late last year they changed the pay model and rarely are orders worth taking anymore. Gh is fine to run in the background while doing other apps, not useful as a main gig anymore. That being said, the app NEEDS to have an easier way to decline orders. The multi step decline is dangerous for workers who spend most of their time behind the wheel, and since the pay dropped I’m declining more orders than before. The app gets angry if you let the orders expire and marks you unavailable after 3 missed offers but I can’t reach over and hit 3-4 tiny buttons to decline $5, 15 mile orders. Uber has one button decline, GH has no reason not to have the same thing. Also, the somewhat recent redesign would be extremely confusing for a new driver. As an existing driver it was OK to get used to, but it feels like the app requires more button presses overall in the process of completing an order.

Accused me of fraud without any evidence. I worked for them for a year and started in the Cherry Hill region. I transferred to Rowan University and they put me in the Glassboro region. I was doing the job as usual and signed up for some shifts I don’t normally do in the afternoon since I normally work in the evening. I got 2 orders after working only 4 hours I was available the whole time. They compensated me for the time I worked and I only had the 2 orders. Next thing I know I get an email saying my scheduling has been restricted due to driver fraud collecting the hourly minimum without delivering orders. I reach out for more information and they just keep repeating this corporate jargon. I am never shown a shred of evidence. If I truly committed this supposed fraud they did not even warn me before restricting me. It takes forever to get an email back trying to find out more information. I reach out to my driver specialist Quintessa Hobson I explain what happened and she tells me the exact same thing about committing driver fraud and how they can’t change my scheduling back. So I quit.

Evil Company. GrubHub rules by fear. If you: Turn down an order Remove yourself from your schedule Can’t make a shift They send you the worst possible jobs(drive ten miles for $4.00) they know you can’t turn down an order so they send you farther and farther away. I ended up 47 miles from home Friday night. THEN you get the last choice of schedule. Seriously, you get the hours that are left after everyone has picked theirs. You have precisely thirty seconds to choose what is left and they are all gone. That is truth. You live in constant fear of the app screwing up. It will tell you, out of the blue, that you just missed an order. Even if it never appeared. Then it counts against you. It has happened to me so many times that they knocked me down to third rate. It takes months to get back to the top of ever. The app will kill your placement and they couldn’t care less. You are nothing to them. I literally have high blood pressure now because of living in constant fear. I lost my company because of COVID and had to make money fast. Sorry to rant. Stay away.

Just don’t even bother. App used to be great, you could make a decent living, the last year or so it’s been straight down hill. The driver support are 100% useless they can’t seem to ever be able to help and just escalate to get a auto reply. Almost impossible to get a scheduled block unless you run your car into the ground to keep a stupid high acceptance rate delivering the charity orders. Some days are decent most are not I’d say at least 30% of my orders I do get in a day are not ready at time of arrival so you lose time waiting in a industry where time IS money. Not to mention the at least once a day order that was already picked up and never delivered so they resend it but not to the restaurant which they never remake so again wasted time and gas on those. I’m sure they over hired during the pandemic which is leading to the scheduling desert and lack of orders living in Columbus Ohio with a million + population it really should not be as dead as it is. Again it really is a shame because I could easily single app with just grubhub and pull 3-4k a month not the case at this point after you factor has wear and tear on your vehicle, maintenance, taxes your probably under minimum wage.

It’s okay. I have to disagree with a lot of the complaints. I don’t know if I’ve just been lucky, or if it’s just the area, but it’s been a lot busier since covid started. There are times when the order gets cancelled after you get there, but in my experience, it only happens once a month at most. 95% of the time, orders go smoothly with no problems. I also like that if there’s no tip, grubhub pays you more. If there is a tip, the pay is kinda meh, but what do you expect from a job like this? For me, it’s been a blessing being able to do grubhub considering I haven’t been able to find work anywhere else due to the epidemic. I gave 4 instead of 5 because recently, I’ve stopped getting notifications for orders on the app. I don’t know if it’s an iOS 14 thing, or a glitch but I’d go on the app after 5 minutes and it’d say that I missed 2 orders when I didn’t get the notification. I did check and push notifications are on on the settings and do not disturb isn’t on. It’s just a bit inconvenient when I go to text a friend or something.

Great App!. I have been working with GrubHub since March of 2021, and I have not really had any issues whatsoever with the application. It is really helpful in scheduling, letting you know where the hotspots are, navigating to restaurants, chatting with customer service, reporting restaurant closures, and so much more! Plus the instant cash out feature is wonderful for anyone looking for an instant deposit. A little bit of advice, avoid the fee by getting or having an account with the same bank that GrubHub suggests in your initial set up for your account (Chase Bank) not only will it avoid the instant cash out fee, it will also only take approximately 15 minutes to be available in the app to cash out to your bank account. I believe it is the same time for other banks however there is a certain fee for the instant cash out feature when you do not have a Chase Bank account. Anyone looking to work on their own time and schedule their own hours should really give GrubHub a try, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with your decision once you start!!

dissatisfied. It is very difficult to work with Grubhub. Especially with the scheduling issue. I already sent several emails talking about it. Every time you open the schedule to schedule the week, it is always, but always, unavailable. That is, I can never practically mark my schedule. To be honest with you 1 or 2 times a week for 2:30 only. They always say the same thing, and they even said it. “you don't need a schedule to work”. Darling, I'd rather not go. For the thousandth time, I waste time and gas for nothing. Right now I'm here, waiting for something and nothing! And the area I'm in shows busy. The last few times what I could do in almost 5 hours of work without a schedule was 39 dollars hahaha this is ridiculous. I think that a lot of people will leave the app, because I understood that the person has to be committed and responsible. But that way, it's impossible to make money, which makes you give up the app. Well that's my feedback. When you have the schedule, you can even make some nice money, but the way they changed the app's platform, unfortunately it's impossible.

Where is my review? Do away with the inaccurate usage of “Missed”. Why ask to write a review if you remove it on your own? Your usage of “missed” should not count towards a driver’s acceptance rate. You KNOW rural areas limit one’s ability to even use their phone. Just because you send an order to a phone number does not mean it was received. STOP! Counting the SAME order (duplicate/request) pickup address as “missed “ (then delivered) more than once in a 2 -5 minute period. (This shows there was technical issues) ALL data input decisions are decided by man! It is very condescending to repeatedly hear, “l understand your frustration but, The “missed” is systematically controlled and we can not do anything about it” when you are making millions. I am sure you don’t even pay us half of the delivery pay to do everything except find? (There are days I am out 8 hours make $100 in the app spend $40 gas, with over 100 miles (driving to stay in hot spots)) currently looking for a hooptie! This is a plea for a review of the usage of “missed” not a complaint.

DO NOT drive for this scam company. Grubhub exploits drivers and their time. They make it seem like you’ll be earning a lot by advertising things like “get 100% of your tips” and making it seem like you’ll be peacefully driving from one order to another. That’s not true. I worked for five hours, trying to complete intermittent deliveries in the heat, and only earned a total of $30 for all my time and energy. Only $6-$9 per delivery. And trust me, I did nothing wrong. On top of this was the stress of their skimpy time limits, where I literally had to run to and from my car to make it in time. I was led to believe I would be compensated to at least minimum wage for my active time, but I got nothing [bc they only consider your time driving to and from orders (and not your time waiting in your car for them) as work time]. Each delivery earned me only $6-$9 for driving, walking, pickup, more driving, more walking, and drop off. “Creating your own schedule” is nonexistent. The time blocks offered are extremely competitive and neat impossible to get. Please respect yourself, your time, and your energy and do not work for this scam.

False suspension. There was really bad snow in my area so most restaurants closed early but still showed in grubhub app they were open, I had to cancel about 5 orders in one day because grubhub sent me orders to restaurants that had closed early due to the snow storm smh, the next day I tried logging in and I couldn’t because grubhub said my account was under investigation and in a temporary suspension because I canceled so many orders which wasn’t really true an the orders I only canceled was restaurants that weren’t open, they didn’t have a feature in the app for the restaurant I guess to let them know they were no longer taking orders so I suffered with no schedule for about three days plus they removed my blocks an caused me to miss a whole week of work an didn’t even do anything about it still til this day, I am now behind on rent because of this and not only that I also now have a bad weekly rating for cancellations they still have not fixed, their customer service is terrible, I will definitely be going back to doordash, this is ridiculous how they don’t care about people that go out of their way to work for them, I risked my life on those ice roads an this is what they did to me

Lots of bugs. I’m not sure if it’s the developer or if it’s GrubHub but there are a lot of bugs that need to be fixed in this app. I’ve been being told for a year and a half that the bug fix is on its way for when we get stacked orders and we’re waiting at the first restaurant and it’s trying to get us to leave to go to the second restaurant and if we don’t it will unassigned us from the order which also could get us a contract violation if we have too many reassignments. They don’t pay us to go back-and-forth between restaurants. This new thing with you haven’t waited long enough at the restaurant to get paid is another one I’ve heard is it supposed bug but I don’t buy that for one second so I’m not really sure how far this review can go or help I just know something needs to be done with the app and or with the bug fixes

Inaccurate Data For Your Driver Performance. Inaccurate Data For Your Driver Performance Premier driver and my schedule commitment rate for the new stat roll out for Driver Level Recognition says I have ONLY 21% of my scheduled blocks completed and no one will fix the bugs that provide different data on the Driver’s App then when you talk to and get emails from Driver care. Automated replies to forms filled out are not matching the form I continuously fill out every week. Grubhub hires interns to develop the new systems and ALWAYS MAKES AN ISSUE FOR PREMIER DRIVERS LIKE MYSELF to stay premiere for more than a week. Come Monday’s program level update tomorrow, I am sure they’ll not me down to a Partner driver. Cannot get any help from someone to make the corrections and waiting 3 years for Grubhub to have a working Driver App with algorithm that makes sense or accurate. I have no idea how they went from 3 stars on here to 4.5 within one year with all the issues their premium, pro and partner drivers experience.

Not made with drivers in mind, oddly. I really hate this app. You don’t get much time to decide if you want to accept an order, so why does the offer not come up within app automatically? If you just do happen to be driving when the offer comes in (usually already on a delivery for Grubhub) this app is incredibly unsafe to try and navigate while driving. And there’s no built in GPS, so you’re jumping between apps as well if you’re driving when an offer comes in. And when you click back into the grubhub app you then need to click the offer too, and then click your response. And if you want to reject it the button is small and hard to hit sometimes while driving, and it brings up YET ANOTHER MENU for you to answer why. Miss too many offers and it counts against you…. But they can’t make the app driver-friendly? I don’t get it honestly. Please have your app developers drive around and jump between this app and a GPS app and not miss responding to any offers and also not get into a car wreck…. Good luck with that.

I’m trying to figure out how the cash out works. I’ve tried several different cards. The routing number is fine. But the account number is some how incorrect when I try to put it in several times and it’s all correct. I’m trying my best to get my money out of cash out. The team doesn’t help me in the next couple of day I’m going to flip!!! Your supposed to be able to cash out whenever you want. But I’ve tried several different cards and even 3rd party app cards and none of them are working…. Can anyone tell me what they use ? And I’ll see if it’s in my area. I’m from Knoxville tn and hoping to find a card that support the cash out with grub hub. It’s so hard and I’ve tried for 3 hours now trying to figure this thing out… it’s ridiculous and even my boyfriend can’t figure it out. I’m tried to contact the team and they said give them 5-7 business days to reply back and it’s just running in circles. I’m so tired of this I just want my money and their not doing thier jobs correctly… if anyone can help me that would be great.

Compensation. My Name is Nacho I am a Commercial driver I have been driving for 52 years, and I believe in giving professional service and thrive on safety, I believe Grub Hub offers a service that is very important and needed very much in these difficult times we live in, Unfortunately Grub Hub has not understood the sacrifice that the many professional drivers they employ have to go thru every time they get behind the wheel to make those deliveries and the obstacles they have to endure, a taxi driver gets $5.00 per mile to deliver a his load and a Grub Hub delivery driver gets a measly $1.00 per mile, most of the time when I receive a delivery that only pays $1.00 per mile I reject it, that doesn’t even pay ,for the gas that I put in my car let alone the wear and tear on my vehicle. I believe that Grub Hub need to step up and pay their drivers a fair and descent wage, because if they don’t , They will lose many good drivers, I will pray for everyone in this company, that Gods will,will be done 🙏 AMEN

Double orders. Double orders are a disaster for the drivers while we would love to make money and get more runs it just doesn’t run smoothly 90% of the time when receiving double orders. U pick one order up then go to the next and it’s not ready grub hub sends u messages saying looks like u picked up an order but aren’t moving toward the drop off location..well u can’t move anywhere until u receive the 2nd order..Vice versa u except a double order then get to the 1St pick up and the food isn’t ready u have a good chance that grub hub is going to reassign the 2nd order bcuz u aren’t moving toward picking it up because u are still waiting for the first to be ready which then messes up the drivers cancellation ratings which is totally unfair because it is not the driver fault that the first order isn’t ready so u get penalized for the restaurant not having first order ready! Just always turns out for the worst on the driver .very rare do u receive a double order and both orders are ready and the delivery runs smooth! DOESNT HAPPEN OFTEN! Not fair to the drivers ! We have no support when it comes to that we get the bad end of the stick every which way on double orders! Also u have one customer wondering what’s going on with there food that u picked up 20 min ago but have to wait for the 2nd order so u get bad ratings from customers who don’t quite understand what’s going on with a double order . Like I said it’s not the best fit for the drivers.

Great but needs to add a weather feature. First off, I’d like to say that this in my experience is a really good food delivery app for drivers. I make twice as much if not much more per order than I did for DoorDash, though I would love more frequent orders or tag on orders. I will say though that this app needs a new safety feature - weather. While rainy days are good for business, I really need to be able to drop a block because of dangerous weather without it affecting my driver level, access to scheduling, and ability to make profit. I make my schedule as soon as it comes available to me (beginning of each week) but sometimes the weather will change. What will be a nice sunny day for work at the beginning of the week, can turn in to “it’s storming so bad I can’t see” in a matter of hours in Indiana and I never know when that will be. I need the ability to drop a block when that happens so I can be safe without being punished for making sure I’m safe. Thank you

this app doesn't care about its drivers. They should be more aware of drivers and take into account problems on the road to deliver on time. This app does not understand that there are clients who live in difficult to find locations such as apartments in buildings where the map does not recognize exactly where it is located. Apart from that there is no parking and we have to do double work to find where to park. After a long search for parking, you finally find a place to park, but the building where the person lives is quite far away and you have to walk 5 to 10 minutes to get to their apartment. However, the app does not care how difficult the client's location is and takes away your time as if it were your fault for delivering late, this affects the level you have achieved by working hard. Some orders are extremely ugly but you have the obligation to accept them so that they do not lower your acceptance, but there are orders that not even the owner of this app would do. They are very long orders for the low payment, for example orders of $10 for 15 miles, That's a lot of travel for little payment.

Drive for someone else!!!!. This is one of the worst driving service available. They do not communicate with the restaurants the customers or the drivers efficiently you show up to a restaurant and have to wait 10 to 60+ mins for orders because restaurants don’t receive order until you get there they do not consider other deliveries you have when giving you multiple orders and they do not time out their orders correctly so you are constantly late constantly having food in your vehicle while you were picking up another order sitting and waiting getting soggy cold and cold items melting regardless of the kind of insulated bags you have they do not pay me enough to justify the amount of time or gas it takes to complete an order you’re penalized for not excepting orders that you end up paying out of pocket to do because they do not pay you enough to compensate for your gas trying to communicate with customer service is almost impossible as no one can speak or understand English I am so glad I have started driving for a different service I will not be wasting my time with this one any longer for months thought it would get better just got worse

Overzealously unassigning orders. They make it unnecessarily difficult to take orders I’ve accepted. If you don’t start moving towards the restaurant almost immediately, they’ll remove the order. Worse, they’ll threaten to deactivate your account if it happens too many times. I can’t simply wait at home for orders, because by the time I get out to my car (I live in an apartment complex and it takes a couple of minutes to walk out to my car), they’ve usually already unassigned the order. Sometimes it even happens as I’m already in my car, making my way through the parking lot to head towards the restaurant. You actually have to be on the road towards the restaurant at full speed within a few minutes of accepting the order, otherwise it gets removed. And usually when I do arrive at a restaurant, the order isn’t even ready to be picked up yet. There’s no reason for them to be nearly this strict. It is not getting the customer their food any sooner in most cases, plus they now have to find someone else to accept the order after unassigning it from me, which probably takes even longer than it would have taken me to get there.

You’re on your own. The app itself works pretty good, however there are glitches that really hurt your driver statistics and hurt your chances to make more money. I am a current driver considering quitting because of these glitches. As a driver you should strive to accept all orders sent to you and add scheduled blocks and attend those blocks. Even after doing that an order gets sent to you and you “miss” it because, as the driver care team says, “your service gets interrupted. If you reject or miss an order, that hurts your acceptance rate, which ultimately causes the orders that all other drivers reject to come to you and you become forced to accept if you want to make money. When you call driver care to say that you never missed or rejected an order they say that the system is automated and that there is nothing they can do. I honestly recommend trying DoorDash or Uber Eats, and only if those are not hiring to try GrubHub. Driver care only helps with simple issues that you will learn to fix on your own without calling them, but when the app plays with your money and statistics that you try so hard to better, they cannot help you.

App doesn’t work. Tried downloading it again to newest version as it was mentioned on old wouldn’t let me, it kept asking for password , continue then it went to the billing address and kept repeating the same thing without letting me get passed it to the app itself. So I deleted the old app to reinstall and it too down the same thing... couldn’t get back on it. I called my carrier and they said it wasn’t my phone but the app itself, so I call the hotline on my drivers card and they have done nothing but keep on giving me a link that is useless that don’t work and a sorry excuse why it’s not being fixed cause they don’t know anything. I can’t get back on my account without the app.. so I am not making any money.. they claim my account is still available and active on there end. It’s no good if I can’t use it, my as well delete my account and get me another real job. I just downloaded this app a couple of months ago and it was doing good until this..all I got was sorry excuses from this company, and they don’t care about the employees or drivers to make it right. It’s the sorriest company ever.. I would give it 0 stars if I could and would never recommend to no body else.

USE DOORDASH. Horrible app. I used it for about 6-7 months. Was able to make some $ and cover my bills for the most part. Although over time just like everything else you get to learn about things through experience. And I can tell you it was the worst. The app itself is horrible and constantly freezes. There has been times where I try to complete a delivery and can't because my app would freeze all the time. Even with all of the updates they would provide, always an issue. And to be honest everytime you go and pick up the food its literally NEVER ready. It seems to me as though they've got some amateur developers working on their team. Its just not it. After downloading Door Dash, I have never been more happy. The pay is basically the same, I drive WAY less and don't deal with food not being ready and having to wait 20 minutes. Bottom line, take it from someone that was doing this completely fulltime time.. only job i've been working at. Grub Hub is NOT it. DOOR DASH is the way to go if you have flexible time to make $ .

Major app bugs and terrible GUI for driver support.. Every day I receive text messages telling me my location cannot be determined, although location permissions are always on for the GrubHub Driver app. When I go to the app to check the status, I see that the app itself had logged me out. This is insane! Yesterday the app logged me out mid-delivery. I had to type in the credentials again in order to log back in and be able to mark myself arrived and the order delivered. The app will rush you to the store, before the restaurant has even received the order, then you are stuck waiting forever. But, if you do not immediately head to the restaurant, the order will be promptly removed from your tasks. If you have any issues, contacting driver support is quite the maneuver. The support link is not readily available, it takes more than a few steps to navigate to it! It definitely needs some backend troubleshooting. Front-end can also be improved a bit, to make it more user-friendly and intuitive!

New color scheme makes it harder to read. The new (Sept 2020) color scheme and fonts include electric bright backgrounds with white letters, very fine lined fonts, and a many places with light grey text on a white or very pale grey background. These are harder to read than before. I find some nearly impossible to read with sunglasses. Since we often have to read the screens while driving, it would be smart to make the text as easy to read as possible. Darker backgrounds for white text and bolder black text on light backgrounds please! For orders that require drivers to pay by card, the apartment numbers do not appear on the navigation page, although they do show in the preview, unless the text is too long. We also need dark mode so we don’t have a bright white screen glowing in front of us at night. That is a safety hazard. Operationally the app seems almost unchanged. In app messages, such as order ready for pickup still often do not pop up or stay for only 1 second.

This is an industry leader?. If they are, then I’ll call their app “intuitive”…but only to remain consistent with the use of the bizarro universe definitions of words. The app is pretty, but that’s kind of the end of its positive attributes. There’s no real differentiation between words that are just text and words that are buttons. If you go past a task, there’s no way to navigate back - for instance when I arrive at a drop off, I hit arrive, because…y’know…I’m there. But that takes you to the delivery instructions so you can’t see the drop off address anymore, which is kind of important. If you try to navigate back, your only options are to not or to state you’re declining to take a picture of the drop off location. You can’t just go back. It takes about 5 button clicks to drop off an order. Figuring out how to cash out practically requires a PhD. When I use the instant cash out feature, I expect it to be my earnings minus the $.50 convenience fee (because they aren’t making enough off their drivers) but sometimes it’s missing a random high percentage of so your earnings with no explanation. Oh, good, I was hoping to have a reason to get Scooby and the gang together after working all day and then driving for a few hours. Basically, I feel like I’m always just guessing and hoping for the best. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have yo Ho solve the mystery of my missing earnings…

Awful support. Drove for a while using their “schedule” system. There is no flexibility if your in a schedule and to drop off the schedule you loose in there system and then are not allowed to choose a shift, it is basically impossible to get a trip without being on the schedule. The “minimum” they pay to drive $12 in the Southbay is a lie, they use tips to equal your promised pay. Miss a trip or don’t want to take one that outside your boundaries, too bad you have to or your disqualify from there guaranteed pay. You can’t even have a fair discussion with driver support because Grub Hub makes the rules for their company, so they are always right. I have been NOT payed for a schedule guaranteed shift because I wasn’t given any trips during that block. Dispute accepting 100% of my trips when given. I emailed back and forth with support I was told Nope I’m not getting $12. GrubHub argured with me and stop responding to my emails to skip paying me $12 of compensation I earned. I stopped using there schedule system, it’s a scam, over 100+ miles driven in an 8 hour shift. GRUNHUB IS A TERRIBLE APP TO USE FOR EXTRA CASH, I DO NOT RECOMMEND WASTING YOUR TIME.

Great for someone who want to make there own hours. Only complaint’s I have are I deliver in one town and I get offers to go 30 to 40 miles out of town to deliver order for a very cheap amount and if I don’t take the order in another bigger town because you offered it to me back to back you drop me from my block. You need to set zones for each town that people deliver in that way they don’t have to go or be offered a order 40 miles out of town you’re asking me to go 80 miles round-trip for eight dollars there and back that’s not right at all other apps have set zones that you deliver in for that town not another town you need to update to that I believe so you’re not offering people to go 80 miles round-trip for eight dollars and dropping their blocks because they can’t drive that far Other apps offer so much more They also offer a debit card linked to them for when you’re done delivering during your scheduled hours that day the money you made directly goes on that card as soon as you’re done please update the zones like it’s really not fair that you’re asking people that deliver in one town to go to another town way out of their way at not for a very good or fair price I wasn’t even offered enough to cover my gas there and back!

They will accuse you of fraud for customers false reporting order not delivered for free food. I worked part time for Grubhub doing just a couple of deliveries a month just to keep my status active. But I just got an email from them saying that my account had been suspended because of fraud (with no evidence). This could well be from my last delivery few days ago. A customer had to wait too long for his food because the other drivers were not picking up the food because he apparently tipped just $1.75 (which I only saw after I picked up the order) for food worth well over $50 and for driving at least 15 minutes to deliver. As soon as i picked up the food I got a text message from him complaining how long he had to wait ( which is not my fault but I picked up the order as soon as it was sent to me). I delivered the order and the customer took the food in and reported the order was not delivered just to get the refund and the free food. I make a good living with good income from other sources and I wouldn’t steal food even though I go hungry. To be accused of fraud for working faithfully is the slap in the face. I don’t recommend anyone to work for GrubHub for how they treat their drivers.

App punishes user. The apps inability to keep track of drivers using it accurately falsely determines that they are logged out or not moving assigning demerits and unassigning deliveries already agreed to. The amount of times I have driven around, waiting for an assignment only to see GrubHub has logged me out again because they can’t find me is ridiculous. All of my other apps, one’s dependent on GPS, all work. I can have full bars, and still the GrubHub app can’t find me. I’m running the current version of Grubhub with the current iPhone on the current operating system, I even went out and bought a brand new iPhone because I thought Grubhub was crashing so much It must be my phone. The inability for drivers to rate restaurants is beyond frustrating. I’ve had a restaurant have me wait for nearly 2 hours before handing over a simple order for me to deliver. I’ve had restaurant workers order me around like I am their subordinate or employee. There is no way to opt out of disrespectful, restaurants, or dangerous neighborhoods for that matter. In my area where there are shootings and murders on street corners in certain areas, this is literally a life and death issue. Should you choose not to except a delivery to a dangerous area or from a disrespectful restaurant that will waste your time you will be punished. The amount of problems with this app are too numerous to go into in full. It is sad, but if you’re desperate you can earn with it.

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Great pay bad support. The pay is better than door dash and Uber eats in my market, however, driver support is almost nonexistent. GH caters more towards the customer, not the drivers. If something goes wrong, good luck. They won’t reimburse you if you need to pay for something out of pocket for an order if something goes wrong. Lately I’ve started in a nice area of town and the app will send me deeper and deeper into a dangerous area and I had to end my block early and get penalized for it. Reached out to support only to get an automated response the first time, and then a “there’s nothing I can do” response the second time. I wish the driver support for this app was better. Also, instant cash out is very unreliable. If you need the money that night, there’s a good chance it won’t go through. That Never happened to me on Uber

Absolutely done. Done with this job. The pay is horrible, they don’t adjust to gas raises or inflation , they don’t make sure restaurants have order ready . For example you can drive 20 min to a Wendy’s and they won’t print the order untill you get there.. and now all of a sudden you get logged out every 20 minutes due to a session expiring . . They pentalize you for accidentally accepting an order in a different borough or city … if you get a double up for 20$ and one person cancled and your left over order is only like 4$ they expect you to continue the long drive for 4$ plus gas and mileage . Pentalize you for dropping that order .. worse of all. You can have an order for 20$ drive the whole way to pick it up .. someone cancels it.. they reimburse you about 15 cents for mileage and gas. It’s an outage with this company . Starting Uber today. No complaints from restaurants about them.

Awesome!. I love GrubHub! It has encouraged me to be myself & to begin my life. I am a driver for GrubHub & this is my only job I work for. With the satisfaction of being a driver, I have not only been able to buy a vehicle(with payments) & now I am whole step closer to where I am trying to reach; my child support. I am near although still far away. Due to family planning & such I am going to be delayed for a little while, only thing I know is that my goal is clear and I know I am able to complete my mission to reach my son through child support as a GrubHub driver. GrubHub is awesome for allowing me to express myself, I haven’t been this stress free ever since & finally will be able to get the chance to see or even be with my son. Thank You 🙂

Misleading in-app experiences. EDIT: In such a clear-cut case of retaliation that I’m reporting them to the attorney general, BARELY 2 hours after I posted my review they slapped my account with one of their bogus violations! I’d like to give GrubHub credit here- the pay is better than competing apps, and the flexibility is better than it seemed at first. However, the app is buggy and crashes often (usually when just turning it on, I fortunately haven’t had that happen mid-delivery). The distances shown on the map are misleading, making it look like a delivery will be much shorter than it actually is as you try to decide whether to take it (but don’t decline it or you won’t get their minimum pay guarantee- assuming they don’t find some other reason not to grant it). And whatever you do, don’t take multiple orders at a time, or take a new order as you’re waiting in a drive-thru line, unless you want an order to get unassigned “with penalty” because you took too long to pick it up!

APP, PAY, AND SUPPORT ISSUES. I am so grateful for the job, but there are some app, pay, and support issues. The map will often take me to a wrong location, and yesterday would not show me an alternative route for road work areas; it just gave a message saying “no directions available.” Luckily, I knew where to go and was able to find the delivery address on my own, but I did have to take a detour which added miles to my delivery that I did not get paid for. This happens quite often. There’s no use in reporting it, because the time it takes wouldn’t be worth the compensation, which is usually only $1 if you file a delivery pay complaint. The restaurant pick-up time stopped showing up a long time ago (months). As of yesterday, I’m unable to text diners. Also, when an order is removed at no fault to the driver (i.e., restaurant closed) there is no compensation for time or gas spent on that delivery. GrubHub is able to monitor everything we do, so they should be able to compensate us for time and gas for deliveries that are removed at no fault of our own. Even when reported, GH refuses to pay unless a delivery is “completed.” As a driver, I would describe that as a completed delivery since we completed as much of the delivery as we were able to. Thanks so much for the opportunity! Just a few bug issues that calling or emailing the support team about seems to do no good.

Some serious flaws that are probably hurting customers. So there are a few big issues with how this whole thing functions for drivers. 1. Customers shouldn’t be allowed to not tip OR y’all shouldn’t ask is to take all orders. Sometimes you can offers for legit $2 that will take you 20 miles away from your starting spot. Would you do anything for $2? 2. There needs to be some way for you to standardize how restaurants use the app. Some restaurants will have started orders before you get there to pick up, so you only have to wait if things are crazy. Others don’t start until you show up, so you can legit end up waiting 45 minutes. That’s losing a ton of money to get an order. 3. There needs to be a way for us to report safety issues when delivering food. I have multiple times had to deliver to homes with garbage and feces around the delivery area. There should be some way for us to at least help protect other drivers.

About as bad as everyone makes it to be.. The app is unintuitive and glitchy but the support team deserves -5 stars and I’m not even being dramatic. If something goes wrong you have to take the L. In my experience if a customer has an issue with their order and they call you to ask about it they are unintelligible and will hang up on you while you’re asking a question. I’ve been hung up on multiple times trying to ask questions to the support. You’ll be given orders that take an hour to deliver and you’ll receive 6 dollars. You can reject the offer but it gives you seconds WHILE YOURE DRIVING to look at the mileage and dollar amount without any other information like wait time, order size, distance from a hot zone etc. I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of money that can be made but be mentally prepared to be used and abused in every way without the possibility of help.

Nah. App has gone downhill. No more pickup times, and now it REASSIGNS an accepted order if you dont move towards the restaurant within 4 minutes of accepting which is ridiculous since some of these restaurants take at least 20 minutes to prepare the order. I wish grubhub would listen to drivers and take into consideration what we say but they dont and wont. Screw this company and app. (7/30) UPDATE (12/15): havent worked since mid august when they (with no evidence) claimed i was “severely” delaying orders and deactivated me immediately. They never responded to me when they said i could respond for more details, they never even checked rhe additional driver support tickets that i sent in, and theyve cost me a decent amount of money since rhey were my primary income as a working, full time college student. Their support has never been this bad and it is very frustrating since their need is so high given the number of drivers out there. Do better grub hub and stop baselessly claiming fraud and “delays” without providing the accused with evidence.

Horribly buggy driver app!!!!!. Today I was assigned with the pickup and pay using the Grubhub debit card. After I hit “got order” I got stuck with got order button greyed out — because it said no receipt needed yet the prior step says add receipt as contradictory — that won’t let me proceed to delivery task, forcing me to call driver support to resolve with them giving me customer address to complete dropoff then call again to mark delivery complete. This glitch also robbed me of $3 mission promo pay. Grubhub, did you hire a third world country to do programming of driver app like this? I worked as Grubhub driver, over 1 thousand deliveries over the last few years as intermittent gig worker, yet I am frustrated by technological bugs that waste my time and cause me to suffer tech rage…

Flaws. There are several flaws in this app that I’ve tried to get them to fix, to no avail because I can’t talk to a live person to explain what’s broken. Instead I get a generic email that never fixes anything! If a driver can’t mark arrived then the order gets unassigned because clicking the “can’t mark arrived” link doesn’t work! Need to have an override link for the driver to use to show arrived when GH can’t tell we’re at the location. There are also quirks with customers addresses not loading correctly and they can’t get GH to fix it. Also the delivery instructions are buried and not even visible on the restaurant page when we have arrived, so we have to remember to go back and find the customer notes in another session to see if they ask for something related to their order. We need to have access to a technical person as needed, not just customer rep.

Terrible company with no concern of the end users. Time and time again I contact GH support with problems and I’m only ever blown off. Problems are never addressed or fixed and it feels as if the company could care less. I’ve had problems logging into my account for over a year, have trouble getting my tax information, and can’t even receive basic help on orders. I’ve been scammed of my time, money, and life working with this company. Imagine trying to work for yourself with your own equipment and gas only to be tossed around like trash by a GrubHub representative who can do nothing to help you. You may think it’s great at first, but just wait, they never fail to be a let down. If you’re looking to be kicked while you’re down, this is the company for you. If you don’t care about your customers and the service they receive, drive for Grub Hub! If you want to be sure to hate your job and destroy your vehicle while doing it, you found the perfect opportunity! Help promote another company that doesn’t care about the end user today with GrubHub!

Terrible pay/milesage ratio. The new pay for orders and the miles of the deliveries are not matching. Grubhub decreased the pay on the orders and want drivers to deliver more miles for less. It seems as if they don’t car how much traffic or gas are in the drivers city. Example: 2 orders from 2 different restaurants shouldn’t be $7 and the driver has to go 8+ miles, sometimes the customers houses are in opposition direction. Also Grubhub should take out the “on time at the restaurant “ button because either one restaurant is taking too long with an order or the driver has to deliver the customer food in a high riser building and has to wait for elevators, doorman, or customer. This app has significantly reduced the normal payout of a average days of work and this will lead to less drivers picking up blocks. Also take away the multiple buttons to call the restaurant or customer. It’s no reason I have to press the call button 3x just to call someone. It should be one press for the call to go thru.

Waste of time Door Dash is better. What a waste of time. I always show up for my scheduled block, I have excellent customer service, no drops and I struggle to make over $50 on a 5 or 6 hour work schedule on Friday and Saturday night. First few weeks I made great money then all of a sudden, my income dropped and I’m better off staying home. I’ve taken every pickup and I still struggle, I’ve also rejected and accepted and still the same outcome. Very inconsistent $$ and with all expenses said and done, you make less than minimum wage. Customer service is horrible, hard to get ahold of anyone if there’s a problem, very long waits at restaurants without compensation. The rating system is very unfair and a lot of the pickups are far away and the pay barely covers the gas and time. Very disappointed. Definitely wouldn’t recommend to anyone trying to make a living and pay their bills. Just not worth the effort. I dropped all my blocks and I’m moving on to a different company.

Injustice. Grubhub deactivated my account unjustly based on false claims and without a warning, I’ve noticed from several forums and social media groups, that many GH drivers have faced the same unprofessional and reckless measures, claiming that I and many drivers around the US alike, have had an unusual amount of cancellations (not true), therefore they cut off the main source of my income. I have maintained a professional and friendly relationships, between restaurants and diners, and made sure every time to treat each and every delivery, with great care and professionalism. I’ve reached out to GH several times to fix this matter, but no answer yet after been deactivated for weeks! I also asked GH via email, to provide me with a proof of my deliveries track record from the day, which GH claimed had many cancellations, they refused to provide me with that information, because it proves that I canceled zero orders, which would back fire, and show how dishonest this company GH is! Voice your opinion fellow GH drivers!

Accuse me of fraud for something out of my control..... And there will be a personal lawsuit for defamation of character. You want to mark me for fraud over restaurants not having orders ready on time? How am I supposed to deliver an order at 7:28 pm and it doesn't even get ready at the restaurant until 8:39, then come to find out the second order your representative never gave to the restaurant so I had to place it making that order over an hour and half late. Another order I accept it and get to the restaurant on time for the order at 11:23 am, and when I mark leaving I'm supposed to deliver this order 5 miles away 4 minutes ago at 11:18 am? Get real. You're not doing your job and the restaurant isn't made of magic to where they can just snap their finger and have my orders ready, teleportation and time travel is still not real, and you want to talk to me about flagging my account for fraud? That's a personal lawsuit, so keep on.

Difficult Process Region and Banking Updates. I have been an approved driver of GH since 2020. The tech took almost two years to fix my assigned region. All the support emails sent over time was frustrating and useless. In the meantime, I work with other platforms while clueless techs felt they did something right and moved on. I decided to send them an email one more time after so long and the tech finally fixed it this time! So I started working it. I noticed I couldn’t update my bank info as it is outdated. Why is it so hard to update banking info? They sent me the update instructions like I didn’t even do it. I tried four banking infos and none of them would go through. This is the last straw if I don’t get the banking info error fixed by them. I have to wait 3 to 5 days for them to update my banking info. Working for GH dropped to the bottom of my list to do when I am seeking to make money on the side. Who need more stress these days?

Decent app but freezes and kicks you out. Intermittently kicks you out while you’re running it on deliveries; Also, there’s a severe communication error between the vendors IPad & receiving the customers order about 20 MINUTES AFTER the delivery driver (ME) gets the order! It happened twice already & it’s the app, not the vendor, but it reflects bad on the vendor and/or the delivery driver because the customer doesn’t know there’s a “connectivity / communication” error between them placing the order via the app, the app sending the order to the vendor to prepare and THEN generate the algorithm for the prospective driver to pick up! Not the other way around?! In addition, the app freezes upon initial startup, I have to run other apps when it freezes several times before it finally stays active. This has been a problem for a year now since I’ve been using it

PLEASE FIX PAYMENT OPTIONS FOR THE APP!!!. On the app I can’t verify or update my bank account card or even add it to the instant cash out. Every time I go to do any of those things it asks to confirm password, then I hit continue but, a box pops up at the top saying “Connection error. Try again”, when my connection is running perfectly fine and on Wi-Fi. I’ve turned my phone on and off, redownloaded the app and everything. I’ve called customer support but, they weren’t much help on this and just told me to message and explain to an email which has been SO COMPLICATED. I much rather do it on the app if it WORKED instead of calling and waiting days on back and forth messages and STILL, it’s been misunderstandings and delays with that so far. The problem hasn’t been resolved yet and I previously had an issue with the app messing up with trying to apply to get the driver card for work too. Can the card options please be fixed on here?

Shady Operation. Most restaurants have some kind of agreement with GH regarding charges but others do not. In this case the drivers have a GH debit card to pay at the restaurant. This requires the driver to call in the order to restaurant, wait while it is cooked and packaged, pay with card then deliver. I have found most restaurants will not take the driver order if they know it’s GH. So GH specifically instructs drivers NOT to tell the restaurants its GH when placing the order but use customer name only. This way the restaurant doesn’t know its GH until the driver pulls out the GH card; at that point the restaurant has already made the food and can’t really turn down the card unless they want to throw the food away and be paid nothing. I couldn’t figure out what this was all about until I talked to a restaurant owner who told me he thought it was just like any other card transaction until his merchant services (credit card processing) bill came. The charge for GH cards was like 40% of the tab. This is just plain fraud on GH’s part.

A joke.. INSTANT CASHOUT IS NO LONGER WORKING! One will have to wait until their designated pay day to receive the money for your hard earned work, which is eclipsed by Doordash and Uber. The pay for the offers are to f^#%ing low. It’s like there is no courtesy for drivers. No gas pay. Easy to get violations, I’m sure Jeff Bezos has enough money each order should be a minimum of $10. If that can happen I won’t be do this long. The App freezes and has to be closed upon clicking anything that is supposed to bring you to another app! ( Maps, Phone Calls, even when accepting an order) this app will completely freeze and has to be restarted!! Outsources what is supposed to be support for Us, jobs to individuals who don’t even live in the country. The language barriers in dire times will only exacerbate the frustration if one is having an issue. Fix the app. Billion dollar company with a hundred dollar app!

Okay.. I’ve been driving for a while now and here are my gripes: 1. The customer service team blow. I’m sorry. One time I was being harassed by an agent because I told him I was leaving the restaurant and haven’t even put I am leaving in the app so I didn’t know how long it would take to get to the customer. After having to yell over him to tell him it would take 4 minutes. I hung up and then he cancelled the order as I was handing it to the customer. 2. Numerous times have I shown up to a location that no longer exists. I was sent to the same spot a week later and refused to drive there so I called to inform them again. They didn’t believe me. 3. As drivers we should be able to see if the restaurant has recurved the order. Can’t count how many times I show up and they didn’t even know. So now I’m there for 30 minutes to wait. 4. I understand the negative aspect of dropping blocks, but I was good standing and had to drop a whole weekend because I needed to leave for funeral arrangements. I emailed 3 different departments to see if there was any way I could not get marked down for those because it would have severally knocked me down. No email, no call, nothing. So I just let it go cause I didn’t have the time or patience to call and wait 45 minutes. If you know how to work the blocks and the areas. You can make some good money - but it up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

Grubhub full review. Cities should be split into zones. I’m tired of getting offers that are completely out of my way and really far. Doordash is a good example of what it should be like. The app could be better. It’s not up to date with today’s technology and it’s not advanced enough. Why have “order and pay”? It makes no sense. I don’t want to order and have to wait when I could just pick it up and go. People shouldn’t be able to order from a restaurant that is far away from them. It’s a hassle seeing the restaurant and the customers location in completely different areas. Or there should at lease be an extra fee for the sake of the driver. Why isn’t there a total milage? The driver should be able to see the total mileage instead of having to make an estimate. This would be useful in determining if we want to take the offer or not. Should have an option to pause orders like doordash. I can’t toggle off orders during a block or else it says my schedule will be updated. A 30 min break is good enough for a food/bathroom stop. Should have an option to not receive orders under a total value & order and pay offers. Good pay. That’s the only reason I’m doing it. The pay outweighs the cons or at least for now. Pays significantly better than doordash in my area. Good driver care. Had to contact help for the first time today and I was quite impressed. Quick, kind, and helpful!

Good app just would like a few features added. I like the app but it would be helpful to have a few things added. First I would like to see a way to sync schedule with calendar. So I could see my schedule for personal and work in both my calendar on phone and in GH app. It make it difficult to get the correct schedule so you don’t have to drop a block. I would eve be okay with being about to put in that I am busy during a set time so I will not pick up those hours. Second I believe we should be able to see our pay for previous weeks. The past three months would give us at least something. Third I would love to know what the customers and the restaurants are rating me. I can’t be a better driver and improve if I don’t know what needs improving. Fourth a waiting list for dropped block would probably be helpful for those that don’t get the block that they need/want. This could be a feature that is added to the schedule that sends a message to those on the waiting list when someone drops the specific block. Fifth a way to know that there are available blocks without having to go into schedule all day and then a quick way to get into it to grab a block.

Absolute joke. ZERO STARS!!! DO NOT RECOMMEND I waited literally 2 YEARS to get accepted to drive. I started in October and I’ve taken only 2 orders. The only orders I seem to get are ones with low payouts and high mileage. These gig companies really need to get a grip! It’s bad enough you’re paying $1-$2 per order after collecting astronomical amounts of money in delivery fees and price hikes. I was so excited to start delivering on grubhub because I heard nothing but great things, BUT of course, it’s just like every other delivery app. Making their money off of exploiting drivers while claiming they’re independent contractors then punishing them for not accepting your offer for .50 cents a mile. You all ought to be ashamed of yourselves. If you’re going to lowball your drivers at least offer company cars or a gas stipend. It’s an absolute joke of an app just like all the other ones. I can’t wait till all of you are held accountable for exploiting people for slave wages. Absolutely disgusting

Excellent driver help on the road!. Grubhub is an incredible help on the road when I’m delivering for them. They have had my back the whole time, which is a year and a half. Burger King didn’t get the order? They handle it. Diner doesn’t answer? They get a hold of him/her for me. The restaurant is closed for some reason? They deal with it and contact the diner so they aren’t mad at me for what I didn’t do. Also the pay is always guaranteed at 12 an hour so I don’t feel incredibly humiliated sitting in my car, waiting for a ride or order and waste my time. No time is wasted. It feels good working for them. Just wish my car never needed repairs. That’s the only thing that makes it hard to make a full-time job, and the fact that driving all day is exhausting.

Horrible! Worst app for deliveries. *your earnings disappear from the app every monday. You have to rely on your email. Reset earning monthly!! Garbage!! *you cannot change your checking account number/info for direct deposit. Good luck changing it if you need to. Garbage!! *the process of dropping and picking up blocks is horrible! Why can’t this be some sort of calendar type process? There has to be a better way than this multi step process crap. Garbage!! *if i want to drop a block that I previously scheduled for a specific time/day, let me drop it and pick up a different time slot that day without being dinged a dropped block, BLOCK SWAP!! Garbage!! *make the unavailable/taking offers a VERY simple toggle switch/button. ie UberEats. *offer instant pay option in the app or multi day deposits *stop sending me dual offers for 1 restaurant when the first order has been ready for 10 mins already and the 2nd order was just placed and the diners are 13 mins in opposite directions! GARBAGE!! *switch to location based offers within a certain range, mins/miles of my location. Stop sending me offers that are 18 mins away for $4.40, then ding my acceptance rating for rejecting the offer. Garbage!! *im done for now, I definitely could write more. Makes me angry the more and more i write and think about how disgusted i am with this GARBAGE!!

Terrible. Let me first state that I am not one to write reviews on things. But this app is terrible. Let me start with the fact that they have stolen hard earned money from my account and you can not get a human on the phone unless you are on a current order. If you are using this app do not use it as a personal “savings account” cash out immediately as your day goes on because they will deduct pay over night for example I went to sleep with 80 in my “available cash out” and woke up with 32 available. With no explanation of what happened to my money, I am thankful I noticed this before I had a larger amount saved up. I have been using this app for quite some time and not have noticed this before but now I am wondering how much else have they taken out of my account because I simply forgot to move it to my bank account. I will be taking my talents to door-dash and am still hoping for my reimbursement.

Not a very good app, but gets the job done. This app continues to be pretty disappointingly basic and not very good in general, though I have not experienced bugs so there’s that. The newest update did not improve order flow for me. I’d say it actually made things a little worse and feels like things were just shifted around more than improved. My biggest complaint with the app is that there is no direct link to return to a hotspot and instead you either have to hope to just get another order to guide you are plug into maps manually. When i heard the hotspot map was coming to the task list, I was hoping for this….sometimes you just get turned around and this would make things much easier. I also think that better drivers should be given a higher level of administrative control.

NO ASSISTANCE FOR DRIVERS. Hello I am a driver for grubhub and I’m at my wits end trying to get help from you guys. I’ve called three times this month, emailed the tech team, messaged care on twitter to have this sorted out and still haven’t had any response or resolution. I’ve been working with you guys since 2021 and have never experienced this problem till now. I’ve already tried all the troubleshooting tools and read the articles and nothing has helped. I called Care 3 times and each time they have said they’ve never had this issue before and they would escalate it to tech but obviously haven’t. All of this started happening after the app had been updated recently. Every time I open the app before I tap anything I get hit with “comeback later”. I can’t even click the toggle to go in between available and unavailable. Because it gives me the same “comeback later” message. The only way I’ve been able to work is by spam clicking for 30mins until the app decides I can finally set my availability. But even that leads to more technical issues because then it asks me to verify that I am a real person. Keep in mind I already sent an email June 3rd to tech but yet there has been ZERO RESPONSE and it’s June 12th and I’m still having the same issue. I even called today for them to escalate it and they said there’s nothing they can do.

Heinous. If it was just the app itself I had to rate it’d get a solid 3.5/5 stars. Alas it is not. The app itself is only part of it, the support structure behind it is far more important. And their support is, in a word, heinous. I’d rather deal with Comcast or Netgear and that’s saying something. Cash-out issues? 12 people over 2+ months and no resolution. Gave up trying. Account suspension with no notice so you need to talk to someone about it? “That department doesn’t take calls. Reply to the email.” The email I didn’t get. Submit request? Get initial reply and then nothing. Silence. I’ve had tooth extractions more pleasant than dealing with GrubHub. All they need to provide is driver support and they actively avoid it. Can’t even get a response from their executive support team. This is far beyond indifference. This is active refusal for help. It’s intentional and malicious. Steer clear of this company until they get this under control. For now it’s a -1*10^23 out of 5 stars for me.

Can’t even login or create account. I have tried creating an account on this app but when I tried a text popped up saying that I already had an account because I have an account on regular Grubhub but I didn’t know that counted to I tried logging in and it put me through the process of creating an account anyway. Everything was going smoothly until I hit the part where I had to put in my phone number and get a verification number, when I completed that I had to press a button that confirms it was my number but here’s the problem, when I pressed it I get told that something went wrong on their end and to try again. I tried pressing this button for 10 minutes then I decide to try restarting the app, did that did the whole process all over again and still got the same results this I tried for 20 minutes and got nowhere. Please fix this.

Grub Hub is a great way to earn extra cash!. I so enjoy being a grub hub delivery guy it’s fun it’s easy and the pay makes it worth your time. I like the fact that the money always is right at or above the miles that you drive on each task is what it called on the platform the set up is great and the incentive program is really worth picking up blocks and keeping them it also offers multiple options for each situation on a delivery not like most of the apps out there and I drive most of them I could go on and on but there’s only so much that I could put on a review so I’ll just say give it a try I guarantee you will like it Robert say so 👍🏽🫡✨💰

A company NOT WORTH WORKING. This company is not worthy of my time and devotion. I worked for them for almost two years and almost always keeping Premier level. But... Because they have so many drivers and many new applications they treat current drivers for nothing!!! You are just a source of earning money for them. They have one way rating system meaning that customers can and will rate you and you cannot rate them back. There are so many customers ordering food being ‘high’ on drugs or pills or something else. And they will abuse you, make some dirty comments about you etc. But you cannot give them good or bad rating back. Personal experience: “You are now deactivated for multiple harassment.” Period. No explanations of how, when, who? So protecting myself from various abuses from customers is considered Harassment for GrubHub. I tried to find out more details by sending them emails, texts etc. They ignored me. I just wish them to lose some big lawsuit or go bankrupt. This company is not worthy of good people working for them. Because they don’t care and don’t protect them

The worst delivey app. Gh assigns drivers right away when an order is placed. Restaurans make order ready in 20-30 mins. Drivers have to wait minumum 20 mins for each order. Especially, in busy times, you wait forever and can’t make money. With the other delivery platforms, you can delivery 3-4 orders but with GH 1-2 orders. You waste your time by waiting for orders to be ready. Late orders damage drivers’ record whatever the reason is. If restaurants are extremely late, guess whose fault, drivers’. Yes, that totally makes sense, GH. All orders $1 or $2 tips, even 10 mils distance. Gh does’t force customers for fair tips. Maybe, Gh pays higher but if you live in California like me, all delivery platforms have to pay approximately same amount( based on min wage, time and miles you drive) because of prop 22. They just pay extra end of the week. But, I never get extra from Gh. When you calculate the amount each delivery platform paid in a week, You will see they pay same amount. So, if you get more tips, you make more money in California.

Messiah. The app works fine for me when delivering and the money is good. My biggest complaint is the driver support. Grubhub doesn’t do anything to help it’s drivers when they have issues. I started doing deliveries a couple weeks ago and the app says that I won’t be allowed to continue unless I activate my driver card. After calling the support number the girl kept telling me that I will receive it in the mail after my first delivery and I should be emailed a tracking number. At this point I had already done 50 deliveries in the short amount of time I’ve been with them so what she was telling me made no sense. After explaining this to her I was told to just wait until it arrives..I wasn’t emailed a tracking number and on the app it says no record of recent request, even after I requested another one. Grubhub need to be better.

App Update disaster!. Ever since I updated the app, it takes me 2 to 4 hours to check myself available to even take orders. It’s horrible I can’t start when I want to. I literally have to wait hours and I don’t see a lot of Grubhub working or on the road so I know it’s not busy so I know it it’s the app. Also, when I’m delivering an order, it says that I’m not going the way of the order and it tries to kick me out even though I am going the way of the order. Also, the app doesn’t take into consideration that in New York City we have major delays so the ETA they give us is ridiculous. It’s not gonna work five minutes or 10 minutes for each order is not gonna work in New York City. There’s a lot of traffic. And it lowers your stats! It’s crazy!

Programmers don't understand the situation at all. Programmers don't understand the situation at all. They don't know that the restaurant will be very busy at a certain time. When you receive an order and arrive at the restaurant, the staff tells you that the order will take a long time to complete. At this time, you just You can wait, because if you cancel, you will reduce the order acceptance rate, but if you continue to wait, you will reduce your on time arrival at merchant. The app has many unreasonable operations. I have seen many people encounter this situation on the Internet, but the problem has not been resolved until now. We are not philanthropists, we need to make money, and many times we have to accept some orders at a loss in order to receive orders. I hope the programmers can solve the problem as soon as possible, and there is a need to be able to directly contact the customer service personnel in the app like uber and dd to communicate directly

Make Extra Money Plan to Drive A Wild Map. I have been driving for GrubHub since October of 2019. The pay is pretty decent, but they are very disorganized on how they send you orders. It is quite frustrating! So you spend a lot of time driving from point A to point B then on to another restaurant. It’s as if they pay no attention to where you are on the map, and I know they know! I have been the farthest south in my region and get an order for the farthest north in my region. It is quite irritating. Over all that is a 35 minute drive just to get to the restaurant! I do not understand how that is helpful to us as driver’s? I believe they could do better keeping us in a tighter area, or at the least walk you through with orders on your way throughout your region. Instead of long stretches of driving time. It just a very disorganized!!

App Timing. My only complaint about the GrubHub app is it doesn’t have as tight of timing as some of the other food apps meaning that I will show up to Chick-fil-A s and they will have just started the order when it says that the order is ready for pick up. This has happened at a few restaurants and it is always the case. I don’t know if this is an employee training thing or simply a flaw in the app itself. Because of this, there are a few restaurants that I simply just won’t go to because the food is never ready or it’s a 10 or 15 minutes delay. These are actually some really good restaurants but they just can’t seem to get it together. Other than that I think the app is great!

Things that could be fixed!!. The most important thing is that when ever I go online I get orders that’s already late. Most of the bee like and hour and a half late. Then I get calls about how long it’s going to take me to get there and get the food. That’s really annoying and the reason I have not driven in over a month. To direct for me!! The next is navigation because I don’t know what system is use where you can’t see where I’m at all times. I may get a prefer that 45 min away and get half way there and get a order back by my house. Now they have to wait even longer to get their food! The longest a customer waited was 3 hours on they food. This is because they pile orders on one driver. This could a good service to drive for if they would those things first.

Waitlisted. I have been trying to get a job with several different food delivery apps, I thought GrubHub would be different but every single one of them I run into the exact same problem. I can’t seem to get past the waitlist stage of my applications. I don’t know if it is because the areas I choose to deliver in or what but it’s extremely frustrating especially since I can’t physically talk to someone or get some sort of time range for when I can actually start delivering. I recommend actually getting a help center so your customers and drivers can contact an actual person to help them with these problems. I have been on the waitlist for months now and still no results. I get that there might be a lot of drivers in certain areas, but to make people wait this long, that’s just completely ridiculous and misleading since your selling point is that people can get this job instantly and start delivering and making money within the week.

Doordash unfair and takes the word of customers and not driver. Doordash did a similar thing in which I delivered food to customers who then stated they didn't get their food. Unfortunately, the customers word was taken over mine. So now I take a picture of every single delivery and address that I go to for verification. It's an absolute necessity to keep from being accused of fraud. Uber kicked me out after claiming that my identification was fraudulent. I was shocked! there is a difference between my passport picture of my drivers license simply because I lost 65 pounds after a stomach operation. I explained this when I sent in my identification but was kicked out anyway. it's too bad there's not an attorney available to sue both door Dash and Uber ruining ruining my reputation...Or anyone's reputation for false charges against driver. I've lost all respect for door Dash and Uber and now I've lost respect for GrubHub as well After hearing your story and others.

Great way to earn nice money. I started GH as a part time job for extra while working at old navy as an asst GM. Always kinda hated my job in retail. decided to quit go to school for HVAC tech and start a new career. Working GH made it so easy with the scheduling to go back to school. The income i made from GH was like $750-$1000 a week depending on how much i worked. You make your own schedule, you can drop a shift a minute before it begin. You are your own boss and you have no one to answer too. Grubhub pays more then Uber eats, Door dash and post mates. Grubhub also has a guaranteed a hourly rate. My average hourly rate goes between $23-$30 per hour. And grubhub has good incentive bonuses like an extra $150 was the most one shot bonus i made. I have a new career as an HVAC tech and i still do GH on the side for extra income.

Unsure of app.. It’s like I thought this app would be like DoorDash. As in instant cash because that’s what their guidelines said. Turns out you have to wait 72 hours for you to even get the money you earned. So don’t go doing orders thinking ‘ oh yeah ima get all this money after!!” Cause you’re not. I had got stranded thinking I had hopes of getting the money I had earned wasting my gas to 0 miles because even on their “ pause feature “ you cannot used the cash you earned to get gas. And we’ll I had no money that’s the whole point of me getting this app, for extra money because I needed it. And turns out. I had to wait this time period. It really sucked. Aside from the actual money you can earn because the orders are good!price wise. - their guidelines just don’t match up. So make sure to have a full tank and don’t waste it all. Do a few orders and that’s it so you don’t get screwed like I did.

A let down... I was hopeful after reading up on Grubhub.. it seemed promising.. but it’s a complete and utter disappointment. I wish I could submit my screen recording as part of this review. I scrolled though the available “blocks” to schedule myself and ALL of the times for every day except two are taken or unavailable. There was an available time from 5-6:30pm for Friday and Sunday and THAT’S IT. Nothing else is available for the entire rest of the week. I haven’t been receiving hardly any orders either. I can sit here for hours in a hotspot and only get 2-3 in a 5hr shift. It’s actually crazy. After waiting since November to get hired on, this is the experience that greets me? If you’re thinking about working for them.. just don’t. The market is extremely over saturated and you’ll be lucky to get an order. More often than not I waste my time trying to go out.

Bugs and Bad UI. The app will freeze for me after picking up an order at least once during a block. It’s also very frustrating how easy it is to accidentally pick up a block in the scheduling. There should at least be a confirmation dialogue box that pops up after selecting a shift. I had a flat tire after a block and had to get an order canceled… they marked me absent for my whole block despite working the 2 hours. At the very least, they seem to be responsive (within 48 hrs) if you submit a help request. Their solution to my problems was to bump me from parter to premier (shrug). I originally appreciated being able to sign up for blocks, but it seems now to be a way for them to discourage you from multi-apping with Uber Eats. The pay is generally better than UE but there is still room for improvement with updates to the app.

They stole $1 and change from me. They stole $1 and change from my wallet for some reason, $1 and change didn’t get transferred for some odd reason so it stayed in my wallet in the app, then when I did my next delivery the $1 and change didn’t get added it was gone, so they clearly stole it and support isn’t even answering, idk if that $1 goes toward the “free” hot bags but if so stop advertising feee stuff if it’s truly not free, it’s only $1 but the point is it’s still wrong for you to sneak money out like that, same thing Uber did, offered free masks but mysteriously some money was deducted out my wallet and it’s never happened since I stopped putting in the order for the masks , I don’t like the setup at all for this app, I like how on doordash I can see In real time where I’m going that way if I do end up going the wrong direction I know, on grub hub you have to trust your gps 100% because on the map it’s not real time which I don’t like, so far doordash takes number one out of all these apps

Untrustworthy performance. This app has to work smoothly for us to make money, and it requires constant attention to make sure it’s working. In between updates, it can get really bad. And the updates don’t seem to come until after the app has been performing poorly for at least a few days. It typically gets an update once a week, but over the holidays, it went a month without an update. It’s clear they don’t prioritize much of anything for their drivers, which makes it impossible to trust the app. Today it started randomly logging me off during my shift which jeopardizes my account status. I know this is happening to other drivers as well. Driver support will always suggest that it’s a phone issue, but when all the drivers in my area are experiencing the same thing, it’s clearly an app issue. Obviously, we have to use this app if we’re drivers. Just make sure you don’t get complacent.

Be smart not stupid. Here’s the deal. I reviewed several of these reviews on here and I gotta tell you. You people complain complain complain. For the love of God this App allows you to make money on your own without any upfront cost on your part except a automobile and phone. Stop crying. Does the app send you orders that are far away and not worth it. Absolutely. Do you have to take them. Absolutely not. It’s your fault if you take an order that’s not worth it. Nobody else’s. My experience is I very rarely ever have to contact Grubhub for anything. But when I do, they get the issue resolved and are friendly. I started March 2019 and have worked it almost every single day since: I paid off all my student loans and a brand new car driving for Grubhub/Doordash/instacart. Stop whining. Whining gets you nowhere.

Not worth it. Doing this is way to much of a headache for what you actually get paid. The driver care is unhelpful and most of them are not fluent in English. They are unhelpful more times than not. Other drivers are constantly stealing orders and pretend that they never picked up it, then the new driver drives all the way to the restaurant and wastes gas with no reimbursement. Mihlali N was the driver care person that I had to chat with today was super unhelpful and not reading a single word I was saying to her. She would not unassign the order for me and wanted me to wait 25 minutes for the order to be remade when at this point I already wasted 20 minutes of my time driving to the restaurant and also going back and forth with her trying to ask her to remove the order from me. I ended up having to just unassign the order myself, which effected my delivery rate and I was not compensated for the miles I drove to the restaurant. It is illegal to not compensate for work.

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Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application Grubhub for Drivers was published in the category Business on 13 February 2019, Wednesday and was developed by [Developer ID: 302920556]. This program file size is 111.8 MB. This app has been rated by 96,475 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. Grubhub for Drivers - Business app posted on 08 February 2024, Thursday current version is 4.80 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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