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ICRSS PRO [Business] App Description & Overview

What is icrss pro app? Access and control DVR, NVRs and IP Cameras directly from your iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Watch and listen to your live surveillance video streams - fast and simple.
- Compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices!
- Stream live video directly from your security devices (not through 3rd party servers)
- Remain secured with username/password authentication
- Full control of PTZ cameras
- Take snapshots of live streaming video
- Landscape and portrait mode
- Support of ICRealtime’s full range of offerings
- Support multi-window view
- Support live audio
- Support bidirectional talk
- Support favorites
- Support remote playback
- Support push alarm
- And much, much more!

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How to contact ICRSS PRO (ICRealtime LLC)?
Find this site the customer service details of ICRSS PRO. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/531272886/icrss-pro/contact

ICRSS PRO Customer Service, Editor Notes:

ICRSS PRO Version 8.1.01425 July 2022

Change log: -Fixed menu alignment issue on Home Page. -Fixed a crash issue caused when selecting the More menu option..

ICRSS PRO Comments & Reviews 2023

- Clunky

The program allows you to have a great home security system without paying monthly monitoring fees. But it user interface needs some serious work.

- Works Great!

This app works great and as promised. I used the free version and the upgrade is worth the enhancements. *** Regarding the comments that the app doesn’t support playback, for others to assess the value of such comments, we need to know that the individual upgraded their OUTGOING Internet access to handle the video feed their cameras produce. Most households have a minimal outgoing Internet that’s insufficient for even one active camera. It would take forever to upload its output so that your mobile device can see it. It’s my guess that this is the real reason why those who are complaining about the app are unhappy. Low Internet uplink speed is not the app’s fault... Secondly, why would you want to access your video recordings from a mobile device? That jeopardizes them. You should do that via a direct computer link in your home: that gives the highest speed access, best control, and nobody can hack in.

- Unreliable

I have had this system for over 8 years. In that time I had to replace two NVR’s and four cameras. That was in the first two years of having the system. They told me it was because they we older cameras and not compatible with the NVR I had. REALLY, your distributors were selling old cameras not able to work with the NVR. So I became a distributor to get up to date cameras. I spent a lot of money in that transition. I should have not had to but my clients needed replacement equipment. Same issue, when trying to get support, I always have to wait for a long time to get help. When I need my cameras to work I am lucky I will get 75% of them online. I have had numerous sales reps assigned to my account. One was great and took good care with replacement camera at a discounted price but he was gone after a year. Since then you don’t hear anymore from them. Very disappointed by the high cost and lack of reliably with their products and support. They could so much better but they don’t and I am in the same town as them. Look elsewhere for a system.

- Works very well for my family security

My experience with this app has been great. I have two setups, one for home, one for away. The away points to the NVR outside IP, the home points to the inside NAT address. I've been in a pinch many times and used this app to view history from my phone and see who did what when. My wife knows the app better than I do. I do with there was a tutorial since there are parts I just don't get. But for the basic live monitoring and playback, I have NEVER had an issue viewing or checking my history. This app is literally the foundation of my home security system.

- Avoid this system

We have had this system for many years and would not recommend this for anyone. Horrible interface and even worse app. You can’t scrub your security feeds in a reasonable time. When you do try and jump to a certain point in play back. It keeps jumping back to where it started. The only way to really try and find a certain point or event is to forward videos by 8X. The app only works half the time and super clunky. I have 1Gbit speed internet so I know it’s not connection speed that’s the issue. Avoid this app and entire security system.

- Fails when needed most

My local AV guy installed this system touting his high end pricing as high end equipment. To date, the system fails me and even when he is here to assist, he has to call the IC tech help to troubleshoot or reset. Here it is at 1:22 AM and the cameras won’t come on line though all of my house systems and Wi-Fi systems are green and functioning well. IC system continues to disappoint to include the latest version. Trying to find a better more reliable system to support my security network. Sorry, but really tired of the failing reliability.

- Horrible

I have had this system for about 2 years now. While it’s good for viewing live, I can not get it to let me view recorded footage. Mine works well in the sense, I open the app and press one button to see all of my cameras. I like that aspect. However it’s useless when I can’t view recorded stuff. My alarm installer raced about ICrealtime and I paid a premium for their hardware as they recommended. Only to find out it is the same rebranded stuff everyone else sells for significantly less. Glad I’m selling my house and leaving this crap behind. Then I can get a better system.

- Awesome

I can view my cameras as well as recorded data from my phone unlike the other user probably didn’t take the time to learn the inns and out of the app. If you’re going to use this be sure you know how to use it!

- Absolute Garbage!

I share the disappointment in this system. It’s unreliable at best and infuriating the rest of the time. Like the other reviews, the tech that comes always has to call IC to have them solve it. Every update has rendered a call to the installer because nothing works after the updates! This was. 20k system not worth the contract I signed for installation! I am looking into a new system. You’ve had enough time to get it together, bye bye!

- The company itself is so bad with their service.....

They have major hold times for their support help. Once you get on if you are missing anything you have to call again. I had to redo my entire camera security system due to their inferior quality of equipment. I even spent over 8k on their recommended equipment. I had also spent $30 on their pro app for iOS device and now I want a refund for it.

- Can’t see font in time picker anymore

In an update a month or so ago you can no longer see the font when selecting a time for video playback. It’s a gray background with gray font. I use dark mode, I’m guessing they didn’t test this with dark mode. No way to submit bugs or feedback in the app that I could find. This makes the app almost useless for me.

- Still does not work we with iPad Pro

Hopefully the crashes are fixed. Still though you can only see a quarter of a camera screen with an iPad Pro. Each camera is 1/4 it’s as if you zoomed in but are unable to zoom out or pan.

- Incredible

Very easy to set up. I use it on my New 10 phone and my Ipads. I get my notifications from my intercom and just love the reliability.

- 5 stars

Works great! Does everything possible it needs to do, and more.

- Use this app all the time

I use this app daily and it works great. Took a bit to learn how to use it, but once I did I love all I can do.

- App is great.

360 Security installed our IC Real-time system and set us up with the ICRSS Pro app. The app is easy to use and the camera picture is beautiful. Def recommend.

- Superior App !

I replaced my old cctv system with a new IC Realtime NVR, four Amazing, 4 megapixel cameras, and this week I take delivery of a new 22” monitor. I have 2 iPhones and 3 iPads. The IC Realtime app works “Flawlessly” on ALL devices - WI-FI or Cell. Of course, I’m talking about the ‘Paid’ version. IC Realtime sells fantastic cameras and a great NVR - much better then my 5 year old system. And this app is The Best ! Thank You IC Realtime! Cop in the Midwest.

- Bugs!!

Come on guys fix the bugs! Mechanical Zoom Works/Doesn’t Work...

- Awesome

Get past the $29 app fee. Very powerful application. You will be amazed as what it can do for you. Check out the EMap feature it is so cool..

- Best camera app

I have been using this app for years as a sales tool and for my personal use. Every time I show my customers they can’t believe the ease of use. There products have a 10 year warranty. IC Realtime is a cutting edge company. They have the best technical support for my technicians and customers. What is Ella? #smartella

- Playback way too difficult

This app is way too clunky to use if time is of essence! Playback start time resets to finish time when being set up for playback. This app is simply terrible and likely had no user testing when released.

- Installer of camera systems

I love this app,simple,fast,and reliable . Our customers rely on it

- Doesn’t work on iPad

On top of getting hacked again (see the notice on their website), the latest iPad version doesn’t work at all. Tried with 3 different iPads, including one the installer brought. IPhone and MAC clients work using the same credentials.

- Can’t access System

Since your latest Bug Fix I have not been able to access my cameras. What happened? I’ve rebooted my phone etc. all other components on my home wi-fi are functional. This issue started yesterday

- Terrible - stay away

Quite possibly the worse I Interface I have ever had to deal with. Was installed by our IT guy. Trusted him. Nothing more frustrating than Using this app. Would not recommend. One star is even too much.

- Great app

360 Security Installed our ICRealtime system and it is awesome. Great picture and the ICRS PRO App is definitely worth the money!

- Excellent

Great software. They have cutting edge technology with great new technology that just came out.


My whole system crashed ! IC REALTIME tech support is PITIFUL. I’ve been working with them for 2 months with no solution. I’ve been hung up on 3 times and the tech people have a poor attitude. This company is terrible and does not care about their customers

- Not working

Paid $30 for an app that doesn’t work. The support couldn’t solve the issue.

- Decent but needs work

The usability of this app needs some work, especially for the price tag. I hope in an upcoming release they give you the ability to configure the notification options, specifically the ability to turn off/on email and txt alerts for the motion alerts. The playback feature works well. That part is actually fairly nice and intuitive. Looking forward to enhancements to this app. At the end of the day, I do appreciate the ability to access and configure the cameras remotely. Thank you for this app.

- 360 Security & IC Realtime are great

Great app and great dealer installed it!

- My North Miami residence

I have had this system professionally installed and was OK at first. now constant problems. THE ENTIRE SYSTEM HAS BEEN HACKED AND NO INDICATION THIS WILL EVER BE REMEDIED. AWFUL.

- App

Great app. Awesome company!

- This app is trash

This app is trash

- Worst update

ICRealtime DO NOT UPDATE!!!!! The latest update turned a poorly designed app into a piece of %#%#*^%#!!!! With the latest update we can no longer view real-time video playback of events from our Alarm Manager. All that comes up is "No Record". We've been working with our security company Tech specialist for a week and he has tried to adjust the local configuration settings to provide the maximum real-time playback to 60 seconds but that has not resolved the issue. Thinking it might be a glitch in the app on our iPhones, the Tech specialist reloaded the app but that made things worse and we even lost our favorites and the names of our cameras. If we had not paid so much for our video surveillance system we would be shopping around for a new system that has no association with ICRealtime LLC. It is beyond comprehension that an update was not beta tested before releasing it out to the user community. What is so frustrating is that we rely heavily on the playback feature as we are frequently away from our home and having the captured playback of events inoperable makes the system useless for our purposes. Unfortunately, the users have to try to resolve their issues without any help of ICRealtime assistance. Get on the ball and get a fix out to the users!!!!!

- App is not ergonomic!

I'd expect more from a CCTV company. Cheap axis apps and others are smarter than this app. Have to reselect cameras every time you open? Really? Takes the convenience out of that. What's favorites for? Doesn't save a camera layout for you to access with one button push. That would make sense. Instead adds cameras to a favorites folder? Didn't even eliminate a step in viewing a camera. What if I have more then 4 cameras? I have to stop viewing one of them and go through the painful method of readding? Opposed to swiping to another set of 4? I'm either missing something or this is a poorly designed app. Hope they update this. Paid a premium for their hardware and am stuck with this app.

- It was great until I got my Iphone6+

Loved this app until I got my iPhone 6+. The feeds don't size right so it looks poor and doesn't utilize the new screen sizes. I would be happy to change my rating up to 5 stars if they update the app to properly support the phone sizes.

- App crashing

The app crashes when trying to view favorites. A better way of scrolling through cameras would be helpful. It is difficult to view additional cameras with cameras systems with more than 4 cameras. Only way I can see how to do it is save first four cameras as a favorite and then the next 4 cameras as favorite and so on. Then use the "scrolling wheel" to change between favorite pages. However isn't consistent and now it crashes. A swipe gesture to toggle between cameras pages and individual cameras would be much easier to operate and more intuitive.

- Terrible Update :Does not PlayBack

Why does this icRealTime app get worse and worse with every update. It's so sad that this company has superior cameras and Completely Fails with their App. And to think I had to pay for this crap! This is extortion.. Please fix this app or revert to last years update... #Fail

- Another step backwards...

The app looks more polished now, but that's about the only positive. I could previously just hit one button to start viewing my favorite cameras. Now there are more steps to get there in the favorites menu, then after clicking it takes 4-5 times longer to load the camera views. On top of that you can no longer switch between low and high res stream. It's one of the other all the time. No longer an easy button tap to switch.

- Great Upgrade

This is a great upgrade and worth the price at $9.99. It offers more functionality than the previous app with help on the app itself. ICRealtime support, both online and telephone is great as well. I have several clients with the installed app and all love it as well.

- I feel cheated and victimized by this company

Earlier version I purchased worked great until I updated the app. Then it would not work. Tech support says I gotta buy the newer version to make it work. He was right; $30 later for the newest version now works but no better than the older version and is more confusing to use. How often is this company gonna gouge customers for $$$ for upgrades.

- Hangs, poor responses

This update needs work. It is not very user friendly. I click on upper right button and go for a coffee break while waiting for it to open. Settings are confusing. Favorites is confusing. Closing out cams or changing to different views sometimes doesn't work. This app could use some improvements. Please fix it! I rely on it for remotely checking cameras.

- Out of control

Can find one problem with app. The PTZ cameras move out of control spinning around and around and around and around. They will eventually stop,very frustrating and not very effective for the purpose of a PTZ camera. Please someone out there fix this problem. I would give 2-1/2 stars if I could.

- iPhone 6plus

Desperately needs updating for iphone6+ screen ratio. The app itself scales, but not the video. Only fills fraction of screen. Functionality not intuitive. No explanations of what icons do. Would be nice to have a "home screen" that automatically opens with app rather than manually having to open favorites each time.

- Great app but..

It works great overall just doesn't work right with the new iPhone 6 the screen doesn't go the the proper size to fit the area designated for the live camera.

- I love it

Paid for it on one device and it runs on all my IOS devices. Quality is great setup is easy. I wish all Apps were this good.

- Lacking

This app is very rudimentary. Not being able to open all cameras with a single click and being able to easily pull recordings from the NVR is very lame in this day and age. Also, feed quality is very low, no way to adjust it so you're stuck with what they deem acceptable. Hope they get their act together and release fixes.

- Don't do the update!!!!!!

Just updated and now all of my saved lists are gone!!! Now going to a camera view takes forever as I have to scroll through 75 previous views. Not really sure what they are but its a long list of things that I must scroll through to get to my devices. Please fix this!!

- Best camera app yet

Wow is really all I can say, fast, clean and super easy to use. I have never seen an app that allowed full configuration, this is why they are regarded as the best in the game..... Kudos...

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- Pro is better

Had an issue with the free version - save your camera view preset, exit app. Upon reopening app, layout is blank. Pro version fixed this... on iPhone. iPad version of the pro app still needs to be reset every time the app is closed. My client is not very impressed. Hopefully next release fixing iPad issue. Otherwise great product!

- Help me get the older version

I just updated to this new version and my cameras look awful !! How do I roll back. They should test app before putting live.

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ICRSS PRO iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

ICRSS PRO iphone images
ICRSS PRO iphone images
ICRSS PRO iphone images
ICRSS PRO iphone images
ICRSS PRO iphone images
ICRSS PRO iphone images
ICRSS PRO iphone images
ICRSS PRO iphone images
ICRSS PRO iphone images

ICRSS PRO (Version 8.1.014) Install & Download

The applications ICRSS PRO was published in the category Business on 2012-06-05 and was developed by ICRealtime LLC [Developer ID: 371266663]. This application file size is 305.85 MB. ICRSS PRO - Business app posted on 2022-07-25 current version is 8.1.014 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.icrealtime.icrssplus