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Access and control DVR, NVRs and IP Cameras directly from your iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Watch and listen to your live surveillance video streams - fast and simple.
- Compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices!
- Stream live video directly from your security devices (not through 3rd party servers)
- Remain secured with username/password authentication
- Full control of PTZ cameras
- Take snapshots of live streaming video
- Landscape and portrait mode
- Support of ICRealtime’s full range of offerings
- Support multi-window view
- Support live audio
- Support bidirectional talk
- Support favorites
- Support remote playback
- Support push alarm
- And much, much more!

ICRSS PRO App Description & Overview

The applications ICRSS PRO was published in the category Business on 2012-06-05 and was developed by ICRealtime LLC. The file size is 70.66 MB. The current version is 6.10.005 and works well on 7.0 and high ios versions.

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My North Miami residence  MSC MIAMI  1 star

I have had this system professionally installed and was OK at first. now constant problems. THE ENTIRE SYSTEM HAS BEEN HACKED AND NO INDICATION THIS WILL EVER BE REMEDIED. AWFUL.


Doesn’t work on iPad  Domainman  1 star

On top of getting hacked again (see the notice on their website), the latest iPad version doesn’t work at all. Tried with 3 different iPads, including one the installer brought. IPhone and MAC clients work using the same credentials.


Clunky  Tommignon  3 star

The program allows you to have a great home security system without paying monthly monitoring fees. But it user interface needs some serious work.

IC Real time is bad

Awful System  IC Real time is bad  1 star

Rarely works. Each time you access the app, you'll be going through a set up process. It is awful.


Junk  Dustin1179  1 star

Never remembers your settings when you open the app. And an overly complex UI that honestly makes no sense..


Finally fixed, thank you!  Ngagescott  4 star

For the first months this app was very unreliable. Now it is sooo much better. I am an installer that relies heavily on this app for my work. Have been working with IC realtime for 10 years.


Useless  Mt897  1 star

Absolutely useless app. I've never taken the time to write an app review but this one deserves it. If you can figure out how to playback recorded video you should receive the Nobel prize for ingenuity.


Half my home protection no longer available  clan2012  1 star

It used to work well but now doesn't work most of the time I access it. Please fix it.

AZ Andrew

Doesn't work on the T Mobile network  AZ Andrew  1 star

The app work on wifi, but not on the T Mobile network. It just times out. The developer should work with T Mobile to rectify the issue.


Current update breaks logins  Rubydanger  2 star

App was great until recent update on sept 30, 2016. Now all of my sites just time out. Needs to be fixed soon!


iPhone 6plus  whydoineedanicknametopostcomme  2 star

Desperately needs updating for iphone6+ screen ratio. The app itself scales, but not the video. Only fills fraction of screen. Functionality not intuitive. No explanations of what icons do. Would be nice to have a "home screen" that automatically opens with app rather than manually having to open favorites each time.


Great app but..  7827277363)515  4 star

It works great overall just doesn't work right with the new iPhone 6 the screen doesn't go the the proper size to fit the area designated for the live camera.


Lots of promise  sshilling2001  2 star

Playback leaves lots to be desired. Not sure it even works. Compared to Dropcam, not very useful.


Lacking  Neurobit  1 star

This app is very rudimentary. Not being able to open all cameras with a single click and being able to easily pull recordings from the NVR is very lame in this day and age. Also, feed quality is very low, no way to adjust it so you're stuck with what they deem acceptable. Hope they get their act together and release fixes.


App is not ergonomic!  L2theA  1 star

I'd expect more from a CCTV company. Cheap axis apps and others are smarter than this app. Have to reselect cameras every time you open? Really? Takes the convenience out of that. What's favorites for? Doesn't save a camera layout for you to access with one button push. That would make sense. Instead adds cameras to a favorites folder? Didn't even eliminate a step in viewing a camera. What if I have more then 4 cameras? I have to stop viewing one of them and go through the painful method of readding? Opposed to swiping to another set of 4? I'm either missing something or this is a poorly designed app. Hope they update this. Paid a premium for their hardware and am stuck with this app.


App crashing  npicklo  2 star

The app crashes when trying to view favorites. A better way of scrolling through cameras would be helpful. It is difficult to view additional cameras with cameras systems with more than 4 cameras. Only way I can see how to do it is save first four cameras as a favorite and then the next 4 cameras as favorite and so on. Then use the "scrolling wheel" to change between favorite pages. However isn't consistent and now it crashes. A swipe gesture to toggle between cameras pages and individual cameras would be much easier to operate and more intuitive.

RH 2001

Update problem  RH 2001  1 star

Updated app and it worked one time and know it crashes every time I try to open camera app. Deleted app and reinstalled works know


Update problem  Flaire10  1 star

Can't access cameras with app since January update!


Out of control  Dpar59692  2 star

Can find one problem with app. The PTZ cameras move out of control spinning around and around and around and around. They will eventually stop,very frustrating and not very effective for the purpose of a PTZ camera. Please someone out there fix this problem. I would give 2-1/2 stars if I could.

I want my money back now!

Play-back Function  I want my money back now!  2 star

The play-back function leaves much to be desired. It does not allow you to forward video like many other apps. Please fix this issue ASAP!!!

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