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What is ember app? About Ember
“Back in the earliest days, there was no sun and the world was dark. The heavens opened up and stars fell like beacons into the pitch black world, and they were known as “Embers”. Powerful and wise druids of a primordial race, “the Lightbringers," roamed the orb searching for this luminous matter. They performed a ritual of awakening to call the “Embers” out of their deep sleep. Suddenly the world became bright, and the veil of darkness was lifted. The Embers were the embodiment of magical flame, light, and life, but as word spread about the sheer power of the Embers, they came to be hunted and captured…and so the War for Ember began…”
From the tome “Restoration of the Lightbringer”

Gameplay overview

A passion project 10 years in the making, Ember is a homage to classic role-playing games. Ember features a deep branching story, endless exploration across dynamic and living environments, a robust skill tree, and an intricate crafting system. In Ember, players are resurrected as a “Lightbringer” and summoned to protect the dying Embers as the world is on the brink of collapse. Beginning in the Deep Barrows, players traverse vast environments divided between aboveground and underground realms – ranging from lush forests to dry deserts and dark abysses – to reach the City of Light. The story unfolds through encounters with strangers, and players are forced to decide their destiny by making pivotal decisions.

Key features

Classic-style, role-playing game with 30+ hours of epic adventure
Epic storytelling filled with fascinating characters, lore, adventure, and humor
Over 70 quests with diverse gameplay enabling players to choose their path
Engaging party-based real-time combat system with tactical pause
Over 65 combat skills for the player to use in customized battle party strategy
Encounter hundreds of NPCs with their own tales to tell
In-depth crafting system, from baking bread to forging magic weapons
More than 20 handcrafted environments and shadowy dungeons
Meet different companions with their own backstory quests
Experience dynamic weather and time of day system

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How to contact Ember (505 Games (US), Inc.)?
Find this site the customer service details of Ember. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/906826053/ember/contact

Ember Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Ember Version 1.04320 December 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. Thank you for supporting Ember. •Fixed a text bug where the damage type for Ranged and Magic weapons was reversed on the weapon info sheet •Added button to sell all crude equipment to merchant screen •High quality crafted food returns a small amount of energy, making crafted food much more useful •You can now drag consumable items onto party member portraits to use them on that party member easily.

Ember Comments & Reviews 2022

- Kudos to developers, but..

To start I must give kudos to developers who poured their hearts into this passion project. As a gamer I can immerse myself into their world and feel the meticulous details. Great character design, landscape, music, voice recording, and effects. Thank you for a wonderful game. Now comes the "BUT", and this bit of irate is magnified by the perfection in every other aspect so far I have experienced. The blemish lies in the dialogues and literature of the world. If only the developers hired writers with higher proficiencies the game would be complete. The writing style is of a modern teenager's attempt being a bard or historian which breaks the immersion. And the protagonist sounds less like a legendary warrior and more of a pleading child. I only point it out because this would otherwise have been a standard bearer for iOS isometric RPGs. Hope to see more from developers in the future, and a writing quality on par with Baldur's Gate.

- Average I would say , on an iPhone

The good: Nice graphics with bright colors and buildings that pop out at you. Basic crafting system, not overly complicated. Plenty of quests. Open world. The bad: Would be much better on an iPad, the buttons are so tiny that they’re hard to hit. Combat feels over simple without many strategic elements. Text trees almost all seem to lead to the same result, regardless of what’s said. Overt political bias of developers in storyline. Minimal differences in three character classes. The status and menu bars block the screen enough to significantly detract from the pretty graphics. The characters look small as little ants, if you zoom in, it remains fixed on your main character so it’s tough to zoom in and just focus on things unless he’s near them. The main character seems empty, hollow, unrelatable, boring, even in his picture. I did win the game, but never felt a huge amount of satisfaction. It would have been better with a little bit more freedom to change the outcome of quests, more text trees with varying outcomes, more strategy in combat, more variety of the classes, and an interface that better suited iPhones without teeny buttons. Just to name a few things. Probably an option for less experienced RPG fans who are looking for a simpler experience and have an iPad.

- 9/10

This game is great and worth the price. My only complaint is, as playing as an iPhone player, the controls can be frustrating. My complaints are only with movement. I click on an enemy to attack but the character will move next to the enemy and not attack. Or I will want to move and click on an object instead. Other than that this game is quite addicting and well worth playing if you like challenging rpg's.

- Soo good! Support premium games on ios!

For those of us who love to complain that it's all freemium garbage on the app store (which I'm exceedingly guilty of myself), THIS is the type of game to stay our whining for a good little while. Baldurs gate type interface and combat, yet much, MUCH more noob-friendly - without feeling "dumbed down." We got spoiled in the early days of ios with decent games for a dollar... those days are long gone. But even then, we didn't have quality like this. 10 bucks is still a STEAL for this caliber of program, as it's easily a 30 dollar game on any other platform. If we don't buy these kinds of games and support these devs, eventually no one will make them at all (even if it's a pc port). Show em there's a market and let's get more great stuff like this on the app store.

- ⚔️ Excellent RPG ⚔️

Expansive; great graphics and animation; countless equipables. My benchmark is Diablo; and having just completed my first game of Ember, here are further observations: Compared to Diablo, Ember consumes a little too much time with NPC dialogue. It's relevant to the rich storyline, so this won't bother most people. A little too much time was required to acquire, manage and disposition the game's voluminous inventory. Crafting equipment and potions is central to Ember, but I prefer fighting monsters more than spending time creating the tools required for gameplay. Monsters are little too tough. Maybe it was a lack of proper character development, but I had to "rest" and save my characters way too often--after almost every encounter with monsters. This will be a great game for many, but possibly too much work for Diablo fans.

- Ember: Baulders Gate Lite

If you have been searching for a good RPG to play on your phone, then you should consider playing Ember. It is a near perfect mobile RPG because of its beautiful graphics and streamlined nature. All of your magic and skills are attached to equipment that can be swapped out anytime you want. This let's you try all the spells/skills without committing to the ones you don't like. You may also reset the stats for the characters at anytime (for a reasonable chunk of gold of course) if you want to change up your parties combat style. The game is a huge open world with quite a bit of freedom to roam at times. Fans of old school games like Baulders Gate and Planescape will feel right at home with the battles. You can pause combat at any time to issue your party members commands, then watch the battle unfold in real time. There are also plenty of side quests, and a very deep crafting system similar to Skyrim's. I have put in 20 hours and I am still enjoying this beautiful modern game with old school charms.

- Amazing!!!!!!!

This game is a hidden gem with extremely well designed storyline and stunning graphics and I'm a big fan of the tap to move around/attack control! I never liked the virtual joystick. I'll say I love it no less (even more) than big fantasy rpg title out there such as dragon age. And for only 10 bucks I feel it's a steal! Only complaint is the game crashes on me every 1 to hours which is very annoying. When that happened I had to replay the lost progress. Guess my phone is not made for game like this will not try to play another 3D games on iOS again! Mine is 6 plus

- A nice looking failure

Nice graphics and what is clearly a love for the project by the developers fail to overcome a rather dull failure of a game. You will spend most of your time staring at a tiny radar screen as you navigate from dreary task to dreary task. Combat is tedious and never varies, quests are all simple variants of each other. Slogs of flavor text to wade through are likewise yawn-inspiring. Nevertheless, I hope these developers do not give up and perhaps give things another try: there is a hunger for quality RPGs a la Baldurs Gate, and this team has all the experience and talent to offer something for it. But not this time.

- All around great game

Loved the controls once I got used to them. Large open world. Only downsides are the size of the text and buttons and that the ending is a bit anti-climactic and there are not many available outcomes. Overall great story, beautiful graphics and responsiveness. Loved that the game is not dependent on in-app purchases. Please more of these. In-app purchases have completely destroyed and put me off many other legendary franchises.

- Breath of fresh air!

Finally...FINALLY a game developer that respects the players. No buying gems BS, no money-extracting shenanigans, and above all, this is designed as a GAME, not a cattle-herd with every game mechanic and progression trajectory designed to push the player into spending money. And that’s why I just purchased this app. Devs neee to understand that many customers would happily pay $20 or $30 for a game that is not one giant money-grab. Free-To-Play is a cancer and it’s gambling. Thank you 505!

- Great game - would be better with UI scaling option

Overall a good game. I especially enjoy the world building, lore and the amount of books you can read (despite the spelling and grammar errors other reviewer‘s have pointed out). The one drawback is that the touch targets on an iPhone are very small (iPhone X). Would be great if there was an option to zoom in the interface.

- It needs work

The game is fun and would be worth the money but it needs work. This wasn't made for a phone and should be played on a computer. The buttons are small and selecting an item can sometimes become a tedious task. There are no instructions on how to use items (just to name a few). I hope they fix these problems soon. I look forward to playing the game but quickly become discouraged when I run into these issues.

- wish I could keep playing

I love this game, but ever since I went to the Ember Mines for the Restoring the Shrines quest, it has been crashing on me. I had hoped that the latest update would fix this issue, but it still crashes. I hope that the next update will fix the problem, because I really want to continue playing this game.


FINALLY a great RPG that doesn't nickel and dime me into spending a small fortune purchasing gems and gold so they can get rich just so I can play their game! The game is AWESOME and with the ONE TIME price is ABSOLUTELY worth it. I know people are going to look at that $10 price tag and say, "Oh hell no! I'm not paying $10 for a game!" Now, stop and just THINK about how much you're paying for those ridiculous, and in my opinion, HATED IN APP PURCHASES. I'm just saying do the math y'all. This is an absolute STEAL for $10! I have a few of their other "NO IN APP PURCHASES" games like Grimrock and I love them! 505, y'all are freaking awesome!! Keep up the good work!

- A must have for rpg lovers

Enjoyable and functional, I have to say this may be the best rpg on iOS. Even while playing on an iPhone, I have almost no trouble getting done what I want control wise. The only downfall is the frequency of the game crashing. Just remember to save often.

- Don't compare this to Diablo people!

1. All the text in the game is way to small. 2. Items and things don't pop up until you are right on them. Would be nice to be able to see stuff on the ground farther away. Makes the game boring having to look around for all the items on my screen. It makes the option item names always visible pointless because I still have to be right on top of the item for it to show up. 3. Everything is so small! 4. Needs controller support

- Good game

This game is well made and a lot of fun. I don't get how people have an issue with the controls. This game has much better character movement than lots of other games I've played. The story is actually not that bad. And there is a lot of lore scattered throughout the world that is fun to read.

- 4 Star, no controller support?

Allow me to play this on my tv when I feel like kicking back, via Apple TV. Such an amazing game, why would you guys not offer something as simple as controller support. 5 Star when you do. Aside from that... iOS classic.

- Wonderful

Beautiful game. It has wonderful depth for a cellphone game. The controls are straightforward and the combat is easy enough and entertaining :) hard to find a good rpg like this on cellphone. Make sure you actually read the In game books! The writing is excellent!

- One of the best of all time

It’s clear this was indeed a labor of love. You guys should be immensely proud of what you’ve done. I would also like to thank you for not corrupting the game with IAP’s or adware. The gameplay in this was stellar, the storyline superb, and the attention to detail, unparalleled.

- Love This Game!

I recently purchased this game to play on my new iPad Pro. It looks beautiful! I know it’s been out for awhile, but I cannot stop playing it. This game takes the old-school RPG genre and makes it a wonderful experience on iOS.

- Cool game

Fun to play and very immersive but it's hard to play on my 7 plus do to it being very small and hard to see. Would be great on any newer iPad. I personally think the 10$ price tag is a little high

- Stumped at Haybales; Message easy to miss

the game seems to be very good. But I can’t get past haybales blocking the way to Darkwood. No implements, no hints, just a choice of quit or get 10 .10 vision. Gave it a second try. My first time I missed the message telling me simply to drag the bales to another place. It came mixed in with another message.

- Nice generic adventure

I somewhat enjoyed it. It's definitely a lightweight RPG so don't expect anything as complex as Baldur's Gate. Graphics are nice, story is very generic, crashed a couple of times on my ipad mini 3 so be sure to save often. If you don't care too much about the story/plot and just want some good old turn-based fun, then buy it.

- No iPhone X / Xs / Xs Max update?

Great game. Originally played it on my iPad which was incredible. I have the Xs Max now and feel the screen is big enough to play anywhere but no current update =[ small game on a huge screen.

- Not full screen

Upgraded from iPhone 7 to iPhone 10.. now the screen is smaller , shrinked in the middle so only 3/4 of the screen. Text were already small when on iPhone 7, I’m gonna go blink with iPhone 10. Nice game but sadly unplayable.. less screen & cant read texts. Uninstalled.. let me know when it is optimized for iPhone 10(um x)

- 5 star game

I have started playing this game right after it came out and I’m having so much fun. Not only the graphics are great but the game itself if so much fun! Well worth the money spent!

- A++ game for a tablet

Unfortunately, it falls flat on the smaller iPhone 6. Buttons are hard to press, combat gets awkward, and icons on the map are unreadable. I’ve never had a game make me curse at my fingers as much as this one did. Needs work for phone port. If you’re playing on a tablet, don’t miss this game! Pure gold!

- iPhone X support please!

One year ago ive purchased this game and now playing it again. Just wish it would iPhone X widescreen as its too small at the moment.

- Very Dated on iPhone XS MAX

This game will not go fullscreen. You always see your status bar on the left and the game area is scaled way down from what the phone is capable of. Maybe this would be fine on an older device. I was only in the game maybe 30 seconds and determined that I'm not going to strain my eyes trying to play this.

- Nice game

I gave three stars because if you could. Please make an update that’ll fix the interface buttons a slight larger because its hard to press tiny buttons. I mean, i use my index finger. but i'm a thumb kind of guy. funny its from a PC game where you use your index for the mouse.

- Cannot load saved games under current iOS

Tapping “continue” causes the game to crash. Every time.

- Please update for X and iOS 11

Enjoying this game so far. But no updates for a while, please update it for the latest iOS. Hoping you didn’t cash out already.

- Best IOS RPG very satisfying

This is the bet IOS adventure RPG I’ve seen. It is clearly a passion project. It’s stunning to play on my iPad Pro and I certainly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of the genre. I want more!

- So boring

Seriously, this game doesn't have much going for it. If you take the price into account, this game is terrible. I'm having a hard time understanding other gamers' positive reviews. The abilities, gear, magic, etc, are all remedial versions of games that are much better. I forced myself to complete the game because I paid for it. I wish I could get my time and money back.

- Epic

Don't have to pay anything extra, smooth, awesome graphics. Looking forward to the next one. If you're a fan of Baulder's Gate or Diablo you'll love this.

- Superb

I long for a great hack n slash rpg. This game is superb in every way. I can spend hours in this and not get bored. Reminds me of the good old days of Baldur’s gate and the bards take. Excellent just excellent. 10/10.

- Original review disappeared

One of my fav’s. If you like Baulder’s Gate or Diablo–esque, isometric rpg’s pick this one up. It’s an original premium game made for iOS that deserves attention & love. Plus it’s really good. Support!!

- Great Flashback

What a great game, especially if you played games like Baldur’s Gate. I wish it had gone on much longer and hope there are expansions or follow up games!!

- Great RPG game and if it didn't crash so much it would be 5+ stars

This is an addictive game with surprising complexity and graphics for a tablet game. Definitely worth the money, but SAVE OFTEN!

- Great Game

I've only played a little bit, but it has already impressed way more than most iOS games on the App Store.

- Fixx button bigger

Add button quicksave Fix bigger button + - quality, hand equip, skill. More quest more chapter plz, game too short. New game + plz :) Greatest game i bought :3 love love love

- Highest quality for IOS

iPhone 6s Plus and game runs smoothly. HUGE and beautiful little RPG. Need large screen to play. 6 plus barely fits it.

- Best Rpg iPhone

I don't review games often, but hands down one of the best rpgs on in App Store. Buy and play it, great game.. Update: problem I had is fixed, great game..

- Quality

Full out game but the movement and inventory system is a bit touchy and the game crashes here and there

- Great RPG

This game is pretty awesome. It’s one of the very few IPad games I can sit around and play for long periods of time. Highly recommended to fans of older CRPG-style games!

- Please add an expansion

You guys nailed it. The perfect rpg engine on an iPhone. Please make more content, DLC or additional games. Just take my money Thanx

- Diablo lite

It's nice having a mobile Diablo style game to play, I wish it had controller support, would be much more pleasant to play

- Outstanding

No in app purchases, no ads. Just a stellar game with great storyline and beautiful graphics. Well worth the money.

- Excellent game! Fun and Challenging RPG Game!

This is one of the best RPG game iPhone after Aralon and Dungeon Hunter. Good graphics. Interesting characters and complex storyline with lots to do. The battles are all quite challenging.

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- This game was everything I hoped it would be

It had plenty of engagement, smooth mechanics that were easy to understand and use, and a really rich world of content. Took me quite awhile to play it, so congrats to the devs for truly making this time well spent! The game wasn’t too hard, nor was it too easy, and of course, for those that like the challenge, there are presets for difficulty that you can change throughout the game. Plenty of interesting side quests. Only one I didn’t finish! No idea how I was supposed to finish the quest of the man in the City Of Light who wanted a suitable husband for his daughter Lol! Maybe the devs were secretly saying that there is no such thing :P

- Awesome

Been playing RPGs since NetHack on the old Unix system in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Played most of them on and off over the years... many are a WOFTAM, not this though... this is surprisingly good, Great story, (most important), good graphics....(but I was happy with an @ symbol running around the screen as my avatar), great game mechanics. Generates a decent “I want to pick this back up and play some more” feel. Lots of quest, lost of side quest. If you’ll red a manual, like detail, story driven RPGs along the Bauldurs Gate lines, this is one of the better ones. If your a Coca Cola driven twitching 16 year old that like hack and slash button mashers, it’s not for you. I bought it, I played it, I’m playing it again...for the third time. You don’t get a better recommendation than that. I also like the Dragon Age series, the Ultima series, The Ultima Underworld series, Moiria, Larn, The Knights or the Old Republic series, The Dungeon Siege series Bauldurs gate, Torment, Never winter nights, So on, and so on... if you like those games you’ll probably like this. I did. Lots and lots.

- What RPGs should be!

Absolutely love the game, story, graphics and most of all love the crafting system. It’s definitely great for long commutes especially if your travelling on the train, bus or in the car because it doesn’t require internet. It kind of reminds me of console games because the graphics are superb quality even when you zoom in close. The story is great, (even though I’m not finished the game yet, what I’ve played so far is good) definitely worth the five stars I’ve given it.

- Quality, attractive RPG

Nice, long story. Interesting side quests. No hideous demands for in-game real dollar spends. Significant variety and beauty in locations and a genuine diverse sense of place. A sequel would be well worthwhile and would benefit further from more sophistication in the fight mechanics, AI, and expansion of questing and discovery elements. The game most of the time felt like it was running on rails. Ultimately it didn’t matter too much because the story is interesting enough to keep you playing IMHO.

- A beauty

Thanks 505 games for the best game on iPad I've ever played. It's awesome.....great graphics, storyline, detail,...it goes on and on, loved every minute. Can you please make another? I highly recommend it and if you think it is expensive, it was worth every cent. It was like playing a PC game on my iPad, but take note of device requirements as it needs latest for graphics and would be hard to see on iPhones.

- Could have been great but was meh

Liked the graphics. Some of the game mechanics just failed. Was hoping it was more similar to Diablo or Titan's Quest game mechanics with random loot drops and skill tree...but it wasn't. The whole crafting idea was a nice idea...but implementation was somewhat off. Too much effort to start crafting and not straight forward enough - eg. need to be at a campfire to cook. Regarding the quests...it was very much tap and go...meaning you follow the indicators and you do what's needed. Not much thought...no actions...no skill tree or test of skills. Could have been great but was only meh. Easily bored after an hour or two playing. Need skill tree....and playable characters. Think of Ragnarok Online, Diablo or Titan Quest. Ideally the game had random item drops, random loot and able to transmute, cook, etc. to craft items. But right now, it's not worth the money buying. Picking items is a little annoying as well. A lot of potential but not there yet.

- Simply awesome

Many good rpg games on the pc don’t translate well to iPad or iPhone but my god Ember just nails it. The graphics, gameplay and storyline is simply awesome. It doesn’t get any better then this. Brings me back to my Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights days. I can play this for hours on end. Well done guys on such a great game.

- Great game.

Really like the game. Would like MFI support, and Apple TV app.

- Story driven, great gameplay

Reminds me of Baldur's Gate and the great RPGs that don't get made a lot any more. Although the story jumps about a bit on occasion, it's pretty good, and the books you find do a good job of fleshing out the world. My only gripe is the resting system makes things a bit easy, since nothing interrupts a rest, so if you need to you can rest in between each combat. Got a good week's worth of play out of this, playing a bit each evening. Well worth the price.

- What a breath of fresh air

Brilliantly executed RPG, gorgeous graphics and a thoughtful and well fleshed out world and characters, this game gives me hope that the mobile and tablet platform isn't doomed to be forever plagued by greedy developers with no imagination just trying to get rich quick off of the easily entertained masses. Ember is a real game for real gamers.

- A pocketful of awesome

At last an rpg on my iPad that isn't all flashiness with no substance. If you want a game with depth, amazing artwork, a true story with thought behind it, AND a game you can save and put away when you want to, get this game. I'm so tired of the thousands of games that remind me of toys a toddler would play with.

- Fun.

Just a review to offset the nunk who said the game is a boring and uninvolved tap tap tap fest. It isn't. It starts a bit simply but ramps up later on. And what a game it is. The five star reviews say it best. Get it as long as you have a large screened device!

- Good, but not for phones

The game itself is interesting, but everything is so small it's quite frustrating. If anybody is interested in this but doesn't have a large iPad to play on, look for it on Steam. I'd like to play further, but I'll grab the game again for PC when it's on sale. Far too painful to play otherwise.

- Blown away!

As good an RPG as I've played (and there's been a few!) and, quite possibly, the best iOS game I've ever had the pleasure to lose myself in. Highly polished with a perfect mix of combat/quest, crafting/looting, indoor/outdoor. Love everything about it.

- Brilliant

Imagine the early versions of the Elder Scrolls games. Except the graphics are brilliant, gameplay and combat are excellent and the crafting systems are exceptional and you can carry it around in your pocket. Well worth the $10.

- very nice

Great isometric view rpg with pause combat that works well. Looks fantastic on iPad Pro. Game has a save anywhere function. Excellent touch controls. Very polished game that is also on Steam. Highly recommended.


The best game on iOS at the moment. Game play is fluid, sound is awesome and the graphics are up there with the best. Game will save anywhere so perfect for mobile or short sessions. A very well made RPG.

- One of the best RPGs on iOS

Full scale RPG on iOS reminds me of neverwinter nights. I played it to completion and love every minute!

- Tap tap

Tap tap tap on the screen. If you like that kind of gameplay, you know, completely uninvolving, boring combat where you cover the screen with your hand and tap things to make things happen, then get it. If you want an action oriented onscreen game pad game, don't bother.

- Don't buy for phones

Unplayable on phone size screens. Don't even try or you will be dissatisfied as it is unplayable. Developers should have a warning, would like a refund please. If on a tablet size screen this game does look very good but unfortunately I have the iPhone SE.

- DOPE!!! iPad Air

Best offline game on the AppStore for sure. I've played 100s of games too.

- A Cautionary Tale

Although initially this game shows promise it becomes repetitive and lacks any relevant support. And where is the Crafting Journal? There seems no one to ask.

- Needs an iPad

This could be a good game but it is far to tiny to tell. I have an iPhone 6s Plus but the game is incredibly small. Since I don't own one I think I just wasted some cash 😞

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- Good game

Interesting story, challenging gameplay, good graphic presentation.

- Worth the money

Worth the money. You get the whole game no extra charges. The games is very detailed with lots of books and lore to read if you want. The landscaping is beautiful and detailed as well as the characters. A lot of effort and detail was put into this game and those who made it should be proud. This is the only 5 star review I’ve ever given. If you like RPGs you will enjoy this game.

- Great game!

This brought me back to my childhood video games. Great story, good gameplay. I loved the crafting system.

- One of the best RPG’s

An excellent game even though it’s not fully optimized for iPhone X. I hope they come out with Ember 2 and more games on iOS were as good as this. Well done developers!

- Deal breaker

I have an Iphone x and the game is not full screen, very disappointing I regret buying this .

- I am immersed!

Buying this game was an investment in happiness, I love it, its very immersive! Like a Baldurs gate, less complex but with better graphics and a nice new way to control the fights. Loving it so far!

- Great RPG for iOS! Definitely NOT pay to play

This is a fantastic game. If you liked Diablo 1 & 2, you’ll love this game - very similar feel and makeup. Great gameplay, good length, good story, and never asks for any more money than the app costs. It’s a large game too - some iOS games are quick plays but Ember has a long story with many different locations and scenes. Excellent game!

- Still amazing!

Haven’t played in over a year but everything else was getting boring and all the freemium junk out there now and came across this gem in my purchased tab. Reinstalled and once again... I’m impressed! Amazing in all areas. Kudos.

- Nice but

No MFI support and not optimize for the iPhone X

- Wow! There is nothing like this on ios.

This game's just amazing. We truly need more like this.

- Excellent RPG for iOS with an incredibly devoted developer

This is one of my favorite RPGs for iOS. It's a classic style RPG which is a rare find on mobile platforms these days. Good fun! In addition, the developer is dedicated to make the game better. I emailed the developer about a bug and the response I received was nothing less than top notch customer service. My issue was acknowledged and I genuinely felt appreciated as a customer (another rarety amongst larger companies these days). I'm more than happy to have bought this game and hopefully it helps towards future games. Well done!

- Great Game!

I love this game and I'm having a lot of fun playing it, my only problems are that health is a huge issue, I would hope that in the future they add a gradual automatic healing affect (obviously a small one thought otherwise there would be no need for potions), and leveling up is way too difficult, EXP is kind of hard to get (it's not too difficult but enough for me to put this in my review), the only way I know how to get good EXP is side quests, but even that isn't a lot. But other than that there's not many problems I've seen other than the fact you can't rotate your camera (which is kind of annoying), and there's WAY too many books to read, I mean like there's at least 30 different 9 page or so books to read, even though they aren't necessary to read it's still important because they tell you about the history of Domus, (it's way too much to read in one sitting), but other than that this game is amazing! I love it and if someone is reading the reviews to decide on wether or not to buy this game, you should definitely buy it, it's worth the money! (Believe me it is, not only is the game great but there's more books than you can imagine lol)

- Meh

The game is ok. Really short fun, finished in 3 days. Would've expected more out of my money.

- Not bad

Not sure why there are so many reviews complaining about the combat difficulty—it isn't that hard. Decent story and characters, but I'm not a fan of item-based ability system. As another reviewer commented, it makes levelling up seem rather pointless.

- Needs adjusting

I love so much about this game! I agree that the difficulty needs to be changed. It takes forever to level up, and there are very few quests. Would also like to have health and energy slowly restore as I travel. I hope they update it soon, at this point getting past level 4 doesn't seem likely


Haven't actually played yet... just bought it, advertised for $9.99, but was charged $19.19??? And can't get a receipt from Apple to clear up the issue.

- Very good but needs some tweaking

I like this game. It reminds me heavily of Ultima 7, which is what I think the devs were going for. However, the difficulty needs some adjusting, IMO. The tutorial dungeon is easy. But after that, every fight is brutal. I'm finding that after each fight, my health/energy is so low, that I either have to burn through my healing resource (potions and food) or I have to sleep. I would rather see at least a little restored health/energy while you wander around. Skills are attached to equipment, rather than the character. Odd choice. Not bad just odd. It means that levelling up (which looks like it's going to take forever) isn't that exciting. Game has crashed on me once so far (iPad Air 2). Lost a little progress.

- Good CRPG, performance issues

Unfortunately a great game becomes very tedious to play as the world gets bigger. I am playing on iPad Mini 4.

- Wow!

This game is fantastic. Need more like this on the App Store.

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@Pogostickz1 I love your art! Thanks for the chance!

Morgyn (Rolbridian)

@Joseph88187272 @_yva__ @Thinknoodles Pets are family mate! Noodles said nothing wrong because he is upset about the loss of Kopi (may god rest her soul in internal peace). Joseph I understand that you may be upset but so is Noodles. Everyone goes through a loss at least once or twice. Just ignore him Noodles 1/2

KailenY | DM For Vid Comms

@Ember_ch @RyoshiEN Just accept it.

Evan 🐀

ember rise cav only ranked


𓃦; lv. 5 Ember ; Fire - spin ; Tackle ; Leer ; Rash ; Thoroughly cunning.

Melanie Ember

@HuffPostPol More should follow Jake Tapper’s lead. She is a pathological liar.

Jenn ✨

For Christmas my mom got me the book “The City of Ember” and I’m exited to reread it after so many years. One of my favs.

Ember Reviews @ Neverending Madness

@Fresh_N_Fertile Very reminiscent of Sky King


Can you guys just shut down adams....? @Titans gb 1 man play booking you guys


@GretchenInOK Ember’s


@ember_celica_ u shall not die <3

Madeleine Ember

@DodeyIndustries I'm an illustrator and would love the challenge of a little comic. dm me if you want to move forward with planning and pricing

Madeleine Ember

@GPSolomon if you haven't chosen an artist yet, I love doing d&d characters! I have a wide variety of experience there.

Madeleine Ember

@Wilsehh I can do all sorts of styles - check my portfolio and drop me a DM so we can talk pricing and details! I'm quick and easy to work with.


@Qinxxy ember rise

Ember 1.043 Screenshots & Images

Ember iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Ember Games application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Ember (Version 1.043) Install & Download

The applications Ember was published in the category Games on 2016-09-14 and was developed by 505 Games (US), Inc. [Developer ID: 392990484]. This application file size is 2.6 GB. Ember - Games app posted on 2016-12-20 current version is 1.043 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.505games.Ember