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What is chef emma app? Join Chef Emma on her culinary tour - serving Customers as she goes from town to town! Help Emma make enough money to open a new restaurant. Will you take the challenge?

Match orders by connecting 3 or more of the same food tile in the fewest number of moves possible! Boost your earnings and save moves by serving more than one order with a single match!

Key Features:

• 200 x Levels! Can you get 3 Stars on all?
• 4 x Boosters to unlock on your journey! They will help you complete those testing levels!
• Make big matches and get rewarded with Powerups to use on the board! Combine Powerups for greater rewards!
• Boost your earnings at the end of each level, if you have moves to spare, with Kitchen Fever!
• Game Center Achievements and a Leaderboard to see who is the top earning Chef!
• See how your Facebook Friends are faring on the map and gift them Lives and Boosters! Don't worry... you won't lose any for being generous!
• Overcome different game obstacles as you progress!
• English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese languages supported.
• New towns, levels, customers and other exciting game features coming soon!

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Chef Emma Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Chef Emma Version 2.319 November 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. • Do you like chili? Levels 161 to 200 NOW available to play! • New Game Mode: Rotten Food! Available from level 121! • Miscellaneous Bug fixes and optimization..

Chef Emma Comments & Reviews 2022

- Chef Emma

I, too, love this game, but come on! Been waiting a long time for an update!

- Good game but crashes a lot

I use to love this game but it’s gotten really old over the years I had it on my first generation iPad and it worked like a charm then but it’s caught some bugs over the years and doesn’t really work anymore on a newer device. I can’t even get past the home screen without it crashing after pressing the “x” on an ad. Seeing that the last update was 4 years ago I doubt it’ll be getting fixed anytime soon so I’ll have to retire this game it was fun while it lasted.

- New levels/fix crashes-update

I loved this game but obviously no one is answering reviews or issues. App crashes all the time. It's been over month since last levels updated. Also can't purchase additional lives it crashes after each attempt and never goes back to normal unless you delete app and restart. ***3 months no update. I delete game and started over twice and still nothing. I'm done.

- Game crashes

I love the game but they really need to fix the game crashes. I can't even get past the loading screen with out it crashing.

- Toni

When are new levels coming

- Love this game

I love this game but it's takes I entirely to long for them to update the levels I have been waiting for months now for new levels like what's the problems you guys need to do better! Smh

- Love this game

The boards are great, but new levels aren't loaded to often.

- Waiting...

I've been waiting for an update with more levels for a long time. Not fair to the gamers.

- Great game

I love this game but I wish they would have new levels more often. It takes months to get new level :( Update: I reviewed in January. It's July. Still no new levels.

- Upset

This game "WAS" fun, but there has been no updates on new levels. What gives? When will this ever update again?

- Enjoyable

I really enjoyed playing this game. I've made it through to level 80 and now I'm just waiting on more levels. I like that in later levels you can earn boosts. I didn't have to spend any money on boosts to complete each level, though some of the levels I had to play a lot. I do wish it would keep track of the money you earn as you play. Else wise it seems pointless for you to even earn the money. That way you could see where you are in your fundraising goal or whatever towards her buying a food truck. Or perhaps if you could use the money earned to buy boosts or something else.

- App keeps crashing

I really do enjoy playing this game, but it crashes too much

- Won’t open!!!

What good does it do to add new levels when the app won’t even open? It crashes immediately. Fix it.

- Love this game but...

Pls fix the game. It keeps freezing.

- Pretty good

I actually like this game. It's fun and a great time passer. Yes, the boosters cost waaaaay too much money. $.99 for ONE booster that you can use ONE time is dumb. And of course, you can spend $.99 for ten extra moves if you fail the level. That's dumb too. Most of the levels were fairly easy as well. I spent a few tries on some of them. Passed them eventually. I am currently on Level 56..... I sure do wish someone would tell me how to beat it.... I've been playing it off and on for a week now.... Ugh.

- The best!

LOVE THIS GAME! I'm patiently waiting for them to add more level as I've completed the 160 levels. This game is so addicting/satisfying and so much better than other matching/candy- crushing game in my opinion. It's NOT true that you have to make purchases or buy boosts in order to defeat the levels as some have said. I've defeated all levels without having to buy anything. Some levels are harder than others, but that's half the fun! Get it, you won't regret it!

- Great game but where are the new levels?

This game has been great, and to those who say you have to pay for power ups, just haven't taken the time to learn the game well. Made it through all levels and haven't spent a dime. Some levels take a very long time to get through, but that is what makes it fun.

- Great game just wanted more levels.

This game was very addicting for me and I got through all 160 levels but it was challenging at times and I would think it was impossible to pass certain levels but you can do it. Now if they would add more levels I'd be happy.

- Must have patience!!!

Great game but it takes forever for the new levels to open. I have been waiting for 3 weeks now for the new levels to's unacceptable since the game itself is go

- Has potential but you have to buy .

I loved this game and even got all the way to level 21 but once you try to go farther than that you need to make purchases. That's not fair and I will no longer play this game I hate games to do this to you. Plus they don't give you enough moves to win the next level

- Not happy

I have been waiting weeks for the game to move pass level 120.. I have put to much money into to delete. If this could get fixed soon it would be great..

- I loved this game

But deleted it because if the items you need not are no where on the board you can't even finish the level. I would pay for power ups but they're too expensive. I was tired of playing the level 8 times and not being able to get passed it.

- Disappointing

Loved this app at the beginning, however as you get into the higher levels it is next to impossible to clear the board without purchasing assists! :( The time limit to play is very short also so everything is against you! Almost too stressful to play!

- Absolutely addicted

Please add more levels. This is by far the best matching game available. I've gone back & played all levels several times. I need more.

- So addictive!!!

I have not been able to put this game down since I got it. I'm out of levels and need more added pronto as I'm having withdrawal.

- Bittersweet

I could only give this game 3 stars because after every 3 levels the gam crashes. It's a fun game but it's becoming irritating to have to keep opening the game while trying to play.

- Updated review

This is my second review. Initially, I missed a couple things going on in the game, such as free turns when creating a bonus donut or sundae or coffee pot. I love this game. It's fun and addicting!

- 😑

Cool game. Just dislike the fact that it takes too long before the lives refill 😒

- Fun game!

Super fun game but I beat it in about three days. Please update more levels soon!!

- What's with my lifes?!!

I absolutely love this game. Till the last three days. I receive notifications daily saying my life's have been refilled but EVERYTIME I open the game and it says 19 minutes till my next life. EVERY SINGLE TIME. What the crap is wrong with it? I'm on the verge of deleting it!!!!

- Pretty awesome

I like this game, it's pretty fun and addicting! I also think the art is pretty neat. 5/5

- Fix it

Game starts to load then kicks me out

- Love it

Sometimes hard but fun

- Great game!!

Super fun but, can't get past level 27 :( very addicting


Love this game! I'm so addicted I'm attempting to get all three stars on every level.

- Crashes

This update game crashes right away. Won't load.

- Has potential to be a fantastic game.

It's a really fun game but there are a few issues that take away from the game. It could be a fantastic 5* game. I was really excited when I saw this game. I love the concept. Much better than normal match 3 games where you just keep matching. In this one you have to meet people's orders. I quickly got very disappointed One of the most blatant problems is that there isn't even a boost for additional moves. I'm a little confused as to what the money you earn is for. It's not used to pay for anything so it's pretty much there for no reason for it. It could be used to update food truck, or buy boosters, or things for the game. Which brings up why is there a 2X the money earned booster? One of the problems is that the moves given are not enough to solve levels higher than 15. You of course can pay $.99 for 10 moves. That's probably why there are not enough moves. The cost of boosts are in my opinion way too high. $.99/1 $4.99/7 $1.99 to refill lives (5) $.99 for 10 additional moves There is not a boost to increase moves. Which is usually a standard in games like these. The way the levels past 15 are laid out makes it so you have to buy the boosts if you want to move on. I think there should be a way of earning boosts instead of just purchasing them with real money. Maybe that's what the money you earn per level could be used for that. I would much rather see this as a paid game. Charge a base price instead of getting us to buy every time we need a boost.

- Crashes and Burns

App crashes when trying to load it. New update doesn't work :-(

- Won't Load

Game gets stuck on the loading screen and kicks me out of the app.

- Great game

Its very simple mechanic but addictive.

- Update crashes and never loads.

Update crashes. Does not load ever.

- Ugh!!!

Frustrating game, not enough time to really satisfy the customers. Go thru lives with a snap of a finger, ugh! 😡😡😡 DELETED!!!!!!! 😤😤😤

- Chef Emma

Great game! It's the best game of it's kind!

- Coolness

Lol my name is Emma love the app tho

- Not even good bad bad

This game is bad

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- Great game

Great game, really enjoyed it. Great way to pass the time. I found it addictive. I wish the game developers would extend the game beyond 200 levels. It has been over a year since the notification that new levels are "coming soon."

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- Fun but loads of glitches

Chef Emma is fun although there are quite a few glitches. Game constantly freezes or boots you out by app closing on its own. Sometimes there are no moves and the game will not allow you to use power ups for they freeze as well and become inactive. Spent a few dollars on this game and found it a waste of $ considering the lives purchased was spent towards the game glitches listed above.

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Emma DeBone

@JacobClark113 @hannahliz1097 @louieborrelli Y’all I stand corrected she is a chef


@VisitGuernsey I cannot wait to come back to Guernsey! It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen my family and I now have a baby nephew to come meet too! I miss walks to castle Cornet and watching the boats! And gorgeous sunny days spent on Pembroke beach. I’ll be back as soon as I can!


Gambit is good but emma, emma is *chef's kiss

Tom Francis

@emma_m_r You too mate! Indeed fingers crossed!


@tomfrancis_chef Happy new year! Let’s hope 2021 brings a bit more happiness to the world


@onIyswen I think she decided to leave because of the c$ crap storyline they gave her and because they took away the dark swan arc from her. I think she wanted to really explore being the dark one and for Emma to not be some Stepford wife. Her choosing that Grace Kelly style wedding dress

Emma Beaver | BLM✊🏻

@Big74787135 @iamepitime @theKelizabeth82 @AD_Renaissance and he’s basically getting complete maid and chef service so what’s the issue here?

romcom generator

this chef's life in hawaii will never be the same after they meet a kitchen hand. a quirky tale about love, family, and happiness. featuring jack black and emma watson.


@Njr10____ @emma_foll Why would she? She's a professional footballer, not a chef?🤫

Joel Prosser

@ItsMarieMcCurdy Into the Drowning Deep was so good. I loved the book, and picked up the Audible version to listen to at work (although I haven’t gotten to that yet) Cosplaying as Emma to get into the right headspace was just <chef’s kiss>

Michelle ♡

Emma’s hair is just [chef’s kiss]

Buffay the New Year Layer 🎉

@Tommy_Byrn Emma was so over it lol she wanted to quit had they made an 8th season. The logic behind the Ubervamp strength by the finale always bothered me and when they all threw Buff out, the nerve! 😂 but the final shot is *chef’s kiss


i need go marry a chef


@ButtermilkRoad @kittenwithawhip If you hadn't had that guest chef stint at Emma's Torch, who knows when this would have happened


@Leigh_JordX It’s Master Chef the professionals x

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Chef Emma iphone images
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Chef Emma iphone images
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The applications Chef Emma was published in the category Games on 2015-03-25 and was developed by 505 Games (US), Inc. [Developer ID: 392990484]. This application file size is 74.31 MB. Chef Emma - Games app posted on 2015-11-19 current version is 2.3 and works well on IOS 7.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.505games.ChefChallenge