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What is battle islands app? Battle for supremacy in this epic WWII combat strategy game!

It’s 1942, and deep in the South Pacific your platoon of crack troops land on a tropical island.
Can you defeat enemy forces and hold your ground to fight another day?

- Build and prepare your base for enemy attacks from players around the world
- Invade enemy islands to take as many supplies as possible
- Deploy unique troops from air, land, and sea to claim victory
- Tackle challenging Campaign battles to improve your fighting skills
- Band together and fight alongside your comrades in exciting Alliance Warfare

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How to contact Battle Islands (505 Games (US), Inc.)?
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Battle Islands Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Battle Islands Version v5.404 September 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon. This whale has decided to call your islands home! Give the whale a pet and she’ll make a splash! NEW! A whale has arrived! This new pet will make waves with your troops. NEW! Player Inbox! A place to receive news about updates and special offers. IMPROVED! Improved visuals on the Rocket to show a target on the unit which is the focus of the attack! IMPROVED! Improved visuals on the Decoy when distracting the enemy! IMPROVED! Improved visuals on the Sabotage unit while disabling enemy buildings! IMPROVED! Riflemen in Ambush traps can be seen keeping an eye out for enemy attacks! FIXED! Submarines now shows its projectile when firing on the enemy. FIXED! Other bug fixes and improvements under the hood. Download this update and get back into the battle! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest news and updates from Battle Islands!.

Battle Islands Comments & Reviews 2022

- Hello I have some suggestions

The game has outdated graphics that didn’t age well, well from the start of the game the MG nest looked weird and I expected better graphics for them but something that just threw me for a loop is that 505 games the company that made terraria can’t sync the MG’s recoil to the actual muzzle blast and sound. Also the game just feels gray and colorless making it boring off the start

- Great game, one request

I only have two requests, first being heroes for air and sea and land, instead of only land. For sea maybe a big battleship with greater range, damage, and health than warships. Or an aircraft carrier that has a air wing personalized by the player but incapable of launching bombers and escort fighters, and the carrier itself be a favorite target of enemy torpedo bombers, but the carrier armed with anti aircraft guns and be able to keep some fighters around for CAP (Combat Air Patrol). in air maybe a Tuskegee airman or (my personal favorite) a flying tiger in a p-40 instead of the p-51. Of course these will also be able to defend against attacks too. My second request is between campaign levels, first you have to defeat the defending navy in a complete ocean map, then establish air supremacy in a map that looks like it’s far above the island being attacked, then do the regular invasion of the island itself. I know this is a lot to ask, but I truly think this will change the game for the better, by a lot. I hope you consider my thoughts. Thank you.

- One request. More air.

We need a military add on. The review of the game is fun so far but I don’t like how it takes time for u to upgrade and build stuff. I think I have more stuff that needs to be added to the game. I think more Air Force needs to be added. I think a larger bomber with 4 engine’s with more health and protective guns surrounding it. I think the original bomber needs protective Turetts around it to. If it’s already there I’m sorry. I have a rank 4 bunker. The b17 Flying Fortress would be a good new bomber and the a20 havoc would be a good twin engine fighter. And I highly recommend more hero’s for sea and air. Read a few other reviews and suggestions. I saw one about those hero’s. A aircraft carrier I highly RECCOMEND an AIR CRAFT CARRIER is something I highly reccomend. Lastly I still don’t like the timing. Why not put gold for another use. Like repairing units from the other battel that happened other than buying new ones even if all the units survive. Besides I like this game and keep up the good work.

- No where to go, so soon?

I thought this game would be like Boom Beach, but I learned early on that the campaign was over too soon. The battles are not worth fighting. Every unit deployed must be replaced, even if they survive, which makes the loot not worth fighting for. It took me a few months before I maxed out the upgrades to the top level, in which I am stuck making tiny incremental upgrades, that make no difference, and the only players who I can fight against, are 100% maxed out. I wish this game was modeled after Boom Beach. I open it up every day to collect the money generated.. which is very slowly adding up.. it's not addicting... it is just a waste of time, and I regret spending money on in game purchases.

- Where did 505 go?

Look this game is a hit. It’s amazing and it could definitely be better than boom beach. But you guys left the game. It’s been a whole year since you last updated it and it’s such a good game. So simple yet no game I play other than boom beach are the same it’s not weird cards like in boom beach it has realistic cards from ww2 and you should still be working on this game. You guys made terraria and I know that game can be busy to update and stuff but this game could be just as good as terraria so please come back!

- plz make army easier so we dont have to remember

can you plz make it faster to train stuff like a button to auto train them all so you dont have to click so much also im not saying to make the process quicker im saying that its hard to remember what troops were in army you used so there should be a button to display the army you used so you dont have to try to remember that army since there is no button of that i have not attacked people before only 1 person intotal and im at level 4 HQ

- Great game, need more content

Dear 505 games, Battle islands has been a great game for me so far, I love the over all controls and it makes me feel like I’m playing an actual ww2 game (unlike some games when you don’t have to try at all) however, I have maxed out the campaign and am in need of some more levels for it. Thank you for the game and hope you continue to update it in the future

- To little content

I have played this game since day one And loved to see it grow. But in the last year it’s been very boring and because i am such a high level there is no combat. I still love the game but it could be better

- Too slow, too boring, too many bugs

Currently, when I open the game, it says there’s an update and then takes me to the App Store where there is no update. So when I click “open” the game comes back up saying there’s an update... one big stupid cycle of irritation. Additionally, more than half the time the roulette wheel of money and gold doesn’t spin nor award a prize after watching the same old advertisements again and again. It’s getting old, frustrating and boring. Not worth the money or time.


The ranger order command is dumb is doesn’t work he doesn’t even attack the target sometimes fix it for god sakes I lose all my infantry to howitzers sometimes the pager will shoot the target one time then move on to a target that’s not even important I hate the ranger now because of this fix it now

- My Review on battle island

Battle island is a great strategy game and it’s fun also the people and alliances on global are amazing all together it’s a great game the only problem is hackers, the only bad experience I have had in game is being banned by a hacker which was fixed within a day so just don’t dare hackers to ban you.

- Fix the bugs before I delete his game!

It's a fun game but I’m getting tired of seeing that I got attacked and loss but when I see the replay (if it will even show me the replay, this is annoying as well) it shows the other person losing. It also shows me losing nearly double the money than I actually lost in the battle. Starting to seem like the game is taking from you so that you will spend real money to get back where you were. Get this fixed! It’s happened 7 times now.

- To the creators of Battle Island!! Thanks

I gave it a 5 star because I use to play this game when i was small it was my first game and then my phone broke so I forgot about it and now that I got a iPhone 11 I’m playing it and I would like all the people to give it a 5 star plz lol

- Would give this game a 4 star but...

This is a great game that would have gotten a 4 star. Only problem with this game is that after every battle you loose your army and have to rebuild a new army. Doesn’t matter if 10 troops survive the battle, you have recreate an army after every battle. Which makes the game not fun because you are constantly waiting for your troops to retrain. If they fix it then i would play this game all the time.

- I love the game but another problem

I love paying this game but I want to also play Battle Ages and then when I want to download it it says “not available in your country or region” and Im really mad about that so please make it available in North America.

- Add one there’s a 50-50 percent chance that plane pilots can’t eject

All right so when a plane or bomber or whatever goes down there is a 50-50 percent chance that they can eject land on the ground or in the water and fight on the ground like paratroopers

- Restore purchases

While removing some of my “unwanted” apps I accidentally delete battle islands, but that wasn’t the real problem I couldn’t find a way to restore my purchases I had made in the shop, but beyond that I love the game.

- Great but

Great game I could play for hours but when you retreat you lose all men you have deployed and sometimes you might press it by accident and when you do it’s super annoying

- More resources from home base please

I have been at this game for MONTHS and resources take weeks to build up in real life time. It’s honestly quite frustrating after 4 months of having to save up resources. Please have the resources produce at least 7 times more than they currently do.

- Only Idiots with Their Parent’s Money Play this Crooked Game

This game is really boring. Like most others, you have to pay to win. If you don’t pay, you will be stuck in the same status forever. There are a lot of losers who are willing to spend their parents money to progress in this crooked game. Every revision will ask you for more money, but nothing changes.

- Update pls

Please make an update. Like more islands or like a custom island where you get to pick the size or something. Just pls update it. You haven’t updated it in 2 years pls update this game

- Asking for a ability

I liked the game but can you add the ability to store buildings and place them?

- Why can’t is move my island

Wherever I try to move it, it says can’t move there due to obstruction but there is nothing there?

- Battle Islands

I played battle island before boom beach and when O found out boom beach was a offline game I uninstalled it and kept playing Battle Islands It is a fun time waster.

- Needs more troop types

Great game needs some more troops maybe a flamethrower or aircraft carriers or more aircraft I hope you guys can add more troops and more to the campaign

- Good

It’s great in all but I would like to see an update to it because it’s been so long since it’s last one.

- Air hero

Make a special attack helicopter named “Ace” that has a bit of the same fighting style as a fighter. but it heals troops that are in its proximity, sort of like “Ranger”. This is just an idea. Base: Link

- Fun battle scenarios

You can join an alliance or go it on you own or hit up the scenario boards...lots of options...

- Looooooong

The game would be enjoyable if it weren’t for the fact that “everything” takes days or even weeks to promote or upgrade. Unless of course you have $$$$$$$$$$ and lots of it. Will be deleting game.

- An idea

This game is very fun to past time an idea I've been thinking of is aircraft carriers since the game is based around islands

- Great game

It's a great game but a challenging One too. I think they should add The ability to own multiple islands. Plz do battle Islands

- Love

I love this game but think the gerrison has four tents so it should have for men able to come

- Good game needs some troops added

This game needs an anti-aircraft gun truck, a Field artillery, and some other special class of soldier like the ranger

- Batt

I love how you can make your make own base and attack other bases and I love the special hero’s

- Great game but...

Awesome game but I think if they were deployed you shouldn’t lose your whole army please fix. Please reply:)

- Horrible waste of a good game

So a lot of players have hacked the game and make it so you can't have fun playing. Takes too long of a process to communicate with 505 games about cheating or people using mods. That's my take, it was fun for a pretty good amount of time.

- Nerf

The howitzer is really hard to beat. it kills all my rifle men before they ever get close to it. so please nerf the Howitzers.

- My great work is all gone

Help I have deleted the game and downloaded back and now my account is gone all my hard work is all gone please how do log in to my account!!???

- Could be fun ... But

After 15 minutes everything slows down because it costs so many resources to build then that takes forever! Too bad could have been fun! Another game to hit delete.

- Starting over

I’ve build up my base twice for a long time twice, and when it need an update it wouldn’t let me and I’d have no choice in deleting the app and starting over. This app is garbage!

- Editor Choice

I love this game how about downloading guy😕it’s so cool I love this and I’m make (EDITOR CHOICES)XL ........I love you 505 games

- Most awesome game ever

Can you make a ww1 version of this please

- Daily award

You guys really giving out as low as 5 supplies a day???? And u expect us to play this game and u our gold just so we can draw 5-10 supplies?? Wow!! P.S., Im putting 1 star just because i have no choice but to choose one:/

- Great game!

This is an awesome version of Clash of Clans or Dominations. I highly recommend!

- My old account

Thanks for making a game that doesn’t save your progress my account is 2 years old and I lost it thanks no stars I’m not rating this game

- Dont get Battle Islands: commanders, its a ripoff of this game, Battle Islands

I just said it

- Upgrade terraia somthing plz

Plz up date terria

- Game Hacked?

Noticed this week a player has access to unlimited bombing, nothing but dropping bombs until a 100% victory, "??????????”

- Good

If you like war

- Awesome

I love this game this game is an inspiration too me

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- Battle islands

Great game :) BUT ..... Daily reward / supply drop is absolutely pathetic ! A total waste of time and doesn't seem to improve chances of progressing in anything at all in the game . yuz need to reduce promotion times and prices or atleast improve the generosity of weekly alliance rewards and daily supply chain drops . Thanx , hopefully improvements are made asap and the new update now freezes whenever I replace land mines !!!!! :)))

- Great soo

Love the graphics, fun, but upgrade time takes forever so they make you buy they’re money stuff and then you don’t have to wait

- Great game can still play for free

The game is great lots of fun and can still play for free the customer feedback is good from 505games , can buy optional upgrades,

- Can’t find where to get the German shepherd

Still not full screen on iPhone X

- Battle islands good with flaws

Battle Islands is a good game game with a deep expression of interests that most players enjoy it has many similar games like it but this one is unique beyond its own but it has some flaws such as its missing a troop viewing box that tells you what troops you have and what troops you are training this will make battling a lot easier and troop training as well so instead of guessing what men you have you can just refer back to the viewing box and find out .2 number two I think you should add 30 seconds more to the battle time because 1.30 is not enough mostly when you are taking out a bigger base because the men can't make it there and you run out of time .3 when you destroy 50 percent of the base you actually have to take out 51 percent for it to count as 50 percent this can be easily fixed.4 the game would be better if you could boost you factory's rigs and airdrops this could cost gold and could double the profits of gold selling .5 last thing you should add more troops here are some suggestions 1 a flamethrower he could have Close range and high damage and low health 2 a medic something equipped with a rifle that heals troops in a certain range and more troops means you need more defences so you could add shock mine which stops units for a short period of time or you could add more machine guns or add another upgrade for defences. P.S please consider this suggestions deeply

- Great fun, needs a big update.

Changed my original review from 1 star to 5. Overall I can say that I was satisfied at the end, but the game still needs to see major updates. The battle system is not rock solid and often results in disconnections or feedback errors. What I would like to see is that a new opponent match system be put in place as the current leaderboard lost is dis favourable and not practical. Have it similar to what Clash of Clans and Samurai Siege with Jungle Heat where the base appears with a next button. Please update this app as I can see it becoming a success if only the developers would pay attention to the feedback from the consumers themselves.

- This game

Honestly I played clash of clans and I didn't like it so I came into this game with not much hope but I got to say I am addicted from the first day like I haven't had and bugs or crashes. I love the idea of ww2 and the island hopping idea like they did in 1943 to 1945 with Japan. And the enjoyment of seeing your men come onto the battlefield from landing ships is great. The one complaint I have is that I wish the men would attack all of the enemy's first and then attach the other things couse somtimes they would attack a building while being shot at. But anyway I give it a 10 out of 10 must Download

- Awesome but needs stuff

Its awesome i can feel like sn actual general invading islands and such launching wave after wave on the islands but i think it needs buildings to give u resource automatically an choose witch country u r and make usa vs Germany in an allied type area and the winning side gets bonuses an stuff an may i recommend battleships? And carriers plus also maybe make it able for allies to send troops to help u like when you log on you see landing craft land an thier troops are at your disposel or somthin sorry this is ling just sharing my thoughts to the MAGNIFICENT people who made this game

- Improved server?

It crashes more after the update! The server doesn't connect very well still. Also my men are just aimlessly running around the battlefield now even though there's stuff to blow up so they just die. When it says the user has $100k, most of the time they don't, it's about quarter of the amount- misleading... Come on lads.... Pull up your socks, what would the generals think about this? Love the game but you need to follow the likes of Supercell with their capabilities. I like that you now only need to hold on the button now to build your forces, this has saved me from repetitive strain at least... ;)

- Lag or glitch

Somehow the game usually always starts with some lag or something like it's saying reconnect all the time but if it gets older when you are playing a week it's not lagging anymore but a little. Sherman tanks and some riflemen and cannon thing infantry guys have light colours but the tank is light green and bugs me like the battle on Iwo Jima that American landing marines at pacific war.

- Ok but...

This game is good but falls short on too many points like social, campaign and battle selection. No Facebook integration or equivalent means I haven't been able to get into any alliance... So disappointing! The selection of opponent to battle against is also giving access to any player and you can raid a beginner or worst, be attacked by gigantic army you can't defend against. Finally the campaign mode while interesting at first becomes quickly dull and lacks great rewards to even bother finishing it...

- Not working on iPad

Got me hooked very quickly and works as it should on my iphone4. Doesn't work on iPad though saying I can't connect to the internet. Have to delete app and reinstall to get it working. The repeat the process when you shut it down for a bit. Pls fix ASAP

- Great game!

This game is so fun I love playing this game all the time in mourning a too afternoon and night... But do you think you could give 500 gold to all level 15 and below because of higher ranks destroying us and ETC.. Thanks for watching this... I like the game very much Peace! -Wrote from Apple IPod

- Too unstable

The instability is just too frustrating - get started in a battle or training and it crashes - you lose everything and have to use credits to retrain etc - any wonder there's so many inactive players. Upgrades take stupid lengths of time as you progress - unless you want to dole out cash on buying credits. 10 days realtime for an upgrade to work up? Meh. Not bothering any more. Update - deleted the game to unstable and game progression stifled by slow up grades

- Bring out an update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just bring out an update so you don't have to have a constant internet connection. Then you also wont have the problem of not connecting, because that seams to be to most common complaint next to crashing, which is also linked to failed internet connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Server clean out

There seems to be a lot of players that are not active which might be causing the crashes and drop outs. Getting to the stage where I can't attack anyone because of crashing. I agree that a forum would be good for constructive feedback. Love the game, hate the server probs.

- Great Game

Like this game. Even without the in app purchases it's fun to play and keeps me engrossed. Without in-app purchases it's best to play in daily, short bursts, building and using up resources, then logging out and playing more the next day once your resources have regenerated.

- Cool thing good game

This game is better then clash of clans because in this game to speed up,is gold. But in clash of Clan you have to use gems because you can defend more in the game on this game clash of clan you just need clan castle and archer well it has most strong defense

- Alright

The game is ok just when i open the app always says reconnect over and over again , dont know if this is happening to others though but great game

- Good Game

A Good Game, but earning money is too slow. Unable to save past 800k without getting attacked by someone else. Could be improved by limiting the amount of money an attacker could take. EG if one star 10% of your savings, if two stars 20% of your savings, if three stars 80% of Your savings.

- Review please read

Hello, I have been playing since the release, the game now crashes more since the update please get better hosting!!!! You need forum for player support or a email for us to contact you... Other then the crashing the game is really good and is very addictive

- Need more stuff

This game is awesome but there is not enough building or troops and not enough building upgrades but the prices for thing are reasonable prices for everything. 505games are an awesome bunch of people

- Update needed.

This is a good game to get involved in. Play with friends and family. BUT need an update to get ride of the glitch, keeps freezing through out the game and the hole game needs to be fully shut down then started again. I would of given it 4-4.5 starts out of five if that was fixed up. Cheers

- Great :)

Excellent game hooked already and fast becoming number one player.. No need to spend money on this game as everything is already in the game for you...... Enjoy this great game

- Great fun

Addictive great game slows down bit while waiting for upgrades other that very good Haven't been able conect in nearly 2 days loads gets to islands then kicks out pse fix

- Takes too long

I would give it 5 star but it takes too long to get money to upgrade

- Battle Islands

Good game, only thing keeping it from 5stars is the server crashes too often, and always at the wrong time. Still one of my favourites.

- Great game but....

I recently lost my phone and I downloaded this app so I could continue playing but I can't get my old base back please help..

- Great Game

Awesome game and can't wait for a update to make it a bit more social and also maybe a few extra new buildings and units ?

- Not bad

Good game but why do you have to wait for days to upgrade that takes too long. Target defenses and need more challenging graphics. Work on it and itl be awesome

- Review

I love playing clash of clans and I love playing world war 2 games and this game brings the best of both right into the hand of players everywhere

- Sound fault

Good game but every time I open it I have to turn off the sound. In the middle of the night notification sound and wakes up the house. Unsure why, but with everything turned off it automatically turns back on

- Nice

Love the game but the server crashes too often ....... especially when I find an opponent with +200K supplies. I regularly lose 2 or 300K but can never find someone with more than 225K. What gives? Needs social interaction, chats and alliances.

- Badly needs update!

I don't know about all the other people getting upset by the game automatically shutting down, but I can't even open my game anymore! I will not be playing the game anymore, and will be checking for an update from time to time... If not updated by the end of the week, I'm deleting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not happy jan

- Great game

Great game enjoy playing, although frustrating as I would like more control over the units.

- Great real time battles

Excellent design and even unit strengths and weaknesses. You can play as little or as much as you desire. Great level increase layout with plenty of RPG elements.

- Not bad

Overall this is a good game but lacks in a couple of areas. Daily bonuses are worthless, AI needs improvement (warships went past three defences to get to a turret) for example. The global war challenge was excellent.

- Fun!

Still a bit buggy (crashes when I try to build some things sometimes), but can see what they're aiming for and enjoy the different mechanics.

- Shocking

Game constantly tried to re-connect 9/10 times... This is becoming very tedious. It could be a great game if the bugs were ironed out and the game didn't keep crashing all the time. Apple should request it be taken down!!!! They have also taken almost $20 from me and the game DOESN’T SINK WITH GAME CENTRE. DO WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!! as they won’t provide refund

- Frustrating

Cool game. Shame it crashes so much. Tried for 2 days to login and when I do I get dumped out within minutes.

- Time it takes = nit enjoyable

Game is painfully slow to build or upgrade buildings, with out buying gold which is expensive there is no flow to the game, 4 hours to build a lvl 1 building is a joke, there are much better games that are the same as this one, not worth the time

- What everyone else thinks

You need to be able to keep survivors from the assualt. Other than that its great

- Need for improvement

Great game. But there needs to be changes. For example, when in battle you should be able to command units to attack a certain thing such as defence instead of structures, it's not fair because defence can kill you where all your men are getting shot at and they refuse to shot back.

- Re-arm bombs option?

Great game but just a small thing that annoys me is having to lay out all my land mines again

- Out of Date.

This game could be competing Clash of Clans if you would update more this game has a lot of potential but you guys do not see that. The PS4 port can be a hit title if you guys constantly update the game. Thanks.

- Constantly crash and disconnect from server

Improve these problem as they are really annoying.

- Great game but..

I love the game and play it on the iPad fourth generation. It has some bugs that need fixing, such as crashing for no reason, and connection issues. But all in all I give it a thumbs up.

- This is the strategy game

I've been waiting for a great game like this, now I can see how we can play battles - it's like army men on my iPad!

- Game drops out

Great game if the internet would stop dropping out. Sick and tired of restarting the game, where I'm getting to the point of not playing it. Very frustrating. The actual game content is good.

- Fix Server And Crash Issues otherwise Fun

Need to fix the issues. Has potential to be a really fun game but the issues are holding it back!!!!

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- Funny game..


- P2W

It’s fun to play but P2W for sure.

- I love this game

I love this game so much I play it 12 hours of my 15 hour awake time

- Not Notch Friendly

Don’t bother if you have an iPhone with a notch. It cuts UI elements off.

- 😡

It ain’t letting me update it

- Facebook issues

I tried to connect to Facebook, and I crashed the game. After that I couldn't open the game without is crashing. I love this game, would rate 5 starts if this issues is fixed.

- WW2

Just like D-DAY

- is a good game


- Title

This is great

- Vert good game

For all clash of clan gamer

- Fun game


- Crashes

Game won't even start, just crashes after 2 seconds of trying to connect

- Awesome

Love the game

- Fun

It's vary fun. Theres some bad things though

- Lost all my level....Was level 32!

Bad update

- Could be better

Addicting but could be c better if you don't lose your surviving troops

- So fun

See subject line lol

- I can finally play!!

Good game, update helped me connect. Some things I would like is to control my attacking troops better, and I won more supplies then my max on the spin and it only filled it and didn't give me the rest. Other than those things it's an awesome game.

- Good game but !

The game crashes when ever i try to build anything it would be a five star rating if it's fixed if it's not I will no longer have this app on my iPod

- It lags alot

I really wanted to play this game and all it does is lags and crashes and i wanted to play boom beach but its ios 7 so i got this and it just lags and crashes if fixed i will rate 5/5stars pls fix it

- Potential

There is lots of potential in this game. However as it stands, it isn't that good. The graphics aren't the best, combat seems almost impossible, and you're not encouraged to fight; I haven't been attacked since I started. There needs to be more items in the game to make it more interesting. The developers also need to not politicize themselves by having a rainbow flag in the shop. There needs to be more units to train. There needs to be more humour. As I said, lots of potential, but it remains untapped.

- Don't bother with Mobile App

Excellent game, great concept. One drawback makes the Mobile App garbage. The upgrades are amateurish and weak. Been waiting 6 wks to be reconnected to our Alliance after the last botched update. And they don't seem to care. Had to give one star, zero won't register. DO NOT POUR REAL MONEY INTO THIS APP!

- It's fun for the most part

Biggest down side is the fact that after n attack the troops that r still kicking don't come home lil jimmy n his buddies are Mia they fuked off to the city to get some nookie

- Help

I am connected to the internet when i play it says failed to connect

- I love this game

The game reminds me so much of clash of clans. This is clash of clans mixed with the world war 2 concept. I recommend this game to anyone

- Love it

Have this on ps4 great game keeps me busy at work great job guys!

- Good

It's a good game

- Ok

The game doesn't work for me any more what happind.

- Unhappy

App was working great until last update. Lost everything I had built. Now have to start over, on second thought guess I will play a different game instead.

- So it works fine

Maybe add a feature where you can test the defences

- Topgun

It is early will tell later. And it is crashing also .

- Wow!!!!!!!

Super cool

- Fun but crashing

I like the game with im level 4 and trying to build another supply storage and the game keeps crashing please fix

- Less than 1 star


- Ps4?

Can I play with the same account as my ps4?

- It's pretty good if you like this game haha


- Mmhhhhaaaa

it doesn't work to good on iOS it close is out in like 10/5 minutes

- 👍

Good game wish I would have found it sooner

- Boring!

This game started off being half decent but as you level up you start being destroyed by players 10 times your level! This game is crap and I've deleted it. I wouldn't recommend playing this game.

- Yup

Legit fun dudes



- Game takes way to long to get started

The upgrades take way too long to upgrade and you run out of money fast. On top of that your forces get decimated by machine gun nests and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

- Good game, but crashes a lot if u have an older iPad

So far it is a fun way to burn a bit of time. COCish with a cartoon look and modern weapon systems. Infantry, mortarmen, tanks n jets. The only issue is a big one though, constant crashes with older phones or iPads, it uses a lot of memory when running, however on newer units it runs and plays great!

- Glitchy

The troop attack algorithm is flawed leaving troops running in circles sometimes like chickens with no heads. It's also too time consuming to search for hours to find worthwhile opponents to attack. Not recommended.

- Awesome

This game is the 3rdbest game I have played

- Superbe comme jeu de guerres

Collection de jeu

- Interesting

Love the game so far

- MS MAN12

Best game going. Love it.


Beat game since clash of clans. If you want clash in a ww2 setting, GET IT

- Not Recommended

Was a decent game months ago. Now too few players and $$$ gold dependent. Find something else.

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Are they rebooting Hawaii Five-0 starring members of the @Alberta_UCP ? Episode 1: @TracyAllardUCP & Michael Forian battle the the COVID pandemic on the sun swept beaches of the Hawaiian Islands. Directed by @jkenney script by @sunrickbell & @sunlornegunter Casting by @UCPCaucus

Ansley (SDI)

"I woul like to point out that it's key to know that the warriors the Wehrmacht fought in the Battle for the Honshu Islands used both rifles and swords and were proficient in both to deadly effect, this is key to understanding the SNLF's heritage"

Ansley (SDI)

"The SNLF have their roots with the warriors of the Honshu Islands who resisted to the very end, the final Battle of Shiroyama showed just how dedicated they were to resisting Europa's conquest of the Far East, all the warriors at Shiroyama died fighting"

Neo Malesa

Fascinating war history of the #PNGDF Royal Pacific Islands Regiment - The 10 Battle Honours 2/2

Neo Malesa

Fascinating war history of the #PNGDF Royal Pacific Islands Regiment - The 10 Battle Honours. We were more than stretcher-bearers for wounded soldiers, more than 3500 Papuans and New Guineans were part of the Australian Army infantry battalions in WWII. 1/2

Real-Time WW3 from 2034

Pekka is on the MS Amorella, a 2,400 passenger cruiseferry loaded with 9,000 passengers. The noise of the battle overhead fades as they sail west through the Åland Islands. He watches the sea, every fish looking like a Russian submarine, every big wave feeling like a torpedo hit.

⚜️ColdKid711 コルドキッド七一一⚜️

Empress soloed all of Sabrina’s pokémon. I then made my way down to Cinnabar Island and meet a boy named Blue. He tells me about what happened to the island and that he’ll battle me if I have 7 Kanto badges. I guess I’m headed to the Seafoam Islands to fight Blaine...


worm battle islands for the psp is actually good

Max von Side-Eye

Charles Bronson served as a B-29 aerial gunner with the Guam-based 61st Bombardment Squadron within the 39th Bombardment Group, which conducted combat missions against the Japanese home islands. He flew 25 missions and received a Purple Heart for wounds received in battle.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

duda! nct au 📌

⚙️ “too smart,” is what the Queen says about Jungwoo. from the islands of Mystra, he brings with him odd knowledge, creating mechanical contraptions that are clearly dangerous and useful in battle. the Rusting Guard, patrolling the front of the Fortress, was made entirely by him.

After six months of desperate battle with US Marines on Guadalcanal, Japanese Army decides recapturing Pacific islands from the Americans is impossible; time to retreat. #WW2

Live tweets from 1943

After six months of desperate battle with US Marines on Guadalcanal, Japanese Army decides recapturing Pacific islands from the Americans is impossible; time to retreat.

sᴜɴɢ-ᴀɪ one with the sea

The battle that dragged on eventually caught the surrounding buildings on fire The people inside screaming and panicking for a hero The city was a lot more chaotic and unruly than the islands he was used to He looked around the ground of the street ~

Michael Kingsbury

The re-building of who we are as Celtics The complete destruction of Multicultural Roman Empire Our ancient islands are under invasion and destruction. We have a mighty battle on our hands, that must first be won in the media Druid castle before the Roman multicult invasion

Dr. Mantis Toboggan

Turn 5, the battle in the Eastern Front moves to Belarus, USSR suffering major defeat at hands of Germany. The UK finally wipes germany from Africa. Japan regroups around the Home Islands. The US retakes Alaska and captures the Solomon Islands.

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Battle Islands iphone images
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