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Nomad Sculpt [Graphics & Design] App Description & Overview

What is nomad sculpt app? - Sculpting tools
Clay, flatten, smooth, mask and many other brushes will let you shape your creation.
Need hard lines? You will also find some lasso/line/curve cutting tools.

- Stroke customization
Falloff, alphas, tilings, pencil pressure and other stroke parameters can be customized.
You can save and load your tools preset as well.

- Painting tools
Vertex painting with color, roughness and metalness.
You can easily manage all your material presets as well.

- Layers
Record your sculpting and painting operations in separate layers for easier iteration during the creation process.
Both the sculpting and painting changes are recorded.

- Multiresolution sculpting
Go back and forth between multiple resolution of your mesh for a flexible workflow.

- Voxel remeshing
Remesh quickly your mesh to get a uniform level of detail.
It can be used to quickly sketch a rough shape at the beginning of the creation process.

- Dynamic topology
Refine locally your mesh under your brush to get an automatic level of detail.
You can even keep your layers, as they will be automatically updated!

- Primitive shape
Cylinder, torus, triplanar voxel and other primitives can be used to quickly start new shape from scratch.

- PBR rendering
Beautiful PBR rendering by default, with lighting and shadows.
You can always switch to matcap for a more standard shading for sculpting purposes.

- Post-processing
Screen Space Reflection, Depth of Field, Ambient Occlusion, Tone mapping, etc

- Files
Save and open glTF, OBJ and STL files.
Layers and PBR painting are only kept through GLTF files.

- Interface
Easy-to-use interface, designed for mobile experience.
There is also a lot of customization possible!

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Nomad Sculpt Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Nomad Sculpt Version 1.6824 October 2022

ios: fix traditional chinese being ignored (again…) file: fix critical bug (crash at loading when nomad files are dropped inside the Nomad folder) mask: mask extract now retains material and symmetry pivot mask: fix pivot position when using extraction mask: extraction retains UVs interface: gizmo and transform clone/instance button can now be held interface: offset menu panel if the side toolbar requires a second column (gizmo pivot, snap angle, etc) voxel: fix remeshing inside hierarchy voxel: remeshing output had sometimes the faces flipped uv: switch from half float to quantised 16bit integer (better quality) layer: extraction retains UVs.

Nomad Sculpt Comments & Reviews 2022

- Overall Amazing and intuitive, but lacks a few key features.

Let me start with the positives. This software has so many capabilities that other similar softwares don’t. It is easy to work with, very customizable, and produces great quality renders at high numbers of faces. Easily the best software out there for the IPad Pro. One minor issue is that the software lacks the ability to more finely control the topology of models. Often i will find formations of quads that are unnecessary, or that meet in weird ways and create visible seams on my models upon smoothing. However, using dynamic topology is an easy workaround if the character you’re sculpting doesn’t need to be animated. Materials could also use more customization options, and UVs would also be nice, but the main issue i have with this software is how much battery it drains. It drains battery so fast that even when plugged into the wall, the charging cannot keep up with the power demands. Overall an amazing software (nearly on par with some professional sculpting softwares ive worked with before) but is not very optimized in terms of power usage.

- Traveling artists dream come true

I held off on writing a review for awhile. Wanted to get the full experience of Nomad Sculpt. I’ve worked with Zbrush before so I came in with some sculpting experience. I have to say, I am in awe of this app. The power this program has to exist on an IPad is insane. I don’t get to sit down and work a lot, so I’m a big fan of procreate and the likes. This app is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of. Now of course there are it’s bugs and glitches and sometimes it’ll crash. But it’s running on an iPad, and that is a truly impressive feat. I work zbrush on my custom built computer, and after an hour it sounds like its going to take off. I can work hours on this app and the only thing stopping me is the iPad battery life. The app is gigantic, and needs a fair amount of storage but honestly, not as much as I thought for an app this powerful. If you’re a experienced sculptor or just wanting to start out, spend the money. Seriously, it’s worth it. I am excited to see how Nomad grows in the next few months. Seriously impressive, I cannot rave enough.

- People said the iPad isn’t a pro device, this app proved that they’re wrong

This app needs more attention, it is such a pro level app that I actually wish I have more performance in my M1 iPad Pro, it utilize the chip so well it maxed out the M1’s thermal design limit, the way you know is by how it drains the battery even when you’re plugged in to a 20W charger, this means that this app is pushing the chip as high or higher than 20W just like on the M1 Macs, and this doesn’t mean that this app is poorly optimized, this just mean you need a bigger charger, the charging port on the iPad Pro can reach 33W, if you have a 30W charger it should keep the iPad Pro running without draining the battery while charging. It’s not the apps fault for being such a power hog, and it is certainly not that it is poorly optimized, because to maintain good battery life at this point is to sacrifice performance, and I’ll rather have the app not lagging when I sculpt than good battery life, you just can’t have both people.

- One of the most exciting apps ever for iPad

Within the first 10 mins of downloading and playing around with this app, I new I had found something truly amazing. Coming from a few years of a zbrush experience on the Mac, this gives me everything I use regularly in zbrush, in a buttery smooth package. Not to mention a far better UI and enjoyable experience than zbrush. All for 15 bucks!? That right there is a steal of a deal my friends. Truly incredible app. Thank you so much to the wonderful developers that spent their time to polish and create such an amazing app for us to enjoy. Truly hats off to you! Such a joy to use. Update: I’ve been using this app nonstop since it came out, and I love it more and more the more I use it. On top of that, the newest update is INCREDIBLE! The post processing controls, render options, camera updates, lighting updates, etc. Are all truly mind blowing. That you so much for creating this app! It really is something special.

- The app I've been looking for

Before now I've struggled to find a sculpting app that I enjoy using, but after using this one for a couple of hours I'm glad to say that that's changed. The UI is simple and intuitive, especially if you're at all familiar with desktop sculpting applications. I never spent more than a minute figuring out how to do anything I wanted to, and usually the tool or option I was looking for was either right in front of me or a tap away. Even more important than that, the sculpting simply feels good. It's quick and responsive. All the basic brushes you might expect are present, and at least for me they cover 99% of my needs. I have yet to dive into the brush options, but they seem quite in depth. I obviously have not fully explored the limits of the app, but I know that I'm going to spend some time with it over the next couple of weeks and figure out how best to use it. I can easily see myself using this app for basic work to export and finish in Zbrush.

- The best organic sculpting on iOS

This app is great! It has almost all the core features I love using in ZBrush with really nice responsiveness (I’m on the Gen 1 iPad Pro, even). It has a clean UI/UX that gets out of your way but is there when you look for it (no small feat!) The pro features like the ability to remesh/dynamesh and the masking (including tapping off the mask to invert) are really great if you are familiar with ZBrush. Having animatable layers was kind of mind-blowing as I didn’t expect that feature to be in an iOS app. I have tried some of the other sculpting programs, but they always had some strange quirks that made them feel slightly less than professional. In contrast, I can easily see myself using this to sculpt a base mesh as a starting point, then finishing it up in ZBrush. The fact that it gives you OBJ and STL export as part of the purchase makes it worth the price. There are a couple of features that would be nice to have, like: - Boolean subtraction of layers (for example, to make the mouth areas). Maybe I’ve missed this because I am new to the app, as there does seem to be a merge layers. - Grouping of masks/selections to use them later (poly groups in ZBrush parlance) -FBX export (not necessary since there is OBJ, but nice! :) ) Overall, bravo to the developer! I am looking forward to seem what other updates come down the line. Thanks for a great app!

- Best $15 I’ve ever spent

I’m a 2D illustrator dipping my toes into the world of 3D. Drawing with a pencil/stylus feels most natural to me but I’ve always longed to recreate my characters in a 3 dimensional space. For weeks I watched tutorials on other programs, learning about topology, planes and vertices, jotting down a million hotkeys, and while that research was rewarding, it still felt like there were too many cumbersome steps just to do one action. Nomad took a little getting used to, and after playing around with it for a few days and watching a handful of tutorials, I was able to sculpt a bust of one of my characters! The tools honestly feel so good that they bridge the gap between a flat illustration and a dimensional model. I can literally chisel away at flowing shapes as if I’m drawing. This has been a godsend for my desire to use custom 3D models as reference for my illustrations!

- Incredible versatility, power, and value

Anytime I speak to other artists or hobbyists about Nomad Sculpt I end up sounding like a salesperson. If you have previous experience with sculpting software Nomad Sculpt is incredibly easy to pick up and experiment with. If you do not have said experience however, there are plenty of easy-to-follow tutorials out there to get you started. Of course Nomad Sculpt is not as robust as your expensive full-blown sculpting programs but for the price you pay you're getting an incredible value and I've personally made and seen pieces that rival anything made on your typical PC/laptop software. The versatility and power of what Nomad Sculpt can do are the highlights for me (on a recent iPad Pro.) Currently I'd say the material painting would be the least intuitive part of this lovely program. Recent updates to other features are encouraging that hopefully soon smarter methods of material painting will come online. The absolute best reason to love Nomad Sculpt is that it allows me to casually create art on my couch while passively watching stuff. That kind of convenience simply cannot be beat and has exponentially increased my personal art production and creativity.

- It’s a no-brainer for sculptors with iPads

I got this expecting it to only be a travel companion when I’m away from my computer. BUT OH it’s way more than that! It’s very similar to Zbrush in a lot of ways, but it also contains many features I never knew I even wanted until now. It has layer based sculpting, kind of like Photoshop layers, but for sculpting. And you can adjust the opacity of each layer even, or use layers for vertex painting. This is only one example out of the many in this app that’s blown me away. THIS APP NEEDS MORE USERS! I can also easily export sculpts with color data to Blender for finalizing assets. I can’t think of a single reason to sculpt in Blender instead now. It’s an amazingly capable professional piece of software that you can take wherever you go.

- The best app ever

I have learned so much and came from the bottom of knowing nothing, it unlocked a whole community of interest I had no idea of. I am building a portfolio for my local digital media institute and I’ve already piqued the interest of the admissions folks and how little time it took for me to get a hang of this sculpting stuff, and all on this app. Just as features I hope to see in the future, I think it would be neat to be able to rig models in app instead of having to export and go into Adobe mixamo, and then go to blender, just to get a certain pose. Another would be the addition of photoshop brush support possibly? I honestly am not a developer and don’t know if any of what I’m saying is possible in the specs of an iPad but I’m just wishful thinking. Have a great day!

- Okay... 20 stars.

The mad lad behind Nomad fulfilled one of my long time dreams of being able to work just as well as I do on my computer but on the go. I can use a stylus with my IPHONE and it will recognize pressure FROM 3D TOUCH?! What a BLESSING! Sir, you have no idea just how amazing you are. I really appreciate the wonderful reply you gave my review the last time and even more that you actually implemented that 3D Touch pressure sensitivity! I think Nomad (for non ipad users) just became like, easily twice as good. If not even more. I’m loving it!! Ps: did I mention I’ve had meshes of 6-7 million polys on Nomad on my iPhone XS Max? It wouldn’t let me save without crashing at that point but maybe at around 5 I still will be able to. Still, forger won’t let me go past 1.5 millions on a phone, which is ridiculous and really simply not enough to get the job done. It’s also worth mentioning this happened to me on Nomad’s previous update. So perhaps it has been fixed on this one. Nomad is just simply a beast. It is such a beast that I’ve decided I am going to buy an iPad Pro just cause music production and sculpting on iOS have become around 100 times more enjoyable than their PC-based counter parts. Thank you sir, you are a legend 🙏🏻


seriously, i’ve never really done 3d modeling before but after the newest procreate update i figured i should give it a try, and oh my god this is so user friendly compared to many other sculpting programs! it took me maybe 5 minutes to get the hang of the tools, without even having to look up a tutorial or anything, and i’ve already made something i think looks pretty good for my first digital sculpture. some of the settings and stuff can be confusing, but that’s likely just cause i’m new at this. my only real complaint is that the app doesn’t do uv mapping, so things can’t be directly exported to apps that need that. (like procreate) honestly if the developer adds uv mapping the app will be perfect.

- Worth every penny!!

Seriously. This app is very user-friendly, it’s pretty much like a procreate version of blender that fits on an ipad if you will. Feels almost criminal for how affordable this app is compared to other software I’ve seen that rival this app’s quality lol. I clay sculpt with polymer clay sometimes, and I wanted to give digital a whirl since I already illustrate digitally. I’ve researched quite a few programs while browsing on my laptop... Some were buggy, others were just way too complex for what I had wanted to use it for, and some were just straight up too expensive. Finally found this after I thought I’d give an ios app a try. So glad I found this. Hats off to the devs that made this godsend. <3

- The Dynamesh + Voxel Ramesher makes it worth every cent and then some.

Honestly these two features make this zbrush level. I myself have been using forger before this app but Nomad’s simple interface, the ability to remesh at the click of a button and the fact Dynamesh can be switched on and off per tool makes this the most powerful 3D design tool for the iPad in my opinion. Base meshes are a breeze because of these features. Sculpts can be made from scratch as long as the Dynamesh and voxel Remesh are used correctly. This tool is of the same caliber as something like uMake yet it’s a one time purchase. Also the developers are abundant with updates and bug fixes. If you are looking for an industry level sculpting tool on the go Nomad is all you need.

- This thing is not messing around.

Coupled with an iPad Pro, this app is seriously nipping at the heels of desktop packages. It’s really amazing and jumping by leaps and bounds. Is it a complete replacement for those? Not quite yet, but give it a little time. The value proposition here is that you could practically buy this app AND the hardware to run it for the price of a seat of the program that shall not be named. All while getting a ton of the same features. What a world. Compared to other stabs at this genre, this is the first one I’ve seen that’s not a toy or a tech demo. A lot of those apps seemed to be a proof of concept. “Hey, you CAN do a sculpting app on the iPad!” Well, someone did. If this type of tool even vaguely interests you, just buy it.

- Not zbrush or mudbox

But lots of cheap fun! The main negatives are a lack of “bones” to help control things like arms and have them come out right) and also certain faults can emerge, like really long polygons, and other little marks you can’t smooth out (i think some polygons get inverted). But there are ways in Nomad to deal with these limitations. One other issue is painting is kind of low resolution, and that’s an area where zbrush (obviously not on ipad) shines. But it took zbrush a massive amount of r&d to make that work right, which is why it is expensive. Nomad is fun! Nomad is fun! And it’s fun! So, buy it right now! I can spend hours and hours just messing around. It’s easy to start, hard to put down.

- This app makes me happy!

As an animator looking to switch to character design, I struggled to express myself by just drawing , Nomad sculpt is helping me grow up as an artist. after so many years trying, I finally found my medium. I’ve been trying to learn zbrush for ages but couldn’t stand how unfriendly their UI is. This app is already very powerful for anyone trying to sculpt or model anything. Nomad has become a crucial part of my daily work. Technically the current version have everything you need but it could use a few extra features like a posing or rigging system, combined meshes UV creation, brushes library, vertex paint to UV transfer.

- Amazing, easier than Zbrush

This app. Is incredible, I am a traditional clay artist and started using virtual clay last year, I bought all the small useless apps and some that are somehow so-so, like sculptura and forger, but nothing comes close to the beauty and easy of use of Nomad. I have been using Zbrush, which is a profesional program worth hundres of dollars and I keep coming back to Nomad, only use zbrush for the millions of poly that it allows and since memory is low on ipad compared to a Mac/Pc. I am even surprised at the low price, this app could easy sell for double or more. Thanks Stephane for the app and updates, best wishes for 2021 and beyond ! Att Anjani

- Amazing

I'm finally getting back into 3D art now because of this app. It works really well and the interface is easy to understand if you've done 3D before. Sometimes it freezes my phone (iPhone 12) however it isn't often and I'm able to close my phone then swipe out of the app and go back in. I really love the autosave feature! I tend to forget to save digital art so it's great that it periodically saves for you. I have yet to have any issue with frames, crashing or lag. This is a great app! And so worth it for the reasonable pricing. Super fun! I find myself lost in sculpting for hours.

- Great sculpting software for beginners and pros alike.

This app is incredible. The sculpting is fast and intuitive on my iPad Pro. The only thing I would wish for is an easier way to install large packs of brushes/materials. But I usually just install solo brushes as needed. Other than that the software is really fast. All the settings are in places where you would think to look(unlike Zbrush and blender). There hasn’t been any crashes or bugs for me, I’ve been able to sculpt from sphere to finish on every project so far. A retopo brush would be cool if I’m asking for it all. Love the software, huge thanks to the dev!

- Amazing

This app is just what I’ve been looking for. It seems like it took forever for someone to make a good sculpting app for iOS. Forger is a good sculpting app too, but Nomad’s interface is way more intuitive. I also appreciate the fact that the app is updated quite often even though it’s just one guy working on it! There’s still some features I’d like to see in future updates, but regardless, Nomad is a fully capable 3D sculpting tool. If you’re trying to decide between the two best sculpting applications for your iPad (Nomad or Forger,) I’d definitely recommend this one!

- Perfect mobile substitute

I’m a cad modeler for the most part but I use Meshmixer everyday to set up other designers great sculpts for use with action figures. Downside to Meshmixer is its only available for laptops and desktop machines. It’s quite the memory hog as well. I have been looking for a sculpting and STL manipulation app for the iPad for a very long time. That said. This app does everything I need and does it better than Meshmixer. I’m blown away at how easily this app handles high poly meshes. My latest project ended up with over 8 million faces and Nomad Sculpt handled it perfectly! This program has almost replaced Meshmixer for me. I’m not a big fan of zbrush because the interface was just not user friendly but I feel that this app will doo just fine for that too. If the developer reads these there is one suggested tool I think should be added. When scaling and resizing to have the ability to put in X Y Z measurements would be fantastic. Or at least the ability to measure between faces.

- A new gold standard, take it from a pro.

I’ve been a 3D artist for nearly 2 decades now, as well as a fine artist. Got the ipad pro to have a sketchbook, notepad on the side what I didnt expect is a sculpting app to blow my pants off nearly as much as Nomadsculpt has so far. The brush feel is at least as good as Zbrush, (which I’ve been teaching and using since practically the day it came out) with a lot of the history and cruft removed for ease of use. The 3d painting then once you subdivide to 1-2 million polygons (amazed that is even doable on a mobile device) is, with the addition of a few stamp textures I’ve used in other apps, at least as capable as anything in Substance painter. There are still features missing, and still a few quirks but it’s so clear that the base is here for an app I’d use for years. (Not to mention a very responsive developer who’se fixing and adding at a steady clip) I’m super excited to see what gets added as time goes on.

- Zbrush, move over... It’s nomad time.

I have made work for games, movies, and magazine covers. This software is amazing. Zbrush is pretentious, confusing and expensive. I have been using it for 12 years. I don’t understand why it never evolved it’s controls. Yes these are 2 different levels. Zbrush can and has made everything... But watch out Zbrush nomad is coming for you! I am 4 hours deep and blown away. My first 3D print was sent to tinker and and fit perfectly as a working part. I plan on using this for 50 hours and writing another review.

- Great for the most part but…

Something about the render feature is weird when it comes to rendering meshes that are painted with darker colors, I don’t know if it’s something I’m missing or if it’s a bug but when ever I render a mesh with a transparent background and the mesh has brighter colors the render comes out smooth but whenever the colors are darker it’s like a weird filtered image with colors in it that I never painting on the mesh, like I said I don’t know if it’s a bug or something I’m doing wrong but I do know this never used to happen with none of my earlier sculpts that I did when I first got that app.

- Incredible modeling app!

After a week of use I gotta say I’m very pleased with the app. The modeling is actually more advanced than it seems and more importantly the learning curve is minimal so it’s a plus for me. One thing I would love the dev to add is inferred constraints in order to align objects perfectly just like in a cad or vector software. I like to model furniture and having inferred constraints to align things like finding the exact middle and whatnot of an object is time saving and efficient. Hopefully this system of inferring comes soon to this wonderful powerful app!

- Great app that I love using but

I really love the app so many features and just a great app in general! I really like making 3d models of certain designs I have ideas about and don’t have paper to draw it. Also it’s really good for using it as reference, I have a hard time with backgrounds in my art and this app really helps me with perspective and detail. But I really wish I was able to rig models, it’s really hard for me to pose 3d models of characters in the app because I have to move the model limb by limb and it’s just really hard to do.

- Incredibly powerful. Incredible value. Refined UI.

I’ve been periodically looking for some kind of 3d creative tool for the iPad since forever, and the choice has generally been between shoddy tech demos, clumsy unusable junk, and a couple of sophisticated CADish programs that have expensive subscription plans (and yet are still hard to use). I’m no 3/d newbie: i’m not a pro, but I’ve been doing 3D for 25 years, shipped games, written a book… and sculpting tools have always been too hard for me to get into. On the desktop there’s ZBrush, whose UI is arcane, and 3DCoat, which isn’t much better. Or Blender which as a sculpting tool… Anyway, while I wasn’t looking, this thing comes out. I found out via TikTok and have been playing with it for the last few days. It has an amazingly refined touch interface, performs insanely well on my (first gen) iPad Pro, and… Oh just buy it.

- Love it

I love this app. I’m not a professional artist or anything, but I think it’s very fun to make 3D models. I used to have the app Sculpt+, but it was taken off the AppStore for some reason. One thing I really loved about that app, specifically, was that it had its own, sort of, social media platform that you could post your sculptures to, and view other people’s sculptures. I think that would be a super nice addition to this app, if the developer would see this. That’s just a personal opinion, though, and the app is perfect in general!

- Best sculpting app on the go

I have used blender and zbrush to sculpt for 3D print and I have to say this app is just so freaking amazing!!! I mean you are able to create and sculpt out your imagination on the go at a professional level with this amazing sculpting app. This app is still very new and It still has way more room for better features in the future and the developer is working non stop to update the app. I am so impressed with what this app can do. Don’t take my words for it, try it yourself and you will love it.

- Initial impression: amazing

Been using blender for sculpting and modeling for a couple years now, and since starting in 3D I’ve always wanted a mobile option but didnt think it could happen till mobile chips matured. I was wrong. This app is pretty astonishing. I’m running it on a 2017 Ipad pro 12.9, so even on older hardware it’s still a joy to use. Sure there are things that can and will be improved, but while using this app I keep finding myself saying out loud “how is this possible?” Its great.

- Glitch

I like the app so far and I’m really enjoying the use of it but I just encounter a glitch that I don’t know how to fix. Main problem is that random holes appearing on my 3D model when i minimize the app and come back later to keep working. Second problem is the freezing of the app. When I minimize the app and come back nothing works. I have to close the app entirely then open again to be able to make it work again. If you can help that will be greatly appreciated.

- This is a game changer

I’ve been doing 3D modeling for years and have always struggled with Zbrush as an industry standard. The bugs and glitches have always been a blocker. Oculus Medium was my go-to alternative sculpting tool for a long time, until they stopped supporting the ability to import base meshes. In less than a few minutes of playing with Nomad, I had a pretty well developed base shape. This tool is fast, intuitive, and has no import or export problems. I’m so relieved and grateful this app exists!

- Best 3D Sculpting app yet!

I’m using this on an older iPad Pro (with iPadOS 14.4) and there are no lags, amazing performance! It seems to have all of the features I love about Sculptris (which is not available anymore). But this feels similar to ZBrush (probably doesn’t have as many features as ZBrush but all of the essentials). I love it and hope the developer continues to add and improve on it! You can start a sculpt here and export to another app. It feels so much more friendly and comfortable to use the iPad rather than a laptop...

- So happy I found this app

This is such a great sculpting tool for the iPad. Works really well with Apple Pencil. A nice clean, interface with good tool depth. Really well thought-through, and a very intuitive workflow. I wish I had found it sooner. Best money I’ve spent in a long time. I’m so happy to have this great sculpting tool that doesn’t require a subscription!! Even if you’re just an enthusiastic hobbyist in the world of 3D modeling, you’re going to want this this app. Many thanks to the developer!

- Awkward Reference navigation

After I use the transform to set the size of my reference I would like to be able to check a box in a setting such as, reference image effected by pan and zoom. That way after I start modeling over top my concept drawing and need to zoom for closer view and pan to specific locations of the image both the reference and my mesh will stay aligned. Currently the pan and zoom navigation only affects the mesh destroying the alignment making things difficult. I am sure this would be fairly easy to implement and would appreciate if you could add it. Also allowing us a reference image image along each axis would be more ideal so when I navigate to front, side, back, etc view I could have it display the corresponding image for my concepts front, side, back, ect. Thanks for the great appetizers would really help a lot if you could implement these features.

- Computer graphics at your fingetips

Interact with millions of polygons, paint PBR colors with stamps *while* adding resolution with dynamesh, barely dropping below 60fps on iPad pro 2018. NomadSculpt is pushing the bar and redefining the conversation of what we can create and render on mobile devices. While you can push the visuals quality that you can fit on limited mobile memory, this app also exports to GTLF files which can be refined in Blender or any other PC/mac 3d app, allowing you to combine your Nomadsculpts into larger scenes.

- Holy Crikeys TRIM!!!!

Just bought this, have only been playing with Forger till now, and I think he is planning on adding a cut/trim tool... BUT YOU HAVE IT!!!!!!! Am super impressed with the few minutes I’ve had it open, and am already certain this app is worth the $15 bucks. Also sad I JUST NOW discovered your app. Well enough buttering up, am going to play with the app and see if I was early in my praise... heh heh.. calm down, calm down, breathe. Heh, seriously, am looking for something to sculpt things I draw in 2D and hoping this is a good tool to at least get the base mesh down. Thanks again. PS No knocks on Forger, that is also awesome and frankly I don’t mind having two (or more) apps for sculpting on my iPad, but yours looks a little nicer. (You hear me Forger, you need to up your A-Game after seeing this. All comments here are in good fun.)

- Very impressive

This is the first time I've ever left an app review, but I felt the need to leave one for nomad sculpt. This is the most impressive and versatile sculpting app I've used to date! I'm very impressed with the usability and support the app itself offers. Huge kudos to the developer he used sculptis and forger, while I found I preferred forger to sculptis nomad sculpt works so much better than forger on every level! I can only hope the developer will continue to update nomad sculpt this is an absolute must own for any 3D artist!

- Best thing to happen to portable sculpting

Like everyone says it is pretty freaking great for what it is and how much it costs. No it will not replace ZBrush like everyone says it will, but it doesn’t have to. It has a good UI, competent sculpting tools, simple PBR support, paint tools, and it can handle large amount of polygons very well. Is there a room to be better? Of course there is, but nomad already does well everything a portable sculpting app needs to do. Frankly I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about this app.

- Best 3D Sculpting App for 3D Newbies

This is the best app for anyone new to 3D and does not wish to make a significant investment up front. It has loads of useful tools to quickly create mock-ups or for final art for other applications. Nomad is the first app I bought the moment I discovered it. I watched it grow and become more capable since then and it is now a major part of my creative workflow in both 2D and 3D. And this was in the space of a year… Stephane is a great developer who is in tune with the growing community and launches updates and fixes faster than most apps I use. Recently we got the ability to generate UV’s and import/ export our models back and forth with Procreate. The future of iPad only workflows begins here. I know there’s a high probability you’ll love it!

- Mind blown…

This app would have been my dream come true years ago, had it only existed then. This is everything I could have dreamed of and more! Yes there is a bug here and there, but the Developer(s?) fix it right away, and respond even faster on the forums! Best money I ever spent on any app, and surprisingly cheap for the treasure that it is. It's addictive and I truly don't know how I have managed so long without it.

- Awful palm rejection, unintended undo actions galore.

Every time I rest my palm on the screen the previous stroke or action gets undone. This does not happen in procreate or any other app I use that has a two-finger undo gesture, so clearly an area the Nomad team needs to improve upon. In the mean time I would settle for the ability to disable two and three finger tap gestures to prevent these unintended undo actions! Very surprised there is not already an option to disable them considering the undo/redo buttons have a dedicated space on the bottom bar.

- Incredible

Coming from zbrush I am just amazed! I can’t believe how easy this app is, how many features it has, and only $15?!? Love it. It makes it easy to get my sketches down while on the go and away from my pc. In fact I have been using this more since I bought it than I use my very expensive zbrush! I’m literally sitting in front of my pc with this app open instead as I write this haha

- Almost perfect

I really like this app and what it’s capable of. That being said, there is one feature I wish was a part of it (rigging). I wish to apply a skeleton to my character model in order to move it about. My current method is to create separate body parts and move them about, but it’s been a shore when it comes to fingers and toes. Rigging would be a very beneficial application for this app.

- Great start!

So far this is the most slick sculpting app on the iPad. Feels good, clean, looks pretty, solid start. I would really like to see user assignable touch behavior because I’d like to have my fingers operate the smooth tool. Also finger + pen to scale the brush as it needs to be more controllable for smaller sizes (the slider is 99% giant brush sizes with usable sizes taking up only a few pixels at the bottom end) I hope this will get mesh as brush too, and mesh to depth mask for the tools. And maybe even compound brushes - combining smooth + flatten for instance.

- A gift to the world

I cannot believe how intuitive and easy this program is to use. If you have been looking for the “Procreate of 3D sculpting”, this is it. I honestly am so amazed and grateful this exists, I’m kind of at a loss for words. The fact that I can make something quickly and then play around further in Blender is just mind-boggling. What a time to be alive. To the developers - a very sincere THANK YOU!

- I’m not a 3d sculptor

Honestly I purchased out of support. The Subscription market hurts. There’s no guarantee whatever a developer implements in a month will be useful to every subscription holder. A one time payment model makes sense. An expectation of couple years of support is there but I don’t expect a lifetime of work. New useful features can be split up into addons. I’m really happy to support this developer.

- Wonderfully intuitive

I’ve only been using the app for a little while, but so far it has been amazing. The developer is responsive and prolific with updates, the community is helpful and engaging. As a bonus, the included real-time physically based renderer is better than it has any right to be, and as intuitive as the sculpting itself. Well made, and worth every nickel!

- Outstanding!

Pleasantly shocked at the quality of this app. I know how almost everything works in a matter of minutes (coming from little experience in zbrush). Not overly complicated, but very powerful for the price IMO. I’m still confused that it’s beyond reasonably priced with no subscription model unlike most other decent apps. I will shout out this app anytime 3D modeling comes up. Easy 5 stars (so far).

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- Time to sculpt!

An instant classic. Don’t waste time or money with other sculpting apps. Considering some of the other sculpting apps have been around for more than 10 years this app has in its first iteration blown them out of the water. The other developers had all the time in the world to improve their offerings and yet they languished and their uninspired apps gathered digital dust on my iPad. Finally now I have a responsive and expressive tool with which to 3d sculpt on the iPad. Thank you.

- Out of box, outstanding!

Considering this is a new app. the fact that it so good speaks volumes for where Nomad is going. As a zBrush user, having a mobile app that is every bit as good opens a whole world of on the go sculpt sketching. If you are a zBrush user, this is a must. If you aren’t, Nomad could not be a better choice for a sculpting app, both for its power and ease of use. It also seems to run great on older devices as well.

- An amazing app

I had always wanted to get better at sculpting but hated that I had to spend more time in my office on a Wacom tablet. Nomad has changed my creativity. This app is so amazing a feature-rich that I feel like I need to do more training to keep up with the amazing features the developer adds. It is so good and worth every cent.

- This is the sculpting app you are looking for!

Blazingly Fast, Amazing interface, Feature Rich, Super Customisable, just a pleasure to work with. I've used all the other IOS alternatives and I can say without a doubt If your interested in 3D sculpting, this application is worth your time and money!

- Best I have used for iPad!

I’m an Artist and Designer, a long time sculptor and I have tried quite a number of sculpting apps for my work, this is the best I have come across. Super smooth, powerful, fast and easy to use and learn. Getting great results, has transformed my field of possibilities.

- NOT owned by Maxon, amazing sculpting app!

Congrats to the devs on a stellar sculpting app with intuitive interface, natural feeling tools and a good feature set… 5 stars over and over again for not selling out to Maxon! 👌

- Impressive!

This app offers so much and yet it is still in it's nascent stage. I am blown away by its performance, plus the tools it has on offer.

- Great app on iPad, but iPhone?

No complaints on iPad, but on iPhone the notch keeps getting in the way of the UI, so you constantly have to turn it. Some people doodle ideas when there is nothing around except for an iPhone ;)

- Best Sculpting App

Once you go nomad there is no looking back. Best in market. Upon will never regret after buying it. It’s worth of each cent.

- Sensational

Super props to Stéphane for this app. Not only did it start by blowing the competition out of the water, but the speed and sophistication of artist relevant features frequently released has been astonishing. It fast, responsive and very capable - thank you for a great app. Check out Southerngfx with Glen Southern, who is a genius in his own right, but also has a great intro course for new nomad users. Cheers, Chris

- Excellent app!

Brilliant app! I need to use it more! Curios as to why there hasn’t been any updates in a long time?

- Ridiculously feature full

No competition worth comparing out there. The best choice on the AppStore.

- The best iPad app

It’s amazing how powerful but easy to use this app is!

- Amazing!!

I just got into 3D sculpting thanks to this app. Best 3d sculpting app on mobile.

- Best sculpting app

Love this app so much 100/5 stars.

- Zbrush is ps, Nomad is procreate

This app is astounding.

- Can’t be downloaded

When I clicked the download sign, this app keeps loading, pls fix it

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- Top 1 of the best sculpting app on iPad Pro

This app is great for sculpting. It got all the tools I need. It has a dynamic topology tool and a multi resolution tool. Plus it has great matcap and PBR Material, we can even paint the model with the PBR material!

- My favorite app.

The more I learn about 3d sculpting the more I appreciate what this program does. Really enjoying the experience. Thank you.

- Since the 1st iPad Released, I have Wanted an App Like This!

Finally! Just discovered this today and I’m shocked larger corporations haven’t made anything like this for the iPad over the last decade. Thank you so much for making this app. This is a game changer for me! What a deal, too. Top notch app.

- Terrible UI

The UI is terrible! I am very lost when I first opened this app. The menus are all over the place, highly disorganized. It is very difficult to know what everything does.

- Love it!!!

Simply the best. Like the way you can simply mask and split the the mesh very fast. Also the pipe tool is great.

- Amazing

I always said that the iPad needed a 3d sculpting app and some of the other ones just didn’t do it for me. This has changed my workflow in a huge way, and every update has been gold!

- Amazing

Very intuitive and with all the tools I need to sculpt on the go. Was able to sculpt, paint, and export to Adobe Aero and Blender very quickly. Didn’t eat up my battery and very responsive. I usually skipped paid apps but glad I gave this one a go <3

- Applause

Just… just… yes.

- Unambiguously The Best Sculpting App

Without a tutorial I managed to make this app a critical part of my workflow, and I didn’t even use 3D for anything before I got this; I was just looking to experiment for one project and now I’m looking for excuses to fit it into my illustrations and animations. I went through so many apps looking for one that did what I needed without being a prohibitively complicated 3D engineering app. It is insanely capable on top of being easy to use, at least compared to other apps with similar or broader feature sets. The rest that I tried that are easy to use simply do less and are worse. It does exactly what I didn’t know I needed it to do for a price that makes Zbrush look like highway robbery. Easy recommendation.

- Amazing

Easily my favourite sculpting app, for iPad or any other platform.

- The standard has been set

This is the single best resource for both new students of 3d sculpture and those proficient in the medium. It has a wealth of great tutorials both on YouTube and paid and is an absolute joy to work in. Get it now while it’s cheap before a major player buys this app and locks it behind a subscription! Fantastic app worth every penny.

- Anybody can learn

I have tried other sculpting programs but after trying them for a bit they sit unused. While Nomad Sculpt has a crazy amount of tools it wasn’t daunting. There are a lot of good tutorials online which really helped. I haven’t become a great artist but I really enjoy using the app. After buying so many games over the years it felt good to buy such a great product and not feel guilty because it is used constantly.

- The 3D software I’ve been waiting for

I’m trained as an animator and illustrator. I work comfortably in Illustrator, Procreate, Photoshop etc., but when it comes to 3D I’ve always gotten stuck. I’ve started learning Blender three times, but I fell off each time (no disrespect to Blender - it’s incredible, and I may get there someday yet). My 3D ambitions are fairly simple; I want to model characters and geometric sculptures. I’ve had Nomad for one day and I’m already confident that I’ll be able to live my 3D dreams. Highly recommended!

- Very satisfied 👍👍

When i use the app on iPhone it crashes every time I try to export in 4K? Otherwise it’s good

- Very impressive

Between this, Forger and Sculptura. Nomad easily takes the top spot as far as 3D modeling apps go on iPad. It’s very good and easy to use, like a zbrush ‘lite’. The price is extremely fair for what it can do. Worth every penny.

- Fantastic 3D sculpting, painting, rendering !

This app has all that needed tools and features of a 3D paint. Works well, does not take to much time to learn. Still amazed of what it can do on an old iPad Pro. Great rendering ! Request: a set of solid tools to record the turntable, precise specs and loop control, i can even dream of a time line which could enable recorded layers controls etc. Overall, best 3D creation/sculpting app !

- addictive

By far the best sculpting app!

- You nailed it

Im really liking it, its very customizable and easy to use, excited to see where you guys take it with new updates.

- Very intuitive UI for existing modellers

Can i mirror my objs?

- Great sculpting app

Clean UI, very smooth action, familiar tools all in the right place. Makes sculpting fast and fun.

- Brush size

Absolutely amazing! Is there a way to have a brush size relative to object instead of screen. Brushes should scale with camera.

- Zbrush Users will feel at home.

I got an iPad to draw on mainly, but thought why not try 3D modelling on it as well? I haven’t delved too much into the program yet, just made a quick head and the feel of program is very similar similar to Zbrush. Layout is clean and easy to navigate!

- Amazing!

This app is awesome. I am excited to see the future of this app. Worth the purchase.

- keeps crashing please fix and please add fur texture:)

The app is great so far, but it's been crashing every time I try saving and the auto save isn't saving either, 'Please fix the crashing, as well it would be better if the auto save just happened in the background because the pop up is so annoying lol

- Absolutely fantastic

As a high schooler, this app is extremely easy to use, but I’m wondering if there is a way to recover deleted projects?

- It’s amazing 😉

I bought forger 2 weeks ago but got stuck on not being able to subtract at all. It exports obj to blender greatly it says it can import obj but every time I did there where mistakes in the mesh. I have just purchased Nomad today and have used it now for an hour and already the verdict is out🤣 it’s so much better. As far as I’m concerned the 13 bucks I spent on forger are a shame but I would happily ad the cost to the price of Nomad it’s so much better. Enjoy it’s amazing

- Top notch sculpting for iPad

Feature rich but easy to navigate ui. The left handed mode was a nice surprise. Great implementation of “sticky keys”. Kudos to the developer!

- Almost like zbrush on the go.

Love most things about it. Would love it if they can add a ruler tool, similar to how zbrush’s Gizmo tool can toggle into a Transpose tool. Function is for measuring, changing size, rotation, moving.

- Amazing!

I can’t begin to express how impressed I am with Nomad. It seems to have nearly everything I need in a sculpting app. I’ve only had it for a few days now but I’m so blown away by its professional features and quality. The UI is clean and beautiful. Easy to see your tools and make settings adjustments. The app feels a lot like a mobile version of 3D Coat (my favourite sculpting app) to me. Really well made app. I tip my hat to the developer.

- A Portable version of Zbrush !

I used Sculptura ..... then I tried this app and I gotta say for a portable app I’m super impressed , I use zbrush on my main computer and this has Tons of features similar to zbrush. it almost feels like Zbrush created a portable app. Also I mainly make low poly models for block in .... so for me as a quick modeling tool i think it’s great .....also an excellent feature is the 3D GIZMO........Hats off the the developer. Hope to see more features in the future, but right now it’s pretty useful!

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Nomad Sculpt 1.68 Screenshots & Images

Nomad Sculpt iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Nomad Sculpt iphone images
Nomad Sculpt iphone images
Nomad Sculpt iphone images
Nomad Sculpt iphone images
Nomad Sculpt iphone images
Nomad Sculpt iphone images
Nomad Sculpt iphone images
Nomad Sculpt iphone images
Nomad Sculpt iphone images
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Nomad Sculpt (Version 1.68) Install & Download

The applications Nomad Sculpt was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2020-08-04 and was developed by Hexanomad [Developer ID: 1519508655]. This application file size is 105.79 MB. Nomad Sculpt - Graphics & Design app posted on 2022-10-24 current version is 1.68 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.stephaneginier.Nomad