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What is cricut design space app? Enjoy total creative freedom over your next DIY project with Cricut Design Space™. Design, cut, or draw by connecting to Cricut Explore™ or Cricut Maker™ machines.

Start your project from scratch or browse thousands of images, ready-to-make projects, and unique fonts in the Cricut Image Library.

Create from anywhere, any time inspiration sparks with cloud-based syncing across devices.

Make the most of every last scrap with the SnapMat™ feature.

Connect to your compatible Cricut cutting machine with a Bluetooth® connection.

Experience brand-new features like kerning, spell check, right-to-left text & more by upgrading your device to iOS 14 or above.

New to Cricut? Welcome! To use this companion Design Space app, first activate your new machine at

Existing members with Cricut Joy™ machines? For fun or functional projects in 15 minutes or less, use the companion Cricut Joy™ app.


• Over 50,000 FREE images, fonts & projects
• Upload & edit your own compatible image files (jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif, .svg, and .dxf)
• Browse Cricut fonts or use your own system fonts
• Cut predesigned Make It Now projects quickly & easily
• Make cards, invitations, 3D models & more
• Design home & party decor, jewelry, and fashion accessories
• Get perfect cut settings for your material type
• Visualize & position artwork on scrap material with SnapMat™ feature
• Access images & projects and make purchases on or Design Space with Cricut ID.
• Setup & activate machine right from app
• Bluetooth® capability (Bluetooth adapter may be required, sold separately)
• Easily position, resize & rotate text
• Kerning for fonts
• Follow step-by-step project instructions
• Ready-to-make mug designs
• Auto-save projects

Cricut Access:

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Cricut Design Space Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Cricut Design Space Version 5.6.103 May 2022

Offset • Now available on mobile! Make your designs pop with a new layer that replicates a shape, text, or group of objects to create dimension. • This update contains bug fixes and performance enhancements..

Cricut Design Space Version 5.2.408 February 2022

This update contains bug fixes and performance enhancements..

Cricut Design Space Version 5.2.108 December 2021

This update contains bug fixes and performance enhancements..

Cricut Design Space Comments & Reviews 2022

- Love love love working with this app

My mom and I purchased our first cutter (The Maker) in Sept 2019 and began making trip shirts for our Jan 2020 family Disney trip. It was a huge undertaking for 12 family members and an 10 day trip. We had matching shirts for each day in the park and for traveling and even for dinners. We utilized the design space and a laptop to create the shirts and other accessories. Our very first shirt was amazing, honestly we knew it was great but the comments we received said it all. Since our trip I’ve seen so many amazing ideas and projects from others via FB groups and other social media threads that I follow. It’s inspired me to stretch my creativity beyond my own comfort zone and I have met some defeats but many many successes. Recently I purchased an iPad and downloaded the design space app. I’m having to learn where all the tools are, just like I did on the laptop version, this one seems less glitchy. I hope I don’t jinks myself. I also purchased the Procreate app to use with my Maker, I haven’t used it as of yet. But I’m creating a birthday project for my niece as I type this where I plan to. I’m just sorry that I didn’t learn about Cricut years ago. My Mom and I have thoroughly enjoyed every single moment creating things with this machine, and we look forward to many many more.

- I love my machine and app.

A couple months ago my mother found a Cricut expression at a yard sale. She bought it for $30 and it came with 12 cartridges and no power cord or blade. She knew that this would be something right up my alley. We didn’t do our research and didn’t realize that the machine was basically obsolete as far as buying blades and equipment. We made due with what we could get and I was having a blast. I had so many ideas which I quickly realized were going to be hard for me to execute with what I had. We managed to pull together the money for an explore air 2. I have already made quite a few projects and I’m working on a more intricate one for my husband. I love using the cricut design space on my iPad. So far I prefer to work from my iPad than the computer. I have only come across two issues. One- when I am uploaded an image from my photos and pre editing it, my image will go completely white. The first 5-6 times it happened I got really angry closed out and started over. Then I realized my undo button was still there and it fixed it. Two- This one is more human error than anything. I have lost two projects because I was a dummy and did not save my projects at frequent enough (or at all) intervals, then my app would glitch I would have to restart the app and come back to my project selections and it was gone. Either way I am so happy to have bought this machine and can’t wait to see what my crafting future holds. 😀😀😀

- Cricut Explore Air 2

Even the sky is no limit with the things you can create in Design Space and the Cricut Explore Air 2! I hope to upgrade to the Maker, but that will only happen when my beloved Explore Air 2 device dies. This is a GREAT machine and so much can be done with it using Design Space. I love this combo; but buyers beware - you NEED to be willing to take time to learn about the features of the machine and how to use Design Space in conjunction with the machine by watching hours of utube videos. For me this has never been a problem devoting time to utube videos. I watched a lot of videos and read many reviews before committing to the purchase of this machine. I read so many reviews from folks afraid to take the machine out of the box when it arrived and I believe that is because not enough research was made on the product prior to its purchase. If you bought it don’t be afraid of it! Inbox it immediately and start watching a video on a project you want to try. I have had many failures and failures are learning techniques; think of it that way. There is a whole world of crafting waiting for you!!!

- Beginning to wonder why I bought this Cricut

I know this is long but please read. Is anybody else having this problem with an iPad or an iPhone. 8/18I am beginning to wonder why I bought this cricut explore air 2 - 3 weeks ago. I downloaded the app like the instructions said and everything was fine; I used it one time through the app on my iPhone 8+ and everything was fine. Then 4 days later I went to use my Cricut and none of the pictures will load on the app all I get is just a swirl. And after about 4 minutes of the swirl it just loads a blank screen with the square on it. The square says new design that’s not what I want because I don’t know how to use my cricut. I called support and they had me uninstall cricut design made sure I didn’t have cricut basic installed as well because apparently those two apps fight each other if you have both of them installed together and then re-install this app. And of course the same thing happened. They even tried at tech-support to log onto my account and try it there the same thing happened for them as well they told me to wait a few days and see if it continued. Tech-support said that other people that had iPhones and iPads were having the same problem as me so just wait. And the problem will resolve itself. Well as you guessed it it’s still continuing this is so frustrating all I want is to use this $350 machine that I have purchased.

- Sometimes great, sometimes not

As we all know in order to create from this app it stays open and in use for long periods. It has always worked very well and I’ve made some fun, beautiful and interesting art. problems consistently begin if I am creating my own designs. I will spend a lot of time, sometimes over an hour on this app designing, moving, reworking and perfecting what I want my Cricut explore air 2 to make. Suddenly I’m looking at a screen that has the work I’ve done on it but all of the other buttons for editing, creating and saving are gone. Basically it’s showing me my design on the graph with absolutely nothing that I can do about it because everything else is gone. 3 times in the 24 hours since I’ve unboxed my new “toy” I’ve lost all of the design work (and possible money from lost sales) and there is no way to retrieve it or make an exact replica of my design. I have started over and come close but nothing is ever quite as good as the first one (maybe just upset to have lost it). It has also happened while expanding on a design space project. I can’t find information about fixing this. It makes me nervous to start a project.

- Can’t believe this is rated so highly

Just got off the phone with Cricut Customer service. Apparently when you buy images on your iPad through the Apple App Store, you may not receive your images for several days or weeks. They just don’t know when you’ll get them. So why doesn’t cricut have a disclaimer on the app that warns you not to buy the image on a apple mobile device? Customer service told me I should only buy images on a PC. That is all fine and good, as long as I know that’s what I need to do before I sit down with the iPad and try to buy images and get charged for them by Apple. So I’ve been charged by Apple for images, they have not yet arrived in my account and it’s been two days and Cricut has no idea when I will have access to the images, and Cricut customer service also tells me they cannot credit me the money that I have been charged, that I need to call Apple. Right, I’m going to call Apple and ask them to refund the money I have spent on a couple of Cricut images. Cricut, this is a terrible way to build customer loyalty. Every time I try to use design space and purchase images there is always some sort of issue getting the images into my account, whether I am on PC or mobile. I end up getting frustrated, wasting time calling customer service, and vowing not to use my machine again.

- Missing the mark!

Cricut is a large company that claims to care about their customers. Yet, they don’t seem to pay attention to what matters to their customers. This app is not new and being able to use Bluetooth to connect to our machines means that more people are using mobile devices to design with. Design Space is already falling behind other design programs on the market for the Mac and Windows users, but on the app it is even worse. There are many things I am unable to do with the app. There are no templates, I can’t curve text, I can’t use my foiling tool, and with the new updates coming, I won’t be able to use the offset tool or put my projects into categories. If you are going to add features, make them available in all of your platforms. Another problem design Space has is with kerning of letters. Design Space is the only program I have heard of or used that can not seem to space letters properly. I do understand that they want to give the designer the ability to move letters around, but we shouldn’t have to kern in order for a word to look right . Cricut needs to get with the program and fix the issues they have before trying to add new features (features I might add, other programs have offered for years).

- In Love ❤️❤️❤️

My only regret is that I did not buy the Cricut sooner! I recently bought the Air 2 and it’s a DREAM. Although I can use my laptop I have exclusively used the machine with my iPad using the Cricut app. Everything can be saved to your iCloud Drive (but have option to save to iPad). The great news is I can then access my iCloud Drive via my laptop if needed which has honestly been rare. My background is in advertising and marketing so I have a great appreciation for the ease of creating in my home as opposed to paying a professional printer. It reminded me of reading a negative review from someone trying to create intricate wedding invitations who was frustrated with the machine/app. Don’t let that deter a decision to buy or not buy the machine. The higher prices from printing companies are due to the misprints and mistakes. You can’t expect a machine intended for home use to mass produce large quantities with such detail on the first try and achieve perfection. Just like you shouldn’t expect absolute perfection as you are learning the machine and how to create your designs (if you’re a newbie like me) without a learning curve.

- Super pleased

I was intimidated for years to purchase a Cricut machine. I was afraid it was going to be difficult to learn, use, operate. My husband and kids bought me a machine for Mother’s Day and it has been surprisingly easy. Overall, I really like the app. It gives me the freedom to work on designs while on the go. I can usually get a solid foundation for a design using the app. My only complaint, the app occasionally forces you use their predetermined settings when trying to align multiple layers. For example, I don’t always want layers to be aligned centrally, horizontally, etc. But if you are using the app, and your desired position is near a pre-set alignment, the app will force you to have placement using their pre-determined alignment. As a beginner I wish there was a way to literally draw in DS. I have a touch screen laptop and phone. So I wish I could draw using my finger or stylus. I’ve heard you can make additional designs using third party resources but it would be a lot easier to learn one software, one system.

- Terrible for iPad Pro

Just to begin- I did updated my Maker and an App to latest version. Anyway, this new update made it even worse then it was. 1- sometimes when I work on complex project,- the app would just quit for no reason. So I have to make sure to save my progress every step of the way. 2- why I cannot search for my OWN created projects that located on iCloud??? I can search anything, that’s made by Cricut (ready to go projects) or others that shared it. Some of my projects I like to keep to myself and don’t want to share, so is about over a 100 projects... and guess what- no way for you to find it by putting a name of your project. So frustrating! Every time I have to be very careful and look for my one project out of 100+ of them. 3- why didn’t you take away a possibility to go from one layer to another when you are doing your cut? So I’m ready to go and make it, I click on it, it takes me to all my layers (I change quantity’s or position), then my machine ready to cut and... what if want to do first ‘pink’ layer? Or ‘blue’? It won’t let me go there, only how it was originally set. Really don’t like it. I hope future updates will be more accurate and developers listen to the costumers complaints with program and Apple products.

- Great for beginners

Overall, the app works great. I have had issues with the app crashing maybe two or three times over the last 7 months. You just close the app let it sit for a minute, and restart the app. All should be good. It usually happened right before an update dropped. My biggest problem is the communication errors between the machine and the tablet. I had one instance with it prior to trying to work on a laptop instead of the tablet. It was an easy fix and no big deal. However, Ever since trying to use laptop after using tablet, nothing but problems. It’s like it can’t handle the multiple communication methods on one machine. The machine literally crashes and you have to turn it off, turn it on, turn off tablet, turn it on, delete the app, and reinstall it. This is very very frustrating when you are in the middle of a project. Aside from these though, I’ve had no other issues. My husband thinks it is user error, but there would not be sooooo many links available online for how to fix the issue if it was something I was doing, right?! Yea, that’s what I thought to.

- Very Glitchy

I have been working on design space for over a year. It works pretty good on apple based products. I was hoping when they switched from fully internet based it would fix the issue with the program running extremely slow. There are times when work on my pc I cannot get projects to open. It’s very frustrating. When working in Apple os projects open but lag quite a bit. Most recently Cricut announced that they have limited upload to the platform to 20 per month without paying there subscription fee. Unfortunately, a lot of the images provided with the membership are sub par and I find myself using more of my own or things purchased off the web. Basically, once you hit your limit your done crafting for the month or you pay their fee. I’m seriously considering selling my cricut and getting a silhouette. I have heard that it provides a better machine and a better design program without the fees. Creativity should not be limited. Up until this point I really liked Cricut primarily for there customer support. Now it takes hours to reach a representative and their charging for a platform that never works right. Sorry Cricut you have become just another money hungry company.

- Started fine but when web design space was not available got worse

I have my cricut explore for a long time since design space was on the web page and was not an app I starting having issues with the page by the time they were going to discontinue it and you have to start downloading the design space app. First the page when blank when working on my project or wile saving it, other times the app said is save and didn’t save any changes I made I use it in my computer verify the specifications that were require they told me i needed to save it constantly but same issue then that my project may be too large but even reducing the image size still does the same. I use it in my iPad started working fine but as the time pass and I continue to edit the image your working the app freeze close, by itself and won’t save the image first in the cloud when the issue start then I save it in the iPad and was working but as you continue to edit and save start the issue again now I can even open my projects because the app close when loading the images in the tablet. Is getting annoying now I can’t access my designs space in the app because it won’t recognize my password if I delete the app it erase all my iPad save projects get this fix now

- Sometime

I’ve been using the app for about 2 months now and I really like it. However it doesn’t always load correctly so sometimes you don’t get all the pictures to see or it doesn’t load at all. I really like the monthly subscription even tho I don’t use it as much as I should do to limited time. I like having the option to do the projects. I do however find it MUCH easier to use the computer version of it. There are a couple things that are on that version that are not on this version. Also there are far and few tutorials on how to use the iPad version and many tutorials on how to use the online computer version. I didn’t realize my computer was not Bluetooth ready so make sure that’s something you think of when purchasing your cricut. They do give you a cord but my cricut is in a spot that I need to stand to use. Not very convent when you need to do a lot of designing and editing on it. However I did crate some on my computer and put it to the cloud then picked up iPad and continued what I needed to cut from there so that’s a nice perk.

- iPad Pro with Design Space is Fantastic!

I love the ability I have to work on projects from anywhere. I have internet on my iPad so I can take my Maker with me anywhere and not have to worry about having internet connection. I know this will be changing by the end of the year anyways where we can work with Design Space offline. Design space is very user friendly and being able to insert images that I can make on other apps is great. For instance, we can’t curve fonts on Design Space on the iPad but I can on an app and then just insert the image into Design Space. That is about the only negative part about Design Space so far and its not a huge problem, more of an inconvenience. Cricut’s customer service has been great as well using the chat feature. I am currently trying Cricut Access to see if it’s worth it but so far I like knowing I’m using images I’m allowed to use. A helpful tool is that I also use the Apple Pencil 2.

- Design Space

Design Space has been bugging out for 2 days. On 4 different devices, we are having the same issues. All lagging, if even working at all. Today, nothing loads. Internet is fine. WiFi is fine. Blue tooth is fine. It’s DS. Frustrating. I realize more people are in, but it shouldn’t shut us down. I have orders, I can’t currently complete. The browser version is no longer available m so we’re just stuck....waiting on the all updates, which are few and far between, and still don’t fix all of the issues. Of course, because of COVID-19, there’s no true customer service available. This is just all bad. Let’s not even talk about P & C. That cycles endlessly and says it timed out to the mat. I mean, come on! Pandemic or not, get it together. There’s NO valid reason for there to be no customer service right now. Literally EVERYONE in Customer Service is working from home. All of the money this company makes, and work from home Associates wasn’t possible?! Ridiculous. This is happening way too often to be ignored! What is this thing with not being able to search our project by name? Silly exclusion. Please fix that too.

- Will not open projects on iPad

I’m so bummed because I cannot open my projects on my iPad and iPhone anymore. I’m still able to design but once I try to open my projects an error message pops up that reads: “an unknown error has occurred. Try again later.” We’ll, I’ve been trying for over two weeks now and nothing. I have to print and cut from my laptop which is a little inconvenience for me. I specifically bought a brand new iPad Pro so I could do everything on there and not have to get on my laptop. Another, horrible thing is when I try to cut from my laptop my cut lines are almost always off. I’m in the sticker business so it is very important to get the cut lines perfect. It’s been such a headache the last two months. I love Cricut and their products but the software is not good and unfortunately makes it difficult to do anything with their products. I’m going to have to switch to another cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo. I’ve reached out to support many times but they don’t know what the problem is with projects on the iPad. It’s just not good enough and is unacceptable for how much money I have spent on the products. This problem is slowing me down in my business. I’m ready to move on.

- What Happened With the Update?

Ok, so first they tell us we’re limited to 20 images a month if we don’t pay $120 per year for Access. Then they retract that (which is very much appreciated). But now they force us to update Design Space & when I try to upload an image that needs to be cleaned up, the removal tool is no longer working! It just turns the “removed” areas blue but doesn’t actually remove anything from the final image. It’s just a solid black square, even with transparent background images. Trying to erase everything by hand is very difficult, if not impossible. It feels like we got scammed anyway. Maybe punished is a better word (for not paying for an Access account). I love my Cricut machine & it’s capabilities, but I don’t use it for profit so spending $10 a month for the Access subscription is not going to happen. Considering we’re coming out of a pandemic, I’d be lucky to afford 1/2 of that. I just wonder if the Access users are having this problem with the removal tool after the update.

- Not liking the “new” design space

Out of no where I logged on to design space and the things I liked about it changed. The new way to look and actually find images or basically anything on my phone is horrible. Then there’s the fact that all of the words/names or whatever I spent time getting just right to weld them together to actually create a cursive look or actually like it was hand written (because the whole spaces in between letters in a word is ridiculous not to mention that they seem to be getting bigger & bigger) like you would actually want are now ruined. And if you try to do it now it’s the same thing, instead of the width and size you had what you created now they turn into like chicken scratch lines so thin it looks horrible. Not to mention my other saved projects that design space keeps ruining, I go back into them & instead of looking like how I designed it and put it on my items(most my memorial ones at that) they are all a hundred times too big and each set is completely on top of themselves so I have to slowly move them apart and keep downsizing until I get it right again.

- Intuitive to use with lots of capabilities (hoping for some minor improvements)

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to start playing around with the app and actually succeed at making stuff right away. There’s a lot of tools that came naturally to me from using other design or desktop publishing software. And there are others which I haven’t tried yet but I’m sure they come in handy as you get more skilled. I would really like to see a lot more 3D projects. Especially practical stuff like the cricut tool holder, as well as fun stuff like houses, etc. I (personally) don’t really need to put stickers and iron-on designs on every object I own so I’m more drawn to the paper crafting stuff. Another thing to note is that you’ll find quite a few of these 3D projects in the Cartridge and Images sections, which I have enjoyed, but there are no instructions for these so you have to just see what works best.

- Love Cricut Design Space, just not on the iPad

I’ve been using Cricut Design Space both on my desktop and iPad since September ‘17. It’s so nice being able to take the iPad to my business and have the option of cutting out HTV designs created at home (on the desktop) since everything is saved in the Cloud. The convenience of the app is great, but quite a few of my projects won’t load properly on the iPad. Sometimes it says the file is corrupt and to call Cricut or the font just does not transfer correctly. Many times I’ve had to weld parts together at home on Design Space just so I can cut them out at my business using the iPad app. (I sell many personally designed products in my store.) The other frustrating aspect is how difficult it can be to create a new project on the app compared to on the desktop. After a few failed attempts at making something new on the iPad, I’ve given up and will only work Design Space on a computer. Perhaps other users have only been on the iPad app, but I for one prefer the desktop.

- Cricut Maker

I received the Cricut Maker for Christmas. It is definitely a learning curve in all the in and outs of what this machine can do. I can’t seem to make the Cricut compatible with my Fire 10 which is a bummer. It would have been nice if it came with an instruction book (like a sewing machine does) on how to do the basics and explaining the differences between the cutters/tools, etc. I know you can watch a million Utube videos on how to, however, I would prefer the instruction book. I have focused on making cards for now and will progress to more complex projects. It would also be nice if the picture would follow the progress of the project instead of having to exit out and go back to “home” to view the picture again. I have started taking a picture of it with my cell phone as a work around. Overall, I’m a happy camper!

- Clean up the creative

Overall I really like my machine -explore air- but the Cricut Design Space app (mobile Apple device) needs improvement, the biggest things being 1. Allow users to sort through fonts they have already purchased or installed, I have been charged for fonts I already own, also I can’t always remember the name of the font, so I have to page through everything and they load extremely slow! 2. In regards to cutting the design -weld the objects automatically, and allow users to select (a button like mirror image for iron on) “space saver” when the design doesn’t need to be cut the way it was laid out. 3. Bring back the shapes button, it is annoying to have to dig through everything for simple shapes. 4. Make accessing my saved designs easier, a second button under user, or a new button across the top of the screen. Make the app and process easier, clean up the creative environment, there are lots of examples designers already use, why is creative space so cumbersome?

- good, but could be way better

The first cricut ( a maker ) i bought had many many issues, wouldn’t cut on center, wouldn’t calibrate, or wouldn’t apply any pressure and ruin whatever material i was using. after returning it and buying another maker i had a much better experience but would still wish for some things to be improved such as the communication between the company and customer, i see so many people having issues with their machines and being basically ignored by customer service or the company, along with the design space, especially for sticker making i feel that cricut design space is running way far behind. it feels very frustrating that i can only cut out 3-4 stickers on one page because design space only allows for a few inches of the page to actually be used when i could be able to make 2 or even 3 times more stickers if it would just use the entire page.

- Too many glitches

Make It works pretty well, but design space leaves a lot to be desired. Lots of nice pics and options, but constantly glitching on both P.C. and Apple app. Trouble saving projects, freezes, pictures disappear and reappear randomly. Undo button often stops working. Grid lines get messed up and it’s difficult to move objects to precise locations sometimes they skip around and don’t move smoothly. Also, when an image is rotated, the resizing gets difficult to do and sometimes distorts the image, slanting it instead of keeping right angles, etc. I would like to see more shapes and capabilities for slicing and ability to undo a weld even if other things are done afterwards. When uploading an image that needs to be modified, it would be nice to have a “save as” feature and to be able to continue editing it into multiple versions and possibly save both as a cut and a print. Additionally, being able to curve images and shapes, not just text would be great.

- Pretty Swifty Nifty

Once you learn a few things it becomes addictive creating your ideals. The interface has a lose quick feel to it. Uploading images work great once you learn your style of editing. Editing is available before a complete upload. Again the interface is pretty swifty nifty there. For quick use it's great because of the quick zoom ability compared to a pc. I mostly edit on my own and upload then go to my computer. Although you can print and cut from the app. But its Great for being on the go creating and working on projects. Now, when I print off MY IPHONE the colors are darker than the actual picture. Also mostly all the options are available BUT like I said MOSTLY. Some options are missing from the apps interface. A few mistakes and you be tempted to just start over on your project. So if they Add all the options make my picture print AS IS I would give 5 Stars. Overall it's great!

- Just one small issue, otherwise the best ever!!

I actually never design in CDS on a desktop bc I like this app so much better EXCEPT for one issue.... Apparently, when I reach to a certain amount of installed fonts (my own fonts which would be considered ‘system’ fonts in CDS) CDS will remove random fonts that I’ve installed. I haven’t figured out why and what the limit of fonts installed is but if this problem were to be fixed, this app would be perfect😉 Please Cricut...let me know if I’m doing something wrong or what the limit is on having my own installed fonts (system fonts). It’s quite frustrating to be in the middle of designing and wanting to use a diff font only to realize CDS has voluntarily removed it and I have to install it all over again. I know it seems minor but I have an ETSY shop and being on a strict time schedule, this is very aggravating especially if I do not remember where my font is stored (ie. anyfont, fonteer etc). Thanks CDS!!

- Makes Designing Easier

I’ve heard many horror stories about Cricut Design Studio going down. True, most of these stories were posted by Silhouette users, but still, I was leery. I did weeks of research before deciding to purchase the Maker over a Silhouette. I’ve been using DS for 3 months now and haven’t had a single problem. Having used the Silhouette program before purchasing my Cricut Maker, I can say I MUCH prefer the Cricut Design Studio and I love being able to use the app on my iPad in tandem with my laptop. I’ve found that while I still prefer to complete final touches on my laptop, I love the ease of designing on my iPad while lounging on the couch! To import and clean up images, it’s the best! I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because I feel it’s not quite as robust as designing on my laptop, but I’m sure it will continue to improve. Thanks for giving us the option Cricut! I’m SO happy with my choice to purchase a Cricut product.

- So ridiculously wasteful

TL;DR version: This app works decently well within the stupidly (and perhaps deliberately) wasteful restrictions it imposes upon creators which is the only reason it gets any stars. The wasteful restrictions make me want to give it none. My primary concerns are with the Print Then Cut feature. 1: You can not change the paper size. It assumes US standard letter size (8.5x11 inches). It will not let you change it to anything else, despite the fact that A4 is far more common and large format printers are very much a thing. 2: The margins are beyond ridiculous. Assuming letter size (as the app does) it insists on 1.75 inches worth of margins! Where am I getting that? The print then cut design is restricted to 6.75 x 9.25 inches. Therefore, 1.75 inches of space wasted all around your image. 3. The mat sizes are 12x12 and 12x24 inches. You’re not allowed to use that space, regardless of your printer or paper. See points 1 and 2. Recommendation: Stop assuming that your users are idiots and/or actually using your branded materials. (We might use your vinyl, but when it comes to paper, sticker or otherwise, get real.) Accept that we might actually know what size materials we are using and what our printers can work with and allow us to change the dimensions of the design accordingly. I understand that the Cricut needs its cutting guides, but they don’t need to take up so much space. A quarter inch margin all around would be perfectly reasonable.

- Amazing Machine and Company

I’ve owned several of the original Cricut machines which were fun though I didn’t use them often because they were so cumbersome and required lot of space. I currently own both the Explore Air and the new Maker machines and love them, I’ll never part with either machine. I’ve been so amazed and happy with the continued growth, support and advancements Cricut has made with each and every machine. The Air’s a terrific machine, but the Maker is beyond anything I could have envisioned, especially for a home user. It’s abilities are far greater than what I’ve been able to accomplish, and the door to future projects seems wide open, especially given the new tools that Cricut’s recently debuted to use with the powerful Maker machine. I’m thrilled to continue being a member of the Cricut family and look forward to my future with them!

- Many promises, crap software, finicky hardware

I keep getting an error that I cannot download offline content even when I’m not trying to and it pops up so fast and frequently that the app is unusable. I have repeatedly reinstalled and updated the app and it still doesn’t work. Even before this issue the app was difficult to use and the online software is not much better. This combined with the finicky machine is enough to decide cutting things out with scissors or an x-a cto knife might be faster. The only thing it does really well is cut scrapbooking paper. You can pretty much bet that you will have an issue either with the sw or machine in every project, even the simplest. It’s very likely that the software will give you an error or the Bluetooth won’t work, or the blade won’t have the right pressure to cut all the way through despite the hundreds of preprogrammed settings. All this wasting not only time but ruining expensive materials. It promises so much,getting your hopes up only to leave you frustrated, disappointed, and feeling cheated out of money with no avenue for customer support.

- Design Space on iPad is AWESOME...BUT...

I am a HUGE Cricut user and fan, and have gotten so many friends and family hooked on your wonderful products! I am an Explore Air 2, Maker, and Joy owner, and work almost exclusively from this Design Space app because I much prefer the ease, functionality, and portability of my iPad and iPhone. That being said... When will you update the iOS design space app to add great features like using the foil tool, OFFSET, curved text, Copy & Paste from one project to another, and all of the other wonderful things you’ve been adding to the desktop version only? Everyone that I know who owns and uses Cricut, works from their iPad. We are all so frustrated on your lack of improvements to the app! Please give as much attention to mobile device app users as you do desktop users. As a note - WE ARE ALL FULL ACCESS MEMBERS THAT PAY MONTHLY for FULL SERVICE! Thank you for your equal time and attention. Have a nice day!

- Update worries, but Amazing app!

First let me say I freaking love my Cricut. I run a merchandise business and this machine has helped me big time. I absolutely love Circut and Cricut space, but the recent update is really upsetting to me. Before I was able to upload my project and press make it; the Cricut would let me make it over and over again, but now I have to put in how many copies I need to make or it will bring me back to the project print page. It’s such a hassle having to go back and have to pick the material and do everything all over again. I’m also getting booted out of the design space a lot for no reason at all. I wish I didn’t update the space😕 Not only that I pay for the monthly subscription... I used to get to use everything for free now I’m getting charged for certain fonts and projects. 😕Other than that it’s amazing, sorry for the complaining... but there are just little things.

- Login and connection

This app is incredibly poorly designed. I haven’t been able to connect the Cricut to my phone to cut in months. I thought no big deal, I’ll just use another device. Tried logging in, with my password already saved and written down elsewhere I typed it in and tells me it’s the incorrect password. There is no way that it’s the wrong password seeing that I’ve never changed it. Naturally I tried again and again but nothing changed and it was still “incorrect”. The next day I tried logging in with same password and it let me in. Now I’m trying again after a few weeks with the same luck of accessing my account. But here’s the thing, I can get into my account with same password as before but I can’t cut from my phone. And yes I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting, still does not work. As soon as I try from another device to cut from I can’t login, even after I’ve logged out of my phone. I don’t usually write bad reviews but for an application that is the main component to design your product, it is very poor and filled with bug issues.

- Last two updates made app worse on iPhone!

Every time there was an update something else screws up. The last update would make my image disappear while I was cleaning it up after having it almost perfect and then poof, gone. Now with the new update if I check the preview to see it better up close it freezes and I have to start all over again! Why am I paying monthly for something y’all keep screwing up on the only source I have to use the app! I am seriously thinking of just selling my cricket air 2 and all of the accessories I bought to go with it And switching to a Silhouette or Cameo! I never hear anyone on any of the craft pages I belong to complain about they are design space for their machines with there I phone. It’s bad enough you can’t do everything with the iPhone on the app that you can with the computer and now you’re just making it worse with all your updates! I got excited I would have more capabilities instead it’s just getting worse each time! If it doesn’t improve like within a week or two I am totally canceling my subscription!


You would think for the price we pay for th machines the app would be more functional, but NO. We have to work around the system and rely in many other apps we get for free to be able to do the most basic things as kerneling the letters to make them look decent and not even how the fonts are supposed to look. It is beyond frustrating how many hours we have to spend trying to work on projects and saving them. I honestly don’t have a clue where this 4.8 star rating comes from, because there are literally thousands of users complaining about how horrible the app is on the Facebook groups for Cricut, and not just the app, but people complain as well about how horrible customer service is and how it takes them hours to get to talk to someone and literally months to finally get help. Every time there’s an update supposed to “fix bugs” there is more issues than before and this is beyond frustrating. I wish I had done more research when I got my Maker 7 moths ago because I would have gotten the Silhouette instead.

- Sometimes Great, Most Times Not

Since I need to buy new computers that can function, my iPad is where I have to do the majority of my designing and printing/cutting. It’s usually quite frustrating but possible to do what I need. However, today I open the app to cut out simple words and I’m not signed in. Ok. No biggie, however, when I click on “sign in” it goes nowhere. I can’t sign in and access anything I’ve saved. Ok fine, I’ll just make it again without signing in. Nope. Can’t make any tool work. Cricut, I want to love you but you are making it really really difficult. This is just one problem of many with the design space (both online and app versions). Every time I go to create and make something, I’m met with some sort of obstacle that makes a 20 minute project into a 3 hour ordeal that makes me want to throw the machine into the garbage.

- Amazing crafting tool

I was painting furniture and applying store bought transfers when my daughter in law told me I needed a Cricut. I didn’t know what it was so I researched it and discovered that I needed one in my life right away. I went to Michaels and stared at everything in that Cricut aisle not knowing what to get for 2 hours and finally bought vinyl, transfer tape and the Cricut Maker. I couldn’t wait to make something. I watched videos and decided to apply vinyls to a pair of wine glasses for our Thanksgiving host and hostess. That was all it took to get me hooked. I watch videos at every free moment and can’t wait to get the easy press and start to make iron ons. The sky is the limit. Thank you for the ingenuity and creativity you’ve inspired and share with us all. You’re definitely playing to crafters strengths when you designed Cricut Maker.

- HORRIBLY designed app

Everything is so confusing to navigate. I’m usually really good at using apps and technology. But this app makes no sense. Simply editing a project is difficult. Then when you go through all the effort for a very long time, to clean up your design, you go to the next step and it messes it up. For example. I was trying to do a simple rose design, and I spent a good half hour or longer removing all the filled in spots where the details were. Finally I had it looking right. I hit next to start the next step, and it filled in all the spots I just cleaned up. So the rose looked like a big black blob. Tried redoing it and doing it different ways, but every time I hit next it just became a blob. Everyone I know who uses this app ends up in tears from hours of trying to get their project to work and just end up with a mess. So now I’ve got to pay someone to make a professional cut vinyl instead of doing it myself, because the app is so unuseable. Whoever developed this, needs to reconsider the layout and the process of making designs.

- Time to make some serious upgrades

I love using my Cricut, but getting my designs created is NEVER easy. I do a lot of layering, cutting, welding, etc. Design Space does not like this. If I’m just cutting letters to put names on the back of gym uniforms or a jersey, it’s fine. Anything more, it constantly crashes. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tablet, iPhone, or computer....crash. Another fun surprise is when I get a message saying my project cannot be saved. I waste so much time building something, then screen shooting, then uploading into a new project so I don’t lose my work. Other upgrades: it would be nice to have an “eraser” function to make edits. Likewise, it would be great to have a “pen” to add details. It’s obnoxious having to play with cutting/welding and ultimately crash the project or render it unable to be saved. Also, the erase function when uploading an image needs to have a finer point. It would also be nice to be able to change the tip from a circle to square. Please make some upgrades to Design Space to allow creativity without infinite frustration.

- will not function after this update

Often on the weekends I can sit and create designs for quite some time and then when I go to make them design space will not attach itself through the Bluetooth on my iPad and my designs that I’ve been working on her not on my computer. Was told that the site just gets busy but that’s when a lot of people are not at work and have time to craft. I love my cricket is there anything you guys can do to beef up your server or whatever it is so that it will work on the weekends for everyone? ******** This will be my second update you know functions but I’m wondering why some designs that I’ve created from scratch and have never made public I now see on the cricket website as optional designs for other people?? I keep having to go in and mark my stuff as private when somebody else is putting it on public I don’t think that’s a very decent way to do things. Bummed, I love designing things for MY family. I don’t necessarily want to see it on other people. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate and value the designs that are open to the public and the ones that of been created that you can pay a small price for...thank you. ****** I wasn’t having any issues with the program or the app before but now with this update I just get a blank screen. Very disappointed.

- Uuuuggggghhhhhh!!!!!

This has the potential to be an amazing app but omg I have lost 2 projects because once I do too much editing the app slows to a crawl and then will not save the project no matter what I do! HOURS of work GONE!!!! I am so frustrated! There needs to be a periodic auto-save so that if something happens you don’t have to start all over! Also, when editing before uploading an image, if I erase for more than a short swipe the whole image disappears! Then I have to undo to get my image back. Speaking of the undo button, you can only press it a few times before it prompts you to revert to the original image so you have to either deal with what you have or restart completely!!! Also there should be a way to easily erase and edit the lines on the canvas. If there happens to be a weird bump or wiggle I missed before uploading I have to use a basic shape and slice and weld over and over until I get it fixed! It takes FOREVER! I’m beginning to wish I had bought a silhouette instead, never used them but maybe their software is easier to use

- Spend 1,000 of dollars for what?

This all happened after the new Apple updated. To tell your machine users to uninstall an update is ridiculous and absurd! It’s just so upsetting that I have a $300 machine that I can’t even use as much as I want to. I have a business that I run and have depended overtime on my Cricut but I find myself having to continuously create my projects on PowerPoint and then manually cut them myself with scissors! What’s the point of running a company when you can’t even provided a great working website to those who have provided you with a paycheck by buying your machines. This is just so annoying. I’m at the point where I’m going to buy a Silhouette machine. To have the Cricut design space continuously not work is despicable for small business owners like myself. Also to only provide a Monday through Friday help option is beyond annoying. There should at least be a 24/7 chat option with a big company like Cricut. I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. No longer using this machine ever again.

- Maker and the Ipad

I have been exclusively using an Ipad 3 as the main driver for the Cricut Maker. I have not had any problems with saving and retrieving designs. I am exclusively cutting fabric and am not using the pen at all, so that may be where some of the problems for others have come in. My major complaint is the steep learning curve to figure out to use the design space app. I got most of my help from online blogs and you tube as the developer instructions I think assume you already know how to use it! I started with the Maker and am very pleased with out it functions. Now that I am experienced and have cut out over 1000 pieces, my only complaint about the app is that you cannot save your mat layout. I do a lot of production cutting, where I cut the same layout lots of times, but other times I need to cut multiple different layouts. Having to redo the mat every time is tedious and time consuming. The machine gets 5 stars +, the app 3.

- Change to terms

Your community of Cricut users are deeply upset at the announcement of your shockingly anti-consumer policy of limiting DesignSpace uploads for users who do not subscribe to Cricut Access. Your customers purchased [not inexpensive] Cricut machines with the explicit understanding that while they could subscribe to Access, they did not have to. This policy update fundamentally changes the functionality that one can get from their Cricut machine unless they decide to take on a monthly subscription after your users have already purchased their Cricut machines under the previous policy. This is akin to a slap in the face to the customers that have bought into the Cricut ecosystem, Access subscribers or otherwise. Frankly, it also irrevocably damages the trust Cricut users used to have in the Cricut brand and platform. Limiting cloud uploads would be one thing, but by limiting local uploads as well, you are artificially handicapping your product after the fact simply because you’ve decided that you would like to exploit your past customers for yet more revenue.

- App update lost functions

Im giving 4stars because I believe the issue is fixable & once that happens this will go back to the 5 star app that I LOVED. I have a Maker & ExplorerAir2, (relevance of that at the end) MY issue happened on my Maker/iPad. After I updated Cricut Design Space, I’m no longer able to go back to canvas while cutting, which is one of the selling points up above when reading the features. Another issue is if I take a project, then duplicate it on canvas I’m not able to “click” on the duplicated project to customize it, I can’t manipulate it at all in any of the normal ways, I’m not even able to select it in layers, I uploaded a video of my issues & submitted it to Cricut app feedback. However, with my ExplorerAir2 I use my iPhone & I didn’t update the phone, I’m not having the same issues with that older version of design space.

- Review design space

I loved using my letters, I purchased many cartridges at an expensive dollar amount. The new design space makes it nearly impossible to use the beautiful lettering in any efficient manner. I’ve written to you over and over without any response. Using letters that have been turned into pictures come up in non alphabetical form and require to much manipulation. I have friends that have gone back to their stand alone machine and put their cartridges in to use them. Shame on you for eliminating this incredible option we had in the other software packages. Since it was available before I know it’s possible now. Please fix this issue. There is no replacement for these letters. I do not purchase more and I’m using the machine less. Not everyone does vinyl. I know you prefer catering to where your money comes from, but once we switch machines it won’t help. Cricut!

- Good but needs work

I love design space I love that I can use the phone and iPad for my projects BUT I am REALLY upset about the image size restrictions for print than cut. I do a lot of cups and water slide and I can’t print the image and have it cut it out. And that really bummed me out honestly. And I can’t offload my images onto my device so If I switch from one device to another I have to redownload the image to be able to edit and print it then I have to cut it by hand after it’s all done and I just wish there was more that you can do about options on some of the features. If I’m printing on an 8.3x11.7 paper why should it restrict my size? My images are only 9.5x8 so it would fit on my mat and it would fit the paper so why restrict? I just wish things could be updated for a better version because using different apps to edit and print and cut it all out is getting kinda old...

- Most recent update is a game changer...and not in a good way.

I’ve always enjoyed using Design Space on the iPhone, and I do the majority of my designs from the app and not the computer version. So imagine my surprise when I finally download the latest update last night, which is over two weeks old (I always allow a little time before updating anything so that all the kinks can be worked out) and suddenly I cannot select ANY fonts—not system fonts, not Cricut fonts, not ANYTHING. You would think that over the last two weeks this issue could have (and should have) been resolved, but I can see from the recent reviews here that the update is still incredibly buggy, so it’s definitely not just me. I have always been satisfied with the Cricut app in the past, but unfortunately this most recent update has changed things for the worse for me. It is the holidays, Cricut—the time of year when personalized gifts are in the most demand. Please get on top of this issue and give us our app back!

- Crashes constantly

The app use to be amazing!!! But over the past few weeks with all the updates it has done nothing but crash!!! I use my Cricut for my small at home business and I depend on this app to work! I might manage to get 5 minutes of work done before the app crashes and kicks me out then I go through 20 minutes to an hour of it being frozen up, won’t let me log back in, error messages etc. once I finally get back in it’s the same thing, 5 minutes of work then it crashes again and kicks me out. It has been nothing but a nightmare. As I write this I am currently kicked out of the app due to it crashing yet again in the middle of a project. Not to mention how frustrating it is that it deletes any progress I’ve made on a project (editing an image etc.) when it crashes and kicks me out! This app is beginning to make me want to switch my operating system completely to something more dependable.

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- Almost Perfect

Absolutely love this, I am continually amazed at what can be done and what can be made, the only thing I wish that could be improved on is being able to get the same version on my phone and tablet, as technology improves almost on a daily basis and almost everyone uses their phones for everything, it would make life easier if I could use my phone and my tablets in the same way as my computer, other than that I love it

- Changes: Limiting user content

Your community of Cricut users are deeply upset at the announcement of your shockingly anti-consumer policy of limiting DesignSpace uploads for users who do not subscribe to Cricut Access. Your customers purchased \[not inexpensive\] Cricut machines with the explicit understanding that while they *could* subscribe to Access, they did not *have* to. This policy update fundamentally changes the functionality that one can get from their Cricut machine unless they decide to take on a monthly subscription after your users have already purchased their Cricut machines under the previous policy. This is akin to a slap in the face to the customers that have bought into the Cricut ecosystem, Access subscribers or otherwise. Frankly, it also irrevocably damages the trust Cricut users used to have in the Cricut brand and platform. Limiting cloud uploads would be one thing, but by limiting local uploads as well, you are artificially handicapping your product after the fact simply because you’ve decided that you would like to exploit your past customers for yet more revenue. But you don’t even need to worry about damaging trust and/or hurting your customers’ feelings—conducting business this way will make each and every up-to-now loyal Cricut user think twice before spending money on additional or new Cricut machines now that they know the terms of using said machines can be fundamentally changed at any time. We urge you to reconsider.

- New update now prevents me from saving projects to my iPad!

I have never had any issues with my iPad and cricut design space but This last update has caused multiple issues. Firstly I couldn’t even connect with cricut, it wouldn’t even let me log on, then once I worked through that , my next problem was it wouldn’t let me purchase anything, I fixed that issue with uninstalling and then reinstalling, now I can do both of the above, my new problem is....It won’t let me save to my IPAD, i have lots of memory left....loads and loads... it just will not save to my IPAD, no matter what I do! I can only save to the cloud, that’s it. Not much good to me if I can’t do that! I EVEN TRIED to off load like they suggested and it wouldn’t do that either, not that memory is my issue. Hopefully, this issue will be addressed quickly, maybe it’s because I have not downloaded the offline programme to my PC, but I’m hesitant to do this because of this hiccup with this programme. I don’t want to render my everyday ‘go to’ programme NON USABLE!

- Curcit Design

This app rocks. You can run with a heap of preset designs or go all out and and create anything you put your heart into. My main thing has been stickers and it’s made all the decals for my earthmoving machines my trucks and a ton of stickers for my customers so they can put them anywhere and my no. Is there. Thanks guys. Your app is so easy even a dipstick like me can use it and be happy with the finished product. 11 of 5 the stars should be. Cheers

- Sold my Cricut

I’ve given up on Cricut for so many reason. I’ve written feature requests to them repeatedly; they never responded. Not that they need to take my ideas, but I’d love to hear back from them at least. The iPad is too restricted compared to using a PC or Mac, and it shouldn’t be. Warn users about longer cuts, and let them make the decision to use the iPad or not. Finally, they’re playing games with users who have spent good money, and had to fear that they’d be charged a subscription to use a machine they’d already purchased. I’ve moved to a laser cutter, and good riddance.

- Awesome!!

This app is great, I can create whatever comes to mind and the possibilities are endless. There is a slight lag in the eraser while uploading images and it would be better if the eraser could go smaller and you could draw on the image being uploaded instead of having to edit using a different app. Overall it’s a test app

- App keeps crashing, can’t open projects...

I could never get design space to work efficiently on my laptop (not even customer support could help), so I reverted to using my tablet and all was working great...until now! I keep getting the green wheel of death and nothing (not even home page) loads up...when it eventually decides to work, opening one of my projects from the cloud is impossible! Again the nasty green wheel of death appears, and the app just shuts down! With both pc and tablet not working, I can’t create projects/finish projects let alone use my machine to do anything! Totally useless! If I could give no stars I would!

- Help

I’m not sure if this issue is happening to anyone else but since the update I’ve been unable to have my cricut joy write anything. It cuts just fine yet when I want to write something it freezes on the ‘preparing” action. I’ve tried so many different things and nothing seems to work. What can I do to fix this issue beside forget device turn iPad on and off uninstall and download the app turn it off and leave it alone for an entire army.. I’m about to throw it out of the window

- Since updating the new app

1 week since I updated my app an ever since my projects that I have made have disappeared I’ve been told to delete the app an re download it have done that several times an still nothing there, I try to make a new imagine save it but then it’s gone also. The only thing I’ve been able to do is write an that does no help my business. Very frustrating that I have to tell people I have to put there orders on hold. Was also looking forward to making Mother’s Day gifts for my mother. Hopefully this issue gets sorted ASAP

- Easy to use, intuitive

With little training, have managed to use this app very efficiently. Albeit there is still lots more to learn but it is intuitive, uses standard features such as uploading. Lots of tutorials now directly in the app, love its templates, ease of access to fonts. Really enjoying the app.


I love how flexible it is to now use my iPad and design things while I am sitting outside watching my children play and still have partial “me time” enjoying creating my projects at the same time. It is very easy to use and have a great range of free projects available. Absolutely love it.

- Missing!

I wish the function for Pinterest would work properly ... I also wish the app would function more like Pinterest in terms of being able to save ideas and projects of your own and others into categories! I also want to know what the ? Happed to the simplicity patterns 🥺 it is the main reason I bought the maker! Very disappointing...

- Can not use when internet is down 🙁

If the internet is down for repairs, you cannot use it, expensive machine you can’t use without being online.... program is so irritating and updates eat your work, one of the updates stopped the layer buttons so I have to use the bar at top for all controls, seems to cut randomly in different spots, so a repeated image is random what cuts, great when it works though

- Not so much Joy for Joy

I love using this app with all of its possibilities, but there is still very limited designs for the Joy. I know it’s only been out a few months but it has so much potential if we had access to more. The other machines have had a lot more extras added lately & the Joy only got a few extra Mother’s Day card designs. So could we please have some more.

- Best app ever!

The Cricut app is a must for every Aussie Cricut owner. It allows you to join Cricut access and purchase images and fonts to use with Cricut machines. The software is fairly easy to use and allows you to plan layouts, resize images (the image library is huge) and make projects. Very happy!

- Getting better

Ive been using cricut design space for a while now and like it. I am not happy when it freezes up and goes very slow but I’m hoping this all gets fixed very soon. Also you need to add the curve feature so we can curve our text while using devices.

- Hoping this update fixes things

After downloading the last update I have had major problem uploading my saved projects. Hopefully this new update will fis this problem

- Love it!

I love, love, love this app! It makes projects a breeze. The functionality is very intuitive. I also love that I can save my designs to the Cloud, which means I don’t have to carry them around on a USB and I can access them on multiple devices. So great!

- Love the possibilities but DS is flawed

Absolutely love the endless possibilities of the machine and what is possible to create however DS itself glitches, there’s constant updated with no notice and the limitations and requirements to have other apps to create in because they’re more user friendly make the time to create projects so much longer

- Cannot get this to work probably

I bought my Cricut joy machine not even a week ago and are so disappointed in the design app as here in Melbourne Australia it is just giving me the wheel spinning every time I try to connect to make something not happy at all. So what do I have to do I try to contact the company and only get a voice message response???? I left a message and are still wait it looks like such a good machine but the network is horrible

- Excellent

Can use my imagination with the endless number of images and text available. It has saved me a lot of money from buying scrapbooking stickers and alphabetics.

- Works well in Oz.

I find the app generally easy to use and runs ok. Personally prefer to use it from my iPad over my MacBook, like using touch screen to design. I am very new to it and used it for basic scrapbooking and vinyl cutting for signs for work. Would like to learn more techniques with time.

- Amazing

This app is awesome. I can design and create from anywhere and save until I am ready to cut. Would love a few more features such as an offset and the ability to manipulate shapes using nodes but I am super pleased with what is available and how easy DS is to use. Highly recommend.

- New at this

I have just brought the cricut about a week ago and am enjoying making things . The more things I do with my new cricut I come up with new ideas.

- Update no good

Since I was forced to update my app it no longer works, my machine says it’s connected but when it comes to making my project nothing happens

- App worse than ever!!!

This app is now worse than it was!!!! I am unable to upload SVG files at all. I keep getting an unsupported file message. I can also not cut anything as I keep getting a message that says purchase limit reached. This is happening for both free and purchased Cricut images. If these problems are not fixed soon I have wasted a lot of money on a machine that is unusable.

- Great app

This is an awesome app! I use it every day and it couldn’t be easier to use. But It would be great if there was an outline feature for text and graphics

- Not Uploading SVG

The current version of the app is not uploading SVGs this is a huge problem for me and means I can not make most of the projects I have. It would also be great if the app would allow for curved text and the use of the knife blade, I understand this can be done on a desktop however I only have IOS. Makes my machine not as versatile and I was not aware of this before purchasing.

- Recent updates have ruined projects

The latest update has ruined many projects I’ve wanted to complete, the software that has been replaced now over cuts vinyl projects. Many cricut users are having same problems and nothing is changing, this is not new it’s past few months.

- No notifications when maintaining website?

You guys need to give us a heads up beforehand when taking down the design space site for maintenance. Not everyone lives in America, so just because they will be asleep does not mean rest of the world will. Just a simple email notifying us that the site will be closed and when & for how long helps. Now I’m stuck and a project is due tomorrow!

- Top App

This is a great app which makes Design Space available to the IPad and IPhone user. I have never had trouble with the easy to use tools.

- Learning slowly

I love my new Cricut machine, and this design app is pretty good, but it could be a little simpler - I like the desktop version with its instructional videos (great for a beginner like me) but I'd like to see those extended to to the iPhone and iPad apps too.

- Bait and switch

This program is already glitchy and badly designed. Now Cricut has decided to start locking people into a subscription service or they will only be able to upload 20 images a month. I’m disgusted with this decision, as when I bought my Maker it even said on the box that it was free to upload my own designs!

- Cricut lover

Love this app, able to create things while I’m not at home then I can come home and contact to my maker and off I go. If there’s a way I can draw on or add drawings to a image uploaded if he super thrilled. Excited to learn more.

- Please update

Please update for iPhone!!!! It keeps freezing then crashes on me! I have restarted my phone 5 times now! Please fix this!! Thanks


I love the freedom of not having to use my computer and just login to the app on my iPad or iPhone. Easy and simple layout makes projects a breeze!

- No access outside US

When will you allow Australia to get Cricut Access? Can’t purchase on laptop, can’t purchase on phone. Can’t use any designs in Cricut if you have purchased more than 3 items - you have to get Cricut Access. But if you live in Australia, you can’t get Cricut Access!!! Make it accessible for Australians! We are one of your largest markets and yet you still ignore us.

- Great Complimentary Software

Using the software with my maker and you cannot find fault. It’s very user friendly and easy to use. So get crafty!!!!

- Font curvature

This app is easy to use on iPhone and iPad but very frustrating that you can’t curve text so I have to use my laptop just for this function. Please, please, please add text curve in the apps.

- Design Space with Cricut

Love Design Space but frustrated that when I save a project on my PC and then open on my iPad to use snapmat, the number of mats used increases and it is wasting space on my fabric. More will clearly fit but the iPad app changes it to two mats instead of one.

- Cricut Access subscription

App works great but having trouble with subscription, it says: your all set , purchase was successful, but when you go to cricut Access it says subscribe n you click n it says your currently subscribe and it still don’t work

- Loving it

As an Australian I am just so happy to be able to buy images or text online. The app works brilliantly and I couldn’t be happier

- Great app

This app is great as you can’t subscribe to cricut unless you have a USA or Canada address and it keeps crashing on my desktop. This isn’t advertised anywhere on any site, so this app lets me do so much more.

- Great interface

I find the design space easy to use and work with on any of my devices.

- Portability is the key

Cricut design space works great for me .... and the issue of not being able to subscribe has been sorted here in Australia... so it’s a great win

- Not Working Properly

Please give new update or change the last update because since I updated the app on my ios mobile, ipad and windows it would not save any project at all! This is so frustrating. It’s causing a lot of delays. And also give appropriate instructions on how to resolve this issue asap. Thank you.

- Design space malfunction

I have not been able to use my cricut for over a week now and have lost business. Now having to look into a different brand as feel I’ve wasted my money with cricut....certainly lost money for business. Not happy. Loved it up until last update which was mid project....

- Constant crashing

This app drives me up the wall. It crashes within 1 to 5 minutes of opening, meaning I get nothing done. Whatever I manage to do in that short window of time doesn’t get saved and I lose it all when the program crashes. This is a serious issue and needs to be fixed.

- Update has failed again

Are you guys ever going to get a qualified app designer cause every time you make any changes to the app, it ends up being non workable. Try investing in beta if you are not going to hire qualified people, this way people that buy your product can tell you the app is stuffed before you release it!

- Not free but freemium

You are limited to 20 uploads a month of your own content without subscribing. Make sure you get your design created in other programs 100% correct as the only way you can open it in DS is to upload it. You can try and design items in DS but its features are very limited.

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- Great app

Great love it! Works fine for me !

- Soon to be useless

Most Cricut users are making their own designs. With the new Cricut Design Space changes, you are limited to printing 20 of your own designs a month unless you pay a subscription fee. I will be returning my Cricut Maker.

- Latest update horrible

There is no search function in th3 images anymore with this latest update......will this be fixed?

- I do not recommend this app or the associated Cricut products

You have to spend hundreds of dollars to invest in the cutter machine. After you invest all that money, the you must use this app to send your design to the cricut machine. They have just announced that if you do not purchase a $15-20/Cad monthly subscription, then you are capped at 20 image uploads a month. There is no other option. Your machine becomes a brick unless you pay for a subscription service that I, for one, BBC wasn’t interested in having.

- Design space is a joke

What a huge disappointment Design Space has been. Were I to have known, I would have bought a competitors machine. 3 crashes last night, one today. Update after update and zero fixes. I’ve only had the machine since January. Save you money and buy a better brand

- The worst software ever

Completely flawed, never works, garbage, and now they want to charge you to use it.

- Bait and switch.

Cool until they start charging money for design space that was free and advertised as free

- Horrible!

Trying to use the app on my phone or iPad hasn’t worked very well for awhile! Always crashes, doesn’t save projects, Says I can’t perform many tasks and to contact customer service, or that my project is too big often when it’s a smaller basic project! And NOW Cricut wants to have customers be forced to pay for their monthly subscription for their own personal images to be uploaded!! A free service for the many years I’ve own Cricut! Save yourself the hassle! Go with Silhouette!! If this app doesn’t get much better I will be next time!

- Cricut App

Never had a problem until like 2 weeks ago, went to open a saved project on my iPad. It’s there but won’t open. What is the issue?

- Works terrible

Cricut design space works terribly. It can rarely ever save a project you’re working on after spending hours designing something. Lucky if it works a quarter of the time when you’re trying to use it. The phone app and the computer software both need major work. Very disappointing considering the price I paid for my cricut.

- A Newbie to Cricut

At first I could not figure out this app or how to use the features for the life of me. But with a little practice I’m slowly starting to get the hang of it and find myself eager to create something new. I used this app to create and customize most of my 2017 Christmas gifts and everyone seems amazed with my creations.

- Cricut Newbie

Bought my machine a week ago and love love it! A bit of a learning curve but with the help of u tube and Cricut site I have make some signs and flowers so far. Thanks for a new hobby.

- Sucks

Definitely doesn’t work well. I changed my design a couple of times but the make page stayed the same. Only annoyed me to the max.

- Always an issue

There’s always an issue with this app. Quite literally - always. There’s also updates weekly if not more often that seem to fix one thing and create another issue. Honestly my most disliked app to date. I’m currently looking to use another app in its place.

- Don’t update your firmware!

Made my cricut explorer useless Cricut is a greedy company. Get a silhouette instead.

- So annoying

Keeps crashing mid project or when I am trying to save

- Easy to use, but crashes when you save

Design Space is easy to learn and use. The latest update is horrible though. Every time I try to save a project, it crashes and I have to redo all my work. This only started with the last update. What is up with that? Don’t push out new functions if your basic ones don’t work. Being able to save is ESSENTIAL in my opinion.

- App slow

App is slow and doesn’t work sometimes. Don’t have access to all features of Cricut with this app.

- Very good but could add outline

I recently got a Cricut maker and love it. I started to learn how to use the design space and find it very easy to use and easy to understand. The only reason I did not give is 5 stars, is because there is nowhere to make an outline. Sometime you don’t need the full picture or you you like a font but need to make the outline wider to have the effect you want. I looked online and many people have the same problem and try to find a way to do it but it is very complicated. On the end you need to get a different system and pay monthly subscription just to be able to do outline. I think it would be simple for Cricut to add this feature making their machine very powerful. I still love the machine and can see all of the beautiful project I will be able to do with it. But adding the possiblilty to add or remove outline would really add to design space.

- No issues here

Actually pretty happy with it. Although some features only work on desktop and I primarily use an iPad, still works nice. I’m glad they changed back to old policy of not forcing a monthly fee because I upload my own ideas more than 20 times a month and would have had a problem but cricut listened to their customers, immediately, and that impressed me. Rarely have problems as others complain about so I’m happy. Has been well worth my time and effort to use cricut.

- Buggy

Constantly has bugs. It won’t let me delete uploaded images I not longer need and the app seems to be under maintenance quite often

- Desktop App is Good, but Mobile App Needs a Major Update

I love my Cricut Maker machine and using the desktop application works very well for me. However, the mobile version of the app on my iPad is very glitchy and lacks features that are available in the desktop version. On my iPad, I have trouble designing and saving more complex projects; sometimes I end up having to redo projects from scratch on my iPad when errors randomly occur and I cannot save changes nor can I open the previously saved version from the cloud. I cannot use my foil transfer tool or even open projects that have foil in the design on my iPad for that matter. And still no curved text for the iPad... Cricut please give your mobile app some loving attention! It needs an upgrade! So many of your users love to create on their tablet devices, but have to seek out other applications because your mobile app does not have the capacity or features that make the user experience as good as your desktop version.

- Increase Bleed on Print & Cut

Please increase the bleed (or allow user to choose amount) on Print & Cut option! Your 1/16” isn’t enough when using fabric. Even 1/8” would be a huge improvement. Thank you!

- What is the Tracking for?

You should make an app that respects the privacy of customers who have paid a lot of money buying your equipment. There’s no need to also be in the business of harvesting personal data from customers.

- Design space

È un programma fantastico!

- Cricut is a scam.

They plan to charge you a monthly membership to design your own stuff. That’s how bad these guys are.

- Cricut

I love crafting with Cricut, everything runs pretty smoothly. Would recommend all things cricut

- Ruined by greed

Cricut has decided to start charging ten bucks US per month for features that were previously free (and were advertised as free), basically ruining the machine for many users. Avoid this company like the plague.

- Bait and switch

Google Cricut news. Read the info. return your cricut. Delete this app. Extortion is illegal.

- Not for artists

Cricut requires you to spend $10/month to use their sub-par “software” to access their fonts and clip art to use their product. Since Design Space can’t connect script fonts, I use a separate program to write fonts and import them in. Under this new bait and switch policy, I have to pay to do that and to cut my own designs. Same price as Adobe and other better programs but not functional at all.

- Buyer Beware

Future Terms of agreement can come crashing down as many times as this app does.

- Company needs to be sued!

Cricut announced they will be limiting uploads of our own designs to 20 per month. If you want to upload more you have to pay for their membership. Had I known this I would not have bought my cricut machine. Bait and switch!!

- Bait and Switch

Buyer beware: cricut has tricked its customers that after buying their cutting machine product, it would be free to use at your own discretion (as you own the machine) A new policy is soon to be implemented that forces users to pay for a monthly subscription, without it the cutting machine is basically useless (very limited monthly uploads). This was not disclosed at the time of purchase: we were told once buying the machine, you had free unlimited use. Bait and Switch at its finest.

- Buy a different machine

Design space software is sluggish and now they are limiting how many images you can upload to 20 per month unless you want to pay for a membership on top of their already expensive machine. Go to a different company that will value your business. Cricut is only out for your money.

- $300 paperweight

Can’t believe I spent $300 on a product just to have the company who makes it force me into paying for a subscription in order to continue use of the $300 product...during a pandemic when everyone’s funds are low, no less. The worst part is that this app is tedious, inconsistent, and not user-friendly to begin with. Save your money and consider other brands while you still can!

- Garbage app, deceptive company

The cricut maker is great. Now for the bad part, this app is terrible and the app is so terrible that most people don’t use it to design files. They use other software to design and then upload it to Design Space. Well cricut has decided that they want to squeeze more money out of their customers and will now limit uploads to 20 per month unless you pay them $10 per month for their subscription service. Hopefully it’s illegal and they won’t be allowed to do this. It’s definitely unethical.

- Horrible

Unclear, bad software, and now they’re going to charge $10 a month to use it. The worst!

- Subscription service

Cricut just announced you will now need to pay a subscription service if you want to use your own designs. It used to be once bought, you could design in another program and import your design to your cricut for free. They are now retroactively making it so your cricut is useless unless you pay them a subscription fee every month/year. If you are thinking of getting one I would have another look at other brand machines that don’t charge a subscription.

- The EA of craft companies

Cricut is a trash company that has recently decided to extort its consumers by attempting to force them to pay monthly fees for machines they already own. Do not support this horrible company, all they care about is money.

- Extortion

Recent changes are pure extortion given the price paid for these machines. Limited uploads unless you pay for their subscription? Get real. This would be fine if there was another way to use the machines however with how it is currently locked down this is ridiculous.

- Garbage

Worthless software and a scam

- Terrible software and company

Software is glitchy and Cricut false advertises. You need a monthly subscription now which was never the case at the time of purchase.

- Brax

Easy to use design program. Great templates, great images. Trending images keeps up, worth the subscription IMO.


I do a lot of multi layer projects and a hide all contour button would be a blessing

- App closes when loading project saved on iPad

Since installing the latest update (4.14.0) today (March 11, 2021), opening any project previously saved on my iPad causes the app to close immediately and will not open the project. When I open a project saved in iCloud, everything works normally. Please fix this as most of may projects are saved on the iPad and not iCloud.

- Good!

It's good but please fix the part where you can connect the maker from the app instead of going to settings and connecting from Bluetooth. When it says "select an accessory" there is no accessory to select.

- Cricut maker

I am having so much fun with my cricut.

- Software is the worst

Instead of spending my on product design. You spend the money getting your software right

- Love it

I enjoy all the free stuff

- App

I can not log into my app when I am on down time it seems to only work on my computer

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🍎👩🏼‍🏫🍎 Melissa Atala 🍎👩🏼‍🏫🍎

@LegalBeagle1215 @Hales2DaNails @OfficialCricut You need to download Design Space. You do not need to subscribe to Cricut Access. Buy designs off of Etsy & there are plenty of places that have free svg. I have yet to use Access. Jennifer Maker is a great resource& is doing a free beginner’s class now.

CCC ELS Grand Island

#Cricut Design Space workshops, January 30! Learn to use your Cricut machine and the Design Space software properly, effectively and #creatively! For more information or to sign up, contact 308-398-7441 or Or sign up at: #CCC

Design Bundles

Have you ever wondered how to use the Slice Tool in your Cricut Design Space? 🤷‍♀️ The Slice Tool is one of our favorite tools and we're happy to show you the ins and outs of using it — from start to finish. 💯 Watch HERE ➡️


@LegalBeagle1215 This was my first go with vinyl. I found an image, cleaned it up in Design Space, and had the Cricut cut the image. Then I had to weed it and transfer it to the ornaments. I can say placing a flat image on a round surface is difficult.


needed a laptop that i could use cricut design space with so my baby bought me one, needed an easy press & a printer ... he got me one & stays getting me my supplies i need to be crafty ❤️ i appreciate him lotss

Glenn Loos-Austin

@crivilare @TrashMobMinis 3) I create a project in Cricut Design Space application, and then import the image. 4) When it asks "Simple", "Moderately Complex" or "Complex", I answer Simple. (because the transparency shows where I want the cuts, it actually is simple from the app's perspective.) 2/x

Design Bundles

Want to learn how to create knockout text in Cricut Design Space? 🤷‍♀️ Knockout text is a very in-demand craft that has a wide multitude of uses. 💯 This is a follow-up project of our Offset workaround video. 😉 Watch here ➡️

tash 🎄❄️

My creative spark just hasn't been there lately... it sucks because I'm still teaching myself Procreate, Goodnotes and playing around on Design Space for my Cricut... and I'd love to get an Etsy shop up and running but I'm in a creative rut right now...


Needs to use Cricut. Loads Design Space. Updates software. Doesn't work. Every Single Time. Y U do this @Cricut? Thought the whole point of the desktop app was NOT needing to log in to use it.

Kellie Demarsh

How to Use Cricut Joy. Design Space tutorial with Cell Phone via @YouTube


Cricut design space is so frustrating

Schrodinger's Cupcake

Finally got Cricut design space to behave only for my printer to suddenly run out of Magenta??? WHY R U LIKE THIS?????

Krista George

Who has a #Cricut and knows a ton about #DesignSpace ? For some reason, non cricut, system fonts aren’t work in design space for PC but the same fonts will work in the iOS app. 💔

Miss Rita to the Rescue!

Doggie Christmas Bandanas embellished with Design Space image, cut on Cricut Joy and applied with Cricut EasyPress Mini #cricutmade #cricutobsessed #cricutminipress #cricutcrafts #cricutjoy #cricutproject

Cricut Design Space 5.6.1 Screenshots & Images

Cricut Design Space iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Cricut Design Space iphone images
Cricut Design Space iphone images
Cricut Design Space iphone images
Cricut Design Space iphone images
Cricut Design Space iphone images
Cricut Design Space iphone images
Cricut Design Space iphone images
Cricut Design Space iphone images
Cricut Design Space Graphics & Design application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Cricut Design Space (Version 5.6.1) Install & Download

The applications Cricut Design Space was published in the category Graphics & Design on 2014-06-04 and was developed by Cricut, Inc. [Developer ID: 749471887]. This application file size is 143.66 MB. Cricut Design Space - Graphics & Design app posted on 2022-05-03 current version is 5.6.1 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.cricut.explore