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Cricut Design Space™ is a companion app that lets you design and wirelessly cut with Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker machines. Create a project from scratch or browse thousands of images, predesigned Make It Now™ projects, and fonts in the Cricut® Image Library. The app is cloud-based and synced across your devices, so you can access your projects and images whenever you’re inspired. Use your built-in camera to visualize your project on a real-life background. Then connect wirelessly to your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker machine and cut your projects!

• Design and cut DIY projects with Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker cutting machines
• Choose from over 50,000 images, fonts, and projects in the Cricut Image Library—or use your own images and fonts for FREE
• Upload and clean up any image saved to your Photos
• Design and cut without an Internet connection using fonts and images downloaded to your device
• Cut quick and easy predesigned Make It Now projects
• Make home and party décor, cards and invitations, scrapbooking, fashion, jewelry, kids’ crafts, and more
• Cut a wide variety of materials including paper, vinyl, iron-on, cardstock, poster board, fabric—even thicker materials like leather
• Use the built-in camera on your device to position, and visualize your projects on a real-life background
• Sign in with your Cricut ID to access your images and projects and for easy checkout when making purchases on or in Design Space
• Bluetooth® wireless capability (wireless Bluetooth adapter may be required, sold separately)

Cricut Design Space App Description & Overview

The applications Cricut Design Space was published in the category Lifestyle on 2014-06-04 and was developed by Provo Craft & Novelty. The file size is 110.46 MB. The current version is 3.4.1 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

• New upload image tool for iOS! Now it’s so easy to take a photo and convert it to a cuttable or printable file. Includes advanced tools (Despeckle, Smooth) to clean up your image
• Addressed crash in insert images tool and what's new
• Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Cricut Design Space Reviews


Design space  mz.clay  5 star

Great app!! Haven’t had any problems so far.


Latest Update is Stable  Cynergygirl  5 star

The app is great, and functionality has been expanded with the uploading feature. I can also select images without crashing thanks to the new update. Cricut has been very responsive with their bug fixes.

Cricut Addict

“Font”tastic App  Cricut Addict  5 star

This is a great app..I can do most everything I need or want to with the app. It occasionally has bugs, but the team is very responsive to any problems that arise. I love being able to design and cut my projects without a desktop computer. I find the app to be very intuitive.


Fantastic  XOXOXO2010  5 star

Wow! I am so happy with the new’s awesome!!!!


LOVE IT!!  WildChildCo  5 star

I love the App even more now that I can upload my images straight from my phone! 💛

Bling it by Nane

New upload feature  Bling it by Nane  5 star

Love the new features for uploading photos! Thank you Cricut!!!


App crashing constantly..  SumrLuvr  4 star

Updated app review as of 10/21 it's working great. Thanks so much for the quick update. iPhone 8 plus...updated. Deleted the app added back still completely unusable. 😔😏 Love the new features if it would actually work with them.


Huge bug!  MandiStack  1 star

I tried to use the app today, kept getting an error message, deleted the app, and still getting the same error message. “Offline content. Unable to download content for offline use. Error code:4” Otpions were OK or Retry. Both selections bring the error message back or shut down the app. Please fix this! PS - Developer: Please read the part that I mentioned I ALREADY deleted the app and reinstalled. While I appreciate that you took the time to respond, I wish you had actually READ my review. I already did what you said - and it didn’t fix the problem.


Very good  Tngomaureen  4 star

Overall, very good app. There are some limitations, and if you're a designer used to Photoshop, the choices are a bit limiting (Cricut folks, check out the Silhouette app, just sayin'...). But, generally, I have no complaints. VERY user friendly!! And the Cricut machine itself is amazing.


So close and yet so far (developer commented but didn’t read my review)  r8erz  2 star

UPDATE: “Developers” “commented” on this review asking me to try the new version. This review is for the new version - whoever responded clearly didn’t read the review. Actually - anyone who reviewed this new version of the app is getting a canned response from the developers - which says to try the new version and tell them what we think. They’re asking me to try the new version - as a response to when I review the new version. - We want to upgrade to a Cricut Maker but are waiting until the iOS app is better. We don’t have a desktop anymore. They added image upload but it only takes photos from my photo library - which means we can’t use SVG while in iOS. (Because the photo library won’t save SVG files) They need to support iOS 11 drag and drop on the iPad. And Multitasking. We should be able to open Files and drag things from our iCloud or Dropbox or local files - using the Files app - and drop it onto Cricut Design Space. I stand by my 3 star score. This app needs to support the features of iOS for people who don’t buy desktop computers... I am however deducting one star due to the canned “response” from the developer. Bad PR. There are also lots of little annoying quirks. Like tying to open another app while using Cricut design space - Cricut doesn’t allow side by side for some reason then the other app gets stuck and then you have to go to the home screen then back into Cricut. Cricut is not supporting iOS 11 uses well. So close though. At least we can get some artwork in (PNG works well). Also - MAJOR ANNOYANCE: in the “clean up” functionality after you import an image - the floating image in the top left sits over your zoomed in tool - so you can never get to the top left of your image to clean it up - the overlay is always there and there is no way to move it. Can’t use clean up when importing an image. - It is fall 2017 - many people use iPad exclusively. With the iPad Pro we don’t even need a computer in the house. The iOS app needs to support image upload. The iOS app should have _more_ features than the web site. Mobile is the future. iOS 11 supports all kinds of drag & drop and multi-window views on the iPad. It’s completely doable.


Thank you  Jessy-Leeeeea  5 star

Finally with the new update I can upload images into design space on my iPad. This makes it so much more incredibly appealing to me.If another update came out with A larger scale print then cut feature, it would be the cherry on the cake.


Keeps glitching  dheidbwisdbciekx  3 star

Before the previous update, app was working fine. Now it freezes and won't let me do anything at all. Good app, but this glitch needs to be fixed.


Great App  Tybonysan  5 star

I am new to "Cricuteering" and this app is great for when I am not at home and need to be able to start on a design whenever inspiration hits me


Missing  Shayleeeeee  3 star

the ability to upload images please add this feature Also the new update is constantly crashing it just sits on pause

Lettie addict

Cricut  Lettie addict  5 star

Great app


Upload images please  Puku75  5 star

Love the app but would be awesome if you could upload images from your phone.


Cricut  2designers  5 star

What can one say??? BRILLIANT!!!


Tinker  RonnieRooster  5 star

Love it only wish you could buy products without an American, Canadian or U.K. Address


Thank you.  Merrimez  5 star

Thank you. The App is so easy on the iPad.


Amazing!  SharonSkippy  5 star

LOVE! This app makes my crafting so much easier... can design anywhere and cut via Bluetooth without any trouble. It gets better with every update adding new features. Some features like Snapmat and Camera make it better than using the computer :-)


Love it!!  Becka-bear  5 star

I absolutely love using the app! It is so much easier than using the online format of design space and I can take it with me to design anywhere I am!


Cricut newbie!  Maenaemom  4 star

I’m new to cricut but I think I’m catching on quick. Design space is so easy to follow.


Beginner - ❤️ Cricut Air 2 Explore  Music_From_The_Heart❤️  5 star

I and a beginner to all of this, but I have been very pleased of what I have been able to make and I know there is soooo much more that I can make! The cricut app is great - work on project where ever you are 😃


Very Irritating  Flightmom99  2 star

Not all of us get to play with our Cricut all day, everyday so when we get a chance to do a craft, it is few and far between. This app is fine when it works, but when it doesn’t there is no other option but to start over. So far I have wasted 2 hours and have tried to save a pre made project, with writing added often, but I am still nowhere. I see people who are proud of their creations online all the time, but it seems I always have technical difficulties. So frustrating. Well, now I go back to the drawing board. 😡☹️

Northridge publishing

Love it!  Northridge publishing  5 star

This app works great with my Cricut Maker! Works best using my iPad.


Question  arizonamom05  3 star

Does this app work for all or just certain models?


Save issues  bc123!  3 star

Earlier today I installed the update and my app still will not save my projects! The little loading circle just keeps spinning and never saves, the app either crashes or I eventually give up after wasting my time editing and waiting in hopes it will finally save! PLEASE FIX!! Before this started happening I really loved the app!


Why won’t it SAVE?  CourtneyG.  1 star

What is the point of working on this app if it doesn’t save your work. This needs to be priority number 1 to fix!


Love Cricut  Khangel1321  4 star

I am also having trouble with saving projects. It seems multi-colored projects cannot be saved together. I have to separate the colors to get it to save. I narrowed this down after 20+ re-do’s on multiple projects.


Need to be able to upload pics  Momonoakcrest  2 star

Worthltif you cannot upload pictures

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