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Clash up your iMessage conversations with your favorite Clash of Clans and Clash Royale characters. Lovingly handcrafted by the folks that brought you Clash-A-Rama! These awesome emojis will make you laugh, cry, duel, or raid a village.

From three writer/producers of the Simpsons, and animated by the studio that brought you Futurama, comes Clash-A-Rama!, an original series based on your favorite Clash of Clans and Clash Royale characters. Get up close and personal with the Clash Universe. Visit the Hog Rider's Saloon, learn to build a Hidden Tesla or check out behind the scenes action in the Clash Royale Arena. You've never seen the Clash world like this!

Clash-A-Rama App Description & Overview

The applications Clash-A-Rama was published in the category Stickers on 2016-12-07 and was developed by Supercell. The file size is 4.66 MB. The current version is 1.0 and works well on 10.1 and high ios versions.

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Warning!!  Fehdeh  1 star

Cannot be found or deleted after you download it. I don’t understand how Apple allowed this dangerous scam.

snsbdjd dcsjdhbdbdhd

I’m am mad  snsbdjd dcsjdhbdbdhd  1 star

How do I delete this app it doesn’t let me


Just a thing I noticed  Rinanori  5 star

For the second image showing off the stickers through a conversation with barbarian if you look at the convo it never says "maybe a new hairstyle?" But in the convo he never said it.


Please add  JTWGaming16  5 star

Please add Baby Dragon! I love this but it would be better if baby dragon


New emotes from game  Loveboobear8688041314  5 star

Please add the new emotes from game in here


I love it!  Dhjedndbgfbfbdndndn  5 star

I really love the stickers my only complaint would be that there isn’t enough of them!


I like the idea  DrewNstuff  5 star

With the latest updates in Clash Royale, it would be really nice to see all of those emotes in game as emoji’s


A flying pig  skcnskcndn  5 star

I once ate a flying pig and it was really weird and good just like this app so keep keeping up one the stickers that will fill my mind with glue and stuf

A duck obsessed human

Stop writing bad review due to your incompetence  A duck obsessed human  5 star

The stickers should be usable, if not, that’s apple’s problem, not supercell’s.

Gray Allen


I have had an issue with my shop for a week and a half. After multiple support tickets I am now being ignored it seems...

Lord Milkman

Keep It Up!  Lord Milkman  5 star

I Really Have To Thank The Clash Community For Their Really Fun Games And Amazing Content For Clash Of Clans AND Clash Royale. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅. Also, I Don't Know How To Use These Stickers ... Please Tell Me How To!🙏🏼 Keep Up All The Good Work Supercell, Because If You Don't, I Wouldn't Be The Person Who I Am Today. Looking Forward To The New Christmas Updates. Sincerely, Lord Milkman

khan dsa

👎👎👎👎👎👎👎  khan dsa  1 star

Would be great if it worked with normal texting, I'm not downloading another app just to send clash texts. Plus bring back farming u tight asses.


Stickers  Kalysia2013  1 star

No stickers turned up 👎🏻


Fantastic for a COC fan!  Onionoil  5 star

Great stickers! But where is my favorite hog riders!😂 looking forward to more!


Doesnt work  Bigdong86  1 star

Didnt instal cant open


Greay  P-nash  3 star

3 stars instead of 5 because TH9 needs one Inferno, or higher level Tesla. 😡

Frenchy rules

AWESOME  Frenchy rules  5 star

Finally supercell you're getting better at things but sadly you had to get rid of farming like a year ago R.I.P well keep up the great work Cheers, pekka king that's my COC name


Where is it?  Hahazomiefied  1 star

I cannot find it in I messenger


Idk  Fu257  1 star



Great App!!!  Legonutt  5 star

For those that don't know how to find the app after installing it apparently you're not ready to use a smart phone. Dummies!


it works  Supertoastjimmy101  5 star

for any

What is this junk?!?

Man bow does this work  What is this junk?!?  1 star

Well i cant uninstall and cant use and cant even find it help me!!!


This is how you use them...  Willrabhfdr  5 star

For everyone having trouble finding them once installed, when you're in typing mode for an iMessage, touch the little arrow next to the text input field, it will slide out and you'll see the camera, heart with fingers, and the App Store "A" icon. Touch that, and you will see the stickers pop up.

Enrique the holagan

Supersell  Enrique the holagan  5 star

Sorry we will ad A update on Christmas morning at 8:45 it will include more emojis and a walk through don't worry you don't have to send any thing it will just show you where to go also hay day and boom beach emojis as well pleas down load these apps available soon to most electronic aplianes


Useless App  Sleepy_Solis  1 star

I've reset my phone, deleted the messenger app and restarted numerous times. No luck doing either of these tasks. This app still will not work!!!


If you can't find it  Yobigt  4 star

First make sure your on at least version of iPhone software currently 10.1.1. That way you have all the new imessage features. In iMessage, click on the three pencils in the shape of an "A" they are above your normal keypad by the camera button. Then click on the four bubbles icon on the left and you will see all your message apps. If you press and hold you can delete the app. 4 stars because I want the cartoon art not the clash royal art


WORST DOWNLOAD EVER! Spyware??  sj1776  1 star

After downloading this, could not find to use it, even though App Store confirmed download? So now I have a suspicious download on both my iPhone and iPad, that CANNOT be found, used or removed? How did this slip past the Apple Store security censors? DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP !!!!!

Chief Ritey

How to find emojis  Chief Ritey  4 star

Ladies and Gentlemen that can't find it. I had the same problem but just found it. Go to iMessage and click on the pencils that look like an A. It will then show you the emoji option. Just click on it and they are there. Haven't looked at all but some are cool cause they are animated .


Lame  Lapole  1 star

It doesn't work and I can't find it. Fix it!!


I don't get it 🤔  BANK ROBBED 😭😵😠😡  1 star


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