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Phone Buddy Phone Lost Alert App Description & Overview

What is phone buddy phone lost alert app? Macworld’s 2020 “Must-Have apps for your new Apple Watch” Phone Buddy Notifier is an Apple Watch app that alerts you when you lose bluetooth connection with your iPhone.

“All we want is the ability to get alerts on our Apple Watch when we leave our iPhone behind.” -Macworld

Step away from your iPhone and Phone Buddy notifies your Apple Watch the moment bluetooth connection is lost with your iPhone. It’s that easy.

This app is for the forgetful ones! If you’ve ever forgotten your iPhone, Phone Buddy Lost Phone Alert is the answer. Don’t forget your iPhone again using Lost Phone Alert.

Phone Buddy Alerts can be configured to display when your iPhone connection is lost, when you leave your Apple Watch behind, or when devices move apart with Distance Going Away Alerts! And for extra protection, you can enable the Lost Alert Loud Alarm to ensure you never miss a Lost Phone or Watch Left Behind notification.

If someone takes your iPhone, Phone Buddy will alert you with a Lost Phone Alert right on your Apple Watch. Lost Phone Alert is better than phone insurance since it helps prevent a loss!

Use Lost Phone Alert now and never lose your phone again!

Misplacing your iPhone is a thing of the past, find your iPhone easily using your Apple Watch with Signal Strength Monitor and Play Ring.

Misplace your Apple Watch? Phone Buddy has your back; you can trigger a sound to play on your watch from your iPhone using the Play Sound on Apple Watch feature and follow the sound to locate your watch.


Phone Buddy is compatible with the following Bluetooth LE enabled Apple Watch models running WatchOS 6 or later: Apple Watch Series 2 - Series 9, Apple Watch SE, and Apple Watch Ultra - Ultra 2.
Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

Jason Cross. “10 must-have apps for your new Apple Watch: Take your little wrist computer to the next level with these great apps.” Macworld (2020): Web ( NOV 25, 2020

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App Name Phone Buddy Phone Lost Alert
Category Productivity
Updated 01 December 2023, Friday
File Size 30.81 MB

Phone Buddy Phone Lost Alert Comments & Reviews 2024

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Well designed. Had this app about a year and it seems like every time they update it I get a new feature! The basic app was good when it first came out, but with the countless updates you wouldn’t think its the same app. For what you get the price is more than reasonable. Great execution, great design and works awesome. The folks working on this app have really put some thought into it and I really like the fact they keep throwing new features on it. Very pleased. I only wish I had seen the 6.99 lifetime offer before I renewed the subscription!! One of my favorite and most useful apps, highly recommended!

Works great! with a caveat.. This is the app I have been waiting for! It has already saved me as I left my phone behind and it alerted my watch about 50 ft away! The only caveat is it’s a battery killer. This is probably why apple hasn’t implemented it themselves. Luckily, both phone and watch still last about 13hrs a day which works for me! Thanks developers!!

Handy app. It’s one of those things that you kind of forget about...until it saves you from leaving your phone behind. All-in-all worth having on your phone/watch.

Better than hoped!. Works great, saves from forgetting my phone which I do all the time. Other apps have failed and this one exceeds. I love the battery charged notifications.

This app works great.. Go ahead and pay the 7 dollars. It’s worth it if you have an Apple Watch. But can we get back the function of making a fake phone call from a watch to get out of conversations that was truly nice.

My Phone Buddy experience. Phone Buddy is exactly what I was looking for but it didn’t work well for me. The problems I’ve experienced with Phone Buddy were 1) a significant battery drain if I used “Phone Alerts”, this is something the developer is working to minimize. 2) If you own two Apple watches and switch between them “Distance Alerts” will constantly give you false alerts. If these problems were fixed the app could be quite useful. I have walked out of my house without my phone multiple times but I always wear my watch. I thought Phone Buddy’s distance alerts or phone alerts would help but unfortunately no.

Decent App. I like this app! The left behind alert has to be “dialed in” to work properly. My wish is that the Lost Alert would automatically arm, after I turn the watch back on? I recommend this app however.

Works great but please add year to date of reviews,. Lost my phone recently, I left it in a store. I was lucky enough to get it back and found this app. Works great, instructions though are either vague or outdated based on new devices. Also, please add the year to the date of the review. -Marc

Stops monitoring the phone-watch signal strength after a while. I bought this to notify me on my watch whenever my phone was left behind. I have a habit of leaving my phone in my car when getting out. It works perfectly for 24 hours or so, but then stops monitoring the Bluetooth signal strength unless you close the app and reopen it. So basically every time I get in my car I have to make sure Bluetooth is on, the app has recently been closed and reopened, and that the app is monitoring tHe connection strength. I played around with setting up automations but it ended up being more trouble than it was worth. I contacted support and they were very quick to reply and sent me an invite to their TestFlight beta testing. Those beta versions didn’t fix my problem though. I don’t use this app anymore unfortunately, but props to the devs for their own efforts and trying to help with my issue.

Everyone Needs This. A few years ago I left my phone in a Vegas casino and didn’t realize it until hours later when I was back in my hotel room. I was so frustrated that my Apple Watch somehow couldn’t alert me of this because it would’ve saved me a ton of time and frustration. This lead me to look into solutions for this type of situation and that’s how I found this app. Haven’t lost my phone again since that incident in Vegas but knowing I have this app installed gives me peace of mind. The alerts for when you’re distancing (or disconnecting) from your phone work perfectly and are extremely useful. This a must-have app for every iPhone and Apple Watch owner.

Was good, now it’s AWFUL!. I’ve had this app for several version of the iPhone and Apple Watch and the first iterations of this app worked fine, without false alarms but after recently updating this app and being pleasantly surprised by all the great additions to the functionality of this app I was impressed. THAT WAS SHORT LIVED. This app is horrendous with false alarms, no matter how much I tinker with the distance and time setting it’s constantly going off. With me working in the medical field with patient care, it’s very rude and startling to patients and family members having loud and obnoxious fire alarm sounding alerts randomly blaring out of your phone and watch, even when both your phone and watch are on your person. I’ve even went as far as completely shutting down the application when I need it the most but the application is still making my phone alarm randomly. I’m super disappointed in this application now and I feel I have no choice but to remove it completely from my phone.

Indispensable. This app should be on every iPhone, only so long until Apple acquires these guys. New version adds helpful videos. Accuracy and alerts continue to be excellent.

Finally what i needed. It’s too bad Apple refuses to do this. Find My alerts on the Apple watch are absolute garbage in comparison. This app alerts you before you have a chance to leave your phone behind while Find My will maybe alert you long after it’s gone. This is a must for anyone that has a tendency to forget their phone.

Great idea mediocre implementation. I love the idea and paid the 7 dollars for it but while using it I get tons of notifications about watch and phone moving apart when they’re both on me, I can go in to the app on the phone and see that the accuracy is off quite a bit I’ll have 66% meanwhile my watch is on my wrist and phone in that same hand. Keep working on it I believe this will be a great app once locked In

Good idea, buggy app.. The app, in theory, is a great idea. However, the phone lost alerts keep randomly cutting off with a message of “unexpected shutdown, turn lost alerts back on”. I’ve tried both through the app and watch, still keep receiving the same notification. It would be great if this paid app worked correctly.

Saved my phone a few times. So I often leave my phone behind all over the place and was looking for an app that would notify my Apple Watch when this happened (Apple’s built in one takes really long distance to let you know, like a few blocks). I bought this app even though some reviews were mixed and I’m happy I did. For me Phone Lost Alert works very well letting me know my phone is lost basically when I’m crossing the street in front of my house. This is great. I also enabled the distance alert setting with Wi-Fi Safe Zone enabled - this is the key to this setting, make sure you enable Wi-Fi safe zone and this alert works much better. I’ve had a couple moments outside of my house where the distance alert popped up as I was leaving my phone in m car, I had walked like 20 feet away. That was real cool! The app does have a bunch of configurations and can be a bit confusing but honestly I’m super impressed and I found what works really well for me (shared above!).

WTH. Well thought I’d get this app to stop me from leaving my phone. Works once. Everyone I test it the distance and phone list is disabled!! Why. All I want is my watch to alert me if my phone is not with me. I was contacted and told all I need is phone list enabled. So I’ll try that.

Too often receive lost phone alert with phone next to watch. I did all I could with configuration- set distance far and increased time. I also set to not alert on home WiFi. No joy. I still get random alerts for no apparent reason. I guess I need to be a big boy and remember my phone because this app gives too many false alerts to be useful. :( The developer suggested that I may be having problems in my environment with distance and simply use lost phone alerts instead. I had the issue with the phone and watch being within inches of each other. Unless my body generates a field that could through their process off, I don’t see what environment is interfering; it’s not like there are walls to go through or metal objects in the way. This issue didn’t just happen at home. BTW - iPhone 12 Pro and Watch Series 6, so this isn’t an issue with older hardware. Downgraded the review to 1; reminds me a bit of the iPhone - you’re not holding it right but worse.

Useful -BUT……. This app is useful for those prone to always leaving their phone behind - however - it will drain your battery quickly. My battery did last all day, now, I need to charge it much more frequently. So, the trade off is, get reminded when you left your phone behind but pay with less battery life or continue forgetting your phone. Also - this is not a free app. You pay a one time fee of $4.99. So, 5 stars for usefulness, 1 star for battery drain. You pick. I think I’ll delete it.

I’ve been looking for an app like this forever!. Phone Buddy where have you been? You’ve already saved me 35 miles of retrieving time and I’ve only had you 3 weeks! Great tool! The lost phone works every time! I wish you had something for my keys that would alert my watch. If I don’t forget one I forget the other. Old-timers desease.

Nice try I guess... watch battery hog!. Bought the premium version to alert me when I leave my phone behind... which I do alot. Sometimes it’d work great... sometimes it notifies me when I’m a mile away. I might could deal with the inconsistency, but this app is a battery hog to the watch. I was getting 48 hours out of my series 3 prior to this app, now it’s closer to 18. Why Apple doesn’t add a haptic notification to the firmware for phone out of range floors me. Garmins do it... WTH Apple?!?

Disappointing. Tried the premium version. It kept telling me that my iPhone and apple watch were moving apart when they were side by side. I wanted to change my review from a few weeks ago. The support team reached out to me and with their help on certain settings, this app is working great. The support team has gone way beyond what I had expected to help. The basic app is good but the active mood upgrade is well worth the money. If you have a problem leaving your iPhone behind, this will notify you on your Apple Watch about the problem. 5 stars is the highest I can give but if possible it would be higher.

Alarm going off every few seconds. I just downloaded this app tonight and the thing is driving me crazy! Says I am moving away from my phone when my watch and phone are both with me. Keeps alerting me my phone is lost when it’s right here. Just had a horrible alarm sound. I’m Seriously about to delete the damned app and chalk it up to a $5 mistake.

Excellent App. This is a great app. I use it all the time. The developers are great. They listen to the user’s suggestions and issues. Answer questions and tailer their app based on so users can have the best experience. Thanks.

Battery Hog!. While the app performed as advertised for me in terms of functionality, it absolutely clobbered my watch’s battery. It cut my Series 6 battery life in half! When I uninstalled it from the watch, everything went back to normal. Good concept but impractical, for me, with this heavy power hit.

Finally the app Apple Watch should have had all along. After leaving my phone at work and driving home for a second time in 4 weeks, I finally decided to set up an alert for when my Apple Watch disconnects from the phone. Except wait, there isn’t one! I tried two free solutions that didn’t work, then finally Phone Buddy. This one works. I’m only using the Bluetooth connectivity part. I can’t even make it to my car before I get an alert. This is exactly what I needed.

Please stop begging for reviews. It is always disappoint to see a good developer beg for reviews. Please stop the minimal and distracting updates just to ask for reviews. Stable apps with material and meaningful updates are what we users are looking for. Your app is a good one, but 5 stars became 3 stars because you are clearly performing frequent updates just to get the opportunity to beg for reviews. The app works well. Let her market do what it does.

Logo change?. I like your app. I really do. It does, or at least tries its best for doing what it says. I am tired of Apple playing these gimmicks where they intentionally didn’t put this feature in iPhones so people loose more iPhones and end up buying new ones. Way to go Apple. You did it again. #ForgetGate. But I had one small request, was wondering if you could have a better more simplistic, minimalistic logo. The current one looks like someone tried to make it in less than an hour. Tech wise, your app is amazing! Cheers!

Working Unstable - Do Not Buy. Having iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 15.3 and Watch Series 7 os 8.4. Bought this app, configured it, and it looked ok. Battery health is 89%. However I’ve found that is working for the Distance Alert only when the phone app is in memory. If you accidentally swiped it up, it not only didn’t send notifications but it even disabled Distance Alerts buy itself. The Phone Alert was disabled by itself after I had restarted my phone. Besides it an annoying dot with the arrow appeared at the top of the watch screen when that option has been allowed. That dot overlapped the regular red dot indicating new notifications. I want my money back. Period.

Dev Nailed It !!!. Outstanding app, period! This feature should come stock from Apple but since it isn’t, the Dev hit a grand slam with this one. Frankly, even if Apple did release a feature like this, I don’t even think they could match Phone Buddy. This is app is feature rich and works exactly as advertised which is the most important thing. The map feature is incredible and with a AW S5 and the built in magnetometer, it’s that much better. If you’re looking for a one stop shop- all in one app to make sure you never lose your phone, with complication support, I highly recommend this one. The Dev is very responsive as well.

phone Buddy Usage. App works as described. The distance alert function is very sensitive to the available settings. Just walking around your home can trigger an alert if any signal interference is detected. Power usage is high, evening when the watch is stationary and not being worn. Once these issues are addressed, this will be a must app to own.

Fake call. put back the fake call as in the previous version, please😪🙏,thank you for answering me,but in reality it is not the same as in the previous version,before you could modify the fake call and the fake call would appear on the full screen,as if someone really called you!,Put it as it was before and leave the new things that you put up to now!Thank you again,greetings from my country E Salvador;BYE.

Olympic National Park hike-worked great with no service. Went for a hike. Had lunch and listened to the creek bubble. Left no trace except for my lost phone! Thanks phone buddy. You worked even with no service.

Saved my life!. I lost my phone and I was so screwed, and I definitely can not afford another phone. So having this app was such a great decision and I am forever grateful. Tracked my phone immediately and spared me from pure heartbreak. Love it! If you are ever concerned with ever losing your phone, definitely does not hurt to download this app!

Exactly what I needed!. Saves me from forgetting my phone all the time! Tried other apps but they all failed regularly... This one has been very reliable!

Phone buddy power. It seems like this app use a lot of the battery power almost twice as much when the app is not loaded

Didn’t work on my iPhone 13 pro with series 7 watch. Support was quick and responsive, but I could never get the alarm to sound on my watch when my phone was left behind. I would get a notification when swiping down on the watch screen, but no alarm, and the only way to see the notification is to swiped down on the watch screen. I need an alarm when I walk away from my phone, so this app did not help me. I found the problem. When using Life 360 location service app phone buddy does not work properly and does not sound an alarm as it should on my watch. So there is a bug when using this with other location services. I hope the developers can fix this because this is really a useful app.

Don’t bother. Have really grown to regret purchasing a lifetime license for an app that seldom works. I set this up exactly with the default settings suggested in the app. I keep the app open on my phone. It only works on occasion and more recently stopped working altogether. And you know what? I can already guess what the developer response will be. I don’t have time to contact them and troubleshoot an app that should work flawlessly. If I have to seek customer support after reading all the other negative reviews I already know this app has become worthless and I got taken for $7

Very good app. It is a very good application, the only downside of the app is the alarm is disabled when I shut down my watch and then start it again.

Save your $. The connection between my phone and watch only work for a couple of days before The two devices stop communicating. When they stop communicating you have to open the app on the watch to reconnect the devices. Unfortunately on one of those times when they weren’t connected I lost my phone. It’s a great idea but I don’t think the technology in this app is worth paying for.

Great app. Only gripe, and it is a nit-picky gripe, is that I wish there was a way to turn off the icon from showing up at the top in the center of the watch face. Very effective app that adds a feature that the watch should have already. Cheers!

Saved my IPhone!! 😭🥰🙏 💯. Whoever made this app is a genius! I was getting on my flight and as I was walking down the jetway when my watch alerted me that I had left my phone in the waiting area! Holy crap my life would have sucked if it weren’t for this amazing new app. So thankful!! It’s saved me a few other times as well, definitely would recommend!

Nice. Good app to have if you at a party and forget your phone. But for the Apple Watch ultra the layout is over lapping with the words. But cool app I’ll recommend it.

Works well. This app is very sensitive to distance to the phone. I have it set to the lowest setting and I can’t get more than a few feet and I get noticed in the watch. The one thing I really dislike is the white dot ate the top on the screen on the watch. It covers the red dot that tells me I have an unread notification. The good part is you are not going to leave your phone behind. The watch really screams when you lose Bluetooth completely.

Drained Battery Didn’t Alert Complication Disappeared. Wanted to like app but first dealbreaker issue was drained watch battery in only 12 hours. Used to lastentire day on 1 charge. Was only using lost phone alert & second dealbreaker was it didn’t alert when left phone in condo garage and went all the way back to apartment, several hundred yards and 11 stories away. Lastly, complication initially showed on watch face then disappeared and couldn’t get it back. Strike 3. Uninstalled app and considered it a $5 loss.

Doesn’t work. And poorly designed app overall.. App doesn’t work - full of false positives. I’m on iPhone 12 Pro with most recent iOS 14 release with Watch 5. Phone is right next to my watch and the alarm keeps going off. Also - no option for vibrate only? I’m the only person who needs to know - not everyone in the restaurant. In addition to the false positives, the developers found a way to complicate a very simple concept. This app should have 1, 2 or 3 options max… not 10+. I just don’t get it. The Watch complication is also useless when it could provide a lot of value. And the core product simply doesn’t work. Save your money.

So far, so good. I am always leaving my phone behind either in the car dashboard phone caddy, or in the garage or barn when I take the phone out of my pocket while i am crawling around working on a vehicle or some other project and then when I reach for my phone and realize it is gone, I have to go back and fetch it. This has really helped. When my phone has rebooted at night because it has downloaded an update, Phone Buddy has prompted me first thing the next morning to reestablish the connection. Plus when I am clearing brush or doing yard work, I often take of my watch because it collects dirt and junk under the band, and Phone Buddy has an option to let me know when I have left my watch behind too. I am very satisfied.

Finally a app, that is doing what you want and then going above and beyond your expectations.. I’ve tried every app and wrote reviews, suggestions, and over paid for everything that’s come along to protect my watch and my iphone. This app is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC ANDS GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND MY EXPECTATIONS. IT’S A MUST HAVE. IT’S THE ONLY APP I WOULD MAKE SURE IS on MY PHONE AND MY WATCH. FINALLY YOU CAN PROTECT YOU’RE INVESTMENT. I LOSE MY PHONE SEVERAL TIMES A YEAR. You can imagine how happy that makes my wife, HAVING TO buy new phones all the time and watches AS WELL THE LAST FEW YEARS. This should eliminate everything if i use it right. I am a disabled very. I had a T. B. I. It affects my memory, motor skills and’ I’m naturally clumsy and forgetful anyhow, so sometimes my life is frustrating to say the least. Well, the older i get the worse my dropping things, & leaving things behind gets. This is a gift from the app god to me!! Thank you so much. You really out did yourself. !!!

Disappointed. As much as I really wanted this to work, and I paid 4.99 I’ve been very disappointed ☹️ I’d have my watch on with my phone in my hands and my watch going off like crazy saying my phone was missing 😵‍💫 over and over, I finally had to turn it off! And folks we have cox WiFi top of the line and I’m 10 feet from the WiFi when it would go crazy!

I would give it zero if possible. Do not waste your money on this. All it does is go off and tell you the phone is lost when the phone is in the house. It’s supposed to know when both are on the same network but that doesn’t work. If you send a support request it’s like sending a letter to Santa and expecting a reply. They will not answer any requests for help. The number of False positives makes it useless because I just shut it off as I get sick of hearing it go off. I actually lost my phone and surprise surprise; just when you need it; it’s off because when you didn’t need it, all it did was ring. Great concept awful delivery.

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Doesn’t get there. Tried this app for a while. In the end, I gave up on it. Either I would get false alerts, even with the phone next to the watch, or worse, no alert after leaving my phone in the car. Unreliable and disappointing.

As described. The app does everything it promises with a minimum of fuss.

Does not work with wrist temp and sleep focus on S8 watch. I cannot use this app as it prevents logging of wrist temperature of my series 8 watch and it also disables the locked display in the Sleep Focus. It took me several weeks to realise this app was the cause of the problems along with two weeks support and diags with Apple Health which amounted to nothing. Is there a timeline for fixing these issues as I think the app is brilliant in what it does (and Apple is unable to do) and would like to get back to using it again?

Causing issues with wrist temp tracking?. My Apple Watch recently stopped tracking my wrist temperature. It stopped working the day I downloaded phone buddy (it’s was the only app I downloaded that day). Can the developer advice of this is causing issues with wrist temperature tracking on the Apple watch? I have changed nothing on the settings and the only difference is that on that day, I started using phone buddy. Is it something to do with the need for constant blue tooth for phone buddy to work clashing with wrist temperature tracking requiring the phone and the Apple Watch to be in sleep focus mode? I’m trying to figure out the problem. But otherwise, phone buddy is a great app.

I don’t like the indicator on watch. Can you remove or hide the indicator on the watch interface when I enable the alert but not lost my iPhone connection?

Phone buddy. My phone buddy it’s great the day before I downloaded this I paid eight dollars for this overnight I placed my phone but accidentally I have forgotten where I put my lphone show are used mine phone buddyTo locate it it works great advice we all think about what would happen if I had my iPhone in my pocket and it accidentally dropped out my phone buddy would automatically remind me that I left my phone behind even while you have to pay for this app I would recommend highly enough

Not even close to being efficient. Dont waste ur money people. I should have read the reviews first. This app is not accurate. It doesnt work well My phone was always with me and yet suddenly i get a message saying its going far away from my watch. 🤦🏻‍♂️ And when i need it to alarm (like purposely go far away from the phone, it doesmt alarm my watch 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Pls fix this! (May 11,2023 iphone 12, apple watch 8)

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Alert when you forgot your iPhone !. Pretty cool, I was waiting for this since Apple Watch Serie-0 ! Suggestion for the "Fake Call" option it would be better if you add 10 or 20 seconds before the fake call ring.

Garbage. I had to remove and reset my watch after this app put the watch into syncing mode for 2 hours.

Too many false positives and shorten battery life too much. I liked the idea of the app, but regardless of the settings that I choose, it keeps giving me false positives, saying my phone is going away or lost, when my phone is in my pocket and my watch on my wrist. Also cut my battery life on my iPhone down by about 25% and my Apple Watch down by about 50%. Also needs much more granular settings for the alarm, it is ridiculously loud and annoying. I never use my ringer on my iPhone or watch, just silent mode. But Phone Buddy doesn’t seem to support that. I just removed the app, as I am going on holidays and need my battery life back.

Works fine most times. It is the best app for what is required: separation alert. The features are endless and give us comfort we can customize as we wish. The two main issues for me: 1) having to restart it or make sure it’s active (you KNOW Murphy’s law will make it thag the one time you loose it was when the app wasn’t active) -> I think developer still working on that. 2) False alerts: there are still too many but I know it’s better to have a few false alerts than loosing phone. But yes the loud alarm, while awesome, is also startling and makes all my family/friends laugh. QUESTION FOR THE DEVELOPER: any tips on wifi on feature not working? Live in a looooong apartment, walk from one end to the other and alert goes off. But phone is on wifi - why wouldn’t it work?

Brian. I have been looking for this for a long time, and I hated Apple for not coming out with such an app, but now I am so happy with this app.. I used to leave home without the phone so many times, I had to connect my watch to an LTE network in case I keep on forgetting my phone and it cost me 10$/month.. now after downloading this app I saved the money and no more hassle leaving the phone or the watch behind.. Thanks guys keep the good work.

This has probably saved me a couple of phones. And it has saved me a lot of time and mileage, not having to return to get my phone left behind.

Great app but needs to be turned on. It’s great that it reminds me when I leave my phone behind. I just have to figure out how to remember to turn the reminder on. It would be better if the app could run in the background automatically or continuously.

All or nothing. Installed this on a family member’s watch. It does what it say it does but the only problem is you can’t customize the alert style and sound. It’s either continuous vibration + loud alert sound or a single vibration with no sound that you will hardly notice. Please add the ability to customize our own sound from the selection on the phone. Also please allow us to enable continuous vibration without the alert sound. Or even better allow us to pick different vibration rhythm so we can tell which is which.

annoying app. The app will run actively in the background of apple watch and show the little icon on the top of watch face constantly, when it’s not running in the background, you will get a notification suggesting you to turn on “phone alert” which I already turned on yesterday and somehow turned off by itself. Just annoying.

Significant bATTERY DRAIN - DO NOT BUY. DO NOT BUY THIS. The App drains Apple Watch battery. It’s always looking for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the background non-stop. You’ll end up with 8 - 10 hour battery life. You will not get a refund after purchase. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

Waste of time. It just doesn’t work. But at least you have a week to find out for yourself

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Amazing!!. Within the first day this has already saved me from losing my phone. Love it!

Ridiculously high price. Either you pay monthly or $7 for a one time purchase. If this was half the price to use, it’d be a great app. Not close to worth 3x the cost of other apps that do the same thing. If the developer lowers the price, I will be happy to change my review. Until then, just purchase Wunderfind so you aren’t getting ripped off.

Super helpful. Works better than expected. 🤭🤩

Great idea, terrible battery life.. I saw this app reviewed on YouTube, immediately I wanted it. I wish I had taken the time to read some of the lesser rated reviews. The functionality worked just as described in the video review. With one exception, battery life. After 3 or so days use, my battery life went from 42 hours, to about 30 hours use, daily, from this particular app usage; rather disappointing. I researched further, and saw at least one other review with similar results. I paid for the lifetime usage since I was thoroughly impressed with my early results. I hope eventually they get the battery issue under better control. Great idea, but needs work- can’t recommend at this time.

Good. Good

Didn’t work. Tried to connect to my smart watch did not work with a handful of other apps I tried ! Want a refund waist of money.

Not what I expected. I had old fitness bracelet. As soon as it was loosing Bluetooth connection with its phone app it was notifying me and I never forget my phone. Now I have iWatch. This gadget doesn’t offer similar feature or at least I wasn’t able to find one. The one I found was this one. So I bought it without having an option to try what I am buying but for $5 who cares, right? I ran one very simple test: I have disabled Bluetooth first, then wi-fi to disable all communications. I did that monitoring the response: I was expecting to receive a notification from this app running on my iWatch. Based on my rating I guess you know what this test results have shown. The developers would say that we’re using GPS. very good but then please let me choose the way I want to use it. If I want that smart then fine, turn GPS on but if all I want is Bluetooth then why can I not get what I want? Maybe it’s very good app but it’s not what I need/want/expect. What is so difficult to replicate so seemingly simple feature? PS: I even turned the phone power off. The same outcome. Also when I was away from the phone it indeed showed notification that connection with watch is lost but still nothing on the watch. PSS: Sometimes this app does work. Didn’t figure out yet when and why. More often I do see notifications on my phone but not on my watch. I also noticed that for whatever reason my battery is discharging significantly faster: about 15% during overnight 7 hours sleep - I am moving my hand but not using watch in any other way. Maybe that is not related but nothing else changed.

Bricked my Apple Watch. After a rapid loop of notifications, my Apple Watch has a black screen and will not reset.

Great idea. Poorly executed.. Great idea. Poorly executed. I’m surprised that Apple let this through its filters. This app is so annoying that I’m wiping it off my phone and watch. I will check back in a year to see if it is ready for actual use. In the meantime, I hope Apple simply integrates this functionality into the phone and watch OS.

Terrible. Used to be a great app. Now it goes off incessantly even with my phone in the next room and alert level set to 18%. Please undo whatever changes were made in the last few updates. The current version is awful.

Good but.... App is good does what it supposed to do however it drains too much battery

Hit and miss. Great idea but it’s been very hit and miss. I’m getting warnings that my watch is moving while my watch is charging 20’ away while I’m on the couch. ( I have selected NOT to get warnings while it’s charging)

Expensive with poor functionality. There is simply no way I am going to sign up for a reoccurring charge with such minimal functionality. Developers think they can all use the subscription model for even the most minor application. Sure, devs should get paid but this is a bit ridiculous.

Peace of mind. Functional and I have peace of mind since I’m always wearing my watch.

Battery. The app does work, BUT excessive watch battery drain makes it completely impractical - Apple Watch Ultra, iPhone 14 Pro Max. Representative examples: Phone Buddy on, watch 100% at start of the day, by the end of the day 18%; with Phone Buddy off, 100% at start, 78% at the end of the day.

What a lifesaver!. I’m so glad that I downloaded this app. I’ve lost a few phones in my day so needless to say this app is a necessity. It works seamlessly with the watch. Well worth it!

Extraterrestre5607. Happy

A great idea on paper, flawed in real world use. I so wanted this to work, but after several days I could not get it to work as designed At home it was constantly warning me of leaving the phone behind even though it’s not suppose to Buyers remorse in this one.....

Love it, but.... Where’s the iOS 15.4 ??? App malfunctioning!!!!!!!

I like this app. It working fine

Works perfectly!. Using with my series 5 and very impressed!

Exactly what I was looking for. Incredible app. Very well made, does exactly what I was looking for. I haven't left my phone since I got it. Highly recommend.

Quirky. I wished that there had been a trial. There are lots of settings but it kept sending notices when my phone was in my hand. And I had it set on far.

Want refund. Totally unreliable, confusing app that drains battery life

Does not work. This thing goes off when the watch and the phone are right next to each other.

Keeps Turning off. Why do I keep having to turn this on on my watch..the one time I needed it to work I looked at my watch and it was always having to turn it on. Once I turn it on it should stay on, but no..

Inconsistent and battery drain. So I download it after I saw someone do a review on YouTube and the concept was great. Initially the app worked well and alerted me when I left the house on my watch “your watch and iPhone are moving apart.” While I was at work I realized I didn’t get a notification when I left my phone on another unit. For some reason I decided to just go ahead and buy the lifetime “active” for $7 thinking it would function better than the passive alert system. This caused a loud and obnoxious alarm to go off on the watch and phone every time I left my phone at my computer just to walk around with no option to change the type of alarm. Also the map they show when the phone is left behind never loaded on the watch rendering active mode kind of useless for me. I tried playing with the Bluetooth range settings and adding custom ranges and time settings etc. Now after playing with settings for the most of yesterday, on the most recent test I did this morning, the best I can get ON THE WATCH is to say “watch is being left behind” when I left my phone behind and my watch is on my wrist! Also, this app is unfortunately quite the battery drain. Before the app I could finish the day with better than 50 percent on my series 5 but with active mode on, for part of the day after purchasing active, that number dropped to less than 10 percent. I’ll likely request a refund for the active mode purchase and remove the app. However, if this app interests you by all means give it a try. It’s an awesome idea and if it worked for me would be worth every penny. It may work for you. Just don’t purchase “active” simply because you think it will function better. My mistake.

Helpful App. The great thing about this app, when I do forget my phone it’s always close by. Best app I’ve found for my watch and phone.

Give me back my money!. Don't waste your money, this app makes the battery of your watch drop rapidly. My watch 6 can be used normally for more than 18 hours, but after opening this app, the battery will run out within 8 hours! Give me back my money!

Symbol Sticked. The symbol of the app STICKS on the top of my watch, and it’s annoying. Also, the alert comes too slow even when I turn off the Sure Alert.

False alerts. So many I’m tempted to uninstall

Doesn’t work at all. Don’t waste your money

Not as good as you think. Mine stopped working after only a couple of weeks this product is not as good as everybody says really look into it I don’t know why it stopped working I refreshed it about 10 times and it just stopped working and it kept been terminated I paid five dollars for nothing

Could be great. I bought this app thinking it was a great app but I get notifications every 20-30 seconds telling me my watch and phone are too far apart or whatever it says when my phone is in my pocket and watch on wrist. Very annoying. Please fix as could be an awesome app

Not reliable. Activated it but only tried it for a day. Found it very unreliable. Seemed to work better before unpaid. Canceled subscription.

Amazing. Saved me from forgetting my phone in an Uber last night!

Didn’t work. Wasted 2 hours trying to make it work

Glitches. The lost app fails to start alerting after recognizing the connection was lost

Battery hog. Just deleted this app after two days. Burned down the batteries on phone and watch. Watched charged overnight - dead by 5pm. Also, app must be left running to work. Waste of money.

Terrible, total rip off. It will be the perfect app, if worked correctly. Fail 100% So sorry I soent the money for it. Hope sameday some will came up with samething similar that works

First step of install: Give up a watch face complication. I wouldn’t have purchased it if the developer had disclosed that it’s expected to remain visible as a complication. There aren’t enough slots for this.

red dot is now gone.... the red dot notification on top of the apple watch is now gone when active mode is enabled. now i have to manually check all unread notifications. to the developers, pls fix. the red dot is extremely important to me and i guess for most people. pls take out the icon on top of the watch while active mode is on. my red dot notification is more important to me than your app. pls!

Phone buddy. I like this app a lot, I use it everyday

Useless. It generates seemingly random warnings about phone left behind, often with phone in the same room. Just annoying, turned it off.

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 7.6.1
Play Store com.frestudios.Phone-Buddy-for-Apple-Watch
Compatibility iOS 13.1 or later

Phone Buddy Phone Lost Alert (Versiyon 7.6.1) Install & Download

The application Phone Buddy Phone Lost Alert was published in the category Productivity on 02 April 2019, Tuesday and was developed by FRE STUDIOS LLC [Developer ID: 619585736]. This program file size is 30.81 MB. This app has been rated by 426 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. Phone Buddy Phone Lost Alert - Productivity app posted on 01 December 2023, Friday current version is 7.6.1 and works well on iOS 13.1 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.frestudios.Phone-Buddy-for-Apple-Watch. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Phone Buddy Phone Lost Alert App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Phone Buddy Version 7.6.1 addresses an issue where the Last Location Map would display a stale location in certain circumstances. This update also includes general stability and performance improvements. Thanks again for using Phone Buddy! If you like our app please consider writing a review, it really helps :). Any questions or comments? Email:

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