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Impcat App Description & Overview

What is impcat app? impcat (short for Interactive Miniature Painting Catalogue) is a simulator for photorealistic painting results on gaming and tabletop miniatures.

This tool gives you a variety of miniature images with individually customizable body sections, that you can paint with colours you own or perhaps wish to purchase. It works with predefined colour palettes, using names and values as promoted by their manufacturers.

To achieve a high quality result the system simulates a four step painting process:
Base colouring, layering, shading and highlighting.

- A set of 6 built-in miniatures, by Artel "W", with up to nearly 30 individually paintable sections
- A set of built-in colour palettes, as well as additional palettes from our DLC server (around 1000 paints to choose from, and growing)
- A file handling system for importing custom image and paint templates (visit for instructions)
- Access to a growing online library of free DLCs (visit for full list of contents)
- An automated complement recommendation mode that lets you select a base colour and then automatically applies harmonizing layer, shade and highlight paints, which you can then customize at will.
- A photorealistic simulation of the applied paints.
- A shopping list generator that collects the data of all applied colours and gives you the links to the corresponding shop pages
- Saving and loading options for your colour configurations
- A colour creating tool, for creating opaque and metallic paints of any colour you like
- A colour mixing tool, for testing mix results of your paints
- A randomizer, for getting colour scheme inspiration by letting impcat ramdomly distribute a set of colours across the model

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App Name Impcat
Category Productivity
Updated 17 April 2022, Sunday
File Size 19.57 MB

Impcat Comments & Reviews 2024

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Really cool. Great features, model variety is sadly a bit low but it’s really nice for messing around with new color schemes, don’t go in expecting for the exact model you want to paint to be there

Fantastic app, but takes some setup. I’m a beginner painter and I’m not trying to invest much time or money in my models at this time. I just used this app in a very basic way to plan my color scheme and I’m really happy with how well it worked. I did have to put in some effort to download the models I wanted. I consider myself tech-savvy and the impcat subreddit was very helpful so this didn’t take me long. However, if you’re looking for the app to contain everything from the get-go or if you don’t want to navigate the download process, this isn’t the tool for you.

Great tool for experimenting with color schemes. As someone who is very indecisive about color schemes and wants to get them just right before painting a whole army, this app is fantastic for me. The rendering looks very realistic and I think it gives you a great look at what a scheme would look like on the model. I love that I can make small tweaks in the app without having to paint multiple test models just to see how something will look. As some other reviews have alluded to, it definitely does take a bit of setup to get up and running. That said, once the initial setup is done you don’t have to worry about it again. If you have trouble with setting it up, the impcat subreddit has lots of useful resources and has been helpful for me with any questions I’ve had. I absolutely recommend this for anyone who likes to fine tune their paint schemes!

Great for what it is but recent update broke functionality. A recent update on the iPad version made it such that I can no longer select zones on the model with my Apple Pencil. This is a critical bug and is a major deterrent to using the app. If you can find the time, PLEASE FIX IT 🙏 As many have already stated, this app is awesome. So many of us in the hobby suffer from paralysis analysis and are hesitant to paint because we don’t know what we want. Similarly there are folks that want to sketch out their ideas ahead of time. This app lets you do both. Is it perfect? No, but it’s paving the way and definitely on the right track. I’m glad it exists and I’m an avid user. My feedback for the developer (speaking as one dev to another) is its clear the UI/UX was designed by a dev. My recommendation would be to find yourself a solid UI designer, and this app could go from good to absolute greatness!

Has serious potential .. This app is pretty good as it stands, could use some improvements so that it runs smoother. I feel later down the line if updates (paints, models, some stability) continue that this would be something I could see myself using for many many projects. Update: 4/23/2022 if there were a way to easier upload a mini and paint it on here that would make this awesome

Great App, Requires Base Level Intelligence to Operate. Too many reviewers seem to have trouble figuring out how to import files… you can get access to loads of additional files and paints needed to start doing mock-ups with 5 minutes of bare minimum research. This isn’t rocket science; it’s basic app and phone literacy. If you’re having trouble with this then you likely have far more important things to worry about than leaving reviews detailing your ineptitude with entry-level tech.

Good Once You Get It Going. Alright, so I took the plunge and bought it after seeing the last review was over a year ago. I don’t know if much has changed, but the app does what you want it to. It takes a bit of work, and downloading the files from another site, but the subreddit is really helpful and there are lots of models to choose from. I was interested for 40k, and after installing MEGA and visiting the folder where all the modes are stored, you can download whatever and start “painting”. Takes a bit to setup, but great once you get there

Too complicated. If you’re trying to use this on your phone and paint GW models be prepared for a complicated process and downloading a second app.

SVG files required. And an additional app.. I must have an IOS version that doesn’t allow me to download relevant templates in a browser. Ergo, I have to download an additional app (and open more permissions) to use the $3 app I paid for. Spent an hour and couldn’t even get the file to download on the second app, despite browsing the subreddit posts dedicated to exactly this process. The time alone made this app not worth it

Great app. Was hard choosing what color scheme/placement to go with but this helped immensely. Make sure to find the svg file you need online.

Doesn’t work with iPhone.. It’s an android app. It works with 8 models it has loaded on which are obviously not what people bought the app for. It only works how you really want it if you jump through a bunch of hoops and download other apps. For a program I just payed three dollars for, I’m disappointed.

It’s gotten better since the old reviews. So even after reading the reviews I decided to give this thing a shot. I happen to have found it via a google search which let me to a page to read about and and gave me the instructions on how to get the files I was looking for from impcat’s redit page. Once I did that it was fairly simple to use. Even the uploading the file it required to use wasn’t hard unless you just don’t know much about technology. All in all the app is what you think it is it helps you plan out your paint scheme without wasting hours on painting to just figure out you don’t like the pattern you made.

Description of app is misleading. Would not recommend.. This app is a nice idea, but it’s not worth anyone’s money. There is currently no “library” from which to download SVG files so that you can even paint any miniatures you would want beyond the 6 which come with the app. The fact that they are charging $3 for this is suspicious and should be reviewed. Basically if you want to paint your own miniatures you need to 1. Take hi-res well lit photography of your OWN minis in gray before they are painted at all. 2. The ability to create your own SVGs within Photoshop (oh yeah you’ll need that too). 3. Lots of time. If you have Photoshop and can make your SVG and take your own hi-res well-lit photos of your minis, why do you need this app? In the apps own description it states that It’s connected to a rich library of SVGs in the form of FREE DLC none of which is on the developers website nor are there links to this library. I don’t like leaving a review like this but there’s too many obfuscations which seem to be made by the developers to prevent people from actually realizing they just got duped into spending $3 on something that basically every minipainter wishes existed. I’m calling this predatory, don’t buy.

Not worth the money. I, like most, assumed we’d be able to use this for GW models, yet none exist. Apparently there is a process to get these templates, however it seems so complicated and time consuming (requires subreddit help and another app) that I’d rather just eat the $3 loss and learn a lesson - a lesson hopefully you all can avoid. The app needs a LOT of work, and has a long way to go before one can justify this price. Save your money, keep an eye on it, maybe a year or so of extra development will be all the difference.

iPad version doesn’t have Apple Pencil support. Update broke Apple Pencil functionality. Major bug that’s gone unfixed for three months. Unacceptable for a paid app.

Overall pretty good. Overall it’s pretty good. However I can’t figure out how to add more templates but that might just be something to do with my lack of knowledge in this area.

Worked good till recently. I loved using this app for color schemes for my warhammer armies but I recently have been having issues with it now when I try to use a lot of mixed colors where it will affect the layers of paint for about 10 seconds before the app restarts and all my progress in painting is gone I tried redownloading the app and even using different colors but it still happens and kinda makes the app hard to if not unusable so if this gets fixed then it’s great

Buyer Beware. App is probably not what you think it is. I suspect most people who pay and download never actually use it for the purpose they downloaded it for. I assumed it was going to be an easy process. Select the models I want to paint from a list. Maybe download them. Paint in the app and see what I like before committing to a color scheme. That is NOT what this app does. It is a powerful tool when used properly, but it is not intuitive or user friendly. You will need to go out of your way to source the files yourself, and download them to the files app. It’s a pain in the rear. Just paint the minis. Skip the app. As you can see by a “developer response” to another users review the dev team doesn’t seem to take criticism kindly and do not respond in the most professional manner. Another reason to save your money.

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Been waiting for an App like this.. Loving the App so far as I love just creating ideas most of the time. But would it be possible to get GW paint set as well.

Great app!. Amazing app, helps immensely when decided on a scheme for your army. I only wish we had GW paints as an option, or even if it told you what I’m the GW equivalent was. Other than that, can’t recommend it enough

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Scam?. Couldn’t figure this thing out, clicked way too many links. Don’t buy this.

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Impcat 1.2 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the Impcat app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Design Bench - Immersive Agency and other users?

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Impcat 1.2 Apps Screenshots & Images

Impcat iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Language English
Price $2.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.2
Play Store com.designbench.impcat
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

Impcat (Versiyon 1.2) Install & Download

The application Impcat was published in the category Productivity on 05 February 2020, Wednesday and was developed by Design Bench - Immersive Agency [Developer ID: 1496845135]. This program file size is 19.57 MB. This app has been rated by 39 users and has a rating of 2.8 out of 5. Impcat - Productivity app posted on 17 April 2022, Sunday current version is 1.2 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.designbench.impcat. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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Impcat App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Version 1.2 introduces the following (visit for full details): Fixes: - Significantly improved pinch-zoom behaviour - Colour adjustments (of built-in palettes) - Alphabetical order of colour palette selection list - Improved image template quality - Randomizer Auto Mode switch Changes: - Layout adjustments (including iPad optimization) - Tutorial update - AV paint palette structure New Features: - “Select” hub - Import XLSX - Find paint - Edit “my Paints” - Create colour sets - Shifting paints support

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