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HAMRS App Description & Overview

What is hamrs app? A simple amateur radio logger designed specifically for portable activities, like Parks on the Air (POTA), Summits on the Air (SOTA) Field Days, etc.

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App Name HAMRS
Category Productivity
Updated 26 March 2024, Tuesday
File Size 53.47 MB

HAMRS Comments & Reviews 2024

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Updates needed.. I wish I had known this app wasn't being supported anymore when I bought it a month ago. Feeling ripped off. Lots of new parks near me but this app is useless for them. Wish I could get my money back.

Excellent!. Very nice POTA logger.

It’s Awesome!. I just downloaded this app as I was leaving the house. I did my 4th POTA activation (K-2201) today and, while I didn’t log as I went along, I was able to quickly and easily transpose my paper log afterwards. It’s very clean and polished. Pretty great for an early stages app! I look forward to seeing what’s coming down the road. Great work so far! Keep up the great work!

Map is inop. I got this app for the easy of logging QSO’s and to see a map of the contacts. Upon entering my data and that of the contacts the map is blank. I deleted the app and reloaded it just in case. No map regardless of what enter and I have verified the app does have access to my position in settings. Not happy

Great app, needs a couple more features. Clean interface, very easy to use. Templates and QRZ lookup are great. If there was a satellite log template and an option to sync logbooks across devices/platforms and/or with LOtW or QRZ’s logging system (for which I’d happily pay), I’d give it 5 stars without hesitation.

Beautiful app, but it loses your work. I’ll update this review if the developer fixes the issue with specific QSOs and entire logs disappearing from the application. During the activation, the app worked great. Clearly the developer has put a lot of thought into making an app that can log QSOs in real time in field conditions. But once I was done with the activation, the logbook with 84 contacts vanished. Multiple people have reported to FB and the support forum that that QSOs are lost from their logbook, or that entire logbooks are lost. Reports to the support forum went unacknowledged, then were closed to comments after three weeks. If you’re okay with the app potentially wasting hours of your time, give it a whirl. But if you value your time, consider using a less elegant, but reliable, solution. I look forward to trying the app again when it’s fixed. And once it works, I’ll gladly pay for the upgrade.

NEEDS A FIVE DIGIT PARK UPDATE. Come on man… you can do better… This app WORKED great until five digit parks hit the USA…. Now not so much. Please update the app!!! Until then it is PAPER AND PENCIL for me!!!!

99.9% perfect.. Some minor issues. Left one park and traveled to another. Started a new logbook and for some reason non of my contacts would show on the new map. I’m assuming the app should have been killed and reopened for it to reping my location for qso mapping to work again. Also micro layout issues with text being overlaid with phones time and signal strength icons. Would also like to see more control over layout. Would like to see a dark mode. Over all very nice app.

Could be great. I probably should've read better, but this could be such a great app with one big feature: syncing. Which is not a hard problem. Apple offers it with iOS and qrz.com also offers it. Without syncing, its really not useful outside some specific situations.

Fantastic App. Thank you so much for this app. I’ve been struggling for six months to find a good POTA app while mobile and you nailed it!

Great Basic Logger. Great basic logger for POTA. Just what I was looking for at it’s not even at 1.0 yet. It is being updated constantly and adding new features. I can’t wait to see where it is a year from now. In it’s current state I can log POTA QSO’s easily. I’m excited to see the new features being added!

Excellent! Just needs an update. With two exceptions (see below), I’ve been really happy with this app for logging during any portable operations, particularly POTA. The expanded keyboard setting is very helpful for typing call signs on a mobile app, the lookup features work wonderfully (note you need a QRZ subscription to use it for your lookup source), and the app is as optimized and feature-filled as reasonably possible for a mobile app. I’ve not had issues with lost contacts or any of that type of thing since I’ve started using it…at a quick glance, I find 12 separate POTA logs totaling 2,000+ QSOs sitting in my app now with no hiccups. Two minor issues: 1) A bug: When using the POTA template, if you accidentally start typing a call sign in the “their park” box, the QSO will *not* save if you backspace it and type the call in the correct box. Instead, you have to completely clear the QSO and start over. That got me in a pickle a couple times during pileups. 2) Please add support for 5 digit parks! The first time I activated one and didn’t notice, it auto populated my location with the wrong state, grid square, etc. This also created an issue with the QSO map being way off. My fault for not seeing it, but I ended up with 230+ incorrectly recorded QSOs I had to fix before uploading to QRZ and LotW. For those still reading, there is a workaround until an update is made: You just need to manually update the grid square and other pertinent info all the way at the bottom of the QSO input screen *after* entering the 5 digit park number.

Updates. App is very helpful, but the qso map doesn’t work on my iPhone. Also, is there any update on adding a import feature to move logs between devices?

An app for him operators. Finally an app that is made for those who want to put ham radio information in a simple format. Also having an ability to have templates when you have different situations is incredible. And that somebody finally created an iOS app for us hams. Finally!

Great job…quick suggestion. Thank you for the great app. Suggested by K8MRD! I have one suggestion: the app I was using before, HamLog, which was far inferior to this app for POTA logging, did have one feature that I appreciated…having a keyboard change when entering a call that included a set of numbers instead of the suggested words above the QWERTY keyboard. This would help in inputting callsigns quite a bit, since you wouldn’t have to switch to numbers and then back to letters.

Drops logged contacts. Beware of this app’s known bug. It drops contacts from the log unexpectedly. My last log went from 96 POTA contacts to 79 overnight. Fortunately I had already exported and reported to POTA and QRZ. A logging program should not have this problem- especially if it is already known to the developers.

Was Great. This was once a great program for POTA logging but the developers lack of updates has made it all but useless. It does not have the capability of recognizing parks over -9999 and if not updated soon will not recognize any park numbers. I hope it is updated because it has the potential to be the perfect logging tool for POTA.

Great app. Would like to see tweaks. Works great for pota ! I wish it saved each log until I delete it. It might save for one or two times and then you have to submit a new log. Tried to upload log to LotW but the grid was off a bit. Went in to change it and log nowhere. Other than that it’s a great logger. Very easy and basic. Wish it logged more templates now. Fb devs

No Updates-. I wish I had known that this software is no longer being updated before I bought it. The new POTA changes essentially make this logger useless for POTA.

Looks like a great way to log POTA. This may make my field paper logging easier. There is one feature that might improve it: Keep the numbers permanently above the keyboard to simplify typing callsigns. (The QRZ app does this.)

Not Working. I get the following message when I try to open this on my android tablet after paying. $4.99 Application Error The connection to the server was unsuccessful (file:///android_asset/www/index.html) Any ideas?????

Finally!. Just what I need for POTA and nothing else. Dirt simple. Thanks for making this. Well worth the money.

Simple. Thanks so much for keeping it simple. I just wish the QSO map worked on iOS .

So many QSOs lost. I’ve lost so many QSO records using this app. Buyer beware. Multiple times. Records just disappear.

Very functional, a few rough edges. Early this morning, I was searching for POTA app to show map with park ID number and details. This isn’t that but a very functional logger for operating in portable locations, including POTA. First time use observations: - Creates a log for each event we participate in. - Great for Duplicate contact checking - My data is set once for this activation - QRZ.com integration is awesome Stuff that I’d like to see improved - Dark Mode since all that white display background drains my older iPad’s battery - sort contacts by date/time. I needed to edit a few contact’s frequency and they were scattered in the log. - scroll bar if fields don’t fit in box. I lost the Frequency & Mode fields until I realized I could scroll the My Info box.

Simple, useful , but be aware!. Seemed perfect for field use, but time does not advance automatically. Wound up with several calls at the same moment. Could not reconstruct the contact times from memory.

Terrible, loses logs and the developer knows about it. I wasn’t going to use this app because it’s well known to lose logs or partial logs but I was in a jam. Downloaded it in the field and it lost 70 of my contacts. I wasn’t touching it, my phone was just sitting on the table and it went white for 2 seconds and then the log showed a much lower total contact number. The developer has confirmed the issues but is still selling it on various app stores which is asinine.

POTA Logger. Thank you for keeping it simple. I activated my first park this week. I found paper & pencil a necessity due to the cold temperatures (and wearing gloves). However, after returning home and logging the data into HAMRS, it easily uploaded into my QRZ logbook & adi file to POTA. After reviewing the uploaded data, I realized that future info or changes are needed for the QRZ logbook. Example: 1. QTH Field POTA: 2. Correct Latitude & Longitude (It would be nice to add this manually as specific gps info might be different for each activation.) 3. Correct County 4. CQ Zone & ITU Zone might change as an operator visits different states or countries. It sure would be nice if LOTW would help to make operating portable or mobile easier. Operators really want to capture the QSO & the “real” location.

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Great app with some room for excellence. Layout on iPad and iPhone is excellent. Syncing between devices would be excellent as well as some sort of remote sync of logs with sites like qrz.com or any other appropriate logging sites. I’m excited to see what comes next. I would be happy to pay a monthly fee if those options arrived.

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HAMRS 1.0.7 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

What do you think of the HAMRS app? Can you share your complaints, experiences, or thoughts about the application with Jarrett Green and other users?

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Language English
Price $4.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.0.7
Play Store app.hamrs
Compatibility iOS 12.4 or later

HAMRS (Versiyon 1.0.7) Install & Download

The application HAMRS was published in the category Productivity on 28 March 2021, Sunday and was developed by Jarrett Green [Developer ID: 1303563212]. This program file size is 53.47 MB. This app has been rated by 84 users and has a rating of 4.2 out of 5. HAMRS - Productivity app posted on 26 March 2024, Tuesday current version is 1.0.7 and works well on iOS 12.4 and higher versions. Google Play ID: app.hamrs. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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