CNC Machinist Calculator Pro App Reviews


CNC Machinist Calculator Pro App Description & Overview

What is cnc machinist calculator pro app? CNC Machinist Calculator Pro is a machining calculator designed for manufacturing engineers, machinists, CNC operators, tool & die makers, and at home hobbyists. CNC Machinist Calculator Pro is great for CNC programmers or machine operators who need to make quick calculations on the fly. It's also a great tool for quoting new work. Visit for more info

This CNC machining calculator app includes the following features:

1. Turning Calculators for lathe operators
*Cutting Speed Calculation by Material
*Grooving/Cut off cycle time Calculation
*Rough turn cycle time Calculation
*Cutting Speed Calculations
*Cutting speed to RPM conversions
*Feed per rev - Feed per minute conversions
2. Milling Calculators for mill operators
*Cutting Speed & Feed Calculation by Material
*RPM to Cutting Speed Conversions
*Feed per Minute - Feed per tooth Conversions
*Radial Chip Thinning Calculation
*Metal Removal rate Calculation
*Milling cut time Calculation
*Circle Milling Calculations - Both inner & outer
*Ball Mill Cusp Height Calculation
*Ball Mill Effective diameter/Chip Thinning Calculator
*Thread Milling Calculations - Both inner & outer
3. Drilling Calculators
*Cutting Speed Calculation by material
*Cycle time calculation
*Drill point Length calculation
4. Gun drilling Calculators
*Cutting Speed Calculation by material
*Cycle time calculation
5. Thread Calculators
6. True Position Calculators
7. Bolt Pattern Calculators
8. Surface Finish Calculators
9. Drill & Tap charts
10. Thread data for the following threads:
* 60° Threads (Pitch Ø, Minor Ø, Major Ø, Helix, Lead, etc.)
* NPT Threads
* Acme Threads
* STI Threads
11. Thread over 3 wire info (Size limits, min, max, & best wire)
12. Center drill dimensions
13. Unit converter
14. Hardness conversions
15. G-codes
16. M-codes
17. Blue Print Geometric Tolerance Descriptors - GD&T
18. SFM calculator for drilling, milling, & turning over 170 materials
19. Tap Drill Calculator for roll form & cut taps
20. Various Geometric calculators
21. Triangle Solver
22. CNC keyway calculator
23. Custom macro variables, logic, arguments, & arithmetic data
24. Machinist Forum
25. Export G-code for internal & external chamfers, tapers, & radii with tool nose comp.
26. Circle segment calculator ( arc calculator )
27. National Pipe Thread data - NPT threads
28. Material Property Search with machinability info
29. Material Weight Calculator for over 170 materials & 10 shapes
30. Tool Wear section with images helpful info to improve tool life
31. Machinist Test with 6 categories to test your strengths & weaknesses
32. Socket Head Cap Screw hole dimensions
33. Scientific Calculator which includes:
* sine (sin)
* cosine (cos)
* tangent (tan)
* arcsine (sin-1)
* arccosine (cos-1)
* arctangent (tan-1)
* square (x²)
* cube (x³)
* pi (π)
* square root (√)
* base 10 logarithm (log)
* exponential function (ex)
* natural logarithm (In).
34. Linear Thermal Expansion Calculator
35. Grinding Calculations
* Plunge Grind - Q Prime, grit penetration & aggressiveness
* Surface Grind - Q Prime, grit penetration & aggressiveness
* Grinding Wheel Velocity
* Work piece Velocity
* Work piece RPM to wheel RPM ratio cylindricity error calculator
* Wheel Mesh (Grit) size conversion
* Equivalent wheel diameter
36. More to come...

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App Name CNC Machinist Calculator Pro
Category Productivity
Updated 19 March 2020, Thursday
File Size 53.71 MB

CNC Machinist Calculator Pro Comments & Reviews 2024

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Super useful for machining. I use this app for turning and milling. It’s great for computing speeds and also for referencing items. Aside from calculations there is a lot of information contained in this app if you know where to look for it. Wish it had Involute gear and rotating table calculations maybe in some future release. Definitely worth the price, great to have all this specialized information in your pocket for those times you are at the machining table and don’t feel like pulling out the big books!

Very good, but could be improved in some areas. Very good so far I have used it for both milling and lace but I could not find what I need in the grinding calc. I would like to see a calc for cylindrical center grinders. I tried using the surface grinding calc to approximate the wheel pressure. Or at least a button to switch between surface grinding and cylindrical grinding. I hope to see this improvement. Thanks.

Essential app for the modern machine shop employee. The amount of info at my fingertips is comparable to a copy of the machinery handbook, and takes 1/4 the time to get it. Came in clutch countless times. Worth every penny! One thing I would love is a tool life calc.

It's ok. Needs improvement.. Good material selections. I don't like that it reloads the app after having switched to a different app. This causes the data to be lost and makes you have to re enter it.

All inclusive. Most complete and comprehensive machinist aid I have run across. Worth the small price. I think the bad reviews are just mad cause they can’t get the “brain check” right.

Review. This has everything I need all in one I’ve got 28 years of experience and I e always had to do research for data to have an edge. Now I have all the technical data I could ask for!

Amazing App.!!!!. This app is amazing it’s a definite must have, worth every penny. I’m new to the industry and this app has come in handy when I feel like double or even triple checking myself. I always have my phone in my pocket so it’s convenient.

Very Useful. All the information I need is at my fingertips with good calculators. One downside is the calculator that doesn’t follow the rules of mathematics. 1 + 3/4 should = 1.750 not 1.

Button presses are abysmal. There are quite a few good utilities here though the UI has one major flaw and several areas that need improvement. The major flaw is that it takes multiple presses on the buttons for data entry. A friend recommended the app to me but warned me of this problem. I didn’t realize how serious it was. Also in some case the button location is not correct so one has to press slightly above (or below) the location of the button to get the correct entry. Really, THIS NEEDS TO GET FIXED!! This app is not worth the money until this problem is resolved! No other app I have ever used has a basic data entry problem like this, please fix it. The app would get four stars if this problem was fixed. I tend not to use it because of this. The other problems are order-of-event issues with the UI, but they pale in comparison the the button entry issue.

Great useful machining app. I’m using it quite often and double check it to the machinery handbook 25th addition. Handy and very easy to find information

Amazing app! Great material information!. I love this app! I noticed you have HSS and CARBIDE as tool selection but I was wondering if you could add CERAMIC as I have to work with them a lot and would like to have a reference for its SFM capabilities. Thanks - mckale

Excellent App. Keep up the great work and keep the updates coming!!!! I find this app extremely useful and use it to teach myself new things just for curiosity’s sake. You can’t make everyone happy in the cnc world, there will always be naysayers.....Stay focused on continual updates for those of us that support you. Word of mouth beats the advertising dollar every time.

CNC Keyway Broach. If you are in the manufacturing industry this app is a “must buy” and something you will use every day

Exceptional Tool. Note: I rarely ever review products. I’ve been utilizing this app for over a year now. It’s now my go to source for CNC related information. This app is invaluable & is always at a fingers swipe. Again, Exceptional product & credit/praise is due to the creator/s. Thank you.

Great app!. Speaking as a hobby machinist, this is a great app. Meets my needs perfectly and it’s easier to decipher than Machinery’s Handbook.

Fantastic!. Does everything as advertised. Better than the $80 handheld calculator I got.

Impressive!. I got the app mainly to figure triangles since I am weak on trigonometry. It does that very easily and easy to figure. There are many other tasks it can perform that after seeing I can expect will be useful. I think the 9 or 10 dollars it cost was well spent.

Great app. This is one of the best app I bought, it can do a lot stuff if you are a programmer you are going to use it a lot.

Great App!!. This is now my go to app for speeds & feeds. Shane has worked very hard and has been very responsive. I would like to request a Press fit calculator. Thanks!

Super Handy. I’m a carbide tool sales rep/ applications engineer and I really like this tool. Has some great information in it and I really like that it’s in my pocket. Good stuff!

Time saver. Saves you time in setup work. Quick and easy to use.

Good app. It has a-lot of good features, developer did a good job, i only got it toy around with. Would be awesome if it had sin cosine and tangent features. If it just had those it would be 5 stars. Its a basic calculator with some good features.

Great for beginners. I’m a machining apprentice, and the biggest thing for me is being able to calculate feeds and speeds, as well as having something to reference. I love the drill chart and the easy conversion function that’s built in. I’m still figuring out the other functions of the app, but I’m sure they will be useful as I go along. Only thing for me is that the app pauses my music every time I turn it on, so that’s the reason for only 4 stars. Otherwise, great app and worth the 12 bucks.

A MUST HAVE!!. As a novice machinist I’ve found this app invaluable. There is a lot here so it is an ongoing discovery. It seems pretty comprehensive and I find I rarely have to venture outside the app to find the information I need. So far it’s exceeded my expectations and my needs. Don’t go without.

Fantastic machinist reference and calculator in one. I’ve been a machinist for decades and always recommend this application. The more you know and do as a machinist, the more you appreciate the many features and quick calculations to figure and plan your operations. I’m always using the rpm/sfm and angle solver on a daily basis for both turning and milling.

CNC Machinist. Best machine shop floor mate to have. Quick and easy to use with tons of data at your fingertips.

Great App!!!. I love this app, it has a ton of great features and information. I just noticed the ‘brain check’ feature which is awesome, i just wish the timer was optional. I like looking at the information, and i usually know the right answer, i’m just not that fast of a reader so the timer usually runs out before i have time to answer it. that’s my only complaint so far haha, again amazing app!

Great App. I’ve used this app daily since I purchased it. It has worked flawlessly. All the issues mentioned in older reviews have been corrected. The developer seems to one of the rare ones that actually cares about his product. I would like to see the addition of a drill point length calculator. Just a simple version where you can enter drill diameter and point angle, and it will give you the point length. If you are a machinist or manufacturing engineer this is a handy app.

Love the app but the thermal expansion seems to be glitchy. Anyone else have issues with the thermal expansion option? It will not allow me to select a material. It will only allow me to select a length, initial temp and final temp. Let me know if I’m missing something Thanks

Cnc at your fingertips. Most complete app I've found yet. Is full of very useable information and easily accessible. I highly recommend to all serious machinists.

Awesome!. I've had this app for a few months now! Extremely helpful. No more bulky Machinest handbook. I've tried other apps, none have had everything you have here.

Very useful. Awesome calculator for machinists. Very useful features. I am working with millimeters and our drawings are in inches. So it would be really helpful if there would be a button to switch between inches and mm after the final calculation is done to see the both data. So far I like it. Also would be nice to have a knurling calculation but it says it’s coming.

Awesome App. I recently downloaded this app and it is exactly what I was looking for. It has all of the commonly needed info from the machines handbook in one easy to navigate place. This app is well worth the money.

Great. Great app for learning as a beginner machinist but I would love to see a general tool information chart. Just a chart of types of mills, taps, drills, and other various tools as well as their applications.

Great resource. Have only begun to use all the data but haven't looked in the machinists handbook since I got this app and that's a good thing

Jake Volk Manufacturing Engineer. I use the app everyday. It makes my job easier, especially when on the shop floor. You can train employees, help boost their confidence in tackling more complicated projects!

Excellent machinist helper!!!. I’ve been a machinist for 5 yrs. and an excellent app. I would buy again and again.

Good basics. Overall the app is good for basic info, but I expected more from the pro version. I was disappointed that the part off calculation does not include a max RPM. 95% of part off to 0 applications run out of effective SFM due to RPM limitations, especially when utilizing a bar feeder. Also some of the recommendations of SFM based on material are substantially low based on the coating technology that is available today.

No problems. I see a lot of negative reviews but I believe most of the time it’s the user not the app. I have a small machine shop and this app holds up to Mach calc pro 2 if you don’t want to spend that much this app will do the trick, and I love the material data! It’s not for dummies , so if you’re dumb, don’t get this app 😁

Super handy!. This app comes out very handy, when you’re working around the shop and need to verify dimensions, when you create programs, and when you are away from charts, and you need acces to recomended sizes of drills, and stuff like that, It gives you a lot of info with a very simple interface, I love it, recomend it 100%

Fantastic Calculator for a Machinist. There is a ton of great info here that I would have to get Machinerys handbook out to find. I really like this app it saves me a lot of time well worth the $9.99

Great tool!!!. One of the greatest Machinist apps out there definitely worth the money

Good and I hope development continues.. I’d love more table charts. Better separation from calculator to data table and other stuff. Wish it started up faster. But many other good things to use. Also wish it didn’t turn off my audio when opening it. Seems to be a app issue. Plenty of apps allow background music. Once opened I can restart music. But this gets tiresome 10-15 times a day.

Very useful. This is what I have been looking for

Outstanding!!. Easy to use, highly functional, packed with information, great resource to carry in your pocket at your machine shop, should have picked this up sooner!

Developer should…. Just get rid of the custom keyboards, and use Apple’s default iOS keyboard when it comes to entering anything into a search field within the app.

Great app come a ways still needs a few things. Overall it’s good. I would give 5 stars if the programmer added carbon fiber, fiberglass, and some common machinable plastics to the feeds and speeds calculator. They are common materials we machine.

Amazing!!. This app is amazing, I would spend 100 times the cost to get this. It has helped more then I can ever say. Many thanks for making this app.

Thread info is great. The Thread charts are awesome, the only improvement I’d like to see is when you toggle from metric to inch format that it would lock on inch instead of having to hold over the icon. Sometimes you need both hands while you’re working.👍👍👍

Good App. App is really nice! There is a wealth of info that should be helpful to just about anyone. I took off one star for the UI. It’s simply NOT as responsive as it should be, still a good tool though

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CNC Machinist Calculator. Great app, thanks.

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No support for notch. Don’t buy if you have a new iPhone. It does something’s well but is often very laggy and slow. Their are better free options don’t waste your money.

Great. I just bought it. I'm a manual machinist I I think this will be a great asset. Lots of the tools are way more than what I will ever use.

Program to cut a radius tangent to an angle.. Hi, is there a way to program a corner radius tangent to a certain angle?thanks

Excellent app. This app is quite good very impressed with many of the features. one thing I would love to see is a more detailed tap drill chart and far more complex but would be absolutely exceptional would be to be able to get program lines for radiuses into a taper. As into put a radius on each side of a chamfer

Great resource, but kind of clunky. The animations feel slow, operating the buttons/menus feels “clunky”. Still usable, and everything else is great.

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Highly recommend this App!!. I have a home machine shop and I use this app all the time. The turning and milling speeds are great and I love the drill chart for decimal equivalents, tap drill sizes, thread reference etc. You can even see me using it and recommending it on my BladesIIB YouTube channel.

Awesome. Works great, easy to use.

Tool Nose Compensation Would Be Nice. Great app. Maybe add some tool nose compensation on the lathe taper/chamfer key.

Noob. I just download the app I will update when I have some experience.

Good. Good

Terrible. This app is garbage it’s so slow and the sfm is only in metric there’s no option for imperial. There’s a lot better apps that’s free

Great app. Use it every day, excellent tool.

Handy App. Fast and easy.

the best. the best application for cnc machinest

Great app. I use this app on almost daily basis and love it! The big question I have is if I can have this app swapped over to my android phone(Note9) without having to purchase again? Thank you.

No thread chart. No easy reference chart for threads with major and minor diameters etc. you have to go through multiple menus to look up a specific tap or thread size

Good but really slow. Works great for what I need it for it’s just really laggy

Supervisor. Very good app. In depth, thorough and easy to use... AWESOME

Calc pro. Love this app best one I have used yet

Nice app but. I found my converting page not working ?!?!?! I press numbers but none show in boxes. All others seem to work.

Does this not have a math calculator for ipad pro?. Android version has math functions. Did I not get a full down load or am I just not seeing something?

Not what I was wanting. Couldn’t find anything as far as a definitive list of features of this app. Doesn’t have what I was looking for, at least I can’t find anything useful for what I wanted in the app. Wasted money.

Very nice application 😋. Recommend to buy 😀 ..Everything you need for cnc machinist🤘

Very versatile. I use this app daily I absolutely love it!!!!

Not worth the money. If you have no concept of machining, this may help you a little, but the calculator on your phone works pretty well too. True position calculator is ok, but it would be better if it allowed you to input what print dimensions are. The speed/feed calculator doesn’t give recommended spindle speed, only calculates off max spindle speed. If you miss select something it takes you back to the top menu, and you have to go back, huge time waster. All the angle and trig you need is already on the internet for free. Not worth 13.00$

Very useful so far. It could definitely use a few more features like acme thread calculator, or a G2/G3 configure for milling . But the features it has are great

Lacking the most important thing!. It will tell you surface speed and rpm but neglects to calculate feed rate IPR or depth of cut. Only $5.99 but only half the info I was looking for. Guess I'll have to keep looking and spending.

Brian from ma. my thoughts. New be to the machining bought this app for short money and it’s been very easy to navigate and very awesome so far

Great tool. Everything I was looking for at a great price.

Great tool. This is a great tool for a lot of reasons most of all is it’s all in one location. Thanks JR

Nice app. Really neat app

Can’t be without. Useful tool but certain functions run slow, not sure but it may be my phone. Not crazy about the converter layout but again it works well, worth the $10.00.

G and M code. Love the app! I really wish you guys would add Fanuc G and M code dictionary too!

Helpful app but a bit slow. Every calculation seems to take several seconds, which seems like a design flaw with the UI, rather than too much demand on the CPU. I noticed the threading passes function is not working. That's not a big deal for me, but the app should hide non-functional items.

Excellent!. This app is a great source of information. Simple and efficient. Keep up the good work.

AJH. Bolt hole calculations are incorrect or I am doing something wrong

Great app. Works great for all my cnc needs. Great app.

Ok needs to be optimized. Runs slow

Great app for machinist. Money well spent

Nice app. Love the app so much that I am running it on a iPad and my Droid phone.

Cool!. Very useful. iPhones with notches affect the display of the app, please look into.

Great app. I have been using this app for a few weeks so far and have not been disappointed. I suggested an feature and within a week he added it to the app great going.

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Language English
Price $12.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 18
Play Store com.pluckedstudios.machcalcpro
Compatibility iOS 12.1 or later

CNC Machinist Calculator Pro (Versiyon 18) Install & Download

The application CNC Machinist Calculator Pro was published in the category Productivity on 25 September 2015, Friday and was developed by Shane Anderson [Developer ID: 1037668280]. This program file size is 53.71 MB. This app has been rated by 577 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. CNC Machinist Calculator Pro - Productivity app posted on 19 March 2020, Thursday current version is 18 and works well on iOS 12.1 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.pluckedstudios.machcalcpro. Languages supported by the app:

EN ES Download & Install Now!
Other Apps from Shane Anderson Developer
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CNC Machinist Calculator Pro App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Added Acme thread data, STI Thread data for Helicoils, and a max RPM field to the effective diameter calculation

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