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PDT Cocktails App Description & Overview

What is pdt cocktails app? PDT Cocktails is the authoritative archive of the famed New York City bar, replete with both house creations and numerous fine-tuned classics that have graced PDT’s menu since the bar’s opening in 2007.

- 400 meticulously tested cocktail recipes
- 69 recipes for PDT’s house-made ingredients
- Ingredient profiles that include photos and concise reference material
- Photographs of every cocktail and every ingredient—over 1000 in total, each taken at PDT

PDT Cocktails can be used independently or as a companion to The PDT Cocktail Book, which the app augments with new PDT creations, newly relevant historic recipes, and revisions to existing recipes based on available products and continued testing by PDT’s expert mixologists.

PDT Cocktails allows bartenders of all skill-levels to:

- Search recipes by base spirit, cocktail-type, creator, and date of creation
- Display measurements in ounces, centiliters, milliliters, or gills
- Check off the ingredients you’ve got and this app will show you which drinks you can make
- Filter the recipes on multiple criteria with just a few taps
- Flag recipes and tag favorites; create custom lists of recipes
- Annotate recipes with comments and cumulative likes and dislikes and build up a chronological history of your explorations
- Ingredient definitions included
- Sync your ingredient inventory, favorites and flagged, custom lists and journal entries across our entire suite of apps and over as many iOS devices as you like, using our free sync service
- Universal app, works nearly identically on both platforms

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App Name PDT Cocktails
Category Food & Drink
Updated 25 July 2022, Monday
File Size 76.68 MB

PDT Cocktails Comments & Reviews 2024

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Awesome drinks recipe app. This app includes all of the recipes of the PDT book, plus more, and continues to receive periodic updates from time to time, so at $9.99 this app is really a great deal compared to the book version. In addition to the sheer number of recipes available, you get all of the unmatched functionality and features of the MixologyTech suite of apps. The most important functionality is the inventory feature, which lets you enter your inventory on hand in the app. It then shows you which recipes you can make with your ingredients. With each ingredient an explanation is given of what it is, and all ingredients are provided as links so you can pick an ingredient in a recipe for example and then see which other recipes call for that ingredient. Substitutions are recommended for like ingredients when you are missing a specific ingredient but have a good alternative on hand. That's a particularly important feature in this app since recipes call for specific brands of spirits, and if you don't have that brand on hand another will be recommended as a substitute. A sync feature that takes about 30 seconds to set up will sync all of your ingredients across all seven MixologyTech apps and across multiple devices. This is particularly handy if you use the app both on an iPhone and iPad. It also means that any time you delete and reinstall one of the apps you can just set up the sync again and all of your ingredients are repopulated immediately. Favorites and flags make it easy to find your stand by drinks and drinks you've been meaning to try. You can make custom lists of recipes and journal notes on each recipe, which is helpful if you want to make a drink again but it was just a little too sweet, not sweet enough, too strong, etc. Recipes can be searched and filtered by various criteria including base spirit, method of preparation, drink type, provenance, and more. Another great feature, if like me you're always looking to expand the inventory and possibilities of your home bar, is the recommendation of ingredients to acquire. Near the bottom of the home screen you'll see a count of your ingredients, and what percentage of recipes you can make from the app. It then recommends the next ingredients that would most increase the number of drinks you'd be able to make if you added them to your inventory. This app provides a great all around group of cocktail recipes made to the high standards of one of the top cocktail bars in the world. For something a little more geared towards beginners I'd recommend the Shaken & Stirred app, and for the more serious cocktail übernerd I'd recommend Martin's Index of Cocktails which includes an exhaustive list of recipes from the mid nineteenth through mid twentieth century.

Swing and a miss. I was looking for a better cocktail app, and was happy to pay for the upgrade. I entered my 35 ingredients and was able to make 2 drinks (one I’m having now). Unless you are ready to stock up on walnut-infused cognac and popcorn-infused rum, save your $10 and get another app.

It’s a great app but it’s missing some key features for a home bar. I haven’t been to PDT the speakeasy, but I assume everything on the app is pretty much what is offered. And I can understand that is part of a branding thing. And I love so many of the cocktail recipes. But an app for the home bartender needs to allow people to edit the recipes, add their own recipes, and add their own ingredients. I can understand if y’all wanna make another app for this sort of thing though.

Beware It’s $10 for very little. Total ripoff. The app gave me 10 basic recipes I could make with my 50 plus ingredients for which I don’t need a recipe. I know 20 more I can make with what I have that aren’t listed and for which it would actually be helpful to have the recipes. Then, I discovered their gimmick. You have to buy apps for 5 or 6 more books to get anything comprehensive. Don’t waste your money.

Close to perfection. Every time I think this app can't get any better, you go and make it better. The *only* thing this app was missing was a way to take notes on drinks I've made. Now it has that. Love the creative recipes, love the inventory features. Favorite cocktail app.

The best cocktail app. This is what I've been missing from my bar. Having loved the PDT book for years this is the perfect replacement. Load up your ingredients into the app and it tells you what cocktails you can make including substations for certain ingredients.

Unlocked my mixing brain.. I had been in a cocktail rut, just making the same things because I couldn’t find new ways to combine what I had and I couldn’t go by every bottle in the store. These apps opened up my cabinet to literally—yes, literally—hundreds of new possibilities. The interface is as brilliant and elegant and classy as a Vieux Carré. Do it. You’ll love it.

Great app. Great app, worth the money. The list of ingredients is amazing. Only 4 stars though because there is no option to add custom cocktails or missing classics.

Great. Always loved the PDT book and this is perfect because it lists what you can make with the ingredients you have. Well done!

Much better than the book. Every cocktail lover should have the PDT book (aka the Bible), but they should only pull it out to read or flip through while relaxing on the couch (hopefully with a perfectly balanced cocktail). For all other occasions, just pull out the app and find exactly what you're looking for much faster. The design of this suite of apps is perfectly suited to the at-home cocktail enthusiast. Input your ingredients once, sync to all other apps (easily authenticating via 1Password support), flag recipes, and drink lovely cocktails. I'm a particular fan of flagging recipes I want to try because the list of flagged recipes shows you results from all installed apps in the suite. Very easy to find a good one to try (likewise with favorites).

Let down. $10 is steep for an app but I was excited to check out some new cocktail recipes. Added by pretty solid home bar and was told I could make 17 of the 400 recipes. Ouch. So many obscure ingredients needed. Would become infinitely more useful if it also included classic cocktails; "forgot about that recipe" or "nice, didn't realize I had all the ingredients for that one".

Excellent. Don't be discouraged.. An excellent companion to the book. Don't be discouraged if the initial assessment shows you can only make a small amount of the recipes - many of the "missing" ingredients may be things you've already got around the house, especially if you're making cocktails at home: sugar, water, lemons, limes, etc. And if you've got sugar and water you can make simple syrup, so add that one to your list too. Additionally, the app offers basic substitutions to make it easier to increase the number of recipes available to you. Example: you can substitute generic "bourbon" if you don't have "Buffalo Trace", "rye" if you don't have "Old Overholt", and so on. I love how easy it is to add your ingredients, how it shows how many recipes include each ingredient, the description of each ingredient and examples for each category, how your ingredients sync across other apps from the same developer (the "Easy Cocktails" app, Wondrich's app, etc), and how it's easy to see recipes for which you are missing only one or two ingredients. The only feedback I would provide is it would be nice to have the ability to rate each cocktail for personal preference (I don't care to see others' ratings though). Also, the ability to add ingredients to a Wish List or Shopping List would be beneficial. Now if we can only get an app for other books too, like Speakeasy, Death & Co, any of Dale DeGroff's books, etc. One final note, if you find these recipes too complicated, or requiring too many obscure or homemade ingredients, try the Easy Cocktails app from the same developer. Keep in mind, PDT is a world-class cocktail bar that pushed the envelope. You can't reasonably expect the casual home bar to have all these ingredients on hand, or the casual home bartender to have the desire to seek out all the ingredients. Just because you buy "The French Laundry" or "El Bulli" cookbooks doesn't mean you're going to be cooking like Keller or Adrià at home any time soon. Check your expectations.

The very best cocktail app.. Why this app is not #1 in category is a failure of either word of mouth or the app store’s optimization. First of all, the PDT Book is exceptional due to quality of recipes, insights into building cocktails, and perhaps most importantly - a complete index - allowing you to quickly and and efficiently search your favorite liquors from your cabinet and discover new and inventive cocktails to make with those liquors. This app takes the book to the next level, using the powers of computer memory and cataloging capabilities to open up 1000+ cocktails that you can potentially make. Most useful is the inventory feature - which creates a digital catalog of your liquor cabinet and then a list of all the cocktails you can make out of your cabinet. The app features substitution recommendations when you might be missing an ingredient and a potentially very expensive “increase your options” features which prioritizes bottles to add to your collection based on the number of new recipes a particular bottle might open up to you. Notes and favorites features allow you to make the app all your own and collect your favorite recipes in a single list. I recommend this book to anyone from the amateur mixologist to bar tending pro. It is well worth the price I promise.

Solid. Great UI.. I've got about 100-150 different cocktail ingredients at home, but sometimes I struggle with creative ways to combine them. You add your inventory of ingredients and it easily guides you to cocktails you can make either entirely or partially. A great resource for a home bartender. My wife has also taken a liking to it since I'm not always home, yet she would still like to be able to make drinks for herself based on what's in the cabinet.

Needs work. First let me say that this app has a lot of potential. I won't spend time on the good stuff. The app description covers that well. This is a long review because I can tell the app developers pay attention to detail. My biggest complaint is how ingredients are handled. They need to be organized first by type, subtype, then brand. (1) where do I find Gallo dry vermouth? Not under "g". I can't even find "vermouth". How do I enter Jose Cuervo tequila? Protip: use the search on the main screen. (Which reminds me. I should be able to pull down on the ingredients list to search it.) (2) Organizing the ingredients by specific brand doesn't make sense. The home bartender isn't going to have 15 different bottles of rum. (3) The app has some substitution logic, which is good, but a type/subtype/brand hierarchy would help the user understand the substitutions. e.g. Tequila/gold/Jose Cuervo Especial. There should be an "other" in the subtype in case the user's brand is not there. The app can then explain how good or bad a substitution is. e.g. The recipe calls for a specific brand of light rum, but all you have is Kraken spiced dark rum. It's 2 steps away in similarity. (Not the right brand or subtype.) As things are now I don't know which substitutions the app might use so I end up lying to the app, telling it I have all these similar ingredients that I don't have, to ensure more drinks are within 1 ingredient. The second big request is that there be some notion of popularity for different drink recipes. This could be collaborative or it could be set by experts. I want to explore new drinks but I don't know if I should buy a bottle of lillet for a specific drink which may not be popular. Maybe a section for top drinks?

game-chaning app, great developer support. When I was in college I had a dream to make my friends any drink they wanted and drive a flying car. This was a fantasy, not the least of reasons because organizing a bar is difficult, and because flying cars do not exist. However, this app has allowed me to realize the dream in the most convenient way imaginable. This app makes the connections behind the recipes for you, helps you pick most useful things to buy, manage your inventory. Simply log your bar inventory. It then knows what you can make, what you cannot make, and helps you figure out 'spirits of opportunity' to discover what to buy next to optimize the number of drinks you can make. It shows you which you are one or two ingredients away from making. Did I mention it does all that while featuring an incredible collection of well-curated recipes? It does that. I have not mixed a drink I did not enjoy. The developer supports the app like no other. I have never found such a kind, considerate, communicative developer who was so truly interested in understanding and assisting in supporting the app, despite the fact that I was running an older release of iOS. Some reviewers complain about the price. They are fools. For twice the price considering the curation, more efficient ingredient purchases because of the app's analytics, and the curation, this app is a bargain. The money I save in purcahses alone because the app optimizes those ingredients with which I can make the most drinks (I can discern and choose based on my individual taste from the sample it recommends). Then consider the curation: you are getting an almost mechanically intelligent version of a book that costs with shipping approximately $20. To this, add that you get great support and you carry the information everywhere because the developer has made it an app.

Great app! Use it with the book,. I have the book and this app is a great adjunct to it. If you like this app, I recommend the book, as well. Great photos in the book, more info about the drinks and wonderful feel all around. App lets you put in your stock and then suggests ingredients that may allow you to make a cocktail when you don’t have the exact ingredient.

All these apps are awesome. I have purchase most of these apps at this point. Rating this one, but they are all good. I’ve discovered a bunch of new cocktails I really like. The ingredient inventory feature is what makes these apps so useful. It syncs across all the apps making it even better. I use the “Increase Your Options” list at the liquor store all the time. One suggestion, it would be great if the “Increase Your Options” list synced across all the apps you own. I find myself toggling between apps when I’m shopping to figure out everything I need. Favorites and Flags sync, this should too. I think I also found a bug on created lists. I have a list I created called “Want to Try”. I add recipes to it across all the apps to collect things to try next. I’ve noticed that when I remove something from the list after I’ve tried it the drink ends up coming back. I’m guessing it’s resyncing from the other apps, but that’s just a guess. This doesn’t happen with Favorites or Flagged list items. Overall, I recommend these apps to anyone looking to up their cocktail game. I’ve recommended them to all of my friends.

Disappointed.. I’ve been chasing Jim Meehan’s “Kitty Hawk” from the CLT Centurion Lounge for a while now trying to figure out the mixture so that I can make it at home. It is the one beverage that I truly enjoy so I took the chance and blew $10 praying for the recipe and it wasn’t even there. Massive bummer please add it asap.

It's the Substitutions, Silly.. A digital cocktail guide with the care to tell you when you have an appropriate substitue for a specific property on hand, or are missing only one or two ingredients. Perfect for planning, and perfect for plotting that next expansion bottle.

Been waiting a year for this. Awesome to have PDT recipes on my phone! It's missing a couple of my favorites from the book, but does have some additional recipes. The entire family of cocktail apps from this company are fantastic, I look forward to seeing them updated.

Far beyond those of mortal bars. Was looking for a good cocktail recipe app, this was not it, though I'm sure the recipes are top notch the ingredients to make them are far from what an at home bar could ever hold. Serious mixologists may find it useful for recipes but none of the recipes are simple to make. Cost of app is also a bit of a downer. Looking for a simple cocktail app for a whiskey smash recipes? look elsewhere

Sours?. Seriously? $10 for a cocktail app that has an entire section of Sours, but no Whiskey Sour recipe? The original Sour. Come on guys. So much focus on fancy schmancy drinks that have you cooking up exotic pastes and infusions, which is fine, as long as you fully cover the basic classics. Who knows what else is missing? Not me, because this was a deal breaking omission.

Recipes Differ. Love the app. Would be nice if one could add personal notes and ratings. Also, I noticed that the Junior recipe lists the original proportions, not the updated variation in the PDT book. Wondering if this is the case for many other cocktails...

Fantastic. The BEST cocktail app.. Ok to start with, I have a PDT cocktail book so let's set aside the fact that I knew I'd love the recipe content. This is a fantastic effing app. Entering the contents of my home bar was a matter of switching toggles and, when done, I found that I could make 207 of 400 cocktails. I could quickly make a few infusions and syrups per the included recipes and up that number. I LOVE that the recipes tell me what my substitutions would be. It's so clever to show me a list of recipes that I'm 1 or 2 ingredients away from making. Often the missing ingredient is something easy to acquire like orange juice or raspberry jam or something I sub in. Normally I balk at paying over $1.99 for an app but this is my favorite new app and worth every bit of the price. I'm so glad I bought it. I guarantee that, much as I love my cocktail books, I will use this app more frequently than my library of books. Well done PDT!

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Language English
Price $9.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 1.2.10
Play Store com.doudoroff.pdt
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

PDT Cocktails (Versiyon 1.2.10) Install & Download

The application PDT Cocktails was published in the category Food & Drink on 12 March 2015, Thursday and was developed by Doudoroff LLC [Developer ID: 404082951]. This program file size is 76.68 MB. This app has been rated by 31 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. PDT Cocktails - Food & Drink app posted on 25 July 2022, Monday current version is 1.2.10 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.doudoroff.pdt. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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PDT Cocktails App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

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