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What is mlb ballpark app? The MLB Ballpark app is your mobile companion when visiting your favorite Major League Baseball ballparks. The official MLB Ballpark application perfectly complements and personalizes your trip with digital ticketing functionality, mobile check-in, offers, rewards and exclusive content.

**** Ballpark Features (iPhone) ****
• Access and manage your tickets (MLB account required; select clubs)
• Team schedule, ticket information and sales and promotional event listings
• Interactive map with directory of food, beverage, merchandise and other amenities
• Check In for offers and rewards
• View scores and photos from all your ballpark visits
• Social media clubhouse, including social rewards for select clubs
• Directions and parking information

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MLB Ballpark Customer Service, Editor Notes:

MLB Ballpark Version 11.1.122 April 2022

General performance improvements.

MLB Ballpark Version 11.0.108 March 2022

General bug fixes and improvements..

MLB Ballpark Version 10.7.001 December 2021

General performance improvements.

MLB Ballpark Comments & Reviews 2022

- YEARS of waiting for editing

When ESPN Passport went away, I was super bummed. All my historical check ins across several sports disappeared almost overnight. Thankfully, this app at least brought back the baseball portion of my lost archives. I was thrilled to check in the games that I had attended well after the fact and add pictures and little anecdotes and the stats that the app adds are fantastic. I did have one slight problem though. I went to a game in 2013 that ended after 7 innings due to rain but it wasn’t listed on the app despite being an official game. I checked in for a game the day prior and waited for the ability to correct it. Then for whatever reason, at some point they took away the ability to edit entries or add games after the fact. I’ve been hearing for YEARS how that feature is coming back any minute now but I’ve largely lost faith. Every 6 months or so I get irritated all over again about my mistaken entry so I email, call, and basically beg for them to edit my entry themselves...but no progress. It’s literally the only thing preventing this app from being a perfect tool for any baseball fan, the powers that be are fully aware of it, and yet are working on it at the speed of molasses running uphill.

- Room For Improvement

This app is great but there’s a few features I would love to see. The ballpark app should be about the ballpark experience. You should be able to do things like order food to your seat at a game, purchase memorabilia and apparel through the app, or even play trivia games that display in the Jumbotron for prizes. Simple things that can make going to a baseball game more fun. Everyone’s already on their phone why not get them off Instagram and in this app. You could have people earn points for purchasing tickets and apparel and reward them with various things. Incentivize people to go to a game it’s that simple and it seems like you’re missing a good opportunity.

- Used to be great...

The 8.0 update made this once incredible app, absolute garbage. I can’t see notes that I’ve made, pictures that I’ve taken and the lists of teams and ballparks that I’ve visited. I used to recommend this app to lots of people, but unless changes are made to return to the way that it used to work, I will not be recommending to anyone. Please fix this app to how it used to work! Update - A few years later and the app is now better. Lost a few check ins and photos, but the app now has added Spring Training games (back to 2006) to check into. My only complaints are that I can’t access all of my photos on my phone; just a select few to add to those new checkins. Also, the app doesn’t post them in the order that I would like and it hasn’t updated all Spring Training Ballparks. Other than that, MUCH BETTER. I’ll go FOUR stars now!

- Unable to add previous games

Edit: THANK YOU to the developer team for adding the historical check-in feature!! 5-stars Original Review (4-stars): One of the most basic features should be the availability to add previously attended games to your My History page. If for whatever reason you are unable to check in, there’s no possibility for you to log your attendance to the game. I understand and can appreciate how the app has shifted to a ticket-focused platform, but you have to let your users be able to log events the app may not have tracked. Otherwise, there’s not much we can really do with this. Please consider this to a future update.

- More events/pictures taken away

With your latest update you took away Fan fest check in’s, homerun derby check in and all pictures related to those events. Why would you remove those events years after I checked into them? And I also am not able to add old games that I did not check into at the ballpark. Very disappointing. Your app was perfect before why keep tinkering with it and removing popular features? Also I noticed you removed all my World baseball classic check in’s from 2017! Why would you remove all these games and events. I hope this is a glitch and will be restored very soon. Also would be nice if we could add spring training games. A lot of people travel to ballparks all across the county and want to log their experiences. It’s very disappointing that all the features keep getting removed. MLB please listen to your fans.

- Better but not complete

Can’t add games after the fact- the historical feature was so much better prior to Opening Day 2019 but they have opted not to fix this. I still have two games from April 2019 I haven’t been able to enter into my history. Bottom line- they care about you using the ticket feature on this app and don’t care about those who use this app to keep a history of their games. Don’t need the app if it’s just a ticketing app- I will use it to keep memories.

- Gonna be a mess at Spring training

This is the first year that I was told we basically have to use this. It was get your season tickets early ( digital) of wait several weeks more for hard tickets. I have friends who don't want to create an MLB account and download the app just to attend a single game. What if they want to walk out of the ballpark and come back in.(Medical reasons) You can't tag the tickets so now I have 9 tickets for a game that I have to try and remember who's got what tickets. Simply before I would clip each person tickets with a note of who's they were. Weak beginning. So many flaws that it will be a mess until MLB really spends some $$ on a proactive development team. Looks like they hired the lowest bidders... Sad

- Historial check in

THANK YOU for finally bringing back this feature! Most games I attend, the ballpark doesn’t have WiFi so I’m unable to check in during the game. This is the best part of the app and the continually updating breakdowns of ballparks attended and team records are great. It’d be even cooler if the app could recognize/distinguish historic games we attend, i.e. a player’s first hit/homer, last game, cycles, etc. Things that aren’t uncommon that might surprise us looking back. Or even just a tagline from the game itself.

- Used to be better

I recently downloaded this app again after not using it for quite some time, and I used to look up games I went to as a child that I need to look information up on again, but have noticed I can no longer edit/update this information as I have in the past. I already wrote the MLB Support page within in the app, and after some internet searches, I noticed this currently is a feature they’re still trying to restore for 2020. It’s disappointing that what I used to find useful about this app is no longer the case and no resolve seems to be in the near future. Disappointing.

- Nice but can’t add past games anymore.

I used to love this app, but now I can’t seem to figure out how to add past games to it. For example I went to 2 games in 2018 but it won’t let me add them or I can’t find out how to add them. So now I consider the app useless. I was in London for a Yankees Red Sox game and didn’t have internet access. Was going to add it later and once the game was over since I didnt check in it won’t allow me to add. Please fix this so we can add games from the past.

- Not getting my tickets

Last night I bought a ticket from the mlb website. It told me my ticket was available on the ballpark app. It asked me what my mlb teams were and I put them in. When I went to look for my tickets they weren’t in the account. I used the same email to sign up with ballpark that I did to purchase my tickets. I have tried everything possible. I even deleted the app then redownloaded it. When I tried logging back in after deleting the app, it said that my account didn’t exist... I paid $80 for tickets and now I am unsure if I can even go to the game now...

- I still miss the old app

Using this app in 2019 was so frustrating. I’m really upset many features I loved were no longer available. Logging in today I can see improvements such as adding pictures to games attended in prior years and completing missed check ins. But I’m still missing the ability to add an image of the team logo and ball park name on to my uploaded picture. Is that feature coming back any time soon? I hope so!!

- Now I have to download an app to attend a game?

I see this year I have to download an app in order to present a purchased ticket for a game. I get not wanting to use paper tickets during a pandemic even though the science has determined the likely hood of transmission via paper or surfaces as statistically insignificant but this app is bit the only way to present tickets in a digital form. You can email the tickets. Other places and events do it all the time. Forcing you to download an app is wrong. You keep this nonsense up for 2022 season and you will lose more fans than this silly GQP boycott that is happening in 2021.

- Keeps getting worse

Hard to believe an app keeps getting worse, yet MLB Ballpark keeps pulling this off. Used to be a great way to keep track of the games I’ve attended. Now, you can’t check in if the game isn’t played at a regular MLB Park (so missing all overseas trips I’ve been on), no spring training access despite the app asking you to check in but giving an error saying you aren’t at the team’s home park, and if you transfer tickets to someone it automatically checks you in as if you were the one at the game. Very sad considering how cool this app used to be.

- Latest Update is so so

I have been happy to use this app to track my ballparks and updated it today hoping I could include past games before I had the app. I added two games from 1997 and 2001 so that my ballpark total would go up but no luck. My husband and I only have two more ballparks to visit but this app won’t reflect my true total. At least I have my tickets as proof.

- Can’t retrieve tickets, support form doesn’t work

This app is so buggy! I purchased tickets on the MLB website but when I log into the mobile app I don't see them. It tells me I need to verify my account but when I ask to resend the verification it gives me an error that it's unable to send the verification. I'm not sure what to do. I'm using the same email that I used to buy the tickets. I tried to contact support using the form on the app and it won’t let me submit my question despite all the required fields being filled out! So frustrating!!!

- Can’t forward tickets

I’ve downloaded this app because I figured it would be easier to have my tickets available and forward them as necessary. That’s been a bust. I bought a pair of tickets for a friend as a gift and I can’t even forward them. I called the MLB app and they couldn’t even figure out why I can’t forward. I’ve deleted the app multiple times and re-installed and still no option to forward. It’s been frustrating to say the least.

- A stability disaster

The refreshed for 2020 version of this app is probably worse than the 2019 version. Thanks for bringing back the functionality of being able to add games that I’ve been to and access old photos, that should never have gone away, but it’s entirely unstable and I can’t scroll around without it being buggy or crashing! Also, all of my tickets right now say I need to call the box office, so why have this silly app? It literally doesn’t work.

- Took awhile but tix came

So even though you verify your email address the tixs still take awhile to transfer to your wallet. I can’t blame the app, I guess each stadium is different. Milwaukee is a little slow, lol, nonetheless I still have my tickets and I’m excited!! Be patient and if you’re not contact the stadium.

- This app is trash

Absolutely worst app ever. Leave it to MLB to put out a garbage product. This would never happen with the NFL. Got tickets from a buddy. Received confirmation but they never appeared in my digital wallet. Called the box office for hours and scoured the internet trying to figure it out but was never able to get the tickets to appear in the app wallet. Even worse my buddy who sent me the app can’t resend them so I ended up not going to a game. Unless someone hands hard tickets in the palm of my hand I will never go to another MLB game.

- Can you make it more difficult?

Seriously this app is awful - you buy tickets and they go int lala land - been trying to get the tickets we purchased for an hour now and it just takes us in a RIDICULOUS loop - says go to tour account if you don’t see tickets and basically does nothing. If MLB want to gouge fans for tickets the least you can do is make a app that works. Bad enough we have to pay out the wazoo for lawn seats at a spring trading game now we have to deal with this piece of cr@p app. FIX IT!!!!!!!

- Almost back to normal

I’m someone who wrote my entire journal going back through stubs from when I was a kid. A lot of the features have been restored into my history. I think the ability to edit notes after the fact and checking into past games is still crucial to getting this app back to as awesome as it used to be.

- Can’t delete certain check-ins

Really specific situation. I understand you can’t delete check-ins that you did while physically at the game. I attended the second game of a single-admission double header, and it checked me in for both games. Unable to delete the first game and the numbers in a my journal are skewed. Other than that, love this app.

- Ticket issues

Bought tickets for a special game, and the ticket barcodes just do not show up. Everything recommended has been tried or every reason does not apply. (Purchase was completed and verified, Tickets were not forwarded, email address has been verified, same email address used that was used during purchase, iPhone is up to date, app refreshed... Still no barcode. Super frustrating.

- Not Intuitive At All

This app is one step away from hot garbage. Nothing that is needed to be useful aside from ticket access is readily apparent to the user, and there is no clear cut way to access and edit account user info such as address and phone number once it is entered. Here’s a clue to your programmer: when someone taps on rewards member account tabs, the option to view and edit account info should be THE FIRST OPTION AVAILABLE!!! Hey, fix it!

- Overall team records

I really wish they would bring back the records of all the teams you have watched, not just the home team records. Pretty cool seeing what the Angels or A's record was when I saw them play or any team for that matter. I’VE BEEN TO 3 GAMES THIS YEAR AND HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO CHECK INTO 1 GAME YET. MLB, as fans of this great game we expect more than an app that for 6 weeks has said we are working on it. The rating of this app is a are killing us smalls!

- One more thing...

Update seems better (we’ll see when the season starts), but I still need to be able to check in the games from the first half of the 2019 season while the app was prolapsing. I hear it’s coming soon, but the update looks like an improvement from last year’s train wreck. Keep it simple, guys.

- Excellent app!

As a four sport fan I love how mlb puts out great apps for its fans. I love ballpark and it’s features which I have found super convenient when going to live games. One area I have found super convenient is having my digital tickets inside the ballpark app.

- Not ready for the big leagues

I rarely give reviews but this is one of the worst apps I’ve had to deal with. Takes forever to load each screen and after an hour of fighting through errors to verify my email, it still refuses to display the tickets I’ve purchased via an error message to call customer service. I call customer service and the line was busy. I finally got through and have been on hold for an hour.

- Getting better

I’ll credit the app developers with this, they do seem to be listening to customer feedback. Each release it does get faster and more user friendly. Considering how poor it was at one point I’m pleasantly surprised where it’s at today.

- Excellent App

The ease of access to tickets, my favorite teams news, and the need to know information for upcoming games is unparalleled. The app is easy to use, clean looking and a really enjoyable experience leading up to visiting a ballpark. Keep up the great work MLB Designers and Tech!!!!!

- Great support

I had an issue removing accounts from the app and thankfully the team responded and was able to help. The app might not be perfect yet but it’s reassuring to know they read these reviews and will respond to help and make it better!

- Problems with history accuracy

Previous games for the Seattle Mariners list the venue as T-Mobile Park even though at the time it was called Safeco Field. Also, on June 24, 2011, the Mariners played the Florida Marlins (not Miami). I’d love to see accurate logos for the time period games were played as well. I really wish the history of the games were accurate.

- Great App, but there could be some improvements

I love the app, but I think, as a fan of baseball, fans should be able to add games they attended prior to the current season as long as they show proof of attendance; for example a ticket. Some fans may have gone to a game last season and may have just heard about this app today.

- I cannot put into words how bad this app is but i will try

The year is 2021. We have flown a helicopter on Mars. And i still don’t have my tickets. I have spent a couple hours trying to get my tickets in this app and am being sent on a wild goose chase of verification emails that don’t even work when the link is clicked. Why can’t you send me an email with my tickets like every other sport baseball, you ugly redheaded step child of American sports.

- So unnecessary

Why can’t MLB just send me a barcode like everyone else and I have my tickets right away? I have to download this app, and the app doesn’t even show me my tickets. I spent $120 and it lets me sign in with my MLB account then tells me I have no tickets. Doesn’t give me the option to link my account so I assume it’s linked, but again no tickets are shown. Fix yourself. Make it simple.

- Great app!!!

Thank you for fixing the My History section!!! I was finally able to add my Spring Training games. Any chance you’ll ever add the stadium filter back? I loved being able to frame our stadium visits with the filter.

- Getting there

I checked in too early, apparently, and app recorded me as on a ballpark tour. Now, I can’t add the game. Would be nice to add another W for my Cubs! Also, would love to add games I’ve been to in the past, add text to present games, edit text from past. But, getting there, thanks for the updates.

- Fix your mess!

MLB ruined the best app available more than a year ago and they still have yet to do anything about it. The “History” is of no value without historical “check-ins” and there is still a legitimate need to delete check-ins (for games that were rained out and for automatic check-ins that weren’t games at all. Like, seriously, why did I get checked in to All Star FanFest when it wasn’t even at the Stadium in the first place???)

- Finally!!!!

Thank you for finally giving us back the full my history section with editing, adding previous games and records.

- Much worse than it used to be

I've always enjoyed using this app as a diary of every game I've been to. Unfortunately the changes made last year prevent me from even checking into a game if I didn’t get the tickets through my MLB account. Attending as the guest of a friend? Can’t check in. Walked up and got tickets at the box office? Can’t check in. Bought tickets on StubHub? Can’t check in. Given tickets by the team! Can’t check in. There are a lot of legitimate ways to get tickets that don’t involve loading the tickets into my account. MLB should not be penalizing this behavior. They should be excited to collect the data I was sharing with them about all the ways I enjoy baseball. FAIL.

- Unable to access tickets

I have tried everything to access the tickets purchased. I have deleted and added the app and have verified my email about 20 times. It all looks in order but still not showing my ticket purchase from Seat Geek. The bigger issue is that finding someone to help is near impossible. My game is not till June so luckily I have time to keep working on this.

- Screenshot your ticket!

Went to the Padres/Rangers game and saw the no hitter. After the game I wanted to look at the ticket and the app deleted it!!!! No archive no nothing just gone. So disappointing that they don’t archive or save tickets. I’ve looked and unless I’m missing where it is.

- Horrible

Spent 500 on verified tickets and they never arrived in my ballpark app. Couldn't get help from anyone at the stadium or the app. Spent an hour at the gate trying to access my tickets. Tried to buy new tickets in person and the stadium wouldn't sell us hard copies due to covid. Never got the tickets and now I'm being refused a refund. Absolutely insane. I prob won't be able to afford another game until next season

- No support, bad app

App can’t find my tickets despite matching e-mail, latest version download, e-mail verification. No apparent way to get tech support. On hold with box office for over 90 minutes before giving up. When it doesn’t work they give you no pathway to get it fixed. I actually used app several years ago and it worked. Software developers and customer support(?) should be fired.

- Worst ever

This has to be one of the worst uses of technology for ticket fulfillment. After spending a total of three hours on the phone with support, removing and uploading the app four times, doing a hard reset and uploading again, sending screen shots of every step I took, their response was “Well, it’s working on our end. Guess you’ll have to call the ballpark.” Really.

- Needs so much work

If MLB is going to either force stadiums to use the BP app to purchase anything/allow them to leverage platform for just that - they need to make way more considerations for the checkout process and order tracking. Maybe you design/eng team can take a few pointers from products that do similar things, ie Caviar/Doordash. Never had to work so hard for a hotdog in my life.

- The Fix

Thank you so much for finally fixing The history so we can add previous games. Really need to be able to add Spring Training. Thanks again.

- An App worthy of America’s Past Time

Great for keeping track of schedules and my tickets, especially when I need last minute tickets to take my Dad or friends.

- Pictures

Finally can add pictures after checking in!

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- Terrible

Another garbage app by MLB. Why do they have so many different apps, accounts, log ins for everything ? Ballpark app can’t even synch the right dates for ticket purchases.

- Fun app

Great for keeping track of what games you've been to.

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- Please add in MiLB

Love the app, but would love it more if I can check into MiLB stadiums as well. This is my second AAA stadium and it would be great if it tracked those. Also, the ability to backtrack, I went to a few ballparks before this app came out and I’d love to input those.

- Tickets don’t show up on it

It took hours of dealing with MLB customer set code to fix an issue. Not impressed.

- Some improvements needed

Love the app and what all it shows you but it no longer allows me to add in pictures of the days and games I went to. Please put this feature back as I’ve added pictures before and they don’t stay. Please fix this!!

- Awful

Bring back historic check-in’s or I delete this app. Extremely disappointed that historic check-in’s was removed. So many games attended in 2019 and no ability to record them in my journal. Bad form MLB. Bad form.

- Worst app

Don’t waste your time...

- Ruined app

A once awesome app has been completely ruined. Can’t edit my history or add games that the app did not let me check-in to. The season is almost over, this is Unvelievable!

- Adding pictures after the fact...

Hi, You all just cam out with a new update last week...yet we still cant add any pictures or comments to past games attended. Lets fix this issue asap please!! Should be quite an easy fix for the next update. Thanks Regards

- Get to work devs!

I, like most users, am quite disappointed that you have still not brought back historic check-ins as promised on your FAQ page. It’s so nice to be able to look back and remember all my good times at MLB games. Please bring it back like you said you would! Happy to update my rating when you do, your rating is awful now. I would also request an addition. I’d love to be able to add Spring Training games to My History. It doesn’t need all the other features, just to be able to make a note of those games there would be cool.

- Getting better

Most aspects of the journal have been returned in the My History section, but there is one thing that needs to still be added. Please restore the ability to add pictures after the fact to games, and more importantly, restore the ability to add previous games. I have several games that I need to add because I could not check in for various reasons. Buying tickets and accessing them in the wallet is really nice, just please restore all the original features in My History

- Where is the history?

How come it’s not possible to add old games in My history? Useless app without this feature. The app changes from a wonderful game tracker to a ticket buying machine. Don’t download it.

- Bring back Historic Check in.

I recently went to three games in Tampa and was not able to check in at the stadium - their wifi was spotty. Now that I’m back home in Canada I can’t record my time at the ballpark.

- Manuel login is painful

Like the app overall and it's handy to manage my tickets but I hate having to type in my login information every time. Please consider an option to save or use fingerprint for iPhone.

- June 27 update - brutal

Now it doesn’t work at all. No history. Just a message saying something went wrong try again

- Finally!

Glad everything is not lost! Can there be an update in the future to add notes/pictures to previous games we’ve been to?

- Major downgrade

I have used this app for years to track my history of ball parks visited. Earlier this year I tried to check in at a game in April and it couldn’t let me. I am planning a ball trip and last weekend I tried to transfer tickets to two friends who are coming and I kept getting “an error has occurred. Try again later” message. Later that night I was able to transfer tickets. Today I bought tickets to two more games and when I went to log in and send tickets I am getting that same message. I can’t even log in!! What if this happens when I am at the game?!? Aside from these major tech issues, I prefer the old format of the journal to the new one. But making the app work should be the priority for now.

- Upgrade has ruined this app for many

I am an avid ballpark chaser. I visit about 25 stadiums a year. Many of these include revisits to the MLB stadiums. I know many people who share the same hobby as me and we are all puzzled by how to use the new app to check in, share similar stories of the app not recognizing that we are in the ballpark and no longer being able to insert pictures. This upgrade is a complete disaster. I’m not sure what prompted the decision to revamp the app but it’s no longer useful. What a shame! Thankfully my history is there but I can’t seem to log my games going forward. It really deserves 0 stars.

- Can’t add pictures anymore

Can check in but you can’t add pictures anymore since the button to do that is obscured by the keyboard. And once you check in you can’t modify your entry. Really annoying

- App not showing my Tickets

Hello, as I first download this app and entered my MLB account and then link my tickets account, everything looks like working. But entering after a while, it shows nothing. Have to erase app and install it again Everytime I need my tivkets. Need to be fixed to keep account info .

- Nooooooo!

Like everyone else, I’m so upset to lose the journal the way it was before. Opening day and I couldn’t check in! Not sure this app has any point with out this feature. I don’t even see a way to manually add the game. How is this an improvement??

- What Have You Done To My Journal?

We’ve followed our home team to 19 different stadiums over five years. I was devastated when I opened my journal, looking forward to adding the three for this year, to see that all of the details added were gone. Can I revert back to the older version? I see this is a common complaint. Are you planning to revisit? This was the only reason I used the app. If it remains the way it is currently, there really is no point. Incredibly disappointing.

- Useless History Section

I only liked this app for the my journal section. I was able to add games I attended before the app existed, view the team records when I saw them play, track the number of visits to each stadium. Now they just provide number of stadiums, but not that I’ve been to Detroit 5 times... I can see the date and score of the game, but not that the Montreal Expos were 1-2 when I saw them play... I was able to attend a game at Dodger Stadium last season, and while the game is listed, I can no longer add pictures I took like I was able previously. Garbage app and I won’t be using unless this is fixed. Just like all the rule changes MLB is enforcing, I see you losing a lot of fans

- Stripped Bare

Zero stars. Just pointless now without the journal and being able to add parks and games manually. I don’t understand why this even exists now, as they have stripped all of the useful parts out. They might as well not even bother and just remove it from the App Store.

- Where are the stats and highlights

Please bring back the old journal with the info we had access to

- Please fix History section

I agree with the other comments. The history section has been rendered useless. Why tell me that I have seen 22 teams play, but I can’t see which teams they are?? Or that I visited 4 parks but I can’t see which ones. I enjoyed viewing the box scores of previous games in my history and the W-L records of the teams that I watched. Please fix.

- Huge step back

The changes to the Journal section are a huge step back. Used to give a great game by game breakdown and box score with video highlights when you clicked into each game, and the overall presentation of that feature with team records for attended games, etc, gave this function some interest and use. The new layout is really functionless and little more than a scrolling list with no purpose. This update has taken the only useful function of this app and destroyed it completely.

- Devastated

My precious journal entries are gone. Personal memories of the day, where I sat, who I was with and of course what happened during the game. Baseball is a game of numbers and now my career personal statistics are gone. Please reinstate my journal with ALL the details I have previously provided in my 30 year baseball loving career.

- New app is terrible

Terrible update for 2019 season. Past box scores and highlights from my past games are gone! Other features too. Not impressed

- Update wiped out all my photos

The new version of the app is full of glitches. It also wiped out all the photos I had saved from all the games I’ve been to. Brutal.

- Why Did You Ruin This App?

For 5 years I have been using this app to track my journeys to all the ballparks. It USED TO HAVE clips from the games, and I could save my photos from the visit to the specific game. None of this exists in the update. You have absolutely ruined this app.

- Terrible experience

I’ve bought hundreds of tickets in my life and this has been the worst experience. I don’t have time to get into details but I’d pass on it.

- Forced download

I am sure the app is fine but what I am objecting to is the fact they make you download it if you want to get tickets. The other choices are lineup at will call and pay a fee, or have them sent to you by mail but could take weeks! I wanted an electronic option for download a ticket pdf or something but no... only option is you have to get this app. I don’t go to games often and will be deleting it as soon as I have been to the game.

- I could make a better app than this

You know

- Frustrating App

Spent most of the game trying to log on, multiple games. Need to go back to drawing board.

- Won’t load

Tried 3 times, app installs but won’t load anything.

- This app is shockingly bad

This app is like a bowl of pineapple covered in gravy. It’s just not good.

- Unable to load

Continuously updates and says “unable to load”. Very frustrating considering my tickets are on there.

- Not working

Updated and now won’t load data. All those parks gone now? Crap

- Horrible UX

Very poor user experience. Horrible to navigate. Online ticket section is always down lately.

- Perfect until the moment you need it

Avoid if possible. Was forced to buy electronic tickets by Cubs. App works fine at home and work. Only place it doesn't work is standing in front of ticket taker at Wrigley Field. Network so overloaded with fans (despite three bars on phone network) that we couldn't get it to load our tickets at the game. Many other fans in same situation, including poor man shaking with Parkinson's. There was a whole crowd of us. Lots of people waving their phones around and praying to the gods that 400 bucks was not down he tube. Only solution was to exit security, beg at will call and then return with physical Tickets. A lot of grumpy people. Not ready for prime time. It is like airlines pushing electronic tickets - yes you save a piece of paper but with massive complications. We retaliated by spending as little as we could at Wrigley Field. As our of towners, I secretly cheered for the Rays out of spite.

- Terrible App, painful to use

When it works you have to continually log in to access tickets. Now every time I try to access tickets it crashes as soon as I log in. I will not be trying to use and will have to access outside the app.

- Ballpark 👎 Drives me insane.

This app kicks me out every 20 seconds! You have to log in twice to on two different pages to access your tickets and if you can get that far without being booted out, the option to add the tickets to Apple Wallet doesn't work. Brutal. My least favourite app!

- Worst app I've ever used

This is a joke right? I have to log in multiple times to get to my tickets. And roughly 60% of the time, I can't get to them. Was very concerned that I wouldn't get into the game I paid for yesterday because of this app. Logged in 7-8 times before I could see my tickets. Then I looked at an email on my phone and had to go through it all again. And the add to apple wallet function doesn't work either. Beware!!

- Brutal

So bad. Need to login 3 times inside app to access your tickets. If phone goes to sleep, you need to do it all again to access barcode scan. Why? Because there is no native print function, and the "add to wallet" button doesn't work. Had to use the website on my computer to actually print off paper copies to make this "easy". What a joke.

- Good app for those who go to games.

Good app

- Great idea but features disappear

Trying to enter the promo code, but there's no place to enter it. Tried to pay for concessions, but it wouldn't register the app. Tried to see my points history, but that feature disappeared as well. It's a good idea, and was fun to use at first, but there are a lot of bugs that need to be worked out to function properly.

- Poor performance.

Never works. App continuously hangs when trying to log in to MyBlueJays Login. Please fix this. It would be nice to have a remember option for login as well.

- Love the app!

Great to keep track of games and info plus maintain my flex pack account. Great app!

- Great idea but...

When I select my team (Blue Jays) and then log in to the MyBlueJays part nothing works. I try to link with my Twitter and it takes me to a blank screen. Every option I choose does the same. Seems like it was never completed. Also, when logging in to the MyBlueJays part there should be a remember me option as the ID is a series of numbers that are hard to remember. If it could remember those and just enter password it would be much better. I have an iPhone 5s if that matters. I hope these issues will be sorted out very soon as the season is still young as I'm missing out on chances to get points which I can use towards things at the game! Aka what the app what designed for. Thanks.

- An improvement

App is good, my only suggestion would be the ability to add any torus that a person has taken. That way you could keep track of all of the parks you've been to, not just games attended. Especially since the app is about the ballparks themselves. Thanks!

- Can't check into past games!

Used to be able to check into past games - today I didn't have my phone at the game and now can't check in at all!! Boo.

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MLB Ballpark 11.1.1 Screenshots & Images

MLB Ballpark iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

MLB Ballpark iphone images
MLB Ballpark iphone images
MLB Ballpark iphone images
MLB Ballpark iphone images
MLB Ballpark iphone images
MLB Ballpark iphone images
MLB Ballpark iphone images
MLB Ballpark Sports application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

MLB Ballpark (Version 11.1.1) Install & Download

The applications MLB Ballpark was published in the category Sports on 2012-04-03 and was developed by MLB [Developer ID: 281969992]. This application file size is 84.56 MB. MLB Ballpark - Sports app posted on 2022-04-22 current version is 11.1.1 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: