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What is mlb ballpark app? The MLB Ballpark app is your mobile companion when visiting your favorite Major League Baseball ballparks. The official MLB Ballpark application perfectly complements and personalizes your trip with digital ticketing functionality, mobile check-in, offers, rewards and exclusive content.

**** Ballpark Features (iPhone) ****
• Access and manage your tickets (MLB account required; select clubs)
• Team schedule, ticket information and sales and promotional event listings
• Interactive map with directory of food, beverage, merchandise and other amenities
• Check In for offers and rewards
• View scores and photos from all your ballpark visits
• Social media clubhouse, including social rewards for select clubs
• Directions and parking information

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App Name MLB Ballpark
Category Sports
Updated 22 May 2023, Monday
File Size 65.27 MB

MLB Ballpark Comments & Reviews 2023

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Useless App- Don’t Download. I bought tickets for multiple games and all of them have “Barcode not available, account restricted” It tells me I need to verify my email. I go to do that and it says my email is verified. I couldn’t get this to work and I’m sitting outside in 90 degree heat in the Bronx with 2 small children. As many times as I tried to get this to work by deleting re downloading logging out logging in. It didn’t work. I had to just leave because my kids overheated and I had to get them water. They were troopers because they didn’t complain at all and handled that heat fine. But this app made me miss the first 2 innings of the game because I had to go to the box office and they fixed the problem instantly using a text message to my phone to open the tickets. I would a avoid using this App at all costs.

Ridiculous. I’m completely done with going to Cardinals games all together. The hoops you have to jump through just to buy a ticket let alone the ridiculous amount of steps you have to go through to try, yes, try and retrieve them starting with having to download an app just to have a chance at actually see your ticket. My wife forwarded me tickets to one of the the Cardinals games to my email but no can’t get your tickets there. You have to download an app. So I did that. Tried to set up an account but it tells me there’s already an account under my email. I have no clue how that happened so I go through the process to change the password. Then when I open the app and try to log in; it tells me the email address and password doesn’t match. I’m done! I’m through! Not when I can sit home, watch it on TV and not spend a fortune on food and drink, parking and gas to get to the ballpark and back home. 😝

Adding to Wallet issues now. Not sure what's up with the app. Have always been able to add tix to my wallet without issue. Got this years spring training tix and not all will add to wallet, it'll look like it should've added but just won't be there. I contacted ticket office AND Ballpark developers, each blamed it on the other and both said "well you can just use the app." (Nevermind the emails urging to add them to wallet before going to the park) Today my '23 regular season tix populated in the app without any option on screen to add them to wallet. I have latest iOS and updated Ballpark app.

Tickets Disappeared. I spent $320 on tickets for an even taking place March 2022 and logged in to check on my tickets and they have disappeared. Update….. I spoke to MLB-Support which was very helpful because the representative let me to the website and I was able to retrieve my tickets from there. I still cannot access them from the ballpark app and still do not know what happened there but at least I am able to access them on the website and I am content with that. I’m increasing my star rating due to MLB Support.

Doesn’t even pretend to not be garbage. This app is unbelievably poorly designed. It forces you to log in whenever you want to do anything, which would be fine if it A. Saved your spot in what you’re trying to do so that you can continue without interruption and B. If it didn’t ask you log in every thirty seconds or whenever you clicked anything. This is terribly inconvenient because whenever you try to search for tickets it tells you to log in and then drops you randomly to wherever it feels like it within the app so that you lose your spot and have to start over again in what is an endless cycle. You can never manage to actually get what you want done, and to make matters worse you can’t even select your seats. It just kind of gives you whichever tickets it thinks are best for you based on arbitrary criteria. What a joke. I’d rather not even go to a game if this is how we have to purchase tickets.

Review of MLB/Rays Ballpark App. VERY, VERY, VERY difficult to follow. Was unable to login due to stale/updated Information; was instructed to go to CUSTOMER SERVICE but was UNABLE to locate a link to that page. Forced to call the Rays contact number, was transferred to TICKETS after a 10-minute wait. Nick was MOST helpful in solving my login issues and provided pre-paid parking info. He warrants a salary raise but your Web Design staff needs to be TRAINED to check their work. I am a former web site developer and I learned early on to open the page I had just written and “push all the buttons” and “read all the text”, then make the necessary changes; if old (75) guys like me can’t make the page/site work, you have a problem! Thanks for allowing me to vent. Go Rays!

Worst experience ever. These five star reviews are bots. This app and the website are awful. After multiple unsuccessful ‘create account’ attempts, across multiple browsers, devices, contacting the call center, and incognito windows while clearing cache and history, still nothing worked. If this is my only option to access tickets, and it consistently errors out my efforts to create an account, I can only reasonably assume you don't actually want me to attend any games. I still don’t have my tickets, but it’s cool, the contact center will trouble shoot and let me know in 24-48 hours, which is useless as well given the game I’m trying to attend is in 20 hours… so thanks for nothing

Where are my tickets?. I wanted to buy tickets. I had the app but hadn’t used in a while so I had to reset my password. I reset, and then when I went to add tickets was prompted for my email and password again even though I was theoretically already logged on. When I entered my information, I got an error message saying that the credentials didn’t match. This happened twice. Then I called MLB customer service and spent at least 20 minutes on the phone with a person describing my issue and we uninstalled and reinstalled the app, changed password again, etc. it still didn’t work. The agent referred me to my local Houston Astros box office, saying that the ticketing account was separate. Then I called the Houston Astros box office and waited on the phone for at least an hour until I gave up and hang up the phone. I decided to create a new account with a different email account. I was hoping this would solve my issue. I was able to login and purchase tickets. Then I went to the app to sign in with my different email address. The tickets are not in the wallet in the app and are nowhere to be found. I have the email with the ticket information, but the tickets do not appear in the app which is where I need them so that I can enter the game. I remember this app being difficult to use in the past, but it seems like it’s worse now. I am beyond frustrated and can’t believe this is the way that one should buy tickets to all MLB games.

App is lagging and freezes. In several attempts I’ve tried to forward tickets but the recipient doesn’t see the tickets sometimes and I have to recall and re-forward. There should be a way to forward a group of tickets from different games all at once. Picking single games and forward each one can be annoying. The app keeps freezing and I get a message “ something went wrong try again “. I refresh the app and still doesn’t work. I tried looking at tickets from a few games and I couldn’t see the tickets. It was blank. Respectfully ask to look into it. Thanks

An incomplete app if there ever was one.. I guess as apps go, this one provides a way to purchase parking & seats prior, which is handy, but why no Apple Pay option? Next, had to use the app to enter Dodger Stadium for the Elton John “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” show. Where is the map showing where our tickets are located? Or at minimum a map of Dodger Stadium so we could find our seats? Geez, frustration abounded with the people I spoke to because they were having the same issue. I mean sure, I could Google where my seats are at but then what value is the app proving other than a sales tool? Maybe MLB should hire some of the developers that made the Walt Disney World and Disneyland apps since they include Apple Pay and park maps.

New update?. Just noticed another update to the app and, at first glance, it does not appear to be a good one. I have come to really enjoy the journal/history function as I have been adding games I attended going back to my days as a kid. As part of that, I valued the standings of teams I’ve seen live and the ability to view all of the stadiums I attended. While the games are still there (along with photographs I’ve added from those games), the standings and stadiums attended functionality appears to have disappeared. It has disappeared during prior updates but you brought it back? What’s going on? Do you intend to bring it back again? The features on/features off inconsistency depending on the update has become quite annoying. Thanks.

Very glitchy and unreliable. First time I used the app for ticketing went very well. Second time was a nightmare. Purchased both a parking pass and two tickets. The app said I had three tickets - great - but when I went to access the tickets the only thing that would appear was my parking pass. Game tickets nowhere to be found. Tried multiple times to retrieve them - nothing. Got to the gate and the gate attendant wasn’t able to help either. Her manager had to walk us to the box office so they could try and retrieve our tickets out of the system. Couldn’t find them by my name or order number. Finally, once we produced the CC used to purchase the tickets, the agent was able to find them. By then, we had already missed some of the game. What if that card was not with us? They wouldn’t have found our tickets and we would have either had to be another pair - or wasted our money entirely, along with the game. If MLB wants to go this route for ticketing they NEED to fix this app. Very frustrating.

I always have problems with the Ballpark App!. Every time I buy tickets and need to log in to the Ballpark App to access my mobile game tickets, I have trouble even logging into the app. I always get an error message that says “Something went wrong trying to log in. Please make sure you have a stable network connection and try again.” Really?? I have 4G Verizon network and ALL my other apps work without any issues. Why does ONLY this Ballpark App continue to have issues allowing people to log in. It’s 2021… you’d think they could have resolved the most basic concept of an app that includes allowing users to log in. I hate that MLB makes us use this terrible app in order to access our tickets! I always have to call and request the tickets some other way because of this horrible app that never works. I would give it negative stars if I could.

YEARS of waiting for editing. When ESPN Passport went away, I was super bummed. All my historical check ins across several sports disappeared almost overnight. Thankfully, this app at least brought back the baseball portion of my lost archives. I was thrilled to check in the games that I had attended well after the fact and add pictures and little anecdotes and the stats that the app adds are fantastic. I did have one slight problem though. I went to a game in 2013 that ended after 7 innings due to rain but it wasn’t listed on the app despite being an official game. I checked in for a game the day prior and waited for the ability to correct it. Then for whatever reason, at some point they took away the ability to edit entries or add games after the fact. I’ve been hearing for YEARS how that feature is coming back any minute now but I’ve largely lost faith. Every 6 months or so I get irritated all over again about my mistaken entry so I email, call, and basically beg for them to edit my entry themselves...but no progress. It’s literally the only thing preventing this app from being a perfect tool for any baseball fan, the powers that be are fully aware of it, and yet are working on it at the speed of molasses running uphill.

Extremely Complicated for 1st time users and people over 50…. The most important thing Is you better has access immediately to the email the tickets were originally sent to. In my case, they sent a confirmation email to me work email address and Im not at work. Nor can I access it remotely. So you’re stuck then. Took 2 1/2 hours plus driving 30 miles to work to be able to do anything with them. Missed most of the game. Im all for change and improving but this is way too complicated for the average person. Especially for someone 50 or over. The worst experience I have ever had. Definitely won’t be using again, easier to watch on TV. Great job MLB, you screwed up a system that worked well for decades. 👍

Can’t access tickets over a week later. I bought my tickets over a week ago and they still say “Barcode not available” contact member service. I have emailed three times; I received two calls one day when I was in a meeting. The person said they would call me the following day. I never received a call. I sent another email asking for someone to contact me to resolve the issue; only to receive an email saying we’re trying to contact you, what time will you be available. No one had called that day.

Do not download!. I can’t emphasize this enough. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! MLB is peddling a crap app. To see my tickets, I had to verify my email. To do so, I had to follow a link and enter my credit card Info. There was a check box you had to uncheck if you didn’t want it to automatically subscribe you to a video streaming site, Tudum. I did this and it still subscribed. I messaged and emailed Tudum to cancel and have yet to hear back. To top that off, I tried to pull up my tickets and it said they would be available closer to game time. Drove to the game, pulled up the tickets and, while it showed the seats and parking ticket, it said it couldn’t display the barcode…. Ended up having to go through Ticketmaster to find my tickets. This app is useless and subscribes you to a service you won’t use and, apparently, makes it impossible to unsubscribe from…. DO NOT GET THIS APP.

Very poor information when fwd of tickets. iPhone 13 - first time using your app. I wanted to load tix into my Apple wallet - apparently not able to do that. Prob #1 - would be nice to know that’s not possible. Then I attempted to forward the tix to my wife’s phone so we would have tix on both phones in case one phone dies. She received the text but was unable to access the tix. Prob #2 - in hindsight probably because she doesn’t have the app on her phone - that would have been good to know to load the app BEFORE you transfer. Unable to see the tix on my wife’s phone - I cancelled the transfer ASSUMING I would have them still on my phone or that they would be sent back. NOPE. Now the tix with barcodes are NO WHERE Prob # 3 - it would have been good to know that their can only be ONE electronic version and that I lose the tix once I transfer. Now my message in MLB wallet says tix unavailable contact box office. These problems are probably buried somewhere in the massive amount of boiler plate ‘conditions’ but in all fairness need to be emphasized when someone is about to transfer tix

Room For Improvement. This app is great but there’s a few features I would love to see. The ballpark app should be about the ballpark experience. You should be able to do things like order food to your seat at a game, purchase memorabilia and apparel through the app, or even play trivia games that display in the Jumbotron for prizes. Simple things that can make going to a baseball game more fun. Everyone’s already on their phone why not get them off Instagram and in this app. You could have people earn points for purchasing tickets and apparel and reward them with various things. Incentivize people to go to a game it’s that simple and it seems like you’re missing a good opportunity.

A Really Frustrating App. I can understand how many Can think that this can be convenient. The problem is that this is the ONLY way to retrieve your tickets. There is no other option. If your phone is outdated or you have problems downloading the app, well you pretty much lost your money and your tickets. It would be great if MLB Ballpark gave you an option to receive your tickets on your phone or have them emailed to you. Just like the airlines do for one’s boarding pass. Instead, this app leaves you frustrated and full of anxiety on if you are going to see the game. Addition: I just spent over 10 minutes trying to submit this review because every nickname I try to use is taken and you can’t submit without a nickname! This is ridiculous!

Cool coke. Thanks for the update I just need help with this plan and I’ll check it again soon thanks for checking on us to discuss our plan to begin with this weekend we will discuss it again soon and we’ll see what happens next Monday thanks again again soon as you can we can help us out thanks again and we have to have our next meeting soon thanks for your help soon as you have an opportunity for our future thanks again and thanks again to the help for our prayers for helping you with your family soon as we can we are not going for our next church we will discuss it with our you soon thanks .

Worth the wait!. The Ballpark App has had quite a journey but seems to have reached a good level of stability and reliability (even with some teams not really using the technology as well as they could). The Check-In feature is FANTASTIC. You can go back and enter games from the past. The app does the hard work -looking up the details. I add a picture of my ticket stub for self-verification. So far I’ve entered games back to 1984. This feature should be highlighted much more! Of course, an “export” function would be a great add. Now, if you can get the MLB App folks to fix the stat look-up function, especially for historical players, my baseball game attendance would be much more enjoyable as I would have something else to do than watch the game (since “my” teams are the Tigers, Cubs, and Nationals). 🥸

Very Buggy. I have tickets in two different sections of the venue. The app shows that I have purchased the correct number of tickets. However, when I attempt to open the tickets only a portion of the tickets show in the open page. I have logged on several times and I have hit refresh tickets several times. I am not able to see all the tickets I purchased. I hope to get this resolved and I am very glad that I have four or five days to do so. If I were at the game trying to get in I would be completely out of luck. This is a serious bug and should be rectified. I understand other people are having the same issues

Just print your tickets. Here’s a million dollar idea for the app: seating chart. You know the stadium, you know my seats, why don’t you have a feature to show where my seats are on a map? Also, I tried to use this app for a game in another city but despite being on my own phone the MLB Ballpark app logged me out, so I couldn’t access the tickets. Not knowing my password I had to try and retrieve it, but being in a different city my email thought it was a case of fraud and wouldn’t let me in. It was a concatenation of failure starting with the MLB. I had to get the ballpark ticket window to have them look up my order and print my tickets.

Won’t let me purchase. I hate that I have to use this app to purchase tickets. I don’t think it’s the most user friendly and if anyone knows of a different way to purchase digital baseball tickets, please let me know. I have been trying to purchase tickets for an upcoming game for the past hour and the app will allow to select tickets however, it won’t let me get to payment details. It tells me that the page won’t load but to close out and continue. When I close the page, it makes me start all over. I tried to use the web version which allowed me to get all the way to the payment info and when I click finish, there is a pop up that tells me that there is a connection issue and to try again. I have used my phones network and WiFi and still no luck!

Unable to add previous games. Edit: THANK YOU to the developer team for adding the historical check-in feature!! 5-stars Original Review (4-stars): One of the most basic features should be the availability to add previously attended games to your My History page. If for whatever reason you are unable to check in, there’s no possibility for you to log your attendance to the game. I understand and can appreciate how the app has shifted to a ticket-focused platform, but you have to let your users be able to log events the app may not have tracked. Otherwise, there’s not much we can really do with this. Please consider this to a future update.

Ticket recall needs to be recalled. You can’t encourage digital ticket transfers through third party resellers, and then also enable a ticket recall feature. What a joke. I bought six tickets through SeatGeek, received my tickets in the MLB ballpark app, and then two days before the game one of my six tickets was recalled. My SeatGeek account still reflects the original six tickets that I purchased, and yet only five are now available in my MLB ballpark app. Why does this feature even exist? Once they are transferred to me, I should be the only person who can forward those tickets to someone else. So frustrating. I have now been on the phone with MLB app support, the ballpark box office, and trying to get ahold of SeatGeek customer service for two hours straight and no one can help me, everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else.

Be ready for spam!. MLB app not only is what I would term “barely functional”, it also spams the ever living daylights out of you. Both the app and the service either constantly send popup ads or email ads. Ive removed myself from their lists half a dozen times already and I still get spam because, get this, each email is a different “type” of promotion to MLB and you have to opt out of each individually. Also if you don’t want them to sell your info, you have to do a separate opt out for each of those on top of the unsubscribe. Truly, if you can print your tickets without making an account, go that route.

Warning: this app will lose your tickets—Class Action Lawsuit. I’ve used the app for years, including traveling to all 30 parks, and the ticketing was always wonky but now it has literally lost tickets I bought for spring training. The app notified me that the transfer was made from the seller and even displays the ticket details — but there are no tickets. Multiple attempts to engage MLB customer support were met with the equivalent of ‘not our problem.’ Do NOT use the app for ticketing, or do so at your own risk. MLB needs to do better. I have also just seen all the other reviews from people facing the same situation. I’ll be posting here about a potential class action lawsuit against MLB, which is clearly just happy to take our money. Stay tuned.

Not all that. I thought it would be more helpful when actually at a game for my team’s home stadium. The first thing I was interested in was navigating the stadium itself, with maps and information useful for finding my seat, concession stands, bathrooms, etc. Then, what’s the best way to leave the stadium to get back to the parking lot I used. There’s almost none of that. The stuff that they did have was not easily recognized for what it was (due to lack of visual cues). The app needs to be more intuitive. The in app concession ordering seemed to have a very limited menu, pickup locations were inconvenient and I had little idea which ones were closest. Entertainment played at the stadium was available for voting in the app but I had to hunt for it. I don’t want to waste time becoming an expert on the app for the limited time at the stadium. This seems more like a half baked idea than a truly helpful experience.

Used to be better. I recently downloaded this app again after not using it for quite some time, and I used to look up games I went to as a child that I need to look information up on again, but have noticed I can no longer edit/update this information as I have in the past. I already wrote the MLB Support page within in the app, and after some internet searches, I noticed this currently is a feature they’re still trying to restore for 2020. It’s disappointing that what I used to find useful about this app is no longer the case and no resolve seems to be in the near future. Disappointing.

Update: I hardly ever leave reviews…. Backstory: I had purchased and accepted tickets that were forwarded to my account on the app. They showed up until one day they vanished. Update: I tried talking with their customer support (after they reached out because of my first review) and they have since given me no explanation or resolve to the issue other than telling me to contact the ticket vendor about the issue. Again, no explanation as to their reasoning for turning me away. I try contacting the team I bought the tickets from and the link to their page goes to an “error page” and when calling them I have to leave a voicemail because of their increased traffic. The application I bought the tickets through have been 100x more helpful for 1) replying back to my issue within minutes rather than days (unlike the mlb support) and 2) are listening to me and looking at the screenshots I send them regarding the issue. Mlb customer service isn’t cutting it. This app needs work.

This shouldn’t be this difficult. I’m a season ticket holder and I used this app seamlessly in the past. This year it is ridiculously ridiculous - I don’t understand how it goes backwards in this day of everything being technology driven. I also don’t understand how it is we are expected to use this to get into the ballpark with tickets but my tickets are not able to be seen. I am starting to really dislike the hoops I have to jump to see tickets I should be able to see after I log in like it used to be. I. AM. NOT. HAPPY.

Baseball Ballpark App Suggestion. There should always be any forms of medi shown posted on up here that would actually always be able to explain as specifically as possible about the reasons for why it is always as impo as ever nowadays m, today in general that all of these forms of media always make sure to explain the very best that they all ever could about always making sure that this type of app never,ever sets any sorts of limits to all that it could ever have shown on it. This meaning like the amounts of specialized types of fea that are ever installed into it that would actually allow any sorts of fans in general to actually be able to keep up with any types of teams in the sport of Baseball itself regardless of the types of teams that they all are. All of these types of things should all always make sure to include translating all of these types of features into as many different worldwide foreign languages as possible. Lastly, all of the forms of media mentioned way earlier in the beginning should all always be translated into as many different worldwide foreign languages as possible and everything.

Historial check in. THANK YOU for finally bringing back this feature! Most games I attend, the ballpark doesn’t have WiFi so I’m unable to check in during the game. This is the best part of the app and the continually updating breakdowns of ballparks attended and team records are great. It’d be even cooler if the app could recognize/distinguish historic games we attend, i.e. a player’s first hit/homer, last game, cycles, etc. Things that aren’t uncommon that might surprise us looking back. Or even just a tagline from the game itself.

Used to be great.... The 8.0 update made this once incredible app, absolute garbage. I can’t see notes that I’ve made, pictures that I’ve taken and the lists of teams and ballparks that I’ve visited. I used to recommend this app to lots of people, but unless changes are made to return to the way that it used to work, I will not be recommending to anyone. Please fix this app to how it used to work! Update - A few years later and the app is now better. Lost a few check ins and photos, but the app now has added Spring Training games (back to 2006) to check into. My only complaints are that I can’t access all of my photos on my phone; just a select few to add to those new checkins. Also, the app doesn’t post them in the order that I would like and it hasn’t updated all Spring Training Ballparks. Other than that, MUCH BETTER. I’ll go FOUR stars now!

Could not upgrade my tickets. I have used the Ballpark app several times in the past to buy tickets and then upgrade my seats when we entered the arena. Yesterday, I bought 3 tickets through the app but when we entered the arena I could not upgrade my tickets. I searched everywhere on the app and didn’t even see the upgrade tab. I frantically searched for help on the chat and the internet with no luck. After 45 minutes and the game starting, I bought 3 more tickets for full price in the seats that I wanted to upgrade. 😡 So after buying 6 tickets for 3 people, I was out $470. This app will be deleted from my phone.

Gonna be a mess at Spring training. This is the first year that I was told we basically have to use this. It was get your season tickets early ( digital) of wait several weeks more for hard tickets. I have friends who don't want to create an MLB account and download the app just to attend a single game. What if they want to walk out of the ballpark and come back in.(Medical reasons) You can't tag the tickets so now I have 9 tickets for a game that I have to try and remember who's got what tickets. Simply before I would clip each person tickets with a note of who's they were. Weak beginning. So many flaws that it will be a mess until MLB really spends some $$ on a proactive development team. Looks like they hired the lowest bidders... Sad

All On My Phone?!. So I’ve registered run into problems already typing with your fingers on a small phone creates problems all unto themselves. Phones also run out of power and things get lost on your phone faster than they do on your computer. There’s no hardcopy left I don’t care how long some stadiums have been doing it. It’s relatively new with the Rays and the Rays are not exactly the kind of team you want to see go high tech? I’ve been in that building when the power shut down and nothing electronic worked so how is that going to work? So far not so good!

Generally works but buggy. I got an additional email address so added it as second verified address. But have trouble adding tickets sent to that address to the app. Nearly every time it fails once then I have to try again and it works. One game won’t show up even after my friend I’m splitting the seat package with canceled and resent to the primary address. Also the home page shows my next game as the second game in my tickets list. And I get an error message when I try to down swipe to refresh the tickets list. MLB if this is going to be the primary way to distribute and use tickets you need to do better.

Not able to receive tickets from my friend. Wow what a terrible customer experience! My friend bought me a ticket to go to the game with him. He forwarded the ticket to me. I have to download an app in order to receive a ticket? Talk about a terrible customer experience. Now I download the app I create an account and my ticket is not visible. I dig into the app it says that I have to verify my email address in order to receive my ticket. I log into my computer I verify my email address. Now I refresh the app I still don’t have my ticket. What a complete waste of time as a small business owner this is probably the worst customer experience that I’ve ever had trying to get tickets. What a joke. Dear MLB as one of your customers that goes to several games per year you can do better. More importantly your customers deserve better.

Horrible. Spent 500 on verified tickets and they never arrived in my ballpark app. Couldn't get help from anyone at the stadium or the app. Spent an hour at the gate trying to access my tickets. Tried to buy new tickets in person and the stadium wouldn't sell us hard copies due to covid. Never got the tickets and now I'm being refused a refund. Absolutely insane. I prob won't be able to afford another game until next season

Don’t update. So I just updated the app. I had tickets to a game and luckily I saved them to my Apple wallet. Because after I updated the app my tickets are no where to be found. Don’t update if you have tickets for a game that hasn’t happened yet. I mean this app is supposed to be the way to track and get all your tickets, but if it deletes tickets from your account after an update it looks like you’re screwed Edit: After doing some troubleshooting on my own removing and reinstalling the app I was able to get the tickets back up in the app.

A stability disaster. The refreshed for 2020 version of this app is probably worse than the 2019 version. Thanks for bringing back the functionality of being able to add games that I’ve been to and access old photos, that should never have gone away, but it’s entirely unstable and I can’t scroll around without it being buggy or crashing! Also, all of my tickets right now say I need to call the box office, so why have this silly app? It literally doesn’t work.

Disappointing Support. I have used this app for several years without any issues. UNTIL NOW! Yesterday bought several sets of spring training game tickets and the app will not load them. And also the app is now frozen in a refresh mode. Contacted customer service and provided the info they requested and received advice that did not resolve either problem. And now have been “pushed” off to other places to get this resolved. Hopefully, with a couple months before spring training starts I will be able to get my tickets. Very disappointed with with this “monopoly” ticket arrangement, and the seemingly cavalier “do the minimum “ attitude by the Ballpark App.

Lag to get tix. Expect a lag “getting” your tickets. Mine didn’t show up until the next day… which was infuriating, especially if you’re purchasing day-of, coordinating with others, or down right impatient about the boatload of money (including fees) you just laid-out, with nothing to show. You’ll navigate the app trying to re-log-in, but find yourself unable to do so. Instead you’ll fumble around to “select your favorite team” which is probably the least helpful feature. Maybe the FAQ will help? No, it won’t. It’ll just redirect you. There is literally no value to this app. (Revised from 1 to 2 start when my tickets finally showed up)

More events/pictures taken away. With your latest update you took away Fan fest check in’s, homerun derby check in and all pictures related to those events. Why would you remove those events years after I checked into them? And I also am not able to add old games that I did not check into at the ballpark. Very disappointing. Your app was perfect before why keep tinkering with it and removing popular features? Also I noticed you removed all my World baseball classic check in’s from 2017! Why would you remove all these games and events. I hope this is a glitch and will be restored very soon. Also would be nice if we could add spring training games. A lot of people travel to ballparks all across the county and want to log their experiences. It’s very disappointing that all the features keep getting removed. MLB please listen to your fans.

Getting better. The app has improved over the last several months. Integration is good and team alerts are fun. The one area that still is weak is tickets. You would think that with all the money in MLB attendance they could figure out a centralized, secure portal for buying and selling tickets that allows fans to buy at market without the dealer mark up and inflated prices. I guess when the cow is fat and slow all the hyena get to eat

An actual scam. Purchased tickets on seat geek for a game the day of. Whenever you purchase the tickets it says the tickets are “pending” and the seller needs to confirm, fine. But after, they say that the tickets are confirmed and send you an access link, which prompts you to download the app. Once in the app, there is literally no way to get these tickets. No amount of uninstalling and reinstalling, changing my password, or anything or the sort will make them appear. No one will answer the phone when you try to call customer service, and when they do they literally tell you to uninstall or change your password. I am out $65 which is completely fine I just would never attend another game, especially with the lack of understanding from customer service when this is a known issue. This app gets TERRIBLE reviews, why in the world is it the only way to get tickets? I am not spending more money on another ticket when my card was already charged for the first one. I don’t understand how they can charge my card when I do not have a ticket. Others have had the same issue. The lack of customer service from this big of an organization is crazy.

First Purchase for 75 year old. Now that I have received the notification that my tickets were successfully purchased, I have suggestions to help with future purchasers: My notification of a receipt of purchase was eventually finding my tickets on the Ballpark app. I am used to receiving confirmation that my purchase has gone through and additional instructions if needed. I did not have my MLB/Ballpark app notifications enabled because I had never used it beforehand. I did not understand that my tickets would be delivered in this manner. I suggest that MLB should make instructions clearer for purchasers of any age or those of us who are not digitally savvy! Now, I would like to find a seating map that I can find exactly where my seats will be located. That’s enough from me!

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Fun app. Great for keeping track of what games you've been to.

Terrible. Another garbage app by MLB. Why do they have so many different apps, accounts, log ins for everything ? Ballpark app can’t even synch the right dates for ticket purchases.

Our Holiday will be perfect.. 1st trip to USA to celebrate retirement. My Dad was one of the original Cardinals in Australia in 1948. I’m going to Cityfield to see them in his honour, then to Yankee Stadium on the Tuesday. So excited.

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Can’t sell my tickets. I should be able to sell my tickets , I am not a scalper so let me sell tickets it’s not a hard concept

Why bother?. I’m sorry, but this app does nothing for me. Doesn’t report what my team is doing, doesn’t report any interesting articles about my team. It actually wastes my time. Everything this app does I can get either on StubHub or other news places. I will be deleting it shortly.

The best in the most entertaining team in the MLA.. They play ball like champions and play fun games with each other. They are entertaining both on and off the field. Love them all. Thank you Blue Jays

Missing Tickets. I was advised MLB tickets purchased on StubHub could be viewed on this app. That does not seem to be the case, nor is customer support willing to present any solutions.

My ticket does not appear. My ticket does not appear on my wallet or mlb app despite of the successful email verification

Won’t let me use my email of 22 years. I have an old email from the year 2000 and have never had a problem using it until I tried ordering tickets. Then it was nothing but a hassle unless it is a GMAIL account.

Top Notch Tigers in Lakeland. Today we attended the Tigers game for my husbands birthday. Not only did they put streamers on our seats, they provided a birthday card and put his name on the scoreboard. He was thrilled. Made our day. And then they won the game in the 9th. Perfect all around. Thank you ⚾️❤️⚾️❤️⚾️❤️

App doesn’t work. Keep getting an error “something went wrong” but no way to determine what the issue is or contact help. Totally useless.

Mrs Jan Self. Terrible website. We were transferred tickets to a Blue Jay game today and were unable to get them to open. The website just sent us in circles

Ticket Purchases. Very user friendly

So easy to use!. This app was set up within minutes!!!

Loan Depot park Miami Marlins. Aucun moyen de payer en argent pour la nourriture. C’est complètement ridicule…il faut payer par carte et en plus il faut s’inscrire et commander par cellulaire….les billets aussi c’est débile…il faut télécharger l’application pour avoir les billets, impossible de les récupérer au guichet…donc un fan sans cellulaire ne peut rien faire….les prix sont aussi ridicule….le baseball peut bien être malade…

Last update. This app is so awesome.... usually.. the last update won’t let you give your 3 picks points... only the top 2 you pick because the screen will not let you go scroll down to the 3 player to give them bonus points.. otherwise great app ......

Easy to Use. This app is the easiest way to handle all your ticket info and parking in one place. Great app.

Why check in. Please reinstate long gone feature to review my check ins and end enjoy my memories

No barcode yet. When will it be updated.

Tickets. Not user friendly

Clumsy and cranky. Awful site. Not user friendly. Full of bugs. A mess.

Terrible. Terrible app. I can't get my tickets

Terrible. I purchase MLB tix on StubHub and we’re forced to download this app to forward the tickets to a friend. The tickets never showed up on the app and their customer service never got back to me. Avoid purchasing digital tickets if they require the use of this app, it’s useless

Confusing. Complex app. Stuck using it

Barcode. I don’t have Barcode in my ticket.

Losing History. Love the one stop shop for tickets but every season I lose my ticket history. Wish it could be archived. Why can't it be this way?

Tickets. My tickets are supposed to be there and they are not

Best app ever. Love this app 100% No CAP amazing you can do a lot of stuff on this app.

This sucks. Ticket transferring is highly complicated and inconvenient

Terrible app. I’ve lost 3 tickets

Terrible app. I accepted ticket transfer. It said ticket accepted, but no tickets. I had to exit the app and go back in a couple of times for tickets to show.

Abysmal. Trying to organise a group to go to a game. Sharing tickets is so hard. Probably just go to the pub now.

Info. It gave lots of info but not what I was looking for.

Perfect app for baseball. Thanks you for your exceptional app

Great app to get tickets and help to have them like ticketmaster. Awesome app

Forwarding tickets. Can’t forward tickets…why use this app then? Very frustrating.

Great. Thankful for this app and the ease to navigate.

Impossible de récupérer mes billet pour le match de samedi 10 sept. Toronto vs texas. Please répond will be apreciate cowboys22

Ticket received, but no ticket in app. I get a nice little pop up saying that I got my ticket, but alas, no ticket to be found in the app. Refreshing doesn’t work. Reverifying doesn’t work. Single-purpose of the app

Not able to log in on mobile app. Always say “something went wrong”

Zero privacy. Very sketchy app

Unnecessary. Why do I need this app? Just put it in my apple wallet like the NHL

Not sure what to do?. Can’t view my tickets that I just bought online

Tickets. Can’t see them need help

What happen to the Games?. We look forward to the pick 3but don’t see it. I also can’t see what I’m typing.

Tickets missing. I was transferred tickets and tbey never arrived?!?!

Crap. Took my money, didn’t show tickets. Support is a bot with limited communication.

Doesn't work… this app has one job to show tickets. Bad

Frustrating. Trying to take some seniors to the ballpark and you people won’t let us print tickets. So hard to organize, this will be the last time we go. The ticket forwarding is horrible

Hate the games updates. Really liked playing Bingo and pick three. Hate how both have changed this year. Both my husband and I are uninstalling this app.

Dumb and dumber. This app doesn’t allow me to use my ticketmaster password. I can’t access my Red Sox tickets and the game is at 1 today. I hope I can get in

Can’t find tickets. I received tickets to go to the post season game tomorrow October 08 2022, and it is so frustrating accessing the tickets varied account, refreshed followed all steps I can find and still no access 😢

Trash app. Nothing works, constant error messages, then it works… TRASH

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KevinJ. I hate this app (and the company). You can’t view tickets until you verify your email address, but the system did not send me a verification email. I tried two different email addresses. I checked junk mail, deleted items etc, and no email. Online support offers no options for help and my tickets are for today but their phone support doesn’t open until noon. I believe their email system is down, but for a company like this where people rely on digital tickets, you have to have better support.

Needlessly Frustrating. Simple question for MLB — why do I have to buy tickets with one account and then create a totally new account on a laggy, buggy app that only runs on iOS 13.0 just to access what I paid for? Why is there no basic functionality to email, text, or download tickets outside of this terrible UI? Baseball’s audience is demographically the oldest among popular sports in America, not sure what doubling down on terrible mandatory digital interfaces is going to do to attract boomers and zoomers, who hate this app for different reasons.

Keeps getting worse. Hard to believe an app keeps getting worse, yet MLB Ballpark keeps pulling this off. Used to be a great way to keep track of the games I’ve attended. Now, you can’t check in if the game isn’t played at a regular MLB Park (so missing all overseas trips I’ve been on), no spring training access despite the app asking you to check in but giving an error saying you aren’t at the team’s home park, and if you transfer tickets to someone it automatically checks you in as if you were the one at the game. Very sad considering how cool this app used to be.

Very difficult to use. Bought three tickets. Got all the way through the process. It said they would email the actual tickets. Never got them. Emailed support. They said they don’t support “tickets “. So I bought new tickets and am waiting for the email. I still don’t know if those original tickets are out there somewhere in the ether. The three seats I ordered are blocked as if I bought them. Using this app also cost an additional $20 per ticket. Probably won’t ever use this again.

Bad UI/UX experience with unhelpful FAQ. Very unintuitive on how to manage tickets or transfer them. “Highly recommended” to make sure everyone has a ticket on their phone for the game but zero information on how to do this. I have the Broncos 360 app and it’s intuitive and actually easy to share and transfer tickets. Disappointing to have to spend all this time going in and out of this app to try and get help with it. Your UI/UX people should really look at this because this thing is a frustrating waste of time with an unhelpful FAQ.

21st Century Tickets. At first I wasn’t so sure how I would like NOT having the actual game ticket to collect but this APP is so easy to use - send tickets- fix a last minute cancelation and recall and re-email the ticket to someone new SO AS NOT TO WASTE THAT TICKET, I think it’s great to use. Thanks for helping save us some dollars or at least not wasting money.

Love the App. I find this app to be useful and relatively easy to use. No complaints. I have used it three separate times to buy tickets to two different ballparks and I've never had any issues. This is a great way to store your tickets and make sure you don't forget them.

Go MLB!. I’ve had different RedSox Apps for many years now but am fairly new to the official MLB app. I’m really lovin it. It was quick and easy to forward my ticket to a friend for a game that I couldn’t attend due to an injury which relieved a lot of stress. Baseball is such an American Tradition and a truly heartwarming part of my life and this app makes that feeling even more accessible, so with much gratitude…GO MLB! 🥎🙏🇺🇸

Nice but can’t add past games anymore.. I used to love this app, but now I can’t seem to figure out how to add past games to it. For example I went to 2 games in 2018 but it won’t let me add them or I can’t find out how to add them. So now I consider the app useless. I was in London for a Yankees Red Sox game and didn’t have internet access. Was going to add it later and once the game was over since I didnt check in it won’t allow me to add. Please fix this so we can add games from the past.

The need to go back and forth between ball park and the regular MLB app is absurd!. I am a weekend package season ticket holder for the Pirates. I cannot go to the Sunday game, but cannot effectuate an exchange of tickets unless I go in the regular mlb app. I then go back to MLB ballpark app, and you are still showing me with this Sunday’s tickets. This is ridiculous. I used the MLB app with no trouble last year- you have created complexity when non was needed.

Parking selection process is terrible. You select tickets then 3 minute countdown starts. During this three minutes you have to click through 20 different parking options one at a time, only to find out that each of them are sold out, after 20 seconds of processing time. Parking locations need to be removed from the options list, or clearly marked as full, just like the seating sections are shown as full. Ticketmaster and its obnoxious fees are bad enough, but then you lose your selected seats because you can’t find parking. Do better MLB!

Awful stubhub and Astros ticket resolution. I bought 3 Astros tickets for their 14 august game from stubhub on Saturday 13 August. I got an email from the Astros on game day at 931 am saying that the tickets are in the MLB ballpark but they were not. I stood out there in the heat for an hour trying to get tickets from Astros ticket resolution and stubhub over the phone to go to the game. I have never been more furious. I never received those tickets and the Astros staff kept trying to push it all over to stubhub even though the Astros sent me the email saying the tickets were in the ballpark app. Complete failure by MLB and stubhub which is an official partner of MLB.

MLB app is a scam. my boyfriend surprised me by buying us upcoming Dodgers vs. Giants game and may 4th beanies. he downloaded this app and verify his email and the tickets still won’t appear. we call dodgers customer service but said there’s no order under his name. we then tried contacting MLB via email and said we had to contact the Dodgers again. what’s up with the whole cat and mouse game?!? why do we have to go through all this process. at this point we are tired of going back and forth and sadly we can’t even get refund. this is a whole mess and wish there was a BETTER and EASIER way to access tickets.

I still miss the old app. Using this app in 2019 was so frustrating. I’m really upset many features I loved were no longer available. Logging in today I can see improvements such as adding pictures to games attended in prior years and completing missed check ins. But I’m still missing the ability to add an image of the team logo and ball park name on to my uploaded picture. Is that feature coming back any time soon? I hope so!!

App Locked Up at the gate 😫. While scanning my tickets for a Brewers game today, the BallPark App locked up and wouldn’t allow me to move to the next ticket. It wouldn’t even allow me the close the tickets (x out). The App was locked and wouldn’t do anything, had to close it on my iPhone 12 manually and then restart the the App. This isn’t cool when the ticket scanner guy is waiting to scan your tickets. Heard this has also happened to other friends with this App. If MLB wants to move to e-tickets, they need to have a more reliable App.

Mobile tickets. Most difficult app ever tried to get into . Took my computer, my wife’s phone and my phone. Step by step instructions were not very good when you have to jump from mlb app instructions to mlb ballpark instructions. I will never use these apps again, you understand what that means! Rumor has it that the spring training venue is cashless and we have to use this app inside the ball park. I sure hope one of the others that are with me has the necessary apps and the knowledge to use them !

Ok pretty good so far. This app is really good it showed my next game ticket so apparently I should listen to reviews that much because sometimes it could be robots and I just downloaded the app, by the way after my next game will it show the other game after I finish my next game can you please give me a response just to make sure? If my next game will be shown after my very next game.

Need the number of tickets at a glance restored!. The old version of the app you could look at each game and see how many tickets you had. I split my season tickets with somebody else and so it is cumbersome to have to open up each game to see which tickets I have, and which ones I don’t. The old version of the app

Useless Steps. I have always, and will continue to just use Apple wallet or a website to access my tickets. Forcing me to download this app, which I just made an account is useless. All i did was collect my tickets and then transfer them to my Apple wallet and then uninstall the app. The app didn’t kill my family or anything but why add a useless step that takes 15 minutes to complete? EDIT: Wish I could go to 0 stars based on the canned response every 1 star review gets. My issue wasn’t with the app, it’s that the app exists at all.

Never use this for ticket transfers. Just had to call my friends and tell them we can’t go to the game I invited them to tomorrow because of this app. I accepted a ticket transfer from someone else but was unable to access the tickets. After multiple calls to customer support, the person I got the tickets from, and the box office, it was still unable to remedy the issue. And I will never get that money back. The seats will be sitting empty tomorrow night because my tickets are lost in cyberspace. Thanks for nothing, MLB Ballpark app! I hope you step in something wet while you’re wearing socks.

Lack of proximity and location issues cause this app is awful because of. Does not recognize Spring Training facilities IN ANY WAY…It’s barely ok for tickets, although i always have to verbally read out the ticket number to the checkin cuz they can’t scan it in the sunshine, duh…How about NFC? Nope. Can’t pull up a map of the facility because it only shows the home ballpark instead of the Spring Training facility, duh…How about location services? Nope. Other issues prevent any use of this app that “does it all” and is promoted on MLB relentlessly as “awesome” and renders verdict as trash.

More ballpark info needed.. The app is pretty easy to use but really needs more general info about the ballparks. There is zero info about park amenities, clubs or hospitality that may or may not come with the tickets. All this app seems to be is a place to house your tickets digitally for quick and easy transfer. That all works well.

Unhelpful. Would not let me order anything.. I attended a Nationals baseball game in late 2021. The app is supposed to allow me to order food and drink. Nearly every concession stand makes people use it. The app never recognized that I was at the game or allowed me to order food. It never saved me any time as I always had to wait in line with others. Stuff was never ready for immediate pickup, unlike what I’ve experienced at NBA arenas. Ridiculous and stupid. No one who designs this app or is in charge of it has ever used it or asked a normal person what their experience was.

Now I have to download an app to attend a game?. I see this year I have to download an app in order to present a purchased ticket for a game. I get not wanting to use paper tickets during a pandemic even though the science has determined the likely hood of transmission via paper or surfaces as statistically insignificant but this app is bit the only way to present tickets in a digital form. You can email the tickets. Other places and events do it all the time. Forcing you to download an app is wrong. You keep this nonsense up for 2022 season and you will lose more fans than this silly GQP boycott that is happening in 2021.

Better but not complete. Can’t add games after the fact- the historical feature was so much better prior to Opening Day 2019 but they have opted not to fix this. I still have two games from April 2019 I haven’t been able to enter into my history. Bottom line- they care about you using the ticket feature on this app and don’t care about those who use this app to keep a history of their games. Don’t need the app if it’s just a ticketing app- I will use it to keep memories.

Difficult to navigate. Used this at 4 or 5 stadiums. Main complaint is navigation is bizarre. Can’t even change ballparks right now even though my tix for tonight are on the app! At Fenway in May, the bingo game DID NOT WORK. THE 2 squares I was ‘missing’ were plays that HAD happened more than once, but it just wouldn’t accept my click (not weird plays or anything-one was just a double). Njjlm

Password issues!!!. This app was great not that long along. Now, at least twice a week I get logged out for some unknown reason. Then my password no longer matches my ID- I try to reset the password but can’t because the link I’m sent comes up with an error message! Please fix this, I have two games in the next two weeks.

What happened to printing off tickets?!?. I’m 26 and this app is still painful. What happened to the days you just printed off tickets?!? I have a group of 12 going to a stl game. Now everyone has to download this dumb app. The tickets won’t show up in my wallet. I purchased through seatgeek. Now I have to deal with them to get my tickets to another third party. There are just to many companies involved. I will not be using either of these services again. I’d rather buy tickets outside the ballpark than deal with these platforms.

Super Glitchy. Many problems forwarding tickets. Tickets not received nor accepted but had received error messages trying to recall. Tickets disappear and reappear. Prices and barcodes don’t appear until less than 24 hours prior to game making resale and transfer difficulty outside their platform. HATE this app. So disrespectful to season ticket holders in a sport that is losing viewership.

Forced App. The fact that you are forced to download an app to retrieve your tickets is ridiculous. An email link or printable version should suffice. After four different venues have required the same thing I now have to delete and reinstall every time to allow space in my phone. There is no reason I should need to upgrade my phone storage for such things. Equally, if you use an employer phone (which is quite common in DC) they do not let you download such apps requiring you to beg others to purchase tickets on your behalf. Can’t wait to delete this app.

Worst App on My Phone. Sadly, I sometimes am forced to use this excuse for an app to attempt to access my tickets. It’s an endless loop of resetting passwords, being promoted BY the Ballpark app to use the Ballpark app to access my tickets that don’t exist etc, etc (etc, etc. etc.). Sometimes, after I arrive at the bridge for the 7th time, meet the troll and answer his riddles three my tickets will magically appear. By this time my phone is usually dying and I’ve wet myself. But at least I have my tickets!! Usually I just show the confirmation email at the box office. Much less frustrating even though it means I have to wait in line.

Overall team records. I really wish they would bring back the records of all the teams you have watched, not just the home team records. Pretty cool seeing what the Angels or A's record was when I saw them play or any team for that matter. I’VE BEEN TO 3 GAMES THIS YEAR AND HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO CHECK INTO 1 GAME YET. MLB, as fans of this great game we expect more than an app that for 6 weeks has said we are working on it. The rating of this app is a are killing us smalls!

Bethbird997. Cumbersome to use, far more steps required to claim tickets than simply having them emailed to me. Do not recommend using this. Once I claimed the ticket, it also did not appear in my tickets, so I will have to do the work now of troubleshooting and contacting customer support just to get my ticket. UPDATE: the ticket has now appeared. There is a delay so give it 15 minutes or so and then check back.

Ticket purchase. I had to use you to purchase concert tickets for a show at Wrigley Field. It was a worse experience than I usually have with Ticketmaster. I didn’t think that was possible. Still unsure where all the impossible hurdles came from. You obviously don’t want somebody outside your circle to purchase tickets at face value. They were in my cart and for some asinine reason it wouldn’t accept my name on the first name, last name continue on part. I only gave 1 star because I didn’t think it would let me move forward with zero stars.

Can’t even set up an account. I just downloaded this because I bought Bluejays tickets and supposedly can ONLY use them digitally. So I go to set up an account and every single time I enter a possible password I get the response that it is already in use. Wonderful. I have already tried ten passwords, including just adding a number each time - none are acceptable. In other words, this app is useless already. This is the first time I have bothered to write a review for an app. I paid top dollar for these tickets and am one ticked off customer right now.

This app sells your data. I bought tickets here once to go to a game with friends - the app was decent for that purpose. However, despite explicitly stating i did not want to receive promotional emails sent to the email i registered when i signed up, I am getting 5 emails a day for all this stupid MLB insider crap i do not care about. i click unsubscribe on each email only to wake up to 5 more the next morning. How is this ethical? Why would anyone care for these emails? Awful company, no integrity. Only download this app if you love your email being sold to third parties.

Mobile ordering is broken. I didn’t try to handle my ticket with this app, so I can’t speak to that. But to get a beer at nationals park you HAVE to scan a barcode and use this app for ordering ahead. The problem is that the deep links from the QR scan don’t work and just route to the App Store, and only a few of the stores are even available to tap on individually. I was never able to find the stand and complete my order and had to get a canned drink from a different place. Really frustrating experience especially because there is no alternative!

Cannot accept tickets. Downloaded the app so I could accept transferred tickets but keep getting an error that asks me to contact customer service. The reason should be clear and a work around available instead, specially since I just spent time downloading and signing up for an account. This could be happening to many brand new users that download and sign up to accept a transfer. Please re-test this use case.

App deleted all my tickets!!!!. I bought a bunch of tickets for the WC and I’ve been transferring them to my customers and out of nowhere the app was giving me issues so I called the MLB app support and they told me to try a bunch of things and nothing worked. Then they told me to uninstall and install it again and now all my tickets are gone. I see them on my laptop but when I go on the app nothing. Then MLB tells me to contact the marlins since they have the tickets and they don’t even know what to do! So how am I going to be able to go to the game if I can access the tickets in the ballpark app. This Is unacceptable!!!

Would think that the App would be consumer friendly with ordering 5 tickets on line.. The app ordered two seat for the same person with their e-mail. Tried to change the ticket in my inventory the correct person and it wasn’t consumer friendly and couldn’t change to the correct person and e-mail so we could use all five tickets. Now miss a ticket to the Cardinals Brewers game Thursday June 23,2022

Used to be good. This app was once the best app in the App Store. You could upgrade tickets at the stadium mid game at a discount. And my favorite part was parks i had traveled to and checked off the bucket list were all stored in the app. All gone. Baseball is about the experience and history. Not the garbage this thing is serving.

MLB Ballpark. A miserable experience! On April 20, 2022, I downloaded Ballpark, and the app requires a Special Character in a user’s password. Tried a number of special characters; !, ?, # etc., and the app did not accept any of them. So, I uninstalled - and reinstalled - Ballpark. Then I submitted each and every special character in the iOS 15 keyboard, and - again - Ballpark didn’t accept any of them as a required Special Character. Therefore, cannot use this app. Wish I could rate this app with Zero Stars, so giving it one star. App hasn’t worked for me.

Scammed. Purchased tickets from someone who purchased tickets. They forwarded the tickets through this app. One day later they recalled tickets. I have proof of purchase and payment . You should not be able to forward tickets to people then be able to recall said tickets , especially in an industry where people are buying and selling tickets all the time. Nearly $1,000 has been stolen now due to recalling the tickets I paid for. I have been trying to get a hold of administrators of this app to resolve this very unfortunate issue that is probably happening to thousands of other people.

Transfer of ticket feature does not work. My spouse and I have tried to transfer a ticket to my account 3 different ways (airdrop, email, text link) with no success on the correct date. The airdrop feature pops up a link to access the app, but didn’t update the right ticket. The text link was the same scenario. The worst is the emailed link which prompts me to open the App Store to download the app….that I already have installed (and updated). When I try to open up the app from the store, still no ticket.

App is a scam. I purchased a ticket from Vivid seats. When I got confirmation email I found out I didn’t get the ticket. They said I had to download this app to get the ticket. I downloaded app and when I try to create an account it keeps saying something went wrong try again. I have deleted app and reinstalled 3 times and I am still not able to create an account. I missed the game since I wasn’t able to get ticket and Vivid will not refund me. I think Vivid and this app are working together to screw people out of their money.

Beware. Not a good app. Bought tickets and entered the Oracle Park for a group of 4. When we arrived at our seats the usher told us we each needed to have a ticket but there was no way to share the tickets via Apple Wallet or the Ballpark app. The App wouldn’t share them because they had already been scanned at entry. Also attempted to use the mobile ordering and I never got a text that my food was ready. I filed a support ticket and they closed it right away and didn’t help at all. I’ll be disputing the charge with my credit card.

This app is trash. Absolutely worst app ever. Leave it to MLB to put out a garbage product. This would never happen with the NFL. Got tickets from a buddy. Received confirmation but they never appeared in my digital wallet. Called the box office for hours and scoured the internet trying to figure it out but was never able to get the tickets to appear in the app wallet. Even worse my buddy who sent me the app can’t resend them so I ended up not going to a game. Unless someone hands hard tickets in the palm of my hand I will never go to another MLB game.

Not getting my tickets. Last night I bought a ticket from the mlb website. It told me my ticket was available on the ballpark app. It asked me what my mlb teams were and I put them in. When I went to look for my tickets they weren’t in the account. I used the same email to sign up with ballpark that I did to purchase my tickets. I have tried everything possible. I even deleted the app then redownloaded it. When I tried logging back in after deleting the app, it said that my account didn’t exist... I paid $80 for tickets and now I am unsure if I can even go to the game now...

Constant struggle. I have to log in nearly every time I access the app. Then, it’s a crapshoot if it will recognize the login, or make me reset the password. It asks for my email address, but gives me the “text” keyboard instead of the “email” keyboard, so I have to bounce back and forth from letters to symbols to letters. I’m going to see the Rangers/Reds game in 3 days, and it took me 30 minutes to log in, find the tickets I bought last week, access those tickets, and add them to my Wallet!! Really???

Where are my tickets? Email says MLB BALL PARK APP actually in ticket master. Today I received an Emal from Major League Baseball about tomorrow's Rockies game. I bought my ticketed from the Rockies web site. My MLB email states the tickets are in the ballpark app. They are not! Since I went to the game on Thursday I now know to check Ticketmaster. Bu to get into the game on Thursday I wasted nearly 15 minutes messing with the MLB app. And to think my purchase included a "convenience fee", all the while I am getting yelled at by my wife. What a great way to start a day at the ballgame.

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 12.1.8
Play Store
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

MLB Ballpark (Versiyon 12.1.8) Install & Download

The applications MLB Ballpark was published in the category Sports on 2012-04-03 and was developed by MLB [Developer ID: 281969992]. This program file size is 65.27 MB. This app has been rated by 483,201 users and has a rating of 4.6 out of 5. MLB Ballpark - Sports app posted on 2023-05-22 current version is 12.1.8 and works well on IOS 15.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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MLB Ballpark App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We’ve made updates to our barcode display to improve entry into stadiums

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Find this site the customer service details of MLB Ballpark. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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