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JB4 Mobile App Description & Overview

What is jb4 mobile app? Note that this app requires a custom Bluetooth Low Energy module and an iOS device that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (iPhone 4S and newer) to operate. Info on the module can be found here:


JB4 Mobile is a mobile data logger and display for use with the JB4 tuner from Burger Motorsports.

JB4 Mobile allows you to monitor multiple parameters of your JB4 equipped car at once. Parameters such as boost psi, rpm, fuel trims, air/fuel ratios, ignition advance, fuel pressure and much more are all available.

Data Monitoring
Data logging
Graphing of logged data
Email saved logs
Read/Delete codes
Modify boost/fuel mapping
Modify nitrous/methanol settings
Download and update JB4 firmware
Multiple gauge designs
G-Force Meter
GPS Speedometer

Demo Mode is available in the settings menu.

JB4 Mobile is not affiliated with Burger Motorsports.

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App Name JB4 Mobile
Category Sports
Updated 30 December 2022, Friday
File Size 44.01 MB

JB4 Mobile Comments & Reviews 2023

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Does not work well.. App constantly cannot see devices, gauges constantly stop working randomly. Since last update cannot connect to tuner no matter how much troubleshooting. For how much this device cost and then to have to pay extra money for the app and then it hardly works (1 year or use…) I’ll be selling this crap tuner. 2019 Raptor.

It’s more than performance. First off, this app is amazing. It brings the driving experience to a whole new level. Not only that, but just a few days ago, a mile from my house, I blew an upper radiator hose. With the aid of the jb4, I was able to monitor the coolant temp (not available on a stock 335) and safely drove home without fear of overheating. I installed an iPad mini, landscape view, above the center vents and very happy with everything. It’s just awesome, highly recommended.

It’s very expensive app / no partial refund for one month use.. Make sure you are dead set on keeping your JB4 kit since this app is none refundable once you buy it. You won’t be able to transfer it to another user like your friend also. So If you decided to sell your new JB4 tuner kit, count this app cost as your extra loss.

JB4 is garbage. It’s so nice of Burger Motor Sports to hide the $30 charge for the iPhone application after you spend $150 thinking you’re good to go. And don’t try to update the firmware because that will just ruin your unit.

4 star for now!. App is easy to use but it will be more useful if it have car play compatibility!!! Having all that info in ours car infotainment and make changes on the fly whit out touching the phone will be fantastic!!!! Other than that i love it!

Amazing App. This app is awesome, can change between Methanol Injection and standard all from the phone. Can also log data for tweaking purposes. Clearing codes paid for itself already once. Great piece of kit!

Support. Great support, even at night or holidays. These guys were there to give me support. Thank you so much.

App is great. App is great but greatest is the customer service, I’ll keep an App or a business near just because of that!

A must have. It’s an amazing app! A must have for Jb4 owners. You can change maps on the fly via Bluetooth, in case you can’t find e85 and have to run on 93 only, it’s a cinch to lower boost a bit so you don’t damage your engine! All the different read outs are very accurate as well!

Problems..Good…But Problems. Have had my Jb4 installed for a couple days now and it’s been a blast. The problems lie mostly in the app. Most, as in 90% of the display options such as rpm, gear, speed, etc. have not worked for me. But, things like boost, gps speed, ecu boost, oil temp, etc. have worked but will stop after a certain amount of time. Customization is great, but the graphs don’t work even after doing a log. Have a check engine light on, probably from my high flow cat for my F30. But, the app says I have no codes showing up so I can delete them. Watched every how to vid and no one is addressing my problems..maybe this needs another patch

Great support. The owner emailed me to help me with my problem that blew me away.

What is up with everything going mirrored image?. What is up with everything going mirrored image? And then freezing like that until you delete the app and reinstall it?

Gauges and some preset tunes. So I’ve had the jb4 app and tune in my 2019 Volkswagen jetta s 1.4t 6speed since April. In the beginning all the tunes were there but now for some reason a few are deleted from the app. Also I can’t see a lot of the temp guages. I believe the only one that does work for this car is the water temp. It would be awesome if burger motorsports would do a software update for my car!! There hasn’t been any since I’ve had the app. Other than that tho I absolutely love the jb4 tune and app. It makes such a difference from stock!!

Awesome data logging. Love the real time data logging through your phone via Bluetooth. Makes things a lot easier to monitor. I always have it on whether I’m driving to work, going to the gym, test driving the car etc. Much more convenient than a laptop!

Keeping the app updated. The overall experience of the app is good however I’m surprised to why the developers do not release the capability for apple CarPlay

Works as expected. I use this app to set and monitor my JB4 install. Easy to install and configure, works every time.

Worth the buy. You might think it’s a lot at first but when you actually use the app and see it’s capabilities it’s all worth it.

Superb customer service. I am on my second vehicle with JB4 and I can’t say enough about their customer service. Very responsive and quick to answer questions or resolve issues.

Using this app & Bluetooth wireless connector. While using this app & Bluetooth connecting, having issues some errors of sings, ignition problems, freezes up, or can’t read the gauges properly. I would not recommend JB4 tuning. Low quality product

No CarPlay??? Seriously?. I spend $600 on the JB4 and another $28 on this app and I have to keep my phone out to see the gauges. Insane. Despite that, app works great. CarPlay is a no brained addition.

Wonderful. Love the app and JB4 all together. Only thing to make it better is to make it Apple car play compatible so I can watch on my big screen rather than looking down at my phone.

Crashing. After the recent update I am having crashing issues when customizing my gauges. Please fix! 🙏🏽

Won’t go past “handshake “ on either of my devices. On second unit and no change. At a loss

Connecting issues. I have recently got a radio and I downloaded the JB4. But its not connecting at all. It’ll keep searching till it eventually says something about connecting error. What could this be? Please help ASAP ?

Worth the money!. Everyone at JB4 has been extremely helpful and quick to respond. Never had a aftermarket tuning company respond so quickly. You can tell they value every customer! Would 100% recommend if they have tuning for your platform!

Oil temp font. Great app, as always, but the font size for oil temp on the bar graph is too small and does not match the other gauges. In case this matters, car is e82 with N55 engine.

Worst customer service. Won’t call, only email. Takes a whole day to get one line replies. Going on day three and still can’t tell me why I’m having engine lights and issues with app.

Could be so much better.. Very buggy. The email only support is very frustrating. I also highly recommend not purchasing the methanol kit until they can get lines that don’t leak and fill the trunk up with deadly and expensive methanol. The gains are good but I like peace of mind. I used to be an advocate for jb4 but with all the money they are making I don’t see it being applied to research and development.

I love it best app ever. This helped me gain power on my 3.0t Q50 very easy to use would recommend to anybody worth the money

Username/password server fails. The app was GREAT until the username/password was implemented. Now I can't use my iPhone turned iPod for sole purpose of using it to connect to JB4 unit. Remove the username/password and this app will gain back its 5 star rating.

Let me name my maps. Great app and has worked for me reliably for the 9 months that is r been using it. It’s missing an important, and likely easy to implement, feature. Let me custom name my maps. Every time I got to switch, I have to go find the reference for the map set I have and read through it. It makes the on-the-fly switching way more painful than it needs to be. I’d happily have submitted this as a feature request but the support links in the app page just push you to the JB4 forums. That’s not the same thing.

I Want A Refund. This app does NOT work on the iPhone 12. The jb4 doesn’t even show up in my Bluetooth list. I keep getting an error message saying the pin is invalid but it doesn’t even give the option to input the pin (I know my pin). If you have the new iPhone it’s not worth it. I’m requesting my money back from Apple support smh Gonna get a data cable instead!

Great Support, Great App!. Had an issue connecting to the device, but Chris was able to get me situated quickly!

Don’t waste your money. Nobody at this company can be bothered to return an email. $28 for an app that doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time with this garbage. Buy a real tuner from ecutek they’ve actually provided me more support for this product than the actual company. HORRIBLE SUPPORT!!! DO NOT PURCHASE!!!

Jb4. The app keep going backwards can y’all update that is does it to me every time

It’s good, but could be better. The app works well. I would love it if it supported apple car play, so the gauges could been seen on the cars touchscreen, instead of the phone. Either way, great app so far, no issues.

Product Improvement Request. Have only been using for a few rips so far and don’t have any major complaints, but immediately as I’m driving I notice a few things that in my mind should be in this app already and can’t be that hard to build out… 1. Name my custom maps 2. Let me see one or a few gauges at a time (screen layout) 3. Apple CarPlay!

It works most of the time.. I’ve been using this app for about 3 weeks now and have had to delete it and download it again twice because the text on the goes inverse for no reason and won’t switch back. Other than that it does what it’s suppose to do.

Good when working. Installed for two days now the Bluetooth connection no longer works at all.

New Stinger User Suggestion. So far I really like the app and the JB4. The app connects quickly via Bluetooth and I haven’t had one issue after a week of use. Something I’d like to see is multiple gauge screens to scroll through, similar to the Ultra Gauge app if anyone is familiar. That way, my most used gauges are on the first page and gauges I reference less like map, temps and waste gate data could be easily accessed by a swipe rather than having to temporarily reset a more utilized gauge.

Great app but I would love a CarPlay app. Idk if Apple will allow it but a CarPlay JB4 app would be worth another 20$ from me.

Just needs a little tweaking. Should be a little more detailed on the maps and should consider making Apple CarPlay compatible. Other than that the app works great

Great app and a must have with the JB4. App is freakn awesome! So much easier to work with a phone than a laptop. Please change the background color as it’s too dark to read and if gauge selections can be adjustable from 1 to 6 gauges this would make it even friendlier to use.

Good platform- fast response to issues. The support team at the JB4 mobile group exceed expectations when it comes to turn around time for solutions to bugs and problems. Good interface for the Burger hardware.

Great customer service. Love the app, but the customer service behind it even more !

Incredible Support. First of all, having Bluetooth connectivity for the JB4 has been a valuable enhancement. When I had a problem with the BT hardware, I sent the unit to Donnie and after a few email exchanges, he fixed the problem and sent me a replacement unit. The app quality is outstanding and support all the more so. It is amazing that there is such an outstanding product for a niche application. Just get it! If you already made the plunge to get a JB4, the Bluetooth interface will greatly enhance your investment.

CarPlay. Please add this app to Apple CarPlay. It would be nice to use my car’s screen to see my gauges as opposed to my phone.

Great and fast Customer service.. I had the opportunity to resolve connectivity issues on two separate occasions. Both times customer service not only responded quickly but also addressed my concerns very fast. Two thumbs up to Miles Woodrum.

Love love love. Ok im just getting into JB4 awesomeness. But this is way to easy. Im waitting for the catch but there isnt one. Great stuff my guy

Response. Had a good response time from the team with the small issue I had. Hope I can help test out any new features you will offer for the q50.

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Awesome!. If you have a JB4, this app is worth every cent. I wish it would log real-time clock, GPS speed and g-force into the downloadable log files though.

Works as advertised. Works well but would be good to have a CarPlay option.

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more optimization. Needs more iphone x optimization

Really useful. It's a must if you have the JB4. I use it daily to clear codes or change the map settings. When I had issues, technical support was awesome everytime. Thanks for the good work guys!

Great app. The app works well and connects on every launch. Wish it read more codes on the Infiniti’s

Doesn’t work. I install it with the wireless app with iPhone 11. Worked few months and I tried to change map for valet and since, the app doesn’t work. I tried to update and it’s even worse. The car don’t want to go faster than 20 miles/hr. And check engine is on. I’ve tried every things on n54tech. I delete the app and the firmware cannot download. I don’t recommend. I cannot connect the wire the car don’t go. I bought it for notting. Its big waste of time and money. A good mecanic order it and installed it. And when he order the wireless kit, they sent the bad kit for my car and had to complain seriously to get the good kit. Never again for me.

CarPlay support. I’d really like to see CarPlay support added as well as an updated, cleaner UI. Works well though sometimes it’s finicky to get connected. Still insanely convenient to switch maps on the fly. The connect kit really is a must have for any jb4 owner.

Car play. We need car play support please

App keeps showing in Mirror image. Not sure if anyone else is having an issue, but I have to keep deleting the app and reloading as when I turn on it keeps giving me a backward or mirror image. Will update rating when this gets figured out. I’m using an iPhone 14 pro max.

It works, but it’s lame.. Giving this a 2-star rating because quite frankly for the price it’s very disappointing. It does what it’s meant to do, yes, so it’s functional. But the interface for settings is crappy, there are UI glitches (i.e. can’t see the rpm limit value), it often crashes when I change my map, and honestly... my biggest complaint is, for the price... make this compatible with Apple Car Play! It’s literally a car app, and we all know it’s illegal to use our phone while driving, so this app is literally asking us to not follow the law in order to use it. I’ll gladly update my rating if they either give it support, but until then I find this app overpriced... but then again, that’s what happens when there’s no competition.

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False advertising. Does not work with the JB for USB. Doesn't say that it does not either. The day before Bluetooth was not compatible with my day before and there was no clarifications online about that either. Overall such a waste of time trying to get this to work.

Not working properly screen upside down and backwards can't read anything. I just bought this app I can't read anything it's all backwards upside down can I get some help please?

Plug and play out of the box. As with everything BMS makes, this is amazing. Works perfectly after a five minute install. Updated firmware on first login. This would have cost thousands a few years ago! Love you guys!

Limited gauges. As JB4 uses odb2 and clear codes I would think I could get temperature gauges another OB2 readings for the price

Wont let me create an account to connect. Please help? On iOS !

“Must buy” if you have JB4!!!. I’ve got an LCI E90 335i w/the N55 and I wish I got this app sooner. Using the app is so much easier than steering wheel controls. Highly recommended!!! Miles of the support team was super helpful and prompt! Highly satisfied with my app purchase.

Water temp and oil and trans read in F only. Hi Thanks for the update But i notice that JB4 app version 2.5.1 Water temp and trans temp still showing in F instead of C Even when units conversion option is selected Only one that goes to C is the IAT Will this be fixed soon? , please fix

App needs updating. This app needs an overhaul from top to bottom. The UI is very unfriendly. For the price of the app, it'd be nice fnthe developers atleast made the app look good

Jb4 2020 Kia Forte gt. I’m in love with the jb4 and having a blast on map 2. It’s a huge difference from stock. Customer service has been fantastic as well. App is very easy to navigate through. Would definitely recommend going through them.

Great app with great support. Support behind the app is awesome

Good app, some flaws. Good app for data logging. No longer need computer jb4 app after. Yet there are some bugs and the 0-60 and 1/4 mile are no longer a feature. If they fix those then I would give it 5 stars.

Doesn’t connect. The app does not connect to the jb4, it keep asking to select the type of engine

Awesome in every way. A++

Great app. Recommend for jb4 owners BUT...... I belive this app needs to allow you to choose how many gauges you can display. That would be perfect!! Other than that the app is great works perfectly and would recommend it to every jb4 owner.

Major flaw. Needs security. There is nothing to stop someone else from connecting to your car and changing crucial settings causing damage.

Works Great!. It works great, but it’d be better if it worked in Apple CarPlay.

Must have app for JB4 users. I really like this app and it works really well for the JB4 Connect Kit. The app should be included in the JB4 Connect Kit, but whatever. My issue with the price doesn't take away from how well this app works and how much easier it has made data logging and monitoring the JB4 for my M4.

Great app. Wish it was included in the cost of the JB4Connect Kit, but anyway, it's a great app. Can do all the stuff the burger software on the PC can do plus more. Occasionally the readings glitch, but I'm sure Donnie will figure out why and fix it.

Jb4 Is No Joke Lol. It's a big yes For me !

Essential app. Great app for the BCS JB4 users, but please drop the blue font with black background... its nearly impossible to see

Refund. I’d like a refund please as I’m returning the JB4. Had for less than a week, and car has several error/malfunction messages now

IS THIS APP STILL ALIVE?. No updates whatsoever? Paid $30+ garbage

Not working. Downloaded, paid … app will not login!

Fraud. This app is a joke. Charged me over $30. Already called my credit card company and for a non payment and fraud by the app creator. Don't buy it!!!!

AMAZING. Best option out there. Everyone loves it, except all the v8 guys (mustang)i blow pass! This defines, on the fly tuning

Country Check for Passive Delete?. No thanks.

Need to buy Bluetooth wireless connection. Didnt know i have to buy a addittional 140 dollar Bluetooth connection that i have money for so now im stuck with this app i spent 30 dollars on that im not gonna use

Why I hate this app. You can’t connect ever wouldn’t recommend to anyone

Awesome. It's money well spent!

Works great!. Works great with the JB4. Connects and works without hiccup.

Great app but needs CarPlay support. CarPlay support would make it perfect!

Can’t connect to server. Says unable to connect to service can’t even log into my JB4 account

Great app!. Love the app works well. Only thing is I tend to have a android phone at hand every now and again for other things. Was hoping to some how connect my purchase here to google play store on my other device? Let me know if that is something that can be done!

Great tool. Love using the app. Updates I hope to see. A gauge for fuel economy (miles per gallon). Add more of the steering wheel controls in the app for easier control. Also a eco map to maximize fuel economy, similar to eco and sport on modern BMWs.

JB4 apps. I good like to return the JB4 apps

Great app. Love the app just wish it had CarPlay capability!

Does what it says.. If you run JB4 this is a no brainer.

App double charged me. Charged me $52.98, not advertised price. Can you please explain? I’ll correct once answered

Outstanding support app for JB4. Don't know how I operated and tuned my car before this. Outstanding realtime display of what you car is doing and make tuning a breeze. Thanks for the outstanding product and keep up the good work.

Great app. Makes logging and using the JB4 much easier. I have the Rev2 kit on my car and could not be happier!

Stopped working. Since the update the app will not connect to the jb4. Don’t waste your money till fixed!

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Language English
Price $27.99
Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 2.5.7
Play Store com.dmacpro91.jb4-mobile
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

JB4 Mobile (Versiyon 2.5.7) Install & Download

The application JB4 Mobile was published in the category Sports on 12 February 2014, Wednesday and was developed by Dmac Mobile Developments, LLC [Developer ID: 372235786]. This program file size is 44.01 MB. This app has been rated by 168 users and has a rating of 3.8 out of 5. JB4 Mobile - Sports app posted on 30 December 2022, Friday current version is 2.5.7 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.dmacpro91.jb4-mobile. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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JB4 Mobile App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Minor bug fixes.

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