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What is gamechanger app? STREAM. SCORE. CONNECT.

- FREE LIVE VIDEO STREAMING: Never miss a game with new video streaming features and scoreboard overlay. The highlight clipping feature will capture the great plays, which can be saved to your device or shared on social media.

- SCOREKEEPING: Advanced scorekeeping tools and features, including detailed statistics for individuals and teams, for baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, football, hockey, field hockey, water polo, and rugby. Baseball and softball teams also have pitcher and batter spray charts, plus 150 stats.

- FREE TEAM MANAGEMENT for 20+ sports: GameChanger takes the hassle out of team management with free tools for coaches and staff. Get rosters, scheduling, RSVPs, team messaging, photo sharing, and live score updates for those who can’t be at the game - all in one easy-to-use app, always 100% free for coaches.

- LIVE RADIO AND GAME ANIMATION: Can’t make the game? Follow the action on GameStream! Baseball, softball, and basketball teams can keep family and friends caught up on the action with a live, animated GameStream and Play-By-Play (some features require a subscription). Baseball and softball teams can also listen to the game with GameStream Radio. Stay involved with the game from anywhere.

- GameChanger is available for the following sports: baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, football, volleyball, field hockey, ice hockey, water polo, rugby, swimming & diving, track & field, wrestling, crew & rowing, bowling, cheerleading, cross country, tennis, and golf teams.

Other Key Features:
VIDEO ARCHIVE: Streamed games are automatically stored in the video archive so you can review the game or catch the game you missed (paid subscription).

LIVE VIDEO PLAYS ANNOUNCER: (baseball/softball) Fans have the option to watch live or archived video with the plays announcer to accompany the video experience.

3RD PARTY CAMERA COMPATIBILITY: Mevo, GoPro, or others using RTMP.

LIVE GAMESTREAMS: Those who couldn’t make it in person can follow all the action as your team keeps score and broadcasts a stream of plays and stats. (Currently available for Baseball, Softball, and Basketball.)

WEB PORTAL: Coaches can manage team rosters, scheduling, and review stats at our web portal at

PITCH COUNT TRACKING (Baseball only) Provides relevant information to help monitor pitcher usage and keep players safe, with stats like pitch count, innings pitched, and innings caught.

ROSTER MANAGEMENT: Keep roster and team contact info all in one place. Make changes anytime in the app or website.

SCHEDULING & CALENDAR SYNC: Maintain a single, easy-to-manage team calendar to keep coaches, parents, and players on the same page all season long. Sync with your existing online/mobile calendar to track your teams’ schedules in one place.

EVENT REMINDERS & ALERTS: Schedule automatic event reminders for your team before any event.

MAPS & WEATHER: Get up-to-the-minute game and practice location and directions so you can arrive on time, and check local weather updates before heading out the door.

PHOTOS: Share your best action shots with the team and keep photos organized in one place. Any team member can add photos.

TEAM MESSAGING: Send important announcements, schedule updates, and last-minute changes to the whole team with just a few taps.

ROSTER IMPORTING: Automatically populate your entire team roster in seconds by importing from MaxPreps, Sports Connect, or a past season on GameChanger.

Terms of Use:
California Disclosures:
US Patent No. 8,731,458

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GameChanger Customer Service, Editor Notes:

GameChanger Version 5.1926 September 2022

New: Athlete Profiles are live! If eligible, you’ll see a widget on the GC home screen allowing you to create a profile and share your best highlight clips to the world! New for volleyball: Viewers can now see the set and match scores in a live stream so they never miss a point! New: You can now pinch to zoom while broadcasting live video New for basketball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, field hockey and water polo teams: Easily upload stats to MaxPreps by tapping “Export Stats” from the Box Score tab.

GameChanger Version 5.1418 July 2022

• New: Automatic Clips are now live for Soccer, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Field Hockey and Water Polo! View, download, and share goals from games that are streamed and scored. Clips can be found in each player’s profile New: Staff can now end a live stream by tapping the icon on a live tile and choosing ‘end stream’ • Fixed: A bug causing the wrong score to show in the live video play-by-play for basketball teams • Fixed: A bug that caused player names to not display properly during roster rollover • Fixed: A bug that prevented some users from becoming Family contacts for a player on a team • Fixed: A bug that caused youth player names to not display properly in box scores • Fixed: A bug in how teams are sorted and displayed within an organization • Fixed: A bug that caused organization administrator names to not sort properly.

GameChanger Version 5.1023 May 2022

• New: Own a Pocket Radar Smart Coach device? Track speeds with your Pocket Radar Sports (NEW) app account from the “Profile” page before scoring your next baseball or softball game • New: Automatic Video Clips are now generated for additional batting, pitching, and fielding play types. Clips can be found in each player’s profile • New: Head-to-Head scorers will be alerted if they are the first scorekeeper and therefore will be scoring for both teams. • Fixed: An issue that caused sound distortion while viewing live and archived video streams.

GameChanger Comments & Reviews 2022

- I changed my mind after using Premier

UPDATE: I had an opportunity to use a premium account this weekend. EVERY frustration that I expressed in my initial review are addressed. I was able to enjoy the games (including breaks). I was able to replay and make videos of my grandson’s AB’s and plays in the field, review statistics, etc. All as advertised. I was thoroughly impressed and highly recommend the premium accounts, whichever one meets your needs. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I tried to use the basic free app to follow my grandson’s baseball. Unfortunately, if you do not pay 100% attention to the app you are out of luck!! I love my grandson, but I am unable to watch the app 100% of the time. I missed his AB’s and am out of luck. No audio, no play by play to catch up, no box score, no game recap. If the game doesn’t fit your schedule or if you need to go to the bathroom or fix something to eat or answer the phone…you are out of luck. I live on social security and in today’s world I am unable to pay for upgrades. I will forgo the frustration. Too bad there isn’t a reasonable price for seniors on limited incomes.

- Love the app for the most part.

The app is great for the most part my biggest issue is with the search features. The classic app would allow me to search by state or country if I was unsure exactly what town had been used to register a team unfortunately now I have to search by each town even if they are very close together. The second issue is the search will return a lot of results when I use multiple words. For instance I use a league name with the words All Star even if I put quotation marks around it I get a couple thousand results even when limited to the current season. The search will also return all teams with word all or star in them there is no way to limit the search to an exact match. Location is also weird in that fact that some location searches will only return those results from those cities while other would return from multiple cities. You would think it would be the big cities returning multiple and the small just those locations instead I search for Phoenix I will only get teams with a location of Phoenix. If I search for Mesa however, I get Mesa, Gilbert, or Chandler. The search is also weird in the fact that if I have a word in the title that happens to be a place name I will also get all the teams associated with that location if I don’t put a limit on the location. I’m hoping for a clean up of the search function especially with most teams switching over to the team manager app

- Lost too many features from The original GC

They have announced that the original GC will no longer be supported, but they have also left out too many features from the original. For example, you cannot do any research into other teams. It was really nice in GC to be able to search out other teams and view their schedule and results to get a feel for what the team is like. Another example related to the last is the inability to view a replay of a game for a team that I am not a part of. My son and I like to watch his friends’ games sometimes, but we don’t want to be official followers of the team. Yet another example is that there is no web interface anymore. It is so nice on GC to be able to go on your computer and view all the stats, and even download the stats for some of your own analysis. You can still export, but it requires an additional step of emailing the stats to yourself. Anyway, I would give it 5 stars if they could have kept all the same functionality of the original GC, while simply adding to it with the new functionality of GC Team Manager.

- Needs to Commit to Transition but 5 star app

Listen. The app is great. We are now required to use it to keep track of pitch counts in our state. That being said if you are going to transition from one app to another, you need to just do it and stop giving teams the choice. What has happened is half the teams from our conference use classic and the other use team manager. Now this makes us load every teams roster instead of it already being there. AND most importantly if you pay for a membership (we do) to see other teams pitch counts. You only get the one in the app you are utilizing. I am not paying two membership fees. The review will be updated when this is resolved. Just make everyone go to one app please. UPDATE: GC support has reached out to help remedy the situation. It goes to show you how well they manage and care about their product. Therefore I revised to 5 stars. The critique still stands until the transition is completed.

- Not up to par with other similar apps

The app has gotten better over the last year, but it still lags behind others that have been around and new ones that are coming out. A simple request to have a “Maybe” option for RSVPing would be so beneficial. I have been messaging the Customer Service Team over the last year a few times to ask about this and they can’t provide any answer except “That’s a good idea and we will pass it along.” Also being able to update a “Season” and “Age Level” instead of having to start an entirely new Season would also be highly beneficial. At least the notifications are now pushing through consistently. About 9 months ago there was a terrible lag. When tapping on notifications from home screen of iPhone, the message wouldn’t show in the app so you had to shut down to be able to see messages. Hopefully Team Manager can develop some updates that bring them up to speed with other similar apps. It would be a shame to have to switch to another app that is actually free which is more advanced and has better features.

- Great App for the sports family.

My son has played almost every sport, and we always try to keep the family up to date on games when we can because not everyone can make his games. When GameChanger came out and I showed my 92 year old grandfather that he could listen and watch the games he was excited. He’s an old coach and my son ( his great grandson) is one of the only grandchildren that plays sports, so this gives him an avenue to be able to see his games and enjoy it when he can’t travel. Every feature is helpful and easy to use . You can pay and get streaming games or stay free and get the play by play field diagram. It tracks stats and let’s you know how your player is doing. This is definitely a well thought out app. Awesome job.

- Great app for the kids teams

This app has been very helpful coaching my kid’s sports teams. Having the calendar, team chat, and rsvp all in one place has been amazing. Looking forward to the “organization” capability recently added as it would be really nice to see other scores in our league, schedule, and potentially standings. Would also hope that staff of one team can watch live streams from their organization without being a “fan” of the other teams as I may want to want some of the other games in my league. The live steaming has been great for family members that live out of town or just can’t make that game. I wish their was an app for the Apple TV to watch games on the TV without screen mirroring, would give 5 stars for that. As a coach having stats and spray charts has been great. As well as the ability to watch archived videos. Wish it was easier to deal with leagues that use kid and coach pitch without a complication work around that is difficult to keep up with multiples times each inning.


Overall- it’s very basic. It’s nice to have the ability to quickly alert all of your parents rather than a text thread. Things that need improvement: please add a way to attach items to the notes section of games/practices such as field map pictures!! This is my biggest complaint, because when you try and send a picture via the team message option, the whole picture doesn’t show up and it gets lost within the thread. Sure would be nice to have the field map with the game info section on the calendar!! I also frequently have trouble with being able to open my message section, so I’ve had to had another parent send messages for me. I’m sure there are other things that need improvement, like some reviewers have mentioned poor update ability between blue sombrero platform on the team page and the app, but I recognize this as a problem and just know not to rely on it. It has potential, but needs some updates, additions, and fine tuning!! I also don’t have experience with other team apps, so I have nothing to compare it to.

- Not sure yet

Upgraded to this last week and scored our first tournament this weekend. The app crashed multiple times during each game, which I see is a consistent problem. As quick as softball moves I was down two batters counts & balls in play before I could score it… probably looked like a hot mess to any viewers (and was likely inaccurate). I don’t like that you can’t name the chats… or that the “team” chat includes allllll family members linked to a player. Grandma in Kansas doesn’t need to know where we’re going to lunch after a game. Our team logo/photo just disappears. I don’t like that I can’t see a teams roster after the game is scored or that the teams aren’t separate in the game schedule. I didn’t have any issues with the live streaming and received good feedback from our fans. However, paid members should have access to the video afterward, not just admins. I haven’t had issues with messaging. I’m still exploring the different layout and features, but the crashing of the app mid-game is just unacceptable.

- Simple to use. Can be much better

Very easy to use however I think there is plenty room for improvement. 1) Allow members to choose when they get notified of upcoming events. Currently only the coach controls it. However, some like to be notified 1 day or 2 days ahead of time. Some would even like a secondary reminder 1 or 2 hours before event. So that’s limited. 2) Calendars are great to have but this one could be less cluttered. Don’t waste space for days that have no events. Only about 2 events are displayed on the screen. I’d like to see the app just have one line per event so I can see potentially see the entire week ahead. TeamSnap does a good job of this. 3) As a coach it would be nice to see that your message was read or received or acknowledged. 4) back to the calendar for those last minute rainouts would be nice to have a button or buttons to one click canceled or moved to new location which would also send a notification. Now you’d have to send a message to cancel event due to rain but the event still shows on the calendar as active.

- Great things coming

From what little I’ve seen on the baseball side of things, the app and the ability to live-stream, score the game and see things happening is OUTSTANDING!!!! That of course having just played with it a little. I also think it’s great that they added the ability to live feed other sports besides baseball and softball and have added several sports, but the only thing lacking is the ability to live score the games. I understand you can’t do a play by play like in baseball but the ability to at least post a score would be great for those grandparents watching the games from afar can see the score live and don’t have to keep asking via text(offline from GameChanger) or on the livestream. Other than that, GameChanger has been doing a great job with adding things and keeping the game alive, especially in these uncertain times of the pandemic and some not being able to attend games. Maybe add that small change and I’d bump up to 4 stars, maybe even 5(rare for me to give 5 stars).

- Basic for better or worse

The app is Very simple which is good for parents to use. At the same time looks somewhat lower quality compared to other apps just based off of the aesthetics. That said ability to message Through the app but also email or phone call is nice. Sign-up is easy. Calendar is useful but again functionally and aesthetically pretty average. I do not know why it needs to show me every day both as a calendar and as a list. Would be nice to get rid of the extra days on the list except for ones with events. also would be great if you could share pictures and videos in a separate section because I think that’s a very useful addition especially for younger kids where a picture taking seems to be just as important as the game itself. Overall I chose it over the other apps because it simple, easy to sign up, and good for communicating. Despite all that it could be made a whole lot better with some simple changes to make with the calander.

- Major Disappointment

Used gamechanger for years and loved it. Switched to team manager since they’re getting rid of gamechanger at some unknown time, and have hated it. There’s things I could do with gamechanger that aren’t capable on team manager. The app constantly is unable to upload the team chat, so players are constantly texting me saying they can’t get the messages to come up. It’s also limited on features. Once you create an event, you can’t edit the type of event but can edit everything else. I had a practice turn into a scrimmage, and had to cancel the practice and create a scrimmage so I could score it. I then had to make everyone rsvp again since it was now a new event. You’re restricted to a yes or no on events. Why not a maybe section and why aren’t you able to add a note to your RSVP. Other apps allow you to add a note so people can add they will be late or have to leave early. So many things can improve and I’m currently looking for a new app after all these years. Very disappointed

- A good start (updated)

I’ll give GC credit for branching out to score different sports with this new app. I’ve enjoyed using the app so far for hockey, but you need to expand the stats for different sports. For example, hockey needs more to track than just shots on goal, saves and goals. You’ve only scratched the surface. You also have shot attempts (misses and blocked), face offs and penalties among other stats. I glanced at football and it was scoring plays only. Long way to go there. I used the original GC for baseball/softball and basketball stats as a sports writer. As I said, I like the app and the new direction you’re going in. (Update to original review below): A suggestion for all the sports. Can you make it so we can change the team abbreviations to something other than what the app comes up with. The older GC baseball/softball and even the basketball app allowed this. The new classic app does not. Just a suggestion. Love your products.

- Terrible

The old GC app is hands down better and easier to use! All I’ve had is trouble with and confusion with this new TM app. When I send questions to the app help I receive no response. This change will cost GC a LOT of customers! I coach high school and summer baseball and my teams will sadly not be using this app anymore (after 8 years) because of how downhill it’s gone and can’t get any help from them. Coaches don’t want players/parents to have access to be able to change their names on the roster. If you have more than one team on your list then good luck finding a specific teams schedule because they’re all lumped in together. It’s been weeks and all my teams still haven’t been moved over to new app. Using new app is slower and take way too long. You can no longer go in and edit game stats like you could in old app. These are just a few things I noticed after one weekend of using the new app! Unfortunately that old GC personal touch, high quality and care is gone now for some reason and I hate to leave but they leave no choice now.

- Promising but some restrictions don’t make sense

First season with using this as Team Parent for our soccer team. Pros: 1. I like the calendar function. Very nice to be able to add the location for games/practices and directly open a navigation app if needed. The weather forecast is a nice touch too. 2. RSVP function is very handy. 3. I like that the kids can also be added. My daughter likes to know who’s coming to the games 4. Automatic reminder notification. Saves some time from using the Remind app before every practice or game. Cons: 1. Not being able to add additional parents once one has accepted the invite. This makes it awkward when parents are divorced. You have to ask one of them to add the other parent or delete the player and send invites to both. 2. An administrator can’t edit the players photos. I take pictures at the games and have photos of all the players. Yet I can’t add them to their roster profile. 3. It would be nice as admin to be able to set up notifications for when someone RSVPs. I see this more useful for the “no” responses, so you get a notification if someone isn’t coming. 4. Please allow more online editing. Right now I have to do most of it on my phone. I asked for a roster link and couldn’t edit players I’d already added. Overall, I think the app will be useful but there’s some obvious areas that need to be improved.

- Love this app! Worth paying for the upgrade too!

This is one of the best apps on my phone. Worth every penny if your kids play baseball, softball, etc.. Love the stats and the ability to livestream games and allow people who aren’t there in person to watch. Does require a dedicated staff of parents and coaches willing to keep score on the app, give up their fully charged phone for the game to livestream, etc. but again, totally worth it! Would be amazing if it had a scheduling feature so leagues could use it as well and we wouldn’t have to use multiple sites/apps. Also would love to see a “sign up” type feature within the app for snacks, tokens, team party potluck, etc.. I have other ideas…GC…call me! Haha

- Possibly better thank the old version

I spiked this version better today. The graphics and font are cleaner. We tried to do live from the app today and it kept crashing. I had to keep restarting the live feed, but missed parts of the game since we are sitting right there watching the app to see if it crashed. I saw it was in Beta, which normally means it’s being tested. Do you know when this will more finished? Also, you cannot add family easily for players that already have family. I click on invite family and it takes me to the players information and will not allow me to add it just tells me I can’t change their Information. We have plenty of people that have a lot of family and we really need to figure out how to get them added. Please fix this as our families depend on watch the games this way when they cannot attend in person.

- App is great, two improvements needed in live stream

Love this app — by far the easiest to score a game once you get the hang of it. But there are two issues with the built-in live streaming that need to be addressed: 1) The stream is unstable and stops sometimes on its own. This causes all viewers to lose connection and the stream to have to be restarted by the operator manually, resulting in missed plays from both the live stream and the video recording. 2) The app needs to recognize the type of phone being used for streaming and allow the choice of camera lenses and/or zoom functions. It is using the 1x on my iPhone 12 Pro, but I would want to use the .5x wide angle to get both 1st and 3rd base paths. I believe this is just a function of programming the app to allow a choice of built-in lenses. Please correct this ASAP!

- Search function needs to be dramatically improved

When creating an event, I typically have to search for the opponent. In the “old” GameChanger, adding terms would refine your search criteria, with additional terms narrowing your results. In this new GameChanger, the search criteria works counter-intuitively as an ‘or’ (rather than and ‘and’), so if I enter “Virginia Copperheads” I get every team that has either Virginia or Copperheads in their name, and if I add 15U, it adds every team with 15U in their name to my results! And the “Location” filter only helps if you know the town and state that a team is from; this would be much more helpful if you could only enter a state, as many travel teams are from a county or an area, not one town and it’s impossible to guess what town they said they are from. Please fix this functionality. The scoring aspects generally work fine, but this makes the ap very difficult to use!

- Does most things right

A: I’d like to be able to hide or even delete old teams, but I can’t. B: I recorded a fielder’s choice the other night, the player disappeared from second base, then reappeared on the next base hit to score. We didn’t catch it and it caused a big snafu with the scoring. C: This is the biggest problem... THE TEAM SEARCH AND OPPONENT SEARCH FUNCTION ARE BASICALLY BROKEN. The GC baseball/softball app had an amazing team search function that allowed me to include city, state, and year. This app pulls up all sorts of wildly irrelevant teams from all across the country and various years. That wouldn’t be an issue if it still found the team I was looking for in the first couple results, but searching “Pirates 8U OK 2020” brought up teams in the first 8 results from TEXAS (#1), 2019 (#4), WISCONSIN (#5), and MASSACHUSETTS (#6). It’s infuriating. I’ve spent several minutes going through this terrible list and still can’t find our opponent🙄

- App nice but some bugs and could use a few more features

The app is nice and we love the streaming. A few thing we had to figure out on our own. We were not able to log in with the same account on two devices like it says you can. If you do games created can’t be seen on other device or by team. We were able to resolve by having one account stream and a different account score. Live streaming is great. It would be nice to either be able to cast to a device (smart TVs, fire stick) or have the app available for those or even a website that would allow the ability to watch the live streams so everyone doesn’t need to crowd around a phone to watch.

- Suggestion

I’m a coach, use this app for my soccer team, my team parents/family love that they are able to keep up with the players games even if they can’t make it. Only con is when we’re live we do play on a “high school” football field and the players look little ants lol. I’d love to be able to zoom in as much as possible on the player dribbling up the soccer ball who’s on the opposite side of the field, even when trying to utilize a third party app that tracks the player automatically. I purchased the premium, only to find out I’d also have to purchase a whole new camera. 🥴 so I’ve had to switch to another social media platform to share the live experience.

- Overall great but still need work

Overall has been great for scoring games but two features are just not working with the same ease. 1) can no longer search up other teams and follow their games. Can only do so if your part of the team..that’s a downfall for keeping up with how friends are doin 2) the live stream always turn off around 15 minutes..I’ve done everything to keep it from turning (phone on do not disturb, alerts turned off, connected to WiFi, screen saver off) and yet it still consistently ends around every 15 minutes. Its frustrating as the score keeper to keep going and having to restart it. Our families love the live feature especially now with COVID and limited spectators but the stopping and starting is a real downfall. Ready to try something different to avoid this

- Love it!

Love having everything so organized, it's neat, and user friendly. When you add your event to calendar, it lets you add location, time, field notes and it even shows you a map as well as the weather of during the event. Love that I can add multiple teams and sports under the same profile but still separate and organize. I came across an issue. When adding my kids to an additional team/ sport it created an entire new entry for the child. Making it seam that I had double the same kid. I contacted support and they fixed it right away. Like really right away. Love love this app. I seriously recommend to everyone I talk to now.

- Please please please please please please

Fix the search function. It really is terrible. I’m the beginning, the search function seemed to be better than the original game changer but something has changed as time has gone on. Searches seem to populate and list by single word match only. Meaning if I am searching for a team with three words in its name, the results list with all the matches on the first word, then all the matches on the second word, etc. I would expect the search results to render the beat matches on all words searches. Also, if a team has dashes in their name, it throws of the search match and doesn’t always render the result. A really frustrating thing. Other than this, we are loving this app. Really appreciate all that it offers. But, wow. The search function is really not great.

- Great platform for organization. Constant bugs and issues.

My Youth Tackle Football, Flag Football, and Cheer programs all use this app. I am the Webmaster for our non profit and this app has been useful. However, there are never ending bugs, very glitchy is many ways. Parents grow frustrated by the lack of updating of calendar from blue sombrero site. I would update the webpage calendar, reimport it on the app and it would take 3-7 days to show up, often never showing up. It is also very limited if you are a league organizer. Once parents accept an invite you can’t edit anything, even as an admin. You can only upload rosters one time from blue sombrero. Once you do, that’s it. You literally can’t make any edits. It’s a shame because the potential for this app is great, but the bugs and glitches make you question wether or not the juice is worth the squeeze.

- Frustrating for the parents

Downloaded this app due to an email I received as the scorekeeper for my daughter’s team. I told the whole team to convert and it’s been nothing but a headache for them. On the score keeping end, it works the same- so that’s great! But I’ve been told by a few parents that they can’t see the live play by play without a paid subscription. So that’s frustrating. I understand the extras, such as voiceover requiring a subscription- but not just to watch the players at bat and their base running, fielding etc. One thing I do love about this app is getting notifications for every play my daughter is apart of- that’s a great feature. And although I’m the only scorekeeper and am at the games every time, it’s good to know if by chance I can’t make it- I’d get updates on her plays.

- Very helpful!!

We switched this season from using two apps for team communication and scoring/game tracking. Being in one place has been great!!!! I have a couple of “wishes” for updates. 1. I would love a way to see who has read messages. On the bottom of the message it says “delivered” but I wish there was a way for it to note who saw the message. 2. The message threads need a “subject”. Then we can keep subjects separated and organized without having to go back through a whole thread. 3. The syncing across devices could use some improvement. When my husband gives me the lineup in the car on the way to a game, I’d love to put it in on my phone a f then it be there when I sign in on the iPad a little bit later.

- Search function is terrible, for baseball stick with GameChanger

I like the ability to follow games but it’s nearly impossible to locate teams! A search is a generic search of every sport in every state. Please give a search option where we choose the sport. On GameChanger I located teams by team manager/coach but on this app that does not work. I need to find my teams, it defeats the purpose when I have to create a roster for our opponent yet their own score keeper is sitting by me also using Team Manager app. Please make the search function not find every coach in America with the same name. Very frustrating. I like that I can keep the team schedule and it notifies the family when it’s updated.

- Unfortunate

Wish we would not have moved to manager but the information led us to believe the original GC was going away soon. Families and players had a hard time rolling into the new app. Several had to create a new account just to get access. We have seen the improvements as the year went on, like adding opponents on the team screen, but it is not fan friendly. Messages all fans of team, doesn’t allow fans to watch on a web platform and many grandparents, families, etc do not have devices that support the App options. Tried linking to the original GC but not able to even find our teams. Also emailed support questions but no response. Just disappointed we moved to the GC Manager if the original was going to continue to be an option. 😕 Don’t make the move if you are not forced - you will have happier fans!

- Data migration and update issues

I have used the legacy app for many years and liked most of the features. It was easy to use and intuitive. My problem is with the migration to the new —and recommended by GameChanger “Manager app”. The instructions and process were simple and they indicated that the migration could take some time. However, after initiating the process, I’ve been told that it could take up to 72 hours!!! For the data to sync? Thats significantly beyond reasonable expectations and not helpful in the middle of baseball season. I’m sure the user experience will be great, just be warned that the transition and sync time could be significant. Allow yourself a few days.

- Simple and easy, but glitchy

I would give the app a 3.5 but I can only choose whole stars. Basically I do like the simplicity of the app, however, there are a lot of glitches with the messages section that could be fixed. Positives: scheduling, in-app messages for both players and parents which helps communicate directly with athletes, all-in-one app, live streaming Negatives: -Weird scrolling and shuffling of messages often occurs which makes it hard to find stuff that may be a little older. -You can’t delete conversations, only leave them. -Events cannot be changed from “type,” only deleted -Conversations are auto deleted if they’re too old, which hinders the ability to go back and look at previous information -once a parent contact is added, you can’t access or see the email you used to initially add them!! Very frustrating sometimes Truly I do like the app, but the negatives and glitches do weigh heavily on my experiences. If features felt more like Facebook messenger or something I think it would be better

- Exceptional App - I love it!

This is an exceptionally well designed app that functions consistently. It’s hard to believe how many people are brought together - connected - by using Game Changer. I can keep up with games my nephews play no matter where I am located. It’s awesome when the team decides to livestream, but even without the livestream video it’s so helpful! My one recommendation is to have a horizontal view for iOS so the view is better for Airplaying to an Apple TV (or create an Apple TV OS version). Thank you Game Changer staff for creating this app and helping me remain connected to my family.

- Great idea!..but...

could still use some fine tuning. Parents seem to use the available details with ease this season. But we do have some key areas we’d be interested in seeing before using this app again next season. 1. ROSTER: Many kids use nicknames or have fans that would like to follow the calendar as well - and not as a parent - if the app were to add both options to the initial roster setup portion or even as a function that can be edited later by the players, it would make it much simpler across the board. 2. TEAM PAYMENTS: We have all noticed the lack of payment tracking for our team parents. It would be great to have that added - even as an admin only function - so we’re not using spreadsheets and programs outside of the team app. 3. MESSAGING: Being able to see who’s read messages vs. who hasn’t is also a huge piece that could be added into the message section for coaches sake. 4. CALENDAR: It would help to remove the dates in the calendar that have no events for better use of space as well as for easier search/ general reading purposes. Or use a brighter color for the event dates so they can stand out more.

- Helpful Developer Response

I had left a review voicing how frustrated I was with the app(see below). I was pleasantly surprised to get such a helpful response from the developer! Very pleased with their level of support for the app! Thank you Game Changer! We are using this app for our travel soccer team. I never know if I have the right version of the app, so I never know if I have the right schedule. It’s been extremely frustrating. Like right now, I know a game has been changed, but my calendar says the old day/time. I’ve deleted the app, reinstalled it, and still the old date/time! Ugh!

- Why oh why oh why???

Why create a new app that doesn't just sync and link with the original game changer? Creating a team manager gives off the impression its for coaches and team managers but your families can continue to use game changer. The lack of syncing is a detractors. Don't have two apps doing essentially the same is just now robust. Depricate Gamechanger or actually sync Team manager to Gamechanger. With how its been rolled out it feels useless. Some teams will move some won't and now we are stuck with two apps. Unfortunate really.

- Needs to be more inline with old App

Would be nice if this app was more inline with the old app. You cannot name a conversation in the new app, which is beneficial for tournament specific communications to parents. If you follow multiple teams, like all Travel coaches do, everything gets put into one master schedule. The new app also doesn’t allow you to remove team chats from previous seasons, unless you leave your own team. A bug that seems to happening to everyone I know is that our team logo as well as other teams i follow disappears after a couple days. I would also like the ability to turn off the COVID tracker.

- Messaging Doesn’t Work Well

When trying to initiate a message and/or reply to a thread, the app hangs up. Quite often the four little dot pop up and just spin until you close the app or it crashes on its own. I’ve had parents tell me that they never received my message. I find myself having to switch to regular text messaging. The main purpose of this app is to communicate with the team, so if it can’t do that 100% of the time, what good is it? This app needs a place to share pictures. I miss this feature from the Shutterfly app; previous partner with AYSO. It would also be nice to have the option of logging into a website from a PC. Especially when you have quite a bit of updating to do, a phone isn’t always the best device to use.

- Frustrated

Very glitchy. I constantly have to restart the app when it’s acting weird. It was a major pain to get everyone signed up. The group message tab would often sit there and spin and never pull up when I needed to get out a message to the team quickly. The shared pictures is nothing special. It could be cool if it consolidated them into a collage or something. I never could figure out the score keeper thing. I do like the calendar and RSVP feature. But I wish it would send an automatic RSVP request before each game. Also it would be better if it had some way to show the entire schedule in a condensed table. It would also be cool if it had some way to show a treats assignment and automatically remind the family in charge of treats each week.

- Very handy but recent version has sync issues

As a coach and parent, this has been a handy app to use as a scheduling and messaging platform for our team. Two main issues I’ve run into, one of which is new with the latest version: 1) I’m coach on one day of my kid’s teams. That team imported without issue. I’m a parent on two other child’s teams, and neither of those have been imported from the Blue Sombrero site. So much for having all of my kid’s schedule in one app! I’m not going to manually enter those and will just use a gmail Calendar. 2) I think someone else mentioned it in another review, but if a parent of a child on a team imports that team, it generates emails to the entire team saying I invited them to join TM. This is very confusing to other coaches and parents who may not use TM. The only people who should be able to generate such emails are staff for a team. Otherwise a parent unknowingly causes confusion and emails fly around about it. The sync issue for me has ruined the utility of the app. Not sure if it’s a Blue Sombrero issue or an app issue, but it needs to be fixed ASAP for me to continue using this in the future.

- Good app, couple suggestions to make it great!

From a fans perspective, I enjoy how you can search for teams and watch play/play their games, this is great! However, there are several teams that I watch and don’t necessarily follow, so would like the ability to “star” those teams as favorites so I can easily pull them up in a list or “filter” for next time. Speaking of filters, I like this option but wish my selections would save instead of having to re-do them every time. Just a couple minor updates that I feel would greatly enchance the app from a fans perspective.

- Incredible viewing

We have been using GameChanger off & on for the past 3-4 years following our granddaughters softball activities, both high school and travel ball. Now, with the addition of being able to stream a live picture, thanks to my son-in-laws cell phone, it brings all the live action to our living room over 2,000 miles away! We are happy grandparents……thanks GameChanger! P.S. - with the help of a “dongle” hooked into the hdmi outlet from my iPad, we’re able to watch the action on our big screen tv.

- So many problems

Not sure how you can go from an established app to this. So many bugs to fix. Slow. Cumbersome. Loses rosters if you close out during a game and try to get back in. No “start new season” option....really? I mean you already have all the players, admins, fans info and without a new season button you have to completely enter all of that info again? I have contacted support more times than I can count and about half the time I get a wrong answer. So very disappointed....GC is great and the next version should be better, not take huge leaps backward.

- Subscription not family shareable

I am not allowed to share the subscription purchased under my wife. The purchase does not allow for family sharing. This is unfortunate, that each member of the family has to purchase their own subscription. My wife purchased the premium subscription for our family to share. At the bare minimum, the app should allow one shareable family member. Response: thank you developer for responding. We should not have to sign in under my wife’s account to take advantage of the membership. If the membership is bought with the family’s Apple ID account, then family sharing should allow you all to take advantage of the membership. All other Apps do this, just not yours apparently.

- Needs Improvements

Team Manager and GameChanger need to have the ability to sync all information for teams regardless of wether or not the TM or GC app was used to make changes. The inability of the apps to Sync with each other after you import the data to Team Manager almost makes using the Team Manager app useless. Why not just merge the 2 apps in to one app (within your servers to eliminate the use of each individual apps? Makes more since time do it that way instead of 2 different apps the essentially do the same things. Without the sync ability after importing to TM, the extra app GC is basically pointless to use. Besides that, I actually like both apps. (TM and GC)

- Get the COVID survey off your app. It has a discriminatory question.

Brainless, clueless, counterproductive and discriminatory Covid survey has no place on the App. Whoever invented the question about being in a building with more than 50 people present knows full well who and what they are targeting. I am a public school teacher, and attend church services, and spent a few minutes at Victory Park’s outdoor concert last Wednesday evening. No one, absolutely nobody, will deny my son access to soccer due to our decision to live our lives in the community. Let the person who invented that question show up attge games and tell church-going families they cannot participate, and see what happens. Take this stupid question off the App. BTW: I requested this two weeks ago, and it’s still in the survey.

- Where are we/they in the lineup?

It would be very helpful if during the game stream in the info box for the batter the batting position in the lineup l, 1-9 or whatever the case may be l, and what defensive position the batter is playing we’re also listed. These are things I regularly refer to in a scorebook during a game. Batting lineup position is very important when considering pitching strategy and defense position helps one tie a players defense and offense game together for a more complete picture of the players skill. Especially in regard to a new team or opponent. Otherwise great technology and tool.

- Poor replacement for the original

Team manager is still woefully in adequate. The messaging system is miserable and only connects about 40% of the time. Players are constantly missing important information because the messaging system doesn’t push or they can’t get into it to get updates. The search system is also inferior to game changer. No longer able to search for players. I run a league of over 70 teams and there’s no way we would implement team manager leave wide. Three years ago you told us you were developing a product that would incorporate the best of team snap with the best of game changer. I think somebody there I got the memo backwards

- Import didn’t work and we played first game last night

We started in the old GC last night. I already loaded the roster for our team and the other 5 teams in our Little League. The whole seasons schedule too. This morning I got an email saying GC was changing to GC Team Manager. It said you could import over in theory. I followed import and the only thing that it imported was team name and roster. It’s missing last night’s game; opponent roster; our 17 game season. Basically, nothing imported over. I hope we can complete the season using GC and maybe next season switch to GC Team Manager. Our next game is on Saturday, so if tech support can help let me know. At minimum, please let me know when GC will shutdown, so that we can prepare for it. - James (Pasadena American LL)

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- Be careful with ‘reset game’!!

Had someone scoring a game, the score needed to be manually overridden at the end of the game .. this guy didn’t quite know how to do it and accidentally reset the game so all plays and stats were lost. Would be a good idea for the big red reset button to come up with an ARE YOU SURE kinda warning so that the game isn’t able to be reset so easily.

- Fail

If the purpose of this app is to enable quick and easy communication between team members, coaches and managers, then it comprehensively fails. Messages “fail to load” every single time, and only closing the app and restarting it will work - and then only occasionally. The app will beep regularly telling you that a message has been received, but it is then not possible to actually read it. Isn’t that the whole point??? Worse, when a dialog popped up inviting me to email the devs with feedback, tapping “yes” caused the email screen to appear for a tantalising moment only to vanish. So, this app is so rubbish that it even has bugs in its feedback function, which might explain why the devs haven’t fixed this steaming mound of ordure masquerading as team management software. I dislike this app intensely, and really wish my team manager had not chosen it as our platform.

- App moves slower than my lower intestine

Attempted to sign up 8+ times across both browser/app even used a different device! App would freeze and erase entered data. For to pay the $2.99 monthly or is it weekly? If you want to see if how y A specific players game has been. It’s like watching a lightporno and as soon as there might be interaction or hope it’ll work it leaves you unsatisfied and angry At GC for being thieves.

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- Got it!

I missed an amazing game where my son’s team came back from a huge deficit to win the game. Because of Game Changer I was able to not only watch the entire game the next day but video tape a few key moments to have forever!

- Good and Free

The only thing that’s missing is that you can’t message individual people in the group

- Game Changer lover

This intervention of being able to watch the games when I can’t be there is truly amazing ,,, I’m so thankful people are willing to do the work to accommodate this , you deserve👏

- Game Changer

This program has allowed us to watch our grandson play basketball or baseball when we are so far away from him! Love it! Thanks for offering this to us, it really cheers up our lives! Go team Muskoka! 😃💕

- Need to have Air Play Capability

Would be nice to be able to airplay the games on our tv. Watching on our devices are killing our eyes and giving us headaches! Especially us older viewers who can’t always get to a game.

- App won’t work

I paid for this app and it doesn’t even work!!! I will be deleting it and getting my money back...just ridiculous!!!

- Did

It’s ok

- No volleyball scoring

I hope this is something that will be added soon.

- Great app!

This app is great! There are more sports so now I can score my hockey team! Great job👍

- Crashing!

Unable to open after latest update March 30, 2021.

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The applications GameChanger was published in the category Sports on 2017-11-15 and was developed by GameChanger Media, Inc. [Developer ID: 318906318]. This application file size is 213.96 MB. GameChanger - Sports app posted on 2022-09-26 current version is 5.19 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.gc.teammanager