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Ballistic X [Sports] App Description & Overview

Ballistic-X is the easiest way to calculate shot groups and to zero a rifle! Designed by shooters, the simple and intuitive interface allows user to setup their own preferences via our Options Menu. Options includes MOA/MIL, INCH/CM, and will work with any target, including Steel. 

BX also offers useful data and labeling options that aid in Load Development. 

Our ATZ (Adjustment To Zero) feature tells shooter precisely how to adjust turrets to bring rifle to Zero, allowing a perfect zero with fewer rounds shot. ATZ works dynamically at any range and is compatible with all turret options!

Workflow is simple:

- Take image of Target (within App or from Library)
- Designate reference size via Settings (default is 1”)
- Mark the two points on target which coincide with reference (grid target or steel target). The distance between the two points is reference size.
- Input distance from Target
- Select the Caliber used
- Mark Point Of Aim and Impacts
- Add Overlay, Label, Crop, and Export / Share
- Adjust Optic according to ATZ

Ballistic-X is a community driven App committed to the best user experience possible along with customer service second to none!

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Ballistic X Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Increased the cropping handles to make it easier to crop fullscreen photos

Ballistic X Comments & Reviews

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- Very useful app for shooters!

Excellent application - very well designed from a user-interface perspective. Excellent resource for zeroing a rifle once you get on paper. The only real areas for improvement I can see: 1) as someone already said, you’re already calculating the geometric center of the group - just show it on the screen so people can know exactly where to adjust their crosshairs without having to count turrent clicks. 2) Allow the user to use a different color for the markers. My targets are green which makes it hard to see the marks in my pictures 3) super cool feature would be to be able to build labels and overlays onto one final picture, either by merging pictures or saving and repositioning the POI/impact layers/visual objects from each group, so that at the end you can produce one picture that includes all the groups with the appropriate labels and overlay information. 4) not sure exactly how to implement this, but can you use the gyro/potentiometers to guide the user to take perfectly parallel pictures instead of relying on the user to realize that things are skewed?

- The best target-analysis app available!

Update to my previous review... You guys have built a fantastically useful app. I am thoroughly impressed, and I’m updating my original review from 4 to 5 stars. I really appreciate you taking feedback and making tweaks. BTW, your user interface is simple, elegant, and uncluttered (one of the best I’ve seen). A couple more MINOR suggestions... - Please label the geometric center of the group with some sort of graphical mark. You’re already calculating the geometric center for AZT, so this should be easy. This is critical info for fans of OCW or ladder tests. - I would humbly suggest that, for AZT, it’s not the POA that your user wants to’s the “desired POI.” In almost all shooting situations, you want your POI somewhere other than the POA (e.g. zero 2” high at 100 yards). For those desiring POI = POA, a change in terminology would still work perfectly. - It would be nice to have a red option for your marking crosshairs, as the green just don’t show up well on light targets.

- Easy Peasy

This app is awesome and does exactly what it claims. You no longer have to guess or bust out the tape measure to determine your group size. The apps ability to allow you to pick which huts you want and add personalized information onto the end product makes keeping up with load data a breeze. Ballistic-X will do everything but shoot your rifle for you. That being said, if you think your 300 Blackout is a different caliber than your .308 then you should probably spend the money on a book that teaches you about the difference between a caliber and a cartridge.

- Wish you could add multiple overlays in the app

I wish you could do multiple overlays in the app. For example you have 4 groups on a target, you have to do the first one and then go back and keep doing that for the rest. Then go back and delete the saved pictures. But it is a awesome app, very close to what I come up with measuring by hand, I got the app on their promo price, I think they got a little greedy upping the price though, showed this app to a ton of people and they love it also!

- Overall happy but not what I was expecting

If you don’t mind the tedious process of selecting everything every time it’s a great app. If you’re like me and think for $9 it should be automatic and support the popular calibers I would probably look elsewhere. Maybe I’m naïve and I’m expecting too much but just being honest. Purchased this app assuming it would be automatic in selecting bullet impacts but you have to manually place everything. Also shocked at the very limited options of calibers to select, 300blackout isn’t even an option. You can manually enter in caliber and bullet type which does make up for it though to be fair. I don’t think if I would have purchased this app knowing what I know now.

- Fantastic App

I absolutely love this app and was so happy to stumble upon it. I keep a record of all my targets with full information on them. I have but one minor issue. When zooming in on a hole to place a shot marker, I have found that the marker will move slightly after you lift your finger. Seems almost like a snap to on a cad drawing. Don’t know what is causing it but the app would be just about perfect without that issue. Thanks so much!

- Do not buy.

My app has been disabled by this company’s “updating” of their privacy policy to include tracking and sharing of my private information including all shooting info and locations. I obviously do agree to that. The app previously worked just fine, and I used it extensively before it was taken hostage.

- Overlay is SMALL and pic jumps on finger lift.

The aim points jump/move now after you let up with your finger. This makes it so that you have to keep messing with each measurement to get it right. This didn’t used to happen. The overlay is also messed up now. SUPER SMALL and can’t even read it unless you zoom WAY in. Instead of sizing to the picture it shows up as a little spot that you can’t resize. The overlay used to show up as a standard size that you could actually read. What the heck happened?? Very dissatisfied with the changes.

- The best tool I have to measure groups

This app is hands down the best for what it does. The developers are fantastic & are deeply involved with their users. The app makes it so easy to measure groups & does so with extreme accuracy. I use the app every time I go the range & everyone that’s seen it in use has purchased their own version. Thank you Ballistic-X!!!!

- Been tracking this. 100% works

I’ve been tracking this on Instagram since it was first announced. Been patiently waiting for this day to come. And now, we can confirm that the hype is real people! With nearly 400 rifles tested and shipped out a year, this app allows us to accurately rate the precision of each rifle we make. Did 16 rifles today!

- One more option

I have 1 request for next update. Could you please have a option to change color when marking impacts. I shoot Flo-Green color target dots, same as impact marker, can’t seen marker when I move it over my target dot. Thanks for a wonderful app, it’s the best app I’ve got this year!

- Saves time at the range and money on ammo!

Amazing tool for people who prefer quantifiable data over “Kentucky windage” when trying to zero a rifle. The ATZ feature alone makes this app worth every penny. Knowing the exact size of a group, and exactly what adjustments to get to zero saves time and ammo on the range.

- Super intuitive

I was skeptical at first, but the ability to zoom in on the pictures and accurately adjust where the hole center is makes the measurements remarkably accurate. App is clean and quick and has an intuitive workflow. Worth the $.

- Strong potential! Needs better iPad compatibility.

Strong potential here. Good ability to add and record target data, but it needs better iPad compatibility. Not everyone uses iPhones and the GUI for iPad is like a scaled up iPhone image. Not very impressive. Hoping that they make a change in the near future.

- It just works!

Simple, clean, fast. I was initially a little hesitant to buy this app, but it’s so much easier then the free options that it’s worth it. The ability to measure multiple groups within one picture would be awesome though!

- Great range tool, missing couple key features

The app and the UX is decent enough. However, it’s lacking in terms of available calibers: 300 AAC BLK, 300 WM, etc. are missing. The other big feature missing is auto select impact points. Not saying it’s trivial but available computer vision is good enough to make reasonable guesses (which could then be over-written by users).

- The BEST

So simple, so clean and most of all it’s actually beneficial to my reloading. I load a new rifle round, shoot, take my picture and save it with my load data. It’s just an absolute game changer. Not to mention the thing calculates on steel too! Great job guys, keep it up!!

- Easy!

I don’t like over-complicated apps to do simple tasks. If you want to take a picture of your target, have it calculate MOA, and export it back into photos - withOUT a bunch of other fluff - this app is it. A great complement to my other shooting apps.

- Well worth the money

I’ve been measuring groups with calipers for a while now and this app makes it so easy. Either take a picture or upload old photos and get group sizes. Best app I’ve bought in a while.

- A very handy tool, easily worth the price

I’ve been following the development of this app from a distance for a while now. This initial release is very solid! Best feature for me so far has been the calculated adjustment to zero.

- Best app I’ve used for my grouping

I give it 5 stars because it was my first time using it while doing a ladder test. Very accurate and user friendly. I would highly recommend for any shooter from beginner to advanced -R

- Simple, fast, useful, but could do without the branding.

If it were free, sure, but for a for a paid app I feel like there should be an option to remove the BALLISTIC-X branding in the overlay data. Other than that I like it very much; intuitive and easy to use.

- One of the best apps for measuring groups

Quick and easy to use. Developer is in tune with users and not only keeps app up to date, improvements are made constantly.

- Must have app for all level of shooters

Such a great app that’s simple to use with great features. I recommend this app to all my friends no matter what level of experience in shooting they have!

- Its finally here!

Great app, simple to use, spent all night going through my saved target pictures and using the app! Cant wait to see what the first update will be.

- Everything you expect, no frills

In this industry, people want what they want and no frills/no BS. For an MOA calculator, this gives you exactly that. Easy to follow instructions, clean design, and clear interface.

- First if it’s kind

No other app (to my knowledge) has the ability to measure and gather this data. The app is very nicely designed and a breeze to use.

- Unable to upload picture or use camera

Does this app not support iPhone 6s? I just downloaded the app and I can’t upload or take a picture. I tried restarting my phone, but no luck. Looks like a great app if I can just get past this bug.

- Great Ballistic Performance App

This app is simple to use and is very accurate. Doesn’t get any better. Define your 1 inch reference, select point of impact, add multiple impacts, and add overlay...that simple. -@jasonsforza

- Works Great For My Needs

I stumbled on this app on IG. It caught my eye so I decided to give it a try. I dig it. I record all of my reloading data so why not record these metrics as well. Very pleased with the app.

- Extremely Helpful

Anyone who cares about their accuracy and/or load development needs this app.

- Easy to use and accurate

Just tried it out. Works as advertised. Easy to use and accurate

- Love it!!!!

Love everything about this app. It’s so easy to use. Since beginning to use it I have not used anything else.

- Wonderful App

This has been a wonderful tool and I use it often. Highly recommended!

- Easy to use

It’s so simple yet effective. It’s so nice to know your true group size with a couple clicks of your camera.

- Easy to use

Easy to use, much more simple than other apps.

- Simple, Easy to Use

Very easy to use. Reliable. Would like to see an update that marks the center of the group, as well as multiple groups, for Optimum Charge Weight tests.

- Love it

Been using it since day one. Easy, useful, accurate. Not sure what else you’d want?

- Must have

This makes it super easy to measure groups. There is no doubt about group size. Your buddy can’t claim BS.

- Nice app!!

Developer got back to me to let me know distance units can be manually entered!!

- Amazing

Awesome app, easy to measure groups and very user friendly!!

- 5 Stars

Simple. Accurate. Awesome. Nice job!

- Stoked!!

Happy to see the new additions/tweaks to the app!!

- Love it

Great app. Keep up the good work


Love it.

- Well worth the $

I have been eyeballing this app via @ballisticxapp and am super excited that it is finally available. I have been shooting precision rifle for a few years now, but am very new to the hand loading game. This app makes keeping track of hard data very easy. There is virtually no learning curve, and it has a very intuitive user interface. Awesome tool at an awesome price!

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- Awesome shooting app

Ballistic-X is a great app for creating target records. Especially handy for reloader as you can customise the overlay information to include all load and firearm data. The export function is by far the most simple I’ve used and is better than other ballistic apps. The group measurements I have proven to be very accurate and about identical to what I physically measure on my targets with a vernier caliper. Wish I found this app sooner!

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- The overlay is still small and buggy

I can work around most of the issues I had that were the result of the code re-write. The overlay is sill way too small even on the large setting, and still truncates text. Please fix this, the overlay size before was great!

- Export photo

So where is the photo being exported to? Not in my photos

- Can’t make the label large enough

Like the app but certainly some improvement needed. The label size can’t be adjusted. Only two options (smaller and larger). Even with larger size you can barely see the label on the picture. Please make the label size adjustable!!!

- Okay, annoying photo rotation

As above, no functionality for rotating photos and it constantly rotates them the wrong way. For an app this expensive I’d expect better.

- Great app

Easy to use, intuitive and clean. Love using it.

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Ballistic X iphone images
Ballistic X iphone images
Ballistic X iphone images
Ballistic X iphone images
Ballistic X iphone images
Ballistic X iphone images
Ballistic X iphone images
Ballistic X iphone images

Ballistic X (Version 1.2.2) Install & Download

The applications Ballistic X was published in the category Sports on 2019-01-28 and was developed by Nomad Innovations, LLC [Developer ID: 1441335341]. This application file size is 49.74 MB. Ballistic X - Sports app posted on 2020-01-30 current version is 1.2.2 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.ballisticx.ballisticx

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