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The Golf Tracer App Description & Overview

What is the golf tracer app? Trace your golf shots! All you need is your phone. Used by top-ranked pros, social media influencers, and teaching professionals around the world.

Golf Tracer is the most easy-to-use, flexible, and beautifully simple golf tracer app in the world!

Capture or upload your golf videos and easily trace your shots! Customize your tracers, add yardage, and more!

Visualize your shots like never before. Use it as a learning tool or for entertainment on the course or at the range.

Features include:

• MANUAL TRACER: full control over your tracers
• TRACER STYLES: choose any color or style (fireball, USA, electric & more)
• SHOT YARDAGE: add yardage like the pros
• EASY EXPORT: save and share videos anywhere
• SWING SEQUENCE: create a swing sequence with one tap
• VIDEO LOOPER: mesmerizing back and forth videos
• OVERLAYS: add crowds, scoreboards & more
• GOLF EMOJIS: add custom golf emojis
• VIDEO LIBRARY: save & edit your content in one place

Are you ready to take your golf experience to the next level? Get started today with Golf Tracer!


Tracer Usage Tips: Keep your phone stable, film until the ball lands, and follow our in-app guides for the best results. If you are having any trouble getting a good result, you can always reach out to our team for immediate feedback.


Have an idea, question, or feedback?
Drop us a line at


• Terms of use:
• Privacy policy:

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App Name The Golf Tracer
Category Sports
Updated 23 September 2020, Wednesday
File Size 113.94 MB

The Golf Tracer Comments & Reviews 2024

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Very nice!. This works very well and the shot trace manual adjustment features are great. To have shot tracing capability in a hand held smartphone is perfect for any golfer. When I go to the range to practice I always prefer a clear blue sky with the Sun low and at my back, so I can see the entire ball flight. Those long drives that just fly forever are fun to watch. These are ideal conditions for shot tracing. I am thrilled to record those shots in slow motion and trace the ball flight... it's a great way to troubleshoot your golf swing too. Thanks for a great app!

Terrible App and Customer Service -Purchased App but it wouldn’t Load. I Purchased this Golf Tracer App yesterday and it still will Not open! I submitted a support request yesterday and one today and still haven’t heard from the developer. I paid for this app and it won’t even load successfully? Some #1 rated Golf Tracer app you have there.... I can open the app, select get started, scroll over to “Let’s Go” but when I select Let’s Go I get an ERROR message stating “some errors occurred. Please check your connection or try again later.”. So I proceeded to ensure my phone was updated, I uninstalled the app and restarted the phone. After the restart I downloaded the app once again, but those steps didn’t seem to resolve the issues and I still get get the app that I paid for to open and launch successfully. I requested multiple times for the developer to please provide support or process my refund. All I want is to access the application that I purchased in good faith of it being operational. (If the developer ever reaches out I may edit this review).

I had trouble at first. Well when I got this app I couldn’t even load it up on my phone because of some error but after it updated works amazingly fine and not a bad app thanks you guys for fixing the issue

Great app but randomly no sound. I've been using this app for around 9 months or so and love it. I highly suggest doing the tracer manually that way it is more accurate. Also helps a lot if you have a rangefinder and can shoot your distance each time. This app makes great videos for social media that people just eat up. The only issue I have is that once I get home and start editing the tracer, half of the videos don't have sound at all and I have no idea why. Very frustrating

The Best and Easiest One. So I have tried all the tracer apps on the App Store. Most of them are okay, but not perfect. The biggest problem is the other ones crash almost every time, where as this one is intuitive and always works. It does compress the videos (it lets you know it does) but the quality is still good. Overall, for $0.99 it’s worth it. It does have a $5 upgrade package that allows for some crazy tracers, but none of those are needed if you’re just looking for a standard tracer.

Easiest and most accurate. When playing golf, you want to keep playing golf. Sure tracers period are cool, but I do not want to have to let three groups play through just to get a tracer app to work. Taking a video of a buddy and using auto tracer means I can keep golfing and post these videos a lot faster! 6$ is worth it when avoiding the headache of the knock offs out there.

It s a good idea but.... You have to set the distance so the app will not calculate the yards... you have to do it. Base on that the app will trace the ball but you have to upload the video and wait for a Couple of minutes (2 or 3 minutes ) so if you are the driving range you will waiting for a couple minutes. That being said you could record another video while you are waiting to “process” the first one. Finally , the app is not optimice for IPhone X screen. I have pictures to send if you want.

Better than some of the competitors. However, is it normal to take over a half hour for the automatic tracer to work? It’s been doing it for 25mins and it’s still at 0%. The manual tracer was easy enough to use, but the automatic tracer is taking a very long time with no progress having been made thus far. A little frustrating.

THIS ONE WORKS. I recently purchased the “Shot Tracer” app and that was a total scam. The controls were not useable however this app is much more user friendly and can work. Get this one PLEASE IT WORKS 100%

Better than Expected. Was skeptical at first about purchasing this app, but it’s only like $6 for a one-time purchase and it’s overall worth it. I suggest doing the manual Golf Tracer instead of the automatic tracing so that you can take it frame by frame and get it accurate. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not that difficult to do and you can customize it to make it look like you’re in a video game by adding your name, score, shot #, hole, and par. Plus you can add a distance marker that also makes the final product really neat. All my friends are jealous of it and want it! Best way to do it is just take video of shots during the round and do manual editing when you get home after the round is over, it’s too distracting to try and do during the round. Would suggest this to anyone looking to make the game a little more fun and share your golf outing with others via social media, photo stream, etc. Highly recommend this- worth the money!

Easy and Accurate. Very cool app. Well worth it. It almost always picks up the ball and can automatically trace the shots. And for whatever reason if it doesn't pick it up you can manually trace your ball flight. My favorite part is that you can just upload videos from your phone, so you don't have to actually use the app while playing a round. I even got some tracers of some PGA pros at the Zurich Classic.

Works for Disc Golf. I had recorded myself throwing today and was really happy with some of my drives. I wanted to track the flight like the pros get when they have a nice drive. I was a little skeptical at first because of some of the reviews but I took a chance and really enjoyed using the app and really loved the final product. I’m going to start recording myself more often and using this tracer app.

Do Not Purchase. After a week of trying to use the app, I can’t even get past the “Error: Some errors occurred. Please check your connection or check again later.” I’ve updated my phone, uninstalled and re installed the app countless times, and still nothing happens. You can only download the app if you purchase it so I’m not sure why it’s having a connection error. 0/5 stars but unfortunately the minimum to submit a review is 1.

I Feel Like A Tour Pro. Every Sunday we get to see the pros shot tracer on TV, now I get to see my own, it’s so cool. I hit a a cut so to be able to see where my ball starts and where it finishes has helped me align myself better, especially off the tee. The app is easy to use, has great visuals, and stores your past shots. I highly recommend this app to every golfer, it makes the game even more fun!

Great Service. I downloaded the app and my phone started having problems and I couldn’t use the app. I contacted them and within minutes they replied to me and refunded my money even though it was not their fault that I couldn’t use the app. Very friendly, very professional. Thank you!

Puts the ultimate exclamation point on well-hit shot!. Did you crush that drive or hit that wedge so pure that it bit just feet from the pin? A video alone can’t put a big enough exclamation point on a well-hit shot, but as soon as you add a tracer effect...instant mic drop.

Open Won’t Open. Going to the range today and decided to purchase a shot tracer app. Downloaded this one, and when I clicked the “Let’s Get Started” burton on the app, I get an error message. I looked to see if there were any updates to fix the error, but there were none. Disappointed to say the least, since I paid for the app and now am unable to use it. Don’t waste your time or money with this app.

Must have app for golfers!. This is a must have app for any golfers. The app is easy to use and allows you to track your shot like the pros. For any golfers looking to have fun and be able to trace Your Long drives, par 3 green hits, etc...this app is a must buy.

Pretty solid app. I’ve been a little skeptical of all of the tracer apps. I got this one and tried it on our groups drives this weekend. The app got almost all of the shots right. You can edit the colors and stuff too so it’s pretty fun to share on Instagram and stuff. It’s worth the install.

I love it!!. I share my videos to IG and FB everything I edit a video!! A little “hard” at first, but once you play around for a bit, you’ll become a pro in no time!!

Great app needs improvements. Great app, the only things I would tweak is keep your tracers updated, like a thanksgiving one in the middle of January? And also it should be able to track distance. Like it’s kinda lame having to tell it how far you think you hit it.

Very cool. I am a +2 handicap and wanted to start creating some content. This is the second shot tracing app I tried and I am very satisfied! About to upgrade to the premium version to unlock more cool options. Cheers, Hatch!

Finally. The reason i give 5 stars is simple, this is the only tracer app that is easy to use and works pretty good. Is it perfect? No, but considering the other apps that “trace” it’s the best I’ve seen. Especially when it comes to the adjustments you’re able to make to the tracer. Adjustments of actual ball flight. Again it’s not perfect. You don’t get the EXACT ball flight. But it’s decent and with the ability to adjust you can get it close enough to be actual flight. I mean it is a phone app. You’re not going to get the level tracer that you see the professionals on tv. This is the ONLY tracer app I would recommend

What a waste. Unless I was doing something wrong, I regret purchasing this app. I took three captures today. First it took way longer then I thought to process based on how the app is advertised with their video. Secondly, after the processing was done none of them were even close to where the balls went. My buddies and I aren’t the best golfers but the one trace show the ball going left when it went straight down the middle.

Not for iPad. I don’t have an iPhone, but an iPad, and I use a tripod that keeps it horizontal. I purchased this to help me when I’m golfing alone, but so far it has not been able to trace a single shot. And to make it worse, since I’m playing solo, I have to wait for it to upload which often takes a few minutes the to process, which again takes a few minutes. By the time I find out my shot was untraceable, I should be lining up my third shot. I would be ok with the time to upload and process if it stopped be from ball-hunting, but its all wasted time.

Not impressed at all- Too much effort for sub-par results!. I’m not exactly sure who all wrote the reviews on this but I feel like they were not accurate. I tested this out several times over a few weeks on the driving range and then also took videos to try at home. I followed the instructions and made a few of these work but all in all, I was pretty upset I spent money on this app. Takes forever to upload one video either by carrier or WiFi (up to 54 minutes) And then the trace sometimes doesn’t work correctly. Also on this app, the user enters the approximate distance. So it’s not even helping give a yardage. This is purely entertainment for the added types of tracing you can change it to and not for those looking for training feedback.

Great tracing capability!. This app is by far the best out there! Really great that you can snap the video and immediately process the auto tracer and be on your way. Recommended to friends and family and they all love using it as well. Thanks!

Won’t even open. Considering the fact that most apps offer in-app purchases, I was skeptical to go with something that charges $ right from the jump. It wouldn’t be an issue, if not for the fact that I can’t even get to main page. Not sure what bots are writing these reviews but how can a company justify charging money for an app that doesn’t even open? Needs to be free with in-app purchases. I fee lied to.

Great App. This app is a lot of fun to use to show others your memorable shots. It’s the next best thing to them being there with you. Great to use for social media posts. Would definitely recommend.

Thank God For Bug Fixes. I got this app a month ago, and it would always say error. But, I am very relieved with their recent updates, that got the app back running again. Although you have to do it yourself, the tracer is pretty easy to work with and I’m excited to use it more

Best Tracer App. This app is hands down the best tracer app and UI/UX out there. The interface is so intuitive and the tracer is so true. The automatic tracer is pretty accurate and manually editing is so easy. You have so many options to fine tune it as well!

Love it!. I recently downloaded two apps to try to create tracer affects of my golf shots. The first was very frustrating to work with, but the second was golf tracer. This app works great, is user-friendly, and has some great effects. If only driving the ball was this easy!

Not what I was expecting. Be aware that this product doesn’t have any type of “auto” trace to your ball. You literally have to identify ball at impact (which can be hard to get it on the exact frame) then at its landing point, estimate yardage, as well as set the launch angle metrics. It’s like a highlighter if you can follow your exact ball flight. End product looks kinda cool but too much work to even get to that point.

Ball Contact Frame is Frustrating. When this app works it works good, but setting the contact frame for the ball is a inconsistent mess. I will have to set the marker multiple times for it to move to a few frames before or after for seemingly no reason. I’ll end up having to move the pin around randomly in hopes that it will finally land where I need it to. If that problem was fixed then it would be a much better experience and make my work infinitely smoother.

Great concept, needs lots of work. Amazing concept, ball tracking is really sketchy, and auto tracking takes forever. Management and Ui flow through app is really confusing. No obvious way to delete or organize video files. Keep at it guys, this could be something amazing. Figure out how to make it more accurate and process lots faster. Looking forward to your next release.

Not consistent. Sometimes It works. Most of the time it is just buggy and frustrating to use. Seems like each video has an inconsistent experience with the tools. Sometimes the lines disappear. I wish you could preview the video without downloading it. Full-screen mode hasn’t worked well for me once. There hasn’t been a time I’ve used this all yet and haven’t been frustrated. With that said, I can get the tracers to work alright with a lot of trial, error and frustration. Needs major UI improvements

Terrible - Money Lost. I use a tripod and it has so far not tracked a single ball flight correctly. I upload the video and 15 minuets later the result is a line that starts from a random place and goes up into the sky. A straight line upwards like the ball never landed lol. I tired longer videos and they result in the same issue. Need to use the manual system but getting the line speed synchronised with the ball speed drives me crazy because it takes forever to do. It's not even a half baked product. Money not well spent because I can't even get a refund for a non working app.

Best shot tracer app I’ve used. To be fair, most of the shot tracer apps I’ve used are not very good. Although this one is not automatic, it’s the simplest and most accurate one I’ve used. They make it very easy and it never crashes. Would highly recommend.

Nice app. In addition to adding a shot tracer, this app is useful for those of us looking to get videos for swing analysis. The app is super easy to use and you can keep both the raw video along with any tracers you’ve added. You can choose to save your videos to your phone’s native photo app as well. Multiple tracer options make it fun without making the app more difficult to use.

Debugger Errors on Production App. Can’t Get Trace to Work. I paid for this app along time ago, and I have never had success… I just remembered golfing again today, and we tried to use it on my Xs. Didn’t work. I constantly am interrupted by a debug error that has been left in the production app… I can get it to record the video, but I can’t get a good trace to happen manually or a trace it all using the automatic trace feature. Using the automatic version, it always errors uploading… I tried using Wi-Fi and over the air LTE. Nothing works.

Delete “untraceable” videos. Good when it works. For some reason when I pull videos straight from my camera roll instead of filming with the app they seem to have a better chance of tracing. But still, Ive had to manually trace too many shots especially on overcast days. When are you guys going to let us delete videos from the library? Especially all the “untraceable ones”.

Not Terrible…. It’s not the best tracer ever, but it’s mostly functional. Certainly worth $1 to mess around with for a bit. - stopping the frame on ball impact is a horrible pain, it keeps wanting to jump forward or back when you let go. - it only has parabolic ball flight, so if your ball does anything else it won’t track properly. For example I hit a fade that straightened out at the end and came straight down. Not traceable. Honestly it’s just an app that draws a parabolic line on a video. Everything else you have to do manually.

Unique but not great. This app has awesome qualities and is pretty fun to use to make some shots look awesome. However the assisted feature speeds tracer up way too fast and the ball flight doesn’t seem to be considered, I’ve used it multiple times where I can see the ball flight clearly and it will show that the tracer doesn’t even follow it it seems to make a fake path, but if you are buying to edit by hand it’s an ok app and the setup for that isn’t bad. Just don’t want people buying it thinking it’s 100% kink free.

By far the best golf tracer app. It would be nice to have the ability to customize the distance meter (drag and place, font, style ect.) but apart from that- this is by far the best tracer app that doesn’t require a monthly subscription without the constant bombardment of countless other upsells. I’ve used the “free trials” on all of the other apps, and what they lack in offering has me coming back to strictly using Golf Tracer as a premium member. Hats off to the developers. You all have a gem on your hands, please keep improving it and I won’t hesitate to pay even more than I already am!

Wow! This is a game changer!. Golf Tracer gives me the ability to see my swing on video AND the resulting path and flight of the ball. These results tell me what I need to adjust in my swing plane, take away and other areas as well. Golf Tracer represents a huge leap in self-instruction and I love it. I can share it with a golf instructor too. Worth every penny and its fun to boot!

Nicely done app. I was skeptical at first but I am liking this app. It’s fun to trace the shots and the custom edits are nice too. It’s accurate when you film like they ask. I noticed when the camera moved a lot it makes the tracers less accurate. That is probably more user error.

Frustrating. This app is beyond frustrating getting the initial frame lined up at contact. For whatever reason it back tracks 3 or 4 frames. And when you go past the point of contact 3 or 4 frames, it then finally stops where you tell it to. So annoying. Other than that solid

Perfect and simple!!!. Bought this app after a friend suggested it. Used it today for the first time and love it. Can’t be easier to use and works perfectly. I was surprised at how well it traced the ball. Perfect for Instagram posts or even just to share a shot with some friends. We all know it’s almost impossible to show a nice shot with just a reg video but this works just like it does for when the pros are on TV!

Not worth it. There’s plenty of other tracer apps now that are better than this one. You have to manually set up the tracer which is fine but you need to set the frame of the video where you make contact with the ball, and the scrubbing bar glitches every single time. It takes me like 5 minutes to get it to stay on the correct frame sometimes. You drag the bar to the frame you made contact and the marker will glitch back 2 seconds and the tracer is completely off. This happens literally every single time I use that app to the point where I deleted it for another.

Overall unsatisfied. The app itself is somewhat underwhelming. You will enjoy the app if you enjoy spending 10+ minutes adjusting sliders in the “Manual Tracer” mode trying to get the line to match the path of your ball, since the automatic mode just doesn’t seem to ever get it right. I wanted to try a similar app called “Shot Tracer” with the possibility remained of me returning back to this app. The developers claim to offer “Full refunds to any unsatisfied customers”, but have gone completely silent when I try to contact them about following up on that. This is nothing like the tracers you will see on TV.

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I like this idea, so much fun playing with golf vids!. Those tracers were extremely enjoyable but required a good connection

Doesn’t work. It doesn’t trace the ball, you manually select it, I wish to be refunded Thankyou

It was good. I loved using this app and worked perfectly everytime. Now it just crashes everytime I go to finish a video. Please fix this issue because I miss using it on my social media videos.

Don’t waste your money. Doesn’t track anything , u film your shot and drawer it yourself which is the most inaccurate completely wrong tracer line , I want a refund

Line shot. Disappointed that the software does not automatically perform a line of the shot and ball landing .. I purchased the upgrade believing that would be the case but too hard to cancel etc. One feature worthwhile .. offers up to 12 pics splitting up shot But overall not what I expected. If the App is updated to include the auto tracking that would be a plus and I would upgrade app to useful or even highly recommended

This app is a fraud DONT waste your $$. The app in no way tracks the actual ball flight and seems to just project a random ball flight to each shot. Once you film the shot it takes up to 10 minutes for the video to be processed. Very disappointed with the purchase

LIES!!!. Does not work what so ever, asked you to point start and end point what club you are using then just draws a line, camera does not track the ball. Waste of time and money! What a joke of an app.

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App sucks. This app doesn’t trace your shots at all. I got bamboozled.

Don’t get it. I got it and u cant even open I tried everything u could think of and it didn’t work wast of money

The app literally doesn’t work. Save your self the money or just download a competing app that actually works. Can’t cven open the app without getting an error message

Not loading. App won’t even load, just says error check connection.

Super fun app!. This app has made golfing more fun! Easy to use! The dogs were not impressed when i showed them, but the humans i showed thought it was cool too!

Confused about the $$. Paid $2 for the app, then you ask for another $6.99 ??? Why are you being greedy ? Also no mention of if the 6.99 is a one time purchase or recurring. Devs please reply

Error saving video. After creating video with shot tracer, error code trying to save. Tried re-downloading app, turning off phone, nothing works. Very annoying as you spend a decent amount of time creating the video and then it won’t save. Worked fine before, but sucks and is useless now

Won’t open. Error message says check connection every time I try to open it

App. This app sucks. It does not trace your shot at all.

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Fun app. I used it today for the first time with my group. We traced our shots on most drives and it worked pretty well.

Scam. This app does not do what you think! I thought you just point and save the shot and it traces your ball flight, however that is not what happens. After you video the shot you have to tell the app how far it went and then you drag a highlighter to the frame where the ball was struck. Next you put another marker somewhere on ball path and the of all things, you drag the slider to show the ball flight. Its a scam don’t buy it!!!!!

Pretty impressed so far. enjoying the app so far. Sometimes you have to play around with the angle and stuff to get it perfect but it's a lot of fun and a pretty cool tool at the range.

Simply Beautiful App. The best ball tracing app on the market! So simple, so fun and adds the extra dimension to all your social media posts! Easily a 5 ***** rating!

What Happened?. Bought the app a year ago when it actually traced the shot on its own (kind of/to an extent/at least enough to be cool). Just opened it up after a few months and now you literally have to do all the work of picking the frame of contact, saying how far it went, basically tracing the line yourself. What’s the point of the app now?

Double charging for less. Spent $ on this app a year and a half ago and got all the features. Recently, they made changes where to do anything aside from simple shot tracing it costs more $. This also to be intuitive where it actually tracked the ball and traced it rather than you having to trace it, add hangtime etc all by myself. Isn’t the point to have it trace on its own? Go ahead and rename it DIY Tracer...

Good when it works. It’s been a great app for me but recently produces an error message when trying to save / finish a tracer video. Tried deleting and re-downloading app. I have an iPhone. Hope this bug gets resolved.

Not worth the money. Tried this app a couple of times to see if it would be accurate. After several recorded shots I found none to be even close. Set it up on a tripod on the golf cart for one shot. Landed a shot on the green left of the pin. Tracer showed the ball going into the tree line to the right of the green. Would not recommend this app.

Tracer App Review. This app is terrific! I totally enjoyed tracing my shots and this is the best tracer app I know of. I also enjoyed the special effects available and would recommend this app to others!

Fun, informative, accurate. I was worried abut the accuracy of the app but whatever it does during the “processing” period is awesome and quite accurate. It’s a lot of fun but also a good learning tool! You take more videos of our swing and watch it over and over again and can then see things you weren’t aware you were doing. Like taking the club back too far to the inside, causing a bit of an “over the top” move on the downswing. Keep innovating guys!

Does not work. Purchased and downloaded App. When I hit “Let’s get started” button on the initial start up I receive an error message and the app doesn’t continue. Don’t waste your money. I’ve heard it’s pretty hit or miss with the tracing but I can’t even get it to open correctly. Would love a refund.

Best one out there. Great interface and easy to use. Very accurate tracer, constant reminder of my splicing. I’d recommend this app for anyone playing golf from novice to pro.

Doesn’t store videos.. I did a few videos a couple of weeks ago, checked today and they are gone. The library function doesn’t really make sense if nothing is there.

Almost accurate. This app is great. If you know your distance the app does a great job in tracing the flight. It’s much cheaper compared to other tracing apps.

Easy, Fun & Accurate. Really cool app! Not a round goes by that I don’t use this app to video my buddies or myself. Love the different types of tracers and the filters that you can drop into your videos.

My favorite tracer app. Love the available special effects on this app and find it really easy and enjoyable to trace my shots..I’ve recommended it to my friends!

Perfect from first try. Great app. Easy to use and the auto tracer worked perfect from the first try. Very easy to import existing video or take your own from within the app. Love using it for entertainment or analysis of swing.

Fix your app please. I spent money to get this app thinking it would be cool to trace my shots. I opened the app and when I press “get started” an error occurs and it hasn’t been fixed for the past ~month. Please fix it and let me use your app I’m sure it would be cool if I could get into the app.

Great App!. This app is great-- I love being able to customize my golf videos. There are so many different options/features you can use. And it's cheaper than a Starbucks coffee!

Great App. This is a great app. Easily the most appealing of the tracer apps. It is easy to use and is useful on the course. The customization feature is fun to use while improving your game.

Good app needs one more thing. App is good overall, but wish the shot tracer would stay in place when using a video where you're zooming in or panning, the tracer moves with it making the landing and start point of the tracer move.

App doesn’t work. Every time I click “Let’s Go” it gives me an error message to check my connection or try again later. I have great phone signal doesn’t work. I go to a great WiFi signal, still doesn’t work. Now I guess I have to figure out how to get a refund for that .99 I spent. Smells like fraud to me or fix it please.

Great App. It’s good for what it is, simply adding a ball tracer, needs more free features but it does have great potential.

Great app for any level golfer. Really easy to use, has made trips to the range more fun getting to watch ball flight just like that. Haven’t tried on course yet but I’m sure would be super cool.

Only a $1…Still Not Worth It. I agree with other reviews - having to manually trace your shot is annoying. I also experienced the issue where the “ball contact” marker kept rolling back a couple of seconds on its own making it impossible to have the tracer accurately pop up on contact.

Awesome app!. This app is so fun to take out on the course and range! Makes me feel like I’m on tour watching the ball flight on camera. Highly recommend and definitely worth the money!

Okay, not great. I like how it works and is easy to figure out, but the tracking part (most important part) is not very accurate. It can find the ball off the club and the initial trajectory but have found after a few uploads that it doesn't track the ball very well at all. Hoping for a refund.

This app is rip off. This App is trying to get a Dollar from all the people to get rich. I bought this app couple days ago trying to use it but it doesn’t even start. I try to contact app developer but never answer me back this is rip off

Worth it. I was skeptical about paying for this but it’s definitely been worth it. Way more accurate than others...

Terrible- Won’t Open. Waste of money. I downloaded and paid. Open up the app and when I click “let’s get started” it bugs out and crashes. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading several times only to have the same problem occur over and over again.

App Won’t open. The app won’t open. I’ve tried time and time again but I keep getting an error saying to try again later. Disappointed because I was looking forward to using the app. A refund would be appreciated considering I can’t even open the app let alone use any of its features

Bad version? I hope?!. I heard nothing but great things from buddies on a recent trip about this exact app. So I downloaded it. Now it won’t even load and displays an error message? Worthless and waste of a dollar. I’m hoping there’s a reason for this from the developer? I’d gladly change my mind because my buddies app looked flawless!

Wonderful App. Easy to use and cheap. I recommend this app, especially for golfers!

300 Yard Drives or 3 Yard Duffs. Love this app... whether you’re striping the ball down the middle of the fairway or tracing your friends shank in to the woods, this app can do it all. Well worth the purchase.

Game Changer. Very accurate with nice visual effects. Easy to share on social media platforms. Definitely worth the small price tag!

Crashes. No matter what this app crashes right upon opening. It will initially let me record video but then I’ll go into it later to try and do anything with the video and it crashes once I tell it to “trace”. Go to open and crashes immediately every time after that. Such a waste of $5.99

Tough to select impact position. Please update, tough to choose correct frame for impact position. Other than that pretty solid.

Pretty impressive app. I saw this on the App Store feature and decided to give it a try. We used it on 4 holes today and it worked good on everything except my buddies chunked driver lol. Worth the download.

Finicky but gets to job done. Super finicky to select when the ball is struck. It keeps unselecting where the ball was struck and doesn’t like to stay where you put it. Once you fight it enough it works well but you gotta keep trying.

If the devs had to use this app they would fix it. I’m convinced no one who has built a shot tracer app has actually used it. Certain features are so frustrating to use. You cannot get the video to freeze on the correct impact frame. Awful app.

No wonder its only $.99. Dont waste your time with app. I purchased because i thought it would automatically trace the ball somehow using some cool technology. Not even close. You have to do it all yourself, shape the shot, where it lands, etc. and if you lose sight of the ball (which you will) there is no good way to trace your shot. Save your money go buy a stick of gum.

Best tracer app imho. Really good app and probably the best tracer app for golfers. I really enjoy tracing my shots and posting to fb etc. I also like the special effects included in the app. Bargain.

Scam‼️Be aware ‼️📵 Does not work❗️. The developers of this app should be ashamed to charge people for this app which pretends to create a line after the all flight. It does not work and this false advertising is a ridiculous scam! Even more, they want more of my hard earned money by making me pay to unlock other features inside the app. Total scam right here, be aware!

Best Tracer app out there. This is an awesome product. It tracks your ball flight perfectly almost every time. Works quickly too. Like having a Trackman in your pocket!

#The_golf_tracer. Awesome app that is easy to use and pretty accurate. Has automatic and a manual tracking feature that allows you to edit your ball flight. Probably the best $5.99 I have spent in the App Store.

50/50. Great app with great features. The only issue is that it won’t actually let me post anything to share it... it’s cool to see the tracer on my ball but until I can share it with the world I can’t rate it higher.

Quicken your pace!. I whip this out on every tee box. Left or right is a given. Golf Tracer takes me to the tree every time - no more wasting time looking for balls...🤗 a very, very cool app!

What happened to Auto tracer??. I used to be able to upload a video and it would automatically trace the flight. It seems to be going now

Won’t let me finish making a video. Comes up with an error every time I want to finish tracing a shot. Have not been able to use the app after paying for it. Reached out to the company asking why it won’t work, would like money back if I don’t get a response/solution.

Awesome. Awesome! Best tracer app I have found. Very easy to use and very accurate unlike similar apps. I highly recommend!

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Language English
Price $0.99
Adult Rating 12+ years and older
Current Version 1.13
Play Store com.gottaGolf.golfTracerApp
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

The Golf Tracer (Versiyon 1.13) Install & Download

The application The Golf Tracer was published in the category Sports on 10 March 2018, Saturday and was developed by Swing By Swing Golf, Inc. [Developer ID: 1266160520]. This program file size is 113.94 MB. This app has been rated by 1,256 users and has a rating of 3.6 out of 5. The Golf Tracer - Sports app posted on 23 September 2020, Wednesday current version is 1.13 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.gottaGolf.golfTracerApp. Languages supported by the app:

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The Golf Tracer App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fixes

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