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What is shot tracer app? SHOT TRACER - Shows what seems invisible!

Used by: Challenge Tour, Seniors Tour, Canadian PGA Tour, Japan PGA Tour, Symetra Tour, West Florida Tour.


Comes with a ton of fully unlocked features:


+ Automatic start to finish ball flight tracing.
+ Patented track and trace technology.
+ The only mobile golf ball tracking application.
+ No internet connection required.
+ Measure actual distance using GPS.
+ Enter results into the digital scorecard.
+ Trace multiple shots in one video.
+ Add a custom logo to video.
+ Add an animated name and scoreboard pop up.
+ Fully customizable color and width of your Shot Tracer line.
+ Automatic smart video trimming.
+ Add shadow effect.
+ Laser line.
+ Add Hollywood quality special effects to your Shot Tracer:
+ Rocket launcher, water splash, impact smoke, explosion, and alien invasion effects.
+ …and many more awesome features!


+ Trace your golf shots on a 3D map on over 30,000 golf courses.
+ Use GPS data saved in videos to automatically set location points.
+ Amazing 3D ball flight animation.
+ Uses newest high definition maps.
+ Distance measurements.
+ 16:9 and also 1:1 video format, perfect for Instagram videos!


See your golf swing in amazing strobe motion. Dissect your swing into pieces and analysis every single aspect of the golf swing like never before! This is swing analysis of the 21st century!


Shot Tracer tracks and traces ball flight during long shots. Ball Tracer, on the other hand, makes your ball flight clearly visible on short shots. It does so by generating a strobe motion video sequence of the actual ball flight!


This is the Shot Tracer for putting! This app feature generates a strobe motion effect of the actual ball roll.


Set your Golf Tracer on fire!


+ Use any Bluetooth​ remote to start and stop recording.
+ Digital video stabilization.
+ Use front or rear camera to record video.
+ Batch video recording.
+ Front/ rear camera.


+ Import previously recorded videos.
+ Slow motion video export.
+ Compatible with 30, 60, 120 and 240 FPS.
+ Compatible with 720p, 1080p and 4K video.
+ Export 1080p Full HD and 4K.


+ Blend multiple Shot Tracer videos into one single multi-tracer video using ghosting technology.


General Information:

The app will trace your shot from the beginning until the end and save it in your phone's gallery ready to share with your friends.

Note: Achieve best results when keeping the phone very steady while recording, so using a tripod is not mandatory but recommended.

Otherwise, there is no additional hardware required!

Trace your shots just like you see on TV!

---Subscription Details---

Map Tracer subscription:

– Subscription unlocks the ability to add a map to you Shot Tracer line.
– The length of the subscription continues until you cancel the subscription. The charge is made on a monthly basis.
– The price​ of the subscription is 1,99 per month.
– Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase
– Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
– The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
– Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase
– Links to Your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
– Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

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Shot Tracer Version May 2022

General app performance updates..

Shot Tracer Version February 2022

General app performance updates..

Shot Tracer Version January 2022

General app performance updates..

Shot Tracer Comments & Reviews 2022

- Really digging the Shot Tracer app!

Let me start by saying I was a little hesitant to spend money on this app due to some mixed reviews in the App Store. After one range/practice green session I was really impressed with how simple the app is to use. I used a tripod with a phone mount and my iPhone XS Max to record videos, then imported them into the app when I got home. The ball flight is pretty true for the most part, and I love how you can change the color and configuration of the line, add effects, etc. Some people complained it didn’t pick up their ball flight, but I didn’t experience that issue in probably 30 or so tracked shots. Maybe they weren’t using a tripod?? The only reason I give it a 4 star rating and not 5 is because, while it does track all of my ball flights, the flight is not always accurate and sometimes have to manually adjust landing area. Also, the app tends to crash a lot when attempting to save to my camera roll. Maybe because I was using the app for an extended time period?? Either way, if you’re on the fence about purchasing this app, DO IT. As long as you use it correctly, you won’t be disappointed!

- Horrible Interface

I don’t understand how this app is so popular. The app constantly crashes. When it does work, it is ridiculously inaccurate. When trying the manually adjust the tracer, it is almost impossible to get it accurate because of how small the preview screen is. Even once it exports to your device, it does not match to the edits you made. Takes 15+ minutes to edit and export a short clip just to discover that it is completely off and unusable. I will be requesting a refund immediately.

- Best golf app on the App Store

Shot tracer is the best Golf app that I’ve ever used. It has a lot of features beyond just both like tracking. I love the 3-D map feature as it adds a whole new professional level to my videos andViewers get a great understandingAbout the hole layout and where I hit a shot. All in all a fantastic Golf app.

- Yes!

Are usually don’t write reviews but this app deserves five stars.I’ve been golfing for a couple of years now and haven’t really found any app that could help me improve my game. Then I came across Shot tracer. It helped I me to better understand my swing and ball. In short Split my handicap in two. Thank you!

- I love the Shot tracer app

Makes you feel like a tour professional. Let me tell you that’s an awesome feeling. Well worth the money. Love this app.

- Exactly what I was looking for

Number 1 golf app! Enough said!


This is exactly what I was looking for. Such a cool app!!


On the swing tracer app, please add the ability for only the club head to be traced with a line instead of still shots of the club. It would make it much more useful. Furthermore, you could copy the same colors as the golf channel: using red for the backswing and green for the through swing. It would turn this app into a useful tool, as is, it’s too cluttered to see my swing path, defeating the purpose. I would love to see this in an update.

- Tracing works terrible!!

I purchased this app because I thought it would work great, it works terribly! I know it works great on tour with the excellent technology at the tee boxes and multiple cameras stuff, but I have an iPhone X and when I film the hits, the app cannot even find the START of the ball, less off the flight of it! The ball will go straight, and then the tracer flies out of the screen and comes down like ten seconds later. This would all be a moot point if at least the manual tracer worked good. It’s also AWFUL! Unlike other apps, you can’t just tap the strike point, tap the end point, and easily pick the flight pattern and curvature of the hit as well as flight time to make everything perfectly accurate. I have spent hours trying to get this app to work and I have not traced a SINGLE ball correctly or even remotely to the shape of the hit. I literally wasted my $6. I chose to buy this because I thought it would be the best, but I’m going back to find a free app that works much better.

- Decent, but not great (yet)

Purchased the app after reading it was the Golf Digest app for 2018. While it works sometimes, it doesn’t always automatically trace the shot correctly. Some simulations are totally off (eg horizontal ball path instead of vertical). Most of the time it requires significant manual adjustments to get a realistic ball flight. Tracer line also lags quite a bit so you need to set the impact position a couple frames later. The “name popup” effect would have been excellent but it doesn’t allow 4-digit yardage and you can’t control the duration and start/end placements. But it somehow makes it worth it once you are able to produce a decent edit. So currently not great, but it has potential. Hopefully the developers listen to constructive user comments seriously to address all the app’s shortcomings!

- Had for 3 months, not a single accurate trace

I’m a 9 handicap and tried getting one shot tracer recorded over the past 3 months. Not a single time as this worked. Not only that, it’s impossible to realistically use this app mid round when playing with friends. It takes so long to analyze that you need to hit your next shot before it’s done or you’ve finished the hole. I’ve read and re-read the instructions. I’ve viewed the tutorials multiple times. The bottom line is this app is so spotty that use while playing is impossible. More to use if you’re on the range with plenty of time to wait and wait for the video to be analyzed only to see it wrong yet again. I’d ask for my money back but this company is so section 8 they don’t even have a website.


I saw the app, noticed it was $6 I thought it had to be good. Don’t get me wrong all the options they give you are really good but THEY DONT WORK. The analyzing hasn’t worked for me a single time! They don’t even let u draw your own tracer. I noticed they have a map feature but I have to spend another $2 a month?! Trying to navigate the camera roll is a nightmare showing it in a column rather than your whole camera roll. Look, I like the idea. If this was a free app, I would’ve given it 3 1/2 stars, but it’s $6! I already found another great golf tracer that does everything this app does but better, and guess what. ITS FREE! Don’t waste your money on this app until it’s fixed.

- Crashes

I hardly use it anymore because it always crashes. When you select a landing spot the magnifying glass doesn’t work all the time, sometimes it’s ball tracking is awful and nowhere close, when you try to edit ball flight manually if you touch the screen it completely ruins the ball track and you have to start over, and it crashes when you try to save the completed video (all that work for nothing). There has hardly been an updated version that hasn’t had major problems for me. I use an iPhone 5s. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve been extremely disappointed. I should note that when it does work, it’s a very cool product. Good luck!

- Skeptical at fist but...

I didn’t think this app would work as advertised but seemed pretty much inexpensive so I went for it to give it a try. To my surprise it works as advertised. I don’t understand how the PGA Tour is using all this radar tech if there is an app on the App Store that does just about the same thing and look at the price difference. I think the big TV channels are just getting ripped off by those launch monitor companies haha

- Terrible app

Not user friendly at all. Does not accurately track ball flight. I repeatedly tried tracing my shots with this app both automatically and manually but was unable to track the ball flight anywhere close to accurate. I’m calling bs on every video that uses this app. I’ve noticed, when zooming in, that most videos using this app are falsely representing the actual flight path of the ball, as well as, where it lands. For example, I hit a fade with my 3 wood and the automatic mode showed my shot as a draw and landed 50 yards from where it really landed. Not worth buying for the shot tracing feature. Maybe for putting, chipping, and swing tracing but not shot tracing.

- Slow to peek

Not sure why, but every shot I try to trace the line starts out way slow and by the time the ball peaks and starts to fall then the line starts to move faster and then the line peaks. But it’s slow to catch up to the peak time. Not sure why. I filmed on a tripod and far enough back. When I adjust the flight time editor, the line still starts it slow but after peak the line falls super fast to catch up with the ball landing time. Would be an amazing app if I could get this working but every shot I do is the same

- Avoid the fake reviews. This app is terrible.

Many of the reviews come off as fake. Sort by new for more accurate feedback. I’ve seen multiple similar reviews worded like: “My friends ask me: Is Shot Tracer worth the money? My answer: Absolutely!” The fact is that the app doesn’t work as advertised. I’ve tried with numerous videos. I’ve even imported high definition videos of tour pros. It doesn’t work. It simply draws a line from the initial impact and does not track the flight of the ball. Not a single video of mine has worked. I’ve had my friend film me with the app at the course. Didn’t work. Can’t believe I wasted $6 on this.

- Don’t bother unless you have a tripod

Bought this app hoping to make some fun edits using my existing swing videos from my photo library. Even after navigating the clunky UI to manually pick a starting point, end point, and trace the ball flight from memory the video still turns out terribly. You can’t even preview the video prior to saving it to your photo album, you have to save the video sight unseen. If your video has any movement at all or doesn’t hold completely still until the ball landed, this app does not work! Who actually carries around a tripod on the golf course? This is not for a casual smartphone photographer.

- Cool but Not

Thought this would track a ball by just taking a video of a person hitting. Maybe I’m wrong but it requires you to record the hit/swing. Then go back into the app and basically draw the line of the ball flight with a grid. You could hit a draw and basically pencil in a fade and nobody would know the difference. This app doesn’t seem to do what I wanted it to. Guess I didn’t read enough about it. Now it’s just another app taking up space on my phone. I’m probably not going to erase it because I paid for it.

- Also Disappointed!

I was excited to download the app and went straight to the range. After reviewing the tutorial, I attempted to film my swing. Setup and filming went well. When I went through the process of tracking my shot, IT WAS VERY PAINFUL! I have an iPhone 6C. It took so long for it to process that I would not consider this app to have real time feedback of my swing. Like another reviewer stated, it is like photo shopping your golf shot. So I only recommend this app if you want to have a nice video of your swing on Facebook. I did not find it to be very golf instructional.

- Don't give up on it

You have to learn how to use the app first. Don't just give up the first video when it doesn't do it exactly right. Also it only can trace what it sees, and since it's on an iPhone obviously it isn't the best camera ever. So it sometimes loses track at the peak you can make a few adjustments in full screen mode. That's why I gave it four stars. Otherwise it's a good app. It makes for some good instagram posts!!

- Just for fun

This wont actually help improve your golf game. You have to tell the program where the ball lands and for the most part it does a good job tracking it to that point. Slow mo isn't good though. Although its a newer update it should've came later but with better accuracy. Although this wont improve your golf game its a great way to look like a pga golfer with the infamous colored line following your ball. I like it

- Great, but amazing with a tripod!

Best advice after using the app for a few weeks now is to invest into a tripod and a iPhone clamp. Let me tell you it’s worth it. First of all the videos look much better and professional and most importantly the tracking works flawless. I tried handheld before and it was a hit or miss but still had a manual option.

- 7 outa' 10

Used this for about 12 holes with my foursome. By the last hole we had worked about most of the kinks. We shot about 8 drives and the automatic feature worked twice. I think our success rate was mostly due to our familiarity with the filming technique. Read the instructions first and I think most golfers will love this. Texting the shots to my friends is the best feature once you film a sweet shot.

- Needs less steps.

Im a big fan of the app. Its made me want to go to the driving range and get more swings in to record them. I dont understand why we dont have the option to preview a video before saving to camera roll? When the tracking is off we have to fix it manually and if we dont get it right the first time, the workflow creates redundancy where the user has to go back i to the camera roll to delete the unwanted edits. Had the developers thought of that workflow with simplicity in mind i would have rated this app 5 stars. Please consider this in the next update.

- Finally

I have been waiting forever for an app like this to come out utilizing the HD camera and this app is perfect. 5$ is nothing to give yourself Trakman-like ball paths that take less than a minute to produce. Uploading your own videos gives a false timing of the ball flight but every time it's done manually it's perfect. 5 stars all day #RIPHarambe

- Literally does not work

It is rare for me to write a review for something but this is so bad it is worth my time. I cannot believe you can have the cheek to actually charge money for this app. I paid for it and it will not let me import any videos. I keep getting a push to say I “Need to Allow access to all photos” and even though I have it selected. The app thinks I have the wrong thing picked. Therefore I can’t actually add a trace to any videos. Seriously what a waste of time and money. If you had any decency you’d give me my money back

- Waste of money

Wow what a waste. The app and their Instagram post gives you the impression that it will trace your shot as you’re hitting up. This is not the case. You have to take a video then the app edit the video to give you the shot tracer. Lots of steps and a waste of time. This is not something you could do on the Teebox very quickly. Rather this is something you would take videos of while you’re on the Teebox and then at a later time edit the videos.

- Also perfect for disc golf!

Not much of a golfer but keen disc golfer. Tired the app for disc golf and it works great. There are a bunch of different features guess made for golf but I use them for my own purposes. The 3D map does a great job as I can locate any of the courses I have played and the effects add an additional layer of awesomeness to my videos.

- Awesome App!

Honestly, when I first got this app, it wasn't great at all. Crashed constantly. But during the off season, so many updates got released its like a whole new app. It's crazy accurate now, and works amazing. So cool being able to look at my shots like that. Definitely worth the investment!

- Horrible app!!!! I want my $7 refund!

It is not easy to use at all, very confusing. It is not accurate at all!! I hit to low draws, and the shot shape showed I hit high fades. And it's also making the arch to look wider than what it was hitting, I would hit a 2-3 yard draw, and this app would go range side to range side.(FYI, the range wasn't 2 yards wide). Plus you have to pay more for extra futures despite paying for the crap already! Also the app crashes constantly! Extremely disappointed and upset about this app!😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- Finally an app that keeps what it promises

If you are looking for a ball flight tracking app look no further this app tracks the ball flight by itself completely automatically which is awesome. Love the fact that i don’t need internet connection to use Shot Tracer.

- It’s a little finicky but if your not retarted it works great

you definitely have to get the right angle and a tripod is definitely nice but u can still use without just have steady hands but seems to work pretty decently does crash a good bit but if u have the patients to just keep trying it’s not that bad at all but expect to get a little frustrated every now and then. enjoy

- It's 100% fake

Save your $. You literally tell the app when (what frame) and where the ball starts and lands, and it digitally assumes a trajectory based on math. It does not, I repeat, does NOT, trace the ball. All shots trace straight on the ascend, has no idea how high or low the ball actually goes, then just makes a path to where you told the app the ball landed. It's compete math, not actual ball tracing. Very misleading. I'd love to post a picture of his ridiculous trajectory it thought my ball just went. Like all of a sudden a 200 mph cross wind gust hit my ball at its apex. Give me a break.

- If you are a golfer this is your app

There’s no question that every golfer should have the Shot tracer app. It is just extremely easy to use has so many awesome features and I really love their support team who reply instantaneously to any questions I have about the app. Great job guys

- Works Pretty Well. Needs an update for new iPhones.

Works pretty well with some work on my side. If you have a tripod and take the time to position it correctly it works great. I do wish they would optimize the app for newer iPhones. The app is cut off in a couple of places likely due to the different screen dimensions. If you’re trying to get a decent shot tracer this app will work well.

- Fantastic golf app!

Shot Tracer is amazing! What a fantastic golf app. It has so much to offer. My favorite part is the 3D map with the ball flight. This is so cool! I am impressed by this golf app. Didn’t think my iPhone 8 could handle it but the videos save quickly and there are no crashes. Fantastic golf app!

- Correction to my review

I am editing my other review. I said it didn't work but realized it was me not knowing how to use the app. This app is pretty awesome. Just make sure the camera doesn't move at all. Looking forward to this recent update and tracking more shots!!

- DO NOT BUY Get “GottaGolf”

Very buggy constantly crashes and freezes does not work for me on my iPhone 8, waste of money the gottaGolf app is much more refined and a easier user interface I defiantly recommend that app. I’ve been using this app since it’s launch I’ve never uploaded a successful video Once video is edited it will save totally pixelated or crash after I’ve spend 10min editing the clip what a scam this shouldn’t be on the App Store I do not want to be contacted by developers app deleted!

- Like the PGA Tour on TV

Want to feel like a tour pro then this app is for you! At the least the chance to give my viewers a professional quality golf vlog production quality. Couldn’t do it with out it. It’s all here, the target, distance, score and 3D map overlay, all in one app.

- The only automatic tracer on the App Store

I have tested A bunch off apps now and this is by far the best tracing app. It’s also the only one that automatically traces the ball flight. If you don’t want to waste your time and money make sure to get this app for tracing.

- Keeps Crashing!!! Wth

Was excited to try after seeing advertising on my Instagram feed. Bought it, downloaded perfectly but that's were it all stops. Tried first video, crashed in middle of editing. No problem try again. 2 attempt crash during rendering. 3rd attempt same thing. 4th and 5th crashed. I'll update my review if it can work but right now this app keeps crashing. I would NOT BUY it unless I update my review. $6.99 your app should work!

- What an update!

Great update! Changed from 1 star to 5 with this update. Using the sound to pick up impact frame is perfect. Manual mode works much smoother now and auto is pretty accurate. Pretty disappointed when I first got this, but very satisfied now.

- Okay but needs to be better

This app has a lot of potential to be very good, but it needs a lot of improvements. If you don't have to camera completely still it will mess up the trace and be wrong. If the cost is that much the performance needs to improve, doesn't work a lot and needs to be fixed.

- Awesome App For Golfers

This app is what every golfer at home always wanted. We all see the pros on tv with the Ball tracer and now we have it for ourselves! Definitely worth the $5 bucks, and they are constantly making it better each update.

- Doesn’t work

Purchased the app and attempted many times to import existing swing video into the app. Without exception, the app crashes every time. Saw the same reviews by others but decided to give it a try regardless. Also saw that there were many positive reviews as well. However, for me, it didn’t work at all. In summary, I’d say do not waste your money on this one. Disappointing too because it looks like it has a lot of cool features.

- Such a good golf app!

Shot Tracer, by far the best golf app I used. So easy. Works extremely but recommend a tripod for the best results. Has a bunch of different features, I love the 3D map one with the tracer line in conjunction. recommending this app to all my golfering friends.

- So much better now!

Had the app for a while now. The new features and improvements are so good now. App runs stable, even able to process my 4K videos. Great stuff!!

- Crashes

App always crashes when trying to upload a video from my camera roll. Only works well if you have a tripod or someone with a very very steady hand. Does work but always crashing when trying to upload is why 3 stars

- Awful interface, auto tracking is weak

It took me a while to understand how to manually tweak because the interface is so poorly designed. You’re gonna need to do all your own tweaking probably, which totally defeats the purpose of this app

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- Just doesn’t work properly

Was hoping this would be an awesome app to use for my golf videos but unfortunately it just doesn’t work. After 15 tries and 15 videos exported to camera roll it still doesn’t work. The tracer hangs in the air for 15 seconds or just stops in mid air. It sometimes starts off really slow so your ball has landed even before the tracer has reached the apex and when you adjust flight time editor it goes even slower. Would have loved for this to work especially for the $9 you spend on it, but you’re better off waiting a few years until they get the software right. You should be able to just make your tracer shape then adjust the timing of it, then that would be okay, but in its current version, don’t waste your money.

- Terrible

Have given this app plenty of chances yet continues to fail! Sooo many bugs, it crashes almost every time you try to trace a shot, and on the rare occasion a trace works, most of the time it has to be heavily adjusted due to its inaccuracies. None of the other features seem to work either, especially the swing tracer! And to top it off, the app is incredibly slow to trace shots, and drains your battery so fast you can see the battery icon decrease before your eyes. I’m actually really annoyed that I’ve wasted $9.99 on possibly the worst app I’ve ever downloaded.

- Need to fix bugs. Crashes nearly every time you try to do anything.

The app can be great if the bugs could be fixed. When you finically get it to work it looks good but I Spent an hour just trying to trace one shot. The app keeps crashing when ever you try any of the other features and the tracer crashes 9 out of 10 times. Paid $9.99 and it doesn’t work, would love my money back.

- Fiddly but works

It can take a couple goes to work out how use it properly but I find if you film with your phone dead still like on a tripod or lean it back against a tee peg it traces the ball better. You have to manually adjust the flight path most of the time to get it perfect but once you learn how to do it I find that it is great.

- Rubbish! DO NOT BUY!!

This app is absolute rubbish! I just wasted $10 on this that I’ll never get back. It cannot pick up flight tracking from your saved video clips and even if you get one i can’t even find a way to export it! Ridiculous app! DO NOT BUY!!

- Almost, but not yet worth your $

The app has so much potential and it could be great!.... but it isn’t ... so many bugs and glitches. When you get it to work it’s very cool, but rarely does that happen problem free. Hopefully they keep working at it so one day I won’t have to manually create the ball flight and get something more than blurred lines for the short shots/putt ball tracker 🤷🏻‍♂️

- Awful

I have had this on my phone for 6 months, and have never been able to get a shot tracer video from it. App is never able to track the ball, keeps saying “tracking ball”, then t”re-tracking ball” but never manages it. App then randomly shuts and crashes. Awful, save your money and stay clear.

- Can’t even open the app anymore. Complete waste

I can’t even use the app right now because it tells me I need to allow access to all of my photos and not selected photos. The thing is I have ‘all photos’ selected in the settings. I’ve tried reinstalling, restarting the phone… Waste of money.

- Was good while it lasted

The App was lots of fun to use and was a great way to provide self feedback, however the app is extremely buggy and now won’t allow me to save videos. Quite disappointing.

- Don’t buy, waste of money. Does not work.

This app is trash. Doesn’t work as advertised. Terrible tutorials on how to use it. Terrible video quality and takes forever to process the video that is no where near the advertised results. Save your money.

- Great app

Honestly works great if you read the instructions and use it properly

- Not bad

Don't take it serious but it's good to play with... A few extra options for multiple tracers would be nice

- Pretty Good

I've yet to play with it properly but it is really good. If it doesn't follow the ball it is a quick 20 second edit job to get the result. We are loving it.

- Wrong trace 90% of the time

I have filmed my videos as still as possible (tripod) and they still end up being traced as if the ball has gone straight sideways, please fix the bugs this could be such a good app

- Shot tracer

Great App. Use it for practice and the kids love to see the ball flight just like on TV

- The extreme fader

Does a great job of tracing my slice until it disappears from the screen

- Don't. Worst app

Don't bother. App always shuts down rarely is it able to actually trace the ball. Difficult to use without it always shutting down as it is. Worst app I have ever purchased.

- Must have

A real must have for all golfers!

- Perfect!

Was looking for an app like this for a long time!!!

- Crashing when saving video

When I try to save a video the app crashes. Please fix as I forked out 11$ on this thing

- Absolute garbage

I wish I read through the reviews before I wasted $10 on this. The app is a joke, doesn’t do a thing!!

- Shot tracer

Very helpful and easy to use! 👍👍👍🏌⛳️

- Paul

Paid money for the app and it doesn’t work . Shot tracer shows my ball being hit 90 degrees left when it’s gone straight.

- Junk

Junk app, dont waste your money. Never detects the ball. Have to edit the trajectory manually and it never syncs up. Waste of time and money.

- Great App!

Totally worth the money!

- Horrendous

This is one of the worst apps I have ever downloaded. It never works no matter what the shot or light. Don't waste your money on this app


Disgraceful App, doesn't work half the time, freezes and simply closes itself while using. Absolute rip off!!!!

- Worst $8 I have spent

Very deceiving app. Doesn't trace your shot. You have to tell it where the ball starts, finishes and the peak. Pointless app! I want my money back!

- Gets stuck on export

Gets stuck and it won't let you export to camera roll!!

- Almost never works

It almost never works, when it does it’s cool but it’s like 1/20 times

- Shot Tracer

It not as good as is advertised Don’t buy it,save your $10 Period !

- Poor app

Wouldn't bother hard to use all manual entry

- Bad

Horrible app, tracer is no where near ball on numerous takes

- Dont believe the hype

Doesnt realistically trace the ball, mostly requires you to manually put in the shot shape.

- Waste of money - does not work

As title suggests, a massive waste of money. It does not work.

- Useless

Complete waste of money

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- Nope

I’ve seen people like Rick Shiels and Peter Finch use this app and it works for them. But it doesn’t work at all. I always have to do it manually and the tracer begins like when the ball is half way through it’s flight. Not worth your $!!

- Refund please

Gave it a good try and impossible to use. Either crashes or gets it completely wrong

- Doesn’t work

I recently followed shot tracer on Instagram to see what ppl are doing to get this app to work. Through this I learned that there is a money back guarantee, which I would like. I’ve taken multiple videos both slow mo and regular speed in all kinds of light and none of the shots have been able to track. If your camera orientation is landscape it points the line across the screen. I gave this another try before posting this, and not only do the shots not track now, but the app crashes right as the video is being saved, resulting in no video. This is a great concept, and I wish it worked.

- Importing videos

If you want to track a previously recorded video, this app is not for you. It does not work.

- Waste of money

Video always comes out corrupted and never tracks the ball properly, just get the 1$ app instead of this trash one.

- Only works if you’re desperate and ready to spend hours trying

Not accurate / very difficult manual tracing & old content importing doesn’t load accurately. Can’t use swing tracer for some reason, doesn’t allow import. For such a popular app, it really needs work on the user interface before and fix the bugs before this can work for users without frustration

- What I was looking for

I don’t know why there are so many bad reviews. This app does what I says. Easy to use and edit if needed

- Never works.

This has to be the worst app ever. It crashes whenever you import a video and if it does manage to import then it traces your club and never the ball and you even have to manually trace it. Complete waste of money

- The app is lacking

When you are in editor mode, you work so hard to make the adjustments, then when you go to full screen editor, the tracer isn’t where you have it.....waste of time. Tracing should be a lot more custom, not all flight paths can be recreated with such limited tracing options

- Garbage app

I would like to punch the person who made this in the face give me my money back, your app sucks!!!!! DO NOT BUY!

- Works great!

Shocked to see a 1 star review... makes the videos you’d expect


It can’t follow your line even if you paid for it... oh wait. It crash’s more then a poorly build Ford. I truly wish I could get my money back from this app. If you actually care about golf and want to really track your ball flight this isent the app to do it. It would have a better chance of tracking the flight of a Malaysian aircraft then a golf ball.

- Works Great For me

There’s a reason why Rick Shiels and I are confused about the poor ratings for this app. I’ve only had it crash once on me, sure it has a few finicky bits and bugs but it tracks ball flight really well (if your camera is still). Only once did the app fail to read my ball’s flight, in which case I just made the trace manually which is a piece of cake. Would give this app 5 stars if it weren’t for the few minor bugs. Worth the money for sure.


This is a waste of money. This app is garbage, do not spend ur money on this app, ignore all the youtube reviews this app is completely garbage.

- Waste of money

This app use to alright , but now it just crashes every time I use it

- Do not buy

Honestly don’t bother! Don’t be like me and say what is the worst that can happen. App is terrible.


Terrible does not work at all basically manual work you need to do because it doesn’t automatically capture the ball DO NOT BUY

- Pretty much a scam

Used on the PGA Tour? Are you joking? Someone should take legal action for the false advertising and the fact that the app doesn’t even work. Look at all the one star reviews, don’t be an idiot like me and still buy this trash app.

- This is terrible

Can I please get a refund. Worst app ever

- Dont waste money


- Don’t buy this app

Don’t waste your money!! They don’t track the balls on 4K video. It kept on crashing every time I would upload my video. Find another ball tracer to use.

- Not worth it

Auto tracer NEVER works, don’t waste your time or money on this app.

- Could have gotten 3 McDoubles

I want a refund

- Don’t waste your time or your money.

Not user friendly. Everything is hard to use. Waste of money

- Waste of money

The app just doesn’t know how to trace the ball 🤯

- Can’t even do 1 video without crashing

I’m using an iPhone 8 and it crashes every time during creation. Waste of money

- Don’t!

This app is a major waste of money. With an iPhone X shooting in 4K it can’t trace a ball. It will either miss it completely or see the start and just guess at a straight line the isn’t accurate. It is slow, makes your phone overheat, and sometimes crashes. Drains your battery and can’t trace a ball. Save your money people.

- Won’t import videos

App won’t import videos from camera roll. Really frustrating. Especially for such a good app that I like a lot. And use a lot

- Not good

Wow where to start. This app is not user friendly at all. If you actually wanted to use this while playing a round you better bring a tent because you'll be out there for days trying to shoot videos and actually getting it to work. save your money and use the slow motion camera on your phone.

- Bad

It's terrible doesn't even get a good video off of it. Don't buy it.

- Not what it seems

Garbage. Bought app thinking it would track my ball and give distance. Little did I know you have to input manually. Don't waste your money

- Waste of money

My first ever review. Makes me sick thinking I wasted money on this. Garbage app. Crashes and is full of glitches. Didn't get one decent video out of it

- Du vrai criss de vole

J'peux pas croire tu peux crosser le monde de meme.. ayoye! PAS FORT!

- Horrible

This is by far the worst money I've ever spent on an app ever. Doesn't work. Whenever you video tape it exits out. Just a money grab. DO NOT DOWNLOAD

- Worst app

Always freeze and crash. I deleted the app after 10 minutes. Take like 5 minutes to scan and try to trace your short and then... freeze and crash. 10$ to the trash

- doesn't work !

doesn't trace the path of the swing or any other features it's suppose to offer would like to get in touch with the developers of the app to get my money back please

- Awesome since the new update

The new update is awesome. New features working perfectly. No lagging at all, quick to export to gallery. 5 star in my opinion

- What a complete waste of 10 dollars

Unbelievable that someone would charge this much money for such a trash app it barely even runs without crashing, takes way too long to load, half the time the video doesn't even turn out right witch is frustrating after spending 25 minutes waiting for it to load without crashing. Biggest waste of ten dollars you can find on the App Store. 🖕🏽shot tracer

- 👌🏽

Really fun way to see your ball flight on video and it makes you look more legit when you post it 💪🏽🙃

- Shot trace review

Worst app ever. You have to manually trace the ball. If I could give it less than 1 star I would. Waste of $7

- Pretty amazing

I had my doubts when I first bought the app, after a few shots with it, it has blown my mind. I have no idea how they figured a way to trace the ball flight, I have a few shorter shots, 8 and 9 irons that flighted out of the view of the video, and I always watched my shot, and did a certain movement when the ball hit the ground, and every single time I made that movement, the shot tracer finished the shot and hit the ground. I cannot wait for the update when they offer 120 and 240 frames per second, highly recommend to any avid golfer, the amount of money people dump on stupid stuff in golf, what is $6 to get a super cool app to make yourself look like the pros do on TV, TOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!

- Manual drawing

Some harsh reviews, but I see their points. Basically, you trace the ball flight manually then it show what you traced.... I don't get it? Whats the point of that?

- Crap

DO NOT BUY THIS APP it crashes all the time and hasn't worked once, it also freezes and for a 7 dollar app you would think the company would put app testing into it.

- Great

This app is great! Works well when u fallow the directions. It's not perfect on its own, but u can tweak and adjust it and it looks great in the end! Worth the $7 if u like golf and record ur swing a lot.

- HORRIBLE! Save your money

This app is horrible! Give me back my $7.00! Using a 6S with lots of memory and this app runs incredibly slow, plus it freezes and crashes. Uploading or taking a new video it simply doesn't work! Do testing on products before launching an app. Absolute waste of money and I'm reporting this app to Apple!

- Bad don't waste your money

For the price you pay it is not worth it and the app doesn't even work most of the time because of crashes and the bugs. Please don't get!!!!!!!!!!!

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Matt Anderson

I would love to have a shot tracer of the club throw from the 5th hole at the Preserve to show how it's done. This guy needs to up his game. Happy New Year

Simon James Edwards

A shot tracer of a club toss is the perfect way to end 2020


Gahd... that was a very tedious mission. 120 long shots with the NA-45. You still need to make the tracer round hit the enemy's head in order for the long shot to count. 😓 #CoDモバイル #NA45 #GoldCamoChallenge #LongShotsAreAnnoyinglyTedious


@DenziYoutube @stryten @TheTakenMeme @TechVolt717 and tracer can one clip zen, plus to one shot zen needs charged orbs or the tracer to be stupid enough to come into melee range

Denzi #FreePalestine

@Sirsquirrel6 @stryten @TheTakenMeme @TechVolt717 Zen can one shot tracer argument ended. Its at most a 60-40 for the zen


@DevlisHere Yeah, his only weakness is to flankers like Tracer, Genji, and Sombra, but you can still duel them if you hit your shot well. If you get good at calling out your discords and get used to good positioning, you'll carry with him.

Neal Allen 〓〓

Gotta love a shot tracer. And this one is a classic @TyrrellHatton don't ever change 😂😂


Tracer Ashe was much stronger in the recent dive meta for the fact grant Ashe can land 1 shot headshots with zen discord(plus the debut can be applied by everyone) compared to echo mercy where u can only pocket 1 person and be capuchin out easily by an enemy Ashe zen

We have Tyrrell Hatton to thank for this masterpiece. 😂


Here’s the shot with a tracer on it

Pete Mitchell

@jam_1874 @TigerWoods Shot tracer on @SkySportsGolf can do that to the imagination mate 😎 we just need to stop drinking ourselves out of contention 🤣

Iain Campbell

@EuropeanTour @TyrrellHatton Or maybe in a club throw🤔Great shot tracer work guys🤗

John Mackie

No bias here, but this the best shot tracer of all time


@TPaoIucci @OWAnonymous_ u saying nade is op when ur main can one shot someone and get out without taking barely any damage. tracer has the smallest hitbox and is hard to hit and has a quick building ult.

Jess / 海風⭐️

@gothgrapes1 Maybe I’ll be tracer- *gets shot* (Jk jk jk....😅👀)

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The applications Shot Tracer was published in the category Sports on 2016-09-11 and was developed by Visual Vertigo Software Technologies GmbH [Developer ID: 1039078678]. This application file size is 446.69 MB. Shot Tracer - Sports app posted on 2022-05-10 current version is and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.vertigo.shoottracer