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What is teamsnap app? TeamSnap is the #1 Sports Team Management app for coaches who'd rather manage their teams than manage their technology.

Easy to use. Loved by parents. TeamSnap is team management made simple.

As a coach, you do a lot less coaching than you signed up for. You juggle text chains and messaging apps. You track down RSVPs and symptom checks. You field emails and calls, often sharing the same information again and again.

We're here to help.

With over 23 million users in 196 countries, TeamSnap brings team management into one place, run from one app. Let us take the work out of play, so you can get back to coaching.

Whether it's field numbers, uniform colors or start times, share important game or practice details with team schedules. Parents have a single source of all game and practice info. You have your evenings back.

You don't need to worry about staying on top of chats in one app or texts in another. Our all-in-one team management app simplifies managing youth, recreational and competitive sports, including soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, softball, football, lacrosse, volleyball and 100s more.

– Team Communication: Send messages to your entire team or select groups; let players know about last-minute changes with push notifications or text messages

– Roster Management: Build your team, gather player details, set lineups, and know who’s coming ahead of time

– Scheduling: A single source for all game and practice details that also syncs with your favorite calendar apps

– Live Updates: Get your team and the extended sports family in on the action with real-time game updates and post-game reports
– Team Safety: Keep your team safe this season with our built-in symptom screening

Choose the team plan that’s right for you. Our core messaging and management features are available for $0, including Team Chat, Health Check and Scheduling.

Your team need more this season? How about player tracking, statistics, photo storage? Check out our Pricing page. We have plans built for any budget.

To help you choose, we'll start you out with our 21-day Free Trial. Test drive our free and premium features and decide which ones are right for your team this season.

Download TeamSnap and create your team today!

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TeamSnap Customer Service, Editor Notes:

TeamSnap Version 6.3.1229 April 2022

A few updates to help things run more smoothly with our last update. Basically, like vitamins for the app, but without the mixed berry flavor..

TeamSnap Version 6.3.909 February 2022

New: Do you wrap yourself in a blanket for protection from ghosts or scary movies? Of course you do! Enjoy a similar feeling of security with the new registration insurance coverage available to check out under the "More" menu for our US customers. Fixed: Tapping an address will show a map. It's new cutting-edge technology! Fixed: New games and events are displayed on the overview screen post-haste instead of delayed-haste. Fixed: You'll now see more than the first line when adding a player's address, and you can see where to tap "Done". No more awkwardness while you try to figure out how to leave the screen. Fixed: Dark mode will stay dark when opening an email instead of blinding you with a white flash as you try to send emails in the middle of the night..

TeamSnap Version 6.3.820 December 2021

We've been reading a lot about self-improvement and decided to push out more enhancements! Yay, we did it!.

TeamSnap Comments & Reviews 2022

- Love it, but could be even better if...

I’ve been a soccer mom for 10 years and also coached for 5 years, so I’ve had to use many different communication tools over the years. Teamsnap has been the best at getting parents up to date from the Coach and also at bringing parents together. For older teams, we love the Live Game feature because we aren’t at all the games now that our kids drive. For our younger teams, it’s great because we share photos and plan off field team events easily. I have problems with being the owner of multiple accounts and teams (older kids have their own, and it causes issues with mine because I get listed twice), I also wish the customer service were more prominent because I don’t know how to fix these issues! Lastly, they should make it more obvious to Coaches which messages actually text parents (is it alerts, messages or mail..our coaches get it mixed up!). Overall, I LOVE this app.

- Great Concept... how kids still have so many quirks?

This could be the new standard for coaches and teams but many quirks and unintuitive features hold it back. 1. I’ve entered the location of the games, yet on the map it still says address not located but the pin and the math is exactly the address I just put in. Totally confusing parents. 2. Inside of the app, in the email section, I cannot reply to an email. Is this intentional? Should I be replying through my Gmail or Hotmail account? I’m not sure?!?!? 3. The attendance feature is apparently not activated. Apparently the team “creator “has to set this up. Not sure if it is a paid service??? 4. I don’t understand what ends up on the Home screen. The schedule seems to be solid but sometimes there is missing information on the Home screen for next games, practices, etc. This is totally confusing parents. I’ve had to tell them to skip the Home screen altogether and just click on the schedule. When parents can’t depend on something, it is scary how quickly they will abandon it. I would fix these, and the other issues mentioned in these numerous reviews quickly before I create my own app and take over your business!!! You’ve got more work to do than just changing out the Air filter!

- Messaging needs work

This would be an amazing app and an easy 5 star review IF the developers would make some easy fixes to the messaging. First, there is no reason to have so many different options for communication. Just have one team chat function. The chat function is what allows managers and coaches to put something out and players and parents to respond. The others are not even needed. The alert function works for putting out last minute information but no one can respond to it. They have to then move the conversation into the team chat if they need to respond. Also, the notification function of the team chat is horrible. Our team is getting notifications approximately 30% of the time when someone sends a chat message. Also, add the app icon badge that lets you know when a chat message has been sent. That’s the easiest way to know you have a message. Make the team chat a one stop for all collaborative communications and this app would be perfect. If the “alert” is such an important function, add the ability to mark a chat as urgent and you have the same functionality but it is all in one place. These are easy changes and unless the communication features are improved, I will be encouraging my fellow coaches to seek a better app for managing their teams.

- Great app with one flaw they clearly are choosing not to fix

PROs: This app is great. Easy to add teams from multiple sports to organize practices, games, field locations, notes, etc. Also seamless integration with Applemaps or Waze (dependent on team manager putting right gps location into teamsnap). Ability to view schedule by sport, or across all teams for an overview of all the sports-related shuttling you have to plan around for the next month is indispensable. I literally cannot think of any way to make it more efficient to manage multiple kids in multiple sports. CON: it is great to be able to share files as attachments to team communications (documents, pictures of the team, etc.). This can only be done via computer, not tablet or mobile device. This is absurd in the year 2018. Every app on every mobile device has seamless ability to take a picture and attach to whatever communication is being sent. If anyone minding the shop cares about the customer experience, someone in the brain-trust at Teamsnap will put someone on a project to add this feature, and in 6 Months we’ll all enjoy it.

- Good, but Photo viewer needs work.

This is a very popular easy to use team app. Have used it for years on many teams. One nice feature is the photo sharing ability built in under the “media’ tab. They include a generous amount of space and you can upload full-res photos which can then be shared by team members. The one downside is viewing. The standard viewer is 4x6, and it does not support using keyboard arrows like windows and other apps to scroll through the pictures. Instead you have to click the little next or previous arrows above the pick. Very monotonous and uncomfortable. Even more annoying is if you want to see the full size image you can click on the picture, but there are no controls to go to the next (or previous) pic! And since they don’t support keyboard direction keys, you have to figure out for yourself what to do. Which is hit your browser back button to take you back to the previous screen. Hard to believe something so simple (yet important) to basic functionality was overlooked. Hopefully they’ll add it soon.

- Total Noob with TeamSnap but feels like a lot is missing

Kind of new to TeamSnap and unlike the concept but there are some oddities. We got an email from a team manager but there is no button to reply to the email and no way to add attachments? At least not on an iPhone 12 Max Pro. That seems odd for 2021. Maybe in 1994 that would be okay but today? Also, I feel like I get so many notifications from the app and it’s not clear why. Email, text, one for my Non-player account (I.e. parent) and one for my 5 year old. Also, when a manager invites people the onboarding workflow is kind of lame. It asks you for a password you haven’t yet setup and you have to do a password reset instead of prompting you to register properly and set one up. Overall, it feels like non-software developers made this app or just devs that are not actually users of their own app. I could go on and on about UI/UX but it’s only been a week on the app. Again, the concept is admirable and the need is there. Just not very good execution. The ads are also annoying. If you pay $9.99 which is what Disney + costs I shouldn’t be seeing ads. That is weak sauce.

- Great but customization lacking for $99

The app is great and love the simplicity, but if you’re going to restrict customization that most of the free apps offer for free, it shouldn’t be so limited. I paid the $99 (PER TEAM) to upgrade for the sole purpose of customizing to make it easier to flip between the multiple teams I manage and more visibly see which one I’m working on, but there isn’t a lot of customization and most of it is only visible on the website, which I’ll rarely use. The app is the whole point and honestly, it’s a more than a bit ridiculous I just paid $99 per team to allow me to put my logo on the team, which all other apps I’ve used or looked at offer for FREE. I don’t need any of the other features in that price point. Basic customization should be free and should be visible in the app, not just the website. These are easy enhancements and I hope TeamSnap will consider offering them, and at the lower price points (including the free version).

- Best app ever for Teamsports

Great app. Spend the money on the full access and get your team on board to only communicate to through one app. If you really get parents and players on board, it will remove a lot of communication problems, drama, and repeated questions. You do need one person to really make sure all info is communicated once then the system will send a reminder. Encourage all players and parents to use app on their phones. When a question arises, refer them there. All players can get email from site. No more asking manager for it. Can separate messages to certain players. No more long strings of reply all. Have your players mark availability and no more questions of where is coming or not. Have a player that is sick, not it in there availability. Beat thing is parents can subscribe to calendar and it will import to their calendar. No more manual inputs. If manager change game Love this app!

- Westhampton Subdivision, City of Clarkson Valley, Sewer & Water Utilities

Our subdivision is 52+ years old. Piping for sewer drainage and storm sewers drainage has never been replaced, corrected to date. Attention between City of Clarkson Valley, Westhampton Subdivision , MSD Sewer, and Missouri Water is needed by the residents - (whom pay subdivision fees, taxes, utility bills, and insurance ) please note :Water Company says funding is on HOLD for restructuring and replacement common ground storm sewer? Are the 95+ homes in our subdivision ( and the trustees representing us ) aware of this issue ? Finding (with stipulations) homeowners paying $28 yearly Assessment Tax to City of Clarkson Valley is only for lateral sewer problems OFF our property? Missouri Water & MSD continue (with no resolve or involvement) to deny responsibility to update storm sewers traffic from Kettington, through our common ground, to the Trowbridge main. The unresolved, most assuredly will bring down property values over time if not repaired. Besides the numerous water shut-downs and nail biting flash flood storms to endure.

- Enhancement please

The chat feature is great however it would be really nice if we could have multiple chats with the same people in them. We talk about many things over chat and sometimes the thread gets all intermixed between what we’re trying to talk about. So a chat for each topic would be great but we can’t have more than one with the entire team on it. You can only create multiple chats if different combinations of people are on them. Having a way to do chats with the same people but multiple chat windows so that they were based on different topics would be awesome. If that can’t be accomplished is there a way to add chats into an event so that when you go in the event you can go to the chat for that event and then see the things that are chatting about specific to that event.

- The badge notification is not working

I don’t know why but recently after the update I show that I have five unread messages when I check my messages I don’t have any unread messages. When I get new messages it just adds on from the five that won’t go away other than that before it was a pretty good app but this is quite annoying to me now at the point debating on just deleting it and figuring out from his teammates what’s going on because I don’t like unread notification showing on my phone. Update First issue fixed itself after I sent in my review. However I’m still over this app they canceled practice four hours prior to practice I have no notification in my phone from the app. I check to make sure all my notifications are on and they are. I have to open the app to see that they canceled practice so I drove all the way out of the way to just drive back home for nothing. My plan is to find another app for them to use to tell them they need to start using that one because I’m over it

- Love it!

We’ve been using team snap for several years now! I love it! I love that it has updated throughout the years. With the updates I do have some suggestions… 1. With the invoices we had a problem on where our athletes were only able to view their invoice. Their parents we not able to view them unless the looked on their child account. If there was a way to make it so the parents could see them on their account that’d be awesome!! 2. When uploading pictures to an album we can only pick one at a time. I’d love if we could upload more then one at a time. I have some parents who take tons of pictures so uploading one at a time is a little annoying. Other then those 2 things I love it! If I could I’d do a 4.5 on the stars I would! And the .5 is honestly because of the 2 things I said earlier. But honestly I love this app tons! Highly highly recommend it!!

- Fix Refresh Issues

Recently for each game, refresh issues are serious. The RSVP are not refreshed. It’s happening from last 30 days or so. In the previous versions, pull down used to show dotted circle as progress for downloading new data. With current version, even after repeated pull down it doesn’t refresh. You log out and log in and data is still stale for list of players. It’s very painful as you have to use web browser to review games RSVPs to make decisions about declarations of the games with the list of current players. It’s irritating. Please fix this issue. I like TeamSnap as it makes organizers life easier and we pay for ultimate subscription. If I have to really ask for new feature set, it will be various styles of polls for collecting feedback, ratings and input. Single choice and multiple choices polls. It will be very helpful as organizers can gather data for many topics related to events and sports. Thank you keep the good work and stabilize this product.

- Outstanding!!!!

I just started coaching this year 7&8 year old boys soccer. I was emailing the team parents all info that was needed for each game and practice. Then trying to figure out who was coming and who couldn’t make the games/practices. This app allows me to set a schedule with all info needed for each game/practice. Now the parents can just open the app and have everything right in front of them. The app also has a health check, which our rec league requires a log of all kids and coaches that may have been in contact with anyone exposed with COVID. Now they log in before each game and practice and answer a few questions and then I can export it to the league officials. I highly recommend this app for any type of team sports.

- Love You Developers!

TeamSnap as an App is great at what it does. We’ve used it for our daughters sports ranging from Softball and Volleyball to Basketball and Soccer. It’s awesome. The communication and schedule sharing changes the way you interact as a Coach and a Parent. But, behind this incredible App are the true heroes....the Developers! I don’t know them, but I feel like I do. As a software developer myself, I feel like we’re best friends already. If you have this App installed and an update becomes available, I implore you to read the release notes that go along with said update. They are humorous and good natured, and offer a glimpse into the fun and joy that the developers put into making this great App for the world. Thank you TeamSnap Developers! Whoever you are, wherever you are...

- Good app, needs to streamline message options

I’ve used this app for 3 seasons girls softball teams and it’s great - keeps team organized and parents informed. The thing that keeps it from getting 5 stars are the (too many) Messages options: Email doesn’t support reply all. You send an email out and it’s one and done. If you want to update that email, you have to compose a new email. Posts (Message Board) do not have attachment option. It would be helpful to pin a post at top with an important attachment so parents can refer back easily (instead of wading through emails). Alerts are confusing. I received a few alerts from a parent thinking it was sent to the whole team when it was just to me. Team Chat. I have no idea if everyone has seen a chat I’ve put out or if they even know how to access on their mobile phone app. People don’t tend to reply to chats, I think because it looks generic and you have no idea who’s reading - is it grandma, parent or friend who signed up kid? It would be great if your product team created a messaging option akin to a group text like whatsapp, where the user opts in a cell phone number and name to be used in a group where we can exchange messages, photos or attachments. This would replace team chat.

- So frustrated with this app

This app came highly recommended and I’ve used it for about six months now but I’m not in love with it. I’ve had to resort to other apps to send messages to my team because through the Phone app I cannot send attachments. It is so frustrating, & time consuming, that I have to wait until I get home & log into my computer to send a file or pictures to my team. Most of the time I need to send a file or a picture while I’m out and I can’t do it from the app on my phone. I have even tried going in through Safari or Google on my phone and logging into my Team Snap & I still cannot attach a file or pic. Also when I do send an attachment in a message from my computer my parents using the phone app cannot see that attachment when they look at their messages & have to go to their email or log into it from their computer. Another huge plus I have found with the other app is that I can schedule emails or alerts to go out at a certain date & time and that I have found is such a huge help for a busy team parent/coach. If you could make these improvements he would make this so much more user-friendly. Especially for on the go busy people. There are some great aspects to this app but these few things are pretty important and without them I won’t be using this again next season. Thx!!

- Could be better

Our club has used this app for years. It does the job but could be better. The constant notifications when a coach doesn’t shut-off notify team are very annoying. It would be great if everyone had the option of choosing what notifications they get and how they get them. I don’t need 50 emails and a ding from the app when schedules are being updated. Also, the postgame report notification shouldn’t be a notification when results aren’t even submitted. It’s just another unnecessary alert! There are several small things that could be done to make this app more user friendly and appealing to people. Things like invoicing, tracking, and health check should have the option to be shut off if they aren’t used, it would help with “cleaning up” the look of the screen.

- Please fix this promising app

First off, the concept of this app is great. Our team really uses all aspects of it. That being said, the programmers really need to fix the many bugs in the program. Such as: if you update/change a photo using the browser version, the iOS app doesn’t not update or sync. The only way to get this to happen is to delete the iOS app and re-download it. Then the new info is there. This needs to be done every time there is an info change via the browser version. Also, when uploading a photo with the required specs, the app still chops off the players heads. The only work around I found was putting a large border around the photo, so the crop wouldn’t cut off most of the picture. I would love to give this app 5 stars, but it is beyond frustrating to get things to sync up between devices. If I’m missing something here, I’d love to know a short cut rather than deleting the app and re-downloading it. Please fix “what could be a great" app!

- So handy as a first-year team manager

A parent recommended this app to me to use, and I’m so glad! I’ve appreciated having options to track some basic stats for our U-8 team, and the app has really helped keep everything in one place. Looking forward to seeing a couple very small enhancements come to the app, and appreciate some of the extra control adjustments in desktop view. I’d recommend this app to other parents helping support teams, and am already considering volunteering at team manager again next time. Spreadsheets feel archaic when compared to this app. 👍🏻

- Used to love the app, but not since they changed look

With multiple teams for multiple kids, this has always been a great tool. However now it defaults to the last team I was viewing and then when you go to the home viewer it has create a new team as the top pick. How often is someone creating a new team versus looking at their team. The old look was much more user friendly-open the app and pick the team I need to view. Also, not sure how you can fix the multiple accounts per team. I have an account, but when my child is created by the coach they get an account, so when There are alerts there are multiple views I have to do. I like the fact that at least now I can go In and clear the extra alerts via a drop down at the top, but just wish I didn’t have two accounts per team.

- Ads for teams I don’t own, even though I have a paid subscription

This app is great for coaches and managers. We pay for the subscription and feel that it’s worth it. What I don’t like is the ads. They aren’t on the team I manage. But now I have to pay to eliminate ads on teams I’m a member of but don’t own? Even though I already have a paid subscription to the app? Sorry, that’s a crap way of sneaking in ads regardless. The new features on the app are nice, but aren’t universal between the mobile app and the desktop. It is really hard to set lineups on my phone. All of the heavy lifting (scheduling, rostering, etc) is done on a laptop. And the chat feature is only available on the mobile. It would be helpful to have that functionality across platforms.

- Advertising

The advertising on this app is so inconsistent that I’m surprised Apple allowed it. Unlike most other apps, advertising is disruptive to work flow here. Instead of it taking a corner of the screen, it invades the whole screen and disrupts work flow. And getting out of each ad is not consistent. Some have a small hidden X on the top hidden that you need to find to click out. Others have a “close” button to click at the bottom of the screen. Not a uniform experience. I bet all the ad clicks is not because of interest but rather the sudden disruption of the user. This subscription culture is also greedy. No one likes subscriptions. I would pay $15 to buy this app once as I know I have to use it for over a decade with kids sports. But I refuse to pay a monthly fee. Especially if I’m being manipulated to do so because my experience of the app is being affected in purpose.

- Still needs tweaks to make it a viable player

This app is not bad, but it’s far from great. There are a couple updates I’d like to see in the very near future that would at least bump it up. 1) Please, please, please make it so we can heart or like a message in the chat. Right now it’s borderline unbearable because the only way you know the group has seen your message is if the type a reply. Also, important to note if this update is made...if someone likes your comment, only the person who made the comment would get a push notification. Everyone should be able to see who liked it and the number of likes a comment has received. 2) Allow folks to get notifications when someone makes a new Post (not in messages, Post) and when a reply to a post is made. And please allow pictures in posts. This would really helpful when trying to coordinate selling Football squares or other fundraisers. I like the idea of having a place for Posts, to keep information consolidated and keep the Messages clean...but if the group doesn’t get notified via push notification for posts and replies to’s pretty useless. I really hope the developers read this and make these updates. I know it would go a long way with this user!

- Ad nauseam

My second review. I hope lots of users read this and ask their team managers to abandon this platform. Sure, they lured in users with some well executed features, but it seems the plan was bait and switch. Not only do they charge a usage fee for the team management, but they abuse the team participants with advertisements on every click, and are charging a crazy fee for an ad free experience. It’s one step short of extortion. I used to love this app, now I hate it. I hope the owners of this company crash and burn on what appears to be a money grab IPO start-up play. Your greed is detestable. How about fewer features and an ad free experience. I mean do parents really need real time score when they are on the sidelines watching the game. Shameless commercialism. Vote with you wallet and put these money grubbers out of business. Ask your coach to find a new app. There are others out there who are not exploiting you and your kids.

- Almost a good app.

This is the third year I have used this app. Initially I didn’t like it. Then I kind of liked it. Now. I won’t use it next year when setting up my teams. One. I pay for it but still get advertising in my space. Second. The messaging system is subpar. It would be better if it just allowed texting and no Email. Email is for grandmas. I feel as though the developers are 20 somethings with no kids in sports. And if they do have kids. Don’t actually coach or organize youth sports. I have baseball teams. Basketball ball teams. And run a tee ball division of little league. Switching to another app. Also. The App and the website don’t talk. I have tried to retire teams. But they keep showing up on my app version. Also. I can’t retire teams that have been set up by others. Why can’t I have the power on deleting teams? There are better apps

- New UI update terrible

I am a diehard TeamSnap user and really loved (and relied on) this the app for many years... until recently. Ads being placed within schedules while updating availability is beyond annoying, and this week’s UI overhaul is awful. I have to tap and click in too many places now, whereas before the app was simple and clean, with a single click on an icon instead of several clicks within drag down menus. Because of these changes, I now have to search for my kids’ multiple teams, and then search for the functions within their TeamSnap site, which has made this app more time consuming. Worse yet, I don’t see teammates updating their availability regularly anymore, probably because of this bad update. Please go back to a simpler, cleaner, and time saving way of navigating this app ... and get rid of ads in scheduling update sections!

- Needs a lot of work / paying for extra services that don’t work

This app is good at first, but once you start getting into the meat of using it the problems arise. No badge icon to notify of new posts, alerts, etc... Additionally the supposed easy notifications do not work half of the time and I end up with players/ parents who are uninformed. The worst part about it is that you don’t see any of these flaws until you have paid for the extra options, which don’t work. Good luck trying to get assistance as well, as you may receive an email reply a week or so after you fill out the online help request. Yes that’s right, you can’t talk to or chat with a human being in real time, unless you pay extra for that also. Get with the times and update your apps capabilities or you will be losing users nonstop.

- Mountain biking

I’m 14 and mountain bike, now in my years of playing sports since five this is a great way to communicate considering that communication was extremely difficult through sending emails and texts and waiting on them, but with team snap they update almost instantly which makes your team so much more aware of what’s going on for things such as, practice, events, and even a team mix up. I will recommend this to anyone who coaches, cause the kids will find it a lot better to use this type of technology instead of their parents telling them!

- There’s an Add for that

We have been using TeamSnap for many seasons. I coach multiple sports teams so pay a good deal of money per team. As a coach it’s great gives me a place to update rosters , contacts, houses all my sports in a nice place. The stats portion, payments and the Social space for pictures and chat is nice. Some bugs but overall was satisfied. Seen a very strict drop off in utilization by parents didn’t understand why until was met with a very frustrated group of parents in our team meeting and seen that to not be shown adds they needed to pay monthly for TeamSnap + . Insane.. the adds were taking up majority of the screen and obscuring the needed details. As a coach this Was a good tool. If we are going to be asked to pay fees to use but in turn hit our players with unwanted adds what’s the point is paying the hefty fees? Use the free sites and get the same level of features (and more in some cases) and save the money for a new bench each year. This was an unfortunate change that as a coach I was blind to. Disappointing. Without the adds would be a 3-4 Star if some bugs are fixed. With adds 1 Star . Better to use the free sites at least there you are sacrificing some annoyance for price. Here you pay and still get hit..

- Communication

Wonderful means of communication! As a coach I know that in today’s busy and hectic world communication is a must. Keeping players, coaches and family members informed throughout the season is an absolute must. This app makes that so simple, so as a coach I can spend more time focusing on things that make us a better team and less time worried about keeping everyone informed of information as it changes throughout the season. An absolute must in today’s busy and demanding world. Great app and easy to use. Couldn’t be happier. Coach Keplar

- Super Useful with an Annoying Problem

This app is incredibly useful to facilitate team logistics and to share team info. As long as team parents participate, the app will let you know who is going to practice each day and help you plan around attendance. It can let you update game scores and results in real time (for parents who can’t be at a game). It has a team only chat; very useful for games on the road. Only problem- the app always has a little orange dot to make it appear that I have a missed message to read. I’ve opened everything in the app to make sure (and I’m pretty familiar with it after three years of use), but I can’t get the annoying alert to go away.

- 1 flaw

At first this was a 5 Star even with the flaw. And if I can rate the customer service, it would be 6 Stars. However the only part that irritates me is the payments section. When you add a new player on an existing roster, all of the past dues are added. Irritating to delete one payment at a time but doable when the team is new. One year in to this app and I added 3 new players, I had to delete months of payments one at a time for each girl, other wise it says they owe $2000 (or what ever your dues are). Now it’s a royal pain to add players. I submitted a request to improve the payment feature a few times over the year but nothing has been done yet. Once that is fixed, this app goes back to 5 Stars.

- Used to be awesome

I’ve used and loved this app for a few years now. The organization of having the schedule, team chat, email, roster, player RSVP for games and practice, etc. all in one location is convenient. Ads are what they are, but recently TeamSnap has decided to go so big with the ads, the app is almost useless. Besides the extremely annoying 5 second video ads that take up the entire screen and interrupt you, now when the ad bar is finally minimized, it goes right across the app menu, so you can’t click on any new page. I’m on an iPhone 13 Pro, so it’s not due to old technology or small screen size. I’m not paying a monthly fee because their free version is useless. I’ll switch apps to one that is useful.

- New format is a downgrade

I have been using Teamsnap for years, and I have always found it to be a great app to use with my kid’s soccer teams. However with the upgrade to the new format, things aren’t as easy to use as they used to be, especially with multiple kids across multiple teams. With the new format, many of the functions that I use as a team manager (Teamsnap Live, Payments, Tracking) are no longer on the main page for the team, they are now buried on a second page of buttons at the bottom of the screen. Despite using the new app for the better part of a month now, I still find myself muddling around trying to find things and switch between teams. Also, I feel like the ads have gotten more obtrusive with this latest update...

- Overbearing and Ad Heavy

This is the app several of our kids sports teams chose to standardize on. I am forced to use it about once a week. The interface is extremely advertising heavy and includes tiny banner ads that occlude the content. After closing the messages it also has pop up ads. To make matters worse, I get promotional emails from old teams and sports years later from teams that are no longer relevant. They do provide an ad free subscription, but given that I’m forced to use the app and so infrequently, it only causes resentment and frustration with the app and the whole team snap monetization model. Given that there are dozens of messaging apps and group apps that don’t harvest as much private data, I’m not sure this is the best choice even though it is geared towards sports teams.

- Could be a great app but....

It has many areas that are lacking. I have one team that gets all of the notifications and another team that gets NOTHING! Mind you I set up both teams on the same day so what’s the problem??? It would also be nice to add a feature to where the creator can see who actually saw a Posted message in the team chat. We have had many parents miss games and practices all together because they never receive and email or notification for it. I am not sending out daily reminders of what is on the schedule for the day and still have some parents not getting that info sent to them. Very frustrating!! I have even checked their phones to see what they are talking about and their team message is completely empty.

- Worst sports app and no help

This app is the worst. It’s not intuitive at all. They clearly did not get GUI feed back from real users. App should allow you to upload bulk pictures, it doesn’t. Website should allow you to log in but all I get I get is a blank page with too many requests. It doesn’t reset. Help is non-existent. The ads are annoying and the sound turns up when they play. You can’t get out of them without killing the app. Chat between people in the team doesn’t work. It shows you that the message was sent, but they never got it. It’s got to be the worst app ever. I hate Sports Engine, but it is far better than this. It’s free and doesn’t have annoying pop up ads. It’s really a shame. This could be so much better. Don’t waste your time on it.

- Good so far

I downloaded this app to help a college that I am part of communicate better and it has been amazing at doing just that. Everyone loves it however there are a few that could use some fixes, for example it would be great to be able to upload multiple photos at once and also video upload through the app not just online. One thing that we use a lot in our group is the group chat and that could use some improvements as like maybe support for third party keyboards from the AppStore as well as video and maybe gif support. I hope this feedback is helpful in helping improve the application.

- 3 things I love about a Teamsnap

As a coach, I had been using WhatsApp to communicate with the parents of my team. When another coach told me about Teamsnap, I decided to check it out. Here are 3 things I love about Teamsnap: 1) I love how I can have everything in one place. No more using Sign-up genius for half-time snacks. Teamsnap “Assignments” takes care of that. 2) I love how easy it is to communicate a cancellation or a event change. When weather causes a cancellation, I edit the event by sliding a button and immediately the parents are informed by email of the change with subject heading that makes it crystal clear 3) Statistics. I am a numbers guy. I love how the outcome of each game can be immediately communicated and becomes a thing of record. With that, you can keep track of who scored, who gave an assist, who fouled...and many more. The one thing I wish it had was interface with Apple CarPlay. That way, I could receive messages while on the road and respond immediately I’m sure the good folks at Teamsnap are working on that

- What happened to highlighting the changes?

Updates used to be highlighted in red so we knew what changed - date? Time? Uniform? Now all we see is that the event or game has been updated without knowing what changed. Please bring that feature back. Also, Events are still not updating real time. Something happened where added events are not updated for hours or the following day. I thought it might be a lack of background app refresh but there’s not option for that. Last minute practice or game changes are missed because the app doesn’t update immediately. At least events are not showing up twice in my calendar anymore from the last update.

- Doesn’t update consistently

There are some good things about the app, but the most frustrating is that it doesn’t update consistently if there are changes to the schedule. For example, our games for our tournament were updated by the team manager. The location of the games changed, but when I click on the direction link, I get directions to the previous venue. Other parents can click on it and get directions to the updated venue. We had another instance where a game was canceled. Most of the parents got the update, but one or two parents were still showing the game as being scheduled. Those bugs need to be fixed.

- Chat notifications stopped working

I have been using Teamsnap for multiple Teams for over 5 years and until recently would have rated it as 5 stars. In the last month or so, the push notifications for chats have stopped working for a few of my teams. I have talked to others on the teams and they are experiencing the same issue. We are all missing important notifications while we have made no changes to turn notifications off. Please fix this issue fast! It is time consuming to look at each team multiple times a day to see if any chats were sent since notifications have stopped working. Thanks!

- Overall an ok app

I love having the feature of seeing the schedules and live game updates. One of the biggest issues I have is uploading pictures to albums. It would be nice if I could select a group of pictures instead of having to select each one. It’s easy to get lost on which picture you just uploaded, especially when you have over 50 pictures to add. I’ve also noticed when viewing the pics, it’s extremely slow, to the point when it won’t even load. If those features could be fixed or updated I wouldn’t have any complaints.

- Haven’t used TeamSnap i8 months but charged $99

Be careful. They really get you by only having automatic payment plans. I payed $99 for TeamSnap last year. Haven’t touch the app in 8 months after it did not meet my needs. This year they charged $99. This policy is a scam. The website says: Refund Policy: TeamSnap is a pay-as-you-go service so we don't provide refunds. You can cancel the service at any time and you won't be charged again, but you are responsible for any charges already incurred. “all team plans are renewed automatically using the credit card on file each month (monthly plans) or each year (annual plans). Plans are renewed at the current posted plan rate on our Plans and Pricing page. “

- Great app to manage teams

This app has many great features for teams. Easy sent messages, post schedules, check availability, and even give directions to the fields/location using waze. However if looking for improvements…having a link to add to your iPhone calendar would be an amazing addition! Update - figured out how to subscribe to the schedule and get it to automatically sync to my iPhone calendar. Amazing app!

- Ad free mode - Team Snap Plus

This app is terrible. I have been paying for Team Snap Plus A TERRIBLE APP. RUINED BY Developers attempt to monetize. I whave been using Team Snap Plus-the purportedly paid “ad free” upgrade since it first was offered. Subscribing to SNAP PLUS is supposed to remove all of the distracting ads. Parents use the app to Avoid DISTRACTIONS. TO QUICKLY CHECK ON KIDS youth sports schedule of Games and practices. The ads create MORE DISTRACTIONS. I CANNOT FIND PRACTICes AND GAME SCHEDULE and WITHOUT going through as many ads as the Company can squeeze in. All of my kids coaches mandate use of team Snap. So I can’t cancel my use of it. It is pure @@@####. Coaches please switch to the different ad free apps. Consumer tell coaches to avoid Team Snap like the plague. Another thing that makes youth sports so annoying.

- No notifications - fixed

Update- I was contacted by their support and was sent steps to help fix the issue. IT WORKED!! Our team is about to host a large meet and I am so excited for this fix. Thank You!!! Suddenly last fall the notifications just stopped. I have doubled checked my settings multiple times. Deleted and reloaded the app multiple times and still NOTHING. I have missed numerous messages!!! I am working on getting the organizer of our team to find a different app that actually works.

- Too fragmented from TeamSnap website

The app still seems fragmented from the TeamSnap website, and you still have to use both. For example, you can view emails through the app, but you can only respond to them through the website. Team group chats only work through the app, but users who only use the website can’t view them. They don’t even get a notification that there are new messages on the team’s group chat. Assignments only work through the website, and are invisible through the app.

- Great app for multiple teams

I have 3 kids and eight teams to keep track of. TeamSnap organizes all the info I need for each, all the way to looking up the field number as I'm pulling into a sports complex. I only have only problem which is minor. On one of my teams the alerts from the coach and manager in the message center keep showing the badge app icon even thought I've opened every one. I have to remember what the running number is to know if there's a new one or not. Right now it shows 54 unread messages. Thanks for a great app!

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- Best App

I've used a few different apps but TeamSnap is always the best. Reliable, no horrible ad banners, intuitive and with great features for managers.

- Latest update is terrible

The latest update to the iOS app is awful. Difficult to switch between teams and the message box keeps shrinking to a single line... Makes team communication difficult when you can’t see what you’re typing... Please fix it! I am a monthly paying team manager.

- Great

Love the app makes managing a sinch !!

- Not for me

Ok but terrible offering with imposing ads throughout the app and emails with constant offers.

- Wonderful facility and great support.

The fact that SMS isn't available in Australia yet is minor issue as there are other apps out there to make up for this. The online support is also wonderful, personal and prompt. I've found this app to be wonderful for my teams and have used it for 3 years now. The players and parents love it to. The only suggestions I would make is the ability to allocate people in the roster to jobs like umpire and scorer. Also it'd be great if based on the game availability, you could make a batting lineup. Keep up the great work!

- Great app

This app is great i find that i can look and see whats happening weeks in advance and work around it as well as change my availability at short notice great for baseball for rostering etc

- Team Snap

Great app but still has a few glitches affecting those of us living outside the US. In Australia the SMS function doesn't work because it doesn't seem to recognize the major mobile/cell phone providers. If this could be fixed the app would be pretty flawless.

- Easy to use, all round great app

We have been using TeamSnap for many seasons now for softball and as a user (not an administrator) it is super easy to use with lots of information. Highly recommend it. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that I have used it from the Admin side.

- Subscription fee ransom

Great app. Excellent customer service. Received a response to my email query within 30 minutes. And a very good response too. Our team is loving it!!!!

- Love it!

Everything is in one place. No pieces of paper and clip boards to carry around. You can share attendance with coaches and other club officials. Online videos also help. Great app guys.

- Best app

Brilliant app especially for sporting events. Had this for our baseball team. Contacts, schedule, emails, photos. Highly recommended

- TeamSnap is a fantastic App

Excellent App with great customer support. Has most features that are needed and is constantly improved and updated.

- Very easy to use & loads of functionality

Great tool - makes life a lot easier

- A great tool for teams

In that past we had used emails - this app is much more efficient. Some features not in use in Australia and that is why it is not five stars.

- Teamsnap

Fantastic app. I manage 2 football teams & the cost is definitely worth he time saved.

- Excellent app

All teams should get Team Snap! Excellent organisational layout, fast and we couldn't do without it.

- Simple and efficient

I use it to manage multiple teams.

- Team Snap

Great app for keeping our team organised. Simple and easy to use

- Excellent fun for the stats freaks

Makes sense easy to use and great to stay in touch with players etc. still needs a few extra touches but great for me

- Please stop sending me emails

Everything works fine but it keeps sending me emails. I have selected "don't email" everywhere in the preferences and double checked the selection, but they keep coming.

- Great App

Works well and helps with organising my weekend with 2 boys playing soccer at different venues and times. Agree with previous reviewer, would be nice to have SMS for Australia.

- Disappointed

SMS doesn't work in Australia without buying additional external SMS pack, managers can't set player availability in app (yet). Availability list shows non players so have to manually work out if I have enough players, subscription required to use basic functionality

- Fantastic app

Great app for organising my sports team. Only drawback is you can't use the SMS function in Australia. I still highly recommend it!

- Fabulous

Great way to organise a team. So much better than emails and texts 😀

- So useful!

It is great to always have the game and training schedules available.

- Good but team cowboy's better

Could be a little more intuitive and to the point but is still useful. I think Team Cowboy is better.

- Great help

This app was a perfect find for our team

- New update so slow!

The new version is too slow to load, very frustrating especially when we need to start our session already and this App takes so long to load!

- Love it

Makes things much easier when traveling regionally to metro matches.

- Perfect for Football

Great app really easy to use

- Excellente!

Sensational organisational tool for our team. Highly recommended.

- Great app

Fantastic app from r team Comms and getting everyone across event calendars. Really good

- Saves time

Simple to use amd saves time.

- Steve


- Love the idea but the app isn't working.

I use teamsnap on my PC and it's awesome. Having this as an app is a great idea. My problem is when I click on a selection in the app it just sits there loading. So I can't use this app.

- New version

The new version is really slow and keeps crashing on my iPhone Frustrating

- Understands Sports teams.

User friendly.

- Ice Hockey agrees

Covers everything we need to prepare the Australian National Youth (U18) Team for the ice hockey world championship in 2014. Great app for a great team.

- 👍

Great app ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Functional but ugly as sin

The app was apparently updated in January 2014, which is surprising given that it still hasn't been updated for iOS 7, let alone 8. Don't hold your breath for an iPhone 6/6 Plus update any time soon. The UI is pretty terrible - it works, but you'll cringe at every screen if you're used to modern apps. It's clear that there was no designer involved with the process at all. It's a pity - TeamSnap offers really useful functionality. I'm not sure why all of these 'sport management' platforms have such godawful user interfaces.

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- Can't live without it

TeamSnap is the ultimate app for getting your teams organized. I can't live without it or be effective as a team manager without the use of TeamSnap. It's flexibility and robust features allow me to do all the things I need on a daily basis to better manage my children's sports teams. I have even recommended that our dance studio use TeamSnap. I truly believe that you be foolish not to take advantage of such a powerful platform. I hope they continue to evolve TeamSnap - for the price, it's an invaluable tool. Keep up the great work!

- TeamSnap is Awesome

I depend on TeamSnap for information as to game times and it has been accurate and dependable.

- Ads on teammates phones

I don’t appreciate paying $60 a year for an app and having half the team see ads pop up. Either charge me for a subscription or show me ads. Pick one. Will move to a competitor as soon as possible.

- Ruined by ads and dismissive staff

DON'T UPGRADE to V4!!! Ads pop up everywhere. Each time you click, you'll have to first tolerate an ad before proceeding. Contacted TeamSnap, but totally dismissed concerns. Greed has infected this once-friendly company. I encourage users and leagues to find alternate apps.

- Ads

With every update comes more trashy ads. Moving to TeamPages.

- Now charging people twice.

The app itself is still very useful, but now has random full page pop up ads that are so annoying. They want you to pay $24/year to remove them(per device), even after your team pays for a subscription (which is already being paid by parents through team funds). So annoyed at this method of double dipping!

- Destroyed by adds

I have used team snap with a number of teams over a number of years. I also helped push our league to spend thousands a year and move all 22 teams over to TeamSnap a number of years ago. However now TeamSnap is the most add polluted app I have on my phone. This the worst we pay for the service and still our players are bombarded with adds. If you are manager you don’t see the adds but all of you players and their parents see them constantly. For the last three years I have been trying to find an alternative to move our league to, as soon as I find one that has the features that we need I will propose it.

- Invasive full-screen ads are ridiculous

The app now obnoxiously serves full screen ads and several times I had a forced full-screen video ad that I could not close for 30 seconds.

- Thieves

Works OK for team events. It does not link Automatically to your calendar you have to input everything manually and then the thieves make it so you can’t adjust directly from your phone settings. You need to login from a computer. They automatically charge you another hundred dollars the next year without giving you previous notice. Our team was done and they automatically bill them your credit card. That money was to go for groceries. Now I’m overdrawn and everything bounced. I will never use the service again. Read the fine print their policy is no refunds beware. Modern day thieves.

- Wasted my time

Have to pay now for people to mark availability so basically a pointless app unless you want to pay $8.50 a month.

- Ads everywhere now

Because it’s becoming popular they’re adding ads everywhere in it and ruining it. Time to find another app that does similar.

- Annoying

Not very good set up. Have to pay to have more than 15 on the roster. Now i know why my friend hated it for his kids hockey. Deleted it.

- Turn down the volume

The ads are very loud. Dont use the app at work.

- Ads ads ads

Why do you have so many ads in your app? I’m already paying for your services.

- Paying for nothing? Hope not!

I have a monthly membership with team snap. One of the promises of the paying membership is to get rid of the ads. Well it isn’t fulfilling its promises and I am bombarded by ads. Three years ago, I was also a paying customer and the same thing happened all the time. This time around I was hoping the problem had been resolved. This annoyance is why I gave 3/5 stars.

- Great app I don’t understand why people are so upset

It’s such a good app and tells me when I have hockey and where! Very happy and I can add members of my family so they also know where to drop and pick me up after practices/games Best app ever

- Can’t remove notification badges

The app would get a higher rating if it didn’t have 6 notifications stuck in it. The red badge with a six won’t go away no matter what I do. I tried opening every page within the app, uninstalling and reinstalling, and it is still there. But the worst part is that I sent an email for help and didn’t receive a response. Not impressed. Updated: fixed my issue and now I love it. Thank you!

- Glitchy

Until recently, was great. Lately, very glitchy, almost not useable…

- Terrible app

Barely works, horrible experience just pop up errors all the time, garbage

- Great App for Team Communication

Love how customizable and user friendly this app is. Great to keep communication in one place and easily update everyone on the team in real time. Couldn’t imagine managing a minor hockey team without it!

- Ad-free stopped working

I have had the ad-free version and suddenly stopped working, flooded with ads. Refund requested.

- Paying for no ad but always getting ads

Paying for premium version is a waste. Have been paying all year and continue to get ads non stop. Trouble shooting does not work. Followed all recommendations and still get ads.

- Pathetic but this Review will be censored

I’ve already rated it 1 before. There is no way this app has a valid five star rating. I must have had to delete this app and then reload close to 50 times as that’s the only way I can get an actual up-to-date record of who is coming to a match or not. Pathetic!!

- Sexism

There is only 2 genders and that’s male and female what if my little attack helicopter doesn’t identify as either

- Great app

This a great app for team communication.

- Some ads make it impossible to access info

Users should have the option to view the ad and not be trapped and delayed from accessing details from TS quickly. This Tim Hortons fee card crap has got me unnerved

- can’t close the ads now

I don’t mind ads as it pays the developers. However the line is crossed when you are forced to click on the ads taking you to the advertisers site without the option to close the ad. An example is the Tims Hortons wallet ad - no way to close the ad and continue into the TeamSnap app. I’m forced to click on the ad which opens the browser to the ads site . Switching back to TeamSnap - no way to continue . I am forced to close TeamSnap and relaunch it . Some ads have the option to close and a lot of them don’t have them ( or don’t work closing ) . This makes the app unusable depending which ads are served .

- Worst app ever

Team Snap has begun using advertisements that lock your screen. Some even have a fake x in the top right corner. Lately I had to close the app and reopen it just to continue. If it were not for all my kids team sports using, I would gladly delete it. Feel like I’m being taken advantage of.

- Use it for every sport

It is easy for managers and parents to organize all the activities.

- Good


- What’s with the calendar?

I normally love this app and would give it five stars, but for some reason the calendar that I imported does not allow for an alarm to be set. I’ll try setting an alarm 1 hour before the event, and I swear the next day it’s changed back. So weird.

- Decent app

would probably give it 5 stars if they let you remove your profile picture without having to replace it 🤪

- Outstanding app for busy families.

I have been using this app for 9 years. I could not live without it. I have used it as a Team Manager and as a busy mom who needs to check my 3 kids’ schedules. Directions, schedules, rosters, contacts, availability all in one place. Absolutely BRILLIANT! Can I get stock in this company?

- Too many ads and additional features cost extra

Team snap has far too many ads for the type of app it is. For something that is paid for, this should not be the case. It’s very frustrating when trying to do multiple things as coach and almost every other page is an ad. Also, there’s a trial of the availability feature but then it’s an additional monthly fee when the trial is over ($8/month)?? That is kind of vital for teams to have and should definitely be included. So basically you’re paying for a calendar and a chat function right off the bat, which really can be done for free by sharing a Google calendar. The other piece that would be very helpful is leaving the availability list option stay as selected for each individual user. Again, as a coach, having to change the option to ‘Everyone’ each time is a tad annoying. I don’t think other users who aren’t part of team staff can even see the availability (which would actually help them when trying to car pool) so why not just list everyone, or keep the selected option selected. Outside of these factors, it is a good app but these pain points make me wish our organization had gone with previously used apps like in the past.

- Notifications Not Working

I have deleted and readded and gave the correct permissions- no notifications for one team, although I get from another. Confused

- Mmmm

Good app good soup

- Emails

How are you still unable to attach a photo in a team email? That's such a basic function. Like most with this app, all flash, no function.

- Delete a team

How hard and complicated can it be. Does it need really need a full tutorial with multiple options. None of which get rid of the 24 notifications that have been driving me nuts for 2 months. Cmon get with times, apps should not be this complicated anymore. KISS (Keep it simple stupid)

- Poor app

High fees for paying sport dues through TeamSnap. Mobile app and website out of sync always. Confusing and poorly layed out mobile interface. Have been part of 4 organizations that have used TeamSnap and none of them have managed to set up the teams properly, clearly need to simplify how this works or provide much more information on properly setting up your team.

- Pleasant experience

Very useful and enjoyable app. Efficient, helpful and responsive customer support!

- Updates ?

In team chat I get a notification say update app to see msg, well it is up to date on the updates plus big delay on opening any page / roster / schedule / emails / wile using the app

- Quite disappointing

After years of using the Bench app, my league forced us to switch to teamsnap. I am shocked that this is the popular choice for consumers, even the paid version of this app is lacking so many basic and key features like sms messaging, being able to have spare players (extremely key), even just being able to see who has ever logged in to the app. Will likely work around this app and use the much superior bench app as there as too many critical features missing in this app.

- Not able to view anything in the app

Sometime around the recent update, I received a few emails about teams I have linked in Team Snap, and I can see the red circle with a number 5 in it, indicating I have 5 new notifications, but when I open the app, there is no data anywhere. Very frustrating - please fix this glitch.

- Awesome!!

All I can say is love, keeps me on track with my soccer team and players GET THIS APP NOW!!

- Best thing ever

Best thing ever for ball coach

- Good App but…

Would be nice if you’re be able to modify Health Check questionnaires based on your Country’s Self Assessment Guide (in my case is Canada) & get notified when Health Check is ready even without subscriptions as Health should be given a priority & importance.

- Subscription access is a joke

Cannot cancel subscription through Apple. Must be done on a web browser and then change billing. So basically they did what fornite should have and defeated paying Apple while using their store. Congrats teamsnap!

- App crashing

I am not able to see any of my teams or edit/access any info

- Too many ads

This used to be the go to app for my kids sports teams. As a coach I would subscribe and pay the fee. It was great. Now ads are constantly interrupting our ability to use the app. There have been reports of pornographic ads being displayed. I’m out. There are free ad free options out there.

- Needs work

Don’t like the pop up adds especially when a team has paid to use the app. Overall clunky interface. Freezes at times. When you want to do anything it’s usually not intuitive, you have to figure it out often requiring some figuring or multiple steps to get to where you want to go. Managing email and notifications is not well designed or with enough customization. For example it was very difficult to stop the app from sending a redundant email for each schedule change. Live game updates missing a ton of features for sending play by play game updates. If you have multiple teams (kids) using the app you have to toggle between each to view information. Would be better with a home screen to view all and a calendar that shows all events at once. Overall could be a lot better and has not seen a significant upgrade in several years.

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Lady Devils Softball

Just uploaded our 2021 H1 schedule to TeamSnap! #YeahBuddy #RoadtoPGF #LFG #PGF2021 @PGFnetwork


Warriors, we’re back on the ice this weekend! Check your TeamSnap 🏒👍🏒


@deantak Curious to hear if @teamsnap was included because of Covid19/2020's affect on sports?

Desiree Jewell

Great read and insight from @AspenInstitute @AspenInstSports!


@AspenInstSports polled experts in the field on the lasting effects of #Covid19 beyond 2020. From #Equality and #AthleteActivism to the changing role of tech like @TeamSnap, hear the profound changes that youth sports could see in a post-pandemic world.

Upper Merion Lady Vikings Basketball Program

Lady Viking Basketball Team Zoom call today(12/30) at 1:00pm. Please access dial-n information from TeamSnap. We will be discussing the revised plans for the 2020-2021 season. Phone access only is permitted.

Desiree Jewell

Exciting new additions on the way for @teamsnap Health Check!


🚨 UPDATED SCHEDULE 🚨 With restrictions on youth sports in PA we are pushing back our start to January 9th. For those already registered schedules have been updated in Teamsnap. #timetoplay #springiscoming


A letter from our CEO, @mddupont, on the closing of a challenging year (and the light at the end of the tunnel): #YouthSports #Goodbye2020

Dean Takahashi

What are the apps you no longer use? For me: Google Maps, Lyft, Uber, Expensify, TeamSnap, Bay Club, Waze, Southwest, Starbucks, and Disneyland.

Harris V

@teamsnap Would be great to correspond with an actual person and not get automated replies

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@H_Quez Hi Harris. I see you reached out to support about an hour ago and again about 15 mins ago. Our team will be in touch soon!

Harris V

@teamsnap why is it impossible to get any type of customer support from your company. I’ve been reaching out for 2 days and only get Automated replies.

✨Dan ✨

Only one who texts me is TeamSnap

TeamSnap 6.3.12 Screenshots & Images

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TeamSnap iphone images
TeamSnap iphone images
TeamSnap iphone images
TeamSnap iphone images
TeamSnap iphone images
TeamSnap iphone images
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TeamSnap iphone images
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TeamSnap (Version 6.3.12) Install & Download

The applications TeamSnap was published in the category Sports on 2010-09-23 and was developed by TeamSnap, Inc. [Developer ID: 393048979]. This application file size is 175.7 MB. TeamSnap - Sports app posted on 2022-04-29 current version is 6.3.12 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.teamsnap.ios