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Over 20 FULLY INTERACTIVE calls have made this the BEST-SELLING HUNTING APP of all time! Use this app to improve your skills for bringing in turkey, elk, deer, duck, hogs, and many more - using tried-and-true favorites like The Gobbler, "The Original Can®", Hoochie® Mama, and the Heart Breaker™. Hear the sounds that expert hunters Will and Jimmy Primos and the rest of the professionals at Primos Hunting Calls use as they strike, grunt, shake, and rattle in the big ones!

** Having Problems? **
We test this app thoroughly and it has been used hundreds of thousands of times without any issues -- but we want everyone to be happy. PLEASE email us at with any problems, questions, or concerns.

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Primos Hunting Calls Customer Service, Editor Notes:

+ Better Bluetooth audio support + Ability to stream audio over AirPlay

Primos Hunting Calls Comments & Reviews

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- Update Needed

I like this app works great for calls I use it deer hunting all the time got some really good calls on here. I would like for it to be updated to iPhone 5.5" screens, also I would like for it to be updated to 64bit so it will run smoother and work better. Also I would like to see the calls updated and have more call included, also have the calls sound clearer with out the slight static in the background. I would like to see 3D Touch shortcuts and add a widget as well. Thank you

- Add More Deer Calls

I purchased on Friday and went turkey hunting on Saturday. The very first thing I went out to use it with a Bluetooth speaker and it was great! I had Hens coming in solo to the yelping call. Then on two separate occasions I had seven mature Tom‘s come in and I got two of them! What was really nice I could do a yelping call along with the gobbler call simultaneously! I looked at the deer calls that are on the app and did not see enough variety of deer calls on there that other apps have. I have used the Primos manual deer calling devices for many years and work great but this electronic version will enable me use a blue tooth speaker away from where I’m sitting which I believe will be in advantage. If they get more variety of deer calls on the app that would make it really great for deer hunting too!

- The mixed reviews

I honestly don't think this is horrible and if anyone is going to complain over 1.99 then they're idiots go buy the real calls couple 100$ and do it yourself. Now the only thing I didn't expect was the office background noise(people talking phone ringing paper rustles etc) in the deer section, but again for 1.99 im not going to complain

- Forgot my calls!

I forgot my calls so I downloaded this app and used the “The Great Big Can” call and within seconds I had deer running in! I could not even believe it! It brought in 2 does with a decent 8 point trailing right behind them. Best $1.99 ever spent. Thanks for the 8 point Primos!

- You Get What You Pay For

Not disappointed, got what I expected for $1.99 compared to a real ecaller. It’s a cheaper alternative. Would like to see some jackrabbit distress added the predator section

- Love this app!!

Thank you for the recent updates. I bought this app when I first got an iPhone back in 2011. I still use this app. Had success calling in a flock of turkeys last spring.

- Great App

Has the best sound I’ve heard in an app but do wish Primos would add a few features. More calls for turkey and duck, and a repeat feature with a timer.

- Awesome

I think this is the best app you can get if you are calling I usually use the squirrel and coyote call and I've had a lot of good luck with both of them

- Update

They really need to update this. It’s a great app to use they sound very realistic and has worked for me numerous times

- My dog is even unexpressed...

1/2 of these sound like squeak toys this app is more for a laugh than anything that you could use I just wanted to use it to maybe attract crows for fun but there's only one crow call and that doesn't sound anything realistic I doubt it will work

- Doesn't work with Bluetooth.

Clearly a problem with the Bluetooth. It will work with one speaker I have. But doesn't work with the other ones - including one I used it with before. I hope they get the bug fixed.

- When they work......

this app has great sounds and has helped me become a better deer caller..............when the sounds actually work....... it always worked when i had the old version...........but since i got the update most of the time the calls don't even work. so this gets three stars for the quality of sound.......when they actually work......

- Bluetooth

I tried to play through my bluetooth speaker and i was connected to speaker but calls would only play throng phone. I tried playing music to check if the speaker was working and it worked, so the app won’t play through bluetooth.

- Calls

Easy to use to learn the sounds. Would like to see it include owl sounds.

- Beeps at end of every call

Calls are not loud enough and the Bluetooth does not work? It hasn't been updated in two years so they probably are not interested in fixing it. So it gets one star for the scrap pile.

- Need to be updated

App won’t work with new iPhone update. And on top of that, electric animal calls are illegal to use in most states. Check before you use.

- It works

Just grunted a 8pt buck over from 300 yds. Sprinted to me and stopped for a kill shot. Thanks primos!!!!

- Background noise in app

Disappointed in this app. You can hear office noise in the background of several calls, specifically the “Little Big Roar” in the deer calls.

- Do not buy

The elk selection stinks. I like the company's calls I have a few but I wanted to get better and the examples on this app stink. Buy ihunt. Primos guys make this app better or send me my 2 bucks back

- I want my money back.

I had this app for a week. Updated to iOS 11. And it won’t work. Or allow me to redownload. Don’t waste your money purchasing it.

- Stopped working

I guess there haven't been any updates. Won’t work/load so money wasted. It was more of a novelty anyway

- Sound is to low

Waste of money. The wasn't loud enough. Even through my electric guitar speaker.

- Don't bother.

Yeah, for free I expect this drivel. Totally worthless. Have their calls, will NEVER buy anything associated with Primos again.

- 0 stars...

App is a joke! I would have been happier throwing the $1.99 in the fire pit. Don’t waste your money.

- Voices can be heard

I can hear voices in the back ground of the calls... poor craftsmanship

- Good but

Bluetooth still not functioning.

- Jayboogie

Won't work with bluetooth speaker 👎

- Needs update!

Needs update!

- Does not work with Bluetooth!!!!

Nuff said, I am forced to give atleast a 1 star!

- Not useful with diaphragms

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it isn’t useful


Does not work with Bluetooth speakers of any kind

- This is cool but not loud

Needs to be louder

- Wow!

I went on my first hunt this weekend. While I was waiting for a doe I noticed a turkey about 150 yards out. For the fun of it I played the calls on my iPhone. It was crazy while I was trying to call him in a flock of about 25 flew in. I didn't know they could fly! I continued calling them in to within 35-45 yards. At the same time another group of about 20 came from my right at about 45 to 55 yards out. I knew none of my buddies would believe a first time hunter could call in a flock of turkeys with an iPhone so I video taped it with my camera. All of their jaws dropped when they saw the footage! Freaking cool!

- Big Deer Young Boy

My Younger brother had never killed a deer pulled out his iPod touch and starting rattling and bleating during the rut and literally not 30 seconds later a nice 8 pointer came strutting out looking for a fight and a woman to claim. The day after I had to get it for my iPhone and I played with it out right after came out four doe and two little bucks. I was impressed. I think this app so worth the money. It works great and sounds good too. Since the iPhone aint that loud it is not meant for hunting a huge field but back in the thick stuff I feel this works great..for deer. Turkeys Watch out!

- great app

Deer calls are good, sound just like the one's you buy in the store. Turkey calls need a little work. If you just play the sounds its good but using your finger ain't gonna cut it, no pun intended. Predator calls sound good, have to let you know they work tonight. Hey, Will I have been buying your calls my whole life. I always lose them and then I buy another one. I got all your calls for $3.99. I feel like I ripped yawl off, I will put a little more in the offering plate Sunday. Now I got to go check if you have put any video's in itunes yet. God Bless!

- Very surprised

I am not the best hunter in the world so when I spent time in the woods checking my phone, I thought there must be an app for deer calls. The end if the day I was playing with the cans calling a multiple amount of times. Doing everything wrong. Standing , moving, gun down by my side. Out comes one if the largest does I have seen in my life. She would be onle thirty yds away jogging along the open. Instead of shooting I paused in disbelief to see this beauty run by me. I am convinced this call works. Thanks for giving me a great story to tell

- Great app for deer calls

It worked great for me last deer season. Helped me call in a nice buck and doe. The app has all the cans, the buck grunts and rattle bag. I used the calls straight from the app, just make sure you have your volume all the way up and position the speakers away from you, also put it in airplane mode (don't want your phone to ring when calling in that trophy buck). The app also helped me practice my calls for when it's too cold to use my app (too cold to take my gloves off).

- Scam. Don't buy this app.

As a long time fan/customer of primos, I would have to say I expected this to be a great, quality product. It's not. I can't believe that they would even sell this. What a scam. I'm so disappointed that I don't think I'll ever by a primos product again. This is NOT a game calling app!!! It is an online shopping/advertising ploy where if you like the 2 sec demo clip you can "BUY NOW" the actual product and they'll ship it to you. Yes please send that doe bleat to my deer stand. And charge me $1.99 extra instead of directing me to a store or your website. Way to go primos, you really out did yourself this time. Did I say SCAM? I want my money back or an update that's actually useful.

- Wonderful

I've been hunting for a few days now for some deer. This was my first time hunting for deer and my uncle couldn't fund his calls so I downloaded this as a last resort. Over the past few days we kept hearing the deer running about but never saw them. Today, when we heard the noise I did the buck roar and 5 minutes later 1 button buck, and two does walek up, thanks to this I got my first deer ever. Thanks so much u would highly recommend!!!

- Awesome!!! This is a must for practicing your calls and testing out the actual calls

Wow!  This is an awesome app.  I am really surprised at how good it sounds and the number of calls included.  I was expecting a couple of calls, but not this many.   Best of all, is my young son loves it and plays with it all the time.  Now he wants me to go buy the calls so he can  play with them too. I am sure I will be buying a few of them the next time we are in Bass Pro Shops.

- Worked for me

I went hunting recently and it was obvious rut season. The bucks had one thing on their mind. After an hour in the stand, I let loose 2 of the "Great Big Can" doe in estrus calls. Within 1-2 minutes an 8pt buck appeared along the fenceline (not the side I could shoot on). He paced up and down the fenceline looking for a place to jump. He was not concerned about his surroundings and you could tell he was looking for that doe. He finally jumped the fence and it was an easy kill for me.

- Primos App

I really expected better quality from these guys and a few updates too. Seems as though after they get your money, they're satisfied. The deer calls sound very well but the antlers sound too fake. When the turkey app works, it puts me in the mood to be in the wild. But you ca't always rely on the dang thing to work correctly. I would like to also hear some small game calls like rabbits or other distress calls for hunting coyotes. Will, Wilbur, or Brad, Please update your app soon. Sounds like many of us are losing faith in your company!!!

- Primos Rocks!!!

This from now on is my favorite application. It tells the calls of game trophy. This is avery cool app! But the thing that bums me on it, is that it dosen't have all the primos calls. Like, the cow girl, regular catnip, Double Whammy, Canada Goose flute, turkey mouth calls, moose horn, javelina call, Hog grunter, Coon squaller, Magnum Chukar, Dove call, Mountain quail call, Pheasant call, Squirrel Buster, Valley quail, and my favorite Primos call, the Antelope Buster! Can you do that someday? Still, this is an awesome app!

- Give me my money back

This program is horrible. I think all these reviews are from the programmers personal iPhones. You can't use external speakers on this program and the sound that comes out of the iPhone speaker isn't nearly loud enough. I've never even seen a program that couldn't be listened to externally. I mean what kind of as#*oles wrote this program. I was all excited to hook into my truck speakers and call in some hogs, just to find out that the sound only comes out of the phone speaker. Why would you purposefully program it that way. GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY.

- OK Call APP but Overpriced!

You would think that a call app from an industry leader in hand held calls would have the best app out there but they don't. Recorded using their call devices this app is more like an audio advertisement. For the $$ this app is way overpriced. No loop or multiple call option. Not a big selection of calls for any game except deer and the rattle bag is weak at best. Come on Primos I'm very happy with your hand held calls upgrade this app to those quality standards as well and make it worth the $$.

- Nice

I have no problems with the app or it's function the calls work decent some sounds may not be quite right but it's a few bucks compared to the money u would spend for the real ones so quit complaining and go shoot something :)

- Good program

Good program just needs a few more call and the option to use calls as ringtone. Many times I thought my phone was on vibrate only to hear buzzer. Please make available. Other than that well worth the price.

- Deer call lover

I love how you can control most of the calls that you use by hand but most important all of the calls sound realistic but I wish you could also control the the ones you blow into and please make an update get this app

- Pretty decent

Used it deer hunting, but didn't really bring anything in. However, I'm pretty sure the horrible weather had a lot to do with that! My only complaint is please fix sound quality. On a couple of the deer calls you can hear background noise and people talking. Other than that, it's top notch!

- Issues

Down loaded on my IPOD Touch and have the same issue as other. If you turn off the interactive portion of the app, then you can only play one sound. You have to completely back out of the app and then restart it.. If you ask me its a waste of money if it doesn't work the first time all the time. Other then that the sounds are clear.

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- Pay $4 for a an advertising app

This is a joke - it is a sales pitch for buying their callers (or training there customers on using there callers)? Dont waste your money.

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- Good

Where are the moose calls?

- Bluetooth does not work

You keep saying its bluetooth able. How? Where do you go to connect it? I have tried everything. Is there anyway you can share how too

- App links do not work

After numerous attempts to click the store option and be routed to a store, it fails every time

- Waste of money

Some of the free apps have way more calls and actually work with a Bluetooth speaker. What a rip!

- Primos calls

Great app saved me lots of bucks. I play it through my Bluetooth speaker all the time

- Bluetooth doesn't work

The app is good but would be great if it worked through Bluetooth speakers.

- Love this app but...

For some reason it won't work with my bluetooth speaker.Would be 5 stars if it did.

- Good app

Fun good app a must have for hunters but on my iPod touch 4 every time I go to a call now the app crashes it worked fine at first

- Sounds like a poor call, not the real thing

I would pass, not lifelike by any measure.

- Product Referance

this app is a reference call you can purchase from Primos. It is not a teaching aid nor worth the money, it has very limited calls in the full version and it has a 'Buy Now" button to send you to there web site to purchase the real call… but it doesn't teach you how to make different calls, which is what we all are looking for?

- Happy !!

Been using the call with an external speaker , works great ! Two bucks this week

- Good.

Good APP. But needs more calls Section Maybe For Moose. And for Calling Birds Crows , Pheasents , much more. Really NEED more smallgame calls. Definitely a better selection of squirrel calls , Rabbit And even Varmin. So good choice for those Pellets gun hunters. Thanks. Sincerely a pellet gun hunter :)

- I like it, fun to entertain the baby as well

You should try it

- Crap

Don't buy get the free app Turkey Calls Free - Bully's Turkey Terror I like it better

- Quality call sounds, but not enough of them.

I like the sound/calls quality provided with this app, however, there should be more predator call (for coyotes), there should definitely be a variety of Moose calls added, and also there should be more pre-recorded call routines. I love this app, but the downfall is I want more! :)

- Ok

Tryed the yore called it worked hooked to my truck speakers

- Not bad

It's ok. Should be cheaper. Kind of a waste of money

- Works great

Downloaded this and compared to the real ones, it sounds the same, going to ry it hunting see if it works.

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- Missing something

Not a bad app, but over priced for what it provides. I would have thought hit would have had all locator calls as well. Based on the calls it currently has, I would have expected to pay .99 or nothing. A little disappointing considering the cost.

- Phenomenal.

Bought this app opening day of deer season while in my stand. Had already seen 7 does. At 8:15 I used the original can to blow two bleats. Less than 5 minutes later a young buck crossed in a holler about 40 yards directly in front of my stand. Best $2 I've ever spent.

- Sounded like it!!

Yesterday morning 6am, we hear a real deep doe call, Never have we experienced that. So I pulled out my iPhone & put it on the long can roar and it sound just like it. Used it yesterday at 5 & about 15-20 min later out came 5 doe. Need to be louder, gonna have to get some speakers. Thanks!:)

- Not a scam

Not sure what people are talking about having to go to there site to buy the calls....I bought the app and can play all of them without bring redirected to another site.. All calls sound great!

- Works for me

9 AM. No squirrels in my pouch after 2 hours of hunting. Used the squirrel call and brought out one squirrel. Used predator cat nip call and called out 2 more, shot one. Does not always work. Thought the sound could have been better on my iPhone but the critters don't seem to mind. No luck with deers, yet.

- Horrible, needs update ASAP

Bought this for a set of electronic calls, but got what looks to be advertisement for the outdated calls of theirs nobody uses anymore. Promos needs to update or send a refund! This app should have call similar to their electronic call versions, which shouldn't be hard to do. I don't recommend this for hunting applications, nor would I show this at a Primos trade show without a serious update! Come on better!

- AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

This app sounds exactly like the real calls, I can't wait to take it with me! It does need to stop the calls when you back out to the previous page, though.

- Ehh....

Works good if it actually plays has bugs that need fixed. If the next update comes out and it makes it so the volume on the app will actually work 100% of the time then maybe it will get a 5 and maybe I'll get my squirrels

- Terrible sounds

Not worth the money, controls don't always work right. Too few of calls. Locks up. Deer grunt and roar are ridiculous. Turkey slates are pretty bad as well. Only functionality is to annoy game, and friends. Rattling horns, huh, what is it, really??? Come on, blow into your mouse and see if you get a better review, because that feature is garbage. Coyote sounds like its laughing, at me, because I was ignorant enough to believe this app would be good

- Alot of haters

I love this's best hunting one on app store...I used Primos for years with much success and all these calls almost exactly like the ones in store. I just wish they would have some squirrel calls that would earn my 5th star. Great job

- Satisfied

When I bought this app I was very impressed. Then the update came and i loved it. My only complaint is the volume level is kind of low. But otherwise keep up the good work PRIMOS! Can't wait for another update!

- Awesome

This product is the best I've heard yet! It would work perfect in the woods with a portable external speaker. It's illegal to use electronic calls in my state, but it sure does temp me to go Outlaw! You can't beat the price for what you get!!!!!!

- Best call ever

The first day I took this call out I called in a nice 8 point buck. I also called in a few coyots too. For all y'all big redneck hunters like me this is the call to have. You might need some spekers it's not very loud

- App

The App is great I got it strickly for Coyotes...bc in WV...its legal to use an electronic game call for coyotes but nothing else...I may try it for turkeys this weekend with the hopes of not getting a huge fine...but we will see how it goes...All in all a great app.

- Best App ever thanks Primos for my 8 point this year!

Used the Buck Roar full call to grunt in an 8 point to 5 yards from my stand. Couldn't believe that it worked but it did and the proof will be mounted on my wall! Thanks Primos!

- Alright

It's an awesome app.....but sometimes the gobbler call doesn't work it has a couple bugs and it need squirrel and rabbit crows etc it needs a update BAD I would expect better from primos.......when and if they do an update and they do small game this app will be amazing

- Fantastic Update!

I have had this app since it came out and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially love the new SquirrelBuster call! Keep up the good work!

- Ten point

Big ten point come out on field 100yd up opened this app hit long can four times come in on a string well worth 2$

- Kick A!!

Works really well for me! Long time Primos fan and buy all their products. This app could use more volume so it resonates further and carries out it's intent! Good luck to all & may God bless America!!!

- Mixed

Some of the calls sound great like the deer cans, but the box call and rattle horns are crap, it was worth the $ jusy for the deer cans, but i would like to see it be louder and a better quality sound of a few calls

- PresBones

Bought this Friday. It called a doe within 30 feet next morning. Then it called the Buck too. 13 points, 165lbs, 16.5 inside spread. East Texas, Banister Wildlife Refuge. Deer sounds are very close to real. Quality is perfect. iPhone 4.

- Okay app

This app is a great hands on type of app. But with that being said, some calls don't work on an iPod touch. The sounds are actually "call" sounds as well. Primos is a great company but they are only using this as advertisment and to get more $$$

- Customer

This app is awful. Does not work with the I touch, I have to turn off the I touch completely before any of the sounds work. Then to switch to another call, you have to turn off again. Before you buy this just go to the store and get a real call. I just thru money away on this one. This app should be free anyway.

- Big problems

App used to work fine now to get another call to work I have to turn my iPod touch off and then back on every time I want to use a different call. Seems quite ridiculous to me to have to do that just for it to even work.

- Please add Snow Goose

Great app! Would like to have a Snow Goose call, or at least the ability to purchase it seperately. Other than that, great app. I personally think the volume is perfect.

- Great app but needs more calls

This app is has very realistic sound effects but could use more calls. It could especially use a moose call.

- Deer call

Good novelty. Would not use in the woods. Buck calls have too much background noise. Doe bleats sound ok. They are using this more as a platform to sell actual calls. This should be a free app. Would not buy again.

- Not that great. Buy one of the others.

I feel like I just bought an advertisement not a useful app. I paid a little more for a better call app with dozens more calls on it. I have a fairly good case of buyers remorse now. Will Primos should atleast send a cheap mouth call with this app. The only benifit is to sample what a Primos call will sound like if you buy one.

- Calls sound pretty good

The volume on calls Is low unless u have some external speakers!! Havnt proven to work yet but still in process have called many time but nothing to brag on yet!!!!

- App

Great for the price!! All the calls sound awesome I think!! Some of the calls are unbelievable I think it's work the whopping price of 3.99

- Great app

Great app just wish it had more duck calls such as whistle wood duck and more mallard and goose calls and maybe a grunt call for the deer but overall an excellent app

- Great App

Best hunting call app out there. Tried others and they were nowhere as good as this. Great calls, great volume & easy to use. Thanks

- Great App. Best hunting call app by far

I like being able to interact with every call in its own way. It is fun in camp and it is useful in the field.

- Want More Calls!

Like the app, WANT MORE calls though. Works great, used it out four-wheeling on some Elk about 40 yards away. Definately got thier attention!

- Awesome

This app is awesome! The sounds are so realistic and i can't wait to use it tomorrow morning in the deerstand. Plus I got it on sale for .99 cents. I love christmas sales haha. Merry Christmas!

- Wow!

I love this. I don't care what the haters think. It could use more calls. Jack rabbit, cotton tail, at least more on the predator calls. Thanks Primos!

- Really Cool

App is a great tutorial, or an excellent field tool. An inexpensive speaker will broadcast this app into the brush or woods to attract game. It has helped me increase the quality of my photos!

- Ok to play with

It would be nice if you put out updates. Some of the sounds don't always work if you manually try to use it. It works if you push the play button. So thumbs down in the field.

- Why did I buy this???

I need a new version my iPhone 4 won't even let me do some of the calls. The turkey calls will not let me move the striker to make sound. Also the antler bag doesn't. Unlike my friends that use this app all the time. So Primos it would be great if you came out with a new update and soon.

- Whitetail call

Primos calls are awesome. First day hunting called in a 10 pointer. This app works well if you know how to judge the sequense and timing of the call to match the real animal

- Cool app.

This app. Works good, but it needs more game calls though. I will use it for hunting this year let you know if it realy works.

- Pretty Good

Sounds are pretty legit......Sound Volume is as loud as the phone will allow but i have small externals that i will be using for coyotes.....havent gotten to use it in the field but will probably be a neat tool

- Awesome

This app is awesome and I love it but it's getting old they need to add some more calls or at least the electronic calls!!!!

- Speak the language

Nice app. I like it. Can you add more info on each call as when to us the call and how long to use the call. Thanks

- Great app!!!

I love this app! It's got great-sounding calls, and please, please add more calls. Plz add calls like javelina, different bull elk calls, bear calls, and cat calls.

- Question

Like the app. To use this on the field. What external speaker would yall recommend to use?

- Awesome!

Great! You don't even have to take your gloves off, just turn it upside down.


This app rocks but I wish it had more calls and animal catorgories. also some of the calls like the gobbler shake call won't work.

- Very cool

Great app. Not sure what the guys leaving negative feedback were expecting. This works as advertised. Need Spec call please.

- Great needed update

Great update, much easier to play the calls.

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Primos Hunting Calls 2.1.3 Screenshots & Images

Primos Hunting Calls iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Primos Hunting Calls iphone images
Primos Hunting Calls iphone images
Primos Hunting Calls iphone images
Primos Hunting Calls iphone images
Primos Hunting Calls iphone images

Primos Hunting Calls (Version 2.1.3) Install & Download

The applications Primos Hunting Calls was published in the category Sports on 2009-06-09 and was developed by DataRiver LLC [Developer ID: 317518475]. This application file size is 20.57 MB. Primos Hunting Calls - Sports app posted on 2018-01-04 current version is 2.1.3 and works well on IOS 8.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.DataRiver.PrimosSTL

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