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What is draftkings fantasy sports app? DraftKings gives you a shot at winning real cash prizes playing fantasy sports! Play for the largest cash payouts in fantasy sports – over $10 BILLION in prizes have been awarded to date! Winners are paid out immediately after a contest ends. Join for free, choose your sport & play with friends or other fans.


We have a contest for everyone: play for free for a shot at your share of $10,000 or enter a paid contest for the shot at winning even more. You can choose who to play against: other fans in public contests or with your friends any time in private contests. Create your own leagues & track your results in your league's exclusive leaderboards. Play in special Beginner’s contests only open to other beginners until you learn the ropes.


- Fantasy Basketball
- Fantasy Baseball
- Fantasy Hockey
- Fantasy Football
- Fantasy Golf
- Fantasy Tennis
- Fantasy Soccer
- Fantasy NASCAR
- Fantasy MMA
- Fantasy League of Legends

Playing daily fantasy sports on DraftKings is simple:
1. Pick your sport & draft a team of your favorite players while staying under the salary cap.
2. Challenge friends or compete against other users
3. Follow along with your score live as your team accumulates points for real-life performance in games and win!

Contests are not affiliated with or provided by Apple. DraftKings is a US company with headquarters in Boston, MA.

Privacy Policy: https://www.draftkings.com/help/privacy/us

Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER or 877-8-HOPENY/text HOPENY (467369) (NY). Help is available for problem gambling. Call (888) 789-7777 or visit ccpg.org(CT). 18+ in most eligible states, but age varies by jurisdiction. Marketplace & Daily Fantasy Sports age and eligibility restrictions apply. Must be at least 18 years or older. Higher age limits may apply in some states. Paid Daily Fantasy Sports contests not available while physically located in HI, ID, LA (select parishes) MT, NV, OR and WA. Reignmakers contests are not available in CT, HI, ID, LA (select parishes), MT, NV, OR, PA, WA, and CA-ONT. Reignmaker contest requirements and eligibility dependent on type and number of NFTs held. Reignmakers prizes include real money. Winning a contest on DraftKings depends on knowledge and exercise of skill. Available to play for free. For entertainment purposes only. Void where prohibited. See terms at http://draftkings.com, http://draftkings.com/reignmakers and http://marketplace.draftkings.com.

*Deposit Match: New Players receive a deposit match up to $500 in DK Dollars. Bonus amount equal to 20% of deposit. Min. $5 deposit req. $2,500 deposit required for max bonus. Bonus awarded based on the following play-thru requirement: for every $25 played on DraftKings in DFS/Sportsbook/Casino, player receives $1 in DK Dollars. For example, a customer who makes a deposit of $2,500 after opting in will initially receive $0 in DK Dollars. On day 3, if they enter a $25 DFS contest, the customer will have $1,976 in their account ($1,975 in deposited funds, and $1 in DK Dollars based on the $25 DFS entry fee). At the end of the play-thru period, if no other funds are played-thru, the customer will have $1,975 in withdrawable cash and $1 in DK Dollars. Customer must play-thru a cumulative total of $12,500 in any combination of DFS/sportsbook bets (min. -300 odds)/casino games to receive the max. bonus of $500 in DK Dollars ($2,500 * 20% = $500 max bonus; 25x play-thru on $500 is $12,500). Play-thru must be met within 90 days (2160 hours) from the date of first deposit. Players who previously made a deposit on any DK product are ineligible for this promotion. Limit one (1) offer per player. Ends 06/30/24

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App Name DraftKings Fantasy Sports
Category Sports
Updated 25 March 2024, Monday
File Size 147.71 MB

DraftKings Fantasy Sports Comments & Reviews 2024

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DraftKings. DraftKings is awesome and legit place to put your money up and don’t have to worry about not getting paid if you win like the pokers sites back in the day (ie full tilt poker stars). That was my main concern when I first joined a few years back because I had suffered 8k in losses on full tilt when Black Friday happened so I was hesitant about joining since I was “shell shocked” after turning $26 into 8k in one week on pokersites before they all crashed and took everyone’s $$ with them I remember how hard and time consuming it was to withdraw your winnings back then couldn’t get but this much or it had to be third party wait 6 weeks on a check smh not with DraftKings. You get your winnings almost instantly within a day or two. Since joining I have had zero problems getting paid so that really allowed me to take a sigh of relief knowing I can trust them to have your money when you need it. Great job thanks DK!!

Lineup lock. Lineup lock for NBA is absurd. It makes it a game of luck instead of a game of skill which seems like dangerous territory for DFS. You can do all the research you want but if you have a player that is ruled out after lineup lock it doesn’t matter how skilled you are or how much research you put in. All it becomes is a game of luck by picking players who won’t be “surprisingly” ruled out after lock. And whoever avoids the injury landmines are the ones who will benefit from it. It’s killing my enjoyment in playing nba anymore. I know the response will be that you do offer a late swap feature however it is obvious that it’s a lesser product only implemented to justify keeping it off the classic slate. I don’t play DFS on any other site but this issue has me contemplating of playing NBA elsewhere or just stopping NBA play all together. I hope that lineup lock on the classic slate gets resolved soon because i really enjoy the rest of your product and want to continue as a loyal customer.

TERRIBLE Customer Service.. I’ve used draftkings in the past and have not had any issues with it, was pretty satisfied. WAS. For week 1 of the NFL season I set several lineups and the money was taken out of my draftkings account and the contests appeared in “upcoming.” As expected. But once the games started I went to check my lineups and they all disappeared completely from the app and the money was back in my draftkings account. Normally I wouldn’t care too much about this, just a dumb glitch. But more than one of my teams would have won A LOT of money, had the system not glitched on me. As if this wasn’t frustrating enough, I emailed draftkings support multiple times about this issue throughout the day and days following. Zero response. And of course, there is no phone number to call. Absolutely TERRIBLE customer service. Still no sign of any response to this issue. If you’re running into any problems with the app, good luck getting a hold of anyone.

Love ❤️ Love ❤️ Love DraftKings❣️. Best fantasy football app I have ever played!!!!! I have been playing for years and they keep getting better every year. I have tried several other fantasy apps and DraftKings is by far my favorite. DraftKings offer free contests week in and week out for many sports. The best part is I win all the time, and I have even cashed out funds to my bank from the freebie drafts on the regular. I love the new free Reignmaker style of play. Its extremely fun to play and you even get a free pack of NFT player cards (5) which is enough to get you started in contests! All of the Reignmaker contests are free to join as well! I do think the price for the NFT player cards is a bit expensive. More then I can afford out of pocket. But once you get your free starter pack its enough to get you entered into contests. However, no worries because I know I can win money on the regular to buy cards with. I have even won money on these contest already with the basic cards I received for free! I could go on and about all the different styles of drafts and the Free Pools. But I highly recommend you sign up and get some skin in the game and find out for yourself❣️

Beware of Reinmakers. Draftkings is great for daily fantasy and it has lots of free options. However, proceed with caution in their card game Reinmakers. Do not play in pack contests or do promos as you risk getting taxed up the hilt. They offer promotions such as buy 3 packs earn 3 (which when listed for $500 seems not a bad deal) or they offer draws for free tokens for crafting. All of these are added to your 1099 for tax purposes. Additionally you get starter packs where you can win cards to play in their higher stakes contests. These cards are awarded as packs - these packs are also winnings and added for tax purposes with a random DK air Market Value. For example rare is valued at $12. If you win a good card say Amon St Ra (and sell it you are profitable) . If you win a bad card like Aaron Rodgers who became quickly worthless and still valued at FMV $12 - it still gets taxed. The same with all the other pack contests they offer. And lure you to them with missions such as the Pack Ripper - where you open 500 packs. Many people found they received a very large 1099 ($1000’s) - and unless they flipped all their cards early - now have mostly worthless cards and a large tax bill to pay - with no actual cash winnings to draw from. As stated DK is a good product - but I would avoid heavily investing playing Reinmakers - as Draftkings do not forewarn anyone of these tax liabilities.

Upsetentrant. Customer service has a long way to go on improving their response time to any problems/concerns/, issues that contestants may, & actually do bring to ur attention. I have tried a cpl times with little success in receiving a timely reply & didn't get a response of any kind on 1 issue with my account. Also, Still need to loosen up ur time constraints for entering a team & saving it for ur entry. If ur contest had multiple games involved, then an entrant should be able to enter/save a roster any time before & leading up to the start time of 2nd to last scheduled game of the day. Granted there may be 8 games in the contest, but entrant wud only have 2 games(4 tesms) to pick his roster from but at least he cud still put a roster in & retain a chance to be involved with ur contest. I have griped about that for a long time. If u don't understand point I'm trying to make, let me know. I be glad to go over it if don't understand my thinking

Extremely Fun and User Friendly. DraftKings provides the absolute best experience in DFS. Ive always been a fan of Fantasy Sports but DraftKings took that to a whole new level. I’ve found enjoyment in watching sports I never even paid attention to before getting on DraftKings. Who doesn’t love winning money while watching the best athletes in the world do what they do. It’s become a full blown hobby and I’m so glad I started out my DFS life on DraftKings. If you are new to DFS, look no further DK is the best in the business, bar none!! Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. They’ve always got promotions and offers to keep you going whether you’re a casual player or someone who is as dedicated to DFS like me!

Most Frustrating Verification process ever. I joined DraftKings to play in a weekly fantasy football league with a group of friends from work. Upon joining the number of problems I encountered trying to “verify” my account are too numerous to list. Primarily the software used to verify continually did not work, nor did their option to “scan” my ID. I then went to additional lengths to upload pictures of my drivers license (which is an option they ask for). I was notified several days later that they also needed a utility bill. In the interim, I decided to forgo that account (as there was no option to delete it) and opened another. With no trouble at all I was verified and able to deposit funds. Problem solved right? Wrong! Even after entering a contest with my friends, I was notified they were deleting/restricting my validated account and forcing me to utilize the account I could not get verified. They stated they refunded my deposit and removed me from my friends contest (which if any of you have played these types of leagues with friends you know how challenging it can be to fill a slot last minute) in this case an hour before the 1pm games. Now, I’m stuck with an account I cannot use with no end in sight. My advice? Save yourself a ton of frustration and just use FanDuel or whatever other daily fantasy site you may prefer. This does not seem to be worth it.

Decent game. I did have fun using the app, and I have no issues with losing money as I only played low cost and free games. My issue is that tried to delete my account through the app since there’s a delete option but it kept giving me the“Sorry! We’re having trouble deleting your account right now” message. I made sure I emptied my account before trying to delete the account so when it didn’t delete I thought it was because I entered the free pool games and the results hadn’t been posted, but even after the results were posted I kept getting that message. I then signed in on my computer and tried to use the contact us from the drop down near my name and it just kept looping, finally I googled how to delete DraftKings account and was able to submit a request for account deletion. My account was closed within minutes after submitting the request but it shouldn’t have been this complicated just to get it done.

Draftkings reviews. It seems to be like the promotions you guys have been giving out recently have only been benefiting Draftkings company and not it’s players. For example one of the promotions you guys offered recently was make $10 SGPs (3-7) and get a free bet depending on how many you make. A thought recently this changed to both make a $10 SGP and get a $2 free bet (nobody wants a $2 free bet) which would add up to getting $20 total back if you placed $100 in wagers. This then changed to make a $15 SGP instead of the original $10 seeming as thought you guys already weren’t making enough off of the $10 promotion and made your consumers bet more. I have been playing draftkings for a while now, and promos used to be user friendly. Now all I see are promos that are trying to trap the consumer. This is very sad on draftkings part.

NFT Marketplace is a total scam.. They advertise that it “randomly” assigns your place in line.. I’m in the waiting room 30 min before go time every time, strong and dedicated connection, and yet the BEST place I’ve been “randomly” positioned after half a dozen drops is 15,200 something, aka ZERO chance of pirchasing an NFT. Feels extremely rigged.. it seems like some “users” just keep getting in, drop after drop, while almost everyone else can’t even make it in once.. let me take a wild guess, the claims are false and what ACTUALLY happens is- it “randomly” selects DraftKings high rollers/VIP’s/and big investors.. smdh! Developer who responded- Did you even read my comment??? Clearly I know how to get into a room, what I’m accusing is- It doesn’t matter because my “random” spot isn’t random! It’s outside of any chance to buy an NFT every time. Meanwhile, you have users that KEEP getting in drop after drop! That’s bogus and rigged and I’m going to prove it! Thanks, for nothing.

I won a contest on Sept 28 and as of today I have not been paid out.. I won a MLB contest(2nd place) that pays out Elite Prize Packs for the DK Reignmakers game/experiment. They typically pay out the next day. There’s some fine print that says it could be as late as the following Tuesday. Without going into all the details on what RM is, the packs are important to the game play. I reached out to support to let them know of the issue and got a prompt response. Followed by many more check ins and fairly prompt responses from support saying they have “sent to the team” or “resubmitted to the team” and many other ways to describe that they have not done anything to take care of the problem and push me off. They have now stopped responding all together. I have provided on several occasions all the documentation they need to easily fix the problem that is on their end, not mine. They simply won’t do it and now have decided the best way to treat their paying customers is to ignore and hope it goes away. I’ll also add, while you’re reading this, that Reignmakers is terrible and don’t waste your time or money on it unless you enjoy blowing your time and money and being disappointed around every corner. If you must, just stick to their daily contests, which I do enjoy. However after this experience I will be going elsewhere.

Absent Customer Support. Someone recently tried to steal money from my DK account. My email was spam attacked and I noticed the email they were trying to hide was a $5 deposit to my DK account. I informed DK right away, and I even told them someone was going to withdraw a bunch of money into whatever account deposited that $5. A day went by with no word from DK, and low and behold, a huge withdraw was made. I sprinted home and was thankfully able to cancel that withdrawal. No word from DK. The next day, I get an automated message that my account is restricted and I need to upload a picture of my license. I did so immediately. I’ve updated DK every step of the way, even though I’m just responding to my previous updates. Approaching 5 days now for an issue their website states will be dealt with in under 24 hours. DK response, or lack there of, has now cost me more money than the scammers tried to withdrawal. I’ve even escalated my ticket and still haven’t heard a word about this in near 5 days; after providing around 10 updates during that time. My info/account was compromised on DK end. Their response has been extremely discouraging and worrisome.

Worst. Company. Ever. I have never met a company that made it so difficult to give my money to!! My husband has an account already. I wanted to start playing too so he downloaded the app on my phone but used his bank card when adding money. Apparently that’s an issue with DK. Fine, fine sorry I’ll use mine. After being on chat forever about that we thought the issue was resolved and I would be able to start drafting. Come Sunday, my account was STILL locked down. I messaged them asking why?!? I deposited $25 from my bank card and verified my account already. No one got back to me. Tonight...Monday... more of the same. People on chat asking for my ID and my husbands. Getting the run around... we uploaded documentation . Did everything they asked. Waited for at least an hour or more to even talk to anyone. Such a hassle!!! Why can I walk into a casino and blow my money with 0 of these issues!!! ??? I get it you have rules but seriously?! When I can’t get support or immediate resolve after I fix the issue the problem lies within YOUR company. Going to Fanduel right now.

Easily better than FanDuel but.... DK app crashes ALL the time! Whenever I’m building a lineup and almost submitting it it just crashes and it does this ALL the time. Incredibly annoying. I hate that their system forces you to re choose what kind of tournaments you want like if you want cheapest to most expensive shown that way you have to tell it that every single time bc their system wants you to play their “promoted” games. Very annoying as well. FanDuel doesn’t do that and their app never crashes on me. But DK support is way better and I always win more money on DK for some reason. I just like the layout of DK better on the app. Their computer version is pretty terrible though and so is FD’s. I never go to the normal website unless I have to its complete trash. Stick with their app only. The website is just a total mess you’d think with all the rake their taking from players they could pay a decent programmer to fix these problems.

Best DFS Platform. I have a love/hate relationship with DFS but admire DraftKings. They have many contests and many options for one to play. During 2020, they helped me immensely by providing sporting contests to keep me occupied. I’ve played on FanDuel and Yahoo and a couple other DFS platforms. None come close to the power of DraftKings. I’ve invested money into DraftKings (DKNG) on the stock market simply because they cannot lose. If I’m honest, I’d say that they’re getting better and more advanced. However, I’ve had a very difficult time with constant postponements and/or players resting. While I understand why this is, I believe DraftKings should provide more forgiveness in the form of $0.25 tickets when an entire slate goes up in flames. Just to reiterate my opinion, I’ve been with them for about 5 years and have found little success financially, though the gaming experience is by far the best.

Awesome even for a casual sports fan!!!. I watched sport is much is possible but I just absolutely love this app even if you don’t watch sports every day all you have to do is study the research they give you and make the right decision and a little bit of luck you’ll be winning money in no time! I’ve never had more fun I just signed up this year in Oct and I’ve never watched so many football games In my life! NBA fantasy is amazing as well so many points I love it, the one game show down captain mode is awesome can’t tell you how much DraftKings has changed watching sports for me And even if you don’t wanna spend money you can sign up and try out for events for free....plus they have $.25 events and I’ve actually won money in those $.25 quarter jukebox contests quite a bit easy you’d be surprised .....just try it out I’m telling you you won’t regret it you have nothing to lose it’s free to sign up and free to play on thurs and Sunday theres a free contest to enter and win real money in the NFL Thank you dress pants for making my NFL season in NBA season that much better I can’t wait to try out fantasy baseball over the summer

Better than FanDuel in my opinion. I’ve been using only FanDuel for the past 5-6 years or so and hit big a few times but that was a few years ago. If you don’t have enough in the bank to put in the full 150 entries you’re basically out of the running unless you get very very lucky. But with DraftKings they run some large tourneys with a 20 entry max which opens it up and evens out the playing field drastically! It makes it easier for a decent dfs player like myself who can’t throw thousands into it and hour and hours to fill those hundreds of lineups a fighting chance to use my skills and knowledge to at least have an opportunity to be in the top 1% every once in a while. In FanDuel’s 150 entry tourneys it’s impossible to outplay the “big dogs” with all those entries being built by a computer and no human brain or heart lol. DraftKings at least gives you a chance to hit big which in my opinion makes them the better site to put your money into. I have recently in the past few weeks taken all my funds out of FanDuel’s and been strictly playing on DraftKings and plan do you so going forward.

This is where you should be playing daily fantasy and DFS. There is a reason why the NFL and other professional leagues partnered with Draft Kings, it’s a great site. My only complaint is they need to have games for those that are traditional losers of money (versus being thrown in with the professional sharks, that will take your hard earned money) maybe even some almost free (nickel, dime games) to play with others similar people that lose money, and also the ability to turn off completely the random sharks that send you invites to play one-on-one etc. The ability to block someone from sending those invites or block everyone (except friends on your allow list).

Won't open. So this is the only app that has given me problems. Right now it only gives me a loading wheel and never opens. Before this issue I would open the app and it would send me back to the home screen after an 10 seconds of loading. It wouldn't even get passed the DraftKings logo screen. But now it gets to the second screen with a wheel and will not open fully. Just sits and sits. This app has been terrible for me lately. Ps to fix the first issue I would have to completely cut the data off and load it up until it said not connected to the internet (about 5 tries) then cut data on and it works again. This happens at 12 and I can't view NFL lineups. And if it happens at 630 on NBA I'm toast. This is not the best app by far and it might be the only app I have issues with. Currently cannot even open app! Just stuck with loading wheel.

Excitement. I thought when Covid19 hit, and almost all sports are on hold that DraftKings wouldn't have much to offer. BUT I COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG!! Using the simulation game's is a BRILLIANT IDEA!! I've been playing about 2 yrs now and my biggest win, so far, was 8 dollars and change. And I won that on Simulated Basketball. And, the simulation game's are more luck than skill. You can't use a players past performance as a guide because absolutely ANY player in the available line ups might play. I mean, players that I've never heard of, the cheapest available, can make a score. Even if, in real life, they rarely if ever played. There's only ONE thing I wish would change. And that's what is available in NYC. I wish I could access EVERYTHING available on DraftKings. I hope that is something you are working on with NYC. I know we only recently, maybe 3-4 year's ago, were able to bet on ANYTHING!! Too bad this wasn't around when I was growing up in New Jersey. They can do EVERYTHING including the Casino. Thank You DraftKings for making sports even more enjoyable!! And, thank you very much for making simulation game's available during this horrific time. Kelly Motichka - Lady4Eli

Best betting anywhere. I was somewhat skeptical of the draft kins sports book as I typically bet more amounts than the “average sports bettor”. My biggest concern was cashing out as another large online sports book have not paid me in the past when I got to large withdrawals. I’m happy to say Draft kings is legit and not only do they pay but they did it in an extremely fast manner. Plus the perks they give are great! Especially when compared to getting nothing at a physical sport book location I would frequently visit. I went there last year almost every day placing no less than $4 Dailey in bets and they never gave me even a free room. Draft kings has already given me hundreds in free bets and I have only been betting with them for about a week! I would recommend DraftKings to anyone, including the higher stake gambler!

No support and account restrictions. I downloaded this app a few months ago and enjoyed the app. Until my account was put into restriction without any warning. After several attempts to reach a real person to find out, I was emailed and notified that my account was out into a restricted status because of “too many attempts”. This was odd because I did not try to submit any deposits after my initial. I was asked to submit identification via the app and wait for review. It’s been a week and still my account is restricted. The support on the messaging portion of app is useless as they do not reply on there. I’ve tried emAiling the team lead and still no reply. I have tickets with deadlines that I cannot play because I’m restricted. Truly frustrated with how this company handles its customer service. As of writing this today I have still not heard from anyone. UPDATE #1: since posting this review I have yet to receive any help. I continue to email to the email provided and in app and still no help. The developers have responded to my review with a generic response with no real help. Please take your business else where as this company does not care about its users and customers. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Watch out they cheat you.. I would watch out.... there has been a couple times that I won money but they did not give me all of it. The games would be over and then all of a sudden I would be in like third place when I was in first place. I was tied with seven people in first place and should’ve won $48. Then I looked again because I knew they were going to do it again. Sure enough there was one team that had first place by itself and then instead of seven tied for second. When we were actually all tied for first. There was only three teams with my same lineup. That’s pretty ironic because I watched it the whole time and I was 17 is with my exact lineup. But somehow three of us ended up ban in like third place. And I only won $34. This it all changed after the showdown game was completely over I even watched the game. I reached out to draft kings and they never responded. This happened more than once so I withdrew my money and I am done with them now

Houston 44 I. Man draftkings has brought so much joy in my life. I have not placed first but I love the thrill of competing against people across the country. I’ve been playing about 4 years and I just won 1200 two weeks ago and it made me smile, I love the challenge of the game it’s simple yet extremely hard to win, you will get a range of emotions and what it really does is take team fans and turn them into NFL fans. The NFL really owes DraftKings a percentage because in order to be successful at this you have to watch all the games . I’m 42 and I stop playing games in my early 20s but DraftKings gives me that same feel like excited to get on and it really is not about the money it’s pride like one day I want to be able to say hey I was spot on this Sunday. DraftKings makes it so easy to get your winning as well. Like easy , easy so you will never have to stress on is this really a scam blah blah no it’s very much real. I got 7 people to sign up in the last year and they love it, I had to school them on the basic like dont tell people your lineups, start low like quarter games you know, But now they think they are experts it’s funny. DraftKings thank you for infusing energy in my life, I truly love this app

Misleading information. I'm very unhappy about DFS services. Usually DFS notifies or labels what players are questionable or “out.” Well when I picked a player, his latest news didn’t say that he wasn’t playing and that he wasn’t questionable or out for that matter. Come to find out the player I chose didn’t even play... I think it would be fair to give a refund back to those who didn’t know any better since DFS didn’t label anything about this player not playing at all. I emailed DFS and they tell you that it’s our responsibility to check upon those things... although they have labeled players that are either questionable or out... but I guess for certain players that don’t even play, they don’t put questionable or out for the player you chose so you’re money you spent on the lineup is your fault. This player I chose had projected points so they make you think he’s playing even though he didn’t and they don’t refund you back for there mistakes. Horrible.

Inaccurate App & Horrible customer service. The worst thing about the entire DFS industry is that providers like Draftkings, can make a ton of money with little effort. Draftkings’ money making machine starts with just providing a platform for DFS players to exchange money. Of course they have to come up with ways to get people to play more money and more often, but the key is just providing the platform. There is no product people actually buy, it’s just a service Draftkings provides. So why the 1-star? Because all too often Draftkings forgets that they provide a service and with that, a user of their service should expect good customer service. In my situation, the Draftkings app failed to provide good service and when I brought it to Draftkings, they continued the failure and provided horrible customer service. So I recommend using Fanduel. They are not perfect, no one is, but Fanduel has the best customer service and accountability. Good Luck DFS community!

Avoid This Noid!. Would Avoid This Noid loaded withs ads. You can see them on every page even trying to edit lines. Abysmal having to find lines or do them. Also if do duplicate team its tough if able to edit each. Then changed app so have to select each start time. So can't see all the classics or each one. So would have to pick each section and time. Banned my over ten year account for no reason legally for life. Not deposited in over decade was sustained responsible gamer. Yet they were not posting the classic nhl dime time 100 dollar pool 1189 person games on purpose to force into the 25 cent or higher entree games violating responsible gamer ribbon. Dk wants you ti deposit often not sustain play or win anything. So they openly break laws without any worry. Never talk to or ask for help unless want to be suspended for life like me. Used to spend over 5k a year just on entree frees on dk. When they went to unlimited bot entree to the 2 dollar games. Now its s lot if rigged late swap ai bots. You can upload lines or so in masse. Really wish dk ran itself well. Instead of spite banning people over ten years as member. I kept account even when were banning fantasy sports. Unless yer onyx level its best to Avoid This Noid battery draino.

Would give a 0 if possible. Spent years on that app trying to achieve the next level of rewards and every year they made the tier I was trying achieve worthless compared to the effort, time, and money to usually break even and on occasion make a couple dollars. Started off I wanted to make bronze tier then when I made bronze they changed reward system to render that one worthless, so I focus on silver the filling season only to achieve it and system change again and then I did great making all my necessary achievements to accomplish gold and when I reach gold they completely overhaul the entire system and make the amount of achievement I had made equivalent to a silver rather than gold. Then I I’m like ok I am going for gold one more time only this time they erase the whole system of rewards again and this time make it horrible enough that I withdrew all winnings and erased app to never be downloaded again. Stellar job at being greedy draft kings as if your cut off of every pot created wasn’t enough you virtually erase the reward programs for anyone under diamond level 2 thumbs up. I can only hope enough others feel the same way and know when to walk away.

The will lock your account and take your money. I have been on the site for a while and have to say my experiences up until last weekend on the app were pretty good. Then they had a promotion where you get a free $40 head to head for signing someone up. So I signed up three people and had three $40 head to heads and was looking forward to the Super Bowl. Then on Sunday morning the my locked my account as well as the person I signed up, who I live with. So when I emailed them they said because we had used the same computer they took away my ALL of my free plays, which also cancelled them for the people I signed up. I explained we lived in the same house so used the same computer on occasion. We even both sent copies of our drivers license, cause they said they would unlock our accounts if we did. Not only did they not unlock it or give me any of my plays back they cancelled a play I had for NBA with my own money and never refunded it. Felt like my bank account was being seized and frozen for no good reason when all I was guilty of was bringing them three. Ew customer. Beware, they will strong arm and they don’t care how long you’ve been a loyal player.

Brutal. This app simply just stinks. It crashes all the time, especially right before a contest when everyone is trying to get on and adjust line ups. It never updates your account total quickly. It gives false info on people in contests and if you’ve joined. And when you bring it to their customer service attention, or can’t enter a line up because it keeps crashing, they will not refund you and tell you it’s your iPad and equipments fault. They’ve even told me to just use a PC instead of the app to solve my problems, what a solution! I’ve updated my iPad, the app, deleted the app and even re downloaded, yet nothing ever seems to help. So many bugs for an app so many people use each day and they definitely have the money to fix it, yet just don’t. Pretty sad to see a company that’s takes so much money from people give absolutely 0 effort back. This app alone pushed me over to FanDuel, and I couldn’t be happier with the switch. Never spending another dime at DK!

The best sports betting website. I love DraftKings I’ve tried others but no one compares to DraftKings they have so many contest and offer free ones the pools free and paid one are so much fun it gives you an opportunity to get free money. My favorite thing DraftKings has done is give me a chance to puck heads or tails on the super bowl for a chance to win $250 in casino credits no strings attached if you guessed it right then you got it and I guessed right and turned that $250 into $520 in real money which I really needed for a unexpected bill . So I wanna thank DraftKings for helping me too. It’s fun to do no matter if you have money or not because they give you an opportunity to make money with no money. You will always be my favorite Sportsbook site 💜💜💜💜

Not enough time to update players. Team, I have been playing this website for a few months now and to be honest I’m not impressed. I don’t find out until the game starts that two people in my line up are out for evening. Now I understand that things happen during the game and some times it’s a game decision, but the last 5 or 6 games that a played this site has made me feel like I’m making a good pic based on their feedback with the player. I am almost certain you have updated feedback on each player before the game starts. I have also noticed that your player updates are sometimes a week behind. Therefore if you are as busy as I am you don’t always have time to rely on your own research and count the site to give you proper feedback for the player your picking. Also, feedback on solid players you know are going to well isn’t as necessary as who would be replacing them if they were not play. You don’t deserve five stars and probably never will unless you can give proper feedback to you the people that invest in broken site.

Top notch. I’ve been playing on DraftKings for years and I am only writing this review because I saw a couple bad reviews and I totally disagreed with them. I feel the bad reviews simply come from the people that get upset they didn’t win. With that being said I’ve won plenty and lost even more but that’s my fault not DraftKings. It up to the player to do the research it takes (and yes a bit of luck). DraftKings takes a % of the pool so it doesn’t matter to them who wins. They get their $ you are battling the other players not DraftKings. The payout has always been quick and when I’ve made withdrawals I’ve always gotten a check within a week. Top notch app and super fun. And customer support has never let me down.

Don't play DraftKings. I strongly recommend looking elsewhere for a daily fantasy sports app. I can tell you unequivocally that DraftKings does not value it's customers at all. Most of the contests are won by professional sports bettors who have computer programs to make lineups for them. DraftKings used to have a good rewards system, then they decided to change that recently because I assume it was too customer friendly, which they're strongly against now. On top of that they change rules of contests mid contest and don't care when you call them out on it. Their "customer service" representatives will tell you the customer is the bedrock of the platform, but their actions say they don't care one bit about the customer, no matter how long they've played DraftKings. For my latest inquiry I was told my case was escalated to a supervisor. Five days later I have not spoken to a supervisor and they've ceased all contact. Steer clear of this of this selfish company.

Mr. Samuel Merenda. Been using both products for as many years as they’ve been available, if I remember right. Both have made improvements and are user friendly once I figured my way around the apps. I don’t constantly have money in the he games but always find reasons to return and enjoy the excitement and making games a little more enjoyable. The ones I actually watch. Sadly, all sports have decided to involve themselves in politics which pisses me off and has driven me away from all sports. I no longer have any favorites in any sport and watch a very minimal number of game (football,) some golf and MMA . I do bet on baseball and basketball and the others and Draftkings is the only reason I pay attention to these two at all. I’m 69yrs, old and never thought about who’s black or white, homo or not, or their political stances, but it seems they all think I should, so screw them. But thanks to Draftkings I can entertain myself by doing research and placing bets to burn up some time when I’m not Painting, golfing or practicing golf. Thanks for your products and, take care!

Great fantasy options. Like anything, nothing is perfect. But this is a pretty good option. There are great options for free play all the way to pretty much any level that you choose to play. The site, rules, and options are easy to find and understand. The 2 biggest drawbacks are not terrible. There are some who are highly invested, aggressive and tough to beat. Be careful with leagues that show 5-10% of members having 90% of the wins. Often these are the ones creating the matches. The winner take all is not something that most casual players should invest much into. The small glitches and delays are just something to get used to. The sire isn’t always updating your profile quickly. It seems to be slower than most would expect. Patience in receiving payouts and updating achievement goals is required. You get used to seeing the approximate timing of the accurate current details. But it has varied on when exactly all the information is updated and accurate.

App is great but games are questionable. If I give a rating for just the app, it’s a 4 but if I rate the games, experience and the results, I’ll give it a 1. If you want to put only $3 in a game that pays $50,000, don’t even try. There’s people who make multiple entries, like 200, and they’re very smart and put just about any lineup combination you can think of. I seriously doubt someone actually thought that a few specific WR’s in the SAME LINEUP from last week would perform like they did. Not mentioning any names..Robert Woods, Calvin Ridley and Kenny Stills. Would you put those WR’s in your lineup to win $50,000? I didn’t think so. But, someone did. Actually..a lot of people did. Which makes me feel DraftKings isn’t real...and/or multiple entries is the only way to win. It’s impossible to win big money unless you spend big money and do 200 entries. It’s not fair to the casual player whatsoever. My advice for the casual player is to find the games that don’t allow multiple entries, doesn’t cost much to play and doesn’t pay much to the winner. Start out small, do your game rules research and you might like it. DraftKings is strictly designed and created for the “high rollers” if you ask me. They need more game options for us broke fans to win more money but there’s no money in it for DraftKings so I doubt that’ll happen. Play at your own risk!

Horrible Horrible Experience. DraftKings has been the WORST sports betting experience that i’ve had. I first didn’t get the promo that i joined from. Next I tried to deposit $10, their minimum. I typed out $10. Went through with the payment of $25. So how it went from $10-$25 is beyond me. Especially upset due to the fact that there was no confirmation for the payment. Like it just went right ahead and charged me $25 without showing me my deposit amount. So i decided to reach out to DraftKings Customer Service. Told them of the accident that had occurred. They basically responded and told me that they can’t refund me because I have to use my funds to withdraw the money back into my bank. Sounds so stupid and scammy. But I did it because they told me they couldn’t do a refund. I told them that i was upset by this. I made two $10 bets and one $5 bet. I lost all 3 of them because the players i had drafted didn’t end up playing last minute. So i lost and i checked my email and saw that they told me that in order to refund me that the funds have to be sitting in my account for at least 24 hours. (They were). Then they told me that because i made the bets that they won’t be able to refund me. So bull. if they could have told me that the first time i wouldn’t have spent my funds. So definitely some scammy shady stuff going on here. Very unsatisfied from the service here. Will not recommend.

DK leads the way. I used to play U.S.A. today fantasy football all year long and buy players each week and bring guys back and forth from my taxi squad. There were 250 people in a division. I think I finished first one year and third another year and probably totaled about $300 in winnings after my purchases were deducted. That’s when I saw a DraftKings sign on the side of a city bus in Charlotte NC and it has been a love affair ever since. Not sure of the year but it has been a while. There platform is easy to use for a PC novice like me. they have the most free contest of anyone with prize money in most of them. they have the most free contest of anyone. they also have NFTs, which I hear might be the thing of the future I tried fan duel once and yahoo a couple of times and hands down DraftKings is the winner.

Don’t play this app. They will take your money eventually. I cash out my money and I thought they were gonna put back on my debit card like they say if I used this card and made deposits with in 90 days it should go back to the debit well it was only about 40 days and some reason they said they issued a check to me. 2 months went by no check so I contacted them about it. They said there gonna put a stop on the check and reissue me another one. Well it 2 months passed since they said that still no check. So I contacted them again someone told me that this kind of thing takes time. Well I’m thinking to my self how long does it take to track a 49$ check and reissue another one. This was august 2020 I made withdraw these people act like this over a few bucks think about how they will act when you when a lot of money. You may have to take them to Coart. I would not trust these people. To your response: I have been asking for my money long Enough it has been almost months since I’ve made that withdraw and I have come to the conclusion that I will not be getting paid from all the lies you guys tell about getting back to me about my withdraw. Your customer service reps are full of it. Thank God for other Good sports apps like SuperDraft & FanDuel. As far as I’m concerned you only have stolen from your self I’m pretty sure people are gonna start reading reviews before try these apps. Thieves

Account getting restricted for no reason, DraftKings ignorance for a customer. For what ever reason that doesn’t make any sense why my Acct would be restricted has cut me off from using my ability to play in contest , I’ve never had any reason to get my acct restricted and would like this handle ASAP bc I was expecting to join a contest and depending on how quickly this gets resolved will determine if I never use this app again and only use Fanduel which I’ve heard has a lot better contest to offer. I need an honest answer to why in the hell my acct has been blocked bc with the contest I was trying to play I know based on the players I had it would have put me in for a good shot at doing well in the contest. There is gonna need to be some sort of compensation for this issue with your app because of the years I’ve used this app never had issues and now all of sudden having issues at a critical time. How this issue is handled thru this company will determine how vigorous and aggressive I’ll promote people to never use draft kings again and use fanduel and other competitors to your type of app If this review could allow me to do NO Stars I would do it without a doubt

Only 1 issue. The reason I am giving 4 stars instead of 5 is because I am very disappointed to the changes that were made to the crown rewards system. Under the old system, we would get daily prizes based on our tier level. Usually at Silver, I hustled very hard to get to the gold tier level for the next month, which I accomplished. Under the gold tier level, I was to receive DK dollars on almost a daily basis. Except that never happened. Because on the month that I was finally able to receive gold rewards (I believe it was a November) DraftKings decided to end the old system and bring in a new system of tier rewards. I hustled very hard to get to gold tier status, receiving DK dollars on a daily basis, only to have that reward taken away from me without any notice. Now, under the new system, we get an insulting amount of crowns on a monthly basis. And the amount you have to grind to get to the next tier level is insane. I am very disappointed in the new tier credit system and wish DraftKings would go back to the original system they had a couple years ago. I feel like I was cheated out of the gold rewards I worked hard to earn.

Huh?. I don’t understand all the negative reviews, issues, and complaints from folks. Honestly, it is what it is. I’m a small-time player, throwing like $5-$10 lineups in, winning like 30% of the time, lol, and for some reason I keep coming back! Ugh. Makes the games more interesting, keeps me in the “know” with my fave sports players/teams/stats, and for me I’m just as nervous with $5 on a bet as I would be with $10K so it’s been cool. Anyone having all these complaints is either salty because they lost a million dollars, is one of those players that pits like 50 different bets and they’ve confused themselves, or they’re pulling all sorts of shady stuff. The app is exactly as advertised. Simple as that. You shouldn’t even need to “contact customer support” to be quite honest. And the one time I did, they responded within 24hrs to inform me that the reason my bet(contest) disappeared was because it wasn’t full. It was my own mistake that I made only because I was very new. I never had another issue. If your looking into this app you probly have a good idea what it is, like I did, and it’s been very straightforward. As for the others...quit whining and just play!

Giving me something to do. I gave draft kings a 5 star review because I enjoy playing . I was working 6 days a week and very busy and I had a heart attack I had a quintuplet bypass open heart surgery and recovered from that. A year later I had a stroke and as a result I still to this day can’t walk without the help of a walker. Lucky to be alive but I had to retire at the age of 59. Now with nothing to do all day I tried to fill my day the best I could. But I was very bored cause my wife works bless her hear. I joined Draft Kings and suddenly I had something to do. We don’t have a lot of money so I can’t play at times when I run out of money it I wait for my monthly check as I had to go on disability. So I can put more in. Also the Madden games you came up with during the pandemic was brilliant!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. That gave us all something to do without risking much money. So you gave us all things to do when sports was shut down. I live in Florida where spots gambling isn’t allowed so I thank Draft Kinds for giving us something to do. If at any time you need my signature on anything to keep us playing in Florida please don’t hesitate to ask, and thanks again

Good but could be better. Being able to place bets on random games/sports is fantastic. Big or small it keeps you more invested in each game and makes the game more fun. My biggest complaint is that lineups are not always updated before the contest starts which is extremely frustrating when you do not have time to do research and ensure each player you have picked will be playing, I rely on DraftKings to update line ups so that I don’t buy players who are not playing. It’s frustrating to check a lineup 5 minutes before the start and have all the players ready to go and then as it starts they get marked as out! So now it feels like a complete waste of money as you can’t win when you have a man not earning points. I think if that happens and is a game time decision you should be allowed to substitute the player or have DraftKings do an auto-sub. Worst part of the game play!

Draft Kings= Kings of Fantasy Sports. If you want to play Daily Fantasy sports, Draft Kings is the place to go. They have pretty much every sport there is to chose from, multiple different ways to play said sport of your choosing (full roster, half games, single games, etc etc), and multiple different ways to play against people (head to head, 50/50s, etc etc). The layout of the app is also super easy even for those that aren’t “tech savvy”. The salary levels for players in each sport are fair, they vary of course due to their level of skill, but it allows you to build a team of a very high level. DK also offers rewards for playing games- rewards that can be used towards playing future games! I’ve won money games by playing with these free rewards! And who doesn’t love free money??!! If I had one complaint about DK, it would be that I have multiple encounters with computer ran “bots” as opponents, such as playing two or even three separate opponents in one day, and finding they have the same exact lineup in the same exact order. If DK could rid their app of bots and find a way to eliminate them fully, I wouldn’t have a single complaint. Outside of that one issue, I fully recommend Draft Kings and use it on a regular basis myself.

The definition of rigged. This App couldn’t be any more rigged and unfair as any thing I’ve ever seen or played in my entire life. This is now probably the eighth time that I’ve had to complain to customer service to look at my recent hands played and tell me how that’s possible and why does it keep happening time after time after time. Save yourself the money and the frustration and just stay away from this app because One way or another it’s going to take it some money back and then some. I am in the process of collecting all my transactions and thoroughly show and explain how I know there’s no possible way it’s not right. The more money you get the worse of a hand you will get every time. I was at 150 bucks and doubled down immediately after that I just so happen to go on a never ending losing streak that drained my account that I had worth and build up for hours just to have it stolen in 5 mins by a rigged blackjack game

Draft kings entertainment value. I feel like participating in Draftkings is enjoyable. I have only participated in Draftkings for the most part in the sport of NASCAR. I feel like the opportunity to invest very little for a possible big payout adds more entertainment value to watching each event and even leads people who would be less interested in watching a race or an event to watch it and follow it. This leads to higher viewership for the sport or event that you have a small investment in and this leads to more more sponsorship money going into that sport. The truth is all professional sports are a business first and any increase in revenue for each sport resorts in higher success for that sport and more enjoyment for fans if that sport. Draftkings is certainly enhancing the business of professional sports and the enjoyment of the fans.

Easy to spend, Hard to cash in. It’s crazy to me they have 4.9 stars. It’s occurred to me the last thing people think about when they’re getting the rid of this app is writing a review. Maybe it’s easier on desktop I don’t know. But withdraw money sure, DraftKings will make you wanna rip your hair out with zero notifications or help messages regarding why you can’t withdraw money, and rather you just can’t do it. Talk to a customer service rep, oh yeah sure np, Draftkings will make you wanna pull out a handgun and blow your brains out when you realize there’s no customer service phone number and you can talk to a bot that is so unhelpful, it makes Siri feel like a personal assistant. Ok hours later you find out you need to update your info, someone finally gets back to you, but provide any info or insight on the maze you’ll need to go through to find where on the app you can update that info, no way, Draftkings needs that profit baby, these customer service reps don’t make nothing. Conclusion, Draftkings keeps too much profit for their greedy selves, and that will only lead to flatlining, before eventually being bought out.

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Beware ! Money withdrawn. I won $100 withdrawal it never received it it’s been over 2 months and they never got my money back

Verified problems. Hard for rural costumer with P.O. Box to get registered.

Worse UI. Worse UI for a company worths billions. Like was this built by a kid in grade school? Crowed landing page with so many colours but few easy to navigate headings. Both app and webpage are crazy

Review. DraftKings is a good betting website/app to place bets. Thanks

Love DraftKings. Great app, great user experience, nothing but good things to say!

Enjoy the nfl draftkings, especially beat balls. Hopefully, draftboard will be added to cellphone

Best App. Bar none

Great customer service. Customer service is quickly responding and many issues are timely fixed. Tons of options and games to play

Awesome. Love using draftkings for nfl betting

The Best. That’s really all that has to be said it’s the best. On edge of seat if in the mix. Only negative thing to say is wife always ask why are you always on your phone. Got that settled quick let her pick a team once a week in PGA it’s free sailing. Well done Draft Kings

Great idea. Love dfs, best thing since sliced bread

Great app. Sweeeeeet!

Ridicule...des voleurs !. Facile de déposer de l’argent, beaucoup moins de demander un remboursement vers ma carte de crédit. Ça me demande de m’identifier parce que je suis résident canadien pour pouvoir procéder. Totalement ridicule mais je le fais. Après avoir entrer mes infos personnelles il y a chargement qui aboutit jamais à rien et ce, après plusieurs tentatives avec l’application à jour. Voilà que j’en suis à plus d’une dizaine de tentatives de récupérer MON argent sans résultat. Tout ça à cause d’un problème de gestion qui aurait dû être réglé après tout ce temps et un processus compliqué pour décourager les gens d’encaisser. Bref 100% facile le processus de dépôt mais encaissement impossible (pour les Canadiens du moins) et processus compliqué pour dissuader les clients de faire la demande d’un remboursement ce qui frôle l’arnaque légale. Les programmeurs dirons que ce n’est qu’un bug informatique mais disons le, très avantageux pour DraftKings.

Draft Kings. Best app on sundays.

Horrible corrupt thieving app don’t download. Worst betting app I have ever used. Absolutely no customer support will take your money first and fast and when it comes time to pay you your winnings it makes you jump through numerous hoops asking you to confirm your identity, and then asking you to recieve your payment through check in the mail?! Absolute crooks please don’t download this revolting app.

Money. Easy to win money!

Fun to engage in. I prefer fantasy to the usual betting and gambling, dk has the perfect setup for a satisfactory experience

Lots of fun options for most budgets. Love that there are always a handful of free contests with cash prizes, plus if I want to make multiple lineups the 10 cent game options let me do that without going over my small weekly betting budget. My only complaint is that there are no longer any inexpensive options in Flash Draft, so I just don’t play it anymore.

I really enjoy playing draft king even though I’m only betting minimum and always loosing. Thank you

DraftKings. The app has many glitches. Stalling when making lineups. Deposits. Logging in. Etc.

Fun Stuff. NFL fantasy is sooooo much fun. Especially when you think your gonna win some money and one useless catch by a receiver takes you from ranking in the top 25 down to the bottom of the rankings and out of the winnings.

Fantastic. Fantastic!

Satisfaction everyday!!. Hard to find something wrong

DraftKings. Draft kings is a great betting site! I do public and private contests and it’s always good!!

Draft Kings. Great App. Great Customer Service.

Worst app. Constant errors in verifying location. Absolutely ridiculous! Every friend I have has the same issue…

Trailblazers!!!. Thanks to DraftKings we have reliable. Instantaneous betting with the ability to deposit or withdraw your $ at a moments notice ;).

Action packed!. It’s cool but would better if I won a couple hundred G’s...🤙🏻

Worst sports betting app I’ve used. Won’t even let me deposit money because of a location bug and identity verification won’t work even though it doesn’t even ask for id instead it just asked for name and said it wasn’t valid lol. What a joke of an app. Go use bet mgm for a working app otherwise any other betting app is better.

Only win I win lol on $1 bets. Very easy to use and play

Great app ruined by spam. I love this app. I love playing DraftKings events but the small details are so infuriating. You are spammed constantly by random users to join leagues or contests with no way to effectively block them. My notifications are unusable due to this constant spam so I am required to turn them all off. Before I turned off all communications, I had woken up to 25 emails from random people I have no connection to , who have invited me to a contest. It feels like signing up for email fraud. If you turn absolutely everything off you still get this spam in your notifications, meaning whenever you check to see if you have won you have thirty spam invites. It sucks and ruins an otherwise fun experience.

Draft kings. Is fun!

Awesome. Awesome

Great for dfs fantasy sports. Although this is my favourite dfs app I wish they had actual betting on the same app.

Awesome App!. Very fun and easy to use.

DraftKings. Great work!

4stars. Should be nice to have a new division with betting ! Youre site would be complete

Great. App always works as it should

Boom. Great site. User friendly

Best DFS Site. Awesome Site for DFS & more. Informative, easy to navigate and great games for both cash and GPP.

Tough but fun. Tough to win anything substantial but gets you into the game

Review. Really enjoy the app. Wish there was more bonuses and special competitions!

Where’s the Rewards?. Love DK. Been playing for a few years now. However with the “reduction” of player rewards and chances of moving up status’, it’s not “as fun” anymore. Here’s to hoping further changes are made to give players who play multiple sports daily…chances to move up.

Cheers. Good app

Best fantasy app!. The premiere DFS app out there

DraftKings. Enjoy it everyday….get to know the players and anxious to know how I did each morning.

Connected. I’m finally back in. I was locked out for some reason. Awesome site. Nothing like it. Glad to be back.

Can’t withdrawal funds if your from Canada. The system can not verify your identity because you don’t have a social security number. Using a social insurance number sends you in an endless loop.

Sports betting. It’s fun

Customer Service. Always get a quick answer and a favorable outcome every time I contact them.

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Use FanDuel instead. They locked my account because I tried logging in from AL while I was out there working for a week. Tried to have my brother login and complete my lineup for me once I realized AL doesn’t allow gambling. They locked my account and I have been trying to get it unlocked for 3 weeks now and still locked. Can’t make line ups and can’t withdraw my money. I’ve tried multiple times to have them unlock it stating I’m back in Texas and they still have not unlocked it. I’ve moved to FanDuel and can’t move my money over.

Draft Kings is fantastic, but Idaho won’t let us play!. Such a great system, where you can choose fantasy drafts in large tournaments with low buy ins and large prizes, or even moderately expensive buy ins with huge prizes. Was so much fun playing it, until Idaho state legislators decided to give us players the boot! How ridiculous can we get as a state and country to not even let citizens play a game, with elements of strategy and knowledge, to have some fun and potentially make some money. At any rate, if you’re in a state that allows it (as they all should!) enjoy and win big! So much fun.

Terrible. Still have not received my bonus from the money from my first deposit over three years ago next to the last three with drawls I have made have not gone back to the place that I deposited them from the only option I have is either checking mail or PayPal so if I choose PayPal and I want it right away it cost me a percentage of my money to get it back draft kings has gone downhill a long ways they are trying to make money and screw everyone

Terrible company, terrible product. This company has terrible customer service. I accidently deposited 250 dollars when I meant to deposit 25. They failed to return the 225 and I filed a claim with PayPal. 7 days later they sent the funds to my credit card that was not even the deposit method I used or where I wanted the funds to come. I then dropped the case with PayPal because they did return the funds in multiple random deposits over the course of a week. I did all the things to lift the restrictions on my account so I could sell or use my NFTs. I spent a lot of money on NFT packs and my account has been restricted now for a month and I have not been able to use and or sell my NFTs. This is like freezing a stock account as the market and dfs is constantly moving. This should be illegal and I will be looking into my legal options soon if this is not resolved.

Not built for husband and wife accounts.. This app is a joke. If you have a wife that’s a fantasy football player and likes to bet on fantasy football.......then this app is not for you. She has gone through 10 hours of hell trying to get her own account set up and is still having issues. The zen desk help center is a joke. It won’t even recognize my profile and password so I can send them a message. Fanduel is looking better every time this app crashes, or fails to recognize my profile information.... BEWARE

Easy to use & simple to read.. Love using draftkings app, its very easy to navigate through and operates fast. Also gives you gamelogs stats and fantasy daily suggestions w/best matchups and which games vegas thinks will be hi n low scoring. Big payouts fair playing field with 3entry max entries in every sport. My favorite thing is how your lineups DONT lock at 1st tip. So if 1st games at 6pm & steph is Questionable n plays at 930 you can put him in lineups, if he gets ruled OUT you can change it unlike fanduel where u get a bigfat 0. Also i won 4k & the check was at house 7 days after ordering it. Bravo to dks

The will screw you over. I feel helpless in this situation so hopefully I can steer other people away from this app. Had a player withdraw hours before competition (masters) they are so inconsistent when they let you replace people and in this case you just have to set a line up with a player that is OUT. I am in the lead in a 500,000 contest but it will fade because I have a player not scoring any points. They will screw you over with no remorse. This sports book does not keep the players in mind at all when it comes to their business, so do not give them yours. They also said this is a risk of draft contests so no refund either. Even though I tried to replace him before his tee time was expected. Terrible company

DK. I love draft kings it's much better than fan duel draft kings get your money back quicker than any other fantasy game out there I won four grand in NBA last year and within two days I had it all in my bank account and I only bet $11. There were a couple times I forgot to fill out my lineup and I’m guessing because I’m a long-term customer I emailed DraftKings and they sent me my money back into my account in DK dollars. This company is awesome. It’s gambling. People lose and get upset. Stick to the single entries if you don’t like playing with 150 other people. Those have big payouts too.

Daily Fantasy Sports - Draft Kings. I live in Germany and travel around the world. Draft Kings is the only company that works for me. Not Fan Duel, or any other second rate company, but Draft Kings! I like them mainly for their integrity. They do not allow bets to be placed if you run a VPN, nor are they an off shore company. They are owned and operated in the United States. Which means they abide by American laws. This is a direct reflection in their superb customer service support staff. From Sean to JoAnn, they will work their “tails” off for their customer base! My words alone can not describe how pleased I am with such phenomenal support, leading me to collect hundreds from my selections. Thank you, DraftKings!

Extremely difficult to withdraw winnings. Beware.. Impossible to speak to a live representative. Online verification process for withdrawals but guess what, not for adding funds. Go figure. I admit, did not seem to be much of an issue in the past, but as of late, EXTREMELY difficult. First they asked for a photo of my ID, while I was holding it, to verify my identity. After uploading it, they then say that it is not enough. Next, They ask for personal information like account numbers and entire banking statements on accounts you’ve used. I tried just submitting the corresponding transaction records to verify the accounts were mine and indeed legit but nope, unacceptable. They need banking statements. I refuse to give them my direct account information. I guess I’m just completely OUT of my almost $300 in winnings and deposits. Thanks!!!!

Buggy. The app frequently has trouble opening. The initial splash page goes away but then it gets stuck and displays an icon like it’s thinking. I assume it is using gps to verify my location at this point but it just sits at this screen and nothing else happens. My location services work fine with other apps. I usually have to open and close this app multiple times before getting in. This didn’t used to be a problem. Not sure if the most recent update caused this issue. Prior to this I really liked the app. Now I’m contemplating trying fanduel. Pretty annoying to not be able to get in and edit your roster especially when you have money on the line.

Awesome. Very little to improve. Awesome site. Pays out quick. Only thing they don’t have is same game parlays. Site is the easiest to navigate and has most in game cash out opportunities. Only issues would be doesn’t offer same game parlays which only fanduel does. And as soon as u place a bet if you hit a wrong button by chance. You cash out for less then the bet even if the event has not started. Fanduel gives full amount. Overall I like DraftKings by far the best. Only time I use any other site is for same game parlays. As far as daily fantasy. Hands down the best and has daily freebies. Odds boosts and no brainer bets push DraftKings way over the top.

They will get you. I never had problems with them until today. I spent $150 worth of my crowns on some golfer NFT cards and sent them an email about a promotion for getting back DK Dollars. Well they restricted my account. I think they are trying to scam me some how out of getting that promotion. They said for responsible gaming issues because I said I spent $150 I didn’t want to which they know is bull. I actually cashed in my crowns worth $150. I haven’t spent my actual money in years and I think that’s why they are locking my account. This isn’t right for them to do that. I won some money recently and haven’t made any deposits so they lock my account. I really think that’s what is going on. Stay away is all I can say.

Player Updates Need to be more timely. I know it’s NBA summer league, but if your going to write an updated status on a players news feed about him being inactive for a game, it should be done prior to tip off and there should be an alert to anyone that has that player in their lineup. Example - L. Walker IV player news update came out at 8:01pm cst tonight that said he was inactive and not playing. His game started at 8pm cst. Why can’t that update come out 10 minutes before tip? It wasn’t a last minute decision and since your writers are taking the time to write that update, why not do it in a somewhat timely manner. Like before the game starts. Other that that, I love DK.

Great site. I enjoy picking line ups for golf!! Very enjoyable and you can also win cash!! DraftKings still has a few bugs to workout! But overall very entertaining!! I had my line set!! Checked to make sure all players were still in play! And then at the 11th hour one of my players had to withdraw! I had fine everything think possible to stay on top of my line up and lost for the week because of players withdrawal!! DraftKings should have something in place to protect your gamblers!! I tried to present my case to DraftKings and basically I was told to bad if you don’t like the results don’t play!! That was terrible customer service!!

The best app for winning big!!!. It honestly doesn’t matter if your a beginner, novice, or an expert gambler, DraftKings is the place anyone can bring their best fantasy picks to the table and have the best chances at winning! Already have a solid circle of friends you want bragging rights over then this is the place for you, or maybe you feel your expertise is top notch and you’re good enough to take on the best that do it in today’s world, PLEASE DONT HESITATE!! COME!! We invite you from all over to claim your seat at the table and try your hand at the best sports entertainment gambling app that’s ever been offered to the public!

Didn’t give me winnings. I am one that never bet a lot or won a lot but played steadily. From one football season to the next l forgot my password so l created a new account with a different email address. With this new account l entered and won. Not a life changing amount but l was excited l won. Once l won they froze my account because they said it was a duplicate account. I don’t see the harm or foul here but they ended up sending me my $20 that l originally invested and then stole back my winning. Said it was “policy” but I still didn’t do anything wrong. Didn’t cheat, or steal, or anything that I’m sure thousands of others actually do. With that said l think DraftKings is an immoral company, who doesn’t do the right thing so I will not be playing here anymore. There is a new company called Draft that seems fun and will be taking my sub par talents there.

DKs DFS is the Best. 2years ago, I used to use a different app, and the only reason I switched to DKs was because DKs paid out my winnings directly to the accounts/cards that I made my deposit from. And the payments were made usually within 24 to 48 hours. Which was great because the other app made me wait 7-10 days. Maybe the other app changed by now but it doesn’t matter DKs won my over. And besides in DFF you don’t need to pick a kicker. When drafting a football team without a kicker, it makes it a lot less frustrating.

Best app ever!!!!. Even if you don’t wanna add money, it’s fine, there are so many FREE tournament lineups DraftKings has. Right now, week 2 there are 5 FREE tournament lineups for you. Download the app, set some free lineups each week until your comfortable enough to play in a $1, $5 or even a $10 lineup. Mind you, you could win hundreds of dollars in these free tournaments. Lastly, it makes watching football even better because now your invested in those athletes on your tv. Stack that with the NFL RedZone channel and you’ll be glued for the entire Sunday😉

LateTeamDrafting. I love everything about the DraftKings app, from winning REAL money to the sports game you can draft from. The only thing that I think would make it even perfect is they let you do the late drafting even after the games started. You know like if basketball start at 7pm eastern time, then you should still be able to draft a team just not from the 7oclock games. You know something like fanduel. That one thing is literally the only difference for me anyways. Some people like myself forget to keep track of time and often more than a little, I end up making donations to DraftKings rather than picking a team. But I enjoy DraftKings very much.

Even Though My Balls Are Hairy, I Enjoy Playing DraftKings!!! Awesome Time!. I Enjoy Playing DraftKings, it. Asses the time and make sports a lot more fun. As long as you aren't making huge wagers, or I should say wagers that you can't afford! It is a great time for all! Everyone will have a great time! Even if you are taking the NFL season off for the whole disrespecting the flag thing you can still follow the stats and keep up with the players and the game through DraftKings without feeling like you are participating in disrespecting as well! I love DraftKings & I highly recommend it!

Not working on iPhone XS. The one star rating is strictly due to the fact that the app is not working on my iPhone XS at all. I signed up via the link provided by Draft King, completed set up, and then was asked to permit location tracking. On that page, I am unable to click the “ok” button at the bottom of the screen because it’s too close to the swipe up feature on iPhone X and above. When I tap on the button lightly or hard press (3D touch), it appears to begin to work, but then stays on the same page, not allowing me to proceed. However, when I checked my location tracking in settings, Draft King already has permission to track my location. This needs to be fixed ASAP and is a gross error for a company a year after the iPhone X released. I will change my review if applicable if this is addressed in a timely manner.

Greed. You guys are getting way too greedy and are not paying attention to how users feel. You can’t keep ripping people off we are not stupid . You have millionaires on here and groups of people working together pouring money into one contests people can’t compete this way you need to start having people on the same level compete stop being greedy and start making it fair . Greed will be your down fall I promise you fix your contests and start being fair you know exactly what I’m talking about .

Think you have what it takes??. I’ve been playing DK for a couple years now, and the thrill of hitting it big is exactly what keeps me motivated to keep testing my “game of skill” and of course my luck, because make no mistake about it, to win big on anything, you need both! Haven’t hit a major lick as of yet, but I do have a buddy that has hit for 20k, 10k, and another $2,500 on here so I know it is very much possible.. I can feel it though, my time for a MAGE is on the horizon! Very fun and competitive though, and that’s the main reason other than financial that I play.. would def recommend if you have the funds and the skills to try and take home some extra cheese!! Good luck!!

Winning. I have never won more than a few dollars and I have had some high scoring lineups so it seems like some unfairness may be happening. It’s hard to believe that thousands of people ever week pick lineups that much better than I only average 50 cents on winnings each week. So my only thing is please just make sure this is as far as it can be. I would like to think I’m pretty knowledgeable with Football. Maybe there should be someway to put people into categories if they are winning big all the time or most of the time they can’t compete against people that have never won or win small cash values.

It's a good time!. I love fantasy football and drafting a team is what I love most! On draft kings you don't have to spend a lot of $ and can draft as many teams as u want.. I love the challenge of trying to find the best combination of players while staying within you salary.. On the other hand their customer support basically doesn't exist. My account was frozen for no reason and I had already spent a lot of time drafting several teams that I was very confident in. Turns out I would have won a gd amount of money. Since then I've emailed them many times only to get a generic message back.. So be careful you don't get scammed as well!

ROBBED They will take your money. How many out there have been able to withdraw their money Obviously when you deposit the take all I downloaded the app years ago when Fantasy sports was fairly new I didn’t care for I deposited money and it wasn’t my thing Had troubles with support from the beginning 4 years later they still and will not refund me the $97 I have in my account Now they put me in a “Break” for three months instead of refunding $97 don’t sound like much to some but it’s still money Think if you put $100 in account and the interest you would have after 5yrs Now take that time 100 people 1,000 people etc CROOKS DO NOT DEPOSIT OR PLAY ON HERE PLENTY OF OTHER SPORTS BETTING ONLINE AND I CAN NAME VERY GOOD ONES THAT YOU HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH WITHDRAWALS

Why I love DraftKings. I love DraftKings because it has renewed my interest in pro football. I don’t win a lot...or lose a lot. I bet 20 - 30 bucks a weekend and just sit back and enjoy the games. I also enjoy reading your expert’s analysis on the upcoming games. One complaint: You need to hire some proof readers. A lot of your articles have a great number of atrocious grammar and spelling errors. I suggest you hire me. I have 30 years in the communication business and would love to help DraftKings provide clear and precise information to all who use your service. Thank you. Ian Logan

Live scoring. DraftKings offers live scoring, allowing users interested in that sort of thing to track their contests in real time, make late swaps and avoid waiting days for payouts. If your favorite DFS site has issues with these basics, rhymes with ScamTool, blames vendors for its own shortcomings and employs reps who couldn’t possibly care less about your experience even if they were paid on 100% commission earned by generating the most miserable reviews imaginable, hit that withdraw button and have a more enjoyable time probably still losing your money at DraftKings.

Better than a league but.... Love playing this but it could really use a few tweaks. I play the same group of guys each week... I love that the auto resize feature was added. However the run automatically weekly doesn’t work... which would make things so much easier. I have to turn that off each week. I should also be able to set some defaults. For instance, every time I set up a private contest for NFL Sun-Mon, I have to change the payout from whatever the default is, to winner take all. It would be nice I could choose what that defaults to. I should also be able to see at least a seasons worth of history on my private games. Would be cool to see what our winning records look like.

Draft kings review. I have been playing Fantasy sports since last fall, joining a league at work. Since Joining Draft Kings, fantasy sports has now become a hobby. Draft Kings offers games for the small time players like me, this allows me to stay away from individuals who do this for a living. I wake up each morning, to see if my research in this game of skill paid any winnings. In fact Draft Kings is the only site that allows you to make changes to your line up, provided the players involved have not started yet. This is a huge advantage over the other sites I play on daily, Draft Kings Rocks!

I cant see my account info, address, phone number and email. I can’t see my account info, like my address, phone number or email. DraftKings has the wrong phone number, but I can’t edit my account Why doesn’t the customer have control of their accounts? Why is the account info hidden? Here’s me responding to DraftKings with email, since they don’t have a customer service phone number! I tell for the fifth time, I only have the last 4 digits, this is criminal on your end; I’m just a customer, I can’t see the full phone number on my account, I tried to verify my account and DraftKings is sending text messages to a phone number ending in 6085 I’m going to finish this NFL season out and then I’m going to find another DFS app! This is way too shady for me!

Terrible experience. I’ve been in the live chat for about an hour and a half talking to multiple people about 5 different people because the live chat closes out when they instruct you to do anything. I was not able to find my account due to age restriction for no reason when I asked for help I was told information incrementally and every time I was assured all I need was to provide my drivers license once I did I got the twelfth degree and they started adding things like proof of residence which isn’t a problem except you wait until I’ve invested more then an hour before they told me I need something I didn’t have access hour and a half of my life I could have saved if not for the terrible way the draft kings customer service is set I will actively detour people from using this app

System changes needed. I like DK, I really do. I the “idea” of investing a few dollars to possibly win thousands is a really fun thought, especially for a common joe like myself. However, my absolute biggest problem with DK is with their NBA set ups. Not being able to switch out a player that has been scratched from a game lineup ESPECIALLY when the game they are in has yet to start is INCREDIBLY frustrating. It’s possible to do in a NFL lineup, so why it’s so difficult to do with the NBA is foreign to me. I have mentioned it to DK and all they say is, “Play the late swap contests,” which is a garbage response. DK makes crazy money, I know they have the resources to make this happen.

Da Bomb but one change I’d like. DK is an awesome DFS site. From locating the ease of entering lineups to the timely deposit of winnings it’s the best. But there’s only one (1) change I’d like to see DK implement. Take an NBA 8 game slate for instance where the lock is 6:00 CT then 6:30 7:00 so on. I’d like to see DK do like FD and if you miss the 6:00 lock you can still enter a lineup/lineups up to say the last three to four games. If you miss that timeframe you’re just S.O.L. It’d keep some from losing the entrance fees. It’d help when a person is unable to enter a lineup when for some unseen reason. Thank You and L.F.G.

Support was very understanding. I reserved an entry into a contest that started at 8pm. When I tried to import my lineup into that contest right before the start time the app continuously loaded due to what I believe was extreme traffic on the site. I was unable to submit my lineup. I let support know that the app was not loading but everything else was running fine on my internet connection and they said that they were sorry about the issues and refunded me my entry fee. Thank you very much DraftKings support! I was relieved that they were compassionate about the situation and fixed it right away.

Love me some Draft Kings ; 4 Realz!! And I’m Serious.. Since my brother got me into it about like almost five years now I was in “awe” with the app . I started with only football but then when the season was over I need it some else to play and si remember you guys didn’t have lots of sports but now we’re in heaven , I really thank you guys cause this is something that takes the mind out of stress and you can win some money doing it . So if I could give you a hundred stars , I would do it , jeje thanks ✌🏽&❤️. Harold “ Mike” :);)

Fantasy Football Money!. I’ve been playing fantasy for over 16yrs. Started in high school with friends, just play for fun. Over the years I started to dislike the fact that your stuck with at least half your team, unless you make amazing trades, which are rare. DraftKings has changed the game, I create a league with my friends and I play the booster contest. The millions is extremely hard to win 1st, but I like my odds better than the lottery. I can’t wait till the sports book opens in California. Everyone loves parlay bets and prop bets. DraftKings needs to hurry up and get that sports book open everywhere. Love DK I’m in all day!

Exceeded my cynical expectations. I live in NY and decided to mess with all the promotions going on with it becoming legal. I’ve used DraftKings before and lost more than I won because.. gambling. I figured the promos would have enough fine print to keep ppl from withdrawing winnings off of promos the way Ceasers does. I bet a dollar left in my account and the 100 promo dk dollars and hit a 1500 winner. I was able to withdraw those winnings with no issues which I feel is worth a review...especially after using Ceasers garbage app.

DraftKings Review. Hello, Here are some ideas I think would be very valuable to DraftKings: 1. You should put legs of a parlay in order according to ending soonest to latest 2. You should give out more free bet credits once or twice a month to those who spend a lot of time and money on your platform. It serves as a thank you and shows your appreciation for your loyal customers. 3. I would like to have the option to cash out early when I place parlays that have a “Draw No Bet” leg in it. 4. I love seeing deposit match offers and I know for a fact it’s what keeps alot of customers staying at DraftKings because most other competitors don’t do it or if they do they have a ridiculous play-through requirement. 5. Keep doing profit boosts for different sports, I end up placing bets on sports I wouldn’t have if there wasn’t a profit boost available for it. I hope you guys see this and take the ideas into consideration. :) Best Regards & A Loyal Customer, Jordan Cebular

Cancel account immediately. I’m trying to delete my DraftKings fantasy account and it will not let me I need to erase it off of my phone completely. It keeps going to the iCloud account and it shows me is still having the password in the account and I do not want it. that will not even let me reach support team because it keeps saying too many requests for the last three days. It has said that I need to delete this account immediately there is no way I can do that. I keep deleting it off of my screen, and it just goes back to where it says it’s on my iCloud and it stays with my phone. I do not want it on my phone or in my phone I want the regular Draft Kings account and it will not let me play it because of this fantasy thing so please delete it.

Love the app. What can I say I love this app. I always played it as a form of entertainment to make the games more interesting and that's how you have to look at it. I mostly just play basket ball and football on here. I was lucky about three weeks ago to win 7500 dollars playing a 4 dollar game playing fantasy basket ball, so it is possible to get lucky on here, but don't let it go through your head it can be easy to get carried away with it. But you have to look at this as strictly entertainment. My only complaint is that they don't have wnba on here. I say that because I know very little about baseball, soccer and hockey. Note since the latest update the app is crashing a lot.

First Time Player. It was kinda hard to tell how many rounds Of golf would be played from my first tournament. 1 round and then pay and pick new players for round 2, etc.I was also looking for the free 18th hole contest and could not find it on the mobile app. Seems like false advertising to me. Actually picking the players was very easy and paying the entry fee was taken from money transferred from Pay Pal to DraftKings, which was nice because I didn’t have to provide any credit card information. I wish I could given a better review, their needs to be online help via chat or phone call to answer questions about the different was to bet, etc.

What’s not to like? DFS on DK is the best!. So many contests, so many FREE contests, so many rewards, bonuses, promotions, all kinds of different sports. I only wish there was a way to meet other players on here. I love DFS, DraftKings is my favorite (don’t tell the other guys, but I like them too). The app runs super smooth, the scoring updates amazingly fast, the contests settle so quickly. Haven’t tried a cashout yet but I’m sure it’ll go just fine. I will say that FanDuel had a better deposit bonus system. But I love it here, and I plan to hit a big score one day!

DID NOT PAY OUT. This probably won’t make it to the top of the reviews, but upon accidentally depositing into the daily fantasy app instead of Sportsbook, I decided to withdraw instantly the $150 I deposited into this app. Long story short after 2 weeks of not receiving the funds I contacted support who said it will take some more time (never had an issue with DK before this). Now over a month after still not receiving the withdrawal support told me to check with my bank. Bank basically says I’m beat for the money. Will never use DK again, very valuable bettor lost. I’d recommend staying away from them if you don’t want to take any chances and getting beat for your money. Should be noted that upon not receiving the $150 I did receive several other withdrawals from DK. 0 stars for DraftKings.

Hartboy918. Even though I don’t know, when is much as I would like to, it’s still a lot of fun, and there’s always that one chance that I could win a bunch of money! Lol the competition is very tough and someday when I retire, I would like to be able to study more and keep up with all the teams and players so I could be a better competitor. It seems most of the time when I do study and do a lot of research. I do pretty good. But when I don’t have time, I never really do very good. But all in all it’s a fun and great experience. Thanks Hartboy918

Best App 4 Sport Bet Newbies!!!. I love DraftKings! Back when I was still just being introduced to the world of sports betting, it gave me a way to easily and securely get my feet wet while also enjoying it! From the free contests to the paid contests, there’s money to be made everywhere in this app! And they have every type of sport you could think to bet on. I love this app so much. Two years in and just doing this part time whenever the mood strikes I’ve won over $70. My friends who are way more active and dedicated than me have me hundreds. This is definitely an app I recommend first to anyone looking to bet on sports without dealing with environments and people like the typical bookie.

LIVE GAMING SITE W PERSONALITY N FEELIN AT HOME CUSTOMER SETVICE!. e Rt years. During this time I’ve won some and I’ve lost some The website lost some and lost some but then won a few in a row! From my first visit to my 500th, I’ve witnessed draft kings superb customer service and technical staff via phone calls, texts, emails n “live” helpers on the site in real time to serve you. Not bad. It’s worth the 10% u receive but just don’t forget all the men n women behind the scenes. DK continues to build its reputation as THE industry leader & GOTO media for professional athletes, coaches, fans, media and The World.

Issues since last update. Since the recent update, I haven’t been able to see my players teams highlighted when choosing players in KBO. So, basically it’s much more confusing choosing lineups, even if I filter by team vs team, it doesn’t do much good. Throw in the overlap of names and I’m suddenly staying away from KBO. I’m on XS max. (Usually a players team abbreviation is in bold letters while their vs team name is in smaller text, but since the update that’s gone away, now both teams show in normal text) I reached out to dk assist on Twitter, hope they can figure it out

Something shady happening. No issues with customer service in regards to changing an email account (prior email deactivated over a year ago). I went through their security hoops; verifying my name, billing info, and updated email address. I’ve never won more than $5 but have given them $hundreds. It’s entertainment but no longer because now they have suspended my predominate email account, which I didn’t even know existed because I was told the updated email can’t take effect until certain info is provided, which it now has been. If I had to guess DraftKings is probably a Russian or Chinese organization laundering money and by “suspending accounts or stating ridiculous accusations of having two accounts” I will never recommend or use this App again. It’s complete FRAUD!

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Language English
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Adult Rating 17+ years and older
Current Version 5.32.0
Play Store com.draftkings.dknativermg
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

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The application DraftKings Fantasy Sports was published in the category Sports on 21 December 2013, Saturday and was developed by DraftKings [Developer ID: 544448370]. This program file size is 147.71 MB. This app has been rated by 515,979 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. DraftKings Fantasy Sports - Sports app posted on 25 March 2024, Monday current version is 5.32.0 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.draftkings.dknativermg. Languages supported by the app:

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Looking for comprehensive training in Google Analytics 4? We've compiled the top paid and free GA4 courses available in 2024.

Top Paid App List
App Name Released
The Past Within 02 November 2022
Terraria 28 August 2013
AnkiMobile Flashcards 26 May 2010
Stardew Valley 24 October 2018
75 Hard 19 June 2020

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