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What is mlb app? The MLB App is the #1 destination for live baseball video and audio, directly on your iOS device. Watch and listen live or on-demand!

-- Jump directly into your favorite team's live game from your home tab
-- Customize and filter your News content for the headlines that interest you most
-- Get real-time highlights and on-deck alerts for your followed players
-- Follow the action of the game with real-time player positions and batted balls
-- Live Activities support for game updates right on your lock screen


-- The Watch experience has 24/7 personalized programming, curated content collections and the deepest baseball-on-demand video library anywhere
-- The Official Site of Major League Baseball Free Game of the Day (subject to blackout restrictions)
-- Watch free in-game, real-time highlights for every game
-- Watch select Minor League Baseball games
-- MLB Film Room: Search millions of videos
-- Picture-in-Picture streaming for live video and highlights
-- Watch MLB Network programming (pay TV authentication required)


-- Access your The Official Site of Major League Baseball subscription to watch every out-of-market game
-- Listen to Home, Away and Spanish-language (where available) radio broadcasts live and on demand with MLB At Bat
-- Watch 7,000+ Minor League Baseball games with MLB At Bat
-- Universal audio support for MLB At Bat subscribers, accessible on iPhone, iPad and other supported smartphones and tablets

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App Name MLB
Category Sports
Updated 05 April 2024, Friday
File Size 232.67 MB

MLB Comments & Reviews 2024

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Great app, two recommendations. The recent changes that have been made are very much appreciated. Two request, first, when a game ending notification comes in can you include the pitcher who gets credited for the save when that applies. Second, also related to game notifications, unless the user has scoring changes or lead changes turned on, just send the end of game notification, we don't need the walk off play as well. For those who have lead or score changes turned on, obviously this would be appropriate. I've tested this with just the end of game notification set on, and when a walkoff happens, two separate notifications are sent every time.

Used to be good.. **UPDATE** They did the impossible... they made the app worse. You can now NO LONGER search for videos by keywords. This is unbelievable. I PAY MONTHLY FOR THIS APP, and it seems like they are putting all the subscribers money into making the app worse with every update. ALSO.. radio broadcast will just disappear now for large chunks of time, and when it’s running its way behind gameday which will freeze from time to time. Please go back to simplifying the app.. I’m paying the same, but getting so much less now. I’ve been a subscriber for a long time. And up until recently I would have given this app a five star review. This app is garbage now. I’ve watched the quality of the app rapidly decline in recent years. Replays used to load quickly, and be of good quality. Not only do the replays take forever to load, but when they do they are extremely pixelated on even the fastest wifi. The radio function never works. I can listen for a few minutes, but the playback will inevitably fail. When that happens I am stuck watching game day, which is ALSO a mess now. I get that there’s a lot that goes into making this app possible, and when functioning correctly it’s a beautiful thing.. but with all the crazy additions made to make the app “better” they ruined what used to just FLAT OUT WORK.

Me. Once upon a time this was the best major Sports app. It still is but it’s “Slippin”. This year I have been required to delete then reinstall more than all past years combined. I have had the ‘at bat’ app since it was started Now we have audio problems- identifying players problems-videos blowing into my ability to listen to the radio broadcast. My ‘pet peeve is stopping the audio feed to do something else for a few minutes and coming back to listen. The audio picks up where you stopped it unless you shut the app off and restart it. So it isn’t a live stream it’s an app that forces the listener to hear as many ads as can be piled into the ‘stream’ So if an inning ends on the game you’re listening to and you switch to another game when you return to the game you started with you must listen to all of the ads and ‘live’ broadcast that you left to go to a new game. It’s funny the pictures of batters and pitchers keep up with the game you left but the audio radio broadcasts doesn’t. So to keep up you must shut down the app and restart it to catch up. I gave it 3 stars because it is still better the other major sports apps but not by much anymore.

Major league frustration. This app will let something exciting happen in the game or information in a pre or post game show and it will break away to a commercial or a prerecorded sound of a crowd and a ball hitting a bat and by the time you restart the app what ever was happening has passed and you missed it. I try to use this app to listen to games while I work but was finding it was costing me even more money than the wasted money spent on a useless app because I was literally walking to the phone to restart the app and then walking back to my work and by the time I picked up my tools the app had broken away to a prerecorded crowd Noise again. It will be playing the game I want to hear and then in the middle of a play it will also break away to commercials for the app also. I own a business and if my work was as useless to my customers as this app is I would be starving and homeless. Basically screen doors on a submarine function better than this app.

Good app gone bad. Another greedy money grab. I used to love this app. However, if you can avoid it, do so. First they jacked up the price from $20 a year to $30 a year for the audio broadcasts. No new features or benefits, just a huge greedy move for us with auto subscriptions turned on. They also started using local commercials based on your location. However, there doesn’t seems to be anyone actually monitoring the game so the commercials start later than the commercial break so it cuts off the start of the broadcast of the next innings. By the time the commercials finish you’ve missed at least the first batter or more. And the audio on the commercials is so loud! I did radio and tv commercials for years professionally and this is easily fixed with a leveling compressor but apparently no one at MLB knows what one is. Look elsewhere for your baseball broadcasts if you can.

MLB at Bat app, Best of Four Major Sports. The MLB at Bat app is by far the best app to follow your hometown MLB team and all of Major League Baseball, in general. You can follow just about everything you would want to know about the MLB in real-time at the touch of your fingers on your smartphone. This year they even improved it with more ways to get specific information about each game. By the way, the app is faster than your tv and radio broadcasts. But I have one negative against these new improvements, there is no function or tab to click on to show which defensive players are in the field or which runners are on base, etc So one negative: no field view! This matters more late in games as managers make substitutions and especially in extra innings games. So I hope MLB is listening and watching and will re-introduce field-view with defense and runners on base. Otherwise this app is pretty awesome!

MLB stop trying to change the game. This app is awesome, I’ve been a huge fan of Major League Baseball since I was 8 years old .I can remember listening to the Oakland A’s , in 1972. I would keep score of the games. Stats in sports have always interested me. Especially when it came to baseball. The history of game and the players who once played at the beginning ,when they started to keep players numbers ,stats. A bats . Hits ,Runs ,Home Runs ,RBI’s etc .Pitching records Era’s it’s made baseball as far has I’m concerned, the best game ever.! I have to say , I don’t like the new rules , the pitching clock. The base runner at second in extra innings. It takes the purity out of the game: I love that baseball has no time limit It’s what’s made it unique, a game could last 20 innings or longer. That’s what’s amazing. But by just putting runners on base: In my I think it hurts the game : not makes it better. If your going to have the pitching clock .let’s add some time. It’s way to fast. Baseball was never meant to be a quick game. It involves Thinking and strategies on every pitch, managerial moves, pitching changes, pinch hitters,( oh yeah and I almost forgot, you can’t shift players over to one side of the diamond , that’s ridiculous also. Just let the managers try whatever to stop a pull hitter . Stop changing the greatest game ever .!! The end

This app was incredible… now it’s a disgrace and a sham.. I’ve had the MLB app since it was known as AtBat and have paid for a subscription since then… I have contemplated getting rid of the app and subscription for several years now, and I can finally say I’m going to bite the bullet and quit it. There is literally nothing on the app that you can’t do for free elsewhere now. What pushes me over the edge is the radio and video playback (not to mention the countless other bugs/issues in). The fact that with the subscription MLB only shows us the scoring videos without ads is a COMPLETE SHAM. We used to be able to watch every game video without ads… now you have to watch more even though you pay money??? Mega disappointment. And perhaps to put the cherry on top… the radio playback is a complete disaster. Since MLB switched to Audacy last year it’s never been the same. The quality and playback are nonexistent. Why try to listen here when you can listen on literally so many other apps?? I had hope that this year they would make necessary changes and come up with solutions to the apps many persistent issues. But obviously this is not the case. If I could get my money back for the subscription, I would delete it right now. This app used to be absolutely indispensable to baseball fans. Now it’s broken and not worth having it on your phone… the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind over this mess.

Blackout bandits. You need to stop with all the blackouts! Draw a circle with a 300 mile radius and only black out those folk because they can drive to the games and buy tickets. Instead you blackout the Astros from me here in southern New Mexico which is almost 800 miles away! Really? Do you think I will drive or fly to every game cause I am so close? Never gonna happen! Not to mention you blackout San Diego and Arizona! Ok, I get it with Arizona but c’mon Houston? I can watch the Rockies but not Houston or the Padres. It makes no sense. Now, on top of that I am retired and on a fixed income so if I go to just one game in five years I will be surprised. I save my money for the minor league teams I can see in El Paso. So relax you restrictions already on all the blackouts!

Great App. I wrote the review below last year. I had to downgrade it one star because it has become slow to open. Everything has become slower in the app too. I like to read the bios of the players, but it’s excruciatingly slow. It’s very different this year. It’s got a new look when it opens, so the developer made some changes that have affected the performance. It’s not my internet. It is fast, and all my other apps do not have this problem. Sometimes it’s better not to fix it when it ain’t broken. I’m a Southern California Cubs fan and subscribe to MLB to watch my Cubbies. It’s such a great deal. The only drawback is that I spend way too much time watching baseball. I saw almost every game last year and the year before.

Greed. People wouldn’t believe how much money I used to make. The more I made it seemed the less happy I was. Corporations when they take they don’t replace that with anything else other than another revenue stream. For the price of tickets to see mediocrity teams play a game the sell is nostalgia. Yet that same nostalgia that sells the tickets themselves is being removed by apps that are forced on the fans. This app is pretty simple to use and works well. However, by not giving fans an option to have hard physical tickets for souvenirs, mementos and arts and crafts shows they have zero respect for any of us. Who has a tickets stub to Aaron Judge HR record game? I bet the Yankees printed some garbage limited edition trinket to sell to the fan. This goes for every Sports team. Tom Brady’s return to Foxboro playing for the Bucs- my family’s had season tickets for 30 years yet no stub from that game. When the younger generations lose the nostalgia of collecting tickets and physically holding and reading the articles they will also lose the nostalgia that convinces them to overpay for a product that no longer means what it used to mean. Technology isn’t going anywhere and we are heading way past the slippery slope of intellectual property abuse. Now all I got to do is figure out how to make a decent living again only utilizing my Cellphone

Junk!!!! Do not waste your time trying to watch extra innings. I have had the app on my iPad for many seasons, and I had to re-do the hand-shake proving my account weekly this season. I mean every week having to re-login to watch the Mets lose is stupid. I used to have to do it a few times a season. I changed and updated the email address which was the initial problem, but I still need to do WEEKLY, stupid re-login hand shakes to prove I paid. I did contact mlb tech support, and I was told just bookmark the pages. I mean it is stupid having to re-prove weekly my accounts. I think it is one of many reasons kids no longer care about baseball and love the NFL. I mean fantasy started with the MLB, but I never hear about it anymore. Also, I have to deal with it quitting every game too. I mean in the middle of an at bat too. I understand the occasional app issue(s), but I swear ever single game it quits for every season and game of the season.

Best for highlights. Best app to watch highlights on. Have to wait for complete game highlights, otherwise the snippets that they post throughout the game are in no particular order, makes absolutely no sense. You cannot select the first video and watch in sequential order, the first and last video could both be from the end of the game. Kind of ruins the experience for those who can’t afford to pay to stream games. EDIT: this app does not work well. Everything freezes, replays to radio. They own the rights to any game out of market - means I cannot listen to a mariners game in Virginia without reconnecting to the stream at least 35 times per game. If it were free I wouldn’t be complaining but paying for something that doesn’t work, just because they own a monopoly doesn’t sit well with me. This app feels like it was put together by someone that doesn’t watch sports and has no general idea of user experience. Latest update makes it hard to find anything. Very disappointing. Very close to paying more money for radio stream elsewhere.

App is crap. App used to be so good. Now it constantly crashes, you have to watch a commercial that is longer than the video clip, updates say “improvements” which is totally false. The app used to be simple and gave you what you needed. Now it’s just a complete mess. The standings are a complete joke, they made it all colorful as if it’s better, it’s not, it just added more crap to the standings, you can’t just see the simple standings with how many games behind etc without having to actually scroll, just make it simple again. Then when you have complaints, which it seems everyone has nowadays, all they do is send a reply “we’d love to pass on your suggestions” knowing full well that means “we are going to dump your suggestions in the trash, we know better than you what you want” MLB app is a complete joke. Everyone that works on it obviously doesn’t use it. Total garbage.

Terrible Casting Experience. I hate the casting experience. I watch half a game, come back the next day to finish, and the app won’t let me resume from where I left off. So, I try to slew to the approximate hour/minute where I left off. The stream is paused, so I hit “play” and it returns me to the very beginning of the broadcast, not the hour/minute I chose. Also, the 30 second fast forward/rewind buttons don’t do anything, they are just for visual appeal I suppose. When I say they don’t do anything, I mean just that. Non functional. Oh and the RSN’s…don’t get me started on that terrible arrangement that MLB has in order to screw fans and reduce overall accessibility to live games. I hope someone gets fired for coming up with that idea.

Notifications broke with app update; customer service didn’t work. I’ve been using the app for years and it worked fine. I had notifications setup to get alerts when games ended for my favorite team. However, after a recent app update I started getting tons of extra notifications (player news, trades, tons of highlights) that I didn’t sign up for. I re-verified in the app that I had only signed up for end of game notifications but something I had broken after an app update. I contacted customer service but just got back a boiler plate response telling me how to setup notifications, banners, etc. It didn’t acknowledge that I had already done that and was contacting them because the app was sending excessive notifications that should have been turned off. Hopefully they can fix the problem in a future app update…

Getting Better But Not There Yet. Two things I would really like to see to rate this app five stars. Box score and highlights and condensed videos available on the Home Screen for my favorite team. I see that I can get this info now if I click scores. I enjoy seeing the box score below the score. Also access to the condensed game and highlights videos from the Home Screen would be preferred. Also still having issues with videos starting off muted and having to unmute. Clicking the all videos button on the Home Screen and being taken to a website page within the app is undesirable. The user experience of watching videos from the website is terrible. Please have them embedded and playable from the app and not load from a website page.

Radio is broken. I've been a subscriber for a while now and listen to games frequently. In the last couple weeks, they’ve updated something with the radio function of the app that causes it to lag way behind the action of the game. I know latency exists in the internet, but I'm talking 2-3 batters behind the game on TV. It's very frustrating to be so far behind the action and it never used to be like this until a few weeks ago. Please fix it! Update for 2023: this is still a problem! Was working fine during spring training and I thought it was fixed. Regular season starts and it’s right back to a horribly delayed radio feed. FIX IT! Update for June 2023 - I’ve submitted this review a few times. I’ve put in customer service complaints over and over. Not only does MLB refuse to help, they refuse to admit it’s a problem. So to add another complaint - every commercial break is the same three very VERY annoying ads superimposed over the broadcast feed. Three ads, twice an inning, nine innings, every day. It’s unlistenable.

The app keeps making me log out. The app keeps making me log out on my iPad and now I cannot log back in. I’ve paid for this app for several years and enjoyed it but now, it is horrible. Besides logging me out constantly, I do not like the layout. It takes several more clicks now to get to the screen for viewing all the scores…and if I want to watch, it takes you to another screen to choose the team again. It appears that someone “upgraded the layout” who does not understand what fans want. UPDATE: I still cannot log in on my iPad to watch games. I can see them on my iPhone. This is horrible. I paid too much money to be able to watch games on my iPad and it keeps coming up with an error when it asks me to log in. Horrible app and layout this year. I don’t plan to buy it next year and would like my money back if you cannot fix the app for this year. Each year seeems to have gotten worse.

Fails in so many ways. Sep 30, 2023, Rangers@Mariners cut off the last of the ninth when Texas clinched a playoff spot and celebrated? You people hate Houston and Texas, don’t you? I can’t even hear the Mariners call of the end of the game? OMG! App crashes a LOT and when you pause it, you better remember what time, date, and team you left, because the app won’t remember or help you find it. Mariners feed: Dead air for some commercial breaks? Live Feeds: Repetitive public service announcements played over the commercials and cuts announcers off too soon in the middle of a heartfelt tribute to a recently passed Hall-of-famer? OMG! Those companies paid good money for those commercials and you just cut them out! The ads are too repetitive on the Rangers and Astros feed for sure though! Can you not sell any more ads? Can Coca-Cola come up with a worse commercial? “We’re on the air!” OMG! Rangers feed: Jared is way TOO LOUD or Eric and Matt are too quiet. Astros feed: Radio engineer doesn’t know how to fade songs. Steve Sparks is hilarious though! SPARKY LIKE-EEE!

Invaluable App with Serious Problems. I can’t imagine baseball life without this app. All the markets broadcast n one place, by each team’s actual announcers? Sign me up! (I use Gameday Audio exclusively.) But the app comes with some fatal flaws. Often the app just quits broadcasting - it gets stuck buffering or says “playback failed.” I must go through a series of needless steps to get it working again. If I’m listening in the car or drifting off to sleep, I’m screwed. I’ve missed crucial plays because of this problem. Until MLB fixes this “consistency” problem, I can only give it 3 stars. Wish I could give it 5, for it provides a large quantity of team news, box scores, and even archives games for later listening. Yet I’m there primarily for the broadcasts, and the app often falls short in this function.

Not a Fan of the New Standings Update. I love this app for following my favorite team, particularly when I can’t watch the game. However, I really don’t like the visual of the standings that came with the latest update. From a graphics perspective it all runs together. There aren’t clear differences between divisions. The lines all look the same and it just seems to run together, and I really don’t like that I have to scroll to see the big picture. It’s hard on the eyes on a mobile screen. Interesting to have more stats, but does the average user really need all of those?Love this app, but the graphics in the Standings are not easy on the eyes and annoying to use and look at.

MLB has an outdated business model, and I’m disappointed. The app often fails… then you have to reload it particularly when you switch games. Also, the MLB blackouts restrictions are ridiculous. In a modern age MLB needs understand if you don’t let the fans watch games they’re gonna do something else and not support MLB. It’s crazy to think that when you buy the app you cannot watch local games that for me are over a two hours drive away. This follows an outdated business model. Currently, the most advantageous business model follows the theory of the “long tail”. The most profitable value is getting it to an audience of millions rather than a few hundred thousand fans. Also, I know when I watch games, I feel more of the urgency to go to games. I believe I’ve heard the MLB argument that they don’t allow streaming of local games in order to persuade fans to go to more games. I believe the opposite is true. That sounds watch games and they will go see more games. And also to consider revenue they’re losing between innings by just having static screens for the most part. Recently, they started putting some MLB commercials in there however, that dead space is a prime opportunity for profit via selling commercials.

Pathetic Still the worst. The app has scam advertisements. Requires a TV subscription to watch postseason ball! What a waste of money. MLB is a trash business. Gave MLB another try…still crap. You have to log in every time the streaming app opens (on Apple TV, Samsung, Roku & iOS). There is always a delay to look for your location if you want to look in and out of current games, even though you’re in the app and it just looked for your location. Blackouts are still absolutely stupid and the app won’t tell you why. How am I supposed to know about blackouts for (non-hometown) teams when traveling? I hate that you have to pick a favorite team. I know how to follow my team if I want to. Just let me see all the games and scores without having to look at the one team I am most familiar with. Oh and you don’t get access to MLB network without a TV subscription. It would be a phenomenal way to learn about the league, but instead it reinforces MLBs antiquated, geezer entertainment model. This app is so old and barely improves. MLB is a disgrace to the talented players that make the game the worlds-greatest sport. The app had a link for a discounted remainder of season subscription, but redirects to App Store and charges full price with auto-renew. MLB does not respond to messages or follow up with issue tracking tickets.

Home Page is stupid. I use the mlb app to track games and use mlb tv every once in a while. Everything works as it should, aside from some occasional bugs and glitches. The thing I HATEEE the most about this app is this new forced home page they added for the 2023 season. I used to be able to open the app to see the Yankees schedule and Yankees details (as they were my “favorited” team). Now I have the brief preview on the home page with all the other info with MLB. If I want to go into the details for the Yankees, I have to press at the top, another action for no reason. Get rid of this forced home screen thing or at least give us an option to have it be like last years app that takes u to the team page when you open the app.

The Big Shame about MLB. The real problem with the Major League Baseball app is that you can virtually never see your home team, in my case, my beloved Cincinnati Reds. I kept score of the first 106 Reds games in 1970, the beginning of the Big Red Machine, when they won 70 of their first 100 games. Why can’t baseball be more like the NFL? I saw 20 games at Crosley and then Riverfront before I got a library job while going into the 10th grade. I was 15 years old. Now I’m almost 70 and I’m not going to subject myself to the newest Ballpark, although it’s very nice. What is the harm in being able to watch every move of the very exciting young Reds? The steal of second, third, and home on 2 pitches! by Mr. De La Cruz was the most incredible play I may have ever seen! Who’s losing revenue when I pay my $150 for the radio app? The Real Big Shame about this MLB app is I cannot watch my Reds!!! Please explain the lost revenue if I were provided with every game, visually & viscerally?

You only get to watch about half of your teams games. NOT WORTH PAYING FOR. If I was paying extra every month to be able to watch every single baseball game, then there may be some justification for this subscription. But I’m not. The reality is that between blackouts and other networks purchasing games from MLB, you truthfully need this subscription, an Apple TV subscription, and a VPN to even come close to being able to watch all of your teams games. So, if you truly want the ability to watch all baseball games, be ready to pay far more than what the subscription cost. Even then expect it to be considerably difficult to watch a number of games throughout the year. Why am I paying for a major league baseball product that does not even have access to all major league baseball games…do you not have rights to your own media or is this truly just a greed game?

You're Still the Gold Standard, but Could You Chill withthe Ads. This app still is the best of all the sporting organizations in the United States. I sincerely appreciate the consistent good quality in accessibility and usability. However, there is one glaring problem that takes me from 5 stars to 4. I have the MLB audio subscription and, for the most part, it is amazing. However, the product has been really damaged by the built-in ads that turn on any time there's a break. They are the same pepetitive ads, which gets very tiresome. However, I could tolerate that. However, what is currently really annoying is the ads will cut in before the broadcasters have thrown it to a break. Or, even worse, the ads cut into game time after the radio broadcast has returned from the break. This is just very bad practice. especially during the play-offs. I hope you will consider fixing this issue. Beyond that, please keep up the great work.

Annoying CarPlay issues. Every time I launch the MLB app through CarPlay, I am asked to log in. I then have to take my phone out and log in to the app. Only at that point, I can access the day’s schedule and listen to the various games. This behavior is worse than it used to be. It defeats the entire purpose of hands free driving. Other than the above, I love the app when it’s just the smartphone experience. At the time of my original view, I gave it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars because I found the app to be very reliable outside of my CarPlay issues. However, since that time I have noticed no change in the described behavior nor has anyone reached out to try and troubleshoot the problem. The answer to my troubleshooting efforts is: “Yes, I have rebooted the phone and stopped other apps from running and yet the behavior doesn’t change. That is every time I launch the MLB app from the CarPlay interface, it tells me I need a subscription. I then have to launch the app from my phone and tell it to launch my current subscription before I can get a list of the day’s games.“ This does not make for a pleasant experience. Frankly, I find the hoop jumping behavior to be “ridiculous”. As such, I have revised my rating down to a single star. Maybe this will get someone’s attention. Perhaps, it will even prompt MLB (and/or possibly Apple) into finding a solution to the issue. MLB and Apple need to work on solving

Needs Improvements. There’s 2 mains reasons why I’ll never pay monthly to watch games on the MLB app, and they both have to do with MLB Big Inning. 1. Each user should be individually in control of which game to hear when there’s multiple games going on, instead of Matt Yallof. In fact please let him go, there’s no need for him, or any narrator/controller for that fact. 2. Big Inning needs to be available anytime there’s more than 1 game going on simultaneously, instead of 3 measly hours of each day. It’s annoying trying to flip around each game to find whatever game’s not on a commercial break when there’s multiple games on at once, but when MLB Big Inning is on, its nice to have all games in action on 1 screen all in 1 place but its also equally as annoying as flipping around because you have to listen to Matt Yallof’s dumb commentary & mumbling for 2.5 out of the 3 hours that it airs daily. My time & money are both scarce & precious, and this app is worth neither of them.

Can we stop the Internet ads on the archives of the games?. During the archives of the audio portions of the games, there are pop-up ads that cover up the regular radio station ads of the games, so I have trouble knowing when the games are going to start back up again. Also, during the games, there are pop up ads that will appear. This never used to be like this, and what I'm really looking forward to happening, is, if when I listen to a live game, and I miss it, and I go back to the archive of that game, I want to hear the same game as I would if I were listening to the game live. I don't understand what is going on here ever since you all updated this application within the last couple of days, this has been going on. This never used to be this way. Please fix this.

STILL AWAITING AN ANSWER ON WHY WE MUST we now hear a FULL Commercial before we can hear game action. Edit. THE FOLLOWING QUESTION STILL HASN’T BEEN ANSWERED, NOR HAVE YOU FIXED THE ISSUE: MLB Audio has gotten progressively worse ever since your deal with Audacy where you allow them control of the live radio broadcasts went live in June 2022. It began with the rewind and fast forward functions disabled until the game ended and went to archive. Next, despite REPEATED complaints from many users, the start and end of innings was cut off so Audacy could begin its overplayed commercials. AND NOW, THE LATEST: in recent days, when we want to go to listen to a game or game feed, or we want to jump around to different games, we first have to hear an ENTIRE commercial before we are able to hear any game action. This is true even if the game is in the middle of an inning. WHY, when we are PAYING for mlb audio do we have to hear an AD just to be able to hear game Action???? I can understand having to hear the commercials between innings but having to hear an ad just to be able to access the games we already are PAYING to hear is totally unacceptable.

2023 Version Is As Bad As My Team (Giants). Usually apps get better as the years progress, but MLB has decided to make some changes to this app that made it worse. From the new, forced “Home” page (its just an in-app webpage I’m pretty sure) with a poor layout and cutoff team logo, to slower load times across the board, this year’s version of the app is a huge swing-and-a-miss. Grab some pine, meat. I forgot to add- bafflingly, there is still no widget or live activity support. Two stars- one for being a functioning app, a second because many one-star reviews get ignored. Specific complaints: -Poor design of new Home page -Inability to disable said page -Loss of team color theming (without extra taps to get away from the home page) -No box score on new home page as in old version -The app has decided I’m following Matt Cain, Buster Posey, and MadBum, three players I loved in orange and black but who are no longer playing, and no matter how many times I unfollow them they’re right back on my home page. -Slower than old version *Update* turns out there are live activities, just kinda hidden.

New 3D game play by play feature is amazing!. This app has always been my go to for the ability to watch and listen to live games. Based on your location certain games may not be available to watch but you can still listen. As an avid fan I did not mind and would often follow along use the 2D play by play. Yesterday I noticed the 3D play by play and was nothing short of AMAZED! This feature tracks the ball and shows full movement through out the field. Gone are the 2D pitcher and batter box. You can follow along in virtual real time, see the pitcher warm up between inning, and rocket through the field if a ball is put in play. Truly revolutionary feature this app upgrade is worthy of a glowing review! Outstanding workaround for games that are blacked out in your region. If you love following the action pitch by pitch this will more than satisfy the itch. Game on!!

Keeps Getting Worse. This app used to be such a great app. I remember the original At Bat app back on the first generation iPad. It was an amazing app, great video, all the news stories loaded instantly, game day was attractive with all information easy to see and find as you followed along with the action. For many years this app worked great, but then they began to make it more like a glorified website in an app framework, and the decline began. This year it’s truly a terrible app. You might as well just visit their website. The app is slow, the video is hard to find and audio is always muted, news stories load slowly like a webpage, game day is extremely limited in what information you can see at the same time, and Live Activities is crippled on iPhone 14 Pro. I really can’t say enough about how bad this app has become, and it seems like many other reviewers have the same feedback. Please roll it back to what it was in 2015, and we’ll all be much happier baseball fans.

Good Idea, Horrible Execution. The concept is great but at times it feels like a neglected service that’s been left on the back burner to boil away. For starters, you can’t mirror it to your tv without the app crashing and mirroring is important because not every tv has the app. The blackouts are a nuisance and every games broadcast starts a whole hour and thirty minutes before the first pitch, but you dont see the pregame coverage. Instead, you are greeted with a screen that says the game will begin soon. This means that when ever you want to watch a game from the beginning you have to scrub until you actually see the game coverage and the scrubber is less than friendly. I often find myself lost when the app inevitably crashes, trying to fine tune a scrubber bar through 4 hours of recorded video with no bar markers or fine tuning option to slow things down. All of this and a litany of other issues that have been pointed out in numerous reviews topped with an increase in price for little return value results in myself not renewing my subscription at the end of this season, shame on MLB for such blown potential.

Glen. All these outsourced games to Disney, apple, peacock, you tube is a rip off for people who buy a season long subscription to mlb at bat. We pay to watch all the games. It’s bad enough that in market games are excluded. Losing another third of the season in games to outsourced broadcasters borders on fraud. Time for the commissioner to say season subscriptions are season subscriptions. No lost games to companies that I don’t want to do business with, or don’t want on my computer, asking me to buy into their services, or having to wait for three hours to watch a game I already paid to watch. Making small print to “cya” with selling out mlb games isn’t right. (What if the game is west coast and it ends at 11pm. I can’t watch it until 2 am.? Who’s going to stay up to watch a game at that hour? STOP RIPPING THE FANS OFF! TIME FOR THE COMMISSIONER TO BE FAIR WITH THE PAYING FANS !

Hating the streaming service games. The app is great. Love watching games on MASN. Absolutely hate when games are only available on streaming services (ie. Apple TV, Peacock). I think it’s pretty tone deaf on the part of the MLB to expect fans to pay hundreds of dollars a year to watch a handful of games. Games with mediocre coverage at best, by on air personalities who clearly know little about the teams and cities of which they report. People on fixed incomes, low income families and anyone struggling to make ends meet, see it as a slap in the face. Not everyone can afford to even visit the ballpark for a game. Further limiting people’s ability to support their team by putting games out of their financial reach feels like blind elitism. I am very disappointed in this very poorly thought out decision by the MLB

Your game will be spoiled. I don't understand why MLB can't seem to understand that some people like to watch the game after it has finished. And that those people may not know who won the game, and furthermore may have actively tried to avoid seeing who won the game so that when they watch it they get the excitement of not knowing who won. This MLB app does everything possible to ensure you can't avoid seeing who won the game. Even if you have hide scores clicked on, the home screen will clearlyn show you who won the game by putting a picture of the winning team up. And now, as if that wasn't spoiler enough, it also shows both teams record! So if you know what your teams record was going into the game you will easily see who the winner was by that fact which is thrown in your face. It's obvious that whoever is in charge is not a fan otherwise this would have never happened. Fix this garbage.

Pretty good but can be improved. I totally love this app, however, I do wish that in the standings tab you would be able to just hear the bare minimum about a team such as what their record is how many games behind they are in the division and how many games behind they are in the wildcard. If you want to see all of the stats, allow us to be able to click on the teams link and view them. As a blind person, this is just more that we have to scroll past. I would also like to have Dolby digital surroundsound as a requirement for all major league radio broadcasts. Radio is just as it was in the 1900s, late 1900s at that. all mono audio with broadcasts, except for the Atlanta Braves. But even on this app, they don’t broadcast in stereo as they do on SiriusXM and the like. It’s time that all areas of the app step up into the 21st-century. Thank you for keeping accessibility in mind, though.

The Radio Commercials are Awful- 27 Times Each Per Game!. The ads pollute our National airwaves with stupidity. Many of the ads are played at least 27 times per game. What’s up MLB? You think that’s OK? It’s not. The stupid ad for men’s shorts, the stupid ad for wedding rings and the stupid ad for an energy drink. These ads are more appropriate for Guantanamo Bay than baseball. They torture the listener. I’ll be cancelling my subscription due to this. It’s not worth it. (I’d like to listen to games on this app but again and again, the commercials are way too repetitive, annoying and louder than the broadcast. I really like hearing games from all over our nation, but the ads diminish that value to zero. When you pay for a subscription it should be ad free; or at least just keep the local ads, that might give it some local character. Don’t pipe in the crappy made to be national characterless ads over the local ones, over and over. It’s sickening. Have some dignity MLB.)

MLB subscription.. and no extra pay for 3Rd party streaming. If you pay for a TV subscription every year you shouldn't have to pay again to watch it on alternative TV / Streaming services ! You also shouldn't not be blacked out on games ... especially if you do not receive "local programming" in the different state a game is playing. If a subscription is purchased you should have ACCESS to ALL games ... PERIOD !!! I live in an area that doesn't provide a lot of only option is a MLB subscription... I don't want to pay to watch streaming when I should get it on MLB TV. This would make a better fan experience! Instead of all about the money in the end !

MLB TV. I am a lifelong Dodger fan and supporter. I saw one game at Ebbets Field in which Duke Snider and Willie Mays hit home runs. Willie Mays was the best player because Mickey Mantle hurt his foot in a drain at Yankee Stadium. Sandy Koufax was the greatest player of my generation and maybe of all time for 5 years. I met with him one day and made friends with him. I told him about personal relationships in his life. He gave me a free baseball. I am 73 years old. I want to meet with him again before one of us dies-paid kindly by the Dodgers for us. My wife is also a great Dodger fan. When she goes to bed, I have to always tell her the Dodger’s score. Sandy Koufax should be even more Nationalized while he is still alive. He is beyond believable!!!

This release is rife with problems. On the phone, when playing game audio, all that shows on the lock screen is text that says “Advertisement” — where’s the art that shows the two team logos?? Where is any mention of what the two teams are?? Also, on the iPad, why do I have to sit through ads just to watch highlight videos? I’m PAYING for the app — shouldn’t I be able to watch videos without sitting through ads every time?? Also, when tracking a game on the Home Screen, the game doesn’t progress from where it is when you start tracking. In other words, you can’t track anything because nothing changes. Speaking of the so-called “track game” feature, why can’t we track whichever game we want? Why is only our one favorite team available? Can MLB not conceive of baseball fans perhaps wanting to track different teams’ games from time to time?

Ridiculous. For a sport that is bleeding fans quicker than any other you would think they could make an app functional for people who are obviously using their phones more than ever. I’m a subscriber and for this entire season I have a 50/50 chance of watching a replay, game or highlights. So what’s the point of having/paying for this app? There isn’t one because I can find the scores anywhere else and that’s basically all I have access to. I’ll be waiting for the response of the developer which I’m surely will start with “sorry to hear”. MLB is so clueless as to what people need/want, it is laughable. Good luck watching replays with this joke of a google cloud thing they have going on. It’s also so cool that when the replays work I get to watch a commercial. I pay for the season and I still have to watch commercials? This is an incredible failure on the part of mlb. They don’t have any clue which is why your numbers will continue to drop as you have just lost me as a customer as well. Good luck getting back the average fan because you have no idea how to do it.

Wrong Team, Bad Audio. I just don’t get it. I understand not playing the radio station’s ads during the game, but when you have “Cardinals” selected as your preferred team and you are listening to the Cardinals play any (and every) team except the Cubs, does it make sense that every single ad is for the “Official Champagne Provider for the Chicago Cubs” or the “Official Water Efficiency Company for the Chicago Cubs” or the “Official Hospital and Rehab Center for the Chicago Cubs” or the “Best Steakhouse to visit on your way to Wrigley” or “What’s Happening Now in Des Moines with the Iowa Cubs? or… or… or…? Of course, that is when the audio feed, for which you have to pay a subscription fee, is actually working. I understand a brief time delay, but as the innings progress, it lags further and further behind, until about 3 innings in and it just chokes on an infinite buffering loop. So you reset the app (or sometimes your entire phone) to get the feed to connect again, but you only get a couple of innings again until it hangs up buffering again. For the flagship content app for MLB, its features seem decades behind the times.

40 + year fan of Astros & MLB. MLB has truly disgusted every baseball fan I know including me to the point of we’re done with MLB. I’ve been an Astros fan for over 40 years and an MLB fan as well. I’ve been to more Astros games in the dome then I can count while living in Houston. I live in Ft Worth Texas and have for 20 years yet I can’t even pay an annual fee to watch the Astros or Rangers games on TV. They have blocked games of the Astros from us and the Texas Rangers as well. I’m 66 yrs and disabled so I can’t go to a game in Houston or Arlington TX. MLB why have you abandoned us? Unless things change for the good of your fans we’re done with MLB. In the 90’s I lived in LA and went to the Dodgers games and watched them on TV with friends and family. Now they can’t get California games. I hope all fans boycott MLB until you let us watch our preferred teams. We’ll pay to watch them on TV. So for now good writtens.

Great! Download radio broadcasts to offline?. The app is great, all things considered. My only request would be an option to download past radio broadcasts to an offline mode, like you can do with podcasts on iTunes/Spotify etc. As somebody who travels a lot and doesn’t always have cell reception, it would be very nice to still be able to listen to last night’s game to keep me company. I’m not a coder, and I have no clue if this is a difficult request or runs into some kind of streaming legality issues, but as a frequent user of the app this feature would be much appreciated! I can listen to my baseball podcasts on a plane or a car trip, but they just leave me wanting to listen to actual baseball itself.

2023 mlb is not done well. The new version for this year was not done very well. The new home theme is pointless and worse than the old one. It often takes a long time to load the app. Frustrating experience. Also, I don’t like that the only option when watching live games or full game replay is a 30 second rewind or fast forward. Pitches take less time this year and the app should adjust accordingly. Also if a am busy and missed a game and would like to watch the condensed game, it is a) hard to get to without spoiling the outcome for me (even with ‘hide scores’ on), and when I am watching it, it is obvious who the play is good for based off which team is announcing the play. They should have the team and the plate announcers ALWAYS- this way we won’t know the outcome of the play. Also I wish they had an option for watching every plate appearance- like a longer condensed game

Greatest baseball app ever but one issue. This app is great. I absolutely love the game day to help you visualize the game. And I also like how you can change your teams to follow and your favorite team. However, I had 3 teams that I was following. Then the complete revision came and I wanted to take them out cause of too much notifications. So I went to the followed teams and the only team I was following was my favorite team. But I was still getting notifications. I want to have peace while I’m laying in bed at night but I keep getting notifications from teams I don’t follow anymore. I hope that this issue (which is probably only with me) to be fixed. I hope you see this and know what’s going on because this is starting to become a problem. And if you do fix it then thank you.

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MLB. Love Major League Baseball one of my favorite sports with NHL overall love all American sports from a mega fan in Australia 🇦🇺

MLB at bat. Basic home screen when watching a game will show you where each pitch goes with a catchers view - perfect. You can pay if you want to listen or watch games and you have free trials for both to see if it works well. I listen to heaps of cubs games on radio and, while it might be 30 seconds behind, the radio is nearly always in good timing with the pitching indicators and play summaries. You also have a free game to watch every day without paying a cent, which comes up very well on this iPad. If you're remotely interested in baseball you download this app. Simple.

Worst app in sports. On mobile devices they make it near impossible to try watch a game on demand or even the highlights, without see the outcome titled on another video. They also over charge and then just apologise, don’t actually right their wrong.

New update with watching games and seeing scores.. Can you please change the new update so you when you want to watch a game either in real time or after that you don’t see the scores? The old way used to be much better , it really defeats the purpose of watching the game. Get rid of the black screen and go back to white. Other than that love the fact I can watch baseball in Australia 😊

Fix the time zone issue. The app has been great up until this season when iPad/iPhone users have to set their device to New York time zone to be able to watch games when your actual time zone is the other side of the international date line. When will this be fixed

Why can’t I update players & Teams?. I’ve had to uninstall and select players and teams to follow on this app for a year or so… What’s up with that?

Hope they fix this!. I’m based in Australia and have purchased the season pass for years, absolutely loved it. With this new version, however, I’m unable to watch live games so far this year from the iPhone app. The only response I’ve gotten from CS is to change the time zone setting on my iPhone to EST. Not good enough.

Great Articles.. Great articles which are accurate and unbiased which l really enjoy reading.

Mlbtv does not work. 4th year paying for an mlbtv subscription, but the app won’t play any video feeds. Support won’t get back to me or fix the problem so hope they see this.

Terrible update. I used to love this app but since the updates they made in the off season it has been horrible. It constantly crashes for no reason which is the main issue, but even smaller things like defaulting to the home commentary instead of giving you the option when you go into the game, having the scores on the streaming page as a massive spoiler, only having the option for 1 main team (my husband and I both use the app but support different teams and now my main feed defaults to the Mets instead of the Yankees). The app worked so well up until this season, and considering how much we pay for our subscription it’s been nothing but disappointing this year. Please fix it before the 2022 season.

fixed for Australia. Thanks for listening and fixing the app for Australian subscribers. Working great now.

Poor app. Too slow, game day isn’t enjoyable compared to old versions, takes forever to obtain audio of wanting to listen to a broadcast

Good. Resets every time you re open the app

Goes alright. It's a good app that gets me what I want, when I want. Easy to use and keeps everything simple.

Scores shows previous days and not current. Loved that app until they did an update and now previous day scores are showing instead of the current day which makes the Apple Watch app useless. Contacted support 3 times and they keep giving me different solutions that don’t work and have nothing to do with the issue!

Great app, but.... This is a fantastic app that provides you with scores, news and videos exceptionally. However, the fact that I have to watch an ad for every single video I view is simply unacceptable. Worse still, many (and currently all) of these ads are about the At Bat app (the same app that you're using to view the ads!). This is a disgrace and must be changed immediately.

Can’t watch games from Australia. The update has stopped access to games. Paid money for a subscription for nothing. Please fix it

Audio intermittent. I’m in Australia and never had a problem with the app until I updated it 3 days ago. Now I can’t listen to audio without it cutting out, buffering or just stopping every 30 seconds. Please please please fix this. It’s a great app otherwise but this is driving me nuts as I love listening to John Sterling & Susan when I can’t watch games. Thank you!

Comprehensive. Hands down the best sports app with live streaming, videos, highlights and all the stats.

Great in almost every way. The only issues I have with the app is that recently it has been crashing when I choose to view standings. Also if I'm not in the app, but have it running, it appears to restart when I go back in, rather than just refreshing the content "on the fly". Hopefully the next update will address the crashing, if not the refresh situation.

Fix the time difference for international viewers!. I can’t open the current (live) game in the MLBTV app because it defaults to yesterday’s (Archived) games, presumably due to the time difference between Australia and the US. Infuriating! Surely there is a simple fix — especially given that this never used to be a problem in previous seasons…

Why I love MLB. I love the mlb app because I love baseball.

Simply the best app on my phone. I use a lot of apps on my phone, and MLB at bat has been my favourite for years. It is constantly updated with new features, and I have never encountered any bugs. There are always special updates for the All-Star Game and Post-Season, making sure the app is always relevant. Streaming works perfectly as well!

New update. Need a fix for AU viewers in the app. Cant view live games as US is a day back when press ‘watch’

Update failed. The update to this app is horrible. Constantly fails to load. Crashes all the time. Please revert back to the previous version.

Amazing way to keep up with MLB. I love this app! I have been subscribing for the last 8 years and I have never been so up-to-date with the game and my favourite teams. And I really love the ability to be able to watch any baseball game so I can continue to follow my favourite players and see the up and coming talent through the rest of the league. It is well worth it. 11/10 always.

Bloated. MLB homepage get rid of it it serves no purpose if you have your teams homepage set 🤷🏼‍♂️

Fix your app. Unable to watch mlb tv despite spending good money on a subscription

Love it but issue with day/time zone. I’m in Australia so USA is a day behind me but the app is a day ahead for some reason. Today is Wednesday 13th March in Australia but the games today are under the date of Thursday March 14? If it was USA time it should be 12th March? Still 5 stars despite that, but would love to have it fixed before regular season starts.

Front page. So many bugs in the app. Why is there a new front page?????? It doesn’t even have the most recent or active game half the time! I just want the old front page for my team but now I have to click to go to it! The new front page should be the one I have to click to go to. The tv stream doesn’t link to the right game from that page and it the same issue with the radio. It starts playing yesterday’s game. I also do a tipping comp and if I go from my tipping app to the mlb tv app and vice versa for the next days games it then resets back to the top of the games list screen. It never used to do that! Please fix these things and return it to the 5 star app it was!

Horrible Update. MLB had by far the best sports app until the update at the start of the season. Now it’s buggy, laggy, crashes. I have to re-start the app 5 times to get MLB TV on current day Please take me back to the old version

Go cubs cubs. This app is great but misses some big features from the xbox one version. On xbox i can choose between tv or radio commentary when i watch a game and for me thats a big bonus to have radio commentary as i love pat hughes calls of cubs game. Also xbox has everything in local time. Apple please get the app up to xbox standard or dont charge as much.

Fantastic. I purchased a season pass for the audio streams alone and I'm impressed. I'm a person who needs one app to handle things and I really hate opening safari to handle MLB web pages and then another app to handle the audio stream (if you can find one for baseball calling). I follow the Mets so listening to WFAN is important to me and as I said, being able to do this in one app is important. Nothing beats the official callers, but if you only like looking at the baseball stats then don't spend $15 on a season pass or you're a fool. This an app for people wanting live audio and video, with an all-in-one approach. Edit: I don't know what the previous reviewer is talking about with the "5 videos" comment because when you're listening or just watching the ball by ball play of a certain game, video will be posted of highlights of a great play while it's still playing. You also do get a box score, you just need to press the arrow and then press "box score"

Good but could be better. The new “front page” is a step backwards. Calendar is inaccurate for people in Australia. Eg Tuesday games are showing as Thursday in Australia. Please fix.

Intermittently works and spoils game scores!. Regardless of which internet connection I am on, games only play occasionally, with error codes and MLB At Bat support providing no helpful information or solutions. The app also shows news for your team on the same page as the game options (which you can hide the scores on), so the news spoils the results of the games you may not have watched yet anyway! I hope this is all resolved by start of next season but I’m not holding my breath based on previous versions.

Update Problems. Same as the other guy from Aust. App keeps closing after only 30 seconds or so, when trying to open simple things like the box scores to see pitch counts or who’s hit n stuff....bang closes down, haven’t been able to watch replays since the update. Had been a great app previously but getting a bit frustrated especially with the playoffs for the World Series on at the moment. Please guys have a look at this n find a remedy ASAP go the Phillies

Gameday. Bring back the old gameday pitch by pitch, the new gameday you have to click on each player to get their average, roll up and down the screen to get all the info, pitch info is delayed by a few seconds which is annoying, apart from this its good

An Australian Fan. Several years ago I visited my sister and brother. Sister is x-pat Aussie and brother is x-Marine, though your never really an x-marine, it’s a life. They are big St Louis Cardinal fans and well I became one too. We went to several games both home and away, great memories. Now it’s been awhile since my last visit but I survive with this App on my phone and sometime talk during the games. Now I’m retired after 43 years as a Police Officer in Western Australia, Australia. I want to visit again but the last few months since retiring has impacted on me as to my age. I’m 67 this March and whilst in my mind we never really feel what our body knows, I’m hesitant. Balance, nimbleness the ugly bruises left after a limb just brushes against an object due to blood thinners. Not as young as I want to feel so this helps keep me in touch. Thanks to the technology this time I am able to.

2023 App is worse than ever. It's like Rob Manfred designed it. Terrible design, scores don't show, takes forever to load and I won't be renewing tv membership as Apple TV blocks out Friday night games even when I've paid for tge MLB membership to watch them🤬🤬🤬

Worst app ever. Long time paid up subscriber. Most unstable and buggy app I’ve ever downloaded. And has been getting worse over past 5-7 years. Can you not fix this given your enormous resources?! Crazy

No good. Terrible app can’t watch games because app doesn’t recognise the southern hemisphere is a different time zone unhelpful support centre

Updated app is horrible to use. Updated app this year is horrible to use, is quite clunky and doesn’t always work. MLB subscription is also going downhill as not all games are available

Great app as it should be. Great app. Absolutely perfect for the iPad baseball fan wanting to watch on the go. Additions to the app this year are great!! BUT, one small addition or update would be great. When viewing team/player statistics under STATS, it would be awesome to be able search for a particular player rather than having to scroll through the whole list to find the name I want to view stats for. It is amazing, when watching games, that you want to find out more info on a particular player. Please make a small update to accommodate this. Otherwise, I love my MLB At Bat. Thanks team.

Dates wrong for Australia. MLB TV access blocked despite paying. Fix it please.. Dates wrong for Australia. MLB TV access blocked despite paying. Fix it please.

Not working for Australia. This is normally a great App, but this time it doesn’t work for Australia with no video feeds and dates and times of games totally corrupted. Very disappointing not to be able to watch any spring training. Support suggested changing Timezone of phone. This can’t be serious and it didn’t work! Coming up to start of season and I have paid $250 AUD without any ability to watch games. Please get it fixed so it works as it did in previous years.

2021 junk. I’ve been subscribed to MLB since 2014 and they have ruined this app. Not once all season have I been able to watch a game without it crashing. If I want to listen to the game I need to close and re-open the app a minimum of 3 times to get the player to load. All season long so far. No matter what the update. Too expensive for performance like this. Get Kayo or some other alternative. Update: now these clowns have the nerve to play 30 second ads before listening to a radio broadcast. On a paid app.

Playback is the main problem. There are lots and lots of features, and that’s all very well, but you’re losing track of the real reason for having the app.. to watch games. Playback has a lot of room for improvement. 1. Handling interruptions. Watching a game on the mobile, I’m going to get interrupted. Every time I take a call, playback crashes and I have to start the game over. Absolutely white hot rage infuriating. Cause you KNOW it will only happen at a key moment… then trying to pick back off where I left usually means a spoiler. Same if I have to switch to another app myself… often loses my place. Which brings me to 2. Navigating in the game. Baseball naturally has chapters. If I leave the game in the top of the third, two outs, let me FIND the top of the third, two outs. Or at the very least the top of the third! And if I’ve already started watching, and close the app, remember where I was!!! 3. Bandwidth. Even watching on a little mobile screen, this app consumes a huge amount of data. It means it doesn’t take much for playback video and audio quality to get very bad, very quickly. Netflix manages to scale its feed so you can have high quality playback on a small screen with less data. Why can’t you? Don’t send a full 4K signal (or bust) suitable for an 80” tv screen to my little phone… Playing back the game, in a mobile phone using context is the mail purpose of the mobile app. Be better.

2023 App. Where are the condensed video of games completed?

Can’t watch any games from Australia. I haven’t been able to watch or listen any of the games either live or on archive since 28 February 2024. All the dates are wrong as well. I’ve tried removing the app and reinstalling it but still the same. It is quite frustrating as I’ve already paid for the annual subscription.

Confused. I’ve been paying for Apple monthly subscription from Australia and this price has increased by 50 percent and then says I have no access to these games

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Blue jays. Every time I want to watch a blue jays game I can never get it. Very disappointed.

Big fan of baseball but MLB TV sells out on Fans. Loved the app, loved the subscription… until my son’s team’s game was blocked because MLB signed an exclusive with Apple and was only streaming the game on Apple TV +. That’s like ordering a hamburger, paying for said hamburger, taking a bite from said hamburger, then the waiter coming over and telling you that you have to pay more to take another bite. As we were unable to install Apple TV on my son’s device I have now cancelled both our family’s Apple TV and MLB TV subscriptions in protest. I have requested a full refund from MLB TV as I believe this new aggregate of the streaming service breaks the terms of service I signed up for. I also plan to pen a letter to the ownerships of our favourite teams we follow to explain that we do not appreciate how broadcast rights have been pooled into these aggregate services that pray on the fan’s pocketbook. Penny wise and pound foolish in the long run!

MLB app. Good app. Ways to follow every team in the league.

Mlb. Work great

G. Best MLB app you can get this app has all the gooood stuff

A couple of problems. Overall I like the app, unfortunately, the last couple of years I have had many times where the tv feed is in Spanish when I click on a game. This didn’t happen the first few years I had it. Another recent problem is the app quitting while I am using it. It just happened now.

Nesn Spanish. Nesn is in Spanish

News Broken. App in broken, again. Can’t change the news feed page to MLB, only teams. Get your act together.

Just awful. I have subscribed to this app for 3 years. Each week they find a new way to annoy me. Often it won’t open at all, or just gets stuck on the logo welcome screen, or if you choose a game you will see an icon of a baseball spinning forever and nothing happens.

Can you please bring back the 2021 MLB audio archives please. Can you please bring back the 2021 MLB audio archives please

Best sports streaming app on market!. Hands down the best subscription for a sports streaming service out there. 10/10

Data hog. Don’t get this app unless you have unlimited data… there is something wrong with it and you will pay massive overage charges. Seek local radio alternatives.

Their practices should be illegal. If you subscribe you’re an idiot. First of all, they charge $200/year and you can’t even watch any Blue Jays games at all because they’re all blacked out in Canada. They take your money and won’t let you watch any games. The people behind this business should be locked up because this is robbery and should be illegal. Boycott this company

Apple Watch Update is way worse. You guys ruined the Apple Watch app. You can’t click on a single game to open it up to keep refreshing that single game now every time it updates it scrolls to the top of the scores list. Very annoying scrolling down every 10 seconds when the old way of opening a new page worked great.

Not worth the money. Every time I go to watch a Jays game is it “not available” for my area.

Good. W rizz

Back to the top. My only complaint about this app (which is one of my favourite apps, don’t get me wrong) is when you are going through scores, and then you open up a games box score… but when you go back to the scores, it automatically takes you back to the top. I find this very annoying as you could be 2/3 of the way down the list of games, then it takes you back to the top when you exit the box score for that game.

Very good. Always keeps me updated

Black out. Seriously why purchase mlb tv when you cant watch playoffs because of tv blackout ???? Its a steal

Blue jays blackout. I live on the west coast of canada nowhere near Toronto and it’s blacked out. I have sports net and I use my online cable app to watch the jays play. If wasn’t also a mariners fan because they are my closest team I wouldn’t want the subscription or use the app. You should do what wwe online does and connect to the cable subscription example Shaw is my pass verifying I’m a sports net customer in good standing or tsn whatever

High cellular data usage. Great app but seems to use a lot of cellular data. I open the app then go to a team’s page and then scroll down and up a couple times and I’ve already used over 100MB of data just by doing that. What is it doing in the background is it auto downloading videos? Only thing I can think of that might cause the high data usage….

Crashing and crashing as of June 22/23 update. I'm having tons of issues with video constantly crashing on my new 9th generation iPad. This has gotten worse with the Jun 22/23 update.

No Blue Jays! What the H…. No Blue Jays! What the H…

App rarely opens. I’d say the app actually successfully opens about a third of the time of when I want to use it. I would expect the quality able to be financed by such a large organization would be far higher and this would never even be able to be considered a possibility, but I would be expecting too much from MLB for that. I often just have to check TheScore since MLB just has no interest in working for me.

MLB is so good. MLB is the best app for baseball info

Impossible d’ecouter un match. Impossible d’ecouter le match des blue jays sur l’application mobile

Apple TV???. I pay for MLB (quite a bit of money for the whole season) and now I can’t even watch all the games because all of a sudden, I need Apple TV+ to watch? Since when? And why? This is ridiculous

Can’t log in. I set up an account and tried to log on unsuccessfully. Very frustrating. I wanted information about purchasing a month to watch the Blue Jays.

Games only play in Spanish. I can only watch games in Spanish. The English language audio won’t play. I have been asking tech support for help for weeks but they keep asking me the same questions over and over. This is not being addressed. Terrible customer service.

Fail.. I was soooo hyped that I was gonna get access to awesome MLB content. Turns out 95% of what I wanted to watch was blacked out. I loved paying close to 300$ for frustration, frustration and more frustration! No access to Jay's games. Sportsnet is the only solution.

Awful Apple Watch Update. Stop refreshing every 10 seconds and allow me to click into a game I actually care about

Best App in Sports. Everything seems to work fine besides the news tab on IOS. News only seems to filter to an individual team, not the whole league. Other than that the UI is perfect and the app works well.

MLB. Great up to date coverage 🤩👍

Can’t watch premium games. Pay $150 for this. It’s day two of the season, and two of the biggest games are restricted and only available through AppleTV+. Dodgers, Yankees, astros, can’t watch them. I don’t understand what I’m paying for here. Within your market I understand, this, I do not.

Audio used to be reliable. Used to be a thousand commercials, now just applause that rarely returns to LIVE action. I'm sure the shareholders will fix this after taking our money. lol

More blackouts only blackouts. Blue Jays are always in Blackout mode and now even the playoffs Dodgers vs Arizona? I live nowhere near these too and I can’t watch? Never paying again for this app. So disappointed and waste of money

I just want to cancel!. The package was fine. It’s pretty annoying with all the updates. I didn’t need all those updates and when I want to cancel it, it nearly makes it impossible to cancel. Even when I don’t put money on my credit card soon as money goes on MLB takes it and I’m not happy I don’t even want the package.

Poor ads between innings. And obnoxious crowd noise interrupts my listening experience on the audio broadcasts in Canada. This is so unattractive.

Sooo buggy. This app is so highly rated but I don’t get how. It’s so buggy. I get errors when trying to follow new plays and change the teams I follow. It took me deleting the app and signing in again to change my followed teams. Also get errors when trying to view stories.

Gem of an app. Absolutely fantastic app. I was genuinely surprised at how they listen to feedback and work to make the experience better.

Sept 30 2023. MLB needs a playoff specific app.

Blackouts!. Can’t watch Blue Jays games. Blacked out always.

Great. Awesome app 5 out of 5 ⭐️

MLB does not care about it’s fans. I recently purchased single team pass to watch the Toronto Blue Jays. I travel throughout the States for my work. My Canadian provider won’t let me watch games while down here. Watched last night’s game in Fremont IN but tonight in Davenport IA the game is apparently under a blackout. Really.. I’m paying my provider in Canada and MLB in the states but that’s apparently not enough for them. Disgusting! One guy trying to follow one team . Come on MLB what’s the hard part? P.S… Tried to use “unhappy fan” for a nickname on the review but guess what…. It’s already taken… go figure

Condensed Games. Any chance the condensed games could be like 20-25 minutes? Showing more highlights…?

Underwhelming. You have to pay $130 just to watch baseball it is literally cheaper to go to the game

Crashing. Constantly crashes while trying to watch the. Paying for the Red Sox games, terrible customer support

Schedule?. I can’t see the schedule when the game is on ???? Makes no sense

Ne fonctionne plus sur iPad. Très déçu que l’application ne fonctionne plus sur iPad. J’ai un iPad derniere génération mais je suis obliger de prendre mon téléphone pour consulter App

Ok app. This app is ok but since the changes, we can no longer see who it pitching at a particular time. It only tells us when a pitcher has been changed. Please fix this.

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MLBTV is awesome. This is my 10th baseball season using MLBTV, and all it does each season is get better and better. This year, the amazing people at MLBTV included games from the AAA, AA, A, and High-A farm teams of one’s perspective MLB team. I am a life-long Dodgers fan, and this year I am blessed to be able to view all of LA’s games as well as the wonderful players still developing their skills in the Dodgers farm system. I love MLBTV and I am so thankful to everyone who makes this amazing site absolutely brilliant year in, and year out. God bless and keep everyone and your families at MLBTV, and once again, thank you so much for all that you do. Sincerely, Keny W. Hernandez

Video Timeout error. I used to like the MLB app, and with baseball back, a properly functioning app is critical. However, video playback has been broken for a week now. Whenever I go to load a condensed game, I get an error that says a title of a highlight, not the condensed game itself, followed by “Timeout while attempting to load video url.” It’s been this way for a week now. My iPhone is on the latest iOS and my app is fully up-to-date. I deleted the app and it’s setting and redownloaded, and it is not any better. I’m so glad I erased all my settings to fix nothing. BAM used to be a leader in video streaming. Maybe now they’re too focused on Disney+ instead of what they were founded on: baseball.

Garbage radio app - ads continue over gameplay, missed action!. This app used to be great, I pay the subscription to have the unlimited radio access to all games. This season, for some reason, oftentimes they will continue playing ads even after play has resumed. Especially after a pitching change is made…for a few nights in a row, I will hear 10-12 seconds of action after a pitching change, but then the ads will automatically start again, which continues through the end of the inning and I’ll finally hear the end of the 3rd out. They have GOT to do a better job of playing the ads only between innings, and stop playing ads while the radio announcers are still doing play-by-play action! It happens at least 3-4x per game and is incredibly frustrating.

Huge problems with navigation. I watch MLB on Apple TV, and as far as I can tell, there is no way to jump ahead or rewind in small degrees. I can only scroll through by 1/2 inning increments, and even then, if i skip the pregame, it jumps half way through the Top 1st. I can't rewind unless i want to go back a whole 10-20 minutes at a time. But that's only on Apple TV, i can navigate much more precisely on my iPhone or iPad. Need this navigable ability on Apple TV. Sometimes MLB has trouble loading even when my internet is strong. and twice in 20 games the app has crashed and i had to start over. But other than those complaints, I like the functionality. But that impoosible-to-navigate on Apple TV is not a small problem, please fix it!

MLB really screwed up new version. Ok, so I’m a dinosaur. I grew up loving baseball in the ‘70s, inheriting my dad’s love of the Dodgers’ Koufax and Dandy Don Drysdale. The Pirate’s “we are family” run, the Big Red Machine, and the Dodgers - Yankees series fed my growing interest. I taught myself how to score a game and loved listening to baseball on the radio (even at the game!) and still do. While I get attracting or serving newer fans with lots of video is the way to get eyeballs, can we at least go back to allowing wider views of the box scores? During the game and after, it’s minuscule, even on an iPad. Maneuvering to dive into individual team’s sites to find trends and news is so difficult! More links need to be imbedded into the game cast, scores, and standings, so I can find how they trending, etc. There could be so much a better balance between stats, stories, and video. I think they erred too much on video side, despite improvements in condensed games and highlights. Please bring back the ability to widen the box scores, so I can see both teams side-by-side!

only blackout game. i got this app as a perk on t -mobile Tuesday for this season it asked you to favorite team i did so you were supposed to be able to watch live game but every time i try to watch it tells me blackout restrictions apply never have seen Astros play ball yet watched a minor league game but not the astros i tried to contact you no reply so im glad i did not have to pay and learned that the app changed now i dont get to see even the old games like i was supposed to id not take out the subscription after free season its pricey and you dont get to watch any favorite games

The Worst App I’ve Ever Owned. [2023 - same story; app crashes during games; only now MLB is into me for $150 to watch games. Pathetic.] [huh! Came to rate this app and find ive had same complaints for yrs. Latest, I’m paying for out off market TV. +$100/yr, video feeds crash multiple times a day. Uninstall, reboot, reinstall, yadda, yadda. The following was written earlier.] …. I have a lot of apps on my iPhone and iPad, a lot. This is by far the worst - grotesquely unreliable and I’m paying 30$ a year to listen to audio streams that drop regularly and use features that just crash the app. ...standings page has been fixed... Now something else is causing the app to crash and I’ll be #%&@ if I’m going do any more troubleshooting. I’M paying $$$/yr, YOU fix it!

I have been struggling with this app since April. I have been struggling to log in to this app since April. I have wasted incredible amounts of time on the phone, doing the same resets that don’t work. I have deleted the app, reinstalled the app, reset my password, all multiple times. I have checked the apps compatibility with my phone. I have checked for updates. Nothing works. I just keep getting “error” every time I try to log in. I have submitted requests for help via email. Same garbage that doesn’t work. Every spring I have trouble getting into the app. I canceled the subscription, and they refused to issue even a partial refund. Worst app ever, especially since they raised the fee! Seriously disappointed with tech support and this app.

What’s Up With Gameday. I usually am quite content with this app, having grown up tracking game play listening to my grandfather’s transistor radio (including in 8th grade history class during the World Series, connived at by the wrestling coach). The audio feed, combined with stats on standings and the animation in Gameday where I can check how the pitches are going visually and in the sidebar (and the REAL score, since the scoreboard is usually behind), generally suit me - except when the audio feed is (semi-frequently) screwed up. But Gameday hasn’t worked for a week (since the last update) using iPad, TRYING to get there as usual by tapping a scoreboard. What’s up with these guys? Cathy

A pain. This app is fine when it works, but constantly logs you out and requires a password reset to get back in. What’s more, anytime there is a game that goes past midnight it cuts it off completely. We are Mets fans and every time there is a west coast game (which typically starts at 9 or 10pm EST), we miss the last 2-3 innings because the system will not allow you to watch games that go into the next day. It’s super frustrating and I wish the app developers would fix the issue. We’ve complained about this year after year, sent messages to customer service, no one cares. It would be great to be able to actually watch games I’ve paid for.

Needs to be improved!. I use this app on my personal computer, tablet and cell phone and constantly have issues with it connecting and staying linked to my MLB Extra innings subscription through my TV provider. I have to log in and out every other day and link my paid tv subscription back to my account. I have had this package for 20+ years and it has never been more frustrating to use. I've tried many of the developers suggestions to fix this problem but it never solves the issues. It's not my internet connection since I've tried it with and without Wi-Fi service and tried to connect on many different platforms. Please give me a response or some kind of update on these problems.

Review of MLB app.. I just want to let you know how much I enjoy the APP. I utilize the radio broadcast version for a variety of reasons and it has truly enhanced my enjoyment of the game. It has not only allowed me to follow teams and players from all over but it has also allowed me to listen to some of the all time greats of broadcasting. In today’s crowded media environment it is a special pleasure to have access to the game in a very much classic format (and I think radio broadcasting cemented baseball into American culture as anything) Thanks again.

Changes, Customer Experience. A long time fan and user of the App, changes made this year for new features, have left out some past benefits. Ex: Now when viewing the Box page, the runners-on and the count are not visible; not all users are in love with the Gameday emphasis. These feature exclusion and replacement mistakes can be avoided with more user engagement, BEFORE proceeding. Ready, Shoot, then Aim is highly inefficient. One weakness that can be improved with largely investment alone is to improve the spectrum position of the transmissions. This will reduce the largest audience leakage point to regional television, the lag between live action and Audio. P.S. The national commercial deals with Scott’s, Freeway, and Cobblestone are a volume fluctuation and repetition disaster. We joke as we listen, “you better not bring a bag of Scott’s into this house “. Please revisit any opportunities to negotiate broadcasting the local commercial spots. This is a piece of the local market and customer experience that comes with following your hometown team remotely. Quite sincerely, Long time subscriber to MLB Audio & MLB Extra Innings, but also Revenue in Jeopardy

Nonexistent customer service. I was trying to watch my game while out of market but I was blacked out. I was more than 400 miles away from either market involved in the game, but I was blacked out anyway. This has happened many times over the years. I’ve tried repeatedly to deal with Customer Service, who admitted that many times games are blacked out inappropriately, but I’ve had no luck resolving the situation. They put me on hold for 15 minutes, then just dumped my call. This is not the first time this is happened and I’m tired of it. They clearly feel they don’t have to provide decent customer service, because they are the only game in town. Save your money. Three years later, same story . . . Nonexistent customer service.

Video problems continue.. UPDATED Sep. 2023. This app used to be so good, and I guess it still is, for getting score updates, standings, and listening to the radio play-by-play. But the video always chokes when it loads now. I'm on a fully updated iPad Pro, stream movies & TV no problem, but I cannot load any videos that don't freeze a few seconds in. Sometimes they never restart, or if they do, the video is all blurry and choppy. It plays fine for 15-20 seconds, and then goes out again . Video used to work just fine, it has gotten progressively worse through the updates, and although I like this app and it's convenient, this is super-frustrating. i’m not the only one complaining about this, might be worth fixing.

MLB Major-league baseball app. I have subscribed for over six years and only this year have I had a problem with your ads cutting into the baseball summary at the end of each inning or half inning. While the announcer is summarizing runs hits errors etc. the ad comes in and cut him off. I realize that baseball is a business and it’s all about making money; however, people who stream a baseball game are avid fans and the summary of the game is one way for them to monitor what’s likely to happen in the next inning. This occurs for both the Oakland A’s stream and the San Francisco Giants stream. I have not listen to other games but will do so. There was no reason for me to pay an annual fee if I don’t get the entire report of the game I know you can fix it, please do so Joanne Brown

THE WORST App. Hi just don’t get how a multimillion dollar company has the worst app on the planet. Either MLB is cheap or the developers are swindling MLB! The app is JUNK! You tap the “start from the beginning” and the junky app still flashes the live score before it jumps to the beginning! Thanks for ruining the games MLB! Last week we couldn’t login over and over. Today the app wouldn’t let me chose a feed and after hours of waiting for you to fix it I open the app to start from beginning and it starts in the 6th inning!! It’s always something, for years, with this terrible low-budget app! My 10 year old could build a better app!! If I had another choice to watch games I would drop this app in a heartbeat.

Blackout and ads. For the most part I enjoy All the things available. My biggest complaint is with the blackout rules. I don’t like that when the home team is playing away, we should be able to watch it. I understand when the team is in town it shouldn’t be available. The second thing is the radio ads. When I listen thru MLB it’s nice and clear my problem is with commercial. They put one commercial so many times I end up turning it off and turn on my home radio. It’s very irritating. I’ll get off my soapbox now. Thank you, Peter Korth

Great app for any baseball fan!!. Keeps me current with activity, articles and information. Convenient plus timely notifications. Best place to go for news and updates for my Dodgers, plus easy access to check on other teams as well. Plus I get audio of other teams and games I wouldn't normally have access to. However, I can’t give the app a higher rating because MLB continues to live in the past thinking that attendance will suffer if I get to watch my local team, the Dodgers, play thru the app. The local blackouts are a thing of the past and should be eliminated. No blackouts.

Very frustrating blackout problem. Love the app when it is working, but very frustrated with their problem of locating our ip address. We have been blacked of our favorite teams, the Dodgers and Angels, while we live in San Diego country. We are able to get Padres games at these times. Lucky us! They are constantly reading our ip address as home to Dodgers. We are not using a VPN, but use Cox cable. Very maddening when you don’t know if you are going to get your game or not, then have to go thru MLB help desk to get them to make the adjustment on their end. This usually takes at least 30 minutes while the game continues…they need to correct this problem, as help desk says this is a widespread problem.

Poorly redesigned app for 2023. This app used to be very easy to navigate between the live game progress (Gameday), the box score, summary of action and videos. The redesigned app makes this much more painful. Trying to find a game highlight? You used to be able to just click the Video button and choose from all the clips. Now? First scroll to the top and click on Summary, then click on Video, and scroll through the list of featured videos by inning, then scroll to the bottom and click on All Videos from the Game, then look for the clip. On the iPad, the game display is even more cumbersome, with MLB selected highlights taking it most to the screen. Arg. Please go back to the older, better interface.

Many bugs w/advertising, AppleTV. I watch on many platforms (iPhone, iPad, desktop, app on Smart TV & AppleTV). No complains about the desktop. Everything is easy to navigate, easy to fast forward, rewind, pause, turn off spoilers, etc. But everything else is pretty bad especially watching via AppleTV & iPad. These two devices freeze every single time there is a commercial break. The ads never play. Instead the circular icon-thing just spins & spins. I need to exit the game, renter the game, “start from the beginning” since “resume” will bring me back to the spinning icon, and then try to fast forward to where I was. It’s infuriating. Also, fast forwarding is not easy at all. I like how you can see the inning in the scroll bar. But it’s very difficult to get to where you want to go. I’m lucky if I find within 5-10 minutes of my desired time/inning. I believe last year there was more of a 9 inning baseball box to use to jump to specific innings. That is no longer offered. Watching on a SmartTV is better. But the AppleTV is where I want to watch the most. Please fix these bugs and make it easier to navigate.

Fantastic!. This is a great app to watch your favorite baseball teams on the road or whenever! You will be asked if you want to turn on notifications which I would recommend because it well give you a summary of what just happened in your favorite team’s game! You can also change your favorite teams whenever you want to, it will show you standings of the American League too. And best of all, you can watch the game live! So overall 5 stars.

Can’t sign up. I recently joined T-Mobile. As a part of the package deal I have free pass to the the rest of the baseball season through the MLB app. After jumping through the T-Mobile redemption and downloading Apple TV and the MLB app, I tried to sign up in the MLB app and all I get is an error. So I get a free season pass to an error. Gotta love free stuff. While I have not been able to get the app to work on my iPad, I was able to get it to work on my TV. I spent well over 3 hours trying to determine the problem getting it to work on my iPad but no luck and I do not want to spend any more time on it.

Piece of Streaming Garbage. It is absolutely shameful how terrible this app is. Whoever is in charge of making decisions for the direction of Major League Baseball technology and television should not only be fired, but maybe jailed for criminal negligence. Thankfully, i now can watch commercials during foul balls and mound visits. Unfortunately, i probably will have had to reset the app, erase it and re-download it, or reenter passwords multiple times through the whole process. I don't think baseball has any right to it's label of America's Pastime when it puts out garbage like this. Get it together, please. 2023 addendum: so far I have to close out the app and restart it every commercial break. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MLB FIX THIS GARBAGE IT SHOULD NOT BE THIS HARD TO WATCH GAMES. ALSO GET RID OF BLACKOUTS. C'MON, DON'T YOU WANT PEOPLE TO WATCH YOUR GAMES? ISN'T THAT A POSITIVE OUTCOME?? PAY FOR THE BANDWIDTH. THEO? ARE YOU AWARE THIS IS THIS BAD??

App and content is great unless you want local games. The app works wonderfully and the quality of the stream is high quality. The only downside and it’s a big one is all the local games and blacked out. I understand broadcast rights but what’s the point of a large monthly commitment if you can support the local teams. Have to run a hack to get around it which is pointless when you are agreeing to probably one of the highest monthly stream costs. Probably can’t mention names but there is one large competitor (mascot is a mouse) that has lots of content for the kids and all the sports you can handle plus an extra mix bundle for about 2/3 less a month commitment.

Best the app has been yet. This version of the MLB App is its best yet. I have been using this app just about daily since 2019, and I must say, the improvements made this year have been outstanding. Clicking on the app and having all of the bits and pieces of information at your fingertips is really worth it. Adding your own team’s tab on the front page is even better, and the news articles on the front page are HUGE for getting the latest news out there. Great job MLB, keep it up! 👍😀

Resume function stopped working. MLB app on apple TV snd iphone stopped resuming where I stopped, I am continuously contacting support since season started reporting the issue and they keep telling me it is resolved or I need to enable tracking and location services, I keep saying it is for on demand but it seems the support are reading from a cheat sheet as even when I tell them it is already on they say turned it on, although the subscription cost this year increased and loyalty discount cancelled this year you ends up with bad support. The app with resume function back is 5 stars and without it 3 stars

Best way to keep up with MLB. I believe is the best major league sports app. NHL is second best, and it’s that good because MLB actually runs it! NFL and NBA should look at what MLB does for pointers. I love that I can follow multiple teams, even players (although I don’t currently follow any players). Every time I open the app, I instantly know how my favorite teams are doing. It’s easy to find all scores and standings as well as find a game I might be able to watch. (I have the free version so I look to see if my team is on the free game of the day.) Keep up the great work! If you love baseball, MLB is an essential app.

It's OK. The ads are crazy, hard to watch the highlights from other games or news items. Often I will get a notice of something but then can't find it in the news feed. Sometimes I can only get the ad to play and not the highlight. But the notifications are handy, game day is awesome, but is just like what is free on the website. Getting to listen to the audio feed is nice. Sometimes the delay is a bit much, but is still helpful. It is still way better than the NBA app for sure. Update - the changes for 2023 are pretty awful in my opinion. Most of the game stats are more difficult to read/understand, the live view is not great, you can only see the most recent pitch and the score at the same time, just in general a poor update

This is amazing.. It’d be GREAT if you could show classic games in between innings so the action never ends. Like I’m switching channels in between. It doesn’t have to even pick up where it left off, can just roll simultaneously and when I’m in between innings, whatever point the classic game is in naturally is what we’re shown. Or just the PA/VIDEO from the home stadium be shown. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ If I could see the previous ABs for the current AB without scrolling, that’d be cool. Other than that, this app is A1!💯 For real!

Audio issue. I would rate it 5 stars if it would work like it did 2 years ago. I like listening to games but they are not live. I look at my fantasy baseball app while I’m listening to games. The audio is 1 to 2 min behind live. I have tested it with multiple radio stations with the same result. Audio is always way behind. It was not like this 2 years ago. Please fix this issue. It’s a great app if you are a baseball fan. But it has not changed for the better in my opinion. I just updated to the newest version and the audio is still on behind. You can’t sync up to the tv. It’s annoying when you constantly see spoilers. The audio is usually 1 batter behind if you are looking at the scores with the box score in the mlb app. Please fix this issue.

Blackouts. The only thing that I dislike about MLB TV is that most of the games that interest me are blacked out. I live 60 miles from Detroit, so I can understand why at least the home games are blacked out, but I live 120 miles from Cleveland and over 200 miles from Cincinnati so, I’m not so sure why those games are also blacked out. I wouldn’t let a tetecast game stop me from attending a game in person anyway. I like being able to listen to the radio broadcasts on my phone since over the air reception is problematic. I love the highlights and being able to watch those from other teams as well as my favorites.

MLB. Good website let’s me keep track of my games while I’m away from home , and good articles please on your network please cover teams other than the Yankees and Red Sox . There are so many teams like the orioles and reds that are loaded with young talent you guys are missing a chance to market these young stars I don’t know if you are aware but out west everybody calls MLB network the Yankees Chanel we are tired of only seeing the Yankees you have 29 other teams that we never see

Not getting what I pay for. If a person is subscribing to mlb tv, there should be no blackout dates and or networks that supersede the dedicated app subscription. Now, not only am I limited if the specific team I subscribe for is playing locally, I’m limited to view based on current and new side deals with networks; ESPN, Apple TV etc. I don’t get a lot of viewing time and when I do I shouldn’t have to take a back seat to corporate money, especially as a perennial customer. Please remove black out restrictions so I and other dedicated subscribers can watch what we’re paying you for when we have the opportunity to do so. Everything else about the app is fantastic.

Why Fix What Is NOT Broke?. This year MLB has removed an outstanding feature in the app. That being the Lineup and Defense viewing features from the GAME-DAY display on the app. As a fan who has been using the app for the last 4 years and one who scores the games (via The Home Field App) I watch on the MLB app, via my Apple TV, iPad or iPhone. This part of the Game-Day display is missed. So I’m sure that I’m not the only one who misses these features. I know that the line-up are in the Preview display, but the changes defensively that occur late in the game are hard to keep up with most of the time. A True Fan!

Great To Have But Wonky. I’ve had this App for years & love being able to Howie call my Mets games almost every night. However, this season the App is acting a bit wonky. Seems to take longer to connect, more buffering and even times when the game will just randomly rewind 10 seconds or so, and start playing from there. Sometimes it skips forward to catch up the broadcast but mostly it just commences from the rewind. This happens a couple times a game. Always been a great App, just hope they work out that bug soon.

Destroyed a perfectly good app. For some reason, the 2023 version of the app features a few dozen tweaks from the previous version and almost every single one is a blatant and completely nonsensical downgrade. Gameday is less intuitive and has less of the useful statistical info it used to. Standings are less detailed for no reason. Watching highlights used to be so easy, now it’s incredibly cumbersome. Radio feed is laggy, cuts out constantly and features the same five ads on a loop for an entire game. The Apple TV version of the app was finally perfected in 2022, now it’s as clunky as ever. No choice but to unsubscribe and find other ways to watch games until they reverse some of these completely unforced errors. Really disappointing.

Why do I feel like there is something better. I’m not sure what the problem is but they are always stepping all over broadcast’s with horrible repetitive commercials. I don’t understand how they could possibly believe I would patronize any of the businesses that play the same commercials over and over at a volume level that is so much louder than the broadcast! This isn’t worth the money but very limited options. Not to mention that the subscription fee was just raised for next year! How about making an extra fee for the option to skip your lousy repetitive commercials! Now that would be a great idea for a subscription plan. Think about it as I’m sure I’m not the only person who is incredibly unhappy with your product.

Pitch clock is Root of Injury problem. Every team in Major League Baseball is having pitchers injured from the pitching clock reduction in their time in between pitches which is leading to muscle soreness and inflammation. The League Commissioner needs to pay attention to this and react quickly to modifying the clock or by the end of September , no former Cy Young pitchers will be available to pitch in October and the MLB playoffs will be the worst in the history of baseball. Please make the changes to save our quality of baseball pitching. There too many great pitchers that have the statistics to prove that baseball is on a death spiral of pitching injuries.

The app wasn’t broke but you tried to fix it.. The new landing screen adds no value and is unintuitive. I just want to get to my team’s home screen, which is just like the new home screen, but better. Then I get confused as to where I need to tap, and sometimes I end up on the game day screen instead. And the new “hamburger” menu at the top right off *most* tabs is ridiculous. I thought we were moving on from those things. You have a tab bar for top level navigation, just use that! There’s no indication of what’s even in there. I couldn’t find the stats screen so eventually I just tried the hamburger and there it was, in a grid layout which is less condensed and harder to parse than a vertical list. The “News” tab is useless to me since “Home” has news in it. I’d prefer to have useful reference info like stats and rosters in a tab. I don’t know what motivated these changes but it’s just plain bad UX. P.S. The Apple TV app has never worked for me. I get errors when trying to stream games. Even the “game of the day,” when everyone should be able to watch. It always errors.

Clunky, Slow, Full of Ads. This app has gotten worse and worse. It takes you to a landing page I have no interest in, but, it does have an advertisement. It is hard to see the scores and the box scores. If you want to see a highlight, there is an advertisement first. I know mlb has to make money but lately I find myself skipping the highlights because of the constant advertisements. And guess what, showing me commercials for Comcast business is worthless. I don’t make purchasing decisions for my employers. But, if I ever do, I won’t be picking Comcast. Well done MLB, you have hurt your product and made it less likely that your customers purchase from your advertisers.

What’s the point of Hide Scores?. When the entire app is nothing but spoilers? I mean seriously why even have this feature? There are several views that STILL show the scores, and an endless array of videos and screen caps that make impossible to watch an already ended game without spoiling the result. When I turn on Hide Scores it should hide EVERYTHING that spoils the game result. Or there should at least be a single tab for spoiler free experience and it should lock me into that view. The only to subscribe to this service is to watch a game. The only reason to watch a game is if I haven’t seen the final score yet. You make it nearly impossible for me to do that. Maybe I should just stop subscribing.

Keeps getting worse. This app used to be great. The video highlights were right in the app, automatically played sound, and the highlight videos were good quality. Nowadays the video highlights take you to some film room that is cluttered with filters, descriptions, and other non-video content. The videos always start muted (I’m there to watch a video, why would I want it muted?), and the quality of the videos has gone down. They’re short, include less of what actually happens, and they give the impression that the video is a discarded afterthought. I can’t find the game recap or condensed game videos anymore. The new “Home Screen” is annoying and just gets in the way. I just want to see news of my favorite team, and it’s a chore to get to that page. Everything about this app has gotten worse.

Baseball, America’s Game: MLB Covers All The Bases. I love baseball. It is the ultimate team sport and emphasizes individual performance. MLB provides in depth analysis of teams and individuals while enabling me to watch almost any number of games. My only gripe is that I live only 2-3/4 hours from the ball park in Atlanta, so many of their games are blacked out for me. Yet, I get my fill of baseball thrills all year for the cost of four tickets to a game in a Major League Baseball park, and I get to watch the games, with replay and analysis from the comfort of my own home.

Great app for baseball fans, but where is the widget?. This is a great app and I use it all the time to keep track of the Cubs, but it seems like it’s missing the boat on having a home screen widget for iOS. It would be so great to have that sitting on my home screen at all times with rotating scores and updates. Also, now that the pitch clock is in place, I really wish I could fast forward only 10 or 15 seconds, instead of the default 30-second advance. That would make it easier to move quickly through archived games without missing pitches.

Highlight videos are now unwatchable. This app used to be fantastic for watching highlights, but with the new update, it’s now impossible. In the past, I used to simply go to the game I want to see highlights for, click on a video I wanted to see, and boom I’m watching that video. Pretty simple right? Now, if I go to the game I want to watch and click a highlight I want to see, it will make me click the video AGAIN to fullscreen it. I know that’s a first world problem and probably shouldn’t complain about it, but it’s still super annoying and was NEVER like that before. The worst part is after I click the video TWICE to watch it, THE FIRST 5-10 SECONDS ARE IN HORRIBLE QUALITY! Basically the part that I actually want to watch is unwatchable because of the horrendous quality, and when it finally turns to HD, it’s after the play I want to see is over and I only get clear picture of someone running the bases or a pitcher walking off the mound. It is incredibly annoying and was not like this before the update. Pls, for the love of all things holy, fix your highlights!!

More games blacked out every season... MLB just keeps making it harder and more $ to watch a game. They keep making more games exclusive to other paid services like Peacock and AppleTV+ and they are blacking out more local games that are otherwise available nationally on sports channels. Where do you think the next generation of fans will come from if you keep the games off the air? And yet the network that controls the local broadcasts in so many regions, Bally, is in bankruptcy and apparently cannot create a working streaming service, if the reviews of their app/service are to be believed.

Past Game Tickets open Up - How do Delete Them. I have have two past game tickets open and it is so hard to delete them from popping up as a notification. I have turned off notifications and have to turn the phone on and off and sometimes I have to do it several times. Since they are past tickets it is perplexing and with my notifications off I am missing other notifications that should be seeing.

2023 App Has Problems. This is my third year using the app, and I have to say that this is the worst year yet. I basically didn’t have any problems the first two years. This year, I can no longer log into my account, and whenever I try and watch a game for no reason at all the league standings pop up and block about 40% of the screen. What genius thought up that feature? The app makes it extremely difficult to get any kind of support. I use the password manager on my iPhone so I know I didn’t change my password. But the app refuses to recognize it. When I asked for assistance, all I got was a boiler plate emailed back with a list of instructions that don’t work. Couldn’t be more disappointed. There’s really no reason to open the app because all it is is advertising.

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The application MLB was published in the category Sports on 29 February 2012, Wednesday and was developed by MLB [Developer ID: 281969992]. This program file size is 232.67 MB. This app has been rated by 182,762 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. MLB - Sports app posted on 05 April 2024, Friday current version is 24.6.1 and works well on iOS 16.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Languages supported by the app:

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