MLB [Sports] App Description & Overview

The MLB App is the #1 destination for live baseball video and audio served directly on your iOS device. Watch and listen live or on-demand!

The MLB App offers two subscription options for its extensive premium features, covering live MLB games from Spring Training to the World Series.
- Yearly recurring fee of $19.99.
- Monthly recurring fee of $2.99.
- MLB.TV subscribers receive the MLB App's premium features for free.

**** 2021 FEATURES ****
(NOTE: Additional features and functionality will be available in regular app updates throughout the season. Make sure to keep the MLB App updated to take advantage of these as you follow your favorite team and players.)

-- Watch and Listen Live --
• Watch the MLB.TV Free Game of the Day (subject to blackout restrictions; no subscription required)
• Access your MLB.TV All Teams subscription to watch every out-of-market game (Subscription required)
• Watch in-game highlights (No blackout restrictions; no subscription required)
• Listen to both Live and Archive Home, Away and Spanish-language (where available) radio broadcasts (MLB Audio subscription required)
• Watch 60fps video for unmatched high quality streaming of select live MLB.TV broadcasts
• Watch Condensed Games (MLB Audio subscription required)
• Multitasking split view (select iPads)
• New playlist video screen with autoplay video
• MLB Film Room - Search millions of videos
• Picture-in-Picture streaming for live video and highlights
• Multi-platform live audio access for MLB Audio subscribers (portable to Mac/PC and to the MLB skill on voice activated platforms with a valid account)
• Universal support for MLB Audio subscribers, accessible on iPhone, iPad and other supported smartphones and tablets
• Watch MLB Network programming (pay TV authentication required)

-- Follow Your Favorite Team --
• Enhanced, Gameday pitch-by-pitch features, including realistic ballpark renderings from all 30 MLB parks
• Breaking news, schedules, interactive rosters and player stats for every team
• Sortable batting, pitching and fielding statistics
• Customize your iPhone and iPad screens with MLB Club-branded app icons
• Designated your favorite team to be featured in MLB App's home screen, scoreboard, news and video
• MORE THAN JUST GAMES - Explore an expanded library of programming that goes beyond highlights and interviews with a full range of features, documentaries, and
classic games from MLB, MLB Network and our partners. (MLB.TV subscription required)
• Search function for all active and historical MLB player cards
• Closed captioning for live video
• Application available in Spanish language, requires device language set to Spanish

Access MLB Audio for $2.99 per month or $19.99 annually. You will be automatically billed $2.99 through iTunes every 30 days or $19.99 every 365 days until you cancel your subscription.

Stream MLB.TV Monthly for $24.99 per month from March through and including October. You will be automatically billed $24.99 through iTunes every 30 days, through and including October, until you cancel your subscription. Your subscription will automatically renew annually on or about March 1 for the then current-year’s regular full monthly price.

Stream MLB.TV Yearly for $129.99. Your subscription will automatically renew annually on the anniversary date for the then-current year’s regular full yearly price. Subscriptions automatically renew unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions can be managed and the auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the iTunes Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

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MLB Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Fixed the following bugs: - An issue with audio stopping from outside sources when you start the app - An issue where recap and/or condensed game videos may not play - A playback error may occur when attempting to play a video - The new MLB.TV feeds screen now supports local time zone and hide scores for games in extra innings

MLB Comments & Reviews

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- Great app but...

The MLB At Bat app is great; beautiful picture quality on Apple TV and iOS. I really enjoy it. However, there is one glitch that is driving me crazy. I reported this glitch to MLB and got a cut-and-paste response, so now I’m going public. The “Hide Scores” toggle keeps clicking off. I watch from overseas and very rarely get to watch live. I have the “Hide Scores” toggle on so I don’t see the final score of a game I’m about to watch. But when the toggle clicks off, you don’t discover it’s off until you get a screen full of final scores! This ruins the entire experience for me. Why would you want to know the final score before watching the game? I would like to see a change where the app hides the scores for the team(s) you follow for 24/48 hours after game time, regardless of the “Hide Scores” toggle setting. At Bat is a 5-star app, but this glitch lets it down for me.

- Fix the app, stop denying its broken

There are one of two issues that occur when I try to watch a game after getting the message that I am authorized to view the game and soon after the game feed is going. The first pop up is titled “Feeds Unavailable” and says below that “Feeds currently not available for this game”. The feed is actually live, but the image pops up incessantly, no matter how many times I click the Okay button. Yes, it tells me there is no feed while the feed is there. If I don’t get that pop up, I get the other. After selecting the game I want and the game is streaming, a bottom pop up appears asking me which stream I want to listen to even though I have already made that selection. Sometimes the message is for other unrelated games, but it’s usually between home and visitor broadcasts. The app won’t let me dismiss it. I have to make a selection sending the app in a tailspin that loops or crashes. Yes, my iOS is the most current. Yes, I have uninstalled the app, done a phone hard reset and reinstalled. I have done this and several other things trying to make the app happy. All other phone apps work perfectly. What’s the problem with the MLB app? When I contacted the MLB app, the instructions say to give as much description as possible. When I did this, it said my message was too long, but didn’t say anything about a character count limit. I shortened the message to almost nothing and they haven’t gotten back to me. Lame!

- Going downhill quick

This app used to be the gold standard of sports apps. Now, it is really buggy at best. There is a vast amount of information if you can get the app to function well enough to get to it. I have an iPhone 11 Pro Max that has been fully updated so whatever issues exist, they are by the app developer. I expect better from a multi billion dollar organization. UPDATE: Took away another star because the videos are so dysfunctional, it is ridiculous. All of the videos have to load because MLB wants them to auto play for whatever reason. Not only is this a terrible, clunky, buggy experience, but it’s just a bad idea because a lot of the videos have the other team’s highlights mixed in which I am not at all interested in. I used to come here to check the standings, but I have to dig for those because MLB wants me to play some game instead presumably so they can generate even more revenue. My app has been deleted and reinstalled and my iPhone 11 Pro Max is as updated as it can be. I’m done trying to solve the MLB app problems on my end. Time for them to be better. The easiest solution to this problem is to just use another app for the standings and do without the highlights. They’re not worth the frustration anyway.

- Video function fixed; notifications still MIA

UPDATE: I owe MLB half an apology. I hadn’t updated my iOS; I did, and video highlights are fixed. So that one was my fault. However, my next notification about a condensed game will be my first this season. (And I did everything: logged out, uninstalled, restarted iPad, reinstalled app, logged in and redid settings again. I’m now done trying to make this app work the way it’s supposed to.) So we’re up from 2 stars to 3. It’s nice; it just doesn’t do what it should. When this app works, it’s fantastic. But all year I keep seeing “No highlights currently available.” Uninstalling and reinstalling fixes that problem, but I’m not about to reinstall an app (and log in, and set my preferences) every day. The treatment of condensed games was a mess for several weeks. Now they’re finally showing up in the right place, but I STILL haven’t gotten a single notification all season that a condensed game was ready to watch. The videos, especially condensed games, are my favorite part of the app. So I’m sure you can understand why I’m miffed. Simply put, a well-conceived app is performing very poorly.

- The app is good but

For this app it used to really good but all it is the idea of paying $125 for ads. When I first started to purchase this app years ago there were few ads but now there are way to many. The ads are also very repetitive most of the time for one restaurant the whole game or one politician at every ad brake. I run an blocker also on all my devices which prevents me from seeing a ton of ads with other apps or services but it seems to not work with app. Bring back the out of date highlights during ad brakes. Another thing is they are through sponsorships making so that the app is useless because there is the free game of the day and a free game of the week on other services along with days were every game is free. In conclusion, not only do you have to put up with the broadcasters ads and the ads around the ballpark, but now there are ads in game brakes also which are becoming to much. I got the app because I was sick of the ads on my TV because at the time there were to few but now there are way to many, the games are uninteresting, and baseball is becoming the sport of the old and not the young because it has lost its appeal.


Some things I’m upset about watching in VR is when watching the field view it would be great to watch where the ball is flying to and watch the players cards move around the bases. And maybe even minor cards for the infield and outfield defense to watch how they move around the field interactively. The other thing I’m upset about is pictures that come across the plate take about 15 seconds to register on the screen. And when a batter changes and even when a runner goes to base it takes about 30 seconds for their player card to move either to a base or having been struck out for it to change to another player. So even though the technology is here the actual transition from it being logged in, however it is being done, to the graphics in VR takes way too long it’s not real time. So when I’m listening to the radio broadcast when it’s a blackout game or even watching on the screen with a televised game that’s happening at least 30 seconds before The graphic shows the play or runners changing bases or batters changing by at least 30 seconds.

- What’s with all the ads???

UPDATE: I’m taking another star away because it’s worse than greed. It’s apathy evidently. They acknowledged this is actually an issue but aren’t able to resolve and I guess I’m just left with a poor user experience?? Not even a “we’re aware and working toward resolving” or giving any indication they intend to address an issue they admit I am having. Here’s the rundown - I contacted support through the app and was advised as an MLB TV subscriber I shouldn’t be seeing ads all over the place like I am. I was advised to logout and back into the app. No change. I was next advised to uninstall/reinstall the app. No change. It seems that’s where they plan on leaving it. Last email said if my issue persists to contact Apple support... Original Review: MLB must be struggling because this out of market fan can’t watch a single highlight without a preroll ad anymore. Having paid over $90 to follow my team and still get these and now in app banner ads near the bottom menus??? Really frustrating and annoying. At least watching games is flawless but outside of that the user experience just reminds that you’re nothing but a set of eyes to blast ads at, even as a paying subscriber...

- has what I want but very buggy

I would give it five stars if there weren't so many technical issues. I have the latest iPhone that is updated. The first issue is the schedule at the top of the screen always shows dates in the past and isn't current. The only way to see the current schedule is to click on the calendar. If this can't be fixed I'd rather have it removed as a feature. The second problem is incredibly annoying and making me consider canceling my subscription. The issue is white the phone is connected to my car by CarPlay, It is not possible to listen to the radio even if the app is not open on my phone. It continually tries to play MLB audio. The only way to play my radio is to disconnect my phone from CarPlay. I don't even have the MLB app as a option in CarPlay so I don't see the icon in CarPlay. So something is going on with auto play and this app. This has never happened with any other app but always happens now. I've tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it several times that does not correct the problem.

- MLB app is full of glitches & they won’t take responsibility

Update: Take a look at the recent reviews. Everyone is experiencing issues with the app. There hasn’t been an update in a week, but MLB says to delete and reinstall. That is MLB support in a nutshell. Everyone’s devices are the problem... not their terrible app. Hey MLB support how about you own your issues, admit the app is broken, and say you are working to fix it. The MLB app used to be the gold standard of sports apps. That has changed dramatically in recent years. They simply cannot get their app to function reliably. This is true for the 2021 season and their latest update. The videos under the scores tab do not work. When you are scrolling through videos it will automatically scroll to the top of the video list the second you take your finger off the screen. I attempted to contact mlb support about this issue and they responded with a completely unrelated answer. MLB continues to drop the ball. They simply cannot get their app to function properly. Avoid this app until the MLB demonstrates consistent reliability in app functionality.

- Much of the app doesn't work if you don't have iOS 12

It's nearly a month into the 2019 season and the MLB At Bat standings and stats still have not been updated. Instead of current 2019 standings, the app still shows 2018 standings. Same is true for stats. And when I called up MLB support, I was told that if you don't update to iOS 12 you will not be able to get current standings or stats, even with the paid app. I chose not to update to iOS 12 for a good reason - many of my favorite apps will not work at all with iOS 11 or 12. It's a Catch 22 situation. I don't blame the developers of these other apps for not wanting to change their well-designed and perfectly functional apps simply because Apple updates the iOS. MLB needs to fix the app so that standings and stats will continue to work even without iOS 12. Ironically, the MLB At Bat features that continue to work without iOS 12, such as Gameday, are much more sophisticated features than standings and stats are. I can get current standings, stats, and scores on the free Yahoo Sports app and CBS Sports app, so why bother with the MLB app at all? MLB: FIX THIS APP!

- STILL Garbage!

Update: ads and ads and more ads. This is worse than watching live TV. The app is confusing to navigate, I can't find in app purchases and the service is useless. The app and the service reminded me of why I stopped watching's all about money, politics, and juicing the fans. They don't care about the fans or our experience. I Subscribed to At Bat. Realized you get almost nothing for your money. Subscribed to MLB Premium. Couldn't watch the live Yankee game tonight because it was blacked out even though I'm in-market. I could watch games from other markets but not my own market(???????). Still Can't watch the Yankees game from the archive. Still blacked out. But I can watch a live game from the west coast. Makes no sense. This app is garbage and the service is garbage. You're paying for MLB's licensing politics where the fans don't matter and get screwed coming and going. I now remember why I stopped watching baseball. Dirty business that gives the fans the short end of the stick every time. This app is just another example and the service is yet another one. Pass

- App

The MLB app is riddled with ridiculous ads on nearly every page and EVERY video. I'm sorry but with ticket prices as high as they are, food, parking, merchandise, etc I can't afford to take my family to a game. So pardon me if I think bombarding us with ads for additional revenue on your app just to watch a video isn't ridiculous and quite tone deaf. Does MLB really need that additional revenue? Pathetic. And please stop combining stats into one. You guys are really missing the boat trying to make us look at one "league". Fans love the two leagues, the divisions and the inter league rivalry. I want to see who is doing what I'm each league, not a combination. You're killing the golden goose but what sport in America isn't these days? So... keep pricing your future fan base out of the stadiums, then cloud the app with ridiculous ads and watch where you are in 10 years. You won't have the revenue to hand out these lavish guaranteed contracts to overpaid athletes. There is a massive correction coming. I have a feeling you won't see it till it's past too late.

- Great App!

Overall, love this app! Huge Brewers fan, and this app makes it really easy to stay up to date on what’s going on! There is one thing that would really make this app better, at least from my perspective... I am really critical about the way my iPhone is displayed, especially the wallpaper that I have. I usually use one of my favorite teams/players, and I often get those from my team apps, such as my Bucks and Packers apps. My app has a Brewers cover, but one of my relatives gets wallpapers instead of the app covers. It may be because that person has a Samsung phone, but I’m not sure... I think that, however it may work, there should be both available for both types of phones. But like I said before, great app. That one thing would certainly bring my rating up to 5 stars.

- Major League Issues

When the app functions, it's okay. You just have to hope the when is when you want to listen. You're lucky if you get to listen to the audio without it dropping. You're lucky if you can watch a highlight with the clarity of something more recent than 1999. You're lucky if the scores update regularly. You're lucky if you don't have to restart the app. Don't even think of trying customer support, in my years of using MLB products, I have never encountered a more "blame the customer first" approach in my life. But, I guess when you have a monopoly over your product, you don't have to address customer concerns. They deleted the user forum a long time ago, which is always a bad sign for customer service. Then there are the blackout policies. TV networks are more important than customers because they pay MLB unspeakable amounts of money so you can't watch your team on the internet. The World Baseball Classic is blacked out outside of the US. That is not the way to grow the game internationally. You can't customize anything. You have to listen and watch all 30 teams to get your money's worth. Or, in a feat of mathematical brilliance, you can watch 1 team for 75% of the price of watching 30. I have had it with MLB media. They will never see another purchase from me ever again and I will never recommend any product of theirs until these issues are addressed. You're going to lose baseball fans in the long term if you keep up these practices.

- misleading on purchases

The app works fine and I find it very helpful. But I am frustrated by their monthly subscription situation. I have tried multiple times to cancel my subscription and just have the free version on my phone because i just want the basics, I do not use the features on the premium version. And yet, every couple of months i get charged for the monthly version again and don’t understand how i got subscribed or when they gave me the option to opt out. I finally figured out after a lot of digging that i have to go into my AppleID settings and unsubscribe from there to stop the auto payments. But I am frustrated that they make this so hard to find and that the default is for me to start getting charged instead of making it clear whether i want the free version or the premium. Paying for the app one time would be fine, but i don’t use it enough to justify $3 every month. Please make it more clear whether we are subscribing to the paid version and how to unsubscribe if we want to.

- Bugs have become expected

This service has been out for a decade. It seems like every year there is a different bug to deal with. They fix one and another comes up. When casting to your tv, hitting the forward/back 30 secs button on your phone starts the video from the beginning of the game; 100% of the time. The buttons just don’t work at all. If you’re already watching the game on your phone and click the cast button, the attempt to cast errors out about 50% of the time. This doesn’t happen if you cast, then click the play button. When casting, close games become unwatchable in late innings. It must be due to server traffic (lots of people start watching close games in the 8th or 9th). Clearly they’re server throttling. Very annoying. I did update my rating from 2 stars to 3 because this year the bugs are less annoying than last year.

- Too many UNWANTED notifications!!

I used to have far more notifications settings turned on in seasons past, but it got really out of hand this season, including notifications that straight up spoiled the end of the games I was watching (apparently the broadcasts I’ve been watching are a bit behind). I started to get super aggravated at the spoilers and over-the-top number of news notifications, so I just trimmed it down to game start for the teams I care about. However, I’m finding that I STILL get multiple news notifications per day, and it’s not even for teams I have on my list! I even went to verify that my settings were correct (and they were). I’m super close to deleting this app, especially from my watch since the persistent tapping for stuff I don’t care about is SO ANNOYING. Please respect user settings on notifications!!! Some of us are busy at work and unwanted taps are extra irritating and distracting!

- Crashes

Edit. The new update has fixed the crashing issue for me on my Apple TV and because of this I have updated my rating to 5 stars. It’s back to being the great app it was before. This has to be the most interactive app on my Apple TV. The app crashes, I grab the remote and press a button a few times. The app crashes again and I grab the remote and press a button a few times. Anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes the app will crash, so make sure you keep your remote handy because you will be grabbing it often. But other than the crashing, the app is great. The picture quality is very good on 4K HDR TV. The app is very easy to use and it works well with Apple TV. It also works well on my iPad where it hasn’t crashed.

- Love baseball. Hate this app

It’s nice that I can watch my Mets while in CA. However this app breaks my CarPlay every time I use it. It makes any and all audio apps nothing but a black screen until I reset it the entire phone. Plus it will not actually play the game unless i open the phone while driving and press play on the app itself. Carplay shortcut just won’t work. How about just some minor quality of life issues? Why do i have to chose the english radio feed every time. I promise i never want to listen to the Spanish feed and if i do I don’t mind going into settings to changing that. How about letting me get right to viewing the game I’m listening to or watching a summary of without having to load a list and scroll through every game happening throughout the whole day?!? This is why we need competition. So lazy apps like this are held accountable. Because where the hell else am I going to go?

- Great app

Love this app on my phone. When I'm not able to watch a game because I'm at work it's great to be able to check the app for game stats. I really like checking standings, roster info, and getting club-specific news. I pay yearly for MLB TV so I can games through the app on my phone, TV, and computer(they do offer a generous student discount. My only disappointment is in regards to the watch app is that it doesn't update quickly at all. The game will be over and my watch still says its in the 5th or 6th inning. Also it has inaccurate standings. It will say my team is 7-6 when they're 7-2. I am a huge baseball fan and work during many games so being able to have accurate and up to date scores on my wrist would be nice. It otherwise defeats the purpose of the watch app.

- Great but needs one more thing

I love this app. It’s my go-to for when I wanna check a score or stats on a particular player. I like checking the league leaders in ERA, batting average, RBI, etc. but one thing that should be added is advanced stats, such as hard hit percentage, fly ball rate, strike-out percentage, WAR, and other stats that are being looked at more these days. I love seeing the home run leaders and stuff but I also want to know things like who has the most total bases or highest contact rates. I know some of this info is available under the stats of each player profile, but it would be great if they were listed in order like they are with the stat leaders under the stats page. Team totals stats for these metrics would be great too! Other than this the app is great

- Customer Service issues

I am updating my review, I left the original review below for reference. Customer service reached out to me after I left a 1 Star review to address my concerns saying “they could not replicate” my app crashing scenario. So far they have come back with two fixes that have not worked but to their credit they are communicating & in a timely manner. Will update again with the conclusion. I pay for an annual subscription ... 4 updates ago the schedule started crashing the app. I have written & written & written & written no no avail. Customer service will not respond to my inquiries ... The app is great to watch baseball on the go or online but if you ever have a problem don’t expect to get help or a response, user beware. I can’t support an app that doesn’t support customers that pay significant money to use their service.

- They don’t want you streaming

I never want to know the scores beforehand!!! I always set the app to hide scores. It never stays set and in some way or another they give away the scores in hoping I will not stream the game! Utterly shameful ploy and totally ruins this app for me. This app was pretty good, until recently they have decided that my selection of “Hide Scores” isn’t what they want me to select. You see I stream my Yankees (because living in California the Dodgers are always blacked out for live games). Then at the end of the baseball day I stream recapped or condensed games by AppleTV or RokuTV. Now they change my selection after watching maybe one or two recapped games and display all the scores of the games!!! They even display the scores on some recapped games before making the final selection of deciding to stream the home team or away team. My guess is if I see the scores maybe I won’t stream the games as much because now I know the outcome, and why would I?

- Pay over $100 to not be able to watch live games

I’m usually not one to make a big deal of things but this is beyond disappointing mlb. If your charging fans money much less $120+ to watch their favorite teams play you have a responsibility ( I suspect also a legal one ) to fans to provide that service. I can see from other reviews that I am not the only one that is unable to watch the games on the app. To make sure it wasn’t on my end I made sure my app was updated, then I deleted and reinstalled the app, and then updated my phone to the most recent update. What makes matters even worse is that free mlb TV game of the game is able to stream on the app as I did so yesterday ( even though it is quite buggy). Every game that fans are unable to watch is quite literally taking money of their own pockets. It’s apparent from other reviews that this problem has been around for several days without being addressed . Come on!

- At Bat Review

I enjoy the app very much, but I have a Very Hard time having to listen on a phone. I noticed that some Cable Co’s include the At Bat App w/the paid Subscription to MLB Network. Xfinity does not do that. So I have to pay two places to get games. It’s very sad to me to pay out $180 a season to see what games they want me to watch. It’s 3pm & they haven’t showed a game all day. During Spring Training they didn’t have a problem picking what game would be played. At least they played one. But thanks to At Bat, I was able to hear the “Cubs” just got the “W” on Opening Day. I’m in s fixed income, so I can’t afford to pay for the games to physically come over my phone. I could play whatever game I want to watch if it was on my phone. I could plug into the tv & watch that Way.

- Pretty great on the whole

I have a couple gripes and suggestions about the app. I saw that there were some updates to the video highlights and I hope it addressed my first gripe but it does not. I am an able to share the video highlights with in the game either during or after it via Facebook messenger. It says something like content is not found or does not load. This would be my main way to share highlights with my sister and I wish it would work. Also I hope that it is now possible to move the closed captioning somewhere else on the screen so that it does not interfere with onscreen graphics. This was a problem last year and before I assume. I don’t know if this has been rectified or not yet.

- Watch Complications

The watch complication still does not work properly. This is the third year in a row I’ve been trying to use it. It is supposed to show current score on the watch face but it just won’t cooperate. It will work fine for a game or two, and then not update at all for days. Then work for a few innings and then go back to not updating the score. I’ve reinstalled numerous times, toggled settings, notifications, data usage... anything I can think of to get it to work. I thought for sure by last season, after all the trouble in 2016 of tying to have it work consistently, they would figure out the issues. But no. All of 2017 was bad. Now it’s 2018 and STILL not working right. Why? I’ve seen others complaining of the exact same problem. So it’s not just me and my watch/iPhone. This is an MLB app, not some cheap 3rd party app. This should be fixed quickly and easily. So frustrating year after year.

- Keeps getting worse

This app consistently crashes on me. 50% of the time when I reopen the app after closing it, crash and restart. The Gameday view is so slow to load and consistently shows wrong information. Says two outs, only shows the current batter and no others in the inning which is impossible. Then the pitches have to load individually for that batter, why even do that? When the pitches do load they are never correct and will show pitches 1 strike, 2 ball, 3 out, 1 strike, 1 ball, 2 ball. The information is all wrong. They keep adding all these features into the app but the core feature is broken. Minor issue, when you click to view a video of a home run for example, by the time I can rotate my phone to watch it, the hit has already happened and I have to restart the video. Even an extra second added would help a lot. I keep getting frustrated with this app.

- No video search

Please bring back the video search. The app is pointless without it. I like to follow/look up individual players for my fantasy teams and I can’t do that anymore. Also can’t look up any old videos without it, and you guys barely upload any new videos anymore, which means only a handful of videos are available to watch on the entire app. Not sure why app developers would want their customers to watch less videos which just means less exposure for their advertisers. It just doesn’t make any logical sense. It’s especially annoying because MLB is so stingy about its video content that this app was my only reliable source for highlights, but not anymore. If you developers don’t plan on bringing back the video search then just tell me so I can delete the app. Otherwise, I’m just going to keep coming back here and giving one-star reviews until you BRING BACK THE VIDEO SEARCH!

- Delayed Notification Option Please

I live within my teams market so unfortunately I can’t use the app and subscribe how I would like due to those annoying blackouts. However, I still use to listen to the radio broadcast and general stat usage during game. Always been an app that stays ahead of the curve on app updates and taking advantage of new features right away. Biggest complaint is that when I’m watching the game using virtually every medium, I get a scoring change notification 10 or 15 seconds before I see it. I don’t want to have to manually turn on and off notifications each time I watch the game. I would love an option to delay notifications by a minute or so to avoid spoiling the plays.

- Can’t hold the live feed

I really want to love this app but it’s too frustrating. Watching live games on the app has become nearly impossible. Everything starts out fine but after a couple of innings the buffering begins. Only buffers for a few seconds but it happens almost continually. I have a new iPhone 12 Pro, updated. It’s not a bandwidth problem because I’m pulling in close to 100mbs. Live stream on most other apps works great. After a couple innings of all the short buffering breaks, the stream is no longer live. Watching on the website with my laptop works great, but I can’t cast direct to the tv from the website. You have to cast the tab and leave the laptop open. It would be easier to cast from my phone but the spotty streaming is too frustrating.

- mlb

Mad, got the app because wanted to see updates and be able to watch on the go. Absolutely disappointed and infuriated with the service from the app. We pay almost 200 hundred dollars to be able to watch the games and can’t even watch. How does that make sense? The reason I can’t watch is because every time I put a game on it tells me select a feed, and I do. Then it continually pops up and never disappears, there is no way of even trying to watch the game because the error takes up all the screen. I would love the app if it worked properly but it doesn’t, so I do not. If someone would please tell me why its not working it would be much appreciated. As of now i'm fuming. It is so mind boggling to me how we pay good money to these people and it doesn’t even work right. Would not recommend giving your money to these people and find a different service that works properly.

- Video Search Missing

Generally no problem with other aspects of the latest update, but as others have mentioned, the video search bar is now missing. Attempts to follow instructions given by developers on this review page have not worked. Update: still no appropriate response from developers regarding video search. New update did NOT fix the problem. I am running the latest version of both the app and iOS. Any kind of response to the effect of “redownload the app”, “click the search bar under the video tab”, or “update your software” is inappropriate at this point. Don’t insult my intellegence, video search was clearly incorrectly removed after the switch to version 12.0. FIX IT. Update 3/26: STILL no video search bar. Latest update STILL didn’t fix the issue. Redownloading does not fix. Support refuses to answer or acknowledge me. PLEASE bring the video search bar back!!

- Problems corrected

Edit: MLB has restored setting and Teams editing, which are now in the Accounts page. Things are much better, so I’ve changed my rating to four stars. There are still some loading issues, maybe from the large amount of video content, and I still wish “News” add pleated above “Videos” on each team’s page, but I can live with it as it is. Here’s the original review: Am I the only one to find that the Settings button and the Edit button for editing favourite teams are missing from the current version? This make it impossible to customise the app. I’m giving it two stars in the hopes that MLB’s developer will notice this review and make the appropriate revisions very soon.

- Making an outstanding app even more outstanding!

This is really my favorite app, bar none. I enjoy watching the game progress, when I’m just kicking back or if I’m also watching the game on TV. Just love it, but what I would like to see on the game day feature, is that when the batter hits a foul ball after two strikes, instead of coloring the ball red, color it yellow, so we instantly know he didn’t strike out. When we see the fourth green ball we instantly know it’s a base on balls; I would like to see the third red ball to instantly mean he struck out. I feel that this would make an outstanding improvement to an already outstanding app. Thank you for all you do.

- Solid MLB News App

Almost perfect. Easy to navigate and get what you want. Just want to catch the scores of last few game(s)? They’re right there. Got more time to dig into the recaps? Also there. Looking for the latest scoop, the ins and outs throughout the league? Just finger taps away. Articles, videos, recaps, box scores, stats, it’s all there in one clean, easily navigable and customizable app. My only gripes are: - it takes a while to load (forgivable given the amount of content, often video, being retrieved). - 12-28 second adds front nearly every single video, even those 8 second single play highlight clips that are only a fraction of the length of the adds that precede them! I understand the obnoxious reality of intrusive advertising is the way internet content survives, but really!? Does it have to be so imbalanced? This is absurd! Automatic full-star reduction (at minimum) for this. - the schedule/calendar view has been broken for quite some time now, causing the app to instantly crash and close whenever I click that button to see a whole month at a time. No excuses there. Been weeks, maybe even months now. That’s gotta be fixed. Full-star reduction here too.

- Random Team Schedules crash

I haven’t had as many problems as other people using the app, but the consistent problem is I can’t view my teams schedule (I get that there are other resources available, but if I have the app open, I should be able to tap the schedule button and have it work). I reported the issue, and got a respond kindly asking me to reinstall the software. Except when I reported the issue I talked the various troubleshooting steps I’d already performed (restart, reinstall, etc). The one thing I didn’t try was loading another teams schedule - and a couple of teams actually load. I’ve seen other people have good experiences when reporting issues with the app so I had hoped I would too and that simply wasn’t the case.

- Good app, impressive use of real-time technology

The MLB at Bat app does a remarkably good job at pulling together a lot of big data in real time and delivering that in an easy to consume format. The premium subscription seems to be best if you live outside of the market region for your favorite team as black out restrictions mean any local games can’t be live streamed. This is incredibly frustrating, especially if you do not subscribe to cable or satellite and thus have no option for watching a local game, even though you pay a high price for the MLB Premium Subscription. In LA for instance, games are not broadcast over the air, only through cable or satellite, so if your a Dodges fan in LA the premium subscription only lets you watch other teams or road games out of the area. Likewise, if your favorite team does come to play a local team you can’t watch the game due to the same blackout restrictions. Otherwise the play by play animated live games feature is pretty cool, and you do get to watch the other games around the league, just not your local games or games that are played on certain days and times.

- Ads make videos difficult to watch.

I understand that ads are crucial in order to keep a free app running, but it’s out of hand on your app. I just opened a Top Story titled “Every team’s top home run of the decade.” Great idea for an article, but the ads make it unwatchable. EVERY SINGLE TIME I open a video, I am forced to watch the same 15 second ad for RBI Baseball. It’s even more pathetic because most of the home run videos are only about 30 seconds or less. I had to stop after about 7 videos because I realized that I would end up spending over 7 MINUTES watching the same ad. As I said before, I understand that revenue made off of ads helps keep the app free. Why not then implement something similar to the ESPN app, where ads pop up every four or five videos? I love the app overall but this really ticked me off tonight. After all, I was looking forwards to reliving the decade in home runs!

- My Tears Flow Freely

They say that given infinite time, an endless amount of monkeys with an endless amount of typewriters will produce the entire works of Shakespeare. I say that given a couple weeks, one brain dead monkey with one computer will be able to produce a better app than this. The "video" section is actually just a trap designed as a torture device. The selected video will actually play about one out of ten times, the other nine times are filled with the same annoying, 30 second commercials. After that, the screen flickers and then you are forced out of the app. When the video section does work, you must watch a 30 second add every time while praying to whatever God you worship for it to continue to work. I propose that whoever designed this app should have their fingers cut off so they can't hurt anyone else. Then, they shall be institutionalized as extreme sadists.

- Used to love this app

I’ve had this app on my phone pretty close to the entire time it’s been available. Every season I purchase the radio subscription at $2.99/mo. Each previous year, I was able to enjoy the app ad-free because of my purchasing the radio subscription. This season is different...I have ads everywhere. I can’t watch highlight videos w/o having to wait on an ad to finish. On top of that, I’ve had issues with the app freezing up, locking up and I end up having to clear the app and start all over. Between the videos not opening properly, the freezing/locking up and the amount of ads that for some reason I now have to deal with, I’ve lost my interest. I’ll most likely utilize alternative options for radio and highlights moving forward. Try harder MLB at used to be awesome.

- Great app! But, there is a bug with the last update and the widget is no longer loading.

Usually when I open the app it will show the current game that is going on and the score. It will have different options to choose from below. It will say box score, summary, listen, etc. Now, that is not showing up. Also, when a game hasn’t started, it normally has the word preview at the bottom. That is not there anymore either. Every once and while these options will show up, but most of the time, it doesn’t. Also, the widget says unable to load. I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app and deleting the widget and adding it again and resetting my phone.

- Indispensable app; Audio needs improvement

One of the best apps out there. Very seamless. Great user interface. All the MLB information I need at my fingertips. Well-designed settings for user notifications. The live audio still needs some work as other posters have mentioned. The repetitive, horribly annoying commercial ads during gamebrakes require muting. Why does the app often play dueling audio or a/v sources at the same time during these breaks? I pay for premium access. Why ads at all? The MLB history game brakes are cute. The ads have got to go, whether they are from the app or the originating game-feed source. There are still some bugs with the live gametracker as well. Moreso in the iPad app than in the iPhone version, but there are some issues that are pervasive in both: such as the last play of each half inning not posting properly in the pitch-by-pitch screen, or the pitch track box appearing completely off-screen. These bugs have existed far too long for them to not have been fixed. When these issues are addressed, this will be a 5-star app. Keep working, and thanks!

- MLB at bat, the yankee app??

There are 30 teams in the league, not just 1 or 2(yankees & mets) that for some reason year after year the MLB at bat thinks so. Either one hasn’t won a World Series the last 10 years. So far since the Nationals won the Series, MLB at bat news section of the app, it’s all about what the yankees should get over and over everyday, Stanton’s plan article, Mets going after both Betts and Lindor(like no other teams aren’t going after them, too) as this article doesn’t mention other teams. yankees only team interested in both Strasburg and Cole. The Gardy Party appears primed to continue in The Bronx article. Does it ever end?? Boston has won two in the past ten years, but Mookies is going to Queens. It was the Nationals vs the Astros in the World Series, not the mets and the yanks?? Everybody wants change, but the bias east coast sports journalists. The World doesn’t revolve around New York sports only.

- Buggier than usual (and those interstitial clips aren’t popular with anyone)

Day 2 of the season and I’ve had to reboot my Apple TV three times (twice today) because switching between games completely locked up the app. We’ve subscribed now for four years. Once upon a time we didn’t get ads. Blessed silence between innings. Now if they sell one ad we will see it every half inning. And the same half dozen “popular clips’. Over. And over. And over. And over. No matter what game. We’ve had two games up at once go to commercial and we’ve seen the exact same ads and clips play simultaneously. Either fire the sales staff for not selling ads or expand the library of replay clips. For what we pay for this we shouldn’t have to mute during breaks.

- New Condensed Games Miss Too Much

I very much appreciate this app and have used it a number of years. This year there were some significant changes to condensed games. I really like the addition of the announcer audio, but I really dislike how much is being cut out, apparently to keep the replays under 10 minutes. This is baseball. Some games take longer than others. I don't want to miss base hits, stolen bases, or scoring plays just because the were a lot of them. A perfect example was St. Louis vs. Pittsburgh Apr. 29. Great pitchers' duel, then all of a sudden a bases loaded single by Pittsburgh. There had been almost no runners all game. How did the bases get loaded? If you must have a cutoff, please move it to 15 or 20 minutes.

- CarPlay buggy

I’ve loved this app for years. In 2019 I got a car with Apple CarPlay. Accessing the app, to listen to games from my car stereo with CarPlay never seems to work. I can browse games that are available, but once I tap the game, it would get stuck to “authorize,” but never play the game. It would only work accessing directly with my iPhone 11 Pro. The 2019 season ended. It’s 2020 now. After several app updates since last season, I’m trying to access games again through CarPlay on my stereo. I select a game and it just asks me to “Please Log In.” It freezes the phone app. I’m already logged in on my phone. Is this app not really compatible with CarPlay? Can this bug be addressed?

- Apple TV version is frustrating and unusable

I don’t have anything to say about the iPhone version, and haven’t had any issues with the iPad app either. What frustrates me is that I want to watch on my TV!! MLB won’t allow me to screen mirror from iPad, so I’m forced to use the Apple TV app. This is fine for a bit, but as soon as I leave a game and try to switch to another, it stops loading games and gives me an error message to call customer service. I did that and was prompted to delete the app and reinstall…which seemed to solve the problem…or so I thought. As soon as I switched games again, same issue returns. I delete the app and reinstall. Works again…until I switch games again. I’m sorry, but this is ridiculous!! This needs to be fixed. I love the interface of the app and the things that it offers…when it works. Please fix this NOW!!

- Too many notifications about the same thing! (Looking at you Harper and Machado)

There needs to be another notification option to filter “news” notifications. I love to get notifications of fun Cut-4 content, as well as actual news, but there was no way to get that these past 4 months without also being spammed with dozens and dozens of “stories” and “updates” about Harper and Machado that all basically said the same thing but were written differently. Last year it was the same spam-fest, but with dozens and dozens of almost the same story about the new Stanton and Judge combination. This would easily be a 5 star app if they gave users more options on filtering the types of news and media content notifications.

- Blackouts Much? Unhappy Dodgers Fan

I bought every version of this app since it was made available. I have lived in 3 states during that time (and spend about 2 months in Canada each year) and have been happy with the availability of games. I have been in Tucson for 3 years and I am now getting blacked out from way too many games. I (almost) understand when the Dodgers are in Phoenix playing the DBacks (although it is a 2+ hours drive). But I am blacked out from the San Diego and Colorado games as well. I use the app on my IPad. Even if the games are televised on the various FOX Sports channels, I am most likely NOT near a TV if I use the app to watch the game. Otherwise I would go for the large screen. Can someone at MLB think this through and see the absurdity?

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- Update Problems

Same as the other guy from Aust. App keeps closing after only 30 seconds or so, when trying to open simple things like the box scores to see pitch counts or who’s hit n stuff....bang closes down, haven’t been able to watch replays since the update. Had been a great app previously but getting a bit frustrated especially with the playoffs for the World Series on at the moment. Please guys have a look at this n find a remedy ASAP go the Phillies

- Great in almost every way

The only issues I have with the app is that recently it has been crashing when I choose to view standings. Also if I'm not in the app, but have it running, it appears to restart when I go back in, rather than just refreshing the content "on the fly". Hopefully the next update will address the crashing, if not the refresh situation.

- Audio intermittent

I’m in Australia and never had a problem with the app until I updated it 3 days ago. Now I can’t listen to audio without it cutting out, buffering or just stopping every 30 seconds. Please please please fix this. It’s a great app otherwise but this is driving me nuts as I love listening to John Sterling & Susan when I can’t watch games. Thank you!

- Intermittently works and spoils game scores!

Regardless of which internet connection I am on, games only play occasionally, with error codes and MLB At Bat support providing no helpful information or solutions. The app also shows news for your team on the same page as the game options (which you can hide the scores on), so the news spoils the results of the games you may not have watched yet anyway! I hope this is all resolved by start of next season but I’m not holding my breath based on previous versions.

- Apple Watch.

Great iPhone app, but the Apple Watch app needs some work. It doesn’t seem to update for next scheduled games etc. I keep having to restart my watch so the app updates but this only lasts a day and then I have to turn it off again. Would be a 5 start if we could get this sorted.

- New update with watching games and seeing scores.

Can you please change the new update so you when you want to watch a game either in real time or after that you don’t see the scores? The old way used to be much better , it really defeats the purpose of watching the game. Get rid of the black screen and go back to white. Other than that love the fact I can watch baseball in Australia 😊

- Two steps ahead every time

Amazingly simple and straightforward. The amount of information available from reporting, videos, stats and player bios. One of a kind, even if you don’t watch baseball yet this app will change your mind

- Please Stop showing Astro highlights

After everything that came to light after 2019 why do you show so many Astro home runs, they were proven to have been cheating please please stop showing their home runs from 2019 it’s so annoying

- Feed Picker Issues

With the new version of the feed picker, I don’t see game times converted into my local time in Australia any more - please fix. I also wish we saw more post game content as that is something we also want to see - the game breakdown, the banter, the build up for the next game.

- Love it but a few bugs

Great app but keeps crashing when turning live video from portrait to landscape. Also regularly get an error when trying to watch live video have to keep selecting the tv feed and eventually it works.

- Cubs radio missing Mark Grote

The Score and Cubs Radio have really tripped up by axing Mark Grote from the commentary team. His replacement is nowhere near as provocative or as much fun. It seems the young talent may have bruised an ego or two. Don't second guess yourself, Mark. Your're made of the right stuff.

- Bug fix

Great app. Since an update three days ago however, cannot watch or listen. App constantly crashing (iPhone) Please Fix this before postseason.

- amazing for baseball updates

honestly this is way better and easier to use than going online and searching up scores. i can see live games and what is happening and who is batting when i am watching. only problems are on mobile i cannot see the bottom half of the score board on the main screen. but honestly it doesnt make a huge difference cause i can go to the live game and see what happened anyways

- Awesome from Australia

I’m from Australia and I’ve just started using this app - only the lite version. It’s awesome, will definitely upgrade to a full membership. If only all sports were so thorough! Keep up the great work. Love it.

- App not opening

App has been updated but When I click onto the app it won’t open it’s like its trying to open but then kicks me out.

- Panasonic no more

Devastated to learn that this app wasn’t available any more on my TV. The app is ok but can’t find the line score feature that was available on my Panasonic. Don’t have time to watch whole games so this would be a welcomed addition to this app

- Bug to fix

This is one of THE great sports apps, has been from day one I loaded it...BUT, after last update it crashes if I try to look at "Standings". Please fix.

- Great app, but...

This is a fantastic app that provides you with scores, news and videos exceptionally. However, the fact that I have to watch an ad for every single video I view is simply unacceptable. Worse still, many (and currently all) of these ads are about the At Bat app (the same app that you're using to view the ads!). This is a disgrace and must be changed immediately.

- Bring back video linking.

My friends and I sent each other links to good/bad plays in baseball that day, week or however long. You’ve taken away all the link sharing. Really frustrating, completely crushed our conversations. Fix it up!

- Great app to use all over the world!

I travel a lot and MLB At Bat is always with me keeping me up with the game I Love

- Disappointing

I'm very disappointed that with the latest MLB update it is no longer compatible with older IPads. I can only use IOS 9 on my Ipad3 and this app no longer works with anything less than IOS 11. Fix it please!

- Keeps crashing

In Australia also. With the latest update 3 days ago, it keeps crashing when trying to open. Briefly shows a grey screen that says Hide scores ON then crashes.

- Current incarnation of At Bat is awful

Game day updates are slow, poorly composed and do not match up with front screen. Don’t try to improve on an app if you’re only going to take it backwards

- Get stuck in notification settings

New version is getting stuck at notification setting and can’t get beyond this.

- The best app is now even better

Best app I have. Go Yankees!

- iPhone X support

Great app finally has iPhone X support

- Keeps crashing

App is use is great but keeps crashing constantly

- “Access issues”

Unable to use the app as I get “access issues” notifications. Support are unable to help.

- Videos not working

No videos of in game working. Payment has come off credit card for 2019 What’s doing!!!!!!!

- Latest update broke the app

The latest update broke the app. It keeps acting sluggish and even crashes.

- Permissible cheating?

Can’t positively rate an app of a league that allows for teams and players to systematically cheat in the World Series. The content is tainted

- Great app as it should be

Great app. Absolutely perfect for the iPad baseball fan wanting to watch on the go. Additions to the app this year are great!! BUT, one small addition or update would be great. When viewing team/player statistics under STATS, it would be awesome to be able search for a particular player rather than having to scroll through the whole list to find the name I want to view stats for. It is amazing, when watching games, that you want to find out more info on a particular player. Please make a small update to accommodate this. Otherwise, I love my MLB At Bat. Thanks team.

- Fantastic

I purchased a season pass for the audio streams alone and I'm impressed. I'm a person who needs one app to handle things and I really hate opening safari to handle MLB web pages and then another app to handle the audio stream (if you can find one for baseball calling). I follow the Mets so listening to WFAN is important to me and as I said, being able to do this in one app is important. Nothing beats the official callers, but if you only like looking at the baseball stats then don't spend $15 on a season pass or you're a fool. This an app for people wanting live audio and video, with an all-in-one approach. Edit: I don't know what the previous reviewer is talking about with the "5 videos" comment because when you're listening or just watching the ball by ball play of a certain game, video will be posted of highlights of a great play while it's still playing. You also do get a box score, you just need to press the arrow and then press "box score"

- MLB at bat

Basic home screen when watching a game will show you where each pitch goes with a catchers view - perfect. You can pay if you want to listen or watch games and you have free trials for both to see if it works well. I listen to heaps of cubs games on radio and, while it might be 30 seconds behind, the radio is nearly always in good timing with the pitching indicators and play summaries. You also have a free game to watch every day without paying a cent, which comes up very well on this iPad. If you're remotely interested in baseball you download this app. Simple.

- Audio & Video Streaming Vastly Delayed. Notifications are 30 seconds ahead.

When streaming video or audio, in Australia at least. The push notifications come through between 30 seconds - 1 minute BEFORE you hear or see. Quite frustrating. Otherwise an very good App.

- Simply the best app on my phone

I use a lot of apps on my phone, and MLB at bat has been my favourite for years. It is constantly updated with new features, and I have never encountered any bugs. There are always special updates for the All-Star Game and Post-Season, making sure the app is always relevant. Streaming works perfectly as well!

- Version on Older AppleTV was Better

I recently purchased a new AppleTV box and I got fed up trying to navigate the new app. You used to be able to jump to the next inning on the old AppleTV app by pressing the down arrow and scrolling across. The new app won't allow you to do this unless you display scores which defeats the purpose of using the app when your not watching live games. It also buffers and hangs quite frequently. Hide scores functionality never retains settings and often ruins outcome of game.

- Go cubs cubs

This app is great but misses some big features from the xbox one version. On xbox i can choose between tv or radio commentary when i watch a game and for me thats a big bonus to have radio commentary as i love pat hughes calls of cubs game. Also xbox has everything in local time. Apple please get the app up to xbox standard or dont charge as much.

- Best sport app around

It's hyped as the best sports app around, and it lives up to that. This app does slow you down, no need for constant logging in or loading any landing page, just straight into watching games. Love how quickly the stats are updated, and how they are structured around the video feed. Keep up the good work.

- Not the greatest

Good overall app, but it seems to struggle with live games. I'm assuming it's due to the number of viewers and app doesn't have enough bandwidth or something. It never keeps HD or even standard definition quality for more than a few seconds. Always freezes up or so pixelated you can't read the score. It's not my internet connection because the NFL Gamepass maintains HD for about 95% of an entire live game

- I Agee

Allow the app to set the game times to where the device is located. For example: me in Australia. Near Sydney. Go Giants! It should tell me when the time the game would play in my time zone not eastern standard time. It searches for location to verify black outs anyway. Quick fix for sure and this app would kill!

- I love it

I live in Australia. I am obsessed with baseball in general, but love my Dodgers. I find the app excellent, I watch 4 plus games a week. Never used in stadium part yet. Only thing is be careful the app can be on automatic subscription renewal. You can go month to month or year long subscription.

- Aussie Mets fan

Love that I can see any game every day of the week but would like the archived games option on my iPhone like there is on my iPad. Would also like highlights played during commercial breaks rather than the commercial break screen.

- a fair deal

this is the first year i've gone beyond lite, next year i'll think about the whole package and I must say that it is more than satisfactory for the price. I get all the info i need and i can listen to the game, I look forward to the season and feel that A.G. would aprove of this product.

- 'Hide Score' still doesn't work

Another update, another failure in getting the 'hide score' function to work. The current setup makes it impossible to watch the highlights of a game without already knowing the result. Surely this defeats the purpose. Here's a tip: allow the user to hide the scores of games but still be able to access the highlights and condensed game features. It shouldn't be this hard.

- Great App for MLB fans but beware bug

Great app to be able to stay up to date with all the MLB action, but this current version of the app has a bug where it crashes and you have to restore your current subscription purchased through iTunes and then link your MLB account.. Happened to me 3 times now. This bug needs to be fixed ASAP

- Good app

The app is ok but I can't believe that for yet another season they have ignored international users but not bothering to have a local time zone feature for game starts. Live games streaming in this app is also the most unreliable of the three major US sports. I do love the depth of information provided in statistics and the in game highlights which can be watched as the game is in progress.

- Got it done

MLB have simply got it done. Everything you need to watch/listen to live games on the go. All the info and multiple audio options. Stream is about 45seconds faster than Xbox live too. A must for any baseball fan.

- Best app ever

When you think it can't be improved they find a way to. Love being able to plug my iPhone into my TV and watch top quality telecasts of all games full size on my tv using the phone as a receiver:)

- Almost there on iPad.

The app is great, especially with HDMI out as it allows stats on the iPad and full screen on tv. BUT.... The show/hide scores function no longer works! Scores are always shown, and given I'm often watching several hours after the game this completely ruins the game for me. PLEASE FIX for 5 stars.

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- Won’t Restore Purchase

Have had the app for a couple of years. For some reason I'm chasing my tail this year trying to figure out why it won't let me restore purchase. Please advise.

- Best Baseball app

This is the best sporting app there is. Has everything you would want to know about any team like it should. Plus multiple ways to keep up with scores, pitch by pitch analysis, or just watching each game!

- Buyers beware

The advertised audio price was 19.99/year but Apple showed the subscription cost as 28$ !!!! There is some false / misleading advertising here somewhere...

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- Can’t do anything

The new version is terrible. After logging in, you can’t do anything anymore. We can’t see the news anymore can’t see old scores or standing. Useless.

- Should be so much better

The fact that you can’t watch the only Canadian team WHILE LIVING IN CANADA is a disgrace on MLB and this app. $30 CAD for World Series games is the only value i see in this app. And even still you have to be flooded with extremely repetitive ‘commercials’ between every inning

- No Blue Jays games

For anyone in Canada interested in watching the Blue Jays games DO NOT purchase the MLB.TV subscription. This year, without warning, MLB made all Blue Jays games local games anywhere in Canada so all games were blacked out. Sportsnet Now is a much better option.

- Good in Canada

I buy this for the playoffs in Canada. Roughly $30CDN for 60+ games. Nice. It works beautifully on Apple TV.

- Unreliable

This app is constantly dropping feeds. I am in Canada trying to listen to SN 590 for Toronto BJ games.

- Slow

The app is running slow and not keeping up with action!! An inning behind!! 😤


This app is getting worse. No scoring or game summary from previous games.

- Blue Jays blackout

In case you were not aware, if you live in Canada you will not have access to the Blue Jays as of the 2020 season. MLB was lured by Rogers’ deep pockets and chose money over the fans. So now you need a cable package with Sportsnet or you can pay for the overpriced Sportsnet Now.

- Smart TV app review 👎

So I’ve written to MLB asking for help with this issue and they did not reply. But the MLB app for Smart TV’s is essentially the same as the one for iOS so I’m writing here in hopes that MLB will take this issue seriously and fix it. There’s only one major problem (otherwise this app is pretty good both for iOS and Smart TV’s) but it’s a HUGE, makes-you-wanna-cancel-your-subscription, problem. The app DOESN’T let you HIDE SCORES. I would assume the main reason behind this app is to watch games you’ve missed (as an expat living overseas, this essentially means every game) and therefore the result of every game is spoiled as soon as I open the app. Fix this problem and I’ll change the 1 star review!

- Terrible app

Mlb tv app is horrible. Every day I have to sign in, at times it can take multiple tries. Customer service is bad, no toll free number and been hung up on many times. Next season going with Dazn.

- Good but could use improvement

Been an MLBtv sub for 10+ years Needs daily viewer yo simply view all game summaries from previous day like you would get on ESPN, even if it was an additional expense it would help grow awareness of the league Most games you watch you will get the same few adverts incessantly between every inning, i can take ads but seeing the same one 30+ times in a game ruins the experience.😲😤Years ago you would get a banner that said “Commercial break in Progress “ going back to that would be a much more tolerable experience. Or have all regular ads like on broadcast tv . These incessant ads make me tuneout. Using the phone app to cast is cumbersome, its fine if you just let it run but lets just say you are watching a game from earlier in the day or a previous day if you press the skip ahead 30 seconds button it always goes right to the beginning of the broadcast😡 The fix for this : have someone tag the innings and trim the commercial breaks for all archived games. Doing this I guarantee would increase viewership of archived footage. The last main beef with MLBtv is Blackouts but I understand what’s happening here. Tv deals terms dictate what events are blacked out and in what venue. Still with that said blackouts lead to large numbers of cancelled subs and upset fans who cant watch their fav team. For young fans this Might be the last time they try and watch. They gone

- Don’t buy Mlb tv if you’re in Canada!!!

Bought Mlb tv for the Blue Jays single team streaming BEFORE it was announced that sportsnet would exclusively carry it. So all Blue Jays games are blacked out in the mlb app. Reached out to customer service weeks ago about this and a possible refund because this was well before that was announced and the tv site said that I would be able to watch them. Still haven’t heard back yet! Be careful!

- Blackout Dates

The season is already cut in half and two out of three times I’ve gone to use the app it’s a blackout in my area. WASTE OF MONEY. What’s the point of paying for premium if you can’t watch the games!? That’s literally the only reason to pay for premium! Update: have tried to watch 6 games an everyone of them is a blackout. DONT BUY THIS APP!!! ITS GARBAGE!


Paid for premium so I could watch the Jays anywhere I was. Every game so far has been a “blackout”! However, I could watch ANY of the other teams play... so either Toronto is being discriminated against or the app is crap! Don’t waste your money!

- Disappointed

Very disappointed that I’m paying for a service to see baseball games. Super excited that 2020 got a season. But cannot watch any live games on this. All games are blacked out due to major league baseballs exclusivities. Whatever that means.

- No more videos

Cannot load videos section after the new update 07-26-20. Overall great app!

- MLBatbat

Please put the batting lineups for each team in.

- New Blackout Rule Killed This App

I having been watching my team with this app for the past two tears. This year I bought it and tried to watch opening day just to find out my team is newly blacked out in my area. Thanks for nothing!

- Blackouts are for scumbags

Get wrecked. Trying to force me to buy a TV subscription just to watch the local team? MLB can go away and die a miserable death chasing nickels after a year of no dollars. Never again will I even bother to watch MLB.

- Cancelled my subscription because of blackouts

I think it is absolutely ridiculous that MLB wants you to pay for a subscription and then has blackouts. If you pay for a service like this you should be able to watch whatever game you want to watch.

- Disable auto play of videos within news apps

I have loved this app for years now. But the latest update made videos mentioned in the title auto play. I have a limited data plan, and always avoided videos within the app when not on wifi. Now I can’t do that. Every article has at least one video that auto plays.

- This is confusing and infuriating!

Why is Game 5 of the 2017 WS not on the best moments for each ballpark. Why is the home run by Pujols the best moment in Minute Maid Park history when he has never played for the Astros. This is a fine example of bias when the article should be unbiased regardless of what a team has done in the past. The best moment at Minute Maid Park was Bregman’s walk off, not a home run by a Cardinal.

- No season no automatic renew for subscribers

Please hold auto subscribe until season redeem

- Praising cheaters

Tone deaf. There are multiple commercials showing clips of the Astros winning the World Series and other major games... why is MLB promoting a bunch of cheaters?

- No baseball but you renew subscription?

Are you serious? What are you offering subscribers?

- Major League at Bat

I like to watch your daily broadcasts - but please do something about the “replays” you play adnausem between innings You seem to only have a dozen or so which are played over and over and over It would be much more comfortable if you just showed a slide that said Intermission- or in a commercial break Hope you will fix this Thank you Elmer Hildebrand

- Blackout-Bye Bye

I live 3400 kms from Toronto, and I can’t watch the game? . Bye bye MLB tv, it’s been grand.

- Zero stars

The new update is absolutely garbage, why would any Canadian want to sign up to, the Jays are on blackout, just so they can read a news article on the app? It’s a terrible waste of my time to ask me to signup, and then have to instantly unsubscribe to Completely ignorant development, and management of this rollout is shameful.

- Local Blackouts

Before this year and the At Bat app had been my favourite service and app on any of my devices. I’ve had them for many years. This year, they have implemented a local blackout to live games for my favourite baseball team. I’d now have to spend more that DOUBLE what I paid last year to get the same service. How is that reasonable for one years increase??? I’ve now cancelled my subscription and uninstalled the At Bat app. MLB’s greed to squeeze more profits has lost at least one fan.

- No stars

Blue Jays blackout? Another cancelled subscription. Hopefully other fans in Canada do the same

- No more free version

I am not paying 35$ a month to check scores and read team news, and as o have no desire to watch a game on my phone it no longer has any value to me. I have used it for years for free but I will be deleting it as of now. Well done MLB if u asshats don’t make enough money. As viewership declines and ticket prices go up these decisions are going to be remembered because with cheating scandals and 400$ million contracts and jerkoffs like Scott Boras the time nobody is paying attention to baseball anymore is rapidly approaching. Thanx again

- Blackout

This was the app I used the most on my phone. I just received a notice for renewal with a message saying from now on I wont be able to watch my own team??!? Really wish someone would explain the logic. You just lost $120 Congrats on the next level of dumb

- Excellent for international travel

Excellent for international travel to Europe , Asia. Africa. Countries that have internet access. You can watch MLB , only on the internet in these places.

- Cheating athletes

Tired of it. Not even worth $30/yr to listen; to mostly advertisements.

- It crashes non stop

Latest iOS update has made this useless. Please hot fix!

- Crashes

Hope MLB can finally find to time to fix this app during the off-season. You open it, you try to look at something, it crashes.

- Amazing!

This is the best sporting app for baseball out there. Everything you need to know for baseball is on here.

- Terrible Terrible Terrible

The app is okay. The ability to unsubscribe from their email is terrible. I have unsubscribed at least half a dozen times and the emails just keep coming and coming and coming.

- App. Doesn't work since latest update

iPhone 6S completely up to date and latest update does not work. Just shows mlb logo and does nothing. Boo!

- Shutting down by itself

My ATBats app keeps on shutting down by itself. Is already updated. Can you guys please look into these? It’s been 5 stars before for me so I’ll rate it the same, just need you guys to look into this matter for me please ! Thanks

- Free trial

Charged me 40$ for the free trial, then asked for a refund and it was refused. Never again!!!

- App is ok, support is awful

Just beware that MLB is very keen to have your money, but after that they are done with you. The app will stall/fail to load or stop mid game - “if the problem continues contact support”... with no info on how to contact support. Turns out it’s a bunch of 20 somethings in Dominican Republic (great ball players, awful IT) following a flow chart. Forget calling and’s your problem.

- Needs more videos. And new Jays management

NBA and NFL apps are far better. They have great vids and lots of them. As another reviewer said, Rogsers destroyed the Jays so why bother with this app

- No access

Cant get access to games for months and still being charged a monthly fee... very disappointing.

- Good app but lots of ads

For an app that has such a high annual subscription charge it is really disappoint to have to watch advertisements prior to watching videos. Very frustrating to have to pay money to watch ads.

- Widget

I’ve enjoyed the app, but after updating to iOS 13.1.1 the widget is really hard to see / read the text for scores etc. when using dark mode. The pale blue text is really hard to see.

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Michael Garaffa

@MLB Mets David Fletcher Jonathan Hernandez


@SpecificNY Have Hulu live and they took off all the regional fox channels which is like 90% of the NBA and MLB games. Don’t really give af about MLB but shit makes no sense.

Darryl Martin

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MLB issues Hazardous Weather Outlook (HWO) at Jan 1, 3:42 AM EST

Ben David Murphy

@pug65523692 @MLB Rent free

$ 2017 MLB World Series Champions Houston Astros Trophy Ornament 2017 MLB World Series Champions Houston Astros Trophy Ornament $39.99 Major League Baseball is alive with ...


MLB issues Hazardous Weather Outlook (HWO) at Jan 1, 3:42 AM EST

Martin Bahl

@VooDoo_wiff Those pitches look unhittable to me. MLB pitches look easier to hit than these wiffleball pitches.


I want to leave mlb twitter but my mutuals make it so hard 😔

NL ROY Pete Alonso is the Summer Polar Bear

@kovamitch_12 @jerryblevins Jerry and I have shared a few tweets remembering that hit. I think he is more proud of that than anything else in his mlb career

Chance Goeke

@jmBatistae @MLB Nope he’s been working on shit in the Dominican Republic League and I feel like he could get back to form. He’s to good of a hitter to be that bad for multiple years. Can’t judge a player by only 40 games

Rares-Adrian Ivanoiu

Baseball Hall of Fame 2021: SN's Ryan Fagan explains his ballot


@ooc_mlb How is this ooc ??

Patrick M Thomas

@jimlan415 @MLB Kinda like NU or Boston?

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The applications MLB was published in the category Sports on 2012-02-29 and was developed by MLB [Developer ID: 281969992]. This application file size is 166.15 MB. MLB - Sports app posted on 2021-04-28 current version is 14.2.1 and works well on IOS 14.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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