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SportsYou App Description & Overview

What is sportsyou app? The best communication platform for athletic communities.

Our school-safe communication tools help keep your Athletic Director, Coaches, Athletes & Families connected, in and out of season.


Posts - Make announcements, share content, and engage with your team.

Chat - Communicate with an entire team or selected groups.

Teams - Create a team or group in seconds. No limits on how many members or teams you can add.

Calendar - Easily update schedules and share event locations with our Google Maps integration.

Files - Easily store and share files with your Teams and Groups.

Media - ​​Capture your favorite memories with our photo and video storage.

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App Name SportsYou
Category Sports
Updated 01 November 2023, Wednesday
File Size 77.07 MB

SportsYou Comments & Reviews 2023

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Best app ever!. This app has changed my life! I feel so organized and my team is THRIVING! It’s so awesome! I will recommend this app to all my friends and colleagues in the sports industry. Elementary schools should use this for their classroom management systems too to be able to communicate with parents. Much better than Class Dojo and no annoying ads or asking me for money all the time. It’s literally perfect and everyone needs it!

Great app!. Great for team communication and calendar sharing! Coaches, team moms, and the other parents can benefit. Still trying to figure out why the text switches to all caps in messages...but even with that, it is a great app!

Worth the switch. I switched my team to this app from band about 2 months ago. Love it so far! It looks better and makes it easier to communicate. I love being able to have multiple groups with in my team and the chat feature works great. So far so good!

SportsYou Review. Absolutely LOVE IT. Bruh!!! :) LOL I think this is the smartest app I've ever used! You guys literally thought of EVERYTHING!!! Wow. I don't know how I could do my job without yall. Thank you sooo much for all you do!

CANT DELETE MESSAGING. This app is okay and very useful for time management BUT i cannot delete messages this is a inconvenience to me and a lot of other people. For example i came to practice at the wrong time and texted me coach about the location to see if it was right them i found out i came to early and now i am unable to delete the message i sent me coach and now i am left INCREDIBLY embarrassed and disappointed that i couldn’t avoid this public embarrassment with a simple mechanism to delete your message in conversation.

Perfect for any team. Really have enjoyed using SportsYou. It gives an open platform to post team updates, practice plans, or other notices. You can also communicate with individual players or groups of players safely.

Awesome App for teams. I have been looking for an app to manage a sports team and found it! I needed one that would allow me to post messages , send notifications and host photos as well as videos. I tried several others but no one would email me back to answer questions. Pasko not only emailed me back but called me to answer all my questions ( I had lots!) He was very helpful and answer ever question to my satisfaction. Thanks Pasko and Sportsyou!

Apple Watch App Needed. Hello. So I am a player on a soccer team that use this app. I love it and it’s easy to use but there is just one tiny thing I’d add, an Apple Watch app. At school when I receive messages I can’t read it unless it’s a chat, which is really annoying if it’s an important announcement or we don’t have practice that day meaning I need to get a ride home. It doesn’t need to have everything the app for the phone has, just the ability to read messages. Besides that one tiny thing, I love this app.

Fix Alerts please!. The notifications are broken and have been for a long time! The “alerts” tab always shows a blue notification circle, and the app notification number goes from being cleared to reporting notifications again with nothing new to alert. This notification bug renders much of the real time communication capability of the app useless due to constantly crying wolf. When the notifications are fake 99% of the time, they cease having value. PLEASE fix this!!

Really great app for managing a sports team. This app is very comprehensive. It has schedules via calendar. It has group chats. It has posts. It is specific to a sport. There are a few features it could have to be better, but all in all so far its the best and easiest sports app I have used.

Perfect for my needs.. easy interface for an old guy, but fully functional messaging app for sending announcing events to team members and parents.

Easy to use. Easy to use-simple to setup a team page. Great for keeping everyone informed of games and practices. Both parents and players can sign up individually so everyone is on the same page. Love this app much better than any other team apps I’ve used.

Pretty awesome. 5 stars for me once you can like comments. That’s a big miss from the communication compared to GroupMe. Also more options for background colors would be awesome.

Great App, but I have some questions. I was on a basketball team for my school, and needed this app, but I still have some questions. 1. When my coach would post on the group, I would have to wait til I was on internet. Is there a way to make it so if you have bars, it will still load? 2. POSTING: I have a page that you can post (not the team page) but when you post who can see it? like the team? or the all the users of SportsYou? because both would be different posts.

Great app. My team switched to this app from team app, and I can say that this app is way better. It looks better and it’s easier to navigate.

Pretty Good App. This app mostly goes well for the most part. I just absolutely can’t stand it when it freezes up!! I wish that would just be fixed. I do like this app a lot though

Could be better….. Slow to upload video and there is no confirmation that it has actually begun the uploading process. Also there is no ability to delete comments posted in group chats.

Google maps stopped working through the app?. Location services stopped working through the app. I loved the app until this happened. Hopefully it will get resolved quickly.

Alerts Feedback. After receiving an alert that a post has been added to a chat, once you read the message, it would be great for the alert to automatically go away. Now, I have to go to the alerts tab, click on the alert for it to go away. Current behavior causes additional keystrokes and isn’t normal behavior in other apps. Thanks!

Amazing. A very good app that makes a coach’s life quite a bit easier! Great system and incredible customer service … just today Pasko helped me with an issue, with the level of focus and intensity as if it was his team that was having tryouts in 2 weeks !! Excellent 5 star service

Good app. It’s a good app to use. We use it for our school teams. I wish there was a feature where you could reply to each comment or even like a comment. Overall good app to use for team communication with players and parents

Very useful. We used this app last season for a high school baseball team. Can’t say enough good things about it. You can create different groups for same team. We had one for coaches and players only and then we had one for coaches and parents. I coach infield so I also made a group just for infield players. You can add schedules to the app as well. App is very simple to use and didn’t have any user problems last season

Great overall app for teams. This app is perfect in almost every way - the only thing it’s lacking is the ability to tag people in posts or comments. This would help notify certain individuals specifically and be a great feature! Otherwise I love everything this app has to offer so far.

Slow. Ok it works But there major delays syncing between different devices The calendar view needs to be improved. It is not very practical when you have a large number of events

Okay. So it doesn’t always load and that kinda gets annoying and it’s very slow and sometimes lags idk if this happens to everybody but it gets annoying when I’m trying to send something to my ceo and it’s slow can you work on that. Other than that it is great 😊

Bart Bellairs Basketball Coach. We have just started using it and love it so far it was easy for our parents to access on in his help just distribute information out and keep everybody updated they know to check it every day if the beginning to day and check for updates before practice

Great way to communicate with the team. We’ve tried several apps, and this one is great for scheduling and team chats!

Softball. This is one heck of appt . I had no clue about this one . Until one of the parents told me about it . Now it’s much easer to Reach everyone on my team

Southside HoopCoach. This was great for all Coaches of all sports programs to use this to stay organized for their teams. We use it to communicate with parents, players and coaches on all important information daily!!

Best app for team contact. I’ve been using sportsYou for several years after trying several other platforms. In my opinion it’s the best! I coach track both indoor and outdoor and as I do not reach on the school, communication is sometimes difficult. With sportsYou I can send notices, private chats as well as daily calendar updates on the Home Screen. Customer support is excellent as well. Highly recommended

EXTREMELY UNHAPPY. My app has randomly COMPLETELY stopped working! It shows no new posts in any groups or chats and nothing new on the calendar. When I click on alerts the app crashes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled twice. Our entire organization uses this app for our teams as well as our board group and chat. I now have access to none of it anymore and it does not even show me as a member anymore (and I was admin in each group.)

Amazing! But there’s a bug. I appreciate this app, as it’s super simple for our Athletics class and sports- but I have to redownload the app A LOT because afterwards, I get kicked out of the app every time i click it.

Communication. This app has helped the communication of the team and parents. It’s easy to use and we enjoy it very much. We are a better team because of it

Great app. Thank you for the update!!! I submitted feedback a while ago asking for specific time stamps instead of “9 months ago” and an option to schedule posts. Both are now available!!! I loved SportsYou before and love it more now!

Sportsyou. This is a great app. It is super easy to set up and allows seamless communication between players, parents and coaches. You can chat with each of the above separately if needed. The person who sets it up can also administer administration rights, so if you want to give extra admin privileges to your captains you can do so. The players also like that they can create their own profiles and that the calendar can sync with their google calendar. The players also can't wait to use the media module in this app. Here you can upload photos and videos to share with teammates. The app also allows you to upload documents which can then be shared with your members. I highly suggest getting this app if you are a coach.

Trouble connecting to server. Absolutely loved this app before this problem. I had trouble a week ago trying to connect to the server. I finally had to sign out as it just wouldn’t load. Now I can’t sign back in. I use 2 different emails and can’t remember which one I used for this app but I have tried both and I still cannot get into the app. I tried setting up another account and my phone number is, of course, already in use. What now?

Many issues. Many issues on my end and your tech support and sales can’t help! I have been working with Mark and Filip but no resolutions! Filip has ghosted me on emails!! Mark has talked on the phone and become an admin to my team! He is the one posting my pdf files - why can NONE of you log in as me and see what I see? Why does your staff not have that function Still have no idea why half my team can’t get onto my team?? Age? School emails? Not so user friendly Makes communication hard for my middle school team- ready to go back to using REMIND!

Coach. Have been using this application now for three years and it made life so much easier. Definitely can recommend it to any sports team out there.

Wow! And it’s free!. I had forgotten what good customer service was. Not that it was needed, but I wanted to see what we we’re getting into for the app. The set up was super easy and can’t wait to use all the bells and whistles and share it with the parents. Definitely recommended!

App won’t load or connect to server. Ever since the update on 5/22, the app will not load or connect to the server. Rating will change once this is corrected. Update: The app works great now! Thank you!

Best sports communication app hands down. I use this for my travel team as well as our rec league and I have to say, it is the best app that is out there right now. It allows you to post photos, update games and practices all on one calendar that allows you to link up to your phone calendar. You are able to post files ( such as minutes and rules) and chats amongst the whole or individually. Only thing I don’t like, is that there is no tagging option, so if I want to reply back and tag a person, I am not able to.

Mahalo. Hawaiian word for thank you. I have been group texting and it’s overwhelming. The Athletic department gave us the go to use your app. It has made a difference for me as a coach, parent and player!

Good app. The app is good except for its notifications system. I have 97 notifications and it is way too difficult to delete them and it takes so long. I have to put sportsYou on a different screen just so I don’t have to look at that 97. I would suggest a “delete all” button personally.

Great app, missing some features. Overall great app, works for our intended purpose. My one and only complaint is it lacks the ability to be able to comment pics within a post to keep topics and threads together without cluttering up the main feed.

GIFs. This app go to the next level if you could post a gif and it play how you would expect it to. Not just as a still frame picture

Review. Only thing I would change is have exact dates of posts/chat comments instead of saying “two months ago.

The best. SportsYou is one of the best ways to let you know what your sports schedule is. It is really useful and great. My only complaint is sometimes it don’t show up posted from like a month away sometimes. Other than that the app is great keep doing what y’all doing.💪🏼

Great customer service. App is very user friendly and the customer service is great. Any questions are answered promptly.

Outstanding. Being a former athlete, I can see just how useful this could be for athletes across the U.S! It is user friendly and has a fun social aspect to it! Love this platform! It is safe to say that I use this app every day and will continue to do so until I die!

Remind is better. Don’t get why all of the teams in the school had to switch to this, Remind worked just fine and you didn’t have to download an app for it either…

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Wonderful. I use this for sharing with my team everything they need to know. This is great. Glad it’s free!

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Can’t get back in. I was kicked out of the app and I can’t get back in it’s just a white screen every time.

Calander. It keeps changing from eastern to pacific time

IFCA Executive Director. Great potential! Looking forward to getting our association and schools signed up!

Nice. It’s a good app and all but for some reason I can’t change my pfp and cover and im having setting difficulty

Great app. It’s a great app. Keeps everyone on the team informed. Also easy to use.

Update is horrible. I loved SportsYou until this last mobile update. App is now clunky & slow to respond. Links that are posted & have been in place for several months are now disabled. Too many bugs with the new update. SportsYou need to roll back & start from scratch.

Crashes all the time. Had to reload the app multiple times.

Limited features. The lack of ability to create subgroups within one team is extremely limiting and I might have to move forward with a different app that can better accommodate larger teams.

Good but buggy. I got this app recently and it’s now starting to lag out and it won’t let me on the app

Great resource. This is a great way to communicate with kids and build relationships!

Unable to log-in. The app on a daily basis kicks you out, and even uninstalling app and reinstalling it has bugs to not allow proper usage. Don’t rely on this for your teams. After much effort to put entire calendar and enroll everyone the app is unable to support log-in after initial download.

Inconsistent. Some people can see things others can't. Kind of more of a pain than just using GroupMe. Good concept but needs tweaking. When you email customer service it says they will be back on Monday 😂

Coach Ronald Reid Brewster NY. SportsYou app tends to be buggy at times. That being said it is a solid communication platform for parents and players.

Need help doing my account. It’s not letting me set up an account it’s says “there was a problem conforming my account “🥲

Crashes. App has been great. Most recent update has made the app crash and close when looking at alerts.

Effective Team Communication. Works great for communication with your team.

Update causes crash. It worked great for team communication until the latest update which now doesn’t allow me to open the app at all.

Not letting me put my birthdate. SportsYou every time I put my birthdate it doesn’t let me continue

Softball. It lets me see when I have softball games and practice or when it is cancelled

Group chat. No way to delete a message sent in error

The best! No lie.. This has been the best team app I’ve used to date. Super easy. Great customer support. Truly free.

Dark mode. It would be nice if you could customize the interface more than just plain white.

iPad App Orientation TERRIBLE. The orientation will not ever rotate… Makes using the app terrible when you are trying to use iPad keyboard to type posts, chats, etc.

Best sports app there is. Super easy to use, free, collaborative and has everything that you need. 6/5 stars

Coach. Sports You is an Excellent source of Social Media communication for our athletes and parents! Thanks for the platform! For The Kids Coach Wilson

Was great!!. The app logged me out of my account and won’t let me log myself back in. Says nothing is correct.

Awful. Team snap better by far

The perfect team app. It has EVERYTHING you need and more! It’s a dream come true

Overall, Great app. Overall, this app is great! However, I do think that there should be a more “dark” theme.

Awesome. Great for any team or group

Calendar does not work. Half of our team can see the entire calendar, the rest can’t see anything. Thus issue needs to be corrected.

Great use !. It’s very useful and organized I love it !

Why can’t you block people?. Why can’t you block users and why is it so hard to add friends?

Soccer dad of 3. This is the best. Makes my life easy!

So great. This app is awesome. Cuts down on teenage girl chatter. As a parent, it rocks. Just the facts.

Closes out. I have had a horrible time. I delete, re dl, and same thing. It just closes out before it even opens!

Logs out, doesn’t recognize login info. I know I have the right login info. I even recreated my account login. But it keeps logging me out and it doesn’t recognize my id/pwd.

App doesn’t respond right away. When I click on something it doesn’t respond right away.

its good for sports but it needs some work. the layout is way more complicated than needed and it is really annoying that you have to mark all the notifications as read

Coach. Great tool to work with and quick.

Can’t upload video. The main reason I use the app is to share videos and connect with my cheer team and I can’t even upload fifteen second videos of cheers.

Good app could be better. Good app. Different type of notifications types would be nice. The app is Clumsy in regards of following people. More types of interactions with posts would be nice.

It’s alright. Not bad but needs work.

Good App, but could use enhancements. Over all a great app! Could use some enhancements to game/activity entries like: arrival time, uniform, game assignments (scorebook, team refreshments), etc.

SportsYou App. Great app for communicating with your team and family members. A must have for Coaches of all ages!

APP will not open. App needs updated to run on older IOS versions.

Very difficult to use. I have used many apps to communicate: Remind, What’s App, etc. After enrolling and signing players up it would not let me in. In the middle of using it would shut down and not let me log in.

Can’t like comments. It’s pretty dope and makes me feel really cool cuz I’m an athlete and I communicate with a sports app. But the inability to like comments is a big negative for a large group chat.

Great app!. This app has filled a void in team management! On top of it's usefulness, it is also easy to navigate. 5 stars!

Can’t start an individual chat. I have tried to search for it online but whenever I tried it always get stuck and I can’t start an individual chat with my coach

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.6.2
Play Store com.sportsyou.sportsyouapp
Compatibility iOS 13.0 or later

SportsYou (Versiyon 2.6.2) Install & Download

The application SportsYou was published in the category Sports on 10 August 2017, Thursday and was developed by SportsYou [Developer ID: 1186906454]. This program file size is 77.07 MB. This app has been rated by 13,987 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. SportsYou - Sports app posted on 01 November 2023, Wednesday current version is 2.6.2 and works well on iOS 13.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.sportsyou.sportsyouapp. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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SportsYou for iPad Reviews 4.8 306 Free
SportsYou App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

This release contains the following improvements… • Fixed an issue where some users were not able to delete events when their fonts were set to a larger size

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