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What is pb play app? Use Pickleball Play to generate randomized doubles matches for league or recreational play. No more arguments or uncomfortable moments when players have to choose partners and opponents. In just minutes, you can organize fair play for any number of players on any number of courts.

- Players always have a new partner, until all unique combinations have been exhausted
- Games will keep being added indefinitely
- Opponents are always changing
- Spares sit out evenly and in a fixed order
- Ability to add players who arrive late and to remove players who leave early, without messing up the spare rotation
- Any number of players
- Any number of courts
- Manage and save player lists for several leagues

How to use:
1) Input your league name, so you can use the same list of players in the future
2) Add the players
3) Select the number of courts
4) Tap on a game to view the details of who is playing
5) *Important! Tap the green pickleball to mark each completed game.
6) Tap on Adjust if you want to add or remove players as you go.

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App Name PB Play
Category Sports
Updated 28 July 2023, Friday
File Size 12.35 MB

PB Play Comments & Reviews 2024

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Awesome app. Thank you so much for creating this very useful app!

Wonderful App. I love this app. We used it the 1st time yesterday—8 players, 2 courts. Question: how do you delete a player from your list of players?

Awesome!. I love this app. It is simple to use and creates organized play in seconds. This is a game changer for any pickleball community that struggles with organized play. Whenever I use this app with large groups I set a 12 minute timer so that all the games finish at the same time. That way there is no waiting around. This is a must have for pickleball organizers. And perfect for small group play as well. Thank you for making this app!!

Review of PB Play. I've never written a review of an app before, but PB Play is so handy I thought I'd break with tradition. We have a group of about 25 players who have a 2 hour, standing reservation at our Sports Center for two courts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. We never know either who is going to show up and/or for how long. It is quite usual for people to show up and/or leave at any time during the two hours. Frequently, more than 8 players show up, so it is necessary for some of us to sit out. This app does a great job of adjusting on the fly to arriving and departing players, figuring out who should be playing and who should be sitting out a round. We no longer have to shuffle between sheets of paper trying to figure out pairings and spares. Great App! Definitely has helped us organize and better manage our court time. A number of our group's membes have now dowloaded the app, and I am sure a few more will as well.

Very Helpful App. I have been using this app for a year now. It works fairly well, a few improvements would help. Sometimes, when removing people who leave early, the app spins and never resets. It would help to be able to copy a group and add them as a different group name. This would help as a baseline for groups that are relatively repetitive and it would help as a backup copy if a modification causes the present app to spin and crash.

Love This APP!. I’ve been using this app for about 8 months now with several different groups. It definitely solves a few problems that often occur when playing in a group. Such as two strong players wanting to play together all of the time, no one wanting to partner with a weaker player (leading to hurt feelings). It’s also a time saver - less chat about who’s playing with who, means more play time - yay! I have one question/ request… Is there a way to delete names from a given group’s roster? If not, would you consider adding that functionality? With so many drop-ins, my lists have gotten unnecessarily long, and deleting folks who came once or twice would be awesome!!

PB Play. Bought this app but was disappointed to see that the functionality is very, very basic. All you can do is create a group of names, and choose how many courts you have. It then sets up rounds of play. There is no ability to ask for matchups by ability, gender, team etc, no way to save scores, no way to have people drop out or join a later round

PB Play. I play pickleball 5 to 6 times a week, Monday through Friday. We use PB Play to help us with our games. It is so easy to use and makes it so we don’t have to remember who has played and with whom. The spare players get rotated in so everyone gets a chance to play and to play with and against everyone else. Great App for pickleball. We could not run a smooth schedule of between 10 and 30 players on up to 4 courts without using PB Play.

PB Play review. PB Play is much easier to use than our current doubles organizational app. It is intuitive to use, almost no learning time. The graphics are great, you can see who is playing on what court at a glance.

Great App. We use this app a ton! We love the fact that it allows you to play with everyone especially in a group of 8. However we have noticed that it doesn’t mix the folks on the court as well as we would like. For instance it seems like you play across from the same player 2-3 times in a row. It’s not a huge deal with 8 players but when we have 12 and don’t get the chance to play with all 11 players, it would be nice to at least play across from different players in the 7-8 games we play in the 2-2.5 hours. We kind of solve this by jumping around the 11 games that the app generates but that gets confusing because you can’t mark it as played. Just some thoughts!👍🏼. Great app!

Just what I was looking for. This app is perfect for recreational round robin play. It’s extremely easy to use and very intuitive. You can easily add or remove players and keep your group moving to the next game.

Great App. I play PB with a group of players which may change daily. We used to assign numbers and use a print out in order to execute a round robin of players. Believe me when I say, no one could remember their number! This makes round robin play so much easier. You can add or delete players as needed. You cannot add to the court number without starting over so I always leave it higher than we need in case another court is needed later. Well worth its low price.

Pickleball Play is winner.. This app is a 5.0. I have been managing league play using excel with 14 to 18 players, it sometimes can be a challenge. Not with this app. I have been looking for something like this from the beginning of my Pickleball experience it’s like Christmas in November!

Fantastic Pickle App. Amazing and fantastic. Made all my plans much more easier now with this app. A definite must for all Pickleball enthusiasts

Love this app!. Could you make it printable? And shareable? It would be even more useful to be able to share images of each game. I’ve been using screen shots and cropping.

Outstanding!. We have a group of 125 guys and about half show up each session. Excel just wasn't cutting it and "shootout" style was repetitive. THEN, we found PB Play and now they love they love it!! The randomness, never playing with the same four people and the ability to add or drop players easily DURING match play is wonderful. It's worked so well other groups in our community are using it (ladies only, mixed, leagues) and it's been the same with them. Everyone loves it. Well, done. Makes our organizing easy and quick. Sure, we'd love to have additional capabilities, but this is such a great tool, we'll happily wait for the next improvements and repurchase!!

Great app. This is a great app, simple to use. However, lacking mixed capability.

This app is wonderful, is more coming?!. Hello, Just wanted to say this app has made our Monday night round robin so much easier. I initially tried a google search for a round robin layout. Some results were ok but if I generated it again for next week it was the same round robin. This app is great at mixing up the order in which you play with an against people week in and week out! It’s 5 stars just for that, I’m wondering though, if more features can be added? I’d love for the app to track our game results and then track them throughout the year. Currently we have 8 players, 7 round robin games and then all players are seeded 1-8. The eighth game is then a medal game with 1/2 playing 3/4 for gold and 5/6 playing 7/8 for bronze. So we have a weekly winner but we also track stats for the season round robin, W/L, Win %, points, points per game, medals won. If this app could expand to do that on the fly it could make for some really fun league nights and season long improvements as players try to climb the ladder! Thx for the app, really enjoying it!

Easy round robins!. We used to struggle with rotating 24 people on 4 courts. Mass confusion. This app is amazing. Hope this developer comes out with more apps and more options like keeping track of winners or a ladder. Karen- USA pickleball ambassador

EB. The app has been a great addition to our pickle ball group. It makes pairing everyone so simple, even when someone comes late or leaves early. The developer’s response to a question was immediate.

Best RR Scheduler. This app is the BEST! Tried other apps but had players sitting out consecutive games, duplicated partners; PB players can be fussy! Seems to manage not playing same opponents quite well. Love it!!

Print?. Please add a print option for court assignments. I saw another user asking too. I can do it, if this helps others. I take a screen shot of each game and print the screen shot. I would great if I could print from the app! Please consider adding a print option. I gave this a 5 star, but i think it’s a 4.5 because of lack of printing. I rounded up because I love pickleball and others that work to make an app that is this nice! THANK YOU!

Doesn’t keep score. This is great for organizing players. But it would be more helpful if you could assign points and have it calculate winner based on total points after all rounds are played.

Locked up while using. I’ve used PB Play about 10 times and would have given it a 5 star review until today when it locked up while using it. I had a group of 13 that was playing doubles on 3 courts. After about 5 games I went in to remove a player and when I came back a spinning wheel would not go away. I ended up aborting the session.

Simple and easy to use.... I just started running a open play group at my club and, after just 2x, have found this app GREAT for what I need it to do! I know it doesn’t have a print option but honestly, it wouldn’t benefit me as the best feature is where you can modify the rotation if someone leaves early or comes late. Glad I found this!! Highly recommend for social groups!

Ohkay at best. App would be amazing if it kept track of wins each person had for the league, then able to group them by wins and have the app random pick partners per group with similar win record.. all this does is randomize people. No tracking of who played how many games either besides having to court when they played/sat out .. Highly recommend update with this feature to see league records for each week they game.. example week 1 bob had 5 wins 1 loss I wish you can also click into multiple leagues at once if I have a league of 24 ppl.. 4 courts... 6 ppl per court but want to have them play ppl close to their records randomly so rank 1-6 7-12 13-18 19-24 if I have 4 leagues named court 1 two three four if im on league "court 4" and click back to go to court 3 I LOSE ALL information on COURT 4 since it takes it as im DONE with court 4 and now looking at court 3 which is a diff league...

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Great app for all!. I’ve used this app a few times and I find it makes setting up matches a breeze! For league play or drop in! Easy to use LOVE IT! ❤️

Great app. Used this to organize my group play. Worked great no time wasted trying to figure out who plays on which court. We use it with rally scoring so that the games end at approximately the same time. Well worth the money.

Worth every penny !. Easy to use and well designed. I just love this app ! It makes managing a group so much easier. I sent a message and promptly received an answer.

Works great!. Purchased this a couple of weeks ago…works great. Only one issue I’ve come across on 3 different occasions so far…6 people playing on 1 court, the person I’m sitting off with, I don’t end up playing with. Other than that, I love how easy it is to use!

Like the App. We used it today. Would be a much more versatile App with, export or share, scoring, time clock for games and couple of improvements. Take it too the next level. Makes organizing so much simpler. Thanks. Bill

Perfect for organizing games for a group of players. The title says it all..

Support helped, good app.. Had an issue but their support replied to help. Good app.

Timer. Love this app - would just love for a timer to be incorporated so that I don’t have to switch back and forth.

PB Play. Amazing app. 1. When adding teams, number 10 goes after number 1. Can this be corrected? 2. Can’t edit a players name. Can this be corrected? 3. Would like to share a players list with another app owner. Can this be corrected? Thanks for an app that’s saved piles of paper! Ed

Simple elegant app. Makes running weekly fun round robins a breeze! Especially helpful to easily add and drop players. Thanks for a reliable helpful app.

An amazing app!. I run several leagues and this app has made it so much easier to organize play, especially when players arrive late or leave early, it allows you to adjust the play. It is simple to use, allows for continuous play and rotations of players. Thanks to the developers!

Limited Functionality. This is a smooth app that does exactly as it advertises. My personal issue with this app is no team function and no ability to send to mail for a printable version which makes this almost useless for me.

A MUST have for every player! Worth every cent!!. This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for to run our drop ins! I’ll never have to carry around print outs of round robins again! Simple to use and works perfectly. I can’t thank you enough for this app. We use it every day. Every pickleball venue needs this app!

Fantastic app!. This app is wonderful. It is easy to use and a life saver when the roster changes at a moments notice. Also very easy to adjust when a player has to leave early. Wish I had this app years ago. Love it❣

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PB Play 1.8 Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Language English
Price $3.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 1.8
Play Store com.cDs.PBCourtOrganizer
Compatibility iOS 12.0 or later

PB Play (Versiyon 1.8) Install & Download

The application PB Play was published in the category Sports on 15 March 2019, Friday and was developed by CodeDependent Software Incorporated [Developer ID: 581353713]. This program file size is 12.35 MB. This app has been rated by 39 users and has a rating of 4.4 out of 5. PB Play - Sports app posted on 28 July 2023, Friday current version is 1.8 and works well on iOS 12.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.cDs.PBCourtOrganizer. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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PB Play App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Bug fix to correct too many duplicate matches

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