Jetting for KTM 2T Moto App Reviews


Jetting for KTM 2T Moto App Description & Overview

What is jetting for ktm 2t moto app? 1998-2023 models
This app is using temperature, altitude, humidity, atmospheric pressure and your engine configuration for calculate optimal jetting (carburetor configuration) and spark plug to use for KTM 2-strokes MX, Enduro and Freeride bikes (SX, SXS, XC, XC-W, EXC, MXC, R models).

This app can obtain automatically the position and altitude to get the temperature, pressure and humidity from the nearest weather station thought internet. Internal barometer is used on supported devices for better precision. If more accuracy is needed, a portable weather station can also be used. Application can run without GPS, WiFi and internet, in this case user has to give the weather data manually.

• For each carburetor configuration, the following values are given: main jet, needle type, needle position, pilot jet, air screw position, throttle valve size, spark plug
• Fine tuning for all these values
• History of all your jetting setups
• Graphic display of fuel mix quality (Air/Flow Ratio or Lambda)
• Selectable fuel type (gasoline with or without ethanol, Racing fuels available, for example: VP C12, VP 110, VP MRX02, Sunoco)
• Adjustable fuel/oil ratio
• Mix wizard to get the perfect mix ratio (fuel calculator)
• Carburetor ice warning
• Possibility of use automatic weather data or a portable weather station
• If you don't want to share your location, you can manually select any place in the world, the carburetor setups will be adapted for this place
• let you use different measure units: ºC y ºF for temperatures, meter and feet for altitude, liters, ml, gallons, oz for fuel, and mb, hPa, mmHg, inHg atm for pressures

Valid for the following 2T models from 1998 to 2023:
• 50 SX
• 50 SX Mini
• 50 Supermoto
• 60 SX
• 65 SX
• 65 XC
• 85 SX
• 105 SX
• 125 SX
• 125 SXS
• 125 EXC
• 125 XC-W
• 125 MXC
• 125 EXE
• 125 Supermoto
• 144 SX
• 150 SX
• 150 XC
• 150 XC-W
• 200 SX
• 200 EXC
• 200 XC
• 200 MXC
• 200 EGS
• 200 XC-W
• 250 SX
• 250 SXS
• 250 XC
• 250 XC-W
• 250 EXC
• 300 EXC
• 300 XC
• 300 XC-W
• 300 MXC
• 380 SX
• 380 EXC
• 380 MXC
• Freeride 250 R

The application contains four tabs, which are described next:

• Results: In this tab main jet, needle type, needle position, pilot jet, air screw position, throttle valve, spark plug are shown. These data are calculated depending on the weather conditions and the engine configuration given in the next tabs.
This tab lets do a fine tuning adjustment for all this values to adapt to the concrete engine.
Besides this jetting information, the air density, density altitude, relative air density, SAE - dyno correction factor, station pressure, SAE- relative horsepower, volumetric content of oxygen, oxygen pressure are shown too.
On this tab, you can also share your settings with your colleagues.
You can also see in a graphic form the calculated ratio of air and fuel (lambda).

• History: This tab contains the history of all carburetor setups.
This tab also contains your favorite carburetor configs.

• Engine: You can configure in this screen the information about the engine, that is, engine model, year, spark manufacturer, fuel type, oil mix ratio.

• Weather: In this tab, you can set the values for current temperature, pressure, altitude and humidity.
Also this tab allows to use the GPS to get the current position and altitude, and connect to an external service (you can choose one weather data source from several possible) to get the weather conditions of the nearest weather station (temperature, pressure and humidity).
In addition, this application can work with a pressure sensor built into the iPhone. You can see if it is available on your device and turn it on or off.
Also, on this tab, you can enable alerts about possible carburetor icing.

If you have any doubt about using this App, please, contact us. We answer every question, and we take care of all comments from our users to try to improve our software. We are also users of this application.

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App Name Jetting for KTM 2T Moto
Category Sports
Updated 22 July 2022, Friday
File Size 53.64 MB

Jetting for KTM 2T Moto Comments & Reviews 2024

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Nice. Power feels great with base setups for my weather and location.

Good App. I like this app, it works pretty well. The only downside I find is that on the KTM app is that for the 2strokes it doesn’t offer VP T2 race fuel which is one of the most popular race fuels for 2stroke race bikes.

2018-> KTM 105 SX. Hello, I cannot find anyway to contact you guys other than leave a review. Please respond. Can you please add the 2018 -2021 KTM 105 SX factory kit to your options for KTM. This is a factory super mini big bore kit from KTM and is very popular and has different jetting from the 85. Also your jetting specs for the KTM 65 SX seem extremely lean can you double check them? The other apps you have work great. I use them for the YZ250X, KX100, YZ125, KTM 85 with great results. Thank you much better than your competitors app.

Good job. Jetted my 2012 EXC with this app and bike runs much better. Good job!

Nice. Bravo! I always hits the target with this app. With lambda (A/F) feature I understood how carb works. Strongly recommend.

Good. This app save a lot of time for my team.

Great. This app is well worth the money for a stock bike. The constant guesswork with different temps and elevations are easily worked out to give you a solid baseline to start with. Only downfall I see is the lack of a 105/112 option for the Ktm.

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Nice. Power feels great with base setups for my weather and location

Bravo. Bravo! I always hits the target with this app. With lambda (A/F) feature I understood how carb works. Strongly recommend.

Good job. Easy to use and very valuable information.

Great. Great app! With this app I won third place in the race :D

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Good. Easy to use and very valuable information.

Must have. Save a lot of time for me and my racing team. Bike runs much better with this app

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Language English
Price $5.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.6
Play Store com.jetlab.ktmjetting
Compatibility iOS 9.0 or later

Jetting for KTM 2T Moto (Versiyon 2.6) Install & Download

The application Jetting for KTM 2T Moto was published in the category Sports on 07 March 2019, Thursday and was developed by Ballistic Solutions LLC [Developer ID: 1611909747]. This program file size is 53.64 MB. This app has been rated by 16 users and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Jetting for KTM 2T Moto - Sports app posted on 22 July 2022, Friday current version is 2.6 and works well on iOS 9.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.jetlab.ktmjetting. Languages supported by the app:

Other Apps from Ballistic Solutions LLC Developer
Jetting for KTM 2T Moto App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Now you can choose models from 1998 to 2023 year • Also new models have been added. Such as 50 SX, 50 SX Mini, 50 SX Pro Senior, 50 SX Pro Junior, 50 Senior, 50 Supermoto, 60 SX, 125 MXC, 125 EXE, 125 Supermoto, 150 XC-W, 200 SX, 200 MXC, 200 EGS, 200 XC-W, 250 MXC, 250 XC-W, 300 XC-W, 380 SX, 380 EXC, 380 MXC • Added new feature: get weather (temperature, pressure, humidity) via Bluetooth using weather stations: Kestrel DROP, Kestrel 5x00, WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter, Skywatch BL • Added new feature: added the ability to calibrate the barometer built into your phone or tablet (go to the “Settings“ tab, then “Measurement units“) • Added new feature: added various utilities (unit converters) (go to the “Settings“ tab, then “Utils“) • We have improved our weather calculator significantly. Now you can manually select which type of atmospheric pressure you are working with (for example if you use portable barometers, weather stations): - sea level pressure QNH - sea level pressure QFF - station pressure (barometric pressure) • Many carburation recommendations have been slightly revised for better performance. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check the fine tuning sliders, you may need to change them • Now you can see size of Throttle Valve for each carburation recommendation on the 'Results' tab • New type of fuels have been added: VP Racing C12, VP Racing 110, VP Racing MRX02 • On the results tab, click on the drop-down menu 'Weather (AirLab)', new data for tuners are available: Air Density, Relative Air Density, Density Altitude, Station Pressure, SAE - Dyno Correction Factor, SAE - Relative Horsepower, Volumetric Content Of Oxygen, Oxygen Pressure • The new color design is available (night mode), you can find it on 'Engine' tab at the very bottom • Improved functionality for the feature 'Weather for custom location'. We added a search bar where you can enter the location name. Search places easier and faster now • We added new fuels, this is gasoline with ethanol. It require a richer carburation than regular premium gasoline • Improved functionality and accuracy of fuel calculator • Bug fixes for 'share setup with friends' feature • Fixes for showing 'Carburetor icing alert', now it doesn't overlap other content • We reworked the altitude determination algorithm for the 'weather for custom location' feature. We hope that now, if you manually selected your location, the altitude will be calculated with much greater accuracy • We added the ability to leave text notes for each history in 'History' tab. To do this, open any History, enter edit mode and add a note

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