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What is pinpal app? PinPal is a bowling scorekeeping application designed to provide bowlers with detailed statistics to help improve their average.

PinPal keeps track of both leagues, tournaments, and open bowling, allowing bowlers to view their average and other statistics in many different ways.

PinPal puts tons of useful stats right at your fingertips. Ever wondered what your average would be if you picked up all your single pin spares? Ever wondered what spares you leave the most, and how often you are able to pick it up? Well now you can find out!

Scores can be entered either by selecting all the pins you knocked down or entering the scores you get for each ball. Also, if you don't want to take the time to enter each frame, you can just enter the final score for the game.

Make sure to check out PinPal Lite if you want to try it out before buying!

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PinPal Customer Service, Editor Notes:

PinPal Version 6.0.426 September 2021

- Update for iOS15 - Fix bug with move date feature that resulted in corrupted data. - Fix bug where editing game details could result in games being marked clean incorrectly..

PinPal Comments & Reviews 2023

- Just right

Updated March 2022: this app has stood up to the test of time. I now have over 7000 games on the app and have gone from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6S+. I highly enforce this app. I have tried many score keeping apps, but this is the one that has stuck. Ease of use is where pinpal shines. I stick my phone in my back pocket, pull it out, record my score and put it back, all before my ball returns. I have recorded over 3500 games on pinpal and I love it. Don't let the ease of use fool you, pinpal is a powerful statistic machine. All of the relevant stats are right at you finger tips: strike %, spare %, leaves etc... . Pinpal is a valuable tool for your game.

- Best Scorekeeper Out There.

I love this app, its really helped me analyze my game better, and more easily (maybe lazily) keep track of all my averages. The only thing I wish they would do, (especially with the high price), is add an apple watch feature that connects to your phone app for easier use while throwing back to back shots. Or just in case I forget my phone at home. But grabbing my phone is a minor inconvenience at most. I highly recommend this app to anyone trying to get serious about their game.

- Great app!

It’s nice to see the developer updating the app after a few year hiatus. I’ve been a proud owner of this app for over 9 years, and have used it in every league I’ve been in since 2014. The app is fantastic in what it does. I really like the addition of the “makeable spare” category. One thing this app is missing that other scoring apps have is the ability to record your feet and mark position. Then you can record where your ball went in relation to your mark. Being able to see the percentage of throws you missed your mark, and what you left as a result would be a great teaching/learning tool. Adding Apple Watch support to record your frames would also be a phenomenal addition.

- Great Bowling App!

We are so happy we found this app. It helps us share my son share his results with his grandfather and his coach...I love and use it all the time. We have introduced it to every family on his High School bowling team and they are all using it. We cannot wait for a team application. His coaches really would like to be able to keep the teams stats on one app. I recommend that if you love bowling and you want to see how you progress buy this app!

- Love it

This is the third season for which I am using the app, and it has been seamless. My data transferred to my new iPhone, and I never needed to create a backup. If you're a stat person like me and like to see what you do well (how well you make corner pins, what you average with a particular ball, what you average in the 2nd game, for example), this is an app you'll find very useful.

- Stats are not right

Aesthetically, this is the best app. But practically, it is useless. The stats are completely incorrect. When using filters to run stats, the results don’t match the data. I have noticed several situations when the stats didn’t make sense with the data, but the latest issue I have is that I have 7 games with a particular ball, but the stats show just 2. And yes, I triple checked to make sure that all 7 games had that ball selected in the input data. Maybe it is just the filters that are not being calculated correctly, but how can the rest be trusted?

- Really do love the app but…

This app is awesome in every way except you can’t use it between your devices and it doesn’t back up to the cloud. So when upgrade phone like I did… lose it all because didn’t back up to computer first which I of course didn’t remember I needed to do. I upgrade my phone pretty much every 2 years. And I bowl a lot of tournaments and in a league. It would be really awesome if this backed up. It’s frustrating that it doesn’t.

- Great app

This bowling stat app is one of the best. Keeps everything you need to know to improve your game. Was wondering if you are working on being able to let the app go to landscape mode for example I use it on my iPad and like to turn my iPads Because my case but I can’t because the app won’t spin with the iPad. Thank you and hope this is something you can make happen

- Great app...but need a cloud backup/sync feature

Great app. Love the ease, clean interface, and easily available stats. Keeping track of scores and pins makes me a much more cognizant bowler. It’s a must for everyone. A few Things I wish you would add A database entry for lane. This way you can see what your statistics are on different pairs of lanes A Cloud backup/sync. I like to bring my iPad to the lanes and use that for inputting scores. If I forget the iPad I have to use my phone then screenshot the games and transfer them to my iPad later. This is not very convenient. The phone and iPad should be in sync like many other apps Hope you can add this stuff in the next update.

- Great app for Data Geeks and bowlers

Used another app for scores, excel for averages and paper score sheets for reference. This bad boy does it all. The price is perfect if you care about yourself and believe in supporting programmers who put a lot of thought and care into their work. Great job guys. Only addition would be to show the three games scores in written form for leagues for a nice snap shot.

- Still a great app.

Still a great app. Wish that there was a way to put my starting average in at the beginning of the bowling season. Also, if there was a calculation in place so I could determine and track my handicap during the season, that would be awesome. Otherwise; it’s still a great app. Are there any anticipated improvements on the horizon?

- Solid 4.5

Great easy to use app that keeps track of everything that I would like. Only reason I can’t give it a full 5 stars is because it lacks more customizable settings. (Rearranging leagues, ball names, etc. Default order is based on time when relevance or a manual order option would be fantastic!!) Hope to see something like that in the next update.

- Great easy to use app

I have been using the app for about 6 years. Easy to use, tons of data. Only problem I have is some weird or mislabeled categories. Entering average shows as 198, average 210 for the night, NEW average shows as 197 on the end of night page. How can I bowl over average and average goes down. I think the labels are reversed

- Great app but rarely updated

I’ve been using this app for many years to track my scores and it’s wonderful. However it’s so rarely updated that I get concerned about it going unmaintained. More updates would put me at ease, but I’ll keep using it until it doesn’t work anymore!

- Great app but need added features

Love the app. Performs as advertised. But it would be even better if you could share data between devices (e.g. Bowling data entered on an iphone transferred to the ipad i normally use so all of the score data is in the same place for stats). Also it would be great if bowling data for more than one person could be entered and saved.

- new version wrong number of games

Is creating leagues where only one game is generated, Tried making 3 times. Have used for three years, and I really like it, but new bug needs to be corrected. On IOS14

- Great app, until...

Have been bowling in leagues for a year now, and this app has been great. My whole history of inconsistency is there for me to see. Problem is, I now bowl in a league that bowls 4 games a night. There is no setting to change the league format in the app, so now I need to find a new app to let me keep track of scores regardless of the number of games per night.

- Great bowling stat tracking app

This app has it all.. you’re able to track what ball you’re throwing, it separates leagues from tournaments, and gives stats for both individual nights and the entire season. Great tool for improvement!

- $$$PinPal$$$

It does everything you could ask for I'd say. I like to see it sync with my other devices complete with stats like Dropbox does. I have to take a photo of the final score, save as a jpeg and put in Dropbox that way. But no stats.

- It's the best hands down!

I've had PinPal for a long time now, and it's still the best. Easy to use and more features. Others are either lacking or too expensive. Best bowling app for stats!

- Great app. Worth the price

I've been using PinPal for 4 years and I love it. Even with its higher price tag, it's a good value. Developer has emailed back with responses within a day on both occasions. Would be nice to see a tablet version with team stats capabilities. $4.99 would give it 5 stars.

- Great App

I have had this app for years and still love it. It has helped me improve my games with the stats program. I have recommended this app to my friends and they have brought it and are loving it.

- The best bowling app

This has been such a successful tool for helping me improve my game. I recommend it to everyone. The four people I have recommended this app to, this year, are enjoying it also.

- Can load to computer

Love the app, but every time I get a new phone I lose all my saved games. The website address doesn’t work, the app support link doesn’t work.

- Best bowling app ever

I have been using this app for many, many years through many, many phones. Always backs up perfect and the support is awesome!

- League setup not as expected

I have PinPal on iPhone SE gen 2 and the slider for games per week in the new league screen appears to default to 3 but it’s really set for 1 game. When I go to drag the slider the app behaves as if I am swiping left.

- Great data tool

I enjoy the data this gives me. I can get single game stats, tournament stats, or even all year long stats. Plus individual ball stats

- Good tracker!

Thanks for this app.... I use it in league and in practice. He only thing I’d like it to do that it does not is to also track where I start and what mark the ball rolls over. Otherwise I really like this app!

- Best bowling scorer out!

This is the best scorer. It has the pins to see what you left, easy to understand statistics, and it adds your score and keeps a running average for leagues, tournaments and even practice.

- Practically Perfect in Every Way

I love this app, I use it to track my practice as well as my games on my High School bowling team. I can find absolutely zero faults with it. Thanks for making it

- Keeps the numbers I need

Inexpensive answer to my dilemma: how often do I miss the 10 pin! Other numbers too. Great tool for the league bowler looking to improve.

- Spend money on this???

Down loaded this app only got part of it, only thing I could put in is the league name and lanes names and nothing else. Don’t show pins

- Everybody should use this

I love having a record of how I am doing on my leagues. Easy to keep track and review the stats. I tell everyone I know about it

- Awesome

I can keep track of my stats in league and I can keep track of how I do with my equipment very useful app

- Only one hand

I bowl both right and left handed, it would be nice to keep them separate... otherwise it is a great program

- Enjoy the app!!!

Really enjoy the app but it would really be a better tool if it had a small note box to write things I need to work on, adjustments made, or just how I was feeling that day so I can understand that 130 game lol

- Won’t add back to a new phone

How do you add back to a new phone I purchased this app years ago and now I can’t re add it

- Great app! Just needs one more feature

I love this app! I use it for all my leagues and tournaments. Only request I have is to add a 3-ball option when inserting frames so duckpin/candlepin bowlers can use this feature accurately

- Easy to use!

Love the app, easy to use with good info! Wish I could add my friends and see their stats

- Happy to own PinPal

Everyone I recommend this to is so happy after they buy it What better testimony can you ask fort👍🎳😄

- Good app

I wish you could see your leaves for every frame all the time.... rather than having to go back to each frame to look...

- Very good but could be better

Very functional but needs updating. Author not very responsive to requests for improvement and the developer website noted in the App Store is not there anymore.

- Awesome!!

Great app for keeping stats for bowling. I have been using it every week for league play for the last 3 or 4 years.

- Bowling app

It is a great app for bowlers especially if u really care about the sport. I would recommend for anybody into bowling

- Like this one best

Does what it suppose to do and I like that it keeps multiple leagues

- Great app for bowlers

Love being able to review based on pattern, house, ball… Would love to see speed added!

- One suggestion

If there was a way you could move tournaments and leagues around in the list this would be the perfect app.

- PinPal

Love this app, only thing I wish I could do is to print the stats. Other-wise it is a wonderful app.

- Lose everything

I love this app for all my stats however when you get a new device, you lose all of your data! Super disappointed.

- Very good!

It's worth the money! In a future update I'm hoping there's a way to look up scores via lane number. Other than that this app is great.

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- PinPal

Great program so easy and quick

- Amazingly good stats app


- Best bowling app in the market

This is the best bowling application out there in the market. Definitely value for money. Great tool for recording and keeping track of your performance. It allows you to analyse your performance week by week & round by round. The ability to record the pins that you knockdown for each frame means that this application can provide you with a comprehensive stats of your overall performance, what you are doing well and what you need to improve on (e.g. sparing the 10-pin). Well done, Jeff for this amazing application. Thank you for answering my queries and taking my feedback into consideration for future development / update. Keep up the good work. Final note, this is a must have application for all you keen league bowlers out there.

- This app is awesome!!

Jus love how I can log my score and see how I've progressed over the weeks!! MEGA 5 STARS FOR THIS APP!! :-D

- What's Next

Well this is the only app of this kind I've found on the app store. The application is easy to use and simple to learn. If it has a short fall, its that you can't change the date of days that you bowl on(especially if you buy the application half way through a season). The application has other shortfalls such as its inability to provide handicap information. But I am sure that this will follow in later version. But despite these shortfalls, the application is excellent for recording bowling results.

- Amazing

What a great app, it's so easy to track my scores and monitor my improvement. Definitely worth a buy!

- Just a question

Arm could it be possible if you could make this app for iPad as well please other than that it's a good app?

- great app

ive used this app for almost a year and its been a good help. good to know exactly how many strikes and spares im getting and which pins i keep leaving up. well worth the money for any bowler

- Pin Pal

Awesome, if you're a serious bowler you need this.

- Awesome

Well worth it.

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- Fun

Would be nice to be able to record pocket and Brooklyn

- Nice app

Good app to keep track of your scores and provides some cool statistics. Now we just need support for the iPhone X screen and it's gonna be perfect!

- Awesome

Good way to keep score

- Great features and easy to use!

App developer is an avid bowler and hence this app has features a bowler would want. Highly recommend. Less than the cost of a single 3 game series. App is enhanced by developer from time to time plus the developer is very quick to respond to support emails.

- Simple to use, provides excellent results

Buttons are clear, provides very useful statistics and does a great job of letting users know what they need to work on. Thanks Jeff, you made a great app!

- Great bowling app!

This app has helped my game so much!

- One of the best score tracking apps

Great app! 5 stars if you make a button for spare in stead of having to hit next ball!

- Great App!

Great app for any bowler.

- So this app

This app won't work on iPhone 5?

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The applications PinPal was published in the category Sports on 2009-07-25 and was developed by Jeff Stuart [Developer ID: 321817467]. This application file size is 20.21 MB. PinPal - Sports app posted on 2021-09-26 current version is 6.0.4 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.pinpal.full