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DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges [Sports] App Description & Overview

Transform your iPhone into a customizable display and monitoring system. DashCommand puts you in control - Monitor and data log engine and vehicle performance, fuel economy, and instantly read and clear troublesome check engine lights, all with the easy to use DashCommand app.

This app also features a professional skidpad showing lateral and accel/braking Gs with min/max indicators, a race track that visually maps out your location, acceleration and braking as you drive laps around the track, an inclinometer that shows rolling angle and vehicle pitch for off-roading, and the ability to data log, record and playback log files showing OBD-II and acceleration data.

DashCommand is a SEMA Show 1st runner-up for best mobile electronics product and four-time SEMA Global Media Award winner!

DISCLAIMER: DashCommand requires a compatible third-party hardware interface, purchased separately, to communicate with the vehicle.

DashCommand supports all OBD-II and EOBD compliant vehicles sold worldwide. Please verify that your vehicle is OBD-II/EOBD compliant before purchasing! Not all OBD-II compliant vehicles will have support for all of these parameters.

Manufacturer-specific data is available for select vehicles, through In-App purchase.

OBD-II Hardware compatibility: Auto Meter DashLink, PLX Kiwi 3 and Kiwi 4, OBDLink MX+, ELM compatible WiFi and , GoPoint BT1

Watch a video on DashCommand:
For suggested hardware, see: http://palmerperformance.com/hardware

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DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Enhanced support for 2008 - 2018 FiatChrysler vehicles Support for various new BLE adapters Improved communication with Kiwi 3 & 4 adapters DashLogic SensorTap P4 support for auxiliary sensor inputs Numerous small bug fixes

DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges Comments & Reviews

- Works fine - but repeated “this license has expired”

Like the app which I’ve had for 4 years now on my iPhone. Just the past 2 months been getting a irritating error message stating “this license has expired” even though I’ve paid for the license and it’s not expired. Every time this happens I have to go to AppStore and click open Dashcommand to then see the same error message, but then try again AppStore to see the Dashcommand icon which says UPDATE and it downloads some update and the error goes away. Fix this soon guys please!!!

- Great app if you understand the language.

By trade I’m an electrician. With this app I’ve been able to identify problems, monitor and log different systems in real time and also save and export the files via email. When I went to buy the extra package for the make which my vehicle associates with, it advised that for my model it was not necessary to spend the extra money as it provided no benefits that weren’t already available with the current version of the app. Now it’s one thing to be able to hear your car talk to you and it’s completely different whether you understand what it’s saying to you. I’ve saved thousands of dollars in mechanic fees by researching how to identify issues and how to fix them. The app just gives you access to what a mechanic is given access to when diagnosing an issue. But the app won’t make you or anybody for that matter a mechanic or able to understand and solve their own problem. At least it can help you to not get ripped off by a mechanic with ghost problems. But it won’t keep you getting ripped off on the service fee for the quality of service received.

- Works as advertised

Many others have explained why this app is worth buying. I'm writing to contradict two negative reviews. One said you can't get back to the main menu after activating a dashboard without shutting down the app and restarting it. Not so. Just tough the screen for two seconds and a menu will appear that allows you to return to the main screen. Second, someone said it doesn't work with vehicles after 2014. Also not true. Works fine with our 2016 Subaru Forester. The database that comes with the app doesn't include vehicles newer than 2014, but you can manually input model information and parameters for any newer vehicle. One minor quibble: the gauges on a couple of the dashboards are too small to be legible on an iPhone 6, but you can access the same information in other ways. A fine app. Works flawlessly with Amazon's recommended Foseal OBD II WiFi dongle.

- Updated Review, Downgrade

Update Oct 2018 The app hasn’t been updated in forever. The UI is like iOS4 is back in style. Yes it works but that may not be the case going forward. When I bought my 2016 truck I had use the 2014 pids. Ended up with an Edge Insight for my diesel truck and used this in my SUV. Bought a new SUV now and have no idea if the 2014 Ford pids I bought as in-app purchase are still valid. Guess this is the new way software works, you write an app, sell it for a couple of years, and then abandon it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One of the recommended hardware adapters is the OBDLink MX Wifi...beware it has serious connectivity issues even from when it was a Kickstarter project. Yet DashCommand still recommends it. Basically with the MX DashCommand won't work. I swapped the MX for the PLX Devices Kiwi 2. It's about 1/2 the price and works great. Now I can give DashCommand an appropriate review. It works great for my application of wanting to continuously monitor a handful of engine parameters. No connectivity issues other than typical iOS mandated situations like switching to another app. I did buy an in-app purchase for vehicle specific PIDs. All in it's still way cheaper than buying physical gauges and installing them in my truck. I recommend it so long as you've got the right hardware. Wish there was better documentation other than having to post in the forums but at least they're responsive.

- Really Impressed, actually works on a BMW

I purchased a Kiwi3 and after finding out the app designed for the unit didn't even work, I gave this a try since it was given such good reviews online. All I can say is I'm glad I didn't buy something else and I'd happily do it again. This app works, connects instantly with the reader, and gives me every bit of info I could have wanted to know about my 2007 BMW X3. I was worried since it was a beemer I'd have issues with some of the features actually working, but I was pleasantly surprised when literally everything worked without any customization or hassle. This is the one and only app you want or need for a Bluetooth OBD2 reader.

- I feel like I got dumped, left with unanswered questions, ignored, confused...

So I tried the chat feature it never works, I tried sending emails to customer support but no response so I figured my only recourse of action left is to read accurate review and maybe that will give me some assistance. I’m curious as to where the current state of the dash command app. When I try opening the app it tells me “This copy of DashCmd has expired.” Well there’s no new version, I haven’t been able to find any updates and I haven’t received any email notification. So was it a poor investment on my part to purchase the hardware and extra features for this app? Because I also noticed does not work with the pioneer radio anymore either. I kind of feel like I’m being left high and dry with no answers, seriously is it asking too much kept in the loop? Did the company that owns the app go under or going under?

- Great utility!

This app is great even if you’re not mechanically inclined. If my check engine light comes on, I can run a quick scan and Google the codes myself. Even if I can’t fix things myself, I can at least make sure that the mechanics aren’t trying to hustle me. Let’s face it, many do. Many times the engine light has come on because of faulty sensors that are usually easy enough to replace on your own. Save yourself hundreds of dollars and use the app instead. It has a variety of other features you can employ if you’re more technically proficient. It’s been a great ally.

- Good tool and toy

This app does a decent scan but as is it really works great for before and after installs or changes to tune. It will give a before and after hp 60' 1/8m and 1/4m times with speed too. All sorts of cool gauge packs available too. I bought along time ago to be a general scan tool but my current use is for tuning on my turbo BMW, I had no idea before purchasing I would be using to check performance upgrades on my personal car, but I sure am stoked with it's vast usefulness and info. If you tune your car or truck and don't have this app your missing out on real info...

- Great app for monitoring vehicle under all kinds of conditions!

Awesome App for monitoring a wide variety of metrics under a wide variety of conditions. Helps me adjust my driving technique to optimize performance, economy, and situational utility. It helps me increase fuel efficiency and reduce ware on high ware parts (tires, brakes, etc). It also helps me understand the root cause of “problems” to take the guess work out of repairs. With a little experimenting, and adjust the PID calculations, I have achieved a 22% improvement in fuel cost. Through driving technique, purchase of optimum fuel for the conditions, and monitoring real time metrics.

- Re: DashCommand

This is probably my favorite app, and I only bought it a few days ago. I own a '03 Chevy s10 4.3L 4WD zr2, and this app does what I need and more. MAF and MAP readings, average mpg, hp-torque curves, intake and coolant temps, and a ton more. I was torn between Torque, Auto Doctor, and DashCommand, and I think I chose wisely. I noticed Palmer Engineering has a solid template between smartphone and pc devices, so after doing research on other programs such as PCMSCAN and ScanXL, DashCommand seemed like the most well-rounded. Being able to configure my own PIDs is a game changer. I'm a mechanical engineering students, so by default this stuff is cool to me. Worth it.

- Good app but expensive

I love this app, it does what I want it to do, it works on many vehicles, even my 2013 bmw which is wonderful, I used scanPro which is their professional scan software, it would not work on my bmw, can you figured that out. This is kind of expensive, but less then Carly bmw app, whom will try to make you pay for updates, not me. I used this app on cars I'm thinking of buying, to checkout timing issues, compression issues and wear/tear on engine without carrying around my laptop with all my professional scanning software.

- OBDLink MX+ works

Originally I though this did not work with my OBDLink MX+, but it does. I think it may have been the order that I started things. My phone was was probably not connected to it. Temporarily updating to 4 stars. I need to actuall use it to see if it is worth 5 stars. Looks pretty good though. Wish it would automatically get the settings needed to calculate mileage. It wants engine displacement. I have a 3.5L V6 ecoboost. I would assume 3.5 L, as that is the spec, but if so, it should be able to know that. Pretty common vehicle and engine.

- Dash Command top value

Where else can you have the capability of a 5k scanner for less then a “C” note? For trouble shooting and monitoring you can’t beat the simplicity of Dash Command. I had a trouble prone Dodge Magnum and the dash command live feed back allowed me to properly diagnose my vehicle in order for me to pass smog. I’m sure if I took it to a repair shop it would have cost me hundreds of dollars to have it repaired. All I can say is “THANK YOU DASH COMMAND” I will recommend you to everyone that will listen to me.

- It's good, not great

For a paid app, I expect more frequent updates like bug fixes, or UI improvements, but it hasn't been updated in about a year at this point. The interface is not great. As others have pointed out, getting back to the main menu isn't intuitive. Having to manually enter your car's details for models after 2014 is also lame. I honestly couldn't say that I'd recommend this app to friends. I would suggest spending the extra money on Blue Driver. I would probably change my mind if the developer would give this app some attention.

- Convinience

The overall ease of use and the amount of information gained about my vehicle was well worth the cost! I have my own personal diagnostics tool in the palm of my hand for a fraction of the cost. It lets me virtually know anything about my car in real time, read AND clear trouble codes, fuel trims, etc. I have used this many times on my aging BMW and solve many issues! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who may be considering!

- Works on every car I’ve owned recently.

So with the singular exception of a 1989 MGB, which is way to old for OBDII or any ECU, this app has worked on every car in the family over the past few years. It provides monitoring, tracking and vital info any user can appreciate. Just being able to manage error codes and clear them is with the cost. Get it, grab an inexpensive ELM327 compatible ODBII scanner and try it you are unlikely to regret it.

- Great app

I think this is a great app. My car originally came with a very minimal gauge set and I’m really happy with what’s available on it. If I did have one knock on this app, it would be making custom gauges on the web. It seems like a very difficult process, if you don’t know how it works. I spent many weeks trying to get something together for my car and although it works OK, I feel like if there was a better set of instructions, it would be a lot more user-friendly.

- Horrible technical support/customer service

What could have been a simple apology on Palmer Performance’s part turned into “will only work with older iPhones” (NOT true) to “your dongle is obsolete” (also not true.) Palmer’s own website states that both iOS and my specific dongle are supported, but tech support (which I suspect knows nothing about the specifics about the app, or the OBD2 and ELM327 protocols) basically just made up excuses as to why their app does not work when pretty much every other OBD2 in the App Store does. Not only do I not recommend this app, but am now looking for an alternative to DashXL, and will suggest to others to not buy Palmer Performance products, at all.

- Great app but 1 flaw IMO

So far I’ve really enjoyed the app. I used to have a pioneer app radio and there is an app that allows you to put this on the big screen there. But it’s not offered for standard Apple car play enabled devices. I’d love to throw a few extra gauges on the big screen while I’m tuning or at the track. Still a super handy app and many folks may disagree with the CarPlay option ding.

- No updates

Looks like we’re on our own. Just cleaned out my phone of other apps that wouldn’t update anymore. Money not well spent. It might be cheaper in the short run to buy these apps, but in the long run it’s not. Here’s $10 more dollars wasted. It’s been 5 months since they have updated there newest app. 2 years on the one I bought. So this one will be on the no longer will work page before long. They don’t care. The funny thing is the new one looks just like the one I bought. So the new one is not a new idea it’s just the old one with an app purchases. Not much more to say except don’t buy unless you want new old stock.

- Everything I hoped it would be!

This is the first app I have ever paid for, and it continues to be worth the money. Quick to connect, and very easy to configure and use. This has saved me from needing to buy more expensive computer programs to view my outputs. You can view live read outs for most all engine sensors that you don’t even have gauges for in your car. Worth every penny.

- Best OBD2 App.

I could only give it 5 stars. I recommend this app. It does the same and more than the hardware scanner tools. Compared to other apps, this is the one to choose. It may be a little difficult to set up the wifi interphase because you have to manually enter the IP and router info but it is well worth this extra effort. I really like this app. Hope the developers don’t change it.

- Everything I need and more

Well worth the money! Interfaces are easy to use and provide so much info! There are add-on purchases available, but not required. In fact, when I went to see the add-one available for my Toyota they told me I didn't need it, and I wouldn't get much more than I already had instead of trying to push the sale!!

- Awesome app

I was a little skeptical at first but went ahead and took a chance. This app does exactly what it states, check and clear codes observe engine functions in real time. It's also compatible with most obdii dongles out there. With downloadable dashboards specifically for your vehicle is a plus being that I have a diesel. Great buy I've had and used it everyday for a little over a year now!

- Buyer beware !!!!

As you probably can see the number of one star Reviews have increased lately. App was good but only used it a handful of times paid $10 which is the most I’ve ever spent on an app. Used it today and it worked fine open it back up after some maintenance and now get your app has expired and automatically shuts down. I never recall seeing an app page that said this expires. I would be willing to amend my rating if the developer reaches out to me and tells me how to unlock the app but I paid $10 for. I probably won’t hold my breath as the one star ratings are now creeping up to the five stars

- Works for me!

I purchased this app because I needed to check the cmpret on my 1997 Chevrolet truck. You do need to purchase the extra pid group to read it, but it works. The only problem I've run in to is if you go to the gauge page and swipe left or right to see other gauges, you can't get back to dashboard without force closing the app and reopening it. Decent app, though!

- Nice graphics, but...

Many of the features don't work. Indicates vehicle is getting 24,000 miles per gallon. Accelerometer doesn't auto scale, so it barely comes off zero, useless off the race trace. Shifting points is a nice feature, but requires info I don't have, like gear ratios for all 6 speeds. It would be nice if it calculated shift points fir you based on RPM and GPS. Also would be nice to have a way to calibrate the fuel gauge. Currently reads 95% after complete ripoff. I'm rating low because there's no excuse for a basic feature like MPG not working, especially on a $10 app.

- Used to work well

I have a Wi-Fi OBD-II adapter that I use with this app. This app has a lot of functionality for a free app, I have been satisfied with it. However today I opened it up and I get an error that says it is expired. It then closes the app, and does not give me any options to do anything with it. No updates are available on the App Store for it. Right when I needed to check why my check engine light came on, and it fails, and I just used it about a week ago.

- Great App

App has saved me a bunch of money, more than the cost of the app the first time I used it on a 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser to pull codes and diagnose problems. I've been playing with it on a couple other vehicles and it's amazing the amount of data you can monitor. I'm going to use it on my Camry Hybrid to monitor fuel mileage because I think the car's mileage figures are off.

- Great app

This is a great app, and for $10, as long as you acquire the appropriate OBD2 output device, gives all the information anyone could ask for. Would definitely recommend for anyone who is a car guru, do-it-yourself person, or anyone who simply wants to see all their car's information for recreational or diagnostic purposes.

- Hot stuff

This app does as advertised which is really cool. The online documentation is fine and I’m not aware of a truly competing app for iPhone/iPad. That said, it appears to use a lot of juice. I run it plugged into the charge port and after a short while my iPhone 6s is quite hot. This is probably inevitable for real-time monitoring and computing across many OBDII and iPhone sensors. But it concerns regarding possible adverse impact on battery life.

- Great App forgot I bought it years ago

Works very well. Wish the DTC function was like OBD fusion and need to add ability to save my custom gauges to cloud to download after all the work into custom gauges. I know you can do dashboard customizing and upload but need to make gauges/pages able to be backed up, unless that’s hidden somewhere

- Pretty good app

This app is pretty good able to monitor multiple things track down problems it tells me I’ll be Obd2 codes. Which is very handy I am the best part about it is you can take the scanner to multiple vehicles and diagnose the problem on the side of the road if you need to

- Better than the rest

I have tried many of these apps. None are perfect but Dashcommand is by far the best for my needs. I am a auto tech. and after spending many thousands of dollars on diagnostic equipment over the years, I feel I get a tremendous amount of information for the price.

- Unreliable and cumbersome

We’ve been using DashCommand for more than six years, but it’s always been buggy, despite of a few improvements of the user interface. Our main use is to monitor fuel tank level and fuel consumption. A great flaw is that after fueling up you have to drive many miles before you get an accurate tank reading. Also since we switched to newer cars that use the Automatic™️ OBD-II adapter, it’s gotten very tricky to cajole DashCommand to start reading the bus signals, because it fails to properly handshake with Automatic on startup.

- One Man’s Opinion

App works pretty good. I’d like to see an update that would add gears to the trans mode with automatics in mind but it works well with manuals. The fuel mileage is more accurate than the onboard computer of my 2014 Ram truck. You do need a WiFi OBD2 device which some come with programming but mine didn’t hence why I purchased this app.

- Incredible app. Works well

Connects easily and starts collecting data. Incredible amounts of data. Not always obvious or not possible to go back to previous or menu screen. But overall incredible and impressive. Wow. Edit: hold down finger on any screen for 2 seconds - return to any menu

- Has helped me greatly

Using the app, I was able to locate sensor problems with my older truck and repair them myself, which is waayyyy cheaper than a shop! I did have some problems navigating inside the software at first, but that's nothing. This app is a really powerful tool to have!

- Maybe don’t buy it

I just got the app a few days ago. I had read the negative reviews just as much as the positive ones but still bought it any way. Ultimately I can get some data out of it and that’s somewhat useful, rpm (my crown vic doesn’t have that on the cluster) , check codes , coolant temp, Fuel trims, but as for HP, torque, CO2 nothing . Furthermore the fuel level percent seems to be off. It read 48.2% when my tank is well above half a tank. It’s a nice app but I wouldn’t purchase again.

- Excellent alternative to expensive scan tools

For $10 plus $10 for vehicle specific dealer level PID access a huge savings over scan tools that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Very powerful tool for vehicle maintenance and trouble shooting. Saved me hundreds of dollars in shop charges. Love it.

- Ok rewritten review here

App is working fine although it has no data for any Honda vehicles. When I connect it, then open some window I can not go back to menu window (home window). Can that be fixed along with adding Honda vehicle datas? Update: it’s still just ok but kinda disappointed that I don’t think it has Transmission Fluid Temperature... please update it for ATF Temp then I’ll change my rating for the device/App!

- Had this app for years on multiple vehicles works great

Thanks you guys for a great job, great app! I’ve used it on several vehicles and just recently it paid for itself helping to diagnose a vehicle problem that I had suddenly show up! keep up the good work!

- Great App

This is a great and simple app. Easy to read gauges with more info that you'll probably need. I needed something simple to read codes and reset, but it does a lot more. I know there are bigger apps that may be more specialized but this is well worth the money. Saved me a lot of time.

- Good app backed by good developers

Purchaseed this app and it told me as soon as I opened it that the app had expired. Emailed the developer no thanks to apple. Figured out how from the developers site. And within 24hrs they pushed an update and now it works. Great GUI(graphical user interface) easy to setup. Good buy. Do it get it great features.

- Finally a new update

Like the addition of direct menus button, no long press is needed which speedups the navigation significantly. The support of iPhone XR screen is still not optimized, the screen aspect ration looks stretched vertically. I hope the update won’t take long to fix that

- Finally updated!

The app has finally been updated. Worked fine for me before, but it works a lot better this time around. Certainly helps with pulling trouble codes, getting sensor readings that aren’t in the cars dash, etc

- Nobody Home at Palmer Performance

I have used this app for a few years. It’s worked pretty well. However I recently tried to buy an in app add on to debug misfires. My iTunes account was charged but the add on was never added. The app attempts to contact Palmer Performance and times out. I tried contacting them through their web site which won’t work. Almost like they really don’t want to be contacted. I’ve also filed a complaint with Apple so we will See how responsive they are.

- Works Great

I had researched these devices for awhile and because of the good reviews I purchased this App. It worked just fine with the device I purchased for my Chevy truck. It's worth the money to buy. It even cleared the check engine light I had... Good Luck

- Great Diagnostic Tool

Have used with multiple vehicles from different manufacturers. Perfect quick info to get started on repair. Don't be afraid to buy in-app addition packs for specific vehicles, they will pay back quickly in time saved.

- Does Everything I Need It To Do

I've had this app for almost 2 years now, and I've been very happy with it. It's helped me troubleshoot problems with four vehicles, clear codes, and see performance issues. Highly recommend!

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- Custom gauges

The best OBD app I have come across. It would be great if they added more customisable gauge types. For example, a customisable light (shift light/warning light). Gauge types in modern aircraft with glass cockpits are a perfect example. Many of the gauges aren't legible or useful on a phone display unless they are maximum size (iPhone 6 used).

- Fantastic Diagnostic Tool

To be able to monitor while driving is incredibly useful for fault finding. My Bluetooth OBD2 reader has failed but I’ll be getting another one instead of a handheld unit just so I can keep using this App.

- Great App

This app along with my obd11 Bluetooth adapter has helped me out of trouble when I haven’t had a scanner with me to clear codes. Aside from that it’s great to help with watching technical data while the engine is running.

- Won’t connect to my haltech

I have bought this app and an elm327 to connect to my haltech elite 2500 and they won’t pair the elm327 will connect on other free apps but won’t on this one and I have done all suggestions to fix the issue and it still won’t work I have tried to get help but not getting anywhere it is driving me crazy I have even been into my haltech settings and everything is right I would love to here back and justify the situation

- Mr 4x4

This is a great app. I’ve tried so many others without success. It’s easy to use and the data is very useful. I tow a lot and carry weight with highly modified vehicle and love the fact that this app provides excellent real time data on power gains with any modifications.

- Best paid option for IOS

I have tested a lot of OBD2 apps trying to find one that has the right mix of information. This has been the best by far and was more than worth the price tag.

- Great App

Use it all the time while driving to monitor fuel usage. One problem is I have a Landcruiser 79 series and it won’t give the fuel level or range information. Never has. If this was fixed it would be a definite 5star

- Works great with the kiwi3

Could not ask for anything better. It was able to find a cylinder fault on a buddies car and saved him a lot. Super fast reads from the kiwi3 to a old iPhone 5.

- Very useful software

I have used Dash Command for towing a caravan. The data relating to the correct traveling gear (auto) displayed the constant changing from 5th to 4th and back. This meant I could manually lock the vehicle in 4th decreasing transmission stress.

- Totally Wicked App

Been using this for a while now and happy with the functionality of the platform works as described. Would totally recommend it 10/10

- Great app

Works well although can be a little slow to respond.

- Great app to get to know your car in depth

Great app to obtain different data when the car is in operation. A huge plus if the developer revamps the interface!!!

- Fantastic app!

I have a BMW M135i which despite its performance doesn't have any temperature gauges! DashComand solved that problem in a really stylish way. I'm using a cheap WiFi ELM327 dongle and it works well

- Great car analyser

Every update gets better. I use it to recover fault codes and clear them, monitor Engine conditions over time

- No joy

I spent my $15, and got an app that won’t connect. Thought that it was the OBD reader (kiwi), but found out that other apps connect just fine. Looked to email developer to discuss and arrange refund as I now have another app. Can not find contact details on their website, just in business hours (USA) phone number, which is useless if based in Australia.

- Very helpful

This is a great app for checking codes and removing them after problem is fixed

- Ob2

Very good product, takes off all engine lights , highly recommend 👍

- Apple listen up

Apple Please allow this app to be compatible with CarPlay ! Would make a lot motoring enthusiasts Happy come on Apple get with the program 👌

- Great app

Picked up just about every sensor I wanted in my car and getting better with every version.

- Pricey for something that doesn’t work properly

iOS latest software on iPhone 11. Can’t change the gauges to metric. (Yes I have changed all the settings/ unit in the app). Great if you are still in miles per hour and gallons. But useless if you are the rest of the world.

- Jeep Jk 08 diesel 2.8l

Impressed , once setup its a breeze to use . Well worth the money on both units, the app and the system unit . Hand in hand .

- T/M Temp Gauge

This app is awesome the only thing missing is a T/M Temp Gauge, next update could you please add an T/M temp gauge to the app. Would be much appreciated. For SST Mitsubishi Evo X

- Awsome

Awsome app, really helped be with a problem with my car. Great response time and very useful.

- Please update for iPhone X screen

Update for iPhone X screen please

- Customer Service

Poor customer service, I have been waiting a week for a reply for tech support. Will not connect to app using ELM327 wifi adapter on iPhone 6 with current iOS.

- Love it

Thank you for fixing expiry bug

- Works a treat

Great tool and works well. Great for monitoring on and off road. Good touring partner for statistics too.

- Please update for iPhone X

It’s a good app, I mean we paid for it and all, but could you guys please update the app to work on full resolution for the iPhone X and above Please, please do so immediately

- Scam

The app stops work It says that it’s expired and doesn’t work after a time and you can’t go to any settings to fix it because it just crashes what’s the go here

- Love it. Use NGXplay to allow it to work with Apple CarPlay.

Truely a brilliant app.

- App needs updating

Running iOS 12.3.1 and the reader won’t connect. My friend tried his reader and mine. Connected fine with both, his iOS is 12.1

- Worse

Just use for one year and following year u cannot use it and no support from developer

- Due for an update

This app is great but it needs a UI refresh to make it look more modern and support new phones/iPad.

- AutoMeter DashLink

Does not work with this intact the auto meter DashLink doesn’t even work with its own app and has no support at all Don’t waste your money or time with it

- Great

Great little App

- Worked once.

The app worked once now it won't connect. Phone connects to wifi but app won't connect to it.... what a waste!!!!!

- Waste of money

This app is absolute garbage does not work with iOS at all do not recommend it to anyone

- Very annoyed

Just purchased this app and it will not connect to my ELM327 wifi on my iPhone 6S+. Just wasted $15 for nothing!!😡😡😡😡

- Unhappy

It should be stated in the description that a connection is needed as I just wasted $15 on an app I cannot use.

- Not great

Can't do that much with it

- No happy

Just purchased this app an it won’t work tells me it’s expired

- Disappointing

This dosnt show any gauge working besides revs. Not what I paid for and the biggest waste of money

- Great App

Dashcommand works great with my CLK wifi OBD-II adapter. I use it for both my 2007 Suzuki Swift and my 2005 Holden Statesman V8 with great results. As is to be expected there are a few readings/gauges not compatible with my vehicles due to the sensors not being there etc. but otherwise does everything I could ask. I also use this everyday as a diagnostics tool in the mechanical workshop where I an currently completing my apprenticeship. Dashcommand does as good if not better job than our $7,000 Carman Scan Lite. Very great, useful and accurate little app and extremely cheap when you think about it. Thanx, Mark

- Worst app ever

It does not even work and I want a refund of my $15 dollars

- Not working

It’s not working

- Awesome!

I have a fleet of 8 cars from rodeos, captivas, colorados and a hummer and I've diagnosed and fixed 99% of issues myself over the last 4-5yrs all of which were general service issues due to my laziness. This has saved me easily a couple of grand I highly recommend it. As a matter of fact I'm writing this review as I'm online buying a new unit for a friend of mine who is sick of paying $600 for snap on to update his scan tool and I was at his house fixing his daughters treadmill and started talking cars and then started raving about this app.. The rest is history! ;)

- Expensive but worth it

This is a great app if you have a performance vehicle and you would like to monitor the stats. I used the iPhone version for 6 months prior to buying an iPad specifically for the car which I use for music and DashCommand. The larger size allows the app to be used more productively as information and buttons can be accessed at a glance. Although it can read "some" codes the only feature this app is lacking is the ability to clear codes - I would happily pay $extra for this ability.

- Perfect

Downloaded this ap and wasn't sure whether or not it would be worth 60 bucks, However it has been a fantastic tool to diagnose engine lights and also to have real time information about what the car is doing. A very nice user interface, very clear and readable you can even pinch to zoom in on the live information, so you can just have a large digital rev counter or speedo. I work at a general motors holden dealership in Australia. And every vehicle I have plugged into has worked first time every time, It has never crashed my phone. Logs data brilliantly and accurately, I am yet to use to the track function but I'm sure it will work fine, The power and torque readings that it gives you is exactly the same as the dyno dynamics dyno I use. Very happy with my purchase

- Ver 2.6 , not supporting all vehicles

Bought this app and the kiwi wifi with great expectations. My vehicle is a Subaru WRX 2004 model and the app does not work except for reading codes. The connection works fine and I can read the diagnostic codes but none of the PID's are supported. I contacted the developers and they suggested it was my uni chip and to try some other changes, spoke to my tuner and he said it is invisible to scanners. Wrote back to the developers and they said they finally checked my vehicle and it does not support hardly any PID's . I'm not convinced but the app has some issues that need to be worked out before it should be sold on the iTunes store. Just be warned just because you have an OBDII port does not mean this app will work and should be advertised that way due to it's high price!!!!

- Awesome

Fantastic app. Works well with both my 2004 Pajero and 2014 Lancer. Great support too. I noticed after offing the Kiwi PLX 2 Wi-Fi while playing with this app that some buttons didn't work properly on the iPhone 6 Plus. I emailed them. Before the hardware arrived, there was an app update that fixed it! Very speedy. Now maybe they already knew of the fault. Regardless I'm pretty happy. Responsive and stable, and you can customise the gauges to make them look nice too. :)

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- Solid product

Keep the App updated and it pairs wonderfully with my now old PLX kiwi.

- Not working after io14

Have used this app for years with no issues until updating to ios14 now it won’t connect to interface

- Almost perfect

Wish you folk would adopt the Apple CarPlay interface so your app could be used via newer cars in dash Bluetooth connectivity programs. Aside from that the program has been valuable for years of car ownership. As well it allows for helping others with their car coding issues.

- Is this updated for version 14?

Is this up-to-date because I cannot connect?

- Not worth it without additional $

This is no better than the free apps. Don’t fall for it. Getting any additional useful into involves further expense on top what you’ve already paid. $10 per cylinder for injector rates, for example. PER CYLINDER! This one is a scam.

- It’s okay.

The worst thing about it is that if you don’t update it very regularly, it won’t even open up. Very annoying. Beyond that it’s a decent app. Reads a lot generic parameters.

- Mpg gage doesn’t work - no support

Cant get mpg to work and this is the reason for the purchase. Havnt yet recieved support from the company, called and left a support message

- Dash command

Useless app gives no access to sensors or diagnostic tests. Don’t waste your money unless your just looking to read codes.

- I demand a full refund

Since my 2017 car isnt listed and this app is uselee to me ( never used it) i demand a full refund !!!!!

- Worked once.

Paid for this app and it was a pain to get working the first time and after awhile it just connected and worked once and it never connected to the OBD II again. I tried everything but no luck. I now use a free app for another service and so happy I did. Oh and I would like my money back as well but just like this app working I can’t see that happening.

- Works well

I probably use it about 6 times a year for my vehicle and for various friends and family It is however easy to misplace and I may have to order a replacement as mine has gone missing TryingtolearnActual

- Wow!

Everything you could want. This is an excellent app for added vehicle info!

- So out of date

I think the UI needs an update. So boring compared to many other apps, and now cars are coming with more advanced computers in the dash so this app could become redundant by 2020. Maybe just cleaning the app up a bit. Allowing it to run in the background would be nice too. Works ok.

- Kiwi 4

Not working with a kiwi 4. :(

- Airbag

Question for the programmers? Will you add the airbag code reader in update? Thanks

- Decent but needs Trans temp

This is a good app but having trans temp would make it 5star. Until then 3 stars

- Is nice

I like

- Amazing

Works good. Really happy on how the app works. Would like to see it to be able to Work with apple CarPlay.

- Great tool

Have it for few hrs now . Use it on all 5 vehicles . And keeps getting updated making easier to use . Would recommend

- Worked well

This app worked extremely well up until a few months ago when the expiration came up. Updated app and still the same thing. Was one of the best apps up to that point.

- Dash command

What a great tool for the diy’ers. Always ready to be used. Erase codes, see parameters and performance while you drive. Awesome. This is a true review from a real customer.

- Ok I guess.... still a waste though if it expires after buying

Bought the app only a month ago maybe 2 months tops, and already when I try to use the app it says “this version has expired” so I guess that was a waste of money.

- Refund required

This app didn’t work and then it expired after a couple of days GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK

- Used to work, now it’s a brick

Not sure what’s going on, when I try to start the app it tells me it’s expired? Not sure how this happens with a free app that was updated a month ago

- Don’t get scammed

I don’t know why apple allows this app on the App Store it does not work at all.

- Do Not download this

I paid three years ago and it refuses to let me use app. Tried every email address I have and says Invalid email when I tried using the forgot password, also Virus scanner says that it has been hacked by pirate website.

- Expired without warning!

Never worked remarkably well and now it’s suddenly expired and won’t open. How is this ethical? There’s an assumption that once you purchase an app you will have access to it permanently. Why not release a separate app and just drop support for this one if you feel there are enough new features to warrant repurchase of the app? Who’s going to continue paying for your apps when they may suddenly ‘expire’ one day? Update: Seems to be working now, but who knows for how long.

- Terrible update!!! DO NOT TRUST

It has been working for about 2 months after last updates. Even with terrible user experience, but working. Today it stopped. Shows the message: Copy has expired. I legally bought it and it is not working. If it happens on a road when you have to rely only on it? Last updates comment: Who can read navy blue on gray? Impossible to operate. Wrong screen proportion - circle becomes elliptical. Previous version was much better. I don’t understand how Apple approved this app

- $16 spent 2 days ago and now copy expired????

As of June 13th the app started displaying “thus copy of dashcommand has expired” and will exit the app. I had just spent $16 on an expansion module 2 days earlier. Now useless. Please advise how to rectify or please refund my money.

- Gee wow, first update in two years

I used to love this app but clearly the developer doesn't. First update in two years

- Not up to date

Last available year is 2014, no recent cars

- No longer maintained

This app is no longer maintained. The most recent year you can select for your car is 2014. Looks and feels very out of date now.

- No updates for 2 years

Don’t buy if your car is newer than 2014. No updates, no support. Awful! Stay away

- be careful before you buy!

they could at least mention that its not compatible with cars over 2014... My car is a 2015... 13.99$ to the garbage, thank you very much!

- Excellent OBDII App

I have used DashCmd for a while now and it works amazingly. It has all the dials that I need to keep track of all on a easy to read layout

- Works but not updated anymore??

I used it with an inexpensive ELM WiFi. Works well. However, it appears that the app hasn’t been updated in a year? Are you not continually developing??

- Ok but...

Decent for basic diagnostics but I have a couple codes that are only available with the GM add on!?!? I see I can add a GM pack for $10 so I may try that.

- Update

The app is very impressive but it is in dire need of a bit of a update to look a little better

- Not good

Saying my car has 420max hp and 400max tq when I floor it, but my car is stock and has 333hp in the book and about 300tq. Doesnt show boost (maybe not their fault could be my car that has no sensor for that)

- Bonne application

Très bonne application, fonctionne très bon avec les bons paramètres. Connexion Bluetooth rapide sur IPhone 6S avec IOS 11.0.1. Transfert de données très rapide et consomme peu d’énergie. Bravo, excellent travail pour ce beau produit.

- Aucune connection

Je n ai aucune connexion avec mon appareil elm327 j ai bien verifier mon obd2 et il est fonctionnel alirs l application be fonctionne pas

- Branchement sur Ipad

Il ne fonctionne pas avec l'interface ELM 327.

- Cannot open app

Since the update, the icon sits in a darker state with "waiting" underneath it. I can't open the app, and if I delete it, I will lose all my data. I'll increase my rating once this problem is fixed. *Update* It has been fixed and works just like before - GREAT!!!! I love this app!

- Its a great app but its a bit unorganized

i just wished the way the menues are could have been more organized. like yes the app is very functional and doesnt crash but i would definitely reccomned this app to others if a UI update was addes to make everything look more “modern”.

- Awesome app

This app met and exceded all my expectations

- Save your money

Tells me nothing that my car doesn't already display. Zero support, not even an acknowledgement.

- Connecting Issue

Bought the dash command(DC) apps to try out on elm 327 wifi obd2. Tried all solutions to fux connection problem from DC but with no lucks. Download free apps from EODB-Facile works fine. Wasted my $15 on DC, not recommended.

- Works great

Works as described and no annoying ads

- Don't touch this app

I've been through a couple OBD2 sensors because Dash Command doesn't recognize their wifi networks. So, as a last resort, I installed a free OBD2 coder reader app called EoBD-Facile (whatever that is) and it recognized the network immediately and showed the engine code. I've been frustrated for 2 years only to now learn that Dash Command is the problem. What a waste of money.

- Poor connectivity, useless support, refund issues

Stay away, save your money!

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DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges 4.8.12 Screenshots & Images

DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges iphone images
DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges iphone images
DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges iphone images
DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges iphone images
DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges iphone images

DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges (Version 4.8.12) Install & Download

The applications DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges was published in the category Sports on 2009-07-15 and was developed by Auto Meter Products, Inc. [Developer ID: 1051124752]. This application file size is 49.1 MB. DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges - Sports app posted on 2021-05-29 current version is 4.8.12 and works well on IOS 9.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.palmerperformance.DashCommand