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YOUR ADIDAS - MORE THAN A SHOPPING APP. The home of sport and trainers, the adidas app puts you closer to the action with instant access to sneaker drops, seasonal fashion releases, and the sports, clothes and gear that fit your personal style. Athlete inspiration, stories, and app exclusives at your fingertips.

Unlock the best of adidas with the Creators Club membership programme. Earn points by completing your profile, making purchases and leaving reviews. Start at the Challenger level and use your points to level up and unlock exclusive rewards. The world of adidas is at your fingertips.

What's in it for you?
- Access to limited edition drops, members-only products, invitations to special events, exclusive offers and more great rewards.
- Creators Club Exclusives: Get exclusive access to shop and vote on members-only trainers, apparel and more.

Those that hear about it first, wear it first. From athlete news, clothing collaborations and hype drops, you can discover it all in the adidas app.

- Get news of the latest sneakers delivered straight to your phone
- Shop the newest adidas releases
- Gain access to special offers, rewards, gifts and gear
- Get alerts when your favourite adidas sneakers & clothes go on sale
- Order and buy in just a few taps
- Track your orders and purchase history for easy returns

Love shoes? Just scroll, select, stand out. App in hand, you can be the first to shop sneaker collaborations and the newest releases to take your look to the next level.

And the more you use the adidas app, the quicker you’ll get access to the sports technologies, fashion and stories that inspire you—whether that’s giving your running regime an UltraBoost, the newest NMD release, a classic Stan Smith, a retro Gazelle, or the shoes that will launch your sneakerhead status

There is also a brand-new way to get your hands on the coolest adidas products. See trainers or an outfit you like? Simply use our visual search. Take a picture, or upload a photo of the shoes or shirt you have your eye on, then watch as a list of matching or similar items appear.

Running, training, football, basketball, or skateboarding? The adidas app has what you need and more. Whether you’re putting time in on the football pitch, the track, court or the gym, find inspiration from adidas creators like Lionel Messi, James Harden and Kylie Jenner, as well as the right shoes and clothes for your favourite sport.

Don’t want to miss out? Opt-in to instant notifications to get the latest performance stories that matter to you. From running and performance shoes to the latest in football; experience the innovative Boost technology or shop the legendary Nemeziz or Predator football boots. Find all the gear you need to own your sport.

Adjusting to your preferences as you go, the adidas app allows you to easily build your own 3-Stripes style. And if style is your sport, Originals clothing draws from the storied adidas archives to shape the looks of today. With clothing lines for men, women and kids, adidas keeps it fresh season after season

Whether you’re in the market for a new Ultraboost running shoe, the latest pair of NMDs, or looking for sports inspiration and fashion, the adidas app is the place to be.

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adidas Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Shop with peace of mind this holiday season. Download the latest app to see real time delivery updates on all your orders.

adidas Comments & Reviews

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- Overall great experience

Overall amazing. I hate shopping online because I’m so picky with how things fit, but the website is super informative, easy to use and helpful. The shipping is a lot faster than I was expecting. I got a pair of slides that were too big and all I had to do was put it in the same box and ship it back for free and select my size online. No shipping any direction for the order or exchange it’s great. The member program is awesome too, it’s easy to rack up points quickly. Best, smoothest and most enjoyable experience shopping online in a long long time. Quality of product, price/discount/sale, ease of use and just overall freshness are top tier. Will definitely be back soon 😁 I recommend ordering through adidas directly. 🤙🏼

- Take my money please...?

I have no clue why, and I have escalated this with Adidas, but most of the time their payment system will not accept my payment. I have tried multiple cards over Apple Pay, and manually entering the information, I have contacted my financial institutions (I have used cards from different banks to be certain) to ensure the cards are not locked and capable of processing the payment, I have ensured that I have 3-10X the necessary money in the instances where I have attempted to use a debit card, I have even created a new account in adidas to make sure that is not the issue. Adidas support has shrugged and said it’s probably my fault or my banks. Cool. But then I’ve found entire forums dedicated to this issue. Here’s the likely reality - it’s a very specific issue linked to a small number of persons that is intermittent in its occurrence. Therefore Adidas has it low on its priority. I get it, and I won’t lose sleep over it. But it has cost me a few items being sold out or made it so that I missed out on a few sales while trying to wait until a day that the app/website decides it will accept my payment. Again, not the end of the world, but worth it enough to me to give a poor review. The app is pretty, but ultimately useless to me.

- They don’t know anything, very bad experience

I have placed an order on April 17th it went through as I thought but I have received no information on my gmail on how it’s always is online. Two days later I sow on my bank they took my money it was august 19th. 5 days later I contacted them to know what’s going on and why I have no information about my purchase. Because I went on my account to track it in order history , it was empty and saying I have not purchased anything. I chatted with an agent and he told me I have not purchased anything and it might me some time of error and my money would go back in few days . After week passed I contacted them again and said I still have no information about the order and my money still not refunded. After they kept sending me to different agents because they didn’t know what to do. At the end they told me that they have no information about my purchase and asked me if it’s fraudulent order. I’m in shock. I paid money, and they tell me I have purchased nothing. ( so I had to contact my bank and make a dispute ) Adidas customer service it terrible!!! I don’t know how they still in business

- Won’t let me checkout

Horrible experience for both the website and mobile app. Tried to take advantage of the Last Chance sale with a full cart of items and won’t let me move past checkout and won’t process payment. Nothing wrong with my card, I even called the bank to verify. Chatted with a customer service representative who said my account was flagged for “inconsistencies with my information” and to try again in a few hours, which I did. Chatted again with a representative, this time said to wait 24 hours. Made no sense I was checking out with Apple Pay, never had a problem before with any other app/website/retailer. Then tried alternate payment using Paypal, didn’t work. Tried just putting in my card info, still didn’t work. Since my “account was flagged” tried to get a friend to purchase for me, 100% all new info, did the same thing for him. Normally love a good sale and was excited about the purchase, but this was a huge disappointment. I deleted the app and unsubscribed from notifications. No longer interested in shopping online with them. Why advertise a sale if you can’t even make a purchase?

- Horrible! Really Adidas!?

For starters customer service is none of existing! I don’t laced an order Oct 12, waited for a receipt from adidas, never got it however I did get one from PayPal, I call to see what the issue was, and per your customer service rep I was told that my order had failed...The funds were there but their was a time-out in your system . So my money is stuck on pending! Ok fine, October 14 I place a order again via the app and checked out with pay pal, received a order number this time but no email, (thank goodness for screenshots)! I call and talk to another customer service rep, who also stated that my second order did not go through again! AGAIN THE FUNDS WERE THERE! so I’m not understanding what the problem is?! So now I’m out of $130 for supposedly failed orders! I’ve never had problems ordering from the app, but for it to happen twice in a row and NONE OF YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS SEEM TO CARE OR OFFER ANY OTHER EXPLANATION OF WHY MY ORDERS JUST FAILED BUT YOU GUYS DID FOR-SURE TAKE THE MONEY OUT MY ACCOUNT BOTH TIMES! I want my money back or I will be reaching out to the BBB AND FILING A COMPLAINT! Your customer service reps are horrible and absolutely of no help!

- Utter IT incompetence

Hard to believe a massive retailer like adidas can have such flawed payment systems. Wasted so much time trying to buy online. Was unable to process payments from two different cc. (I called cc company and they said problem not on their end). When I called a spoke to adidas agent she said it was problem on adidas end. Said That the web site is unreliable and she has same problem. She suggested using the adidas app. So I download the app. It also won’t process payment. I call again. Agent tells me that I should use website instead. Also the pricing of a shoe shows one price in the shopping area but when you put it in the bag price jumps up from $60 to $40. I noted to agent and she said the pricing on the app is unreliable. That website has latest info. Of course it does exact same thing on website. Not sure why they accept this. It has to be costing them money. The second adidas agent agreed to process over phone. Didn’t work. She asuggested PayPal. So back to the app and used PayPal. That finally worked. Wasted 2 hours.

- Terrible service

I placed an order for a women’s jacket, women's pants, and some socks. The shipping was quick, but when I opened the package there was a pair of boy shorts and a men’s t-shirt, neither of which was an item that I had ordered. I decided to contact adidas through the app to chat with an agent. The guy didn’t seem to know what he was doing, in the end he told me that I had to go to ups to return the package. I also spoke to an agent on the phone asking why I had WASTE my time doing all of this when it wasn’t even my fault that THEY sent the WRONG ITEMS. All he could say was that he was sorry, but that didn't change the fact that I wasted TIME and MONEY for something that wasn’t even my fault. I had to go through the trouble of printing a label, driving to MULTIPLE ups’ (who didn’t want to take the package due to the pandemic), and when I finally went to a ups who toke my package BEFORE the 7 day period, I get an email a few days later saying that my exchange has been cancelled. But at least I got a refund.

- Great App and easy to use

The app lets you access all the adidas items that are available even if they aren’t at your local store and also saves the time to actually visit the store at the small expense of just not having the deals that may be at your local adidas store, however promo codes do make up for that small disadvantage. Overall easy to use and gets the job done just as well a cashier would, transactions are as secure or even better than stores unless you do it in a public WiFi were someone could be sitting ready to snatch your credentials which is the WiFi providers fault for not being secure enough to block any sort of hacker.


I’ve recently started to buy adidas and just when I did they started the creators club. I’m not sure if it’s because the club is new or whatever but point is I can’t properly review my points on the app! I only get emails regarding my status of recently becoming a “game changer” but other than that the app is on point with its GUI (how the app looks) and sometimes glitchy navigation system. The app is useful to real adidas fans, it just need lots of bug fixes. Also some orders I did while logged into my account weren’t added to my point system, and if they were I couldn’t even tell. Listen the app needs major improvement l! I’m not hating on it I’m just a bit frustrated at the fact that adidas can’t make a simple app to properly help its loyal customers (even if I’m new!!!)!!!

- Yeezy’s 350 draw’s

The draw is a joke you all don’t actually draw people. How does shoes apps that are resellers have the shoe to sell before the draw even starts. The resellers are selling them for $300 to $500 for the shoe that is $220 now is $300 or $500 and the shoe haven’t even been drawn off adidas or yeezy’s store online yet. It’s just because people get so hype for the shoe and if they want them that bad you know people are going to cash out for them. so you all can get more money from the buyer. Just like the yeezy’s slides they sell for $55 but they are on resellers apps 30min to a hour before the draw for $255 in my size. I could put another $100 on that an got to the Gucci store an get me some Gucci slides. It’s just pointless to say your having a draw an your shoes are not even drawn to customers. The draw is just to hype the customers up. So now they have to go on the resellers apps an get it off there because the profit is more to gain than your draw for $220 for the shoe.

- Too barebones

The app looks great. The ui design is really nice, but it’s buggy. Especially when filtering and searching for specific items. On top of that it feels a little barebones. I can’t edit parts of my profile without going to the website, nor can I view tracking info. The only thing showing on the app is my order cost, ship address, and payment. Basically a receipt. I can’t check my tracking info from here, and if there is a way it isn’t very obvious. I have to go to the website just to do all that. Even if the app opened a link in safari or something to the store that would work and not even that works. The app is convenient, but it doesn’t have all the necessary features needed to replace the web storefront. Also, the chat function in help never worked for me. Always said it was busy.

- Apple Wallet, Status on premium releases

I shouldn’t have to ask, but can you please make the creator pass available on Apple Wallet. Yes, I understand you need people to go into your app. Yes, I understand that app shows you the “rewards” you can unlock but if I’m simply making a purchase at an adidas store I don’t want to have to say “ oh hold on let me download the adidas app, oh wait let me sign in, oh wait I have to wait for the app to show me its updates, and how to use it, oh wait the app is frozen..” it’s all simple with Apple’s Wallet app it’s just a double tap and all my reward cards and debit cards are there. And please don’t have people look on you webpage to see when the next premium yeezys come out. Just have it out there in the shoes categories as premium releases and keep allllllll ooooof theeeem there. Future and past. Thanks.

- Customer service HORRIBLE!

I would like to express the disappointment I have with your customer service department and your social media marketing team. For the following reason: Your website flagged me as fraud, and no one in your group could explain to me why I was flagged as a potentially high-risk purchase. After doing my research, I believe your site flagged me as a fraud because I use a forwarding email instead of my Gmail. The biggest reason I did that is that I don't want my email to be blown with marketing letters and promotions. My credit card information matches my billing and shipping information so, I am super upset that no one on your team could explain that! You all realize I left NIKE TO SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS! 🤯 I’ll give you a second chance, allocate some your resources in creating an excellent customer service department and social media management team.

- Need improvement

I like the way the app design, and how sleek and smooth it runs every time. But there are lots of space for developers to improve the app and hence customer’s experience 1. Filter: let’s say I’m looking for what is on sale, I just wanna look what is on sale for women size 6. Then after I apply the filter, it show every in size 6. Man woman girl boy infant sale not on sale. 2. I made a few purchase using exact same account, it show in the app that I did not make any purchases, and I cannot track my order. The email with tracking info lead me straight to the app so I’m deleting it cuz I feel it doesn’t help much with my shopping experience.

- Honestly

I love adidas, I love the brand the products everything but wow is it hard to order something online. I had to re order two pairs of shoes THREE different times because my order kept getting cancelled by the company. The issue apparently was that my billing and shipping address was different but I was doing that to surprise my boyfriend for his birthday, by having the shoes shipped to his house. In order to finally complete the order I had to tell him about the surprise so that I could send him money to his bank account so that we could use his card therefore solving the shipping/billing address difference. Such a headache, other than that I totally love adidas

- Quick and Easy!!!

This app has an awesome e layout! It makes for easy shopping. You can literally type in an article number in the search bar and you can learn the status of that item. Or you can type the name of it and use filters to narrow it down. Finding the product is so easy. The viewing options are awesome as well. You can view your item magnified, on a model, in motion and 360 view. Sometimes are sizes are missing in certain items but the selection is almost endless!!! You are bound to find what you are looking for and more on this awesome Adidas app! #adidas

- About the app and customer service

I haven’t had a problem with the app up until recently. Ordered an item twice through the app and received no confirmation e-mail nor it reflected on my order history. 2 people in Customer service told me to re-order and that there was nothing they can do. The third person I spoke to finally told me that the app had problems and advised to order a third time through the website. I ordered the first time and was offered a comp 2-day shipping and expected this to arrive on the 15th as it mentioned on the confirmation page. Had through hoops with customer service and ordered the item 3 times. And the best they could do was a 15% coupon and didn’t honor the 2-day shipping offer originally. Fix your app or fix your customer service.

- Love Adidas needs more

I absolutely love Adidas however you need more Yeezy sneakers to be available especially around the holidays! You would make so much more money and I don’t understand it I wanted to buy my adult kids sneakers and there’s either 1 pair available or your out of stock or the sneaker will say not available until December 24 that’s crazy how can we buy something if we can’t get it before the holiday? If you want to make more money stock up! Simple I’m giving you 5 stars only because I’m a business owner and I love the adidas products all of them but as a corporate business your losing money! DT

- Website and App payment glitches

Whether it’s the app or website there are major glitches in the payment processing feature. I have missed out on items in my cart because of this. For one order, a customer service rep gave me an order number and told me to wait for the shipping email. The next day my payment was refunded and I missed out on those items!!!! Sucked so much! The next day it wouldn’t take my zip code...I was on with customer service for a half hour. He said they would fix it and let me know in 24 hours when it’s up and running. I never got a email response back. The following day it worked again. At the end of the day, the payment system is whack and I have missed out on several items in my cart because of this.

- Dysfunctional online payment system

I’ve had the same problem with checkout on the online website same as many others here. I had everything ready to go in my cart and couldn’t move past check out due to failed payment attempts. I tried multiple cards (credit card, debit card, Apple Pay) but nothing worked. These same cards I had just barely used previously that same day and they worked just fine. Only to speak to an online customer service rep tell me they have had zero issues like this with other customers and that there must be a problem with my card or bank. What the heck Adidas? Seems like a strange problem to be overlooking. Why? I don’t kno. But not impressed to know so many people are being ignored and being told it’s their problem when clearly it’s Adidas.

- Glitch Fixed Within Days!!!

I had complained a couple of days ago about a glitch that would always freeze my app within seconds of using it. To my surprise when I updated the a app a few minutes ago, I was able to finally use it without the screen freezing!!! I am incredibly happy that I can finally use this app and all of the perks included in it. Adidas really does pay attention to its reviews which is why they deserve 5 stars. Also it is simply just a great app, it’s the adidas store on your phone, so of course they deserve 5 stars. Thank you Adidas for the big fix!

- Great so far. A few suggestions...

Add a favorite feature or “save for later” button so I can create a quick list of shoes I want and keep track of them for later. The review section could be more streamlined I couldn’t find the detailed reviews until I decided to click on the review average score. As someone else mentioned a way to “filter” or “sort by” style, model etc when getting search results would be greatly appreciated. If you dont know the exact name of what you want get ready to scroll through pages looking for clues.

- Raffle system is the worse

If there was a way to leave no stars I would! This confirmed app is terrible!!! They say you get a fair chance and it’s picked randomly but that’s a lie. Once your account is “icon creator” or higher you get a much better chance at winning a shoe thru the raffle. IF YOU ARE NOT A ICON OR HIGHER YOU WILL NOT WIN I PROMISE!!! It’s fixed so all the basic level (icon creators) people and up can get it but once your below icon tough luck!!!! You won’t will nothing!!! It’s not fair at all 12 raffles I entered all under icon and never one once!!! It’s rigged they get you to believe it’s fair but it’s not don’t be fooled. If you don’t wanna lose a shot at getting a limited shoe you desperately been waiting for w/o spending resell DO NOT go through the adidas confirmed app or you will be set up for a major downfall and empty pockets from pay resell!!!

- Like being pestered? This app is for you!

Finally turned off all notifications in iPhone settings for this app. Despite ensuring repeatedly that all notifications are turned off in the Adidas app, I keep getting “reminders” of these cool shoes got released today or this whole product line is on sale for one week only. I have to have the app to set up appointments for Employee store visits, otherwise it wouldn’t be on my phone at all. The search options are nearly unusable. But there’s tons more stuff on the site than in the stores. Tons and tons. Too many tons. I don’t bother looking anymore. If it’s not in the store, I don’t care. And weekly “reminders” that I specifically asked to NOT receive are not going to change my mind.

- Agree with feb 6 post

I had the same issue tonight as the gentleman from feb 6. I have placed order march 2 and the app was not a problem. Apple Pay worked amazing. Today tried to take advantage of 30% off and the app would not allow my card information. I tried 2 bank cards and PayPal. Nothing worked. Spoke to my bank and there of course was no problem with my card... I logged in from safari browser and logged in to my adidas account. The cart was empty and so was my wishlist. I had to put in all the items again into my cart online to purchase the items. I am not sure how to replace the 100 or more items in my wishlist that I usually shopped through for convenience. I usually would go through the wishlist and add to my cart.... Online use for adidas needs to be fixed ASAP!

- Useless

Becoming more useless with each update. Now freezes after opening on iPad every time. Tried to make another order yesterday. "Oops, something went wrong". Had to use laptop and then no creator points. Again. One order was cancelled by adidas after two weeks because they sold me something they didn't actually have. Another order showed PROCESSING after a month. THEN cancelled. Live chat told me to order the item again and phone service told me it was actually cancelled even though it was in stock. Reordered same item while "in stock". Still PROCESSING a week later with a delivery date that's already passed. Guaranteed they cancel this order as well. Nearly impossible to get what you order. UPDATE. Same ordered item canceled a third time. Bravo. Poor. Very poor.


Tried ordering on the website and it wouldn’t take my VERIFIED card so I downloaded the app and it still wouldn’t verify my card. So I had to pay through pay pal on the app and my item said it would be delivered on a day I was able to get it immediately off my porch but it was delivered a day early so I wasn’t there so i’m assuming someone stole it and i emailed adidas and they responded once telling me to double check that the mail carrier didn’t place it somewhere else and I responded telling them it was no where and they would NOT respond at all and still have not I have sent maybe 4-6 more emails so finally filed a claim through paypal and paypal took their side because they could provide shipping even though i NEVER got it! DO NOT ORDER FROM ADIDAS TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!

- Don’t recommend shopping online from adidas!

I used healthcare providers discount and had shopped more than 400$ , my jacket was not fit so I asked to exchange! I sent it back via ups as they sent me a label for it! But because they were not sync they sent me and email that my return label had been expired so I just could have my refund! Long story short-after hundreds of emails and chatting with customers service- I don’t have either my jacket and my money! Never purchased anything online from adidas again! Very weak and awful customer service ! I am still sending them email almost every other day, but they don’t answer me! They asked me to send them my ups receipt and i sent it 10 times! After that they didn’t answer me ! Just so sad and disappointed!

- Account

I’m giving the app one star because I just recently change phones and for some reason now the app doesn’t let me sign to my account through Facebook which is how I created my account in the first place every time I try it I get a message saying something went wrong try again latter but it never works, and when I go to sign in manually it says that my email isn’t linked to an account but if I go through the website and login manually I’m able to login into my account, so that needs to be fix ASAP.

- Sylvain

The app is very easy to use but like every other apps, sometimes the glitch won’t let you order something although you used the same system to make a purchase just a couple days ago. Well if you call customer service and explains your issue chances are they might gift you with a 10% off coupon that you possibly cannot use for the order you are trying to place. Which happens to me.. but overall I like the apps. No luck on getting the Yezzi and Pharrell sneakers yet though🤣🤣🤣🤣..

- Overall a disappointing and lackluster experience

Disappointing to say the least. App logs me out of my creators club account for no reason at the worst times, usually right before a release or right before sign ups close for a release. Can’t count the numerous times I’ve received various different errors, including servers down, no connection to the internet, data in incorrect format, information unavailable please try again later, etc. Hype access and other rewards for Icon level members such as myself are a joke, literally has no benefit whatsoever regarding getting hype shoes. And now it seems to be getting worse, not better as of recently. Is it really the difficult to execute a “draw” reslease procedure without a myriad of glitches and errors?

- App has issues processing payment

Loved it after my 1st purchase... But right when I tried making a Cyber Monday purchase it would not process my card(s) i tried multiple so I know it wasn’t my banks fault. Ended up waiting most of the day until now (11pm) right before Cyber Monday is over.. Smh still no luck. Had to give the actual website a try and what do you know!? Website took payment no problem! Please developers of this app... FIX IT!!! Especially on a day like Cyber Monday when people are buying like crazy.

- Worst app ever

Have had so many issues with this app. Can’t log out and even when I try to delete the app which should delete the data - it reinstalls and saves my old login info. Not only is this annoying, it feels like a massive privacy violation. Even at the store, where they encourage you to sign up and download, the sales clerk admitted the app has major issues when I tried to pull up my barcode and suggested I quit and restart the app. It makes shopping a pain and impossible. Please fix these bugs!


My second review. First one was to tell them Apple Pay didn’t work with Discover and I was contacted and they supposedly fixed it but it still doesn’t work half the time. The 10% off they’ve offered for several days doesn’t work either. Ever. I sent the app team three emails about it for help and they never even responded to any of them. Couldn’t use another credit card at all on the app because it wouldn’t let me enter the number. This app is just a useless mess. Don’t waste your time with it. *Now I have pending charges on my credit cards where it’s trying to charge me for orders that never went through.*

- App Review

It’s been a while since I used this app since I never could get anything bought off of it. Bots have and to this day plagued this app and so only resellers are able to buy limited drops. Couple weeks ago, I got a message saying additional pairs of the Yeezy Citrin were available. I immediately tried to cop and it said that my order was processed. I followed up today and found out it was cancelled. No email or any communication advising me of what had happened. As of writing it still says my order is processed. I bet the app developers are a pretty uninspired, underpaid bunch for this app to be in such sorry state. It pales in comparison to what Nike has. They even have gimmicks like levels you need to reach just to be given a chance to purchase limited stuff.

- I really expected a lot more from Adidas

I have not been able to log in on this app. Although my user name and password are correct and I can easily sign in online , but every time I try to log in on the App, it says “ data could not be read since its not correct format”. I’ve tried everything including changing password, erasing and downloading the app but nothing works. I can sign in online without an issue. Not sure how Adidas expecting people to use their App if they can not make it work.

- Payment

I loove adidas but this app is a No. I have tried to make a purchase so many times and it keeps saying payment failed. I don’t know why it’s so hard to get a payment to go through. I thought it was successful when I used paypal bc PayPal showed a successful transaction. Adidas even gave me an order number. I called to follow up on the order and they still said it was not a successful transaction. Still waiting on this money to be refunded to my PayPal. I see others are having similar issues, hopefully they fix this soon. I’m trying to do online shopping as a form of therapy and y’all are stressing me out. Fix this please 😩 Side note: I did win the raffle for the latest Yeezys.

- On the up and up

view my order history unless I login outside of the app. Also if you are going to show certain products that may or may not be hot and fast moving, at the least allow people to buy it ON TIME AND AT TIME OF RELEASE, instead of hours later when the product is already sold out. If I could give no stars I would because this app is hot garbage. For the powerhouse Adidas is right now, you have failed big time on such an easy task. Fire or reassign that whole crew and start over.

- Great app

Best shoesI’ve ordered shoes from this site twice now and both times, it has been a very user friendly experience. The website and the app are both easy to manage and the products seem to be made very well. I’ve worn the same tennis that I ordered online for a whole year now. I’ve played every day for a year and I’m still wearing them. Until tonight when I bought myself a new pair with a 20% off sale. For some reason the barricade ultra boost model was cheaper than the normal kind, but it’s okay.

- Can't check notifications

I can see notifications accumulating next to the Profile icon in the bottom right corner of the app, but I have no way to check them. I've tried clicking around within the app everywhere. Chat feature inside app was useless, as they suggested I go on my desktop to check notifications, then they said they don't send notifications to the app, they only send them to my desktop account, which is demonstrably false. Someone on the Dev team needs to fix this. And yes, I've tried refreshing, restarting, etc. It should not be this hard. Not the best user experience.

- Great! 1st Purchase on App!

I visited the Adidas website to order a couple items. They were running a promotion for 30%! There was a pricing glitch for one of the items so I called customer service and spoke with Jennifer who was very helpful. She suggested the using the app. I downloaded the app and she was right, the app was super easy to navigate. The promotion was too good that I ended up ordering a few things for my family and bought 8 items...what a steal they were! Can’t wait to wear them! Thanks Adidas!

- Love Adidas! but app still needs improvements

1st. If your item in your cart is Sold out, you can’t remove it or move it to Wishlist. 2nd, The check out cart total should show the discounted amount per item, then the subtotal before taxes, just like a store sales receipt. I had to manually add everything then subtract the discounts to make sure I was getting all the discounts. 3rd, I had to write this review from my Notes app before pasting over to the app because the text box was either defaulting white text that I couldn’t see or there’s a glitch with the app.

- Horrible customer services and ordering process. Nike is much better.

If I could give them 0 stars, I would! Not one, but two times I’ve ordered with Adidas and they did not have the accurate real time status of my order. The first time the order was cancelled by them at the very last minute and presently they basically told me that I have to wait until the warehouse notifies them to let them know about the order. I never have this problem when I order from Nike. Do yourself a favor, save time and frustration. I’ve never experienced the things that I’ve experienced with Adidas with anyone else. Never. Word of advice to Adidas: please do better. This is terrible and I would not recommend anyone to purchase anything through y’all.

- Terrible buying experience and customer service

Not sure where to start.. while placing the order kept telling me the shipping address and billing address were incorrect when they weren’t. Finally worked by deleting and re-entering it. Placed an order for pair shoes and size that clearly were not out of stock when I placed them. Was charged and received order confirmation. Week later I hadn’t received the shoes so I look up the order status and says “Processed” but not yet shipped. I contact support through the apps chat (which is a nightmare its self) and find out the shoes are out of stock and agent had no idea if they would ever be available again. Why wouldn’t Adidas notify me of this or better yet let me know before purchasing?

- Return process

I am on my seventh time calling Adidas about my refund. On the app it was supposed to be a credit. I have had each agent tell me “Oh I see what happened” blah, blah , blah- it wasn’t processed correctly. I heard variations 5 times of that story. Then the 6th call - oh you were supposed to get it in three days that would be tomorrow- wait until then. The 7th call today he told me today is the 5th day so wait until Monday. It’s late afternoon- I said this ridiculous. He put me on hold and after awhile came back and said Your bank rejected the refund. My bank. I feel like I’m dealing with a shady operation instead of a solid corporation. So at this point they are now making me wait another 3-5 days for a “manual” refund. Beware of the return process!

- Unable to sign in and make purchases

I haven't been able to sign into my account for a few days now. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice and tried signing in through LTE and wifi but still can't. Not sure what went wrong with last app update but I can't sign in at all. I can still see new stuff but I need to use my computer to sign in and make purchases. On an iphone 5s ver. 11.3.1 if that's relevant. Edit: after updating ios and reinstalling the app I was able to sign in again without issue and stay signed in after closing the app.

- Horrible check out experience

I experienced the same payment issue as many other reviewers stated. Had to wait for multiple days for it to work with Apple Pay, credit card, or PayPal. App is glitchy and has had multiple pricing errors when you put item in your cart it is sometimes higher than sale price listed. Customer service is just as poor -really pathetic how this company doesn’t care about the customer! With retailers struggling you think they would be helpful and appreciate the business. I found the opposite with multiple customer service interactions. Really not interested in wasting my time and supporting a company who continues to give such lousy customer service.

- Not meeting expectations

I have been trying to use the customer service chat for the past week online and in the app and it just says loading and never opens up. There is no way for me to get my problems resolved, I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem. My points are also not updating on my points history even though I made two purchases a week ago. They advertise that you can add your creator ID to your Apple wallet, but there is no way to do it! I’ve had the app for a while and cannot figure it out, wanted to ask customer service, but that’s not working. There’s just so many bugs that they need to fix.

- Broken app, broken service

I just want to start by saying that I love adidas product, BUT adidas app, website, and customer service has lots of areas of opportunity... Fix communication between your app, website and actual inventory. Your app and website allowed me to successfully complete three order on three different instances and after a month wait for each, I would get a cancelation notice. Buying product from adidas is equivalent to playing a lottery... one day people would get tired of this bs and would take their business somewhere else!!! Also Apple Pay does not work for me on the app but does work through the website🤦‍♂️. I had filled out a bunch of surveys where adidas asks for feedback, phone number, and best time to call but no one ever calls to follow up. It feels like instead of caring for your regular, loyal customers, the feed back option was added just as a ✅ because your competitors have this “feature”. I had stopped recommending adidas products to friends and family as I do not want to associate my name and “unreliability”

- Can’t pay + bad UX

Poorly designed app, only works with Apple Pay as payment. Buttons aren’t positioned naturally and everything loads incredibly slow. When contacting customer service about not being able to pay, they insist it is an issue with their banks. I debugged the issue and provided error logs on their end that showed their site was not sending the request to verify the credit card correctly - still they said that there’s nothing they can do, and I’d have to contact my financial institution. Given the number of reviews I’ve seen here, it’s a wonder anyone is able to make purchases on their site. Wanted to give Adidas a try, but given this experience I’m going to stick to Cole Haan.

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AssuredAdidasAddict! Have never had a problem with any of my orders - each time I do receive my orders it makes my day, Thank you! Also love the kiddies selection - perfect gifts for my nephews & nieces. Ps any chance we can bring back the woman’s Sleek series shoes even for a limited time?? I brought the black/gold shiny pair (back in 2009? They were the best - so comfy!) but unfortunately I regret not buying the white/gold & the red/gold pairs aswell!

- Review

Hi there . Firstly I will say I love your products . But I have to say my purchasing experience on this app and website is less than 1 Star . There is no zero option . After sales service is pathetic for a brand of adidas’ caliber . Firstly your chat system is pathetic . I have literally wasted hours on there trying to have a conversation with someone . The amount of times I have received “hello this is xyz how can I help You “ I’ve typed in my issue and never heard from them again . Only to see this conversation has been timed out . Absolute pathetic. So I tried using your email system which wouldn’t accept my phone number in the required field . I then waited hours on the phone for them to say contact the chat staff - I then tried the delivery tracker to be told my order number didn’t exist !!! After being able to eventually grab the attention of one of your chat staff - over two weeks after my order , they eventually said “oh sorry that order was cancelled , sometimes that happens “ WHAT ???? Is this one of the largest brands on the planet of some garage brand in someone’s back yard ? Absolutely pathetic. Now I’m Re ordering a product but paying more because the sale has ended . Jesus . Wow adidas ...

- The problem with address

I found there is a problem about deliver address. For example, “7 king street, VIC, 3189”. When you fill your address, your room number, and street. It will display “7 king street, 7 VIC, 3189”. If you only fill the street like this “ 7 king street”, it will display the “king street, 7 VIC, 3189”. However, somebody will found they need to add room number again, it will be like “7 king street, 7 VIC, 3189” But the terrible one is, the final address display “ 7 7 king street, vic, 3189”. It will make mailman delivery the wrong address” I am the victim of this problem. When i found my AUstralia Post displaying “ 7 7 xx street, VIC”. But the adidas app display the “ 7 street, 7 vic”. You know want!!! For this problem, I have change the address on Au Post. I redirect my address. So i have to wait more days. Finally, My parcel is delivered, but I can not get my parcel. I am sure the mailman could delivered the wrong adidas. Thanks for the adidas App Bug. I have to contact with Au post more days to get my parcel back.

- I love the app, i can checkout the sales whenever.

Delivery Address part is a bit pain, first it’s not accepting dash within the address, like 5-7 will become 57 automatically. I had to re-direct one order. No biggie, but would be nicer to make dash acceptable. As well when add unit number in Address 2 field, it will show repeated before check out. In general, it’s a lovely app!

- Disgusting service. Never go for the app, better go buy instore or try some other apps

I have placed a week aho. I was told it will be delivered in 2-5 business days, I haven’t received it yet and the worst part is that in tracking page it still shows that waiting to be packed. They haven’t even packed it yet and its been a week already. So pathetic. And I have placed a wrong size for an item and I wanted to cancel the order. There was no option in the app to cancel the order and i even tried calling customer care to cancel my order, but even they couldn’t help saying order once placed cannot be cancelled.

- Great app - easy to purchase

Linked to Apple Pay so no need to look for your cc when you have an impulse buy. I did find it hard to look for shop on the front page (hence 1 star deduction) so ignored that page and just used search. Other than that simple and quick way to get the 3 stripes.

- Shipping Address

Everything was great until I got to the shopping cart, wasn’t a seamless transaction. Kept taking me back and forth. The address that I entered and saved was correct but when you emailed confirmation it changed to another number... the app or website doesn’t allow any changes. Now my package could be shipped to the incorrect house number if I don’t update details with auspost in time. There has been feedback left re: addresses, doesn’t appear to have been corrected

- Wow!

The adidas app has allowed me to save items and it has a wide variety of these items, however it doesn’t have all the time sad the stores. Overall the app is great and I would vertically recommend it other adidas users.

- Customer service chat session should persist

All good buying experience until you need to chat with customer service for Return Management. The chat session doesnt stay in the background (2 minute timeout it seems) while waiting for response from customer service. At the end of the chat there is no option to save the chat for the record, which is important.

- Non negotiable shopping

I used to love Adidas and this app until they introduced a new rewards program that you MUST sign up for to be able to continue purchasing from their online store or you have to delete your account. I’m sorry, but Id prefer my details/data not being sold to affiliated companies for extra profits and monitoring just so I can be bombarded with spam marketing emails. Oh well, I’ll just spend my money with your competitors now since having to delete my account. 👍

- Ridiculous app

The continual prompting to join their stupid creators club is beyond infuriating. There is no real option not to join because if you decline it logs you out. Of course if you only had to join once it would be just annoying but the fact the stupid app doesnt remember details you have to go through this ridiculous process every single time you buy something. Perhaps someone from adidas should actually try and use the app so they can see how stupid it is.

- Lee2516

It was good online shopping experience at adidas site. It was easy and quick. You can return item when you change your mind after order. Good!

- Almost Outstanding App

The performance and design of the app is fantastic. Plenty of deals. I love adidas. The only one thing I can complain about is that there is no Afterpay payment option on the app but there is Paypal. You have to use the web if you want to use Afterpay. So I will give a 4 instead of 5.

- Getting easier

All hooked up. I previously found the website easier to shop on about feb. Just made purchase in app. Far more seamless now. Love it. Loved the video on successful checkout.

- Error in filter

There is an error in filter function, do not allow me to change gender, default is always kid. Dont have compare 2 products function Filter feature is not working properly. Select not than 2 product types, the returned result is always not found!

- Love Adidas

It’s great to an app like Adidas because you can browse the app an find all of the Adidas clothes an footwear you can buy an wear and it’s the latest gear on the planet just Love wearing Adidas stuff can’t get any better than this 😁💖🇦🇺enjoy life wear Adidas

- Small bugs? I think not ! adidas app is awful

The address input is flawed and won’t allow the Unit number to be placed , if you try to add it the app simply erases it !! This is problematic when ordering as you won’t notice till the confirmation cones after you pay - the result ? Nothing just missing money - good luck In trying to get hold of customer service that doesn’t work either on app or full site -

- Tight Forty Five

I have an Australian music podcast (Tight Forty Five) , where I interview original musicians at the top of their game. I only wear retro adidas tracksuits in my interviews and it’s really become part of my identity and listeners and guest remember me as that guy who wears the matching adidas tracksuit!!

- Great Success

Ordered a pair of DB99 and the checkout process was extremely easy and straight forward! Afterpay would be nice but that’s neither here nor there. Looking forward to receiving them soon!

- Easy to use

Great photos and description of items. Indicates stock availability. Simple check out process. Definitely will come back

- Reliable brand with quality products!

I can always get good deals here. Adidas has become one of my favourite sports brand recently.

- Cannot login or update app

Every time I try log in with Facebook or my email address I'm presented with the error "the data couldn't be read because it is missing". Never been able to use this app with my iphone7 and I'm a sneaker head not a tech head so an update doesn't interest me. Would be nice to buy more pairs of adidas but until then will keep on buying Nikes and asics

- This is the worst App to buy shoes

Hi developers, Can I ask how come I received one email ask me to download the app to buy Yeezy Boost V2 black, and when I can click the link, in Adidas app, it gave an error message saying, the data couldn’t be read, because it’s not in the right format. Can you make this right before you ask people to purchase on your app, Adidas is Su. A great company, can’t make an app work?

- Pretty Good

It is a very good app and make it easy to find your favourite adidas gear but there is a glitch for me with the socks tab and would be fantastic if you could add notifications so we can get notified when our gear is in stock Otherwise great

- Great online shopping

Had an amazing online shopping experience with a great assisting from adidas crew, definitely will be back again !!!

- Seamless - just like there clothing!

The app process of making an order was absolutely seamless. Shame I bought a few items today I store and no one mention the free membership

- App interface e

The app is great and easy to use. I had a few issues changing my password, apart from that it’s great. It’s very interactive and love the creator promotion 👊🏻👊🏻👌🏻

- This app is great

Love this app so much easier to use love it. I can’t get over how quicker n faster all this is on the app highly recommended!

- Points

I brought like$217 sneakers but I didn’t receive any points that’s a bug you should fix it

- Slow, clunky and hard to use

The worst shopping app I have (and I have a LOT). Items are slow to load. Moving things from Wishlist to cart is confusing and sometimes near impossible, plus it’s really easy to accidentally delete things out of Wishlist and have to search through and find them again!!

- Love this app!

Love how you can see how many points you’ve earned and I find the app really easy to use.

- Good to use

Good app to shop with, easy to explore. Would be better to be able to open items in liked list.

- First online order

My very first online order, hoping I won’t get disappointed and I’ll get the correct item, deliver on the soonest time

- Shopping online

Easy to navigate

- Can’t find yeezy?

Whenever I go onto this app and I go into the search bar I type in “yeezy” but it comes up with no result, please leave a response for answers.

- Dev suggestion

Looks good! Havent tried to buy anything yet but would be great if you had a tennis catagory with alerts so I know when new tennis gear comes out. Same with Allblacks gear ! Cheers.

- Awesome App

Smooth to navigate and easy payment option

- Poor delivery address system and poor live chat

Doesn’t take address properly . The live chat feature is a mess . The agents are always busy and once they go to check about your orders they don't return . Overall poor experience. Still haven’t received my order .

- It’s great

Very expensive and not many deals but other than that it’s great

- Adidas app

It’s a really good and quick app and has a load of different things, I love it so much

- I log into Gmail and it logs be right back out

I like looking at shoes, probs have a shoe fetish, but when I log into my Gmail, I get immediately logged back out

- Happy customer

So easy and convenient

- Payment methods

Great app! Only thing is Afterpay needs to be added in the checkout

- The Best

Always a great fit, excellent service and quality

- So easy

Love the app so easy and straight forward

- Adidas

I love this app I’m able to get all my cloths & shoes at great prices & quality

- JavaScript error

Trying to finalise purchase and comes up with a JavaScript error... no details on how to correct this that I could quickly find. Shouldn’t have to change settings in order to use

- Faith sport

Easy to use and find what you need!

- Shopping

Great easy to use

- Easy to use

Easy like running- no fuss app!

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- Love it , just love it

The way how it’s been designed It’s just perfect I really love everything on the app! So much convenient to look up stuff, the Designing is JUST PERFECT!👍👌🏻

- Best app

Love the adidas app! So great for Canadians since Nike SNKRS doesn’t even have a Canadian app


I think theres something wrong with the app, I live in Canada and I tried buying socks with the ones with the original ‘adidas’ logo and it wont let be purchased and check it out. Saying that a particular product cannot be purchased. It might be because its only available in the US however the Adidas App is stated as Adidas Canada and I chose ‘Canada’ in the country of origin. This is just annoying.

- Finally!

Love the app, although the interface is bit over-designed. Hope there’s improvement to make it more of a shopping tool rather than promotional hub.


I ordered 2 ultra boots at a discounted rate that they sent me via email that expired August 4th. 1st order was on the 3rd and 2nd order was on the 4th. They waited until the call centre was closed and cancelled the order with no reason. But I know it is not because it was out of stock, because I reordered from a separate account and it was okay as a full price. I called the next day and they had nothing better to say so they hanged me. If you are a fan of adidas as myself, this is a downer. I seriously wish I could rate lower than a 1 star. I am upset, and I will have to transfer my love to a different brand for the moment. I know what this is about. It is not good business and I am not stupid. Now I am kind or regretting spending my money on adidas. 😡😡😠😡🤬. This has nothing to do with the product, but the service.

- Internet connection error

It’s saying I don’t have internet connection when signing up to participate in the Yeezy release.

- Always easy and quick

I’ve never had a problem with ordering through adidas. There app is so easy and convenient to use. 5 star in my opinion.

- White screen on home page

Getting white screen on home page, can’t see anything, restarting app, restarting phone, deleting app, redownloading app does nothing

- si vous êtes impacient(e) ne linstaller pas

moi j'ai commander des vêtements il ya environ 1 semaines est ce n'est jamais arriver ils m'avait dit que ça arriverait dans 3 jour et ce n'est pas arriver

- The app cannot place the order

Please fix it as soon as possible. I had waited a very very long time, but still not fix it.

- Awesome service

Love the service and delivery time and product

- Great App

Love the App, thanks for giving us a chance to cop limited shoes

- Best

Best online shopping app i ever used

- Sumedha

I am in love with this app.

- The best shopping app so far

Very good experience and friendly user ... very well done... Very well designed 10/10 Good job devs!

- User friendly

The app was smooth. It was was first time using it and I had no problems. I also like how I found that I have rewards or discounts.

- Love it

Good deals and quality products ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Adidas App limits me to one purchased item at a time

This is a slick app. Adidas offers amazing stuff. So why can’t I buy more than one thing per order?

- Love the new originals!

Seeing all the old styles with a new refresh is exactly what I wanted. ThNks for making it happen.

- I heart adidas

My go to store for athletic and street clothing. And growing sneaker collection

- Great app

Nice design

- Love it!!!

Always gives me great deals!!!

- Great app! I always win Yeezy’s

Adidas finally came through, love the draw system. Ordering all products is so simple, customizable for product searches such as size, colour, brand, so many features to narrow down searches. 5 Star App, please don’t make any changes! Three Stripes All Day!!!

- Agiebaby

This App is easy and very quick to navigate. I will definitely recommend this app.

- Love it

Its Perfect and I like slim fitting track pant,its better and its retro style ADIDAS PANTS. Thanxxx ADIDAS

- Ultra boost are the best shoes! Love them

Perfect t fit!

- I really fall in love with this app


- App doesn’t respect preferences

App doesn’t respect your preference of disabling notifications, such as new products that you’re not even interested in. Gave the app 4 stars because it’s a good app.

- Best store app

I love using this app I can store things in my bag until I’m ready to buy and then see something else and buy it without going to my bag which makes it very convenient for me

- Simply Loving It!

I love how the layout is unique and the product displays are innovative. Great online experience!!

- Good for everyone

I like this app and order shoes for my work at very good price and happy with the app ...keep it up

- Not a bad app

Took some playing with to get used too. I love adidas and love having rewards new deals and discounts in one place

- Checkout is a struggle

Takes several attempts to successfully check out

- Thank You ADIDAS

I just love the products of ADIDAS and how my package arrives on time!!

- Apps is great — BUT

The customer service blows. I’ve never waited on hold for less than an hour, it’s like they have a hand full of employees who handle phone calls lol. And you’ll spend all that waiting time LISTENING TO THE SAME DAMN SONG. be sure to not mess up your order to not do this... figured I’d make a review while I’ve been waiting for 36 minutes.

- Thank you!

It's always been exciting to purchase here in this app.

- It’s 2020

It’s 2020. We’re all using technology. Not sure why your servers (for such a huge company) can’t get their website working to allow for orders to be made. It’s not like you haven’t had products with high demand before (examples: Yeezy, Pharrell, Beyoncé...) Your site should just work like it’s intended

- Addidas really stepped up its game and I am here for it 🙌🏼

I’m so impressed with this app. Adidas have made the app so clean and sleek and easy to use but added in all the details that set quality apart from mediocrity. They also have shown real commitment to progressive change in the representation their clothes provide and in keeping their finger on the pulse of today’s youth culture. It’s a pleasure to use this app and I’m motivated to wear more addidas clothing in return :)

- App

App works great

- Very good app

Very easy to navigate and buy. Great app

- Always awesome

Always reliable always good

- Fast service

I love ordering I get the best deals and fast shipping

- Nice app

This is one cool thing. I literally haven’t seen such or make any order like this from app before . This is cool . Thanks team.

- best app

excellent service

- Solid

Great for yeezy drops. Ten out of ten would recommend.

- Showing individual price

It would be better to show each item’s discounted price before we hit confirm


I love buying from adidas, the quality and durability, style and comfort, are the things that captured my heart. I just have a suggestion, if possible to team up with either paybright or sezzle, a convenient way to split payments into 4 equal payments which will make it lighter to purchase due to the products price, it will help your customers to buy with ease. Please try to consider this. We love to buy your product but the price is the barrier so with easy bi weekly payment plan, it’s a very big help. Thank you 😘😘😘

- Adidas never fails to disappoint

After using adidas all my life for various clothing products as I’m in love with the style, this app only enhances the experience. Thank you adidas for being so innovative.

- Great site

Easy and fun to use

- Always adidas

Never any issues. Enjoy shopping

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- Shipping Address Mishap

I ordered shoes with Apple Pay and the shipping address pulled from my associated credit card instead of the single address I have saved in the app. I did miss the chance to edit the address when the Apple Pay details came up so that part was my fault. But it shouldn’t have keyed off of the wrong address. Finally, I couldn’t edit the address even though I was immediate to realize my mistake. Luckily I was able to cancel the order and reorder to fix the situation.

- Glitchy app and horrible website

I have both SNKRS and Addidas App. There has been several occasions the app has never informed me of shoes releases despite having my notifications on. This morning I was on the app prior to the We All We Got Rivarly shoes that dropped at 10 am EST. The app never refreshes never notified me, I had to go on the website and purchase the shoes and once they were in my checkout box I had to go through the tedious process of putting in my credit card information just got the shoes to no longer be available. How long does shoes stay in your checkout??? I was not even 5 minutes.

- Glitchy checkout process

I generally use Apple Pay, but the app wouldn’t allow me to enter the promo that was sent to me unless I entered a credit card number. The CSR told me there was 15% off using Apple Pay, but that didn’t happen either. I finally tried to enter the card into the app, but I received an error message on 3 different tries. I eventually gave up. I came back days later and finally got it to work. It shouldn’t be this much work to spend money with you.

- Buggy app

It is difficult to find the SEARCH option. And after it was done it took a while before I could actually submit an order. Four or five times I was getting an error message. And once the shopping bag suddenly became empty, so I had to start the search, adding to the bag, paying once again. Fix it. Make a SEARCH obvious! Where is an option to delete the credit card you don’t want to use? Why you can only add one, but not remove one? Fix that.

- Love It

First of all I love 3 stripe. Such a fan of their clothing and shoes that I will never wear anything BUT adidas. That aside... the app is easy to use and provides only the most quality of picks and promos for regular users. I used it for my 2019 Christmas shopping and not only did things arrive extremely fast during the busy shopping season but the continuous updates were super informative and accurate. Thank you adidas for making such a great and reliable app to purchase quality goods.

- Customer service is terrible

or This is the second time I've had issues with the adidas app and was given no help in regards to fixing my issues from customer service. Both times I used the chat option. it took very long for someone to chat back and then they have no resolution for you. The can not or refuse to process orders with them. They do not resolve delivery issues when the site auto corrects billing and delivery to be the same address. The app does not hold items in your cart to not be sold or taken by other customers while you are trying to get help from customer service or continuing to shop. Something needs to change. Your customer service is unacceptable.

- Adidas

Here’s the deal the main two competitors in the shoe market are Nike and Adidas. What’s good about adidas website is that u can like something right away where as u can’t with Nike’s app. On the adidas app there are also much more things for sale. However one thing that adidas doesn’t have is a yeezy section and they don’t have a lot of sizes available to buy. Overall though I think the adidas app isn’t better than the Nike app, but I would give both apps 5 stars.

- Don’t bother

Communication with customer service via both chat and phone is horrible. They have no answers and offer no solutions.”Won” the lottery to buy a pair of yeezys on the App. You have to pre enter payment info so if you “win” they put a hold on your account immediately. Unfortunately they aren’t as quick to actually ship the shoes you paid for. It’s been 2 weeks and only a label has been generated for FedEx. Nobody knows anything, but they understand my frustration. They can’t even refund you. They can try to put in a cancellation, but you may have to wait until you actually get the shoes and send them back to get refunded. Overpriced, overhyped, and crap service. Won’t make this mistake again.

- App is beautiful but doesn't work..

I've been waiting for the Ultraboost Parley release for a few weeks. Start trying to checkout at about 2:36am CST but the product page just keeps loading and refreshing and I can't even interact to leave the page so I close the app and reopen. About 6am I see a second product page for the new Parley's so I can finally cart. Try to checkout but adding in my address will prompt the save but after the animation finishes no address shows and it asks for my address again. I can't put in the same info because it's there but hidden, I assume. So now I just have to wait till I can get to a computer to see if I can get these shoes I've been wanting for the past month.

- Kinda useless

Half the time I have to submit an order multiple times before it’ll go through. Recently I placed an order and got confirmation from PayPal but not from adidas, so I guess the order didn’t take, but getting in touch with customer service through the app is a joke (even if you’re at “gamechanger” level and supposed to get “priority” customer service). I’ve also had some discount codes emailed that don’t work when I try to use them in the app, which is very frustrating. I guess I’ll start ordering through the website, but why have an app that doesn’t work half the time? Very frustrating.

- App needs fine tuning to be 5 stars

Search filters don’t work. I select a size and when I select item it shows not available in my size. Sometimes I select an item and it then displays as sold out but still comes up when browsing. Returns are better handled on the webpage then the app. I have had to contact CS through the chat pop up which has been very helpful in resolving issues. I only give the app 4 stars because of the good CS on chat and the sales that I can easily browse on the app.

- Broken app

The app looks beautiful, but it doesn't serve its' purpose. I am an Adidas Icon and am entitled to perks as a result. This has happened ~5 times, I will receive a notification for a limited release that the item is now available for me since I am an Icon and that I should move quickly. I then add the item to my cart, but I am never able to successfully check out in the app. It will either give me a "cart error xyz" or some other payment isnt accepted/ checkout failed error message. Please fix this app so that it works for me and other users who have the same issues. I am a top customer for Adidas and am not even able to use my perks because of the failure of the app.

- Doesn’t work

Couldn’t purchase the items from my cart and had to go to a computer to make my purchase. App says the items should have been delivered 2 days ago but they aren’t here. Attempted to use the chat with agent feature in-app but it times itself out and no one ever talks and it doesn’t even inform the user if they’re in a queue or if chat is online or offline. Just spent over 50 minutes on hold with no answer. Canceling items and filing complaint with BBB. Taking my money to Nike and UnderArmour where they actually have amazing customer service. Adidas has done a very poor job and doesn’t care for attention to detail or customer service. They have a lot to learn.

- Glad the 30% off came through

I thought there was a 30% off sale and queued my order last night. I called support and they explained the discount did not apply to my items. Today, new sale, no app on my phone, reloaded and with 4 more items I had the same price as last night. Not a perfect time to buy clothing perfect timing for great savings. My dream cart was reduced to my budget cart and I hope everything fits well.

- Excellent

This app is super easy to use take into account this is the online online shopping app I really use so I don’t have much to compare it to but the saving my card being able to use Apple Pay as well as easy checkout makes this super easy to use. I think I probably overspend do to the offers they do have on this app but at the end of the day every product gets here on time and is exactly how it’s described.

- Pretty good, a few things need to be fixed

Overall it’s a good app and my points went through for both in store and online purchases. But they do sync showily and in different place point amount can be different until it all syncs up. Cool things needed: -The creator pass should be a available in Apple Wallet, because the app logs you out sometimes and it would make in store check out faster + I wouldn’t have to annoy people in like while I log into the app. -The shopping bag in the app should sync with your account like the on line shopping bag, so I can see what’s in it. -Wishlist and save for later should be synced or both should be accessible in app and on line Bugs: -The app crashes every time I try to change my preferred sizes and every time I go back in they are random sizes or none at all are shown. -Your interests don’t stay and either none are shown or every time you have different ones.

- Payment errors

App would not allow me to use either Apple Pay or PayPal. Error message said I needed to add phone number in the field. There is not field to include phone number when checking out. I check my account information and preferred address to insure my phone was included. I check my PayPal account information and Apple Pay setup which was correct and work fine on other sites. I’m sure the issue is with adidas app. Had to manually add my credit card information to make my purchase. Please look into this and correct, provide guidance or I won’t be shopping from you app any more.

- Problems purchasing

For the past month the app has not allowed me to make any purchases. An error would pop up saying something was wrong with my “billing info” and then I would check it and make sure it is correct, and then resubmit and another error would pop up saying “oooops something went wrong”. I didn’t think anything of it until today when I tried to use my hype access to purchase shoes before they were released. But unfortunately I was unable to purchase them and probably won’t get to purchase them when they release tomorrow if I’m not drawn to buy them.

- Only 1 problem!

Love the app! The only problem with it I feel is when I try to shop for my son. The adidas website has it right, where you can check for all the sneakers they have available by size bracket, ex: preschool. On the app when you go into kids it shows you according to style not sizes, ex: originals. So it makes it a less easier shopping experience because I have to click into each style then click into each sneaker and see if they have preschool sizes.

- Exceptional user experience!

This is the first app that actually made me motivated enough to write a positive review. We all know adidas has great products but the app experience is on a different level: user experience is extremely smooth and intuitive, chat feature works seamlessly, not to mention browsing and shopping is just as easy as it can possibly be. Two thumbs up to the team that worked on this experience!

- Disappointed

I kept getting emails about loading this app to get notifications about presale for ivy park merchandise. I loaded this app weeks ago. Haven’t been able to shop on it at all. I’ve had to just go to the website. Never got notifications about the presales. Haven’t been able to really utilize this app for anything but to watch a video of Beyoncé. No thank you. I’m deleting it.

- Bad customer service

I placed an order on May 25 and it is now June 20. I waited for the time that adidas said to wait and now it been close to a month and no product. I have spoken to 5 young ladies regarding my order and they all give me the same “your order is ready to ship” or “ your order is in process” but yet it has not arrived. I asked to speak to a manager and they said it would be 24-72 hrs before one does call back... and yet 4 days have gone by and nothing.. this online experience has been horrible and that sad part is that I’m still loyal to the brand... and I’m sure no one is gonna care since I’m 1 out of 1 billion customers that they have...

- Adidas

The Adidas application is well designed allowing users to shop and navigate easily all of the product categories whether sneakers, tips, pants, etc. Product detail pages are informative with high quality images that are easy to view and that provide an better idea on what the user might be interested in purchasing. The app also has exclusive product content for the more loyal diehard Adidas consumers who want to get a little something more of the lifestyle experience.

- I spend too much money for my orders to be processed for 2 or 3 weeks and then get canceled

I feel that for me to be spending this kind of money they adidas I should be valued as a costumer but it seems that they could care less if I spend my money here or not I understand that I am disposable for this company and it really doesn’t matter if my experience is a good or a bad one o was really looking forward for a lot of orders that I placed that went thru and my cards were charged for and then to wait so long just to get canceled not to mention the app doesn’t work most of the time I can’t even see what I’m typing right now only god knows why thank you for your time

- When it works, it works well.

The problem is, it doesn't always. The interface is absolutely beautiful and the minialisyic design of the app is what I would expect from Adidas and their choice of aesthetic; however, the app doesn't always work. It's a shopping app, and there have been plenty of times where the app doesn't allow me to add anything to my shopping cart, causing an error message to pop up. Other than this relatively major issue, I would consider this app as flawless as the company it was made for.

- You’ll regret using this app

I am an icon level frequent shopper with adidas, and deeply regret using this app. I found many purchases where the price listed on the app was not what was actually charged, and when I tried to investigate via customer service, I was frequently hung up on. When I made returns, the app claimed to have credited my card, but no credits were received. Basically, I always felt that using the app would give me better service, and at the end of the day all it did was make more vulnerable to bad customer service and shady business practices, which unfortunately cost me money. Deleted the app, will buy in store from now on.

- Huge Bug with PayPal

This app will not complete a purchase with PayPal during sale events. Not joking. Service representative said they are aware of the issue. I’ve had this bug twice in the span of 30 days. I’ve lost two of my carts due to the app. Adidas won’t honor prices or sales due to this bug. I even tried contacting the right after the purchase, and the representative can’t see the purchase will fail for 48 hours. So, most likely you won’t get those items charged through PayPal. It stinks because they only have special items on the app. Good luck. I am done with adidas. They’ve been nothing but frustrating to try to buy from!

- Terrible customer support

After trying 3 different payment options & verifying with all cards that there is available credit and no credit holds, my payment continues to fail. Next tried to call their customer service line for help and they suggested to download this app. After downloading and dumping all my info into it, it won’t accept payment either! Adidas cannot provide a solution for their customers to shop online or via app. DO NOT waste your time downloading and setting up a payment method in this app. It’s pointless! Adidas - get better at payment processing online & in-app! You’re TERRIBLE at this! NIKE has you beat 🤭

- Cart and save for later doesn’t sync with account

For the most part the app is actually pretty great. Easy to use and makes checkout quick, but it really irks me that the wishlist items and in cart items don’t sync up with my the site. I’m using the same account for the app and online, but if I save something in the app, it won’t be only my online version and same other way around.

- Order checkout

Hey this is Munir, I hope you’re day is going well. My order just seemed to be rushed at the end of checkout, maybe I missed it but I didn’t get that second opportunity to make sure I was sure. Thank you, and I hope me and Shura inc can one day do business with you. Please if you can bring this to the bosses attention. We’re based in Baltimore and are just looking to meet great people. Again our company’s name is Shura Inc. maybe y’all can sponsor us. God bless and thank you

- Great app - minor suggestion

Using this app made the ordering process very seamless. The only suggestion I would make is to include an “all shoes” section - when searching for shoes. When I went to look at the “boys” sneakers specifically, I had to choose whether they were running sneakers, tennis, etc. - for someone who may not know the category, there should be an option where I can just search through all the shoes available for boys. Other than that, great app.

- Been waiting for this App for forever

Easy shopping for the dopest gear whenever and wherever!! The one change I would like to see is with the filtering feature. If you filter 1 specific size it seems to still bring up shoes, apparel etc. that does not have the size you filtered available. Gets me excited and sad in a matter of seconds hahaa. Not a deal breaker at all though.

- Zero Stars’s been almost two weeks of trying to place an order via the app and online. I am still unable to place an order via credit/debit card, Apple Pay, or PayPal. Yes, I’ve waited the 24 hours, and then 48 hours as I’m always told my account is locked. Still nothing... I know there is nothing wrong with any of my payment methods. The error is clearly on your end. I placed two orders last month with no issues. Now, I can’t place anything. I’ve been told, we‘ll look into the problem and contact you but nothing. This just blows my mind at the way I’ve been treated. Thanks, for nothing Adidas.

- Online chat????

I’ve waited 20 minutes to get a response saying that we’ll be with you in a few seconds. I asked a very simple question regarding a release time being listed in east coast or pacific time. That’s pretty straightforward. Now when I go back to the app and try to see the conversation I had with myself, the screen just goes black. Also, this problem wouldn't even be a problem if they just listed pacific standard time or whatever it is in the first place. As far as apps go, this is as weak as the confirmed app was, and neither come close to the efficiency of the footlocker or sneakers app. Sorry, but they need to figure it out.

- Adidas Reflections

In 1959, my family moved to Germany. I lived in Ludwigsburg until we moved to the states in 1969. My first pair of “unisex” track shoes were Adidas. They successfully glided me through the LHS track meet. While I have had the privilege of shopping at Nike, I’m disappointed that Knight would support the Republican Party and alienate our German allies. Thank you for the PSU Alumni Association opportunity to shop at the employee store. Your discount and quality are exceptional! Danke schon, Terry

- Ivy Park

I love this app. Downloaded it for the launch of Ivy Park so I can shop the presale. I got my notification on time and was able to get 6 pieces from the collection with no problem!! Everything worked smoothly for me. I feel bad for those that missed out on this launch because they were having issues with the app. But don’t worry there will be 2 more Beyoncé collaborations with Adidas!!!!🐝🐝🐝

- Declined My Card

I was in a hurry to purchase this sneaker that has limited availability in my size. I immediately finished my transaction although I’m planning to get another pair. After I finished my first transaction, I did the 2nd pair, to my surprise my card was declined. I called my credit card, the representative said it’s not them, so why??? The sneakers that I’m trying to purchase is not from the yeezy family, it was Y3.

- Needs overhaul

The chat system is busted - could add a notification for when the associate has replied to our original message. Mine would shut me out after about a minute because I “wasn’t there” (literally in the chat). The second thing you could add is a notification system for out of stock items as they come back into stock. Finally, apple pay wasn’t working as of yesterday, causing me to miss out on the restocking of NMDs. Nike has pushed out notifications for those who have them enabled to ensure that users are receiving responses when replied to.

- APP over Website

After trying to order a product on the website for three days I finally decided to download the app. I tried two different cards as well as paypal and was never able to make a purchase. After 5 minutes of downloading the app finding the product and updating Apple pay it was too easy to order.

- Worst most garbage app ever!!

This app deserves negative 5 stars. The search engine is horrid. Navigating through the app is the worst. Speaking as a lead software developer, a product like this if it were released by our company, you would be fired within a hour. Complete and utter dissapointment. The search engine more specifically, is unuseable. How can something not exist for 10+ tries and then on the eleventh it does exist only to report an error that the product ID doesn't exist again. Not buying anything from Adidas again. If they cannot QA or develop a front facing (client based) app, why would they dedicate anything better for their products?

- After recent update app crashes constantly!

After the most recent update 2 days ago the app crashes on a consistent and regular basis. I can tell it’s going to crash because the product was images turn gray and when viewing the product pics, the scrolling displays a blank white screen. Not good especially since I’ve been trying to make purchases the better part of the day today.

- Terrible customer service and company

I’m so disappointed. I loved the adidas cloudfoam slides I bought last summer. However they started tearing at the logo and I wanted to get a new pair. I purchased a new pair online on sale for $26. Two weeks had passed and my order still had not shipped. I decided to call customer service. They refused to ship me my shoes at all and told me to place a new order but they would NOT honor the sale price I originally purchased them at. I am not doing that! Customer service was seriously rude and unprofessional as well. How hard is it to honor a price and or ship me shoes you have had in stock this whole time??? 👎🏻

- Usually Don’t rate

I usually don’t take the time to do these things - but the whole time I was using this app to order my son a sweatshirt I was thinking how user friendly and easy it was to use!!! The best is at the end when a video of super cute athlete people do a happy dance for you ordering! Love ADIDAS. You’re in my top 2 of places to order for my son. And none of them are on their knees! Stand tall. More orders to come.

- Are you able to jump to the item details from your shopping cart?

I like the app a lot. But there is also something I want it to be improved about the shopping cart. 1. I don’t want the item to be removed from the cart when I heart it. 2. I wasn’t able to find a way to click into the item detail page from the shopping cart

- Great service - Great quality

I’ve re-solidified my conversion to Adidas gear as the main staple in my athletic gear. Their service has been better than most other companies for returns, discounts, reimbursements on mistakes, quick deliveries and quality. As a soccer player in my previous life, I loved Adidas gear - I would only wear other brands when teams were leveraging other brands. Now my kids and I love to rock the gear.

- Star Wars

I’m truly disappointed I waited since 6 AM in the morning for the Star Wars launch and when it came to 7 and 7:01and 7:02 when I was refreshing the app it didn’t want to show the sizes or for other options for me to purchase it and by that time to that it showed me at 7:02 everything was sold out I found a mess up that everything was presold I don’t think in two minutes everything‘s gonna sell out you have to choose your size and everything’s i’m pretty sure they presold everything before they even launched it and then let people get this on it just companies

- Great

Adidas app is great, easy to use and always shows the best products to my liking. I have loved 3 stripes ever since my middle school days but stole my heart even more with boost technology which is now affordable with sales but even more comfier as the years pass. Using the app will help find these styles in a nice layout and very informative descriptions to find the perfect item you want to buy.

- Great brand.

The app is a food place to find items that are usually not at stores and it makes it convenient since any purchase can be completed from the commodity of your place, as long as you know your size you can choose what you want to buy and getting rewards and discounts for using the app makes it better.

- Great for the most part

Overall works well, but... - On the browser version, the first photo of each item has the model’s height and what size they are wearing. This is super helpful when buying pants that don’t taper, especially if you’re on the shorter side as well as trying to guess how a top or jacket will fit, especially for special collections. - Access my shipment tracking from the Account activities tab.

- Not much of a utility

I originally downloaded this app to take advantage of the discount from Apple Pay. It didn’t work, even though I have been using Apple Pay through apps and the wallet for over a year now. I still proceeded with the order, entered my address, and it repeatedly removed my suite/apt number.... so when the order was finally confirmed, no suite number! No problem, I’ll just track it trough the app, doesn’t work! I was unable to track the item through the app. To sum it all up, just use the site. Nothing impressive about the app.

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adidas 3.43 Screenshots & Images

adidas iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

adidas iphone images
adidas iphone images
adidas iphone images
adidas iphone images
adidas iphone images
adidas iphone images

adidas (Version 3.43) Install & Download

The applications adidas was published in the category Shopping on 2017-11-03 and was developed by adidas [Developer ID: 336599885]. This application file size is 193.89 MB. adidas - Shopping app posted on 2020-12-28 current version is 3.43 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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