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What people are saying:

"Ride-sharing programs like Lyft are providing commuters with less expensive and more social ways to get around. Users log into the app, specify where they’re heading, and a background-checked driver picks them up for less than a typical cab ride." - TODAY Show

“Lyft is a real community — with both the drivers and riders being inherently social — making real friendships and saving money.” – Time

"In a city where taxis can be scarce and… black town cars are rampant but expensive, Lyft has quickly gained visibility due to low prices and quirky branding." - Ad Age

"Lyft's focus on the everyman has recently extended to the wildly successful Lyft Line carpool service aimed at commuters, which offers discounts of 30% to 60% for sharing a Lyft ride with others." - Fast Company

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Lyft App Description & Overview

The applications Lyft was published in the category Travel on 2012-05-31 and was developed by Lyft, Inc.. This application file size is 240.80 MB. Lyft current version is 6.5.31 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

Thanks for using Lyft! We update our app regularly to make your rides even better. Every update of our Lyft app includes improvements in speed and reliability. As new features are released, we’ll highlight those for you in the app.

Here is what you will find in our latest update:
- Fixed bug on promos screen
- Fixed rating screen bug that prevented payment without rating

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Lyft Comments & Reviews

Advertorial    5 star

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Polo sissy   1 star

Scam ripoff avoid. Lyft is a complete scam will over charge your card and basically steal your money

jmos24   3 star

Price. Expensive

mexicanpapasmurf   5 star

WAY BETTER THAN UBER IN SO MANY WAYS. Lyft has shown professionalism, cleanliness, timeliness, and is more cost effective than Uber!

christian kaplan   5 star

Yo just left. Did I drop an airs?

RoniRod   5 star

Work rydez. Always there when I need them!!!

im going to bang my wife   5 star

Amazing driver. Friendliest man this county boy ever met in the city. Short ride but great experience felt safe with my beautiful wife

imorgjay   5 star

Thanks. Good app

What Tha Heck   5 star

Couldn’t have had a better driver!. I appreciated the ride. Trevor was so nice and helpful! Of course I tipped him as soon as I left his vehicle. Great person, great driver!! Thank you Trevor!

beats hitchhiking   5 star

Hassle free and great value. The Lyft app is so easy to use! In my experience, their fares are lower than some other ride services by as much as $20 or more. I have always had pleasant and friendly drivers with clean cars.

RCParker   5 star

Car color. With the little tiny picture of the Car that is provided, it is hard to tell the color. It would be very helpful to list the car color by name.

mademespendfiveminonanickname   2 star

The app has been very buggy of late.. Routes passing by pick up spot but routed such that eta is 30 min. Sending driver to wrong location for wrong passenger(that happened today).

Wykit99   4 star

Location. My home address (regular pick up location) is always incorrect on the driver’s app. They’re often sent half a block or more away from where I’m located.

444419Mike   1 star

Too long of a wait. We requested a Lyft at 6:45 and the ride said 3 mins to arrival. Then it was changed after we waited about 7 minutes and then it changed a total of 4 times and 31 minutes of wait time and we were late to our event. Our final driver was wonderful but the 31 minute wait and change of 4 drivers was not.

PaulaNor   5 star

Costs. I pick Lyft because of lower costs. Compare to Uber and see the difference. Great price and dependable

FDonaldC   5 star

Complaint. How do I make a complaint about a driver? I’m new to Lyft and I’m ready to switch to Uber or at-least try them. Drivers state they are at a location and the clock starts ticking while I’m standing in front of the location no Lyft driver present. I called the driver he was in the parking lot but not at the building for the address of the building I was at. At least he did respond to my call and came to the correct place. The driver before him came to the building didn’t come to the building but went around to the side of the building. I could not see the license plate nor a Lyft sign. Because I was not sure it was the driver I waved to her an was trying to get her to roll the window down so I could see if she was the driver. She kept waving her hand at me then she drove off. When I opened my phone to call she answered hung up and then the app showed a new driver and a higher price. I’m switching to Uber if that does not work I’ll take a taxi or look for a transportation company for my medical appointments.

Scottvs   1 star

Bug me for a review?. Get one star.

flightjoy   5 star

Terrific ride , very helpful driver. I enjoyed the conversation and the safety of the ride , as well as the help with my luggage ! Very friendly and I could understand his English !

Brandon ChiLd   5 star

I love the customer service. Thfdfhhhknb

TheAppIsTheDevil   1 star

GPS location has gone to crap. It takes forever for the gps to locate me now. Using Uber more they don’t have the same issue, even though it can be more expensive.

rod6868   5 star

Left jacked in Brown infinity suv. 12th August About three months ago I let Jacket in car I called and when I was leaving the country and Driver says you didn’t left any thing in car that jacket was gift from my son pease someone ‏look in to that if is possible thanks

tanveeta   3 star

About the issue with fare. You are charging even for free rides. It shows ride when I booked the ride but it is charged

E-Kev   5 star

Lyft Driver. Great Driver! ☺️

7:)3?   1 star

Payment system doesn’t work. Doesn’t go through any of my three cards when I really need to go to this event in time. Should have use Uber from the beginning. Just deleted it.

x2351   5 star

Great ride. Brian was great. Friendly

nessa12345558473838   5 star

Awesome. Awesome service

saltysalt10   5 star

Great Company. Kool Nice Driver and a really clean

chanbanks   2 star

Issues. I really don’t appreciate how lyft keep changing my ride or the ride or keeps canceling sometimes I have work sometimes I’m standing in the cold and it’s really inconsiderate and rude

Glodeee   5 star

Never a problem. Always a pleasure and on time. Thank you

toto1215   5 star

Lower rates. Love it !!!better rates and promotions than uber!!

Orikami24   5 star

Magnifico!!. Primera vez que lo uso y me pareció genial.

Advertorial    5 star

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Kaaskop122   4 star

Aftermath. Sometimes late in getting the corrected receipt (I mean with the tip included)

emily alyssa   1 star

Screenshot your trip. Take screenshots for your trips. The price specifically. They always overcharge by a few dollars. That way you have proof of the payment. If they don’t reimburse contact your bank and state they are fraudulently taking money from your account. Canada has laws for false advertisement. Many of these companies are made in the states where there are no such laws. Canadian laws state you HAVE to be honest in your advertisement or the customer is in the right to refuse payment unless it is the amount that is advertised. I’ve had this happen several times and have called companies out on it, contacted my bank and than was reimbursed through the bank.

Naya 123   2 star

Not pleasing experience recently. Most the time the drivers spend long time to arrive to my location to pick me up,and even some of them they took more than 20 minuets to arrive which is wasting my time to get to my direction on time. I don’t think i will rely on this app when I need more accurate time.

xtinaisabel   1 star

Lyft Refuses to Delete Credit Card Info. Lyft refuses to provide information on how to delete my credit card.

Rosalyn Glass   5 star

Love lyft!. I like that lyft always offers promos as opposed to uber...always makes me choose lyft first! Drivers are usually pretty good too :)

strike 1 of 3   1 star

Wrong Address. No matter how many times I tried to edit the pick up address, Lyft would not accept it! It automatically populated pick up point, that’s not good!

jmoyyc   5 star

First time. First time using Lyft, found its similar to Uber but somewhat a little more economical.

Jessica 🌷   5 star

Love it. Better than Uber

Scout north   5 star

Wow this was easy and fun!. excellent service

amshgkpos   2 star

App issue. Votre app se plante beaucoup de fois , le chauffeur passe 4 min sans avancer, mais quand tu l’appelle , il te dit qu’il est en chemin et qu’il lui reste 2min..

msbdndm   3 star

2 drivers canceled. Did

Dushka28   2 star

Glitchy app. Two nights in a row the app caused problems for us which almost resulted in us not getting dropped off at our destination (and being dropped in the middle of nowhere) the first night. The second night the app had glitched on the driver’s end when it accepted our Lyft request so the driver was unaware he was picking us up. It was just lucky that he was dropping some people off at the same location. Seems like they still have some bugs to work out with the app!

Leapdaywilliam 2016   1 star

App switched between 3 different drivers. I requested a ride. A driver was to arrive in 9 minutes. A few minutes later a completely different driver popped up in a notification with a pick up in 10 minutes. Then again a third time it happened with a new driver and ten minute wait. So because the app doesn’t as far as I can tell let you cancel, I was repeatedly delayed. I could have walked to the subway and been close to my destination in the time I wasted waiting. Never had this issue with years of uber.

Docweaver1000   5 star

Great app!. It works very well!

glesga1   5 star

Great service. Very friendly driver

Slye49$   5 star

Slye49$. 😇Welcome to Vancouver Lyft About time🙏

sfa.abedi   1 star

Not applying the promo. They offered a promo on referring a friend, but they are not applying it. They also didn’t offer the $50 credit that new joiners receive either. Please fix this issue.

A380Captain   1 star

THIS APP IS TYE WORST. I tried using this app to see if it better then Uber. I’m glad that I was 100% WRONG cause it isn’t! It cost more then Uber and Uber cost less then Lyft when I saw the prices and not only that Lyft doesn’t let me use my Visa Debit as a source of payment like WHAAAATTT it’s VISA??? But on the other hand Uber accepted my visa Debit card as a source of payment! So in conclusion don’t use Lyft it will cost you more then Uber. Uber is the way to go guys!

baluga18a   4 star

Good ride with driver but .... I cancelled with in 2 min the first ride it was to arrive 3 min I needed more time and it was pending in my account and it wasn’t returned to my account I’m a new Lyft rider that was my first ride with lyft that was my experience

miket0742   5 star

Mike T.. Interesting and safe driver. Thanks for a lovely first ride with Lyft:

sharebear 69   5 star

Lyft. I think this a great service, I hear people getting coupons and I have used Lyft for 3 days straight at different time of the day and haven’t received a coupon..

cnsghskl   5 star

Good. No problem so far

sage$78   3 star

Inefficient routes. lately the Lyft app lately has been inefficient in choosing the routes not being able to accommodate real time update of traffic as google maps does. Maybe the app is using google maps underneath may be it’s not but it’s Lyft maps lately have been inefficient routing

Dhana1985   5 star

Perfect for low income families. Perfect , timely and cost effective!

Pathak Aatish   5 star

Enjoy riding with Lyft. I always take Lyft to ride towards my destination. My experience with Lyft is always great.

Rozana27   5 star

Excellent Program and Amazing Drivers. I love having the option to have an affordable way to get places when I don’t want Io drive. Lyft drivers are friendly and professional. Thanks.

bstof2worlds   1 star

No referral bonus. I recommended someone who downloaded the app and didn’t get my promised bonus.

spid rose   5 star

Friendly driver. Driver was on time, driving smooth, great conversation. Would use Lyft again

aweshams   5 star

Beautiful simplistic design and very reliable. The app is designed very well. Very easy to use and always reliable. Has never bugged out or crashed for me. They seem to always have promos going on. Dont know how long they can sustain it but im not complaining xD

Taber fan   5 star

First time. Clean fast:pleasant drivers Pleasant first time using lift 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Advertorial    5 star

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mooneychris   5 star

My rides. My experiences have been great 3 trips all great people with info when asked and happy to share I am very impressed also my wife is very happy

Paul r e   1 star

Useless. Cant register with an Australian mobile number, so completely useless.

allanrae   5 star

David is the best. Couldn't have asked for a better driver, we became good mates along the way 😊

Gatesp3456   5 star

Lyft is great. I’m from Australia Lyft is easy reliable and hassle free! Keeps you updated via sms all the way 👍🏼

Cbubblypopplettes   5 star

Way Better than Uber. Friendly safe drivers and clean vehicles

Alsieth   5 star

Grateful Thanks. Thankful

Agnewz   5 star

Thank you. We are visiting from Australia, there is 5 of us.. Lyft has made getting around so easy we appreciate it thanks so much.

Kel & tania   5 star

First time users. First time using lyft , was easy , and our driver was wonderful, and explained more about service etc would recommend

Frogless man   3 star

It’s good value but Lyft needs its own messager. It’s good value. But when the driver tried to contact us he couldn’t. We only have wifi. There was no way to call or message

kiw_chick   5 star

Leah. First Lyft ride ever & first time in LA. Driver was so friendly and provided some great info on Dodgers and on the stadium. Really safe, fast and enjoyable trip

nik_summer_weather   5 star

Best app in the city. I use Lyft all the time. I love the efficiency and friendly drivers. What I have found recently though is the driver is somewhere different to the location I’ve been told to walk towards. Causing confusion and sometimes no show charges.

Supercallafragilisticespialladocious   1 star

Terrible Safety Issues & Customer Service Responses. My friend and I had 2 very concerning situations happen to us in the space of a week while using Lyft overseas; both times we received dismal responses from the customer service team. We were travelling in a Lyft where the entire side back window exploded on us whilst driving down the highway—we received a $5 credit as compensation and that was it. The next incident involved us reporting a suspicious car that we travelled in, where the smell of blood was very strong, lots and lots of air fresheners had been strewn across the inside of the car and we could hear the sound of something rolling around in the boot (trunk) of the car. I reported this as my friend and I were both frightened and wanted to make sure there was not a malevolent situation afoot. I received no response or any attempt of a follow up after being told to send screenshots of the driver and the trip route; this incident occurred over a week ago. These incidents are not the fault of the Lyft service itself, but the customer service team’s responses (or lack thereof) have cemented my opinion of Lyft’s quality and safety policies and procedures. I will not being using this service again.

Opnoxtony   1 star

More options. I am holidaying in Los Angeles and do not have mobile connection. I am using wifi, but to log in you wanted to send me a text with a code. How about the option of email or Facebook or google sign in?

Daveshore   5 star

Lyft. Just got totally ripped off by Uber in Miami on a scheduled drive to the airport, cost $173, so decided to use Lyft for the first time. Excellent service, and much cheaper than Uber, will be using Lyft whilst I Am in LA.

Longshot00001   1 star

Rip Off in NYC. Drivers manipulate surge in the city just like Uber drivers. Tried using it and couldn’t get a driver to pick me up, they kept playing the surge game. They would accept a job and just wait and not move. WHAT I DID DO WAS GET A CAB AND IT WORKED OUT CHEAPER EVERY SINGLE TIME (10+) sometimes by 30%. Don’t believe me try it. In NYC cabs are a cheaper option.

Sump56   5 star

Service. Coming from Australia and not having Lyft, I found this service fantastic. Both rides have been pleasant and cheap. Love the system. Our first driver Eric was unbelievable

luey168   5 star

Great experience. Lyft’s drivers are great, cars are very clean and new. Rate is good. First time in Canada and also first time using Lyft. Will recommend Lyft to my friends.

Kezza Lynne   5 star

Quick. Arrived within 5 mins of booking. Very nice clean Jeep. Very courteous. Thanks - tourist from Sydney Australia

mfeown   1 star

Promo code doesnt work. Promo code doesnt work, keeps returning error message, very disappointing!!!

Weygirl   5 star

Downunder. Fantastic driver and very friendly!!!!! Mahalo

Akihsh   1 star

NOT AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA. I also went through the whole startup process just to find out that I actually can’t use it. I wonder why the app can’t notify you when you enter your address? Disappointed :(

Marcla76   1 star

Waste of time.. Just downloaded the app from the Australian App Store. Went through all the signup process, gave all my personal details, then try and use the app and it’s not available in a small town like Sydney!!! Waste of my time. Back to Uber I guess.

rider1234567890987654321   3 star

Promos and referrals. Promo and referrals don’t work very well. No traffic but charged for time??

shashankraval   5 star

Very nice driver. One of the best drive so far

Teinamia   5 star

Great service. Thanks for quick response. It’s our first time using Lyft. Service was great!

Gavster68   5 star

First time user. First time user of Lyft. Loved it!

Charles Ziggo   4 star

Ridesharing. Would be cool if you could split rides between friends

Pizza best   1 star

A. Wasn’t able to use the promo card I was given

ding dung 5   5 star

Great Driver. Thanks Audriana you were wonderful! Hope we get you again soon.

UbaUsa   5 star

Great Hope it comes to Australia!. I am so glad Lyft was smart and sent me an email which allowed me to change country post codes for my credit card when I had some trouble signing up. It’s a great app. Very easy to use and efficient. The rides are much better priced than Uber in Australia. And also option of shared ride too.

addmir   1 star

Pricing. Lyft no longer shows drivers how much a rider pays for a ride! Which means they can now charge YOU the rider a ridiculous amount like prime time surge where you pay double or triple the fair and the driver will get only the base fare!! And you won’t even know that you overpaid!

rod.musselman   3 star

Please Allow Photo Album Access. 27,278 photos now on my 512GB Apple iPhone XS Max render the location of my preferred profile photo TEDIOUS without access to my albums...

gduck6751   5 star

Easy and prompt. Perfect P gduck6751Perfect

Mykykate   5 star

If you are in a hurry use lift instead. I had uber but l need it to download ir again and is such a hazle but lift is so quick and it works with you apple pay it took me less than 5 min to download open and account and order a cab ..... since l am still unable to use uber. If you come form out of country lift is easier to use and install than uber. Save the headache

cac63   5 star

Bill & Carol Coomer. June was excellent! On time, helped with luggage, drove well, great spotless car, pleasant conversationalist. Helpful at airport with bags! Couldn’t have had a better experience!!!

real guest 11487   1 star

Overcharging. They are now overcharging! Put in the address of a place I needed to arrive and it was 1 mile away. The total was $11!

overithunny   5 star

Lyft xx. Lyft is pretty goid. The drivers I've had have all been great, but some of these prices? Uh uh.......

Jkk motors   5 star

the best. thank you !!!

Jtttl   5 star

Love ya. I have had to use my app and have gotten you more customers than advertising ever could! They give me cash and I call you. Without a doubt, they do too now!

JudyThie   5 star

Ottawa 10’ and Lyft right there. The LYFT application is solid. And my driver actually excited to meet me at airport put the suitcase and backpack in the trunk. Directions clear and the rest is smooth ride door to door. Thanks Lyft.

public transit is better   1 star

Pool service subpar. The pool service had too many drop off and pick ups.

David Guitarzan   5 star

Elevate your ride! Lyft. Nuff said!

se2012$$   1 star

Do not work for this company!!. They do not stand behind their drivers at all! Worst customer service!

Adamwilson301   1 star

Garbage, always mediocre but my first real issue.. On the morning of November 9th, I checked my email and saw a Lyft receipt. I checked it and ignored it thinking it was a phishing email. I logged on the app out of curiosity to see if there was a ride. Sure enough, there was a ride that was made and complete from costa mesa California to garden grove California. I contacted them not expecting them to refund me but just to tell them what happened and request that they un-pair my PayPal form the app as I could not find a way to do this on the app. I told them I already deleted the app and just want my payment method un-paired so no one else could take a ride and charge me 28$. All I got was a generic email stating that I took the ride and they can not do anything about the payment and if its fraudulent call my bank. I tried emailing them and saying sternly TAKE MY PAYMENT INFORMATION OFF THE APP. They then spammed me with 14 of the same receipts from the ride in question over the span of 2 minutes, today the 12th of November. Not getting a reply back so I am going to leave this bad review as many places as I can.

tha'Great   5 star

I call her Sarah Lol but her names Sabrina. She cool, down to earth & easy to talk. Best Lyft driver so far

LadySeattle   3 star

Policy change request. I luv how easy it is to get a lift with Lyft, but having to walk to meet your driver at night or in strange neighborhoods doesn’t feel safe to me. Please rethink this policy!!

LAboi720   1 star

Get uber. Sat around for 10 minutes, was charged $5 for nothing, ride never came. No thanks.

H2o mermaids   1 star

THIS APP IS SO STUPID. This app is one of the stupidest ride apps ever, it’s so glitchy and laggy, I’ve been using it for a while and suddenly one day it didn’t let me order rides since My acct is “disabled” even tho I have money. How stupid

jakedakotap123   5 star

Great. Hey

JeanetteRose64   5 star

Lyft. I ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Lyft!

Valerie near Sacramento   1 star

Once again my discount wasn’t taken. I have a five dollar credit on all rides through 11/30/2019. Once again I have to fight to get it back! RIDICULOUS

Hdldnjillaffsaffnsnn   3 star

Pick Uo Times. Pick up times at least double and item triple EVERY time I confirm a ride. Says 5 minutes before I confirm. Then 12 minutes after. It’s infuriating. And it happens EVERY time.

Yipppps   1 star

Lyft should not be fighting a law designed to give drivers fair wages.. Spending $30 million to fight AB5 instead of paying drivers fairly is terrible.

until I get a vehicle   3 star

Overall experience. A lot of your drivers have vehicles with extreme smells.. from pet odor to bad hygiene etc . It gets on your clothes!

ziggy.baybee   2 star

Can’t schedule pick up time/date. I hate that it gives the option to “schedule” a pick up time/date but doesn’t actually let you click on it to do so. When trying to get a price estimate on a specific time frame to get picked up this is a huge flaw in my opinion that needs to be fixed and/or added.

ShellDawg1980   5 star

Wonderful and Gracious. Terrific experience!

JfloFlores   5 star

Love2useLyft. I love to use Lyft bc of its great customer experience!

Donnasdf123   5 star

Loving my private driver, Lyft.. Enjoying Lyft while we are in blistery cold Chicago.

-Jeff-   5 star

Just works!. Great app! So easy to use and straightforward.

DPsoras   5 star

Lyft. My driver. It’s a no brainer. I used Lyft today I think for the first time ever. I may have used it before but I was probably tanked anyway it’s so easy and convenient and if you are going out with friends for dinner or drinks it’s just a no brainer. The gentleman that drove me this evening was so professional and prompt.

reviewed50   5 star

My experience. Works well other than tracking of vehicle or rider is sometimes a little off but that could easily be buildings in the way or app auto-shutdowns. Hopefully they get to Canada eventually.

ralcinooo   3 star

Gps. Not well fixed

Tanya Bolina   1 star

The GPS is not accurate. Hope they use better GPS app

Camera__guy   3 star

Less good quality. Uber drivers are better. Sometimes people they work at grocery stores are better.

RobZombi3   5 star

Way better than Uber. Lyft > Uber

Muvattupuzha   4 star

Appreciation. User friendly UI. Easy booking. I love the experience

Love my wifey   1 star

Unimpressed. My ride was cancelled and the driver was switched 3 times. I waited over 10 minutes.

AaAmazingg   5 star

Great app better prices then UBER !. Better then UBER !

Dixitaa   1 star

Wrong routes. This service has its own route and which is so disgusting. A ride of 40 min takes more than double time like 1 hr 30 min. And believe it or not we have to suggest the drivers to please be educated about the maps and use another route.

Vincent1666   1 star

Absolutely TRASH. This app is GARBAGE. It took 1 hour to receive the verification code, and when received it say the code is incorrect. This WILL cause ur absence on important dates. UNINSTALL IT.

CClarou1821   1 star

DO NOT USE LYFT!!!!. I was fraudulently charged over $80 USD on a ride that was quoted and charged in the app as $28 USD. After contacting Lyft I was told the maximum refund I could receive is to charge me $48 USD. THIS IS CRIMINAL. DO NOT USE THIS RIDE SHARE SERVICE!!!

mckenzie1000   5 star

Ride. Very fast & great conversation

Madchild2k7   5 star

Drivers are great feel safe. Enjoy the coupons

fffhshsb   5 star

Lyft. I love u guys

amir nadimi   1 star

Waste time. I used every day Lyft but today I wait 20 minutes for driver the first driver is canceled and than the second one is coming after 15 minutes.

thismeme   1 star

Terrible customer service. When you contact them nothing is done

M-A B.   4 star

Double check your suggested destination. It’s all good to go to point “a” to point “b”. The “Lux” car was scratched and not that good looking 😕. And the suggested destination was not at all accurate.

L. Toronto   5 star

Lyft. Quick and great service!!

Jamboottawa   3 star

Things work well until they don’t. The last time I used Lyft the GPS got my location wrong. When I changed the location, it rejected my change. I finally called the driver and he came but the Lyft cancelled his ride and connected him to someone else. I finally got to my destination but had to pay him in cash because the app didn’t work. I would have communicated this through the app but there was no way to report it. Lyft is great most of the time, and you can report common problems, but there is no way to contact them if something unusual happens.

JJM1221   5 star

Best drivers. Best service.. I always use Lyft now as the drivers are great. I’m also amazed how quickly they show up.

Queenneer   5 star

Awesome. Really convenient app

cluelessmillennial   5 star

Good deals!. Gets me where I need to be! Will often give me one to five dollars off my rides, promotions applied often !

👸💫💫   5 star

Great ride. Awesome manners smooth ride

muphasaa   5 star

Still learning.. I like Lyft better than its competitors because of fair rates and promotions

awesome fortnigd   5 star

#1. Nice driver

ctervorknight   2 star

Inconvenient. Have a 5 star rating and just had 4 drivers cancel on me with no discount. It’s cool that there’s consequences if I cancel but not if they do.

malkit9460   1 star

bad experience. There is $10 off for rides but it cannot be applied yet. Lyft costumer care told me to refund it but still I didn't get refund. It's totally useless. I think uber is better than this😡😡😡😡😡. Moreover lyft deducted $5 cancellation fee because the driver wasn't able to found me. Worst experience.

Serfatyyael   5 star

Drive from the airport. The driver was very friendly and courteous He drove beautifully and we had a nice conversation.

Privacidad :(   4 star

The prices is really good!. The application is not friendly, but the prices is good!

brandonCt   2 star

Why can't they send normal SMS?. My carrier doesn't support short code/premium txt... So I guess I'm out of luck! Would've liked to try this out.

AndrewBeveridge   1 star

Can’t sign up using Australian mobile number.. Unable to use app. While it allows for an Australian number to register, it doesn’t accept Australian mobile numbers - both complete and with the first zero dropped.

Wathend   2 star

Can’t register in the app. For some reason it won’t accept my mobile to start the registration process. Did you guys test the Australian market?

Gowsta   5 star

Love Lyft!. have always had good experiences and professional drivers, and i love that it supports pride and all good causes like this. my only problem with Lyft has been that on a few occasions drivers have accepted my ride, and then just sat still with no intention to come get me. leaving me having to cancel the trip. other than that one thing, i have always had a positive attitude towards lyft and knowing i can rely on it.

chickonoski   5 star

in orlando lyft is better than uber. don't believe me? try out lyft in the orlando area using my code SARAH61955 and get a discounted ride!

Lachlan182   5 star

Lachlan. Better than Uber

Cookycabanna   5 star

So easy. Love this app. It's brilliant and easy to use.

jamesvdm   5 star

Good. Very good

rachelnott67   5 star

Love having the choice!. Come to Australia!

Exalen   2 star

Flawed routing makes a frustrating experience in Chicago.. The Service overall is fine and the drivers are generally good. But the algorithm and routing on Lyft Line rides in Chicago is terrible. The app will route the ride north when you're going south and take you in and out then back in to the Loop in rush hour. That or take you on/off the I-90/94, sometimes doubling back and forth to get to the right exits. Even the drivers get frustrated. I always leave extra time when taking Lines but it's starting to stretch to 2-3 times the ride times I was getting last year. The app lets you rate and give feedback to the drivers but we need a facility to rate the routes so it can learn and improve.

mkoukoullis   5 star

Perfect. Works really well, you can adjust your pickup point. Can't fault the app.

Fluffy Pizza Cat   5 star

Awesome!. Lyft line is the best. Never have to wait long for a ride and drivers are consistently good. Can't wait for it to come to Australia.

BM_8965   4 star

Great service in San Fran/cali. Great app, easy to use. Great drivers.

m_chael   5 star

The best ride share app!. Please come to Australia, this has been the easiest way to get around my American holiday and dominates the other apps! Thanks for offering such an awesome service :)

NDB1000   5 star

GR8 App. Very good mode of transportation, fast pick up, very economical and pleasant/friendly drivers. Much cheaper than taxis system. Nick

aussie_ozzie   4 star

Launch in Australia please!!. I've never used Lyft before but always wanted to! But I've done lots of research on YouTube and it looks great but it's not available in Australia yet! But looking forward to using this app when it comes to Australia soon! Which I hope it does!

Theschibecsta   5 star

Great app easy to use and cheaper than uber. Loving Lyft. Quick service and cheaper than Uber. Recommend

Ethanpanizza   5 star

Mr. I love lyft is easy and super accessible and has great prices and there everywhere.

Societyas05   4 star

Nice one. Great and friendly drivers but I dont understand why i am being charged for a ride I cancelled

Ccgazelle   1 star

Support terrible. The app is good but my account was disabled and despite a number of emails the support team were unable to help. It could have been fixed if able to directly talk to someone on help line. Left me stranded without transport. Uber over to you now.

L L M   1 star

No available in Aus. Don't bother I typed all my details in only to find its not available in Aus. Looks look my money will stay with uber...

So fit now   5 star

Great. Just like uber but allows tipping

Great Legs   5 star

Great service. All the drivers I've had are very nice, the cars arrive in just a few minutes and are very good and knowledgable drivers. And yes, please come to Australia- your prices are more reasonable than Uber

Alamia1929   5 star

Come to Australia!!. Brilliant experience in USA! Please come to Adelaide, Australia!

edison.l   5 star

Pls come to Australia. We are calling for u in sydney Australia

Sturro 7   4 star

Recommend. Have used this app since arriving in Miami and have found it to be cheaper then it's rival

smilingfreely   5 star

Lyft is cool.. Easy to use, once I got used to it!

Ice3snow   1 star

Lyft Review. This app is available to be downloaded in Australia and you are able to create an account, however after all that it states that it is unavailable in Australia. Therefore why am I able to download the app?

choosinganameisreallyhard   1 star

What's the point. So I downloaded this as an uber alternative or a least to have a look but it doesn't seem to be available in Australia so honestly... Why is the app even available here.

samuelwells   5 star

AUSTRALIA?. Please launch in (Sydney) Australia and provide some competition against other ridesharing services.

Fay a   1 star

A little dishonest. Im on way to NY and received a invite from a friend to use the lyft app and get $50 off the cost of the ride. I don't know if they have designed it like this intentionally or not but after you sign up, there is no mention of your $50 credits anywhere in the app, so I already dont trust it. Having read other reviews i think ill pass and go with their competition

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