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Count on Lyft to take you where you need to go with safety first. Got an appointment? Need to pick up some groceries? We’ll match you with a driver, help you find the quickest bus route, or show you the nearest scooter — you’ll be on your way in minutes. If it gets you there, it’s on the app.

Choose your destination, find a ride in seconds, and pay directly in the app. It’s that simple.

We want to make sure every ride is as comfortable as it can be so that you can sit back and relax. With guidance from the CDC and local health officials, we’ve created health safety requirements to help protect everyone in the car. We’ll continue to monitor the evolving coronavirus situation and make updates to ensure everyone knows how to use Lyft safely.

All riders and drivers are required to agree to a few simple rules before using Lyft:
- Confirm you do not have COVID-19 or have any related symptoms
- Wear a face mask
- Keep the car – and your hands – clean
- Leave the front seat empty
- Keep the car windows open
Drivers are encouraged to practice extra health and safety precautions every time they get on the road, including thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces daily.

With Lyft, you’ve got options. Choose from up to 9 different ways to go, all available right from your app.* Whether you’re looking for an affordable ride, the most direct route, or a way to treat yourself – we’ve got the mode to suit your needs and mood.

* Lyft ride types may vary by region. Check the app to see what is available in your city.

Prices vary based on market condition.

By downloading the app, you agree to allow Lyft to collect your device's language settings.

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Lyft Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Thanks for using Lyft! We update our app regularly to make your rides even better. Every update of our Lyft app includes improvements in speed and reliability. As new features are released, we’ll highlight those for you in the app. Here is what you will find in our latest update: - Bug and performance fixes - The Lyft app now supports Dynamic Type and will adjust to users’ preferred reading size

Lyft Comments & Reviews

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- Need an easier way to get receipts for expense reporting

Been using Lyft for a while when it became my company’s preferred ride share provider. The service itself has been great. My gripe is the receipts you get. The email receipts you send after a ride are totally useless for expense reporting. The format you use doesn’t allow the payment info to print on the page. I even tried landscape mode and it still doesn’t work. You have a zillion business users. We need to attach receipts to expense reports electronically. PDF versions that are concise and under one page are what we need. As it is now, I’m forced to snap a photo/JPG on my phone and then convert it to PDF and then email it to myself. That’s nuts! The email you send takes 3 pages to print, and even then, the format doesn’t have the expense info on it because of the crazy formatting you use. I tried going to my account on your website and there is no ride history data to allow you to get a receipt there. You guys really put no thought into making this easy for business users. If I have to keep doing this I will probably just go back to Uber simply to get receipts easier. I’d gladly talk to anyone there about this. Thanks.

- Lyft pink pass

Please no one should fall for this scam this is not a deal lyft advertises that the lyft pass offer deals and 15% on unlimited rides. My fare price for 20mi is at max 28 dollars with heavy traffic and bad weather conditions. Now since I signed up for the lyft pass I received a 15% discount on only two of my rides. After those two trips the base price of my regular ride I use to commute to and from work only spiked up to 34 to 44 Dollars. I called and explained to lyft on how can my base price rise so high if all of my ride history for months never were that price ,now that I’m a lyft pink pass member. There explanation was that at that time the rate for drivers and rides were higher so I gave it a chance to see if they’re telling the truth or robbing customers money. I come to find out lyft did lie to me I’ve been checking every hr for two days now and my base price still is over 34$ there’s absolutely no way that the demands are high that it’s being calculated correctly. I canceled my ride pass and my base price is now back at 28$ at max fare. This is a complete scam and false advertisement. If you sign up for the lyft pass you will not be saving money that’s for sure all they’re going to do is raise the base price you were paying so you’ll still be paying the same price as before except your giving them a extra twenty dollars a month to do it. I hope that a law firm adds how much money is being stolen from customers and sues lyft for what they’re doing.

- Non existent customer service

I have used Lyft for years and in different countries and I honestly say that had the web got bigger the quality got so much worse . It’s like anyone can be a driver but no upkeep or checks are done . They can come smelling of weed or just dirty , speak to you however they want , be incredibly rude , txt driving . And the customer has no way of reporting it coz there like 3 auto responses available to contact you. Drivers cancel out rides on purpose or like one I m on right now didn’t stop at my location and will activate “ your ride is here timer “ before even stopping the car. I literally was sitting in my drive way and saw him pass by. When I called him , he didn’t want to drive back even tho he’s the one that didn’t stop at the right place . Last week your driver was so rude I refused to get in the car . He held my ride for 47 mins . I was trapped . Coz he didn’t want to cancel and I didn’t think it was right for me to do so. I have lost count of how many time the driver didn’t speak English to the point of not understanding left and right . Bottom line is you take our money and leave us with the rudest, unprofessional drivers and give us close to no option to communicate with you. And if god forbid we want to cancel coz of one of these situations , we are charged. You figured out the algorithm into my bank account , but clearly have very long way to go with basic manners and customer service from both your drivers and your general services.

- Fraud

I normally use Uber. I trust Uber more than Lyft. One of my sister is using Lyft since 1 year and she’s fine. Yesterday I had a dentist and took off wisdom teeth after a while I downloaded the Lyft app and I made account then I booked a ride for $7.58 from dentist to my work it was a very important to get to my work before afternoon. I had to submit some important information to HR. I booked the ride and they gave me an stupid driver who was totally over than retirement age even though he’s supposed to drive deaf man. After standing for 15-20 minutes the app shows he’s arrived and they were asking to look for gray ford 2011 David name old man. Tell me one thing how could I get to him when there was a parking lot and there was already all parked cars no one came there with Lyft tag on their front. I called the driver 4-6 times 3 times he picked up and just said HELLO and he hanged up. He did the same for 3 times after that he dropped my calls n didn’t replied my msg I send him that I’m in front of densit hospital where are you. Then he just maked 5 minutes and he left me there without replying without responding to my calls. In few seconds I booked another ride they charged me the fee without ride without getting me to my destination. It was a 100 times hate and regret for me why even I made the Lyft I hate it . Now I’m sending this review and their system isn’t allowing me they’re asking for nickname I tried 7 nickname they’re rejecting.. why? Bcz they’re scammers

- Drivers

Absolutely love using this app . The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the different types of drivers . Granted majority of the time I get great drivers . I’ve been using this app on and off for 3 years now . In the 3 years I’ve used this app I’ve come across 4-5 horrible drivers . I feel as though hygiene should b a MuST ! I got a driver today who was of the Indian culture and did not have any type of fragrance or deodorant on . I understand for some types of religion it’s a no no . But if your job requires you to interact with the public in a commercial capacity you should at the very least wear deodorant or powder . Something to mask the HORRIBLE smell !!! Other than that it’s a solid 4 star for me . They usually pick you up right at the location you put in. I would suggest the engineers or whoever to fix the location services . I have used just my location at times instead of typing in the adress to where I am located and 6 times so far I’ve been picked up in the wrong location . Aka up the block or up the block and across the street . Across the highway . So that part is bad . Other then those 2 issues and the fact that the drivers are people and have “ mood swings” I have no complaints . It’s a relatively good app all around.

- Cheap Rides for Drivers and Terrible Customer Service!!!

I’m a Lyft and Uber Driver for one year now. At the normal rate, Lyft pays Drivers a hair more than Uber. There is hardly any Primetime and when there is, it’s at a very low percentage except when there is extremely inclement weather. As a full time driver driving for both Companies, the only way to make a profit is through Primetime and Surge, period. A good example of how cheap the driver pay is from Lyft is earlier this week they had an available scheduled ride to take someone from Englewood Cliffs, NJ to Philly, PA for a payment between $101 and $111-that is offensive and highway robbery. That’s clearly a loss to any driver. By the time you factor in tolls, gas, wear and tear on your car and time spent not being able to pick up in PA until you hit NJ, it’s def not worth it. Their customer service is the worst, period. They outsource to the Philippines and they are ALL trained to be very polite but that’s it-no knowledge to assist you. Their scheduled rides are not guaranteed so although you are the “designated” driver, you are NOT guaranteed to get the passenger-outrageous! I hardly turn on my Lyft App and instead drive for Uber more which I might add isn’t much better.

- MAJOR issue with “Wait & Save”

I waited for an hour and never got a ride. I was paired with several drivers who appeared to have every intention of coming to get me, but every time they got within 8 minutes of me, your app kept auto-cancelling the rides because you “found someone closer” (none of which were more than 2 minutes closer than the original driver), only for the new driver to cancel the trip immediately. This went on for an hour before I gave up. My breaking point came when, after 40 minutes of this back and forth nonsense, a nice lady accepted my ride from 25 minutes away and got on the highway to come get me. As soon as she got off the highway and was only 7 minutes away, your app auto-canceled on her in favor of a driver who was 6 minutes away, who immediately canceled the trip. I waited 5 more minutes without any effort on your end to repair me with my original driver who wasted her gas and 20 minutes of her time before I gave up. So listen; If I already have a driver lined up, I want THAT DRIVER to come and get me. There is no circumstance where I want my ride canceled in favor of another driver who is only a minute closer, ESPECIALLY if my driver went out of their way for me like the last one did. This is unacceptable and needs to be rectified. If I’m willing to “Wait and Save”, I’m willing to wait one or two short minutes for my driver to arrive, but I am not willing to wait an hour for nothing.

- Order process more confusing

I’ve been using Lyft for about 2 years now and it’s a fantastic service. The latest update has done wonders for the graphic identity of the brand and it looks especially good on my iPhone X, they’ve done a good job of integrating the notch into the design that makes the whole app feel purposeful and user friendly. One thing they changed, however, and have made much worse in my opinion. They changed the order sequence from ~dropoff lovation>pickup location>size select and confirmation~ to ~dropoff location>size select>pickup location and confirmation~ this has made the buying order process much more confusing even for an experienced Lyft rider. The final order screen should always have the approximate dropoff time and the expected cost on it, in my opinion. With the latest update the final order screen simply asks you where you’d like to be picked up and honestly this makes no sense to me. The last purple button before you’re charged doesn’t even say “order Lyft” it just says “confirm pickup” which has led me to accidentally order a Lyft when all I wanted to do was check approximate times and charges for a Lyft I would be taking later in the day. I think if this aspect were changed it would round out the app perfectly and make it deserving of 5 stars.

- Rip off!

Lyft no showed me twice in the same day. Each time I was outside waiting watching the app and how close the drivers were to me. Twice they came within 6 blocks from me and then the app stopped the drivers eta and routed me brand new drivers. Both times they started my arrival times all over while I was waiting outside( somewhat cold out). I’ve used the Lyft app for about a year. In that year I’ve missed my driver outside maybe 2-3 times. All times I was charged a $5.00 cancellation fee which seemed fair being I wasn’t outside when they arrived( they left). Now why on earth can the Lyft drivers then no show me and they don’t hold there drivers to the same standards they hold there customers to. My time is just as valuable as theirs. But apparently Lyft didn’t think so. I wasn’t given the 2 no show cancellation credits when they did it to me. Seems unreasonable that they can charge the customer a $5 dollar cancellation fee but we can’t get that same credit when they no show us. I’ll never use Lyft again. They wouldn’t even make it right either, instead they acknowledged the wrong and basically kept asking me the same thing over and over and over. Basically wanting me to just go away. I could care less about the money but it’s the principle. I’m a business owner and I can’t get away with screwing my customers over the way these guys do. Oh well I guess. I just downloaded the Uber app. Bye Lyft!

- Bad Experience

My first time ever using this service, I was forced to pay $5 to a driver that screwed me over. The driver was on his way to pick me up and he got lost prior to reaching my location. He called me and told me that he couldn’t get to me from the road he was on. I told him that he went the wrong way and he would have to go back out the way he came and back towards me on a different road. He reiterated that there was no way for him to reach me (I don’t know if he wasn’t listening to me or just didn’t want to go back out and drive around, as it would take too much time). He asked if I could go to him (which would’ve been about a 2 mile walk through a wooded area), which I told him that I wouldn’t be able to. He continued to refuse to listen to my telling him that he would have to drive out and come back in on the different road. So, ultimately he refused to come pick me up. I don’t blame the driver as he was an older man, and I’m sure he would’ve lost money by having to go the long way around to get me. I told the man that we’d try and find someone else, as he’d already wasted a lot of our time (again I’m not necessarily blaming him). After cancelling the ride, I found out that I still paid him $5, which Lyft Support assured me was appropriate, despite the fact they didn’t have any suggestion as to what I should’ve done, as the driver refused to pick me up. Needless to say I don’t use Lyft anymore.

- Don’t trust current location.

Several times lately I’ve found that if I didn’t specify where I was by entering an address the Lyft driver could not find me. I asked a Lyft driver, who had grown up in Seattle what the problem was. He suggested I always enter an exact address, even if I had to look it up in advance. I did that this morning and tonight and had a better experience. If we add inexperienced drivers in a location to the problem of the satellite location you can be texting with a driver who is on the other side of the block and doesn’t understand you are waiting at the front door of the hall “Town Hall” Seattle, Wa. Not only that but this morning I entered an address where I was at a diner and the program auto changed it to Coleman Dock 2-3 blocks away. What gives? I am writing on my husbands phone. I’m Dusty Collings. We are traveling together and we take turns calling Lyft. I think, & hope you can make some refinements to the experience. I don’t like having to pay for a driver who is in the wrong location and doesn’t want to drive around the block to pick me up. It wasn’t my fault and I had to pay the fee for standing him up. Not really fair. I have a walking disability and I try limit the number of steps I take. Thanks.

- Great experience until........

I’d like to go and say that I was a huge fan of this app. So much so I barely walked anywhere or took the bus seeing how I’m 18 and a car is in my agenda at the moment. I lyft’d almost everyday to work for the inexpensive price of 11$ to get to and from work. Until one day I ordered a lyft 20 minutes ahead of my expected appearance at work seeing how the ride was about 6 minutes and this was a very very rare occasion because I would order 10 minutes ahead. So I get a driver and he approaches my home. For some reason my driver switches to someone further than the previous. This all happens in a 5 minute span so I don’t worry. I look at my phone and the driver is not moving at all. This happens for 10 minutes. My driver. Not moving an inch. So I decide to cancel the ride and just walk seeing how I’m already running a little behind and a lyft at this point would be wasting money. I soon see that cancelling costs 5$ which is around the price of my normal ride. So I expected a refund and to be short a dollar in this inconvenience. Nope 12 wasted on a lyft I didn’t even take. The app has the gull to have one of the refund options say “driver isn’t moving” while simultaneously saying they have driver their way to me so pay 5$. Morale I’d say is to not rely on lyft for work. Bite the bullet and take reliable routes for work, school, etc. leave the lyft rides for something more lenient.


I have never experienced anything like this.I was almost about to be late to my job and I can’t be late so, I decided to call a lyft, everything went well I see my driver coming close so I wait outside, but he just kept going straight instead of turning, so I seen that he kept going straight and I called him, and he declined it. I thought he probably got turned around and had the wrong address so I called again, declined again, then I said to myself okay if he doesn’t turn around right here somethings up, he kept going, so I couldn’t cancel or else I would be charged and they didn’t reroute me until he was 8 minutes away from me, they rerouted me and the next driver was 20 minutes away finishing up a current ride, something has to be done because there wasn’t anywhere that I could go to on the lyft app to report that my driver wasn’t going the right way so I could get a new driver, which made me extremely late, I have the drivers number but not his profile picture :( The service is bad I try to report something but there isn’t a place for the report that I’m trying to do, my bank statement came in and it showed this I know charges with the same number as the lyfts item number thing and it won’t let me delete my card and then you have to email which take forever to respond, you don’t even get to talk to an actual person🤦🏾‍♀️NEVER USING LYFT AGAIN

- Might as well go to Urber

Honestly every rider has their own experiences so this is mine. I live in a brand new neighborhood that hasn’t quite made it on the gps yet so I understand it can get a little complicated. I make sure to leave a note or call the driver to let them know it’s the next neighborhood over and I even order my Lyft almost two hours before work just in case something happens you know? Well something happened. The driver Jogander read my pick up note and still didn’t follow it (annoying but understandable no harm done) so I call him and I’m literally on the phone for about five minutes explaining to him what to do (leave that neighborhood, take a right and just drive down till you see my neighborhood name. Simple right?) So he tells me he’s on his way and I’m waiting on this man not knowing nor getting a notification that he CANCELED and I was still charged a cancellation fee. So not only have I wasted time waiting for a ride that wasn’t even coming I’m also running late to work. I contact customer care and they refund me the fee but when I asked if they at least contact the driver or something for lying they hit me with the whole “well we refunded you isn’t that enough” bull crap. Honestly Lyft is still a type of job so employees need to be held accountable I’m going straight back to urber. It may cost me a few dollars more but they haven’t pulled this bs with me (yet).

- Before choosing this app you should know how awful the drivers are treated!

This company has no respect for the drivers they will steal from you every chance they get via cancellation fees and app payment issues etc. when you call to rectify the situation they disrespect and talk down to you in hopes that you will lose your temper so they can disconnect the call. If you don’t lose your cool they leave you on hold for as long as it takes for you to hang up so you don’t receive a survey not that responding to the survey makes any my case I stayed on hold for 4 hours!!. Lyft is by far the most ghetto trashy ride share company out there. I can’t believe they want to go public with the type of unsolved issues they have with their operation. They expect drivers to give 5 star service to passengers which I do while providing less than 1 star service to drivers in return. They don’t even have a working telephone number, they make it extremely difficult to speak with anyone unless you write an email which they selectively respond to if you are lucky. They know most drivers that work for them don’t have many other options so they exploit that to the fullest. I done nearly 4000 rides in only a year of working for them all while maintaining a 5 star rating but this means nothing to them you don’t even get a bonus, thank you, or even a thumbs up emoji. What a sad company.

- Lyft should give bonuses to their perfect drivers

I have used Lyft & Uber and I can easily say I will never use Uber again not because the drivers are terrible but because the UBER platform is horrible. In fact I deleted that app because of poor customer service. Now to Lyft. The drivers are incredibly polite & happy. They seem to enjoy working for the company but one thing I wish the company would do is have some sort of incentives for their drivers rather than just take their percentage and forget about the drivers. After all it’s the drivers using their vehicles, fuel, insurance & phones. The least Lyft can do is match the tips the drivers get or give 50% bonus on top of tips. Doing this will just motivate the drivers to maybe add bottled water, keep their cars more clean or even get more frequent washes. Lyft, invest into your assets from one business owner to another. If not you will just be another Uber when Tesla comes out with their ride share company. Constantly strive to be better or you will fall behind in the game because right now all you are is a online platform taking a percentage from drivers who knocked out local cab drivers.

- Very trust worthy service

I just had my 3rd incident were a driver left me at my first stop because I was taking too long which I don’t mind but I asked him and he said it was fine and if a driver can’t wait any longer I’d at least like a heads up that their leaving. Now each time this has happened lyft was swift in refunding my money and generally send me an email of apology. I know not everyone’s perfect but they guys at lyft are always on point with any problems or concerns. I’ve had an incident where a driver tried to kiss me and was refunded the full amount along with an email. I’ve never had the app crash but I have heard there are problems from time to time. Guys I don’t care about that kind of problems because you’ll have that with any app or technology from time to time and as far as I’ve heard they fix it in a timely matter. So I can’t find one bad thing to say about lyft. Uber doesn’t take my debit card so they lost out on my business to lyft and I’m so glad I ended up here instead. There are promos that help from time to time and it’s very easy to contact lyft if I ever need to. Thanks guys for being on point with your customers.

- Future Rides

Have clear instructions and work flow for customers trying to schedule future rides. Honestly, it used to much easier to request a lyft for a future date. With the current home screen and user face, it’s hard to see the “schedule” touch point and doesn’t flow well at all. When I’m scheduling a future ride, I want to make that clear first thing, up front, immediately...not be lead on a scheme to accidentally request a ride for “right now” and have to pay cancellation charges. It makes lyft appear a bit shady. Uber has that title. Please revert to customer friendly, simple app services and not try to trick anyone into anything...I use lyft bc I trust it more than Uber. That trust has severely wavered with this recent update. Also a huge downfall: not having an immediately accessible service team. I needed help bc my app updated in the middle of scheduling my ride to the airport 24hrs in advance and, again, I could’t figure out how to request future ride in new update. It was imperative and down to the wire for me to request lyft and the time kept creeping forward (it wasn’t allowing me to request my trip any sooner than exactly 24hrs in advance somehow). I tried to talk to someone at lyft to no avail. I am a loyal customer and hope this message is heard! Otherwise back to old school taxis and I am your target market millenial!

- Total ripoff of a company

I had to fly into Minneapolis for military training. There are three of us from my unit back home and since we flew and don’t have cars, we decided to ride together for dinner. Our hotel is on base and right next to the airport. Our lyft driver picked us up from the gate in which we walked to on a sidewalk the whole time wearing shoes we unpacked from our bags. The drive was fine, so I was courteous and gave a tip. About an hour later, I get an email that I was being charged a damage fee of $25. They claimed they had proof of damage as shown by pictures of mud in the floorboard of the vehicle. The pictures did show such, but what the pictures didn’t show was a time and date the pictures were taken. In the email it said the pictures were time and date stamped, but when I asked for them to send those to me, all I got was that the evidence was there. Also, the so-called evidence in the picture showed the mud being dry, which is hard to believe it could be from us if the pictures were taken immediately after we got out as stated. I asked to speak to a supervisor and wasn’t granted that request either. This company is garbage and I will be taking my business elsewhere. It’s such a shame to be taken advantage of simply because we are from out of town and people think the military just has money to waste! Don’t let this company rip you off people!

- Steve Colorado 190XYQ

App is good and most drivers are too EXCEPT for Steve with the above Colorado license plate. For the second time in a month, the first on Uber and tonight with Lyft, he responds to the pick-up and then cancels at the pick-up when he finds out the ride is more than 5 minutes or outside of Breckenridge, CO. He is gaming the system to the detriment of other drivers and the frustration of customers. Because the vast majority are none the wiser, they don’t know to capture his name or have any way of seeing who just canceled their pickup leaving them standing at the curb. Because I had this experience with the same guy within the last month for an identical pick-up, the prior on Uber, I was suspicious when the a grey Caravan popped up this time so I did a screen capture in case it was the same guy. He is gaming both Lyft and Uber in exactly the same way. We’ve heard from other drivers who have heard similar stories of this guy from other customers. I implore you to take action and ban him from your service. I’m sure if you run the analytics you will find all of his trips are hyper local and he has an extraordinary cancel rate compared to other drivers.

- Do not pass GO! Collect lyft!

Above all other ride services, I have to recommend Lyft! Prices are more reasonable, response is immediate and without a doubt, ALWAYS, within a reasonable time frame for pick up. I have rarely had a snore personality driving me from point A to point B. These people are kind, out going and all around cool. This is a service industry job. Please remember that. Whatever your reason for requiring a transport, remember that they are providing a needed service and while tipping isn’t required, I stress that you deliver it. They have NO set income and provide you with a convenience you can’t find through public transportation. Take care of those who take care of you. The universe reciprocates kindness in the least expected moments. Also, Uber is a money hungry monster. Lyft is a competitive career with so many people employing themselves through it. Remember remember remember! These people deserve a couple extra dollars for their hospitality. Be kind to others. Be true to others. Be grateful for your advances. And always share your love! Hope this was helpful and encouraging! If not, here’s a get out of jail free card. USE LYFT!

- Great experiences until......

I have been using Lyft for a long time, it’s my preferred ride share service. Never had any issues, until one day I left my phone in one of the rides I took. After about 2 minutes, I realized what had happened, and there is a way to contact the driver for lost items, so I tried that route. The driver did not answer, and I know that his phone was on the dashboard for GPS use because I was in the front seat. So obviously he saw I was calling. After countless calls, voicemails, texts, and messages sent to Lyft corporate through the website help center I received no response. I was finally able to reach the driver after a full day, and it was extremely sketchy. He answered the phone and did not say anything for about 20 seconds. He said that he did not see it and he would check again and be in touch. Never heard from him after that. After hours of trying to reach the help center by phone, I was told the Lost and Found team does not have a phone line they can be reached at, and to fill out the form on the help center website. I had already done that numerous times, so by now I’ve lost all hope. Lyft customer service is an absolute nightmare, and I would highly encourage anyone to use Uber as I know they are making strides to improve their customer service, which is more than I can say for Lyft itself. Avoid at all costs.

- First ride this morning

I had breakfast and set up my first ride with Lyft. The system told me who my driver would be and that he was 10 minutes away. I was watching his progress and it kept telling me he was finishing up with a previous ride. I saw that he turned south onto Hefner Parkway and heading south. The arrival time kept getting longer. 13, 15, 17 minutes then I noticed he had gotten onto I-44 and was heading east. I texted the driver and let him know that I had a 9:30 Dr appt and as it was after 9:00 were we going to make it. He told me that the ride he had gave him the wrong address. He kept getting farther and farther away. Needless to say I was growing very unhappy with Lyft and had never encountered any problems with Uber. I canceled the ride and placed another order. It was 9:10. The lady that picked my up helped to ease my frustrations and made the ride to the Dr very enjoyable. I do not understand why the first driver couldn’t have texted me and let me know there was problem so I could ask for another driver. It all ended all right and I wasn’t late to the appt, 9:28. If he had only texted me, it would have saved a lot of frustration. I have used Lyft 3-4 more times today and everything went like clockwork.

- Unreliable

I waited over 30 minutes for the driver to “complete a trip” on the way to pick me this point, the car started very slowly heading in my direction, and the arrival time kept going up the closer the driver got to where they were supposed to turn to pick me up, but then they passed my location and continued on, appearing to have no intention whatsoever of picking me up. I decided since I’d now been waiting 45 minutes and could have had a taxi pick me up faster, that I would go ahead and cancel and find a ride through someone other than Lyft. This would have been my 3rd time using Lyft and the other two times were slightly sketchy, in terms of creepy drivers. But since I had a 10% discount for having a 5 Star rating, I wanted to use Lyft anyway. I can tolerate weirdness to an extent...but not showing up when they agreed to pick me up is a deal breaker. So now my discount has expired and evidently they did me a big favor by not charging a cancellation fee??? If anything, I think the driver should have to pay me if they accepted my ride and completely blew me off. Sorry but if I’m told my ride will be there in 10 minutes and 45 minutes later, the driver is passing my pickup point without slowing down or any indication they’re coming back, etc...yeah I will cancel and use Uber or a taxi. And I expect to never be charged for canceling for such a reason.

- Drivers not picking up scheduled spot

I have had many instances lately (most recently last night) that drivers hit the button that indicates they are at my identified pick up spot and in reality they are not AND I am being charged wait time. This has become increasingly frustrating and in some instances when the driver wasn’t at the pick up and I called to question instead of trying to find me they just cancel my ride. This puts me at the end of the que and I have to wait AGAIN for a ride. The most recent ride that did this to me was last night when I scheduled a pickup and the driver (I only have his phone number because Lyft doesn’t leave me the information of drivers that cancel) couldn’t find my pickup location even though it was clear on the map where I was. He wasn't at the pick up location but hit the button indicating he was so I called and he kept telling me he couldn’t get to the pick up spot when in fact there many cars driving past me. I patiently waited and after I called him 2 times he canceled my ride. I had to get another Lyft and wait another 18 minutes- after I had already waited for 15 minutes. This is becoming common and will make me think twice before requesting a Lyft in the future- drivers can’t seem to read maps and understand directions.

- not up to date

I dont know whats going on with lyft but the map that they use for gps is not up to date or maybe its their software. I live in a city where there is 2 of the same streets in 2 different parts of town. so i get that part of the confusion but on my lyft app its says i am going to my correct location but on the drivers end it says im going across town. Thank God i have enough sense to double check and guide the driver to my correct location. And get this this is not the first time this has happened and yes i filed a complaint because the first incident was not pleasant. After not using the app for a while i decided i dont feel like taking the T home let me use lyft. They still did not solve this problem. And I know everyone in this area who uses them have this problem. I rather pay the extra money with Uber atleast they get the address correct ( which at one point they had the same problem but they corrected it). 2 stars from me and i will be deactivating lyft. so warning to everyone if you know where you going and you notice your not going in the right direction speak up.

- Drivers can screw you, Lyft needs to allow you to request new drivers..

Drivers can literally sit in there spot for what seems like hours when your waiting for a ride or even head the entire different direction! All the while Lyft still tells you the driver is 3 minutes away. After a 30 plus minute wait and multiple driver refreshes just let us request a new driver when they are obviously busy. It’s bogus when you have to take a $5 charge for someone who’s going to take 10 minutes to even leave the spot they are in. You’re nail biting every time you order one of these hoping you actually have a driver. My father had a situation where he scheduled a driver then come the next morning when the drivers supposed to arrive the app is looking for drivers and switching finally after about 15 minutes of a driver not moving. He missed his flight that day but I believe after contacting Lyft got credit towards his account. Cool they will do that but a $30 ride isn’t the price of a plane ticket. People aren’t dumb, we know when the driver Lyft selects isn’t coming within minutes. Just let us cancel without a charge if the driver isn’t coming in the timeframe you tell us. That’s it. Lyfts great otherwise but this issue is just boiling over from how many times I deal with it. Please please please find a fix to this Lyft!!!

- Nobody’s perfect but ANYTHING is better than Uber

The title pretty much explains it all. I’ve been using Lyft since their cars were driving around San Diego with big pink furry mustaches on the grilles. Tourists always asking what’s with those cars? And I would be happy to explain and show them what Lyft was all about. People always comparing Uber and Lyft and always having SOOOO many horror stories about Uber and I would ask, “Why didn’t you use Lyft?” And the answer is always the same, to save a few bucks. Well I promise, especially in San Diego, Lyft is ALWAYS worth the extra dollar or two. Only reasons I didn’t rate five stars is because it seems Lyft isn’t being as picky about their drivers. I used to count on Lyft for always having native San Diegan’s for drivers, not so much anymore. I liked it a lot more when my drivers new the area and paid attention to the road, not their navigation app. Also, it doesn’t make a lot of sense that the price to get from Point Loma to Downtown has quadrupled in the last few years. I’m not exaggerating, I’ve checked my statements. After asking multiple drivers about this I feel it’s safe to say they have not gotten any raises. Reason for this?

- Bye Lyft!

App told me driver would be there in 2 minutes. Didn’t show up for at least 10. The ride cost $30 for a 7 mile ride. My destination was pretty much a straight line east. My estimated time of arrival at my destination was about 25 minutes according to the app. Driver tells me he has to pick someone up. Fine. Next thing I know, we’re headed north. Way way up north. Before long we are on a highway. Now we’ve traveled the same distance that should have gotten me home by now. I end up taking the grand tour of the Bronx which is no where near where I live. I live in Queens. The driver is then directed to take a major toll bridge to get into Queens. Finally 70 minutes after I ordered the Lyft I finally get dropped off at home. Oh and we never did pick up anyone. What a waste of time and money. Do I blame the driver? Absolutely not. It was the Lyft GPS that directed him to take the longest, most round-about route possible. When I reach out to customer service what do they do? Give me a $5 credit that expires within a week or so and scold me for picking a pooled ride. In a very condescending tone this service rep reminded me that the best way to avoid my experience was to order the deluxe ride next time. I’ve been using Lyft for over a year and always use it over Uber. That has now changed. I have deleted Lyft and will be giving Uber my business instead.

- Very rude and unsafe drivers

Driver didn’t finish the ride for me and forced me out of his car in heavy rain about 10 minutes away from my house. There was a very strong odor in the back seat where I was sitting. I nicely informed the driver that there is bad smell coming from the back seat just so he can take care for next passengers. He replied very rudely that I smell! I thought I didn’t hear him right so I said what do you mean? I didn’t say you smell, I just gave you a friendly feedback about your car. But he instead repeated what he said rudely and then asked me to shut up and instead lead him to my address! I got really offended by his action and didn’t feel safe at his car due to his aggression to the extent that I was about to call 911. I told him that my address is in your map and just follow the direction. He then asked me if I live in that area which I declined to answer. He then forced me out of his car in the heavy rain and incorrectly claimed that he has finished the ride. I was left stranded in the streets with luggage after having a very long flight. I am surprised Lyft allows such unsafe drivers to drive for it. I will probably stop using Lyft after this experience. They also don’t have direct customer service that could address emergencies like this and also very slow to get back to you! Yeah right! Mr Robot was available to be fair.

- Newark, NJ Lyft experience

I have had great experiences with Lyft which is why I still use the service. HOWEVER, this past weekend (Sept 1st-2nd), picking up from Newark Penn station changed that. None of the drivers shoulders up within the time the app stated. There were too many horrible drivers: poor attitudes, disrespectful, and not willing to follow the traffic light or the gps. Two drivers began cursing to show their anger—one because a light wouldn’t change fast enough, and he made a left turn on the red light with me and another passenger in the car (Viktor—LEKL70)! The other driver was cursing because she went to the wrong side to pick me up, disregarding where gps told her I was (Ufaefeea—K22KBY). She also was terribly rude, wouldn’t make an effort to come to me so I offered to walk to her and by the time I got to her, she hung up the phone and canceled the ride. Between 2:36PM and 2:55PM, I had 5 different driver changes/updates. Finally, Helen (U82-GZG) showed up and was a delight. Lyft, this is unacceptable. While there are taxis available and they are not better with price, [some of] their attitudes are and they are right there waiting.

- Obnoxious drivers

I’ve been using this app for a while and have had issues a handful of the time. The first time I experienced an issue was when I requested a Lyft and the driver didn’t bother to come to my location. He kept driving passed where I was and cancelled my trip afterwards. My ride was then picked up by two different drivers and the same thing happened. I’m guessing that was a glitch in the software that day. Today I ordered a Lyft shared saver. Context: I’m at the hospital and needed to get picked up. I walked all the way to the pickup location only to see the driver went to a location of his choosing and didn’t notify me. When I called him, he gave me attitude and told me to come to where he was. Mind you, that location was at the other corner of the hospital property. As I was 10ft from him, he cancelled my ride and drove off. I made sure to take a screenshot of where he was vs where the app told me to stand and his info. It’s too bad that we cannot rate drivers unless the ride is complete. I’d give this ride driver a 1 star if I could. A request to Lyft: please allow for reviews for drivers that pick up a ride regardless of if they’re fulfilled rides or not.

- Application issues.

For reference, this is a critique of the app itself, the drivers I have had were pleasant, efficient, and took the safety of everyone in high regard. As far as the app goes, in order to match one with a driver faster, it often matches riders with drivers more than 10 minutes away, and may or may not match them with a different rider who’s closer, while this is something designed by all ride sharing apps, with Lyft the issue is unpredictability, resulting in riders waiting longer or shorter than expected, and are at a higher risk of losing rides. Furthermore, less than their competition, Lyft does not update for traffic issue as well, trips that were expected to be 15 minutes can take 40 minutes due to traffic. The final point of interest is in regards to location pin, whatever services Lyft uses to show where a rider is located often are farther off, and doesn’t take into account road structure: these last few trips, drivers have shown me that they were directed to the back of my apartment building, near the woods located nearby. With all these on s day to day consistent usage over these past few months as I’ve used the app, I have decided to discontinue my usage of Lyft. I appreciate the courtesy of your drivers, and wish you success with your goal of providing service of your customers-Tom.

- Used to be good

Lyft has horrible customer service. I was quite loyal to Lyft given the only other option was Uber. However, Lyft has proven to be challenging to work with in their customer service department. I dislike that there are so many loops one has to jump through to get to a rep. I also dislike that they link you with drivers more than 10 minutes away but say it’s 2 or 3 minutes away. Additionally, I’ve had to wait 30+ minutes on 3 occasions. For which they credit you a $5.... I had to lodge a complaint about one of their drivers for trying to keep me as rider when they were more than 20 minutes away at SFO. I asked that he release me and he said he couldn’t which was a lie because previous drivers have switched me out many times. All Lyft customer service did was say we’ve logged your complaint and you will never be paired with this driver again. Wow. The driver also has a 5.0 rating... despite his harassment to me trying to convince me to wait 20 minutes. Worst off, if you cancel for something like that, Lyft tries to charge you a cancellation fee!

- Worst Company Ever

I usually do not do this but this is a must. On Monday, yesterday, I caught a ride yesterday around 4:23 by a guy named Jean. He dropped me off at Toyota on W Tennessee St around 4:45. I noticed I had left my phone in the Lyft. I used my bf phone to try to message them by telling them I was using his phone. No response from Tyrone who told me to contact him with more concerns. I opened a chat with a young lady because my email was ignored. The young lady Patricia was her name, I was chatting with closed the chat . After 2 rejections I decided to log in . Guess what?? you need verify yourself with you phone.. How inconvenient right ?! So I call 3 times and I don’t get help from anybody... One lady tells me she doesn’t know how long it takes to be contacted. Another gentleman tells me you can contact Lost and Found they can only contact you after you contact them. 2 hrs later still no contact or phone. So I had to use the Find My IPhone (thank goodness for Apple) because Lyft couldn’t even do a simple task . I had to get a ride to go all the way to Eastfield trail just for the Lyft driver to pull my phone out his back pocket and admit to me he received Alerts about my phone! Now I’m wondering if he was going to steal it! I still haven’t heard anything from Lyft not an apology or anything! I WILL NEVER RIDE LYft AGAIN I don’t trust them or their drivers !!!

- HORRIBLE customer service

Normally I’m not one to leave reviews, and I’ve normally had decent experiences using Lyft over Uber. But after my recent experience I will never use Lyft again and will solely be sticking with Uber, which I advise everyone reading this to do as well. I was charged $45 for a trip that I never took. When contacting customer service to get the money back, they basically said “too bad, so sad” and that they couldn’t give me a refund. I explained and provided evidence as to how I never took the trip and how the drop off address doesn’t match my home address, however they still refused to refund me $45 for the trip. The whole entire time the customer service rep was basically blaming me for the issue. I even asked to speak with a manager who was just as useless. Now I’m down $45 for a ride I never once took. Since it was paid through PayPal they’re essentially telling me to dispute the charge through the merchant, therefore I’m basically at a dead end. Never again will I use this app nor will I tell my friends to use this over Uber. Absolute disgrace of a customer service experience all because of a company’s greed rather than valuing the customer experience. Avoid at all costs.

- No CUSTOMER CARE, just rip off passengers & GO !

I have used LYFT off & on over a year now, originally they were my go to opposed to Uber because when I did have any issues w. a ride or driver I was always helped within a few hours (if that long). Lyft no longer has that human to human contact and sadly now I have received MULTIPLE (at least 8+) drivers who have PURPOSELY found ways to attempt to get paid through cancellation fees through this app. This was my last straw, I normally do not write reviews however I just witnessed my driver mark himself present in my location 2 mins prior to arriving then called him (because they never call you) and asked if it was an effort to get a cancellation fee for him to say un huh on the phone and cause me to be charged w. that exact fee .. which was more than the cost of the ride. Now I have to wait more than a day to receive that money back or contact my bank because Lyft no longer respects their consumer. SAVE YOUR TIME & YOUR MONEY! ! Find a ride sharing app that still has some sort of human contact or at least responses within an appropriate amount of time if their drivers are abusing their policies. They responded to this review and still haven’t responded to any of the 3 complaints I’ve had to file w. them in the past 2 weeks. 😭AGAIN, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR YOUR RIDE SHARING OR ONLINE RIDE REQUEST!

- Lyft doesn’t care about its customers

I left my keys in a drivers car and he noticed my keys, and they sent out a email but I was in a movie so I don’t know anyone who read an email but I don’t think to check my email. So when I did notice my keys were missing I called the driver and he was currently doing a ride and he told me I could do it through the app but it will take a long time to get my keys to me so he told me that if he turns off his Lyft app, he can bring my keys as soon as his ride is over but ask me what I can do for him..I don’t know about anyone else but when someone asks that question that’s extremely inappropriate and it make me uncomfortable..when I called Lyft all they did was tell me that they would make sure that he doesn’t get paired up with me anymore..I don’t believe that’s enough. If he can say that to me, just imagine what he can say and do to another customer. Lyft is ridiculous and honestly even though Uber had a rough patch, they were active in fixing the problem so situations like these would not happen. I am disappointed and I will never use Lyft again.

- Best Tampa transport in FL Especially Ybor

I have quite literally taken hundreds of Lyfts from Old Temple Terrace to Ybor and never once have I had a driver that hasn't been kind and accommodating. We prefer to get out a little before the main walk through of Ybor so our driver doesn't have to navigate the causeway of drunken idiots rambling along 7th as that is largely a pedestrian walkway. On our way home, our drivers are just basically kind to us even if we aren't 100% sober which we greatly appreciate. We have never felt taken advantage of or used by our drivers with this app and I think it has to do with the company ethics over Uber, which pay their drivers the minimum but can't live without tips, vs. the no pressure extra tipping system of Lyft. However, please tip your drivers if they provide the basic services you require as we all live in the hellscape of late stage capitalism and must rely on each other to take care of those in the service industry. Thanks for reading if you got past "late stage capitalism" and stayed with me. And thank you for tolerating my run-in sentences!

- Lyft Satisfaction Survey

When in need of a ride, Lyft is normally very reliable and I have gotten wonderful drivers most of the time. However, when leaving home from Decatur, GA., I experienced a driver (Juan) who accepted my ride request and had me waiting approximately 15-20 minutes and then he wound up dropping my request. My request was to the airport, so I cannot express strongly enough how every minute counted. After his terribly inconsiderate cancellation, I was initially assigned to another driver who was 13 minutes away. I cannot tell you how very frustrated I was with Lyft at that moment. Fortunately, Lyft then found me a closer driver (Lashon) who was only 4 minutes away. Lashon was GREAT and got me to the airport in plenty of time to catch my flight but I still can’t get over Juan accepting my ride request only to have me waiting in vein for 20 minutes wasting my time AND jeopardizing me catching my flight. I would certainly like to see him reprimanded and definitely want him BLOCKED from ever picking up another ride request from me in the future! And this guy supposedly have a 5 star rating? I don’t think so. Very disappointed with that terrible experience 👎🏽

- Horrible!!!!!

My 17 year old daughter took a ride from 𝐋𝐲𝐟𝐭 and the grown married man starting hitting on my kid!!! She said”I am only 17 and just turned 17 and said I’m not interested at all your way to old and I’m in a relationship” he STILL kept saying stuff to her, totally freaked her out so then that night around 3am this 𝐃𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫 found her on FACEBOOK, message her saying how he wanted to see her again and he remembers exactly where she lives!!! He even told her he lives close by(a coupe streets over to be exact) and could sneak away from his wife anytime for her!!!!! It took 𝐋𝐲𝐟𝐭 5 days to “email” me and when I asked over and over for a phone number so I could call them they would not give it to em and would only communicate through email. I am beyond angry, scared and soooo frustrated!!!! I know we can only do as much as we can do when hiring people for stuff like this(meaning Backgroud checks and so forth) but when I reached out to them (I emailed 4 times in 1 day) saying what was going on(I’m also worried about other kids riding with this guy) they acted like they didn’t even care!!! Went on saying how they’re sorry for MY INCONVENIENCE!!!!! Are you seriously saying inconvenience???? Anyway, I have had some great drivers with 𝐋𝐲𝐟𝐭 but for there customers service to be like that... I still can’t believe it!

- Blind Person Friendly

This was my first time riding Lyft, I was very hesitant in trying this type of transportation. I have heard horror stories when it comes to Uber, so I didn’t know if Lyft would be the same. I found out that my reservations were wrong. I had a driver that came to me with a friendly smile and was able to take care of my luggage and help me out. He also had a clean and refreshing spelling car. We had a professional yet friendly conversation that entertains a quick ride to where I needed to go. He drove safe and I feel comfortable riding in the vehicle. Also, I made reservations for a ride but it was unsuccessful, I was not worried because of the fact that Lyft communicates through text message. So, I was informed throughout the whole process. I then ended up making another ride and immediately within three minutes was able to get transportation to where I needed to go. I will definitely be using Lyft in the future above any other transportation. A great experience for first-time user. I have found my alternate transportation from cab and Acess.

- Very displeased

I ride with Lyft at least four times a week for my job from my home to work it’s very trackable Lyft can see it’s a very consistent drive I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw a Lyft drivers were overcharging their customers and fraudulently collecting money by stating that the customers requested to go to this place to that place but we really didn’t I thought oh what the heck I’m sure this didn’t happen to me I go I check the most recent ride I took with Lyft this happened to me a woman named Kelsy was my Lyft driver I’m in recovery and I could tell that she was on drugs I didn’t think much of it at the time it’s her life she got me there safely it didn’t matter but then I find she fraudulently overcharged me the fact that they have the ability to do this without the customer being notified I don’t like. I don’t feel comfortable choosing them as my transportation company I won’t be using Lyft for a very long time if ever again and I really hope that they do discipline that employee she’s on drugs and stealing from customers that within itself is very bad I can’t contact them it’s sad that I can’t even find a phone number to contact them about I can’t email them and that’s even scarier so be very careful in choosing left and make sure after every ride your checking how much it came out to

- Needs a lot of work

This service would be better if: 1. If drivers didn’t lock down pickups while currently dropping off another customer, typically adding significantly more more time than a customer would be waiting otherwise. 2. If drivers would stop using third party apps for directions. Or at least act like their passengers are trying to get to their destination promptly. No one orders a pickup with the intention of a 10 minutes ride taking 25 minutes while the driver takes the scenic route. I shouldn’t have to express that I’m in a realistic hurry to a stranger. They should understand that’s the implication of ordering a pickup, that I want to reach my destination promptly. 3. If drivers would quit driving ridiculously large circles around a neighborhood, only because they get penalized for taking u-turns. I literally watched a driver pass my location by 30 feet, but instead of turning into one of the many parking lots at my school to turn around, the driver just kept driving, around an entire college campus, to try to pick me up. When I watched this add 7 minutes to the trip I canceled. These inconveniences, at customer expense, defeat the purpose of paying for a service as simple as following a map that’s so easy to read.

- Can’t get in contact with nobody

I first used Lyft because I had heard so much about it being that I’m disabled and can’t drive it was a way for me to get around places. I used your service in March 2019 and for some reason my phone showed the charge but wouldn’t accept my payment. And I had someone else do it on their phone and it went through. The driver came and he was very nice he took me too Hobby Airport. When I got to St. Louis, Mo. I tried to use Lyft again, and it saying that I still owe for the ride I paid for. And I had to catch a taxi home because it was late and no one could come and get me. Me and my son have sent email after email to no avail. I have the proof that payment was received by Uber and it came out of my account so why is it still saying I owe is beyond me. I tried to use it Monday now that I’m back in Texas and they’re trying to charge me for the ride I want to take and for the ride I initially paid for. I would love it if someone would look into this matter. I have all the proof you need to verify that the transaction went through. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

- App needs work, Ride/drivers great

Dear Lyft - I hope this helps to improve your app! I tried to edit my ride, then cancel. The app had automatically imputed my home (understandably!) instead of my intended pick up point at the car repair spot; when I realized this, I tapped ‘edit’ which only shows a map instead of my pre- designated destinations - the addresses which I don’t know - hence pre- designated. Why doesn’t the app list them with an option of a map? Or easily allow one to choose that list? Could not quickly find this option - not user friendly. When I tried to cancel, it showed ‘fee waived’ but without saying I had only 2 minutes to cancel - this should be clearly stated with a warning in RED. Thinking the fee would be waived, and I had time, I tried calling the driver; he was no help since he only goes by the inputed map and didn’t know the street where i wanted to meet for the pick up. So I canceled - but then the app showed he was coming anyway, which was confusing since later on I discovered I was charged the cancel fee - plus, it asked to rate the ride - the driver was faultless here and got 5 Stars. I was upset and frustrated, late for my appointment. I hope this is useful- will update rating when improvements are made.

- Latest update causing accessibility issues

I just started using this application this year and converted from Uber. It has been quite a difference and I have been extremely satisfied with this ridesharing service up until last week when the application was updated. The changes to the interface has affected the overall accessibility for the visually impaired. This application was not the most accessible prior to the update, but it was usable. Now, the application has become more stressful to use because certain things are more difficult to bring up such as the option to split a fair and other things. The previous version was at least consistent and I knew where to find things. This update rearranged certain functions of the overall experience has made using this application quite difficult to say the least. Please go back to making things how they were because if it comes down to having to just stop seizing to use this service; I have no issue resorting to this or even dare I say returning back to Uber. Thank you.


I am not rating one star just because I, as a driver had a bad experience. It is only to get the app developer’s attention so that some serious changes could be made in be app meant for passengers. Being a Lyft Driver, I had the inconvenience of an irate customer who did not think twice to check for the license plate of the ride he had requested from the app and somehow had three ride requests cancelled before he got into my vehicle out of his own frustration. The passenger, being a 63 old, huge & hefty man, who had a hard time walking five steps towards his Lyft ride was completely unwilling to get out of my car even after realizing he GOT THE WRONG RIDE the fourth time around. I do realize and am guilty of the fact that I had to drop him home which was only 8 minutes away by being offline and missing the rides which could have paid me a lot more than the wrong one. This is a humble request to the developer to PLEASE add a feature for the passengers which will force them to verify the license plate and the driver in the vehicle before the journey begins as this could end up being a lawsuit by keeping this loophole exposed for passengers. Sooner or later, the passengers will find out about this and someone out there will find a way to use this for their advantage.

- Lyft is on its way to creating a professional driving culture

Overall I’ve been satisfied with the quality and professionalism of drivers. Clearly Lyft is working with their team on ensuring drivers are prepared to act as a representative of Lyft rather than someone who simply has some time to pass and takes said person from point A to point B. The added accommodations of bottled water, mints and reading materials all make a difference - I wish all drivers were required to provide this. Still - some drivers are clearly more interested in providing stellar service and treating this as a job than others. That being said, I wish there was a way for Lyft to allow for a user to request a particular driver for a month since many users have made a connection with a ptocular driver here and there. If even be willing to pay $1000 a month or more to secure a particular driver that I have made a connection with since I use Lyft 14 plus times a week. It would be a great convenience for those who don’t want to have a car but have the comfort of a set driver.

- First Lyft Request a TOTAL bust!!!!

UPDATE -a week and a half later- : Customer service is awful. All I get is what is probably a stock answer. They continue to tell me a charge to my MasterCard was not authorized when the bank for my MasterCard told me the day of the incident that the charge WAS authorized. All I would really like is an apology and for someone to look into what must be a system problem. - I added the Lyft app and attempted to use Lyft as it came highly recommended. I requested my first Lyft at LAX after collecting my bags and was told by the app that Lyft was having trouble with my payment method. It said “try another card,” so I had to enter another card at the airport, and got the same message. I thought if had to do with being 3000 miles from home and maybe they blocked the cards. Called both banks and was told everything was fine with them. One of the bank reps specifically said that the charge came through and the bank AUTHORIZED the charge, and I got the message from Lyft that the card was a problem. My brother got me a car, and the driver was great, but I spent an extra hour at LAX for no good reason because of Lyft. I’ve read online that people have been experiencing this since at least 2013. One person in 2017 said the problem has been an issue for that person for a YEAR.

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- Great Hope it comes to Australia!

I am so glad Lyft was smart and sent me an email which allowed me to change country post codes for my credit card when I had some trouble signing up. It’s a great app. Very easy to use and efficient. The rides are much better priced than Uber in Australia. And also option of shared ride too.

- Terrible Safety Issues & Customer Service Responses

My friend and I had 2 very concerning situations happen to us in the space of a week while using Lyft overseas; both times we received dismal responses from the customer service team. We were travelling in a Lyft where the entire side back window exploded on us whilst driving down the highway—we received a $5 credit as compensation and that was it. The next incident involved us reporting a suspicious car that we travelled in, where the smell of blood was very strong, lots and lots of air fresheners had been strewn across the inside of the car and we could hear the sound of something rolling around in the boot (trunk) of the car. I reported this as my friend and I were both frightened and wanted to make sure there was not a malevolent situation afoot. I received no response or any attempt of a follow up after being told to send screenshots of the driver and the trip route; this incident occurred over a week ago. These incidents are not the fault of the Lyft service itself, but the customer service team’s responses (or lack thereof) have cemented my opinion of Lyft’s quality and safety policies and procedures. I will not being using this service again.

- Lyft Review

The Lyft service is fantastic, the cars are always super clean, waiting time for pickup in any location, is very quick & only ever a couple of minutes top’s. Every driver we had had, was always polite & very friendly, great service & thouroughly recomend to everyone, 5 stars 👍👍🤓

- Difficult to contact

Generally a good service. However even on the Lyft website, there appears to be no way indicated to speak to a real person (!), or even an email or other field to leave a constructive suggestion. As usual / in most situations, "it's all about communication." Usually using Lyft in USA. But I would also like the service to be available in Australia.

- Best app in the city

I use Lyft all the time. I love the efficiency and friendly drivers. What I have found recently though is the driver is somewhere different to the location I’ve been told to walk towards. Causing confusion and sometimes no show charges.

- The airport functionality is terrible

Theres no feedback mechanism to even complain about how bad the take a number thing at airports is. Its not the drivers fault i think so i didnt want to give them a bad review - but its super bad and unclear how long you end up waiting for a ride to get a connecting train elsewhere etc. missed mine despite more than half an hour built in for delays.

- Great for holidays

I used this app with Aussie phone and a US sim while on holidays recently. Much cheaper than Uber in the city I was in. Please stay in the Aussie App Store as it is virtually impossible to shift app stores (you need to lose all credits ($) on your account to shift)

- Customer service is a joke

My ride broke down on the freeway on the way to the airport to catch an international flight, which as you can imagine, was very stressful, dangerous, and difficult to link up with a second driver to take us the rest of the way. The drivers were amazing but customer service were a joke, and gave me a refund for 50c. Will never use again, Uber is much better and more helpful in times of trouble.

- Tried Lyft for first time

Exceeded our expectations. Google maps seem to provide better routes and a faster trip. Cars and drivers friendly and clean.

- My first time

This has been my first trip and I can't rate this app highly enough . Easy to use , efficient in its location finder & the driver very friendly and helpful .

- First time users

First time using lyft , was easy , and our driver was wonderful, and explained more about service etc would recommend

- Service

Coming from Australia and not having Lyft, I found this service fantastic. Both rides have been pleasant and cheap. Love the system. Our first driver Eric was unbelievable

- My rides

My experiences have been great 3 trips all great people with info when asked and happy to share I am very impressed also my wife is very happy

- Thank you

We are visiting from Australia, there is 5 of us.. Lyft has made getting around so easy we appreciate it thanks so much.

- Aussie approved!

Also an Aussie who traveled to the states for a holiday. Much better than Uber! Thank you for giving them the competition. Glad it’s in the Australian store.

- Way Better than Uber

Friendly safe drivers and clean vehicles

- Lyft

Just got totally ripped off by Uber in Miami on a scheduled drive to the airport, cost $173, so decided to use Lyft for the first time. Excellent service, and much cheaper than Uber, will be using Lyft whilst I Am in LA.

- Very Happy Customer

Excellent service, speedy friendly and always offering discounts to customers.

- Great experience

Lyft’s drivers are great, cars are very clean and new. Rate is good. First time in Canada and also first time using Lyft. Will recommend Lyft to my friends.

- Waste of time

I spent 10 minutes entering all my details including credit card only to find out it is not available in my country. When it starts you should be told this before wasting you time setting up an account. Uber is available in Brisbane Australia. Lyft is just a time thief.

- Rip Off in NYC

Drivers manipulate surge in the city just like Uber drivers. Tried using it and couldn’t get a driver to pick me up, they kept playing the surge game. They would accept a job and just wait and not move. WHAT I DID DO WAS GET A CAB AND IT WORKED OUT CHEAPER EVERY SINGLE TIME (10+) sometimes by 30%. Don’t believe me try it. In NYC cabs are a cheaper option.

- Great Driver

Thanks Audriana you were wonderful! Hope we get you again soon.

- First timer

My first time to use this service. Very impressed. Friendly and informative driver

- Great service

Thanks for quick response. It’s our first time using Lyft. Service was great!

- It’s good value but Lyft needs its own messager

It’s good value. But when the driver tried to contact us he couldn’t. We only have wifi. There was no way to call or message

- Lyft is great

I’m from Australia Lyft is easy reliable and hassle free! Keeps you updated via sms all the way 👍🏼

- Leah

First Lyft ride ever & first time in LA. Driver was so friendly and provided some great info on Dodgers and on the stadium. Really safe, fast and enjoyable trip

- David is the best

Couldn't have asked for a better driver, we became good mates along the way 😊

- Great app

Easy to use and transparent. Highly recommend.

- Quick

Arrived within 5 mins of booking. Very nice clean Jeep. Very courteous. Thanks - tourist from Sydney Australia

- Can’t sign up using Australian mobile number.

Unable to use app. While it allows for an Australian number to register, it doesn’t accept Australian mobile numbers - both complete and with the first zero dropped.

- Waste of time.

Just downloaded the app from the Australian App Store. Went through all the signup process, gave all my personal details, then try and use the app and it’s not available in a small town like Sydney!!! Waste of my time. Back to Uber I guess.

- Love your service

Can I please have a promo? X

- Ridesharing

Would be cool if you could split rides between friends

- Can’t register in the app

For some reason it won’t accept my mobile to start the registration process. Did you guys test the Australian market?


I also went through the whole startup process just to find out that I actually can’t use it. I wonder why the app can’t notify you when you enter your address? Disappointed :(

- Not fully functional

Couldnt cancel a booking. Cancel button not working. Then when driver went to wrong location got charged $8 for the faulty app!

- Very nice driver

One of the best drive so far

- First time user

First time user of Lyft. Loved it!

- The best

You are all awesome!! Thanks so much

- Downunder

Fantastic driver and very friendly!!!!! Mahalo

- Promos and referrals

Promo and referrals don’t work very well. No traffic but charged for time??

- Over charged

I was charged a no show fee when I was actually there and the drive hung up on me

- Curtis you Rock!

Thank you for a great read ride Aussie Cat! Perth Australia

- A

Wasn’t able to use the promo card I was given

- nice

cool young drivers, usually cheaper than uber. good that it's on the aussi store

- Useless

Cant register with an Australian mobile number, so completely useless.

- Missed International Flight. Thanks Lyft.

My Lyft line took an extra 35 mins on the trip to JFK than estimated. Missed my check in for an international flight. $1200 Lyft ride. Awesome thanks team 😐

- Dodgy drivers in NY

Unfortunately I had bad experiences in NY with dodgy drivers and I lost a job because of that.

- Can’t even sign up

App is broken

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- I Love Lyft!

First of all, if you haven’t taken a ride yet make sure you use the coupon “RIDE623” to get $10 off your first 5 rides!! Enter it right before you request a ride. Go to the Payments tab in the app and enter the coupon there. Might as well try it out since it probably won’t cost you a thing!! The app is simple, easy to use and intuitive by design, giving you important info like the driver’s face, phone number, and car make and model. It’s amazing how quick and seamless the entire process is. A car comes to your door within minutes of pressing a button!!! The drivers are real people, they are very polite and their cars are clean! Some even come with complimentary water, gum and candy! Even if you want to charge your phone, a lot of drivers have phone chargers at their ready!! Lyft is definitely cheaper than your average cab. After all this, I don’t see why you would ever use a yellow cab again. Even if you want to get a black car on the occasional night out, it’s still cheaper and more convenient that hiring your own private driver. The customer support is also fantastic. I got wrongly charged an extra fee on one of my trips and didn’t have to say anything more than a short comment on my driver feedback to get a full refund. I’m very happy and I hope Lyft continues to exceed my expectations in not only the app but customer service!

- Neat riding sharing experience

Had a great time using Lyft for the first time on a work trip to the states. The prices were often cheaper than Uber and every driver we met was amazing. I even got free credits towards rides upon signing up. As far as the rating goes, there are 2 reasons I’m giving it 3 stars instead of 5. One is because only recently (months after I used Lyft) I discovered that every time I cancelled a ride I was charged $1. I was not aware of a cancellation fee as it was not communicated upon signing up or confirmed before I cancelled a ride - which is very poor disclosure. And the second reason is more than once, after accepting a ride and already being in the car the app kicked us out of that ride because it found a closer one.. which doesn’t make sense seeing as we were already IN the ride we accepted so the individual driving us was forced to let us go because they wouldn’t be recognized for the ride. Other than than the overall experience was great.

- Lyft is cool, but the app is draining my battery

The app is cool and the system works great, but it drains my battery so much. Don’t know if I’ll continue to use it.

- No show

Got billed for $5.65 cancellation fee. Two drivers couldn’t find the Marriott City Centre at the Rogers Centre. Almost missed a show. Not impressed!

- Can't use in Canada with iOS 9?

Pretty insane that you can't update to the new version (the version required to use the app in Canada) unless you are on iOS 10 or higher. Looks like Uber will continue getting my business, hopefully their prices will go down with Lyft's arrival.

- Worst support, extra charged

Avoid the use of this app. They have no support, charge for no reason, drivers have loopholes to fool around and charge extra

- You can’t delete your payment info once you’ve entered it

WARNING: you can’t remove your credit card information once you’ve inputted it on your account!! Even if you deactivate your account, they still keep your information!

- Awful

Uber is so much better at least they arrive within the time stated not 20 min later

- Use Uber, the Lyft developers lack brains

Many of the reviews here are focused on bad experiences with specific drivers. What Lyft won’t tell you is how awful their app actually is. At the time of writing, the Lyft app is riddled with numerous breaking bugs that come up in the worst situations. The code-monkeys tasked with designing this awful application are clearly not being fed enough bananas. You won’t notice it if you follow the exact “happy path” this app was clearly designed for, but once you stray and mis-click a button, it is game over. Having taken hundreds of Uber trips, and dozens of Lyft rides, the quality difference is staggering. As much as Lyft likes to preach their culture, maybe they should focus on building a quality product first.

- Very unreliable drivers and Platform

Drivers will often not be able to find you. Map will often be inaccurate. It’s an ok service if you don’t have to be anywhere.

- Switch to uber

Lyft is ridiculous my driver was clearly drunk and was driving so carelessly. I msged them to inform them. There only response was you should’ve gotten out of the car. I was on the highway. They wanted me to get out on the side of the road? Lyft doesn’t care about you. Only your money. Please use uber they actually care about customer service.

- Wrong pickup and too many drivers still on ride

I’ve add such bad experience lately with Lyft, the app can’t seem to be able to locate me and even when it does, it sends me elsewhere for pickup without giving me a choice. I use the app when traveling so I mostly don’t know where I am, I don’t need to app to make me move also. Another thing and it’s more about the drivers, had to cancel 4 times today in a row because the drives keep accepting while still on another call, ended up wasting almost 30 minutes for drivers that either didn’t arrived or were way too slow.

- SO EXPENSIVE sadly theres no 0star

i look at this app and uber, the destination from pick up to drop this app charging me a lot than uber.. so i guess i rather use uber than this app.

- good app

use my code DANY02991 to get up to $40 off on rides! might aswell save all the money you can (:

- Unexpected Driver Changes

The Lyft service should be for convenience, speed and safety especially during times of COVID-19 health crises but instead it makes you late, unsafe and annoyed constantly. The drivers don’t drive with urgency to get you where you’re going on time, the app constantly changes your drivers making you even more late n when they do arrive they cough and sneeze without a care in the world. You’re better off taking an UBER or just taking the bus. I don’t recommend you use this app


I am an essential worker right now I should not have to wait an hour longer at work because your company can’t seem to get their drivers and their drivers geographical location closer. So here I am giving you guys my money and I’ve been sitting here for the past hour waiting for a Lyft I called an hour ago HORRIBLE SERVICE quality over quantity. This is my first time using this app and I wouldn’t recommend it for the life of me.

- Horrible app

A million times worse than Uber. The app freezes. It changes the drivers on you unexpectedly. It makes you wait a very long time for a driver. I would not recommend this app to anyone. It’s trash. Everything about it is trash.

- Not good 😡

It takes so long to find nearby driver

- Ruined.

Every time I try to request a ride no one is available and it takes up to an hour to get someone!!! This service is ridiculous and you guys shouldn’t be running if your not thinking about your customers. Not only does it take 20+ minutes to find an actual ride but if you decide that’s way too long and you could bus/ walk faster to your destination THEN RIDE you get charged $5 straight from your account. Outrageous.

- Driver not shown up

I was standing right at the Walmart entrance and called 3 times and driver said he is coming but never turned up. Sad thing is no show up fee is charged to customer sucks

- Discrimination

Very disappointed. I had experience of discrimination by the driver during COVID-19 by not letting me get in the car just because I am Asian

- Why too expensive from LGA to Paramus at 9:20pm?

$81 is too expensive and I will have sleepless night tonight. While going to LGA at 6pm it is $52 and now no traffic still charged $81 - I will find another transit from now onwards as there is no reason for charging more

- Waiting for response

I am still waiting on a return for an incident that happened on my Lyft trip of being dropped off in an unsafe environment! Will not be using app anymore!!!

- Review

Why do you give 10% off promos and then up the price by $2-$3? Also we should be able to individually rate a driver, not just pick from a prepared menu of concerns. It limits the rider from explaining exactly what they want to say. I have complained before but Lyft doesn’t seem to care. I was ignored. At least with uber they are easily contactable.

- Impossible to redeem $15 welcome gift

I used Lyft for first time. While using Google Maps to find a public transport to my destination, Lyft offered me a $15 welcome gift to credit towards my first ride. So clicked in the link and it couldn’t open the landing page. So I have to manually download the app from Apple store. When I confirmed my first ride, there was no place to redeem the code GMAPSCA that the offered not did Lyft subtracted that amount from my check. So I was very disappointed with Lyft. Bad customer service and horrible first impression. Better keep using Uber

- Why driver first except and then cancel the ride I am very disappointed with this

You should work on this problem or it will reduce your customer

- Rip off

Had it for a month, decent until I had to cancel a ride due to wait time, and they charged me for full trip.. deleted the app. At least Uber waves cancelation fees if the wait is too long, pretty awful

- Good

Awesome ride with drivers

- Worst app

Worst app Didn’t got free rides credit even after applying referral code.

- Unable to apply any promocode

The app doesn’t allow to apply any promocode on signup

- Will never use lyft again

I was using lyft since 2 years and it was fine, but after updating lyft app, it automatically overcharged whenever I finish my ride. That’s totally unfair and never use lyft again👎

- Ride split

Cannot split the fare. Don’t use this app unless you want to pay for everything.

- Unreliable

Even though the service is a bit cheaper than others but they let you down when you need them and usually you have to wait extra time for drivers i had to wait 10 minutes for a driver in -30° weather and when the driver got close the ride was canceled so i had to wait another 10 mins in the freezing cold so not only i was late i was stuck in that weather I have been using both uber And Lyft but this made me change my mind about them since they are not RELIABLE

- Drivers

There drivers in Canada are really picky on who they pick I’ve even got some people accepting my ride to see where I’m going then just cancel I hate how they don’t get penalized for any of that.

- Charge too much

You guys charged me lot rather than Uber also you guys instead of showing at the front deduct additional when I pay wrongly.

- 😡


- Bad business practices

Lyft is a sketchy company and they lack transparent pricing, using opaque tactics to get you to pay more. As far as I’m concerned, it’s easy enough for me to delete this app and never use it again because I’ve now had a couple cases where the quoted price has been significantly lower than the final price. I don’t want to have my credit card on file for a company with these kinds of unethical business practices.

- Wait time

Waiting time is way to long

- Jeet k

Awesome trip in Lyft

- January 28, 2019

Today I order an Lyft and I was transferred to a different driver every 5 mins my time was wasted I am not satisfied I was late to work and I regret using lyft today I’m very disappointed.

- Love it, please make it available in Montreal.

I really enjoyed this app while I was staying in Toronto. I wish it's available in Montreal soon.

- The Route

The routes are really pathetic. Just to 500m you guys give a 10 mine route. Its just waste of time and resources.

- Good app

Good app

- Can’t register

Won’t let me sign in through Facebook and won’t accept my number.

- Nice experience

Nice experince no issues with app Use my promo code VIPIN71227 And get 15$ for each 5 rides

- Excellent Customer Service

Hamid Reza was extremely helpful and has a very friendly personality. Thank you!

- I know you all read these

I can drive too but when I want to ride in style, I choose Lyft

- Harassment Lyft Driver

Dont download this app if theres something happen to you guys the company will not take an action. Last night the uber driver very rude and harrassment I tried To report the guy “Mohammad Reza”. I order 2stop one in donsmills staion in fairviewmall and Yorkmills where I supposed to work. The guy droff my girl in station after 30 seconds the uber driver droff me in station too. Which is I complain why he droff me there actually he dont know. He said Thats my destination like seriously? Why im gonna order 2droff in a same place? So I show him my phone where he supposed to droff me. He not listening he want me do get out the car and start yelling at me. He open the door and he punch me. And now I email compnay like they noy gonna take and action. For me take UBER not LYFT they now gonna help you if theres something happen.

- Horrible

Not worth the money and time it takes

- They keep your credit card info and don’t allow you to remove it

Extremely unsatisfied with Lyft app that forces customers to keep their credit card info on the app. Uber does better then them.. at least I can delete my CC info in the app. Contacted the customer service today, they didn’t give me the instruction to delete my account while I was asking to. I also asked if my CC info be removed if I deleted my account, then they closed the session lol. Very LOW QUALITY customer service. Wow, being a customer for years and this is what it end to be. Will NOT consider Lyft in the future for sure!

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- Drivers are great. App is not. Use Uber.

I use this app everyday and I’ve finally called it quits. Although I’ve noticed an attempt to improve the Shared algorithm so you’re not diverted to pick someone up that is a mile behind you when your destination is only a mile away, it’s still not enough to compete with the precision and efficiency Uber’s app gives its drivers and passengers. This app is horrible. Drivers are constantly annoyed with its Shared functionality which in turn causes passengers, like myself, to have a frustrating experience. I like my drivers through Lyft and time is generally not an issue for me when I’m using the app. When I need to be somewhere on time, I use UberX. The source of my frustration is the app’s sluggish interface, inaccurate gps, and infidelity to parameters established by drivers (like when to stop Shared passenger add-ons so passengers don’t get canceled on). I switched to Lyft when Uber’s gender pay gap was big news, but, come on Lyft. Don’t give conscientious users a subpar product. Going on a hiatus until Lyft improves exponentially.

- You’ll destroy your car and earn nothing in the process

Lyft will send you bonus opportunities when they notice you aren’t driving, the earnings are great. As soon as you get your first bonus for driving 60 people for a $64 bonus they will no longer offer you decent ways to earn. I have never seen a power zone in a year nor destination bonus. They cancel the driver streaks as soon as you are 1 ride away, all of a sudden when you check it the bonus offer disappears. Many people I have spoken too states that Lyft asks them to drive for unattainable goals. Customer service is a joke, you might as well ask yourself a question because their goal is to close the ticket not give you answers. My door lock mechanism was damaged from riders slamming my door, the door gets more use than any other part of my car because that’s the door most people use to enter my car. I have 24 hours to send a picture of something you can’t see you have to actually take your hands and feel or use. Drive UBER, a customer told me she was charged $40 for a ride through Lyft whereas Uber charged $80 for the same ride. I got $24 for driving someone over 48 minutes away. Drive Uber!!! The ratings for this app are from employees and friends of the developers, that’s a proven fact!!!!

- Horrible service

If I could give 0 stars I would. I wouldn’t recommend Lyft to anyone at all. I’ve been using Lyft for awhile now with out any problem until recently. When the Lyft had arrived as soon as I opened the door the driver asked me for my age. I was thrown off by that question because I’ve never been asked that before. I asked why and he said because I looked underage and he wanted to see my ID. I told him that I wasn’t giving him my ID because I don’t have to. He cancelled the ride and ended up calling someone from Lyft to tell them what had. He told the person on the phone that I was underage which is not true. I then asked the person that was on the phone are you required to show ID to the driver. The person on the phone told me no that it wasn’t required. Even though the driver asked for my ID multiple times. After that had happened I tried to get in contact with Lyft which was very had. Their customer service is absolutely horrible. The next day I received an email from Lyft saying that they had deactivated my account because of feedback say that I might not be of age. And in ordered to reactive my account I would need to send them a photo ID. Which I did. I wouldn’t ride with Lyft anymore and would never tell anyone else to use the app. Use Uber instead.

- Worst service I’ve ever had

Lyft doesn’t check drivers vehicles or the drivers themselves, I’ve had multiple drivers arrive in cars that are safety hazards; no seat belts, doors not being able to close completely, and they harass me to give them 5 stars and a tip. Not to mention the service is terrible, I’ve been late to work on several occasions because Lyft fails to give the correct pick up and drop off times, often picking me up so late I’ve had to call into work. It’s ridiculous the amount of money I’ve spent canceling rides because of the fees they make you pay when in reality it doesn’t cost them anything to cancel. Drivers often finish other rides first and take an additional 20 minutes to arrive for pick up. You’d be better off using Discount Cabs. Uber gets a bad rap but honestly Lyft is just as terrible. Overpriced, inexperienced drivers, and overall just not a good way to spend your money. Will definitely not be using this app any longer, it’s went completely downhill over the last couple years.

- Bad experience

On Monday October 1st I requested a Lyft to pick me up from Logan airport. Notification said “driver is here”. The driver called and I informed him that I was standing in the designated ride share location for American Airlines looking for him. After 5 min i got a notification that the lyft was cancelled and I’d be charged $5. I immediately called the driver who pretended he could not hear me and hung up. I called a 2nd lyft and the same thing happened except the guard spoke to the gentleman and told him he was parked in wrong location(limousine parking) and instructed him on where he should go but the driver never came and was charged $5 again because 5 min had passed. A 3rd lyft was requested and after a few min the driver cancelled! After the 4th attempt, the guard called the driver and spoke to him. The driver said he was at terminal A. For whatever reason the lyft app was directing the drivers to terminal A instead of B and I have incurred $10 in charges that I feel I should not have been charge. I would greatly appreciate you investigating this and reversing the charges. This was very frustrating and a huge inconvenience.

- Lyft’s Customer Service is Incompetent

Lyft charged a payment source that I did not select and upon emailing their company for help in issuing a refund in order to charge the correct source, customer service is responding to me about a problem that I’m not even having. I’m dealing with someone named Henrick right now, if that’s even his name, and I’m not sure why he keeps bringing up a $25 “temporary” charge that UBER HAS NEVER DONE. I’m not even upset about this “temporary charge” that I cannot see from my end. I was charged through paypal and just want those charges to go to the card I have on file that I selected both times I used Lyft’s service the other night. I’m not asking for a complete refund, I’m not asking for ride credits, I simply want the ride charges to go to the card I had originally selected for payment. This seems to be such a hard thing for Lyft to comprehend and eventually fix, so I will be taking my business to Uber or See Jane Go. For all of my sisters out there, See Jane Go is a ride service that staffs only women and picks up only women.

- WORST COMPANY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I could give this company zero stars I would! We were visiting New York City and my 11 month old accidently dropped my husbands phone on the floor of the Lyft vehicle. We were in such a rush because of NYC traffic that we completely forgot to pick it up. We realized it just as soon as we walked into St. Patricks Cathedral and ran out to see if we could catch the driver but had no luck. We then contacted Lyft to see if they were able to call the driver and ask if he would be able to turn around. Apparently, Lyft has a policy in which they are not able to contact drivers while they are “in drive mode“. So, we began with the lost and found process and figured that the phone would be returned to us within 24 hours, which is what we were told. Long story short that 24 hours turned into Lyft never being able to get ahold of our driver and the phone not being returned. A $20 Lyft ride turned into a $500 Lyft ride. This incident happened about a month ago and we still have not received a phone call from Lyft. I will never use this company ever again for their lack of customer service. Be careful with any belongings you have, there is a huge chance Lyft will not help getting them back to you if you mistakenly leave it in a vehicle!!!

- Doesn’t work

I tried to schedule a ride for 20 minutes in the future. Every time I tried to set the dial to the time I wanted, the dial scrolled back to the current time. Apparently 10 minutes in the future was acceptable to the dial, however. After waiting more than ten minutes, I checked to see whether my ride was on its way. It wasn’t. My ride was scheduled for tomorrow (the app gave no indication of this when I was scheduling). At this time, I scheduled a ride immediately. Before it could arrive, I changed locations and tried to update this in the app. The app has a feature for updating pickup location, but this doesn’t work either. Every time I scrolled to my new location on the map, the app scrolled right back to the old location, and also wouldn’t let me just type in the new address. I tried contacting the driver via text and call, but she never responded and never showed up. TLDR, none of the features in the UI worked as expected, and the app failed in its central function of providing a “lyft.”

- Passenger Timing

Lyft is not mindful about getting their customers to their destination on time. It’s like y’all can seriously care less and it’s just too obvious that y’all so focused on being money hungry that you will literally make a driver back track for someone that’s 8 minutes away. There are times I was picked up between 7-7:10 am & ended up missing 2 trains because I arrived at 7:55 am for a destination that doesn’t even take more than 6 minutes to get to. All because y’all rather get money from Joe, Shmo, & Toe so you guys will pack a car up tight AND make the driver back track. One time I even had a driver pick me up and drive 2 miles away from my house and LYFT made him turn around to go more than halfway back to pick somebody up. It’s really sad because this is something your drivers and passengers complain about quite frequently. I am completely DONE with using LYFT in the morning for work because messing around with y’all, I’ll be late picking up and dropping off people all across town. UBER pool adds passengers that’s already in the direction we’re going, y’all completely snatch up people that’s not even close to the original route for the passengers already in the car. Smh YOU GUYS WILL SEE HOW THIS WILL AFFECT YOU SOONER THAN LATER!!!! mark my words

- Bulky and irritating.

I am frustrated that you’re trying to mimic Uber. I stopped using their passenger app for a reason. I liked being able to check a location to see if there were cars there just by moving the pin on the map. Now you’ve updated the app and made it just like Uber and can only see the cars closest to where you currently are. Very often we are bouncing from place to place to place on extremely busy days and like to see en route if there are going to be cars close enough for us to accomplish what’s necessary in the time frames needed. I can’t do that anymore because you think you need to be like them. Also, when putting in ride information, it immediately jumps to the next page before allowing you the option to add a third stop. You have to go back a page to add it. You should be able to make the choice first before going on ahead. I also think four stops total would be better than three. Get the one up on Uber on that one. Stop trying to be like Uber.

- Racist Drivers - No support from Lyft

I just had a driver come to my apartment building. Stop. Look at me. Then when I walk towards his car, speed off and cancel the ride. Lyft has offered no support on the issue. I also doubt that I’m the first black person that this piece of trash, Rachid has done this to. Makes matters worse, I needed to pick up my car from the mechanic with a half hour. I was standing outside of my apartment in angst hoping the next Lyft driver wouldn’t be a racist piece of garbage. I am deleting the app and going back to Uber. One of the reasons why apps like these have done so well is because they’ve supposedly operated under anti-discriminate practices unlike cab companies which have often refused rides to black people. Guess this is the same principle...and not that it should matter but I live in a very nice area and the location that I was being dropped off to is also a nice location. Pathetic racist trash should not be employed in positions that require them to interact with the general public.

- Frustrated Blind Rider

I use Lyft every day. As someone who is legally blind and cannot drive, I rely on Lyft and Uber a lot. I also use a guide dog. Multiple times, I have run into problems with drivers cancelling for no reason after they see me walking with my dog. They have been trained to know that they have to accept riders with guide dogs, so drivers have learned to not say anything and give no reason at all so they can continue to deny service with impunity. And they do get impunity. As someone who has often followed up on Lyft’s investigations, I know the driver faces little to no repercussions for their actions. I’ve also noticed that blind friends who cannot visually spot cars often have drivers turn impatient on them and cancel the ride after they call and explain they need verbal directions to the location of the car. This is especially frustrating when the driver has parked far away from the actual destination. This is unacceptable. Lyft doesn’t allow you to rate drivers who cancel on you, so there is no recourse for the abandoned rider. Overall, I rely on Lyft, and it’s overall an okay experience, but some days are just awful.

- Lyft kills useful features - “Siri call me an Uber”

Until recently, I had been a big fan of Lyft. But the app keeps losing key features that I relied on. More and more Apple Watches have cellular capabilities, so what did Lyft do? Killed their Apple Watch app. Siri integration and the ability to see Lyft ride estimates within Maps was something I used daily. And now there are Siri shortcuts in iOS 12 which could be powerful when combined with Lyft. So what did Lyft do? They dropped support for Siri and maps now too. I loved being able to request a car without ever having it jump into the actual lyft app, but now it’s the only way I can use the service. I stayed away from Uber due to the controversies they faced, but they’ve been cleaning up their act and much more importantly they support Siri and Maps and the Apple Watch! Lyft why in the world are you sliding backwards when the technologies you were using are only getting better and more popular? This is a terrible user experience taking away features and limiting how we can use your service. Most companies do the opposite. I used your service as many as 10x per week, but now I’m going to be using Uber so that I can regain the flexibility and convenience of those features you unwisely dropped.

- Never refunded. Will have to contact my bank to get my money back.

I called a Lyft in the morning. After pressing the button to confirm the pickup spot, I cancelled it immediately because I realized that I could just get one later due to how early it was. I was told that there would be a one time no cancellation fee as I cancelled it immediately. I contacted Lyft in the app to get my money back as the transaction was never cancelled and was told that the money would be accredited towards my next ride. I was charged for the next ride that I took a few minutes later despite being told that I wouldn’t be. I contacted Lyft 2 weeks later to make sure I’d get my money as I wanted to see if the transaction would go through. After a few emails of them telling I wasn’t charged, they then said that it was the right charge and I wouldn’t be getting my money back. They erased the ride from my history since it wasn’t a completed ride and then tell me that I should send them information about the driver from the history that they knew wouldn’t exist anymore. When I mentioned that I would contact my bank, they stopped responding to my emails and never replied after that. It’s been 2 days and I still haven’t been contacted again. Is this even legal?

- Bad Customer Service, Slow & Fraud Charge

Someone linked my card to another account, fraudulently, and Lyft doesn't have an approval process or notification to alert the original account (with card) that their card is being used for a another account. After alerting my bank of the fraud charge, all I want to do is DEACTIVATE my Lyft account, but I'm told that I have to wait 24-48 hours for someone to contact me to deactivate my own account! Lyft took away the option for the customer to deactivate their own account through the app or online. This is convenient for them as it make it difficult for people to cancel their account. I have been on hold twice on the phone to find all of this this out, and the phone rep was rude to me (telling me it was my fault someone stole my card?!?!). Previously, I have urged people to use Lyft, despite them being more expensive than Uber, but I will never again use Lyft until their policies are changed. They have made this situation much more difficult than it needed to be. Instead of one click to report the fraud charge and another click to deactivate- it has taken messaging, being on hold for 30 mins and a rude phone rep who couldn't deactivate my account...and I have to wait for someone who can to call me...?

- Shady Shady

So a good friend of mine works for Lyft and has for over a year. Last Saturday pm he was driving on I-5 near the Terwilliger corners in Portland. He came around a corner and there was a man standing up on the shoulder with a large object in his hands. He threw it and it hit my friends windshield dead center, shattering the entire windshield. Keep in mind that he had a Lyft passenger in the vehicle at the time of this happening. Luckily it did not come through the windshield but regardless of that it caused a serious safety threat. My friend is a good driver so he did not lose control of the vehicle or anything but he was unable to complete his drives due to having a shattered windshield. This is where it gets disgusting. He took the vehicle into the Lyft hub on Monday only to learn that not only did he have to pay an additional $70 for his rental fee due to noy getting all the required drives but. THEY ARE MAKING HIM PAY $150 TO REPLACE THE WINDSHIELD. He feels defeated by this company and it is appalling to me because they should feel grateful that nobody was seriously injured or worse and they want to screw him completely over. What a joke LYFT is. If you are reading this can you please post on facebook and share any way that you can because people need to know what kind of company Lyft is..

- I hate lyft app

The app gives me nothing but problems. You see cars on the map that was like they’re available it says three minutes and then when you hit the button you get a nine minute car time. I have tons of screen shots to prove it. What is that about?! Stuff like that happens all the time!! I think Lyft puts fake cars on the map to look it like it’s more populated than it is. Or, cars that have already been picked up are still left on the map to make it appear tot he rider there are more drivers out on the road. They have to be falsifying the supply. Also, You should also be able to leave feedback and a rating on drivers that don’t show, don’t move, done respond to calls and texts and refuse to cancel from their side because they lose the $5 fee and probably get points knocked off by doing so. It’s a dirty tactic to force you to cancel and probably hurts your rider score. 2x in the last week I’ve had this issue and 4-5x in the past couple of months.. I’ve called, texted - nicely at first - and nothing from the driver but voicemails and crickets. You should be able to provide feedback on these no shows. It’s o my fair to warn other riders. I want to like lyft but they just keep giving me reasons to open the uber app.

- OK...I’m done with this app and LYFT. I tried to like you, I really did.

My attempts to use Lyft are always to and from airports in different cities. And most times I’m on this app and their major competitor’s app comparing price quotes and driver availability. Then I want to schedule a ride for a pickup time. Have had drivers who ignore schedule time and accept the request right away and show up an hour early. If I choose to take the “line jumpers” ride to avoid a cancellation fee I’ll invariably get a notice that another driver has accepted the original pickup time is showing up in a few minutes. By that time I’m at my destination. The app apparently isn’t smart enough to ascertain the requested route has been fulfilled. And not a very intuitive way to cancel the redundant ride to add insult to injury. Or drivers will accept a scheduled ride way in advance then when I am notified they’re 5 min away and text them to reinforce the scheduled pickup time they’ll try to get ME to cancel and collect a fee. So driver training appears to be an issue or perhaps the drivers have figured out there is reward or no consequences for “claim jumping” scheduled rides. I’m done...even the automated “here’s a credit” for the mixup ends up being a lure for the next frustrating experience.

- Lyft is amazing.

I am legally blind with a very limited vision. As a result, I can not drive. So, I frequently use services of Lyft. Since Lyft is accurate with it’s GPS and prompt, I love Lyft though they don’t give me any offers. I just have one suggestion that Lyft developers should add in app communication with the driver which will be even easier for people like me having vision issues and who use ipad (for reading convenience due to its bigger view and font size compare to any phone) for Lyft app and Separate phone. Also, Lyft should also start accepting travellers having Voip numbers such as “Magicjack” numbers which is very convenient. If Lyft starts accepting “Magicjack” numbers, then I don’t need to have a separate phone and can therefore get rid of my phone which I use mainly for lyft communications. I am not comparing but Uber accepts traveller having Magicjack numbers which is why I find it more convenient and use it more frequently these days. I hope Lyft management will consider these 2 things. Thank you.

- No cancellation button on app

Lift is a great app and good service provider but don’t know why after updating to an new version , cancellation button is gone. We as a public we use lift because we would like to go to one destination to another . But sometime what happened is all driver are not nice , I have deal with so many aggressive driver on lift & sometime I was so rush and needed to use lift so when we requested a car , the driver accept and show a distance and that in 5 min they’ll pick , in 10 min etc . But sometime it took more than 10 or 15 min so we as a coustomer, feel so bad and it’s not right .if they can check my record they will know well that one day I even have an experience that diver put as on waiting list and his car is stop at one place for more than 15 min and didn’t show up and he cancel by hisself. in that case , we lost our time and specially in emergencies, I hate lift . Sorry to say but it’s true . So plz update it and fix the cancel button on it for coustomer.

- Fraud Ride!!

I ordered a Lyft ride this afternoon and the driver was super friendly and nice. I was running late and not really paying attention but he engaged me in conversation to the point that i started talking to him. I just Mentioned being in a rush because i was running late. Well i go into work and 2 hours later i get a notification saying my ride has ended. I’m like oh yeah let me go rate him and as i go in to rate him i see a charge for 102 dollars. He never ended the ride and drove 90 miles away for 2 hours. Lyft refunded my money but still charged me fir the original ride and a 10 dollar credit but that’s not going to give me peace of mind to use it again. I would have not even checked if i hadn’t gotten the notification and wanted to give him a good review. After that happened it didn’t give me the option to rate him so he can do it again to someone else. A 5 dollar ride turned into a 102 dollar ride. More then likely that will be my last Lyft ride. Oh and they said he forgot to turn it off. I called my friend who says it’s impossible because it keeps running while you are connected and if he was still doing the job he would have noticed not getting request in 85 miles. If not he would of disconnected from Lyft.

- 4:30 PM

I sent a customer review about the app because it was not performing as it should I pre-arrangedOn the app the night before a pick up for today’s schedule pick up I will go to confirm and make sure that everything is going according to my schedule and the request is gone no text from your company stating that I was was too early to book a Lyft within 24 hours? So I decided to try again and book my pick up then the app begin preform oddly it booked my pick up and my destination on the same address and then it told me that he couldn’t do that it did that several times and finally begin to work right but that was way frustrated because it was at the end of my workday and I had things to do I sent you all an email and have not heard from you and this is my second complaint about the app today although my driver was great and be new tire city he did a great job to command our traffic and made and got me home safely and that’s the upside the app is the downside hope to hear from you you can see I’m a frequent traveler of Lyft Carol Harris

- Find Something Else

Easily the worst rideshare service I’ve used. Rides are regularly cancelled and the customer is charged a fee, despite it being the drivers who cancel, riders will regularly be booted from scheduled rides without notice requiring them to request another, and on this service I have experienced drivers making disgusting comments about women, race, and gender. And I’m not talking some mild nonsense, but vulgar language so bad that I felt like I needed to shower after the ride. Repeated complaints about this to Lyft do nothing. Further, the drivers themselves are unsafe, rude, and generally have so much difficulty with English that communicating is near impossible. As someone who fully understands the difficulties of learning a second language, I feel for them. But at the same time, if you are not even conversant enough in the local language to be able to answer a simple phone call to find out where the ride is located, there’s an issue. Particularly when that leads to the rider missing the ride and being charged a fee. Do yourself a favor and check out of some of the less popular rideshare programs, they’ll likely serve you much better than this trash-heap. Lyft, you really need to up your game and make this stuff right.

- The customer is always wrong

I am not the type of person to write reviews, but before you download this app please read my nightmare story... I have been a loyal customer to Lyft for a few years now since ridesharing apps became popular and have never had a problem. I was taking a ride with my elderly father and my girlfriend and we get picked up by the most unprofessional driver with an attitude to match. After I help my dad into the car, we take a normal ride back to my home. Later that evening I receive a receipt from Lyft for $100 that was withdrawn from my bank account without notice claiming that I caused damage to this riders car. We are all respectful to other people’s property, especially the cars of ride share drivers as we appreciate having the option to use them. The “damage” looked like sharpie on the outside of the drivers car and there was not a time stamp so my guess is it was already on his car and he is essentially getting a $100 tip without my consent. Lyft has been unprofessional in handling this case and has taken the word of one driver over 3 competent passengers. So just be aware that Lyft drivers can claim damage without proof of how it was caused and Lyft will charge you without thinking twice about it.

- I always feel safe with Lyft

As a woman especially, safety is the most important factor to me whenever I utilize a ride sharing service. With Lyft, unlike Uber, I have always had a positive experience with drivers. I have never once felt unsafe on a trip with Lyft, which is different than my numerous Uber experiences. Perhaps this consistently positive experience is due to the background check that Lyft makes its drivers pass or the way they train their drivers? I’m unsure of the reason behind this discrepancy, but I do know that I’ve never had a bad Lyft experience. This element of consistent safety and professionalism is the reason why I use Lyft above all other ridesharing apps. The only downside is that compared with Uber, in some cities, there are fewer Lyft drivers which translates into longer initial wait times for drivers. (Note: in no way am I compensated for this post- all thoughts are my own. I write this post in hopes of helping other humans, especially fem identifying ones, make an informed decision).

- Got reported for violating COVID health policies

Even though I’ve worn a mask every ride. There seemed to be no way to dispute this and nobodies gotten back to me about removing the violation? When I asked about it all they said is thanks for letting us know, and just sent me the guidelines again. I don’t know why I was reported, or by who, and whether or not this affects my rider rating. I don’t like being wrongly accused of being an inconsiderate person who can’t follow simple rules... I’ve had several drivers that didn’t put a mask on until I was in the car and they saw me wearing one, yet I don’t report them. Also, drivers in NY seem to never wait when you need an extra minute to get to your car. I’ll be walking out the door of the hotel when it says they arrived and I see them driving away already even though it says they will depart in 5 minutes, then I have to wait another 5-10 minutes for the next guy to show up. Sometimes I’m outside waiting and it says they’re here but they aren’t and then it switches me to a different driver that I have to wait for. All of these are simple issues but I’ve started to get annoyed with this app to the point of typing this long review because I have nothing else to do.

- Too bad 0 star isn’t an option.

I just used Lyft for the first time yesterday, never using a service like this before. Downloaded the app and requested my first ride to a concert and it all went perfect. Quick pick up and was easy. Leaving the concert was another story. I request a pick up and said driver was headed towards me. While standing on side walk in the rain, the driver passes me. I called him and told him that he passed me up and he said he had another pick up first and I was in line. After 10 min he drops off the GPS tracker and then driver past me again, still with nobody in his car. I ordered another driver who was then in their way. When are just down the street he calls me and said that they were not allowed to pick up there right now (despite others being picked up the whole time around me) and that I needed to cancel the ride. I ordered another ride, which was on its way and then suddenly dropped off the GPS like the first car with no call. I ordered 4th ride and same thing happened. After going through this for 45 minutes in the pouring rain, a taxi happened to come by and I hailed them. Needless to say I’m deleting this account and will never use this unreliable service again!!!!

- Problems using the application

The current version of the application is nearly impossible to navigate if you are a visually impaired Customer. Are use a mixture of vision and a feature on the iPhone called voice over (synthesized speech). This enables me to figure out where I am on the screen. Unfortunately, because of the current version of the application, voiceover sometimes cannot locate what the blind or visually impaired Customer needs to find. For instance, I have a great deal of difficulty just trying to figure out how to rate the driver‘s performance. There used to be a map that would show the drivers progress when in route to the pick up location, however, that map is no longer available. Even though I am visually impaired, I can see the map to some extent. Additionally, that same type of map would be visible on the screen when in route to the intended destination. That is no longer there either. Some version of the former interface needs to be restored.

- Lyft is hit or miss

I’ve had the opportunity to use Kyft in Ventura & LA Counties many times since October 2019. These were often long rides from LAX to PT MUGU, and the variety of drivers was vast. My first few Lyft rides were challenging! 2 rides were off-the-charts bad experiences. One was a man in a car not depicted in the photo (due to accident), he “mansplained” how to navigate a drive I’ve made 1000 times (literally) in an effort to drive completely off course, going through an area that I was not comfortable with as it’s sparsely populated. He harassed me for my phone number when we neared the destination and made me feel unsafe. I reported him to Lyft) Another man is very proud of his heritage and an absolute anti-Semite, racist moron. Another long ride, I had no recourse except to be silent. A third driver was a short trip in Westwood and his car was FILTHY inside. I left covered in pet hair! It smelled bad, the windows were impossible to see out of. Overall, Lyft has been a good experience but they need quality control.

- Horrible quality app!

I have used lyft for almost four maybe five years now. Everyday was like having a personal driver that was there for me. Since this year has started this app is beyond untrustworthy!! I never know If I’m gonna get a ride or if I’m just gonna get ignored or just passed to the next person. However you’re more than willing to hold my 12 dollars for a ride going only 5 miles.. your wait times are way more than the time you show! Making me wait almost 40/60 mins for a ride is bogus! you’re prices right now are absolutely disgusting.. sometimes paying 15 dollars for a ride that only ever cost me 8-9 dollars.... You never have any drivers in the app it’s always just one driver! How is a giant city supposed to take advantage of lyft if there are no drivers! But again you’re more than willing to hold onto my money while you search.. only to constantly never get a driver and constantly charging different prices for a ride. I used to praise lyft. But right now you are so far down the toilet that I have started to depend on Uber!! How embarrassing! In desperate times will I use lyft... only because it’s my only means of transportation in a major city. However I’d rather use uber right now!


My Lyft driver stole over half of my groceries (by driving away while I was still unloading) and Lyft charged me $15 (DOUBLE the cost of my ride) to have their thief of a driver bring it back. They only have a SINGLE link for all situations regarding any items and that is the “Lost and Found” tab. They claim that because the driver brought my “lost” groceries back, they charged me but my groceries were never “lost”, they were stolen. Lyft locked out the “contact driver” tab after the first attempt of use and seems to have a long and tedious email process for all other forms of support for riders (customers). I am highly upset, and despite talking to Lyft constantly about this issue, they stand by their flawed reasoning. Lyft has failed to implement a fair and just policy for stolen items and don’t even have an investigational protocol. At this rate, drivers can always drive away with your items as you are unloading and claim that the you “left” them, in an effort to gain some sort of bonus. I have asked for them to remove all of my information and delete my account (which is another issue. Why isn’t the means to deactivate my account in MY hands?). I will not use them again in the foreseeable future. 0 stars

- Some drivers are downright horrible

I ordered a lyft to go to work an my driver was in the same parking lot as me should’ve taken a minute to pick me up, but I’m there waiting for about 5 minutes and he doesn’t move. So I cancelled and you guys try to charge me for something that isn’t even my fault? I need to get to work on time and I don’t got time for drivers to just be sitting in their cars. He literally didn’t move within those 5 minutes why should I be charged for something the driver is doing? There should be a system where if the driver doesn’t move at all for a certain time they should be charged or at least if I’m going to cancel I shouldn’t be charged a fee. That way I’m not there in the same spot waiting for someone who isn’t even moving. I didn’t go searching for the driver in that parking lot because I do not move from my spot when I order a lyft so that then I’m not told that I wasn’t even at the destination. This is a problem that has been going on for too long on lyft and something should be put in place to fix this problem it’s annoying being on a tight schedule and some drivers do whatever they want.

- Glitches

Most of the time the app works well. I just got back from traveling, and used it a lot while away. One time, though, I got charged a cancellation fee when I watched the driver go right past me and the app clearly showed him blocks away while the 5 minutes counted down. Tonight I was waiting at the airport for my ride home, and after waiting 8 minutes was notified the driver was here while the map showed him driving in circles at a different terminal. This time I took screenshots, in case I got charged again. I was then matched with another driver, 11 minutes away, but a few minutes later that dropped and I was matched again with a third driver 10 minutes away who finally showed up. Waited 25 minutes total at the curb just to get a ride while everyone around me was getting picked up in a few minutes. The app help center doesn’t let you complain or ask questions except in a limited set of circumstances, hence this review. When the app works, it’s great, but when it doesn’t, there’s no customer service and no way to contact them. Incredibly frustrating when it’s late at night and you just want to get home.

- I absolutely love Lyft!!💜

The only reason Lyft didn’t get 4 stars is because 35% of your drivers come to work with a disgusting car and come to there job in pajama pants and haven’t even brushed their hair. The other day I had a driver that picked me up with her friend in the disgusting car and they where in there night cloths, bare footed. Now a couple months ago I had the same exact situation and I know for a fact others are complaining about these same drivers. What I will say tho is when I contact Lyft about the situation they always return my money in a situation like this one with no hassle, as it should be!! A year in a half ago my family and I and my extended family members left Uber for good, we only use LYFT and I will never go back with them, EVER!!So I wanted to thank you LYFT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART for being super understanding and for being the best car service there is available out there!! Popped P.S. If there was one thing that I could help change I would have a rewards program that would add up to a free ride or discounted ride. Or

- Lyft is so much better than magic cab

So I called a cab service and that was 45 minute wait they was late they had me late for my appointment and they were the appointment that was important a business one so my friend who’s a Lyft driver is that Tashiana Download Lyft it just give Lyft to try it see if you like it if you don’t then take it off So I did they would pick me up In less than 5 to 10 minute help me take my designation then I can make a couple stops they take three minutes then I could uplift my Lyft ride to a better carWith Lyft and help me set my game up my client that I had been is where I get that luxury live we had condiments good driving clean car was able to make the deal that I am most lost due to magic And then they want to argue with me I said you don’t like the customer and I’m afraid every body to I told him no thank you good luck with your business because I’m lyfting off good bye 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘💯💯💯💯💯💯🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️👌🤔🤔🤔🤔🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

- Good But Needs Updates!!

First let me say I was using Uber but found Lyft to be more better. Some things they need to update though are maybe putting in a chat box to contact the driver and communication with them. Many times they have past the spot I was in and I cannot contact them and tell where to go even though it’s on the map. Some drivers are clueless but more so on the Uber app. They also should let you see the ratings on the drivers and us and let us decide if we want that driver or not so we can pick another one. Some drivers are not good and I’ve had some horrible chats with some that don’t even talk and are rude. Also if you want to block drivers that you had horrible experiences with we should do be allowed to do so. I also think they should offer more rewards programs. I use them a lot for work and back spending a lot of money and wish they had a thing with so many rides you save some money!!! Not fair for us that we can’t save. Needs updates and needs new things on the app.

- Current state of Lyft

I’ve been riding with Lyft exclusively 3-5 days a week for over a year now, ever since I switched from Uber. Up until very recently I had no issues, no complaints. However, since the strike I’ve had as many troubling rides as not. I’ve had several drivers take the wrong directions, been picked up by Taxi drivers in they’re daily driver cabs, had one intoxicated driver, had filthy cars, had dangerous cars and drivers, had drivers that ranged from aloof to outright hostile, had one driver tell me he “didn’t like white people” etc, etc; I could report all this, but I don’t believe in that. It’s not my responsibility to police Lyft’s employees and it just feels petty and dishonest (nobody likes a tattletale) to me. I choose instead to not rate them and give them less of a tip that I typically do, which always is $10 cash on a $27 ride. I appreciate your service and really respect my drivers. But it seems as if your standards are slipping. Maybe it’s time to take one of the offers I get at least once a week, to hire one of these people to drive me everyday and not use Lyft at all.

- Driver abandoned me

Flew into John Wayne Airport, call the Lyft, they arrived but could not find the designated pick up location. We spoke over the phone I explained in great detail where he needed to go inside the garage at lot C. He insisted he was in line at Lot C, however he was not inside the garage he was in the general pick up area, not in the designated lyft-Uber area. I watched on the map simulation as he circled the airport four times missing the entrance four times or more. I received the threat from Lyft that I would be charged for missing a pick up, apparently he pushed the button that he had pick me up. This was a lie, I called a second Lyft, once I figured out that I had been abandoned by the first driver. As a second driver arrived, the first driver also arrived just ahead of him. He picked up two other individuals that called Lyft. No apologies at all from the driver who abandoned me. I jokingly warned the passengers they might be in for an adventure. When the second Lyft driver and I were exiting, I witnessed the first driver apparently lost circling the garage looking for the exit. I was charged a five dollar penalty, and will apparently be downgraded for my five star status. I consider this to be both theft and defamation of character.

- Ride share is great - but pick up and sharing a bit confusing at airport!

Fortunately the license plate number was given on the confirmation, since all uber drivers seem to drive a Prius, therefore the type of car is unhelpful. I elected to share a ride, saw there was a sarah that was also to be picked up. A women named Sarah called the driver looking for him, showed up with four three other people who wouldn’t all fit in the car with me. Had to cancel her ride, then another Sarah called immediately after looking for the driver and was totally confused as she had just tried to get into a different Prius! Please find a way Add some other kind of descriptor or way of identifying the cars/riders!Perhaps include the color of the car to help riders narrow the options in a sea of Priuses and eager riders? Or have the riders include a description an easy way for drivers to identify them? Colored light on screen with a symbol (Star/heart/happy face/flower,etc). Other than all the confusion, the ride was great.

- Pre-COVID-19 vs During COVID

Pre-covet you guys were exceptional! Now that Covid head it’s been different there’s less and less cars and I understand fully as someone who was an EMT on the safety precautions that one mistake when they drive another human being! With that said you have all the right things going on wearing mask and socially distant where is possible and some drivers even put up a protective barrier between the front and back seats. Not for nothing I do you have to say that when it comes drive time you really seriously have to somehow get more cars in more areas and I don’t know what to do when it comes to marketing and promotion for new dryer But somethings got a change because I don’t know you’re not getting a lot of new drivers there for it waiting forever and ever for a ride I know I gave you five stars and you’re welcome very much! However I know it is what it is as a president everybody else says but not for nothing go above and beyond try to

- Necessity and Enjoyment

Presently I am unable to drive because I’m on crutches and having continued complications from foot surgery. I do not know what I would do without lyft. I have always enjoyed conversations with my drivers. Often times I learn something and sometimes I am able to give helpful information. I did have one problem which was my own fault that lyft didn’t understand. One evening I was trying to get down two sets of stairs to get to the driveway and wait for my driver and somehow my phone successfully managed to cancel two drivers and completely change my pickup address and destination several times; I have no idea how this was managed. The lyft help center didn’t think my explanation was sufficient to not charge me cancellation charges. I still I had to pay, so that evening I spent what was to me a lot of money. Other than my accidental iPhone cancellation problem, I have always very happy with your service. PS: I did have an asthma attack after one ride because the car was wreaking of a sickening strawberry odor from an air freshener. When I talked to a lyft human, I was told lyft could not make a rule that all air fresheners had to be non-allergenic. I still do not understand that, since lyft has a list of other rules the drivers must obey. Next time this happened I was told to simply refuse that ride and call for another ride. That seems to be counterproductive to everyone. Thank you for your service. MJ

- A step up from Checker

Lift is a absolute step up from checker. The service is remarkably better. The drivers are so much nicer. Except for the occasional rude driver. The one thing I will say about Lyft is that it is definitely a step up from checker the service is far quicker than checker and far more professional. The only negative thing I would have to say about the company would be in reference to their prices and how prices are assessed. Sometimes the app will charge extra money for a little things like the type of car that you drive in, Or the weather, or even the time of day that the ride is being ordered. When I receive a bad experience the one good thing is is that the company will credit me a couple dollars for my next ride. The only downside to that is when I take the next ride the charge is considerably more money in order to compensate for the five or six dollars that I was credited. So I end up paying exactly the same amount I would pay anyway it seems. Yeah I lift I noticed that. Over all I give the company three or four stars out of five.


DO NOT USE LYFT!!! They let criminals work for there company and if you loose an item in your lyft they will do NOTHING to help you get your lost item back. And give you the run around and keep the driver employed with the company!!🤦‍♂️.. For the 2nd time I've accidentally left my phone in lyft and they NEVER helped... they NEVER contact the driver, they only "Email" the driver(while he is driving) ofcourse he is NOT going to answer! 😒Just recently a driver literally stole my brand new iPhone and lyft actually tells me that they CAN'T help me!,and they can't give out personal information on a driver.. yet the driver has property OF MINE for days and they litterly do absolutely NOTHING! But tell you sweet little nothings over the phone... and then charge you from San Francisco 20 times a months for no apparent reasoning... smh lyft is TERRIBLE! The have thiefs working for them.. they ARE THIEFS THEMSELVES!! use Uber!! They AT-LEAST have a GREAT customer support system, and actually CARE! about there customers... SMMFH🤦‍♂️👎👎

- Lyft

My first driver -Claudio -couldn’t find my house (which is on a private way and does not show exactly where the house is on GPS) but I was trying to explain how to get here and because he did not have a clear understanding of the English language he was having a lot of difficulty. Finally he just hung up on me. I see another driver has taken over for him. This time I walk down to the Main Street so the driver could see me. Of course he immediately put in my destinations address into his GPS. I say no no no no just go down Route nine till you hit Stuart Street. Why would you go any other way? He followed my instructions and I was only six minutes late getting to my destination after the first guy couldn’t even find me for the first 15 minutes. So needless to say I was disappointed with Lyft service for my ride. But in defense of Lyft my ride home was way faster and the driver followed my instructions to get to my house (way faster than GPS).

- Completely unreliable app

I’ve had so many issues with this app that I’m considering deleting it and going back to regular taxi companies. Just a few of the issues: 1) I’ve scheduled rides (or thought I did) only to have them disappear overnight, leaving me without a ride and no drivers in the area to try to find a new ride; 2) I once scheduled a ride to an airport shuttle pickup point but the driver never showed up and didn’t answer when I called—all I got was a $10 coupon from Lyft when I ended up having to spend $100 to park at the airport for a week since I had to drive myself there in order not to miss my flight (a ride to the airport wasn’t much cheaper—$80 one way); 3) the GPS in my area is very unreliable and I’ve had to find the drivers a block away even though my exact address was put into the app as the pickup location; 4) the app is very slow and sometimes takes 2-3 minutes to update that it’s found a driver when I’ve put in a request, or it says they found a driver but then suddenly goes back to searching. Altogether this service is kind of crap and I’ve lost a fair amount of money and been late multiple times because of how unreliable it is.

- Apple Watch: ehh, app is good

The app is decent though I’m not a fan of the surge pricing model (requesting a ride at the mall estimated a cost of $120, walking down the block and requesting a ride to the same place 5 minutes later cost $70, but being in an unsafe neighborhood I feel like I put myself at risk a little for that $50) but the Apple Watch app needs some work. It asked me to pay for a ride with Apple Pay that I’d already paid for on the iPhone app with a credit card before I could request another ride, but when I tried to request a ride on the iPhone app it worked just fine. Also, the complication on the watch face doesn’t update ETA very often and even tapping the screen and waiting for an update doesn’t really work. Also, I’m pretty sure my driver is high right now and he’s texting and driving while we’re on the freeway (I’m writing this in the back of a Lyft) but I’m fine and I’m sure I’ll get home safely. That, or these’ll be my last words... I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry!

- It’s okay

Well, I’ve been using both Lyft and Uber for a while, I’ve switched to Lyft because it honestly seems like I get more drivers and I’ve noticed Lyft often has it a dollar or so cheaper often times, so that’s nice. But, the map is my issue, a lot of drivers seem to get turned around because they follow the map. Also, the time predictions aren’t very good at all. In times of no traffic, it can estimate drivers coming within 5 minutes, but often it takes 10, that being said the time predicting my arrival tends to be off as well. I’d say 60% of the time I find myself at least 10 minutes late if not later. The drivers clearly follow the speed limits well, this is not their issue. Idk where the map comes from, but I personally use google maps on my phone, and sometimes during a ride I’ll check maps to see what the real time is, and it’s always very accurate. Within 2 minutes at most. And google predicts the traffic and everything too, I’ve never see Lyft accurately predict the the time based off the conditions of driving.

- Disappointing experiences lately

I used to love Lyft but I’ve been having some disappointing experiences lately with the drivers. Today I waited for over 20 mins at La Guardia because the driver accepted the job, drove past the pick up point, never answered my calls or texts and never came back. I didn’t know what to do and was so tired from traveling so after several attempts I canceled the ride and requested a new driver. I was charged a $10 cancellation fee for something I had no control over. I sent in a complaint and am waiting to see how it’s resolved. Last week I also requested a car and the driver called to ask where I was going. After I said Queens, he said his tire was punctured and I should cancel the request. Seriously???? I understand that drivers are now doing these kinds of things because they don’t want ‘short drops’ because they don’t make as much money. This is very disappointing and frustrating especially after having traveled all day and just wanting to go home and rest!

- Drivers not locating passenger

I order Lyft for my husband about 5-6 times a month. I have had multiple drivers cancel rides and I have been charged for a no show fee. My husbands pickup spot has been the same multiple times. I make sure I forward info to the driver about who the passenger will be and I leave a number To call him. If the driver is 10 or 15 minutes out, my husband sits in his rig and waits for the ride to show up. Today’s driver passed the truck, did not stop and cancelled the ride when she hit the end of the block. My husband said she never slowed down when she hit the street and then passed his truck and the address without slowing or stopping. Previous drivers have sat at incorrect locations, like the side of the bldg and not in front. We count ourself lucky when we make a ride. I alert my husband using the info given from the driver and how far out they are so he can be ready but There is no window of a few minutes - if they don’t see you, they are leaving and cancelling immediately! And finding any kinda number to call and talk to someone in your office is near impossible!

- Changes to drop off time

Recently I’ve started having a big problem with lyft. It isn’t usually the driver’s fault, so I still give good reviews and tip which may minimize the extent of the problem from the company’s perspective. But when booking a ride it shows the price, estimated pick up time and estimated drop off. Immediately after I order, the pick up and drop off times increase and I if I try to cancel I’m threatened with a cancellation fee. In one example this week, my drop off ended up being twenty minutes later than the estimated time when I booked the ride, and it wasn’t a shared lyft. I could have just taken public transportation and saved money instead of paying for lyft based on the expectation of a faster trip. The app should do a better job of estimating pick up and drop off times so riders can make an informed decision before paying. It knows where it’s drivers are and traffic patterns so barring an accident happening while en route, 20 minutes shouldn’t be added to the drop off time for what should have been a 35 minute ride.

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Anthony Rabb

@jordangdov1 I live in California and the Uber rates have skyrocketed! You should take Lyft instead. Way cheaper and you are getting the same drivers. Uber is letting the Uber drivers negotiate the rates. I deleted the Uber app about a month ago


My Lyft driver so country, I thought I was country😭


Mike must stop spending on wasteful things and invest some money. Cutting the cord on brighthouse can save you hundreds.Instead of taking a lyft you can walk Stop spending on lunch, bring a pack lunch or, make dinner at home.

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The applications Lyft was published in the category Travel on 2012-05-31 and was developed by Lyft, Inc. [Developer ID: 523004506]. This application file size is 391.44 MB. Lyft - Travel app posted on 2020-11-18 current version is 6.58.3 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.zimride.instant

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