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What is bible app? It’s hard to stay centered on God & His Word. That’s why the free YouVersion Bible App gives you tools to seek God’s heart daily: listen to audio Bibles, create Prayers, study with Friends, explore 2,000+ Bible versions, and much more. Download now!

On over 400 million devices around the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the free YouVersion Bible App. 2,000+ Bible versions, in 1,300+ languages. Thousands of Reading Plans in 65+ languages. Add your own Prayers, Verse Images, Highlights, Bookmarks, and public or private Notes.

Customize your Bible App experience. Access everything when connected, or download specific versions to use offline.

Explore the Bible with your closest friends. Share honest conversations about Scripture with a trusted community. Grow together and share what you discover.

* Use Prayer cards to keep track of your Prayers in the Bible App
* Easily organize Prayer lists
* Make your Prayers private or share with Friends
* Celebrate answered Prayer requests with your Bible App Friends

* Easily select from thousands of Bible versions, in 1,300+ languages
* Over 60 languages to choose from for your Bible App interface
* Choose from popular versions like the NIV, NASB, ESV, NKJV, NLT, KJV, The Message, and more.
* Offline Bibles: Read without network access (available for select versions)
* Listen to audio Bibles and enjoy skip, playback speed, and timer controls. (Audio Bibles available for select versions and are not downloadable.)

* Center your friendships around Scripture in the Bible App
* See a stream of Bible activity that shows what you and your Friends are noting, bookmarking, and highlighting
* Comment to ask questions and enjoy meaningful conversations in the app as you study God’s Word together

* Thousands of Plans: Devotionals and Plans that lead you through specific topics, portions of the Bible, or the entire Bible in a year (both Bible in One Year and One Year® Bible)
* Watch and share video clips from The Bible Project, the “JESUS” film, “The Lumo Project,” and more
* Search the Bible using keywords

* Themes let you select a color palette for your entire Bible App experience
* Verse Images turn Bible verses into shareable art
* Highlight with custom colors—just like a paper Bible
* Bookmark passages: Share, memorize, or keep track of your favorites
* Share verses with friends using social networks, email, or SMS/text
* Add Notes: Keep them private so only you can see them, or make them public to share with friends
* Cloud syncing: With a free YouVersion account, see all your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks, and Reading Plans on any supported device
* Easy Reading: Adjust settings like fonts, spacing, and text size, and even read in Dark Mode

* Contact Support from inside the Bible App
* Join the @youversion community on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok & Pinterest
* Catch up on the latest at
* Access the Bible online at

Download the world’s #1 Bible App and enjoy the Bible experience loved by millions!

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Bible Version 9.10.530 June 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Bible Version 9.8.227 April 2022

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Bible Version 9.6.126 February 2022

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Bible Comments & Reviews 2022

- Reviews should come up AFTER each use!

It is hard to remember any problems I’ve had with the app during a prior session, and I submit that the review opportunity should pop up after each use, rather than when someone starts using the app. I think that would help in identifying useful problems, issues and praises for the app. It is somewhat difficult and frustrating to bring up previous notes one has made. I make a lot of notes with scriptures which I need to review and further consider at a later point. But I can’t always find them! However, after further use, it’s pretty easy. Secondly, it is also difficult to remove a bible study plan that shows up four times under the selected plan list. I think I finally figured it out last night, but we’ll see... Thirdly, I do greatly enjoy the app, including the daily Bible verses and the opportunity to create a picture with the verse, or even use one’s own photos! That is fun! On the Bible study side, I love the ability to flip from one Bible version to another with great ease, while keeping with the passage you’re currently focused on. I use that option the most! It is also easy to find a verse one is looking for, or Bible chapters. I do enjoy and appreciate this app. Thank you for including such useful and creative options. Also, thank you for presenting the option for review and input, which I trust you read and take action on those you can identify as good for the app. Thank you for your time and consideration of the above matters.

- My all time favorite app since 2012

This app has been life changing for me. It helps me connect with God and the Word. There is a daily scripture and video that helps you apply the scripture of the day. You can search reading plans based on emotions or topics or anything. You can also search for specific scriptures based on the words you remember and look by book or sang related scripture. You can do reading plans alone, invite others to join you or make it private so no one knows the current plan you are reading. This app has helped many through many chapters in my life and I continue to use it weekly and daily. I searched for reading plans when I lost a job, was preparing for marriage and nor that I have been going through parenthood. I am so grateful for the technology that this app provides for me to see what God’s Word says about anything. This app offers the Bible in many languages that continue to grow and many versions of the bible. You can compare a verse with other versions to get a better understanding, make a note about it, share it with others through social media, other apps, email or text. You can make images with a verse or several and share it that way or make an album of photos in your phone with the scriptures you need to focus on at this point in your life. I use the app on my phone and iPad and I am so grateful to the developers for making this amazing app and continue to make it better through th years! Thank you so much!

- Love the verse of the day. Change the wave of color across the screen

I am at the 161 consecutive week mark of being in this app. I start my day with the verse of the day and thoroughly enjoy the video messages that accompany them each day. The format and question at the end is thought provoking. And many times I have saved the daily prayer in my library so I can come back to it and pray again. I have highlighted text and created a library of verses to help me in specific situations. I like creating my own library of topics this way. I have participated in several Bible plans and a couple of daily challenges. I have enjoyed each one and they have enhanced my bible knowledge and I have grown in faith with each one. It warms my heart and soul knowing that this app is translated into so many languages to unify our world. Because of this app, more people of all nationalities have the opportunity to follow Jesus. The only corrective comment I would ask the developers to consider is to take off the wave of color that fades across the opening of the prayer of the day and carries to the verse of the day aa well as the ending prayer. This wave of color is quite distracting. Many times it is a light to dark concept which not only makes the text hard to read; but it just doesn’t feel like the Lord. I have felt like the devil is washing the screen. My hope is that this review will be seen by the developers to make this change. Let’s stay in the light of God while we enjoy the app.

- Finding my Faith (again)

I downloaded this app for my journey into my finding my faith. It’s been 17 years since I prayed or read a Bible. Once I was a well versed Christian lady who attended church twice every Sunday, on Wednesdays and every time there was something going on at the church. Personal tragedy struck and I stepped away from my faith and God. I stepped away from myself. Over the last year I have felt an empty part of me that was wanting. I didn’t know what I was wanting. Then, when I found that I couldn’t even give inspiration to others anymore I hit my knees and that’s when I knew what I was missing. I began looking to God again and talking to him. I came across this app and it has helped me so much! Aside from the Bible which I can read or have it read to me, the Bible studies are very insightful. I love that I can pick from an ever growing list of Bible studies. Anything from depression to marriage and everything in between. The daily inspections and notifications have touched me so many times. It seems like there is always something that comes into notifications right when I need it. Like a text from a friend that just saying “Hey! I am here.” Some things are right on time and exactly what I need at that moment. I love being able to take a verse that moves me and make a pic of it and save to my phone or share on FB. You can connect with friends and family and contacts that also use the app and you can participate in group Bible studies. I love this app!

- Really amazing and VERY helpful

The convenience is simply amazing that you can just plug your phone and look up information at will. I really like how you can take notes and highlight what you read and it also keeps a log. I love the fact that I can select different versions of the Bible instantly. For some reason when your phone falls asleep and you open the Bible app again sometimes the app has to reload and loses your place. That iPad version allows me to take notes a little bit better than the iPhone version because it’s not very easy to switch back-and-forth from reading to creating notes on the iPhone version. I hope they address this in the future. I really love the reminder at a specific time each day for the word of the day. They have a new streak feature which counts the days each day you open up the Bible app which is great! However, if you miss one day it resets everything all the way back to day one. Somehow I wish they can use some support system that collects all of your days like you open the Bible and connected with God‘s word 360 times last year and only missed five days. I also like the social aspect of connecting with your friends and family as to what you were reading. However, there doesn’t seem to him much discussion from the social aspect, but maybe that’s me and my friends. Who is I totally recommend downloading this is in free app connecting with God each day. May the Lord bless you.

- Good Morning God

I have had this app downloaded for years but until Covid I did not take advantage of all that wonderful “gifts” it holds. During this time my dearest friend from California invited me to do two devotional plans with her. They both not only spiritually blessed my life, brought me to my friend, but also created a new habit for me. I am even on my way to finishing a 100 day devotional that I had begun several years ago. On top of that their is the Good Morning devotional that greets you on the Home page. I would not miss that for anything! Every morning it has been wonderful to meet new pastors as well as one I know as they inspire and encourage me as I begin my day! God has developed a new habit of beginning my day with Him here, and I am so thankful! Since I began this review I have begun doing a plan with not only my friend from California but one from Puerto Rico. Through the plan we have done together I have seen God work wonderfully in our lives. He is truly an amazing God! Another update, one of my friends that lives closer but is still an hour away excepted my invitation to join my in doing a plan together. That was months ago and we are still opening our mornings with God through the devotional plans we do “together”. How great is our God! God continues to work in my life and my friends’ lives transforming us in ways I could never have imagined. Thank You, my Father for the amazing grace and mercy through the work of Your people! Amen

- It saved my life

I was so broken, depressed and useless when I downloaded this app. Even though I had been saved when I was 13 and rededicated my life several times, I was lost. I was not reading God’s word, going to church or with other Christians. Satan had his way with me. He knew my weaknesses and I chased the desires of my flesh. As of today, 167 days in a row in this app, reading the daily devotionals, completed 39 plans, sharing prayer requests, and praying for others, God has changed me and renewed me like never before in my life. The miracles that I’ve witnessed in my own life and others have me in awe with God. My desires have changed completely. God did that, not me. I’m even starting to get persecuted verbally for sharing God’s word. Praise God. Thank you for this app. It will continue to be a part of my day, every day. I pray one person may read this and relate to where I was, and have no other choice like me, but to give it a try. It was either take a new step or eventually die a very slow, agonizing death. Take a step of faith and see what God does in your life. It didn’t happen over night for me, yet it happened a lot faster than I could imagine. God is abundant in grace and mercy. His love is beyond my imagination. It was never about me and what I thought I really deserved (Absolutely nothing but punishment), it’s about who God is, as my loving Father. God is right there waiting on you...fall into His arms. You can trust Him, I promise.

- The Best App available, period!

The youversion bible app has been instrumental in my faith. And it’s so much more than Gods most holy and infallible Word.. its a teacher in the palm of my hand and is always with me. It grants me access to the tools and teachings I so desperately want and need to get through life. God bless the entire staff at YouVersion and every hand that has made this application as amazing as it is. There will always be something to be said for opening and holding the physical book of the Bible in your hands as you read and study its passages and the endless knowledge and wisdom within its pages.. but there’s also something to be said to have access to your Bible at all times in a digital form such as this application. I could go on and on.. it’s just that great of a gift that an app like this is available. The primary focus and goal of us as believers is to share Gods word and to teach and reach as many people as we possibly can with the message of the gospel and to let the world see Jesus through us. And we can’t do that without his word guiding us. This app has changed the world! Thank you Jesus for the people who created this app!! Please consider donating to YouVersion, because they do all of this for free, because that’s what they’ve been called to do. And any financial gain goes right back into app development to keep this going so that it can truly be taken to every corner of the world!! Jesus is King, God bless you and thank you guys!!

- This Bible App is GREAT!

I was using another another Bible app, when my son saw me struggling one day during Church, and installed The YouVersion Bible for me. Wow! What a game changer for me!!! This app, and all the features it offers has been amazing to me! I have shared it and even installed it on many friends and family members' phones!!! It offers Bible versions of practically every kind, Bible reading & Bible study plans galore, Christian, Faith-building videos, Devotions of every kind, and even reminders and/or the ability to reset where you left off as your pick-up point, should you fall behind in your reading plan (kinda feels like forgiveness applied 😊)! I also greatly appreciate the fact that many of the Bible versions also have an audible component, which allows you to listen to it as well - especially in all of our busyness, if you don't have the time or ability to just sit and read, you can still get God's Word in you audibly ("Faith cometh by hearing...!" I also really LOVE the fact that in my Bible Reading plan, it not only tracks my progress, but I can control how much I read, and even come back to it, resuming where I left off. I LOVE THIS APP, AND THINK IT IS THE BEST, and have recommended it to a number of people already, as I recommend it to you!!! Try it! I don't believe you will be disappointed!!! AND, there is a Children's Version that my Grandkids just absolutely love, too!!! They go back to it time after time!!! Great job!!!


I NEVER write reviews for apps, however, this app is just too good for me not to write one. This app has brought me so close to God and the plans hit home. They literally change the way you see everything. With this app being in your life everyday, it definitely changes it for the good. There are all sorts of plans that you can choose from. It’s amazing how you can download a ton of different versions of Bibles too. It’s incredible how much you can learn in a matter of minutes. I recommend this to anyone that just wants to have a better relationship with God, it doesn’t matter how religious you are, it’s for everyone. As long as you are consistent, have an open heart and mind, your life will definitely change for the good because you are letting God into your life by having this app basically have all the information you need to do so. All the features like highlighting and creating images for bible verses just makes the app that much cooler. The streaks also really help with the motivation of at least analyzing the Bible verse of the day. I love how with the newest update you can have prayer requests. Oh and you can have things be played for you Incase you would like to multi task or just understand better with having it read to you. Another thing that I love is that you can add friends and do plans together which I have yet to do. I hope this review was helpful and motivated you to get the app. God bless 💕

- Wonderful- can do several excellent things with one app!

I use this app for church and small group. The scripture can be adjusted to fit any bible type. My small group reads out of NIV so it is helpful that my bible says the same thing as theirs. There is thousands of studies that you can choose from, many of them having helped me greatly, and a daily devotion from experienced pastors that know what they are talking about and know just the right things to say. It can show help you find bible verses using key words, and you can select an “emoji” and memory verses suited to help you overcome the emotion of the emoji you chose comes up. It allows you to highlight, bookmark, and note (etc) verses, and you can select a verse to put with a background and save to your camera roll and/or send to others via text. You can friend family or people you know and look at what they have highlighted, verse images they have made, and more, and comment on their creations. You can also do studies with them. It is a wonderful way to keep in touch while serving our Lord by studying his word and his good people’s wonderful Christian ideas. There are several things to do- these are just some of it- in one app, with no pre-app or in-app purchases. There should be a special place in heaven for the creators of this app, for it has helped me and thousands of others grow in spirit, faith, and happiness over the time period I have used it. Bless you all.

- The Bible Application

I’m able to make goals for myself more efficient and effectively. I’m learning so much more from different aspects from different author’s perspectives to keep me on track with Christ Jesus. The Bible Application is so much more than just reading the Bible, helps me understand and give me all my answers needed to certain questions I have about everything I need to know. The Bible application helps me to keep myself together meeting my goals with Christ Jesus as well for my family, friends and myself. The Bible application is completely a blessing for me learning how to deal with difficulties in my life to resolving my every day issues and keeping myself together with Jesus for my family, friendships. How to be a testimonial for others leading them to Christ, too saving souls. The Bible application challenges me how to cope with sorrows too every day to day struggles keeping a sound mind and soul with Jesus! There’s so much to the Bible application for everyone who wants to have Jesus lead and guide themselves through life the way Jesus intended for all of us to live our lives in love for for each other. “ Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself,” I can go on and on about The Bible application, just know when you start your journey with Christ Jesus, your life will become more healthier from who you used to be. Your past is forgiven for you to start a life so wonderful with Christ Jesus. God bless you all so much! Thank you Jesus!

- Helped me in real life struggles

I was in doubt. I listened to the brilliant minds of our time who specialize in astrophysics, Biology, String Theory, Quantum Physics etc. How can so many smart people be wrong in saying that there is no God and science disproves religion. I was starting to believe the atheist agenda that is ever growing in these times. Then I hear Neil Deggrasse Tyson say admit that the best scientists admit just how ridiculously little ANY scientist understands about the universe as a whole. It’s true. With all of the advances in science there is still phenomenon that science cannot and will not explain. Just bc we understand Slightly more about space they think they can rule out how it was created and who took part in it? We can’t even see the edge of our universe with the most powerful modern telescope today. Yet, scientists claim they can rule out what is beyond what hasn’t been discovered. Sounds very foolish and very much an unscientifical way to arrive to that decision. How can you rule out something such as a God or creator with the virtually non-existent knowledge of how the universe(s) work and Literally NO Data on the Afterlife and how the soul interacts with it. Religious people are often seen as closed minded. I would like the science community to be more open- minded, analyze how little we actually know , and look at the number of times science has been and will continue to prove itself completely incorrect on so many theories. Thank You!

- God’s Greatness revealed through his word.

Reading the Bible has been a tremendous blessing upon my life. Irrespective of me not knowing what the future holds as several real life uncertainties surfaces, but God’s word is a proof that though I am confused; but he knows I will end stronger than I started. Because his plans for me are far greater than the one I have for myself. God is real. There are days I cried, which I normally would not do because of my extroverted nature, but life has made me go through sessions/phases that has kept me in hiding corners because I felt God never loved or cared about me as life was getting more tough with toxic people in my space. I cried all out and I still cry till today; but the greatest thing is that he knows am hurting and has decided to bless me with blessings that are divinely packaged only for me. He tells and shows me signs through his word. God, my father, the lifter of my head, the rose of Sharon, the strong tower, my lover(though I cry to him asking “why”😭😂due to my human nature) a loving father that would never go a day without talking to his children. God, there is more to you that I wanna know, and I do know that with time it will unfold to me(your mysteries). Thank you God for sending your son Jesus to die for me. Thank you Jesus Christ, I love 💕 and really do love you. Thanks for all you do on my behalf every seconds, talking to God(Greatest Dad) on my request daily. Greatness, Your little daughter Oyindamola

- Pros/cons Only 1 complaint APP MAKERS READ

My one and only major complaint is the streaks! When you long in every day you get a point for that day! Your streak points can get as high as you can go! 50, 300, or even 3000 as long as you've longed in for that many days! But the moment life happens and you can't long in for a day you lose all those points! It's very discouraging! I like the idea of a point system, but it should be replaced with a system where you get points for reading your verse of the day, more points for reading your lesson plan on time and then for completing it! Points for creating verse images, and points for creating a note etc... that would encourage users to do more within the app! If you want to do a streak then in addition to a point system allow users to go in and see stats if they choose to! A place that shows how many days in a row they've logged in, how many hours they've spent on the app. ETC... I love this app because I hate to read period, and when I start a lesson plan it doesn't feel overwhelming! The plans are laid out in a way that makes you want to come back for more! I love the notes feature, bookmarking, highlights, and the fact you can create images! I would like more options in the image creating part, where you can make different words a bigger font & different font within the same image! If these changes were made I would most definitely give 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Great app

On the plus side, I like being able to highlight passages, save them and add notes, read different versions and do that side by side to compare translations. I like pretty much all the features and it has helped me gain a better understanding of the Bible simply by being able to read it. I’m on my second time through reading it. It’s extremely convenient being on my devices instead of having to carry an actual copy around. This way I can jump in any time of day and read a little more. I like being able to connect with other people through the app. I like how it keeps track of daily reading streaks. Sometimes that actually helps me remember to do daily reading when I don’t necessarily feel like it because don’t want to break my streak. The only thing that bugs me about the app is the way you phrase the question when you ask for a rating and review. “Do you love the Bible App?” I’m sure I’m getting into the weeds too much, but you have an app for THE BIBLE which is all about the source and definition of love. It’s about loving other people and loving God, not inanimate objects, not money, not animals and certainly not apps. I guess I just think it’s kind of stupid to have an app about the Bible and then ask if I “love” the app. Seems like the creator of the app didn’t connect all the dots or didn’t actually read the Bible. As apps go this is 1 minor thing compared to many great features, it just really bugs me for some reason.

- Best App on the App Store

This app has changed my life. When I downloaded this app for my phone, I had faith that there was an Omniscient God. The only problem holding me back was that I did not have a personal relationship with Him. This YouVerse app changes that for God. I have been able to have the entire Bible, different versions of it, and plans to study it all on the palm of my hand. The Bible app is the first thing I open on my phone in the morning and the last thing I shut down at night. Without this app I think I would steal brim a struggle with finding and keeping a personal relationship with my God. I have told everyone I know that I highly recommend them to get this app. If you don’t have faith right now, that’s fine. Download this app if you want questions answered, are struggling with your faith, have little faith (even the size of a mustard seed), or are the most religious person ever. I highly recommend you to try to find it in your heart, because it is in there, to download this app and come closer to God. I wish you the best on your faith filled journey. To end this I just want to tell you one more thing, God loves you more than anyone else is even capable (Romas 8:38-39)and He is the only thing that can ever make you feel complete and recovery from whatever you are going through. Love and Prayer Always, Sophia 🥰🤩🥳

- The Best Bible App to Read the Bible & Devotionals & Plans

I cannot give enough good advice about having this app on your devices. I have already read the Bible in one year with a group and now I’m reading the entire Bible for the second time using another plan with another group and this one I hosted and invited people to. We are communicating along the way and taking this journey together and it’s amazing. In addition there are so many bible based reading plans that help support you through life’s ups and downs. There are daily reading sets which include videos from pastors which are completely incomparable to any other reading plan. I have downloaded many many bible apps over the years and by far this is the best and most rewarding. It has helped support my journey on being closer to God and learning more about Him. I’m sure it can do the same for you. It also has a personal prayer section with options to include updates and whether the prayer was answered. It’s an experience that is so amazing and fulfilling. Just think about it - I have hosted a Bible reading plan and invited family and friends to read the Bible some of which have never read the Bible before - imagine that? Talk about spreading the word of Christ!!!! Don’t waste anymore time. Let today be the day you take on a new beautiful life changing journey with this Bible App. By the way you can also select from multiple translations!

- Living on Purpose

The moment that I open my eyes in the morning and realize that I am still here, I pray and then open my Bible App. I realize that I am on God’s, “Wake Up Call list” and therefore I have work to do. To be His hands and feet is a privilege I do not take for granted. The daily word, video and devotions are a wonderful way to start my journey. My heart is refreshed and renewed for the new day. I share excerpts on social media, and through text messages to my friends and family. I also capture a quote from the devotion and write it on the board every Monday for my students to read, think and share their thoughts. It’s a great way to start algebra class. I have seen lives and attitudes changed in my classroom ever since I started secretly sharing His word. I often revisit the devotions during the day and meditate on the verse and message. Thank you for providing these priceless and timely devotions and for providing a platform for those persons with a message to share with the world. Many will never open a physical Bible and read it. I sincerely hope and trust that this app will do what it was created to do; reach the world so that many read the word of God, get into a relationship with Jesus Christ, fall in love with Him and share Him with those in their world. ”This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” Matthew 24:14 Nadeen Edwards

- The app is getting worse over the last several updates

I used to really love this app and gave it a 5 Star rating for years. Lately, the layout has become annoying and not user friendly at all. Sometimes the icon for my daily reading plan is on the home screen and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it takes me to day one of the plan (super annoying for a year-long plan) & I have to scroll & scroll to get to today’s reading. There’s this big picture of a cell phone at the top of the screen that I can’t get rid of & that has been annoying me for months now. I prefer a more simplistic view. All I want to see on my screen is my record of how many days I’ve used the app in a row, how many weeks; the verse of the day; my current reading plan and that’s it. I don’t want to see some picture of a cell phone nor do I want to see some story (I feel like they’re trying to make it like FB with the annoying stories thing) & it’s just not necessary for a Bible reading app. This is supposed to be a simple tool & I want the ability to make it my simple tool again. If there’s people who like all that extra stuff, then make it optional for them & stop changing it all the time because it’s stressing me out and it is super annoying. We all have enough stress in our lives without an app increasing the stress level. If this pattern of getting worse continues, I will drop my rating down to 3 stars. Bring back the app I used to love a lot!

- Love everything but the streak history

I love the Bible YouVersion app. The tons of translations, search option, highlight color options for me to find saved verses easier, etc. are all great. The ONLY thing I really do NOT like (actually detest) is the streak history where it keeps track of how many days in a row you’ve “been in the Word.” Until recently, I’d found myself often just opening the app JUST to keep my streak of daily “reading.” That didn’t help me spiritually, it just tempted me to be dishonest with myself and give myself a feeling of self-righteousness bc “I had done it every day!” I read the Bible late at night, so regardless of whether I’m reading every night before bed (whether it’s before or after midnight), it either keeps my “streaks” or starts me all over again if I happen to login at 12:02am. It serves no purpose and I wish I could take it off or get rid of it altogether but haven’t found that option yet. Perhaps I’ve missed it. But the “tool” is not good for people like me who deal with heavy shame when expectations aren’t met...the LAST way I want to feel when I’m trying to read the life-breathing Word of my Savior Who “keeps no record of wrongs.” My initial thought was, “Oh, the Bible’s trying to be like Snapchat” And it shouldn’t be a mandatory option, in my opinion. Other than this, I absolutely love all the reading plans and other great options!

- Brought me happiness and joy

I am 12 and For a long time I have felt down in the dumps I have had some issues with my family other problems to I asked God to help I prayed to him every single day and nothing happened I can’t say I know why he didn’t help me but I just know that God is with me he will always be with me he will always help me and he knows everyone’s problems he knows what is best for people sometimes when God helps you he does it in a different way maybe not the The way that you wanted him to but I didn’t know that I did not know that then and I feel like a banded me and I hadn’t read the Bible in years but anyway I’m going to be a pastor Plus I’m only good at reading well I’m best at Reading📖 I think you should get this app plus there’s an Voice Play you can sit back and listen to the Bible I guess it just makes me feel good i’m definitely going to give this app a 5 Star because it has helped me a lot🙏🏻🙂 but there is one thing that I wan't the creators to fix when you use the voice play and you pause it in the middle if you exit out of the Tab and you get back on later it starts the whole thing over please fix that please read this creators plz plz plz🤝Ps if you don’t have a dog get one🐶 and if you want to why I am not putting commas and periods and stuff like that it is because my iPad won’t let me for some reason so don’t think I’m dumb🤐

- Life changing and helpful!

I love the Bible app and the many components it has to help me learn the word of God and share it with others. The design and layout has improved so much over the last two years! I love the videos that come with the scripture of the day and the story line we can click on to view the videos, the prayer , and the attached devotional. I love that you can add prayers , notes, comments, share bible plans with friends or read by yourself, earn badges to encourage you, and set reminders so you don’t miss the scripture of the day. I love the scripture of the day can now be a widget on your iPhone, I love that you can highlight scriptures and look at different translations, etc.., I also love that there is a search option so if you want to look up a word or parts of a scripture you can see all the scriptures related to your search, I love the new section for the videos , much easier to find now (set up is like the Instagram reels section which is helpful). My only suggestion is that there is an option to share the verse of the day story line (including the video) to outside sources like to Instagram or to your friends who may not have the app or may not be saved but could use that mini devotional. In other words, I wish there was a way to download that story we get with the scriptures of the day (video included) so we can share it easily with others.

- Love it!!!!!

I believe a Bible is important. This app though has kept me in the word of God pretty much daily. The devotional a are awesome. If I could recommend the best one I’ve read so far it would be, “fast from wrong thinking”. The devotional is 40 days. Everyday I read it it’s exactly what I need to hear that day, Gods pretty awesome like that! I also read the daily verse and set a reminder. Also the devotional a you can invite people, family, church members or people your trying to win over to Christ! This app has helped better my walk and being in the word more! I love it! I would recommend it to anyone. Especially with people on their phones a lot we all as Christians should at least be able to read the verse of the day! Always makes me feel closer to The Lord when I’m in the word as he tells us we will be. I can’t say enough good about this app and how it’s kept me stay more dedicated to being in the word. Like I said I like and think it’s important to read from the Bible. I don’t think anything is bad about just using the app though. At church I turn my phone on airplane mode take notes, highlight the message and take notes on it and the app saves it. It’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I’d rate it 10 out of 5 if I could!!! I love it! You can download differed what ever version of the Bible you like to read from niv and king James to other ones. Those are just the two I read.

- Life-changing, community-building app

No app is so thoroughly life-changing as the Bible app. I love switching between versions, using off-line versions when I’m out of range, and the ease that I can make verse images. I love being able to do devotionals with others; this has strengthened my relationship with my daughter! Here’s an area for improvement: allow sub folders to be made within the Images section and allow me to share an entire folder. For example, I’ve made 60 customized verse images for the 60 verses in the Navigators’ Topical Memory System (TMS), and led my small group through them. But without having TMS in a folder, it is cumbersome to scroll through the dozens of other images I’ve created since then. And I want to be able to share them as a batch, which I could do if I could share a folder. Next, when I’m doing a long reading plan (like a Year Long Bible, like the Bible Recap), I often have to scroll through hundreds of days to get back to where I left off. Finally, bring back the confetti! Many who read the Bible each day are motivated by the small reward of having a shower of confetti fall for a couple minutes when they hit a milestone of consecutive days in the app. I’ve only missed one day in almost 3 years, and when I hit 400 consecutive days, how about some fireworks! The Bible App is the one app that I can’t live without. Thank you!

- Love love LOVE this app!

I don’t even know where to begin. This app is amazing. It keeps me going especially with this pandemic happening, because it is really hard right now to go out and buy devotionals and selected books without knowing a lot about them, say, if you tried to order one online. I love that you can find any type of devotion based on your previous devotions, or just based on how you are feeling. I also really like the daily verse and video and devotional excerpt. I really like making my own images for the daily verses, and the default pictures are breathtaking and I love how you can take your own pictures or use your own pictures, and the editing is really amazing. I love being able to friend people and keep up with what they are doing. And I like that you can get awards for different accomplishments on the app. And of course the most important thing of all- you can still read the Bible normally and highlight different scriptures. Love this app, it’s amazing. I don’t really like that sometimes the app will just shut off and kick me out and then I have to retry getting on the app again, but I don’t think that is that big of an issue. It’s probably just my phone itself. Would definitely recommend this app for those of you looking for an easy reading, watching, and listening experience that takes you through the Bible piece by piece.

- Grateful

I'm so thankful for this app. I can literally open "my Bible" and read it anytime, anywhere. I love the fact that I have a variety of translations at my disposal. It's very useful to have the word of God at your fingertips at any moment as this is our sword. Given the culture of our world, everything is on the go and everybody's in a rush, but with this app you can pause for just a second and read the verse of the day or do a quick 3 day plan on your Uber or Lyft ride to work or a party (pre-COVID-19 of course), or on lunch or a break (instead of going on IG, Twitter, FB, etc.). We make time for what's important to us and this app makes it easier to make time for God. Definitely one of my favorite apps. No slight to the other Bible apps but this is my fave. I like the design of it and I like that I can connect with other like-minded individuals and see what they are reading and the goals they accomplish. It's a social media network in itself. I love the VOTD (verse of the day) and the daily stories with a quick little devotion. The search function is amazing. I can search one word and it brings up every verse with that word in it. Definitely makes for an easy studying tool to look for verses pertaining a certain subject. Absolutely recommend this app for anyone who would want to experience any of what I just mentioned while learning who God is and what's available for us in him.

- Love this app

This app is great for devotions and encouragement! There's tons of plans to choose from and you can even do them with your friends who also have the app! This Bible app has helped me grow spiritualy, and enjoy doing my devotions because everything is right here in my phone. I still believe that the good book is best in book form where you can flip through the pages and read the text without having to press the "next page" icon. With a book form of the Bible you can highlight, take notes and just FEEL THE PAGES! Also, I tried to do a whole Bible in a year plan, but it was very uninteresting and I lost interest and dropped out around day 30. I love that the Bible app can be used as a type of social media where people can like your highlighted verses and verse images and ask to be your friend. But it can also be a bit distracting. Instead of really trying to get closer to God, you could just use this app to make it LOOK like you're getting closer to God. All in all, I love the Bible App and overall it is a great place to grow in your walk with the Lord, and it is SUCH a plus to have the Bible in my pocket, complete with ALL the different translations and available in a ton of languages, not to mention the amazing plans that are available. I think it is so nice to have an app like this. However, good things can be used the wrong way, so make sure you have the right intentions when you download this app.

- More than a Bible

...for those looking to give their life to Christ and don’t know where to begin, this app is the starting point. It provides a plethora of reading devotionals that cover a wide range of topics all the way from addiction, to how to strive as a Christian musician. It takes the boredom out of reading by allowing us to highlight verses and jot notes down in the app. Also it has a way to motivate the reader to read more and more of the Bible without having to ever push the reader to read...what do I mean? I’m saying that it has badges and achievements that motivate the reader to want to accomplish something. And to be able to look at their profile and see how far they have come and how much they have grown. It’s not about comparing to your friends, but more of comparing to the OLD you. You can read daily devotionals with your friends, it is a great way to learn and grow together but also fellowship and keep each other accountable. Also, where two or more are gathered in his name, he is in the midst of them. It can give a sense of comfort verses having to read and discuss with a larger crowd. NOW to the actual Bible. You can read whichever version you prefer. And you can have the Bible read to you via audio book style. Also, their are notes within the reading to provide a little insight on specific pieces of scripture, like a study Bible.

- Faithful father I’m grateful

God surpasses us although he may be amongst us, he is outside of time, he sees all we do and observes us he is just towards reasoning and is reasonable towards his reasoning. His son Jesus was there with him since the beginning and he sent Jesus as an ultimate sacrifice so that he could pass the throne down towards Jesus and Jesus could save us so that we may be his people and have the chance to live amongst him. I tell you not do not be a fool don’t pass an opportunity to accept this faithful gift that we may inherit his kingdom but accept it so that you shall enter. To do so all you must do is believe Jesus was sent by the father(God), and that you are in guilt of committing sin everyone is, I am in guilt of it as well, but also you must to accept him as who he says he is. He is Jesus the one whom died upon the cross, and rised on the 3rd day, The one whom gave his life so that we may have a gift of salvation to inherit his kingdom. The one who lived a non-sinful life. You must accept your a sinner and ask for forgiveness and repent for he is waiting for you to receive his gift that you may abide his kingdom. Our father who art, in heaven hallowed be by name. The kingdom come as it will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not to temptation but deliver us from evil. For thy is the kingdom forever and ever, Amen.

- Love this app!

I have to open this app every day because it offers so much to help me with my Christian walk. If I don’t open it and read my plan, the Story, or anything else that catches my eye, I feel like I am “off my game” all day! So much to say... First, I would like to say that I LOVE the Story that You Version publishes every day that not only has a devotion to read, but has a man or woman of God to present a 2-3 minute message further explaining the verse of the day, giving you more insight into the Word. It also begins with a reminder to pause and get prepared to receive what God has to say to you each time you open the Story. Then it reminds you to pray at the end and gives you some links to add some things to pray for! Thank you, You Version for going the extra mile to help us all draw closer to our Creator and strengthen our relationship with Him! I look forward to the Story each day! It always seems to be what I need in my life! Also, there are so many devotional plans that cover just about any topic you might need to study. Additionally, there are many reading plans so that you can read through the gospels, the New Testament, the Old Testament, the whole Bible, and more! You can bookmark, highlight, or takes notes through the app. I still haven’t mentioned all the different options available in this app! It is my “go-to” app every day!

- Shake that Devil off! Gods in your back pocket!

There is no excuse not to dig into God’s word when he’s provided tools like this!!! Easy to search and navigate by scripture, keyword, and topic. The Bible app has been divinely inspired by God and it’s content, creators, and guests are here to grow your daily walk with God so you can live with passion. This is an answer to prayers prayed all over the world, and you feel like it was made only for you. Now tell me what other app can provide guidance, hope, encouragement, comfort, opportunity, and give you a roadmap for your entire life day by day?! I’m challenging myself more this year to “seek first” God and remain faithful in him in alll..the..things. My app is one of the only apps on my home screen with all others being only searchable. We fight exponential accessibility options with smartphones and that’s where this world/Satan grabs our attention the easiest. Having my app on my home screen is my constant reminder where If I'm getting into a position to just start scrolling through IG, God reminds me that I'm not a time waister, I'm an opportunist and a I need to take care of the moments he gives me. So I’ve had to fight to click on my Bible app first when I want to get lost in scroll through social- and he always blesses me when I follow him in those moments and shake that Devil right off! 🙅‍♀️ Whooop🤗. Now that’s a pretty amazing app I’d say.

- Habit Forming

The term “habit forming” is usually applied in a negative way to something desirable that normally is taken in moderation, e.g., chocolate. One might even form an addiction that might be detrimental. I’m applying this term to the YouVersion Bible app in the positive because it has helped me form the good habit of reading God’s Word daily. I didn’t realize how spiritually starved I was until I started reading God’s Word regularly. This Bible app has played a huge part in that. How I use the app: I set daily reminders and have several friends and family using the app that share scriptures that encourage me to read. I’ve used several reading plans to help me pace out reading the Bible in a year. I’m often finding that reading one day’s set of readings isn’t enough; I have often read several days worth. I also benefit from receiving the verse of the day, highlighting meaningful verses, adding my thoughts to verses, and sharing verses with others via email, text, Facebook, etc. I use the KJV audio Bible when driving places. I use the search function and multiple versions for personal study. Having God’s Word available to me any time I want helps me refocus when I need God’s wisdom and comfort. It also counteracts news and social media. I highly recommend reading God’s Word regularly. I also recommend the YouVersion application as the best application with which to do that!!!

- In a word.... LIFE CHANGING!

This Bible app has changed my life!! It's so convenient, my teenager uses it as well. We use the plans, highlights and audio features. Aside from reading daily, I find that I read it during waits, take notes, use the highlights, and share a lot of verses with others as well as send inspiring verses to my email and text to review again. GOD, - GOD'S WORD And the SPIRIT OF GOD, clearly has the power to literally change your life, the convenience of having it with you at all Times makes it that much sweeter . I love the Audio versions!! It has been like HEARING THE MESSAGES FROM THE MOUTH OF KING JESUS - OR the APOSTLE PAUL, ... I Prayed for this.. Thank you LORD... THe WORD OF GOD SPEAKs! Thanks so much for your commitment to promoting the GOSPEL .. GOD BLESS you all! One of my prayers was for strength to manage how we use technology. The constant texting and using the phone. While I don't use social media- having a phone with access to the Internet requires discipline and prayer to ensure that the enemy doesn't rob / steal valuable time from your life. This app is a Great solution - instead of surfing the Internet - it's so convenient to just review a verse and meditate on it or review notes etc.. Having the bible app on my phone has been one of the ways I've used in facilitating an awareness of GOD's holy presence. Home run for the Kingdom!! Thank you, thank you! Zina Stevenson

- This app is amazing, convenient, and I LOVE it.

This app is honestly amazing. I love the huge selection of bible plans that you can read, and I love that you are able to share your prayer requests with anyone you want that you may have not shared with before. It’s also a great way to pray for people you would have never prayed for. It’s just such a great way to come close to God, and to also share the word with all of your friends. The app has a daily bible verse, and you can also share any bible verse image you want to spread the word. You can also highlight things that you find while reading the Bible, and share that as well. There's also a space where you can take a note, like if you want to tell somebody about something you are going through and for them to pray for you, or to just explain to friends what a scripture means to you. This app is very convenient, and honestly there is nothing wrong with it. If you feel that the bible plan you are reading isn’t for you, you can easily leave it without notifying the host. You can too set up a reminder for a bible plan you are reading so that it will remind you to read it. This app is just such a great way to connect with God, especially in modern times where we can just pull out our phone and read a plan, share a verse image, and or see what the verse of the day is. I HIGHLY recommend it. :))

- Best Bible App

Love this app and all new features. They start off with the Verse of the Day. Then you can just read whatever Scripture you want or you can choose a specific plan (many written by top authors). There are literally thousands of different devotional plans. From a 1 year through the Bible, (even chronologically if you'd like) a 280 day plan on parenting, maybe a 7 day plan on family life, a 4 day plan on forgiveness. Bullying, Healing & Recovery, Anger, Or themes like The Christmas Story, Lent For Everyone, Easter, ones specifically for teens or children. You can set up to receive a reminder notification to keep you on track. You can take notes, highlight, and share verses on Facebook, Google, Twitter and even messages. Add your friends who use this app and you can see their plans and what they note, highlight and can do studies together. You also have the option with every plan you start to have it private so only you see that plan. Add an image and it will place the verse you chose on the image you chose. Has video devotionals and other videos you can watch. It has audio if you want to follow along or instead of reading yourself, you can just listen. Settings let you change fonts and size, have red letters, cross references, footnotes, etc. you can also share on social media when you have completed a pIan. I super love this app!

- Great App!

I love this app. I've used it for many years. It's wonderful to have the bible at my fingertips. I love that there are so many versions to choose from... & while I have my favorite, I frequently will look at several versions of the same scripture, to gain insights, through the differences in word choices, from the different translations. I also love that it is so easy to highlight a specific passage & write notes... & then accessing those notes again later is just as convenient. Searching for a specific passage, provides many options to choose from (sometimes too many, LOL), allowing you to find the exact one you were thinking of, which is very helpful in a bible study. I use the app on both my iPhone & LG tablet. My only complaint is that, while I can select book & chapter on my iPhone, it doesn't allow me to select a specific verse... which means I have to scroll through the entire chapter; used to be (long ago) verse-selection was available on the iPhone, but an update removed it. This is a petty annoyance, & thus isn't worth docking any stars for. But, it _is_ one reason I prefer using it on my tablet, which does provide verse-selection. If you're looking for a good bible app, you can't go wrong with this one. It is a very uncomplicated, user friendly one, that should definitely be tried. I'm confident you'll like it, too.

- YouVersion is your version

YouVersion has devotions that I can do along with friends who have the app as well (after friending them on the app). Has almost every language and version of the Bible including: The Message, ESV, KJV, NKJV, NLT, NIV, Amplified, etc. Also you can make verse pictures and study the Bible with a lot of reading plans ranging from 1 day to 365+ days long. Most include videos to watch and come from good churches and ministries. They also cover a bunch of topics from marriage to leadership to depression to relationship. I like the search feature/tab where if you are trying to remember a verse, the search will bring up what you type; it shows all Bible versions as well as in devotions, videos, and all other related content to what you typed. You can highlight, set bookmarks, write notes, write/pray prayers, copy and paste, and listen to the Bible read like and audio book (as noted by different versions when you choose them). You can read the Bible offline also if you download the version with internet beforehand (I’m not sure if audio works offline, I use my cellular data when I’m on the road). Devotions also let you set reminders, and there is a Day Streak and Week Streak count that helps motivate you to be diligent in reading Gods Word. Notifications can also include verse of the day, streaks, friend invites, etc. Overall it’s a great app!

- Great app

I am 11 years old and I love this app so much I love how the Apple when you’re sleeping the app is still playing for you and right now I’m at my sister I was just about to make her because I have a listen to the Bible but she has not been doing that so she’s well I don’t have an excuse doesn’t matter how young how old you are and you should never be Young or to o old to worship and have a relationship with God just yesterday I was doing everything that you needed to do I felt like I didn’t have a connection so I was just so sad I couldn’t even smile When I was watching some Christian TikTok’s or listening to worship music what is this a sad I don’t even feel until that night I ended up sining And cursing and just in this morning it was about 6 AM in the morning cuzI wasn’t asleep my family on Waze that worship music when you go to sleep so I got a look into nothing so I got up I took my snacksOpening them up and eating them and Like I said at night Play worship music so when the worship music finishes some other worship music comes on or à payer and it was a prayer that came on I didn’t even want to hear that but then for some reason a part of it was in French by the way I couldn’t understand that much but a part of the payer that he said just hit like really hit me! And kind of you can say but that’s my relationship with god and Jesus!

- Great Collaborative capabilities

This is app has many features for studying the scripture by yourself, like verse searching, comparison, highlighting, and note-taking. There is even a screen that lets you see all the verses you have highlighted. Many plans are available from various organization and people to guide you through a series of readings pertaining to a certain topic, event, or arranged for a certain goal like reading through the whole Bible in a year. These plans can be very helpful when used by yourself, but I have found them to be as great when reading with a friend. When starting a plan, the app asks you if you would like to go through it with one or more of your in-app friends, and if you choose to invite someone, they receive a message asking them if they want to read the plan with you. Several plans include a free-response commenting section at the end of each day’s reading (which counts as part of the day’s reading for the purposes of completing the plan) which readers can use to share insights and thoughts on verses. You can copy-and-paste verses into the comments, and the app automatically includes quotation marks, a reference, and a link to the translation online when pasting the verse. The capability to read the same passages of scripture and share thoughts on it with one or more friends in an organized, accountable way is of my favorite features in the app.

- Most used app- more than social media 😱

I have physical bibles everywhere, but until the Bible app, I never felt like I could connect or find what I needed. This app has made the Bible more accessible and engaging than ever. I can pick bible plans based on my mood or current struggle or goal. The passages I find now never fail to calm me down when I’m feeling stressed. I love that I have so many bible versions at my fingertips and can flip back and forth between them. The NIV version can even be read aloud to you when you don’t have the energy to read whole chapters. My new fave is definitely the prayer feature where I can jot down prayers, how I’m feeling, and can keep track of testimonies when the prayer is answered! The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is I do not like that the app tries to force you to connect with community and add friends to join you. I personally prefer for my Bible and prayer time as quiet, personal time. It’s the one place I shouldn’t have to try to impress others, but the developers are trying to make it into another social media platform. PLEASE allow us to turn off the community feature and friends suggestions, for those who don’t want them. They are really persistent with the the white dot to make sure you see what your community posts. I just want the Bible feature, and we should be able to remove the sections we don’t want to see. Anyways, yep! Pretty great app!

- The Way the Truth and the Life

It’s all about Jesus Christ and Him crucified for our sins. He’s the way the truth and the life. Who? Jesus Christ? Who the Word of God? The Holy Bible. Who the Holy Spirit, Who the Heavenly Father? How to be truly in Him one must believe with their whole heart that God exist and truly believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of Man and the coming Messiah to judge the world, and God must be the desire of Your heart. All while doing this one has repented and hates the sun of himself, broken over the sun in himself, and the world, is no longer a friend of the world, and live fully repented. Jesus blood covers our sins. That’s Gods grace to us. He so loved the world He gave us His only Son. That who ever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life in Him. Do what He says. You must desire Him and nothing else, because once You abide in Him He abides in You for eternity. Once you believe, the Holy Spirit will come upon you and teach all about the Bible. Don’t fall for Satans trap. The Word is not about gaining prosperity in things but the hope of our prosperous life in heaven having suffered for our short life doing what Jesus says. Believing Jesus and Obeying what the Word of God says. A life fully turned over away from the world. A life in Christ is completely upside down to the world. Because it’s the world that’s upside down. Count the cost because, following Jesus means you lose your life. That’s the truth.

- Rate uverse

Like the app very much. Appreciate all the available versions, and the audible reading of numerous versions. Like being able to have 2 versions of the same reference side by side and the compare feature of multiple versions. At one time in the past, you could have 2 different references side by side that were scrollable. That was also very nice, but I haven’t been able to find that feature anymore. Speed in initial opening & in switching between versions has been getting longer and longer. Also would rather have Bible open directly to last read reference as before & then have option to go to daily verse, reading plan, helps videos etc. instead of having to wait for them to complete loading before the Bible is available. The screen seems to have been cleaned up a bit lately, but it was opening looking like a confused collage of advertisements. Overall, I really like the app and use it as my go to online Bible, multiple times on a daily basis. I have others that I use for study/reference. I want yours to open and switch quickly, and to allow quick searches. My eyes are needing help at this stage in life, and I use and appreciate the audio reader very much. Thank you for providing easy access to God’s Holy Word to millions of readers around the world. May God bless your service to His glory and to the saving of souls through the reading of His Word.

- Jesus

If you are reading this right now lm just letting you know that Jesus loves you. He died on the cross for not only your sins, but for our sins. He loves you so much that he sacrificed himself to get whipped, stabbed, beat up, and had to carry his cross up the hill and get nailed to it. That was a very sad day, but he rose again. Anyways, I would like to say this is the perfect app to have on the go. She l forget my Holy Bible I use this app. For instance, you are going on vacation. You forgot your Bible, just use this app it is just the same but on a phone! What I usually do is do the stories. It helps me come closer to God. I am only 11 years old. God has done a lot in my life. I get bullied at school, but God helps me get through it. Why I got bullied is because I went against girls that have been on pageants there whole life’s! Of corse it was my first one, and l actually turned out to win! Then the girl who got jealous of me started rumors about me saying that I shouldn’t of won that she should of. I did not let that stop me though I kept fighting and trying because Jesus was with me the whole time. I just want all of you to know that you are loved even if you don’t believe. He still loves you, even the people that beat him and hurt him. He still loves you very much! And J hope you love him too. I hope y’all have a great day and make sure to download this wonderful app! -Nicole

- The Bible App is awesome!

Loving all this app has to offer! The different translations is only the beginning. You can keep notes, bookmarks, hi-light areas and cross reference. Reading the Bible has never been so easy! Looking for others to share biblical interests has never been so easy! If you have questions about the Bible, this app will certainly have several resources at your fingertips once you start learning the many different aspects the app has to offer! And it is all very easy! You can have Bible verses sent to you daily through text and many other benefits through texting options. You have the option to go to the web for study notes from scholars around the world with the translations. You can join unlimited study groups with friends or just by yourself! The boundaries seem bottomless in ways you can grow close in your relationship with Our Heavenly Father! I also feel that while using this app my relationship will be nurtured with Jesus Christ and feel I will be learning to feel the inspiration of the Holy Spirit which can be nurtured as well with all it has to offer. I really enjoy the study notes from scholars and feel very enlightened by the information they lay out as well as all the sources they reference for one for information on their resources. Definitely enjoying the Bible App! I think you should try it too!

- First Day in Heaven

My sister-in-law sent this to me and I was in Vermont this past November December. We were there because my daughter who is 37 the mother of three children was in the Vermont University hospital. She had COVID-19, and fight for over three weeks on a ventilator before Jesus took her to be home with him. There’s another whole amazing story before that while I was on the plane flying down to be with her, that God had spoken to me and told me that I was to give her to him. That he loved her in a way that no earthly parent could ever love her and that he would be with her and he would take care of her. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do to say you take her and your will be done. Because as an earthly mom I wanted to pray heal her, make her all better. Give her back to us. But during that time on that plane when I said she’s yours I couldn’t pray Heal her,the only prayer I could ever say what is “your will be done”and there was such a peace.A peace that is not humanly possible when your daughter is fighting for her life. The verses daily that I would get seem to just be exactly what I needed. God is so good. He knew exactly what I needed before I even knew what I needed. Her first day in heaven was December 18, 2021. She got to celebrate his birthday with him. What more of a gift could God give a mother then to let her know that her child is safely in heaven with him.

- Ties that bind

With my coffee every morning I have been opening your app to start my day and pray for my family for the last several years. One morning about 2 years ago, I sent the scripture to my 2 grown daughters to start their day and ask them to read the scripture and join me in praying for their children, (my grandchildren), and husbands. When school started that year, I text my son in laws and the 4 grandkids and ask their permission to send them the scripture. I told them no texting back to me was necessary but to bow their heads and pray for themselves and each other each day. My sister ask me to send her the scripture also. So I text her son, his wife and their 2 grown kids kids and ask if they would like to start their day with God and pray for each other. With all the positive feed back, I ask my brother and his wife, their two kids-and spouses and their four grown grandkids if they would like to start their day with God and praying for each other. I’ve sent all these kin folks the link to your app but they still look forward to the group text for their families and knowing that when they get the scripture, each family member is reading that particular scripture at the same time and praying for each other’s day. It is The Tie that binds our hearts to God and each other as we live our lives. Cynthia Brown Bluff Dale, Texas

- Awesome Resource

When a scripture popped in my head July 24th, 2019, I looked it up on the Bible app and found out it was Matthew 5:16. Let your light shine before men so the may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. 30 days later my dad had just come home with hospice care. I got him settled in around midnight and went home exhausted thinking maybe I could sleep in. Nope...the Lord woke me up early and put the same scripture in my mind...this time with an image from the Bible app with a little c for copyright which I didn’t notice at the time. God had started giving me ideas for tee shirts in June and I was writing them down but not doing anything with them. I felt like the Lord was saying, “I’ve been giving you ideas and you haven’t done anything, start with this one. I later realized after we started making the shirts that the image was copyrighted and asked for prayer. I thankfully discovered that it’s okay to use the images that the Bible app provides. The ones that have a persons name underneath them, you’ll need to ask permission. I say all this to encourage others to make tee shirts or other items with those designs to encourage holy boldness and be a resource to hurting people as they feel led to talk with you and you can plant seeds and encourage others in the faith. Let your light shine before others y’all!!! All the glory be to God...not men!

- All Version/Translations

I love this app for the simple fact that it holds other Bible translations for the student of the Word to Study and it is all FREE! Praise the name of The Lord for this blessing. It has a notification that will allow you to receive daily scriptures to read. So if you are new to the Bible and always feel you do not “Know where to start” then this is a great guide. This app also has amazing reading plans to help with a range of topics of life. The only reason I did not give it 5 Stars is simply for allll the bells and whistles this app provides (again ALL for free) you would think it would have a better “search function” when attempting to find scripture. They have this magnifying glass icon to tap to “search” but that is only if you know the actual Scripture , i.e. typing Romans 8:28, but lets say you may have heard it before and want to look it up BECAUSE you want to know what Chapter and Verse it is, i.e. “I remember something like ‘He will work together the good for those who love Him’ and want to search for where I find those words or combination of words” I have to go to GOOGLE for that. Which has me going in and out of this app. Install a “Google” like search engine on this app and you’ll have 5 stars from me. Update 3/21 : They have now added a Search Engine, but I still find Google gives me exactly what I am looking for

- The only book you need to read!

This app is fantastic. Been using for years. I am a purist for printed Bibles but love to use this as an amazing addition to my Bible study and more. The verse of the day feature ensures I always get into scripture each day and has helped me immensely with my memorizing of verses. I also LOVE the audio feature. I have gained SO MUCH by reading along in my paper printed Bible while listening to the audio simultaneously. It is also awesome for road trips—nothing beats driving while hearing God’s word and having the ability to learn the most important truths about this journey we call life, about God’s incredible creation we call our universe, about the real nature of our existence, and about the greatest gift any of us will ever be offered, salvation by grace through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, from the only source of ABSOLUTE TRUTH, The Holy Bible—aka God’s Word. This app has amazing photo features too so you can make pretty advanced and beautiful image art with God’s word and different verses that speak to your heart! Between the different translations and language options as well as the seemingly infinite bible study plans, sermons etc. this is definitely my favorite app in the app store and on my phone. Thank you to the team who makes this app and all the amazing elements within it possible. God bless you all and keep spreading the Love!

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- You Version Bible App

Absolutely love this App it’s my best friend besides Jesus pleased I actually listened to a friend and downloaded it . I use it everyday to read my Bible in a Year / I have the daily verse sent to my phone / I love the plans to help me through things & situations / I love reading my Bible off my phone as well as my eye sight is not the best it’s great how it reminds you to read you’re Bible each day ...I love that I can choose and read different versions & compare can even choose to have The Bible read out loud ! ..I think it’s amazing that as Christians the app is accessible to all denominations & so much information about doctrine & theology .Its truly an incredible App for this Generation my kids use it , it has something for everyone ! I find it incredible all the different insight of others experiences through the plans that are approved & give other Churches & Christian perspectives & Churches to share with each other .I recently did a grief plan and it was beautiful brings Christians together & helps them read their Bibles regularly .I’m currently doing a Beatitudes plan which is speaking to my heart .Theres just so much within You Version very clever App informative & well set out easy to use & for everyone ! Thankyou for this vital tool You Version is a God idea helping people read their Bible and using other peoples gifts & talents to teach & preach draw & design and come together as one ! God Bless xx

- Review of the Bible App - 1st July 2020

The Bible App is my favourite App by far. I open it up every morning and I love to read God’s word to guide me and inspire me for what lies ahead for that day. I particularly enjoy the wide choice of Bible studies available where there is always a topic that one can relate to, with high quality Christian writers who share thoughtfully how the Lord has challenged them, or comforted them or encouraged them. I also like the way the Bible App counts your streaks, in which the reader wants to continue each day. May I suggest that you add a feature of best streak for the current year, as well as keeping the best streak for any year. The reason is that once you miss a day then you return to zero, which is fair enough. But it would still be nice to also know what was your longest streak in the current year, to see if you can beat it, as well as maintaining the person’s best streak overall. Thank you so much for all who have contributed to making this App so accessible to so many people worldwide. It would also be useful to have a feature that tells you whether you have read a particular study before. It is hard to remember over the years whether you have read that study before or not. This would be handy to know. May God continue to bless your wonderful work. Top marks from me again. Thank you so much for your wonderful work. God Bless you all.

- Amazing to be able to share the word of God through this app!

This is an amazing app and it’s free. In this digital age it can be difficult to navigate sharing our faith and Christianity with people but I have found this app to be a God send(no pun intended!) especially with younger people it’s features like bible streaks and interactive discussion really appeals to the younger generation who use similar features on their social media platform. Through The Bible App, I have been able to successfully minister to teenagers (non believers who have not grown up on the church) who have been able to connect with God through this technology which is amazing! It’s likely these kids would never have picked up a Bible if this app wasn’t available to them so it is literally changing lives. It has wonderful features that allow you to share and connect with friends, family and people in general. I find the plans are a wonderful way to build good bible reading habits. The plans allow you to invite anyone who has the app to be an active participant each day and discuss and listen to everyone’s interpretation of the scripture and devotional. They also allow you to participate individually and privately if you prefer. Keep up the great work you are remarkable people who are truly doing God’s work! Stay blessed 🙏

- Olivia

This App helps me a lot in remembering the word of God and in learning his wisdom and love a new each time and every time I read his word and listen to the verse of the day through the understanding of another person and how they are or have applied it into their lives at some time or the other , and their encouragement or advice on how I too could live it always feels to me God having a conversation with me through them ! In good times and especially in the dark times . When my faith has been weak or is getting tested and when I just need to hear our Lord . It is very handy to use and I absolutely love the plans that are always available for whatever circumstances that one might be going through. thank you and Keep up the Lords Good work and may he always bless you all . And the prayer reminder’s which come with encouraging and calming starters to help you calm down , clear and prepare your mind and spirit especially on the days you have a lot to talk to God about but have no idea where to start or in what word. The Bible App is just like the Bible, Gods unchanging true living word advancing at our pace of ever growing human development and advancement whilst not altering nor changing and is and will always be as it was written .

- Excellent for my needs

This app has definitely met all my personal criteria for a Bible app making it easy to navigate my way around the Bible and bringing out the best in technology by alerting me to stay reading God’s word every day. The recent addition of The Kids Bible Experience has made daily sharing in reading the Bible so much easier with my kids. There are really more features than I need but that’s a good thing. When I want to dig deeper into a passage it has great capacity to explain translations and link up connected passages. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good Bible app to bring the Bible into your daily life in an easy to use way for a wide range of people. My only critical observation would be that I’m not sure how user experience of some features would be for people from cultures outside of a fairly western, developed world as there is an embedded cultural aspect to the app that is fairly specifically aligned to a particular type of Christian culture that is not everyone’s experience. That might be a different market for a different app or perhaps further features could be added to meet the needs of wider cultural and language groups. For me, though, it is fantastic and I’m so thankful for it!

- Unusable on iPhone X

Claims iPhone X support in numerous updates but this app keeps crashing and freezing. Whenever I switch to a different app and switch back to this bible app, the entire app freezes and I have to restart the app. This happens 100% of the time (no exaggeration at all). Whenever the app gets restarted (i.e. reloads with the ‘youversion’ loading splash screen) it takes about 9-10 seconds to load. This is absolutely ridiculous on any iPhone - let alone the new iPhone X, which only indicates one thing - the app isn’t fully optimised for the iPhone X. Although the screenshots seem to show that the app accommodates for the new iPhone x screen size, it is clearly not optimised in terms of performance. Just because an app acclimated for the new iPhone X screen, doesn’t necessarily mean it is supported - there are A LOT of under the hood tweaks that need to be done in order for an app to be optimised for iPhone X. This only shows to me that the bible app developers are lazy. Please fix this issue because for now, this app is deleted from my iPhone until a proper update is released to fix this. Also another suggestion: since the Bible contains COUNTLESS of words that nobody knows the meaning of, it would be a fantastic idea to allow users to define INDIVIDUAL words using the embedded iPhone dictionary’s ‘define’ option when highlighting a word. Nevertheless, a wonderful job on the aesthetics of this app - the best there is on the App Store :))

- The best christian app ever 100 percent!!!

I love this app. I’m not one to use my iPhone for using apps so they have to be more than amazing!!! You can set it up and receive daily quotes with images made by other readers or create your own quote with picture or background. Easier to remember quotations from the bible. There are all sorts of translations available and free courses you can take in your own time from themes is your life to bible studies etc. You can highlight your favourite passages using a multitude of colours and much much more. They are forever adding to this app. You can also send quotes or highlited ideas to your friends! Furthermore you are able to link in studies etc with your friends and take courses together The only thing missing ( that I’m sure will be coming up in the future) are visual presentations of people talking through Courses to make it a tad more personal. A link to Nikki Gumble’s *The Bible in a year* or *The Alpha Course* for onliners and to avoid covid ( in group situations). For example would be an excellent idea But every time I open this app something has been added to it. Well done to the collaboration who put this app together. Blessings, Ingrid

- God’s child

Someone said in a review a year ago that it doesn’t work for iPhone X but it works perfectly fine on mine. It is wonderful as it helps me in my relationship with Jesus. It is the first thing I reach for in the morning. And I am able to start the day with hope with a scripture and short message through a devotion. Love that it allows me to highlight and turn my verses for the day into images. However can you please provide an option to be able to highlight the actual verse you want instead of it highlighting the whole verse??? Excellent to have as it’s portable and I can read my devotional anywhere. Also love that there is a read option and this allows me to search verses that the Holy Spirit brings to my remembrance but I can’t remember the exact chapter and verse number, handy especially when I am doing a deep bible study. More importantly, it’s an easy way for my husband who is a new Christian, and I to learn God’s word and grow in our relationship with God by going through a devotion together. We have access to so many God-inspired teachings from wonderful teachers, pastors etc Thank you for inventing this app!

- Love it!!!

If you’re contemplating rn about whether or not you should install this app, I’m telling you to go for it! It’s honestly the best not only in terms of the content but the features are absolutely amazing. Been using it for a few years now and I can say, it has helped me alot in getting closer to God. In this virtual age, this app is well designed to give you full access to His Word both online and offline. And what’s more, it’s available in many languages besides English! It offers plans that are tailored to everyone in understanding the struggles we face on a daily whether it be with love, anxiety, stress, prayer life, you name it. It’s all there. On top of this there’s prayers written and prayed by others that you can dive in on a daily basis if you as a Christian want to stay connected to Him every day. I can go on and on about how this app is a must-have, but you won’t know for sure unless you try it out yourself, so why not test it out for yourself? P.s. If you’re not much of a reader, there’s audio available too! So you can listen to the Word as you go about your day. Isn’t that convenient? All the best and God bless!!!

- Excellent and worthwhile app

The Bible app is great as it allows access to the Bible in over 1500 languages/dialects and in a large number of different versions, as well as providing non-robotic audio readings of it. Additionally it holds features such as devotional plans that you can read, listen to or both and allows you to connect with family or friends who also have the app and gives you the option of doing devotional plans with them. It also has a verse of the day which you can make into an image or access other the images other people have made and you can have it sent to you as a notification with the verse or verse image. Both the verse or verse image can be shared on social media and are good ways of sharing the Bible with others. The app also lets you make a prayer list and has tools that you can use to highlight, bookmark and make notes on one or more verses which you can access in your profile or see when selecting a verse. This app is wonderful and I highly recommend downloading it whether you use all the features or not.

- Rev TW

This app sits in my pocket all the time. I reach for it and open it and I can immerse myself in scripture. It’s very convenient. It’s accessible. It’s practical. I can connect it to the radio in my car and listen to scripture being read. I’ve various authors to refer to and use and be challenged. I can connect with people from many places if I want to ( still working out how to do that) . Use of various mediums - video, spoken, written. The best thing is I’m not being chased 24 hours a day with emails and requests. It’s well thought through and applicable for all ages( I’m 78 and can find my way around) . So I give it a top rating. As a 79 year old I still love my book more than my electronic device. I am finding that the electronics get in the way of the message of the book. It is convenient but the electronics can get in the way of the person I’m wanting to meet namely Jesus. He for me is still at the top of “ the ladder” not a bit of electronic mechanism. It’s good stuff but you need to be careful it doesn’t replace Him whom you are wanting to meet.

- Was wonderful, However now ?

This app is very user friendly, especially they have a synchronous button on bottom for iPad. I could either turn on or turn of the synchronous button. It made me freely to compare different versions either synchronously or not, I could also compare the Bible within one language but between different verse, or compare bible in different language by turning on or of the synchronous button. Recently, I found the synchronous choosing button gone. The comparison format is there, but doesn’t function well. I read bible, I opened two language versions bible. When I turn to next chapter, the other doesn’t update automatically at all, including bible language and bible verse, it won’t update automatically. so I try to update manually, doesn’t work. It feel the app becomes less smart than before. Not as convenient as before for me compare between different language versions either synchronously or not. Wonder why you get rid of that function. Other than that, the app is fine.


There is something very special about this App that has me intrigued. I don’t like writing reviews, I find it time consuming and a waste of my time!!!! I don’t consider myself as crazy or fanatical about reading the bible, but I must admit this app has grown on me. It helps me tremendously in my Spiritual journey. This app seems to have a life of its own. It is now part of my Spiritual connection with the living God. In fact, this is the only app in my phone collection that I simply cannot bring myself to deleting. The more I use it, the more it sticks to me. I tell myself: I must investigate this app more fully, it has more depth, more width, and even more layers of wisdom that anyone person can ever get through in a lifetime. It’s not just because of its clever design, but it’s because of the message that’s it carries within its pages for all of man kind. LAST WARNING: This app only works if you use it and pray with it as you read. May this app bless you with the HOLY SPIRIT as it continues to bless me and my family 😊🙏 SO I GIVE IT 10 STARS 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Thankfulness

I listen to my Lord and my Father daily of which does not always please me as God reveals actually how disconnected I am from He. Misaligned by deceit, deception and distraction of my desires that are inconsistent with our Father whom is good all the time. And I realise the hurt that I incur upon my helper. When truth does not look nor sound beneficial to me I understand the hate that I harbour for God needing repentance of my self, my forefathers and foremothers teachings, the worlds values and the devil. I am thankful for this app to speak God’s love truthfully into my clay cup to maintain its function once filled with water and not return to mush. Your devotions have help me formulate words and passages to pray that I have started attempting each day. Oh how the prays mount up and reveal to me of how my prayers can be turned more into the wisdom of our Father’s will. So thank you! And whom may read this enjoy our Father’s mercy and our Lord Jesus’s grace that unites us with love that we have not accepted as we could. May you hear God’s call for you too.

- This App is great to connect with God and Christians!

This app is great, it has so many cool features, lots of cool and free bible plans to help you on your faith journey with God, it has changed my life in so many ways, from helping me to listen to the bible from cover to cover through their bible audio to letting me select my own version of the bible I wish to use e.g English standard version or NASB. Now they have daily devotionals as well as prayers coupled together in like a Story with interactions available at your disposal to really feel like apart of the body of Christ during these times when we can not meet. This app really brings a sense of community and did I mention we are also able to add our friends and share our faith together! Could not give a high enough rating, I’ve been using it to get me through good and bad times, thick and thin for years. And I can just say wow, well done developers for being such a witness to our almighty father, faith and community.

- Jesse Ballin review

This app is a really good app because it gives the opportunity for people such as myself to read the word of god even when we are not near a bible. I like how it sends me notifications off my daily verse and and keeps sending it to me to remind me of the importance of the verse and what the purpose of it was. It gets stuck in my head and helps me gain a deeper understanding of the gospel. Thank you so much for creating this app I Highly recommend this to everyone. This app is also a great way of getting people to know the word of god who may not know it exists because there are so many people in the world that are trapped in satins world and don’t know how to get out. Little do they know that there solution is god and this online version is great for those people as well because they might not have a bible or know where to get one from. Thank you for this great app I look forward to sharing it with other people. 10/10 app

- Long time user :)

I wake up, grab my iPad and open the bible app. I check the daily verse, then I go to my devotions, I usually have 2-3 devotional plans going. I love reading the devotional part. When I read the verses, I grab my bible, because I like to highlight what I’ve been reading on my bible app in my physical bible too. When I’m done my devotions, I sometimes check in with my bible app friends, and see what they’ve been highlighting or what devotional plans they’ve been reading. I also like to keep score on how many days in a row I’ve been going onto the bible app 🤫 I’m happy with my number of days. It’s also a kind of way to keep me wanting to go on the bible app, instead of just using my physical bible, or nothing, no devotions at all. Anyway, back on track for the final part, when I have finished my devotional plans, and have checked any other part or features of this app, I pray & thank the Lord. This is a great app, and I highly recommend it!

- Will Be an Awesome App when Tweaked.

I like how I can have my Bible with me, & flick from verse to verse during church etc. Though flicking would be a lot easier if the verse numbers were down the side of the page. Then in long chapters I could easily skip to another part of the chapter rather than scrolling through. It would be faster & more accurate. I don't like how I have to be signed in to highlight a passage. Why must I sign in to use my Bible? (I had another app on my old phone & have thought several times about reinstalling that as I can highlight & make notes to my heart's content... without even being internet connected! Many times I am out of service & cannot highlight or make notes, simply because I cannot log in.) This app has better version choices though. The other issue I would like to see resolved, is being able to highlight a word or partial text as oftentimes one word has significant meaning and requires a highlight or note. With these 3 things fixed, this would be the perfect Bible app.

- YouVersion Bible app

Thank you for this Bible app. I love using it and praise the Lord for it 🙌 There are SO many useful features , such as the reading plans, which cover a wide range of topics with different levels of commitment, such as 5 days or 30 days. I have used these to connect and network with friends in different countries. Through YouVersion, I have also been able to introduce those working in missionary organisations in different countries to each other. I love being able to easily share Bible verses publicly or with friends using the apps beautiful images or many of my own photos😊 I love listening to God’s Word or Bible plans while I run, but I can read God’s Word in languages I know or am learning. YouVersion also has church-link features where sermon notes, etc can be shared, and local-area services can be identified, where appropriate. This is a TRULY amazing app and I tell my friends about it too 💗 Thank you 👍

- Thankful

I am so grateful and so hopeful for this bible app. Making process in my relationships. Pray this app will continue to touch and impact lives around the world. Message of gospel be consumed with the fire of the holy spirit. Pray many lives are Changed and transform through personal relationship with Jesus. Thee encounter of gods love for you and I. The precious gift of life. New revelation, New encouraging word potentially for us. As, we discover the path god intended for our life, his purpose, calling, mission and ministry, poured out, on our ❤️’s through our daily life. The fulfilment, of clarity. Gods goodness, promises and faithfulness towards our future. Jesus is the bread and wine of living water... The foundation! The time of waiting is for uncovering more of your identity. Waiting is the time to build up your skill-sets so that you’re equipped for the next assignment. Invention of gods word alive and active. Everyday is an opportunity to make intentional choices and decisions. Where my soul, body and mind is filled with the goodness of gods love for me, and the world around me. Steadfast and patience. 🙌🏽❤️

- Very good app.

I tend to only use this app to look up Bible verses in different translations. The app has a lot more functionality that I don’t use. It’s also great that the has the Bible in different languages. However if wanting to compare a particular verse in another language you won’t get the right verse if the other language numbers the chapters or the verses differently. The app is not sophisticated enough to have those differences programmed into it. For example, a hard copy NIV Bible has a foot note with Psalm 9 that says Psalm 9 and 10 may have been the one psalm. The Russian Bible has as Psalm 9 the equivalent of the combined Psalm 9 and 10 in the English Bible so the Psalm numbers in Russian and English are different from Psalm 10 until Psalm 147. English Psalm 147:1-11 is Russian Psalm 146. English Psalm 147:12 -20 is Russian Psalm 147, so you end up with 150 psalms in both languages. It would be nice if the app could give the corresponding verse in any other language rather the merely the verse for that chapter and verse in the other language.

- Essential resource and constant companion

Over my years of using this app its resources have expanded and developed to the point where it’s now a one-stop go-to for nurturing my Christian walk. Read at your leisure anywhere, any time; be inspired and reminded of God’s grace with the daily verse notification; start the day with the morning story and scripture verse; or go deeper with the vast array of devotional plans. I have lately accessed the guided prayer which greatly helps me to focus and de-mystify prayer times. So many options and levels of engagement, all completely FREE and with no annoying ads. You can even highlight, save and share passages for personal use or to encourage others. And unlike other apps, I have never experienced a glitch or malfunction. Or just privately read, study and search different words, themes and passages. Whoever designed this should be applauded. Thank you for making God’s word so accessible.

- Love this Bible App ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We are so fortunate in this day & age to have such marvellous tools to keep us in check for our busy Christian lives. Bible App is an absolute blessing to have, besides being a FREE App which makes it a great start in itself. It really helps me to share ‘Gods Living Word’, and ‘The Good News’ to others that might somehow be repressed by their social conditions or for many inhuman reasons unbeknown to us? By allowing us to harness and apply Gods Living Word not only for ourselves, but also allowing us the ability to share with others all over the World what we have learnt through these most precious & wonderful lessons of love, wisdom, hope & for living a happy, healthy spiritual life that sits right in our hearts & in our souls, and which is pleasing to God our Almighty Father & Creator. Sharing these scriptures with friends on a daily basis through the daily devotional here on the Bible App, truly helps to edify those who have Jesus in their hearts, it also personally gives me the ability of bettering myself here in this life in preparation for an eternal life spent with our almighty father in Heaven. God bless you all behind the scenes for your continued efforts, hard work and all the care that goes into keeping this Fantastic App up & running. May God continue to bless, protect, watch over & enrich the lives of each & everyone of us today & always, AMEN! 🙏🏼 God bless… 🥰🙏🏼✝️🕊😇

- Witness to the Word

Appreciate having Holy Scripture at my fingertips & so portable. I’m very deliberate about how I use my phone. I am so delighted that I can use it as a tool to reach out & share daily verses & Devotionals with friends & family. Everyone has a mobile phone or device & spend countless wasted hours being distracted on seeing & hearing all about what the world has to say. God is also using this tool as a way to reaching the hearts of many looking for something to fill the void in their hearts. This void can only be filled with SOMEONE in the person of JESUS CHRIST. All victory to JESUS !!! I love the amazing choice of Devotionals helping us in all areas of life. Many blessings to all who have dedicated their gifts & talents in bringing to all the great Message of the Gospel of God’s Kingdom. Your work is furthering God’s Kingdom in an amazingly efficient way. Christ cannot return until ALL MEN have heard the Good News of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.

- Highly recommended for ALL children of God

The daily verses keep my relationship with God strong. If I can’t or don’t make time to pray or speak to him by myself whether I’m busy or not, it allows him to speak to me. If I need a quick and efficient booster for the day I can easily click on the daily verse’s story in the morning and get an amazing word from God. Saving images of verses to my own profile helps me memorise God’s word and allows me to share with others if I feel there’s a strong message in there. The fact I can also personalise the images to my own font and background as well is pretty cool. The app is really easy to use and good for anyone following Christ, either beginners or “advanced” Christians. Christians that are busy with their lives can easily maintain their connection with God and beginners could also begin their relationship with God through this app. Highly recommended.

- Essential Life Helper

You Version is part of my daily life. The app is easy to navigate and is irreplaceable and vital to my life. I love hearing the verse of the day from different brothers and sisters from around the world. Their unique personalities and teaching add value, love and inclusive to my life. I also enjoy the numerous study plans available. I usually study a few at once. I’ll choose a 14-30 day study plan together with various 3-5 study plans. I can easily compare versions for deeper understanding of a particular verse or chapter. You Version has been a lifeline for me during lockdowns. I’m in the “high risk” category and being alone this year missing family and social contact has been very difficult and detrimental to my mental health. Listening to God’s word, learning from Bible Plans but especially watching/hearing the verse of the day has been the only joy in my day.

- Suggested Improvements

Hi ! I gave this app 4 stars. I would firstly like to mention that I love the “community comment” section within the bible itself regarding your choice of verse to study on. Thank you ! 💜 I would like to make a suggestion on the “Friends” section of the profile within the app. The TERM “Friends” I feel is too STRONG to use for NEW people that you have just met within the app. I would prefer a “FOLLOW” button or “Subscribe” button with a notification bell regarding those people you want to hear from that are STRANGERS. Taking the WORD “FRIENDS” OUT is a good idea, as you don’t feel BURDENED with the obligation to become friends with them if you don’t want to.. Like Instagram and Facebook you can have hundreds of followers without feeling you need to befriend EVERY person. Some people take it LITERAL and then in causes problems. Eg ... I THOUGHT YOU WHERE MY FRIEND !!!! I don’t want to befriend 200+ people ! But I like to hear there thoughts on verses !

- With God as my witness, I tell you the truth

This app has been by far one of my favourites. This is the only bible app I choose to have on my phone. I’ve used many apps before but since I found this app I don’t like using others. They have made it so easy to switch between bible translations, copy and paste scripture to other sites, involve friends in daily readings, share bible scriptures with friends, highlighting and adding notes and overall it’s just an enjoyable hassle free bible app. It is very well done and I’m so happy with the layout. I really respect the owners for putting so much effort in this app to make it so easy to read and spread the word of God. It’s great that they have the account feature because I have broken my phone at times and had to get a replacement and none of my data is lost. Really really well done to the people who worked hard on this app! I really appreciate it. God bless yous all ❤️

- Best App On Earth

I wasn’t expecting much from this app from my past experience but since getting it I’m amazed at what’s included and it’s all free. Rewarded by our learning not by purchasing upgrades to enable eg texts read out and ability to make a picture scripture and keep and share. I love making picture scripture. Brilliantly built app. Fast and content exceptional. Thank you for this Bible app! Most of all I want to thank you that in this app I’ve been enabled to receive so much from having it read it to me and adjust the speed to suit. Reading the bible has never been such fun before. I leave what I’m doing or playing when the notifications come up for my bible studies and go straight there. I get excited to go to find what it has for me. Its true to its content, in that its a gift that keeps on giving.

- AWESOME! However..

Great app! Love all the features of clips, devotionals, plans, images, etc. It’s like a form of social media, except Biblical! Features of highlighting, bookmarking, notes, etc are so useful and make Bible Reading on this app so much more convenient, and even the access to different versions! However, a feature that you should add is one which allows you to preview a note that was taken on a specific verse or passage ON the actual text, instead of just a list of notes in the notes section. And another feature that would be so useful could be one which allows for highlights to be sorted into categories or personal folders in a way? For example, making a highlight and choosing for it to go into the folder of scripture passages (and possibly even notes) of “Anxiety” or another where you can place a highlight into a folder for “Relationships”.. overall, very useful and convenient app!


I really enjoy using the Bible App. There are loads and loads of bible studies. Than there many verses which have picture verses which you can share on fb or Instagram. I believe I have been using this App for three years now. However recently when I go to a bible study and I choose to invite my friends on Facebook to join, I have have encountered a problem and therefore cannot share on fb, which I use to do before, but I still can do the bible study. Sometimes I experience glitches. I have learnt a lot from these bible studies, also the streaks- keeping track of how often we do and see our Verse of the Day, read the Bible, do a study is like an achievement to and to do better every year. Praise God! God gets all the glory. Will be praying the the makers of this app and for this app to be popular, godly and uplifting. Amen

- Amazing...

I've never seen a Bible app as easy to use as this one. It provides ssoooooo many options for Bible study, devotions, or simply memorizing Bible verses, all in one app that you can bring with you anywhere on your phone! I love how everything on the app is sorted out in an easy-to-find way, with a huge range of topics available—from God, life, to relationships, addictions, you-name-it, all regularly updated and free to use! The Bible app is suitable for all ages, and is especially encouraging for young readers, as streaks and badges can be earned, with notifications to remind you to read. Also, friends can be added, so you can share your Bible journey together! 50 languages are available for the entire app interface, and 1,130 languages for Bible text. You can take notes, bookmark for later reference, and pretty much do everything you can do on a paper Bible!

- Year and a half in!

I've been taking advantage of the Bible app for 18mths and have loved everything about it. Updates have always loaded without trouble, looking up verses is quick and easy, and having a bible with me all the time without the bulk of carrying a book is wonderful. It took a little time to workout how to add notes to the verses I was reading but it was worth the time as it is really convenient. The app also offers study plans. There is something for everyone. From the curious non church goer to the mature Christian they will find good teaching, encouragement, and guidance. I still love to thumb through the pages of my bible, but I also have found the Bible app incredibly useful. The Bible app also changes with the times, providing us with fresh new material that reflecting the seasons of which we live.

- God Created ALL things, for His glory, His Will, Way, Design and Pleasure.

So, therefore God gave wisdom, knowledge, understanding and intelligence to individuals to build and create technology to its pinnacle so that Bible Apps (BA) like these could be taken everywhere and anytime. It’s very and truly helpful for ALL ages, gender, beliefs, it’s also a vital tool for readers and listeners using this App. (Eg. I use BA because it has background light on the phone to support brightness and enlarges the fonts) Whereas the Bible book I need glass to broaden the fonts. I've given it a FIVE STAR, it deserves more, I believe there is more that could be said and added to this BA, like adding more videos, seminars, conferences, discussions, dialoguing, forums, and Biblical messages/sermons etc. Also, BA Corporation could have a platform of Biblical Sharing and Prayer. (Eg, Zoom, etc) Discussions on Practice Life, Social Behaviours & Science, Prophetic’s and Apocalyptic. Some of these things mentioned are already on the BA, but and maybe it could blend in more with what’s happening in these present and future trends. As the saying goes, “what brought you here, won’t get you there” And most things are done on a “5% strategy and 95% mindset” Congratulations Bible App. and ALL the staffs Keep up the good work. Shabbat Shalom God Bless Johnny Koro

- The Word of our Almighty Creator is free to all who would read .

Without connecting with our Lord God daily our lives lose a special quality . We are not filled with that warm and blessed closeness that reassures us of His fatherly love for us,His children . We know we are the ones, who, for selfish reasons of our own have moved away from Him, and our peace of mind and our spirit is diminished .How can we so lightly ignore the One who took our punishment on the Roman cross ? But because of His grace and love , He admonishes us in our conscience by His Spirit and draws us back into sweet fellowship with Himself. What a privilege and a pleasure to be able to read and hear our heavenly Fathers’ own words to us whenever and where ever we wish .Let us all strive to thank and glorify our Lord in the beauty of holiness, by our daily walk with Him.

- Good, Not Great

I really like this Bible app. I use it everyday sometimes many times in the day. It’s brilliant to have God’s Word so handy. With this app I can access nearly all the Bibles in different translations and different languages very easily. To be fair, the one version I can’t access here is a fairly obscure translation for English speakers (but a well used translation for a million Japanese Christians the 新改訳). I love the way I can easily compare translations, highlight, make comments, share a verse; I like the daily Bible verse and there’s even a social media aspect! That’s all on my iPhone. On my MacBook Air it’s quite a different matter! The app there is clunky and slow. It has a “parallel” option that sometimes works. Often it decides that that page is not available. At times it is counter intuitive.

- Mr Ashley Stewart

Excellent in the extreme! I am able to have the world's most beautiful book with me anywhere and at any time. Being able to read it in a larger font and being able to compare and have two versions open at the same time is really interesting. I think I have read more of this wonderful treasure in the several of months that I have been able to access this app. than in all the times when, as a child, I was discovering and enjoying my first Bible (a King James version, with all it's complicated but beautifully expressed language) given to me on my 11th Birthday by my dearly loved mother and father. I really believe this is a wonderful app. which makes access to the Word of GOD, so much easier, along with the ability to share one's thoughts with others.

- Love this app

I’ve been using the bible app for years! The various developments to make it even better are great and makes the app easier to use, etc. I’m currently doing a study with friends in the app and love the ability to connect even though we live all over the country. The latest update even added something that I think was so good but I’m having some issues with it as well. That is the Notes, I use this every week at church. I love that I can see the verses I add to the note above the text I add to the note, but it keeps glitching, the keyboard disappears even while typing a word and I have at times typed and instead of adding a word I’m taken to elsewhere in the app as the keyboard had disappeared and I’m now selecting the home button. I lost part of my notes this past week & had to re-type them. Thanks

- Functional. Beautiful. Simple.

So functional. Love the Bible plans you can read for any season in life; reading plans with friends is also great because it encourages you to stick to reading each day! Also in love with the highlight section. Being able to return to verses I’ve color coded is super useful for reference and memorisation. Setting reminders to read my Bible or having the Verse of the Day pop up on my phone is awesome too, I can sometimes let the day slip away without picking up the Word so this is great. The daily encouragements in the form of Verse of the Day are so good!! I’ve never had an issue with this app, works great. Different Word translations are also super handy if your pastor/leader has a different bible version to you. If you want a Bible app with so much more - this is it!


This is the NUMBER 1 app u cannot get any better if u ever want a bible on the go it’s the best choice u can get every version ever all right in the one place if ur next to a dying relative and u quickly need to give them a testimony it’s right there in the own comfort ur own phone Don’t have time for church don’t worry cause the bible app is here to save u R u scared of going to hell well don’t worry the bible app is here to cleanse ur salvation You can learn about so many classics from Matthew mark Luke and John Do u ever struggle to read through every page don’t worry ME TO but DO NOT fear audio books are here with the audio feature it can read the book for u all u have to do is listen Ever run out the door and r off to church in such a rush and forget ur bible WELL DONT FEAR u won’t have to look like a non Christian just whip out ya phone and get onto the bible app u will never forget ur bible again Do u ever find yourself struggling to keep to a reading schedule and r struggling with commitment well don’t worry the bible app has just the thing they r truly thinking of u so have designed bible plans to suit your needs After reading this what’s stopping u just download it and get reading and delve into the words of Christ

- Must have

I love my paper Bible. I scribble notes in it and highlight verses and colour pictures in it. But, it is reasonably large, and on the heavy side. The Bible app allows me to make notes, highlight verses and create images with verses that I can share with others. I can do devotions alone or with others depending on my need. I can set up reminders or receive daily verses. It has audio options so you can listen to the Bible or devotions. It fits in my pocket as it’s on my phone. The best feature I think though, is the multiple editions of the Bible. This allows me to choose the one I’m most familiar with NLT However, I can easily switch between versions to see how the word of God reads differently like in the King James, and that is great sometimes in providing clarity on messages.

- Love it

Jesus is my saviour and I can read his word thru this app it’s awesome. I can also read cool bible plans that help and motivate me to be on top of my daily devotions and once I’m able to do that I start to complete more than one devotion a day and it’s amazing. Some of the devotions really pull out the meaning and message of the bible and are really touching and helpful. Some of them are also really relatable and help me get through life and pull the bible into the present world we are living in today. Great app. You can also have friends witch is fabulous so when they start a plan you can see what it is and try it out for yourself ( or save it for later)! ( my friends have put me into some fantastic plans!) really recommend this, so good. Stay sage and healthy, god bless.

- Thanks!!!

This has become my main devotional. I have begun my day, for many years, with my Bible on my knees and a cuppa in my hand. This is the beginning of my every day. This App now forms the basis of that day. Wherever the reading is from, I read the whole chapter. Am so blessed to begin my day with you guys. Thank you so much. So great that this reaches all the way to Australia!!! Nothing has changed since I wrote the above. My everyday is started with this Bible app. Would be so lost now without it. Thank you guys so much for bringing it to us and it is available worldwide. What a blessing!!! Nothing has changed guys. Still starting my day with you all. My streak is six hundred plus (not that this is the aim) , but I still get my cuppa and my phone and off we go into the new day. Have been doing this even before this app. I am now 84 years old and have been a Christian for 60 years. More of the same guys. Thank you so much for this App. Clock up number 700 today. This is not the aim but am so thankful that I can do this on a daily basis. My cuppa and my Bible to start my day. What a blessing!!! Am into year number 85 on planet Earth and have really got into this blessed routine. Very satisfying, edifying as well as fruitful in my life. Thanks again!!!

- Review

I love the you version bible and have been using it for some years to do my daily bible readings from the Robert Roberts reading plan. I get up half an hour early every day to do my readings and it is always the first thing I do. At 4:45am I am less likely to be interrupted. The only complaint I have is that the program does not work as well now as it did several years ago. In the past, it would automatically tick the chapter I had just done and continue with the next chapter of the days readings. I think that an update to the program stopped that from working and I now have to manually tick the completed chapter and select the next one. In spite of that, I still find it a really useful way to do my daily bible readings and will continue to use it. Thank you You Version.

- More than the bible

This app is great as it gives you access to God’s word anywhere and anytime from your phone. Also there are so many translations available to deepen your knowledge and understanding at your fingertips. More than that this app has so many other features. The one I use the most is the free bible plans that can be devotionals, studies, topical exploration, book previews through a devotional and so much more. There are also images to make from bible verses and you can highlight or make note on bible verses that is saved to your profile. You can join with friends to read together or be encouraged by there study as well. I am new to the prayer feature but it’s also great to share with others to pray with others.

- Great bible app

I really enjoy using this app. I love being able to easily and quickly switch between translations to compare. There are so many great features that are really useful for bible study, prayer time and devotions, and quick reference. I have never had any issues with bugs or glitches - it just always runs smoothly. I like being able to create my own bible verse images too, using photos from my camera roll. It’s great that the app will suggest a verse, or I can select my own. Love being able to copy and paste verses or passages into other apps like messages, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. I always have my bible with me, which is so useful. I still use my hard copy bible, but I love the convenience and versatility of this app.

- The Absolute Best Bible App Available

Example one - I have downloaded the Good News Version, The 1752 Douay Rheims Middle English version, a Latin version, an Ancient Greek version and a modern Greek version. When reading the Bible I can use the compare feature, I can see the same verse in all the languages I’ve chosen. Then by pressing the next button, I can go onto the next verse in all five languages. I can effectively read the Bible in five languages at the same time. That is simply amazing!! Example two - many of the Bible’s that you can download within this app have audio available too. This means I can listen to the Bible when I’m driving. I have not seen another Bible app the comes even close to this one. Take my word for it. This Bible App is simply the best!!!

- Connectedness

It is so important to have that one on one time delved into Gods word and I find the Bible App keeps me motivated to keep at it to make my time with God habit. There are so many devotions to choose from and gain a blessing from specific material that relates to specific topics that closely match your personal circumstances. I’ve found it very helpful especially having it with me 24/7. Although truth be told I prefer to mark my physical Bible because I can see all the markings in one go when I flick through the pages but I can just mark my real bible along with the App one and that suits me fine. 😃😍😍😍💚❤️💛🧡💜 love it and recommend it to others. I also love the feature which allows you to share material with friends. My finance can share devotions. Really well put together! LOVE IT!

- The best book in the world

Thank you for this great beyond great app. I play it at night when I can’t sleep. The word of God is soothing yet so profound it’s a wake up call book it helps make you into a great person so gratifying to read and know that no matter what God loves us and wants us to do right to live right therefore giving us so many chances to change into good righteous people of God while we still can. It’s not too late to start living right and repent from your sins.. If God can turn Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, then this earth has no chance if we don’t start living right and worshipping only the true God who made heaven and earth and live by his rules and his law. There are no other rules and law on earth just God’s law.

- Enjoyable

The Bible app makes my bible study time directed and fun. It is always great to have other people teach me more about God, and understand the way they interpret passages, as different people, dependent upon many outside factors, can have many differing spins on each verse. It has been with me through some tough, emotional times and enabled me to feel more at peace and steadfast due to the accessible and modern-day friendly programs. Also, when feeling very sad or anxious, for example, the plans which are tailored to meeting your extra needs at that time are right at your fingertips- amazing! Furthermore, it has made bible study with my partner easier and more interesting. I’m working on introducing it to grandparents and parents.

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- You Bible

Nice options of version easy to follow

- Love this app

Great way to start my day 💕💕💕

- Daily

I have been using the Bible App daily for almost a year and am so thankful for this tool for my daily reading and study. The convenience makes it easy to be in the Word everyday.

- The best

I like it, it make it easy to understand

- Awesome

Always have and good way to read gods word everyday

- Amazing App

I love the Bible app. It helps me keep my reading habits and have my devotionals with me all the time and wherever I go.

- You bible

This is the only app you'll ever need for study and leisure reading. Thank you for all your hard work and time spent perfecting your app! 👍🏻 Scott James

- I love bible

I love bible

- God’s word is life!

I’m so grateful for this app that have made it possible for us to enjoy the word of God with all of its different versions on our electronic devices. Because the word of God is life! We cannot love by bread alone, WE NEED THE WORD OF GOD TO SURVIVE THIS LIFE AND ENJOY THE LIFE TO COME!

- Hoping writing this makes it work again!

Enjoy this app, but the notification asking me to rate it has frozen it up unless I'm in airplane mode! Hoping this fixes that! Also, plan data doesn't always sync first try.

- Audio

Please put back the audio book feature.

- Pweedy_youngthing

Very good and easy to use❤️

- ruined search function

The latest update has ruined the search function. Searching a particular word should return only those verses that contain that word. Instead, it now returns a jumbled mix of verses, out of order and not always relevant. Not sure why they had to "update" and render useless the search function. I really hope they fix this "discover" option....I need a search function.

- Well done

I like how easily I can highlight and share scriptures, but, I have one problem with this app. There are too many reading plans done by false teachers such as Joyce Meyer, somebody do something about that!

- Michael Danger

This app is the best, it is my most used app. If you spend too much time in the app, God will equip you for great things. I have read the bible cover-to-cover five times on this app. I enjoy listening and following along. I am always in bible plans with friends. We keep each other accountable reading the bible daily. Is it working? My streak is 778 today.

- A great way to worship the Lord!

Very current reading plans. Love listening to the ‘sermon’ that goes with the daily verse...such a variety of speakers. Thank you.

- Missing scripture

How can you promote versions of the bible that are removing scripture. The NIV and ESV have each digitally removed Matt 17:21, 18:11, 23:14 Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46 Luke 17:36, 23:17 John 5:4 Acts 8:34 Please check it for yourself Revelations 22:19 says, “and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book.”

- Deleting scriptures

They are deleting verses and changing out things about Jesus in ESV and NIV this shouldn’t be Allowed !!

- Review

To many emails

- Daily Bread

The Bible provides daily encouragement. The devotions and plans help me to direct my thoughts in healthy ways, I am challenged to adjust my thoughts and attitudes.

- The Bread of Life

Although I prefer my hard copy Bible, I find the devotional guides to be incredibly useful while providing a personal accountability tool.

- Best


- Immaculate

The Bible app is everything you need for day to day connecting with God and the church community. There is an endless amount of plans to do daily devotions related to anything you are experiencing. You can add friends and do plans with them or see each other’s progress. This app keeps me on track with doing my devotions and reading the bible everyday. 5 stars easily and recommend to all my bible-reading friends!!

- Always On Point

This app is amazing. My absolute favourite part is the plans that are available. There are so many options to choose from ! I cannot brag about this app enough. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean!

- Love it!

Convenient to use, much lighter to carry than my Bible, and I often use the devotionals.

- Great app

Let's you highlight in different colors , has devotional plans, definitely worth getting!

- Best app ever ❤️

This app has helped me to engage in reading the word daily! I truly thank the Lord for this app! It has helped me in many ways 😀

- Excellent app!

Love the plans and devotional content. The app makes reading the bible fun. So many versions to chose from and enjoy the ability to compare between versions. Nice to be able to highlight passages and go to the highlights easily.

- Can’t search sequentially

Can’t search sequentially

- 5-star Bible App

😍, can you feel the love in my eyes and ears for this app? I can’t put it down. It is so sweet how the Bible app just reads the word aloud, it have me reading reading reading😁. Plus the plans are so good too. I am in love for real. Thank you so much to the team that built this app, thank you!

- Thank you Jesus for giving us direction!

Bless those who create new ways to spread the truth ! I enjoy this a lot.

- Good app

User friendly and beginner friendly

- Amazing Eddie

Nighttime reading- highlights- sharing- I love it

- Best Bible app

I love the Bible reading plans, being able to read them in groups or privately, and the Bible verse images and all features. Thank you

- My experience with you version

This app rejuvenated my soul every day and the Bible plans are so relevant

- #1

Best Bible app ever ! Easy to manoeuvre praise God 🙌🏼♥️

- Excellent app

Keeps getting better!

- ❤️❤️❤️

This is so useful! God is great!

- Finds great ways for you to connect with God

Whether it’s daily bible verses or sermons, this app helps me to start my day.

- Bible App

A great way to start your day, and then before going to bed in the evening!! I love this App!

- Amazing.

Helpful. Handy. Heartful.

- Amazing

So inspirational I love it so much 10/10 recommend

- The word of God at your fingertips

Love the app. My primary way to get into the word

- A trial will convince you

Since I tried it for the first time I have gone from trying to loving this App It has helped me to keep keep in constant touch with Jesus Christ

- A necessity in my everyday life

Love this app! I use it every day. It’s the best bible app out there.

- Wonderful!

Great to have the Bible and the devotional so accessible!

- Awesome

The Bible apps is my go to first thing in the morning, it’s like a pick me up!

- Amazing

Great app. Amazing functionality and study plans etc. All free. Great work

- I love the app

This is such a good app - especially when you need better understanding on a verse. The compare feature lets you choose different Bible versions and look at that verse in all versions. It has helped me so much. I also love doing plans on my own and with friends.

- Bible app

I love the Bible app because I find it faster to turn to the books of the Bible. Choosing the chapter and verse has helped me a lot. Using the Bible I was always behind in finding the book, chapter and verses.

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@Motomom128302 I'm listening to this daily podcast.


@ShadowhunterBks It’s a reference to Judas betraying Jesus in the Bible. He did it for 39 pieces of silver.

Tabah Choi

#positivevibes #keepthefaith #feelingblessed #staystrong #promiseofGod #allglorytoGod Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

Thiago Cavalcanti

@007mss @ekkiet @Woke_TGC @NSanctification @anahnemoo directly derived from Scripture, I'd urge you to consider that we have sufficient Scriptural warrant to avoid having segregated Bible studies or other similar Church activities where we'd normally expect a qualified elder having a woman instead. Many a female false teacher 4/X

𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐞𝐥 𝐇𝐚𝐰𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐞

@TheMorguesCat Nate doesnt know karls gender okay!. "Nothing to be honest" nothing that isnt the bible.....fuck


Day2/365days How do we stay in the presence of God? First, God speaks to us personally through the reading of the bible. Second, We speak to God through prayer. Third, Only obedience to God’s Word results in blessings to our lives. #happy2021


@Forwhat71379442 @cristobaldlc @iheartmindy @CalgaryPolice @CanStopCrime I'm not a Christian but most of our liberal values (not todays many illiberal values disguised as liberal) in western society are significantly taking from christian biblical writings combined with a progressive movement away from the bad aspects of the bible.

Mark Popovitch

@PotluckLauren This year I’m going to try to listen to the Bible audibly. I started in Genesis this morning while slowly walking on the treadmill. This may be a good combo for me.

Seven Shepherd ✝️

"God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry [land.]" ~Psalms 68:6 #Poetry #Bible #God

IUIC Nashville

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:yehuwdah- daniel: yisrael:

Start your own Movie Production, and make movies about the Holy Bible. And about Hebrew Geniuses. Shalom Lions and Lionesses, stand up for Good. And stop being Cowards! I'm sharing this message, to you'll, because you'll need it! You'll are Scared, and you'll are hurting.

PJay Alu

“Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.” - Lamentations 3:23 (NLT) #Bible

Bernard Koomson

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 NKJV


@emrazz @RavenPrey Omg I'm so embarrassed.. I need to read the Bible more. So lilith was giving Adam fish. But he wanted Eves apple Pie. Lol just teasing... I went a little a bit extra on that one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Bible 9.10.5 Screenshots & Images

Bible iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible Reference application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Bible (Version 9.10.5) Install & Download

The applications Bible was published in the category Reference on 2019-02-12 and was developed by Life.Church [Developer ID: 282935709]. This application file size is 190.58 MB. Bible - Reference app posted on 2022-06-30 current version is 9.10.5 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: