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It’s hard to stay centered on God & His Word. That’s why the free YouVersion Bible App gives you tools to seek God’s heart daily: listen to audio Bibles, create Prayers, study with Friends, explore 2,000+ Bible versions, and much more. Download now!

On over 400 million devices around the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the free YouVersion Bible App. 2,000+ Bible versions, in 1,300+ languages. Thousands of Reading Plans in 65+ languages. Add your own Prayers, Verse Images, Highlights, Bookmarks, and public or private Notes.

Customize your Bible App experience. Access everything when connected, or download specific versions to use offline.

Explore the Bible with your closest friends. Share honest conversations about Scripture with a trusted community. Grow together and share what you discover.

* Use Prayer cards to keep track of your Prayers in the Bible App
* Easily organize Prayer lists
* Make your Prayers private or share with Friends
* Celebrate answered Prayer requests with your Bible App Friends

* Easily select from thousands of Bible versions, in 1,300+ languages
* Over 60 languages to choose from for your Bible App interface
* Choose from popular versions like the NIV, NASB, ESV, NKJV, NLT, KJV, The Message, and more.
* Offline Bibles: Read without network access (available for select versions)
* Listen to audio Bibles and enjoy skip, playback speed, and timer controls. (Audio Bibles available for select versions and are not downloadable.)

* Center your friendships around Scripture in the Bible App
* See a stream of Bible activity that shows what you and your Friends are noting, bookmarking, and highlighting
* Comment to ask questions and enjoy meaningful conversations in the app as you study God’s Word together

* Thousands of Plans: Devotionals and Plans that lead you through specific topics, portions of the Bible, or the entire Bible in a year (both Bible in One Year and One Year® Bible)
* Watch and share video clips from The Bible Project, the “JESUS” film, “The Lumo Project,” and more
* Search the Bible using keywords

* Themes let you select a color palette for your entire Bible App experience
* Verse Images turn Bible verses into shareable art
* Highlight with custom colors—just like a paper Bible
* Bookmark passages: Share, memorize, or keep track of your favorites
* Share verses with friends using social networks, email, or SMS/text
* Add Notes: Keep them private so only you can see them, or make them public to share with friends
* Cloud syncing: With a free YouVersion account, see all your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks, and Reading Plans on any supported device
* Easy Reading: Adjust settings like fonts, spacing, and text size, and even read in Dark Mode

* Contact Support from inside the Bible App
* Join the @youversion community on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok & Pinterest
* Catch up on the latest at
* Access the Bible online at

Download the world’s #1 Bible App and enjoy the Bible experience loved by millions!

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- Truly Amazing!!

Let me just start off by saying that the whole team with the Bible app is just amazing! I get email updates about what you guys are doing both with the app and in real life all the time, and what you all do is amazing. Truly spectacular! I’d also like to say that the app has really let me be able to connect more with God through easily accessible plans, devotions, friends, and several different versions of the Word right at my fingertips. However, I do have a suggestion for future updates in the future. Of course, it’s just a suggestion, so you guys may already have something else planned or are doing something else, and that’s totally fine. My one suggestion is if our notes that we take could be seen where we’ve taken the note. As of right now, I can’t really find where my past notes are, and I think it’d be cool to look back on them when reading a book, chapter or verse again to see how that specific part of the Bible impacted us. I’m thinking it could be accessible through where one can already highlight, make an image of, take notes on, etc. and then have a little icon next to the verse that has the note. Again, this is just a suggestion. It doesn’t have to be taken into consideration. Once again, you all working to improve both the Bible app and the lives of others are amazing! The app is super great, is very accessible (on that note, I even have it on my keyboard), and is daily impacting the lives of those who decide to dive into God’s Word! 😊❤️

- Awesome app!

Great bible app! It has the ability to read the scriptures to you while you read along which I absolutely LOVE! It has the ability to highlight and compare verses to other translations to try and understand the scriptures more fully. Also I love the function of creating verse images. And I love that they have updated it so I can format it to fit my wallpaper of my phone... so it can help me memorize scriptures better by saving at as my phone’s wallpaper. The only suggestions I would like to see updated is if they could allow the ability to share links in the comments or at the very least the ability to copy the link from the comment. As of right now you can’t copy anything from the comments. I would love to share links to sermons that is pertaining to the verses my friends are highlighting or studying... I’m sure there a lot of glitches and safe guards you would have to put in place to insure no one can share anything inappropriate. As a parent I like knowing my kids can’t click on anything and see anything they shouldn’t, so not sure if the benefit would outweigh the risks... Also if they could give us the ability to look up web searches for images that would pertain to the verse I’m creating an image for... if not no biggie. I just search it in my web browser and save the images and create them after they’ve been saved to my phone but thought it might make it more seamless. All in All a great App!!! I love it and use it mostly everyday.

- It works when we work!

Guide for spiritual growth and manifestation of love, our real purpose is in us and it will wake you up as you start tapping into your relationship with our creator. The truth will set you free but it can only be seen when you surrender and give in with all your heart. We are here to light up our spirits and not the flesh as it will die and your spirit belongs to your creator but it’s your choice to get to know the truth, your flesh is dying everyday. Each day you live is a chance to know our creator with all our heart, Pray and speak no matter how long it takes for the answer, he is for you not against you, he knows all your sins but he cares more for your heart and your peace but it’s your free will to desire that for yourself and you do that by feeding your soul the word of truth, it will set you free and you will see your life on a different lense. It took me 35 years to figure out the truth. When you wake up don’t be afraid, keep praying, keep seeking him and you will rest. He loves you, he is with all of us waiting for us to reach out, we only get what we understand and when we don’t understand we ask for wisdom to understand the things the flesh mind doesn’t but I know now that our spirit does! Keep reading the word till he speaks to you even when you don’t understand it. Your spirit will understand and only you can do that. No one can do it for us, it is our free will. Live for your spirit not for your sinful desires on this earth.

- Finding my Faith (again)

I downloaded this app for my journey into my finding my faith. It’s been 17 years since I prayed or read a Bible. Once I was a well versed Christian lady who attended church twice every Sunday, on Wednesdays and every time there was something going on at the church. Personal tragedy struck and I stepped away from my faith and God. I stepped away from myself. Over the last year I have felt an empty part of me that was wanting. I didn’t know what I was wanting. Then, when I found that I couldn’t even give inspiration to others anymore I hit my knees and that’s when I knew what I was missing. I began looking to God again and talking to him. I came across this app and it has helped me so much! Aside from the Bible which I can read or have it read to me, the Bible studies are very insightful. I love that I can pick from an ever growing list of Bible studies. Anything from depression to marriage and everything in between. The daily inspections and notifications have touched me so many times. It seems like there is always something that comes into notifications right when I need it. Like a text from a friend that just saying “Hey! I am here.” Some things are right on time and exactly what I need at that moment. I love being able to take a verse that moves me and make a pic of it and save to my phone or share on FB. You can connect with friends and family and contacts that also use the app and you can participate in group Bible studies. I love this app!

- Really amazing and VERY helpful

The convenience is simply amazing that you can just plug your phone and look up information at will. I really like how you can take notes and highlight what you read and it also keeps a log. I love the fact that I can select different versions of the Bible instantly. For some reason when your phone falls asleep and you open the Bible app again sometimes the app has to reload and loses your place. That iPad version allows me to take notes a little bit better than the iPhone version because it’s not very easy to switch back-and-forth from reading to creating notes on the iPhone version. I hope they address this in the future. I really love the reminder at a specific time each day for the word of the day. They have a new streak feature which counts the days each day you open up the Bible app which is great! However, if you miss one day it resets everything all the way back to day one. Somehow I wish they can use some support system that collects all of your days like you open the Bible and connected with God‘s word 360 times last year and only missed five days. I also like the social aspect of connecting with your friends and family as to what you were reading. However, there doesn’t seem to him much discussion from the social aspect, but maybe that’s me and my friends. Who is I totally recommend downloading this is in free app connecting with God each day. May the Lord bless you.

- The Best App available, period!

The youversion bible app has been instrumental in my faith. And it’s so much more than Gods most holy and infallible Word.. its a teacher in the palm of my hand and is always with me. It grants me access to the tools and teachings I so desperately want and need to get through life. God bless the entire staff at YouVersion and every hand that has made this application as amazing as it is. There will always be something to be said for opening and holding the physical book of the Bible in your hands as you read and study its passages and the endless knowledge and wisdom within its pages.. but there’s also something to be said to have access to your Bible at all times in a digital form such as this application. I could go on and on.. it’s just that great of a gift that an app like this is available. The primary focus and goal of us as believers is to share Gods word and to teach and reach as many people as we possibly can with the message of the gospel and to let the world see Jesus through us. And we can’t do that without his word guiding us. This app has changed the world! Thank you Jesus for the people who created this app!! Please consider donating to YouVersion, because they do all of this for free, because that’s what they’ve been called to do. And any financial gain goes right back into app development to keep this going so that it can truly be taken to every corner of the world!! Jesus is King, God bless you and thank you guys!!

- It saved my life

I was so broken, depressed and useless when I downloaded this app. Even though I had been saved when I was 13 and rededicated my life several times, I was lost. I was not reading God’s word, going to church or with other Christians. Satan had his way with me. He knew my weaknesses and I chased the desires of my flesh. As of today, 167 days in a row in this app, reading the daily devotionals, completed 39 plans, sharing prayer requests, and praying for others, God has changed me and renewed me like never before in my life. The miracles that I’ve witnessed in my own life and others have me in awe with God. My desires have changed completely. God did that, not me. I’m even starting to get persecuted verbally for sharing God’s word. Praise God. Thank you for this app. It will continue to be a part of my day, every day. I pray one person may read this and relate to where I was, and have no other choice like me, but to give it a try. It was either take a new step or eventually die a very slow, agonizing death. Take a step of faith and see what God does in your life. It didn’t happen over night for me, yet it happened a lot faster than I could imagine. God is abundant in grace and mercy. His love is beyond my imagination. It was never about me and what I thought I really deserved (Absolutely nothing but punishment), it’s about who God is, as my loving Father. God is right there waiting on you...fall into His arms. You can trust Him, I promise.

- Pros/cons Only 1 complaint APP MAKERS READ

My one and only major complaint is the streaks! When you long in every day you get a point for that day! Your streak points can get as high as you can go! 50, 300, or even 3000 as long as you've longed in for that many days! But the moment life happens and you can't long in for a day you lose all those points! It's very discouraging! I like the idea of a point system, but it should be replaced with a system where you get points for reading your verse of the day, more points for reading your lesson plan on time and then for completing it! Points for creating verse images, and points for creating a note etc... that would encourage users to do more within the app! If you want to do a streak then in addition to a point system allow users to go in and see stats if they choose to! A place that shows how many days in a row they've logged in, how many hours they've spent on the app. ETC... I love this app because I hate to read period, and when I start a lesson plan it doesn't feel overwhelming! The plans are laid out in a way that makes you want to come back for more! I love the notes feature, bookmarking, highlights, and the fact you can create images! I would like more options in the image creating part, where you can make different words a bigger font & different font within the same image! If these changes were made I would most definitely give 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- This Bible App is GREAT!

I was using another another Bible app, when my son saw me struggling one day during Church, and installed The YouVersion Bible for me. Wow! What a game changer for me!!! This app, and all the features it offers has been amazing to me! I have shared it and even installed it on many friends and family members' phones!!! It offers Bible versions of practically every kind, Bible reading & Bible study plans galore, Christian, Faith-building videos, Devotions of every kind, and even reminders and/or the ability to reset where you left off as your pick-up point, should you fall behind in your reading plan (kinda feels like forgiveness applied 😊)! I also greatly appreciate the fact that many of the Bible versions also have an audible component, which allows you to listen to it as well - especially in all of our busyness, if you don't have the time or ability to just sit and read, you can still get God's Word in you audibly ("Faith cometh by hearing...!" I also really LOVE the fact that in my Bible Reading plan, it not only tracks my progress, but I can control how much I read, and even come back to it, resuming where I left off. I LOVE THIS APP, AND THINK IT IS THE BEST, and have recommended it to a number of people already, as I recommend it to you!!! Try it! I don't believe you will be disappointed!!! AND, there is a Children's Version that my Grandkids just absolutely love, too!!! They go back to it time after time!!! Great job!!!


I NEVER write reviews for apps, however, this app is just too good for me not to write one. This app has brought me so close to God and the plans hit home. They literally change the way you see everything. With this app being in your life everyday, it definitely changes it for the good. There are all sorts of plans that you can choose from. It’s amazing how you can download a ton of different versions of Bibles too. It’s incredible how much you can learn in a matter of minutes. I recommend this to anyone that just wants to have a better relationship with God, it doesn’t matter how religious you are, it’s for everyone. As long as you are consistent, have an open heart and mind, your life will definitely change for the good because you are letting God into your life by having this app basically have all the information you need to do so. All the features like highlighting and creating images for bible verses just makes the app that much cooler. The streaks also really help with the motivation of at least analyzing the Bible verse of the day. I love how with the newest update you can have prayer requests. Oh and you can have things be played for you Incase you would like to multi task or just understand better with having it read to you. Another thing that I love is that you can add friends and do plans together which I have yet to do. I hope this review was helpful and motivated you to get the app. God bless 💕

- Helped me in real life struggles

I was in doubt. I listened to the brilliant minds of our time who specialize in astrophysics, Biology, String Theory, Quantum Physics etc. How can so many smart people be wrong in saying that there is no God and science disproves religion. I was starting to believe the atheist agenda that is ever growing in these times. Then I hear Neil Deggrasse Tyson say admit that the best scientists admit just how ridiculously little ANY scientist understands about the universe as a whole. It’s true. With all of the advances in science there is still phenomenon that science cannot and will not explain. Just bc we understand Slightly more about space they think they can rule out how it was created and who took part in it? We can’t even see the edge of our universe with the most powerful modern telescope today. Yet, scientists claim they can rule out what is beyond what hasn’t been discovered. Sounds very foolish and very much an unscientifical way to arrive to that decision. How can you rule out something such as a God or creator with the virtually non-existent knowledge of how the universe(s) work and Literally NO Data on the Afterlife and how the soul interacts with it. Religious people are often seen as closed minded. I would like the science community to be more open- minded, analyze how little we actually know , and look at the number of times science has been and will continue to prove itself completely incorrect on so many theories. Thank You!

- Best App on the App Store

This app has changed my life. When I downloaded this app for my phone, I had faith that there was an Omniscient God. The only problem holding me back was that I did not have a personal relationship with Him. This YouVerse app changes that for God. I have been able to have the entire Bible, different versions of it, and plans to study it all on the palm of my hand. The Bible app is the first thing I open on my phone in the morning and the last thing I shut down at night. Without this app I think I would steal brim a struggle with finding and keeping a personal relationship with my God. I have told everyone I know that I highly recommend them to get this app. If you don’t have faith right now, that’s fine. Download this app if you want questions answered, are struggling with your faith, have little faith (even the size of a mustard seed), or are the most religious person ever. I highly recommend you to try to find it in your heart, because it is in there, to download this app and come closer to God. I wish you the best on your faith filled journey. To end this I just want to tell you one more thing, God loves you more than anyone else is even capable (Romas 8:38-39)and He is the only thing that can ever make you feel complete and recovery from whatever you are going through. Love and Prayer Always, Sophia 🥰🤩🥳

- The app is getting worse over the last several updates

I used to really love this app and gave it a 5 Star rating for years. Lately, the layout has become annoying and not user friendly at all. Sometimes the icon for my daily reading plan is on the home screen and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it takes me to day one of the plan (super annoying for a year-long plan) & I have to scroll & scroll to get to today’s reading. There’s this big picture of a cell phone at the top of the screen that I can’t get rid of & that has been annoying me for months now. I prefer a more simplistic view. All I want to see on my screen is my record of how many days I’ve used the app in a row, how many weeks; the verse of the day; my current reading plan and that’s it. I don’t want to see some picture of a cell phone nor do I want to see some story (I feel like they’re trying to make it like FB with the annoying stories thing) & it’s just not necessary for a Bible reading app. This is supposed to be a simple tool & I want the ability to make it my simple tool again. If there’s people who like all that extra stuff, then make it optional for them & stop changing it all the time because it’s stressing me out and it is super annoying. We all have enough stress in our lives without an app increasing the stress level. If this pattern of getting worse continues, I will drop my rating down to 3 stars. Bring back the app I used to love a lot!

- Great Collaborative capabilities

This is app has many features for studying the scripture by yourself, like verse searching, comparison, highlighting, and note-taking. There is even a screen that lets you see all the verses you have highlighted. Many plans are available from various organization and people to guide you through a series of readings pertaining to a certain topic, event, or arranged for a certain goal like reading through the whole Bible in a year. These plans can be very helpful when used by yourself, but I have found them to be as great when reading with a friend. When starting a plan, the app asks you if you would like to go through it with one or more of your in-app friends, and if you choose to invite someone, they receive a message asking them if they want to read the plan with you. Several plans include a free-response commenting section at the end of each day’s reading (which counts as part of the day’s reading for the purposes of completing the plan) which readers can use to share insights and thoughts on verses. You can copy-and-paste verses into the comments, and the app automatically includes quotation marks, a reference, and a link to the translation online when pasting the verse. The capability to read the same passages of scripture and share thoughts on it with one or more friends in an organized, accountable way is of my favorite features in the app.

- Love it!!!!!

I believe a Bible is important. This app though has kept me in the word of God pretty much daily. The devotional a are awesome. If I could recommend the best one I’ve read so far it would be, “fast from wrong thinking”. The devotional is 40 days. Everyday I read it it’s exactly what I need to hear that day, Gods pretty awesome like that! I also read the daily verse and set a reminder. Also the devotional a you can invite people, family, church members or people your trying to win over to Christ! This app has helped better my walk and being in the word more! I love it! I would recommend it to anyone. Especially with people on their phones a lot we all as Christians should at least be able to read the verse of the day! Always makes me feel closer to The Lord when I’m in the word as he tells us we will be. I can’t say enough good about this app and how it’s kept me stay more dedicated to being in the word. Like I said I like and think it’s important to read from the Bible. I don’t think anything is bad about just using the app though. At church I turn my phone on airplane mode take notes, highlight the message and take notes on it and the app saves it. It’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I’d rate it 10 out of 5 if I could!!! I love it! You can download differed what ever version of the Bible you like to read from niv and king James to other ones. Those are just the two I read.

- Grateful

I'm so thankful for this app. I can literally open "my Bible" and read it anytime, anywhere. I love the fact that I have a variety of translations at my disposal. It's very useful to have the word of God at your fingertips at any moment as this is our sword. Given the culture of our world, everything is on the go and everybody's in a rush, but with this app you can pause for just a second and read the verse of the day or do a quick 3 day plan on your Uber or Lyft ride to work or a party (pre-COVID-19 of course), or on lunch or a break (instead of going on IG, Twitter, FB, etc.). We make time for what's important to us and this app makes it easier to make time for God. Definitely one of my favorite apps. No slight to the other Bible apps but this is my fave. I like the design of it and I like that I can connect with other like-minded individuals and see what they are reading and the goals they accomplish. It's a social media network in itself. I love the VOTD (verse of the day) and the daily stories with a quick little devotion. The search function is amazing. I can search one word and it brings up every verse with that word in it. Definitely makes for an easy studying tool to look for verses pertaining a certain subject. Absolutely recommend this app for anyone who would want to experience any of what I just mentioned while learning who God is and what's available for us in him.

- Faithful father I’m grateful

God surpasses us although he may be amongst us, he is outside of time, he sees all we do and observes us he is just towards reasoning and is reasonable towards his reasoning. His son Jesus was there with him since the beginning and he sent Jesus as an ultimate sacrifice so that he could pass the throne down towards Jesus and Jesus could save us so that we may be his people and have the chance to live amongst him. I tell you not do not be a fool don’t pass an opportunity to accept this faithful gift that we may inherit his kingdom but accept it so that you shall enter. To do so all you must do is believe Jesus was sent by the father(God), and that you are in guilt of committing sin everyone is, I am in guilt of it as well, but also you must to accept him as who he says he is. He is Jesus the one whom died upon the cross, and rised on the 3rd day, The one whom gave his life so that we may have a gift of salvation to inherit his kingdom. The one who lived a non-sinful life. You must accept your a sinner and ask for forgiveness and repent for he is waiting for you to receive his gift that you may abide his kingdom. Our father who art, in heaven hallowed be by name. The kingdom come as it will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not to temptation but deliver us from evil. For thy is the kingdom forever and ever, Amen.

- The Helping Hand of God

I love this app. I have recently gone through some very difficult things events in my life, and this app has given me the plans to get through these things. I struggle with depression and anxiety, so it is a challenge for me to get out of the slumps I have in life. This app not only made it easier to read the Bible, but easier to understand the important messages and words of God. I love that I can share these plans to take on with others. I have so many plans on my list! There’s one for anything and everything! The wisdom in them is so raw and true. As a Catholic, I have been raised that my relationship with Christ takes choosing Him every day. Choosing His word and love every day. This app makes it so much easier to do just that. I’m taking the teachings and utilizing them in my own life which is helping me grow close to God, make God the center of my relationships and life, and helping me through my every day pains and obstacles that life throws. Love this app, please get it and share with others for a life of happiness and inner peace with Our Father! The only thing that I would say it could improve upon is having more plans having to do with Mary or the saints. That would be a really cool aspect to add. (And side note: Yes, I’m Catholic and No, I don’t WORSHIP Mary or the saints nor do I think they’re God or as powerful as Him). Other than that, I love this app! God Bless!

- Love this app!

I have to open this app every day because it offers so much to help me with my Christian walk. If I don’t open it and read my plan, the Story, or anything else that catches my eye, I feel like I am “off my game” all day! So much to say... First, I would like to say that I LOVE the Story that You Version publishes every day that not only has a devotion to read, but has a man or woman of God to present a 2-3 minute message further explaining the verse of the day, giving you more insight into the Word. It also begins with a reminder to pause and get prepared to receive what God has to say to you each time you open the Story. Then it reminds you to pray at the end and gives you some links to add some things to pray for! Thank you, You Version for going the extra mile to help us all draw closer to our Creator and strengthen our relationship with Him! I look forward to the Story each day! It always seems to be what I need in my life! Also, there are so many devotional plans that cover just about any topic you might need to study. Additionally, there are many reading plans so that you can read through the gospels, the New Testament, the Old Testament, the whole Bible, and more! You can bookmark, highlight, or takes notes through the app. I still haven’t mentioned all the different options available in this app! It is my “go-to” app every day!

- The Bible App is awesome!

Loving all this app has to offer! The different translations is only the beginning. You can keep notes, bookmarks, hi-light areas and cross reference. Reading the Bible has never been so easy! Looking for others to share biblical interests has never been so easy! If you have questions about the Bible, this app will certainly have several resources at your fingertips once you start learning the many different aspects the app has to offer! And it is all very easy! You can have Bible verses sent to you daily through text and many other benefits through texting options. You have the option to go to the web for study notes from scholars around the world with the translations. You can join unlimited study groups with friends or just by yourself! The boundaries seem bottomless in ways you can grow close in your relationship with Our Heavenly Father! I also feel that while using this app my relationship will be nurtured with Jesus Christ and feel I will be learning to feel the inspiration of the Holy Spirit which can be nurtured as well with all it has to offer. I really enjoy the study notes from scholars and feel very enlightened by the information they lay out as well as all the sources they reference for one for information on their resources. Definitely enjoying the Bible App! I think you should try it too!

- Most used app- more than social media 😱

I have physical bibles everywhere, but until the Bible app, I never felt like I could connect or find what I needed. This app has made the Bible more accessible and engaging than ever. I can pick bible plans based on my mood or current struggle or goal. The passages I find now never fail to calm me down when I’m feeling stressed. I love that I have so many bible versions at my fingertips and can flip back and forth between them. The NIV version can even be read aloud to you when you don’t have the energy to read whole chapters. My new fave is definitely the prayer feature where I can jot down prayers, how I’m feeling, and can keep track of testimonies when the prayer is answered! The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is I do not like that the app tries to force you to connect with community and add friends to join you. I personally prefer for my Bible and prayer time as quiet, personal time. It’s the one place I shouldn’t have to try to impress others, but the developers are trying to make it into another social media platform. PLEASE allow us to turn off the community feature and friends suggestions, for those who don’t want them. They are really persistent with the the white dot to make sure you see what your community posts. I just want the Bible feature, and we should be able to remove the sections we don’t want to see. Anyways, yep! Pretty great app!

- Must have app!

I’ve never written a review but Ive finally decided to write one for this app and this app only. I’ve clicked on the “do you love this app” so many times and always hit the “remind me late” to review it. However, I heard something in my head say “you will do it today!” I’ve been using this app for years and it never occurred to me that so many people deserves to know just how great this app is. It truly helps me get through my day. Most of the time I feel as though the daily verses are speaking directly to me, and I ask “how does this app know what I’m going thru?” But it’s just the way it works. I believe God has a way to speak to all of us and I truly believe at times he speaks to me through this app, because this app contains his word. Some may call it crazy but I believe it to be true. It is a must have. I like to compare versions, take notes, and highlight verses for memory. I enjoy the plans and options available thru this app and feel that it is necessary when a person can not physically reach for their bible. I also enjoy the fact that when I’m tired and don’t feel like reading, it’s audio version is at your finger tips. This is an awesome app and each morning before I dare to look at anything on my phone I open this app for inspiration seeking the word of God. Thank you to all of those who made this app possible! God bless you all!

- This app is amazing, convenient, and I LOVE it.

This app is honestly amazing. I love the huge selection of bible plans that you can read, and I love that you are able to share your prayer requests with anyone you want that you may have not shared with before. It’s also a great way to pray for people you would have never prayed for. It’s just such a great way to come close to God, and to also share the word with all of your friends. The app has a daily bible verse, and you can also share any bible verse image you want to spread the word. You can also highlight things that you find while reading the Bible, and share that as well. There's also a space where you can take a note, like if you want to tell somebody about something you are going through and for them to pray for you, or to just explain to friends what a scripture means to you. This app is very convenient, and honestly there is nothing wrong with it. If you feel that the bible plan you are reading isn’t for you, you can easily leave it without notifying the host. You can too set up a reminder for a bible plan you are reading so that it will remind you to read it. This app is just such a great way to connect with God, especially in modern times where we can just pull out our phone and read a plan, share a verse image, and or see what the verse of the day is. I HIGHLY recommend it. :))

- In a word.... LIFE CHANGING!

This Bible app has changed my life!! It's so convenient, my teenager uses it as well. We use the plans, highlights and audio features. Aside from reading daily, I find that I read it during waits, take notes, use the highlights, and share a lot of verses with others as well as send inspiring verses to my email and text to review again. GOD, - GOD'S WORD And the SPIRIT OF GOD, clearly has the power to literally change your life, the convenience of having it with you at all Times makes it that much sweeter . I love the Audio versions!! It has been like HEARING THE MESSAGES FROM THE MOUTH OF KING JESUS - OR the APOSTLE PAUL, ... I Prayed for this.. Thank you LORD... THe WORD OF GOD SPEAKs! Thanks so much for your commitment to promoting the GOSPEL .. GOD BLESS you all! One of my prayers was for strength to manage how we use technology. The constant texting and using the phone. While I don't use social media- having a phone with access to the Internet requires discipline and prayer to ensure that the enemy doesn't rob / steal valuable time from your life. This app is a Great solution - instead of surfing the Internet - it's so convenient to just review a verse and meditate on it or review notes etc.. Having the bible app on my phone has been one of the ways I've used in facilitating an awareness of GOD's holy presence. Home run for the Kingdom!! Thank you, thank you! Zina Stevenson

- I love this app, the most useful and intuitive available

I have had this app for some time now, it was great tool that I had originally started using because of the convenience of being able to read scripture on my phone wherever I am, even offline when I have no connection. Over the last several updates in the last year, much more useful tools, information, videos, challenges and testimonials; to name a few, have really been great in searching and understanding the Word. I use a few different apps but this is the one that I find myself using the most, and the one I really enjoy. This app is very well developed and much effort has been put into it to assist believers in their walk in Faith. I highly recommend this app to anymore needing an app in which they can spend time reading and understanding the Word of God. The only suggestion I have is maybe updating the app to allow videos to play in horizontal mode, or full screen mode; currently the videos are locked and when you turn your phone to view in full screen it closes out the video. There isn’t even an option to view in full screen when the video is playing. Although this isn’t bad at all, just seems nice to be able to view in full screen like you would any other video on any app. Other than that it’s a great app, continue the great work.

- It’s Like a Bible Fitness Tracker!! Huge Improvement!!

I have installed and uninstalled YouVersion many times. Sometimes it was due to too many glitches. Mostly it was because I was yearning for a deeper devotion/Bible study time than what was offered. My church just recently began to use the Event feature for our worship services (notes, announcements, everything that is in the regular bulletin) so I thought, “Eh, I guess I’ll download it for that to save paper.” I didn’t look at the devotionals because I didn’t think they’d be any better than before, but on New Year’s Day I got a notification about some so I looked into the reading plans. HOLY. COW. All I have to say is, “Where were you 10 years ago,” and, “I’m now a Bible study junkie.” I’ve already completed a few plans and am actually keeping up with a Bible in a year plan! Every year I do that and then get off track but YouVersion has become sort of a social media app where if you connect with friends, you have some accountability and encouragement to keep going and learning. I’m extremely impressed and excited about this. Thank you so much for improving the app for people like me who need more motivation! The only issue I have is that when I set up reminders I don’t seem to get them. It’s okay because every time I get notified about my friends’ activity I am encouraged to go read my Bible!! ☺️

- The great recovery!

Well I must say this is a great form of the Bible! It presents a verse everyday just in case I open it just to “check it off my list!” The verses are presented as if someone’s reading my mind and feeding me what is needed! I’m stating recovery and Bible hand in hand because I am recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury... my brain needs to be busy with something useful to strengthen my mind! The Bible is a great “exercise” for the brain to successfully overcome damage, build new knowledge, followed by presenting it through the gift of wisdom! I was advised to read a verse (Mark 11:24)from the Bible by the app and then asked shortly after asked if I wanted to rate the app... I thought it would just simply ask for some stars (which it earned all 5/5) but it asked me to write something! I chose to write the truth about what I was given by this Bible in an app which is accessible just about anywhere any time! This also checks my ability to read and comprehend what was written! On top of that, it checked my ability of presenting my opinion! It maybe not as inspiring as can be but truth isn’t within my opinion but within “yours!” So overall I say “GIVE IT A CHANCE!” One more thing that makes it a valuable app in my life is I can highlight verses that I enjoy to read right now so I can revisit them to see what they reveal to me later! THANK YOU GOD for this awesome gift!


3 years ago I was looking for a good bible app to use while at my church’s mens group study. Before being led back into church, I was an agnostic person. But glory be to God for pursuing me and never giving up. I opened my life to Jesus those 3 years ago. The challenging parts came afterwards. I honestly didn’t know how to read a bible or knew much about it. Brothers and Sisters would quote and refer to scripture in versus and chapters that were unknown to me in how to find them. At the time I was using a different app that didn’t have the verses numbered and well, you could imagine how difficult it was to keep up in a group without it. But thanks to the help of a brother in class who pointed me to YouVersion’s App because it was so much easier to understand and has SO MANY OPTIONS! It has may different translations of choice available. It offers daily devotionals with pictures. Audio version which has been a blessing for those days I’m driving. It now even has videos and short clips to better understand the Bible if you’re a visual person with all sorts of challenges to help commit you into reading more than you’d be normally used to. All in all, it is a beautiful app and I thank God for the people (my brothers and sisters in Christ) who have made this app possible. Give it a download and open it up. He will use this tool to change your life!

- Forever grateful

Although I know it was by the Grace of God working through the Holy Spirit and Godly people. This app was a significant part of why my marriage still stands. Why I’m still here and my family is still together. Through it and His word it opened my eyes to the love of God again. I still don’t remember why I downloaded the “day by Day with Billy Graham” devotional or when. I know I had a couple time where I’d kind of feel convicted to deal with many of the sins in my life but would quickly suppress them and rarely respond. But when It all hit the fan and I hit bottom, all seemed lost. I prayed and opened this app again. I seen the devotional that was in my plans and opened it. Selected catch me up and I just melted, broke down and cried. Nearly every day from the point forward over a matter of weeks, it was exactly what I needed to hear and it continued tearing down the hardened walls that had been built over the years. I’m forever grateful for God Grace and this app. Saving what seemed unsavable and healing my marriage and me. It provided me clarity to see my sins for what they were, yet gave me hope and comfort that I was not too far gone and He’s been there all along waiting. God is so good and I’m so thankful He has used such tools to touch us exactly when we need it. Blessings to you all for listening to His calling and developing this app. 🙏🏼❤️

- Praise GOD

Praise GOD for the miracle and blessing and privelege to have His Wors available to us in many languages, different translations, and right here in our electronic devices that we can take and share everywhere! All Glory to GOD! If you do not have the Bible app, I beg you please to download it, and ask God to open your eyes and heart, ask Him to give you wisdom, and if you haven’t yet recieved Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior, please know, HE loves you, He took your place on the Cross and died for you that you may inherit communion(intimate relationship) with God our Heavenly Father, and He prepared a home for His people in Heaven, for all eternity. This world, our lives, all of it will soon come to pass. The only thing that will matter on that day is if we truly knew Jesus, and we put our trust in Him. What a crucial yet amazing time we live in, where we have access to all the resources we need. Please, trust your life into the hands of the Only one who can truly save. The One who didn't just die, but ROSE from the grave, claiming power over death and the grave. And the most beautiful and crazy thing, He’d go through it all over again, if it meant just saving you! JESUS loves you brothers and sisters, we who know Him, lets stop living as our hope is in this world, but lets start living as ambassadors and representatives of Christ! The salt and light of the Earth! GOD bless you

- Easy to read and navigate!

I’m using English version of this app even though that the English language is my second language. I have been reading my Russian Bible during my entire life, but this English version of the Bible is easy to use and read! It’s easy to select Bible’s book from multi-translations; easy to find many plans and finished them sometimes in one sitting. These plans were so powerful that I felt that God was talking to me. I learned English version of the God’s words, and I felt to be empowered spiritually! The only small thing that I found there is that a barely small amount of plans were just theories. I finished 31 plans in 1.5 months and cancelled for about 3-5 plans. It seams that thier authors had no spiritual experiences. When I was reading those plans and the authors’s advices I got upset for some future readers who might follow these suggestions but it will be just wasting their time because those advices will not work. I know this. I have my 49-years experience as a christian and I was a member of an underground church in another country for decades when we faced severe persecution as a Christian believers during many years. I hope that some serious topics in this app will be reviewed in a serious manner and those plans will not mislead readers or disappointed them.I love this app and will recommend it to others!

- Great Bible App for beginner Bible readers

I love the graphics of the photos they provide and how you can create your own set of Bible quote photos. However, I know it’s a free app, I would just like to see more options for text for the photo quotes. Also, I feel that some of the videos they provide doesn’t always help me with the passage I am reading, because they cover 4 chapters sometimes, rather then one chapter at a time. I know this sounds picky and maybe too much; However, a quick 30-60 second video, or longer depending on the chapter, will help a lot of new Bible readers like me understand what is happening in that individual chapter. In addition, it would be great to have a part where I can have a Bible journal on the app that I can write ( I have an IPad with my Apple pencil), yet I know Samsung and other technology has pencil fit for their computer. Lastly, I would love to just highlight one word rather then the whole verse, sounds petty I know, but it helps me connect and understand better. However, these are just personal things I would like to change or add, and I know if these were added it wouldn’t be a free app anymore. Therefore, I love the app as it is, and it’s a great starter for a Bible beginner reader like me, and I now can’t wait to buy my own Bible. Also, great for those late night or early morning reads, so 5 out of 5 !

- The new prayer tab is indispensable addition

I love the Bible app. I can annotate, create image& notes and share too . I keep all my church notes prayers, thoughts and reflections in my notes. The variety topic plans are incredible. I completed ‘the Bible in one yr 2019 by Nicky Gumbel’. and It was daily spiritual food. I really encourage everyone not to miss this plan. The Bible app is improving since I know it and the new addition of prayer tab is quite Indispensable. Often times we pray & pray and we forgot what we prayed about and we don’t thank God when answered because we have no record of it. Now I am praying on verses which touched my heart and save it. I can follow up and track it and give thanks to God. One thing I ask the developers is to make parallel reading of the Bible possible with the plans so that we don’t have to go and forth to check the verses and the plan notes. Other option is to use hyperlink of verses mentioned in the plan. Also in the devotions, the order should be first the verses then the devotional notes. Thank you and God bless everyone who are working behind this incredible app. I thank God about the people who made it possible to get this treasure resource free of charge. My prayer is for all the peoples of the world to have the word of God to their reach in their preferred languages. I am happy to see the new Amharic bible audio. God bless.

- Thankful

My daughter was carrying guilt and fear this am due to hitting the side of my garage while pulling out. She came in crying so hard and all I could do was put my arms around her and explain it was a accident. To please know that I maybe frustrated but I have always told her she can tell me anything and nothing could ever make me love her any less. I said everything happens for a reason. She got in bed with me and I was reading a devotion and it was exactly what she needed to hear from God. It was the verse that God wants us to give him our burdens and he will give rest to the weary. He loves and cares for us. He is always working behind the scenes on our behalf. When I read it to her I said now that was the reason I believe it happened. It caused us to read the word of God together and I so needed to hear that as well. I said I know if I truly released my worries to him. This load I carry would it be weighing me down. It is a process but like me he loves us so much that nothing could change that, I am so thankful for our time together this am that I I got to hold and comfort her and and for us to hear that God wants to do the same. She is 17 now so of course it is hard to even get quality time together, but I got my wish, Thank you God for every little and big things you do to help me know you more and spend quality time with you, Joelle

- Update- parents beware

Update- I used to love this app. So much that i allowed my teen daughter to download it. And then youversion added the feature of commenting and discussing bible plans. The issue with teens is they tend to accept friend requests from anyone who’s friends with their friends. And so on and so forth until you have 20-30 teens all friends with the same person that they’ve never met. So we now have had an issue with a random stranger contacting my daughter through comments on the Bible reading plan looking for her contact info. She didn’t even add him to the Bible plan. Someone else did! This is grossly concerning for parents! There are a million little pockets in this app where comments and conversations can occur. So your going to have to really be monitoring heavy to catch them all. I really wish you version would update and delete the conversation features on this app. I love this app! I especially enjoy the reading plans and search option. My only complaint is that I wish it had a dictionary option where I could highlight a word and find the definition. Also there are way to many steps involved to save a verse under notes. I just want to highlight and save a verse which spoke to me for future reference. I live that I can download different versions to use when I am offline also! Great app!

- Believing In the path that god has planned for me

Me and my wife have had a very tough time this week we have been at the hospital because she’s pregnant and we found out some information about our baby that was not very good and we honestly didn’t know how to react to it but I told my wife to have faith and believe and to start praying more and we sat in bed praying and I was crying so much because of the information we found out about our baby and I didn’t believe for one minute because I know god has our baby in his hands when I was praying I could barley breathe because I was trying so hard to cry out to god and tell him to take control of our situation and it’s was so amazing because we had our baby the next day and everything has just been amazing because when you believe in god and trust him you have this feeling in your body that you can never explain to anyone because it’s so amazing to feel the love that god has given us what I’m really trying to say is that my thoughts and my vision of life are so different because of the god above and I just wanted to share this because this app really helps me out when I’m going through a hard time and makes me remember whats really important in life because honestly whenever you leave this earth the only thing that matters is how much you love you have for god

- Love my Bible App!

This is a great one! I can easily get to verses, compare versions, even switch versions, easily; the highlighting, note, and sharing functions are fantastic. I use this every class, service, and often for my daily devotional either for just reading or using one of the many devotional available. I ESPECIALLY love and recommend The Bible Project’s devotionals. Super easy to have it on my phone as I’m often juggling kids in worship and find my paper Bible just getting ripped up trying to handle all the things. My only critiques: it would be nice to be able highlight just a part of a verse rather than the whole thing; a “back” button would be amazing so I can go back and forth between verses we’re studying (say we’re studying James but go to a reference in Acts, rather than looking through the index to get back to my chapter in James, I could just hit the back button and get right back to where I had left last); and as much as I love the beautiful art/ image verses, they’re often in a version which I find either incomplete or paraphrased so much that the meaning is often lost. The verse images made from a more standard version- such as NKJV, ESV, or NASB- would make the verses even more beautiful by letting the Scriptures speak for themselves. Thanks for putting together such a nice, available resource!!

- The Best Bible App to Read the Bible & Devotionals & Plans

I cannot give enough good advice about having this app on your devices. I have already read the Bible in one year with a group and now I’m reading the Bible using another plan with another group and this one I hosted and invited people to. We are communicating along the way and taking this journey together and it’s amazing. In addition there are so many bible based reading plans that help support you through life’s ups and downs. There are daily reading sets which include videos from pastors which are completely incomparable to any other reading plan. I have downloaded many many bible apps over the years and by far this is the best and most rewarding. It has helped support my journey on being closer to God and learning more about Him. I’m sure it can do the same for you. It also has a personal prayer section with options to include updates and whether the prayer was answered. It’s an experience that is so amazing and fulfilling that I can’t put into words. Just think about it - I have hosted a Bible reading plan and invited family and friends to read the Bible some of which have never read the Bible before - imagine that? Talk about spreading the word of Christ!!!! Don’t waste anymore time. Let today be the day you bring a new beautiful life changing journey with this Bible App.

- Love app !

I love this app so much that I used to use it everyday to do my daily bible studies and highlight verses that I can create organized label categories for me to come back and study later or use to teach my kids on a specific subject matter (for example all verses related to “Gods Love”, “ Faith”, “Grace”, “”Obedience”, “healing verses”, etc.) I have found it to be the most helpful app for devotionals that have helped me dealt with every problem and Trail I have gone through so I can learn how to handle the problem or trail with GODLY WISDOM that actually works and produces blessings in my life that doesn’t result in living a Hell on Earth because of making bad decisions or bad emotional reactions to any problematic situations in my life. This app used to freeze but since it’s been up dated I have had no problems. Having a app like this on the go is a vital necessity since I am always very busy. I love that it makes it very quick to search God's word when looking for any answers or specific verses. I love that after you complete each daily devotional that is keeps a record of the ones you completed to go back and review them. By far, my new favorite thing about this app is it’s daily bible verses each day followed by a corresponding video and daily devotional related to the daily verse that explains exactly how to apply each daily verse to your day!!!

- Great app. Lots of versions and Bible plans to help you

This is a super app. I have it on my phone and read it when I am commuting to work or even when I am sitting waiting for something. I’ve always got the Bible with me. I also really like all the Bible plans. They help me a lot and I understand the Bible much better. I also get help on lots of topics like anxiety or depression or addiction. The readings and the plans to help me walk through these topics have helped me better understand my issues and how God sees me and wants to help me. Also you can put the Bible on audible and just listen to it being read maybe if you are driving or if you are out for a walk. I love that function. I also like that I can check out all different versions of the Bible just in one simple app. Reading the Bible with this app has changed my life. I really feel much closer to God. I always heard if you spent more time reading the Bible that God would reveal himself more and more to you. I guess I never really did that until recently when I have been using this app. It really is true. The more time you spend reading the Bible and chatting with God the better your relationship with Him becomes. This app really helps you build that relationship. I advise you give it a try for at least 3 weeks. Read a little bit every day and use a plan.

- Bible app

Luv this app.. I use it every night to listen To scripture andThe most wonderful part is when you’re done reading you can go and watch a video of a live footage from a previously recorded movie and in addition to this you can go back isnd here a teaching of the message through another video..There’s also daily studies, and you get a verse of the day pop up on your home screen of your phone computer iPad etc. it’s so wonderful and keep you in tune, are used to read my Bible only through the bible itself but now I can go to the Bible app and it reads to me, are used to have trouble falling asleep but now I turn on the Bible app and it has a timer and it shuts itself off and every night I hear the word of God and I have no trouble sleeping. There’s too much that I haven’t even explored yet like daily devotions in areas of your life you’re having trouble with they have sectioned off that you can make a study out of this there are endless things in this Bible app it’s too much to explain… I have had this app for quite some time but never realized I could do all of this now every night when we do our scripture reading it’s so much fun because there’s so much that goes in just reading a chapter of the Bible there’s videos teachings etc. as I have said before. Faith comes by hearing and this is perfect

- Loved this app but the recent update have some issues

I always loved this app and didn’t mind the app update changes until recently. I loved the app especially when it came to searching scriptures by certain terms if I couldn’t remember the verse number. This was such a good reference for me when discussing with people or doing Bible studies. But now, when I use the search option when typing in key words, it for 1 pulls us other things besides scriptures which I don’t like cuz it gets confusing, and second, when I choose only to search by Bible option, it doesn’t even pull up accurately the key terms mentioned in verses anymore, but random verses that have nothing to do with the terms I typed in. Before I would type in specific words that I knew were in there just wouldn’t remember what exact verse number it was and it would pull up all the scriptures that included those verses, and what was nice is you could filter it to only search by Old Testament only or New, or even by book. This made it so helpful as a reference to find the verses with certain terms. I don’t see this option in the new update now which is annoying cuz if one wants to use this as a Study reference, they cant enjoy those features anymore and no I have to use other apps to use similar features like Blue Letter Bible to do so and it’s not as well put together for that as this app was. Very disappointed in this change please fix this.

- BusyMom

The Bible App has definitely benefited me and has allowed me to be more consistent in reading the Word of God! I highly recommend this app because of its simplicity and the vast amount of information it has available. Life is busy and not always smooth. The Bible App has allowed me to be in the Word of God more consistently because it is readily available and always with me. If I am tight on time, I am able to do some reading in just a few minutes and come back at a later time to finish right where I left off. I enjoy that it is set up to share scripture with others, either friends I have set up on the plan itself or even through Social Media. I enjoy the ability to have different versions of the Bible available at the same time. I enjoy the opportunity to develop a prayer list on the app to share with others. I love the numerous Devotional plans that are available! Whatever my need, interest, or is relevant in the world right now (such as the Corona Virus) there are studies available that encourage me and use the Word of God as a way to keep me focused on my relationship with Jesus Christ! I have been a Christian for over 30 years, and with the use of the Bible App I have a renewed excitement for Bible study and enjoy being in God’s Word now more than ever before! I highly recommend this to anyone!!

- A Life-Changing App

This app is truly amazing! It’s the easiest and simplest way to read the Bible. I love how you can share prayers, things you’re actually praying about, with others and that you get such a wide variety of languages to choose from. I also love that you can read Bible plans that can help motivate you and encourage you. This app has helped me to grow deeper in my relationship with the Lord, and I am forever thankful of that. I’ve read lots of ‘critical’ or ‘hurtful’ comments on the Bible app, and I also wanted to help ‘shine some light’ upon why those certain reviews should be altered. One, the Bible app is not a game, so app-downloaders should not expect to find games or anything along that line on this app. This app is for reading/learning about the Bible and nothing else. Two, the reason some verses may be missing in certain translations are because the people who made those translations haven’t yet been able to add those verses to their translations yet. Three, you shouldn’t just write reviews to say that ‘I (you) hate this app!’ or anything along the lines of that. Write your reviews with suggestions on how they could make the app better, which is also called ‘constructive criticism’. Thanks for reading this! And trust me, if you’re looking for a simpler way to dive deep into the Bible, this app is for you!

- Changed my life!

I grew up in a Christian home but as always very lukewarm in my own walk with God and I walked away from serving God for years. After re-dedicating my life to Him as an adult, I struggled to read the paper Bible daily, it was something I had never done regularly, it felt like a “chore”, especially because I could not understand King James very well so it just made me even more frustrated. it wasn’t until a friend told me about this Bible App that I never even knew existed. After downloading it, I was ecstatic to find all of the much easier to understand versions and that’s when my Faith really began to grow, when I found out what God expected from me from reading His word myself. I fell even more in love with God as I couldn’t stop reading. Years later, I have read the Bible from cover to cover 2.5 times (half way thru my 3rd yearly Bible plan now) and I plan on reading the whole Bible every year for the rest of my life. Im only on year 3 and I am AMAZED that God is showing me I never even saw before on the same verses I have previously read countless of times. His word is alive. Im so thankful for the Bible app to giving me an opportunity like no other, to read His word every day, on demand, wherever I’m at. If you’re hesitant, don’t be. Download this amazing app, invest in God’s word and you will NOT be sorry! God bless 💗

- Amazing App!

I found this app when I was traveling for work and trying to find a way to carry a bible with me at all times. I have loved it ever since. I have used it for many years now and my relationship with Christ has just grown stronger and stronger. I love the devotionals that are offered and all the different badges of encouragement. I have been able to add friends and do devotionals with them which has truly been a blessing. I get so excited telling others about the app because I know it is an easy way for them to stay involved in reading the Bible. That will strengthen their relationship with Christ. I can’t help but get excited about that! I love that I can take notes and they will forever be there. I love that I can take pieces of scripture and add them to my pictures with ease and share to my media accounts. I adore that I can compare pieces of scripture with other versions easily as that helps me to really understand what I am reading. It helps the words absorb deeper. The only criticism I have for it is when I do devotionals with my friends I do with there were more questions or something to prompt us to dig a little deeper. Although I do love it just as it is because I always see something new when my friends share what God is speaking to them or what they get out of that days reading.

- Great free Bible app!!!!

I love this app!!! It's got any version you'd ever want so you can read different ones to compare verses immediately. It has a perfect lowlight for reading at bedtime or early in the morning! I would only suggest one thing in an updated version. If possible, it would be great if when highlighting a verse, it would highlight all versions. I had been reading from one for the most part and switched recently, and I find that I'm going through highlighting several that I had already highlighted in the other version. This may not even be possible, but if so it would be a nice feature! :) Thanks for such a great app! I was blown away when I watched the number of bible apps downloaded rise two or three per second! It's amazing!! ETA: another suggestion... I've read so many bible plans, that I forget some of them before I start them again. Can there be a thing that shows you've already completed it when you go in to look at a new plan and begin it. It has done that on the past, but I started one plan I read several months ago and it didn't show I'd read it. It was familiar after I began it, so I went back to my completed plans and are enough it was there. I quit the plan, but I also wish there was a way to remove the fact that I started it from my activity.

- Secrets Of Love To Save To build To Receive

My name is Orlando Roberts = Orlando Wailer. I been through sooo much saddness and as a baby cia director of love of the movement of baby angels. It’s been hard walking the path of love I been doing a lot of wrongs but I know deep down in the power of my mind and soul I love God and when I was a kid I came to my mom always and said mom I am a general of God. Walking to School I looked up at the sky and said God I will finish the mission. Then I lifted up my left hand and said this is my Old Testament then I lifted up my right hand and said this is my New Testament with the power of my love I will tame the demons show them instead of being angry we can be full of love and with my sword which is my words I will talk repentance so a good spirit will add to it’s power and a bad spirit would come into deep repentance and break out of the shell of depression because anger is a depression then love will flow in there veins and shine the dark into light. Amen. God Bless Everybody I’m sorry if I can’t do my best I promise with allll myyyyyy heartttt immmmm tryinggggg oooo weeeee God bless you. Motivate the beibers to save the world. Sing a song. Love the turn. God is Great. Amazing place. Walk The Right Path And Your Heaven Bound. Go To Zion Hear A Heaven Sound. Elohim Came Evil repented one spot. God told me don’t ever give up. I love you I pray you Go Up. Thank Youuuuuu

- Two suggestions for 5 stars

I really do love this app. I can squeeze in just the daily verse on a super busy day or spend time on a plan that is perfect for whatever I might be going through at a particular time in my life. But two things really are frustrating and could easily be improved. 1) I cannot read the itty bitty print on 75% of the graphically designed daily verses. I usually love the background but cannot read the tiny wording and have to make my own version or just skip saving one altogether. Also, they are often way too paraphrased from a verse full of meaning to just barely the main gist. I would love one choice a day with the full verse in larger print! 2) as many other reviewers have noted, the streak feature is so very frustrating. I rarely skip a day and yet my “perfect week” count is lower because only a week of Sunday onward counts. I current am on day 8 in a row but only on day three of this week. I’ve had to do thirteen days to get one week! Can’t seven days in a row be one week? Plus the very long streaks down to a disappointing zero with one missed day. Please tell the talented artists that on a phone the beautiful script is pointless if 50 year old eyes can’t see them. And take of the steak feature if no changes are going to be made. Love the bite size plans of so many topics and easy to interchange version feature!

- Amazing app...but could be even better with a couple tweaks

Let me start by saying that I love this app. I love that I have God’s word literally at my finger tips wherever I go. I want to give this app 5 stars, and would, if it weren’t for one or two things... 1) the streaks 2) lack of control over privacy settings (who can see what I’ve highlighted/saved) These things seem really minor I’m sure but for me personally they have been a huge distraction and after reading some of the other reviews I can see that I am not alone. And tbh, at first I didn’t mind these features. I thought the streaks thing would be a great feature for accountability and encourage me to stay on it. Instead it just makes me feel discouraged when I open my app after missing a day and the first thing I see is an updated streak with a whopping zero. I’m not saying get rid of it altogether, but could it maybe be put somewhere else?! It’s like stepping on a scale every day when your trying to lose weight. It shifts your focus to the numbers you see. Also, again this is my personal opinion, I’m just not comfortable with everyone I know on the app being able to see what I’m highlighting/saving. It definitely makes me feel a little self-conscience... Some things you just don’t need broadcasted to the whole congregation, ya dig? That’s what small groups are for. I just think it’s a weird thing that we have no control over that setting.

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- You Version Bible App

Absolutely love this App it’s my best friend besides Jesus pleased I actually listened to a friend and downloaded it . I use it everyday to read my Bible in a Year / I have the daily verse sent to my phone / I love the plans to help me through things & situations / I love reading my Bible off my phone as well as my eye sight is not the best it’s great how it reminds you to read you’re Bible each day ...I love that I can choose and read different versions & compare can even choose to have The Bible read out loud ! ..I think it’s amazing that as Christians the app is accessible to all denominations & so much information about doctrine & theology .Its truly an incredible App for this Generation my kids use it , it has something for everyone ! I find it incredible all the different insight of others experiences through the plans that are approved & give other Churches & Christian perspectives & Churches to share with each other .I recently did a grief plan and it was beautiful brings Christians together & helps them read their Bibles regularly .I’m currently doing a Beatitudes plan which is speaking to my heart .Theres just so much within You Version very clever App informative & well set out easy to use & for everyone ! Thankyou for this vital tool You Version is a God idea helping people read their Bible and using other peoples gifts & talents to teach & preach draw & design and come together as one ! God Bless xx

- Amazing to be able to share the word of God through this app!

This is an amazing app and it’s free. In this digital age it can be difficult to navigate sharing our faith and Christianity with people but I have found this app to be a God send(no pun intended!) especially with younger people it’s features like bible streaks and interactive discussion really appeals to the younger generation who use similar features on their social media platform. Through The Bible App, I have been able to successfully minister to teenagers (non believers who have not grown up on the church) who have been able to connect with God through this technology which is amazing! It’s likely these kids would never have picked up a Bible if this app wasn’t available to them so it is literally changing lives. It has wonderful features that allow you to share and connect with friends, family and people in general. I find the plans are a wonderful way to build good bible reading habits. The plans allow you to invite anyone who has the app to be an active participant each day and discuss and listen to everyone’s interpretation of the scripture and devotional. They also allow you to participate individually and privately if you prefer. Keep up the great work you are remarkable people who are truly doing God’s work! Stay blessed 🙏

- Excellent for my needs

This app has definitely met all my personal criteria for a Bible app making it easy to navigate my way around the Bible and bringing out the best in technology by alerting me to stay reading God’s word every day. The recent addition of The Kids Bible Experience has made daily sharing in reading the Bible so much easier with my kids. There are really more features than I need but that’s a good thing. When I want to dig deeper into a passage it has great capacity to explain translations and link up connected passages. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good Bible app to bring the Bible into your daily life in an easy to use way for a wide range of people. My only critical observation would be that I’m not sure how user experience of some features would be for people from cultures outside of a fairly western, developed world as there is an embedded cultural aspect to the app that is fairly specifically aligned to a particular type of Christian culture that is not everyone’s experience. That might be a different market for a different app or perhaps further features could be added to meet the needs of wider cultural and language groups. For me, though, it is fantastic and I’m so thankful for it!

- Unusable on iPhone X

Claims iPhone X support in numerous updates but this app keeps crashing and freezing. Whenever I switch to a different app and switch back to this bible app, the entire app freezes and I have to restart the app. This happens 100% of the time (no exaggeration at all). Whenever the app gets restarted (i.e. reloads with the ‘youversion’ loading splash screen) it takes about 9-10 seconds to load. This is absolutely ridiculous on any iPhone - let alone the new iPhone X, which only indicates one thing - the app isn’t fully optimised for the iPhone X. Although the screenshots seem to show that the app accommodates for the new iPhone x screen size, it is clearly not optimised in terms of performance. Just because an app acclimated for the new iPhone X screen, doesn’t necessarily mean it is supported - there are A LOT of under the hood tweaks that need to be done in order for an app to be optimised for iPhone X. This only shows to me that the bible app developers are lazy. Please fix this issue because for now, this app is deleted from my iPhone until a proper update is released to fix this. Also another suggestion: since the Bible contains COUNTLESS of words that nobody knows the meaning of, it would be a fantastic idea to allow users to define INDIVIDUAL words using the embedded iPhone dictionary’s ‘define’ option when highlighting a word. Nevertheless, a wonderful job on the aesthetics of this app - the best there is on the App Store :))

- God’s child

Someone said in a review a year ago that it doesn’t work for iPhone X but it works perfectly fine on mine. It is wonderful as it helps me in my relationship with Jesus. It is the first thing I reach for in the morning. And I am able to start the day with hope with a scripture and short message through a devotion. Love that it allows me to highlight and turn my verses for the day into images. However can you please provide an option to be able to highlight the actual verse you want instead of it highlighting the whole verse??? Excellent to have as it’s portable and I can read my devotional anywhere. Also love that there is a read option and this allows me to search verses that the Holy Spirit brings to my remembrance but I can’t remember the exact chapter and verse number, handy especially when I am doing a deep bible study. More importantly, it’s an easy way for my husband who is a new Christian, and I to learn God’s word and grow in our relationship with God by going through a devotion together. We have access to so many God-inspired teachings from wonderful teachers, pastors etc Thank you for inventing this app!

- Rev TW

This app sits in my pocket all the time. I reach for it and open it and I can immerse myself in scripture. It’s very convenient. It’s accessible. It’s practical. I can connect it to the radio in my car and listen to scripture being read. I’ve various authors to refer to and use and be challenged. I can connect with people from many places if I want to ( still working out how to do that) . Use of various mediums - video, spoken, written. The best thing is I’m not being chased 24 hours a day with emails and requests. It’s well thought through and applicable for all ages( I’m 78 and can find my way around) . So I give it a top rating. As a 79 year old I still love my book more than my electronic device. I am finding that the electronics get in the way of the message of the book. It is convenient but the electronics can get in the way of the person I’m wanting to meet namely Jesus. He for me is still at the top of “ the ladder” not a bit of electronic mechanism. It’s good stuff but you need to be careful it doesn’t replace Him whom you are wanting to meet.

- Thankful

I am so grateful and so hopeful for this bible app. Making process in my relationships. Pray this app will continue to touch and impact lives around the world. Message of gospel be consumed with the fire of the holy spirit. Pray many lives are Changed and transform through personal relationship with Jesus. Thee encounter of gods love for you and I. The precious gift of life. New revelation, New encouraging word potentially for us. As, we discover the path god intended for our life, his purpose, calling, mission and ministry, poured out, on our ❤️’s through our daily life. The fulfilment, of clarity. Gods goodness, promises and faithfulness towards our future. Jesus is the bread and wine of living water... The foundation! The time of waiting is for uncovering more of your identity. Waiting is the time to build up your skill-sets so that you’re equipped for the next assignment. Invention of gods word alive and active. Everyday is an opportunity to make intentional choices and decisions. Where my soul, body and mind is filled with the goodness of gods love for me, and the world around me. Steadfast and patience. 🙌🏽❤️


There is something very special about this App that has me intrigued. I don’t like writing reviews, I find it time consuming and a waste of my time!!!! I don’t consider myself as crazy or fanatical about reading the bible, but I must admit this app has grown on me. It helps me tremendously in my Spiritual journey. This app seems to have a life of its own. It is now part of my Spiritual connection with the living God. In fact, this is the only app in my phone collection that I simply cannot bring myself to deleting. The more I use it, the more it sticks to me. I tell myself: I must investigate this app more fully, it has more depth, more width, and even more layers of wisdom that anyone person can ever get through in a lifetime. It’s not just because of its clever design, but it’s because of the message that’s it carries within its pages for all of man kind. LAST WARNING: This app only works if you use it and pray with it as you read. May this app bless you with the HOLY SPIRIT as it continues to bless me and my family 😊🙏 SO I GIVE IT 10 STARS 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- Was wonderful, However now ?

This app is very user friendly, especially they have a synchronous button on bottom for iPad. I could either turn on or turn of the synchronous button. It made me freely to compare different versions either synchronously or not, I could also compare the Bible within one language but between different verse, or compare bible in different language by turning on or of the synchronous button. Recently, I found the synchronous choosing button gone. The comparison format is there, but doesn’t function well. I read bible, I opened two language versions bible. When I turn to next chapter, the other doesn’t update automatically at all, including bible language and bible verse, it won’t update automatically. so I try to update manually, doesn’t work. It feel the app becomes less smart than before. Not as convenient as before for me compare between different language versions either synchronously or not. Wonder why you get rid of that function. Other than that, the app is fine.

- Long time user :)

I wake up, grab my iPad and open the bible app. I check the daily verse, then I go to my devotions, I usually have 2-3 devotional plans going. I love reading the devotional part. When I read the verses, I grab my bible, because I like to highlight what I’ve been reading on my bible app in my physical bible too. When I’m done my devotions, I sometimes check in with my bible app friends, and see what they’ve been highlighting or what devotional plans they’ve been reading. I also like to keep score on how many days in a row I’ve been going onto the bible app 🤫 I’m happy with my number of days. It’s also a kind of way to keep me wanting to go on the bible app, instead of just using my physical bible, or nothing, no devotions at all. Anyway, back on track for the final part, when I have finished my devotional plans, and have checked any other part or features of this app, I pray & thank the Lord. This is a great app, and I highly recommend it!

- Will Be an Awesome App when Tweaked.

I like how I can have my Bible with me, & flick from verse to verse during church etc. Though flicking would be a lot easier if the verse numbers were down the side of the page. Then in long chapters I could easily skip to another part of the chapter rather than scrolling through. It would be faster & more accurate. I don't like how I have to be signed in to highlight a passage. Why must I sign in to use my Bible? (I had another app on my old phone & have thought several times about reinstalling that as I can highlight & make notes to my heart's content... without even being internet connected! Many times I am out of service & cannot highlight or make notes, simply because I cannot log in.) This app has better version choices though. The other issue I would like to see resolved, is being able to highlight a word or partial text as oftentimes one word has significant meaning and requires a highlight or note. With these 3 things fixed, this would be the perfect Bible app.

- With God as my witness, I tell you the truth

This app has been by far one of my favourites. This is the only bible app I choose to have on my phone. I’ve used many apps before but since I found this app I don’t like using others. They have made it so easy to switch between bible translations, copy and paste scripture to other sites, involve friends in daily readings, share bible scriptures with friends, highlighting and adding notes and overall it’s just an enjoyable hassle free bible app. It is very well done and I’m so happy with the layout. I really respect the owners for putting so much effort in this app to make it so easy to read and spread the word of God. It’s great that they have the account feature because I have broken my phone at times and had to get a replacement and none of my data is lost. Really really well done to the people who worked hard on this app! I really appreciate it. God bless yous all ❤️

- Very good app.

I tend to only use this app to look up Bible verses in different translations. The app has a lot more functionality that I don’t use. It’s also great that the has the Bible in different languages. However if wanting to compare a particular verse in another language you won’t get the right verse if the other language numbers the chapters or the verses differently. The app is not sophisticated enough to have those differences programmed into it. For example, a hard copy NIV Bible has a foot note with Psalm 9 that says Psalm 9 and 10 may have been the one psalm. The Russian Bible has as Psalm 9 the equivalent of the combined Psalm 9 and 10 in the English Bible so the Psalm numbers in Russian and English are different from Psalm 10 until Psalm 147. English Psalm 147:1-11 is Russian Psalm 146. English Psalm 147:12 -20 is Russian Psalm 147, so you end up with 150 psalms in both languages. It would be nice if the app could give the corresponding verse in any other language rather the merely the verse for that chapter and verse in the other language.

- Love this Bible App ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We are so fortunate in this day & age to have such marvellous tools to keep us in check for our busy Christian lives. Bible App is an absolute blessing to have, besides being a FREE App which makes it a great start in itself. It really helps me to share ‘Gods Living Word’, and ‘The Good News’ to others that might somehow be repressed by their social conditions or for many inhuman reasons unbeknown to us? By allowing us to harness and apply Gods Living Word not only for ourselves, but also allowing us the ability to share with others all over the World what we have learnt through these most precious & wonderful lessons of love, wisdom, hope & for living a happy, healthy spiritual life that sits right in our hearts & in our souls, and which is pleasing to God our Almighty Father & Creator. Sharing these scriptures with friends on a daily basis through the daily devotional here on the Bible App, truly helps to edify those who have Jesus in their hearts, it also personally gives me the ability of bettering myself here in this life in preparation for an eternal life spent with our almighty father in Heaven. God bless you all behind the scenes for your continued efforts, hard work and all the care that goes into keeping this Fantastic App up & running. May God continue to bless, protect, watch over & enrich the lives of each & everyone of us today & always, AMEN! 🙏🏼 God bless… 🥰🙏🏼✝️🕊😇

- Witness to the Word

Appreciate having Holy Scripture at my fingertips & so portable. I’m very deliberate about how I use my phone. I am so delighted that I can use it as a tool to reach out & share daily verses & Devotionals with friends & family. Everyone has a mobile phone or device & spend countless wasted hours being distracted on seeing & hearing all about what the world has to say. God is also using this tool as a way to reaching the hearts of many looking for something to fill the void in their hearts. This void can only be filled with SOMEONE in the person of JESUS CHRIST. All victory to JESUS !!! I love the amazing choice of Devotionals helping us in all areas of life. Many blessings to all who have dedicated their gifts & talents in bringing to all the great Message of the Gospel of God’s Kingdom. Your work is furthering God’s Kingdom in an amazingly efficient way. Christ cannot return until ALL MEN have heard the Good News of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.

- Amazing...

I've never seen a Bible app as easy to use as this one. It provides ssoooooo many options for Bible study, devotions, or simply memorizing Bible verses, all in one app that you can bring with you anywhere on your phone! I love how everything on the app is sorted out in an easy-to-find way, with a huge range of topics available—from God, life, to relationships, addictions, you-name-it, all regularly updated and free to use! The Bible app is suitable for all ages, and is especially encouraging for young readers, as streaks and badges can be earned, with notifications to remind you to read. Also, friends can be added, so you can share your Bible journey together! 50 languages are available for the entire app interface, and 1,130 languages for Bible text. You can take notes, bookmark for later reference, and pretty much do everything you can do on a paper Bible!

- Suggested Improvements

Hi ! I gave this app 4 stars. I would firstly like to mention that I love the “community comment” section within the bible itself regarding your choice of verse to study on. Thank you ! 💜 I would like to make a suggestion on the “Friends” section of the profile within the app. The TERM “Friends” I feel is too STRONG to use for NEW people that you have just met within the app. I would prefer a “FOLLOW” button or “Subscribe” button with a notification bell regarding those people you want to hear from that are STRANGERS. Taking the WORD “FRIENDS” OUT is a good idea, as you don’t feel BURDENED with the obligation to become friends with them if you don’t want to.. Like Instagram and Facebook you can have hundreds of followers without feeling you need to befriend EVERY person. Some people take it LITERAL and then in causes problems. Eg ... I THOUGHT YOU WHERE MY FRIEND !!!! I don’t want to befriend 200+ people ! But I like to hear there thoughts on verses !

- AWESOME! However..

Great app! Love all the features of clips, devotionals, plans, images, etc. It’s like a form of social media, except Biblical! Features of highlighting, bookmarking, notes, etc are so useful and make Bible Reading on this app so much more convenient, and even the access to different versions! However, a feature that you should add is one which allows you to preview a note that was taken on a specific verse or passage ON the actual text, instead of just a list of notes in the notes section. And another feature that would be so useful could be one which allows for highlights to be sorted into categories or personal folders in a way? For example, making a highlight and choosing for it to go into the folder of scripture passages (and possibly even notes) of “Anxiety” or another where you can place a highlight into a folder for “Relationships”.. overall, very useful and convenient app!

- Love this app

I’ve been using the bible app for years! The various developments to make it even better are great and makes the app easier to use, etc. I’m currently doing a study with friends in the app and love the ability to connect even though we live all over the country. The latest update even added something that I think was so good but I’m having some issues with it as well. That is the Notes, I use this every week at church. I love that I can see the verses I add to the note above the text I add to the note, but it keeps glitching, the keyboard disappears even while typing a word and I have at times typed and instead of adding a word I’m taken to elsewhere in the app as the keyboard had disappeared and I’m now selecting the home button. I lost part of my notes this past week & had to re-type them. Thanks

- Why Streaks are an Unhelpful Idea

There’s a real risk in taking something that’s internally rewarding and adding an external reward. For example, most kids like to draw but if a teacher starts giving prizes for the best drawing the children will lose sight of the internal (intrinsic) motivation and it becomes about winning. When we add streaks and confetti bursts to reading scripture it pulls people away from the intrinsic motivation of the reward that comes from connecting with God and onto maintaining the ‘streak’. Worse still, it becomes demotivating when a long streak is broken. Others have made comments to this effect in their reviews. The second reason this addition is dangerous is the law of unintended consequences. Some people will have a positive interaction with streaks but for others it could tap into performance and feeling defective or not a good enough Christian. Imagine how a person who is struggling with self worth issues would feel if they open scripture and see zero perfect weeks and a streak of 3 when they go to connect with God... This is a well intentioned idea that is very flawed. At least give people the ability to opt out. It’s an addition to scripture and will actually get in the way of some peoples devotional life rather than assist it.

- Year and a half in!

I've been taking advantage of the Bible app for 18mths and have loved everything about it. Updates have always loaded without trouble, looking up verses is quick and easy, and having a bible with me all the time without the bulk of carrying a book is wonderful. It took a little time to workout how to add notes to the verses I was reading but it was worth the time as it is really convenient. The app also offers study plans. There is something for everyone. From the curious non church goer to the mature Christian they will find good teaching, encouragement, and guidance. I still love to thumb through the pages of my bible, but I also have found the Bible app incredibly useful. The Bible app also changes with the times, providing us with fresh new material that reflecting the seasons of which we live.

- Review

I love the you version bible and have been using it for some years to do my daily bible readings from the Robert Roberts reading plan. I get up half an hour early every day to do my readings and it is always the first thing I do. At 4:45am I am less likely to be interrupted. The only complaint I have is that the program does not work as well now as it did several years ago. In the past, it would automatically tick the chapter I had just done and continue with the next chapter of the days readings. I think that an update to the program stopped that from working and I now have to manually tick the completed chapter and select the next one. In spite of that, I still find it a really useful way to do my daily bible readings and will continue to use it. Thank you You Version.

- Mr Ashley Stewart

Excellent in the extreme! I am able to have the world's most beautiful book with me anywhere and at any time. Being able to read it in a larger font and being able to compare and have two versions open at the same time is really interesting. I think I have read more of this wonderful treasure in the several of months that I have been able to access this app. than in all the times when, as a child, I was discovering and enjoying my first Bible (a King James version, with all it's complicated but beautifully expressed language) given to me on my 11th Birthday by my dearly loved mother and father. I really believe this is a wonderful app. which makes access to the Word of GOD, so much easier, along with the ability to share one's thoughts with others.


This is the NUMBER 1 app u cannot get any better if u ever want a bible on the go it’s the best choice u can get every version ever all right in the one place if ur next to a dying relative and u quickly need to give them a testimony it’s right there in the own comfort ur own phone Don’t have time for church don’t worry cause the bible app is here to save u R u scared of going to hell well don’t worry the bible app is here to cleanse ur salvation You can learn about so many classics from Matthew mark Luke and John Do u ever struggle to read through every page don’t worry ME TO but DO NOT fear audio books are here with the audio feature it can read the book for u all u have to do is listen Ever run out the door and r off to church in such a rush and forget ur bible WELL DONT FEAR u won’t have to look like a non Christian just whip out ya phone and get onto the bible app u will never forget ur bible again Do u ever find yourself struggling to keep to a reading schedule and r struggling with commitment well don’t worry the bible app has just the thing they r truly thinking of u so have designed bible plans to suit your needs After reading this what’s stopping u just download it and get reading and delve into the words of Christ

- Connectedness

It is so important to have that one on one time delved into Gods word and I find the Bible App keeps me motivated to keep at it to make my time with God habit. There are so many devotions to choose from and gain a blessing from specific material that relates to specific topics that closely match your personal circumstances. I’ve found it very helpful especially having it with me 24/7. Although truth be told I prefer to mark my physical Bible because I can see all the markings in one go when I flick through the pages but I can just mark my real bible along with the App one and that suits me fine. 😃😍😍😍💚❤️💛🧡💜 love it and recommend it to others. I also love the feature which allows you to share material with friends. My finance can share devotions. Really well put together! LOVE IT!

- Love it

Jesus is my saviour and I can read his word thru this app it’s awesome. I can also read cool bible plans that help and motivate me to be on top of my daily devotions and once I’m able to do that I start to complete more than one devotion a day and it’s amazing. Some of the devotions really pull out the meaning and message of the bible and are really touching and helpful. Some of them are also really relatable and help me get through life and pull the bible into the present world we are living in today. Great app. You can also have friends witch is fabulous so when they start a plan you can see what it is and try it out for yourself ( or save it for later)! ( my friends have put me into some fantastic plans!) really recommend this, so good. Stay sage and healthy, god bless.

- In the word

I am amazed at the capacity of this app to update new translations of the new Testament. A relative of mine is a missionary in Vanuatu. He’s been involved in Bible translation for the last 25 years. In the last couple of years he completed the translation of the new Testament into a local language. Within months a new Testament was available on this app in that language. That is amazing. I praise God for the people in the background who are working on this app and upgrading it continually. Every day I use one of the one year Bible reading plans and find it an absolute blessing. The plan I use has been well thought through Annies nuanced to the extent that major theological themes come through just by reading from the old Testament the new Testament and wisdom each day.

- Great bible app

I really enjoy using this app. I love being able to easily and quickly switch between translations to compare. There are so many great features that are really useful for bible study, prayer time and devotions, and quick reference. I have never had any issues with bugs or glitches - it just always runs smoothly. I like being able to create my own bible verse images too, using photos from my camera roll. It’s great that the app will suggest a verse, or I can select my own. Love being able to copy and paste verses or passages into other apps like messages, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. I always have my bible with me, which is so useful. I still use my hard copy bible, but I love the convenience and versatility of this app.

- The Absolute Best Bible App Available

Example one - I have downloaded the Good News Version, The 1752 Douay Rheims Middle English version, a Latin version, an Ancient Greek version and a modern Greek version. When reading the Bible I can use the compare feature, I can see the same verse in all the languages I’ve chosen. Then by pressing the next button, I can go onto the next verse in all five languages. I can effectively read the Bible in five languages at the same time. That is simply amazing!! Example two - many of the Bible’s that you can download within this app have audio available too. This means I can listen to the Bible when I’m driving. I have not seen another Bible app the comes even close to this one. Take my word for it. This Bible App is simply the best!!!

- Good, Not Great

I really like this Bible app. I use it everyday sometimes many times in the day. It’s brilliant to have God’s Word so handy. With this app I can access nearly all the Bibles in different translations and different languages very easily. To be fair, the one version I can’t access here is a fairly obscure translation for English speakers (but a well used translation for a million Japanese Christians the 新改訳). I love the way I can easily compare translations, highlight, make comments, share a verse; I like the daily Bible verse and there’s even a social media aspect! That’s all on my iPhone. On my MacBook Air it’s quite a different matter! The app there is clunky and slow. It has a “parallel” option that sometimes works. Often it decides that that page is not available. At times it is counter intuitive.

- Excellent but room to keep improving

I love this app! Especially the way you can complete plans with friends. It’s usability has continued to improve too. For the plans with friends, it would be great if you could opt to have an icon on the specific days of the plans, so it lets you know that there are new unread comments (rather than having to be emailed for each comment made). This would mean you can read the new comment in the context of the previous comments for that day - and you don’t have to keep going back and checking just incase there are new comments. Similarly it would be good if on the home screen under “my plans” summary that there is a tick next to the icon for that plan if you’ve done that day’s reading. Makes it easier to tell at a glance if you’re up to date. It can be confusing remembering which ones you’ve still got to do when you’re doing multiple plans throughout the day. It would also be good if the notification that you’ve been invited to do a plan disappeared from the new notification section if you’ve already clicked accept in the plan section.

- God’s Word encouragement for every day

Seeing a scripture verse prompt on my phone ‘BIBLE app first thing in the morning sets my day focused on The Lord. The bible study plans are terrific, well set up and wide variety of topics. Encourages me to do each day, as plans are are short, succinct, ‘hit home’ and I can choose a plan that is relevant to me from the ‘many plans’ offered. Plan is a devotional and scripture verses all provided through the phone BIBLE app. Godly authors whose personal walk/experiences with The Lord comes through in their writings & the chosen scriptures, and resonates (Holy Spirit opens my spiritual eyes/heart to receive) for me, the reader. Can do a plan privately or with others. Plans usually 3-7 days in length. If you miss a day then you can go back later to complete. Can record what days of a plan you do. Much, much more is available with this App. Explore! I’m still discovering more & I have been using the Bible App ‘many months’! Can highly recommend. Helping me become regular with bible study & even remembering scripture. Best thing is that it is all available via the Bible App on my phone - easily accessible, carry with you wherever.

- The Word of God gives life

As Jesus said, “ Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God ( Matthew 4:4). The bible is the word of God. If you want to have life and have it to the fullest, please develop the habit of reading your bible every day. This app has fantastic “ dishes and flavours “ of the word of God ( in the form of different reading plans). The bible in one year plan has a great mix of different nutrients needed for your daily spiritual growth. I love it. Feed on the word of God every day. Download this app today. Start reading your bible daily and you will get fresh, sizzling, nutritious meals of wisdom, insight, divine ideas, deliverance, healing, freedom, direction, peace etc from our Lord Jesus as you feed at His table daily. The HolySpirit, our helper, will break the meals down for you in digestible portion sizes as you allow Him teach and explain the word of God to you everyday. He is an awesome teacher 👍🏼 Read and enjoy your daily meal of God’s word and you will never be malnourished again. Today is your day. Please start today. Don’t miss today’s meal. Jesus is the word and in Him is life in abundance for you and I. Bless you.

- This app is amazing!

I love this app! If your a Christian or catholic this is a must have! It’s great because you can read the bible in so many different translations and you can even listen to the bible! (I do every night to go to bed) every version of the bible that talks has a different voice and the message version is my favourite one when it comes to the voice 😂 you can start a plan based on pretty much anything from lust to depression and best of all it has streaks to keep you motivated to continue your reading! You can also highlight versus bookmark them turn them into photos and you’ll also get a verse of the day notification if you decided you need a little dose of god in your life

- Thanks

It's wonderful having the bible on my iPhone and iPad! Love it. I like sharing the daily scriptures online and with others. Thanks so much for this app! I love also being able to use the speaking option. It's great to be able to listen to it. To have it playing for hours in the early morning before the need to get up. I've listened to sections that when reading I generally 'skip over'. The details of setting up and maintaining the tabernacle for example. The long, long list of genealogies. But listening to it was different and I've come to appreciate the finer details that display how much God's attention is on the smallest detail. And how vitally important every aspect of life is to Him. Love it!

- Life Changing!

Absolutely love this app! It is life giving & full to the brim with wisdom, guidance, correction & the utmost, everlasting & unconditional love you could ever receive - the bible & Jesus love has completely changed my life! This bible app allows you to read from a range translations, highlight, note-take, save bible verse images & share them on other apps. Also available are devotionals on a huge range of topics offering help & guidance for any of life’s seasons - you can also share these devotionals with your friends & read them together daily on a bible reading plan! Overall I really love this app as it’s straightforward, easy to use & a lovely book to carry around ready to read wherever I go!

- Best App!!!

What I love the most about this app is that I can have my devotional time wherever I maybe (lunch breaks or even in public transport). When I was a new user of this app, I immediately liked it and found the daily plans are really useful (inc the reminders!) Thank you for the church/makers of this app and may God bless you more. You have impacted so many lives in such a positive way!:) The saved plans are great because you can easily start a new one as soon as you're done with the other you're working through. I'm yet to know all the other features - pictures or notes taking, but to me this app has truly been an important part of my life, my sole time with God! 🥰🙏❤️

- Compare versions

So this is what I do. I start with verse of the day amplified version. Then I go to passion version. Then I read good news and NLT. I read read King James and NIV and somewhere in there I always read message version. It’s fantastic the way the holy spirit speaks different things to me sometimes just from an isolated word or two in a different version. Then I’ll probably choose one version and read the chapter or maybe two. Then it’s more than likely I’ll pick up my paper Bible sometime during the day and really get stuck into it. AWESOME. Thanks so much for the bible. Oh yeah I’m up to 410 days streak now and I must say I’ve got a big incentive to not let that number drop back to 0.

- Review of the Bible App - 1st July 2020

The Bible App is my favourite App by far. I open it up every morning and I love to read God’s word to guide me and inspire me for what lies ahead for that day. I particularly enjoy the wide choice of Bible studies available where there is always a topic that one can relate to, with high quality Christian writers who share thoughtfully how the Lord has challenged them, or comforted them or encouraged them. I also like the way the Bible App counts your streaks, in which the reader wants to continue each day. Thank you so much for all who have contributed to making this App so accessible to so many people worldwide. May God continue to bless your wonderful work. Too marks from me. Thank you.

- The No. 1 app that everybody should have.

Youversion is a powerful tool that equips our faith walk because it is the Word of God! Everybody in the whole world who has a phone should have it. It’s the Word of God on our phones, in our pockets! It takes away any further excuse we may have to not be readers of The Bible. There have been times I don’t have my Bible on hand to share with a friend or new person I meet and Youversion in my pocket is there to assist. You get all the popular translations you need, there’s studies and devotions, commentaries, you can do a word search, you can share scriptures and studies with friends and so much more. This is one app that feeds your spirit and soul with life!

- The best Bible App available

I love this app so much, it has become a daily staple for me to use. The gospel of the day is wonderful and how it is explained along with a devotional to read. Also the plans you can choose on any subject and at all different lengths are absolutely amazing and so beneficial. I am currently doing a year long New Testament plan where I read 1 passage of the New Testament a day and by the end of the year I have read through the whole New Testament in sizes that allow me to really understand each passage and think about it’s meaning. It’s free to use, no need for a subscription and it’s an absolute must for anyone wanting to be as close to God as possible.


Honestly, such a blessing to have such a great bible app on my phone! So easy to access and use, and I’m so glad that I can tell my non-christian friends about it when they want to know more about God, and they don’t have to pay a thing!! I use it almost every day, and I’m so happy that it exists, helps me to engage in Gods word, and the different versions that are easy to switch between slows for simple understanding, yet also deeper context for each verse!! Keep updating and adding more plans! If anything, I’d just want more plans that go really deep into the word that are for youth and young adults that can be done together. Or, even if you made a way for churches, or bible study groups or youth groups to have seperate pages where they can “post” something about a verse they just read. Or even a way to send a verse to each other using some kind of chat feature, for when you feel like someone else needed to hear it??? I’m not sure, just a few suggestions for future updates.... It is however, truely, an incredible app!!! 💕💕💕

- 100% would recommend

The Bible app is convenient for those who are starting off as Christians or anyone who forgets their Bible but always carries a phone, or those who only have one translation and want to look at a verse or passage in different ones. I’ve loved using it especially with the Bible study plans that enable my friends to do it with me, it just lets us experience a Bible study together and meditate on God’s Word together, especially with shared highlights, notes and plans on the home page. Isn’t it great that we can share our Bible lives wherever we may be, to not only grow the kingdom of God, but connect with our community and family in Christ.

- Some changes need to be made

I love this app, I have been using it for years. However some changes would make this app perfect. 1. Being able to highlight words and making notes on just parts of the verse. 2. Having a search option for my notes, I currently have hundreds of notes, if I’m looking for a particular note I made, I have to scroll for ages looking for it. 3. An option that allows my notes and highlights to transfer to the different translations, I don’t want to lose and not be able to see what I highlighted when I decide to read in ESV instead of NIV.. thanks for this app it’s great :)

- Great app.

I use this app frequently enough to encounter all the bugs and things I’d like to be better, but whenever I contact the devs they’re always very quick to tell me what they’re working on and sometimes let me know they’ve found that bug too and the next update patches it. There’s a lot of great plans on here, and if your friends use it you can get a really good community vibe going. I got a bit bored of journaling a few years ago because I’d been doing it for a decade and I love that this app exposes me to so many different takes on the scripture and so much inspiration without having to pay for five billion books.

- Youversion Reading Plans

I love the reading plans that help us share in other people’s experiences. It makes the bible more relatable and interactive. My friends and I enjoy going through the Messy Table for our Women’s Life group bible study. It is life changing! Recently I have been reading the daily devotional and I like that it encourages me to take a moment to quieten my thoughts and focus on God. I love that I can contribute my thoughts or a related scripture and I can save for later - I can even share the scripture for the day with family and friends! It’s been a great start for each day. Every single day the word is always relevant and gives me perspective.

- Thank you.

It’s more. I rarely write reviews, this is my first time writing something more than 10 words. This app is so much more. If you’re struggling or not, the plans in this bible app help, encourage and uplift you. I don’t usually read my bible as often as I should but this app is helping me to become more consistent and really helps my spiritual journey. It’s got many different languages and even audio so that when you get tired or anything you don’t need to worry! 🤗 I’m grateful that In this day and age this bible app exists and is used by millions of people. Should definitely download this app, i highly recommend! ☺️ Godbless you all ☺️

- A gift from God

I believe this app is indeed a gift from God. My sister encouraged me to put it on my iPad. We are both loving it. Our family has been going through some tough times. My sister and I have been able to do devotions on a daily basis together despite being a long way from each other. Reading Gods word together is helping us heal. I love hearing Gods word being read out to me. Thank you for being faithful to our Heavenly Father and His dear Son Jesus Christ. Thank you for this app. Our beautiful world is in a sad place. It needs Jesus. It needs God word. I hope and pray the app goes from strength to strength and reaches more than ever before.

- So handy to have the bible at your fingertips!

Love how easy it is to look at multiple versions of the same verse and ability to search for key words to find a specific verse. Wish that there is a way to search for the verse number though. It seems I can only search by book name and chapter and then have to scroll to get to the verse I'm after. Having the audio version is also very handy. If I don't get a seat on my train to work, I just pop my headphones on and listen to several chapters from this app. However I wish there was a way to rewind or fast forward within reading of a chapter.

- Review

I have grown in leaps and bounds through this bible app. I now love the word of God like never before. My favourite part is the audio version, which brings life to the written word. The beauty of it is I have the option to compare versions and thus enhancing my understanding of the scriptures. This app is a o e stop shop as it provides other features such as Bible commentary , related verses and creative images. More so I get reminders everyday to read verse of the day. This helps me stay connected with the word every day. I enjoy the various reading plans which take me deeper in my quest for the knowledge of the word. I recommend this his Bible app to beginners, toddlers, casuals, seniors or even experts in the Christian journey.

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- You Bible

Nice options of version easy to follow

- Daily

I have been using the Bible App daily for almost a year and am so thankful for this tool for my daily reading and study. The convenience makes it easy to be in the Word everyday.

- Hoping writing this makes it work again!

Enjoy this app, but the notification asking me to rate it has frozen it up unless I'm in airplane mode! Hoping this fixes that! Also, plan data doesn't always sync first try.

- The best

I like it, it make it easy to understand

- You bible

This is the only app you'll ever need for study and leisure reading. Thank you for all your hard work and time spent perfecting your app! 👍🏻 Scott James

- Good app

Easy access to different versions of the bible and updates to keep your faith strong

- Love this app

Great way to start my day 💕💕💕

- Awesome

Always have and good way to read gods word everyday

- I love bible

I love bible

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

love and respect GOD

- Amazing App

I love the Bible app. It helps me keep my reading habits and have my devotionals with me all the time and wherever I go.

- Orthodox Christian on app

I absolutely LOVE the bible app. As an Orthodox Christian, I can say that the bible plans and the community, stories are all AMAZING features. I honestly LOOK FORWARD for the time of day to use the app.

- Audio

Please put back the audio book feature.

- Well done

I like how easily I can highlight and share scriptures, but, I have one problem with this app. There are too many reading plans done by false teachers such as Joyce Meyer, somebody do something about that!

- Pweedy_youngthing

Very good and easy to use❤️

- Michael Danger

This app is the best, it is my most used app. If you spend too much time in the app, God will equip you for great things. I have read the bible cover-to-cover five times on this app. I enjoy listening and following along. I am always in bible plans with friends. We keep each other accountable reading the bible daily. Is it working? My streak is 778 today.

- Great

Best bible ever. Helps me with bible homework

- La bible

La Parole sous cette forme m'aide à être régulière et chaque fois que je la lis ainsi je suis ravie de constater la qualité de la présentation. Merci beaucoup de votre travail en ce sens. Que Dieu vous parle encore et encore ! Edmée L.

- Missing scripture

How can you promote versions of the bible that are removing scripture. The NIV and ESV have each digitally removed Matt 17:21, 18:11, 23:14 Mark 7:16, 9:44, 9:46 Luke 17:36, 23:17 John 5:4 Acts 8:34 Please check it for yourself Revelations 22:19 says, “and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away his part from the tree of life and from the holy city, which are written in this book.”

- Deleting scriptures

They are deleting verses and changing out things about Jesus in ESV and NIV this shouldn’t be Allowed !!

- Best bible app

This is my favourite bible app.. I’ve been using it for years and would never change

- Some audio does not work on the latest version

For instance, CNVS lost its audio function. Could you please fix it?

- Review

To many emails

- Great App

Love this app

- Cheryl

I appreciate receiving a scripture verse each day. I have shared them on Facebook sometimes. I have used the reading plans as well to compliment my Bible study. It is an excellent resource! Thanks so much!❤️

- Ethan

Don’t give 5 stars much

- Thank you

I think that is the most important app in my cell.

- Access excellent

So pleased to be able to easily find any passage in the bible, at my fingertips. Special daily readings and events, such as advent or a focus on anxiety provide the user with a plethora of material to choose from.

- Love it!

One of my favourite apps! Definitely makes it easy to remember to read the word of the day and get insight when you need it.

- Très recommendée

Excellent !!!

- Amazing

One of the best apps in the world very nice layout and I can read gods word thank you so much

- Totally Awesome

Easy to use, lots of versions options. Love the new daily verse. Must have!!!! Simple, complete. Can we have pens option to scribble please..

- Great

Love this, great avenue to connect with the father and gain understanding

- Great Job

I particularly like the wide selection of daily devotionals as well as the numerous versions of the bible. Very innovative app. Thanx

- Excellent app to keep me connected

I love the reminders and the selection of devotionals. Having the Word right in my phone when I need it is extremely handy. I also love the kids daily devotional and scripture readings.

- Awesome!

I love the bible app... it provides me with the ability to read the written word of God, no matter where I am. I love the up lifting daily scriptures and devotionals. I highly recommend this app to anyone searching and trying to find their place. This app will give you that because you’re front and centre with the written word of God.

- Mr vill

Very convenient, easy to use, love the option to choose between versions

- Great Application to Support the Mist wonderful Book

Good application helps me to carry the Bible everywhere I go. If someone make an improvement-- the app should keep track of the last 10 passages read and there should be a way to get there. When I follow a sermon sometimes the preacher moves to a different verse and then comes back but this poses a challenge in the application. This app should work without an internet connection, I have not figured out if it can.

- Great app


- Good

Perfect no issues

- The bible

Excellent. Thank you!!!!!

- Review

i love the app so much. God is good!

- Bible

Great bible many translations

- Great app

Amazing bible all that does what is expected

- Bible Plans

Love the Bible reading Plans, helps to keep structure and really helps to keep you reading the Bible.

- Great

Great app not a scheme like biblegateway very well made

- Praise Jesus!


- A great app - it needs audio for NKJV

A great app I just wish there was audio with the NKJV bible. Sometimes I just want to listen instead of reading when I go for walks.

- Great App

I am new to reading the scriptures daily. This app helps me learn about the scriptures, understand it through the discussion. Readings about the berse of the day. I love how the stories are in place for me to read and learn. Thanks to the creator of this app... the arrangement of how the stories are done are really useful! I am learnibg day by day about the verses and it helps me a lot 😁

- Always answers

When ever i feel upset or just undecided about something i turn to God for guidance and he never fails to answer me🥰 The daily verse is a great start to your day and the plans really get your life on track!

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- God bless you.

I really enjoy reading the one year bible, I don’t have too much time, but when I have a little time I take advantage and get the iPod and read the daily bible and if I don’t understand something I’ll go to my bible (Biblia de las Americas) or ( king James), most of the time the Lord Jesus knows that I need to hear, like last night I was reading about Ezekiel 37 I was so amazing how God tell him to prophecy to the dried bones and he did, and all the noise the bones make when they we’re getting together, and everything that happened after, and just to think that I have in me the same Holy Spirit that rise The Lord Jesus from the dead, all I need is to learn how to pray and believe so miracles and wonders and healings happens, The Lord bless me with 4 sons & 2 daughters, 3 sons are married, one of my daughters is not married, just live together they have a son, The Lord bless me 9 grandchildren &4 grate grandchildren, I have in the house my younger daughter, she was gunshot to chest when she was 10 months old, she’s in a wheelchair, she’s 33 years old now, the bullet cut her spinal cord at T 4 level, but I still believe that God can restore & healed her body I know is nothing impossible for God and those who believe in Him, thank you very much for the one year reading bible, may The Lord bless you richly and abundantly in Jesus Christ mighty name amen.

- Streak Feature is crap!

I am a big fan of the YouVersion Bible app. I have been using it for 3 years now. I love using the versions of the different Bibles that are found in bookstores. It helps to understand God’s word much better than if you didn’t have that translation from different points of view. My only problem is with new Streak Feature that was implemented last year. While I love seeing the little animation of your numbers going everyday to let you know where you are, I also “hate” that it will either reset it you miss a day or reset if you don’t miss a day. I was on Day 63 today, on my way to my top number of 73 when the app decided to restart me. Now I have to start all over again to see if I can get to my high target number and I am NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! I made sure every morning that I opened the app, even on the morning that I was going to get my non-hospital stay eye surgery last Wednesday, February 21,2018. The app shouldn’t be able to restart you when it wants to. That should be the person’s decision. How can I try to surpass my top number if I can never get there? UGH! It is frustrating and defeats the purpose of working for a goal. PLEASE FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY!!! This is the second time this has happened to me and I am about to stop using the Streak Feature if I don’t see an improvement it the way it works. I have written about this three times and I have yet to hear back from anybody. Thank you.

- Blessed to have it!!!

I had a preacher friend tell me to download the Bible app after going through an awe full divorce. I didn’t do much with it because I thought it was just another app where you can look up verses and have a daily devotional. After getting through my divorce and I’m glad to say my ex husband, my children and I are now getting along better than ever, My body caught up with itself and from being in fight or flight mode for so long and having my toxic marriage for 19 years and 2 toxic relationships after that I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown. My preacher friend and I got talking about the app and he asked if I did any of the devotionals? I told him I didn’t realize there was devotionals other than the daily one. He showed me the Bible Studies that go along with the app under plans! It changed my world! It has teachings on anxiety, depression, single moms and TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS! I began studying multiple plans at the same time and it has helped me so much!!! It’s brought me closer to God again after shutting Him out for a while. I’ve told my friends and family about this app and it has become a way to escape besides escaping to Facebook and other social media outlets that only was bringing me down more! Thank you so much to whoever created this app! You have been a blessing to me!!!

- My favorite app!

1 Suggestion- I’d love the option to highlight some things in the devotion just like you can highlight bible verses. There are things that are said or worded in a way that just really resonate and help you understand. I need to be able to go back and remind myself of those things. This app helps me to learn continuously. Anytime I think of something or hear a sermon I want to know more about I use my app to research further. When I’m happy I have devotions for that, when I’m down, I find devotions to match my situation. I have not struggled to find interesting devotionals for anything I am facing. I love seeing my friends and family interact with the Bible daily and I look to see if there is a devotion I should be following that they are using too. The option for privacy is great because there are some subjects that I don’t want everyone to see I’m struggling with. I LOVE the addition of prayers and the daily stories added to the app recently. I will say the biggest help for me is when I don’t grasp the wording of a verse/verses, I can change versions within my app until I can build a stronger understanding of what it is actually about. Since doing that I have gotten better at understanding the more traditional bible versions but love having so many options to look at as reference.

- A must have! Empowering!

No one can ever get enough of God’s words and having this app is a life changer! You will glorify in his words with this awesome app and it will help define the person God intended us to be. We could live in a perfect world if everyone would fill their minds, heart and soul with the word of God and live by them but because we live in a world filled with so much evil, in order to protect us from the enemy we must embrace His words & then be provided the wisdom to put our trust in God to protect us from the enemy. Allow the app to give you daily notifications to start your day off with words that are empowering and will enrich you in your daily life. I can’t get enough!! Absolutely love this app... there are so many added bonuses with this app you can choose or not to use but utilize all the resources... and you will be thankful you did!! At least start your day off with His words and you will see the positive impact it will have in your life... it will strengthen you and help you connect with our loving God where it will give your life a whole new meaning where you can even help change the lives of others in your life who need to fill a void and are in search of something meaningful that will help transform us in the most miraculous way! Prayer is powerful... God is good! God Bless!

- Your version

This app has been so helpful with me getting to know Jesus more and more. This one app allows me to not only read Gods word but I can save any verse in it as an image and share it with many people through social media to bring love, Hope, grace and every Good thing Jesus is. I can also save the scriptures in my app to review and memorize to help me imbed Gods word in my mind so when I go about my day I can resight his words to help me against all the trials and circumstances of my life and learn to live above them and get through them with Jesus always by my side. I always had such a hard time opening a Bible because I never understood what it meant but this app has many many versions to choose from so it conveys the word in easier words to finally understsnd the Bible. I highly recommend this app as a tool to bring you Gods word which is an essential part of our well-being. It's not an option, it's really a necessity. My life began to change for the better and I have seen so many miracles in it as I started Getting to know what God is all about. His word is a guide on how to live our life and who better to counsel us everyday than the one who created us and knows everything about. Trust him in everything and you will see changes for the best happen to you! Your friend in Jesus- Karen


Firstly thank God for creating the creators of this app. I love how every single update just gets better and better. I am all into a nice user friendly and easy access app where I can write notes and connect with other believers daily. I love all the new features like the comments under prayers but I feel the stories option wasn’t really the best for the app, but i believe that i can always hide it from my home screen, easy fix. I loveeee the bookmark section, however, I wish that the bookmark/notes section could have an option to add each one to each other (if that makes sense). Also I am in my Bible app a lot. Almost everyday, If this reaches the app team, could we please have an option to turn the streaks option on or off? I know in the reviews a lot of other people have talked about how they feel motivated seeing their number of days grow and I have to agree that it is motivated me when I seen my relationship with God growing in those numbers. One day I almost made 300 days and I missed one day due to being extremely tired from work. I woke up the next morning and It went to 0. I really think streaks being on or off should be an option. Altogether I love this app and if I could give it 7 stars I would. Much love, -Kay Ledwell

- The Word of God and more

I love the versatility and tools within this app that help me get the most out of my time in God’s Word. The search for specific scripture allows me to find what I’m looking for fairly quickly. The font size can be changed to meet the various needs of many and the multiple versions improves my study time almost effortlessly. It is easy to learn and teach others how to use also. It offers a multitude of Bible plans to guide a new Christian to one who has been reading it for years and both will find it easy to learn something new and usually just what God wants them to. It comes with audio features both in some of the plans and also in some of the versions, which I can shed a new light on verses I may have read through many times before. I can join friends or invite friends in doing a plan together and we can share each other’s thoughts and insights right in the plan. I have loved the You Version for many years and it just keeps getting better. The best Bible is the one you will read or listen to or study and share and the You Version helps to keep me in God’s word in such different and marvelous ways that I definitely use it every day, throughout the day. I highly recommend it to anyone as it also comes in various languages.

- The Living Word

No other book you will ever read can do what this book can do. We often go a day or days without connecting to God. It happens if we are honest and can admit it. So, this morning after a bad dream where I faced off with Satan, he led me to believe I had died and he had my soul. The game was over. When I woke, I thought to myself, why have you lost touch with your loving savior and I spoke out to him. I told him I was sorry for loosing touch, was there any way he could speak to me about how we were still good. I knew the answer, He’s been there all the time. I was the one who went silent, as I opened my phone there was the Bible app I placed there so I would always have His word there for me when I need it. God did speak to me, through His word. That’s how he communicates with us. I love this app and I hope if you read this, you will download and use it too. A relationship works best if we keep communication lines open, never think God isn’t listening to you, never think He’s stopped speaking to you. His love letter to you is new every time you open it. Open this book and hear the Love pour into your soul. God loves us, that’s why He left His word, that’s why His son had to die, this is why we don’t have to listen to Satan’s lies. God gave us the truth. It is our choice to listen.

- Amazing app but there will always be improvements to be made

I love this app so much! It has helped me in many times. There were devotions on depression that really helped me during one of my trials in life, there were devotions about losing loved ones for when my great grandmother died, and there are thousands of other devotions that have helped me in different times of my life. I love having a video for each day that I can sit down and watch. I love all of the different backgrounds and colors that can be used to highlight and I can even use one of my own pictures to create my own image for a verse! The only thing that I want to see an improvement on is the notes section. I think that it would be very helpful to be able to put more than one not in a category. That way if I want to show someone the “Romans road to salvation” for example, I don’t have to go to each passage individually, instead I can simply go to the file I would have made for it. And there are several other verses and notes that I have highlighted that I wish I could put under one category instead of trying to search through past notes I have made on verses trying to find what I’m looking for. Other than that one thing, I think that this is an excellent app for anyone to use!

- Great!

I enjoy reading the Bible and various devotionals on this app, and especially appreciate the various settings for reading, as well as the ability to read the Word of God in French and English! I have been using this app for years now, and though I've had another Bible app, this is my go-to app. I use it daily and appreciate being able to highlight, bookmark, and even find images for verses that resonate specifically with me at the point that I'm reading them. There's also the possibility of posting those images and verses on social media, such as Facebook, which I've done on numerous occasions this year. I also appreciate the videos that are available, as well as the children's Bible app. My grandchildren have enjoyed using that app from time to time on my iPad. Keep up the great work through the many iterations of the app. There is one thing that frustrates me, however. I often start my monthly devotions a day early, and when I’m reading a certain day’s selection, when I move from one to another of the scripture readings , it often takes me back the the previous day’s readings, the calendar date’s readings, rather than the day’s readings that I’m actually doing. It doesn’t happen every day, but more often than not. Other than that, it’s greatly appreciated!

- Great App

It is a great app. In my Bible Study group we warmly refer to it as the Holy Phone. It’s nice to be able to jump to any version in a skinny second. I LOVE the Bible study PLANS. They are awesome. I do find some things difficult to maneuver (especially in Plans). It’s difficult to get the button that moves you to the next screen to appear. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the screen, then (at times) drag up several times to get the button to appear. It would be nice to be able to click on notes (“Talk it Over”) at any point. I am doing the “Read The Bible Through” plan with a friend and by the time I’ve gotten to the end of the reading - I have to think hard about the comments I wanted to ponder or research. (I know you can get too it by backing out and doing multiple clicks but that’s so cumbersome). I have mitigated by using 2 devices. Thank you creating this wonderful free app for us. These are just some suggestions to make it even better. One other thing is that I lose my place (unless I’m in a plan) when I go to another scripture - any way to upgrade that. Ie. If I’m doing a study in Genesis and later I look up something in Psalms I have to remember where I was to go back. Also, It would be nice to pick a different audible reader. Some of this may be user ignorance. Is there a tutorial I need to read?

- Excellent app!

I love this app! I enjoy being able to read different translations side by side. Alternatively, I can read from my favorite version and when I find a verse I’d like to delve into, I can highlight it and click “Compare” to compare to different versions of my selection. I like that I can download versions to my phone/iPad for use without internet connection. I can make notes on different verses of scripture and return to them later. I like that there are sometimes videos linked to scripture that allow me to get a deeper understanding of context and meaning. If I am anxious and having difficulty settling my spirit, I will lay in bed and listen to the audio reading of scripture. I love this option. Sometimes I like to listen while I read and get a multi sensory approach to help further absorption. Overall, there is little to complain about. If I had one complaint it would be the amount of time it takes to load the app initially, but I do consider that there is a lot of content that’s coming through. Also, patience is a fruit of the spirit so we should consider ourselves grateful for the opportunity to ripen that particular fruit as we wait! ;) We can always use that time to begin praying for Jehovah to prepare our hearts, minds, and spirits for His instruction.

- Changes and tweaks.

Ok so I think this app is great, but could use a few tweaks. 1. There should be the ability to highlight individual words, rather than while verses. 2. There should be a draw feature for those of us who write in our bibles, so we can use it to circle words that we want to remember as God speaks to us about certain passages. 3. We need to be able to cut off the streaks feature if we want it off. We don’t all want to be reminded we missed a day and blew a 30 day streak. Not everyone needs that kind of abuse from their bible app. Lol I get you want to encourage people to read daily and use the app, but we need the ability to choose for ourselves. It becomes a turn off more than a help for some. If there was an alternative I would have already deleted for this sole reason. Other than that I enjoy the app. Also lastly 4. The search feature, doesn’t pull up the verse you search for unless your paraphrase is almost identical to the actual verse. I find myself having to google a verse often to find it because the search feature in the Bible app will not find it based on my paraphrase of the verse I’m looking for. That’s even with all versions included in my search. Great app, great devotions, but could use some tweaks and improvements imo on these 4 features. Thanks in advance for any improvements you make. Not a negative review, just a desire to see a few changes.

- My life changed

I used to go to church and listen,but then forget all about it. My life have has changed so much since I am reading ( listening) to the Bible. I am and avid reader, I love to learn new things everyday. I founded it very comforting to stimulate my mind with all sorts of information and themes about our daily life. When we are having Good times we quickly forget that we asked God at one point for the blessing that we are enjoying or he has bestowed upon us. But since his plans are always greater than anything that we can understand or comprehend in a human point of view, he rocks our lives because of a purpose. In the worse times that we encountered that’s precisely when he it’s working to change our hearts, thoughts, behaviors etc. And he will move us from the spot of “ comfort “ because if he doesn’t we will stay stuck in there forever. My bibles studies, participation in church ministries and being part of a community has completely transformed my life. I still feel liked and infant baby in his or hers mother womb in the path that Christ have has chosen for me. It could be a bit scary not to know where or how far he wants us to go. But he is a merciful God, so we have to follow. In the process we will gain wisdom and discernment to follow through. Amen

- The Word of God endures forever

What a gift from God is the Bible app It begins with a nudge - just a little nudge called “Verse of the day”. In our “busyness”, so often we overlook what we need the most to start each day. With the Bible app; there it is. Reading plans. The Bible app is replete with reading plans covering a myriad of topics. These topics will meet you right where you are in your journey. The benefit of enjoying these reading plans with others will help to build you up and help you disciple others as you are allowed to share your journey with those who are also in need of a “new thing.” I also enjoy using my original photographs as backgrounds to share verse of the day with others It makes it more personal. And, what a blessing it is to use the word of God to encourage others by sharing with them the verse of the day, or insight gleaned through personal study of the Bible. We are called to build each other up, to bear one another’s burdens, to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep. This resource given in real time enables us to do so. And, how much easier it is to share the gospel with others without being intrusive as we send text messages, post to Facebook and other social media these God-breathed words that will never return unto Him void.

- Finding inspiration

When I get up each morning I have a set routine. I open the blinds to let the sunshine in, fix my morning coffee and open The Bible App plus a few other Christian apps. As I read them, I ask myself am I being the person Jesus wants me to be? Due to some disability, I am limited to how much I’m out in public to spread the word of how Jesus has helped me in life. I do my best to show others how a True Christian should act in spite of this troubled world we are living in. I’ve always believed in the phrase “actions speak louder than words” and they do. By showing others kindness, respect and helping those in need, will catch attention more than if I preach the Bible to them. They might be in a hurry or not feeling well and your words will not be perceived as much as your actions. If they act interested in what I have to say, yes I will indeed tell them how having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior is an amazing feeling and how much The Good Lord has helped me but until then I will continue letting my actions speak for me. I highly recommend The Bible App. Do as I do and read slowly in the quiet, letting each and every word sink in. God Bless everyone who reads this. My review date is August 29th, 2020 and I Pray the next review will be even better 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

- I love this app!!! There’s just one suggestion I would love to happen.

I truly love how this app works, what it does, and it brings me to read the Bible, even if it’s just one verse, on the daily. Now, there’s one thing i would love for this app, which i don’t know if it’s possible, but it would be awesome. A chat system. Something small, a text-like addition where you can make a group chat or a chat with an individual person (in which you can also directly implement verses from the Bible app to the texts) with your friends and discuss topics and Bible verses, share testimonies, and over all just keep in touch with your friends, our brothers and sisters in Christ, while using the Word of God, helping each other on this walk following Him. I feel this would really be good as we would be able to communicate and even remind our friends simple things like “don’t forget the plan you started three days ago!” or even go into deep topics with the Bible one click away, so that it’s not just us speaking, but through His Word, it’s mainly God speaking. Granted, i know there’s a million other chat places to do this, but i feel that having one within the app would just be more... special, ya know? Anyways, thanks for reading this if you did, and i pray you have a blessed day, God bless!

- Making the switch

I would never have believed that I would be willing to make a total switch to an online version of the Bible. In the past, I have always written all over my Bible, marking truths learned, and significant life lessons. My Bibles are a journal of what God is doing in my life. With YouVersion, highlighting in multiple colors is readily available and comments can be easily made and recorded. A simple tap or two and I can send a verse or a segment of a passage to myself or others. I love being able to have my daily passage read to me. It offers a fresh perspective. Multiple versions offer insights into a confusing section, or a variety of options for memorizing or sharing. I have appreciated the updates, which have fixed minor glitches along the way. One suggestion would be in regard to the two-year reading plan by the Riverside Church - which I love. The whole app becomes a little sluggish the farther I get into the year. It would also be nice to begin with Day 1 at any point in the year, and have the dates readjust to that time frame. Presently, any time I switch to a different app, when I reopen my plan, it takes me to the day of the year instead of where I am actually reading. A little frustrating - but definitely still worth it.

- No Way to Turn off Perfect Weeks and Streaks Feature

The newest version continues with “streaks”, but now takes it a legalistic step further. “Perfect Weeks” What at a way to guilt a person in using the app. Even when you’ve been in the Word via Real Book, the App reminds you that you haven’t had a “perfect week”. And I can’t find a way to disable this feature at the top when you first open it up! This reminds me of Sunday School offering envelopes that had check marks on them for everything you did to be a “perfect Christian” that week. Witness everyday- check; read bible everyday-check; pray everyday-check; tithe- check; attendance at church 4-5 times a week-check. And each was worth 20%. You added them up to see if you were a 100% Christian. I never got there and carried tons of condemnation on my shoulders. All the while my husband (yes this was Adult Sunday School) checked every box even though it wasn’t true- just so he could have that 100%! If the Perfect Weeks feature helps some to be more disciplined, fine. But unless there’s a way to shut off that feature, then I will delete this one and use another bible app. I really don’t want to be reminded how imperfect of a Christian I am every time I open up this app. I am already full aware of it.

- Use Before it’s Illegal

This is an awesome app that’s made it possible for me to learn things about the Lord as I draw closer to him that I never would have learned before because I’m not academically studied or well versed in it. I like the fact that YHWH has been able to use hypocrites as well as the unapproved as an instrument to reach out to us true Christians. Some examples are women in the role of ministry when the Bible says he doesn’t allow women to teach or assert themselves above a man (1Timothy 12:2), witches (Luke 6:43-45), and the like. They still are bringing us closer to Gods words. It’s just that you mush eat the meat and throw away the bones like good beef ribs. I’ve learned that the Sabbath (YHWH’s Holiday-Day) is Friday even - Saturday even and not Sunday despite the fact that Jesus rose then. That the eating of pork is still an abomination as Acts 10:14 shows us even 4yrs after Jesus’ death and resurrection. That we were intended to be vegan (Genesis 1:29). However, the Lord has blessed and approved clean foods (Leviticus 11) . Although I didn’t learn these truths here, the app certainly made following along and finding verses easier than if I were using the actual book an, I love the daily devotionals too. Use this app before it becomes illegal under Sunday and other soon to come draconian laws. #YHWH rules!

- The Bible App is Amazing

It’s one of my most frequently used apps on my phone. I can take my Bible around with me all the time for free. It is very convenient, organized, and understandable. The app is very professionally done and designed. There are hundreds of translations and languages to read God’s word in. There are also options for highlighting, making notes, and creating custom verse images with templates the app gives or your own images. There is also a verse of the day that I have set to receive in my notifications every day. It fills the day with encouragement and learning more about our Father. My favorite feature of this app is the Plans. There are hundreds of amazing reading plans and devotionals for every topic you can think of, such as peace, anxiety, mental health, marriage, dating, women’s, youth, dating, faith, worship, and much more. You can also find devotional written by or about your favorite Christian musicians and artists. I read from three devotionals every day: one Old Testament, one New Testament, and one about life. These plans and this app as a whole has changed my everyday life and my experience of things for the better and I am so thankful for the people who make this possible. I highly recommend the Bible App. Five out of five stars all the way.

- Effective / Engaging / Powerful

This app has rejuvenated my Bible reading. It offers such a wonderful variety of options to draw you closer to knowing God through the truth of the Bible. The overview/ summary of what each book of the Bible is about - clearly narrated as clarifying pictures are drawn right before your eyes - is simply the best! I started using the app when I began a study of the book of Leviticus- I never could get through Leviticus before or even really understand how the parts connected to the whole. I spent time listening to the Leviticus overview / book summary - I can only say “ Wow” I was the perfect blend of information and illustration. To me, it was effective teaching at its best. I also did a 3 day study of Weapons of Warfare and it was another hit - I re-read certain sections over the course of a week to really let its truth sink in, but this is the best bible teaching I have experienced. I’m no longer cluttering up endless bookshelves with books I start but never finish. This is an All in One for me right now and I praise the Lord for the team that put together such a comprehensive, effective, and engaging app- the fact that it’s free is a bonus, but it is truly priceless. Use it and you WILL be impressed at its scope and power to engage you as you learn.

- The best Bible app

Thank you for your excellent product! It is largely this app that has helped me develop a solid habit and appetite for regular time with the Lord. I have a sense of missing Him personally on those rarer and rarer days when I don’t drink in His Word first thing. I’m one who is easily distracted, so getting a cup of coffee and sitting in a favorite chair for time in the Word has not worked for me. There are too many things to get me off course even in that short set up time! However, the ability to pick up my iPad at bedside, with font size just right, dark screen setting so not to affect my sleeping husband works perfectly for me. When first forming the habit, the ability to turn on audio (with earbuds if spouse was sleeping ) is what kept me awake! Easy access to different translations, as well as different languages, has been very helpful. Your variety of topical and thru-the-Bible reading programs is excellent. And the ability to easily copy, paste and send portions of my reading to others, as well as to my prayer journal on the iPad is what I appreciate the most. The only additional feature I desire at this time would be easily accessible links to various commentaries. Thank you for the opportunity to review. I recommend your Holy Bible app regularly!

- Beautiful app

This app is wonderful. The functionality of it is great. It’s amazing to be able to access so many different versions all at a touch. This helps tremendously with understanding what I’m reading, and gaining more expansive insight into the scriptures. The ability to interact with friends — and strangers! — is exciting. To be able to read together, dive into plans together, and to share thoughts and ideas is very helpful. My favorite feature is the notes function. I love being able to document my thoughts as they arise, and to take note of the particulars of a passage with such ease. It’s a great way to keep track of my progress over time, to see the growth between points in time. And with this app there is always something that helps you keep on track, that prompts you back to the Word when you’re tempted to stray. Whether it’s a reminder to keep up your streak, or the daily verse popping up on your screen, there’s just always something pointing you to Christ. And all without the pressure to “give,” or “support, or the innumerable ways to solicit funds. I definitely appreciate that. Thank you to all who work so hard to make this possible, and to make it available all over the world, all for free. It’s truly amazing. God bless you all.

- Great Bible app

I’ve been using this app for years, before iPhones/iPod Touches had a digital bookstore, this was one of the only ways to get the Bible on the go on your iOS device. It has a lot of translations and offline capability which makes it great for wherever you are. You have no excuse to God that you weren’t able to dive into His word. Only two downsides to this app are that it focuses too much on other things than just being a Bible. That’s great for some but I miss the days when it opened to the last verse I was on, not a home page with various Bible studies, etc. I don’t use them so it’s no benefit to me. Also, I don’t like having to have a user account to download offline translations and the like. Again, I don’t really use the social side of this, I just wanted an offline translation for those times I don’t have an internet connection. Also, I’ve helped older people get this app because they wanted the Bible on their iPhone/iPad/etc., but it was difficult to explain to them why they needed to create an account giving their email and password for just to have a workable translation. I really wish they would change those two things and allow it to be an app that focuses solely on Bible reading if that’s how you wish to use it.

- You Version

I love this app. It is a great way to learn and start the day. It will bring you to a closer walk with our Lord and Savior. If you are not a beliver then give it a try. What do you have to lose. It has a verse of the day plus different plans for reading the Bible of your choice in the language of your choice,it also has plans that you can read covering whatever you may be going through. Look if you don't believe in God and there isn't then you have lost nothing but gained a great and meaningful life here on earth but if there is a God (which I believe), then you have lost everything and face hell instead of eternal life in Heaven with Christ our King and Savior. Do you, being a smart individual want to take that chance and miss out on the love and peace that surpasses your understanding that so many of us are enjoying right now at this very moment. I hope you think about these words because you will one day find that He is alive and coming back for those of us that believe in Him and love Him then it will be to late for you!!!!!!! This app can start your journey to a relationship with Jesus Christ that you thought was impossible and untrue. I'm begging for you to give this app a chance and God will change your life forever through it.

- Beautiful app

I want to say thank you to the developers. I’ve had this app for some years now and never had a complaint. I love the audio that reads the Bible for you; helps me learn how to pronounce the city and names correctly. I like badge feature, every time you finish an achievement, you when a badge. I love how you can create your favorite verse into a beautiful picture and share/upload on other social media apps. There’s tons of other features I really like about this app, too much to list right now but you should download this app if you’re trying to get in a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. It can definitely be intimidating holding a Bible and reading from Genesis but the app makes it easier. Oh! I love the plans as well. You choose a plan that works for you, everything from learning how you’re God’s Masterpiece to dealing with Anxiety/Depression. You highlight, save, comment/make notes during your read. It’s very helpful. The only con I would have to say is the bringing up of “slaves honor your masters”. I get it, especially being that I’m reading the Old Testament and you guys (the Bible app developers), can’t control what has already been written but that part made me pause. There’s a lot that made me pause but I get it.

- Best app in my phone

I love this Bible app!! I have a few but this is the one I use daily. I love the features that make learning my Bible so much easier! I’m not good with computers so easy is really important for me. The Bible plans are great!! The ability to have your friends join is so good for accountability. I love the way you can look at one verse in all the different translations you want at any time during your reading to compare. I would have to have about 8 different Bibles on hand and thumb through each one to have the same effect but it would take so much longer than just clicking “compare”. I like to share scripture and this app makes it really easy. You just click on “copy” and then paste it in an email, or text message, or in your notes. My kids like making verse images (which is fun and so easy even I could figure it out on my own!) and I see them on my home page and I can “❤️” them. I can navigate through the Bible sooo much faster with this app it’s like doubling the quality & quantity of my time with the Lord. This app is one of the best tools I’ve ever had to get to know God better!! And when you are on the go, it reads scripture out loud to you -it’s like having a spiritual mentor with you all the time!!

- The App Where Rabbit Trails are Good!

We all get off on a tangent and spend too much time on devices. However, youversion is life giving and God speaks through it! Sometimes there will be a suggestion for a devotional, or a verse of the day that is EXACTLY what you needed! I started out with this app years ago as just an online bible to reference at church. Then I explored different translations, and finally, the devotionals! I’ve done over 80 devotional plans over the last couple of years and they have grown my spiritual life immensely! They have even been a wonderful and “accepted” (as the world sees) way to show the Light to other people. I’ve found numerous occasions where I can talk about my devo to others, and sometimes they ask for the link, other times, I just share and say I thought this would be helpful and insightful to you. And it’s FREE! The only negative thing I can say, is that occasionally, you come across a devo that is just poorly written... but no worries, you just stop the plan and find another, better one. The last year, they have done micro credentials or badges, and that is just another way to keep me moving forward and motivated in my walk with Jesus. Thank you, Craig and team, May the harvest be plentiful for the Kingdom!

- All Version/Translations

I love this app for the simple fact that it holds other Bible translations for the student of the Word to Study and it is all FREE! Praise the name of The Lord for this blessing. It has a notification that will allow you to receive daily scriptures to read. So if you are new to the Bible and always feel you do not “Know where to start” then this is a great guide. This app also has amazing reading plans to help with a range of topics of life. The only reason I did not give it 5 Stars is simply for allll the bells and whistles this app provides (again ALL for free) you would think it would have a better “search function” when attempting to find scripture. They have this magnifying glass icon to tap to “search” but that is only if you know the actual Scripture , i.e. typing Romans 8:28, but lets say you may have heard it before and want to look it up BECAUSE you want to know what Chapter and Verse it is, i.e. “I remember something like ‘He will work together the good for those who love Him’ and want to search for where I find those words or combination of words” I have to go to GOOGLE for that. Which has me going in and out of this app. Install a “Google” like search engine on this app and you’ll have 5 stars from me.

- I love the Bible app but....

When I first started using this app it was great. I use a iPad and I would hold it sideways and be able to view the list of verses associated with each devotional on the left. I could easily go back and forth between the devotional and verses. Ten stars! But a few months ago the ability to do that disappeared. I was told they changed it so you could look at two versions side by side. (I thought we could do that outside of devotionals already.) Now I have to check off the “talk about it” button first or it does sent register that I’ve finished the devotional after I’ve completed everything. If I want to review the devotional while writing in the talk about it section (when doing devotional with a friend) i have to minimize the keyboard and use the back arrow. It’s a pain. (Perhaps God is using this to help me grow.j I opened a ticket when this change happened and they responded quickly but I don’t have any confidence that they will make the previous functionality an option. I can hope. I use the app every day so maybe in another 100 days I’ll forget the better way it used to be. :-) I would give more than 5 stars before the ‘update’ and I was going to give 3 stars, so maybe this is 3.5 stars.

- Me engaging God’s Word!

Since I’ve been a You Version user, I have enjoyed several interactive platforms for engaging the Bible, and incorporating it into my daily life. I’ve been encouraged in some of my lowest moments, strengthened in highs, or just found little nuggets to direct my thoughts and prayers throughout a given day. What I’ve come to love most is that there’s a little tab that reminds me that I’ve missed time with God engaging His word. I’ve often looked at that tab and felt majorly discouraged at the reality that I am inconsistent, imperfect, and in need of Jesus. In the split second I feel like this, I look directly next to the missed days tab and see: “catch me up!” I think this has brought immediate encouragement and motivation to keep asking, keep seeking, keep knocking even if I fall off a few days, a few weeks, months, or years. Immediately as I click that tab a message pops up and says, “caught up!” I am instantly able to pick up exactly where I left off. I believe our relationship with God can be the same, no matter where we’ve been, how long we’ve been away, how deep of a mess we’ve made...we can be “caught up” with God in an instant simply by beginning a conversation or lifting our hearts in prayer! Thanks for listening!

- It’s great but it’s trying to be too much in my opp.

I like that you can download bibles. I like the way It syncs to all the iFruits. The problem I think is that they are trying to make this app more than what it needs to be. They have the Instagram thing going where you can make pictures with verses and they have a whole host of reading plans made by people that I doubt are Christians based on their lifestyle. I wish the app would get back it its roots of just being the best bible app. I read my bible to read my bible. Not to see what my friends put on Facebook, or get an uninformed option on a verse by someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about. If you could look at all the people that have the app, I’d guess that 20% actually read there bible, and of that an even smaller percentage use the social/devotional type features. Just a thought but here’s a review since the app keeps bugging me. On a positive note thank you so much for keeping this app free along with all the other bible versions. I love that I can compare verses from different bibles. I do know that this app has done great things for the advancement of the kingdom and I pray it continues. Thank you to the devs, they are doing the Lords work and are the modern day equivalent of the printing presses in the early 1500s. Thanks for a great app😉

- I whole heartedly love this app!!!

I was curious how many people rated this app and what the ratings were as well, let’s just say I’m not surprised at all!!!! I just can’t believe I’ve had this app downloaded for so many years and had no clue how much more handy this app was than what I’ve already been using it for!!! Not only is this a powerful pocket bible fully able to take notes in we can highlight our favorite scriptures but my daughter unleashed a whole other part of this app for me that has opened up a whole new part in my devotionals that I now include daily and really look forward to, this app is such a powerful little tool and I absolutely love it!!!! It offers different devotional plans, right now my favorite one is the 1 Year bible plan and I also have done several marriage plans and a few different plans with my daughter as well, you are also able to connect with people on your social media accounts and share plans with them as well! As well as have access to some other really cool little extra image features in the app!!! There are so many extra features this app offers, this app has the ratings it does because it truly is that deserving of an app and by far my favorite app used!

- The YouVersion Bible App

This precious app has and is the greatest blessing, out of His rich, continuous flow of blessings that never ends.! Whether it’s words of hope and peace, words of instruction for making commitments and the strength to keep them, or words of rebuke and conviction for my sinful thoughts, words and actions; this app ALWAYS brings me closer to God, who then, comes closer to me! When I’m reading the days opening scripture, the Verse of the Day, or Devotion plans, I find myself contemplating on them, meditating on them and praying about them in a natural, unconscious response to them! They make me thankful for the things I do right, thoughtful of the areas of my life that need improvement, and areas where I’m dead wrong and praying for forgiveness.. Ultimately, they make me fully understand the fundamental and crucial things in my life that really matter and to pray for the right things for the right reasons, in short, bringing me in tune with the Creator of all things including me. It has been a painful, hopeful and joyful, but overall, the most precious, crucial part of each day. It also places in my heart, the things I always need to fix my eyes on as I go through each day. I’m humbly grateful and thankful for the YouVersion Bible App that God brought straight to me!

- Great Bible app with a minor issue

This app is really great. It had a ton of great reference materials in addition to being an easy to use bible. You can quickly switch versions from NLV to King James to dozens of other varieties, as well as search within any one quite easily. For anyone from a beginning Christian (or still thinking about becoming one) all the way to a very knowledgeable Christian, this is a must have app for you. As for the minor issue I mentioned, that has to do with the Daily Verse tracking. The Bible app will remind you to read the Bible daily and helps you with this by tracking your daily progress (xx days in a row; xx perfect weeks total). This tracking is where the problem lies. Quite often it won’t register your daily reading because you did it late at night (10pm or 11pm CST, for example), or if you did it early in the day (2am or 3am CST, for example). When the next day rolls around, the app will often reset you back to a 1-day reading streak. This has happened to me many times over the past 3+ years that I have been using this app. So, don’t use this app for any reading challenges with your friends or family—because you are bound to be frustrated by this minor bug in the software.

- My Love for Christ

I have had a relationship with Christ since I was in 3rd-4th grade, I am now 25 and hold strong with that relationship, I love Jesus and what he has done for me but God knows I can’t read for long without falling asleep or turning my attention elsewhere; this especially pertains to reading the Bible. Although Christ has explained the verses of the Bible through my everyday experiences, having the Bible App has really helped me stay on top of reading by including an audio feature so I can follow along and stay focused. If I’m too busy to read a chapter, I can simply bring up the Bible App and skim over the “verse of the day.” I can find wallpaper art made by bible app users to apply as my screensaver, or make my own art with certain verses I find important or my favorite. I can explore original story’s and readings on certain issues or problems I may be dealing with in my own life. I can bookmark my favorite verses and save them, or highlight certain statements or subjects to remember later. Sorry if I sound like I’m reading off a script, I just truly love this App, when I feel like I’m in a dark time of my life, the Bible app helps me find reassurance that Christ and his father God have my back! God bless you all, give the Bible App a try!!

- Wonderful tool!

My husband and I use this tool, daily! The read-aloud feature is absolutely wonderful for him, because he is severely dyslexic & has a hard time concentrating on reading beyond the first chapter in his reading schedule. The "Bible in a year" feature is equally fantastic because it really helps keep us on track, together. My only "complaint" (hence 4 stars) is--the app doesn't remember from day to day our preferred Bible version (KJV). We have to change it back every day! Other than that little annoyance, I know this has been a very helpful tool--being able to highlight, write notes, and choose from a plethora of devotionals offered through each month has been invaluable. Thank you. Updated at a later date: The previously mentioned version switching issue has been resolved. Only little detail that frustrated me was when we updated recently...I had been using the app on two synced devices, yet, when I didn't use the program on my phone, it would not count for the "streak" even though I hadn't missed one day all year long! 😔 It was as though I had to start all over again. Is there a way to get the synced devices to transfer data of consistent use in the app?

- Holy bible Melissa Moraes

I love this bible app! It is the best! It is teaching me so much things. When I come to something I didn’t know It explain’s it from me then I am like wow I didn’t know that!!!! I have to admit It is a little hard to work with and I don’t like that if you want to highlight something you need to invite your friends I don’t know something like that??? And if you change something and you want to put it back in the same way you got it you will never remember the first time you look at it ,it will look like a big screen of letters and pictures!! But I still love it !!! It is really fun and it can read to you!!! “WoW now that is amazing!” You should try it ! It is also good for kids!!! I read it so you can read it to try please please please please 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 do it for me please! If you get don’t just read it ☝🏻 one time read it every morning or ones a week!!!! It is amazing not even amazing it is fantastic !!! You should really try it! If you are looking for a bible app this one is most recommend! It even sends you notifications if you allow it the Bible app will send you notifications at what time you should be reading 📖 . So you can stay on track !!! By Melissa please try it if you don’t like it just delete it but don’t!!!!!!!!!!!! By:Melissa To: all of you

- Easy.

I have tried several bibles for my iPhone and this is the one I keep going back to over and over. It has always done everything I wanted to do simply and easily. It’s easy to highlight verses and add notes and I like the ability to go back and easily find things I’ve highlighted so I can either add notes or delete them. I have this one mainly to read through and others I use just to look things up on the fly and with the other I use it just seems more difficult to navigate and do odds and end things like note and highlight. I’m sure there may be others out there that may be better but I have not found them so far. So if you have never had a bible on your phone I would highly recommend this one for its ease of use. The comparative feature is also easy to navigate. One big plus is they update quite often where as some others I actually paid money for won’t even open for several months now, because they won’t update them. Whatever cons there may be are far outweighed by the pros. In short, if someone asks me what bible they should get for their phone, I will point them straight to this one to use while they may look for something that may suit them better.

- Joy in my life

So I been feeling alone lately one my Neighbors knocked on my door one Saturday morning and ask if I wanted pretzels and some hot chocolate I said yes and my children went outside and got some to they were so happy that it made me happy Not knowing that they were from a church called rock ministries so they were talking to my children and cleaning the block which I live on a really bad block a drug blockBut I know God is here so mind you I’m still feeling lonely but happy at the same time the offer me to go to church on Sunday and I did then I downloaded the app so I could be able to read the Scriptures at the churchThat’s how I came about of wanting joy in my life with God because of my husband behavior not being with me like before it’s me but I always pray for him also as I read the Scriptures every day of the joy back into my life with God every day something that begins with family my heart myself my children my husband the more I pray about I feel less alone pray is the key now the more I read the Bible I’m have more joy in my heart mind and soul I feel I’m falling in love with Jesus Christ I Will Say this Lord your Amazing your doing wonderful things in my life everything feel so special every moment finding my self amen

- So simple, even I can do it

Essential to living a life of abundance is understanding your purpose and considering how to act out that purpose. THE source for that is instruction from our Designer, Creator, and Loving Father. HIS Word was written so we can learn about Him, and the purposive which He created us. The Bible App, makes God’s Word readily accessible, and easy to read and interact with in meaningful ways. I enjoy the ability to select the translation, then also to easily compare any section of scripture across several translations. Often, I utilize bookmarks and notes to leave myself a breadcrumb trail to refind or remind where I found a nugget of wisdom or a spiritual challenge. The search function is so handy; I use it several times a week. As the Holy Spirit brings to mind scriptures from my past, I can simply enter a few words in the search function, and find the source. I use this to remind myself of the actual content, as well as the context of that verse or thought. Often, I use the search function to locate a verse that I can then simply send to a brother or sister in Christ to encourage or inspire. Recently, a Christian Brother called me his concordance. That’s not me, it’s the Holy Spirit and the Bible App search function!

- Amazing App

I love this app. It’s so amazing, you can make personalized images for a bible quote. You can learn about Gods word and read the Bible in any version you wish. You can highlight things you think is important and make notes on what you’ve read. You can also do daily devotional plans depending on what your going through. I’m currently working on obedience with doing what God calls us to do. I just finished a Christmas devotional plan and learned so much. This app has helped me in my journey and walk with God so much. It even gives you a daily bible quote and if you want to read the Bible but have to leave in the middle of it you can just bookmark where your at. It also saves the devotional plans you’ve done so you can come back to it later (even when you’ve finished it) and re-read it again. Not only that but you can share the Bible app with your contacts and Facebook friends. When you make your stuff public on the Bible app it tells people how long you’ve been apart of the app and you can do the devotional with your friends. I encourage anybody who’s struggling with something or their journey with God to download this app and grow closer to him and share him and his gospel with all your friends!

- Why this app is AMAZING!

This app does not only feature factual events from the past that can educate others, it also saves others! If they have sinned, they will learn better and by reading verses and chapters can make them a better person inside. For instance me, I was going through tough times and didn’t have a way to make it all better until this year! Back way back when I did terrible things. That shouldn’t have been forgiven. It was to the point where I tried self harm..It didn’t work, and I thank the Lord for keeping me safe through those times. If it wasn’t for him I’d probably be actually doing real damage to myself! I am saying this because I KNOW not all people are perfect, all of us have sinned. And God chose to forgive us over and over when we made the same mistakes, when others didn’t. This app is making me a better person and I am trying to get in the habit by listening/reading verses and chapters every night! Thank you for this app! I am trying to make myself better for the greater good! And, I have made progress..I just need to keep going and not stop! I hope to be a changed person in the future and now. Thank you!


This is the best bible app you can find! I’ve had it for years and love the new feature that keeps track of how often you use the app which encourages me to keep up daily. If you struggle with your daily devotional this app has tons of devotionals you can choose from called plans & they are there to help guide you on what you’re currently going through in life whether that be struggling with school, divorce, anxiety, money and so on. There are so many and they can be as short as a week or as long as a year. There are also plans based off of the emotions you’re feeling and everyday you get a devotional and you’re given verses in the Bible to help you see that you are not alone & guide you to God’s word. You can also have your friends on here and choose to keep your journey private or share with them what you are reading. You can also highlight, bookmark, create pictures of Bible quotes and write notes to yourself for the passages you love & wish to remember. This app also has videos & community events listed. I can go on & on but this app has a plethora of ways to help you stay connected to God everyday! What more can you ask for? (Not an ad or sponsored in any way, it’s my personal opinion)

- Your Daily Dose of GOD's Word

I love this app because it makes my goal of reading the Word everyday possible. The alarm reminders and the "Catch Up" feature are second to none. If I miss any days I can catch up without feeling guilty or that I’ve gone so far off track that I can’t “catch up”. As we aren’t perfect, and strive to keep GOD’s word in our lives everyday, this app helps me to manage my worship time and keep striving to read, pray, and reflect everyday. There are several different bibles, languages, and reading plans you can choose from and there is even an option to have the Word read to you which is helpful on busy mornings. There are videos that can be viewed of the stories from the bible as well as, keeping your family and friends aware through social media. There is even a kid’s component which my 7-year old son loves. He is able to quite the Bible at his level which makes for interesting conversations and debates that we have. I love that as part of my reading plan I have the option to write a reflection about my daily reading which can be saved for future review. This is a great app for anyone who wants to make GOD's Word part of their daily life. Download it and Enjoy!🙏

- My In a Moment ‘God-to’!

The Bible app is my personal go-to. I use it in so many different ways. 1. If I forget my Bible when going to church, I ‘go-to’ my phone where I conveniently, have the app and I am able to read along at church. 2. If I am at work, and I want to find a scripture quickly and don’t know where exactly it is. I can ‘go-to’ the app on my computer at work, put in the main words, in search bar and find the scriptures. 3. If I’m on vacation and the hotel doesn’t have a Bible to read for my morning inspiration time. I can ‘ go to’ my iPad and not miss a beat with my Lord. 4. If I’m in a period in time and I feel I need special ministry. l ‘go-to’ the plans. The plans are the best. Sometimes I find myself reading 2-3 plans at the same time. The plans are a ministry in themselves. 5. If I know someone would benefit from a message I am reading from a plan; I will forward it to a friend. I am always referring the app to other people. I really appreciate the technology of the app and the quick access ‘go-to’ I have to God’s word. Although, His words live on the inside of me, reading it and being able to provide it to others in a moment is truly Blessing. Thank you to the creators of the Bible app!!!

- Best Bible App!

This is, if not the best, one of the best Bible apps I’ve ever downloaded! I love the extras. It’s not just reading the Bible, but you have options to watch videos from books of the Bible. I can watch the dramatized Book of Matthew and read along in the Bible. It’s nearly word from word acted out to make it more interesting than it already is. I also love how they have daily inspiration. You can read the scripture of the day. Listen to a two minute inspirational message, read more studies that gives you more depth into the scripture, and end in a prayer! It’s so easy to study God’s word this way. Not only is there stuff for adults, but every night my daughters and I go through the daily inspiration for kids. My girls are ages 5, 9 and 11. Every night they take turns reading the scriptures, answering the thought of the day, reading the prayer and inspiration quotes. I believe their favorite part is listening to the inspirational message. There is always someone giving the inspiration that speaks to the kids on their level. I absolutely love this app. There’s a lot more you can do when it comes to notes, bookmarks, earning badges etc. The list goes on and on. Download it! You won’t be disappointed!

- My favorite app!

I share this app and content from this app with everyone. I love that it follows the command Jesus gave us to go into the world and preach the Gospel. Since the Bible app is a church source for me, I donate to them as a tithe source so they can continue to share the Gospel all over the world and continue to translate Gods Word into as many languages as possible. It also allows for the app to remain 100% free as it has been since I have began using it since it’s introduction over a decade ago. I love the option to add notes when reading a plan with friends and would love to have that option for myself. I would love to be able somehow note a read plan that I want to revisit the plan. Some are so amazing that you know you will need the reminder again and again. Finally, I would like to be able to highlight only a portion of a verse. None of the things I would like to have updated/changed on the app affect the use of the app in anyway. It is the best app EVER! Thank you YouVersion for making it possible to for so many to have access to the Word of God, for making it so easy to share Gods love, for making it possible to have the Bible just a tap away, and making it all free for us.

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@Motomom128302 I'm listening to this daily podcast.


@ShadowhunterBks It’s a reference to Judas betraying Jesus in the Bible. He did it for 39 pieces of silver.

Tabah Choi

#positivevibes #keepthefaith #feelingblessed #staystrong #promiseofGod #allglorytoGod Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Deuteronomy 31:6

Thiago Cavalcanti

@007mss @ekkiet @Woke_TGC @NSanctification @anahnemoo directly derived from Scripture, I'd urge you to consider that we have sufficient Scriptural warrant to avoid having segregated Bible studies or other similar Church activities where we'd normally expect a qualified elder having a woman instead. Many a female false teacher 4/X

𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐞𝐥 𝐇𝐚𝐰𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫𝐧𝐞

@TheMorguesCat Nate doesnt know karls gender okay!. "Nothing to be honest" nothing that isnt the bible.....fuck


Day2/365days How do we stay in the presence of God? First, God speaks to us personally through the reading of the bible. Second, We speak to God through prayer. Third, Only obedience to God’s Word results in blessings to our lives. #happy2021


@Forwhat71379442 @cristobaldlc @iheartmindy @CalgaryPolice @CanStopCrime I'm not a Christian but most of our liberal values (not todays many illiberal values disguised as liberal) in western society are significantly taking from christian biblical writings combined with a progressive movement away from the bad aspects of the bible.

Mark Popovitch

@PotluckLauren This year I’m going to try to listen to the Bible audibly. I started in Genesis this morning while slowly walking on the treadmill. This may be a good combo for me.

Seven Shepherd ✝️

"God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry [land.]" ~Psalms 68:6 #Poetry #Bible #God

IUIC Nashville

🔥New topic airing this week with IUIC Concord’s Bible Book Of Our Fathers. Tune in now as the Captain Dekar and Captain Seriyah uncover the false doctrines of Christianity. IUIC Who Are You Listening To? TUNE IN NOW! 👍🏿 LIKE, 📤 SHARE, 📺 SUBSCRIBE

:yehuwdah- daniel: yisrael:

Start your own Movie Production, and make movies about the Holy Bible. And about Hebrew Geniuses. Shalom Lions and Lionesses, stand up for Good. And stop being Cowards! I'm sharing this message, to you'll, because you'll need it! You'll are Scared, and you'll are hurting.

PJay Alu

“Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.” - Lamentations 3:23 (NLT) #Bible

Bernard Koomson

Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you. He will not leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6 NKJV


@emrazz @RavenPrey Omg I'm so embarrassed.. I need to read the Bible more. So lilith was giving Adam fish. But he wanted Eves apple Pie. Lol just teasing... I went a little a bit extra on that one 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Bible (Version 8.23) Install & Download

The applications Bible was published in the category Reference on 2019-02-12 and was developed by Life.Church [Developer ID: 282935709]. This application file size is 143.61 MB. Bible - Reference app posted on 2020-12-07 current version is 8.23 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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