Bible [Reference] App Description & Overview

It’s hard to stay centered on God & His Word. That’s why the free YouVersion Bible App gives you tools to seek God’s heart daily: listen to audio Bibles, create Prayers, study with Friends, explore 2,000+ Bible versions, and much more. Download now!

On over 400 million devices around the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the free YouVersion Bible App. 2,000+ Bible versions, in 1,300+ languages. Thousands of Reading Plans in 65+ languages. Add your own Prayers, Verse Images, Highlights, Bookmarks, and public or private Notes.

Customize your Bible App experience. Access everything when connected, or download specific versions to use offline.

Explore the Bible with your closest friends. Share honest conversations about Scripture with a trusted community. Grow together and share what you discover.

* Use Prayer cards to keep track of your Prayers in the Bible App
* Easily organize Prayer lists
* Make your Prayers private or share with Friends
* Celebrate answered Prayer requests with your Bible App Friends

* Easily select from thousands of Bible versions, in 1,300+ languages
* Over 60 languages to choose from for your Bible App interface
* Choose from popular versions like the NIV, NASB, ESV, NKJV, NLT, KJV, The Message, and more.
* Offline Bibles: Read without network access (available for select versions)
* Listen to audio Bibles and enjoy skip, playback speed, and timer controls. (Audio Bibles available for select versions and are not downloadable.)

* Center your friendships around Scripture in the Bible App
* See a stream of Bible activity that shows what you and your Friends are noting, bookmarking, and highlighting
* Comment to ask questions and enjoy meaningful conversations in the app as you study God’s Word together

* Thousands of Plans: Devotionals and Plans that lead you through specific topics, portions of the Bible, or the entire Bible in a year (both Bible in One Year and One Year® Bible)
* Watch and share video clips from The Bible Project, the “JESUS” film, “The Lumo Project,” and more
* Search the Bible using keywords

* Themes let you select a color palette for your entire Bible App experience
* Verse Images turn Bible verses into shareable art
* Highlight with custom colors—just like a paper Bible
* Bookmark passages: Share, memorize, or keep track of your favorites
* Share verses with friends using social networks, email, or SMS/text
* Add Notes: Keep them private so only you can see them, or make them public to share with friends
* Cloud syncing: With a free YouVersion account, see all your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks, and Reading Plans on any supported device
* Easy Reading: Adjust settings like fonts, spacing, and text size, and even read in Dark Mode

* Contact Support from inside the Bible App
* Join the @youversion community on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok & Pinterest
* Catch up on the latest at
* Access the Bible online at

Download the world’s #1 Bible App and enjoy the Bible experience loved by millions!

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Bible Customer Service, Editor Notes:

New feature for Parents! • Help your pre-teens find a daily connection with God that’s all their own. • Explore together fresh, relevant content every day—including videos they’ll love. • Parents, find Kids Bible Experience in your settings.

Bible Comments & Reviews

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- Great and easy to use

Has become my go to for reading the scripture

- Daily devotional

It helps me in keeping up with studying my bible daily through the many devotional I start and finish regularly. And I love the fact that I can catch up when I miss some days, also I can invite friends and family and study same devotional at same time. It’s awesome all the way. Thank you

- God is good

Changed my life

- It works

I’d much rather have a physical bible in hand but this is phenomenal for what it is.

- Sidney Mc

Truly appreciative. 👍🏽

- Life saver

I recently lost my dad. The bible has helped me deal with my intense sadness over his loss. I haven’t been super religious for my entire life, losing my dad has brought me closer to god. Thank you for having this app around to help people.

- Awesome!

Really blessed to have this bible app! Thanks!

- Awesome always

Very special to me

- Holy Bible

I really enjoy using the Holy Bible App. We give God thanks for advancements in technology where God’s word can be shared with the nations of the earth. His word will not return unto Him void but will accomplish that for which it is intended.

- Great resource

Love it

- Great app

Love it!!

- The Best!

I love the devotionals! The story feature is amazing. I’m glad we get to see a new person each day on the story sharing and explaining the word of God. I Thank God for the Bible.

- Verse of the day

Remains me every day why I am here by thanking my creator .

- Perfect and Convenient

Faster than flipping pages in the book and also accurate to the each version of the bible

- Saved my life

The best thing that’s ever existed.

- God first

Good first he loves everyone

- Excellent

Love it

- Thank you!!

I love reading the bible right from my phone

- Love this app

I love the different versions that are available and the reading plans are really good. You can also listen instead of reading. Great feature.

- Awesome

Love it !

- This is

the Way.

- Love this app!

So thankful for this amazing resource. I especially love the artistic graphic options for highlighted verses!

- Outstanding

Love having access to my bible at any time

- Spiritually Growing

I really love the fact that you can compare versions at your fingertips. They have plans for every thing that you may be going through or whatever you want to learn about the bible. I am reading the bible in Historical order thanks to one of the plans. The best part is I live a busy life and I can have the bible read to me. Thank you and God bless.

- 5star

5 stars, an amazing app

- Best Bible app

I love this app. Easy to use and my constant companion!

- More in-depth

I love their new stories where you’re able to have a whole devotion based on their verse of the day everyday. It gives me a structure that I need, to read, hear and understand Gods word.

- KbC

Loving all the different versions and comparing them for better understanding. It’s like having a library in my purse. So grateful for this wonderful app. Thank you!

- Fantastic

Love the verse of the day and everything the app offers.

- The new language added

I recently discovered that my native language feature in the Bible app... my excitement knows no bound, reading or listening to the Words of the Bible in your own mother tongue is another realm of experience... thank you very much.

- Super application

Fonctionne super bien, multifonction, complet, A1

- Great Stuff

Love having devotionals and the bible close at hand always.

- 5 stars!

The most used app on my phone! Great way to read the Bible. I used this app every single day for years! The bible plans are wonderful.The BEST bible app created!

- Devotions

Thank you so much for providing the Bible Plans each day. I enjoy sharing time with some Friends and doing the Bible Plan online ! It’s a wonderful way of learning more about Our Heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit ♥️🙏

- Best app

Always motivate me and encouraging me to make this journey with GOD also helps a lot in many ways this app is useful and easy to use thank GOD for this developer and GOD bless.

- I love it!

The update is awesome! I like having to go through my “Story” and listening to bible verses and reading them along with the prayers which I can also create my own.

- The bible app

I love the bible app it’s such an inspiration to me when I have bad days I read my bible and it gives me the encouragement I need for that day!

- Knals ll


- Best Bible app ever.

This apps literally had everything and I’m so happy I have downloaded it. It’s literally the best app every the only thing that would make it better in my eyes would be a study section where one of the versions is an actual study bible. Something where you can click to the study portion to get more information and context. But nonetheless this app is great!

- Wonderful

I really enjoy my traditional bible however having this app helps me do devotionals plans when I’m unable to make my women’s bible studies due to a new job

- Blessings

Great and blessed

- This is great

Very organized

- God is good

The word that guides us daily

- myro the best nickname

This is the best app in my iPhone!!

- I Love this BIBLE App

I Love the bible and this App is the Best Bible App I have seen so far. It makes reading the bible to easy, interactive and interesting.

- Great everyday bible

Great for reading and devotionals. Could use a lot more research features and commentaries.

- Llou


- A great resource. My daily app!

I love all of the plans and search functions.

- Up lifting

I found that all of the devotional very up lifting and encouraging and share it with my other friends and family in hopes it encourages them. Praise God He has open doors to share His word and who He is to the world.

- Love this app!

Thanks to the Bible app, I have access to the Word of God anywhere, whenever I want! Thanks so much!

- Its great but....

Its a great bible app but I hope they make the words more simple to understand.

- Pocket full of life

Love the app! Would be good if we had the option to manually highlight the text instead of the whole verse.

- CateStruik

Great. Love it. Love the plans. Love how easy it is to find a verse you’re looking for. Really helpful for everyday life

- Great app

It is a wonderful resource. If you are having issues you can seek out a plan. You can concentrate on those plans to change your behaviour too. Fantastic.

- You version

Great, personal and group devotional resources

- Bible App

Bible App is excellent. I have found convenient and the understanding of my relationship with God is so much better due to a better understanding of God’s Word. Thank you

- Albert Meilak

Love the bible app it’s a blessing.🙏❤️😀

- ❤️❤️❤️

I love the bible app so much! I love all of the features, especially the verse of the day. It has helped me get a closer relationship with God and it is super amazing

- The Bible App

This app is so helpful and easy to use. I love being able to find millions of Bible plans and read, share and talk about the gospel in a friendly online community. There is actually nothing bad about the app at all.

- Love it! The best app ever!

The best app ever! Thank you so much! It's made such a big difference to my life. I can now listen to the word of God during my walks, when cleaning house, driving etc LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

- God’s Word

Daily inspirational Bible verses that are applicable to life’s challenges. Nothing better than to come to God with your challenges and He shows you how to address them by giving you a Bible reference that applies to your scenario! It is totally amazing to have a relationship with the Lord Jesus, accept Him today!

- Awesome

You have made it so very easy to access the Word anytime.

- Wonderful App

I use this app on a daily basis. You can copy scriptures and paste in to notes, find scriptures quickly, make devotional scriptures using a range of pictures. Then when you want to relax and listen to the Word of God, that is available also. I LOVE THIS APP.

- Excellent!

I love the bible app! I love the many features on it, and how easy it is to use. Would highly recommend. :)

- Bible at your fingertips- it’s great

Quick and easy to access anywhere when needed

- Love it so much!

It’s so accessible and helps create no limits of when and where I can spend time with God!

- Such a great resource

So handy. Blesses my life. #samepagesummer #biblereadingchallenge #brc

- Love this


- Life Changing!

Absolutely love this app! It is life giving & full to the brim with wisdom, guidance, correction & the utmost, everlasting & unconditional love you could ever receive - the bible & Jesus love has completely changed my life! This bible app allows you to read from a range translations, highlight, note-take, save bible verse images & share them on other apps. Also available are devotionals on a huge range of topics offering help & guidance for any of life’s seasons - you can also share these devotionals with your friends & read them together daily on a bible reading plan! Overall I really love this app as it’s straightforward, easy to use & a lovely book to carry around ready to read wherever I go!

- What a Blessing

So easy to use. How blessed am I to have all the teachings in the palm of my hand!

- Karitori


- Sandy

Awesome app particularly for someone with so little religious upbringing. Can thoroughly recommend it to believers of Jesus Christ whether beginning or doing it for ever. 🙏

- Bible

Thank you and love it and leaned up closer to God the Son and the Holy Spirit that no man can live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the father hallelujah ❤️👋👋

- Wonder full apps

Amazing app and very helpful

- Life changing

Changed and continues to change my life. Wonderful app which uses a large variety and number of resources making it very versatile. Absolutely brilliant!

- Easy peasy

This bible app is so easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to remember to open everyday. I love the reminders. I love the things you can do like highlight, write notes or even make an image out of my favorite verse. I can share with friends or be private. So happy with this app

- This Bible app is so handy - use anywhere!

Thank you for the Bible in a searchable , readable form - for study or simple quick checks and inspiration! Just type in a few words ... Its great!

- I love God

I love to share the gospel to people

- Great App - really practical

Fantastic app in that it has so many devotional topic and programs to choose from. I found this really practical.

- Great app

It has the bible there and amazing notification of a quote that is nice as well

- Story of the day

The story of the day is soooo helpful and has given me so much help in strengthening my relationship with the lord and bettering myself as a Christian especially during lockdown when churches aren’t open it’s given me that spiritual feeling I need everyday ❤️❤️❤️ I love this app ✝️❤️

- Bible app

This app is so good and easy to use , very helpful 😊

- The one and only

Honestly, I can’t imagine using a different bible app.

- It is the best bible app

Been using this for 8+ years. This is the best Bible application on an iPhone. Love the ability to read multiple translations. Also like the reading plan feature. Keeps you on track.

- Great daily life

Love the new daily devotions. On point and well set up. Very engaging. Blessed by these daily habits.

- The Word for today I need to hear.

More often than not The word for today speaks specifically into my life’s circumstances. It amazes me how specific it is even to the exact wording on some days. It’s speaks in practical terms and gives me solutions to apply to my life. It is encouraging and uplifting and causes me to give thanks to my Lord!

- Mrs

The best

- Best app

Great app with all the features I needed.I haven’t used any other bible app since I started using youversion.Thank you

- Functions great occasional search glitch

Love the functionality of the app and the features but when making multiple serches for different verse by tapping the book and selecting chapter and verse it often doesn’t show the right verse on the screen. Also verse numbers are extremely hard to read in dark mode. This is disappointing as I generally prefer dark mode.

- Love it!

Such an easy way to get into reading his word on a daily. I love the reading plans and also getting notifications every morning with the verse of the day.

- Love this app

My favourite thing is that it’s constantly improving and helping us get more connected to God and each other.

- 5 Star Bible App

The app is really good, you can search up plans about any topic that you want to read. The plans help you stay consistent so that you can read the word of God.

- Good practical app

This app is very practical and user friendly. Love it

- 🙏🏼


- Love it!

Especially the verse of the day!

- Love it

Easy to navigate. Amazing additional tools to use and a grater insight and explanation of scripture. Highly recommended.


This app is honestly one of the best, I have tried so many apps and this one is GOOD, trust me GET THIS APP please for the love of Go- , don’t say gods name in vane but you know what I mean GET IT 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

- Krissy 2020

Love it ,life begins at 50 for me!Better late than never 💜

- Awesome resource

Love using the bible app. It’s a great resource and easy to use.

- Great App, easyreferencing

Great, Great!!

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- It’s fantastic. The Word of God is Alive and available for everyone!

I love the Word of God. Thank you for making it available to everyone!

- Awesome app

This is so wonderful to have access to so many versions of the Bible !

- Great!!

Favorite bible app!!!

- Absolutely great !

I use just about daily and appreciate the plans as well. I appreciate the different versions of the Bible. Thank you

- Great App!

This app is such a blessing! I start my day with a Bible verse and now with recent enhancements, a quick devotional message. I love it!

- Jkilafned

Love it

- Best

I really love how I have my Bible now on me at all times. 💛💛💛 Bible plans are amazing and really help me through tough times.

- Awesome

Try to remember to read everything day💕

- App assistance

Helps you find scripture when you don’t know where to look.

- Amazing

Amazing app for God!

- Thank you jesus


- Maridarám


- The best resource on our phone

I love the written word (on paper), but this app gives you what you need with convenience.

- Bible App KJV

I love it.

- Solid

Very solid app

- Using this app has increased my spirituality

I use it everyday to pray. I love it!

- Handy Bible App

Great Bible app. Readily available on my phone. I live the availability of different translations of the scriptures!

- Love him

Gets me closer to god

- The Father The Son The Rauch The Word

Love the Bible it is the LIGHT TO MY PATH

- Amazing App***

Availability of all versions, ability to highlight and take notes. Able to access on all devices. Able to share with friends. I Love it!!! And Have recommended to many.

- My daily guide on the go

I travel for work, and thanks to the Bible app, I can read scripture and keep my daily routine from anywhere!

- Bbbn777


- Bible

Great App! It is great to have The Bible with me at all times on my phone.

- Pure Joy

I love that I have the Bible with me always. I can compare different versions. Read with my friends and have access to a multitude of reading plans for the different seasons in my life. What a blessing.

- Love this app!

Easy to use and navigate. So many great features for faith building. I love the story feature.

- BHen813

Good application

- Love this app

I love this app. It’s easy to use and that’s why I use it everyday.

- Love the Bible app!

These days we all pretty much have our phones everywhere we go, and there is nothing like having God’s word with me at the touch of my fingertips at all times. I have really enjoyed reading the Bible app and daily scriptures every morning, and continue to pray that it will bring me, as well as millions of others, closer and closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. This app is definitely one piece of technology that everyone should utilize, and can be a valuable resource in helping to spread God’s holy word, encourage others, and strengthen our relationship with Jesus. Thanks bible app!!

- Love it!

Great app

- Holy bible

Trust me this app really helps me keep up on my bible reading...I LOVE IT 😊

- Amazing!

Such an amazing app that connects me to the word of God.

- The great thing I have when the paper isn’t around !!!

Thank you Jesus


Love it!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

- Impressive

Easy to navigate and on all my devices. Thank you for allowing me to carry the word of God everywhere and the ability to share it at a moments notice. God Bless,

- Awesome!

Love having all translations & languages! Have used it at work for NonEnglish speakers to have access to the Word at work!

- Amazing

I love it

- Wonderful

I have been using this app for years. I really love it it helps me so much with my bible reading. Every time I get a new phone I have to find this bible app to put on my phone. I like all the little additions that are being added. Every one should have this it’s a great way to get closer to God🙏🏽

- Really great update

I probably had the bible app for a quite couple of years and i never really was that into using it. However just recently i started going into it again and I would say that the update where we can “open story” has really connected with me and made getting into the bible a lot easier. I also like that we can make the verse of the day a widget, so i can see the verse in the same area with my daily to do list.

- Blessings

Thank you

- Evaluación

Es muy útil, me encanta. Todos deben tenerla, ya que es una herramienta perfecta para conectarnos con la palabra en cada momento.

- Awesome app

Excellent Bible app. I have been using it for years. Love it!

- I love this app

This app is my favorite! I love the reminders. Keeps me on track!

- Love it

Love this bible app!

- Bible app

I love it. Who doesn’t?

- Enjoyable

I love how easy it is to pick and read, and just as easy to browse and find plans💕

- Love

I love it

- The Version Bible ... NIV

So far, using the App has been very enjoyable... It allows you to study the Bible at your own pace. It is good for the adverage church-goer.

- Great app

Live it !!!

- I love it.

I’ve been learning about the more through this excellent app. Then honestly the book which I should work on. The point is that I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to use the iPhone or iPad to read.

- Bible App


- Lovelyn04

Very helpful and audio was excellent our family loves using it

- Title

Works well. Just annoying that it doesn’t work without WiFi.

- Amazing perfect

Love it

- So much in one app

This app has every feature I should ever want to use. Flip between versions, bookmark or highlight, make notes... the list goes on. It is an indispensable app!

- Mmgg

Love it. This app is great.

- Me


- Love it

The verses of the day are so spot on with my situations!

- I recommend

Use this app if you want to connect with Gods word . I recommend it

- Help

Very helpful praises onto the most high

- Words for the soul

I feel much inner peace thanks to this app It is truly helping me learn the word of God

- Readable.

I can increase the print size for easier reading. I love the helps that go along with the scripture.

- Great app

So many options and plans for however you like to read the word

- Love this app 🙏🏼❤️

Beautiful App! I read something everyday that I need to hear! God bless 🙏🏼❤️

- The Book of all Books

Great app. Reading a verse each day is a blessing!

- It’s good

Good for devotions on the go Good for reading the bible Good for finding verses fast Good for inspiring people to read the bible It’s good 👌🏻👍🏻🙂

- Love this app

Great way to start my day 💕💕💕

- Stories

I love the stories update

- Great app but lately it keeps locking up

On both iPhone 8 and XS the phone occasionally stutters and has long delays while playing audio version. It just started doing this on the newer iOS and phones.

- Wonderful

It gives me every option I need in my bible reading.

- Study with friends

I love the Bible app for studies with friends. It makes discussion possible right from home.

- Best Bible app I’ve used!

I love this app and I’m so thankful its available. I use it and connect with my daughters with it. We do devotions from this app together. Although, sometimes our requests to each other don’t show up in the app. It’s great for searching up verses, comparing texts in different versions and studying the bible on a topic. Also, I have discovered some excellent Christian books where a devotion has featured parts of an author’s book. No glitches or crashes and the daily verses are right on. Thank You YouVersion! I really like the new daily verse feature they have added that expounds the day’s verse and provides a related reading from one of their devotions. Excellent addition.

- Great app

This app is amazing. All Bible versions are there ready for readying and listening, also there are too many plans so you can read according to your spiritual needs or journey.

- Excellent App

I love the app because of the daily verse and it gives reading plans. It also has audio listening options in several languages. It is really great

- Great!! Absolutely love it

The most creative app for engaging with the word of God

- Bible review

My bible is everything


Word of God, Jesus is the Name of All Names that brings you to the throne of God. Inspiring and The Living Word

- Best Bible App

There are so many options for version, languages and more. The setting is wonderful because you can adjust it however you want it. Thankyou!

- First app installed on all devices

If I could have one app this would be the app!

- Amazing to have with you at all times

Giving me a place to dwell during this dark time.

- Easy to use

Lots of features

- Gooood

Really Holy

- Tinay521

Very inspiring to read

- There Everyday

Reminds me of a higher purpose.

- Thank you god for teaching me many lessons in life


- J’aime l’application la Bible

C’est une application que j’aime beaucoup

- Top notch

Lovely app here. Plethora of parameters that enhance the experience. Just lovely stuff. Well done people!

- I really like this Bible app

I really like this app. I have really enjoyed it! 😁

- Great

Love it!

- NadiaB

Great and so easy to use!

- The best Bible app in the App Store

This application has many fonctions, offers many Bible versions/translations and can effectively help you to progress in your spiritual life. You will not be disappointed!

- This Bible App has becoming my Daily Bread! Thank you!

This Bible App has becoming my Daily Bread! Thank you! Praise Lord Almighty! 🙏❤️🙏

- This application is wonderful.

It’s God’s way of speaking to us, and affecting every aspect of our life😃

- Amazing!

I am absolutely loving this! This is very handy and readily available whenever I need to read the word of God and with options of different bible version. Perfect!

- 4 stars


- Love the bible app

Such a worthwhile app

- Biblical Versatility

I love it and use it multiple times daily! An abundant variety of devotionals, studies & videos with places for me to create my own scripture art with my own photos. I enjoy reading daily scriptures! This app makes reading the bible simple & accessible & easy to share with friends all over the world! You are a blessing to me and so many others. Zephaniah 3:17

- Great tool

This app is an amazing tool to use for growth in the word of God with all the devotion and reading plans

- I love god

I loveGod

- Faithful

It is so great to be able to have Gods word available whenever you need it And the many different devotionals at your finger tips and such a gift to be able to check out different versions! I have really liked the You version devotionals , I find them particularly special !

- Bible app

Absolutely fantastic. Helps me grow in my relationship with God. So easy to read with different translations!!!

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- The Bible

Don't read it much as I should 😔

- Good

It’s good

- So many functionalities

Has easy navigation, multiple versions in multiple languages, easy switching, even with voices. Nothing to complain about

- Works well

Very inspirational and updated

- The bible

The best manual for life I love it.

- Me Dunn

Next level stuff

- Amazing app

Thanks life church

- Leo

Love this app of love and faith

- Best book you can read.

It’s the bible with a heap extra content. What else do you need.

- Guide me the way

I love bible because it appears give me a warns


Has helped me so much to learn about the Gospel and learn about the story and Miracles that God had done for us over the years. This app makes my love for God so much stronger than it was before. Thank you

- Mr Samuel

Great app easy to read the word in and out of church. Useful when studying quick reference look up multiple translations! Love it

- Great app

I love this app


Easy to use, good reminder, and wonderful plan to read.

- Samuel

Great Bible app 👍🏾

- The best Bible app, not just a bible app


- Great


- Fantastic tool and anytime anywhere

I love this app, you can connect with people and do virtual bible studies with anyone around the world , it helps me pastor new Christians too in such an easy way. I love the reminders of doing your devotion and also having the different translations to compare scripture is incredible. You can share meaningful scripture and put your own images with them to share and in outage via text or social media . So beautiful. Forever grateful LifeChurch

- The best app in the store

It’s great to have access to multiple translations of the Bible in one place. And just like God’s Grace. It’s totally FREE 😃🎂 and totally helpful 🤔

- Holy Bible App

Absolutely Fantastic this app is , I love how you can also listen to the scriptures spoken , best app around . Gods Word is Truth , and we all need this app in today’s evil world .

- Gateway to understanding more about God

I love that there are a variety of bible scriptures you can read, NKJV, Easy etc, and it makes it so easy to get closer to God through his word and understand more about Jesus. I have it everywhere with me which is a blessing.

- Fantastic

Such a great amazing resource

- Bible App

This keeps me grounded and encourages me to pause and renew our commitment to our Creator each and every day. It is a lead into reading, reflection and prayer. How blessed we are to have this: when I think of the early Christians who did not have the New Testament to hand.

- Outstanding App!

A great app to spread the Good News.

- Thank you

Thank you for the Bible App where I can access different versions of The Bible with a click. Comparing the version helps to understand Word of God better.

- Easy to use

It is easy to use and able to jump to the verse that you would like to read.

- Best best best

Love this app

- Great App, lots of resources

Great App full of resources to help in daily devotions, bible studies, May god bless all who contributed to make this happen Congratulation to all who shared in creating such a wonderful APP, may God use all the team in continuing blessing to other people, as it is a blessing for me. God Bless🙏

- Great plans

The reading plans are easy to use and really effective and I find the app super easy to navigate. The Word at my fingertips, great encouragement and interacting with friends and sharing faith. Thanks for a brilliant app!

- Amazing

Love this app, my favourite Bible app🙌🏽

- Best app

I enjoy being able to read or listen to the word of God on my phone. Making it accessible all the time. Also being able to compare the different translations by a click of a button it’s really great.

- Bible

This is very good. Very helpful for all that seek to build a relationship with Jesus Christ.

- My favourite app!

Daily devotionals are based on any topic you can think of! The bible can be read out verbally and you have the ability to start a reading plan with other people

- The Bible App

Best App to be created!!

- Great app

Most used app I have

- Excellent

The best app on my iPhone. Great to be able to download dozens of offline versions to read when I don't have wifi or 3G. More than 5 stars. Praise The LORD!!

- Holy


- Great bible app

So easy to use. I love all the features, from the different plans and authors to the different languages and images. It’s very close to perfect for me 😀

- Excellent app

I’ve been using this app for a while now and by far it’s one of the very best Bible apps I’ve used

- Very Pleased With Bible App.

As a life time student of the Holy Bible, I certainly love this Bible App, because of the many translations that the app has, the search icon, the highlighter, and the various planners. Thank you to the person/s who were responsible for making this app. Wesley Dennis.

- Love Love Love !!!

This app will bring you closer to your saviour in accessible and fresh way 💗

- Todd

Love the app really helpful thanks

- Love this

A great idea. I enjoy this app thoroughly.

- Really good!

I love the author!!!

- You Version Bible

I have been using this app for some years on my Samsung tablet. My Son loaded it for me and I use it regularly. I now have it on my phone, and use it while walking. I now need to work out how to share with my friends. Thank you for sharing the Word of God in my daily walk with Jesus. “What a wonderful Saviour we have” Yours sincerely Dave Keeffe

- Sophie

Literally use this everyday. So so convenient and great!

- Holy bible

I love this because we have to respect god and everyone around us and whoever thought of making this app your definitely nice kind beautiful

- Rating

The apple service is 95%.

- ChiaoHo

In God I Trust

- Its very good

Best app ever!! No problem

- Oracle joe


- Pastor

This Bible App is very useful. It comes in handy. It is a wonderful blessing to have access to all versions. God bless those behind this project. He has used you!

- Khartune +2348032261671

I love it so much easy to use

- Wonderful😁💃🏻

May God bless all the creators of this application. And also everyone who has made this application such a success and a blessing to the lives of people. This has been a very great source of spiritual growth for me. And I just want to encourage everyone out there who the Lord has been instructing to carry out a particular task. Don’t be worried, Don’t doubt yourself. Please follow the Lord’s instructions because , trust me, the Lord is using you to bless someone else, just like this application has really blessed me. I really appreciate all those who work hard to the progress of this Bible app. Thanks for the plans, emails, daily verses, daily stories. Please continue working hard towards the spread the Gospel. This is such a wonderful bible app.

- Wisdom O.

I love this Bible App for its flexibility in studying and all its features to keep you hooked to the Word of God. It’s an awesome gift to have. Thank you Life.Church


I truly love the app. But you need allow audio to be downloaded for offline listening without using using data. God will continue to lift this work up. Thanks. Montana.

- Excellent guide to spiritual development

This app has been an excellent guide to me, assisting me, through the Holy Spirit to have a vibrant spiritual life

- Great App

YouVersion has really helped with my consistency everyday.

- Handy

It’s my everyday go to. Improved my reading of the word because of it. And that has changed my life.

- Excellent app

Has been used by God to enhance my spiritual growth. Thank you for making it available and free.

- My bible and I

The Bible has been my special friend. Lots of features that makes it very interactive. Thank you team YouVersion

- The story feature is amazing

The story feature has totally changed my morning devotional pattern for the better. I’m currently on a 30+ day streak. 100% recommended🥰

- For greater purpose

For greater purpose

- Bible

Excellent inspirations

- Good App

Gives me the flexibility I love and also helps me to study and pray

- Okay

Very okay app

- Basic instructions before leaving the earth

Life carrier

- How I love this app

This app has blessed me. It has showed me that excellence can be incorporated in to my faith. Indeed the app was excellently done. They have rested on their laurels for one minute because the keep improving stuff.

- Awesome


- Abby

Such a lovely and detailed app

- ❤️❤️

I love the app

- Good work


- Best bible app

Helps in every way 😌🙏🏿🙏🏿 even though I just started using it .. I am loving it ❤️

- The Bible App

I love this app for making it easy to read the word of God and connect with other Christians like me within and outside of my circle. The updates are also very thoughtful! Grateful tor the creators!!

- PappySarmie

Amazing app. Works wonders

- Blessed

To be able to read God’s word in different translation is a blessing

- Mr Valentine

It’s very good .

- The best

Thanks so much for creating this app, it’s the best

- My bible

The best app on my phone, the way God saves us.

- Best Bible App


- Excellent

The Bible app is an incredible resource to help individuals build intimacy with Christ. It encourages consistency through the streaks counter and the plans are great. I love this app.

- Helpful and comforting

It helps a true Christian to seek and find Christ in times of despair and it gives comfort to the soul

- amazing

great app

- Excellent app

Arguably the best mobile app ever created!

- Inspirational

This book of life has inspired and has been building my spiritual life. It’s well planned out to fit into the Christ-like life.

- My Bible review

Having the Bible at your fingertips-literally is such a blessing to this generation. It’s easy to navigate and use; you can search for any scripture using key words and the numerous versions, priceless!! These make the gospel easy to understand and preach. There simply aren’t enough stars to rate this amazing gift to the world!! DD

- Word of God

The word of God is always the best Gift you can have

- Very nice

The best app on my phone. It would be cool if there would be an offline version of the amplified bible

- Great UI

Amazing app

- Very good app. It’s a must have for any God lover

The app has been a tremendous blessing to me and my family.

- Ini Fabian


- Great


- Holy bible

So good for our daily growth

- Excellent

The Bible is the greatest

- Appreciation

Thank you for investing in creating this application. It’s been a blessing.

- Bible App

Great app. I especially love all the added features

- Great!

I really like this app I highly recommend

- Excellent

Best app for those who love the Lord Jesus Christ

- Bible, Prayers, Plans..

I'm grateful for this app.

- I am blessed

I have been using this APP almost on a daily basis for some years now. It enables me to switch from version to version when I need deeper understanding of the Bible. I am blessed. It also enables me to highlight different verses in different colors, this I like so much.

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@ahmed171a @Cernovich Also I you believe the bible is corrupted even though theres not one verse in the Quran that say it is.

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That’s the size of it.

@QPatriot17: These Link Q1603 Read the BIBLE. GOD WINS. Q4396 God wins. Trump holds up the Bible.

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Bible 8.18 Screenshots & Images

Bible iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible iphone images
Bible ipad images
Bible ipad images
Bible ipad images
Bible ipad images
Bible ipad images
Bible ipad images
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Bible (Version 8.18) Install & Download

The applications Bible was published in the category Reference on 2019-02-12 and was developed by Life.Church [Developer ID: 282935709]. This application file size is 138.18 MB. Bible - Reference posted on 2020-06-02 current version is 8.18 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions.

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