Zelle [Finance] App Description & Overview

Zelle® has partnered with leading banks and credit unions across the U.S. to bring you a fast, safe and easy way to send money to friends and family. Money moves quickly - directly from bank account to bank account. If your bank or credit union offers Zelle, you already have it in your mobile banking app or online banking – if they don’t, the Zelle app will make it easy for you to send money to enrolled Zelle users that already have access through their financial institution.
Zelle. This is how money moves®.
Using just your recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number, you can settle up simply and safely with almost anyone you know and trust. Even better, Zelle does not charge any fees to use the service. (Mobile carrier or bank fees may apply).
1. Download the Zelle app.
2. Enroll using a Visa® or Mastercard® debit card linked to a U.S. checking account; or
3. Enroll your U.S. checking account by using your online banking username and password, if your bank supports this feature*.
4. Choose a person to pay, or request money from, by entering their U.S. mobile number or email address.
5. Confirm the amount and hit send. If they’re already enrolled with Zelle, they’ll typically get the money in minutes. If they aren’t, they will be notified and can follow a few simple steps to complete the payment.

*Some banks allow customers to enroll in the Zelle app using their online or mobile banking username and password.

Zelle and the Zelle related marks and logos are property of Early Warning Services, LLC

You must have a bank account in the U.S. to use Zelle.

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Zelle Customer Service, Editor Notes:

We regularly make updates to the application to introduce new features, enhance existing features, and fix bugs.

Zelle Comments & Reviews

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- Banking Fixed!

Zelle has literally fixed banking and money transferring. I can’t tell you how much of a hassle it was to buy a team member a birthday gift and collect money from everyone else. Someone wired the money from their bank and stuck me with a $15 wire fee. Another person used PayPal, but must have sent it as a business purchase because they deducted 2.75% (then I had to wait 2 days while PayPal transferred my money to my bank). One person send me a bloody check! I also transferred cash from a checking account at one of my banks to my checking account at another bank. My primary bank put a 2 day hold on MY MONEY! When I heard that my bank now support Zelle, I was THRILLED! I set it up (both banks), did a transfer, and the money was there IMMEDIATELY! I have a tenant who pays me rent monthly (well, almost monthly) via Zelle. We both love it. I get a notification the moment he sends it. My account is credited that very moment. Zelle has made moving money around soooooo much easier! It’s amazing that they’re able to do what banks have been either unwilling or unable to do, despite years of experience.

- Unable to verify password

When you make an app that directly links a user's DEBIT CARD to their account (with no other options or protections provided), you'd better make sure it's operational, but instead we have this. About a week ago, I got a 3:45AM text from Zelle for an automatic transfer (no one was sending me money that early in the morning). I went to change notification settings -- only to discover that I needed my password to turn off their text messaging. That's when I realized I had forgotten my password. At the time I couldn't find any place on their app to reset it, and because I have an outside bank, I don't have access to a web account. I did try "forgot password?" on the Zelle portal but never received an email. This didn't lock me out of my account; I just couldn't make any account changes. Fast forward to today -- the app has logged me out (possibly due to an update?), and while it does now give me a "forgot password" option, after resetting it, I get the error message "unable to verify password." I even wrote it down to make sure I re-entered it correctly, but no luck. And that's where I am stuck -- completely locked out of my account. I am beyond frustrated. I use this to get money transfers from family, and I never had a single issue with clearxchange. Now with this forced switchover to Zelle, I can't do even the simplest task. Either fix the app or give us a website, because right now this is absolutely useless.

- Won’t work on most phones

After 4 days and over 9 hrs total on hold, was finally told that this service WILL NOT WORK ON MOST PHONE NETWORKS. The second level tech support told me that “Unfortunately the zelle app and service will not function on wi-fi, and only recognizes a few (att, verizon, and sprint) phone carriers. All others are locked out, but WILL TAKE your banking and personal information and retain it in their system.” The reason this company is headquartered in the Philippines is because they are safe from federal criminal charges being filed against them. For such a young company, they have an overwhelming number of complaints lodged against them..(check out the reviews on the app page). The zelle rep even told me to change phone companies so I can get their service. Clear exchange had no problems... zelle is nothing but one giant problem that is illegally mining peoples banking and personal information for their own personal gain, while forcing those who are/were set up through a direct deposit system to receive their paychecks from work.... who are now unable to receive those funds, as zelle holds those funds in limbo refusing to refund the money back to original sender for 30 days. CRIMINAL !!!!!!! How the apple app store even allowed this financial virus into it’s app system is mind boggling. BEWARE!!!! and stay far away from zelle. You have been warned by someone who stayed diligent until they got the answers and truth from this scam organization.

- Limitations for Multiple Accounts

Zelle will be great if you are part of their network. However. If you happen to have multiple debit cards (in my case 2), you can change which account you want funds to go to or from however doing so will erase the history of your account. This was fine for me as I used it for personal transactions and never really needed it for anything else. However I did have a need to change accounts every now and then so I could save myself the hassle of having to wire myself money after receiving money. Or so I thought. I had first created an account with my old phone number and it was great. I then had to port my number, NOT CHANGE IT, and then I was locked out. Why? Zelle does not support Google Voice or any numbers like it. I was ultimately frustrated but fine. I understand the security issue. I signed up with my new phone number. Everything was going great. I used it for a few months and tried changing my account (again, back and forth between the same 2 accounts for years), then it locked me out. The representative tells me my account can never use the zelle app again because I was too “new” and changed my debit information too many times. So I said fine, I’ll keep the information the same just give me access to my account. They said no. I need to go through one of their national level partner banks and use it through them. I can never use the zelle app again. So I won’t.

- Poor customer service

If I could give this app zero stars, I would. I received a new cell phone # (all other information is the same—same address, same phone , same bank information, etc) and because I have a new cell, it will not allow me to use Zelle or update my information. I have called customer service all week and no luck and the last representative that I spoke to was rude (kept cutting me off when I was talking and was rushing me off the phone). I asked to speak to a supervisor and she refused to let me speak to them. When she was verifying my information, she asked questions that “their” system generated instead of questions that I provided answers to. Example: she asked , “What color is your car? Blue, white, or yellow?” (Answer: neither because I have ALWAYS purchased brand new cars that were either silver or grey so it’s not like I purchased used cars that had paint jobs; she also asked , “Which individual from this list do you know? Brandy Locke , Steve Smith or Paul Tyson?” I answered : I don’t know any of those people. Her response , well these are the questions that our system generates based on the names of the individuals that are near your address. I asked to speak to a supervisor and that’s when she began cutting me off, rushing me off the phone and was being rude). I will never use Zelle again and I’m sharing my review with al my friends and family who use Zelle.

- The JOYS of money!

To be honest I was a little skeptic about it, then once I downloaded it and played around with it, I knew I was going to be using this FOREVER! No waiting for the weekend to be over to receive your money, no 5-7 business days on waiting either for your money to be sent over, no hassle on asking if anyone or I have received the money. This app literally allows the money being sent over to go straight into your card with no holds, no fees, no hassle at all. Me, my family and friends use this app all the time when one has forgotten money or their wallets- LOL! I can say that using this app really is a life saver. Only, ONE bad thing I do have to say is that you can’t send others money unless you have their correct mobile phone numbers. I’ve tried to see if I can add people through my contacts but it only allows to input numbers, like literally I gotta grab a pen and paper to write down peoples numbers because once you input a number or an incorrect phone number it’s a good bye to whoever you’re sending money too. So make sure the number you’re sending money to is ALWAYS CORRECT! I hope that they do update this app and allow us to add friends on here.

- Terrible customer service

A monthly debit into my account, that’s been regularly happening for five years, all of a sudden couldn’t happen today. I quickly figured out that I needed to change my debit card on my profile and tried to do so on the app. The app wouldn’t let me do it and said that I had to contact them. So, I called customer service and after waiting for 15 minutes to get a hold of someone, all I got was someone reading a service manual and who simply repeated my own words back to me for 6 minutes. He finally puts on hold, only to tell me that I have to call them back. He gave me a case number. I waited a few hours and tried to change my debit card on Zelle’s website. THE WEBSITE ADOES NOT LET YOU DO THAT so I’m stuck calling them again! The second call resulted in a 25-minute wait to get a hold of someone. This customer service rep told me that based on their “proprietary algorithm that he cannot share with me” they put a 24-hour hold on my account and I have to wait until tomorrow to change my debit card. I simply couldn’t understand why they would take it upon themselves to be so disruptive WITH MY ACCOUNT AND MONEY so I asked to speak with his supervisor. The rep said his supervisor is not available and he will put me on queue to get a callback. 🤬 Completely random nonsense that I will not put up with. 😡

- Zelle’s Niche is your bank.

Zelle would be the perfect digital checkbook, if they could convince banks to treat them like a separate, trusted app. Instead, most of the time it gets reduced to a crappy widget hidden in online banking apps. If you’re the typical Zelle customer, Zelle has the ability to instantly add money to your traditional bank account as soon as you get paid. No more bogus 2-business-day transfers or 1% transfer fees. In a world where everyone keeps a bank account that uses Zelle, Zelle would be perfect. Your checks, debit card, savings account, and ATM access would be joined by a powerful, simple mobile app that allows you to pay someone using your bank without having an external balance (which is the case for Venmo, Apple Cash, Google Pay, PayPal, and so many others). This is Zelle’s leg up on the competition. Unfortunately, Zelle’s features themselves typically are only available through the mobile banking app that your bank offers, leaving it subject to frequent log-outs and wonky security barriers that the average user isn’t able to deal with in casual situations. This makes asking people to “pay me with Zelle” in the moment a non-option and largely defeats the purpose of the app.


This company has the absolute, most atrocious customer service that I have ever had the displeasure of speaking with. I kept getting a wrong password error after trying the only few passwords I use for my accounts, and there was not any “Forgot Password” links to be found on the website or app. Upon calling Customer Service the first time, I was talked to like I was an idiot and was never actually helped with resetting my password. I was told that he had done some re-figuring on his end and I could try to log back in as a new user (keep in mind - I already have had an account) in 10 minutes. Upon trying to gain access to my account yet again, my number had been blocked. I contacted Customer Service and they told me there was nothing they could do and that the app would give me the option to deactivate my account later, but that I would not be able to use the app or get into my account for 30 days. I told the lady to deactivate my account today and I’m hoping that actually went through. Why isn’t there an option to change my password if forgotten?? It’s absolutely ridiculous. I also find it unsettling that there supposedly is no way to get into the account that has my banking information in it for at least 30 days. With that being said - do NOT use this app!

- Sketchy

Ten days ago a friend sent me a payment via Zelle from their bank. I didn’t have the Zelle app and my bank wasn’t listed on their site, so I downloaded the app and followed the steps listed on their site to receive my funds. The app froze twice as I was trying to register. In most cases this would be a warning flag to me that something was sketchy - for an app to freeze up after I’ve provided my debut info and password. On the third try it took. I waited for the payment being sent to me to show up on the activity tab. Two days and nothing, so I call. I’m told the money will go through to my bank in two to three days. The customer support guy made no effort to look up the transaction, my account, or explain anything at all other than to say it will happen. A week after receiving the payment text from my friend I still hadn’t received the funds and nothing showed on my activity screen of the app. Yet the app has my phone number, emails, and debit card info correct. Again, sketchy. If not for the reviews and apparent fact that many banks utilize this app, I’d delete it and put in an alert with my bank. Now, ten days since this initiated, I’ve yet to receive my money or hear back from Zelle in response to my email from four days ago.

- Do NOT install... 0 STARS if I had that option!

Coming from a very honest and educated person do yourself a favor and do NOT use Zelle. I have been on hold multiple hours due to technical issues on their end which has not allowed me to receive any payments. My account is in “limbo” as the representative stated and needs to be deactivated however I cannot deactivate it as it is something they do on their end. I have been promised multiple times to receive a call backs from management, customer support, and technical support, I have yet to receive any calls from anyone. They guaranteed deactivation within 48 hours and my account is still showing active. The company I subcontract for has done multiple cancellations as Zelle requested and sent new payments and I still cannot receive payments because of a technical issue on their end. Please do yourself a favor find another outfit to send and receive payments unless you don’t mind terrible customer service, long hours on hold to speak to a representative (if you’re lucky to get through), dishonest promises for call backs and errors on Zelle’s end with accounts they can’t seem to deactivate along with your money and account being in “limbo.” If you don’t mind that then this app might be for you.

- Great idea, poor execution

So the idea is simple enough, but there are some flaws in the app, the biggest being that, when a payment fails (and you receive an error message), your activity feed still shows as payment sent! Your payment didn’t send. Payment sent! Seriously. Customer service was rough. I completed the form online, and 2 days later I received and email saying to call customer service. So I did. I navigated my way through a wonky “press 2 for...” style menu, and after 2 circular rounds, I sat waiting for 18 minutes. Once the rep answered, we went through 3 rounds of her going silent. She could hear everything I was saying, but I couldn’t hear her. And then after 30 seconds she’d come back, until she didn’t around minute 23. She also opined that a slow app load was likely related to the same network problems they were clearly having with their phones. Only problem...the app always seems to load slow and take longer to log me in. I think PayPal is smoother, provides faster and more comprehensive service, and provides me better records and accuracy. Fix the kinks, align payment/send/activity, and there’s potential to bump up the rating.

- Terrible Customer Service

Not even sure where to start. It’s been 13 days since I received an email from asking to create my account so I could receive a transfer of funds. To this day... I have yet to receive any money!! ... I set up my account with the email sent to me. I then added my phone number so I could confirm my account. All of this took place the same day. I waited 4 days and send in an email ticket to discover the status of my transfer. Note trying to talk to a REAL human is yet another excruciating experience.... Their email support reply said that I had to contact my bank to make sure my account was set up.. I did and my bank (Chase, who is one of their listed partner banks) confirmed that Zelle was linked to my account and I could receive transfers. I waited another day and sent another email asking where my funds are. They then replied saying that the person sending the funds had to check with their bank. He did and his bank confirmed the funds had been transferred and the money was gone. Now Zelle is saying they never touch the money? Talk about pointing fingers elsewhere.. my friend now had to File a claim with his bank to get the money back.. which will take more time... and I still do not have any money...

- Hard to enroll, insecure, no release notes

It’s what you’d expect from yet another attempt at making transferring money easier. If you’re unfortunate enough to be the recipient of money through Zelle, you might keep your sanity if your bank is one of the 10 or so supported ones. Otherwise you get to download this “easy” app, verify your phone number (if you get through the errors), enter and verify your email address, enter a debit card (of which you at least can take a picture instead of entering the number; you still need to enter the exp date, CCV, name and billing address though), and type, by hand, an insecure password that you can both type on your phone and remember. If you use a password manager, you’re out of luck, because you can’t copy or paste the password; Makes Zelle an easy target for hackers. Once you’ve done all that, maybe it’s easy to send and receive money. But, it would have been much easier to use PayPal or just enter an account and routing number. Or send a paper check, walk to the bank, go in instead of using the ATM, chat with the teller a bit, deposit it, and pick up a mint on the way out - that’d be easier and you’d get exercise, conversation, and a free mint. Do that instead.


I received an email saying that “we noticed that a different name was used to re-enroll with Zelle which doesn’t match with what you previously used to enroll with Zelle”. I have not used Zelle in months and honestly do not like the app at all as I use cashapp and PayPal. I tried in the past to delete the account, but it wouldn’t let me. I called customer service and was not given a name of the agent. He was rude and completely disregarded my issues by pushing me to keep the account open. I told him several times that I am worried about my identity as my email is being used on an account that I did not create and in the email it said I “re-enrolled” even though I did not do such thing. He kept saying that my email was unlinked and I could relink it. After pretty much having to get quite aggressive with this man for not helping me at all, I hung up. They do not care about helping you. My email, which is used on my bank accounts, my many bills, and other subscriptions is being used on a Zelle account I did not create. I am extremely upset about the outcome and hope no one uses Zelle in the future or god forbid have any problems with it as they are not of help.

- Unable to authenticate

For reasons unknown they can’t authenticate my account I believe is because I switched carriers and my information is not fully linked with my new carrier or new bank or whatever. I used it through a bank in the past but the app itself is complicated and the support picks up the phone quick but they can’t actually do anything. If the app denies accessibility because it can’t authenticate your information the support team can’t identify which information is incorrect Or even look into further. Once you get that error it’s over apparently my thing is it’s wrong! I had the same information for a long period of time my address on file, number, email are all the same with my bank and carrier it makes no sense at all! The fact that they can’t even refresh the process or have anyone who can do a deep investigation on the problem is beyond me. What billion dollar app is in complete control of itself? Maybe the support specialist I talked to was misinformed that’s always a possibility. Looking on google it seems maybe even my carrier (spectrum mobile) and/ or my credit union is the reason for this but I wouldn’t know because they don’t have that information.

- Misery

Avoid Zelle. One star because zero stars is not an option. If you have to change your bank info good luck getting paid. You can’t change the debit card info in the app or online. You have to call them. After an endless wait you get first level support, which is useless. They don’t know anything, can’t do anything, and some of them barely speak English. After you struggle to understand them and to make yourself understood, they finally transfer you to second level support. This is where you go to die. The wait there is interminable. If you give up you can’t get paid. If you persist chances are you’ll still end up in limbo while they muck around with your account and hold your payments. If you have to add a different debit card they have to delete your account so you can register as a new user and add a new debit card. When they finally called to say my account was deleted and I could now register, I got an error message that my profile was locked, have to call them. Another interminable hold with no resolution. In the meantime of course I can’t receive payments. This company should not be allowed to handle people’s money and Apple should remove their app from the App Store.

- Suddenly decided I was not eligible.

I am a nanny for a family who’s parents live in another state and I watch the children when they’re in town, and this is how I got paid. It was working just fine I got my payment with no problem. I use a bank that they don’t have a partnership with but it worked just fine if I just put in my card number. So the mother tried to pay me again today and said the transaction could not be processed, so I check my account and it says there’s suspicious activity related to my phone number. Which is bull because when I called that was not the problem at all. So I wait on hold for maybe 20 minutes and the woman who answered was very nice but she checked out my account and said “I was no longer eligible.” My account was just working fine when the last payment came through 2 weeks ago so you can imagine my confusion. So I asked and she said I am no longer eligible for the stand alone app and basically that there was nothing I can do. She said “so you can go ahead and delete the app” like it was a good thing. If you’re going to offer accounts to those who don’t have a partnership, don’t randomly go through and decide who is and is not eligible.

- The worst money app out there!

I’ve tried to use this three times over the last three months. First time worked fine. Second time, I spend all day trying to send money. Call tier two support, they make me answer some questions about the square footage of my home and old addresses I lived at and Russian names I’m supposed to know, and then tell me the problem is with the owner who I’m sending money too. They check, are told no problems. Suddenly money goes through after trying for 10 hours. This month, same thing. Money doesn’t go through, I call, get told the problem is with the receiver’s bank, they call, get told it’s because I’m using the app instead of my bank’s app to send money. Why have an app if I’m supposed to use my bank’s app to send money? My bank doesn’t have Zelle integrated in their banking app, so it’s not even an option. Skip this service. There are others out there like Venmo or Google Pay that just work. This one does not. Oh, and the fact that Apple rates this app at above 4 stars but all the other reviews I’m reading are one star tells me Apple is complicit in getting people to use this garbage and give some foreign company your banking info.

- Don’t bother with this app

This company is a joke! The process for migrating from ClearXchange to Zelle is beyond atrocious. A bunch of 6 year olds could do it better, but that’s the banking industry for ya! On the phone for almost 2 hours only to find out there’s no way to continue to receive company payments with ClearXchange - despite the ClearXchange FAQ’s stating to call customer support if you’re concerned about this. Because... surprise, customer service is now Zelle and can’t do anything for you under ClearXchange. Then why do you have it in the FAQ’s to call?! And the “201” error I kept getting when trying to use the Zelle app is because I’m “no longer qualified to use Zelle.” That really had to be escalated to a Level 2 tech?? What a waste of time! It took nearly an hour to get that answer. Also, it’s fine if you’re going to outsource your call center, but for the love of god please ensure those answering the calls have a firm grasp on the English language. My time on the phone could’ve been greatly minimized had the men who answered my calls been able understand my issue instead of being so confused and going in circles giving me the same canned answer every time. Never again.

- Customer service is terrible

I’ve have used Zelle for a while now but needed to connect Zelle to my husband’s bank account for his business so we set up another account with Zelle under my spouses name since we needed Zelle to connect to his account. We used a different phone number and everything was different since it was my souses account for his business. We both had the flu and expected setting Zelle up for my husband would be a breeze. My husband also suffers from an extreme disability so I handle his finances for his business. The app kept failing and the customer service tech treated me very rudely and even asked my husband questions about his “public record” and then was able to unlock his account with him... and why it was locked at all is still crazy. We were told to wait at least 30 minutes to try to access the app again. We waited until the next morning because we already wasted so much time with customer support. When we tried to access the app again.... we logged on and it kicked us out saying we were permanently locked out and to again reach out to customer support. Horrible app. Horrible customer service.

- Debit cards are not supported

I have a couple different debit cards and needed to get this app for an emergency money transfer from someone who only had this app and didn’t know how to use other apps so I said ok I’ll just get Zelle and that will be that..I thought. Then the simplest and easiest part of signing up for any cash transfer app (connecting to your checking account) was impossible. So I figured I’d use my secondary checking account only to be stiff armed, “invalid debit card” ok so then maybe it would be better if you had a list of banks that are compatible since my MasterCard AND my visa debit were both invalid. I’m so sick of everything becoming so complicated. Going back to Venmo which hasn’t given me a single issue. Zelle- take notes from other cash transfer apps, yours is unusable and seems like with all the endless 1 Star (probably more like 0 Star) reviews with frustrated users who are probably competent enough to do anything else that can be done on any app, that means the problem is on your end. I hope (and suggest!) that you hire some tech professionals who can configure your app to be more user friendly, or functional would be good too!

- Error fixed promptly

Someone had sent me some $$ so I had to set up this app. So when I went to set up the app it gave an error because my bank is not high profile so I just called them ...they asked some questions and they fixed error in a very efficient and timely manner. Very polite and though I know it takes a little time to see what was wrong, patient would be the word I would use for folks who don’t have any. I read a review that seemed quit completely incorrect in facts. In review a lot of business and it is important to support business. When there is a problem we should be respectful to the process as people are not machines but performing a service as protocol and process evolves. I have reviewed business with low stars to help them positively and respectfully that they can make the adjustments needed to customers satisfaction and resolve any further conflicts or concerns. Thank you ZELLE for being very professional and communication with tech department was outstanding.

- It does not work

After downloading the app and set it up I was unable to use Zelle with the incorporated account in my another bank. Then the bank deleted my email that was creating incompatibility. After that the Zelle app never worked again. First gave me the error: “log in error, please review your credentials and try again”. I changed the password so many times and never worked. Called Zelle support and the first line of service I believe are abroad, no kindness, no customer service driven, yet talk rude, I felt I was bothering them by calling. The second line of service is better but did not solve the problem. They blamed on my iOS version, my WiFi connection, my cellphone provider. They made me delete, download the app and reset my phone more times that I can remember. The last straw was when they try to blame in the bank from which I am using the debit card, since it is the same bank I work I figured they were just guessing and they did not know what is wrong with the app. I requested to have another line of support and they simply said that there was no solution for me. Very bad experience and very poor customer service.

- It would have been easier to just go to the bank

This service is the most user u friendly service I’ve ever seen. I registered for Zelle via my bank’s mobile app using my email, but that wouldn’t pop up when my friend searched me to send me money, so I had to reregister using my phone number. I then got a confirmation text that she deposited funds into my account, but I guess the first time one uses the app it can take several business days to deposit the funds, which currently still aren’t in my account. But hey for some reason I got a reminder text that my friend sent me funds even though there appears to currently be nothing I can do to access the funds. So I tried registering on the Zelle app as well (even though I already registered via my bank), however the funds still aren’t appearing anywhere. I called the customer service number, but there isn’t even an option to speak to a person, you just go through a maze of an automated recording system that is suppose to answer all your questions. It would have just been easier, and faster, for my friend and I to drive to the bank and withdraw the funds.

- The App is GREAT but needs a few things...

I love this app! It’s saved me a lot of time and trouble. There are a few things I’d like to see added/changed... 1) a higher weekly limit. I pay my housekeeper every week, plus other people for random things. The weekly limit has stopped me from sending money several times. It’s aggravating. 2) I like the ability to search your contacts to find people but when I add a phone number that’s not in my contacts, I’d like to be able to add info to the number and it be in Zelle the next time I go to use the app. Lastly, 3) There is an annoyance that comes with having to log in as a new user each time I access Zelle. The app tells me I’m logged out (which is great & protects my bank account) but gives me no way to log back in. I have to sign in as a new user each time. Other than those few things, the app is great!

- Garbage & Bad Tech Support

I know this platform has someone managed to win Integration contracts with banks all over the country, but I’ve attempted to use this app a total of 3 times and have had major issues 2 of those times, including the first time I was sent funds. I spent close to 2 collective hours with multiple tech support individuals who told me everything from my Debit card number automatically excluded me from being able to use their service, to my bank not working with Zelle yet is why I couldn’t collect the money sent me. Finally I spoke to someone with a brain in their head who was able to figure out a solution, but the literal hours I spent on the phone left me with a terrible taste about this company. Today i tried to use the app to Send money to someone else, this time that individual being the first time user, and of course, it won’t process the transaction. Tech support tells me that all my information is fine, her bank tells her that it’s me. Facebook and Google/Apple have got this figured out - I don’t know why the company the banks have chosen to work with has so much trouble.

- Worst financial app I’ve ever used

You have to go through a ton of hoops to get it set up, and when there is a roadblock, nothing in the app explains how to fix it, or even tells you that there is a problem. You literally just keep checking back to see if the money hits, and when you’ve gone the 14 day waiting period and nothing happens, you have to try and figure out why yourself. When you call customer service the automated service hangs up on you when you dial 0, and there is absolutely no way to talk to a human unless you can figure out the magic sequence of numbers to dial, whether it pertains to your situation or not. If you somehow magically get through, half the time the rep tells you to talk to your bank, the other half of the time their English is so broken that you have to hang up and dial again to try and get a different rep. If the app is finally set up and “working” half the actions you try and make in the app fail with only the “try again” message. Absolutely no reason why anyone would ever use this app instead of Venmo, PayPal, or any other of the plethora of options that exist.

- Accessing password and changing is apparently a hard task to do

Before I initiate this review, I will state that my incident occurred 2 weeks ago. Any who, awhile back I wanted to access my account and renew the password since I did had an incident where I tried to sent a decent amount of cash to a family member and the Zelle app requested my current password. Since I had no previous recollection of my password, I had to discontinue using the Zelle app. This, I figured I could just request a change of password. Lo and behold, changing the password for Zelle was not an easy task as believed it would be. The Zelle app didn’t signify any method to request a forgotten password, their website is unhelpful, and my last resort was calling in to customer support. No method helped achieved the simple task of changing task, even after I had told the second customer service agent that I am willing to provide identification to who I am and signify that I am the owner of the Zelle account. At this point, I’m not interested in using the Zelle app any longer and will advice other Zelle users to instead used other payment methods or services.

- Terrible customer service

My phone broke & I got a new phone number, I was able to deactivate the account I made with my old phone number, but wasn’t able to create a new account with my new number. The lady I spoke to from Zelle was extremely snappy & rude, while saying polite words like “thank you for your patience” that she’s probably forced to say from a script. I told her I don’t have good data, she kept telling me to start a new account I have to be off of WiFi? Which was never the case before. She wasn’t good at explaining anything, because she was too busy snapping at me whenever I had a question.. I think it’s silly that I’m unable to create a new Zelle account with my new phone number because I can’t use data... when I’m 99% sure I didn’t use data to create my original one.


I tried sending $600 to someone, and the app says my bank has a limit...first off, I work for the bank who’s debit card I have registered to Zelle, so I know they don’t have any limits. Secondly, I try creating a second account with a different phone number, different debit card #, and different name(obviously the name matches what’s on the card) & now it tells me that the account can not be created. So after several attempts the second ph# I tried registering gets LOCKED although it never got created. And so I call they’re customer service the following morning and they create a case # THE FIRST TIME, then they transfer me to the second level customer service which I was on hold with for 45 minutes & eventually hung up. I call back again, on hold to speak to the FIRST department for 15 minutes, they transfer me again with a NEW case # and I’m on hold again for another 30 minutes with no answer, no resolution, nothin. First and last time using this service! POOR customer service, POOR reliability, POOR everything! I will definitely be advising others NOT to use Zelle!

- Too good to be true

To begin with this app was easy and quick. I loved using it and got my money the moment it was sent to me. However, I have had multiple issues. First, my payments would not go through and I was told it was because of the person who sent it, but their bank said it was the app. Then, I was receiving and error 304 message and when I called, I was on hold for over and hour and bounced around just to be told “try back in a few days, it should work then.”. So I did, and I was still getting the same message. I tried deleting it and re-downloading, but still received the same message. Now, I am blocked. I tried calling and they said it was not blocked on their end so they did not know what was happening. I asked how I could go about fixing this and they said they did not know, to just try back in a few days. I am so irritated with dealing with these people. No one seems to know anything or are willing to help me figure this out. I have spent way to much time trying to figure this app out. All in all, I would not recommend this app.

- The worst. Cash app is WAY SIMPLER

Zelle is the worst. You have to go through your actual bank app to send money. Versus using the Zelle app. I prefer to use the Zelle app. What is the point of making someone download the app to just redirect them to their banking app. That doesn’t make any sense why can’t you just use the Zelle app like we’ve downloaded. It’s a waist of space in my phone. Problem number two. Zelle is supposed to be Instant. It’s not. Some days it’s instant some days it chooses to take forever. Some days when you send someone money they don’t receive it but it still comes out of your account. You all should change it back to The original way where are you just open the Zelle app and send money. It was much simpler that way. Having to explain how to use Zelle is very difficult because everyone has a different bank which means everyone has a different way of sending money. It was way simpler to just log into your Zelle app and send money that way ,just like Cash App I’d rather deal with Cash App taking my money to send money then having to deal with Zelle.

- Don’t ever get a new phone...

This app was great. However, I got a new phone which means you have to get a hard reset. This involves calling customer service, talking to their first line of defense and waiting on hold (a total of about 5 minutes). Next, they transfer you to their “second tier support,” which means more hold time... the next step, and you won’t believe this... is they tell you to delete your app, wait an hour, then reinstall the app, but make sure your WiFi is turned off, then sign up, creating a new account. So two hours later, after following all of the steps perfectly, it didn’t work. I called customer service and she rudely told me that I must’ve done it incorrectly... she couldn’t offer any other help other than having me repeat this entire process... all of this because I got a new phone and their authentication only works with the phone you initially signed up with. Zelle, how are you the only service that forces you to jump through so many hoops. All of my other accounts, I just signed back in... fix your crappy app!

- Use Venmo instead

Would have been easier to get the person that used Zelle to go to their bank, use an atm, come back and give me the money. Then I would have at least gotten my money. Got the notification that I received payment, signed up and went through all the hoops and it doesn’t sync to my number. I still get the notification that my funds are waiting to the same number. Support phone tree then is India based and gives canned responses with no actual resolution. Absolutely do not use this if you are any type of business or don’t know the person because the amount of follow through on both parties after the transaction is dumb and could easily sink anyone who relies on it. I’m sure the company will reach out and say sorry I had a bad experience and offer to work with me. I can guarantee that if the money gets kicked back to the person after their 14 day window I will be deleting my account and this app. In the off chance I do somehow get my money I will be deleting my account and this app. The reliability of Venmo make any transaction fees worth it.

- Ari B

I contacted customer support cause I was having an issue with the app automatically signed me out then my password wouldn’t work so I said I forgot it in order to gain access to my account and it kept sending in the dreadful loop only to not give me access to my account so of course I contact customer service the lady I spoke with told me if the transaction I was doin was suspicious it would do that so I told her the is a reoccurring transaction and the only one I use the account for once the month to pay my rent to my landlord she asked me if I could pay another way and I told her this was easiest cause she lives in Canada then she told me the app is NOT for sending money out of the country well excise me I had NO idea that this app wasn’t for Bank of America customers to receive payments and transfer funds witch was the was the impression I got when downloading that app and the first 6 months I used it & will most likely uninstall take my business back to cash app who I’ve never had a problem with & or spending limit

- I don’t recommend this app

If I could give negative stars, I would. I had an account with zelle and it worked fine but once I got a new phone number and new debit card I called customer service and deactivated it to make a whole new account with my new information. Now Ive been trying to make a new account for 2 weeks but every time I try all it says is “uh oh something went wrong” EVERY single time. I called customer service they said to call my bank, I called my bank and they said that they are receiving the zelle account request and reassured me that it is not on their end because everything is being accepted and going through, through my bank. I called zelle customer service again and they have no idea what the problem is I keep getting told to wait 24hrs and try again but I have done that for 2 weeks already so they said there is nothing else they can do. Zelle is the only way I’m receiving money right now throughout the pandemic, this is very very frustrating and disappointing if someone can help me, that would be nice.

- Worst Customer Service

I been using Zelle through my bank for a few months, and yes it fast and easy service at first. However, God forbid you make a mistake and send your money by accident to a wrong number it is hell to cancel it. I tried canceling it through my mobile bank app, no luck. I tried canceling it through the Zelle app and none of the security codes Zelle sent me work and I got locked out of was advised to call customer service to unlock my account. Absolutely no help there either. The customer service agents had no solutions, they put you onto their technical support agents with a case number which is just another dead end. Zella’s technical support agents are not only rude, but refuse to provide you any information in regards to your account, or offer you any solutions to resolving your issue. I had to resort to forums online to figure out how to help myself. You’ll find they have an “oh well, too bad” type of attitude. By far the worse customer service of any money transfer service.

- Such a shame

An unmitigated disaster. ClearXchange worked so much better but they forced all their customers to close their accounts and switch to this awful app instead. Despite 3 days of trying and multiple calls to customer service, I still can’t get my non-partner-bank debit card to register, and 2nd-level tech support can’t figure out why. The ClearXchange website used a simple routing+acct # to link to your bank; SO much better (debit card registration is broken for many people; debit cards have low transfer limits; some people don’t even have debit cards in favor of ATM cards since they are safer; etc). Zelle needs to fix this app’s horrible registration process ASAP (allow email registration instead of requiring cell phone number; fix problems registering some debit cards; add option for using routing+acct # to link to bank) and also bring back a web interface like the shuttered ClearXChange website to give people an alternative non-app interface. Venmo is going to crush them if this is the pinnacle of their customer-facing interface.

- Garbage, absolute garbage!

The first time someone transferred money to me using Zelle, it took days. When we called customer service the customer service rep was rude and incredibly unhelpful and actually told me “It looks like the money was sent to you but I have no idea where it is but you should give it a few days”. Shocked I said “Soooo, you’re telling me that someone sent me a couple of thousand dollars using your service but you have no idea where that money is right now?” She confirmed that that was the case and then hung up on me. Today I tried to use Zelle to transfer money to someone (only a couple of grand) and the app sent a message that the amount exceeded the weekly limit that I was allowed to send. Seriously? An app that is supposed to be a great way to transfer funds and they limit the amount of my money that I can transfer? And of course they don’t tell you what this limit is. The whole thing is just incredibly frustrating. If I could give this piece of garbage service negative stars I would. Horrible all the way around!

- Almost perfect

I have had a great and easy experience using Zelle. Except one time last week I sent someone $400. The app said it did not go through and to try again later. So I tried a few more times with the same result. Later that day I checked my bank account and there showed 3 withdrawals for $400 from Zelle. On my Zelle account it did not show any transactions only in my bank account. So I called the bank, they said to call Zelle. I then called Zelle, they said to contact the bank. So I finally walked into the bank and they said I had to file a dispute and it might take 5-10 business days to get my money back. They actually returned the money the next day but it was not a good feeling to have my money stuck like that. After that, I’ve been using Zelle as usual, no problems.

- OMG why did I ever agree to this

Take my advice -trust me - don’t walk , run from this service right now - they aren’t ready for prime time - I have spent literally about 2 hours on the phone over 2 days trying to get money sent to me multiple times - they can’t even get my account to register , I jumped through every hoop they asked me to and still nothing. It’s mind boggling that they coerced everyone into this without having it up and running properly. Each tech support person has me try different things and nothing works . They deactivated my account and requested I start over - now I can’t even register and they don’t know why. The ratings above are pretty clear that they have a problem. And if u have 2 different bank accounts u would like to use (say a personal and a business) forget it - it can’t be done - one cell number means only one account - because (per Zelle rep) they wouldn’t know what account to put the money in. I have one word - FAIL. Now I have to figure out how to not become delinquent on a mortgage payment.

- Trash, unnecessary, won’t give me my money.

A friend sent me $1k more than a week ago. She has a record of it. I have a record of it. There’s no customer service rep to get on the phone to find out where it is. Just got the runaround punching in numbers on their phone line, forwarded to their website where I also can’t speak to a person. Was finally told via email 3 days after reporting the money missing to Zelle to call my own bank. My bank can also see the Zelle transaction but can’t figure out how to put the money in my account. I spent 30 minutes on the phone to “open a claim” with my bank that will take “10 to 45 business days to resolve”. In the meantime both me and the sender don’t have my money. No one asked for or needed this app to plug into our banks to transfer money. I would guess their plan is to hold onto it as long as they feel like to what? Gain interest on it? Rack up overdraft fees for people who need their money while it’s just floating in cyberspace with a 3rd party somewhere? Kick rocks, Zelle. No one likes you.

- No password or Face ID required to login into the account.

I use Zelle on my bank and never had an issue with it up until my cousin send me money through it which I don’t have him add on my bank account, days went by and I receive an email saying that I have pending money incoming and that I needed to add my email. I found that weird since my email and phone number are added to my bank account witch is link with Zelle. So I decided to download the Zelle app, fill everything got the money and everything good, until now that I log back into the account, to my surprise IT DIDNT ASKED ME FOR PASSWORD OR OPENED WITH FACE ID. NOTHING. Just by having my phone number in there and hit get started. And automatically is logged in with full access to my money, both savings and checking accounts. At first I couldn’t believe it so I try multiple times and yes. Never asked me for nothing. Just hit GET STARTED under my phone number and there was full access to whoever wanted to take my money out of my accounts. All of it. FYI I deleted the app immediately

- Worst Customer Service I’ve ever encountered.

My wife set up a Zelle account but Zelle didn’t support her bank so she set the account up with my bank. We had an issue with the bank so she called in and they needed the bank account information. I got on the phone with Zelle and they proceeded to ask me to verify the account. I asked my wife is the account under your name or mine. Not a big deal I just wanted to answer the customer care rep correctly that way we could move along with the conversation. When I asked my wife the question the rep proceeded to start interrogating me. She said, You don’t know The Who’s account this is? Sounds pretty suspicious, sounds like you’re trying cat-fish me. I was like are you kidding me. We’ve already verified the account once. I took the phone from my wife to give you my bank. I hung up and called back a couple minutes later, got a different rep and canceled the account. Which took forever btw... I don’t recommend this service. The customer care experience makes the app not worth your time.

- Bad reviews

I really don't know whats with all these bad reviews. I wonder what kind of Banks these people use that it gives them so much trouble with using Zelle?! Or maybe these reviews are old and Zelle wasn't ready for prime time back then? (ive been using Zelle for 4 months now and never had a single issue sending or receiving) As of now, i can assure you as someone who is very skeptical of financial apps and accounts linking to my banks, Zelle is the absolute powerhouse when it comes to sending and receiving money. No fees, no wait, super easy to send and receive and add up to 4 emails or numbers to transfer in between all your different accounts. It might be that not all Banks are compatible but if you have Us Bank, Chase or Boa, it will work like it does for me, perfect. Thanks Zelle!

- Just use Venmo

A family member tried to send me money through his bank using Zelle. He had had many problems with the app before (money not reaching people, days and days going by without funds processing, etc.) but tried it with me regardless. I was a new user of Zelle and my bank was not one of the partner banks, but followed the instructions carefully to process the transfer using my debit card. After over several days of waiting for the transfer, I contacted customer support via email. It was clear the “support specialist” did not check any of my information, and just told me to wait longer because I was a new user. After another week of waiting, my family member sent me the funds using a more reliable method. Again, he had no shortage of problems with the app and has since switched to other ways of transferring money to outside banks. Maybe it works well if you are sending money to someone within the same bank, but if not, mail a paper check or use Venmo and save yourself the anxiety.

- This is a terrible payments app

App: The registration process is crippled and barely-functional. The email you receive notifying you of money will lead you to dead ends. Even after you have registered, clicking “Accept Money” will lead you right back into the registration path, not into the app. If your bank is not listed with their service, you cannot accept a payment sent to you, even if you register the email address it was sent to. Linking up the initial email recipient and your new account takes them “1-3 days.” The UI in the app itself is confusing and buggy. The process of registering an email address is elaborate and needlessly steppy. Customer Service: prepare to enjoy a long wait through an unhelpful pre-recorded message that you cannot skip and tells you many and diverse things that you already know. Then you will have the joy of trying to communicate with overseas tech support who will read from a script and not resolve your problem. Competition: I can think of three services — Apple Pay Cash, Chase Pay, and Venmo — that do this thing perfectly. Zelle is needlessly full of friction and annoyance. Why use this when you could use a good app, developed and supported by a good company? Conclusion: Stay away. Zelle is trying to build an app and operate a service on the super-cheap. There are better ways to send money, and if you use Zelle the person you’re sending money to will have a bad experience.


Basically I had an account with my old phone number and debit card. I don’t send money often, but my brother sent me $200 through Zelle. I don’t have that phone number or debit card anymore, but a notification came to me phone saying it was sent. I try to log in with my old phone number and password. It worked but they asked for the CVV of my old debit card, which I don’t have. So I had to make a new account. I get past all the steps but I try to put my new debit card information in and address and the app tells me that it doesn’t work. So I call my bank and they say all the information I put in the first time was correct but it still doesn’t work. So I call Zelle customer support & they say they don’t know what’s wrong. The lady told me, “That is very rare but some debit cards can’t be enrolled with Zelle and yours is one of them. Sorry there’s nothing I can do.” I was beyond mad. So now I don’t know what to do. Just use cash app people. It’s a small fee but I’d rather go through that than this.

- Not User Friendly & Shares Your Info

It’s difficult to see how much $ is in your account. When you want to switch account, it says you’ll lose history with the existing account. When turning on email to receive payment, it’s saying “Unable to Register”. I thought I was already registered. I’m logged in. There’s no explanations for any of these problems, so I’m left in the dark. They seem to have no shame in saying all the ways they’ll share your info with other vendors before you agree to contract. Many people are using the app for some reason and insist on using Zelle. PayPal is much better from my experience. Update: No way to receive funds, so they were returned. Was getting error message when trying to add a different email address, as suggested by Zelle, since first was linked to another account. Called Zelle, was told the transfer should work now. Notified sender to send again and same thing happened again. Called Zelle. They said have sender check with bank...

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- Zelle Customer Support NO HELP

While trying to set up a new Zelle account with a credit union that does work with Zelle (my fiancé has had the same credit union linked with his Zelle app for years) I am running into an app problem. I can not get past the screen where I enter in debit card information. A pinwheel swirls and then it stays on the same page as if nothing happened. More than five calls into Zelle support and it was decided that the app simply doesn’t work for me and once a rep even said I need to switch banks to one that is bigger and supported!! It is clearly some sort of bug or error in the app that has not happened since it’s a credit union that is not that popular and probably doesn’t link often with Zelle. Not one service rep person has reached out to me telling me they would tell their app team or bug workers to fix the problem, they all said it stumped them and that it simply wouldn’t work for me. Obviously the app works great for people that have it, I just wish the customer support was more helpful and understanding and not just reading off a script. This seems like a new bug or error with my specific credit union that is not being handled properly.

- App doesn’t work

I’m on an iPhone 8 fully updated. I was able to create an account and provide my login information and go through the SMS and email verification process. After setup, the app fails to log in on both cellular (AT&T) and WiFi connections, over the course of a few days. The app is not usable in its current form. When I open the app my cell phone number is saved. I click “Get started” and get a “Login failed” message. No explanation, no redirection to support. Update: I was finally able to create an account after 3-4 days of trying. The app made me enter my card information to sign up twice - no reason why, just a “sorry, you have to re-enroll”. I got to the send / request screen and thought I was in the clear. Nope. Now I can’t log in. The app is unable to verify my password. I am completely sure this is the same password I used to sign up, as I use a password manager, and have only created my password once, never changed it. This app is ridiculously buggy.

- Poor Customer Service

I recently had to download Zelle to complete a payment, for my first transaction the funds were taken out of my bank account but never received by the person I was sending funds to. I tried emailing customer service only to get an automated response to call in, why have the option to submit a customer service ticket as an email only to get an automated response that you have to call in. Upon calling customer service they said this was normal and that they saw the funds were being processed by the person’s bank and for some reason the funds weren’t being accepted. Zelle said if their bank didn’t accept the funds within several weeks the money would get sent back to my bank. It’s been over a month and I haven’t received any funds back and the person I was sending payment to never received the funds either so I was forced to send them money through another app which thankfully worked without hassle.

- Poor usability and terrible wait times on support.

I signed up in September and used it one time. Then 4 days later I tried to log it and it wouldn’t let me. So I called support. I got right in on level one but held for level 2 support for a total of 12 hours over several days. Then I reached out to them via email several times with no response. Finally a month later i tried again and got thru to level 2 in a few minutes and got it fixed. I used it a few times then upgraded yo the iPhone 8 at which time it made me reenter everything again then locked me out. This app really is glitchy and that is why the hold times are outrageous. Trying it one last time the. Ditching it

- Mixed Review

I am very thankful for this application. However, it has been a challenge actually sending the money to a family member. Initially, on Saturday, I sent my desired amount and was told it wasn’t successful because there was a fraud hold on the recipient’s account. On Monday morning, the recipient checked with her bank and there was no fraud hold. After testing this with $1.00, which was successful, I tried to send the total desired amount once more. Nevertheless, the transaction was again unsuccessful. I decided to send one-half the desired amount, and once the recipient confirmed receipt, I sent the remainder. I am currently awaiting confirmation of receipt. Without persistence, the recipient would still not have the total desired amount. I am praying now for confirmation! One should not have to pray for an application to be effective!!

- Got scammed and customer service was no help

I “purchased” tickets using the Zelle app and it turned out to be a scam. I immediately called customer service and they essentially told me I shouldn’t have sent a stranger money. I totally understand that, and that was stupid on my part. However, when I asked if they could flag or maybe look into the account the man said no. The entire call was a whopping minute and 2 seconds. SO what I gathered from all of this is Zelle seems to not care about potential thieves using their app, and they would rather profit than look into a serious problem. I definitely do not recommend this app due to my experience with customer service and how they didn’t seem to want to report a fraudulent account, or even offer an explanation as to why they wouldn’t and/or can’t. I would suggest others don’t as well since, in my opinion, they are willing to allow these people to do what they’re doing instead of looking into who is using their app for scams. Thanks guys!!

- log in error?

I’m a big fan of zelle since its already installed within my mobile banking app , its very quick and easy to transfer/receive funds by simply entering the person’s number or email address (if they have zelle) Lately, Zelle has been emailing me a notice stating that I need to link my bank account by June 12 if not My zelle will be disabled! The first time I received the email I quickly took action and tried to log in thru my zelle app but unfortunately since i never use it (since its already installed within my bank app) I totally forgot my password. The option does give you an option to click forgot password, which I did a few time but it kept saying “error”... I even updated and re-installed the app but it’s still not allowing me to retrieve my password. Today is the 12th of june and I’m not sure what exactly will happen! Very disappointed right now.


Over and over there are comments that people are losing money, waiting on money to be transferred to account... for weeks even. It worked well with me the very first time I used it and then they said I was no longer eligible. They could not or would not explain why. Who in this day and age gets to access sensitive information including access to your contents and not have to answer the question “why?” They say its a free app, so they don’t have to explain, so then they don’t see people as customers. They hide behind two statements, 1. “we will not tell you why” and 2. you are using a free app, so what did you expect. I think it works well initially to get the word of mouth going and positive reviews and then they kick people off if for as they said, “too many reasons to list.” Oh yea, and when you ask about their policies they say they don’t have any. So they can put whatever they want into practice. Be careful with your information, I am now worried about identity theft.

- Bad

Your app is bad and you should feel bad. Love not being able to sign in due to the hundred different error codes! Spent over an hour on the phone with “support” because I can’t get into my account when the app says “we’re sorry please call Zelle support for help”. Your support knows nothing, “can you try and log in while we are on the phone?” Ok sorry but it’s not going to magically work just because you asked me to when it’s been an issue for A WEEK. “Is your app updated?” I was literally asked 8 times “What is the message saying?” When I’ve told them the same thing every time. Put me on hold for 5 minutes at a time just to come back and ask me to see if it’s working again, then hold again, then asks what the message is AGAIN, puts me on hold, until they tell me “we don’t know how to fix your problem I am sorry is there anything else I can help you with today?” Pathetic. You guys are the worst company I’ve ever had to deal with. Please just end your companies miserable life.

- Terrible app - doesn’t load half the time and receiving money is broken

First of all, the app just simply won’t log in because of an error half the time. Secondly and more important, the receiving money function is broken. I used my banks card to sign up and sent money. It crashed during the process three times but it eventually sent. I then received money but it didn’t deposit to my bank after a week. I call zelle support and they are saying my bank is a participating member and I can’t use my card to receive money and these payments to me have been blocked. My normal banking app has no info on how to sign up for zelle and customer support at my bank has no idea what I’m talking about. I’ve already used the zelle app to send money ffs. I’m using this to receive money for my business and in the zelle app, I can’t even see who sent me these payments because there is no sender info. God, what a terrible payment app. I would give negative stars if I could.

- Pointless, NOT worth downloading!!

So to set it straight the platform of zelle does actually work as advertised.....BUT the app itself is pointless. You’re better off using your own bank mobile app (if you have the option) however keep in mind “you can only use one set of credentials” per the “2nd tier customer service of their toll free number” meaning if you use your mobile app to register with zelle using your cell phone and/or email you can NEVER use it again if you change banks or have more than one you need to have a total new number and email to be able to use zelle and if you think you can just use the zelle app to change your preference of banks or unregistering your number and email WRONG! Your account will get locked and it can never be unlocked again per their “2nd tier customer service”. So be mindful and just use your bank app the zelle app itself is only useful if your bank does not offer the option of registering to zelle through them.

- Fraud/Hacked

I received notifications from my bank for 2 large transfers of money to a person i have never heard of through Zelle. I have not used Zelle in years, some how my inactive zelle acct was compromised. I bank with PNC and they disputed the charges, but Zelle claims there was a series of questions that were verified. Baffled, i started googling “zelle fraud”, exactly what happened to me has happened to multiple people. In a nutshell I am still out $1200. I basically have to contact the news to try and get my money back (that’s the only way the other people got their money back). Zelle is of no help with my situation & my bank does not know what to do since Zelle claims it’s legitimate. i have the persons name from the transactions on my bank acct & I am trying to figure what to do next? It just seems odd that Zelle has the persons banking info & will not provide anything to me? I feel like this is a inside zelle scam, since zelle has an “oh let your bank figure it out” attitude.

- Password Glitch

I have been using Zelle for over a year. I mostly use it to receive money between my joint account and my partners personal account. I had to send money today and could not remember my password. The first step was to have me enter my cvv. Once entered I was logged out “due to inactivity”. I then tried to get a link sent via the forgot password from the website. I attempted this twice with no password being sent. I then tried to enter a couple of passwords which it might be. Flash forward to today. I open my zelle account and it states I’m locked out. I call them explaining my situation and my ticket number. The Zelle representative admitted hat it has glitches and the algorithm used believed I was being hacked so I am now barred from using zelle indefinitely. This is beyond frustrating. It’s key to have human checks as errors do occur. Now I will have to find a new service as Zelle apparently won’t do anything to keep customers when it is their own admitted fault.

- I used to enjoy it

Zelle was a great asset when receiving payments from clients. For two years I used this app and it worked well with my bank and with easily billing and receiving payments for my business. Today, after getting error codes, I contacted support and was told my information is not approved for use in Zelle. I asked what changed and the support staff told me there was no history that she could see of me using Zelle and in order to continue using Zelle I needed to open a new bank account with one of their partner banks. After two years. I asked if the requirements had changed because of the new year and the question was not answered. I asked why was I allowed to use it for the past two years with the same banking information, which I have not changed. Again, not answered. I understand I don’t have a partner bank account, but I still have questions as to why now this bank is no longer viable and why my Zelle account history is gone.

- AWFUL!! Use anything else!

If the person’s bank you are sending money to does not use this service, then DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY using this service. It will reject your sign up, and your money will be lost for 14 days! Use PayPal! Withdraw cash! Write a paper check! Anything else! My roommate’s bank uses this service to transfer money. He sent me his share of rent using it. My bank doesn’t use this service so I had to download the app. It is a NIGHTMARE to sign up! I put in my debit card information. It rejected it, and locked the account. I called tech support and had them unlock it. Double checked all my information and tried again. Nope! Rejected it and locked the account. I called tech support again. They unlocked it, and told me to try again with WiFi off using my mobile data only. Nope! Rejected it and locked the account again. Now I have to spend more time with tech support, and/or wait 14 days for the money to go back to my roommate’s bank account.

- Goodbye Zelle! New account for a new number?? Customer Support Line drops calls

These are the two main reasons I will no long be using Zelle: 1) Whenever you get a new phone number you must create a new account and go through the entire bank account connection process all over again. There is no way to update your phone number on your Zelle account. This is extremely antiquated and completely unacceptable to me. 2) When you call customer support - if you would like to skip the prompts and simply speak to a human being and press zero - you are IMMEDIATELY DISCONNECTED. This is extremely rude and customer-hostile to me. How dare they do that. You must go through at least 4 different prompts (repeating the same information) to get to a customer service representative. And then your call may be dropped and they do not offer the feature of calling you back (they told me this is not something they do). Holy 1996 Batman. Get with the times!!


I was sent a rather large sum of money through this app and while setting up a profile you can either link a bank that partners with them or you need to use a VISA DEBIT card from a bank inside the US. As I do not bank with one of their partners, I attempted to use my visa debit card that I received from a bank within the US. After many attempts, each failing, I called the support line where I am told that unfortunately for whatever reason, there is nothing that they can do to set up an account for me, and that there is no possible way for me to retrieve the money that was sent to me. Now the sender has to jump through a ton of hoops with the bank to make sure that payment is cancelled. In my opinion, this app has turned out to be a much bigger pain in the neck than it should be, especially since the purpose of an app like this is to provide a CONVENIENT way for people to send money.

- Customer Support is Horrible

I wanted to change my phone numbe me for my Zelle account because I got a new phone, so I contacted Zelle support. The first operator told me that it isn’t possible to do this within the app so he wanted to have me delete this account and make a new one, so he did that for me. He said if I had any problems call back. As soon as I got off the phone, it told me that I can’t access it. So I called back and I spoke to his supervisor whom told me to log in and try again. We did this several time until she gave me a case number so I could talk to her supervisor. I talked to the last guy and he basically told me the system has me locked out from several login attempts and I could only get on Zelle as a third party from another partnered bank account. I then asked if he could change that, but he said ‘there was nothing he could do about it and have a good day’ and hung up. This is absolutely the worst customer support I’ve experienced.

- Avoid This App At All Costs!!!

I just want to start this by saying I NEVER review apps. But I couldn’t resist. Zelle is awful. God forbid your debit card was lost/stolen. You are just S.O.L. My debit card was stolen. I got a new one and tried to log in to Zelle to replace the old card info with the new. The app stated that I was “locked out and needed to contact support”. This is where the nightmare began. After 2 FULL DAYS of repeatedly calling support and staying on the call well over an hour each time, I finally got an answer. They told me the only way to gain access into my account and replace the old card was to give them the last 4 digits of the old card and the CVV on the back. HOW CAN I GIVE YOU THAT WHEN THE CARD IS STOLEN. Why do you not have measures in place for your users to easily replace cards within the app?! I was then told that I am no longer eligible to use Zelle because I couldn’t give them that information. Beware guys. They haven’t acquired this many complaints for no reason.

- Great, but change instructions

This is a great app! I would definitely recommend it. I was originally using the cash app, but it stopped working for me, so I got this app instead. The only thing I would fix is the instructions. They are sometimes difficult to understand for older people. I’ve tried to get money from aunts and uncle that are 50 and older, and it was just so complicated for them.... especially when you enter your bank and it allows you the option to “use with your bank” or to “continue using with Zelle”... and the first option is bigger so they click that, and next thing you know, you’ve lost them. It’s really frustrating. I would say make text sizes bigger and spell things out more. Other than that, I love this app!


If I could rate this app zero starts I would. Their customer supports is bs. It was someone from another country who I could barely understand on the phone first of all. I cannot even use this app because they are unable to verify my phone number. They can’t send me a text to verify and when I clicked send text again they locked me out of my own account. It’s not on my bank’s end and I can’t figure out if it’s on my carriers end because Verizon has bs customer service as well. So if I were you don’t bother even downloading this app. I can send or receive money so it’s useless for me. I though it would be a more secure way to send money vs PayPal and Venmo, but if I can’t even get it to work then I guess not. Again ZERO stars for the app I’ve been trying to get to work for one month now. Well that’s a lot of time wasted on my end. I didn’t give up easily either, I’ve been working on getting this app to work for a month now.

- Zelle got weird and less convenient

I would open the app up and do what I have to do but now I got to login through my bank’s app then navigate to Zelle that way. This adds a another unnecessary step. Now my mom sent me some money to pay me back for something and I get a text saying I must accept it in two weeks. Why it didn’t automatically go into my account I don’t understand because my number is the same number that is used when I’m on my bank’s app and they tell me I’m already enrolled with Zelle with that same number. There is no way to accept this money because I keep getting directed to my PNC bank app and in there that request to accept it isn’t there. So now my mom have to just cancel it and pay me in cash. I rather something easier like Apple Pay which you can text people the money. It’s too much work and the actual Zelle app is useless to me.

- Couldn’t verify/terrible customer service

DO NOT USE THIS APP. As a personal business owner, i used this app to pay employees and receive payments from my clients and let’s just say that thanks to this app, i probably won’t be seeing some of those payments. I got a new phone and went to download the app and it told me that my card couldn’t be verified. I called customer support and they had the audacity to tell me to just start a new account even though i had money sitting in my other one. After talking to another person higher up, she had the audacity to tell me that even though i was able to verify all of my banking information, she somehow got ahold of my bank (mind you this is within the 2 seconds i have her my info) and apparently ‘’someone from my bank’’ said that none of the information i gave them was correct. This app is a waste of time and a waste of money, i hope it sinks and that nobody else loses money like me.

- Worked for me (with supported bank)

Decided to try this (make sure your bank is on the supported list) to send money back and forth with my mom. We both had supported banks, did it with debit cards so no fees. We did this right after initial release (1.0). Setup was not smooth, but after a day or so things were working. Setup hopefully is better now. Pay transfer is near instant (minute or two). It’s been reliable since. Would recommend this, but only with a supported bank (for you & friends you want to use it with they need a supported bank) & figure it’ll take you 30 mins to setup. For folks (or friends) outside the supported bank / credit unions, Venmo or Square’s Cash - slower & fees more likely but might be better at this point. JMHO...

- Horrible!

This doesn’t deserve ANY stars!! But, I used to love zelle so much, I would send my dad money, sister money, even my boyfriend money, and one day my boyfriend added his card onto my account and the next morning I tried to use Zelle and my account was locked, I never got any notice and when I read all of the terms and conditions not once it said that if you use another persons card on your account you account will be locked and you can’t use the services anymore. When I saw my account locked I contacted customer service one had told me that I had to wait 24 hrs and my account will be fine, next one said it was locked temporarily and the last person said my account locked and I was no longer allowed to use their services. I asked if I could make a new account and they said no. I either have to change my number or I have to use another money sending services. Absolutely horrible and don’t like anymore

- Poor Replacement

My credit union is not a Zelle partner and I have used ClearXChange without a problem. Received notice to deactivate my profile and use this app. My biggest mistake of the day thus far. So I try to enroll the app does not allow for email links ok I never used my cell number so next enter the debit card. The photo recognition does not work so I type the info. Hmm card invalid due to its is not link to the cell number. Duh that’s why I was trying to enroll. So now that I deactivated my profile I have no means to transfer. What a waste of my time. Who did the testing of this app why have customers deactivate their accounts prior to verifying the Zelle app can process the transfer. This app needs a major overhaul.

- Awesome!!!!!

I have been using Zelle for about a year now and it is awesome!!! I hear so many issues about many different Apps that do the same as Zelle and I can honestly say that I have never had an issue using Zelle! I love how it is completely FREE and I usually receive whatever amount that is sent to me within 1-2 minutes! My girlfriend and I use it a lot each month and both have no problems whatsoever. One of the main reasons we use it is when one of us notices that we have a negative balance in our bank account and so rather get an “Insufficient Funds” fee of $35 charged by our banks, we quick send cash to one another to avoid that!! Love the App!!!

- High blood pressure

At first this app was so great. Due to my mom being ill it really helped me take care of her obligations ( we are both joint on her account at her bank, and at mine). Then I had to change one piece of info and they “reset” it and I was to try again in 2 hours Ish....this happened several times since it didn’t work...and “second level” team was supposed to wipe out my account to start over. Several times now. This was over a month ago. They keep insisting they are going to call me back, which has only happened one time, and it still didn’t work. I didn’t set up this service to cause me more anxiety but it really has. I tried after over a week waiting for a phone call to re log in and it takes me right to entering my password, which of course does not exist, so when I hit forgot password to set it up it says unable to update password. It’s mind boggling. I am still waiting. Fun times.

- Horrible Busniess Attitude and Ignorance!!!

Every once in a while cones a company who thinks they are better than anyone else, they think they are DIFFERENT and have the ignorant attitude and a very bad business matter... go no further!!! YOY ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE! Unless you have an American Express or major bank account you will not be able to use the app, according to them the app “does NOT work well” with pre paid cards... yet my account is an actual bank account, not just a simple “pre paid card”... and let’s not even talk about these hard times with Covid-19 and such pandemic. Your friend or individual won’t be able to tip you or send you money to help you... No wonder I have not heard in my life about this app and the name Zelle! With that said no need to be different when it comes to business or financials cause there is ONE language there ...MONEY! Furthermore it seems like some people’s money is just not good enough for this company... yet last time I checked there is only ONE type of official money exist in the U.S. and that is the Dollar... If you wanna be DIFFERENT, go and make clothes , shoes, video games and apps, music, breed an exotic animal, etc When we taking about business and money you just can’t be different...there is ONE language and that is MONEY (like I stated above) This is why it’s a lose lose situation. Sad, very sad...

- Very Disappointed!

Let me start by saying I used Zelle with my Chase app when I banked with them. Now I have switched banks to a credit union in Chicago and I was having trouble setting up the app. So I call their support team and get transferred to the “second level support team” the lady begins to help for a couple minutes and then says. “I’m sorry I cannot help you. You are unable to use our app” I asked why and she just said “my system says that you cannot use our app” she could not give me a reason why not could she fix it. So now I am very frustrated because I would always use Zelle to split meals with my girlfriend and father. Now I am told I cannot use the app and that not even the support team can fix my problem! Come on Zelle your team should at least be able to fix my problem. I really hope someone figured it out in your company because I am very disappointed and would much prefer to use your app.

- Absolute trash

Wow! Never in my many years of banking, digital banking, and using apps on my phone have I ever encountered such an illogical and ridiculous way of conducting business! Like others already mentioned, I was sent some money and when I went to log in to Zelle it told me my number was blocked due to suspicious activity which is weird since I never leave my phone. So I called and received a woman who sounded like she hated her job and wanted to kill herself and could not have been more apathetic about helping me. She told me my account was no longer eligible. Um, what? Ok, so I ask her why is that? SHE COULDN’T EVEN TELL ME! Just that the system randomly combs through accounts and decided it’s ineligible but there’s no way to find out why or to be reinstated. What the actual mother effing garbage practice is that?!?!???!! Oh my god! I am actually flabbergasted. What a way to shoot yourself in the foot and lose business! Ridiculous! Stay away from this app!


After years of happily using Venmo to transfer money to and from friends I was recently introduced to the monstrosity that is Zelle by my uncle. I have tried for over a week to access money he sent me but have been completely unable to. I tried using multiple accounts on different platforms (both mobile and desktop) to no avail, and support from both the banks and Zelle has been aneurysm-inducing. The key problem with this app is that it is owned and operated by the big banks, who do not have the technical experience required to create an intuitive or effective interface, so you’re stuck with an app straight out of 2008. TL;DR: Trying to access money sent to me through this godforsaken app has taken days off of my lifespan. Design is infinitely worse than Venmo or Square, and support is nonexistent. If you want to send money you’re better off training a pigeon to carry cash to your friends than using this app.

- Don’t use this if you can avoid it

I’ve had almost nothing but issues with this app since I got it, in part because I don’t have a major bank. It took me multiple tries and repeated phone calls to their support network to get the app set up. Then later, I come to find out that there is a non-negotiable hard limit to the amount of funds I can transfer per week (which was nearly the cost of my rent!) and that there is nothing they can do. Then I had a period of time where whenever I sent money it wasn’t received until 8 pm the next day for no explained reason at all. And most recently, the app has stopped allowing me to pay my rent at all due to the fact that the app is “meant for personal use, not small business use”. To say I am frustrated is an understatement. This is a very buggy platform. Its only good feature unless you have a major bank is that the support line is open 24/7.

- Lack of a caring touch

This application/service has systemic problems that are inexcusable in today’s modern global economy. Wells Fargo and Bank of America seriously missed the boat by partnering with this company. I have been unable to set my account/service up via the mobile application for 3 days now. I have been referred to the “second level” support team for assistance with my issue. BTW, no one had informed me what the issue is. Total time on hold over the last 3 days has been 3 hours. I am currently on hold timing at 28 minutes and 40 seconds. If the company I work for had a 30 min wait time, for one day, I guarantee that it would be fixed in less than 24 hours. Simply stating that we are aware of the issue is not enough. Besides the wait times, the more important issue is the money my wife sent to our other account is inaccessible. Zelle is too big of a company to have this issue. Management should be held accountable.

- Same with other apps

Giving 2 stars for this app is generous considering that this finance app is no different from others like G Pay, Venmo, PayPal, cash app and I’m sure there are whole lots of the same ones. It’s seems boring to me that I don’t see any difference than those apps mentioned above. And the featured tab “preference” was disappointing bec there’s only one choice to pick!...haaaaay! The woman at Wells F I asked whether the Zelle features bank to bank transfer between accounts, using a debit card and that the funds appear instantly on the bank where it’s going...? She said Yes!...but where is that feature here now..? That is the feature I’m looking for on this app and unfortunately it’s not here...we’ll just hope to see that on the coming updates...sorry for the long review that is not favorable. Just wished I didn’t have to give out my bank info on this app.


Never used to have a problem receiving payments with clearXchange. I have NOTHING but trouble with the app. It took me five tries, with a phone restart, to click the Get Started button (app shut down each time). Then, it didn’t recognize my password, and to my reset attempt, I got a useless little “error occurred” message. This was the second time I’ve went through this process. Eat time, I have to deal with support who barely speak English. Zelle literally should not be permitted to operate with such a useless app and poor support. This is my income we’re talking about here!!! I’ve been a software developer for nearly 30 years, and this is the worst example of an app, and support, I have ever experienced. I would give it zero stars if I could. PLEASE bring back clearXchange, or at least hire some of their staff back again, as it is quite obvious you (Zelle), unlike them, actually knew what they were doing.

- Terrible

Here my experience..... I have many bank account with different banks.... I have to have different cell number or email in order to transfer money between these accounts, very inconvenient! Then I tried to use the app, because some banks don't directly partnered with zelle, so I have to use debit card from that bank in order to get money.... they locked my app because I used the same phone number and email which already associated with other banks (how should I know?!) Now error message C201, and they said I won't be able to use the app, because they banned me, they also banned my sister app for the same reason.... Their whole system is messed up, they should assign ID and not the cell numbers and email to different banks, and the money should go to Zelle "account" and then linked bank accounts can be used to transfer money in and out If I wish to do so....

- Not eligible and terrible customer service

I was sent money on Zelle I am unable to redeem the money. Because they claim I am ineligible And Unable to provide information as to why except to tell me that the app says I am not. They then told me to go open up a bank account with one of the banks that they’re associated with. It took me four days to be able to talk to somebody on the phone then after I received on the phone I was transferred a total of 11 times hung up on informed that they were not able to help me informed me that they were going onto break soon just put me into Q it was a call that lasted over 45 minutes with me repeating the same information and getting zero assistance until I finally got to the last person And was told that I was on eligible after an 11 minute conversation every ounce of experience I had with this application lead me to believe that they are quite unreliable

- Excommunicado ...I never give bad reviews

My first time writing a negative review but here it is. Customer support were quick to answer however were horrible. I kept getting error messages trying to sign up. I called after being locked out and then was questioned a bunch of security questions and was not told why I was getting asked silly questions. My account hadn’t been created and I got locked out!!! After taking a lot of time from me over the phone, the signup finally got unlocked, I proceeded to sign up. It logged me out and no matter how many times I punch in my password or change my password to attempt a new pw to login, nothing worked. Kept getting errors. I called customer support and apparently they deemed my account ineligible because of either my phone carrier, information or etc. they told me the person mentioned this in the previous call, but he never mentioned that! I called back again to remove my credit card information. I’m afraid my debit card is exposed in the zelle system, and I could not even go into my account to remove the credit card information. Ultimately, I deactivated my account with the call and deleted the app. A company like this doesn’t deserve to have me as a user/consumer. Terrible 1/5 stars. I would give them a worse rating if possible

- Crap support from Zelle

There is no option to change the password. It just locks you out. My time is valuable I had to hit send passcode three times. It took forever to send one when I finally received the passcode and typed it in it said it was not correct. I went back and checked and t had been correct and Zelle was WRONG! I had proof. So I tried again. By this time I had finally received another passcode. Guess what!!! It happened again!!! So this time I get a notification that I have to try later. Seriously??? Later? How much later??? Now I remember why setup didn’t work the first time. Holy Jesus! Fix your site, please!!!!!🤪

- The concept seems nice but service was terrible

I downloaded Zelle bc my girlfriend had used it a couple times and it seemed like a convenient way to send money. So after testing I a couple times sending $1 I tried to send her my split of the monthly bill money. So I added the amount and hit send. Even though I have Face ID set up on my XS Max a pop up screen came up and asked for my password. I had forgotten my password and there was a “forgot password” link on the pop up. I clicked the link and it only took me back to the apps home screen. So I tried this several more times to make sure the app didn’t just reset and the same very time, it didn’t take me to a change password screen it just went back to the home screen. So I went through the app and found the password reset section and guess what. You can’t change your password unless you know your current password!! Brilliant and well thought out guys. So I tried several times at guessing my old password and my account got locked. I called customer service and after waiting a while for a level 2 tech to help me she simply says I am permanently banned from Zelle because of repeated wrong password attempts. Simply not a finished app. Do not forget your password or you will not be able to use this app for long lol

- Worst app ever

I created an account. All seemed fine. A friend tries to send me money and it keeps declining on his end. He’s definitely using the right info. So instead I send him a money request. He gets it. I figure it’s going to work. He fulfills the request and the transaction sits in pending under activity for hours — then disappears. Never completes and no sign of it in history. I then find my accounts email address is turned off in the app when it was on before the payment attempt. I try to turn it on and get a generic error. Support doesn’t know what the issue is, so they transferred me to second tier support. I’m currently on hold with them for 50 minutes and counting. On top of all these shenanigans their hold music is terrible. Straight outta 1985. Bad 1985, not good 1985. Clear Xchange worked well - so frustrated this garbage app was forced on us before it’s ready. Scary these guys are handling our money!

- Horrible Customer Service/Missing Money

Terrible waste of time. After using Zelle for a few months with no issues I suddenly stopped receiving payments. I’ve spent four hours on hold and speaking with multiple levels of service reps and the only helpful one is 2nd level support which they won’t allow me to speak with again. The confirmation numbers sent to people who paid mean NOTHING as Zelle said they can’t look up anything by them? I’ve had to call back people who sent me money, they’ve had to call their bank, I’ve had to call my bank, finally Zelle admits the problem is theirs. But each phone call starts all over. I still don’t have my money. Problem still unresolved. Keep this in mind as you use this app. I wish I had four hours of my life back, the money sent to me would be nice, too. Follow up: I give up. I’ll never get the 5 hours of life back I spent on the phone and the money lost is not worth it. Second follow up: another week of my life and several hours with Zelle support. Delete app, reinstall. Technical issue after technical issue. Finally Zelle is able to restart my account, no money. “We don’t show any transaction.” THAT’S THE PROBLEM! Zelle has a record of the transaction with a confirmation number but it means nothing to them.

- Do not trust this app at all!!!

A family member sent me money and it was deposited to an old account. That account I did not register with Zelle. It is not even listed on my account section. But some how Zelle sent money to it. I have no idea how they did it? Customer service at Zelle said because my email was linked to that account is the reason the funds went there??? So they pretty much pick any account your email is linked to and don’t verify the actual primary account on the Zelle app. I called the bank and they said I have to go to bank branch and try to get the money out. I’m not on that account anymore or the person who sent me the money has to call their bank and cancel the transaction. SMDH...This app is a total waste of time and frustration!!!! I highly highly Do Not recommend this app!! Their customer service very very rude!!! Don’t do it!! I would pick zero star but it won’t allow it.

- Do NOT USE THIS APP --- Z rated piece of ****

If I could give zero stars I would. The customer service was atrocious and the wait time to talk to tier 2 customer support was 1.5 hours. Finally someone picked up, I explained my problem, he put me on hold and then, 10 minutes later, we GOT DISCONNECTED. I don't swear but I made many expletives at loud decibels after that. I had it with this service and demanded they delete my account. Save yourself the misery and use transfer wise or PayPal. Or write an old fashioned check. Any of those is much better than the giant mess and headaches this app will cause you. It worked fine through ClearExchange but then they forced all those perfectly functional account to be closed and moved over to the Z-rated Zelle. Now my mother has to wait 14 days for her money to go back to her account and Christmas is ruined. Please, do as I say and never give your financial data to this Philippines located service.

- Definition of insanity

I went to download the app for the purpose of my roommate needing a way to send the money for rent. I went to set up an account to my bank and it went smoothly. That is until it wouldn’t let me progress after that. The money was no where to be found and it said all set up and the money was pending. And when I did help, it made me redo The Whole setting up process again. And again. And again. And so on. So I decided that maybe I messed up and called the help number. Which sent me through a infuriating call only to tell me they can’t help me and told me to call the bank. I will give them the fact that they don’t keep the card and bank info for security. That was pleasant but I wish that it would be asked up front. So all this time wasted and my bank, the saints they are, fixed the issue with no help from Zelle. I would very much suggest PayPal or Venmo

- Max limit issue & horrible communication

So, apparently Zelle bought ClearXchange which is also a money transfer app that I used for rent payment transfers to my landlord. I specifically used clear eXchange as it had no transfer limit, meaning I could pay my full rent via the app no problem. Well, apparently the Zelle app has a $500 limit. I live in Chicago, and I can tell you rent is definitely more than $500 here! When I called Zelle’s customer support they told me “no worries” just use Zelle through your mobile banking which will have a higher limit. Yeah, the limit through my bank is STILL lower than my full rent, hence the reason I was using ClearXchange. I specifically used this site as it had no transfer limit. Uh, so frustrating! Zelle, before you decide to “buy out” another money transfer service, how about you make sure you review your limit transfers and add that into your contract! THE WORST!

- Seriously, don't.

This app is the work of Satan. I have used Venmo/PayPal, Square, and Google Wallet and this is by far the least user friendly and the most limiting service between all of them. The app probably works great for those individuals who bank at one of the 12 banks available, and carry the right cell phone with the right service provider and who registered for their profile under the light of a full blood moon on the 23rd day following the ritual sacrifice of the thing their heart most desires... But for normal people, this app is a razor blade wrapped in sandpaper just waiting to rub you the wrong way. You will be sent to a phone call that will take two hours away from your life and you will be talked to by people who will not answer your questions. I am super excited that my father will receive his money back in 14 days. 14 whole business days. I didn't claim it and I am cancelling this transaction because I hate them and it will take 14 days for them to give him back his money. That is just kick you in the balls fantastic customer service. Freakin. Awesome. Just spend the hour on the phone with PayPal and jump through their hoops one time. You'll be a happier person. Or use Google wallet. I have precisely no qualms with them. Run from this app and kill it with fire.

- Buggy

I put this app on my phone in May 2019 and have had nothing but issues with it. Most of the time it will not open my account, it just gives me the loading wheel for several minutes before failing and telling me it can’t log me in. The few times it does open it shows a pending transaction, that had been complete, from 2015; it says I owe a friend money but also shows as it’s paid, and I cannot cancel or delete it, and every time I try I get an error message. I bank thru Chase and their app and functionality with Zelle is perfect. So it’s time to get rid of the frustration of the app. I had really hoped the issues would resolve with some updates and some time, but they haven’t. This app is helpful when it works and does make transferring money to friends a few steps simpler.

- Don’t even bother

I’ve had an account for months, everything was smooth until I switched phone providers, despite my number and email staying the same. They deleted my account. So I get the normal text saying my child support has been Zelle’d and guess what? Unbeknownst to me it hasn’t even started! I had to recreate an entire account and the lady on the phone says it will take 1-3 business days! I have a mortgage to pay and you’re telling me 1-3 business days? I’m not the one who deleted my account, you did. I have the same number and email address, the provider is immaterial. So ya all be warned, don’t use them, they’ll screw you every time it’s important. The support lady was condescending with her “I understand” script. Once I went off script she had no idea what to say. I had to ask if she was still there. Once this one goes through, I’ll never use them again. Ever.

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@KiarraSaray I can't even use cash app lol better download zelle.


All i want is having a peace of mind and a calm heart. Need a little bit break from something happened i don't deserve to be with. Zelle, take a break. focus and be thankful.

Shainarae Loveliest

@Senseikain You couldn’t send through cashapp but zelle 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 So if you want to get me a gift, you’ve the chance to slide into my DM for the next (1 week )and gain a chance to meet me or text your mobile number.


@TixxMaestro @Teshlavo @twin_zelle @Antanyknows @1banksworldwide @MwahafarN @asserdeep @Mirjam_Shihepo Hi. You going to help😊?

Brian Haywood

@realDonaldTrump You are more then welcome to send me the $13,000.00 I went in april to start my own business with and lost. Cashapp. $Dollardraw Zelle. dollardraw75@gmail.com I am homeless because of this, anything would help, especially the $600 you pretty much stole from America Thank you

PS5 Restocks Live

Accepting a few more orders for #PS5 disc editions now. Zelle payments accepted - $500 each. Ships via FedEx same day over night. DM if you are ready to pay and serious only.


@Average19169994 @RobAnderson2018 @Squirrel1110 Ever since my church set up a Zelle, that's how I've been sending mine.

Saif Syed Mohammad

@Zelle Zelle unable to register my phone number

✍🏾 Comic Book Casanova ✨

Hey Guys! I’m moving in 3 days and if you would like to help out with moving costs my #Cashapp is $AzjahDC. Feel free to DM me for my Apple Pay or My Zelle. Anything is appreciated! Thanks Guys! Love Ya!


You cannot Cash app me Zelle me PayPal me Then my bank 2 hours away I lost my wallet 😐 FML 🙄

if (BTC.IsSoV) {Titanic.IsStoreOfPassengers=true};

@BaklanovDaniel @CryptoSenorita @crypto_sammy Available in Venezuela?: (Or indeed *any country outside the US with only 4% of the world's population?) Venmo: No 🛑 Zelle: No 🛑 I don't think you have a clear picture of the world outside your tiny US-centric bubble.


Lil Durk must be a sponsor for Zelle

Beth C.

@k9vega @Zelle ..... Wtf are you doing that requires you to move more than $500 a day? Lol

Zelle a lovely battery 🔋

@MewPeriod Then I lost that challenge 1 sec from the video... 😂😂😂 #ขอให้เป็นปีที่d

Zelle a lovely battery 🔋

To clarify my previous tweet, my line of thought was NCT tag was so hard to beat (i checked GDT and attached the pictures).. but Mewlions don’t really know how to give up even if it seems impossible.. and guess what.. we won the fight at the end!!! 💪💪💪 #ขอให้เป็นปีที่d

Zelle 5.1.1 Screenshots & Images

Zelle iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Zelle iphone images
Zelle iphone images
Zelle iphone images
Zelle iphone images
Zelle iphone images

Zelle (Version 5.1.1) Install & Download

The applications Zelle was published in the category Finance on 2017-09-12 and was developed by Early Warning Services, LLC [Developer ID: 1260755200]. This application file size is 115.07 MB. Zelle - Finance app posted on 2020-12-16 current version is 5.1.1 and works well on IOS 11.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.zellepay.zelle

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